This is a list of the 2011 Washington State University employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 11,706 employees (includes 7 duplicates)) (2009, 10,141multiple jobs employees) (2007, 9,957 employees)(2005, 8,096 employees) (2003, 7,087 employees)(2001, 6,616 employees)(1999, 6,502 employees) (1997, 6,368 employees) (1995, 6,001 employees)

Founded in Pullman in 1890 as the state’s land-grant research university, Washington State University has campuses in Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities and Vancouver. Ten regional learning centers and award-winning Distance Degree Programs offer access to the University’s degrees statewide and around the world. Enrollment exceeds 23,500 students who are served by over 2,300 faculty and 3,500 staff members. Among the University’s faculty are seven members of the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering. Considered one of the country’s top public research universities, the University has nine academic colleges, an Honors College and the Graduate School. The colleges include: Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences; Business; Education; Engineering and Architecture; Liberal Arts; Nursing; Pharmacy; Sciences; and Veterinary Medicine. The University offers more than 250 fields of study including more than 150 majors plus many minors, options and certificate programs. Bachelor’s degrees are available in all major areas with master’s and doctoral degrees available in most. Professional degrees are offered in Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine. Over 5,500 degrees, including bachelors, masters, professional and doctoral degrees, are conferred annually. The University is known for research strengths in such diverse areas as biotechnology, reproductive biology, shock physics, viticulture, sleep research, wood technology, computer chips and advertising’s impact on healthy decision-making. Research stations are located in Lind, Long Beach, Mount Vernon, Othello, Prosser, Puyallup and Wenatchee. There are extension offices in all 39 Washington counties. The University is governed by a 10-member Board of Regents, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. Dr. V. Lane Rawlins has served as University President since June 2000. University operating and non-operating revenues exceeded $691 million in fiscal year 2006. Significant current budgeted construction includes the Compton Union Building Renovation ($86 million), Biological Life Sciences Facility ($72 million), Spokane Riverpoint Nursing Building ($34.6 million) and Spokane Riverpoint Academic Center Library and Classroom Building ($33.9 million).
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 Washington State University List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/14/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
AAMODTZ, PATRICIA L             SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       49704.03
AARONZ, HOWARD W                LECTURER                                                    4000
AARSTADZ, THEODORE A            STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   59322.81
ABBOTTZ, COURTNEY E             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2793.73
ABBOTTZ, DEAN ELBY              LOCKSMITH                                                44040.3
ABBOTTZ, HANS C                 COPY CENTER LEAD B                                         35040
ABBOTTZ, KRISTEEN S             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37022.52
ABBOTTZ, TARIN ELYSE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      685.51
ABELZ, DANIEL                   CUSTODIAN 4                                                32712
ABELZ, GRAEME F                 ASSISTANT COACH                                            46330
ABELZ, JACOB DANIEL             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    8140.43
ABELLZ, JOHN H                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60058.62
ABHOLDZ, RAINIE LYNN            SERVICE WORKER I                                          237.27
ABI-GHANEMZ, RITA               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         42853.86
ABIADORZ, MARIAN J-S            PRECEPTOR II                                                1190
ABILAZ, ALFREDO                 PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
ABLEMANZ, TRAVIS M              SERVICE WORKER I                                             650
ABRAHAMZ, MATTHEW LOUIS         SERVICE WORKER II                                           91.2
ABRAHAMSSONZ, MARIA             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      10152
ABU-LAILZ, ALAA IBRAHIM         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     5824
ABU-LAILZ, NEHAL                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      97753.6
ABURTOZ, ESTELA                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       9366
ACEVEDOZ, JOSE MANUEL           DIRECTOR                                                75200.16
ACEVEDO-DE-LA-CRUZZ, VERONICA   SERVICE WORKER II                                            144
ACKER-HOCEVARZ, M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     78450.02
ACKERMANZ, DANIEL M             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                     51864
ACKERMANZ, ROBERT E             PROFESSOR                                               15300.72
ACOSTAZ, MARISELA C             SERVICE WORKER I                                            9240
ACOSTAZ, REINALDO               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1000
ACREEZ, RASHEEN                 FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     30900.04
ACUNAZ, RAYMUNDO                RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          16254.55
ADAIRZ, KAYCIE L                SERVICE WORKER I                                         3260.25
ADAIRZ, KORI ANN                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4752.58
ADAIRZ, LISA ANN                CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  42350.64
ADAMZ, JENNIFER C               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     88977.94
ADAMZ, JOSHUA D                 ASSISTANT COACH                                         21955.07
ADAMEZ, NANCY                   COORDINATOR                                             13581.82
ADAMSZ, ALEXIS VERLEEN          ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     24523.52
ADAMSZ, BOBBI MAY               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1675.08
ADAMSZ, CHRISTINA ANN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4275
ADAMSZ, CHRISTOPHER             SERVICE WORKER I                                         1411.43
ADAMSZ, DENISE H                PRECEPTOR I                                               8718.5
ADAMSZ, EDWARD BLAIR            EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                          106053.46
ADAMSZ, GERALD D                CUSTODIAN 2                                             34247.85
ADAMSZ, JOHN C                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             26706.46
ADAMSZ, JOHN PHILIP             INSTRUCTOR                                                  5900
ADAMSZ, JOSEPH O                INSTRUCTOR                                              22522.23
ADAMSZ, KAREN JEAN              RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      20000.16
ADAMSZ, KIMBERLY DAWN           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       7268.82
ADAMSZ, MICHAEL J               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                    45828
ADAMSZ, PAULA MARIE             PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                         50377.6
ADAMSZ, SAM B                   MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  49399.94
ADAMSZ, TAMMY M                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     43.75
ADASZEWSKIZ, MICHAEL WADE       ROOFER                                                  25431.73
ADENZ, EPHREM Y                 SERVICE WORKER I                                              90
ADESOPEZ, OLUSOLA               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     33000.06
ADHIKARIZ, ACHYUT               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3360
ADLINGTONZ, SAMUEL EDWARD       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2652.99
ADRANGIZ, BAHRAM                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   3999.99
ADUSEIZ, EMMANUEL               CUSTODIAN 1                                              10480.3
ADVINCULAZ, BENNY A             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2570.74
AEBERSOLDZ, SIMON DANIEL        CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            17500.05
AESOPHZ, JILL                   DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    68032.16
AFENTAKISZ, THEMISTOKLIS        LECTURER                                                    5600
AFSHARZ, MARYAM                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      564.3
AGERZ, PATRICIA LEE             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            48976
AGGABAOZ, JEOFFREY D-D          PRECEPTOR I                                              7091.25
AGHAJANIANZ, HRACHYA H          SERVICE WORKER II                                           1725
AGNESZ, JOSEPH THOMAS           ASSOCIATE IN                                             21190.3
AGPALZAZ, JOSHUA SAGUILLA       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2100
AGRAWALZ, LALIT                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         34000.08
AGRAWALZ, NITIN                 LECTURER                                                 3790.48
AGRISSZ, SEAN WILLIAM           PRECEPTOR II                                                1000
AGUADOZ, ARIELLE MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     269.75
AGUIARZ, AMANDA CORENE          SERVICE WORKER I                                          1601.3
AGUILARZ, CHRISTIAN GRACE       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4288.8
AGUILARZ, MIGUEL                SERVICE WORKER I                                              96
AGUILARZ, ROMELIA               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    30717.22
AGUILARZ, SEBASTIAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       85.5
AGUILARZ, WENDY F               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            31530
AGUIRANZ, JAY-WRYTH             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1369.99
AHAMEDZ, AFTAB                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            45000
AHARONOVITZZ, EINAT             SERVICE WORKER I                                            1782
AHARONOVITZZ, GILAD             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     83393.01
AHERNZ, MELISSA MAY             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     79006.56
AHKAMIZ, AMIRHOSSEIN            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                             8250
AHLBECKZ, SAMUEL THOMAS         PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
AHLERSZ, NICK                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     7716.01
AHMADZ, ASHFAQ                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            26262
AHMADZ, MUSHTAQUE               ASSOCIATE IN                                               36000
AHNZ, JEONGMIN                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53076.79
AHNZ, SUNG KEUK                 PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                             178759.51
AHRINGZ, BIRGITTE               PROFESSOR                                               244700.6
AICHZ, PRIYANKA                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         12325.15
AICHELEZ, CYNDY D               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        64740.24
AICHELEZ, DAVID D               MANAGER                                                    66300
AICHELEZ, LAURA ANN             COOK 2                                                   33387.3
AILORZ, ERIN MICHELLE           SERVICE WORKER I                                            7770
AILORZ, KEITH                   CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
AKERBLADEZ, CASI                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     9999.96
AKHBARIZ, DEBRA                 PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     38957.08
AKINZ, DAWNA M                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
AKINZ, KIMBERLY                 OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                             35703.58
AKINZ, VALERIE C                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   2853.96
AKINSZ, WILLIAM J               MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                29329.61
AKMALZ, TARIQ T                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     91467.29
AKTERZ, SYEDA SELINA            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     2280
AL-QADIRIZ, HAMZAH MARI         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     9920
AL-SADOONZ, HUSSAIN ALI         SERVICE WORKER I                                           38.48
AL-SOODANIZ, ANEESA T           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3192
ALABIZ, OLUFEMI JOSEPH          POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         40000.11
ALAGSAMZ, FUAD MOHAMMED         SERVICE WORKER I                                           42.75
ALANIZZ, ANNA MARIE             SERVICE WORKER I                                            2997
ALANKARZ, ALANKAR               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3867.84
ALARCONZ, MARK A-T              SERVICE WORKER I                                         3638.04
ALBERSZ, SANDRA LEA             PERFORMING ARTS FACILITIES COORD                        55684.56
ALBIZ, MARY LEE                 ANESTHESIOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                             47091.87
ALBICEZ, CHRISTA L              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38556.01
ALBIN-BULLOCKZ, JANET M         PRECEPTOR II                                                  25
ALBRECHTZ, KAITLYN ELIZABETH    SERVICE WORKER I                                         1886.79
ALBRECHTZ, KURT L               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        49946.71
ALDERETEZ, JOHN F               PROFESSOR                                              201893.84
ALDERMANZ, SUSAN J              SERVICE WORKER I                                             125
ALDRICHZ, JENNIFER R            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7007
ALDRICHZ, LAUREL D              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     36242.48
ALEMUZ, BINIAM A                APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                         38386.4
ALENTZ, LISETTE F               COORDINATOR                                             37880.13
ALESHIREZ, ZOE HEATHER          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        810
ALESSIOZ, DOMINIC               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1192
ALESSIOZ, ERICA J               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        208
ALEXANDERZ, DEBORAH SUE         LECTURER II                                               2489.5
ALEXANDERZ, ERIC                DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                   101279.08
ALEXANDERZ, JARED R             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     296.34
ALEXANDERZ, LISA ANNE           INSTRUCTOR                                                 23400
ALEXANDERZ, MARY K              SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    40129.89
ALEXANDERZ, TREVOR LENDON       MICROBIOLOGIST 1                                        42254.08
ALEXANDER-BUCKZ, LANE           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        68103.87
ALEXYZ, DAVID WILLIAM           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1030.27
ALFORDZ, CATHY M                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   10080.54
ALFORDZ, COLE KELLY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    341.25
ALIZ, SHARMARKE ABDULLAHI       SERVICE WORKER II                                         126.15
ALKEZ, BROOKLYN                 PRECEPTOR I                                              1692.48
ALLANZ, CAROLYN R               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     50950
ALLANZ, HEIDI KATHLEEN          SERVICE WORKER I                                         5737.56
ALLANZ, PAUL JAMES              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       750
ALLDREDGEZ, J R                 PROFESSOR                                              102696.24
ALLEGRIZ, TED H                 CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                        58003.92
ALLEMANZ, D GAYLE               EXTENSION COORDINATOR SPECIALIST                        27269.08
ALLEMANDZ, COURTNEY TAYLOR      PRECEPTOR II                                             7331.25
ALLENZ, ANDREW JOHNSTON         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     94000.16
ALLENZ, BRADY K                 TRANSPORTATION SUPERVISOR                               47094.82
ALLENZ, CAROL B                 CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            81734.57
ALLENZ, CHRIS A                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       37008
ALLENZ, CURTIS D                BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                       94364
ALLENZ, DAVID                   INSTRUCTOR                                              28000.14
ALLENZ, DENISE SUE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        105
ALLENZ, DIANE YVONNE            PRECEPTOR I                                              2345.94
ALLENZ, GEOFFREY WYNN           COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          68066.46
ALLENZ, HEATH THOMPSON          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1070
ALLENZ, HOLLY MARIE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      257.5
ALLENZ, JESSICA ANNE            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       35000
ALLENZ, JOAN C                  PRECEPTOR II                                              8092.5
ALLENZ, JOAN M                  LAUNDRY WORKER 2                                           31956
ALLENZ, JONNY JOE               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58656
ALLENZ, LYNNE MARIE             INSTRUCTOR                                                 56.82
ALLENZ, MICHAEL L               SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       60062.66
ALLENZ, MICHAEL P               PROFESSOR                                               58119.12
ALLENZ, MIKEL JONELLE           INSTRUCTOR                                              47957.94
ALLENZ, SPENCER P               ASSISTANT BASEBALL COACH                                80469.12
ALLENZ, STEVEN                  PRODUCER-DIRECTOR-EDITOR                                 25029.2
ALLENZ, SUE KIM                 FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                               48168
ALLENZ, THOM B                  SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                             52118.04
ALLENBYZ, JANE MARIE            FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40524.17
ALLESZ, MELISSA PAIGE           WEB COORDINATOR                                          43000.8
ALLINGZ, BRENDA L               DIRECTOR MARKETING AND COMMUNICA                           75077
ALLISONZ, BARRETT CHRYSTOPHER   SERVICE WORKER II                                        1384.25
ALLISONZ, DOUGLAS ROBERT        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5854.66
ALLISONZ, KERENSA L             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      9560
ALLSOPPZ, JEFFREY               PRECEPTOR I                                               784.38
ALLSOPPZ, MARLA MAE             STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             15371.22
ALLWINEZ, EUGENE J              RESEARCH PROJECT ENGINEER SENIOR                        59514.96
ALMAGUERZ, TAMMY D              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          29515
ALMDALEZ, JAQUELINE MARIE       ADVISOR COUNSELOR                                       44322.62
ALMEIDAZ, MITCHELL T            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        65484.48
ALMEIDAZ, ROY J                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2574
ALMQUISTZ, TRAVIS LEE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1762.5
ALONSOZ, JUAN A                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48617.87
ALONZOZ, FLORENTINO             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          4943.58
ALPERINZ, DEBRA C               ASSOCIATE                                               52324.08
ALPIZARZ, SAYURY GABRIELA       LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 1                                  9974.39
ALTMANZ, JEANNETTE M            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            45828
ALTMANZ, JOSEPH D               SERVICE WORKER II                                           8570
ALVAZ, MICHAEL E                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3419
ALVARADOZ, STEFANIE A           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2295
ALVAREZZ, APRIL MICHELLE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        85.5
ALVAREZZ, BEATRICE              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         26383.56
ALVAREZZ, JUAN MANUEL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3642.34
ALVAREZZ, SHERLEY A             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         29672
ALVAREZZ, VINCENT M             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  1910.22
ALVISZ, CANDIDA                 PRECEPTOR II                                             3338.14
ALVISOZ, VANESSA                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      3114.55
ALWINEZ, CYNTHIA LYNN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4379.74
AMABLEZ, IVY MARIE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      4585
AMADOZ, ALEJANDRINA             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    7250.43
AMADO-CAMACHOZ, ROMULO          SERVICE WORKER II                                        5880.38
AMADO-COGOLLOZ, CARLOS A        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    8780.85
AMBROSEZ, JACK EDWARD           INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                          59260.4
AMBROSIZ, FRANK W               CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 49575.72
AMBROSIZ, THOMAS                DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                          95500.08
AMERZ, BAHER MAHMOUD-AHMED      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6600
AMESZ, CONNER WESLEY            SERVICE WORKER II                                           3960
AMESZ, DORENE I                 COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                               974.59
AMESZ, GLEN A                   LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           40524
AMESZ, ROBERT KENNETH           PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                        42228.03
AMETAZ, GAURAV                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        79920
AMIDANZ, BRETT                  LECTURER                                                   11666
AMMERMANZ, WESTYN JEFFREY       SERVICE WORKER II                                           9660
AMONETTZ, TRENT B               ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      65312.16
AMRINEZ, RYAN JAMES             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1145.7
ANZ, WENFENG                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     89333.28
ANALLAZ, JULIO A                SERVICE WORKER I                                            1440
ANDERSZ, KAREN E                INSTRUCTOR                                              38156.82
ANDERSENZ, KIM                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     51080.06
ANDERSONZ, ALEXANDER            SERVICE WORKER II                                        2334.09
ANDERSONZ, ALYCE FAE            PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                             60264
ANDERSONZ, BENJAMIN RICHARD     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
ANDERSONZ, BRANDI L             EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    35281.8
ANDERSONZ, BRANDON C            ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 1                                39336.94
ANDERSONZ, CAROLYN R            LECTURER II                                              2227.26
ANDERSONZ, CARY D               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           50568
ANDERSONZ, CERCI LEE            LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        40562.82
ANDERSONZ, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL  SERVICE WORKER II                                          38.32
ANDERSONZ, DANE S               FARMER 2                                                27415.96
ANDERSONZ, DANIEL ROY           FARMER 2                                                28096.62
ANDERSONZ, DAVID B              COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          61249.92
ANDERSONZ, DAVID WAYNE          RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         60000
ANDERSONZ, DEBORAH ANN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    9951.5
ANDERSONZ, DEBORAH RUTH         MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST 2                                661.64
ANDERSONZ, DEVON                DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SENIOR                            131300.16
ANDERSONZ, ELAINE               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    43808.4
ANDERSONZ, EMILY                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     26000.01
ANDERSONZ, FELISE L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     471.35
ANDERSONZ, GAYLE M              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      14417.75
ANDERSONZ, GWEN M               ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      49706.52
ANDERSONZ, HEATHER D            PRECEPTOR II                                              6646.5
ANDERSONZ, HEIDI J              INSTRUCTOR                                               8000.01
ANDERSONZ, JAMIE MARIE          FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     30451.49
ANDERSONZ, JESSICA D            SERVICE WORKER I                                            2184
ANDERSONZ, JODI L               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    43334.72
ANDERSONZ, JOEL NICHOLES        SERVICE WORKER II                                        4743.35
ANDERSONZ, JOHN R               ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  56111.76
ANDERSONZ, JON BRYANT           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1152
ANDERSONZ, JUSTIN SCOTT         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1394.37
ANDERSONZ, KEITH STUART         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1030.29
ANDERSONZ, KENNETH W            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        37479
ANDERSONZ, KIMBERLY             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  10181.36
ANDERSONZ, MAGGIE SUE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35439.29
ANDERSONZ, MARC L               CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE PRO                        54908.81
ANDERSONZ, MARY PATRICIA        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     27587.87
ANDERSONZ, MICHAEL A            LECTURER II                                                 3425
ANDERSONZ, PATRICE LEE          EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      32130
ANDERSONZ, RHONDA               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        39467.58
ANDERSONZ, RYAN DANE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5160
ANDERSONZ, SALLY JO             PATIENT SERVICES COORDINATOR                               38556
ANDERSONZ, SANDRA M             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     13623.25
ANDERSONZ, SARA E               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4293.25
ANDERSONZ, SHEILA               PRECEPTOR I                                              2718.75
ANDERSONZ, SUZANNE RANAE        INSTRUCTOR                                              54743.52
ANDERSONZ, TEDDIE TERRANT       PRECEPTOR I                                                 1000
ANDERSONZ, TRAVIS S             SERVICE WORKER II                                         109.39
ANDERSONZ, VICTORIA L           SERVICE WORKER I                                         5273.89
ANDERSONZ, WILLIAM RANDOLPH     CUSTODIAN 1                                             31163.57
ANDREASZ, JENNIFER E            AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                             47000.26
ANDREFSKYZ, WILLIAM             PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                             118510.82
ANDRELLZ, RAYMOND MATHEW        INSTRUCTOR                                                7537.5
ANDRESZ, KENZIE ROSE            SERVICE WORKER I                                         4391.91
ANDREWZ, MICHELE A              PRECEPTOR I                                                   12
ANDREWSZ, DANI J                SERVICE WORKER I                                          969.06
ANDREWSZ, MACAULEY JACEN        SERVICE WORKER I                                         3719.25
ANDREWSZ, PAULA JO              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                  11527.75
ANDREWSZ, PRESTON KEITH         ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                      77372.4
ANDREWSZ, ROBERT M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      12945
ANDREWSZ, TODD P                ELECTRICIAN                                             48582.11
ANDREWSZ, WESLEY ALAN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2769
ANEGONZ, EDWARD JAMES           PRECEPTOR I                                                  360
ANELLIZ, CAROL M                ASSOCIATE DEAN                                          69805.35
ANGELOZ, NICHOLAS STUART        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5812.3
ANKERSONZ, FRANK CHARLES        FARMER 3                                                   34385
ANKRAHZ, NII OKANTA             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      51576.32
ANKROMZ, BONNIE JEAN            HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                        30182.99
ANNEZ, ELIZABETH                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4288.79
ANNETTZ, MICHELLE               SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   1000.01
ANOTHAIZ, JAKARAT               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         14166.72
ANSPACHZ, NICKOLAS ELTON        SERVICE WORKER I                                          9904.7
ANTALZ, DANIEL FLETCHER         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4699.95
ANTALZ, NICHOLAS SCHAFER        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1334.42
ANTHONYZ, SHELLY DANIELLE       GRANT AND CONTRACT SPECIALIST                           42603.55
ANTOINEZ, JIM A                 PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                           48583.8
ANTOLOVICHZ, STEPHEN DALE       PROFESSOR                                               62607.42
ANTONIOZ, ANDREW JOSEPH         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3383.36
ANTONIOZ, ARACELI               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       540
ANTONIOZ, MAPUANA C             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1916.39
ANTONYZ, PAVAN JOHN             INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
ANTUNEZZ, MIREYA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1747.5
ANZURESZ, AIDE CARINA           PRECEPTOR I                                               3802.5
ANZURESZ, ANTONIO D             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      581.4
APPELZ, KAARIN J                EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   52876.18
APPELZ, LAURA RYAN              PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    29886.67
APPLEZ, JENNIFER                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2259.68
APPLEGATEZ, LAURA MARIE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4331.6
APPLETONZ, ANDREW M             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     84134.55
ARANDAZ, NAYELI B               PRECEPTOR I                                              5681.49
ARANZAMENDIZ, JULIE             PLANT COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR                        60210.02
ARASUZ, PREMA                   VICE PROVOST                                           122942.53
ARBOURZ, CYNTHIA L              PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIAL                        60319.92
ARCHIBALDZ, SKYLER ENGLAND      CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     819.38
ARDENZ, TERESA VERONICA         LECTURER                                                    3000
AREBALOZ, AMANDA R              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2930.51
AREBALOZ, RODOLFO               CUSTODIAN 1                                             28376.62
ARGANBRIGHTZ, NATHAN ERIC       ASSOCIATE                                               54588.12
ARGERSINGERZ, JANA              PUBLICATIONS EDITOR                                     48336.48
ARIFZ, WAJMA                    CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      103.54
ARIGOZ, CHRISTOPHER             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58832.56
ARIYAWANSAZ, KURUPPU            PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                              111170.4
ARIYAWANSAZ, NUWAN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      744.8
ARIZA-RODRIGUEZZ, ELOISE        INSTRUCTOR                                              29284.79
ARKSEYZ, MEREDITH               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        51674
ARMENTAZ, RAMON                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3558.86
ARMFIELDZ, CAROLEE N            ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  69842.05
ARMIJOZ, DAVID L                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6345
ARMSTRONGZ, BRANDON R           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4967.56
ARMSTRONGZ, CAMILLE AMENIA      PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      28411.5
ARMSTRONGZ, CHERYL M            RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       6756.25
ARMSTRONGZ, CINDY D             ASSISTANT TO                                            60093.01
ARMSTRONGZ, ELIZABETH L         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2106
ARMSTRONGZ, ERIN E              FISCAL OFFICER/MANAGEMENT ANALYS                        40048.44
ARMSTRONGZ, JESSICA L           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2961.72
ARMSTRONGZ, MERRY ANN           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     82374.53
ARMSTRONGZ, SAMANTHA J          STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        25121.79
ARNDTZ, MARY B                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
ARNESONZ, JUDY JOANN            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       20398.69
ARNHOLDZ, JEAN M                OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                   29355.22
ARNHOLDZ, WILLIAM M             CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                        54474.85
ARNOLDZ, DONNA L                ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      62451.84
ARNOLDZ, JOSHUA L               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
ARNOLDZ, TRACIE D               COORDINATOR                                                42660
AROLAZ, KRISTIN L               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59951.02
ARPINZ, SARAH N                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        525
ARRASMITHZ, CURTIS MARC         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       51.3
ARRASMITHZ, KIRK O              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
ARRASMITHZ, LINDA S             MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                   35928
ARRASMITHZ, LORRIE J            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     45171.36
ARRIGONIZ, BENJAMIN MICHAEL     SERVICE WORKER II                                        2314.52
ARRIZABALAGAZ, ARIA             STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        92507.06
ARROYOZ, MELISA L               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1122
ARSANTOZ, KYLE STEVEN           GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        30289.66
ARTEAGAZ, LISSETTE              PRECEPTOR I                                                 1441
ARTHURSZ, JONATHAN              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    111295.35
ASAKIZ, THOMAS J                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     103888.9
ASBURYZ, SOPHIA L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       2640
ASCHENBRENNERZ, C               COOK 2                                                   8361.63
ASCHER-BARNSTONEZ, DEBORAH      ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        68888
ASHZ, ANGIE                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1900
ASHBAUGHZ, JENELL LYNN          ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              32060.19
ASHCRAFTZ, ETHEN                SERVICE WORKER II                                         726.75
ASHCRAFTZ, JANET M              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
ASHFORDZ, TERESA L              INSTRUCTOR                                              42094.98
ASHLEYZ, NANCY W                CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                             83423.7
ASHWORTHZ, GAYLE M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        33253
ASHWORTHZ, JUDITH A             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        34845.54
ASKINSZ, JEANETTE               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
ASKINSZ, JOHN W                 FARMER 2                                                35073.56
ASMANZ, DANNY LEE               STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                    3527.78
ASPLUNDZ, JON R                 CUSTODIAN 2                                              32533.2
ASTONZ, BARBARA JANE            SPECIAL ASSISTANT                                       80877.98
ASTONZ, MAELEEN E               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        37056
ASZKLARZ, RACHEL MAE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
ATER-KRANOVZ, ASHLEY            ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      62100.48
ATHANSONZ, ORITSESANINORMI B    ASSOCIATE IN                                            35000.16
ATHERTONZ, STEPHANIE            MANAGER                                                    62738
ATILANOZ, RAFAELA               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11350
ATKINSZ, ANN ILENE              INSTRUCTOR                                               9400.09
ATKINSZ, NICHOLAS ALEXANDER     SERVICE WORKER I                                         1298.75
ATKINSZ, STACIE L               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           32310
ATTAOZ, KRISTINE A              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    51208.14
ATWOODZ, BRETT D                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            87998.98
AUMENZ, JULIA ADRIAN            ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      59499.84
AUMILLERZ, MEGAN JILL           SERVICE WORKER I                                            52.5
AUSTINZ, ANTOINETTE MARIE       LECTURER                                                    7200
AUSTINZ, BRIDGET                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       29.93
AUSTINZ, BRUCE WILLIAM          INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         44469.92
AUSTINZ, ERICA WEINTRAUB        DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                    174230.22
AUSTINZ, JILL MARIE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       701.1
AUSTINZ, JOANNE K               AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                             26793.45
AUSTINZ, KATHRYN ANN            EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        41911.39
AUTREYZ, MEAGAN E               RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          35434.77
AUTREYZ, WILLIAM C              PRECEPTOR I                                                  600
AUTRY-ODELLZ, MELODY A          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      8768
AVALOSZ, JOAQUIN                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         15561.37
AVDAGICZ, INDIR                 NETWORK ENGINEER/ADMINISTRATOR                          67544.94
AVERHARTZ, HENRY HOWARD         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2992
AVERYZ, SCOTT                   PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                      119939.23
AVILAZ, SERGIO OMAR             GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        31327.69
AVILA-RAMIREZZ, MARIA           ASSOCIATE IN                                            11739.27
AVISEZ, JEREMY C                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      10050
AWBREYZ, LISA A                 PRECEPTOR I                                              5846.25
AWINDAZ, PETER OMONDI           ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     14369.79
AXNESSZ, BRIAN MARTIN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       580
AYALAZ, MARTHA K                EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   31210.77
AYALAZ, UVANIA                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2215
AYERSZ, BRIENNA N               PRECEPTOR I                                              4880.72
AYERSZ, LOANN D                 DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    84438.48
AYLINGZ, CHRISTOPHER LELAND     MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48340.64
AYLINGZ, DONNA M                SERVICE WORKER I                                            7381
AYRE-SVINGENZ, BONNIE E         INSTRUCTOR                                                  7900
BABBITTZ, PATRICIA A            LECTURER                                                   10014
BABCOCKZ, JASON M               SERVICE WORKER I                                          433.91
BABCOCKZ, JENNIFER RENEE        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       15195.53
BABCOCKZ, JOSEPH                SERVICE WORKER I                                         7348.75
BABCOCKZ, JOSEPH D              SERVICE WORKER I                                            2981
BABIKERZ, EBRAHIEM MOHAMED      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4550.4
BABINEZ, MONICA LYNN            ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              69812.72
BACHELEZZ, ANDREAS              INSTRUCTOR                                                 41891
BACHLEDAZ, PHOEBE ANN           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   40403.76
BACHMANZ, STEVE J               CUSTODIAN 2                                             32949.97
BACKESZ, ANDREW D               SERVICE WORKER I                                         1200.35
BACKESZ, RICHARD A              STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 3 COUNSE                        72050.16
BACONZ, CHARLES R               SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                  2502.4
BADINIZ, OUMAROU                PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       48345.59
BAERTLEINZ, JAKE BRADFORD       PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
BAGZ, SUDEEP                    ASSOCIATE IN                                               11250
BAGADEZ, ADITYA VIVEK           PRECEPTOR II                                                 528
BAGBYZ, JEANNE CAROL            INSTRUCTOR                                              45495.84
BAGGEZ, SPENCER ANDREW          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2590.66
BAHDERZ, BRIAN WILLIAM          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      8064
BAHRZ, DAVID F                  PROFESSOR                                              149358.72
BAIZ, SHUANGYI                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         33592.08
BAIKZ, BYUNG-KEE                ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     76489.92
BAILEYZ, GISELA M               HISTOTECHNOLOGIST                                          54504
BAILEYZ, JESSICA J              RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         21000
BAILEYZ, JOHN D                 PRECEPTOR II                                                  25
BAILEYZ, LINDA M                DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          74392.91
BAILEYZ, TAMARA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     12638.38
BAISCHZ, JOE                    EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   14472.15
BAISCHZ, JOY L                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6960
BAISLEYZ, CALVIN Y              REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                  48651.85
BAISLEYZ, JENNIFER K            LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                    47016
BAKEMANZ, CORY JAMES            SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    55740.16
BAKERZ, BLAKE J                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                          53907.6
BAKERZ, CALLIE C                ASSOCIATE IN                                            41088.04
BAKERZ, CHRISTOPHER JOHN        ASSOCIATE IN                                            33409.08
BAKERZ, DANA L                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     75683.02
BAKERZ, DANIAL EDWIN            PROFESSOR                                              142392.24
BAKERZ, DAVID LEE               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48202.5
BAKERZ, DEAN CARTER             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3485
BAKERZ, DEBORAH E               COORDINATOR                                             75614.04
BAKERZ, DONALD LLOYD            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    1867.5
BAKERZ, GARY L                  SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                    14640
BAKERZ, ISAAC PAUL              SERVICE WORKER II                                           4248
BAKERZ, JEAN E                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    235.88
BAKERZ, JOANNE L                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     48401.76
BAKERZ, KATHERINE N             MICROBIOLOGIST 2                                        58066.05
BAKERZ, RAY C                   AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           35262
BAKERZ, ROBERT M                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        40618.77
BAKERZ, SCOTT E                 LECTURER                                                     660
BAKERZ, TAMARA L                CUSTODIAN 1                                             21036.87
BAKERZ, TIFFANY L               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5325
BAKERZ, TIMOTHY                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    110946.95
BAKKEZ, JAVIN PAUL              SERVICE WORKER I                                          908.12
BAKKENZ, ALEXIS J               SERVICE WORKER I                                          3325.5
BAKKENZ, DAVID EDWARD           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    138963.68
BAKKENZ, DAVID SHERMAN          CUSTODIAN 1                                             30810.72
BAKSIZ, SHILA                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     29546.73
BALBERDIZ, DAVID M              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22409.53
BALDIKZ, LESLIE F               SHEET METAL MECHANIC                                    48553.24
BALDREEZ, PAULA S               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             71311.68
BALDREEZ, TOMMY R               STATE PROGRAM LEADER E-4                                94121.76
BALDRIDGEZ, DOROTHY J           CUSTODIAN 1                                             27080.73
BALDWINZ, DARBY SHAY            OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      14635.54
BALDWINZ, JENNIFER LEIGH        CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    1431.6
BALDWINZ, JOHN LEROY            PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                             48237
BALDWINZ, KATHRYN A             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            57291.09
BALDWINZ, SANDRA L              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     43138.32
BALDWINZ, VIRGINIA L            CUSTODIAN 1                                             50030.69
BALDYZ, ANNA E                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6986
BALINTZ, EADIE M                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     31907.79
BALKOZ, NATHAN V                MANAGER                                                 42991.37
BALLZ, CHRISTOPHER F            FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                     172495.16
BALLZ, GEORGE W                 MANAGER                                                110581.42
BALLZ, TANDI G                  HEAD COACH                                              13935.69
BALLAZ, VAMSI KRISHNA           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         51576.78
BALLARDZ, GARY                  SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    49138.08
BALLARDZ, GINNY S               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                           957.26
BALLARDZ, KEVIN WESLEY          MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                   28229.62
BALLEJOSZ, MIRIAM S             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        67036
BALLESTERZ, KAITLYNN BETHANY    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     611.01
BALMERZ, BETHANY FRANCES        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5361.5
BALOGHZ, ELISE M                RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                       16153.8
BALOWZ, KERRY A                 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    54948.96
BALTZORZ, KERRI                 PRECEPTOR I                                               940.76
BANASIKZ, BRIANNE N             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      530.1
BANASIKZ, JACQUELYN             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     93839.11
BANDLIZ, DAINA V                MICROBIOLOGIST 2                                         55136.1
BANDYZ, RANDALL K               CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      57259.76
BANDYOPADHYAYZ, AMIT            PROFESSOR                                               124458.6
BANERJEEZ, SHASHWAT             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      10666.64
BANGZ, BRANDON LOUIS            LECTURER II                                                 2700
BANISZ, DAVID                   ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     5000.04
BANKERZ, TAMARA DAWN            CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                             42743.8
BANKHEADZ, TROY                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     90000.24
BANKSZ, JAKOB RANDY             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4789.14
BANKSZ, SUSAN RAE               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     87634.24
BANNACHZ, CHELSEA R             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     283.26
BANNISTERZ, LEE A               ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 3                                51508.66
BAOZ, XIAODONG                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    7754.64
BARABASZZ, ARREED F             PROFESSOR                                               80829.54
BARABASZZ, MARIANNE             PROFESSOR                                               79129.98
BARAJASZ, JAIME                 STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                                40170
BARAJASZ, KARINA                HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                                  41494.58
BARALEZ, KAREN V                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           71777.51
BARBEAUZ, TIMOTHY JAMES         INSTRUCTOR                                               4091.94
BARBERZ, ANTHONY S              CUSTODIAN 1                                             11977.58
BARBERZ, JOHN FRANK             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            76612.22
BARBERZ, MICHAEL ERNEST         DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                     119928.2
BARBOSAZ, DANIEL P              SERVICE WORKER II                                           1800
BARBOSA-CANOVASZ, GUSTAVO V     SCIENTIST                                              134584.08
BARBOSA-LEIKERZ, CELESTINA      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      73822.4
BARDZ, SASHA B                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4896
BARDAWEELZ, HAMZEH KHALID       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3792
BARENZZ, THERESA A              INSTRUCTOR                                              45162.69
BARFIELDZ, RYAN EDWARD          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4043.3
BARGAZ, JANE LYNNE              STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        71612.24
BARIKZ, MUHAMMAD GHULAM         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   6030.78
BARILZ, L KATHERINE             EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           92772.55
BARKERZ, GLORIA BASQUES         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24452.92
BARKERZ, JENNA NICOLE           SERVICE WORKER I                                              66
BARKOZ, PATRICK COYLE           SERVICE WORKER I                                         1729.52
BARLOWZ, TESS E                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 16886.78
BARNARDZ, DAWN MARIE            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                     100371.92
BARNERZ, CONSTANCE MAE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
BARNERZ, STEVE A                ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                52718.01
BARNESZ, DALLAS E               STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        69521.52
BARNESZ, JEANETTE K             SOCIAL & HEALTH PROGRAM CONSULTA                           49368
BARNESZ, JUSTIN                 CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            29000.07
BARNESZ, LAURA J                SERVICE WORKER I                                             115
BARNESZ, MARK ELLIOT            SERVICE WORKER I                                          171.53
BARNESZ, PATRICK CECIL          PRECEPTOR I                                              1574.79
BARNESZ, TENILLE DANIELLE       SERVICE WORKER I                                         2585.97
BARNETTZ, DEBRA E               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      44221.2
BARNETTZ, JAMES IAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    254.63
BARNETTZ, SUSAN ELLEN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2331.4
BARNSTONEZ, ROBERT V            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65240.28
BARONAZ, GUIDO                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1040
BARONAZ, VICTOR A               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        520
BARONEZ, DEANNA M               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4360.71
BARRZ, JEANNIE L                FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                24966.62
BARRZ, MICHAEL B                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        342
BARRERA-MENDOZAZ, MARIO         SERVICE WORKER I                                         8302.25
BARRETTZ, JARED OLIVER          BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                    71140.08
BARRETTZ, JORDAN J              PRECEPTOR I                                                  450
BARRETTZ, KIMBERLY A            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
BARRETTZ, SHANE T               MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                         42854.08
BARRETTOZ, MICK I               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1408
BARRICKZ, BRANDON CORY          SERVICE WORKER I                                          246.41
BARRINGTONZ, GEORGE M           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    102869.04
BARRINGTONZ, MEGHAN ANN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      315.5
BARRIOSZ, VICTOR                GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        22684.07
BARROWSZ, ROBERT JOSHUA         CUSTODIAN 1                                             15120.51
BARRYZ, AMANDA CHRISTINE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3582.28
BARRYZ, BARBARA J               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       338
BARRYZ, JANET N                 ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    12000.03
BARRYZ, SABRINA LINN            VETERINARY RESIDENT                                     27254.44
BARTAZ, JODI LYNN               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            43875
BARTALAMAYZ, C T                SERVICE WORKER I                                           166.5
BARTELZ, ROSANN EDITH           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       5888
BARTHOLD-STINNETTZ, PATRICIA MARPROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     2446.5
BARTLEZ, DIANNE                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                  52576.38
BARTLETTZ, BRENDA               PAYROLL SUPERVISOR                                      61256.53
BARTLETTZ, DEBORAH L            ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS ANALY                           58656
BARTLETTZ, MAX C                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                        50
BARTONZ, ANNETTE M              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48290.22
BARTONZ, DEBORAH DANIELS        CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               21000
BARTONZ, GENE DALE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1000
BARTONZ, KELLY L                PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          53785.88
BARTOSOVSKYZ, MEGHAN ALEXANDRIA-PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     631.59
BARYZ, ANDREW I                 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                                57792
BARYZ, CAILIN S                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         1445.93
BARYZ, ELENA M-J                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1599.07
BASARABZ, BRETT M               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4000
BASHZ, MARIANNE R               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      14649
BASHAWZ, ERIC C                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
BASKETTZ, NANCY KAY             COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           48119.52
BASKETTEZ, MICHAEL RALPH        SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      2000
BASOGLUZ, KAMILE ASLI           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    806.25
BASSETTZ, SANDRA S              CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            62772.96
BASSMANZ, NANCY LYNN            CLINICAL/MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST 1                            50568
BASTARRACHEA-GUTIERREZZ, L      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       400
BASTOSZ, REGINALDO              ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            44347.44
BASZLERZ, MICHAEL J             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2840.5
BASZLERZ, TIMOTHY V             DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 160185.29
BATDORFZ, MICHAEL TODD          LECTURER                                                    8800
BATESZ, ANDREW M                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3845.9
BATESZ, AUSTIN ALAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4800
BATESZ, BONNIE LEE              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    37028.16
BATESZ, BRIAN DAVID             WEB COORDINATOR                                         40690.86
BATESZ, CASSANDRA L             ASSOCIATE IN                                            38000.36
BATESZ, EVAN PAUL               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2677
BATESZ, KELLY K                 CASHIER 1                                               34285.34
BATESZ, MARC P                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    7612.5
BATESZ, PHIL                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         32000.16
BATESZ, ROBERT C                PROFESSOR                                              217031.73
BATESZ, SARAH MARIE             SERVICE WORKER II                                         1558.1
BATES-ERICKSONZ, SYDNEY ROSE    COORDINATOR                                             30309.74
BATINAZ, RAYMOND G              PROFESSOR                                               95464.98
BATTAGLIAZ, JEFFREY P           INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                     63192
BATTEZ, MELANIE KAY             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         13421.43
BATTENZ, EMILY MARIE            PRECEPTOR I                                                   75
BAUERZ, E STANLEY               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1747.5
BAUERZ, GERALDINE               PRECEPTOR                                                  41320
BAUERZ, HOLLY J                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
BAUERZ, SERRY L                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         56620.08
BAUERZ, SUSAN JOANN             PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                         23409.09
BAUGHZ, BRADFORD HAMILTON       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       276
BAUGHZ, LIOUBOV M               PRECEPTOR I                                                  513
BAUMZ, MICHAEL BERNARD          INSTRUCTOR                                              10326.44
BAUMZ, SHARON E                 PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     17077.36
BAUMANZ, CAROL A                AREA FINANCE/ADMINISTRATIVE OFFI                           84420
BAUMANZ, CORIN A                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  6039.25
BAUMANZ, ROBERT ALAN            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     58391.52
BAUMANZ, STEPHANIE S            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     75510.88
BAUMGARTNERZ, JULIE E           INSTRUCTOR                                               4868.44
BAUMWARTZ, RYAN                 LECTURER II                                                21000
BAUNSGARDZ, BRYAN CHARLES       SERVICE WORKER I                                         1436.92
BAWAZ, AVANTIKA                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     25000.02
BAXTERZ, JUSTIN                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48200.27
BAXTER-POTTERZ, LYDIA NOEL      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4087.5
BAXTER-POTTERZ, TERRY M         FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              68689.92
BAYHAMZ, JUDE                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3061.06
BAYLONZ, CHRISTOPHER            INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 2                                     55836
BAYLONZ, JENNY LEE              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      27893.7
BAYLYZ, SALLIE MARIE            VETERINARY SPECIALIST 3                                 46919.13
BAYLYZ, WARWICK M               PROVOST & EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDE                       382056.99
BAYNEZ, MARY C                  ASSISTANT DEAN                                         107929.59
BAYOMYZ, OMAR FOUAD             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     97.12
BAYON-DE-NOYERZ, SHEN           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         32964.24
BAYSINGERZ, RYAN S              CARPENTER                                               30069.94
BAZMIZ, SHERVIN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       960
BEACHZ, REBECCA S               CUSTODIAN 4                                             38052.48
BEACHUMZ, ALMA D                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      29434.9
BEALZ, AARON LYLE               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2864
BEALEZ, GREG MICHAEL            SERVICE WORKER II                                         109.13
BEALEZ, SABRINA CHRISTINE       DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 41546.32
BEALLZ, ALLISON BONNYCASTLE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2982
BEALLZ, ALLYSON M               ASSOCIATE IN                                            45275.96
BEAMANZ, JEFFREY P              PRECEPTOR I                                                  250
BEANZ, CHARLES RAY              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSULT                         59954.4
BEANZ, NANCY LOUISE             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      16983.96
BEANZ, PAMELA MICHELE           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
BEANZ, SCOTT ALLEN              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        46055.99
BEARZ, ELI THOMAS               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1378.21
BEARDZ, CHRIS MADISON           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   6301.28
BEARDSLEEZ, AMANDA JO           FISCAL TECHNICIAN 1                                      9736.84
BEARYZ, JANET                   CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            65832.48
BEATTIEZ, DEWITT C              MANAGER                                                 58316.24
BEAUDRYZ, MICHAEL ARDEN         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  51380.18
BEAUMONTZ, KARLENE C            ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      53209.92
BEAVERZ, CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5178
BEAVERZ, THERESA ANN            COORDINATOR                                             54874.08
BEAVERSZ, TANYA R               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   13073.82
BECHDELZ, TERRIE                ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                      8000.1
BECKZ, CLIFFORD JACK            TRUCK DRIVER 1                                             35928
BECKZ, JAMES ADAM               CUSTODIAN 1                                                27913
BECKZ, JAMES R                  TRUCK DRIVER 2                                             39516
BECKZ, JOSEPH L                 WINDOW WASHER                                              31714
BECKZ, MICHELLE LEE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1303.5
BECKZ, PAULA M                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
BECKZ, TUCKER ALEXANDER-DWIGHT  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6960
BECKZ, WILLIAM R                PRECEPTOR I                                                 4816
BECKERZ, BONNIE S               CUSTODIAN 4                                              38977.2
BECKERZ, BRUCE E                RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                      41334.48
BECKERZ, GERALD D               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
BECKER-BLEASEZ, KATHRYN         ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     16000.1
BECKETTZ, ALEXA E               SNACK BAR LEAD                                          29233.89
BECKETTZ, DEBORAH D             COOK 2                                                     35928
BECKLEYZ, KAFIAT A              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        27273.4
BECKMANZ, SEAN MICHAEL          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3120
BECKMANZ, VIRGINIA C            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   21479.27
BECKMANNZ, ROBERT W             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BECKNERZ, PAULA J               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      38556
BECKVOLDZ, TERESA ANN           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      20746.41
BECKWITHZ, ATHENA JANE          SERVICE WORKER I                                          581.83
BEDDINGFIELDZ, FRED S           SERVICE WORKER I                                         5461.16
BEDGARZ, DIANA L                RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                    45828
BEDIZ, TANU                     FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        35913
BEDNARZ, ANNETTE M              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  48504.24
BEDONTZ, JASON W                CUSTODIAN 1                                             27712.49
BEDOSHVILIZ, DAVID              PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                          90996
BEEBEZ, BARBARA JAYNE           INSTRUCTOR                                               42466.2
BEEBEZ, MARIA A                 PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       12854.94
BEEBEZ, NANCY M                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           36756
BEEBEZ, TREVA C                 PATIENT SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE                         30789.52
BEECHERZ, CONSTANCE C           PRECEPTOR II                                                3000
BEECHERZ, SIERRA D              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2016
BEERMANZ, KATHY A               PROFESSOR                                               93670.56
BEERSZ, ELIZABETH H             SCIENTIST                                               77015.04
BEESONZ, JUDITH K               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           48168
BEESONZ, KAREN P                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     39370.21
BEESONZ, PETER J                BUDGET OFFICER                                          83453.51
BEETSZ, NOELLE MARIE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3300
BEGAYZ, RAYNEL OLNEY            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   10072.97
BEGHTOLZ, MOLLY L               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     12954
BEGOZ, INGRID                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       1500
BEHRENDSZ, KEITH E              CARPENTER                                                  43572
BEHRENDSZ, MARGARET ANN         CUSTODIAN 1                                              29794.7
BEIDLERZ, APHRODITE T           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      13050
BEILZ, MATTHEW ROGERS           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       13288.75
BEILSTEIN-WEDELZ, ERIN ELYSE    PRECEPTOR I                                                   30
BEIRLZ, ALISHA JENNIFER         RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                    33090
BELENKYZ, GREGORY               DIRECTOR                                                259966.8
BELEWZ, MARY C                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1391
BELFORDZ, JASON                 PRECEPTOR II                                                6380
