This lists the 6,001 employees on the W.S.U. payroll as of Jan. 31, 1995.

(2001, 6,616 employees)(1999, 6,502 employees) (1997, 6,368 employees) (1995, 6,001 employees)
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State of Washington University List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

This lists the 6,001 employees on the W.S.U. payroll as of Jan. 31, 1995. This list is alphabetical, with 47 pages and approximately 150 names per page. If you know a professors or W.S.U. workers name, you can find their job title and salary by clicking on the names. Below is the first page. Here's what the page means.

Aamodt to-- Angell to-- Bannister to--Bendel to-- Boles to-- Brown to-- Calcagno to-- Christensen to-- Cornelison to--Daoud to-- Dillon to-- Ekenberg to--Fernandes to-- Frost to-- Gillespie to-- Guptill to-- Harrison to-- Higgens to--Hosley to-- Islamjan to-- Johnson to--Kessler to-- Krieger to-- Leib to-- Lovel to-- Marczynski to-- McGee to-- Miller to-- Morrell to-- Nessen to--Orourke to-- Peppel to-- Powell to--Rei to-- Roman to-- Sayre to-- Sewell to-- Smith to-- Stephens to-- Swingle to--Tobin to-- Viers to-- Weatherly to-- Williams to-- Yager to--

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In Nov 2002, the Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
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