BELIEUZ, KATHLEEN ANNE          CUSTODIAN 1                                             31244.28
BELISLEZ, KATHRYN B             SUMMER APPOINTMENT FACULTY                               4494.89
BELISLEZ, RONALD GLENN          SUMMER APPOINTMENT FACULTY                               4494.89
BELLZ, CONNIE R                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5326.5
BELLZ, DEE ANA                  BROADCAST TECHNICIAN 3                                  53865.65
BELLZ, JARED LARS               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4905.6
BELLZ, LINDSEY BETH             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7320
BELLZ, NANCY DOLORES            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72212.38
BELLZ, ROBERT H                 PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                           2742.41
BELLZ, STEVEN DUANE             CUSTODIAN 3                                             39489.86
BELLAMKONDAZ, MURALI            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2568
BELLERZ, JENNIFER M             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     84898.99
BELLINGERZ, KRISTY LYNN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2000
BELLOUZ, AIKATERINI             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      25000.05
BELZERZ, BENJAMIN JOSEPH        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     96074.64
BENAVIDES-VAELLOZ, SANDRA       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     85830.14
BENDAZ, THOMAS P                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                          4621.3
BENDERZ, AMY MARIE              POLYSOMNOGRAPHIC TECHNICIAN 2                           32277.51
BENDERZ, DONALD A               PROFESSOR                                              165393.55
BENDERZ, HEATHER NICKOLE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2192.32
BENDERZ, MARILYN JEAN           ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     27489.6
BENEDICTZ, CHRISTOPHER A        COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           54000.16
BENEFIELZ, MARK ALAN            CUSTODIAN 1                                                29224
BENJAMINZ, FRANCIS A            INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         53102.88
BENJAMINZ, HEIDI L              SECRETARY SENIOR                                           16060
BENJAMINZ, JOEL A               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4806.41
BENJAMINZ, MICHAEL JOHN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4500
BENNERZ, ELIZABETH J            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     5464.73
BENNETTZ, BARBARA L             EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    5151.55
BENNETTZ, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES   PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
BENNETTZ, DAVID EUGENE          FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                   31956
BENNETTZ, HEATHER A             SERVICE WORKER I                                         4281.75
BENNETTZ, KERIANN M             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4881
BENNETTZ, RACHELLE M            CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
BENNETTZ, STUART R              FIRE CHIEF                                              66944.87
BENNETTZ, TAMARA A              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1058.25
BENNETTZ, THOMAS EDWARD         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3298.62
BENNYZ, PAUL                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     86169.99
BENNYZ, WAYNE T                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     243.68
BENOISTZ, CAROLINE CLARE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
BENSONZ, ALYSSA A               SERVICE WORKER I                                          158.18
BENSONZ, BOYD WERNER            INSTRUCTOR                                              10684.62
BENSONZ, CHRISTINE R            LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           48168
BENSONZ, DWANE                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3000
BENSONZ, JOHN PHILIP            GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        44440.27
BENSONZ, MARGARET               CHAIR AND SCIENTIST                                    159120.96
BENSONZ, MAX ERIC               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        3378
BENSONZ, RANDALL L              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   13600.4
BENSONZ, THOMAS W               WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 1                                    38251.68
BENSONZ, TIMOTHY E              CUSTODIAN 2                                             27260.07
BENTJENZ, STEVEN A              RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         15000
BENTJENZ, SUSAN BELL            COORDINATOR                                             49378.24
BENTLEYZ, ASHLEY NICOLE         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      22186.24
BENTLEYZ, JAMIE A               MANAGER                                                 40000.08
BENTLEYZ, LINDA MARIE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
BERGZ, NICOLE RANAE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       6720
BERGAMZ, MICHAEL GEORGE         MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                   41055.09
BERGDAHLZ, SARAH SAYNER         PRECEPTOR II                                              3649.5
BERGENZ, JEANETTE R             MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                 36095.8
BERGERZ, MICHAEL S              INSTRUCTOR                                                 42105
BERGERZ, PERRY J                CUSTODIAN 4                                                37620
BERGFELDZ, SARAH ELIZABETH      PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    35468.99
BERGLEYZ, AMY C                 SERVICE WORKER I                                            4386
BERGLEYZ, CATHERINE R           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            39007.95
BERGLINDZ, ERIC ALAN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     113.9
BERGSTEDTZ, PATTY J             DIRECTOR                                                   93870
BERGSTEDTZ, SCOTT J             LECTURER                                                   31059
BERGSTROMZ, ARNO W              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           67842.72
BERGSTROMZ, JOHN MICHAEL        SERVICE WORKER I                                            3430
BERIMZ, ANNA                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         34000.08
BERISHZ, DANIELLE JUNE          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2203.78
BERKELEYZ, ELIZABETH B          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    3095.5
BERKMANZ, CLIFFORD              PROFESSOR                                              153533.26
BERLINERZ, YVONNE               INSTRUCTOR                                              20999.97
BERMUDEZZ, LUZ DANIELA          POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            48000
BERMUDEZZ, MICHAEL J            PRECEPTOR I                                              6581.17
BERNARDZ, SHELDON A             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1200
BERNARDZ, WILLIAM R             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        675
BERNARDOZ, DANIEL J             DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                     240530.88
BERNEYZ, JOHN J                 CUSTODIAN 3                                             35655.59
BERRYZ, ALICIA M                LECTURER                                                    4000
BERRYZ, BILL E                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48301.4
BERRYZ, FLOYD                   PAINTER                                                 43532.99
BERRYZ, HELEN M                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     39622.8
BERRYZ, PAMELA J                PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                           60120
BERRYZ, STEPHANIE LYNN          SERVICE WORKER I                                           74.25
BERTCHZ, CALEB C                SERVICE WORKER I                                         2778.76
BERTHIAUMEZ, GERALD B           PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                                 99240
BERTHOLFZ, CYNDI                SERVICE WORKER I                                          7996.5
BERTOLOTTOZ, CHRYS              EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   47323.52
BERTOLUCCIZ, RONALD L           ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        4050
BESSERZ, THOMAS E               PROFESSOR                                              125756.42
BESTZ, MELISSA ANN              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1202.43
BESTZ, TYLER A                  PRECEPTOR I                                                  300
BETCHLEYZ, CHRISTINE C          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                  11388.18
BETTISZ, PAMELA J               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      71837.6
BETZZ, DREW LENORE              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           79423.19
BETZZ, TAYLOR RYAN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2677.53
BEUSZ, CURTIS E                 EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           76962.72
BEUTELZ, MARC WATSON            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     97681.16
BEVANZ, BRIANNA L               SERVICE WORKER I                                          1921.5
BEVANZ, NANCY I                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              30987.6
BEVERSZ, JEFF                   PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
BEVINGTONZ, JOHN PAUL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
BEYENALZ, HALUK                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    114094.62
BEYENALZ, NURDAN                ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               48750
BEYERZ, BRADLEY JOSEPH          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2385.57
BEYERZ, TYLER A                 SERVICE WORKER I                                           273.6
BEYREUTHERZ, TODD R             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            64927.28
BEZOLDZ, MARGARET KATHRYN       SERVICE WORKER I                                             341
BHADKAMKARZ, MEDHA              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            48000
BHALADHAREZ, SACHIN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4191
BHAMIDIPATYZ, KAMESWARA         LECTURER                                                   15100
BHANDARIZ, RAMJI                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          39217.5
BHATZ, ABHIMANYU                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6675
BICKELHAUPTZ, JON K             GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        42640.08
BICKELHAUPTZ, STACI             ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    44963.28
BIDLEZ, ASHLEY LYNNE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4821.42
BIDLEZ, DIANA JEAN              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            47177.94
BIDLEZ, TAMI J                  FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           49992
BIEDERMANNZ, SASCHA             ASSOCIATE IN                                                6000
BIEKERZ, HOLLY E                RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       27342.78
BIELENBERGZ, HARVEY JAMES       ELECTRICIAN                                             48191.08
BIELENBERGZ, JAMES              CUSTODIAN 3                                             34448.71
BIELENBERGZ, PAULA K            PATIENT SERVICES COORDINATOR                               38256
BIELENBERGZ, ROBIN J            PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       42588
BIGGERSTAFFZ, MARY ELLEN        LECTURER                                                    2300
BIGGSZ, TYLER DAVID             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
BILANGZ, ANGIE C                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    33190.7
BILLINZ, GEOFFREY G             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        472
BINDERZ, APRIL KAY              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          6303.01
BINDERZ, DIANE L                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BINDLERZ, ROSS                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       2874
BINDLERZ, RUTH C                PROFESSOR                                              114276.08
BINGEMANZ, VARYL WAYNE          CUSTODIAN 1                                                 9959
BINGLEZ, CHRISTOPHER A          LOCKSMITH                                               30207.32
BINGMANZ, JANEL LYNN            ANESTHESIOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                             54199.98
BINSCHUSZ, TRAVIS LEE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      19722
BIRCHERZ, DAVID                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       434.5
BIRCHFIELDZ, MICHAEL KEITH      PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   5310.48
BIRDSELLZ, BARRY M              WINDOW WASHER                                              33468
BIRKESZ, JACQUELINE LEIGH       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     769.5
BIRKHAUSERZ, GERARD JOSEPH      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4743.68
BISAGNOZ, KENNY J               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        73550.64
BISCHZ, STEVEN JOHN             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           43824
BISCHOFFZ, STEPHEN A            STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             43739.92
BISHOPZ, DANIELLE M             EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        29959.85
BISHOPZ, JOHN                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      75452.4
BISHOPZ, LINDA LOU              PRECEPTOR I                                              4413.69
BISHOP-CRUZZ, CARRIE L          PRECEPTOR II                                                 240
BISHOPPZ, JANET A               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          35658
BISHOPPZ, SCOTT M               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       6384.77
BISTREVSKYZ, TATYANA SERGEEVNA  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BITETTOZ, BARBARA W             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4892.25
BITTENZ, ERNEST J               LECTURER                                                    6600
BITTERZ, BECKY JEAN             STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        56149.24
BITTLEZ, JASON L                GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        67938.92
BIXBYZ, JON                     SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                   14635
BJURZ, DAVID A                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3660
BLACKZ, AMANDA KAY              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   15383.45
BLACKZ, CATHERINE M             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73999.98
BLACKZ, FRANKLIN P              SERVICE WORKER I                                         2206.78
BLACKZ, JESSICA MADELYN         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   8023.04
BLACKZ, MARGARET                PROFESSOR                                              114920.44
BLACKZ, PAMELA JEAN             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     21289.57
BLACKZ, R ALAN                  PROFESSOR                                               77436.63
BLACKZ, STEVEN BRYAN            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        73811.52
BLACKBURNZ, JUSTIN THOMAS       PRECEPTOR II                                             1825.06
BLACKBURNZ, LAUREN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     99.75
BLACKERZ, DENISE RAE            DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                        89279.78
BLACKERZ, DONNA KAY             ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                             46999.92
BLACKFORDZ, JAMES ALAN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       53.1
BLACKMANZ, ROBERT O             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    14572.8
BLACKMANZ, TARA ELIZABETH       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5245
BLAIRZ, GLENNA R                CUSTODIAN 2                                                30480
BLAIRZ, MICHAEL G               LOCKSMITH SUPERVISOR                                    51975.78
BLAIRZ, ROBIN A                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           50568
BLAIRZ, RYAN DANIEL             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     783.75
BLAIRZ, SUSAN R                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       27978.72
BLAIRZ, TERRY LEE               MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                   35928
BLAISDELLZ, ANASTASIA LEE       CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  46599.92
BLAKEZ, DAVID CHARLES           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2267.25
BLAKEZ, DOUGLAS J               PATIENT SERVICES SUPERVISOR                             57240.19
BLAKEZ, GWEN C                  SERVICE WORKER III                                           900
BLAKEZ, SHERYL S                INSTRUCTOR                                              48014.52
BLAKEZ, SUSAN G                 COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           62647.44
BLAKEZ, WENDY M                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           35040
BLAKENEYZ, LEWIS                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3840
BLAKESLEYZ, ELIZABETH A         LIBRARIAN 4                                            123200.16
BLAKLEYZ, BRAD JOHN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4500
BLANCHARDZ, ALANE KAY           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   8133.75
BLANCHARDZ, GREGORY F           FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                          55395.36
BLANCHARDZ, WILLIAM             FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                23306.62
BLANKZ, SALLY E                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      75114.6
BLANKENSHIPZ, BETTY             CUSTODIAN 1                                              30421.8
BLANKENSHIPZ, TERRY             STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                    31433.9
BLASCHKOZ, CHRISTINE BURLINGAME SERVICE WORKER I                                         1023.94
BLATNERZ, BETTY J               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                 27567.12
BLATNERZ, JUSTIN H              SERVICE WORKER I                                            1734
BLATNERZ, KEITH A               PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               122558.16
BLAUERZ, JACOB MICHAEL          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5696
BLAYLOCKZ, LORNE FRANK          SERVICE WORKER I                                         6287.16
BLAZZARDZ, JASON BRUCE          LECTURER                                                 14996.4
BLEDSOEZ, JAMES M               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        34064.98
BLESIEZ, NICOLE SUZANNE         SERVICE WORKER I                                          4420.5
BLESSINGZ, CHARLES K            WEB COORDINATOR                                         43567.44
BLESSINGZ, NICOLE J             TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 2                           24853.26
BLEVINSZ, SARAH MARIE           SERVICE WORKER I                                         1632.11
BLEWETTZ, MARK J                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     2028.8
BLIESNERZ, LEE H                CUSTODIAN 2                                              27604.2
BLIGGENSTORFERZ, JONATHAN THORN PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3206.5
BLODGETTZ, CHRISTOPHER JAY      DIRECTOR PROF ADMIN                                     109200.2
BLODGETTZ, ELIZABETH            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     7020
BLOODZ, CATHY HUI-JU            CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 3                                19461.29
BLOODZ, T ROSS                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             31344.65
BLOODSWORTH-LUGOZ, MARY KATHERINPROFESSOR                                               69210.63
BLOOMZ, KEITH L                 DIRECTOR                                               110495.65
BLOOMZ, MIKE A                  WASTE COLLECTOR                                         37386.41
BLOOMSBURGZ, ARWEN G            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     26505.36
BLOSSOMZ, ELIZABETH LEE         CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            73333.52
BLOSSOMZ, NANCY                 DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 137455.44
BLUMZ, ART                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      14995
BLUMEZ, ARTHUR                  PROFESSOR                                                  41445
BLUMEZ, DOERTE                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      83911.6
BLUMENSHEINZ, LISA LYNN         FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                            44483.42
BLUNTZ, COURTNEY MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     329.18
BLYTHEZ, MATTHEW DANIEL         MEDIA TECHNICIAN SENIOR                                 26290.74
BOAGZ, PETER GUY                PROFESSOR                                              150000.12
BOALZ, ROBIN JOAN               SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    52479.24
BOARDMANZ, JOHN ROBERT          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       530
BOAROZ, AMY ALBINA              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7620
BOCKZ, ALLIE KATELYN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       8816
BODZ, CURTIS HOWARD             CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE PRO                        52673.09
BODAZ, CHRISTINA                PRECEPTOR II                                                2151
BODAHZ, BRIAN WILLIAM           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3788.44
BODAHZ, ELIANE THAINES          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     4940
BODELLZ, DANIEL                 FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              69932.16
BODENZ, RUTH ADAIR              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      42803.1
BODENSTEINZ, ANDREW VINCENT     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    668.55
BODETTZ, ERICK C                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4500
BODKINSZ, SHERRY ANN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      1536
BODLEYZ, ANTONIE MARIE          INSTRUCTOR                                               8260.75
BODLEYZ, JOHN H                 REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                      85492.62
BOERNERZ, ALICE                 LECTURER                                                    3003
BOERSEMAZ, CRAIG E              PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIAL                        58239.84
BOFENKAMPZ, JEFF GRAYLE         SERVICE WORKER II                                         5563.7
BOGLEZ, ALTAIRA K               EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                         10357.6
BOGRANDZ, ANDREW A              PRECEPTOR I                                                 2500
BOHNETZ, STEWART G              RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                  46310.9
BOLDENZ, JACKIE K               GRANT AND CONTRACT COORDINATOR L                           54504
BOLDINGZ, DARREN                TECHNOLOGY LICENSING ASSOCIATE                          34111.91
BOLENEUSZ, CONNIE LYNN          INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                            61441.15
BOLESZ, MARY ELEANOR            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BOLESZ, MELISSA RENAE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       1740
BOLINGERZ, EFFIE L              LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                   684.79
BOLKANZ, CORY R                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      59387.9
BOLLENSZ, STEPHEN               DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 154363.32
BOLLERZ, MARY DENISE            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                             42566.7
BOLLMANZ, BRADLEY S             FLOORLAYER LEAD                                            47016
BOLSTADZ, JILL MEI              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       375
BOLTONZ, CALLIE S               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4574.72
BOLTONZ, RONALD P               AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        47556.47
BONASZ, RACHEL                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4384.13
BONDZ, ROBIN S                  INSTRUCTOR                                              34564.14
BONDZ, TREVOR J                 LIBRARIAN 4                                             77119.68
BONDADAZ, BHASKAR               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67712.64
BONEZ, KEN                      HEAD BASKETBALL COACH                                   746415.7
BONFIELDZ, WHITTNEY D           PRECEPTOR I                                               1468.8
BONNEFINZ, MAUREEN CARMELA      FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        40778.76
BONNERZ, ANDREA MICHELLE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      399.1
BONNERZ, ANGELA                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      17922.64
BONNERZ, JAMES Q                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   31171.89
BONNERZ, JEANETTE M             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      19845.82
BONNERZ, JOANN I                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      25101.12
BONNERZ, LUCAS W                CUSTODIAN 3                                              31062.2
BONNERZ, WILLIAM J              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        57025.68
BONNETTZ, JEFF F                LECTURER II                                                 1650
BONSALLZ, ROBERT F              SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY MANAGER                           66348.96
BONTEMSZ, C WILLIAM             FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                             37800
BONZOZ, JOSHUA                  CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            46396.08
BOOKERZ, CHRIS K                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     43644.24
BOOKHOUTZ, TRACY A              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4127.5
BOONEZ, DEDE                    PRECEPTOR I                                                 7254
BOONEZ, JOETTE JUSTINE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4207.5
BOONEZ, JUDITH L                OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      22044.16
BOONEZ, KAREE ANNE              ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      35500.08
BOONEZ, KRISTI DAWN             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      32780.6
BOONEZ, SANDRA G                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       36000
BOONPONGMANEEZ, CHAYANIN        INSTRUCTOR                                               7365.96
BOOSEZ, RANDALL                 DIRECTOR                                                86650.32
BOOSEZ, REBECCA ANN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   10091.29
BOOTHBYZ, JAMES M               BROADCAST TECHNICIAN 3                                  53594.26
BOOTHMANZ, HILARY RENEE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        8.55
BOOTHROYDZ, D IAN               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2970
BORCKZ, CASSANDRA LYNN          LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     5000
BORDELONZ, KATHRYN RENEE        PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
BORDENZ, MAUI KAMUELA           PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
BOREENZ, KRISTIN K              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  64484.16
BOREENZ, MARK ALAN              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        53759.04
BORGESZ, OLGA LIDIA             INSTRUCTOR                                              19991.09
BORISOVZ, DAN VLADIMIR          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      166.73
BORJAZ, MACKENZI MARIE          SERVICE WORKER II                                          36.99
BORNZ, ANDREW KENNETH           SERVICE WORKER II                                           3627
BORRELLIZ, STEPHEN              LIBRARIAN 2                                             42904.08
BORUFFZ, ERIKA D                PRECEPTOR II                                                7020
BORUFFZ, GABRIEL STUART         PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     35810
BOSEZ, ANJAN                    REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                      329907.6
BOSEZ, SUKANTA                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR CHAIR                               93512.78
BOSEZ, SUSMITA                  PROFESSOR                                              111057.36
BOSOLDZ, ANNA                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                          30
BOSSEZ, DOUGLAS D               GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        26300.92
BOSSEZ, RICHARD ALLEN           CUSTODIAN 1                                             25271.28
BOSTONZ, TAMMEY LYNN            DIRECTOR                                                   87843
BOSTONZ, TERRY A                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                     115914.24
BOSTONZ, TODD E                 SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     4782
BOSWELLZ, TIFFANY MICHELLE      ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                              33722.82
BOTZENHARDTZ, KINDRA LEANN      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1710
BOUCHERZ, ANDREA LYNNE          SERVICE WORKER I                                         1256.86
BOUNDSZ, TARA MARIE             SERVICE WORKER I                                         3482.45
BOURLANDZ, BRITTON MICHAEL      SERVICE WORKER I                                           23.51
BOURLANDZ, DEAN TODD            STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             52446.62
BOURRETZ, TYLER BALDWIN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1760
BOUSQUETZ, ADRIENNE C           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       324.5
BOWCUTTZ, DIANA R               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
BOWEZ, MARGARET ALICE           COORDINATOR                                             55597.68
BOWENZ, ANGELA K                RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      11290.92
BOWENZ, JAMES NEAL              PRECEPTOR II                                                  25
BOWERZ, JEAN M                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       610
BOWERMANZ, JORDAN A             SERVICE WORKER I                                         6453.25
BOWERSZ, AMBER SIMONE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       870
BOWERSZ, NANCY J                LECTURER II                                                 3300
BOWKERZ, DENNIS K               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             70272.72
BOWKERZ, JORDAN                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         4556.75
BOWMANZ, JEFFREY M              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     16882.23
BOWMANZ, JENNIFER LEE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        150
BOWMANZ, JONATHAN L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1000
BOWMANZ, NED L                  PRECEPTOR I                                                 2974
BOWMANZ, TAMILA M               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
BOXLEITNERZ, TERRY L            PRECEPTOR I                                                  600
BOYANZ, BONNY LYNN              COORDINATOR                                             47243.76
BOYANZ, CHRISTOPHER             ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                         67200
BOYCEZ, KRISTIAN                STUDENT SERVICES SUPERVISOR                             42372.41
BOYCEZ, SANDRA M                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     400.16
BOYCEZ, SCOTT G                 SERVICE WORKER I                                              50
BOYDZ, ALAN E                   PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          48897.54
BOYDZ, BRENDA J                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67679.28
BOYDZ, BRETT MICHAEL            CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   60873.16
BOYDZ, CHRISTINE N              ASSOCIATE IN                                            10133.61
BOYDZ, DANIEL ARTHUR            SERVICE WORKER III                                         15675
BOYDZ, JACQUE KAY               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         14360.73
BOYDZ, KAREN DENISE             FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44181
BOYDOZ, VALERIE J               MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                         49726.8
BOYDSTONZ, ANDREW S             SERVICE WORKER I                                         3674.25
BOYDSTONZ, NICHOLAS AKIO        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4682.5
BOYERZ, DORRIS MARIE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    747.06
BOYERZ, JAMES W                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                              79965.6
BOYERZ, PATRICIA K              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     7201.2
BOYESZ, PAT                     STATE PROGRAM LEADER E-3                                92681.68
BOYLEZ, AMY L                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      9030
BOYLEZ, CALLIE                  RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                             12600
BOYLEZ, JEFFREY S               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 45828.36
BOYLEZ, NATALIE KIRA            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
BOYLEZ, VIRGINIA SUE            MANAGER                                                 27783.33
BOZMANZ, LANE ERIC              SERVICE WORKER I                                            4350
BRABBZ, JOHN RICHARD            FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  60972.96
BRABBZ, SANDRA D                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                             73717.85
BRACKETTZ, ANGELA CHRISTINE     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1200
BRACKETTZ, JUSTIN MICHAEL       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       31758.82
BRADBERRYZ, BRUCE M             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     11962
BRADETICHZ, PAM LYNN            ASSOCIATE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                             108626.1
BRADLEYZ, E MICHAEL             DATA ARCHITECT/DATABASE ADMINIST                        61316.11
BRADLEYZ, LINDA A               PROFESSOR                                               96253.37
BRADSTREETZ, ANNETTE B          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    15310.7
BRADWAYZ, DANIEL STRODE         ASSOCIATE                                               66747.44
BRADWELLZ, JAMES EDWARD         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2370
BRADYZ, BRIDGETTE G             DIRECTOR                                                77000.16
BRADYZ, EILEEN E                LIBRARIAN 4                                             72772.56
BRADYZ, MICHAEL P               ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                             83333.4
BRAGGZ, DAVID E                 EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           70800.96
BRAGGZ, JANE MARY               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           48168
BRALEYZ, JENIFER C              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     925.89
BRAMEZ, SARAH                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5270.13
BRAMWELLZ, STEPHEN GEORGE       LECTURER II                                                 5001
BRANDENBURGZ, SEAN D            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1540
BRANDTZ, BRIAN S                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                            57512.4
BRANDTZ, DOUGLAS EDWARD         SERVICE WORKER II                                             45
BRANDTZ, KATHRYN E              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1009.76
BRANDTZ, PATRICIA KAY           FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  47845.68
BRANNOCKZ, WAYNE                COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          58527.36
BRANSONZ, DORENE MARIE          PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     48154.93
BRANSONZ, JASON R               SERVICE WORKER I                                         2254.38
BRANSONZ, SCOTT JERRY           PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                     29463.6
BRANSTETTERZ, JOHN GAVIN        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3392
BRANTINGZ, STEVEN               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1001
BRANTNERZ, BEVERLY J            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38556.24
BRANTNERZ, DALE C               MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                   64740
BRANTNERZ, KELLY J              ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      58939.68
BRANTNERZ, WADE C               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
BRARZ, PARMJEET KAUR            CASHIER 1                                               32854.64
BRARZ, RUPINDERPREET KAUR       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       80.25
BRARZ, SWARN SINGH              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
BRARZ, TAFONA MESINA            ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    11361.36
BRASSFIELDZ, ALBERTA            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            41140
BRAULTZ, KATHRYN SUE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       350
BRAUNZ, MARY FRYKMAN            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     52151.57
BRAUNZ, RYAN TIMOTHY            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         70
BRAUNZ, TAELOR DANIELLE         SERVICE WORKER II                                         109.13
BRAUNZ, TIFFANIE R              STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        31637.92
BRAUSENZ, THOMAS JOHN           MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                   34254
BRAWDYZ, DAVID C                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  44671.42
BRAYZ, AMANDA                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    527.25
BRAYZ, BELINDA J                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   5098.08
BRAYZ, BRENDA S                 CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            90766.92
BRAYTONZ, KELLY A               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    122473.02
BRAZIERZ, BART PAUL             COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                             72000
BRECHERZ, WILLIAM               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58789.59
BRECKENRIDGEZ, JOANNE KATHRYN   RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         38556
BREESEZ, KAREN Y                ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNING SPECIALI                        58338.72
BREEZEZ, KELLIE LEE             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      31176.24
BREITENBERGZ, MICHAEL LEE       SERVICE WORKER I                                          560.88
BRENCHLEYZ, DAVID L             LECTURER                                                   17550
BRENNANZ, AMANDA MARIE          SERVICE WORKER I                                          1716.5
BRENNANZ, KALENE M              PRECEPTOR I                                              3417.26
BRENNANZ, KELLY JAMES           ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                       24000
BRENNERZ, LYNNE ANNE            ASSOCIATE IN                                                3250
BRENTZ, LAURIE R                CUSTODIAN 1                                                27384
BRENTZ, STEPHEN L               SERVICE WORKER I                                         3255.75
BRESHEARSZ, JULIE DAWN          FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     45346.27
BREUMZ, TYLER JOHN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      165
BREW-APPIAHZ, RHODA ARABA       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  6908.72
BREWERZ, KATHERINE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       315
BREWERZ, LAURENCE               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      84853.4
BREWERZ, MATTHEW PAUL           LECTURER II                                                233.2
BREWERZ, MIRANDA RAE            FACILITIES DRAFTING TECHNICIAN 2                        36567.97
BREWERZ, TERESA R               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     50857.74
BREWSTERZ, DAVID PATRICK        PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       450
BREWSTERZ, JANAE D              RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          15654.54
BRIANDZ, GENEVIEVE              INSTRUCTOR                                              26750.07
BRICENO-ROSALESZ, ZINTHIA C     LIBRARIAN 2                                                36150
BRICKERZ, MARY L                FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              61166.68
BRICKEYZ, JAMES R               SERVICE WORKER I                                           91.68
BRICKEYZ, RANDOLPH A            CUSTODIAN 4                                             35588.53
BRICKLEMYERZ, ROSS S            ASSOCIATE IN                                            31728.39
BRIDGEZ, JACOB LEV              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1440.68
BRIDGESZ, JUDITH LYNN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     31.25
BRIDWELLZ, KATHY L              GRANT AND CONTRACT SPECIALIST                              45828
BRIGANTICZ, ROBERT T            LECTURER                                                    4000
BRIGGSZ, ANGELA J               SECRETARY                                                  32688
BRIGGSZ, BEVAN W                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       455
BRIGGSZ, CHERYLE LOUISE         LECTURER II                                               3687.5
BRIGGSZ, LOREN P                SERVICE WORKER I                                           387.5
BRIGGS-EARLYZ, KATHALEEN RANEE  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    2373.5
BRIGHAMZ, THOMAS A              PROFESSOR                                               49797.72
BRIMHALLZ, KAREN M              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      49726.8
BRINGHURSTZ, AUTUMN LEE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      3452.1
BRINGHURSTZ, PRESTON JAMES      FISCAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     11311.26
BRINKZ, BETHANY ROSE            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                        23400
BRINKZ, JOHN WAYNE              SERVICE WORKER I                                            8406
BRINKZ, REBECCA LYNN            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     44595.84
BRINKERZ, DEBRA JEAN            INSTRUCTOR                                              69319.86
BRINKERZ, THOMAS D              LECTURER II                                                130.5
BRISBOISZ, LEAHA                PRECEPTOR II                                                 833
BRISCOEZ, BRIAN D               CARPENTER                                               43531.66
BRISSEYZ, LOUISE M              AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        13367.49
BRISTOWZ, LIBBIE C              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     292.5
BRITTZ, KELLY L                 SERVICE WORKER I                                            2954
BROADYZ, JOHNATHAN WAYNE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4271.8
BROBERGZ, AARON MICHAEL         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     12259
BROCATOZ, CHARLES JAMES         SERVICE WORKER II                                        6277.85
BROCKZ, STEPHANIE               FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  24319.41
BRODEURZ, MICHAEL DAVID         STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        20739.58
BRODYZ, DAVID C                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     94405.97
BROECKELZ, AMBER JEAN           SERVICE WORKER I                                            3276
BROKKENZ, ILIFF EDWARD          SERVICE WORKER I                                          779.18
BROMMERZ, PATRICK               GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        45706.56
BROODZ, DEBORAH LYNN            ASSISTANT TO                                            60356.64
BROOKSZ, ANNA M                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         2907.51
BROOKSZ, ANNE-LISE D            BUDGET ANALYST 2                                           25308
BROOKSZ, ANTONE LEAVITT         PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     22500
BROOKSZ, BRETT ALLEN            AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC                                        43572
BROOKSZ, DEBORAH JANE           ASSOCIATE IN                                            41322.75
BROOKSZ, GINA M                 CUSTODIAN 2                                                31176
BROOKSZ, KELSEY ELISE           RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         15000
BROOKSZ, KERRY                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR/DIRECTOR                            84972.93
BROOKSZ, LISA JO                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       47326.8
BROOKSZ, SHEILA J               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     46958.99
BROPHYZ, ELIJAH J               WEB COORDINATOR                                            45000
BROSCHATZ, SHIRA LYNN           PROFESSOR                                              160765.77
BROSEMERZ, RONALD W             PROFESSOR                                               87136.08
BROSSMANZ, JAN N                FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                               48890.4
BROTHERSZ, KAY LYNN             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            53067.72
BROUGHTONZ, SHIRLEY M           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   49209.12
BROUGHTON-NEISWANGERZ, LIAM     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5474
BROUSSARDZ, STEVEN NELSON       FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                       11347.5
BROWERSZ, REBECCA T             LECTURER                                                    7000
BROWNZ, AARON MATTHEW           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1500
BROWNZ, ANDREW WARREN           SERVICE WORKER III                                       7048.25
BROWNZ, ANGELA PHILIP           INSTRUCTOR                                              56241.45
BROWNZ, ASHLEY ARIANA           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3528.01
BROWNZ, ASHLEY J                SERVICE WORKER I                                           480.6
BROWNZ, BRANDON COREY           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        5391.75
BROWNZ, BRANDY LYNN             PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
BROWNZ, CARL J                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     978.59
BROWNZ, CHRISTINE ANNE          INSTRUCTOR                                              36643.14
BROWNZ, DALE F                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
BROWNZ, DANIEL O                INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         70106.88
BROWNZ, DARION A                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1612.49
BROWNZ, DAVID JOSEPH            ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     83137.58
BROWNZ, DEREK ARTHUR            GRANT AND CONTRACT SPECIALIST                              42244
BROWNZ, DONNA S                 MANAGEMENT ANALYST 2                                    49364.49
BROWNZ, ELVIE ESCORRO           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     4650
BROWNZ, GAIL                    CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3712.51
BROWNZ, GARY ROBERT             DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                     97870.48
BROWNZ, JEFFREY RYAN            SERVICE WORKER II                                       10685.51
BROWNZ, JEREMY C                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     9727.5
BROWNZ, JESSICA MICHELLE        SERVICE WORKER I                                            3060
BROWNZ, JOHANNA RAE             RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          29359.54
BROWNZ, JOHN J                  SCIENTIST                                               111022.8
BROWNZ, KATHERINE HYESONG       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       775
BROWNZ, KRISTINE                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        19635.63
BROWNZ, LAURIE LYNN             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      16507.01
BROWNZ, LINDA KENDRICK          AUDITOR                                                 30232.06
BROWNZ, MACEY A                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1519.79
BROWNZ, MATTHEW LEE             PRECEPTOR I                                                   30
BROWNZ, MELANIE                 STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 3 COUNSE                        78832.56
BROWNZ, MICHAEL D               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        324
BROWNZ, MICHAEL W               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   19218.16
BROWNZ, MICHELLE RIANNE         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1777.72
BROWNZ, MORGAN                  PRECEPTOR I                                                 1300
BROWNZ, R LANE                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     94862.88
BROWNZ, RICHARD A               ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     33193.04
BROWNZ, RITA M                  DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    48041.13
BROWNZ, RYAN DAVID              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        37685.59
BROWNZ, SANDRA J                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                           67833.84
BROWNZ, SHAFER GLENN            ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3300
BROWNZ, SHANE                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     104778.4
BROWNZ, STELLA                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   11699.85
BROWNZ, STEVE                   INSTRUCTOR                                              47539.98
BROWNZ, TWILA MAY               ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  60330.47
BROWNZ, WENDY C                 REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     181068.24
BROWN-HAASZ, LISA MICHELLE      COORDINATOR                                             39733.41
BROWNELLZ, MARK J               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    49671.84
BROWNINGZ, JENNY RAYE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
BROWNINGZ, MARIE G              ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  40243.54
BROWSEZ, JOHN A                 REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     207706.62
BROZIKZ, JAMES A                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    101794.92
BRUBAKERZ, MARK ANTHONY         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4299.93
BRUCEZ, CHRISTOPHER D           DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                       120000
BRUCEZ, KRISTY A                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1499.39
BRUCEZ, LISA L                  ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                     60000
BRUCEZ, LORI JO                 PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     53443.68
BRUDIEZ, DEBBIE E               FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  61722.24
BRUMBAUGHZ, AARON J             MEDIA TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR                                43572
BRUNZ, CHARLES A                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                              48606
BRUNZ, KATHRIN S                GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        47975.93
BRUNELLIZ, JOSEPH PETER         ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                             46226.4
BRUNERZ, EMILY ANN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1200
BRUNERZ, SUSAN K-S              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2500
BRUNKENZ, ERIK W                SERVICE WORKER I                                         3371.04
BRUNNERZ, JAY F                 DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                        122754
BRUNNERZ, JESSE L               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                           533.36
BRUNOZ, KENNETH SEWARD          LECTURER                                                    1320
BRUNO-BITTLEZ, KAREN            PRECEPTOR I                                               1303.2
BRUNSZ, PETER JOHN              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                          60
BRUNSZ, RUTH MARIE              FISCAL TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR                               40524
BRUNSZ, SERENA M                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        624
BRUNTONZ, TERRI BECKNER         CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
BRURUDZ, ERIC STEPHAN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4750
BRUSHZ, JAIME RENEE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1207.69
BRUTCHERZ, LISA JENNIFER        SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    43000.08
BRUYAZ, LAWRENCE D              PROFESSOR                                               79140.12
BRUYAZ, MARGARET A              PROFESSOR                                                53803.8
BRYANZ, JEFFREY                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    109449.15
BRYANZ, JOANNE B                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
BRYANZ, MARGARET E              LECTURER                                                27635.45
BRYANZ, SAMUEL A                LECTURER II                                                 3300
BRYANTZ, HEATHER LYNN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      2551.5
BRYNESTADZ, ERIK                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1000.79
BUCHANANZ, BERNADETTE K         STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             46380.47
BUCHANANZ, EDNA M               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      18672.8
BUCHANANZ, JESSICA LILLIAN      SERVICE WORKER III                                       2046.12
BUCHANANZ, NANCY H              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  15151.5
BUCHANANZ, TINA M-B             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  11463.75
BUCHEZ, HOLLY JEANNE            RESEARCH SURVEY SUPERVISOR                              18039.72
BUCHHOLZZ, BELINDA MARIE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3120.56
BUCHMANZ, JEREMY LYNN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       8710
BUCKZ, LAURA A                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   5112.27
BUCKINGHAMZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH     SERVICE WORKER I                                         3323.25
BUCKLESZ, TERRY D               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             69399.84
BUCKLEYZ, LYNN A                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     50110.55
BUCKLEYZ, MARGOT G              CUSTODIAN 1                                             30192.23
BUCKLEYZ, PAUL T                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      8000
BUCKLINZ, ROSE ARLENE           SERVICE WORKER I                                          743.16
BUCYZ, BRENDAN C                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       120
BUDAHLZ, KAITLIN MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     222.5
BUDDZ, WILLIAM W                PROFESSOR                                              101049.69
BUDINGERZ, CATHERINE ELAINE     FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     10813.03
BUELOWZ, DAELYNN R              RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      28333.39
BUGREINZ, LEENA S               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2533.35
BUHLZ, FLORIAN HANSJOERG        ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             6000
BULEZ, MAHESH V                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                           4375.5
BULGINZ, JEANNE MARIE           ADJUNCT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (P)                             5005
BULLZ, DUANE D                  MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                   35780
BULLATZ, AMANDA KAY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   222.86
BULLERSZ, ELIZABETH             SECRETARY SENIOR                                           29200
BULLERSZ, SCOTT A               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             72390.79
BULLOCKZ, ANDREA E              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6675
BUMPUSZ, MATTHEW                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     85189.76
BUNAKOVZ, VASILIY               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3142.14
BUNAKOVAZ, YULIYA A             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5239.58
BUNCEZ, CELIA B                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              29980.6
BUNCHZ, AARON                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      50208.3
BUNCHZ, JEFFREY                 LECTURER                                                    4200
BUNDERSONZ, W TRENT             PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       147801.3
BUNDRENZ, TRAVIS B              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   13921.75
BUNDYZ, PATRICK J               TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 2                           12912.39
BUNKER-HERMANCEZ, R             INSTRUCTOR                                              29708.05
BUNNZ, WALLACE RAIKES           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    393.75
BUNNELLZ, SANDRA                LECTURER II                                                  250
BUNTINGZ, BEN S                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1824
BURATTOZ, LORI ANNE             INSTRUCTOR                                                 13228
BURBANKZ, DON G                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   32606.58
BURBICKZ, JOAN S                PROFESSOR                                              105444.09
BURCHZ, BRANDON M               APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        50000.16
BURCHZ, KATRINA BRYN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2921.49
BURDAZ, BETH ANN                PRECEPTOR II                                                4605
BURDGEZ, KATHERINE              SERVICE WORKER I                                          3460.6
BURDULIZ, EKATERINA             ASSISTANT COACH                                         29750.16
BURGEISZ, ELIZABETH A           RESEARCH STUDY ASSISTANT                                  5098.5
BURGESSZ, JANETTE M             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                         41682.7
BURGOSZ, FRANCISCO EDWARDO      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     532.5
BURKZ, REBECCA BONNIE           SERVICE WORKER II                                         1674.4
BURKEZ, ADRIENNE                ASSOCIATE IN                                            22351.91
BURKEZ, DAMON VANN              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
BURKEZ, G SCOTT                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
BURKEZ, HEATHER L               FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           38427
BURKEZ, IAN                     ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     72684.24
BURKEZ, JEANNINE LYNN           FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     42489.75
BURKEZ, LUCAS N-N               SERVICE WORKER I                                         4475.25
BURKEZ, NEAL S                  RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                       42750.2
BURKEZ, REBECCA JEAN            PRECEPTOR I                                                  786
BURKEZ, SALLIE M                INSTRUCTOR                                               7000.02
BURKEZ, STEVEN J                BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        40515.26
BURKEZ, TRACI MARIE             MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST LEAD                              40689
BURKETTZ, BONNIE P              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    46247.28
BURLESONZ, AMBER LYNN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3276
BURLESONZ, MONICA L             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        59640.93
BURLINGZ, HELEN S               ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  23633.01
BURNETTZ, COLIN ZANE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1345
BURNETTZ, DENISE MICHELLE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6680
BURNETTZ, J JEFFREY             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     51890.04
BURNETTZ, MICHAEL O             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DATA PROC                        42340.67
BURNETTZ, TYREL JOHN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     381.38
BURNEYZ, ARMETTA                DIRECTOR                                                   54996
BURNHAMZ, BEAUX A               SERVICE WORKER I                                            4293
BURNHAMZ, JACOB ROWLAND         SERVICE WORKER I                                          244.53
BURNHAMZ, KATHERINE             COORDINATOR                                             45943.19
BURNHAMZ, NICOLAS E             SERVICE WORKER I                                         3816.08
BURNHAMZ, PAIGE MELISSA         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1846.21
BURNHAMZ, RICHARD E             FACILITIES QUALITY ASSURANCE OFF                        75165.22
BURNHAMZ, VICKIE JO             ASSISTANT TO                                            54602.64
BURNSZ, ANGELA M                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4597.95
BURNSZ, G LEONARD               PROFESSOR                                              109163.28
BURNSZ, JARED MICHAEL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4020.75
BURNSZ, RICKY J                 UTILITY WORKER 1                                         32606.3
BURNSZ, SAMANTHA LAUREN         INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            37206
BURRITTZ, JEANNE L              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                     62496
BURRITTZ, THOMAS C              MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                66135.46
BURROUGHSZ, CHARLENE DIAN       DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                    52038
BURROUGHS-HUMPHREYSZ, DIAN      PRECEPTOR I                                             11470.25
BURTZ, ANDREW ROSS              SERVICE WORKER I                                           10318
BURTZ, EMILY                    COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-1                           33521.92
BURTZ, GAVIN JOSEPH             SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  3679.44
BURTZ, KIMBERLY M               REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      59030.18
BURTZ, MARY MELISSA             PRECEPTOR I                                               923.74
BURTZ, MICHAEL S                MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                62417.14
BURTZ, SHELLEY ANN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39775.04
BURTCHETTZ, NICOLE K            LECTURER II                                             13905.04
BURTENSHAWZ, BEVERLY J          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4136.26
BURTONZ, CATHERINE GRACE        OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       5153.29
BURTONZ, STEPHANIE GRACE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     600.65
BURWICKZ, KIMBERLY              INSTRUCTOR                                              33665.07
BUSBOOMZ, JAN ROGER             EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                                76086.96
BUSCHZ, JEREMIAH W              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     80000.16
BUSCHZ, JUDY K                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         579
BUSCHZ, THOMAS JOHN             GRANT AND CONTRACT SPECIALIST                           40015.45
BUSCHERZ, JAMES D               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                              67486.8
BUSHZ, ERIN CIARA               STUDENT SERVICES SUPERVISOR                             38120.24
BUSHZ, MICHAEL R                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           60268.56
BUSHZ, RICHELLE MARIE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
BUSHEYZ, LOWELL RICHARD         PRECEPTOR I                                                 2904
BUSHMAKERZ, RHONDA JEAN         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          27255
BUSHMANZ, EMMA ASHLEY           SERVICE WORKER I                                          196.57
BUSSELLEZ, FREDERICK WALTER     ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      73637.8
BUSTEEDZ, KIMBERLY ELLEN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     203.93
BUTCHERITEZ, ANDREA             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         15168
BUTEAUZ, JOANNE                 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      77285.96
BUTKUSZ, SUE N                  EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                               116893.77
BUTLERZ, JEANINE                LECTURER                                                   12000
BUTLERZ, KYLE HOON-NAM          PRECEPTOR I                                                 1068
BUTLERZ, MICHAELA CATHERINE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6216
BUTLERZ, NICOLE DAWN            COORDINATOR                                                45864
BUTLERZ, TODD WAYNE             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     75594.28
BUTTARZ, BIRPAL SINGH           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        180
BUTTERFIELDZ, GAVIN R           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2565.72
BUTTERFIELDZ, KENNETH D         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     129285.3
BUTTERFIELDZ, PATRICIA          DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                     208512.96
BUTTERFIELDZ, PHILLIP W         ASSOCIATE RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            93850.38
BUTTONZ, NICHOLAS               SERVICE WORKER III                                           120
BUTTSZ, SUSAN L                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33241.39
BUTZINEZ, SARAH                 COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           50652.55
BUYSERIEZ, BETH RENEE           INSTRUCTOR                                              39420.96
BYERZ, BRITTANY RAYE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    614.25
BYERSZ, ARLANA MARIE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7041
BYERSZ, THOMAS E                PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       94878.38
BYERS-BROWNZ, LAURIE            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                                 48168
BYINGTONZ, TORI C               MANAGER                                                 77376.99
BYRNEZ, LEONARD                 INSTRUCTOR                                               2000.07
BYRNESZ, EDWARD C               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     697.5
CABALLEROZ, OSCAR F             SERVICE WORKER I                                            1368
CABANATUANZ, JOEL STEVEN        PRECEPTOR I                                                  240
CABLEZ, PHILLIP                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIA                           36327
CACERESZ, SANTIAGO              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4050
CAHALLZ, JOSEPH EDWARD          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5928
CAIZ, SHU                       RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                    36756
CAIZ, XIAOKUN                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         37583.48
CAIRESZ, KYLE CODY              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4534.4
CALZ, BRANDON WILLIAM           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3140.57
CALAMIA-MCKEEZ, SHARYL KIM      FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                            48168.12
CALDWELLZ, LORENA               SERVICE WORKER I                                             620
CALEYZ, JOAN M                  LECTURER                                                    7500
CALKINSZ, CRAIG                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4321.2
CALLZ, DOUGLAS R                PROFESSOR                                              123906.13
CALLAHANZ, GREGORY TODD         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1702.5
CALLANANZ, CHRISTA L            STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        25905.45
CALLISONZ, JAMIE                FOOD SERVICE MANAGER                                    63900.48
CALLISTERZ, STEPHEN JAN         LECTURER                                                    3300
CAMACHOZ, FREDDY R              TRUCK DRIVER 1                                             35928
CAMARENAZ, CHRISTIAN E          PRECEPTOR I                                               3844.5
CAMBALIZAZ, MARIA O             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    7900.32
CAMDENZ, AMANDA JO              MANAGER                                                    45000
CAMERONZ, JENNIFER M            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            12456
CAMERONZ, RICHARD JOHN          LECTURER II                                               9002.4
CAMPZ, DEBBIE JANE              SERVICE WORKER I                                             510
CAMPANELLAZ, CHRISTOPHER A      SERVICE WORKER II                                          98.33
CAMPBELLZ, ANDREA KATE          CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            22192.98
CAMPBELLZ, ANNE                 VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               10000
CAMPBELLZ, BONNIE G             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            95607.52
CAMPBELLZ, BRENDA S             ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS SPECIA                           43470
CAMPBELLZ, BRENT PARSON         PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
CAMPBELLZ, CONNAN DAVID         DIRECTOR                                                64000.08
CAMPBELLZ, DONIVAN TOME         SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                 6400.66
CAMPBELLZ, DONNA MARIE          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67556.88
CAMPBELLZ, JAMES A              LECTURER                                                    5500
CAMPBELLZ, JANET MARIE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   5025.24
CAMPBELLZ, JOSEPH KEIM          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69552.63
CAMPBELLZ, KENDALL D            LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     4200
CAMPBELLZ, KENNETH B            PROFESSOR                                               40338.74
CAMPBELLZ, LINDA K              SECRETARY SENIOR                                           32460
CAMPBELLZ, MIKE BRUCE           WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 3                                    37647.03
CAMPBELLZ, NICOLE M             LIBRARIAN 3                                             51673.44
CAMPBELLZ, R KEITH              PROFESSOR                                              162786.96
CAMPBELLZ, SARAH R              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        255
CAMPBELLZ, SUSAN C              INSTRUCTOR                                               49999.5
CAMPBELLZ, TAMMY L              ADJUNCT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (P)                             1500
CAMPBELLZ, WILLIAM HOWARD       DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                     154284.62
CAMPOSZ, CARLOS ARTURO          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5760
CANCEZ, KYLE S                  PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    15436.49
CANDIDOZ, MARCO PAULO           STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING SPECIA                        38200.16
CANDLERZ, DENISE H              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     780.84
CANHAZ, MAEGAN D                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1979.57
CANNADAYZ, MICHELLE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      3945
CANNONZ, MICHAEL VERNON         STATIONARY ENGINEER 1                                    52112.3
CANNONZ, RYLEE J                PRECEPTOR I                                              2090.42
CANONICAZ, JEAN                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     36756.05
CANTRALZ, NEIL BROOKS           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3512.27
CANTUZ, ANGEL M                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        975
CANTYZ, JUNE M                  PROFESSOR                                              106954.38
CAOZ, BIN                       POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         37598.68
CAOZ, TING                      SERVICE WORKER I                                         1584.29
CAOZ, WEIGUO                    CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            50961.29
CAOZ, YANG                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1003.68
CAOUETTEZ, ANDREA               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        406
CAPANZ, CIGDEM                  INSTRUCTOR                                              23250.06
CAPIZZIZ, NICOLE JAIN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                        60
CAPORALEZ, CLEMENCIA            MANAGER                                                 41000.16
CAPPERZ, JUDITH                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     73000.08
CAPPSZ, JAMI LYNN               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     26582.79
CAPUTOZ, GIOVANNI M             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             6000
CARDZ, ELIZABETH ANN            LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                  4067.25
CARDELLZ, REBECCA               CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            38146.95
CARDENZ, CLAIRE                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2446.4
CARDENZ, EVAN J                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1000
CARDINALZ, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       54.9
CARDONZ, CRAIG G                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4889.5
CARDONZ, RICHARD R              INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         54125.28
CARDONZ, TERESA                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     33500.07
CARDWELLZ, AMANDA LOUISE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3177.53
CARDWELLZ, FRANK W              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       980
CAREYZ, LYNN OHA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3081.6
CARLETONZ, ALEXANDRA            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    7089.64
CARLOYEZ, LISA                  CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             49844.4
CARLSONZ, AARON JAMES           SERVICE WORKER I                                          653.33
CARLSONZ, ALEXANDER JOHN        SERVICE WORKER II                                          21.83
CARLSONZ, BARBARA JOAN          ASSISTANT TO                                               57000
CARLSONZ, BRENDA J              GRANT AND CONTRACT COORDINATOR L                           54504
CARLSONZ, BRYAN ROBERT          INSTRUCTOR                                                 21402
CARLSONZ, CARTER JON            SERVICE WORKER I                                           784.2
CARLSONZ, CHRISTINE ELIZABETH   SERVICE WORKER I                                          103.45
CARLSONZ, DEBORAH S             DIRECTOR                                               112999.92
CARLSONZ, JON E                 PERFORMING ARTS FACILITIES COORD                        65278.76
CARLSONZ, JUSTIN R              SERVICE WORKER I                                          215.65
CARLSONZ, KRISTIN               INSTRUCTOR                                               3500.01
CARLSONZ, LINDA FERN            FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                  37937.99
CARLSONZ, MARKUS ANDREW         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      947.5
CARLSON-COMBSZ, C               FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                          40626.48
CARLSTROMZ, BRENDA JEAN         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      4155
CARLTONZ, JOSEPH ANDREW         PRECEPTOR II                                              4381.5
CARMICHAELZ, MARY KATHERINE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        416
CARMODYZ, MARGARET ROSE         INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         46144.92
CARNERZ, EMILY LYNNE            SERVICE WORKER I                                           148.5
CAROLLOZ, SANDY                 INSTRUCTOR                                               46781.2
CAROTHERSZ, BONNIE E            HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                        22186.68
CARPENTERZ, GALE A              CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
CARPENTERZ, JAMES L             SERVICE WORKER I                                         1870.27
CARPENTERZ, JOEL PRESTON        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5865
CARPENTERZ, PATRICK J           WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                       34260
CARPENTERZ, ROBERT M            FARMER 5                                                   43400
CARPENTERZ, SISILLA RIANN       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    698.75
CARPENTERZ, TIM A               CUSTODIAN 1                                             21392.86
CARPENTER-BOGGSZ, LYNNE ALANE   EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                 70189.3
CARPERZ, KENNETH L              PROFESSOR                                               82042.72
CARRZ, JONATHAN P               TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR LEAD                         38113.2
CARRZ, KATIE ELIZABETH          SERVICE WORKER I                                            5.85
CARRZ, TYEE J                   VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               42600
CARRELZ, CATHERINE R            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    14962.5
CARRELLZ, MIKE RAY              CUSTODIAN 2                                             31287.98
CARREONZ, GUSTAVO               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3925.75
CARRILLOZ, MARIA D              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      981.12
CARRISZ, LORI M                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     81926.06
CARRISONZ, CATHERINE            LECTURER                                                    3000
CARROLLZ, DIANE                 LIBRARIAN 2                                             73098.48
CARROLLZ, ERIN BRIANNE          PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    23423.58
CARROLLZ, MATTHEW STEPHEN       PROFESSOR                                              115310.39
CARROTHERSZ, BENNETT RYAN       OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         22802
CARSONZ, DENNIS                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        100
CARSONZ, PAULA JANE             DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          57912.96
CARTERZ, ADAM SCOTT             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      7200
CARTERZ, ARRON HYRUM            ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                        90000
CARTERZ, ERIK T                 INSTRUCTOR                                               9631.44
CARTERZ, JENNIFER A             ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST SUPERVISO                        69419.23
CARTERZ, JENNIFER JO            SERVICE WORKER I                                           172.5
CARTERZ, MICHAEL M              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                     43572
CARTERZ, PATRICK ANDREW         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     93268.29
CARTERZ, PAUL                   EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                           57841.88
CARTERZ, SHAROLON MARIE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
CARTERZ, TERESA LYNN            LECTURER II                                                   96
CARTERZ, TIFFANY ANNE           SERVICE WORKER I                                           172.5
CARWEINZ, VICKY                 CHANCELLOR                                             221633.16
CARYZ, JULIE ANN                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             84998.2
CASAVANTZ, KENNETH L            SCIENTIST                                              176854.94
CASAVANTZ, N CAROL              SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    39540.24
CASEZ, AUSTIN JOEL              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2587.2
CASEZ, FRANK ALLEN              CUSTODIAN 1                                              32807.4
CASEZ, SCOTT C                  STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                         74402.2
CASPERZ, GAIL                   DIRECTOR                                                 54145.2
CASSARDZ, COLIN J               SERVICE WORKER I                                         1728.64
CASSEYZ, ANDREW                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        90000
CASSIDYZ, KELLY MICHELA         PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        38125.74
CASSLEMANZ, JESSICA             ASSISTANT DEAN                                           66492.5
CASSLEMANZ, ROBERT W            STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        39211.44
CASTANEDAZ, RICARDA B           SERVICE WORKER I                                         9765.02
CASTELLANOZ, ROCIO              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2187
CASTILLEJAZ, JOHN L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    1072.5
CASTILLEJAZ, MARY M             SERVICE WORKER II                                           2442
CASTILLOZ, ANDREA MARIE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      117.59
CASTILLOZ, HIPOLITO SANCHEZ     SERVICE WORKER I                                             189
CASTILLOZ, MARIA JOAN           INSTRUCTOR                                              21067.56
CASTILLOZ, SAVANNA              PRECEPTOR I                                                  170
CASTLETONZ, ANNE                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3500
CASTROZ, AVID                   PRECEPTOR II                                                 650
CASTROZ, DIANA                  INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            45870
CASTROZ, GEORGE SANTOS          CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                     36000
CASTROZ, LUIS FERNANDO          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1280
CASTROZ, SELENA MARIE           COORDINATOR                                              41176.8
CATEZ, HOLLY                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 18067.88
CATESZ, JEFFRI CARL             PRECEPTOR I                                                  340
CAVALIERIZ, ANNETTE M           ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       24054
CAVALIERIZ, RALPH P             ASSOCIATE DEAN                                         186989.29
CAVANAHZ, JAMES MATTHEW         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    6431.25
CAWLEYZ, PATRICIA M             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       136.8
CAWSTONZ, ARIELLE ANASTASIA     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2596.9
CERRUTIZ, NICHOLAS ROBERT       INSTRUCTOR                                                 49136
CERVANTESZ, MIGUEL R            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   12017.57
CERVASZ, EMILY A                LECTURER II                                              2996.25
CHAZ, BEE                       COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-1                           43072.16
CHAFEZ, LORI A                  LECTURER                                                   10500
CHAIZ, WEIHANG                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        93000
CHAKRABORTYZ, MOUMITA           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            35004
CHALICHZ, LINDA J               PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        45460.63
CHALKER-SCOTTZ, LINDA           EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                89893.68
CHALMERSZ, VICKIE JO            DIRECTOR                                                77872.65
CHAMBERLAINZ, DILLON L          SERVICE WORKER I                                         1832.32
CHAMBERLAINZ, ROGER D           STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             37050.94
CHAMBERLINZ, SUSAN K            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
CHAMBERSZ, DOUGLAS F            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSULT                        67242.72
CHAMBERSZ, LENORE A             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28615.06
CHAMBERSZ, TERRY LYLE           BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        67726.16
CHAMBERSZ, UTE                  ASSOCIATE IN                                            55000.09
CHANZ, LAURA M                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2771
CHANZ, ROGER YM                 INSTRUCTOR                                              43487.13
CHANZ, SIEW HOONG               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     127800.1
CHANCEYZ, CLAIRE ELIZABETH      CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2482.05
CHANDLERZ, ANDREA               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       365
CHANDLERZ, ROSANNE K            ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  47026.08
CHANDOORZ, MYTHREYI             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4288.8
CHANDRAZ, MURALI                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     96200.64
CHANDURWALAZ, FAHIM             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4916.58
CHANGZ, CHIN-HUI                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4072.08
CHANGZ, JIAJIA                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   2154.88
CHANGZ, KEVIN J                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1620
CHANGZ, XANG                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        160
CHAOZ, YAO FOU                  INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         30393.12
CHAPAZ, GUADALUPE               SERVICE WORKER I                                            2928
CHAPINZ, CHRISTOPHER FORREST    PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
CHAPMANZ, JOHN H                INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             70000.08
CHAPMANZ, MICHAEL G             EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        43572.02
CHAPMANZ, NOLAND C              STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                    31774.5
CHAPMANZ, ROGER C               LECTURER II                                                 2500
CHAPMANZ, RYAN MICHAEL          SERVICE WORKER III                                        477.04
CHAPMANZ, SARAH MD              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3450
CHAPPELLZ, LORI R               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1956
CHAPPELLZ, M JAHI               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     40000.05
CHARAWELLZ, DAVID PATRICK       SERVICE WORKER I                                          102.55
CHARAWELLZ, JANICE M            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     26068.46
CHARLESZ, ANDREW T              SERVICE WORKER I                                          1993.5
CHARLESZ, KATHY JO              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       750
CHARLOZ, CHERRA LYNN            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          33468
CHARLSONZ, KELCY N              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      6129.5
CHARLSTONZ, JEFF ROBERT         SERVICE WORKER I                                           98.58
CHASEZ, DANIEL KENNETH          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        3545
CHASEZ, GLEN WILLIAM            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5030
CHASEZ, HEATHER MARIE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      5152.03
CHASEZ, KAREN LEE               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     50230.32
CHASEZ, KATRINA                 LECTURER II                                              7527.43
CHASTAGNERZ, GARY A             SCIENTIST                                               94983.32
CHASTEKZ, THOMAS                STAFF SCIENTIST                                            75000
CHATELAINZ, CASSANDRA           SERVICE WORKER I                                         6376.24
CHATELAINZ, DAKOTA P            SERVICE WORKER I                                         5009.49
CHATELAINZ, SCOT P              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
CHATELAINZ, WINNIE SHARYN       SERVICE WORKER I                                            5979
CHATTERJEEZ, AMITAVA            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            35000
CHATTERJEEZ, NIRMALYA           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3069.44
CHAUZ, JANICE M                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      2954.1
CHAUDHURIZ, SANTANU             SCIENTIST                                               82599.99
CHAUVINZ, THEODORE R            ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            55000.08
CHAVES-CORDOBAZ, BERNARDO       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
CHAVEZZ, ADRIANA                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                    11801.51
CHAVEZZ, DEVIN L                PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
CHAVEZZ, DIEGO                  HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                         3278.58
CHAVEZZ, KATHY COLLEEN          LECTURER II                                                262.5
CHAVEZZ, SUSANA FAJARDO         PRECEPTOR I                                                 1725
CHEKULAYEVZ, VITALIY ALEXANDER  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       37.91
CHENZ, CHAO                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
CHENZ, DAVID SHI                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2750
CHENZ, DU                       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     10875
CHENZ, FENG                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3480
CHENZ, IRIS                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        135
CHENZ, JIE                      POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         12750.03
CHENZ, JING-YIN                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         50362.67
CHENZ, JUDY                     SERVICE WORKER I                                         1513.09
CHENZ, KUAN HAO                 SERVICE WORKER I                                            68.4
CHENZ, LEE-WEN                  SERVICE WORKER I                                          2773.8
CHENZ, LIYUN                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            39996
CHENZ, SHULIN                   SCIENTIST                                              168944.19
CHENZ, XIAOLIN                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73279.71
CHENZ, XUEDONG                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5760
CHENZ, YI                       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        600
CHENZ, YIMING                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    75.84
CHEN-ALLENZ, ANNIE V            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    101200.08
CHENGZ, CHUN-HUAI               ASSOCIATE IN                                             9750.02
CHENGZ, DARIA LOK-LING          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      790.02
CHENGZ, JIA                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3998.96
CHENGZ, JINGJING                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
CHENGZ, MELODY M                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         40524.24
CHENGZ, PENG                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4550.4
CHENGZ, XIAOYA                  ASSOCIATE                                               49689.36
CHENOWETHZ, CANDACE             ASSISTANT DIRECTOR COUNSELOR                            65739.48
CHERFZ, CHEYENNE TAYLOR         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        160
CHERFZ, KT                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1016
CHERFZ, RICK                    CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            87779.18
CHERMAKZ, GAIL D                PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                             121765.14
CHERRYZ, NICOLE E               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                                 29224
CHERRYZ, STEPHEN B              LECTURER                                                    3300
CHESNUTZ, KAREN SUE             FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                               27230.57
CHESNUTZ, PHILIP D              SERVICE WORKER III                                         88.16
CHESSZ, KEARBY MATTHEW          SERVICE WORKER III                                          1770
CHESSMANZ, SARAH KANE           PRECEPTOR I                                              5608.13
CHESTERZ, MARIA C               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                             8835
CHEVALIERZ, KATIE L             PRECEPTOR II                                             3141.25
CHEWZ, BOON PENG                SCIENTIST                                              156379.92
CHEWZ, LENG-LENG                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1840
CHEWZ, WESLEE                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5967.5
CHIZ, GENG-QING                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     77533.02
CHIZ, TING                      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64999.98
CHIZ, ZHANYOU                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            45000
CHIAZ, MARGARET LYNN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      531.55
CHICHESTERZ, DIXIE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5354.03
CHIDAZ, MERIEM                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     70000.02
CHILIBECKZ, CORINA MARGARET     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        918
CHILSONZ, MICHAEL               STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   56336.63
CHILSONZ, PETER M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68473.66
CHILSONZ, SCOTT BYRON           CUSTODIAN 1                                             13486.68
CHIMALZ, DOLORES ALEJANDRA      PRECEPTOR II                                                1625
CHINZ, DENISE STA-MARIA         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1670.07
CHINELLZ, LEAH A                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         39652.17
CHISHOLMZ, BETH E               PRECEPTOR II                                                5640
CHISHOLMZ, DEREK                LECTURER                                                    1200
CHIUZ, DAVID T                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     38500.02
CHIUZ, HAO-YU                   FISCAL OFFICER/MANAGEMENT ANALYS                           36000
CHIUZ, HO FAI                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     553.62
CHOZ, II-HYUNG                  VISITING PROFESSOR                                      30008.07
CHOATEZ, CASSANDRA MAE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        657
CHOHANZ, AMANDEEP SINGH         VETERINARY RESIDENT                                     46423.94
CHOIZ, ASHLEY JUNG              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1658.72
CHOIZ, HYUN-WOOK                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4220.48
CHOIZ, JOSEPH KENNETH           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5926.8
CHOIZ, JUNG MI                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        774
CHOIZ, OSCAR KIN                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      102.3
CHOIZ, SEUNG MO                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    107222.22
CHOJNACKIZ, KAREN M             INSTRUCTOR                                                 16758
CHOKAZ, KATHERINA               INSTRUCTOR                                              48830.07
CHOUDHURIZ, DEEP                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         46460.03
CHOUINARDZ, HAYLEY HELENE       ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                    107786.01
CHOWZ, YUNG-HWA ANNA            INSTRUCTOR                                              42092.24
CHOYZ, KEVIN                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2331.4
CHRISTENZ, KIMBERLY A           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66592.69
CHRISTENZ, SONIA L              LECTURER II                                                 1250
CHRISTENSENZ, BRENDA R          PRECEPTOR I                                              3062.85
CHRISTENSENZ, DEE A             ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              72988.88
CHRISTENSENZ, JEFFREY E         RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       1916.68
CHRISTENSENZ, KARIE L           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      7854
CHRISTENSENZ, KELLEE RAE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     323.28
CHRISTENSENZ, KRISTEN ADAM      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   5388.48
CHRISTENSENZ, VICKI             HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                        22126.33
CHRISTENSONZ, ANN               PROFESSOR                                               64531.62
CHRISTIANZ, KAREN ELIZABETH     SERVICE WORKER I                                          103.63
CHRISTIANZ, KENNETH EDWARD      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2464
CHRISTIANSONZ, DANIEL MARTIN    INSTRUCTOR                                               7000.02
CHRISTIANSONZ, NELS M           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     54496
CHRISTIEZ, ANNA ELIZABETH       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1699.76
CHRISTIEZ, KARI MARIE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1822.5
CHRISTOPHERZ, TANNA WHITNEY     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     413.74
CHUNGZ, SERENA                  ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            64077.12
CHURCHZ, AUSTIN T               PROFESSOR                                               80341.11
CHURCHZ, DOUGLAS DWIGHT         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  52881.63
CHURCHZ, MARCIA KATIGBAK        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      33301.17
CHURCHZ, MARY                   OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                      11943.74
CIESIELSKIZ, TIMOTHY JAMES      MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   50058.9
CIFUENTES-SOTOZ, MAURICIO       SERVICE WORKER II                                         7539.9
CILINGIRZ, GOKCEN               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1440
CILLAYZ, DAVID RANDAL           DIRECTOR PROF ADMIN                                    102499.44
CILLAYZ, VALORY L               MANAGER                                                 32218.86
CIMENOZ, MARY MARGARET          INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         29454.95
CIRCONEZ, SUSAN                 LECTURER                                                    8400
CISNEROSZ, HECTOR C             FARMER 2                                                35472.09
CISNEROSZ, MICHAEL A            DIGITAL PRINTING OPERATOR                               29098.23
CISNEROSZ, VANESSA              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    6660.49
CLAIBORNZ, CANDIS SUE           DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                     220947.52
CLANCEYZ, LAUREN F              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     13125
CLARKZ, AARON JAMES             FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                 27333.6
CLARKZ, AMANDA MARIE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3230.68
CLARKZ, AURORA                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     85999.26
CLARKZ, BENJAMIN A              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4181.25
CLARKZ, BRIAN C                 PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                           66000
CLARKZ, BRYAN KEITH             SERVICE WORKER I                                              75
CLARKZ, CASSIE LEE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         341
CLARKZ, DANIELLE LINET          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      1182
CLARKZ, DAVID RAYMOND           DIRECTOR                                                 98788.8
CLARKZ, DONNA F                 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     79472.88
CLARKZ, DUSTIN EDGAR            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3044.75
CLARKZ, ELLIS B                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         2782.17
CLARKZ, ERIN MAE                INSTRUCTOR                                              11379.15
CLARKZ, JAMES                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5400
CLARKZ, JEFFREY ALEXANDER       RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       17708.4
CLARKZ, JENNIFER                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    208.25
CLARKZ, JILLIAN ESTELLE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3219.02
CLARKZ, JOSEPH ROBERT           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4332
CLARKZ, KENNETH JAMES           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
CLARKZ, KRISTIE K               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
CLARKZ, LARRY D                 PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR SENIOR                            60000
CLARKZ, LAURA LEE               SECRETARY SENIOR                                           28032
CLARKZ, MICHAEL JAMES           DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          60653.74
CLARKZ, NIKKI R                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       36000
CLARKZ, RICHARD W               PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
CLARKZ, SILVIA                  ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                     51039
CLARKZ, SUE B                   PROFESSOR                                              170985.14
CLARKZ, TARYN BETH              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3332
CLARKZ, TIMMY DUANE             OFFSET PRESS OPERATOR                                      45452
CLARKEZ, BENJAMIN H             MANAGER                                                 20779.08
CLARKEZ, DAVID HOUSTON          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        4302
CLARYZ, CARTER                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     88931.79
CLAUSENZ, BARBARA J             INSTRUCTOR                                              33089.26
CLAUSENZ, MAUREEN C             SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
CLAUSNITZERZ, DARWIN            AGRICULTURE AND MAINTENANCE MANA                        64563.12
CLAUSSENZ, CATHRYN L            PROFESSOR                                                86815.2
CLAYZ, MARNIE SHEPPERD          INSTRUCTOR                                              32666.74
CLAYZ, PAUL F                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    103838.22
CLAYPOOLZ, DENISE               PRECEPTOR I                                                  500
CLAYTONZ, ANDREW JAY            LECTURER II                                                 1225
CLAYTONZ, CORNELL WILLIAM       PROFESSOR                                               132166.6
CLEGERNZ, WILLIAM C             RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                    39042
CLEMENTSZ, ASHLEY L             SERVICE WORKER I                                            2544
CLEVELANDZ, JANET REA           STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 1 COUNSE                        47472.92
CLEVELANDZ, LESLI               ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        4665
CLEVENGERZ, SHARON LYNNETTE     SECRETARY LEAD                                             37620
CLIFTONZ, TYLER JAMES           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2792.33
CLINEZ, THOMAS A                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   12438.75
CLINTONZ, JAMES MONTGOMERY      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
CLINTONZ, MARGUERITE            ASSISTANT TO                                            59920.56
CLIZERZ, R ARLO                 DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                          83195.92
CLONINGERZ, AARON K             SERVICE WORKER I                                           931.5
CLORANZ, JEAN ANN               ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                         75000
CLOUTIERZ, SYLVIE               ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               62400
CLUBBEZ, BRETT L                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         36841.38
CLUTEZ, LESLIE W                ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                       12150
CLYDEZ, LISA H                  COORDINATOR                                             49979.88
COAKLEYZ, HEATHER               RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                             12825
COATSZ, KATHRYN P               SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    51233.04
COBEYZ, SUSAN WINTER            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                             9625
COBLERZ, KATIE ASHLEY           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        140
COBURNZ, ERIN ELIZABETH         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2628
COCHRANZ, CHRISTINA LOREN       SERVICE WORKER I                                         2053.91
COCHRANZ, HEATHER J             ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       26759
COCHRANZ, JOYCE L               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
COCHRANZ, MIKE                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   6035.25
COCHRANZ, SUSANNE UTE           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       29408.59
COCHRANZ, WAYNE OWEN            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            72273.06
COCHRANEZ, KENDRA L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     31458.97
COCHRANEZ, KEVIN D              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
COCHRANEZ, KEVIN SCOTT          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3.33
COCKERZ, GEORGE H               LECTURER                                                    9500
COCKINGZ, TRAVIS                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      3000
COCKLINZ, GREG H                SERVICE WORKER III                                       9651.25
COCKRELLZ, DENNIS W             LECTURER                                                10000.08
CODYZ, CHARLES A                PLANT-GROWTH FACILITIES MANAGER                         63691.68
CODYZ, MARY FRANCES             FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           50783
COE-LUNDSTROMZ, SUSAN DIANE     INSTRUCTOR                                                  1950
COENZ, CHARLES JAMES            DRAFTING TECHNICIAN 3                                   38590.61
COFERZ, ELIZABETH               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    6770.23
COFERZ, JUSTIN CHARLES          SERVICE WORKER I                                          2011.5
COFERZ, WILLIAM FRANKLIN        PROFESSOR                                              110891.64
COFFEENZ, KENDRA L              PRECEPTOR I                                                 1535
COFFINZ, CHRISTINA M            SERVICE WORKER I                                          5761.5
COFFMANZ, BRYNA DARLENE         SERVICE WORKER I                                         8221.33
COFIELDZ, DONNA JEAN            ASSISTANT TO                                            59484.48
COGGERZ, CRAIG G                SCIENTIST                                               94731.84
COGLEZ, MASON                   SERVICE WORKER I                                          106.88
COHENZ, LAWRENCE J              PROFESSOR                                              125854.87
COHENZ, MATTHEW A               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66976.18
COHNZ, PATRICIA J               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        12444.35
COHOEZ, CRAIG                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       731
COILZ, KEN                      APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                         2346.81
COLBYZ, SCOTT JEROLD            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
COLBYZ, SEAN MICHAEL            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3257.55
COLDSNOWZ, GILLIAN K            RADIO OPERATIONS/TRAFFIC MANAGER                        54726.11
COLEZ, AMY NOEL                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2605.57
COLEZ, AUSTIN T                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         80
COLEZ, CLINT S                  LECTURER                                                77291.82
COLEBOURNZ, EDGAR J             SERVICE WORKER II                                        7018.75
COLEMANZ, BILLIE MARIE          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      20541.66
COLEMANZ, ELIJAH M              INSTRUCTOR                                               30042.5
COLEMANZ, FRANCIS D             CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                        48639.56
COLETTAZ, MICHAEL EDWARD        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       322.5
COLLENZ, MARY ANN               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      1158
COLLIERZ, MARGARET L            AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        47818.55
COLLIERZ, RAY A                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2000
COLLIERZ, SHIRLEY A             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      36782.4
COLLIERZ, TERRY                 FARMER 3                                                39516.24
COLLINZ, VALERIE CHRISTINE      RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      16796.04
COLLINSZ, DOUGLAS PARKER        AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                             65972.16
COLLINSZ, ERIN MARIE            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        32688
COLLINSZ, GARY SCOTT            PROFESSOR                                               97038.92
COLLINSZ, LIANA M               SERVICE WORKER I                                          331.65
COLLINSZ, LYNN M                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       516
COLLINSZ, MARY B                DIRECTOR                                                79688.87
COLLINSZ, MONICA SUE            HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                           42588
COLLINSZ, PATRICIA LYNN         FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           54940
COLLINSZ, PEGGY L               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             69997.92
COLLINSZ, ROGER DALE            FARMER 3                                                   39516
COLLINSZ, RONALD A              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
COLLINSZ, SHEREE MAY            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39451.81
COLLINSZ, TIANA MARIE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
COLLINSWORTHZ, R F              STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   59365.66
COLLMANZ, SHARON J              COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                            62738.4
COLLOPZ, IMELDA                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            34802.13
COLOMBINIZ, JESSICA JEAN        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     1173.9
COLOMBOZ, JAMES L               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             77095.26
COLONNELLOZ, VALENTINA          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6165.5
COLSONZ, JEFFREY DON            SERVICE WORKER I                                            4935
COLSTONZ, BEN                   STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                                38448
COLVINZ, KIM D                  LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           16734
COLWELLZ, DANA D                CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 3                                43182.28
COLWELLZ, JEFF T                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    257.25
COLYARZ, AARON JAY              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       30719.54
COLYARZ, JAIME LEANNE           FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        36069
COMBEZ, ANGELA KAY              COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           10833.35
COMBSZ, RICHARD L               FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           41508
COMBSZ, SPENCER DALE            RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       28940.71
COMBSZ, STACY C                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             73996.87
COMBSZ, TERESA ROSE             SERVICE WORKER III                                        315.07
COMFORTZ, GARRETT EDWARD        SERVICE WORKER I                                         4547.07
COMLEYZ, ANDREA SUE             FISCAL OFFICER/MANAGEMENT ANALYS                        68727.09
COMMONSZ, RODERICK L            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3275
COMSTOCKZ, BARBARA J            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                         56351.7
COMSTOCKZ, CASSANDRA D          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   11590.33
COMSTOCKZ, JAMIE L              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22841.63
COMSTOCKZ, JOEY L               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     37644.78
COMSTOCKZ, MEGAN A              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        39528
COMSTOCKZ, PRESTON RAI          FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        12116.65
CONDONZ, WILLIAM FRANCIS        PROFESSOR                                               96273.36
CONGZ, YONGZHENG                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         37008
CONGDONZ, CHAD MICHAEL          SHEET METAL MECHANIC                                    48108.96
CONGERZ, LISA                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       700
CONKLINZ, JOHN MATTHEW          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      698.96
CONLEYZ, DAVID M                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            97696.68
CONLEYZ, DONNA JO               PRECEPTOR I                                              6302.38
CONLEYZ, JORDAN R               AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        10820.24
CONLEYZ, LESLIE ANN             FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                   31956
CONLEYZ, LUKE AARON             PRECEPTOR I                                              1916.37
CONLINZ, KATHY K                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      637.5
CONNEZ, JENNIFER MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    528.09
CONNELLZ, MICHAEL C             DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SENIOR                               133637
CONNERZ, PATRICK SHEYNE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        32838
CONNOLLYZ, BRIAN                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6060
CONNOLLYZ, JILLIAN MARIE        ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     29592.03
CONNOLLYZ, MARK T               SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      4000
CONNORSZ, REBECCA LINDA         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    14499.1
CONRADZ, JAMES S                PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
CONRADZ, JON R                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       666.9
CONREYZ, RICHARD M              RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 47112.24
CONTRERASZ, AMBER LINDSEY       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      508.75
CONTRERASZ, JAIME               DIRECTOR                                                   75000
CONVERSEZ, SHEILA K             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            45102.21
CONVERSEZ, TERRY JOHN           PROFESSOR                                               64107.32
COOKZ, BRADLEY LIVINGSTON       PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
COOKZ, CHRISTOPHER A            PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          68621.26
COOKZ, COLLEEN LEAVITT          DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                       100000.32
COOKZ, DIANE JOYCE              PROFESSOR                                               178015.2
COOKZ, FREDRICK W               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29168
COOKZ, KELSEY EVELYN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     128.25
COOKZ, LINDA M                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     16740
COOKZ, MICHAEL ARLON            DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                        82224.48
COOKZ, SAM A                    ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                       20400
COOKZ, SHEILA MARIE             CUSTODIAN 1                                             29783.69
COOKEZ, JOHN T                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      322.76
COOKEZ, LYNNETTE                LECTURER II                                              3356.25
COOKEZ, MARGARET E              PHARMACIST 2                                            49279.46
COOKSONZ, MARY BETH             INSTRUCTOR                                               11419.8
COOLEYZ, HOWARD JAMES           INSTRUCTOR                                               7000.02
COOLEYZ, SCOTT K                LECTURER                                                    6600
COOLMANZ, RALPH                 PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       72907.75
COOMERZ, PAULA MARIE            INSTRUCTOR                                              25046.78
COONSZ, CHRISTOPHER J           APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                           60000
COOPERZ, ABBY JANE              LECTURER                                                    3300
COOPERZ, CATHERINE M            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72952.13
COOPERZ, CHARLES F              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48185.3
COOPERZ, CYNTHIA                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      66666.8
COOPERZ, ERIN MOLLY             SERVICE WORKER II                                          21.83
COOPERZ, KEVIN DALE             INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             70432.46
COOPERZ, NOELE F                ASSISTANT TO                                            56642.16
COOPERZ, SANDRA CLEMENT         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     92054.07
COOPERZ, TERYL YVONNE           STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             12027.28
COOPERZ, YICHIEN CHEN           LECTURER                                                    6300
COPELANDZ, RICHARD ALLEN        INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         33189.09
COPPINZ, CHRISTOPHE M           CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            20000.16
CORBETTZ, CYNTHIA LOU           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     93347.91
CORBINZ, ANDREW T               COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           65000.16
CORCORANZ, LEVI JOSEPH          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     440.06
CORCORANZ, ROBERT F             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                     107435.84
CORCORRANZ, MICHELA M           PRECEPTOR I                                               1575.7
CORDOVAZ, CRICKET               DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 19390.91
COREAZ, OLIVER R-A              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5335.2
COREYZ, JANICE LEE              INSTRUCTOR                                               35987.5
CORLISSZ, KARMIN ELAINE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4171.25
CORNELISONZ, TERRY LEE          BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        55633.55
CORNELIUSZ, BRIAN J             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         66645.18
CORNELIUSZ, DIANE J             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    118.75
CORNELIUSZ, SCOTT B             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  17077.96
CORNELIUSZ, SHIRLEY A           ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      51467.04
CORNELIUSZ, TRACY JUNE          PRECEPTOR I                                               757.92
CORNISHZ, ALAN K                LIBRARIAN 4                                                79941
CORNISHZ, HAROLD W              FACILITIES OPERATIONS MAINTENANC                        59498.12
CORNISHZ, KELLY ELIZABETH       FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     33216.28
CORNISHZ, THOMAS J              CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      54032.25
CORNWALLZ, ALEXANDER M          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4751.25
CORONADOZ, MARIAH ANN           SERVICE WORKER I                                         1092.28
CORONELZ, CONSUELO              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            42608
CORRZ, STEVEN                   SERVICE WORKER I                                          260.78
CORRIGANZ, NEIL B               LECTURER                                                    4800
CORSIZ, WILLIAM                 MANAGER                                                 73454.14
CORTEZ-VENEGASZ, RAMON          SERVICE WORKER I                                             456
CORWINZ, MICHAEL                ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT                               115486.05
CORYZ, ANITA JO                 STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        62170.32
CORYZ, JOHN AARON               ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      59000.16
COSICZ, MIRALEM                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        696
COSLORZ, CHARLES CLARK          SERVICE WORKER I                                          4407.5
COSTAZ, MICHAEL A               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 46355.04
COSTELLOZ, MICHAEL J            RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                 42574.72
COSTICHZ, LINDA M               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         40524.24
COTEZ, JANE M                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    144848.35
COTEZ, JOSEPH A                 PROFESSOR                                              127449.02
COTTAMZ, MARTHA L               PROFESSOR                                                  84096
COTTERZ, CAITLIN JEAN           VETERINARY INTERN                                       11830.08
COTTONZ, JILL                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2750
COTTONZ, KIMBERLY LYNN          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5335.2
COTTONZ, RANDY W                PRECEPTOR I                                                 2684
COTTRILLZ, STEVE                SERVICE WORKER I                                         3661.75
COTTRILLZ, VICTOR PAUL          SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                   11960
COUCHZ, LEZLIE ANN              INSTRUCTOR                                              23739.27
COULONZ, DANALYNN A             PRECEPTOR I                                                 1575
COULTERZ, CHERYL R              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        35115.51
COUPENSZ, BETHANY R             STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             22523.46
COURCHANEZ, MELISSA             SERVICE WORKER II                                          579.5
COURTRIGHTZ, MARY C             RESEARCH STUDY ASSISTANT                                 5027.69
COUSINSZ, ASAPH B               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        81600
COUSINSZ, DUSTIN J              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1795.5
COUSINSZ, REESE J               WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                    34379.42
COVERTZ, TREVOR RANDAL          ASSOCIATE IN                                            22000.04
COVEYZ, LARRY G                 FACILITIES SENIOR PLANNER                               78454.74
COWANZ, BENJAMIN W              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52835.64
COWANZ, DAVID LYNN              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       11794.97
COWGERZ, THOMAS W               FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  64941.96
COWGILLZ, JENNIFER A            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      3000
COWINZ, CARI J                  INSTRUCTOR                                              12378.84
COWSERTZ, DONNA                 FISCAL OFFICER/MANAGEMENT ANALYS                        68581.08
COXZ, AMY LEIGH                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38556.24
COXZ, ANTHONY K                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         2731.25
COXZ, DANIEL ROBERTS            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4504.51
COXZ, DEBORAH K                 MANAGER                                                 57200.16
COXZ, JOHN PHILLIPS             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    33946.2
COXZ, JULIE GWINN               LECTURER II                                                 1650
COXZ, PATRICIA A                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSULT                        60035.76
COXZ, SHARON LOUISE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3840
COYLEZ, GARY LEE                DIRECTOR                                                   94302
COYNEZ, DANIEL W                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  16519.5
COYNEZ, JOSEPH                  PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               158081.52
COZZIZ, ELIZABETH J             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     734.5
CRABTREEZ, ASHLEY ELISE         SERVICE WORKER I                                          1462.5
CRAFTZ, REBECCA MIRIAM          PROFESSOR                                               77135.76
CRAIGZ, B SUSIE                 COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                           15653.78
CRAIGZ, CATHERINE W             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4148.45
CRAIGZ, GERALD L                SERVICE WORKER I                                         6255.75
CRAIGZ, JEFF ALAN               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        49009.78
CRAINZ, TORI L                  RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                       11218.4
CRATERZ, MATT HUNTER            PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
CRAVENZ, WILLIAM DONALD         LECTURER                                                    7000
CRAWFORDZ, DUSTIN JAMES         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4284
CRAWFORDZ, JENNIFER K           AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                             41998.08
CRAWFORDZ, KASEY ELIZABETH      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      119.7
CRAWFORDZ, KAYLENE              PRECEPTOR I                                              5065.77
CRAWFORDZ, ROGER HOWARD         PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       55002.68
CRAWFORDZ, TAMMY K              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            57899.76
CRAWFORD-CARSONZ, TERESA RENAE  VETERINARY SPECIALIST 3                                 43993.84
CRAWLEYZ, ROBERT KEITH          STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        37554.55
CREAMERZ, SCOTT ALLAN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                          35
CREECYZ, CARSON A               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           33750
CREIGHTONZ, JANEAN H            EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                            2395.86
CRELLINZ, GLENN ELLIS           DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                    119756.22
CRESKOZ, JADE KIALANI           SERVICE WORKER I                                          127.14
CRESONZ, EDWIN KENNETH          EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 3                                  11937.54
CRESPIZ, ERICA                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                           1244.4
CRESPOZ, ROCIO                  CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           100000.32
CRESSEYZ, JUDY C                LECTURER II                                                15223
CRESSEYZ, LAWRENCE L            LECTURER II                                                 4785
CRICKZ, ROBERT H                ADJUNCT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (P)                             6600
CRIDERZ, BRANDT WILLIAM         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        27.5
CRIDLEBAUGHZ, BRANDON JOE       LECTURER II                                                  834
CRILLYZ, ALIX B                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5489
CRISPZ, CAMERON M               SERVICE WORKER I                                            6380
CRISPZ, JOEL PATRICK            REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                   47989.6
CROFTZ, VICKI F                 LIBRARIAN 4                                              79156.8
CROGAN-POMILLAZ, NEVA L         RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                         13332
CROMARZ, CHRISTINE              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     29955.38
CROMERZ, JENNIFER JUNE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      650.91
CRONKZ, KYLE A                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1501.85
CRONRATHZ, TERA                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                               12640.4
CROOKZ, BRADY M                 DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                   105960.08
CROOKZ, CHRISTOPHER J-R         SERVICE WORKER I                                          553.94
CROOKZ, LINDA C                 LIBRARIAN 2                                             41446.72
CROOKSZ, JENNIFER R             DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                     90970.4
CROOKSZ, TAMARA DANIELLE        PRECEPTOR I                                              5776.74
CROSKEYZ, JUDITH G              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  53074.32
CROSLANDZ, BEN J                SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                      170
CROSSZ, BENJAMIN KEITH          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2126
CROSSZ, KATHERINE D             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         64142.92
CROSSZ, MARISA LOUISE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      235.13
CROSSZ, RANDOLPH A              MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                         57557.11
CROSSZ, SHELDON L               PRECEPTOR II                                                5560
CROSSLERZ, DENISE DIANE         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        18246
CROSSLERZ, MARCUS EDWARD        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1692.5
CROSSLERZ, MARY JO              SERVICE WORKER I                                          2578.5
CROSSLEYZ, MARIE M              VETERINARY SPECIALIST 3                                 44354.06
CROTEAUZ, RODNEY B              REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     117882.24
CROUCHZ, GREGORY JAMES          CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                             73179.6
CROWZ, SARAH L                  LECTURER II                                                  495
CROWDERZ, DAVID WILLIAM         RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         34520
CROWDERZ, SARAH WARD            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     6580.8
CROWEZ, SID                     LECTURER                                                    6400
CROWLEYZ, AMANDA MICHELLE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1322.3
CROWLEYZ, KEVIN G               INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                  49968.24
CROWTHERZ, JOSEPH WILLIAM       LECTURER                                                    7000
CROYLEZ, RANDI N                STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        37476.58
CRUDOZ, CHRISTINE               PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        46685.27
CRUMBZ, SARA IRENE              RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      12999.96
CRUVERZ, JACQUELINE             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        40441.47
CRUVERZ, PATRICK EDWARD         INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                     63192
CRUZZ, AIMEE                    CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         108
CRUZZ, DEBORAH A                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    44717.52
CRUZZ, JEFFREY A                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       23750.1
CRUZ-FARIASZ, ANITA             SERVICE WORKER II                                            144
CRUZ-FARIASZ, MARIA             SERVICE WORKER II                                            144
CSERGEIZ, LISA GAIL             SERVICE WORKER I                                             200
CUELLARZ, DOUG GRANT            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
CUELLARZ, MARY KATHLEEN         PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
CUEVASZ, JUAN CARLOS            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
CUIZ, RANJI                     POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         16958.37
CULBERTZ, ELIZABETH             RESEARCH SUPERVISOR                                     58151.04
CULBERTSONZ, D CRAIG            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  50901.81
CULLENZ, KENNISON T             SERVICE WORKER I                                            69.3
CULLENZ, TYLER S                SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     1968
CULLEYZ, DAVID E                LECTURER                                                    1320
CULVERZ, KATIE AILENE           SERVICE WORKER III                                       2308.14
CUMMINGSZ, JEANETTE L           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    379.58
CUMMINGSZ, JOEL                 LIBRARIAN 3                                             56481.84
CUMMINGSZ, LARA A               LIBRARIAN 3                                             53970.96
CUMMINGSZ, NADA S               SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    30854.36
CUMMINGSZ, SHANNON ELIZABETH    CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2397.91
CUMMINGSZ, THOMAS F             SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                              47985.6
CUMMINGSZ, THOMAS M             ANIMAL CARE FACILITY MANAGER                            48570.96
CUMMINSZ, GRAHAM IAN            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         15000.03
CUMMINSZ, TRICIA A              PRECEPTOR II                                                 486
CUNNINGHAMZ, DANIEL DAVID       CUSTODIAN 1                                             31190.29
CUNNINGHAMZ, MATTHEW SCOTT      SERVICE WORKER II                                          21.83
CUNNINGHAMZ, SHARRON L          FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        12990
CUREWITZZ, DIANE                MANAGER                                                 38750.48
CURRANZ, MILDRED SIANGHIO       PRECEPTOR I                                               406.25
CURRIEZ, ANGELA MARIE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        336
CURRIERZ, TODD W                ENERGY EXTENSION PROGRAM MANAGER                        121227.7
CURRYZ, DON                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4380
CURRYZ, JANA L                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     495.9
CURRYZ, JANDRALEEN LAMAE        EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   35265.98
CURTISZ, CHERYLL L              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                             42878.7
CURTISZ, REBECCA S              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2912
CURTISSZ, JOHAN M               ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      52484.96
CUSHWAZ, WILLIAM                LECTURER                                                    3600
CUTHBERTSONZ, DANIEL JAMES      PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    5606.4
CUTLERZ, RACHEL ANNE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1000
CUTTERZ, SHAWN R                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        195
CUVREAUZ, GARY M                CUSTODIAN 1                                             28950.93
CYSENSKYZ, DEBRA G              CUSTODIAN 2                                                31176
CZAJAZ, KRZYSZTOF               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     83599.92
CZECHZ, JOE L                   LECTURER                                                    7200
DACANAYZ, MELECIO R             FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                          17136.39
DACHURUZ, RAMA SEKHARA          POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         29000.16
DAFFINZ, LEE WILLIAM            LECTURER II                                              2227.26
DAHLZ, ADDIE K                  ASSOCIATE IN                                             22802.5
DAHLZ, JACOB LOUIS              SERVICE WORKER I                                         3495.63
DAHLZ, JAIMIE SUE               SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
DAHLZ, JESSICA L                SECRETARY SENIOR                                         7009.04
DAHLZ, KYMBERLY D               DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 21159.09
DAHLZ, THOMAS A                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3665.25
DAHLINZ, DEBORAH KAY            CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      52278.68
DAHMENZ, BRET D                 FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           39048
DAHMENZ, DORTHY LEE             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     14874.63
DAHMENZ, JEANNE ANN             ASSISTANT TO                                             59648.1
DAHMENZ, JOSH BRENT             WASTE COLLECTOR                                         40997.14
DAHMENZ, KATHRYN L              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  94872.27
DAHMENZ, KELLI SUE              INSTRUCTOR                                               8761.01
DAHMENZ, LESLIE S               PRECEPTOR I                                               1780.2
DAHMENZ, MARILYN ANN            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
DAHMENZ, PATRICK A              FARMER 3                                                39130.34
DAIZ, GUCAN                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5928
DAIZ, XUEYU                     POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         36996.24
DAILYZ, DANA                    CARPENTER                                               43104.37
DAILYZ, JORDAN ROBERT           SERVICE WORKER I                                          645.53
DAILYZ, JUSTIN W                SERVICE WORKER I                                          5983.3
DAILYZ, KENDALI M               CUSTODIAN 1                                             18761.18
DAILYZ, KEVIN MICHAEL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
DALEOZ, JONATHAN F              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSULT                        70169.76
DALEOZ, LOIS E                  APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        47369.52
DALESSANDROZ, PATRICIA          PRECEPTOR II                                             3460.64
DALEYZ, MOLLY CATHERINE         LECTURER                                                    2000
DALLAVISZ, KASSONDERA CELEST    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    7965.72
DALTONZ, COREY JUSTIN           SERVICE WORKER II                                           18.6
DALTONZ, JAMES KENNETH          VICE CHANCELLOR                                         111610.8
DAMIANOZ, SAMANTHA MARIE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2314.51
DAMICOZ, KEVIN L                RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                     134777.82
DAMMANZ, NIELS                  MANAGER                                                 40619.66
DAMMELZ, DUANE A                MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                      32261
DANCERZ, BRITNEY A              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        132
DANFORTHZ, JANET M              SECRETARY LEAD                                             37620
DANGZ, ZHE                      ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      95382.9
DANGERFIELDZ, ADAM S            SERVICE WORKER I                                           877.5
DANIELSZ, CATHERINE             EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                80297.52
DANIELSZ, DAWN                  CAMPUS POLICE CORPORAL                                   69767.3
DANIELSZ, DIANE L               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     48054.48
DANIELSEN-WONGZ, KRISTIN        PRECEPTOR II                                                3195
DANIELSONZ, KRISTEN LEIGH       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       600
DANIYELYANZ, NAREK              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    631.59
DANNZ, MARY R                   LECTURER                                                    4200
DAOUDZ, SAYED SALIH             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     94436.88
DARAKJIANZ, PRISCILA            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4550.01
DARATHAZ, KELVIN                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       5659
DARATHAZ, KENN B                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    107071.32
DARATHAZ, KRISTOPHER SCOTT      CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     421.28
DARBYZ, PAMELA                  MANAGER                                                 60800.74
DARLINGZ, REBECCA A             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       9445
DARNALLZ, JEROME A              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2380
DARNALLZ, KERRY SILVIA          COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 1                                38556
DARNALLZ, REBECCA L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       100
DARNELLZ, SAMANTHA S            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1397.5
DARNELLZ, VICKI J               ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  50613.16
DARNTONZ, TRACI LYNN            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      19779.82
DARRAGHZ, JANINE J              PRECEPTOR II                                               562.5
DARTZ, ALYSSA LYNNAE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        325
DASZ, BARNAN                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3600
DASZ, OISIK                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   5849.2
DASGUPTAZ, NAIRANJANA           PROFESSOR                                               88932.89
DASHIELLZ, JULIE ADELL          LECTURER II                                                  858
DASILVAZ, ELVIS                 SERVICE WORKER II                                        6989.85
DASSANAYAKEZ, ROHANA P          ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            56411.04
DAUBLEZ, DENNIS D               LECTURER                                                    4410
DAUDTZ, BRANDON A               SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  4684.56
DAUGHERTYZ, JUNE                BASKETBALL COACH                                       248318.06
DAUGHERTYZ, MICHAEL R           BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                    99617.98
DAULTONZ, TIMOTHY LAIR          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      100.2
DAUMZ, PHILLIP GODDIN           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2916.15
DAUMENZ, GRETCHEN K             ASSISTANT ATHLETIC TRAINER                              21217.56
DAUMENZ, MARIJANE               SERVICE WORKER I                                          229.57
DAVARIZ, JOSH AHMAD             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2338.08
DAVENPORTZ, JOAN R              SCIENTIST                                               86101.92
DAVIDZ, ARIEL ASHLI             PRECEPTOR I                                              6528.04
DAVIDZ, PRABU                   ASSOCIATE DEAN                                           60919.2
DAVIDZ, TAHNI                   PRECEPTOR I                                              1719.27
DAVIDSONZ, ALISTAIR             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                           8825.5
DAVIDSONZ, DEBRA                SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    23068.18
DAVIDSONZ, DYONNE ELISE         FACILITIES PROJECT MANAGER                                 66000
DAVIDSONZ, ERIC ROBERT          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2930
DAVIDSONZ, JAMES                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1957.5
DAVIDSONZ, THOMAS A             SERVICE WORKER I                                             304
DAVIDTERZ, SARA ANN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1986
DAVIESZ, EVAN B                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    6329.2
DAVIESZ, LES JOHN               PRECEPTOR I                                                 7041
DAVIESZ, MARGARET ANN           ASSOCIATE IN                                            28722.24
DAVIESZ, NEAL                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    101072.88
DAVINZ, LAURENCE B              COORDINATOR                                             69708.96
DAVISZ, ALEXANDER MICHAEL       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3220
DAVISZ, ANDREA                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59942.97
DAVISZ, APRIL DAWN              LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     5000
DAVISZ, CHRISTINA M             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           37846
DAVISZ, CHRISTOPHER JOHN        ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            43426.08
DAVISZ, CYNTHIA M               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
DAVISZ, DEBORAH LEE             SERVICE WORKER III                                          4480
DAVISZ, DENNY CECIL             PROFESSOR                                              124672.65
DAVISZ, DESTINIE RAI            LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     1200
DAVISZ, EDWARD M                ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                      37347.6
DAVISZ, ELIZABETH C             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1500
DAVISZ, HARMONY LOVE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2615
DAVISZ, HOWARD P                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            54298.08
DAVISZ, JEFFREY CARL            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2500.8
DAVISZ, JENNIFER LEE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     17894.04
DAVISZ, JONATHAN A              APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        53192.22
DAVISZ, JUDI MAE                FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                     60000
DAVISZ, JULIE                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        33730
DAVISZ, KAITLIN ELIZABETH       PRECEPTOR II                                                  40
DAVISZ, KALIE N                 STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        32767.84
DAVISZ, KRISTEN LEE             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           35040
DAVISZ, KYLE WHITE              CUSTODIAN 1                                                28676
DAVISZ, LAWRENCE                ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                               158000.16
DAVISZ, LINDSEY RAE             INSTRUCTOR                                              10500.03
DAVISZ, MARGARET ALISON         ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                             69848.4
DAVISZ, MATHEW ALAN             SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  13164.2
DAVISZ, MYRNA F                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          33732
DAVISZ, RYAN A                  SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    57030.08
DAVISZ, SABINE JEANNE           CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            60221.29
DAVISZ, SHANNON DOW             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        440
DAVISZ, SHON KOHOAKAHI          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4199.54
DAVISZ, WADE JOSEPH             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                      76939.78
DAVISZ, WILLIAM B               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     87505.74
DAVISZ, WILLIAM C               PROFESSOR                                              114665.04
DAVIS-GATESZ, SANDRA K          RESEARCH STUDY COORDINATOR LEAD                           6895.4
DAVISONZ, KEITH F               WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 1                                    31074.93
DAVITTZ, BRUCE B                RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST SUPERVISOR                        52460.16
DAVITTZ, CHRISTINE M            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            60223.92
DAWADIZ, PRAFULLA NATH          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6000
DAWDYZ, TOMMIE RAYE             CUSTODIAN 1                                             29890.95
DAWKINSZ, HOLLY                 PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                35874.96
DAWKINSZ, STEPHANIE             MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                           36160
DAWOODZ, HAITHAM M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    7294.92
DAWSONZ, BENJAMIN               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         17482.67
DAWSONZ, JOHN                   CUSTODIAN 3                                             34350.26
DAWSONZ, LORRIE JUNE            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      53694.7
DAWSONZ, NATHAN JOSEPH          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
DAWSONZ, ROBERT DAVID           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1770
DAYZ, DANNY E                   ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      79660.08
DAYZ, JACOB                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        755
DAYZ, KELSEY M                  COORDINATOR                                             15583.04
DAYZ, NORMA RUTH                SECRETARY                                               38552.22
DAYZ, T DIANE                   INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         45837.09
DAY-WIFFZ, DEANNA               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     63015.94
DAYTONZ, MARCI KATE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   2574.67
DAZAZ, ESTHER LOUISE            PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                     2166.28
DEZ, DEBRAJ                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4687.2
DE-GOLIAZ, KYLE M               SERVICE WORKER I                                            4878
DEACONZ, MITCHELL               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3882.6
DEANZ, BRANDY MAE               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       29125.94
DEANZ, DAVID H                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
DEANZ, JEFFREY E                CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
DEANZ, MICHAEL                  WEB COORDINATOR                                         47026.46
DEATLEYZ, MARIA ROSA            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       172.5
DEATONZ, MICHAEL BRETT          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1500
DEAVILAZ, DAVID M               ASSOCIATE IN                                               53064
DEAVILAZ, JEANENE M             ASSOCIATE IN                                            24369.87
DEBZ, SUJAY                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2752
DEBAUWZ, ANDREE ANN             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        38568.21
DEBAUWZ, CHELSEA L              SERVICE WORKER I                                             280
DEBESSAYZ, NAHOM                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1319.22
DEBLOISZ, CHAUNTELLE NICOLE     CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       98.33
DEBOWESZ, RICHARD M             ASSOCIATE DEAN                                         166961.32
DECAMPZ, NANCY LYNN             SERVICE WORKER I                                            1680
DECKERZ, DUSTIN J               RADIATION SAFETY TECHNICIAN 3                               7485
DECOOKZ, BRANDON PAUL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       300
DECOURCEYZ, MICHELLE ATHENA     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1318.84
DEEDSZ, SHAWN M                 FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                      95404.56
DEEMERZ, BRIDGET R              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   6247.42
DEENZ, MARY YOUNG               EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                   87842
DEENEYZ, DAVID L                MANAGER                                                 55600.08
DEESEZ, RYAN STACY              PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
DEFACCIOZ, RIAN JAMES           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     717.5
DEFLORIOZ, ANDREW LOUIS         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      8875
DEGANZ, MONIQUEA JEAN           LECTURER                                                 7708.04
DEGOOYERZ, MICHAEL HENRY        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       600
DEHARTZ, DENNIS                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        27000
DEHARTZ, GRETCHEN ANN           LECTURER II                                             16274.81
DEHLBOMZ, DWAYNE SCOTT          ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    42317.04
DEHLBOMZ, ELIZABETH             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         21929
DEJONGZ, JOCELYN D              MANAGER                                                  60790.5
DEJONGZ, KIMBERLY L             PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
DEJONGZ, STEPHANIE A            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4000
DEJONGHZ, REBECCA H             OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                              8070.25
DEKINGZ, JOHANNA MARIE          VETERINARY INTERN                                       11830.08
DEKKERZ, LIDA JEAN              INSTRUCTOR                                              55152.66
DEKONINGZ, JENEFER J            SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    45944.76
DEL-POZO-VALDIVIAZ, ALEJANDRO   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
DELA-CRUZZ, KIMBERLY D          SERVICE WORKER I                                          362.69
DELAHOYDEZ, MICHAEL E           CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            59619.41
DELANEYZ, ELIZABETH M           LECTURER II                                                 6715
DELANEYZ, MAREN KATHLEEN        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      772.5
DELAROSAZ, KRISTIN C            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7859
DELEOZ, JOHN LEONARD            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2171
DELEONZ, RAFAEL                 STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                42200.08
DELFINOZ, RAYMOND A             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      334.4
DELGADOZ, CLAUDIA K             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   8447.92
DELGADO-FRIASZ, JOSE G          PROFESSOR                                              139215.42
DELISLEZ, RONALD JARED          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     74426.73
DELISTRATYZ, JEMA               INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.86
DELLZ, ANTHONY P                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34194
DELLAZ, MICHELLE PELAYO         SERVICE WORKER II                                            310
DELONGZ, BRIAN DEAN             UTILITY WORKER 2                                        35232.97
DELOZIERZ, PRICE HALL           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    8725.14
DEMACONZ, JOSHUA TRACY          SERVICE WORKER I                                            1344
DEMACONZ, PATRICIA              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5150.71
DEMACONZ, ROBERT LOUIS          SERVICE WORKER I                                          4690.5
DEMACONZ, VICTOR L              SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                             55359.36
DEMARSZ, RAOUL ALBERT           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      52800
DEMARTINZ, DANIELLE KAYE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      5994.5
DEMEERLEERZ, ABIGAIL            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    51159.33
DEMEERLEERZ, TIFFANY            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      46196.4
DEMERSZ, DAVID KEVIN            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64070.62
DEMMERTZ, BRADLEY DANIEL        PRECEPTOR II                                                 833
DEMOYZ, TESSA LIEGH             SEWING AND ALTERATIONS SPECIALIS                           24264
DEMPSTERZ, CAMERON              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      3996
DENEVERSZ, GENEVIEVE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       9675
DENGZ, EDMUND M                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      360
DENGERINKZ, ERIN CLAIRE         ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    40000.08
DENGERINKZ, HAROLD A            CHANCELLOR                                             221582.52
DENHAMZ, MICHAEL E              INFORMATION SYSTEMS INFRASTRUCTU                        58599.36
DENSMOREZ, CHRIS CHARLES        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4552.8
DENTONZ, MATTHEW J              PRECEPTOR II                                             3355.63
DEOCHOAZ, JUANA Z               PRECEPTOR I                                                  150
DEOMEZ, DORIAN                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      384.9
DEPERALTAZ, GLENN A             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2800
DEPHTEREOSZ, ANDREW J           ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    29932.56
DEPRANOZ, MARIA K               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     47926.86
DERDERIANZ, ANI A               SERVICE WORKER I                                         2381.53
DERIEZ, MICHAEL L               SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    47016.24
DERINGERZ, JAMES RICHARD        ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                             34975.4
DERMOTTZ, GILBERT MICHAEL       PLANT TECHNICIAN 2                                      35650.06
DERNELLZ, NANCY A               INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN COORDINATOR                         58666.8
DERNELLZ, WILLIAM SCOTT         PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               159401.44
DERRICKZ, BENJAMIN PATRICK      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5791.93
DERRICKZ, ROY                   LECTURER II                                               293.75
DERRIGZ, KATHRYN MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       38.48
DERUWEZ, ADAM KENSLER           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1716
DESAUTELZ, CATHY JO             LECTURER II                                                 1456
DESCHAMPSZ, HEIDI SUE           LECTURER                                                    3300
DESIGAZ, DANIEL                 LECTURER II                                                 3500
DESMARAISZ, SPENCER MARK        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3115.33
DESROSIERZ, LEONARD T           LEARNING DESIGN CONSULTANT                                 54726
DETURKZ, JONATHAN DAVID         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1735.65
DETZLERZ, JONATHAN DAVID        SERVICE WORKER I                                         2495.58
DEVASCONCELLOSZ, PAUL DUTEIL    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3825
DEVIESZ, STACEY LYNN            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3243.83
DEVILBISSZ, BETHANY ANNE        VETERINARY INTERN                                       12367.81
DEVINEZ, LAUREN L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2846.25
DEVINEZ, LISA C                 STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 1 COUNSE                        51295.14
DEVINEZ, WILLIAM RILEY          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         440
DEVLEMINGZ, ADAM R              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2627.69
DEVOEZ, KENNETH PAUL            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3130
DEVOEZ, NICOLE MARIE            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1529.52
DEVORAKZ, STEVE                 CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      53545.67
DEVRIESZ, JOAN ROCHELLE         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          17130
DEWALLZ, LISA M                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1408
DEWANZ, MOHAMMAD ABDUL          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1000
DEWARZ, ALEXIS ROXANNE          SERVICE WORKER I                                          775.92
DEWEBERZ, WILLIAM SHEA          SERVICE WORKER II                                        2278.13
DEWITTZ, JANET L                SECRETARY SENIOR                                           33992
DEWITTZ, WAYNE LEE              ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                59197.41
DEWITT-KAMADAZ, J               CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            69665.46
DEWOLFZ, JOHN ROBERT            CUSTODIAN 2                                             33608.23
DEWOLFZ, PAULA H                CUSTODIAN 1                                              27604.2
DEXHEIMERZ, SUSAN LYNNE         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      61393.5
DEYZ, MARY E                    PRECEPTOR I                                                 3626
DEYERMONDZ, LAURA S             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5175
DEZELLEMZ, BAILEY LINN          SERVICE WORKER II                                          62.66
DEZELLEMZ, LYNDA K              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  44480.16
DHALZ, JHARANA KUMARI           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     3000
DHALZ, RAHUL                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2400
DHALIWALZ, AMANDEEP KAUR        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  7337.96
DHARZ, MATASHA                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5928
DHAWANZ, SUMEET                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3466.78
DHEINZ, CHERYL R                DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM OR SCHOOL                           99410.88
DHILLONZ, A SINGH               LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                      300
DHILLONZ, JASVIR K              FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
DHINGRAZ, AMIT                  ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     89027.11
DIAMONDZ, LACEE CLINCH          ASSISTANT ATHLETIC TRAINER                                 36420
DIBBERTZ, LEE                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       540
DICKENSZ, EMI                   ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      54960.78
DICKINSONZ, DIANE A             INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             74307.12
DICKINSONZ, J THOMAS            REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     145258.56
DICKOWZ, ROBERT H               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1080
DICKSONZ, KAREN MARIE           EXTENSION COORDINATOR SENIOR                               47400
DICKSONZ, KAYLA M               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1002.5
DICKSONZ, MARIA V               CUSTODIAN 1                                             30928.37
DICUSZ, MIKE E                  PAINTER                                                 43231.93
DIEHLZ, BRANDYE                 INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          33923.8
DIEKENZ, KARRI AMBER            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       20920.04
DIEKMANNZ, PAIGE A              SERVICE WORKER I                                         2404.07
DIESSOZ, DANIEL JOSEPH          SERVICE WORKER I                                         3893.21
DILLAHUNTZ, ROY A               CUSTODIAN 3                                             35647.06
DILLERZ, KAREN R                LIBRARIAN 4                                             72590.16
DILLMANZ, DONALD A              ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                     152685.53
DILLONZ, MICHELLE RENE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2236.66
DILLONZ, ROBERT H               PROFESSOR                                                85596.7
DIMITROVZ, ALEXANDER            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        42226
DIMITROVSKIZ, VIKTOR            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    10819.6
DIMMICKZ, MICHAEL               SERVICE WORKER I                                           136.8
DIMOCKZ, DAN ARTHUR             REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                  48369.87
DINGZ, JOW-LIAN                 PROFESSOR                                              140183.04
DINGZ, LIEN-CHIEH               INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         57797.56
DINGZ, YONGQIAN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      5500
DINGESZ, MARK JOSEPH            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      44990.4
DINGLEZ, RYAN J                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4699.95
DINGMANZ, BONNIE K              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      30632.68
DINHZ, THU THI                  RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         60000
DINIUSZ, PAULA                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   40645.45
DINSMOORZ, RON M                PRECEPTOR I                                                  300
DIPPOLDZ, JULIANNA RENE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      12748
DISSELKAMPZ, ROBERT             LECTURER II                                                 3300
DISSMOREZ, MADISON              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1961.2
DITTMERZ, DAVID ALAN            CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   49808.35
DITTMERZ, HENRIETTA             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
DITTMERZ, KAYLIN NOELLE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        4740
DITTRICKZ, STANLEY ALAN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4500
DIVERSIZ, MARCELO               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63035.58
DIVINEZ, ANDA                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        420
DIVITTORIOZ, DIANE L            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4690.92
DIXONZ, ANDREA LORRAINE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5222.48
DIXONZ, DREW J                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3902.5
DIXONZ, JAIMEE ILENE            PRECEPTOR I                                                   78
DIXONZ, STACI ELIZABETH         SERVICE WORKER I                                          129.79
DOZ, THANH-THAO THI             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3208.03
DOANEZ, JOSEPH                  RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          28554.55
DOBAZ, WILLIAM                  CONTRACT OBLIGATION                                      1874.85
DODDZ, MICHAEL I                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6480
DODDZ, RUSSELL H                LECTURER II                                               503.75
DODGENZ, ANA VICTORIA           INSTRUCTOR                                              10587.58
DODSONZ, KATHRYN ANN            EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        34266.39
DODSONZ, MICHAEL V              SCIENTIST                                               79069.44
DODSONZ, SABREEN                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     54041.28
DOEBLERZ, JOSEPH ELI            SERVICE WORKER II                                           3357
DOEBLERZ, TIMOTHY L             ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                   51864
DOENECKEZ, ROXANNE C            SECRETARY                                               32068.91
DOENECKEZ, WILLIAM T            INSTRUCTOR                                                 17408
DOERRZ, DAVID ALEXANDER         SERVICE WORKER I                                            51.3
DOERRZ, JORDAN M                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1667.5
DOERRZ, MICHAEL                 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                             63333.36
DOGGETTZ, MARINA TOME           PRECEPTOR I                                                21.88
DOLANZ, JAMES D                 PROFESSOR                                              123770.76
DOLANZ, STEFAN D                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1560.38
DOLLARZ, KORY RONEE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     907.5
DOLPHZ, KARLA S                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
DOLVEN-KOLLEZ, ERICA BRIGH      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4932.5
DOMBYZ, ARTHUR WILLIAM          PRECEPTOR I                                               3548.5
DONAHOEZ, JAMIE M               FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                          49333.82
DONALDZ, EVAN ROBERT            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     830.75
DONALDSONZ, ESTHER MARIE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1240
DONALDSONZ, KELLY ELIZABETH     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5244.95
DONGZ, CATHERINE CHEN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      8184
DONGZ, TAO                      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4288.8
DONGZ, WENJI                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    119015.64
DONGZ, YAN                      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     84400.96
DONLEYZ, AMBER SUE              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2502.5
DONNELLYZ, AARON S              FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              80000.16
DONNELLYZ, ALAN CRAIG           MANAGER                                                 82894.56
DONNELLYZ, CONOR                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        890
DONNELLYZ, MELISSA M            PRECEPTOR II                                                1368
DONOVANZ, COLLEEN               ASSOCIATE IN                                            39866.56
DONOVANZ, TOREY G               PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
DOONANZ, JUDITH A               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     214.5
DORGANZ, BRIAN LEROY            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    9354.75
DORGANZ, KATHLEEN M             SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    35999.99
DORMANZ, JOHN BENNETT           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         19216.79
DOROSHENKZ, KELLY               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         36000.12
DORRANCEZ, KENNETH BRIAN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     5930
DORSEYZ, ERIN                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      5155.5
DOSSEYZ, SARAH MICHELLE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4288.8
DOSSEYZ, ZAREEN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4503.24
DOSTZ, SALLY JEAN               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     41569.28
DOTSONZ, JOANN                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     32997.59
DOTSONZ, PATRICIA FAYE          PRECEPTOR I                                                 2680
DOTTSZ, CASAUNDRA E             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2210.21
DOTYZ, DIANE L                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      8280
DOTYZ, JEFFREY DOUGLAS          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4288.8
DOTYZ, JOHN HARVEY              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     30483.17
DOTYZ, VERNETTE PHELPS          STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        40000.08
DOUBETZ, BARBARA M              EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   28805.04
DOUGHERTYZ, RICHARD H           EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                                56728.08
DOUGHERTYZ, WILLIAM T           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   60816.7
DOUGLASZ, KEVIN                 SERVICE WORKER I                                          7467.5
DOUGLASSZ, JOHN G               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6916
DOULGERISZ, CHRISTOPHER         ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     8000.05
DOUMITZ, ELI GEORGE             SERVICE WORKER I                                          1443.6
DOUTRICHZ, DAWN LIAM            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     89555.31
DOVERZ, DONALD                  BROADCAST OPERATIONS AND PRODUCT                        56682.32
DOWERZ, JANE E                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    562.25
DOWERSZ, EMILY P                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1233
DOWNERZ, JASON ALLIN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       105
DOWNESZ, JAMES V                ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNING SPECIALI                        58999.92
DOWNINGZ, CLAIRE HALE           PRECEPTOR I                                              2225.18
DOWNSZ, JANELLE LEORA           LECTURER                                                    3300
DOYLZ, CINDY R                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38256
DOYLEZ, TIMOTHY JOHN            RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      28000.08
DOYONZ, BREANNA LYNN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5628.05
DRADERZ, DANIELLA R             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     4404.5
DRADERZ, LAURA JEAN             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                       14702.5
DRADERZ, THOMAS B               SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                     39967.2
DRADER-SCHELLZ, L               CUSTODIAN 1                                             34721.09
DRAGOOZ, LORETTA P              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
DRAKEZ, ALLISON M               ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  43989.35
DRAKEZ, WILLIAM E               ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                                76200
DRALLEZ, RONALD                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49206.15
DRAPELAZ, LAURIE                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     63779.03
DRASSALZ, ALLAN ROY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   11704.51
DREESMANNZ, DAN                 PLANT-GROWTH FACILITIES MANAGER                         62030.64
DREGERZ, JOANNA M               DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                    41820
DREGERZ, ZBIGNIEW               STAFF SCIENTIST                                        103014.85
DREWZ, PHILIP SPENCER           LECTURER                                                24125.01
DREWERZ, TIMOTHY DEAN           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        63203.33
DREWRYZ, DAVID MICHAEL          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  5071.88
DRIVERZ, RUSSELL DAVID          ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      58240.32
DROBISH-SHAHATZ, A              INSTRUCTOR                                              30510.05
DROMENSKZ, ALEXANDRA D          LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                  6666.12
DROSTZ, ANNA VICTORIA           PRECEPTOR II                                                1155
DROUINZ, GENEVA NOEL            COORDINATOR                                             35792.42
DROWNZ, DEVIN MERLE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1762.5
DRUFFELZ, ALLIE LOUISE          PRECEPTOR I                                                   40
DRUFFELZ, CHERYL L              FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                                 51000
DRUFFELZ, CORY ELIZABETH        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2590.76
DRUFFELZ, GINGER K              EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     65000.16
DRUFFELZ, KELSEY ANNE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      369.79
DRUFFELZ, KERI L                SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                       47856
DRUFFELZ, LORIE A               DIRECTOR                                                72658.56
DRUFFELZ, LYNN A                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
DRUFFELZ, ROBYN MARIE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        320
DRUFFELZ, SARAH BETH            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    11775.5
DRUFFELZ, TERESA A              COORDINATOR                                             34925.24
DRUFFELZ, YOLANDA P             FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                            45483.57
DRUMZ, WENDY LEACH              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         27246.08
DRZEWIECKAZ, JOLANTA            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66117.47
DSOUZAZ, GLADWYN                SERVICE WORKER III                                       1066.84
DUZ, JUAN                       COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          58901.76
DUZ, LIQUN                      ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            52444.43
DUZ, WEIWEI                     PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       29837.04
DUZ, XIAOQIANG                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            36000
DUAHZ, JOHN KWAME               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6832
DUANZ, MING-RUI                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         37800
DUANZ, YUSHAN                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4574.72
DUBBELDAMZ, MAX                 SERVICE WORKER II                                        2101.23
DUBNYTSKAZ, BOZHENA             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2357.08
DUBOISZ, LINDA JO               PRECEPTOR II                                                3700
DUBUCZ, TOBIN MICHAEL           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2780.16
DUCHESNEZ, DEREK JOHN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       250
DUCKWORTHZ, BILL                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        25669.18
DUDLEYZ, CHERYL ANN             PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                41253.16
DUDLEYZ, KIMBERLY K             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        10201
DUDLEYZ, PEGGY ANN              TRUCK DRIVER 1                                          35927.99
DUDLEYZ, RONALD M               SERVICE WORKER I                                          390.65
DUDLEYZ, SHARON A               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
DUEBENZ, REBECCA MARILYN        INSTRUCTOR                                              50749.92
DUENASZ, CHRIS M                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1081.15
DUENAS-HARRISZ, TRICIA          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3860
DUERRZ, JENNIFER CHRISTINE      PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6525
DUEZZ, MATTHEW                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     34232.43
DUFFZ, ANDREW                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR CHAIR                               81629.97
DUFFZ, MICHAEL ALAN             SERVICE WORKER II                                        4497.41
DUFFYZ, SUSAN K                 EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    36016.8
DUFFYZ, TRICIA E                RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      49587.84
DUGANZ, KEVIN T                 DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          79217.32
DUGASZ, SHURRIE DIANA           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2721.06
DUGAWZ, DAX DAMON               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
DUKEZ, TROY MICHAEL             SERVICE WORKER I                                            2926
DUKELOWZ, JAMES S               LECTURER                                                    3500
DUMASZ, JASSON A                PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
DUNZ, SHUHUI                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            30125
DUNBRASKYZ, DANIELLE LOUISE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1295.19
DUNCANZ, GALE GWENDOLYN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    6081.75
DUNCANZ, JAMES BYRON            LECTURER                                                    3300
DUNCANZ, JANET                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     28917.12
DUNCANZ, KATHLEEN F             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         73883.52
DUNCANZ, LORETTA R              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        55566.83
DUNCANZ, ROBERT W               SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY MANAGER                           72534.48
DUNCANZ, TRAVIS L               COORDINATOR                                             43738.32
DUNCAN-ORTEGAZ, ERICKA          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   10107.53
DUNGZ, JEREMIAH K-S             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4550.4
DUNKLE-WERNERZ, KARL W          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4000
DUNLAPZ, LEVI JAMES             MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                66108.33
DUNLEYZ, JOHN EDWARD            ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     16639.44
DUNMIREZ, TROY M                ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 1                                   45927
DUNNZ, LYNN ELAINE              EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        35685.35
DUNNZ, MICHAEL                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     69640.57
DUNNZ, MICHAEL C                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      1750
DUNNEZ, JONNIE                  PRECEPTOR II                                             9435.25
DUNNEZ, MARILYN K               PRECEPTOR II                                                 480
DUNNINGZ, CHARLES               PRECEPTOR I                                                402.5
DUONGZ, STEVEN HUYNH            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1272
DUPEREZ, KELSEY                 MANAGER                                                    48000
DUPLERZ, ALICE E                CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            93613.26
DUPRIEZ, BONNIE J               SERVICE WORKER I                                          1747.5
DURANZ, JHOANA JACQUELINE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3857.29
DURANZ, OSCAR                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4299.93
DURANZ, PAMELA SUE              ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR COUNSELOR                            56180.84
DURANDZ, DARIN J                LECTURER II                                                 5475
DURFEEZ, TEELA MARIE            PATIENT SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE                            32460
DURFEYZ, BERNADETTE IRENE       FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     31026.35
DURFEYZ, JAMES EDWARD           SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       78109.24
DURFEYZ, JUDITH K               ASSISTANT TO                                               64836
DURHAMZ, TREVOR J               DIRECTOR                                                84654.96
DURHAM-SHORTZ, CARRIE C         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2540
DURICKAZ, DEBORAH               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
DURRANTZ, SUE M                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     621.2
DURSTZ, TIMOTHY PEARCE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2050
DUTHIEZ, DAVID L                CUSTODIAN 3                                             30144.68
DUTOITZ, LINDSEY J              ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                        77736
DUTTAZ, GEETA AHUJA             COORDINATOR                                             26666.72
DUTTAZ, INDRANATH               PROFESSOR                                              174700.01
DUTTAZ, PRASHANTA               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     87825.75
DUTTONZ, DAVID P                PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       18654.24
DUTTONZ, VIRGINIA K             MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                46937.45
DVORAKZ, ADAM DOUGLAS           TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR LEAD                        44570.36
DWINELLEZ, WILLIAM A            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     9429.6
DWIVEDIZ, NISHANT NEELKANTH     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        820
DWIVEDIZ, PRABHA                MANAGER                                                 58000.08
DYBDAHLZ, MARK                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      71289.6
DYCKZ, DENNIS G                 VICE CHANCELLOR                                        149522.38
DYCKZ, KIRSTEN A                LECTURER II                                              3132.17
DYERZ, JESSE BRYAN              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1668.71
DYKSTRAZ, HEATHER ANN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       3390
DYKSTRAZ, JANE EB               FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     41496.93
DYMKOSKIZ, MICHAEL HENRY        MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                   28620
DZUCKZ, DEBRA JO                DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                   108106.28
EADSZ, TINA C                   PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       25516.68
EAKERZ, GRETCHEN L              FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                            48254.51
EALY-MARROQUINZ, K              MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                         48500.16
EARHARTZ, SARAH A               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
EARLEYZ, ANGELA M               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           70771
EARLYZ, NICOLE MARIE            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                         4407.7
EASTLANDZ, GRANT CARL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
EASTLYZ, CLAY                   PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
EASTWELLZ, KENNETH C            PROFESSOR                                               98747.04
EATONZ, ASHLEY DAWN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3590
EBAUGHZ, JANET E                MANAGER                                                    55272
EBERHARDTZ, ROGER GALE          ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 3                                54204.44
ECCLESZ, MICHELLE G             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         73000.08
ECHANOVEZ, CLAIRE S             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3187.19
ECHANOVEZ, LUCAS J              SERVICE WORKER I                                          275.99
ECHANOVEZ, MICHAEL S            COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          56398.31
ECHELBARGERZ, DENISE            GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         49915.2
ECHLINZ, CHARLA M               SERVICE WORKER I                                              72
ECKISZ, DONALD THAYER           BROADCAST CHIEF ENGINEER                                58461.71
ECONOMUZ, SCOTT CLAYTON         RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 38286.36
EDDINGSZ, VIRGINIA C            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   9880.36
EDDYZ, GORDON A                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
EDDYZ, LINDA LEE                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     84505.65
EDDYZ, ROBERT F                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      72485.9
EDENZ, MEGAN R                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2122.5
EDEZAZ, OSVALDO R               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1850.35
EDGEZ, SARA BETH                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1470
EDGE-GARZAZ, DANIEL ANTHONY     ASSOCIATE IN                                            36566.16
EDGECOMBEZ, MAUREEN             PROFESSOR                                              104525.88
EDGINGTONZ, JOE MATTHEW         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4500
EDGINGTONZ, LAURA MAE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     30828.15
EDINBOROUGHZ, RYAN              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      22556.48
EDMISTERZ, JUDITH               ASSISTANT TO                                            57264.18
EDMONDSONZ, LESLIE STEPHENS     PRECEPTOR I                                               1946.5
EDSTROMZ, BRENT A               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       450
EDWARDSZ, ASHLEY N              CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   61538.21
EDWARDSZ, BRENT                 INSTRUCTOR                                                 39840
EDWARDSZ, CHARLES G             SCIENTIST                                              103506.24
EDWARDSZ, DEBBIE J              STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        74743.44
EDWARDSZ, FLANNERY J            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2039.38
EDWARDSZ, GERALD E              REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                      142606.8
EDWARDSZ, JANET W               EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                54418.78
EDWARDSZ, JESSICA ROSE-LEANNA   PRECEPTOR I                                                123.8
EDWARDSZ, MELONY J              SERVICE WORKER II                                            507
EDWARDSZ, MICHELLE LYNN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3495.25
EDWARDSZ, RENEE DAWN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        5532
EDWARDSZ, SANDRA GEE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       2550
EDWARDSZ, ZENA MARIE            COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           49179.12
EDWARDSONZ, LINDA L             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
EEUWESZ, LONNEKE                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      25080.83
EFFENBERGERZ, CATHERINE         SERVICE WORKER I                                            47.7
EGANZ, LISA MARIE               SERVICE WORKER I                                         1269.03
EGBERTZ, JOY LYNN               PROFESSOR                                               93919.38
EGGERZ, CASEY BRETT             ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    45790.26
EGGERSZ, DANIEL D               INSTRUCTOR                                              11000.07
EGLANDZ, HANNAH B               SECRETARY SENIOR                                           29228
EHLERTZ, BLAIR MARIE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3704.3
EICHELBERGZ, MARK R             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                        9966.7
EIDZ, SAHAR GEORGES             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3659.28
EIDEZ, PHYLLIS                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     87342.36
EILERSZ, HERGEN                 STAFF SCIENTIST                                         96433.53
EISENZ, ASHLEY LYNN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     2462.6
EISENMANZ, RICHARD L            INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             78699.84
EISENSMITHZ, MICHAEL EDWARD     MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                      40524
EKLUNDZ, KENNETH                ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              47767.47
EKLUNDZ, SCOTT THOMAS           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1000
EKLUNDZ, WENDY W                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     666.5
EKSTEDT-PEARSONZ, K             ASSISTANT FACILITIES DESIGNER                              53148
EKSTROMZ, JOANN                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  3250
ELBENZ, PATTY LOUISE            OFFSET PRINTER OPERATOR                                    36618
ELBERSONZ, LESLIE R             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2400
ELBRACHTZ, JEFF J               ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                         71282
ELDERZ, HALEY R                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3774.09
ELDERZ, SUE ELLEN               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     46305.12
ELDERZ, ZACHARY EVAN            PRECEPTOR I                                                  286
ELDRIDGEZ, DIANNE               SERVICE WORKER I                                        10518.38
ELFVINGZ, DONALD CARL           SCIENTIST                                                98431.2
ELGARZ, RICHARD                 INSTRUCTOR                                                 57900
ELGAWADYZ, MOHAMED              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     45818.03
ELGIADIZ, HANI J                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4332
ELGIADIZ, SALEH ALI             DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                          99041.04
ELGINZ, BRIAN EDWARD            SERVICE WORKER II                                           6495
ELHARTZ, THOMAS LEE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      3202.8
ELIASZ, SHIRLEY ANN             RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 45732.93
ELINEZ, JEROME                  ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     9100.04
ELLEFSONZ, CALEB                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4552.5
ELLERSICKZ, STEPHANIE D         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        715.13
ELLIBEEZ, GUY ALLEN             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         70071.08
ELLINGZ, AXEL                   ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     65500.08
ELLIOTZ, ROXOLANA W             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        100
ELLIOT-CHESLEKZ, THERESA L      DIRECTOR                                               114775.27
ELLIOTTZ, MARIANNE              RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         45000
ELLISZ, ALANNA CAROL            COORDINATOR                                             29484.44
ELLISZ, AMY JO                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     34700.34
ELLISZ, CINDY JEAN              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
ELLISZ, CONNIE L                SERVICE WORKER I                                             125
ELLISZ, CYNTHIA L               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   30563.82
ELLISZ, DANA                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3717.6
ELLISZ, JAMIE LYNN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    522.5
ELLISZ, JOAN LYNNE              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66071.34
ELLISZ, KIMBERLY GAYLE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1500
ELLISZ, LEVI B                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         4212.26
ELLISZ, SHERRY MARIA            PRECEPTOR I                                               4327.5
ELLISONZ, BRANDI L              WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 3                                       36756
ELLISONZ, ERIC N                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58656
ELLSWORTHZ, CARLETON GLEN       SERVICE WORKER I                                         1844.68
ELLZEYZ, DANIELLE MARIE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5328
ELMERZ, ROBERT                  PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                44919.58
ELSHAFEIZ, PATRICIA             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
ELSTADZ, CATHERINE A            CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           102024.72
ELWAYSZ, JUSTIN JOSEPH          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      37.88
ELYZ, DALLAS R                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  24384.92
ELYZ, MICHELLE MARIE            FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     41413.94
ELYZ, PHILIP S                  INSTRUCTOR                                              15154.39
ELYZ, TERRY L                   ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      88903.36
EMERSONZ, CAROLYN MARIE         COORDINATOR                                                50325
EMERSONZ, DAVID ANDREW          CUSTODIAN 3                                              31165.2
EMERSONZ, DORI M                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     37509.24
EMERSONZ, GERALDINE R           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39345.59
EMERSONZ, JOSHUA EDWARD         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5337.48
EMERSONZ, KAREN A               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          30040
EMERSONZ, KATHY J               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
EMERSONZ, PATRICK ALLEN         FISCAL MANAGER                                          60034.81
EMERSONZ, ROBERTA J             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80652.97
EMERSONZ, VICKI E               CUSTODIAN 1                                               280.11
EMLEYZ, MARGARET J-M            PRECEPTOR II                                                  40
EMMELZ, ROBERT ROYAL            PRECEPTOR I                                                 1300
ENDACOTTZ, NEAL A               LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     4200
ENDELMANZ, JEFFREY              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4929.6
ENEMARKZ, ERIN                  ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  43988.66
ENGELHARDTZ, DANIELLE KAE       PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     40083.36
ENGELHARDTZ, RICHARD DALE       CUSTODIAN 1                                              28321.2
ENGELSZ, PETER W                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     78552.54
ENGERZ, ELI TIMOTHY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3801.55
ENGERBRETSONZ, S                SERVICE WORKER III                                          1540
ENGLEZ, JOSHUA JAMES            INSTRUCTOR                                               2996.01
ENGLEZ, MATHEW CLIFTON          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    918.75
ENGLERTZ, JACQUELINE M          FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     30708.82
ENGLESONZ, JODI                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    1732.5
ENGLUNDZ, KARL RICHARD          ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            98784.48
ENGRISERZ, ELIZABETH MONICA     SECRETARY SENIOR                                        24143.57
ENLOWZ, HEATHER MAY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1957.5
ENNISZ, CHERYL C                OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                         29112
ENOSZ, CAITLIN ELIZABETH        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3097.84
ENRIQUEZZ, GILBERTO             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      139.5
ENRIQUEZZ, JESUS                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   24601.36
ENSIGNZ, SHELLEY DENISE         ANESTHESIOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                             49853.31
ENYEARTZ, SARA NICOLE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
EPLEYZ, KEVIN LESLIE            SERVICE WORKER II                                         2100.5
EPPERSONZ, DOUGLAS L            DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                     203360.16
EPPSZ, DARNELL ALLAN            SERVICE WORKER I                                            4572
EPPSZ, TAMMY SUE                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       21205.91
ERATHZ, DARREN T                PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
ERDMANZ, KYLE ANDREW            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
ERDMANZ, PHYLLIS                INTERIM DEAN                                           147161.96
ERICKSONZ, AMY                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2887.58
ERICKSONZ, ELOYSE SANDRA        CUSTODIAN 1                                             30797.48
ERICKSONZ, HEATHER              ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        3600
ERICKSONZ, JOSHUA A             SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     1150
ERICKSONZ, KELLY L              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               28160
ERICKSONZ, LEAH MICHELLE        SERVICE WORKER I                                           82.34
ERICKSONZ, LEIF D               INSULATION WORKER                                        48289.9
ERICKSONZ, MAUREEN MCKEE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       600
ERICSSONZ, ARTHUR M             PRECEPTOR II                                               22923
ERICSSONZ, KATHERINE TERESA     INSTRUCTOR                                              31255.11
ERICSSONZ, PATRICIA             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72982.31
ERICSSONZ, SHARON               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    43050.24
ERIKSENZ, STEPHANIE L           CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            35984.88
ERIXSONZ, MICHAELA MARY         CLINICAL/MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST 1                            50568
ERLENMEYERZ, JONATHAN JAY       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       600
ERMITANOZ, RACHEL MARIE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       188.1
ERNSTZ, BETTINA HEIDI           SERVICE WORKER I                                         1386.16
ERNST-SLAVITZ, G                PROFESSOR                                               93868.28
ERVINZ, BRANDON                 STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             16981.26
ERWINZ, BROCK ADAM              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        270
ERWINZ, HEATHER J               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    14333.04
ERWINZ, JUSTIN T                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4925.25
ERWINZ, LORI JO                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38713.01
ERWINZ, TANYALEE                ASSOCIATE IN                                            49614.16
ERWINZ, TUREA Z                 DIRECTOR                                                   63000
ERWIN-SVOBODAZ, SAM J           SERVICE WORKER II                                           6435
ESCOBEDOZ, DANIEL               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        600
ESCOBEDOZ, ERMELINDO            MANAGER                                                 70735.63
ESCOBEDOZ, JUAN PABLO           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         20053.64
ESHETEZ, KALEKIDAN MELAKU       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      582.3
ESKELSENZ, ASHLEE K             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3380
ESLICKZ, CARRIE ANN             AUDITOR                                                  51393.6
ESPINOLA-ARREDONDOZ, ANA FABIOLAASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      94444.4
ESPINOSA-NAJERAZ, RENEE         RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      17734.09
ESPINOZAZ, JOSE JESUS           SERVICE WORKER II                                          12060
ESPOSITOZ, MATTHEW T            RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      32000.16
ESPYZ, NORMA D                  FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                               36145.71
ESSELBACHZ, KATHRYN MAUREEN     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3322.5
ESSERZ, AARON D                 EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                            60526.6
ESTEPZ, GREGORY DALE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1115.2
ESTESZ, DAMON D                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           49992
ESTESZ, KIMBERLY ANN            CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 2                                34194.92
ESTESZ, LISA MARIE              VETERINARY SPECIALIST 3                                    49368
ESTESZ, SENJA DARLENE           CURRICULUM ADVISOR                                         34647
ESTEYZ, JOHN-PAUL MILLER        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4032.75
ESTEYZ, MELANIE L               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     983.25
ESTOCIN-KLAIBERZ, MARY          FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                               48168
ESTRADAZ, ARMANDO               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66177.44
ESTRADAZ, JOSUE                 COORDINATOR                                             56262.63
ESVELT-KLOSZ, KATHY L           ASSOCIATE IN                                               36000
ETEMADINEJADZ, HALEH            PRECEPTOR II                                                 901
ETHERIDGEZ, HAROLD L            FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                      29125.02
ETTENHOFERZ, WILLIAM A          UTILITY WORKER 2                                        35654.56
ETZELZ, BRENT J                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        504
EUBANKSZ, AMBER MAE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2837.25
EUCKERZ, LEAH                   SERVICE WORKER II                                          787.5
EVANOFFZ, RYAN MICHAEL          PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                          30000
EVANSZ, AMANDA JEAN             PRECEPTOR I                                                   80
EVANSZ, CAMERON DAVID           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4095
EVANSZ, CHELSEA RENAE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        3123
EVANSZ, DEBRA J                 EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   42619.98
EVANSZ, DONNA JEAN              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     300.45
EVANSZ, KATHERINE M             ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                    100277.91
EVANSZ, LOGAN PRESTON           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4800
EVANSZ, LUSHA MARIE             SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    47362.56
EVANSZ, MARC A                  PROFESSOR                                               90388.08
EVANSZ, RAYMOND                 PROFESSOR                                               107723.3
EVELANDZ, JERALD MARSHALL       CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
EVENSONZ, JULIE LINN            LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                  5486.29
EVERHARTZ, JOANNE B             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      9990
EVERMANNZ, JAMES F              PROFESSOR                                               103431.6
EVERMANNZ, MAUREEN              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     48197.76
EWALDZ, DARLA JOANN             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 35511
EWESTZ, WENDY CAROL             LECTURER II                                                 5000
EWINGZ, ALICIA LYNN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    12134.5
EWINGZ, TIMOTHY WILLIAM         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   5308.8
EXCELL-REHMZ, PIERS             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     10098
EYERLYZ, DENISE SHARON          SERVICE WORKER II                                       11508.52
FABARAZ, MYRIAM MARGARITA       PRECEPTOR II                                              1387.5
FABER-HAMMONDZ, JOSHUA JAMES    PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   5373.28
FABICHZ, CATHLEEN A             FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     44665.44
FACEZ, PAIGE EILEEN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2.88
FADLERZ, MELISSA                MANAGER                                                 48093.32
FADNESSZ, RICKIE LEE            ASSISTANT MANAGER                                       55797.12
FAERBERZ, DENISE A              FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  67419.36
FAERBERZ, JOY B                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
FAGERLIEZ, DANIEL L             EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           91663.92
FAGERLIEZ, DOROTHY A            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    37023.6
FAHEEMZ, MOHAMMAD               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            22500
FAHRNERZ, JOHNATHAN RICHARD     SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     5456
FAHYZ, DEIRDRE ANNE             ASSOCIATE IN                                            42803.28
FAIELLAZ, TIM DERMOT            SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                36720
FAINIZ, RAYMOND J               EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           75599.52
FAIRBROTHERZ, DANA MARIE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1968.14
FAIRCHILDZ, RAYCHEL JOY         VETERINARY SPECIALIST 2                                    38238
FAIRLESSZ, ARYSSA JANE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2751.99
FAJARDOZ, INES                  SERVICE WORKER I                                            2650
FALCEZ, JOSH DANIEL             SERVICE WORKER I                                            2870
FALCOZ, MICHAEL STODDY          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     4800
FALCONERZ, SEAN MICHAEL         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3600
FALKZ, NICHOLE ELIZABETH        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4643.6
FALLGRENZ, RYAN ALLEN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
FALLQUISTZ, HEATHER MARIE       ASSOCIATE IN                                               18930
FANZ, XIANGJUN                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1434.72
FANGZ, CHUN                     APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        71025.54
FANGZ, HONGQING                 ADJUNCT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (NP)                           12012
FANKHAUSERZ, MICHELLE ALEXANDER LECTURER II                                                 1050
FANNINGZ, KYLE SCOTT            SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                    6189
FANUCCHIZ, LETICIA              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3489.25
FARABEEZ, CHERYL K              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           40524
FARGOZ, RICK                    SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     8372
FARICYZ, CHRISTOPHER            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     29529.62
FARLANDZ, NIKKI SAVARI          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   1888.85
FARLEYZ, BRIGIT ANN             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56693.34
FARLEYZ, TAMI MARIE             CUSTODIAN 5                                             38835.69
FARMANZ, JASON                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     32579.39
FARMERZ, ANDREA HART            DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          78990.12
FARMERZ, STEVEN SHILOH          EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 1                                     35040
FARMERIEZ, TODD A               CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            48460.32
FARNSWORTHZ, JOHN R             CUSTODIAN 1                                             29777.54
FARNSWORTHZ, KELLY D            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            97447.74
FARNSWORTHZ, RAELYNN            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            77634.72
FARRAHZ, GEORGE                 LECTURER II                                                 1200
FARRALESZ, FAYE MARIE           PRECEPTOR I                                                  500
FARRELLZ, BARBARA JO            SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
FARRELLZ, ROGER ALAN            ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 4                                   51864
FARWELLZ, DEBRA L               ASSOCIATE TRACK COACH                                   60360.17
FASNACHTZ, RACHAEL DENAE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       12.83
FASSZ, KARYN                    ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      46874.55
FASSETTZ, WILLIAM               PROFESSOR                                              157802.76
FASSLERZ, DAVID ALLEN           MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                      40524
FATEZ, ALASIA ANNE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         695
FAUBIONZ, ROBIN JOHANNSEN       INSTRUCTOR                                              13246.03
FAULKZ, ZACHARY ALAN            SERVICE WORKER II                                            280
FAULKNERZ, ED B                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             70000.08
FAUNCEZ, KENNETH                INSTRUCTOR                                              60714.12
FAUSKEZ, ERIK M                 ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     4000.05
FAUXZ, CYNTHIA                  CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            14250.06
FAYZ, CASSANDRA N               VETERINARY SPECIALIST 1                                  41324.9
FEAGINZ, JESSE LEE              SERVICE WORKER I                                            2453
FEARNZ, LINDA HELEN             STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                         67478.4
FEATHERMANZ, MAURICIO           CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                           128371.58
FEDALEZ, SCOTT V                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                               118457.24
FEELEYZ, PHELPS ELIZABETH       PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       98431.23
FEENEYZ, NANCY ANN              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      3492
FEHRSZ, GREGORY LEWIS           MANAGER                                                  65455.8
FEINZ, SUSAN M                  INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN COORDINATOR                           48000
FEJARANGZ, BRENDAN JEAN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      62.18
FEKETEZ, DONALD                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1950
FELDMANZ, JUDITH D              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1438
FELDMANZ, MAXIMILIAN JEFFREY    PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    5606.4
FELDNERZ, JANET L               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           48168
FELICEZ, CONRAD W               RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                      36363.64
FELICETTIZ, ERIN E              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   29457.25
FELICETTIZ, LAURA ANNE          POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         53572.92
FELICIANOZ, KRISTINE MAE        PRECEPTOR I                                               800.25
FELIXZ, EVAN J                  LECTURER                                                    3500
FELKERZ, JUSTIN D               DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          78960.16
FELLMANZ, JOHN                  SCIENTIST                                               93238.92
FELSOTZ, ALLAN STAN             PROFESSOR                                              112314.69
FELTZ, EDWARD WAYNE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       68.4
FELTISZ, LISA A                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       30681.96
FELVERZ, BARBARA                MANAGER                                                    79440
FELVERZ, JOSEF J                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5127.2
FEMREITEZ, JAMIE L              MICROBIOLOGIST 2                                           49768
FENGZ, GUANGLONG                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11965
FENGZ, KATEY                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1500
FENIMOREZ, SONJA RAE            IMAGING TECHNOLOGIST LEAD                                  63192
FENSKEZ, KIRSTEN ALISHA         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       17.1
FENTONZ, KURTIS LEE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4220
FEOZ, JOHN T                    LECTURER                                                    3300
FERGUSONZ, CARLA J              GRANT AND CONTRACT SPECIALIST                           45828.24
FERGUSONZ, HOLLY J              EXTENSION COORDINATOR SPECIALIST                         54938.4
FERGUSONZ, JOHN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      23803
FERGUSONZ, ROBERT C             MANAGER                                                 50084.51
FERGUSONZ, SUSAN J              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           40524
FERNANDEZZ, RHIANNON K          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        150
FERNANDEZZ, ROSA                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2371.5
FERNANDEZ-GUTIERREZZ, S A       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     5016
FERNANDEZ-PLOTKAZ, V            SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    11190.51
FERNSZ, KAREN                   PRECEPTOR I                                                  306
FERRISZ, JANA S                 COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           63677.04
FERRISZ, JENNIFER MARIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3360
FERTAKISZ, JAIME DANIEL         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2325.62
FERTAKISZ, MATTHEW JOEL         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2883.26
FERTAKISZ, STACEY M             OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                      34310
FETTERSZ, COLT FREEMAN          SERVICE WORKER I                                           64.12
FEUERSTEINZ, JOHANNA            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2470
FEYZ, DANNY E                   MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
FEYZ, JACOB                     DIRECTOR, ENERGY EXTENSION PROGR                       143307.25
FEYZ, JOSHUA RYAN               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31124.98
FEYTSERZ, LIANA A               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2134.36
FFOLLIOTTZ, KATHLEEN F          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     18785
FICHTERZ, RICHARD D             SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                    13125
FICKLINZ, STEPHEN PATRICK       ASSOCIATE IN                                            22272.75
FIDELZ, JANEAN                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    107742.96
FIDGEZ, LUKE A                  MEDIA TECHNICIAN SENIOR                                    37188
FIELDZ, DAVID P                 PROFESSOR                                               138414.6
FIELDZ, ERIC DAVID              SERVICE WORKER I                                          166.94
FIELDZ, MERRY C                 EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                           37620
FIELDZ, SAMUEL AARON            SERVICE WORKER I                                          4047.5
FIELDZ, SANDRA LYNN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      11895
FIELDZ, STEPHANIE ALLISON       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2000
FIELDINGZ, GARY ALLEN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4500
FIELDSZ, HERB A                 STATIONARY ENGINEER 1                                   22389.87
FIGGINSZ, RUSSEL M              SERVICE WORKER I                                            1440
FIGUEROAZ, FRANCISCO            FARMER 2                                                   35040
FIGUEROAZ, PABLO                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      24117.24
FIGUEROA-DOMINGUEZZ, CLAUDIA L  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      911.52
FILLERZ, JEFFREY R              INSTRUCTOR                                               7999.92
FINCHZ, JESSICA J               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2036.33
FINCHZ, MEGAN L                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3624.52
FINCHZ, MELANIE GAY             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                         41951.8
FINCHZ, NICKOL P                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            70000.56
FINCHZ, RICHARD WILLIAM         MANAGER                                                 58913.04
FINDLANZ, ERIN MARIE            LECTURER II                                              11313.5
FINDLAYZ, DENNIS R              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  26412.92
FINDLAYZ, LELA M                MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   32699.75
FINERZ, GERARD S                LECTURER                                                    4550
FINGERZ, ELEANOR F              DIRECTOR PROF ADMIN                                        92277
FINGERZ, REGINA MARIA           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         25788.85
FINKZ, ANDREW WELDON            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        430
FINKBEINERZ, JACOB              SERVICE WORKER II                                        6173.41
FINLAYSONZ, MATTHEW J           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        57018.55
FINLEYZ, KIM MARY               FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                          44995.44
FINLEYZ, SUSAN                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     89588.42
FINNZ, PAUL JAY                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            41488.64
FINNEGANZ, MICHAEL G            INSTRUCTOR                                               55585.6
FIORILLOZ, MARIE                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    10434.58
FISCHERZ, ALLISON MARIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4488.75
FISCHERZ, C J                   MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                   64740
FISCHERZ, CASSIE MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3133.32
FISCHERZ, DALE E                FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                   26667
FISCHERZ, JUSTIN T              PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       59129.04
FISCHERZ, KAREN M               EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     89440.08
FISCHERZ, PATRICIA ANN          SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       33359.58
FISCHERZ, THOMAS ROBERT         PROFESSOR                                              132818.76
FISCHERZ, VIVIANNE L            INSTRUCTOR                                              24999.03
FISCUSZ, TRICIA M               FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
FISHZ, DIANE FRANCES            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      4340
FISHERZ, EDWARD JAMES           FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              71948.64
FISHERZ, EMMOTT H               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  13602.93
FISHERZ, JAKE THOMAS            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4683
FISHERZ, MICHAEL JOSEPH         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   2363.23
FISHERZ, PHILIP ROBERT          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1920
FISHERZ, RICHARD D              SERVICE WORKER II                                         668.75
FISHERZ, TONJA W                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      40000.08
FISHERZ, VALORIE K              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                             46771.32
FISHERZ, WENDE MARIE            STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        15951.38
FISHMANZ, VALERIE M             SERVICE WORKER I                                            4896
FISKZ, KELLY                    COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                            46665.6
FISKEZ, EMMETT P                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                                92697.22
FITTSZ, JESSICA KAY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2880
FITZGERALDZ, CHRISTY            PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        46037.28
FITZGERALDZ, CYNTHIA            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      79789.3
FITZGERALDZ, DEBRA E            ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      48179.12
FITZGERALDZ, THOMAS             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           43650
FITZGERALDZ, TONIE J            STATE PROGRAM LEADER E-4                                72230.72
FLACKZ, DREW MASON              SERVICE WORKER I                                            4917
FLADLANDZ, DUANE                ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      83458.74
FLANAGANZ, CAITLIN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
FLANAGANZ, DEBRA J              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     564.32
FLANAGANZ, ERIN K               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     126.84
FLANDERSZ, STEVEN S             SERVICE WORKER I                                        10991.06
FLANIGANZ, THOMAS CASEY         SERVICE WORKER I                                             189
FLANNERYZ, MITCHEL              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     839.91
FLATHZ, AMANDA ELAINE           SERVICE WORKER I                                          448.45
FLATZZ, DENEY RYAN              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2022.08
FLEENORZ, DENNIS                PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                         67117.44
FLEETWOODZ, MICHELLE LYNN       PRECEPTOR II                                                 910
FLEISCHMANZ, SCOTT J            ROOFER                                                  43186.41
FLEMATEZ, HERMELINDA L          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3552
FLEMATEZ, HORTENCIA LUNA        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6126.63
FLEMINGZ, REBECCA G             INSTRUCTOR                                              26669.14
FLEMINGZ, SUSAN ELAINE          SUMMER APPOINTMENT FACULTY                               5933.75
FLESHERZ, DANIEL R              SERVICE WORKER I                                          5062.5
FLETCHERZ, JAMES HENRY          BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        56647.44
FLETTZ, MICHELE RENEE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4176
FLIPPENZ, JOLENE M              PRECEPTOR I                                             11460.07
FLIPPERZ, NATALIE A             TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 1                           19224.27
FLISHERZ, CURTIS PAUL           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        65369.89
FLODINZ, LINDSAY R              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
FLODINZ, NANCY LEE              MAIL CARRIER - DRIVER                                   30939.82
FLORESZ, ADRIANA M              SERVICE WORKER I                                         3711.75
FLORESZ, AMY ELIZABETH          SERVICE WORKER I                                          2821.5
FLORESZ, CHIO                   DIRECTOR                                                 87302.7
FLORESZ, CLAUDIA Z              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3090
FLORESZ, JUAN CARLOS            WASTE COLLECTOR                                         18621.42
FLORESZ, KATHERINE D            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          31131.6
FLORESZ, MALAQUIAS Q            RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      60038.36
FLORES-ESCARENOZ, MA ASUNCION   LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     1200
FLORINZ, SCOTT T                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5409.36
FLOWERZ, JUSTIN N               PRECEPTOR I                                              6625.17
FLOYDZ, CECIL R                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        79076.16
FLOYDZ, ELSON                   PRESIDENT                                              625000.08
FLUEGELZ, ERNEST J              PLANT-GROWTH FACILITIES MANAGER                          54999.6
FLUEGELZ, HEIDI ANN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1685
FLUEGELZ, SUSAN MARIE           INSTRUCTOR                                              24000.12
FLUMOZ, LILA W                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         2733.09
FLURYZ, MARKUS                  SCIENTIST                                              128308.79
FLYNNZ, ANN J                   PRECEPTOR I                                              3559.56
FLYNNZ, ELIZABETH PADILLA       LECTURER                                                    3000
FODEZ, BRIAN JAY                UTILITY WORKER 2                                           35040
FOESZ, DAVID L                  FARMER 2                                                   35040
FOITZ, FRANKLIN F               RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                       13486.2
FOLEGATIZ, PAOLA                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            22500
FOLEYZ, BRIAN PATRICK           SERVICE WORKER I                                         1757.79
FOLEYZ, KOURTNEY R              SERVICE WORKER I                                         2186.68
FOLLETTZ, KATE ROSE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      4123
FOLTZZ, JOHN RICHARD            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        717
FOLTZZ, LAUREN KAYE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        924
FORARZ, FERRIS L                FARMER 3                                                39544.64
FORARZ, MARCIE L                FARMER 2                                                21108.14
FORBESZ, ALAINA MAURA           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            29440
FORBESZ, ALEXANDRA WALKER       SERVICE WORKER I                                          328.15
FORBESZ, SUSAN KAY              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            42320.18
FORDZ, ALEXANDRA MARIE-ELLEN    ASSOCIATE IN                                             16001.7
FORDZ, BEN D                    INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                          59097.6
FORDZ, FREDERICK A              PROFESSOR                                               73773.77
FORDZ, JOSEPH D                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           36756
FORDZ, ROBERT JAMES             LECTURER                                                    7000
FORDZ, STEVEN JAMES             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
FORDZ, SUSAN E                  INSTRUCTOR                                                 16758
FORENZ, ALISON D                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   9423.2
FOREYTZ, EMILY JEAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5947.5
FOREYTZ, WILLIAM J              PROFESSOR                                              107162.16
FORGEZ, ANNA                    PRECEPTOR I                                                  554
FORREYZ, DALE M                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                              18061.5
FORSMANZ, JOSEPH C              PRECEPTOR I                                              3734.28
FORSMANZ, PIA M                 RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      18288.88
FORSTERZ, BRIAN E               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2400
FORSTERZ, SHARON C              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         31176
FORSYTHZ, MICHELLE              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62678.56
FORTIERZ, KRYSTAL LYNN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       1371
FORTINZ, JENNIFER K             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2934.99
FORTINZ, LOUIS WILLIAM          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2920
FORTMANZ, EMILY CLARA           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       280
FORTNEYZ, MARTIN ERIK           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3595.28
FORTUNAZ, ANN-MARIE             ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     70544.33
FOSLERZ, ERIN TIFFANY           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      346.5
FOSSZ, CARRIE ROBIN             EXTENSION COORDINATOR SPECIALIST                         64872.8
FOSSZ, GREGORY JAMES            CUSTODIAN 1                                             26434.57
FOSSEZ, BRITA JEANNE            SERVICE WORKER I                                          543.96
FOSTERZ, ANGIE DEUEL            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         26000.16
FOSTERZ, JAMES CARL             ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     8000.06
FOSTERZ, JUSTIN JOE             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         26619.03
FOSTERZ, KIMBERLY RAE           LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                      120
FOTHZ, ALICIA M                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  14280.91
FOTOPOULOSZ, M                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                             43113.3
FOTOPOULOSZ, STERGIOS           PROFESSOR                                              146517.53
FOUNTAINZ, ANDREA               HOUSEKEEPER (PRESIDENTS RESIDENC                        31753.74
FOUNTAINZ, KATHLEEN             LIBRARIAN 2                                             46578.14
FOUNTAINZ, STEVEN M             INSTRUCTOR                                              37668.06
FOURNIERZ, LISA RENEE           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     50763.06
FOUTSZ, JOHN D                  COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           58899.83
FOWLERZ, CAROL J                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6642
FOXZ, CASEY EDWARD              PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          57680.16
FOXZ, KIMBERLY A                PRECEPTOR I                                              7706.29
FOXZ, LAWRENCE K                SCIENTIST                                              103159.54
FOXZ, LINDA KIRK                ASSOCIATE DEAN                                         189636.08
FOXZ, RANDY J                   CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE PRO                           58656
FOXZ, ROGER WAYNE               LECTURER                                                    2600
FOXZ, SHELLEY C                 CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            92306.64
FOXZ, TRAVIS WAYNE              PRECEPTOR I                                                  450
FOYZ, DAVID                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5400
FRADDZ, ELIZABETH A             EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    38321.2
FRAIREZ, JOHN                   VICE PRESIDENT                                            210053
FRALEYZ, DUANE J                NETWORK ENGINEER/ADMINISTRATOR                          67402.56
FRAMEZ, DONALD B                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
FRAMEZ, MADISON LEA             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4106.62
FRANCHINIZ, MARIA CLARA         SERVICE WORKER I                                            4720
FRANCKZ, DEBRA JO               INSTRUCTOR                                              53919.12
FRANCOMZ, MARY E                EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   25766.76
FRANKZ, JUSTIN B                DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          37208.06
FRANKZ, LAURA LEWIS             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            71835.12
FRANKZ, ROBERT                  PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                         77000.16
FRANKZ, SHAUN DAVID             RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                 14372.62
FRANKLINZ, ELLEN CAROL          LECTURER                                                   12450
FRANKLINZ, JAMES SCOTT          SERVICE WORKER II                                        2808.78
FRANKLINZ, VICTORIA             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      2770.9
FRANSENZ, STEVEN C              ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     66799.92
FRANSSONZ, BOEL ANITA           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    100090.24
FRANZZ, MICHAEL J               BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        65020.17
FRASERZ, LEILONIE M             PRECEPTOR II                                                1503
FRASERZ, SCOTT C                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        65145.93
FRASER-ALLENZ, SHARON           INSTRUCTOR                                              24566.96
FRASUREZ, JAMES E               FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                             37740
FRAZIERZ, CATHLEEN              PRECEPTOR I                                                185.5
FRAZIERZ, JAMES N               GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        38666.82
FRAZIERZ, JOANNE M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  23574.45
FRAZIERZ, NANNA P               CUSTODIAN 1                                             30607.52
FREARZ, CRAIG STUART            ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            80014.11
FREDERICKZ, KELLY ELIZABETH     LECTURER II                                                 2600
FREDERICKZ, MARY KATHRYN        LECTURER II                                                  350
FREDERIKSENZ, LINDA JOYCE       LIBRARIAN 3                                              47138.4
FREDETTEZ, MICHELLE MARIE       LECTURER                                                   12000
FREDRICKSZ, DEBBIE A            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   38810.89
FREDRICKSZ, GARY R              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           58251.84
FREDRICKSONZ, JANE L            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          17130
FREDRICKSONZ, RICK A            TRUCK DRIVER 2                                             39516
FREDRICKSONZ, STEVE             CUSTODIAN 1                                                25259
FREEZ, JESSE LEE                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      713
FREEDZ, DAVID A                 EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    36304.1
FREEDZ, JAMES                   AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                             66658.72
FREEMANZ, ANN LUCY              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1767.02
FREEMANZ, BRENT C               MANAGER                                                 43299.49
FREEMANZ, DAWN MARIE            LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                 15256.64
FREEMANZ, JENNIFER ROSE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     911.55
FREEMANZ, MICHELE               COORDINATOR                                              22094.3
FREEMANZ, TYLER BRYAN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1269
FREEPONSZ, MARY GRACE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     235.13
FREIZ, LANETTE M                CUSTODIAN 1                                             29368.85
FREIZ, LAUREN JOEL              ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                56372.72
FREIZ, MARY JOY                 ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  51429.84
FREIERZ, KIM A                  ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      37639.44
FREINWALDZ, CLAY                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  21922.45
FREITASZ, WILLIAM               COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                              49536
FRENCHZ, BRIAN F                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     113333.6
FRENCHZ, MARK ROBERT            CUSTODIAN 3                                             35755.26
FRESONZ, TIMOTHY SCOTT          STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 1 COUNSE                        56157.36
FREYZ, DIANA YANET              PRECEPTOR I                                               998.46
FREYZ, ROBERT MICHAEL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5546
FREYMANNZ, JIM                  DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                          69178.37
FRIAS-ALVAREZZ, PATRICIA        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     10400
FRICKELZ, SCOTT                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     84372.37
FRIEDENBERGZ, LAURA ELIZABETH   PRECEPTOR II                                             4394.25
FRIEDLANDERZ, LILA E            SERVICE WORKER II                                            600
FRIEDRICHZ, ALEX BRENNEN        SERVICE WORKER I                                         1677.95
FRIELZ, PATRICK J               ASSOCIATE IN                                            42573.91
FRIELZ, TERRANCE                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31312.6
FRIENDZ, MARY E                 PRECEPTOR I                                                762.5
FRIKZ, NIKOLAY VADIMOVICH       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       900
FRITZZ, KIMBERLY KRISTEN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         80
FRITZZ, SHARON KAY              LECTURER                                                    4500
FROELICHZ, DANIEL ROBERT        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2520
FROELICHZ, JASON C              SERVICE WORKER I                                            4785
FROEMKEZ, RON A                 CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE PRO                        55691.83
FROESEZ, JANE V                 PRECEPTOR I                                              1410.64
FROSTZ, GARY D                  SERVICE WORKER II                                           9590
FROSTZ, JANET HART              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64901.62
FROSTZ, VANCE                   LECTURER II                                                 8780
FROSTZ, VICKI A                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             29671.18
FRUCCIZ, LYNN MARIE             PRECEPTOR I                                                 2545
FRUCIZ, BETHANY                 RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      30238.74
FRUHWIRTHZ, GRANT ALLEN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1164.11
FRUNZZ, JESSICA                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2656.91
FRUNZZ, LUCINDA R               SERVICE WORKER I                                          2073.8
FRYZ, AMANDA ROSE               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5966.95
FRYZ, ANDREW S                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2381.88
FRYZ, BRYAN J                   INSTRUCTOR                                              35521.79
FRYZ, JASON WAYNE               LECTURER                                                    4550
FRYZ, JENNIFER CAROL            ASSISTANT COACH                                         19972.85
FRYZ, JUSTIN W                  RESEARCH INTERN                                         19250.32
FRYZ, KELLIE                    SERVICE WORKER II                                            520
FRYZ, STEPHEN W                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           71496
FRYZ, TESSI MARIE               FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        39540
FRYEZ, DEBORAH LYNN             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33374.15
FRYEZ, LYNETTE KAYE             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         35458.57
FRYEZ, NADIA LENEVE-LUSTIG      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3315
FUZ, YA-MIN                     ASSOCIATE RESEARCH PROFESSOR                             59139.9
FUZ, YU                         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      758.4
FUCHSZ, SAM J                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2984
FUCHSZ, THOMAS JEROME           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   6026.15
FUERSTZ, EUGENE PATRICK         ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                      44137.6
FUERSTZ, PETER GERARD           ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               33000
FUESSZ, CHRISTOPHER D           APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        57510.62
FUESTONZ, PAUL LEWIS            SERVICE WORKER I                                          184.95
FUGAZZIZ, RUSSELL WADE          VETERINARY RESIDENT                                     27254.45
FUJIMOTOZ, REINA ASAKO          SERVICE WORKER III                                       1577.59
FUJIURAZ, PEARCE YOICHI         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        795
FUJIWARAZ, SUGURU               INTERNATIONAL CREDENTIAL SPECIAL                        32000.16
FULKERSONZ, ANN C               DIRECTOR INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH                        105388.39
FULLERZ, BETHANY S              PRECEPTOR II                                              2099.5
FULLERZ, BRADY TRAVIS           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2486.36
FULLERZ, DONALD R               VISITING FACULTY (SUMMER SESSION                            8822
FULLERZ, JESSE A                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      150
FULLERZ, KATHRYN R              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      8826
FULLERZ, NORA O                 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           47016
FULLERZ, RONDI L                PRECEPTOR II                                                 714
FULLMERZ, COLLEEN P             EXTENSION COORDINATOR SUPERVISOR                        38782.33
FULLMERZ, CRYSTAL J             INSTRUCTOR                                              16520.04
FULTONZ, ANNA M                 INSTRUCTOR                                              44273.64
FULTONZ, CHRISTOPHER PAUL       SERVICE WORKER I                                           136.8
FUNABIKIZ, RUTH P               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3300
FUNAIOLEZ, ANGELA MARIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1070
FUNGZ, KAREN KA-YUN             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           71496
FUNGZ, NORMAN C                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              29706.2
FUNKEZ, BRIAN                   CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   64480.08
FUNKEZ, WENDY RENEE             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58066
FUOCOZ, VINCENT ANTONIO         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      330.2
FURLONGZ, JOHN C                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           82186
FURMANZ, AVIVA                  PRECEPTOR II                                                2646
FURMANZ, GAIL C                 PROFESSOR                                              100050.32
FURMANZ, OLHA SERHIYIVNA        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         22400
FURMANZ, PATRICIA M             FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        41651.04
FUSONZ, JANINE M                PRECEPTOR I                                                 2891
FUSSELLZ, ELIZABETH             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     84084.08
FUTSEZ, JAMES EDINAM            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            28136
FYEZ, ROY A                     GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        34124.15
FYFEZ, LEON WILLIAM             RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                    35736
GABELMANNZ, DORIS L             ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     33265.61
GABELMANNZ, KAYLA L             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3005.33
GABERZ, JAMIE L                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5285
GABLEZ, JACOB TAYLOR            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5076.5
GADEKARZ, SACHIN M              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          8386.38
GAFFNEYZ, MICHAEL JOHN          ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                         71143
GAILLARDZ, JEREMY               RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      10272.73
GALBRAITHZ, ANDREW STEVEN       ASSOCIATE IN                                            25000.08
GALBRAITHZ, ANTHONY ROBERT      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     357.13
GALBRAITHZ, BETTY J             LIBRARIAN 4                                             69388.68
GALEZ, TANYA ELIZABETH          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      14867.49
GALIMBAZ, ALYSE ROCHELLE        SERVICE WORKER I                                         3891.79
GALINATOZ, GREGMAR              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     84500.64
GALINATOZ, SUZETTE              ASSOCIATE IN                                            52500.32
GALINDOZ, JOANNA                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5208.75
GALLAZ, SRAVAN KUMAR            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      604.5
GALLAGHARZ, KAREN               COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                             55752
GALLAGHERZ, ELLIOTT ROSS        SERVICE WORKER I                                           54.12
GALLAGHERZ, LINDA J             ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  45160.08
GALLAGHERZ, SIOBHAN ALMA        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3347.5
GALLAHERZ, ZACHARY REX          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5928
GALLARDOZ, ROSA KARINA          EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                   82546
GALLEGOSZ, JAMES                FARMER 2                                                   35040
GALLEGOSZ, JOSEPH MICHAEL       RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                 19532.22
GALLOZ, CHELSEA DANIELLE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       405
GALLOTTOZ, NICHOLAS ALBERT      ASSISTANT ATHLETIC TRAINER                                 36420
GALLOWAYZ, JOHN P               CUSTODIAN 3                                             34296.92
GALVANZ, JOSEFINA               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      3220.02
GALVEZZ, JOSE C                 PRECEPTOR I                                              1032.67
GALYANZ, KATHLEEN M             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   15102.5
GAMACHEZ, JULIA VIRGINIA        PRECEPTOR II                                            20700.44
GAMBINOZ, CHRISTOPHER           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3548.88
GAMBLEZ, PAUL FOSTER            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4288.8
GAMBOAZ, MAGALY CONSUELO        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        615
GAMETZ, DAVID                   SERVICE WORKER I                                         1135.51
GAMETZ, SCHADOE JEAN            SERVICE WORKER I                                          234.45
GAMETZ, SHANNA LEE              SERVICE WORKER III                                        554.32
GANZ, EMILIA                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2259.68
GANDERSZ, ADAM LAWRENCE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        31302
GANDERSZ, LAWRENCE H            DIRECTOR GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS                        123842.16
GANDINZ, ANTHONY                ASSOCIATE IN                                            25666.67
GANGZ, DAVID R                  ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                    181975.27
GANGULYZ, AMLAN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6538.4
GANJEZ, JESSICA C               SERVICE WORKER I                                            3105
GAOZ, DIFENG                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      600
GAOZ, FENG                      ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               48000
GAOZ, ZHONGCAI                  ASSOCIATE IN                                            12613.64
GAOLACHZ, BRADLEY               EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           93888.22
GARBERZ, KEVIN DANIEL           STATIONARY ENGINEER 1                                   19498.61
GARBERZ, MIRIAM J               PRECEPTOR I                                              6475.73
GARBERGZ, GASTON RICHARD        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1453.84
GARCIAZ, ALLISON J              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                                5338.2
GARCIAZ, DELIA                  PRECEPTOR II                                              2287.5
GARCIAZ, DENNIS JOSEPH          STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                       156147.12
GARCIAZ, JAIME R                PRECEPTOR I                                              3291.89
GARCIAZ, JUAN A                 EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   39187.54
GARCIAZ, JUAN ANTONIO           SERVICE WORKER II                                          332.5
GARCIAZ, JUAN J                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         7662.97
GARCIAZ, MARY H                 LECTURER                                                40009.41
GARCIAZ, MAURISIO               AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        45169.28
GARCIAZ, OSCAR                  PLANT TECHNICIAN 3                                       40354.1
GARCIAZ, PAUL A                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        51739.46
GARCIAZ, ROBIN MARIE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  10151.4
GARCIAZ, SARAI                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      229.1
GARCIAZ, TRAVIS L               SERVICE WORKER I                                          2281.5
GARCIAZ, TYLER                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         3047.13
GARCIAZ, WILLIAM L              ASSISTANT ATHLETIC TRAINER                               13657.5
GARCIAZ, YOLANDA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       9590
GARCIAZ, YOLANDA SOTO           SERVICE WORKER II                                           5222
GARCIA-CHAVEZZ, RIGOBERTO       SERVICE WORKER I                                              96
GARCIA-PABONZ, JOSE             COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           77478.14
GARCIA-PEREZZ, MANUEL           ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     96015.21
GARCIA-ROJASZ, DANIEL           SERVICE WORKER II                                       11567.53
GARDINERZ, ELIZABETH C          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1202.65
GARDINIERZ, RHONDA E            STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                42256.02
GARDNERZ, HEATHER LYNN          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        100
GARDNERZ, JOHN C                VICE PRESIDENT                                            270014
GARDNERZ, WILLARD B             DIRECTOR                                                   93600
GARGOURIZ, MAHMOUD              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            19250
GARIBAYZ, KARINA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        950
GARIKIPATIZ, DILIP KUMAR        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      31818.35
GARITANOZ, TERRY J              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
GARLZ, STEPHEN R                ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      59726.71
GARLICKZ, TODD F                INSTRUCTOR                                              40548.06
GARNERZ, GARY GENE              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3962
GARNERZ, KASSANDRA JAZMINE      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3940
GARNERZ, PHILIP P               PROFESSOR                                               114399.9
GARNICAZ, RANDI L               CUSTODIAN 1                                             15851.51
GAROFALOZ, JOHN PAUL            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     77400.63
GARRELTSZ, TRICIA               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       27616.43
GARREPYZ, SCOTT                 DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                      108891
GARRETTZ, KAREN L               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSULT                           61104
GARRETTZ, MARCIA EVELYN         EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                       122904
GARRISONZ, MARK WILLIAM         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    107276.88
GARTSTEINZ, MARIA               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     54555.03
GARVEYZ, MARY E                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        25792.54
GARWOODZ, MARISSA KATHRYN       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2005.07
GARZAZ, BALTASAR V              SERVICE WORKER I                                         4604.25
GARZAZ, JACQUELINE Q            SERVICE WORKER I                                          866.21
GARZAZ, RAUL G                  FARMER 3                                                   37356
GARZAZ, ROBERTO                 STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                              4090.91
GARZAZ, VICTORINO               FARMER 4                                                   41212
GASHZ, MARILYSA MARIE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5851.65
GASHZ, TRICIA D                 OFFSET PRINTER OPERATOR LEAD                               39516
GASHZ, WAYNE C                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2500
GASKINSZ, CHARLES T             PROFESSOR                                               22035.12
GASKINSZ, FELICIA               ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                                   93600
GASSZ, GARY P                   CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
GASTZ, DOUGLAS                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60479.25
GATESZ, BRIAN JOHN              CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            92438.16
GATESZ, BRITTANY CHELAN         PRECEPTOR I                                                  900
GATESZ, GORDON S                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     76497.83
GATESZ, JEFFREY ROBERT          SERVICE WORKER II                                            433
GATESZ, STEVEN WAYNE            SHEET METAL MECHANIC                                     48393.4
GATEWOODZ, LAEL E               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
GAUGHANZ, THERESA R             INSTRUCTOR                                                  6009
GAUTHIERZ, DAWN N               DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 48120.96
GAVINOZ, GENESIS                CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  35004.24
GAYZ, ELIZABETH A               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1671.53
GAYZ, JOHN MILES                ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     99539.04
GAYZ, JOHN PATRICK              WASTE COLLECTOR                                         40024.75
GAYZ, RICHARD RODDA             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       400
GAYLORDZ, DAVID R               PROFESSOR                                                77504.4
GAYLORDZ, RHONDA LYNN           LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        30393.12
GAYNORZ, WILLIAM GREGORY        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       19610.22
GAZZARDZ, ZACHARY W             SERVICE WORKER I                                             144
GECASZ, BEN T                   SERVICE WORKER II                                         468.15
GECASZ, JAMILEE D               HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                               50000.16
GEEZ, CRYSTAL A                 SERVICE WORKER I                                            17.1
GEHRINGZ, AARON EVAN            SERVICE WORKER II                                         282.88
GEHRINGZ, LISA MICHELLE         ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      88314.16
GEHRINGZ, RYAN JOSEPH           ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN SUPERVISO                        51386.94
GEHRZZ, ANDREA LAUREL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   1473.75
GEIGERZ, KIRSTEN D              PRECEPTOR I                                               217.39
GEISSLERZ, JOSHUA GLENN         SERVICE WORKER II                                         188.21
GEMINIZ, RICHA                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5539.2
GENOVERSAZ, DON J               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        680
GENTRYZ, CYNTHIA LYNN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      827.9
GENZZ, ALAN C                   PROFESSOR                                               80871.66
GEORGEZ, ADAM C                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      787.5
GEORGEZ, ANDREW MAXWELL         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4813.85
GEORGEZ, HOLLY J                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3468.75
GEORGEZ, MATTHEW C              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     145.35
GEORGEZ, SHARON ROSE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4361.52
GEORGEZ, TOMMY JAMES            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2370
GEORGESZ, JACLYN M              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         29224
GEPNERZ, LORETTA G              CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  41600.16
GEPPERTZ, DAVID R               CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
GERASIMOVAZ, YULIYA P           PRECEPTOR I                                               706.41
GERBERZ, JOHNATHAN LUKE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  15193.77
GERBERZ, LYDIA                  SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       38184.57
GERBERZ, MELODY A               VETERINARY SPECIALIST 3                                 49403.46
GERDEMANZ, BEVERLY              ASSOCIATE IN                                             52233.3
GERDEMANZ, DIEDRE WREN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                         30
GERDESZ, MATTHEW J              SERVICE WORKER III                                           168
GERLICKZ, ROBERT EDWARD         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5049.2
GERMANZ, LESLIE LYNN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    8383.5
GERMANZ, PAUL T                 SERVICE WORKER II                                         6687.5
GERRITZENZ, LEIF R              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3510
GERTSEVAZ, ARINA                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      42900.24
GESSAMANZ, CHRISTA MARIE        SERVICE WORKER I                                         1477.76
GESSERZ, JASON J                PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
GETCHIUSZ, WILL ROBERT          SERVICE WORKER II                                        2875.02
GETZINZ, ERIN NICOLE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      1408
GEURDENZ, WIM L                 DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                          80271.91
GEWANTZ, DARREN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6528
GHANEZ, TALIEH                  INSTRUCTOR                                               5001.39
GHARASHIZ, SEYED EBRAHIM        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5309.5
GIARELLIZ, ANDREW L             LECTURER                                                12600.03
GIBBONSZ, AARON GARTH           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      136.8
GIBBONSZ, DONALD EMMETT         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       477.3
GIBBSZ, DIANA LEE               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         32954.91
GIBBSZ, PAULA MARIE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                         75
GIBNEYZ, DAVID A                COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          58511.28
GIBSONZ, AMY NICHOLE            PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          48884.16
GIBSONZ, ANNA ELISE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3947.5
GIBSONZ, GORDON D               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2569
GIBSONZ, JULIA                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       120
GIBSONZ, KENNETH D              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
GIBSONZ, MARK                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      89769.8
GIBSONZ, ROBERT CARL            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      7150
GIBSONZ, WILLIAM T              STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        68000.13
GIDENZ, SHIRLEY C               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           43572
GIERZ, KYLE                     PRECEPTOR I                                               5447.5
GIERKEZ, GENEVIEVE E            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4500
GIERMANNZ, NATHAN REID          SERVICE WORKER I                                          129.53
GIESZ, RICHARD ALLEN            LECTURER                                                   10962
GIESENZ, BRITTANY R             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     502.31
GIESKEZ, MARY                   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         36996
GIFFORDZ, ELIZABETH             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        33323.48
GIGOTZ, JESSICA                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4702.08
GILBERTZ, DUSTIN C              CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 19698.96
GILBERTZ, JOHN W                PARKING GUIDE                                           41342.74
GILBREATHZ, DORTHEA             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           67254
GILBREATHZ, MICHAEL             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        59710.51
GILCHRISTZ, DIANE L             SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    41318.02
GILCHRISTZ, KARIN LEE           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      34590
GILEZ, JILLIAN P                RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                  8950.66
GILESZ, DENNIS L                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 4                                  68748.12
GILESZ, ROBERTA LOVE            LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           42998
GILESZ, TYREL                   SERVICE WORKER I                                          3856.5
GILLZ, JASPREET                 PRECEPTOR I                                                 1147
GILLZ, KULVINDER                SCIENTIST                                               168193.2
GILLZ, STEVEN J                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSULT                        65473.08
GILLZ, SUSAN                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    118634.58
GILLZ, UPINDER SINGH            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4464.64
GILLESZ, MARY METZ              LIBRARIAN 4                                             79857.36
GILLESPIEZ, LOLA MAY            FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                                 46800
GILLINGHAMZ, ERIN M             INSTRUCTOR                                               54305.4
GILLISZ, ROBIN LEE              PRECEPTOR II                                                 264
GILLSZ, SHANITA SHERELL         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                    15020.26
GILMANZ, KATHY IREEN            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         22914.24
GINOZAZ, AYANO                  SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   6007.33
GIOVANETTIZ, RAFAEL BERNARDES   CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1314.56
GIOVANNINIZ, CARRIE             COORDINATOR                                             34384.56
GIPEZ, JESSICA MARIE            PRECEPTOR I                                                 1620
GIRARDEAUZ, LAURA E             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1712.55
GIRIZ, ASWINI                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         27700.78
GIRIZ, DIVYA                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4288.8
GIRNUSZ, KATHLEEN RENEE         INSTRUCTOR                                              29028.73
GITONGAZ, AMOS KOOME            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1176
GITTESZ, FREDERICK              CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            56665.44
GIULIANIZ, RITA                 ASSOCIATE IN                                               31408
GJERDEZ, JILL MARISSA           LECTURER II                                              2227.26
GLAESMANZ, SHERI M              SERVICE WORKER II                                          986.7
GLASERZ, KAY ANN                DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 50766.15
GLASERZ, ROBERT DALE            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        73890.96
GLASGOWZ, JOANNE M              PRECEPTOR I                                              6138.13
GLASSZ, JENNY R                 EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   46103.76
GLASSZ, JERRY EDWARD            SERVICE WORKER I                                         2216.27
GLASSZ, KEVIN A                 LECTURER                                                   15550
GLASSMANZ, DIANA R              ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              42656.81
GLATTFELDERZ, ERICA             PRECEPTOR II                                                 600
GLAWEZ, DEAN ALVIN              SCIENTIST                                               116601.6
GLEASONZ, GAIL I                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    50495.16
GLEASONZ, SIDRA S               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       46200
GLEICHWEITHZ, ANDREA            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                        60150
GLOSSZ, LISA M                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    104305.92
GLOVERZ, GRETA                  ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        3600
GLYNNZ, MARIE                   CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            57623.89
GOATESZ, SCOTT ANTHONY          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
GOBELZ, SYLVIA LUZ              PRECEPTOR                                               22152.54
GODDARDZ, GINA EVADNE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1795.57
GODINEZZ, DAVID LEE             SERVICE WORKER I                                         7955.91
GODINEZZ, GRISELDA C            SERVICE WORKER I                                            4420
GODINEZZ, MIGUEL A              SERVICE WORKER I                                         2500.88
GODOYZ, JAMIE S                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     21289.97
GODSEYZ, AMYE RENAE             SERVICE WORKER III                                       2494.85
GOEKEZ, RACHEL                  INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         11149.75
GOEPFERTZ, KENNETH              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        29332.43
GOETZZ, SUMMER                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      37440
GOINSZ, NICOLE RENE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1102.5
GOLDZ, CARYL                    ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  41495.01
GOLDBERGERZ, JESSICA            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     88832.88
GOLDMANZ, PAUL                  CLINICAL PROFESSOR                                      62307.71
GOLDYZ, ANDREA LYNNE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3755.01
GOLERZ, ADAM SCOTT              PRECEPTOR I                                                  531
GOLINOZ, ROOSEVELT PAZ          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2504.25
GOLLAPUDIZ, SAMPATH K           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    12510
GOLLEHONZ, RONDA                EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    14732.5
GOLLNICKZ, MARGARET             RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST SUPERVISOR                          9676.1
GOLOBZ, CHARLES T               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST SUPERVISOR                        51864.23
GOLTERZ, PAUL BRIAN             INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                            57377.61
GOMES-DA-SILVAZ, MARTA          ASSOCIATE IN                                            27446.09
GOMEZZ, ERIM                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4350
GOMEZZ, GUADALUPE               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    44071.93
GOMEZZ, KARLY                   PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     42579.72
GOMEZZ, MANUEL                  CUSTODIAN 3                                                29587
GOMEZZ, MARION G                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     9399.5
GOMEZZ, SONIA M                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         4667.25
GOMULKIEWICZZ, RICHARD STEPHEN  PROFESSOR                                              103392.53
GONCHUKZ, LILIYA                PRECEPTOR I                                                 3020
GONENCZ, BERK                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2864
GONGZ, MING                     RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       5338.55
GONTIJOZ, LESSANDO MOREIRA      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      7936
GONZALESZ, BENJAMIN             INSTRUCTOR                                              42336.23
GONZALESZ, TANYA ANA            PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                36631.68
GONZALEZZ, ALMA L               SERVICE WORKER I                                          9587.6
GONZALEZZ, ELOY R               PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                              93967.02
GONZALEZZ, ENRIQUE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      26579
GONZALEZZ, HILDA                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     22325.62
GONZALEZZ, ISMAEL               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1345.5
GONZALEZZ, JESUS                SERVICE WORKER I                                              96
GONZALEZZ, JONATHAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2494.37
GONZALEZZ, JULIA M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
GONZALEZZ, LENNY A              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        296
GONZALEZZ, MARY B               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38759.17
GONZALEZZ, ROSA M               RESEARCH STUDY COORDINATOR LEAD                          6534.52
GONZALEZZ, TYLER R              SERVICE WORKER I                                            3537
GOOCHZ, ANN MARIE               MANAGER                                                 58528.59
GOODZ, SARAH E                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6683.95
GOODELLZ, JILLIAN NICOLE        SERVICE WORKER II                                          262.5
GOODINGZ, BRIANNE KAY           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      994.5
GOODMANZ, MELISSA               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      58989.3
GOODRICHZ, DAWN E               PRECEPTOR I                                              7870.66
GOODRICHZ, REBECCA M            SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       36484.79
GOODSONZ, JASON                 ASSISTANT COACH                                         45612.34
GOODSTEINZ, JERRY               PROFESSOR                                              126075.78
GOODWILLZ, CAITLIN M-F          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        68.4
GOODWINZ, KARA ELIZABETH        PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   2655.24
GOOLDZ, KRISTOFER KIM           STATIONARY ENGINEER 1                                   56448.44
GOOLSBYZ, AMANDA JANE           PRECEPTOR I                                              1428.33
GOOSEZ, DAVID JOHN              ELECTRICIAN - HIGH VOLTAGE                              37066.57
GOPLINZ, TAMI                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      693.01
GORDILLOZ, LUZ-MARIA            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66838.99
GORDONZ, ANDREW M               EXTENSION COORDINATOR SPECIALIST                        61845.93
GORDONZ, CAITLIN ROSE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      460.25
GORDONZ, CAROLYN W              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   16062.31
GORDONZ, GERALD L               DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                          82632.04
GORDONZ, KELLI ANN              PRECEPTOR I                                              1741.68
GORDONZ, LYNN MARTHA            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      67860.5
GORDONZ, MICHELLE Z             MANAGER                                                 53659.92
GORDONZ, SIMON ALAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5760
GORENCEZ, GALEN J               ANIMAL CARE FACILITY MANAGER                            50685.42
GORENCEZ, TRISHA M              SERVICE WORKER I                                             143
GORHAMZ, JOHN R                 SCIENTIST                                               10280.64
GORMANZ, CASSANDRA ANN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       72.68
GORMANZ, THERESA A              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         34844.64
GORMLEYZ, MARY ELLEN            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        30679
GORTONZ, DANIEL L               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 4                                  61103.34
GOSPODINOVICHZ, AMY E           SERVICE WORKER II                                           1150
GOSSZ, CHESSA ANN               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1800
GOSSARDZ, JEFFREY R             DIRECTOR                                                61980.24
GOSSARDZ, MARCIA NADINE         COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                                22173
GOSSELINZ, SHARON E             ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                   46516.8
GOTCHZ, CHAD M                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3798
GOTCHZ, JACLYN CAROL            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4635
GOTHARDZ, JULIANNA              PLANT TECHNICIAN 2                                      38556.24
GOTTSCHALKZ, MARK               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     509.64
GOUCHERZ, CANDICE               PROFESSOR                                              105870.56
GOUCHERZ, CHARLES LOWELL        COOK 2                                                  33423.81
GOUGHZ, JERRY B                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     47747.93
GOUGHNOURZ, ISAIAH ROBERT       SERVICE WORKER II                                           2415
GOUGHNOURZ, ROBERT BLAKE        RESEARCH INTERN                                         33431.76
GOUHIER-DEFONTENAYZ, LOUIS      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3200
GOURLEYZ, DANNY J               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    25501.01
GOURLEYZ, EUGENE W              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31810.3
GOURLEYZ, SARAH CATHERINE       SERVICE WORKER I                                         2065.88
GOVERZ, HARVEY                  LIBRARIAN 3                                             56654.16
GOWENZ, JERRY MICHAEL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2496
GRAAUWMANSZ, MAARTJE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1900
GRABER-HONEYWELLZ, A            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    12889.5
GRABILLZ, BRANDON JAMES         SERVICE WORKER I                                          3452.1
GRABILLZ, TAMMIE LEE            VETERINARY SPECIALIST 1                                 42547.82
GRACAZ, TELMO G-H               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1601.28
GRACIANOZ, LACI M               SECRETARY                                               11388.77
GRACIANOZ, TIMOTHY ALAN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
GRAFZ, CLINT                    MANAGER                                                 59638.26
GRAFZ, DELLA J                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3146
GRAFZ, GEORGE T                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      14310
GRAFZ, GWENDOLYN COLLEEN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1194.63
GRAFZ, SCOTT A                  SERVICE WORKER I                                             620
GRAHAMZ, JASON RICHARD          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4357.84
GRAHAMZ, JERRAD W               ELECTRICIAN                                                48168
GRAHAMZ, JESSICA LYNN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2894.25
GRAHAMZ, KATHERINE M            LECTURER II                                                 4995
GRAMMERZ, JEAN CARR             PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                          72226
GRAMMERZ, LESTER C              INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             72421.44
GRANATSTEINZ, DAVID             AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                             78251.92
GRANBYZ, CHERYL DIANNE          LECTURER                                                17333.38
GRANGERZ, KEITH R               MANAGER                                                 55000.08
GRANIERIZ, NOAH                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4299.93
GRANTZ, DEVON ASIA              COORDINATOR                                             53014.29
GRANTZ, IVY L                   SUMMER APPOINTMENT FACULTY                               4184.48
GRANTZ, JERRI SUE               STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                47325.92
GRANTZ, MARK C                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48839.63
GRANTHAMZ, MAKENZIE LEIGH       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     716.08
GRANTHAMZ, WALTER J             PROFESSOR                                               17497.26
GRASSOZ, KEN                    CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5595.79
GRATEZ, MARGARET T              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      10465
GRAUMANZ, DALE                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      391.5
GRAVELZ, STACY LYNN             FACILITIES DRAFTING TECHNICIAN 2                        33879.43
GRAVESZ, CAROL L                SERVICE WORKER II                                         617.63
GRAVESZ, SARAH I                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   13513.5
GRAYZ, ADAM JOSEPH              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1976
GRAYZ, ARDEN                    FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              52678.18
GRAYZ, CINDY J                  PATIENT SERVICES SUPERVISOR                             57514.12
GRAYZ, CYNTHIA                  LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     2145
GRAYZ, JOHN M                   CUSTODIAN 1                                                28349
GRAYZ, JOSHUA SUMNER            SERVICE WORKER I                                         2657.58
GRAYZ, KELSEY                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     37430
GRAYZ, PETER MORGAN             RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                    41508
GRAYZ, SHEILA L                 EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                              50640
GRAYZ, STEVEN PHILLIP           FLOORLAYER                                              44283.57
GRAYZ, WILLIAM H                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                               119235.33
GRAYZ, WILLIAM J                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            59999.94
GRAYBEALZ, KAORI LYNN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        441
GRAYDONZ, PENELOPE JANE         CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 49531.13
GREANEYZ, MARIA L               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           40560
GREENZ, AMBER SUZAN             SERVICE WORKER I                                         2131.09
GREENZ, BARRY DANIEL            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11575
GREENZ, DONNA L                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
GREENZ, KIMBERLY A              LEARNING DESIGN CONSULTANT                              53190.09
GREENZ, MICHELLE MARY           LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           36756
GREENZ, MISTY ANN               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      669.67
GREENZ, TONIA                   RESEARCH INTERN                                          5666.72
GREEN-TAYLORZ, ELIZABETH A      PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   21011.2
GREENBERGZ, PATRICIA ANN        INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            16803
GREENBERGZ, ROBERT R            PROFESSOR                                              128082.84
GREENEZ, JOANNE L               ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      71150.16
GREENEZ, SEAN MICHAEL           DIRECTOR                                                85750.08
GREENEZ, STEPHEN A              PROFESSOR                                               116816.4
GREENEZ, TIMOTHY E              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    18637.5
GREENFIELDZ, BRUCE M            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     22830
GREENWOODZ, CELESTE N           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         35808.92
GREENWOODZ, DAVID A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     37267.87
GREENWOODZ, RACHELLE LYNNE      RESEARCH INTERN                                         20688.21
GREERZ, LORI JEAN               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       2923.54
GREERZ, SARAH L                 INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                  58239.36
GREESONZ, JULIA                 MANAGER                                                 60961.56
GREGGZ, JACLYN K                CASHIER 2                                               34765.45
GREGGZ, JOSHUA L                GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        35073.56
GREGGAINZ, ELIZABETH MARIE      LECTURER                                                   30000
GREGGAINZ, JOEL M               RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                       7851.45
GREGOIREZ, YANY                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67624.89
GREGORYZ, BRITTINEY T           ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     26674.57
GREGORYZ, DANIEL WAYNE          RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                        3513.9
GREGORYZ, HELEN E               ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  46000.32
GREGORYZ, LARRY                 INSTRUCTOR                                              30500.06
GREGORYZ, MATTHEW               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4071.43
GREGORYZ, NEIL                  COORDINATOR                                             31848.58
GREGORYZ, STEVEN R              GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        20739.61
GREGORYZ, VALOREE LYNN          DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    91502.16
GREGORYZ, WAYNE ERIC            MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                 53635.1
GREILINGZ, SUE ANN              LECTURER                                                 3999.98
GREISENZ, MARIE MANUELA         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       62.08
GRENIER-WINTHERZ, JOAN          PROFESSOR                                               80580.41
GREY-SILVAZ, K                  STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             38551.56
GRIDLEYZ, KIMBERLIE J           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3739.5
GRIECHENZ, DARRIN               CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            50000.04
GRIERZ, COLIN F                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56282.04
GRIESARZ, WILLIAM S             ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    25000.04
GRIFFINZ, BRENDA ROSELLE        MANAGER                                                  53164.8
GRIFFINZ, JILL C                ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  73000.08
GRIFFINZ, KAYLA M               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1485
GRIFFINZ, MONTE J               CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                  71964.51
GRIFFINZ, RUDISTKY JAMES        PRECEPTOR II                                                7000
GRIFFINZ, SUZANNE MARIE         PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                      159716.54
GRIFFINZ, TAMARA N              SERVICE WORKER I                                          3334.5
GRIGARZ, RUDYNE M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      78090.6
GRIGSBYZ, EILEEN YEANDEL        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2757.39
GRILLOZ, MARK LOUIS             CONTROL TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR                           61385.66
GRIMESZ, BARBARA J              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      157.5
GRIMESZ, BENJAMIN JAMES         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     356.25
GRIMESZ, DAVID WINN             FIRE CHIEF                                                 66420
GRIMESZ, HOWARD DEAN            VICE PRESIDENT                                            218421
GRIMMZ, AMANDA L                SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    14024.99
GRIMMZ, KENT MICHAEL            DRAFTING TECHNICIAN 2                                      39200
GRIMSRUDZ, LUCAS ALAN           SERVICE WORKER I                                         4671.44
GRINTERZ, IAN LUCAS             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  5807.75
GRIPZ, DANA RICHARDSON          LECTURER II                                              2227.26
GRIPZ, HAVARD FJAER             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            16000
GRISMERZ, BREANNA L             PRECEPTOR I                                              1054.91
GRISWOLDZ, JODI                 PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       32445.12
GRISWOLDZ, MICHAEL D            REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     256679.66
GRISWOLDZ, REBECCA              FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              48862.56
GRIVICKASZ, PAULIUS             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      52994.61
GRODZKI-MOTAZ, MARIA DEL-CARMEN TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        300
GROENZ, BRIELLE NICOLE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1588.17
GROENENDALEZ, DANIEL            ASSOCIATE IN                                            56404.43
GROENENDALEZ, GEOFFREY M        SERVICE WORKER I                                        12279.38
GROGANZ, ALONZO MERLIN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3039.05
GROMOFFZ, BRIAN                 COORDINATOR                                                36000
GRONEWALDZ, ELISE DANIELLE      SERVICE WORKER II                                          23.51
GRONEWALDZ, SCOTT ALMON         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      546.1
GROOMZ, TAWNA M                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         4592.97
GROOTZ, TRISTAN JEANETTE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    8427.68
GROPPZ, LAWRENCE E              FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              75000.24
GROPPZ, PATTY JEAN              ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                       63522.6
GROSSZ, ANDREW                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2767.5
GROSSZ, BARBARA ANN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5000
GROSSZ, NICOLE MARIE            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3938.83
GROSSZ, SHAWN EDWARD            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1491.75
GROSZZ, JAMES G                 SERVICE WORKER II                                       22362.75
GROUTZ, LEAH JOY                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        4635
GROVEZ, GARY G                  DIRECTOR                                               119508.43
GROVEZ, NICOLE R                SERVICE WORKER I                                        11702.25
GROVERZ, PATRICIA A             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4203.75
GROWZ, JESSE DAKOTA             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      77.28
GROWDONZ, KRISTINE E            ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      105857.4
GRUBBZ, AURALEE CLAIRE          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          33212
GRUBBZ, TAMARA LEA              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            99576.16
GRUBBSZ, BRENDA S               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     51192.55
GRUENZ, JASON                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62899.56
GRUENENFELDERZ, NICOLAS J       SERVICE WORKER I                                         4725.09
GRUNEWALDZ, NANCY J             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     28917.12
GRUNEWALDZ, RICHARD             MANAGER                                                  70079.1
GUZ, YI                         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     68673.06
GUADAGNOLIZ, BENJAMIN           SERVICE WORKER I                                            3840
GUADARRAMAZ, NEFHTALY           SERVICE WORKER I                                           29.33
GUANZ, YINGZHU                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4560
GUENERONZ, MYLENE               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3200
GUENTHERZ, BRADFORD             STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   58543.08
GUENTHERZ, DEAN R               COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                           68467.9
GUENTHERZ, MARY S               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       17404.88
GUERRAZ, DANIEL JOHN            ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               32500
GUERRAZ, MARIA G                ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    40114.36
GUERRAZ, NEUSA M                ASSOCIATE IN                                            32633.04
GUERRAZ, VALERIA M              PRECEPTOR I                                                  462
GUERRAZ, VICTORIA M             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5923.12
GUERREROZ, CHRISTINA ELENA      PRECEPTOR II                                                1225
GUERREROZ, ELIZABETH            LECTURER II                                                12036
GUERREROZ, LISA                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56308.37
GUERREROZ, LUIS M               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1032
GUESTZ, BRIAN RICHARD           CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      49409.37
GUETTINGERZ, DORRI L            FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  60407.79
GUEVARAZ, ELIDA                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       163.2
GUIDINGERZ, TREVOR GLENN        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      904.17
GUIDOZ, VIRGINIA                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    114180.05
GUILLENZ, FAUSTO JR-III         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      384.92
GUILLENZ, MARTIN                STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                   41916
GUILLORYZ, JEFFREY P            DIRECTOR                                                   66456
GUINNZ, WILLIAM C               SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                    5160
GUIZARZ, REBECCA                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          22673.9
GUJJARLAPUDIZ, GEETHA           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1586.26
GULAMZ, CASSANDRA ANTICA        INSTRUCTOR                                              20500.02
GULBRANDSENZ, COLIN ROSS        COOK 2                                                  34351.59
GULBRANDSENZ, ERICA CAITLIN     SERVICE WORKER I                                         3060.22
GULICKZ, JEFF                   CARPENTER                                                  43572
GUNAWIDJAJAZ, RAY               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            48700
GUNDERSENZ, BABETTE             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        47016.23
GUNDERSONZ, DAVID E             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     82830.42
GUNDERSONZ, KATE JEAN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        590
GUNDERSONZ, MARGARET ANNE       PRECEPTOR I                                                 2088
GUNSELMANZ, CHERYL              LIBRARIAN 3                                             53587.92
GUNTHERZ, KEITH A               CUSTODIAN 3                                              35617.2
GUOZ, HONG                      SERVICE WORKER I                                         1957.69
GUOZ, SHAOTONG                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3574
GUOZ, YI JIANG                  CUSTODIAN 3                                             34329.76
GUPTAZ, YOGENDRA M              REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     247177.82
GUPTILLZ, PAMELA JO             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
GURCANZ, KAHRAMAN               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          2916.68
GUROCAKZ, BERAT HAKAN           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    139591.58
GURSOYZ, DOGAN                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    125330.37
GUSEZ, MARLENE E                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     40031.04
GUSTZ, MARION C                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     11697
GUSTAFSONZ, KERRY NICOLE        ASSISTANT ATHLETIC TRAINER                              38420.16
GUSTAVSONZ, NORMAN              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   7312.45
GUTHAZ, LINGA REDDY             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      34817.87
GUTHMILLERZ, BRIAN L            COOK 2                                                  36475.53
GUTIERREZZ, DAVID RUIZ          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2800
GUTIERREZZ, ESTEBAN M           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   34475.28
GUTIERREZZ, KRISTY R            CURRICULUM ADVISOR                                      30947.73
GUTIERREZZ, LINO NOE            STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                         9734.28
GUTIERREZ-MORFINZ, YVETTE J     PRECEPTOR I                                               1407.9
GUTTMANZ, ERICA S               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   44778.26
GUTTORMSENZ, GUNNAR GENE        LECTURER II                                              3331.25
GUYZ, EMILY ROSE                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       75.81
GUYZ, STEPHEN O                 EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                               110000.16
GUYERZ, ALAINA B                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      14015
GUYERZ, ALLEN PAUL              COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                           81586.8
GUYOZ, GALGALO                  SERVICE WORKER III                                        4086.5
GUYTONZ, JULIE                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   36035.52
GWINZ, DAVONA J                 LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                   6016.5
GWINZ, TONI ROSE                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           52131.36
GWINNZ, LINDA C                 LECTURER                                                 8165.98
GWINNZ, MICHAEL DOUGLAS         MANAGER                                                 11363.93
HAZ, SU                         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     82219.71
HAALANDZ, KAY E                 AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                             49236.59
HAARSMAZ, SARAH JEAN            LECTURER                                                12500.08
HAASZ, JORDEN W                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        650
HAASZ, KEVIN JAMES              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        54792
HAASZ, RITA                     ASSISTANT TO                                            60299.27
HAASEZ, URSULA JOAN             SERVICE WORKER I                                         2191.79
HABERZ, STEVEN HENRY            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        165
HABERMANZ, ANGELA DAYLE         EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      32130
HABERMANZ, DEBORAH              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    40346.46
HABERMANZ, MELVIN R             PROFESSOR                                              116099.91
HABIBZ, DOUGLAS F               INSTRUCTOR                                               9579.62
HACKLANDERZ, MARLA              ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                   38123.6
HACKLINZ, BRENDA J              SERVICE WORKER I                                         5447.71
HACKWORTHZ, ANTHONY M           SERVICE WORKER I                                          341.88
HADWIGERZ, LEE A                SCIENTIST                                               86124.72
HAENDIGESZ, JAMES ALAN          LECTURER II                                                 1890
HAENDIGESZ, STACEY M            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   5714.5
HAFERZ, COLLEEN MARIE           CUSTODIAN 1                                                25259
HAFERKAMPZ, SILVIA              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          8398.08
HAFFORDZ, LOIS ELIZABETH        PRECEPTOR I                                              2384.82
HAGANZ, ROBERT EARL             PRECEPTOR I                                              2099.93
HAGBERGZ, KELLY                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5390.4
HAGEDORNZ, KATHRYN J            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              40524.24
HAGELGANZZ, CHERYL RENE         FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  57327.84
HAGELGANZZ, DAVID J             INSTRUCTOR                                              19246.45
HAGELINZ, ANDERS B              SERVICE WORKER III                                          6836
HAGEMEISTERZ, JACK R            SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       94724.05
HAGEMEYERZ, NICOLE LEE          VETERINARY SPECIALIST 1                                  12477.2
HAGENZ, EDWARD H                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     73597.23
HAGENZ, KATHLEEN G              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  64495.83
HAGEN-ZAKARISONZ, S             AREA FINANCE/ADMINISTRATIVE OFFI                        19794.85
HAGERZ, RYAN NICHOLAS           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      73.24
HAGEYZ, RACHELLE M              SERVICE WORKER I                                         2878.47
HAGIHARAZ, DWIGHT E             DIRECTOR                                                 97985.2
HAGINSZ, BONNIE R               LECTURER II                                               1767.3
HAGLINZ, DAVID                  LECTURER                                                    3300
HAHNZ, DEREK JORDAN-STEELE      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
HAHNZ, LAURA DAWN               CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            67963.71
HAIJAZ, RAMMY M                 ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    21000.06
HALDARZ, SANCHITA               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4864
HALDEMANZ, NICKOLAS IAN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    954.5
HALDORSONZ, GARY J              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                           107324.87
HALESZ, DAVID G                 ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              71301.73
HALEYZ, KANIKA D                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4335.75
HALEYZ, LYNNE TERESE            DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                     94614.3
HALEYZ, MATTHEW GORDON          SERVICE WORKER I                                            3645
HALEYZ, PATRICIA ANN            FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        40986
HALFADAYZ, TROY LEN             PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
HALFORDZ, RUTH ANN              BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        56000.16
HALLZ, BREANA DANAE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    2362.5
HALLZ, BRIAN                    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        29810.63
HALLZ, CHRISTOPHER C            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5335.2
HALLZ, DAVID B                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    376.25
HALLZ, GEOFFREY                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2335
HALLZ, JANIS LYNN               MANAGER                                                 85227.79
HALLZ, KARLA B                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         30746
HALLZ, KRISTEN MARIE            PRECEPTOR I                                                 1200
HALLZ, KRISTY C                 ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                   18175.6
HALLZ, LESLIE D                 CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            65431.03
HALLZ, SHAWN CHRISTON           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    371.89
HALLZ, STEPHEN DALE             CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   61907.04
HALLZ, STEPHEN P                PRECEPTOR II                                             4000.02
HALLZ, TIERNEY MAE              SERVICE WORKER I                                         4888.98
HALLAGANZ, WILLIAM S            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56520.32
HALLDORSONZ, MATTHEW MAGNUS     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4560
HALLERZ, ISABEL ERIN            INSTRUCTOR                                              30164.37
HALLSTEDZ, CHARLES              ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      70043.76
HALLSTRANDZ, RICARDA D          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      6000
HALSEYZ, JOAN MARDEL            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38244
HALSTEADZ, HEIDE A              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1485
HALSTEADZ, JEFFREY S            LECTURER II                                              3281.25
HALVERSONZ, RACHEL J            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67399.18
HAMZ, CONNIE MAE                INFORMATION SYSTEMS INFRASTRUCTU                        58670.88
HAMADAZ, EDWIN T                ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      67683.58
HAMADAZ, LAURA F-S              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2172
HAMADAZ, SUZANNE D              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                               21710.5
HAMBLIN-HARTZ, KIMBERLY KAY     LECTURER II                                                 4000
HAMILLZ, CHAD STEPHEN           ASSOC DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM OR SCH                        26250.03
HAMILTONZ, ALEXANDER CHARLES    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        800
HAMILTONZ, DANIEL P             COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                           60316.8
HAMILTONZ, DEANNA               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        30505.91
HAMILTONZ, DEREK STEPHEN        SERVICE WORKER I                                          3426.5
HAMILTONZ, KYLE                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         2117.25
HAMILTONZ, MARY JO              ASSOCIATE                                               76074.24
HAMILTONZ, NANCY D              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       132
HAMILTONZ, SARAH JO             CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
HAMILTONZ, STEPHEN EDWARD       MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49240.56
HAMILTONZ, ZACHARY K            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     29500.02
HAMLINZ, LAUNA L                ASSOCIATE IN                                            34739.71
HAMLINZ, WILLIAM MICHAEL        PROFESSOR                                                  85304
HAMMERZ, KAREN L                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
HAMMOCKZ, KAREN                 PRECEPTOR II                                               13305
HAMMONDZ, ANGELA                MANAGER                                                 50990.16
HAMMONDZ, BARBARA E             PROFESSOR EMERITUS                                           270
HAMMONDZ, ELIZABETH             COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           59245.24
HAMMONDZ, HARRIET A             CUSTODIAN 3                                             34288.73
HAMMONDZ, STEPHANIE P           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     6422.5
HAMMOND-TWIETZ, LORENA          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6381.25
HAMPTONZ, ANTAWNETTE CHERIE     SERVICE WORKER III                                       1796.88
HAMPTONZ, GARY LEE              SERVICE WORKER III                                       2021.36
HAMPTONZ, MONAE FELICIA         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4247.5
HANZ, CHONG-CHA                 SERVICE WORKER I                                          227.95
HANZ, SUSHAN                    ASSOCIATE IN                                               19095
HANCOCKZ, DALE D                PROFESSOR                                              107880.24
HANCOCKZ, THOMAS VINCENT        PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      7910
HANDISENIZ, MAXWELL             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     9843.2
HANDYZ, DEBORAH J               CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            74215.47
HANEYZ, NORMA J                 LECTURER                                                    3000
HANGZ, AN N                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  12522.75
HANGZ, BICK T                   COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           61349.48
HANKSZ, ANDREW STEPHEN          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2584.32
HANKSZ, MISHELL G               PHOTOGRAPHER 2                                             49368
HANLEYZ, JERRY EDWARD           CUSTODIAN 3                                             34342.07
HANLEYZ, MELISSA JOYCE          CUSTODIAN 3                                             34342.07
HANLYZ, MICHAEL G               PROFESSOR                                               71987.52
HANMANNZ, ANDREA ROXANNE        SECRETARY SENIOR                                           30828
HANNAZ, GABRIEL J               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         23660.16
HANSENZ, ANDREW DRURY           SERVICE WORKER I                                          272.25
HANSENZ, ANDREW R               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                 30030.26
HANSENZ, CHAD DONALD            AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC LEAD                                45871.26
HANSENZ, HEATHER NICOLE         PRECEPTOR I                                              4414.25
HANSENZ, JENNIFER L             ASSOCIATE IN                                            32831.87
HANSENZ, JEREMY                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3184.94
HANSENZ, KELLY E                SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    41599.92
HANSENZ, KIMBERLY MICHELLE      PRECEPTOR I                                                  585
HANSENZ, MARA GENE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       198
HANSENZ, MARY G                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    208.25
HANSENZ, NICHOLE ELIZABETH      SERVICE WORKER II                                        2949.54
HANSENZ, PHILIP A               SERVICE WORKER II                                         5384.5
HANSENZ, SHELLY LYNN            COOK 2                                                   32343.7
HANSENZ, STEVEN J               MANAGER                                                 71589.12
HANSENZ, TERI LYNN              COORDINATOR                                             52843.11
HANSHAWZ, GREGORY DREW          SERVICE WORKER I                                         1106.55
HANSHAWZ, TIMOTHY CHARLES       INSTRUCTOR                                               79707.6
HANSONZ, CASEY                  DIRECTOR                                                85000.08
HANSONZ, DAVID                  LECTURER                                                    2200
HANSONZ, G VIRGIL               FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              75129.84
HANSONZ, JEFFERY C              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58656
HANSONZ, JUSTIN SHELBY          SERVICE WORKER I                                          4551.6
HANSONZ, KYLE JEFFERY           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4715
HANSONZ, LOWELL SCOTT           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     5010
HANSONZ, SALLY J                ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  28210.06
HANSONZ, STEVE P                ASSOCIATE IN                                                9766
HANSONZ, TRACIE A               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        32688
HAOZ, CHANGCHUN                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1700
HAQUEZ, MD MUKSITUL             ASSOCIATE IN                                            15849.04
HARA-HELLIEZ, SAYO              SERVICE WORKER II                                        1452.75
HARBAUGHZ, DEVON RICK           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3600
HARBELLZ, STEVE C               EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                            83116.8
HARBERTSONZ, JAMES F            ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     75098.32
HARBISONZ, JOYCE MARLINE        PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     44776.08
HARBOURZ, JAMES MICHAEL         PRECEPTOR                                               69225.84
HARDCASTLEZ, ALAN               RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      77866.47
HARDERZ, SUSAN L                INSTRUCTOR                                               7442.73
HARDESTYZ, ASHLEY EILEEN        SERVICE WORKER III                                        185.14
HARDESTYZ, DANIEL T             COORDINATOR                                                51750
HARDESTYZ, LINDA H              EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                   71229
HARDINGZ, JOSEPH W              PROFESSOR                                              126240.24
HARDINGZ, RICHARD C             LECTURER II                                                 2392
HARDYZ, KARYN J                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3855
HARDYZ, LINDA C                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5850
HAREZ, DEAN LAROY               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    253.13
HAREZ, RYAN M                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     47735.64
HARGROVEZ, ALMA JO              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     28.13
HARKINSZ, IAN M                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       430
HARKINSZ, JOANNE C              ASSISTANT TO                                            69343.44
HARKNESSZ, SHANNON L            LECTURER II                                                 8510
HARLANDERZ, KAREN ALICE         PHARMACY TECHNICIAN LEAD                                60184.78
HARLOWZ, BENJAMIN               SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    49767.41
HARLOWZ, ELIZABETH ANNE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      44.87
HARMONZ, KIRSTEN LYNN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     361.25
HARO-PINEDOZ, ARTURO            SERVICE WORKER I                                              96
HARPELZ, WHITTAKER W            SERVICE WORKER II                                           1404
HARPEL-MCGAWZ, MIRANDA          PRECEPTOR I                                              4808.08
HARPERZ, AMANDA LAVAUGHN        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2146.06
HARPERZ, ARTEMUS SAMUEL         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    16257.6
HARPERZ, ATHENA R               SERVICE WORKER I                                        10976.97
HARPERZ, JASON A                CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   55600.08
HARPERZ, KAELEE M               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   14212.5
HARPERZ, KATHY A                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40698.69
HARPERZ, LAWREN J               FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                               40524.24
HARRELSONZ, CHERYL D            DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SENIOR                            113200.08
HARRINGTONZ, ALLISON            COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                              11829.96
HARRINGTONZ, DANIELLE E         LECTURER II                                             16385.52
HARRINGTONZ, KARIN RACHEL       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1350
HARRINGTONZ, NICHOLAS KEVIN     LECTURER                                                12000.05
HARRINGTONZ, ROY                PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       68754.49
HARRISZ, AUDREY J               ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     13725.61
HARRISZ, BRANDON JEFFREY        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        225
HARRISZ, DEMA                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     24000
HARRISZ, ELIZABETH CAROLINE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    568.78
HARRISZ, HALLIE C               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    664.91
HARRISZ, JAMES E                STAGE MANAGER                                           53773.86
HARRISZ, JAY TYLER              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      175.5
HARRISZ, JOSEPH B               BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COUNSELOR                          103016.38
HARRISZ, KATRINA DANIELLE       CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      5226
HARRISZ, LAURILYN J             PROFESSOR                                                75929.2
HARRISZ, LAWRENCE CLYDE         FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                               75129.6
HARRISZ, THERESE R              PUBLICATIONS EDITOR                                      43280.4
HARRISZ, TRACY J                AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        47016.24
HARRISZ, WILLIAM GREG           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
HARRISONZ, BRENDA S             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            35650
HARRISONZ, COURTNEY JO          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5749.89
HARRISONZ, JAMI LAUREN          STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        18190.39
HARRISONZ, JOHN                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     71488.41
HARRISONZ, JOSEPH H             SCIENTIST                                               96370.97
HARRISONZ, SCHURIE L            LECTURER                                                16270.02
HARRSCHZ, CHARLES S             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         73000.08
HARSHZ, JAMES B                 SCIENTIST                                               90389.92
HARTZ, ANDI EILEEN              PRECEPTOR I                                               7255.5
HARTZ, BRIAN P                  PRECEPTOR I                                                 2000
HARTZ, CLARENCE N               AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC LEAD                                 18847.1
HARTZ, ELIZABETH ANN            TENNIS COACH                                            68120.16
HARTZ, GARRET                   ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            19320.33
HARTZ, JOHN                     PRECEPTOR I                                                 2000
HARTZ, ROBERT JAMES             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                         36541.8
HARTEZ, JANET ANN               BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        61687.92
HARTILLZ, CORA A                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1977.25
HARTLINEZ, BRIAN BARTON         PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
HARTNERZ, LAURA L               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    8260.08
HARTWIGZ, JENNIFER LYNN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2297.4
HARTZZ, LYNNE JOANNE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      19133
HARVEYZ, KEVIN L                DIRECTOR                                               135026.12
HARVEYZ, TREVOR ANDREW          SERVICE WORKER I                                           14.28
HARWOODZ, ANDREW SOPER          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   7965.72
HARWOODZ, ERIC DAVID            RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      42476.16
HARWOODZ, ERIN                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   31916.47
HARWOODZ, JUSTIN DAVID          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2364.08
HASBROUCKZ, JON                 CLINICAL PROFESSOR                                      68071.68
HASELBACHZ, LIV                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    114106.08
HASELTINEZ, CYNTHIA A           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        68049
HASEMANZ, RACHEL ANN            RESEARCH INTERN                                            22500
HASENKAMPZ, TRINITY KAY         ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     18116.23
HASENOEHRLZ, CANDE R            COORDINATOR                                             45172.19
HASENOEHRLZ, CYNTHIA C          PATIENT SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE                            35928
HASENOEHRLZ, KAREN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     6647.5
HASENOEHRLZ, TREVOR J           SERVICE WORKER I                                            7685
HASHZ, DEBBIE J                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            43192.95
HASHZ, DONNA M                  ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  63803.52
HASHZ, KATIE RENEE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        2375
HASHERZ, SALLY A                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
HASSOLDZ, TERRY                 DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 188693.52
HASTAYZ, PRISCILLA              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    15750.79
HATCHZ, KATHLEEN E              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                     114841.92
HATCHZ, MICHAEL COREY           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     380.94
HATCHZ, SKYLAR L                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3830
HATCHERZ, NICOLE IRVETTA        PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
HATEFIZ, ARASH                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61758.87
HATHAWAYZ, THADDEUS S           STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        49300.32
HATLEYZ, JOANN                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33508.08
HATLEYZ, STEVEN T               BAKER 2                                                    39516
HATTANZ, JILL ANN               CUSTODIAN 1                                             30126.24
HATTEMERZ, LARRY D              PRECEPTOR I                                                  300
HAUCKZ, SUSAN KAY               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
HAUGZ, BRENDAN C                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     498.75
HAUGZ, TOM D                    INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         46000.08
HAUGENZ, CODY ALAN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      713
HAUGENZ, JOHN F                 ASSISTANT MANAGER                                       63350.08
HAUGENZ, MATTHEW TYLER          VIDEO PRODUCER/WRITER                                   38816.44
HAUGLIEZ, TARYN CHRISTINE       SERVICE WORKER II                                         214.08
HAUPTZ, DEBRA M                 COOK 2                                                     35928
HAUSEZ, RHONDA KAY              EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    35281.8
HAUSERZ, CARL H                 CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            125347.9
HAUSERZ, KATIE                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4299.93
HAUSERZ, VIRGINIA A             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     23729.22
HAUSER-LINDSTROMZ, DOREEN       AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                             76580.83
HAUVERMALEZ, AMBER LYNN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   5428.8
HAVENSZ, KRYSTIN LYNN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        640
HAVEYZ, EDWARD FRANCIS          INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 4                                     68016
HAVEY-MACDERMOTTZ, HEATHER      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      187.5
HAWBAKERZ, DAVID                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       34.2
HAWKESZ, DAVID GRANT            BROADCAST TECHNICIAN 3                                   48790.9
HAWKINSZ, CHARLES BRIAN         PRECEPTOR I                                                  420
HAWKINSZ, JAMES EARL            SERVICE WORKER I                                         4075.22
HAWKINSZ, MARY                  PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        61182.72
HAWKINSONZ, SARAH CHRISTINE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   5848.76
HAWTHORNEZ, KELSEY M            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7225
HAYZ, MORGAN KEONAONA           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5128.84
HAYASHIZ, HIROKO                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     46972.09
HAYDENZ, CARLA KIYONO           SERVICE WORKER III                                        439.35
HAYDENZ, SARAH ANNE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2716.22
HAYESZ, ALEXANDRA FRANCES       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1692.1
HAYESZ, CATHERINE L             LECTURER                                                   11300
HAYESZ, MICHAEL T               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        70899
HAYESZ, RENEE                   LECTURER II                                               3687.5
HAYESZ, TRAVIS MICHAEL          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2967.38
HAYLESZ, ANDREA                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1862
HAYLESZ, JONATHAN L             VETERINARY RESIDENT                                      8993.91
HAYNESZ, DONNA ANN              PRECEPTOR II                                             4000.02
HAYSZ, DOUGLAS L                ELECTRICIAN - HIGH VOLTAGE                                  1863
HAYSZ, RACHAEL R                LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     2180
HAYSZ, ZACHARY RUSSEL           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61053.11
HAYTERZ, MATTHEW ALEXANDER      SERVICE WORKER II                                         5349.5
HAYTERZ, STEPHEN ANTHONY        SERVICE WORKER III                                      13699.14
HAYTONZ, JENNIFER M             PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     44219.28
HAYWARDZ, KENDRA D              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1500
HAYWARDZ, THOMAS WILLIAM        PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    3077.4
HEZ, HAIYANG                    RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      24173.52
HEZ, LONG                       POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            21000
HEZ, RUIFENG                    RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      35000.16
HEZ, SHAN                       POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         29000.16
HEZ, YIJUN                      INSTRUCTOR                                              30000.06
HEAPZ, AMANDA M                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        4840
HEARNZ, DOROTHY S               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   1406.25
HEATERZ, ZACHARY C              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1805.17
HEATHZ, RICHARD A               SENIOR ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                        170056.48
HEATHZ, WILLIAM D               PRECEPTOR I                                               4702.2
HEATONZ, KATHLYN N              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            39212
HEBERTZ, DEBORRAH K             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                         22053.6
HEBERTZ, VINCENT                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                78790.33
HECKZ, SAMUAL GRADY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5901
HECKERZ, EVAN SAVINELLI         PRECEPTOR I                                                  950
HECKROTHZ, MICHELE R            LECTURER                                                    4800
HEDDENZ, JULIANNE               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         40164.51
HEDEENZ, MICHELLE KATHRYN       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2557.5
HEEMANZ, JACQUELINE HANNAH      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     156.06
HEFTEZ, ANDREA T                OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                   31737.84
HEGEZ, SAMANTHA ISABEAU         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3391.58
HEGGLUNDZ, JON R                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        73545
HEGLANDZ, JOANNE P              LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     2880
HEGSTADZ, ELIZABETH M           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      11040
HEIDENREICHZ, LINDA             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64091.34
HEIGHESZ, DEREK P               SERVICE WORKER I                                          3019.5
HEIGHESZ, KAYLAN                SERVICE WORKER I                                          3370.5
HEIGHESZ, PATRICK M             GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        27547.34
HEIGHESZ, TESSELIE R            CUSTODIAN 1                                             29391.53
HEILBRUNNZ, KIMBERLY NICOLE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1571.07
HEILMANZ, BLAINE E              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3120
HEILMANNZ, MICHAEL JAMES        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2864
HEIMBIGNERZ, BRUCE L            COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          63074.06
HEIMBIGNERZ, JACK ROSS          SERVICE WORKER I                                          6861.4
HEINZ, SARA MAE                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      68.9
HEINBAUGHZ, GAYLE A             SERVICE WORKER II                                        9985.53
HEINIGERZ, WALTER               SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                 11343.24
HEINKZ, ANNA ELIZABETH          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2000
HEINTZZ, JORDAN CHARLES         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1222.65
HEISSZ, JEREMY H                INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                          53962.8
HEITSTUMANZ, DANIEL F           SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     4670
HEITSTUMANZ, MARK DOUGLAS       EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           62444.32
HEITSTUMANZ, SUSAN M            LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           40524
HEITSTUMANZ, THOMAS             MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                59774.06
HEITSTUMANZ, TODD A             CUSTODIAN 1                                              17196.4
HELDZ, GARRISON RILEY           ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                43145.27
HELDZ, GARY K                   ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                66840.37
HELDZ, LUCINDA M                COORDINATOR                                              37564.8
HELDINGZ, JEFF DONALD           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2559.02
HELFRECHTZ, COURTNEY ELIZABETH  CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       1584
HELLBERGZ, SARA ELIZABETH       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    2642.5
HELLEGERSZ, DESIREE E           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        68199
HELLINGAZ, JACQUELINE RENE      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        115
HELLMANNZ, HANJO A              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72100.08
HELMZ, AMANDA S                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1487.45
HELMZ, RACHEL M                 SERVICE WORKER I                                          132.95
HELMZ, TAMARA DIANE             INSTRUCTOR                                              19980.06
HELMICKZ, CONSETTA M            CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            77660.01
HELMICKZ, KEN G                 CUSTODIAN 4                                             39285.26
HELMSZ, GREGORY L               SCIENTIST                                               81553.92
HELMSTETTERZ, EDWIN             PROJECT COORDINATOR                                        45540
HEMENWAYZ, LAUREN R             STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             21844.02
HEMPHILLZ, CHARLES LEROY        MANAGER                                                 72961.68
HEMPHILLZ, LISA RENAE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    953.39
HEMSHORNZ, ANNETTE MARIE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        200
HENAHANZ, LINDSAY C             ASSISTANT COACH                                         38180.16
HENDERSONZ, ALLYSSA K           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2297.16
HENDERSONZ, AUDRA SUE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4675.13
HENDERSONZ, MICHELLE D          PATIENT SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE                         24770.57
HENDERSONZ, POLLY S             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1560
HENDERSONZ, STEPHEN             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      63752.8
HENDRICKSZ, MICHAEL JAMES       SERVICE WORKER I                                           53.87
HENDRICKSONZ, CHRISTOPHER ARTHURPROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4848
HENDRICKSONZ, CYNTHIA LYNN      PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                        50004
HENDRIXZ, KAYLA ANN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3256.8
HENDRIXZ, WILLIAM F             COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                           59080.08
HENGZ, HOCK GAN                 LECTURER II                                                 3501
HENICK-KLINGZ, STEFAN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        238
HENICK-KLINGZ, THOMAS E         DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                      185128.3
HENLEYZ, MICHELLE D             COORDINATOR                                              43186.2
HENNESSEYZ, VERONICA ELAINE     PRECEPTOR I                                              1056.61
HENNESSYZ, MOLLY TERESE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        3373
HENNIGANZ, DANIEL JOHN          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2864
HENNINGSZ, ANN K                AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                              43203.2
HENRIOULLEZ, B                  INSTRUCTOR                                               7534.08
HENRYZ, ERICA                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    7965.72
HENRYZ, JEFFERY L               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  15879.5
HENRYZ, JOANN                   ASSISTANT MANAGER                                          48000
HENRYZ, KELLY MAY               LECTURER                                                 8287.56
HENRY-OSORIOZ, MIGUEL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
HENSLEYZ, BREANNE MARIE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3722.52
HENSONZ, ANDREA DAWN            PRECEPTOR I                                                741.1
HENSONZ, BEN                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      5400
HEOZ, DEUK HYOUN                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    135705.36
HERZ, CHENGTAO                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     96071.28
HERAKZ, HILARY                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1394.8
HERBISONZ, DARYL L              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
HERBRANDSONZ, LONNIE E          PRECEPTOR I                                              1561.96
HERBSTERZ, AMANDA CAROL         INSTRUCTOR                                                9326.5
HERBSTOVAZ, MIROSLAVA           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          8750.04
HERDAZ, KRISTOPHER WILLIAM      PRECEPTOR I                                                 1988
HERJANTOZ, ERIC                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5040
HERLEIKSONZ, DARIN JAMES        SERVICE WORKER I                                         1867.89
HERLINGZ, LINDSAY R             DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                             45066
HERMANZ, MADISON ALEXANDRA      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2391.43
HERMANSONZ, FRANCES             ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      78856.82
HERMANSONZ, LYNN P              COORDINATOR                                             46278.08
HERMANSONZ, MARK                DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SENIOR                            143292.08
HERMENSZ, DAMEN ALAN            LECTURER II                                               3887.5
HERMOSILLOZ, ANTONIO            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3667.95
HERMOSILLOZ, OLAG A             SERVICE WORKER I                                           404.2
HERMOSISIMAZ, JASON M           SERVICE WORKER II                                         3334.5
HERMSENZ, MARY DEIRDRE          MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                   35928
HERNANDEZZ, ANTONIO J           RESEARCH SURVEY SUPERVISOR                              29870.19
HERNANDEZZ, CARLOS E            PRECEPTOR I                                              5203.65
HERNANDEZZ, CASSANDRA JANE      CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        9165
HERNANDEZZ, MARIA               PRECEPTOR I                                              1055.89
HERNANDEZZ, MARIA G             PRECEPTOR I                                                10215
HERNANDEZZ, MICHAEL GEORGE      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1240
HERNANDEZZ, RAFAEL              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4120
HERNANDEZZ, VALERIE ALYSSA      SERVICE WORKER I                                         2069.98
HERNANDEZ-NUNEZZ, ADRIAN        SERVICE WORKER I                                         1730.62
HERNDONZ, CAROLINE NANETTE      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2835
HERNDONZ, MARIA                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      24839.03
HERRZ, KATHERINE LEIGH          SERVICE WORKER I                                         1496.25
HERRERAZ, ANNA MARIA            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         37991.52
HERRERAZ, FRANCES               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         37991.52
HERRERAZ, RAYMOND R             DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM OR SCHOOL                           76305.12
HERRIDGEZ, ASHLEY H             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     22232.85
HERRLINGERZ, JANET LYNNE        PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     47000.88
HERRONZ, BLAKE KENT             RESEARCH INTERN                                         11039.11
HERSCHBACHZ, MELISSA DAY        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    6580.99
HERVINZ, CYNTHIA ANN            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       25695.12
HERZERZ, HOLLY LAINE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     13752
HERZERZ, STEPHEN SHANE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6015
HERZOGZ, SKUYLER POAGE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3857.4
HERZOGZ, THIEBAUT THOMAS        RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      16363.64
HESSZ, NICOLE H                 VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            31114.21
HESSZ, SUSAN                    INSTRUCTOR                                               2240.05
HESSZ, TRACI JEAN               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64162.26
HESSERZ, WILLIAM ANDREW         LECTURER                                                    3500
HESTERZ, JANELLE LEE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11700
HESTONZ, DEBRA JEAN             PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     41796.24
HETLANDZ, TIMOTHY JOHN          LECTURER II                                              3691.75
HETRICKZ, AMY                   MANAGER                                                 26320.41
HETTZ, ARLENE M                 DIRECTOR                                                41813.95
HEUSTISZ, LAURIE KAY            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                              50781.6
HEUSTISZ, THOMAS L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      89633.4
HEWLETTZ, BARRY S               PROFESSOR                                               74126.01
HEWLETTZ, BONNIE L              ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     8400.06
HEYZ, JENNIFER JOANNE           PRECEPTOR II                                            10017.25
HEYDONZ, ANDREW J               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          6852.29
HEYLIGERZ, ELIZABETH M          PRECEPTOR I                                                  987
HEYNSZ, SHEILA                  ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                   68868.8
HIATTZ, KIMBERLY G              STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 1 COUNSE                        56868.96
HIBBARDZ, LEANN S               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
HIBDONZ, JEREMY COLE            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3806.81
HICKEYZ, LAURIE ANN             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           49172
HICKMANZ, JENNIFER L            INSTRUCTOR                                              31275.36
HICKMANZ, KENT ARVILLE          ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    15000.03
HICKSZ, KATHLEEN                AREA FINANCE/ADMINISTRATIVE OFFI                        60530.36
HICKSZ, MAXINE MAUREEN          LECTURER II                                                 1425
HICKSZ, RACHEL ELIZABETH        PRECEPTOR I                                               501.43
HICKSZ, TYLER LEON              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5614.14
HIEBZ, BENJAMIN DANIEL          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4642.5
HIERONYMUSZ, BERNADETTE MARIE   PRECEPTOR I                                                 7564
HIERSCHBIELZ, ELIZABETH A       SERVICE WORKER I                                          103.63
HIGGINBOTHAMZ, RYAN WILLIAM     ASSOCIATE IN                                            36833.39
HIGGINSZ, HANNAH MASSIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                        84
HIGGINSZ, JOHN E                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      522.5
HIGGINSZ, STEWART S             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           47126
HIGGSZ, L HARRISON              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     52938.18
HIGHTZ, WILLIAM EDWARD          PRECEPTOR I                                                  545
HIGHTOWERZ, JORDAN JOELLE       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   16109.75
HILDEBRANTZ, BARBARA JO         SERVICE WORKER I                                          6277.5
HILDENBRANDZ, KASEE J           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72006.24
HILESZ, CHRISTOPHER DAVID       ASSOCIATE IN                                            32173.44
HILGERTZ, CHRISTOPHER L         COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           49500.24
HILGERTZ, MARK LEE              CUSTODIAN 3                                             32913.85
HILLZ, ANDREW J                 SERVICE WORKER I                                           84.56
HILLZ, ANNE M                   ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    12000.03
HILLZ, BRADLEY W                AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC SUPERVISOR 1                           48168
HILLZ, CRAG ALLEN               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55000.08
HILLZ, DEBORAH LYNN             PLANT COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR                        57900.48
HILLZ, FRANKLIN W               INSTRUCTOR                                              46522.87
HILLZ, GLENYS H                 LECTURER                                                    4000
HILLZ, HERBERT H                PROFESSOR                                              164167.71
HILLZ, JASON RYAN               SERVICE WORKER I                                         1428.29
HILLZ, JERRY                    RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       14957.3
HILLZ, JERRY C                  BROADCAST CHIEF ENGINEER                                 57895.2
HILLZ, JOHN GRANT               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         20416.76
HILLZ, KERRI MARIE              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36520.35
HILLZ, KEVIN WARREN             ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        24094
HILLZ, LAURA GRINER             EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                84401.92
HILLZ, RENEE DENISE             PRECEPTOR I                                                861.9
HILLERSZ, NATHANIEL ROLF        SERVICE WORKER I                                         1205.29
HILLESTADZ, TIM E               ELECTRICIAN                                             44988.57
HILLIARDZ, PAMELA D             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                      95375.52
HILLSZ, KAREN MARIE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4777.92
HILMANZ, JESSE L                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2676
HILMESZ, LAURA ANN              HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                         24486.2
HIMSLZ, JOSHUA JOSEPH           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2730.1
HIMSLZ, SHARON MARIE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      20496
HIMSLZ, VINCENT S               INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         42813.48
HINCHLIFFZ, CODY E              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2256
HINDMANZ, DOUGLAS B             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      69323.7
HINDMANZ, ELIZABETH             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68233.95
HINDSZ, JENNIFER J              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    9272.86
HINESZ, CHRISTOPHER COREY       REACTOR SUPERVISOR                                      49500.98
HINESZ, MAURICE                 BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                     52784.6
HINESZ, MELISSA G               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     100468.8
HINESZ, RICHARD K               INSTRUCTOR                                              66302.29
HINESZ, STEPHEN A               PROFESSOR                                              158853.04
HINGERZ, KELSEY RENEE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2366.38
HINMANZ, CURTIS                 COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                            71876.4
HINMANZ, HERBERT R              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1500
HINRICHSZ, PHILLIP G            SERVICE WORKER I                                          556.97
HINRICHSZ, SUSAN J              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       20447.2
HINSINGERZ, NICOLAS             ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     8890.05
HINSONZ, JOHN M                 PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                              103169.4
HINZZ, ANGELA KAY               PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       45014.43
HINZZ, JOHN M                   ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               60000
HINZZ, MICHAEL H                STATIONARY ENGINEER 1                                   32598.07
HIPPSZ, KERRY W                 PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                             135016.02
HIRDLERZ, LILY MARIE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3940
HIRDLERZ, RY WILLIAM            SERVICE WORKER III                                       6037.85
HIRNINGZ, MELINDA               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       9429.82
HIRONAKAZ, THOMAS JEFFREY       BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                      124568
HIROSEZ, KIMIAKI                RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                         43948
HIROSEZ, MARGARET I             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DATA PROC                           40524
HIRSCHZ, ANNE M                 ASSOCIATE DEAN                                         127394.87
HIRSCHZ, STEPHEN M              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            40765.73
HIRSTZ, ELIZABETH M             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3156
HIRZELZ, PAUL F                 PROFESSOR                                                85714.2
HISCOXZ, WILLIAM C              ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     56160.24
HITCHCOCKZ, ALISON MARIE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2000
HITEZ, BERNARD N                INSTRUCTOR                                                 12003
HITZROTHZ, MICHELE C            FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     44904.69
HOAGLANDZ, CHRIS                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      12528
HOAGLANDZ, LORI ANN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6240
HOARDZ, SEASON ASHLEY           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
HOASHI-ERHARDTZ, WENDY KIYOMI   SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    28745.43
HOBARTZ, JUDITH B               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    17912.92
HOBBSZ, ELIZABETH A             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            43538.65
HOBBSZ, KEN J                   SERVICE WORKER I                                          778.12
HOBSONZ, JENNIFER N             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      2136
HOCHZ, SHAWN MICHAEL            ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      50253.19
HOCHZ, STEVEN L                 PROFESSOR                                              245454.66
HOCHSPRUNGZ, CHARLYN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2047
HOCHSTATTERZ, TRISCIA           LECTURER II                                               468.75
HODGEZ, ALBERT                  SERVICE WORKER III                                       6233.77
HODGEZ, BOBBY LEON              COOK 2                                                  34326.76
HODGEZ, KERRY LEE               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           48168
HODGEZ, MILFORD                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    41892.24
HODGESZ, SHERYL L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        7837.59
HODSONZ, BARBARA P              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    46276.95
HODSONZ, HELEN MARIE            CUSTODIAN 3                                             34272.55
HODSONZ, JERALD L               TRUCK DRIVER 1                                          35950.89
HODSONZ, JOSEPH EDWARD          CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
HOEFTZ, RICHARD PAUL            FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              48773.05
HOEKSELZ, RENEE CELESTE         PROFESSOR                                              114042.36
HOERTELZ, CHRISTEN              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        5022
HOEYZ, SHAWN MICHAEL            PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                         35532.2
HOFBAUERZ, KYLE THOMAS          SERVICE WORKER II                                           4446
HOFFZ, RICHARD THORVAL          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1920
HOFFMANZ, ERIC                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     41464.56
HOFFMANZ, FRANCESCA             PRECEPTOR I                                               1468.5
HOFFMANZ, GEORGE A              CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   65000.16
HOFFMANZ, KATHLEEN M            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34790.38
HOFFMANZ, LARRY C               DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                           92333.8
HOFFMANZ, MARY L                DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                        94932.97
HOFFMANZ, SHERRI H              WEB COORDINATOR                                         11562.57
HOFFMANNZ, KEVEN DAVID          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3614.72
HOFFMANNZ, ROBERT               WEB COORDINATOR                                          45615.6
HOFHEINSZ, KELLY JEANNE         LECTURER II                                                   20
HOGARTHZ, CATHRYN ANNE          ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            38000.16
HOGGEZ, SUSAN E                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     10470
HOHEISELZ, GWEN-ALYN            AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                             47432.64
HOIDA-RUBYZ, KATHLEEN           COUNSELOR                                               76037.58
HOIDALZ, JULI ANN               CUSTODIAN 1                                                25653
HOIFELDTZ, NICOLAUS ALPHYDD     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      79.2
HOLABACHZ, GUY RANDALL          SERVICE WORKER I                                           75.92
HOLAPAZ, KIMBERLY A             DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    88637.84
HOLBROOKZ, DONALD E             DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                        104132.2
HOLBROOKZ, MARYANN PEAVLER      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1085.5
HOLBROOKZ, STEVEN L             HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR LEAD                              50568
HOLCOMBEZ, BRADLEY STEVEN       SERVICE WORKER II                                           2574
HOLDENZ, JAMES W                PLANT-GROWTH FACILITIES MANAGER                         60215.04
HOLDENZ, KAREN A                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      53330.4
HOLDENZ, KATHRYN ZOE            ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 2                                         9645
HOLDENZ, ROXANNE R              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       2689
HOLDENZ, SHARON B               DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    100034.2
HOLDENZ, ZACHARY J              ASSOCIATE IN                                            42200.16
HOLDERZ, BARBRA                 ASSISTANT TO                                            58850.88
HOLDERZ, LAWRENCE               PROFESSOR                                              186048.54
HOLDERZ, MEGHAN A               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1500
HOLDRENZ, DEBORAH A             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40524.12
HOLDRENZ, KEN J                 MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                      32688
HOLFORDZ, JESSE NEIL            LECTURER II                                               952.25
HOLLANDZ, CRAIG P               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
HOLLANDZ, DAVID W               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1000
HOLLENBACHZ, JENNIFER LYNN      SERVICE WORKER II                                            375
HOLLENBECKZ, ERIC               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7156
HOLLIBAUGHZ, JOSEPH ALAN        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     200.25
HOLLINGBERYZ, ERIN N            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5456
HOLLINGSWORTHZ, KATHLEEN        INSTRUCTOR                                                 18400
HOLLISTERZ, KELLY CHRISTINE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4566.3
HOLLIWAYZ, DAVID R              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     37054.54
HOLLOMANZ, MICHAEL JAMES        DIRECTOR                                                47635.12
HOLLOWAYZ, AMY ELIZABETH        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2769
HOLLOWAYZ, CONNOR JOSEPH        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1007.83
HOLLOWAYZ, LINDA                INSTRUCTOR                                                  3900
HOLMZ, ERIC LEE                 PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                          23964.6
HOLMESZ, BARBARA J              AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        30968.05
HOLMESZ, CAITLIN C              LECTURER II                                              2415.03
HOLMESZ, JOHN A                 LECTURER                                                  6599.2
HOLMESZ, JONATHAN D             SERVICE WORKER I                                          466.33
HOLMESZ, KRISTIN MICHELLE       SERVICE WORKER I                                          4036.5
HOLMESZ, MATTHEW ROBERT         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     265.05
HOLMESZ, RODERICK               FIRE MARSHALL                                           72913.92
HOLMGRENZ, M LINDA              SECRETARY SENIOR                                         9262.45
HOLSINGERZ, BRIAN R             BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                    84868.47
HOLSTADZ, DEBORAH LYNNE         FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        38680.67
HOLTZ, JAMES R                  CLINICAL PROFESSOR                                     101432.68
HOLTZ, JEANETTE M               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                        52104
HOLTZ, NOAH OA                  INSTRUCTOR                                              36750.06
HOLTZ, RENEE                    PRECEPTOR II                                                1250
HOLZZ, STACEY NOELLE            VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                6300
HOLZERZ, ALEXIS D               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 33174
HOMERZ, MELISSA DARLENE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3534.94
HOMMEZ, JILLANE M               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    36226.91
HONESZ, SARAH ANN               DIRECTOR PROF ADMIN                                     66573.01
HONEYWELLZ, PHILIP O            INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         41608.32
HONGELZ, DANIEL DWAYNE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       720
HONNZ, KIMBERLY ANN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1662.5
HONNEFZ, MARY ELLEN             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          30624
HOODZ, SAMUEL C                 PLANT-GROWTH FACILITIES MANAGER                         18883.33
HOODZ, STEPHANIE M              HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                                  47019.86
HOOGENBOOMZ, GERRIT             DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                         62521
HOOKZ, BENJAMIN C               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    190.46
HOOKSZ, GREGORY                 PROFESSOR                                               83373.03
HOOSIERZ, SUSAN                 BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        51600.24
HOPKINSZ, ALICE S               FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                               43336.8
HOPKINSZ, BRANDON KINGSLEY      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
HOPKINSZ, JOSEPH A              SERVICE WORKER I                                          250.65
HOPKINSZ, MARK R                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3360
HOPKINSZ, MONTY D               SHEET METAL MECHANIC LEAD                                  51864
HOPKINSZ, SUSAN JOY             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        51512.58
HOPLINZ, JAMES JARROD           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      667.75
HOPLINZ, TESSA MARIE            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        31806
HOPPES-FISCHERZ, KAREN E        LECTURER                                                    4400
HORANZ, LISA MICHELE            ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3300
HORLENZ, RYAN EARL              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        34.2
HORMEL-TOMKINSZ, GRETCHEN       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      13968
HORNZ, ANTHONY J                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1048.58
HORNZ, BRYCE A-W                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      173.14
HORNZ, DAVID W                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         2821.13
HORNZ, ROWENA W                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       440
HORNZ, SARAH C                  RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          28854.55
HORNEZ, CHRISTINE               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     74000.34
HORNFELTZ, KAREN D              COORDINATOR                                             51652.75
HOROWITZZ, JULIE                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      16873.77
HORSTKAMPZ, AURORA A            STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        59463.03
HORSTKAMPZ, JOHN A              STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        67838.13
HORTONZ, ANDREW M               FARMER 2                                                32054.09
HORTONZ, DUANE GALE             LECTURER                                                    8250
HORTONZ, LAUREN ASHLEY          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        100
HORTONZ, MARIAN A               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    52450.56
HORTONZ, SALLY ELISE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6787.5
HORWATHZ, MAUREEN R             ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     14710.57
HOSFORDZ, SCOTT DALY            STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        56021.13
HOSKINSZ, DANA L                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        3120
HOSLEYZ, EDDIE R                FACILITIES OPERATIONS MAINTENANC                         50251.7
HOSLEYZ, JOANN                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48073.22
HOSSAINZ, IMRAN ZAHID           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3000
HOSSAINZ, MD AKRAM              PROFESSOR                                              113849.99
HOSSEIN-NOURIZ, FATEMEH         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4890.56
HOSTETLERZ, BRYAN DAVID         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        851
HOTCHKINZ, WILLIAM S            SERVICE WORKER I                                           13302
HOTCHKISSZ, DENISE MARIE        INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         44239.38
HOUZ, LU                        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3487.5
HOUCHINZ, ALISON L              INSTRUCTOR                                              11999.97
HOUGZ, EMILY C                  CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 4                                50416.92
HOUGZ, KAY                      CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    272.88
HOUGHZ, DARON B                 CONTROL TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR                           59905.63
HOUGHAMZ, ROBERT J              PROJECT COORDINATOR                                     17269.92
HOUGHTENZ, MYAH B               PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       46276.48
HOUGHTONZ, MADELINE             INSTRUCTOR                                                 36000
HOUMESZ, STEPHEN WAYNE          LECTURER                                                16000.03
HOUSELZ, ERNIE C                MARKETING/DEVELOPMENT MANAGER                           62657.04
HOUSTONZ, ROBERT K              RADIATION THERAPY DOSIMETRIST                              80892
HOVEZ, PETRONELLA R             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    6297.48
HOVERSTENZ, TURI KRISTI-LIV     INSTRUCTOR                                               6092.53
HOVESKELANDZ, LISA D            ENROLLMENT COORDINATOR                                     43764
HOWARDZ, BENJAMIN               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      333.88
HOWARDZ, CRAIG M                DIRECTOR                                                86320.08
HOWARDZ, JAMES LEWIS            CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            54464.94
HOWARDZ, JONI TUDOR             COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                                 15934
HOWARDZ, LAURIE L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      10350
HOWARDZ, LUCAS G                ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              46413.21
HOWARDZ, SUMMER C               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     7861.25
HOWARDZ, TAMMIE                 PRECEPTOR I                                             10166.25
HOWARDZ, TYLER J                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1609.91
HOWARTHZ, JACOB JAMES           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3330.89
HOWEZ, BRITTANY ALEXANDRA       CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       6285
HOWEZ, DEBORAH RENEE            SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                       34994
HOWELLZ, DONELLE NECO           ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               51000
HOWELLZ, RICK K                 SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                     26000
HOWELLZ, WILLIAM E              SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY MANAGER                           54072.76
HOWERZ, DON                     CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            57380.88
HOWERTONZ, DEBORAH R            FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                     37620
HOYEZ, CLIFFORD LOUIS           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1560
HOYTZ, ARIANA GRACE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                          30
HOYTZ, CHRISTINE RAE            EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     93640.08
HOYTZ, DAVID CHARLES            GRAPHIC DESIGNER SENIOR                                 58550.12
HOYTZ, DAVINA JULIA             CELL PHONE ALLOWANCE                                          75
HSUZ, NING WANG                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        16999
HSUZ, SHAN CHIANG               PRECEPTOR I                                                 1080
HUZ, BO                         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        600
HUZ, CHIA-CHI                   STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                           49000
HUANGZ, CHENHUI                 ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     31999.92
HUANGZ, HAI                     ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            24500.19
HUANGZ, HAOYUN                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   5678.88
HUANGZ, QINGBIAO                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         18030.34
HUANGZ, WEI                     RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                          3500
HUANGZ, WEI                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        870
HUANGZ, YANHUA                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         47000.16
HUANGZ, ZHE                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3716.16
HUBBARDZ, BRIGHAM W             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           38556
HUBBARDZ, DARRELL E             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     642.5
HUBBARDZ, MATTHEW DALE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3800
HUBBSZ, RYAN                    PRECEPTOR I                                               2029.5
HUBBSZ, SALLY K                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   6424.75
HUBERZ, JAMIE ANN               DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 39802.88
HUBERTZ, MICHAEL DAVID          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60557.87
HUBLERZ, ELLIOTT KUKAPU         SERVICE WORKER II                                       11625.51
HUBNERZ, ROBERT W               PHOTOGRAPHY SUPERVISOR                                  56885.63
HUDELSONZ, MATTHEW G            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     79901.52
HUDGENSZ, TARYN L               SERVICE WORKER I                                         3010.97
HUDSONZ, EMILY CHRISTINE        SERVICE WORKER II                                         251.35
HUDSONZ, JESSICA DAWN           SERVICE WORKER I                                         3017.72
HUDSONZ, KELSEY JANE            PRECEPTOR II                                                6545
HUDSONZ, SCOTT                  PROFESSOR                                               125027.1
HUDSONZ, TIPTON D               EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           58457.04
HUDZINSKIZ, DIONETTA            INSTRUCTOR                                              22536.47
HUFFZ, LESLIE DIANE             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            23500.08
HUFFZ, MAJA SUTTON              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36066.58
HUFFAKERZ, DAVID L              INCINERATOR OPERATOR                                     45172.3
HUFFAKERZ, LAENA                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1366.46
HUFFINEZ, KAY L                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
HUFFORDZ, LARRY DON             DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                      86357.78
HUFHAMZ, RONALD L               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        616
HUGGINSZ, KRISTIN S             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     27547.77
HUGGINSZ, PATRICIA              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              40524.24
HUGHESZ, CHRISTINE M            STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        51166.76
HUGHESZ, FRED EVANS             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      634.7
HUGHESZ, JUSTIN                 APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        53971.91
HUGHESZ, MEAGAN ADELE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4271.8
HUGHESZ, NIKKOLE A              SERVICE WORKER I                                          155.61
HUGHESZ, STEWART COLLIN         INSTRUCTOR                                               9612.87
HUGHESZ, VIRGINIA M             INSTRUCTOR                                               21425.1
HUHTAZ, KARL D-G                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       552
HUHTAZ, ROBERT L                FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              56680.01
HUISMANZ, ANDRINA CHRISTINE     SERVICE WORKER I                                         7976.07
HULBERTZ, ALYSSA MAE            RESEARCH INTERN                                         17343.82
HULBERTZ, JOSEPH MICHAEL        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       860
HULBERTZ, SCOT HOWARD           SCIENTIST                                              131220.72
HULINGZ, KENDELL FAYE           LECTURER                                                   12300
HULLZ, BESSIE E                 OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                             16327.71
HULLZ, CHARLES E                ELECTRICIAN LEAD                                           51864
HULLZ, GLYNIS G                 COORDINATOR                                              44773.2
HULLZ, RICHARD ERNEST           PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER L                           51864
HULLINZ, TROY STEPHEN           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22338.91
HULSEZ, CATHERYNE DENISE        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     40421.49
HULSEZ, KIM MARIE               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
HULSTZ, IRVING DON              DATA ARCHITECT/DATABASE ADMINIST                           71760
HUMANNZ, JODI L                 ASSOCIATE IN                                            34500.18
HUMEZ, JANET SUE                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        35040.24
HUMEZ, NELDA K                  ASSISTANT TO                                            54742.56
HUMEZ, RICHARD L                PROFESSOR                                               56754.32
HUMMELZ, RITA L                 ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                      75836.4
HUMMEL-HANSENZ, M               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4156.3
HUNDHAUSENZ, CHRISTOPHER        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    118738.18
HUNGATEZ, JULIE L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     1207.5
HUNGATEZ, THOMAS KIRK           COORDINATOR                                             57947.54
HUNGERFORDZ, DELORES A          INSTRUCTOR                                               8343.53
HUNTZ, ABRIL LYNN               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        23683.16
HUNTZ, CAMERON REID             PRECEPTOR II                                                2200
HUNTZ, EMILY KAY                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                        87
HUNTZ, LORI ODETTE              STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                   42588
HUNTZ, LYNN R                   ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    13650.05
HUNTZ, MARTHA KAYE              STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                         91578.6
HUNTZ, PATRICIA ANN             PROFESSOR                                              135085.44
HUNTZ, SANDRA KAY               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        30504
HUNTERZ, BEVERLY J              RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                 41508.24
HUNTERZ, LISA ANN               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     50596.8
HUNTLEYZ, JASON                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4790
HUNZICKER-DUNNZ, MARY           PROFESSOR                                              140782.08
HURBIZ, LANDEN M                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3965.87
HURDLOWZ, JASON CARL            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           55910
HURIZ, EVAN RANDALL             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        200
HURLEYZ, DANIEL BRIAN           INSTRUCTOR                                              13611.14
HURSTZ, JAMES K                 PROFESSOR                                               54262.62
HURTZ, DAVID NICHOLAS           PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                           37936
HURTZ, JEANNETTE M              CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   61710.79
HURTADOZ, JOSE J                SERVICE WORKER I                                           21.83
HURTADOZ, TAURINO               SERVICE WORKER II                                          12180
HURTADO-PEREZZ, TAURINO         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1748.48
HUSAZ, ERIK I                   PRECEPTOR I                                                  500
HUSEBYZ, JOE W                  LECTURER II                                                 7800
HUSKEYZ, MELYNDA                ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT                                85482.48
HUSKIEZ, KATRINA ELIZABETH      SERVICE WORKER I                                         6178.54
HUSSAZ, SONIA                   ASSISTANT TO                                            60663.57
HUSTZ, STACEY JOLENE            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     91875.63
HUSTONZ, NATHANEAL JASON        RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      37400.16
HUTCHESZ, LAWRENCE DON          SERVICE WORKER I                                         10972.5
HUTCHINSZ, LINDA J              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                        35
HUTCHINSONZ, DONNA JOY          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       18477.57
HUTCHINSONZ, ROBERT E           ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                67025.38
HUTTONZ, CECILY N               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     20644.62
HUTTONZ, SOPHIA ADEL            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        9724.5
HUUSZ, MARYELLEN E              PRECEPTOR II                                             11875.5
HUYCKZ, DAVID W                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  9000
HUYNHZ, THUY DUC                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    14526
HVEZDAZ, WANDA                  INSTRUCTOR                                               37921.5
HWANGZ, ANTHONY DANIEL          COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                               10534.2
HWANGZ, HSIU-POW HOU            FOOD SERVICE MANAGER                                     59959.2
HWANGZ, JINOK                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         13636.36
HWANGZ, SEON KAP                ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            39500.04
HWANG-KIMZ, KYE-WON             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      34666.72
HYATTZ, DAVID C                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      40521.88
HYATTZ, MICHELLE J              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        175
HYKELZ, MARTHA LYNN             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            40524
HYLDENZ, JANICE L               LECTURER II                                                 3300
HYMASZ, SUSAN GWEN              PRECEPTOR II                                             2865.58
HYNERZ, CHARLES                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         45129.84
HYSLOPZ, ROBERT HAMPTON         WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                    28935.24
IACOBUCCIZ, PAOLO               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   24632.62
IANNICIELLOZ, QUINN VINCENT     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4900.01
IBARRAZ, DINA J                 ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    18139.77
IBDAHZ, MWAFAQ                  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      17233.39
IBRAHIMZ, HESHAM M-A            PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                          44800
IBRAHIMZ, SHARIF NASSAR         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5025
IBSENZ, MARLENE MARIE           ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     36148.5
IDEZ, GEORGE SCOTT              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1141.42
ILHANZ, ALI OGULCAN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1445
ILLIZ, VERNON W                 MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                   64740
ILLMANZ, RICHARD MAXWELL        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      356.97
ILTZZ, JASON L                  CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            96523.68
IMBAULTZ, MARION                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3200
IMBROCKZ, VALERIE LOUISE        LECTURER II                                                 6970
IMELZ, KEVIN MARK               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                              75423.6
IMHOLZZ, JOSEPH N               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2595
INABAZ, KRISTINE EMI            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          32334
INFRANCOZ, LINDA                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     52972.02
INFRANCOZ, MICHAEL PETER        LECTURER II                                             13516.72
INGALLSZ, KIMBERLY              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2717
INGEBRITSENZ, CHRISTOPHER RYAN  SERVICE WORKER I                                          102.61
INGEMANSONZ, B M                PROFESSOR                                               68258.34
INGERMANNZ, BARBARA             PROFESSOR                                              114740.88
INGERMANNZ, BRIANA A            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2235
INGERMANNZ, NEIL SORG           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     190.24
INGERSONZ, NANCY                INSTRUCTOR                                                  4369
INGHAMZ, BRET RICHARD           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5078
INGHAMZ, BRITTANY C             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3127.5
INGHAMZ, TYLER CRAIG            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5748.25
INGLEZ, HALY LURY               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5280
INGLEBRETZ, ELLA R              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68945.04
INGLISZ, DEBRA ANN              SCIENTIST                                                89759.6
INGRAM-OSBORNZ, SUSAN           CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            88533.48
INKSTERZ, DERIC RUSSELL         SERVICE WORKER II                                         1792.5
INTERMILLZ, BRIAN L             STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   68486.75
INTERMILLZ, DEANNA K            FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                   31120
INTERMILLZ, JAMES L             FARMER 2                                                   34455
INZUNZAZ, MIGUEL                STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             43381.47
INZUNZAZ, SHANNON L             HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                                  17122.95
IRVINGZ, DEBORAH                LECTURER II                                                 1250
IRWINZ, KRISTEN KAY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2000
ISAACSON-BOOKERZ, RHIANNON UNDINRESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      10198.38
ISHIIZ, KANA                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   3092.39
ISHIKAWAZ, MASAGO               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         48333.41
ISLAMZ, MOHAMMED RIAJUL         RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      30575.46
ISLAMZ, MOHAMMED SHAZEDUL       SERVICE WORKER I                                         5571.19
ITANIZ, MEGAN RIEBE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        270
ITOZ, TAKEHITO                  SERVICE WORKER I                                            2856
IULOZ, PATRICIA LEE             FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                               47592
IVERSONZ, MOLLY MAXINE          LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                   1641.6
IVEYZ, JUDY                     PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                        41124
IVORYZ, CAROL S                 ASSOCIATE DEAN                                           85568.7
IVORYZ, CORNELIUS F             PROFESSOR                                               125650.8
IWAMIZ, JORDAN MICHAEL          SERVICE WORKER I                                          2684.7
IZAGUIRRE-MERLOSZ, KIMBERLIE S  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        814
IZUMIZ, SHIGEKO                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      72071.3
JABBESZ, MOHAMED                ASSOCIATE                                               42891.84
JABBOURZ, RANDA                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      21666.67
JACKZ, GRACE IBIBA              AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        41508.24
JACKZ, ORIKI K                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      30720
JACKZ, TIFFANY KATIA            SERVICE WORKER I                                          860.64
JACKSONZ, ADRIANNE              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32139.18
JACKSONZ, CHRISTINE             EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           58262.64
JACKSONZ, CHRISTOPHER           ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                         93653
JACKSONZ, DONNA LEE             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     22550.17
JACKSONZ, HENRY G               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53788.86
JACKSONZ, JUSTINE M             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1289.25
JACKSONZ, KATIE M               LECTURER                                                    5350
JACKSONZ, LAMBERT N             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        160
JACKSONZ, LARRY M               TRUCK DRIVER 1                                             35928
JACKSONZ, MELINDA               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         36040.56
JACKSONZ, ROBERT LEE            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            54504
JACKSONZ, RUBY VIRGINIA         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1390.13
JACOBSZ, AMANDA L               SERVICE WORKER I                                           557.5
JACOBSZ, CHRISTINA L            INSTRUCTOR                                              44399.45
JACOBSZ, JACQUELINE             ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  67865.28
JACOBSZ, JESSICA MARIE          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                        60
JACOBSZ, JOE FRANK              INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                            57924
JACOBSZ, LISA N                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3490
JACOBSZ, QUINTON WILLIAM        ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 3                                 54924.3
JACOBSZ, RYAN CHRISTOPHER       CUSTODIAN 1                                             29958.62
JACOBSZ, SARAH ANN              PRECEPTOR I                                               230.87
JACOBSZ, SARAH JO               INSTRUCTOR                                              13983.26
JACOBSENZ, DESIREE LUCILLE      PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                        60534
JACOBSENZ, MICHELE J            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                        35
JACOBSENZ, RICHARD T            SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  11138.4
JACOBSONZ, BRYAN E              CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                  21841.87
JACOBSONZ, GARY LEE             SERVICE WORKER II                                        7141.63
JACOBSONZ, GREGORY JUSTIN       SERVICE WORKER I                                          816.53
JACOBSONZ, JAYME K              LEARNING DESIGN CONSULTANT                                 50610
JACOBSONZ, MADELINE A           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5640
JACOBSONZ, MALIA L              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     12233
JACOBSONZ, SUZANNE S            COORDINATOR                                                43056
JACOBSONZ, SYNDI R              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
JACOBYZ, PETE W                 ASSOCIATE DEAN                                            180000
JACROUXZ, MICHAEL A             DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                     109217.43
JAECKELZ, BRADLEY MURRAY        ASSOCIATE IN                                            41599.92
JAEKELZ, MARLO R                PRECEPTOR I                                                 4058
JAFFEEZ, DANIEL                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     69290.72
JAGELZ, CANDACE                 EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   18601.23
JAGERZ, CINDY                   LECTURER                                                    7200
JAMESZ, ANTHONY CLIVE           DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                     97859
JAMESZ, CALEB PETER             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      7080
JAMESZ, CHARLES LEE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
JAMESZ, DAVID G                 ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                      80113.2
JAMESZ, E LINCOLN               EDITOR PROF ADMIN                                       94428.16
JAMESZ, GAY LYNN                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              32950.24
JAMESZ, LARRY GEORGE            ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                               194038.08
JAMESZ, LEIGH ANN               LECTURER II                                               306.25
JAMESZ, LOIS                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      9100
JAMESZ, MICHAEL NEAL            SERVICE WORKER I                                            2662
JAMESZ, MICHEL A                PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
JAMESZ, RICHARD E               SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      8100
JAMESZ, STEPHEN MICHAEL         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1400
JAMESZ, THERESA E               AREA FINANCE/ADMINISTRATIVE OFFI                        82000.08
JAMES-BACONZ, SUZANNE           LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           39704
JAMIESONZ, RANIE M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      12152
JAMISONZ, ALTON L               ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     4000.05
JAMPOLZ, ELLEN JUDITH           DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SENIOR                            130020.12
JANDHYALAZ, MALATHI             HUMAN SUBJECTS REVIEW COORDINATO                           41958
JANDHYALAZ, VENKATA KRISHNA     PROFESSOR                                               90359.01
JANOWITZZ, KAREN L              ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              32094.91
JANOWSKIZ, LISA MARIE           ASSISTANT TO                                            57522.96
JANSENZ, ANDREW CHRISTIAN       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1720.29
JANSENZ, HEIKO                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                       103893
JANSENZ, JENNIFER LOUISE        GRANT AND CONTRACT COORDINATOR                             49368
JANSSENZ, LORA M                MANAGER                                                 37418.18
JANTZERZ, BEVERLY B             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              22034.78
JARMANZ, KENNETH DEAN           LECTURER                                                    5500
JARRADZ, MEGAN V                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        20112.4
JARUGULAZ, SRIDHAR              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    12229.2
JARVISZ, DAVID EDWARD           PROFESSOR                                               67523.54
JARVISZ, HEIDI J                DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                    37650
JARVISZ, KELLY RAY              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  5231.25
JARVISZ, LINDSAY ALLISON        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      660.5
JASMERZ, CATHERINE J            DRAPERY FABRICATOR                                      33624.16
JASMERZ, DOUGLAS PHILIP         ASSOCIATE DEAN & PROFESSOR                             124214.88
JASPERZ, CARLA J                HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                         29458.7
JASPERZ, WILSON CALVIN          HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                50637.83
JASPERSZ, KODI JO               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5046
JAUSOROZ, MARIAH DANIELLE       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       25.65
JAYZ, BRETT BARNETT             PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
JAYARAMZ, SANKAR                PROFESSOR                                               82587.51
JAYARAMZ, UMA                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     45774.74
JAYNESZ, CHRISTOPHER C          INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         46128.11
JEFFERSZ, DEVIN MICHAEL         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4603.52
JEFFERSZ, LISA M                CUSTODIAN 1                                             10130.93
JEFFERYZ, GARRATT MICHAEL       SERVICE WORKER I                                         1533.01
JEFFREYSZ, CHAD M               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   8968.75
JEFFRISZ, AIMEE K               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        225
JELLUMZ, SHIRLEE RENEE          LECTURER                                                    5253
JENKINSZ, ANNETTE T             PRECEPTOR                                                5636.37
JENKINSZ, MARY A                MANAGER                                                 55720.08
JENKINSZ, MICHAEL J             GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        45479.04
JENKSZ, RALPH T                 DIRECTOR                                                 71517.6
JENNERJOHNZ, STEFHANNI LAWRIN   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        390
JENNINGSZ, ERIN KAYE            INSTRUCTOR                                              41649.84
JENNINGSZ, JOSHAH               RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      62034.66
JENNINGSZ, KAREN J              INSTRUCTOR                                              38032.72
JENNINGSZ, LEE                  LECTURER                                                 1999.99
JENSENZ, ANYA M                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5900.02
JENSENZ, CHRIS THOMAS           SERVICE WORKER II                                        6537.29
JENSENZ, DARCY J                LECTURER II                                                  700
JENSENZ, GLORIA R               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       315
JENSENZ, JEANNE A               PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR SENIOR                            55164
JENSENZ, KRISTEN ANN            SERVICE WORKER II                                         372.46
JENSENZ, NATHAN J               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    4427.5
JENSENZ, NICOLE MARY            PRECEPTOR II                                                1564
JENSENZ, PAUL OTTO              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3227.5
JENSENZ, PAULINE                ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  42100.43
JENSENZ, PETER J                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    6112.5
JENSENZ, PHOEBE ELIZABETH       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1922.5
JENSENZ, RACHEL LEE             ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     26443.94
JENSENZ, REBECCA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      500.5
JENSENZ, RITA                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1701
JENSENZ, RUSSELL TYRONE         PRECEPTOR I                                                  190
JENSENZ, SOL                    DIRECTOR                                                   69875
JENSENZ, SUSAN                  CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               45000
JENSENZ, VICKI ANN              SERVICE WORKER II                                           4480
JESCHKEZ, AARON DAVID           RETAIL CLERK 2                                           21476.1
JESSUPZ, ERIC L                 ASSOCIATE RESEARCH PROFESSOR                           113896.49
JESSUPZ, LEONARD MICHAEL        PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               262093.09
JEWELLZ, JEREMY BURKE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    5606.4
JEWELLZ, PAULA M                CUSTODIAN 1                                             26954.05
JEWETTZ, CAYLA MARIE            RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                       7854.55
JEWETTZ, JANINE LYNN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 13084.57
JEWETTZ, KATHRYN ANNE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5928
JEYARAJZ, NAOMI RAJAMALAR       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6480
JIZ, JIANYING                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     4650
JIZ, TUO                        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2859.2
JIANGZ, ANPING                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     3275
JIANGZ, LONG                    ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            34646.78
JIANGZ, TING                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4394.88
JIANGZ, YIHAO                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     774.74
JIANGZ, ZHIHUA                  ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     117220.8
JICHAZ, SARAH E                 INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         27138.07
JIMZ, JENICE LAWRENCE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         80
JIMENEZZ, CHARLES               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                    40678
JIMENEZZ, MISTY YUSTINE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3115
JIMENEZZ, ROBERT G              LECTURER                                                    3080
JIMERSONZ, JOYCE                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11825
JINGIZ, YOKO                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        342
JITKOVZ, VADIM A                SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                             42960.18
JIWANZ, DERICK AUGUSTIN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      22860
JOBSONZ, B THOMAS               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    101528.68
JOCHIMSENZ, VICKI ANN           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      2000
JODWAYZ, VANESSA D              SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    19323.17
JOHAMZ, KRISTIN L               INSTRUCTOR                                               2665.62
JOHANSONZ, JACOB AARON          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2370
JOHN-MARIADOSSZ, BABU           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                       117825
JOHNSZ, ALLEN M                 GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         47829.1
JOHNSZ, ASHLEIGH NICOLE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3235
JOHNSZ, CAROL A                 INSTRUCTOR                                              78659.76
JOHNSZ, DONNA J                 ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        3600
JOHNSZ, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH      OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       5125.01
JOHNSZ, KENNETH W               AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC LEAD                                   45828
JOHNSZ, MELISSA JORDAN          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4671
JOHNSZ, SARA MICHELE            VETERINARY INTERN                                       12367.81
JOHNSONZ, ADAM JAMES            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    8820.52
JOHNSONZ, AMY KATHLEEN          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   3625.19
JOHNSONZ, ANTHONY BRYAN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4175
JOHNSONZ, BENJAMIN W            BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                   124747.49
JOHNSONZ, BRYAN DAVID           PRECEPTOR I                                                  600
JOHNSONZ, CALVIN W              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                             9734.89
JOHNSONZ, CAMERON ANDREW        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4709.32
JOHNSONZ, CARL AUGUST           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      589.95
JOHNSONZ, CHARLES LYNN          INSTRUCTOR                                              19192.06
JOHNSONZ, CHERYL L              EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        35546.67
JOHNSONZ, CHRISTA NICOLE        PRECEPTOR I                                              1177.15
JOHNSONZ, CHRISTOPHER ROBIN     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3670
JOHNSONZ, CINDY M               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58656
JOHNSONZ, COREY MICHAEL         LIBRARIAN 3                                             58171.68
JOHNSONZ, CORRINA M             CUSTODIAN 1                                             30003.25
JOHNSONZ, CYNTHIA               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      29016
JOHNSONZ, CYNTHIA               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            45828
JOHNSONZ, DAVID                 SERVICE WORKER III                                        595.96
JOHNSONZ, DAVID                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        59940
JOHNSONZ, DAVID LAWRENCE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2050
JOHNSONZ, DELANE L              DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                  9557.81
JOHNSONZ, DENNIS A              EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                               111563.12
JOHNSONZ, EASTON ALEXANDER      CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     3368.7
JOHNSONZ, EDWARD K              PRECEPTOR                                               46094.88
JOHNSONZ, EMILY C               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      66280.5
JOHNSONZ, ERIC JOSEPH           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67605.43
JOHNSONZ, ERIK G                SERVICE WORKER II                                           1728
JOHNSONZ, ERIK W                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     35155.98
JOHNSONZ, GARY P                MANAGER                                                    62400
JOHNSONZ, GLENN A               PROFESSOR                                              100429.48
JOHNSONZ, GORDON                INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                            70505.73
JOHNSONZ, HARRY DEAN            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            43370.68
JOHNSONZ, HEATHER KELLY         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1043.1
JOHNSONZ, HEATHER M             PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                        27514.5
JOHNSONZ, JAMES                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3600
JOHNSONZ, JANET C               DIRECTOR MARKETING AND COMMUNICA                        65053.68
JOHNSONZ, JANET E               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     54168.48
JOHNSONZ, JENNIFER A            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            37206
JOHNSONZ, JENNIFER ANN          PARKING SUPERVISOR 1                                    39657.24
JOHNSONZ, JENNIFER LEE          INSTRUCTOR                                              42000.12
JOHNSONZ, JOHN W                ASSOCIATE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                            131274.38
JOHNSONZ, JORDAN P              SERVICE WORKER I                                         3141.25
JOHNSONZ, JUDY K                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        10884
JOHNSONZ, JULIE ANN             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                         43357.2
JOHNSONZ, KARA FARRIS           SECRETARY SENIOR                                         13865.4
JOHNSONZ, KERRY LOU             PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                           54504
JOHNSONZ, KRETA M               HEALTH PHYSICIST 1                                      46740.97
JOHNSONZ, KRISTEN ANN           SCIENTIST                                               95281.68
JOHNSONZ, KRISTINE F            SECRETARY LEAD                                             37620
JOHNSONZ, LESLIE MICHELLE       ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                             77885.28
JOHNSONZ, LINDA L               BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        57571.56
JOHNSONZ, LINDA N               CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            75536.64
JOHNSONZ, LORRAYNE M            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            39782.29
JOHNSONZ, MARILYN L             PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    36068.99
JOHNSONZ, MARLIE ANN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1747.5
JOHNSONZ, MATTHEW E             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            41796
JOHNSONZ, MEGAN ELIZABETH       PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
JOHNSONZ, MICHAEL EDWARD        SERVICE WORKER I                                          2920.5
JOHNSONZ, MICHELLE L            CONFERENCE MANAGER                                         47472
JOHNSONZ, MIKEL K               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        900
JOHNSONZ, MONICA                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73999.98
JOHNSONZ, NEIL R                PRINTING STOCKROOM SUPERVISOR                              51864
JOHNSONZ, PATRICK D             INSTRUCTOR                                              46963.59
JOHNSONZ, PAUL L                INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                            48100.35
JOHNSONZ, RICHARD DEAN          CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE PRO                        55198.02
JOHNSONZ, ROBERT EDWARD         SERVICE WORKER I                                           301.5
JOHNSONZ, RYAN DAVID            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   38953.71
JOHNSONZ, SACHA J               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4574.72
JOHNSONZ, SANDRA KAY            FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     47556.34
JOHNSONZ, SEAN R                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4500
JOHNSONZ, SERGIO K              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     524.25
JOHNSONZ, SHELBY MACKENZIE      CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2139.79
JOHNSONZ, STEPHEN P             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       935
JOHNSONZ, TAMARA R              LECTURER II                                                  700
JOHNSONZ, TOM GILBERT           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            54504
JOHNSONZ, WARREN EDWARD         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1107.26
JOHNSONZ, WENDY                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70891.08
JOHNSONZ, WYNONNA               PRECEPTOR II                                                1000
JOHNSONZ, YUN S                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
JOHNSON-HOWARDZ, DEBRA K        INSTRUCTOR                                                 18500
JOHNSON-SHULLZ, LISA            MANAGER                                                  66629.6
JOHNSTONZ, ALLISON L            PRECEPTOR II                                              2957.5
JOHNSTONZ, ANNA MARIE           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     28999.98
JOHNSTONZ, BARRY E              ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT                                  143268
JOHNSTONZ, CARRIE A             GRANT AND CONTRACT COORDINATOR                          48410.71
JOHNSTONZ, ELLEN S              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    6863.5
JOHNSTONZ, ERIN LAURA           SERVICE WORKER III                                         70.87
JOHNSTONZ, MCKENNA A            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      5009.3
JOHNSTONZ, MICHELLE             FISCAL MANAGER                                          64811.52
JOHNSTONZ, SALLY JO             CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            10983.28
JOHNSTONZ, SARA ELIZABETH       OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         28552
JOHNSTONZ, THERESA L            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         28552
JOHNSTONZ, TIMOTHY GEORGE       MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48315.2
JOHNSTONZ, WILLIAM J            PROFESSOR                                                96393.6
JOHNSTONE-YELLINZ, TAMARA LEE   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5452
JOINERZ, GERALD ERNEST          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1287.19
JOIREMANZ, JEFFREY              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    113750.02
JONESZ, ABRAHAM E               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSULT                        51782.56
JONESZ, ADAM W                  WEB COORDINATOR                                         25795.76
JONESZ, ALISON SHAWN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    3789.5
JONESZ, ANDREA CHRISTINE        LECTURER II                                                 1098
JONESZ, ASHLEY ANN              MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                        41500.08
JONESZ, CAMI ROSE               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5632
JONESZ, CARL R                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    8366.5
JONESZ, CARLA ANN               LECTURER II                                                49.95
JONESZ, CATHERINE ANN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     9607.5
JONESZ, CORI LYNN               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      113.72
JONESZ, DANNA ANN               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      721.2
JONESZ, DARREN M                CAMPUS POLICE CORPORAL                                  69567.11
JONESZ, ELAINE J                BUSINESS ADVISOR                                         9722.57
JONESZ, ELAINE L                INSTRUCTOR                                              43138.74
JONESZ, ELIZABETH L             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3192
JONESZ, EMILY                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            36000
JONESZ, ERIC P                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4140
JONESZ, JAYME L                 ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        32688
JONESZ, JEFFREY P               PROFESSOR                                              149436.81
JONESZ, JOHN EDWARD             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    5017.5
JONESZ, JOHN GLENDON            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55547.13
JONESZ, KAYLA BETH              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3674.38
JONESZ, KEITH J                 DIRECTOR                                               151054.56
JONESZ, KELLIE JO               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     34909.24
JONESZ, KELLY ALLAN             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         23956.52
JONESZ, KELLY L                 LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                 10089.38
JONESZ, KRAIG ANDREW            INSTRUCTOR                                              23499.98
JONESZ, LENORA J                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5890.5
JONESZ, LISA PAGE               SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                       42000
JONESZ, LUCAS ALLAN             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         45000
JONESZ, MARGARET ANN            INSTRUCTOR                                              50812.38
JONESZ, MEAGHANN ROWENA         LECTURER II                                              2060.52
JONESZ, MICHELLE L              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       180
JONESZ, RAMON D                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5122.38
JONESZ, RUSSELL H               LECTURER                                                    5500
JONESZ, RYAN PATRICK            PRECEPTOR I                                                 1800
JONESZ, SHELLEY ANN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     5930
JONESZ, SHERRI ANN              LECTURER                                                  6966.6
JONESZ, STEPHANIE NICOLE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4513.85
JONESZ, STEPHEN SCOTT           DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                     148000.32
JONESZ, TERRICA                 LEARNING DESIGN CONSULTANT                              29026.49
JONESZ, TIMOTHY G               FACILITIES DRAFTING TECHNICIAN 2                           36915
JONESZ, TONISHA R               COORDINATOR                                             30468.75
JONESZ, TRINA ANNE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1580
JONESZ, VIDA C                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        58777.91
JONESZ, VINCENT                 SCIENTIST                                               97829.04
JONESZ, WENDY E                 ASSOCIATE IN                                               48672
JOOZ, HUNG SOO                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          30505.5
JOOZ, JOSEPH                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2639.75
JOPLINZ, AMBER                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4140.52
JOPLINZ, SARA LYNN              SERVICE WORKER I                                          420.88
JORDANZ, BROOKE ELIZABETH       INSTRUCTOR                                                  9675
JORDANZ, DEREK ALLEN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3921.12
JORDANZ, JOSHUA ALLEN           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        36176.55
JORDANZ, LISA MARIE             PRECEPTOR I                                                29.93
JORDANZ, SETH                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3744
JORDANZ, STEVEN R               ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                60834.82
JORDANZ, THERESA                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            33149.88
JORGENSENZ, BRUCE VON           LECTURER                                                   10000
JORGENSENZ, JOHN E              COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          62422.97
JORGENSONZ, ROBERT HAROLD       BROADCAST TECHNICIAN 3                                   50852.5
JOSEPHZ, MARTIN                 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                     4602.28
JOSEPHZ, PAUL                   LECTURER                                                    7200
JOSHIZ, KALPAK                  LECTURER                                                83878.93
JOSHIZ, KSHITI                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    126815.02
JOSWIG-JONESZ, CAROLYN ANN      PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       28000.08
JOUASZ, JENNIFER N              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        29792.56
JOYCEZ, DAVID MICHAEL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    7303.14
JOYCEZ, Z                       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     213.76
JOZEFOWSKIZ, BRIGITTA A         COORDINATOR                                             36073.92
JUDDZ, KATHERINE ANN            SERVICE WORKER III                                        2263.1
JUDEZ, WILLIE LEE               DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 15147.06
JUDYZ, BRITTNEY MARIE           SERVICE WORKER I                                           79.26
JUHNKEZ, KRISTIN K              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      2786.02
JUHNKEZ, TODD ALLEN             LECTURER                                                    4050
JULIANZ, PETER                  ASSISTANT COACH                                            51090
JULICHZ, DONNA M                PRECEPTOR II                                                2700
JUNEAUZ, DOUGLAS JAMES          ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       38775
JUNGZ, JAEYOUNG                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2520
JUNGZ, SOOK                     ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            51900.44
JUNGZ, WOO KYUNG                SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                     2181.82
JUNGBAUERZ, VIVIAN E            CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
JURETICZ, MEGHAN                COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                               10534.2
JURGENSENZ, JOHN NICHOLAS       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        380
JURINSKIZ, JAMES JOHN           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      5050
JUSSAUMEZ, KATHERINE YAMASHITA  SERVICE WORKER I                                           229.5
JUSSAUMEZ, MICHAEL              SERVICE WORKER I                                           427.5
JUSSAUMEZ, RAYMOND A            OMBUDSMAN                                              101626.03
JUZELERZ, HANNAH J              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1496.25
JUZELERZ, MEGAN SARAH           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3523.1
JUZELERZ, WILLIAM               UTILITY WORKER 3                                        37620.24
KAAGZ, CYNTHIA S                LIBRARIAN 4                                            104240.16
KAATZZ, GARY                    PRECEPTOR I                                                  600
KAATZZ, GREGORY R               PRECEPTOR I                                                 1200
KABASENCHEZ, WILLIAM PAUL       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59285.03
KABELZ, DESIREE RAIN            PRECEPTOR I                                                  228
KAHKONENZ, BETH A               ASSOCIATE IN                                               50064
KAHLEZ, CHERYL A                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2961.4
KAHNZ, CINDY R                  ASSOCIATE IN                                            36663.84
KAHNZ, DAVID                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        999
KAHNZ, MICHAEL LEE              ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      139122.6
KAISERZ, KATHARINA MARIA        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4092.24
KAISERZ, WALTER J               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1899.04
KALATAZ, OLGA                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   5693.75
KALEZ, STEVEN DAVID             PROFESSOR                                               76913.82
KALLAHERZ, MICHAEL J            PROFESSOR                                               63459.27
KALLESTADZ, JEFFERY C           AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        45262.92
KALYANARAMANZ, ANANTHARAMAN     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     97438.95
KAMATHZ, SMITA                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1896
KAMBITSCHZ, BRYAN               SERVICE WORKER I                                          6162.5
KAMBITSCHZ, KANDICE             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     41007.71
KAMERRERZ, CARL J               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     108.77
KAMERRERZ, KATHLEEN             DIRECTOR                                                62783.04
KAMIMURAZ, KELLI                GOLF COACH                                                 64785
KAMMERZELLZ, SAMUEL MARC        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     226.58
KAMMEYERZ, LEONARD D            CARPENTER                                                6694.81
KANAZAWAZ, ATSUKO               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 34625.26
KANEKOAZ, KIT                   SERVICE WORKER II                                           6919
KANGZ, CHULHEE                  PROFESSOR                                              170885.28
KANGZ, DONG-HYUN                ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     38213.52
KANGZ, FENG                     VISITING ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                             8501.19
KANGASZ, LARS J                 LECTURER                                                    3300
KANNANGARAZ, CHANDRAGUPTA       RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       36399.6
KANNEGAARDZ, ANNE M             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37906.32
KANNEGAARDZ, DANIEL CLARK       STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                      31956
KANNEGAARDZ, MAVERICK S         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4126.52
KANOAZ, ERIN IMA                ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  52823.08
KANSALZ, PRASHANT               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4288.8
KANTORZ, SYLVIA                 ASSOCIATE IN                                            16597.41
KAPASZ, LEVENTE S               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    103888.84
KAPLANZ, KIMBERLY ANN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   12775.56
KAPLANZ, LOUISE                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     46636.45
KAPOIZ, ANDREW H                SERVICE WORKER I                                         2571.04
KAPPELZ, JULIA                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4560
KARAGIOSISZ, SUE ANN            LECTURER                                                    3300
KARASZ, LINDSEY N               PRECEPTOR II                                                1125
KARBOSKIZ, WENDY LYNNE          PRECEPTOR I                                              1968.75
KARDONG-EDGRENZ, SUZAN          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     81147.81
KAREKLASZ, IOANNIS              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58249.98
KARELZ, EMMA MARIE              FARMER 5                                                48168.24
KARKEEZ, MANOJ                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     29181.57
KARLZ, ALICE F                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3120
KARLSSONZ, AMELIA               ASSOCIATE IN                                             19158.4
KARRZ, DOUGLAS                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1309
KARRZ, MARCIA                   ENERGY ENGINEER                                         63628.78
KASHYAPZ, ARUNIMA               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 15373.05
KASIMANICKAMZ, RAMANATHAN K     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    130000.07
KASIMANICKAMZ, VANMATHY         ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            50000.16
KASIMORZ, KATHRYN T             ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  32384.86
KASPERZ, KURTIS J               SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     2100
KATHOLZ, KRISTIN CLAIRE         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1492.49
KATZZ, JANET RUTH               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     77244.06
KATZENBERGERZ, P J              CUSTODIAN 1                                             29508.22
KAUFMANZ, GARY                  ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  43983.75
KAURZ, MANDEEP                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             19736.97
KAURZ, RAMANJOT                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4905.6
KAVANAUGHZ, CHERIE A            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     27680.97
KAWAKAMIZ, ALAN K               AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           41508
KAWAMURAZ, NORIKO               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     52885.62
KAWASZ, LEEN HASHEM             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      453.15
KAYZ, GARY P                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5208
KAYZ, JEREMY C                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2733
KAYZ, MICHAEL JOSHUA            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2361.85
KAYSERZ, RICHARD E              CUSTODIAN 3                                             21641.81
KAYTESZ, JOLIE                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61701.48
KAZIMEEZ, BASHIR A              PROFESSOR                                                75025.8
KEZ, JING                       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  2930.68
KEEFERZ, DONALD A               MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                60670.56
KEEFERZ, RUSS                   LECTURER                                                    3500
KEEGANZ, ROBERT D               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      94286.4
KEELZ, KRISTINA A               GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        32910.39
KEELERZ, JOANNE H               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     46538.64
KEENZ, HEIDI ANNE               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5006.4
KEENANZ, TARA LANE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      594.4
KEETONZ, DENISE DAWN            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            45193.19
KEIFERZ, DANIEL FERGUSON        MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  47418.01
KEIFERZ, JAMES                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         3443.63
KEIFERZ, REBEKAH R              LECTURER II                                                 3650
KEIMZ, DARRELL E                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3300
KEIMZ, ELISSA C                 COORDINATOR                                             16595.64
KEITHZ, CHRISTINE JENNY         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   13098.57
KEITHLEYZ, BRIAN L              FOOD SERVICE MANAGER                                    60382.32
KEITHLEYZ, DIANA M              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  51547.92
KEITHLEYZ, LANCE M              SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                   5351.5
KEITHLEYZ, TRAVIS J             SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                   5351.5
KELLZ, CHRISTOPHER J            COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          71681.04
KELLZ, JACLYN K                 FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                     57792
KELLAMSZ, MIRIAM JEAN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     531.55
KELLERZ, C KENT                 PROFESSOR                                               90540.73
KELLERZ, CATHERINE              INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN COORDINATOR                         17152.4
KELLERZ, CLIFFORD               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   8775.67
KELLERZ, DENA F                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                         34857.6
KELLERZ, DONNA MARIE            PRECEPTOR II                                                2892
KELLERZ, JOHN JACOB             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           55929
KELLERZ, KRISTEN THERESE        INSTRUCTOR                                              10926.83
KELLERZ, MARKUS                 SCIENTIST                                              100299.84
KELLERZ, MAUREEN                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
KELLERZ, ROSE HELEN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     675.74
KELLERZ, RYAN GREGORY           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2291.49
KELLERZ, TRACY                  ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    16101.36
KELLERMANZ, KAREN               SENIOR INVESTMENT FUND MANAGER                         111405.12
KELLEYZ, ALAN PATRICK           PATIENT SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE                         16280.81
KELLEYZ, CHRISTOPHER JOSHUA     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4160
KELLEYZ, DEVON K                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         27261
KELLEYZ, JANE E                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68449.48
KELLEYZ, JOHN ALLEN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    265.62
KELLEYZ, KEITH THOMAS           STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                              7655.16
KELLEYZ, PAMELA JOYCE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
KELLEYZ, TAMARA LEE             PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     45661.44
KELLIHERZ, LYNN ANN             FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              49481.74
KELLOGGZ, PATRICIA              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     9187.5
KELLOMZ, SHANE A                FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                             37950
KELLSZ, SEAN MICHAEL            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1353.72
KELLYZ, ALEXANDRA E             FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                  7952.3
KELLYZ, BRENDA DEE              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               85479
KELLYZ, CHRIS JAMES             CUSTODIAN 1                                             26548.92
KELLYZ, DAVID W                 ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     4000.05
KELLYZ, HUGH J                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             6600
KELLYZ, JAQUELINE SUSAN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2075
KELLYZ, MATT                    RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          28554.55
KELLYZ, PATRICK THOMAS          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      8000
KELLYZ, RAE ANN                 LECTURER                                                    8750
KELLYZ, ROBERTA                 CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                             79060.1
KELLYZ, THOMAS JAMES            TECHNOLOGY LICENSING ASSOCIATE                          71945.88
KELLY-RILEYZ, DIANE             MANAGER                                                 66813.96
KELNHOFERZ, LAURIE L            CUSTODIAN 1                                              30639.6
KELSEYZ, CHARLES WAYNE          SERVICE WORKER I                                           967.2
KELSEYZ, MICHAEL A              COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          60645.78
KEMBALLZ, TJ                    PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      4819.56
KEMPZ, BRIAN M                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      74727.6
KEMPZ, JEREMIAH                 WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 1                                    31184.61
KEMPERZ, BONNIE JANE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36635.68
KEMPERZ, WESLEY                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        24046.43
KEMPTONZ, LAURA                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2270.11
KENCKZ, TAYLOR SCOTT            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      8160
KENDALLZ, JANET ROSS            DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                    117327.94
KENDALLZ, JOSHUA ROBERT-ALLEN   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4649.2
KENNEDYZ, CAROLINE A            EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                           42479.76
KENNEDYZ, FRANK N               SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                   11432
KENNEDYZ, GEORGE E              PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                                105000
KENNEDYZ, HANNAH MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     192.38
KENNEDYZ, JAMES J               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    118451.96
KENNEDYZ, JAMES M               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           29328
KENNEDYZ, JULIE M               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      4963
KENNEDYZ, LORI ANN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       275
KENNEDYZ, SAREN M               SECRETARY SENIOR                                         35207.8
KENNEYZ, KIMBERLEY M            INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.05
KENNYZ, JESSICA LYNN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     106.88
KENNYZ, STEPHEN TY              ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     22986.96
KENNYZ, TRUDY K                 FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     44776.23
KENSRUDZ, JEFFREY RYAN          SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY MANAGER                           38749.95
KENTZ, JEFF                     CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     304.02
KENTZ, MALCOLM LIONEL           LECTURER II                                                 6974
KENTZ, TRAVIS J                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2250
KENYONZ, STEPHANIE S            PRECEPTOR II                                                1200
KEONZ, DONALD MICHAEL           INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                     63192
KEOPANAPAYZ, PATRICK            APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        66950.16
KEOPANAPAYZ, S                  ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       38000
KERBYZ, KELLY                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     852.5
KERNZ, AMARETT HUDMAN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3253.25
KERNZ, KELLANI T                EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      32930
KERNZ, MICHAEL A                DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                      99401.5
KERNZ, SAMANTHA R               PRECEPTOR I                                                  497
KERRZ, JAMES C                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       250
KERRZ, SHELLIE JEAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    21770
KERRZ, SUSAN RUSSELL            EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           80673.84
KERRZ, TOVAH B                  ASSOCIATE                                               37440.24
KESSIEZ, JARED ZANE             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         22871.78
KESSIEZ, MOLLY KATHERINE        LECTURER II                                                 1500
KESSLERZ, GREGORY A             DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 171778.32
KESTERZ, KYRA                   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      58465.44
KETCHUMZ, RAYMOND               ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            44932.32
KETTERZ, JANICE L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  13738.19
KEYSZ, MORGAN JESSIE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         171
KHACHATRYANZ, HAYK              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         27500.14
KHADERZ, ABDUL-RAZZAQ ISMAIL    LECTURER                                                   14300
KHALEELZ, RAZIUDDIN             LECTURER                                                    6600
KHALIOULLINAZ, ALFIA            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11952
KHANZ, ENAMUL HAQUE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
KHAPALOVZ, ALEXANDER Y          PROFESSOR                                              100433.01
KHAPALOVAZ, ELENA A             VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            30502.77
KHOSRAVIZ, ELIZABETH            ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      76957.92
KHUSEYNOVZ, DILSHOD             SERVICE WORKER I                                          4045.5
KIZ, CHANYOUNG                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5335.2
KIBBEEZ, YVONNE M               COOK 2                                                  33199.36
KICZAZ, DIANE C                 ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                     48000
KIDOZ, YOSUKE                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     386.91
KIDWELLZ, KIMBERLEE KAE         ASSOCIATE DEAN                                            167652
KIEFERZ, KARA                   ASSISTANT COACH                                         23605.08
KIEHNZ, JEANNIE                 EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      41760
KIELYZ, CHRISTINE               PRECEPTOR I                                                  497
KIERZ, KOREY D                  PRECEPTOR I                                                  350
KIETZERZ, ADAM JD               PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
KIFERZ, LEE ANNE                INSTRUCTOR                                              46677.02
KILDEWZ, LINDA SUE              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               46678
KILGOREZ, DARRELL ANDREW        VIDEO PRODUCER/WRITER                                   50832.58
KILLEENZ, EMILY L               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   41615.52
KILLINZ, BRENNA ELIZABETH       PRECEPTOR II                                               14824
KILLINGERZ, JULIE C             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
KILLINGERZ, KAREN M             EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                 71259.8
KILWEINZ, KEVIN M               PAINTER                                                 44214.31
KIMZ, DAE-WOOK                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      89799.6
KIMZ, HYUN JEONG                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     92405.09
KIMZ, JANE                      PRECEPTOR I                                                   20
KIMZ, KWANHEE                   PROFESSOR                                               97810.02
KIMZ, MI-JUNG                   SERVICE WORKER I                                         2819.13
KIMZ, MIN SIK                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    107621.28
KIMZ, MIN-JEONG                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         20416.76
KIMZ, MINSEOB                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         51065.27
KIMZ, MORO                      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     2500
KIMZ, SOON HEE                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          29666.8
KIMZ, SUNG-JIN                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         28333.36
KIMZ, TONY ALEXANDER            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     930.15
KIMZ, YONG-KI                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         36181.88
KIMZ, YOON KAP                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4777.92
KIMBALLZ, KAILEY MARINN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3756.5
KIMBALLZ, MARGIE L              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        30922
KIMBELZ, BRENNAN ELIZABETH      SERVICE WORKER I                                           17608
KIMBLEZ, GERIK L                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        37902.97
KIMBLEZ, JUSTIN SCOTT           FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                                8036.79
KIMBLEZ, LINDSEY L              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3136
KIMBLEZ, SHARON L               PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          54897.12
KIMBRELZ, DAVID B               FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                               69952.8
KIMBRELZ, RACHEL MARIE          VETERINARY SPECIALIST 2                                 41537.82
KINCAIDZ, CHRISTINA L           STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           40560
KINCAIDZ, JENNY L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        31554
KINCAIDZ, RONALD LEE            SCIENTIST                                                  95520
KINCAIDZ, WHITNEY L             LECTURER                                                    3000
KINCHZ, DALLAS                  RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      29292.16
KINDERZ, DIANA                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 11137.04
KINGZ, ANNA L                   RADIO NEWS EDITOR                                          39000
KINGZ, BARBARA J                PARKING GUIDE                                           36708.16
KINGZ, BRAYDON D                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     9687.5
KINGZ, C RICHARD                PROFESSOR                                                95759.2
KINGZ, CYNTHIA L                PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        40559.94
KINGZ, DUANE K                  CUSTODIAN 3                                             34276.41
KINGZ, ELIZABETH MARIE          SERVICE WORKER II                                        8671.88
KINGZ, ERIN GAIL                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3208.99
KINGZ, GARRISON E               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                 23904.03
KINGZ, JACOB EDWIN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      8432
KINGZ, JACQUELINE               FARMER 2                                                26280.06
KINGZ, JEFFREY J                LECTURER II                                               868.75
KINGZ, JENNIFER NICOLE          VETERINARY INTERN                                       14602.91
KINGZ, JENNY LOUISE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6215
KINGZ, JOAN                     EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF PLANNING A                       172510.44
KINGZ, JOSEPH MICHAEL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     2542.5
KINGZ, JULIA MARIE              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           21900
KINGZ, KAREN                    LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                      942
KINGZ, KATHLEEN MARIE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3237
KINGZ, MARISA OLSON             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         22666.72
KINGZ, MATHEW DOUGLAS           REACTOR TECHNICIAN 1                                    39512.98
KINGZ, PATRICIA A               FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
KINGZ, REBECCA JOE              STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                   28588.78
KINGZ, RIKKI LEE                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     2272.5
KINGZ, SALINA M                 SERVICE WORKER I                                            2286
KINGZ, TERESE A                 STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        71910.48
KINGREYZ, JOAN U                CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            81284.46
KINGSLEYZ, TREVOR LAURENCE      CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        3935
KINIONZ, NATALIE RAE            EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-1                                41000.16
KINKADEZ, MICHAEL A             PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
KINKELZ, JANE                   STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        44758.32
KINKELZ, MARIANNE               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49138.92
KINNERZ, MICHAEL L              COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          41081.99
KINOZ, AKIKO                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       425
KINSELZ, WILLIAM                PROFESSOR                                               97497.66
KINSERZ, SARA ANGEL             GRANT AND CONTRACT COORDINATOR                             37713
KINSLOWZ, LAURA E               FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     33680.52
KINSLOWZ, MURTON EUGENE         CUSTODIAN 3                                             34518.47
KINTZIZ, JULIE L                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3069.5
KINYONZ, ANDREA M               CUSTODIAN 3                                             35823.06
KINZERZ, CATHERINE MARGARET     LECTURER II                                                  125
KINZERZ, LYNETTE M              PATIENT SERVICES COORDINATOR                               38556
KIPPESZ, DESIREE D-S            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    2807.2
KIRBYZ, ELIZABETH M             ASSOCIATE IN                                            21600.11
KIRCHHOFFZ, HELMUT              ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     97875.67
KIRCHHOFFZ, MARLIS CORNELIA     PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   5470.91
KIRCHNER-LOEWUSZ, A C           INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                               30007
KIRKZ, TAMARA L                 CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 4                                47336.91
KIRKZ, WILLIAM MAX              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     98721.75
KIRK-RUDEENZ, SHELLY R          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    1267.2
KIRKINGZ, STEVE                 LECTURER II                                                 1040
KIRKPATRICKZ, ROBERT            ASSOCIATE IN                                            66857.28
KIRSCHZ, MATTHEW BRENDAN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3789.5
KIRSCHNERZ, ANNABEL             EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                          101280.38
KIRSHNERZ, JOSEPH               CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   71733.39
KIRSHNERZ, STACIE CORINE        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     40499.99
KISLINGZ, MARCUS G              PRECEPTOR I                                               3662.1
KISONZ, MIKKI V                 EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   23475.39
KISORZ, DEBRA K                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4378
KISSLERZ, ANDREW JERRAD         PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       25817
KISTLERZ, MICHELLE E            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       847
KISZONASZ, ALECIA MARIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1200
KITAIZ, YOSHIHIRO               ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     3699.99
KITATANIZ, KENJI                VISITING PROFESSOR                                       15328.8
KITEZ, SAMUEL W                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             69678.72
KITHUL-PELAGEZ, RENUKA-NILMINI APROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4550.4
KITSONZ, LAURYL BETH            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     254.25
KITTELLZ, LINDA ANN             CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            49780.84
KITTELMANNZ, HEIDI              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     14525.19
KITTELSONZ, MARY M              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33468.24
KITTILSONZ, MARLENE LOUANN      SERVICE WORKER II                                         111.15
KITTILSTVEDZ, CORY A            CUSTODIAN 1                                             30091.56
KIZERZ, RICHARD                 FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              79541.04
KLEENEZ, MARVIN D               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71873.39
KLEINZ, AMY ELIZABETH           SERVICE WORKER I                                         1549.54
KLEINZ, JAN L                   EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   37931.84
KLEINZ, JENNIFER R              HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                               46000.08
KLEINZ, RENA                    INSTRUCTOR                                              28004.76
KLEINBERGZ, JUDITH I            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    1992.5
KLEINHESSELINKZ, R              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     43345.65
KLEINHOFSZ, ANDRIS              SCIENTIST                                               55335.94
KLEINSCHMIDTZ, JACOB AUGUST     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1116.5
KLIMKOZ, TY M                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      7892
KLINEZ, DINARA                  SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      8000
KLINEZ, KAREN L                 LECTURER II                                                10500
KLINGELEZ, CHAD DANIEL          SERVICE WORKER I                                          7015.5
KLINGLERZ, LARRY MILTON         INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                  68194.28
KLINGLERZ, SANDI LYNN           PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          50328.72
KLISMITHZ, CAROLYN M            SERVICE WORKER I                                            7110
KLOSSNERZ, LARRY O              CUSTODIAN 4                                             17584.86
KLOTHZ, MICHAEL TODD            LECTURER                                                    6300
KLUGZ, JASON WAYNE              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1396.5
KLUGEZ, NANCY AILEEN            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        34260
KLUMPPZ, DYLAN P                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1128
KLUZIKZ, MICHAEL                ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      69736.32
KMECZ, JULIE                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      73258.4
KNAACKZ, CHARLES M              RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 45828.24
KNADLERZ, COREY JAMES           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
KNAPMANZ, DANIELLE BROOKE       CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      3945
KNAPPZ, JANET D                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           50568
KNAPPZ, JESSICA L               VETERINARY INTERN                                       11830.08
KNAPPZ, VIVIAN R                CUSTODIAN 5                                             44302.25
KNAUFFZ, WILLIAM C              PAINTER                                                    44183
KNICKERBOCKERZ, JARNA N         PRECEPTOR I                                               3307.5
KNIEZ, LEE V                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5237.5
KNIEVELZ, JULIET PULPUL         CUSTODIAN 1                                             28248.95
KNIGHTZ, RUSSELL E              CUSTODIAN 1                                             31077.05
KNITTELZ, JASON M               PRECEPTOR I                                                  817
KNIZEKZ, AMY                    LEARNING DESIGN CONSULTANT                                 52867
KNOBLAUCHZ, MICHAEL             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    108940.62
KNOEFLERZ, CHRISTINE R          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      5040
KNOPESZ, RANDY                  PAINTER LEAD                                               46323
KNOTTZ, LIBBY                   PROFESSOR                                               91111.26
KNOTTSZ, ALICE MAY              PRECEPTOR I                                                 9438
KNOWLESZ, CHARLENE S            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       296
KNOWLESZ, DONALD P              PROFESSOR                                                50551.2
KNOWLESZ, LISA                  ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            52943.88
KNOWLESZ, NORMAN R              CHAIR AND SCIENTIST                                    154498.32
KNOWLESZ, SUZANNE               OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                              4633.77
KNOWLTONZ, DANETTE              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        32310
KNOXZ, KAYLEE COLLEEN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3947.5
KNUDSENZ, KIMBERLY ELIZABETH    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
KNUDTSONZ, BARBARA              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      47562.84
KNUTHZ, JUDY                    INSTRUCTOR                                              72691.63
KOBIALKAZ, CASSIDY ANNE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
KOBLUKZ, GERALD                 INSTRUCTOR                                               7000.02
KOCHZ, CHAD C                   CUSTODIAN 3                                              30357.6
KOCHZ, TRACEY A                 INSTRUCTOR                                              31368.04
KODAMAZ, ANA MARIA              EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        31221.13
KODAMAZ, KEVIN J                INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                                68640
KOEGLERZ, KATHRYN A             LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     2520
KOEHLERZ, CHRISTIAN             COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           56484.48
KOEHLERZ, THOMAS WESLEY         LOCKSMITH                                               43084.86
KOENENZ, DOUGLAS DUANE          ENERGY ENGINEER                                          41993.7
KOENIGZ, GRETCHEN L             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         16737.12
KOENIGZ, KRISTEN DIANE          RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         18384
KOENIGZ, RICHARD T              CHAIRMAN AND ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                       125050.32
KOENIGZ, TERESA C               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      5280
KOEPKEZ, TYSON ANDREW           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5742
KOEPPELZ, TERESA ANNE           PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                           48000
KOERNERZ, ADAM K                COOK 2                                                  12159.28
KOHZ, DAVID W                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     83200.08
KOHLZ, EMILY                    PRECEPTOR II                                              3000.1
KOHLERZ, SARAH S                DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                        86000.16
KOHLERZ, STEPHEN R              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
KOHLERZ, TIMOTHY A              REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                        125000
KOIRALAZ, KEDAR                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4217.32
KOKZ, FOO YIT                   INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         44255.04
KOKZ, HANS                      EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                31843.68
KOKZ, KATHY                     PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                           46404
KOKENGEZ, THOM                  RADIO HOST/PRODUCER                                        40230
KOKENGEZ, TREVOR JAYMES         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    18952.5
KOLBZ, AMY LYNN                 SERVICE WORKER I                                            3228
KOLBZ, CALLIE                   SERVICE WORKER I                                            5340
KOLBZ, DONALD S                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49076.26
KOLBZ, JEAN                     PRECEPTOR I                                                 1316
KOLDEZ, VELLE JAKOB             LECTURER                                                   10000
KOLLOCKZ, DEBRA ANN             EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                           53375.32
KOLOUSHANIZ, GOLNAZ             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                          95
KOLVAZ, DAVID ALLEN             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           43572
KOMADINAZ, STEPHEN GREGORY      PRECEPTOR I                                              4214.88
KONDRATIUKZ, GANNA              VISITING SCIENTIST                                         26250
KONENZ, VERONICA M              PRECEPTOR I                                               3342.1
KONISHIZ, BONNIE S              AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           47016
KONKELZ, MEGAN                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      153.9
KONKELZ, MICHAEL EDWARD         PROFESSOR                                              142590.24
KONSBRUCKZ, DOROTHY W           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   22542.46
KONZEKZ, STEVEN HENRI           FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
KOOIENGAZ, SARAH ANNE           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        32400
KOONTZZ, RITA A                 ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                   61125.6
KOREISZ, JANIS K                MANAGER                                                 45033.98
KORZYKZ, BARBARA                FISCAL MANAGER                                          49961.52
KOSIERZ, ROBERT LEROY           CUSTODIAN 1                                             30049.93
KOSKIZ, COURTNEY ANN            SERVICE WORKER I                                          106.88
KOSTERZ, CHANNING LAYNE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     582.09
KOSTOFFZ, JOELLEN               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
KOTCHETOVAZ, ANGELINA V         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3927
KOTLAZ, SWATHI                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         17128.85
KOUNDALZ, VIKAS                 ASSOCIATE IN                                            15940.06
KOUZESZ, RICHARD                INSTRUCTOR                                              10000.08
KOVACZ, WILLIAM KENT            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6180
KOVACSZ, MATTHEW                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2062.5
KOVANDAZ, BENJAMIN THOMAS       CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   65000.16
KOVISZ, ERIKA E                 INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         57542.94
KOWALSKAZ, MALGORZATA           LECTURER II                                                 8250
KOWALSKIZ, CAROL A              DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    94120.24
KOZIIZ, NATALIIA                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1319.53
KRAFFTZ, PATRICIA ONEILL        INSTRUCTOR                                               8000.01
KRAFTZ, BRIAN                   TECHNOLOGY LICENSING ASSOCIATE                          72520.08
KRAFTZ, ELI JOHN                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3270
KRAFTZ, STEFFANY B              COORDINATOR                                             25459.31
KRAHNZ, BARBARA JAN             CUSTODIAN 1                                             26407.55
KRAKENBERGZ, TRISTINA L         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2508.75
KRALISZ, ROBERT JOHN            SERVICE WORKER I                                              90
KRAMERZ, CHELSEA A              PRECEPTOR I                                               3162.5
KRAMERZ, DAVID M                SCIENTIST                                               96138.86
KRAMERZ, JAMES AARON            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2292.78
KRAMERZ, LAURILEE M             FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     46253.52
KRAMERZ, LUCY                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1020
KRAMERZ, MICHAEL DAVID          FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                      23060.74
KRAMERZ, PATRICK JOSEPH         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2350
KRAMERZ, ROBERT E               FARMER 4                                                   41259
KRAMLICHZ, RICHARD L            REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                  47729.41
KRAMLICKZ, LYNDA D              SERVICE WORKER I                                              90
KRAUSERZ, DIANA MARIE           SERVICE WORKER I                                         1704.06
KRAUSERZ, DONALD JOSEPH         FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                          39451.47
KRAWIECKIZ, SUSAN LORAINE       PRECEPTOR II                                                7525
KREBERZ, KIMBERLY R             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
KREBILL-PRATHERZ, R             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      54706.06
KREIDERZ, PATRICIA A            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       9765
KREMAZ, BARBARA JOAN            PRECEPTOR I                                                  553
KREMERZ, JOSEPH                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3493
KRENZELZ, JENNIFER MARIE        PRECEPTOR II                                             12249.8
KRESTIANZ, ERIN LYNN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3161.25
KRIEBELZ, BRIAN L               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31255.18
KRIEGERZ, STEPHANIE LYNN        SERVICE WORKER I                                          120.81
KRIEHNZ, N DANETTE              MANAGER                                                 64299.58
KRIEHNZ, RICHARD LLOYD          INSTRUCTOR                                              37530.04
KRIKACZ, ROBERT J               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     42590.58
KRINGZ, WILLIAM K               LECTURER                                                15500.05
KRISHNAMOORTHYZ, BALA           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62502.97
KRISTOVICHZ, BOBETTE            ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                       52925.2
KRIVSKYZ, JULIE ANN             LECTURER II                                                10000
KRIZZ, MARIA REBECCA            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6269.34
KROCKMANZ, JAMES G              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       123
KROCKMANZ, JOAN E               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       123
KROHNZ, ERIC F                  RESEARCH INTERN                                            12000
KROMMZ, CYNTHIA A               OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                                41508
KROMMZ, NICHOLAS KEALOHA        CUSTODIAN 1                                             30749.03
KROONZ, ANGELA REBECCA          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3617.09
KROPFZ, DEBORAH FAITH           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    101.25
KROPFZ, JAMES A                 DISTRICT DIRECTOR E-4                                   95784.84
KROUSSZ, PAUL R                 INSTRUCTOR                                              21972.51
KRUEGERZ, JAMES M               REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     261702.08
KRUEGERZ, LAURA E               FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
KRUEGERZ, MARGARET JUDITH       UNIVERSITY OMBUDSMAN                                    35575.74
KRUGZ, JEREMY                   RECORDING STUDIO TECHNICAL & OPE                        45370.28
KRUGERZ, CHAD E                 AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                             79770.88
KRUGERZ, TERESA F               PARKING SUPERVISOR 1                                    49340.02
KRUMZ, CASSANDRA EILEEN         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       2160
KRUMPZ, JASON G                 PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                            48000
KRUPECKIZ, MICHAEL HENRY        SERVICE WORKER I                                         3255.42
KRUPKEZ, LINDSAY N              EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                         4300.64
KRUSEZ, SANDRA LEE              COORDINATOR                                             20418.96
KRUSELZ, JESSICA L              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1867.5
KRYGERZ, GRAHAM C               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3229.69
KRYGERZ, LANDON G               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1217.2
KUZ, PEI-SHIN                   RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      32966.24
KUBINZ, ZACHARY J               RESEARCH INTERN                                         13979.26
KUCERZ, STEPHEN                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     91906.34
KUCERAZ, MORGAN                 SERVICE WORKER I                                          301.39
KUDOZ, KOEI                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      19143
KUEHNERZ, JOHN SHANE            SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    64550.12
KUEHNERZ, JONATHAN S            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3204.01
KUENNENZ, CHRISTOPHER           CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   60320.16
KUENNENZ, HEATHER A             SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                       15470
KUESTERZ, HEIDI M               ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  43978.87
KUHLMANZ, COREY J               FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                               16083.91
KUHLMANNZ, JEAN LOUISE          LECTURER II                                              3761.25
KUHNZ, JOHN W                   RESEARCH INTERN                                         16459.26
KUHNZ, KRISTINE M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    117574.04
KUHRTZ, MATTHEW T               CAMPUS POLICE CORPORAL                                  73881.16
KUHRTZ, MELISSA JUNE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2308.06
KUKZ, KAREN S                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      1857
KULBIR-SINGHZ,                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  2162.56
KULPZ, JEFFREY B                HEALTH PHYSICIST 1                                         53148
KULSETHZ, STEPHANIE ANN         SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  1878.32
KUMARZ, MOHAN                   ASSOCIATE RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            64347.84
KUMARZ, NAVEEN                  LECTURER                                                    4050
KUMARZ, NEERAJ                  VISITING SCIENTIST                                      32000.16
KUMARZ, PRAVEEN                 ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               45000
KUMPULA-MCWHIRTERZ, NANCY       ASSOCIATE                                               45764.16
KUNKELZ, PATRICK LANE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5128.95
KUNKLEZ, RICHARD D              ENERGY ENGINEER                                         66348.46
KUNSTMANNZ, LINDA A             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      29115.96
KUNTHAPISALZ, RIT               DATA ARCHITECT/DATABASE ADMINIST                        51563.28
KUOZ, ALEXANDER                 PROFESSOR                                              120143.34
KUPFERMANZ, EUGENE M            EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                               113603.85
KUREZ, JEFFREY S                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58656
KURLEZ, KRISTI                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   14544.5
KUROSAKIZ, HIROMU               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         20046.25
KURTZZ, ELIZABETH M             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      20755.03
KURTZZ, KATHERINE E             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       285
KURTZZ, SUZANNE                 CLINICAL PROFESSOR                                      85428.96
KURZZ, JENNIFER LYNN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
KUSCHZ, JANICE M                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            15681.82
KUSHNIRUKZ, KIRSTEN ANNE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
KUSZNIRZ, JAMES CASEY           COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          75428.91
KUSZNIRZ, THERESA ELIZABETH     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        690
KUTAZ, JADWIGA                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            34500
KUTCHZ, JAMES BRIAN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         240
KUTRICHZ, ANDREW SCOTT          SERVICE WORKER I                                          861.33
KUUREZ, JEFFREY L               GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        25100.06
KUYKENDALLZ, JAENNAE ROCHELLE   CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3444.75
KUZYKZ, MARK G                  REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                      151046.6
KUZYKZ, PATRICIA                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72500.34
KWAKZ, HYUNWOOK                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            46200
KWAKZ, JEA-HEE                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      8994
KWONZ, BYEONG WAN               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1708.96
KWONZ, PAUL H                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60239.34
KWONZ, YOO JIN                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61491.06
KYLEZ, HEIDI JEANNE             LECTURER II                                                 2750
KYLLINGSTADZ, KIRSTEN A         PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1425
KYLLOZ, JEROME PAUL             MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                         54833.76
KYLLOZ, MATTHEW P               TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 2                              22999
KYNAST-GALESZ, SUSAN            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             55501.2
KYRISSZ, MCKENNA NELSON-MANION  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
LABAUVEZ, JEAN MARIE            INSTRUCTOR                                              14221.52
LABORDEZ, ROBERT L              CUSTODIAN 3                                             36628.01
LABRASCAZ, JOHN VINCENT         ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    12000.03
LABRUMZ, MATTHEW JAMES          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4078.13
LACELLZ, HOLLY B                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    9038.85
LACKEYZ, KIMBERLY ANN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      810.12
LADDZ, E RAY                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     89217.01
LADOWZ, WILLIAM G               SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                    1394
LADOWSKIZ, RANDAL EDWARD        ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                      4841.07
LAFFERTYZ, WADE LYNN            INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         64533.84
LAFRANCEZ, ANNE                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  48798.79
LAFRANCEZ, JEFFREY T            SCIENTIST                                                 135000
LAGERQUISTZ, JOHN EDWARD        LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                 39989.52
LAGGARTZ, JILLIAN DENISE        PRECEPTOR I                                              1559.89
LAGIERZ, RANDOLPH F             INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             73060.54
LAGRUTTAZ, KELLY THERESA        ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     45388.8
LAGUARDIAZ, ARMANDO             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70999.61
LAHMERSZ, KEVIN K               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     106230.6
LAHMERSZ, SUNSHINE M            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            47647.38
LAHNEZ, LAURA                   STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                         18691.7
LAHNEZ, RYAN L                  ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      39730.75
LAIZ, GENE C                    PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                              153939.6
LAKATOSZ, STEPHEN               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80293.77
LALIBERTEZ, CELIA H             PRECEPTOR I                                                 5946
LALONEZ, BRANDON MICHAEL        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    8008.32
LAMZ, BRIAN                     CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1773.93
LAMBZ, BRIAN KENT               REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     177483.74
LAMBZ, KIMBERLY KRISTINE        COORDINATOR                                             13777.64
LAMBARTHZ, JANET K              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           66318.48
LAMBERTZ, DIANE D               LECTURER                                                    3000
LAMBERTZ, QUINN TAYLOR          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2230.85
LAMBERTZ, STEVE D               FARMER 3                                                   39516
LAMBERTZ, SUSAN                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        29784.04
LAMBERTZ, TALLEY J              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            14013
LAMBRIGHTZ, BRETT PATRICK       CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      38.25
LAMEREZ, SPRING L               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    38610.47
LAMONZ, MEGAN M                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2331.4
LAMONTZ, CLARENCE RAYMOND       CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     109.01
LAMPAZ, STEVEN J                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            77286.38
LAMPARZYKZ, ANN LOUISE          LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                      150
LAMPERTZ, MARIE ELIZABETH       CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      38.25
LAMPPAZ, BRIAN D                ASSISTANT COACH                                         75108.82
LANDEZ, BECKI S                 ASSISTANT TO                                            69311.28
LANDEZ, BRIAN JERALD            ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 3                                50183.58
LANDEZ, ZACHARY STEVEN          SERVICE WORKER II                                        3234.06
LANDEENZ, GAYLE H               ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  60088.08
LANDERHOLMZ, GREGORY T          SERVICE WORKER I                                            6307
LANDERSZ, MICHAEL E             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           19272
LANDGRENZ, PETER C              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       325
LANDLEZ, BRIDGER                SERVICE WORKER I                                            4917
LANEZ, DANIEL PHILLIP           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      889.2
LANEZ, JEAN MARIE               LECTURER II                                                 3000
LANEZ, JENNIFER LYNN            MANAGER                                                  8402.97
LANEZ, SANDRA ANN               FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  58000.08
LANEZ, TRACEY ANNE              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22885.77
LANEZ, WILLIAM MICHAEL          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1218.38
LANGZ, CHARLES R                CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            95214.06
LANGZ, DAVID G                  MANAGER                                                 71747.28
LANGZ, JANEL ANN                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                             65146.68
LANGZ, JEAN ELLEN               STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 1 COUNSE                        58034.16
LANGZ, MILTON                   SENIOR ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                           124801
LANGEZ, BERND M                 ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                    111181.15
LANGEZ, CHRISTOPHER D           ASSISTANT ATHLETIC TRAINER                                 38670
LANGEZ, EMILY JANICE            SERVICE WORKER I                                            5718
LANGEZ, IRIS                    RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                    42588
LANGEZ, MELANIE A               COORDINATOR                                             54836.47
LANGFORDZ, STEPHEN C            RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         15300
LANIERZ, AMELIA SPENCER         RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         21000
LANIERZ, MARY S                 ASSOCIATE DEAN                                          132493.8
LANIGANZ, JANE                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61357.39
LANKERZ, LINDA E                PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
LANNIGANZ, JEFFREY BANKS        FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              74141.92
LANOUETTEZ, BRIAN PATRICK       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4362.72
LANTZZ, JACQUELINE FABRY        CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    360.75
LAPIANAZ, AMBER                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     786.31
LAPINZ, SERGEY                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     81037.08
LAPLANTZ, KATIE MARIE           PRECEPTOR I                                              1356.25
LAPOINTEZ, KATHRYN R            MANAGER                                                 87022.96
LAPOINTEZ, MARC J               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     615.96
LAPPINZ, APRIL DAWN             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        49277.76
LARAZ, ADRIANNE                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       14000
LARAZ, ERIK                     SERVICE WORKER I                                            5566
LARAZ, FABIOLA                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     712.5
LARAZ, ISIS JOHANA              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1300
LARIOSZ, ROSE-MARIE TELLO       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
LARIOSZ, ZULAY ADILENE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                          88
LARIVIEREZ, JANE A              HEAD COACH                                              82484.67
LARKINZ, ANGELA KAY             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        38645.98
LARKINZ, COURTNEY JEANNE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    431.25
LARKINSZ, CLAYTON J             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       8784
LARRABEEZ, LINDA ANN            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      46018.8
LARREAUZ, TIMOTHY W             MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                      40524
LARSENZ, JAMES A                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1457.44
LARSENZ, JOSHA REILLY           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       205.2
LARSENZ, MICHAEL F              CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                   93075.2
LARSENZ, PETER A                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48255.4
LARSONZ, CHAD M                 FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                                 78000
LARSONZ, CHARLES LAWRENCE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3006.9
LARSONZ, DALE E                 COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           50632.16
LARSONZ, KEVIN JOHN             FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  53844.24
LARSONZ, PETER B                PROFESSOR                                               79791.12
LARSONZ, RANDALL J              INSTRUCTOR                                               2908.37
LARSONZ, RODNEY D               BUDGET/POLICY ANALYST                                   59045.92
LARSONZ, RYAN J                 SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  6848.04
LARUEZ, GEORGE S                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    102462.43
LARWICKZ, JANE E                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       265
LASELLEZ, THOMAS C              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    7353.1
LASHZ, ALEX R                   SERVICE WORKER I                                         2355.12
LASHZ, ELISABETH ANN            CUSTODIAN 5                                                41508
LASKARZ, DHRUBOJYOTI DEY        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      55666.68
LASKOWSKIZ, ASHLEY NICOLE       CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3123.85
LASSANSKEZ, PATRICIA ANN        ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     5000.06
LASSITERZ, ALETHA L             PRECEPTOR I                                              4698.38
LASSITERZ, BRIAN ALLEN          GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        30946.42
LATHAMZ, CLAIRE KAMM            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     132448.3
LATHAMZ, NICOLE I               PRECEPTOR I                                                  290
LATHAMZ, RUBY M                 PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     52260.96
LATIMERZ, JENNIFER MICHELLE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4842.77
LATTZ, BENJAMIN K               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5865.6
LAUZ, AUDREY O                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     93496.08
LAUZ, TIN-YAN                   RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      26000.15
LAUBYZ, GERALDINE L             LECTURER                                                 16117.5
LAUERZ, MARJORIE                RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                  30638.4
LAUGHTERZ, LISA D               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        44219.52
LAUTHZ, LAURA SUSANNE           VETERINARY SPECIALIST 1                                 29891.78
LAUTZENHEISERZ, ERIC M          FARMER 3                                                39152.94
LAUVERZ, MARY A                 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                                36000
LAVENZ, JOLENE GAY              EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        34031.48
LAVINEZ, LAURA SUE              ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     77998.34
LAWZ, JOHN                      CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     793.51
LAWZ, KA-PO JAMIE               SERVICE WORKER I                                         1724.14
LAWZ, SARAH KATEEN              SERVICE WORKER II                                        2384.02
LAWFORDZ, JANE MARIE            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     46789.43
LAWHONZ, GAGE RYAN              PRECEPTOR I                                                 2879
LAWRENCEZ, ADAIR C              SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                        42810.8
LAWRENCEZ, LACE LAYA            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      32387.7
LAWRENCEZ, MERRY KAY            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            35651.22
LAWRENCEZ, PAULRAJ K            ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               46800
LAWRENCEZ, SARAH KATHLEEN       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1933.75
LAWRENCEZ, THOMAS ALDEN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     213.75
LAWRENCEZ, TIMOTHY              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                           69433.59
LAWSONZ, ANDREW JAMES           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4574.72
LAWSONZ, CASEY BROOKE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         99
LAWSONZ, CRAIG A                PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        39223.74
LAWSONZ, CRYSTAL A              PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       31363.67
LAWSONZ, JOHN J                 CUSTODIAN 2                                              25071.3
LAWSONZ, JONAS SCOTT            PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
LAWSONZ, JULIE                  PRECEPTOR I                                               667.26
LAWSONZ, MATTHEW ALLEN          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5604
LAWSONZ, WILLIAM E              CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
LAWTONZ, CARYN L                MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                        47224.32
LAWYERZ, KARIN D                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    619.92
LAYNEZ, DAVID                   PRECEPTOR I                                                   55
LAYTONZ, MATTHEW E              CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           200018.44
LAYTONZ, SCOTT J                GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        33048.01
LEZ, ELVIS QUOC                 LECTURER II                                                 3300
LEZ, HUNG                       POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         28531.24
LEZ, HUNG M                     SERVICE WORKER I                                           51.13
LEZ, JEFFREY TRUNG              SERVICE WORKER II                                          60.13
LEZ, NGOC PHUONG                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        800
LEZ, PHUONG                     PRECEPTOR I                                                  250
LEZ, QUYNH PHUONG               INSTRUCTOR                                               9628.39
LEACHZ, JENNIFER                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           52695.88
LEACHZ, STEVEN CRAIG            SERVICE WORKER I                                           62.42
LEACHMANZ, JACOB W              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        37125
LEACHMANZ, TIMOTHY RAY          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48239.17
LEARZ, ERICH J                  PROFESSOR                                               128216.7
LEARYZ, RICHARD JOHN            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1837.08
LEATHERSZ, CHARLES W            PROFESSOR                                              128465.04
LEAVEYZ, JOHN R                 FARMER 4                                                46423.37
LECLAIRZ, ALICIA                PRECEPTOR I                                                  668
LECONTEZ, JUDITH M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1932
LEDBETTERZ, MARK D              PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
LEEZ, ALICIA                    PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       26802.61
LEEZ, BETHANY SUESHIN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1072.5
LEEZ, BRIAN ROBERT              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5196
LEEZ, CAITLIN TAYLOR            SERVICE WORKER I                                          4643.3
LEEZ, CAROLYN ALICE             PRECEPTOR II                                               18612
LEEZ, CHOONSEOK                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    5606.4
LEEZ, CHRISTOPHER A             PRECEPTOR I                                                 1582
LEEZ, CHRISTOPHER ANDRE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      5163.5
LEEZ, CHUNG HO                  PRECEPTOR II                                             4058.75
LEEZ, DAVID                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     312.08
LEEZ, DEBBIE JEAN               PROFESSOR                                                83236.1
LEEZ, ERIC                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    4270.5
LEEZ, HEEUK                     LECTURER II                                                 2430
LEEZ, HEIDI K                   AUDITOR                                                    48480
LEEZ, HYEJIN                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4394.88
LEEZ, HYUNKYOUNG                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      256.5
LEEZ, JAMES M                   PROFESSOR                                               39157.68
LEEZ, JEONGHOON                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         20000.04
LEEZ, JOON YOUNG                SERVICE WORKER I                                          636.55
LEEZ, JUNG-EUN                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      2592
LEEZ, KYOUNG-JOO                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       477
LEEZ, MEGHAN ELIZABETH          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      2739
LEEZ, MELISSA GAIL              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
LEEZ, MICHAEL B                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1836
LEEZ, PAMELA AWANA              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            51369.28
LEEZ, RAYMOND W                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    100430.55
LEEZ, SANG YUN                  SERVICE WORKER I                                           382.1
LEEZ, SEUNGCHUL                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3035.2
LEEZ, STEVEN GREGORY            FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        53723.81
LEEZ, TAEIN                     ASSOCIATE IN                                             32716.8
LEEZ, TAMMY ANNE                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5337.48
LEEZ, THOMAS GREEN              INSTRUCTOR                                              30004.57
LEEZ, TUNG                      SERVICE WORKER I                                          869.45
LEEZ, YOHAN                     SERVICE WORKER I                                          679.21
LEE-LOPEZZ, MARIA               INSTRUCTOR                                              48458.06
LEEMZ, EUN TAEK                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   2818.08
LEFORCEZ, LEON E                CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
LEGASPIZ, CHRISTIAN M           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3160
LEGUISZ, HELEN M                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       6449.23
LEHEWZ, KRISAN M                EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   31208.82
LEHMANZ, ANDREW                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1245.4
LEHMANNZ, JAMES M               LECTURER                                                    6600
LEHRZ, ANDREW T                 STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        38669.76
LEHRERZ, NADINE                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          43018.1
LEIZ, HANWU                     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    105422.48
LEIZ, OLIVER YUAN               PRECEPTOR I                                                  455
LEIBZ, STEVEN RAY               ASSOCIATE IN                                            56032.32
LEIBZ, THOMAS                   LECTURER                                                18840.06
LEIBNITZZ, GRETALYN             COORDINATOR                                             77000.16
LEIDZ, CHRISTINA M              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      130.5
LEIGHTONZ, CHELSEY              PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
LEINWEBERZ, RICHARD             TRUCK DRIVER 1                                             35928
LEIPERZ, MEGHAN JOAN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1635
LEIPERZ, RAEANN L               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1965.04
LEISERZ, NOELLE E               PRECEPTOR I                                              1363.26
LEITZZ, LAURA JO                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3971.36
LELANDZ, EARL H                 ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 3                                53942.69
LELOUPZ, PAMELA K               MANAGER                                                    28053
LEMAKZ, DAVID JOHN              LECTURER                                                10988.88
LEMPERZ, GORDON L               CUSTODIAN 1                                             30021.15
LENGACHERZ, HOLLY L             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            38617.91
LENGACHERZ, RONALD E            FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        38094
LENIUSZ, DILLON                 SERVICE WORKER I                                            5868
LENKERSDORFERZ, RYAN DUANE      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4168.75
LENNINGZ, KATY LOUISE           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       23313.23
LENTZZ, CATHRYN I               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
LENTZZ, ROBERT A                INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         50815.92
LEOZ, DON                       SECRETARY SENIOR                                        35308.48
LEONZ, ANDREW JOSEPH            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1325.25
LEONARDZ, CASSIE JO             HISTOLOGY LABORATORY SUPERVISOR                            57240
LEONARDZ, DAVID                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70810.04
LEONARDZ, GENE PAUL             DATA ARCHITECT/DATABASE ADMINIST                        63101.76
LEONARDZ, JAMES BREWER          SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                    4509
LEONARDZ, SEAN MARIE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3948
LEONARDZ, WILLIAM W             LECTURER                                                  7899.2
LEONASZ, KAREN K                PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                                  140400
LEONASZ, MICHAEL                FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                                 87319
LEONHARDZ, ALLYSON              RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         21518
LEONHARDZ, HERBERT M            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    166.25
LEPAGEZ, JANE TERESA            RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                      35123.92
LERNERZ, SUSAN J                PRECEPTOR II                                               18995
LEROYZ, TIMOTHY JOSEPH          FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                       1241.67
LESEBERGZ, MICHAEL R            LECTURER                                                    7200
LESHLEYZ, NATHAN CURTIS         SERVICE WORKER I                                             250
LESIAKZ, ADAM J                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
LESSMANNZ, JEREMY J             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               50679
LESSOVZ, MAYA N                 ASSISTANT PRODUCER/DIRECTOR                             35438.88
LESTERZ, TYREL J                SERVICE WORKER I                                          483.08
LETIZIAZ, DOMENICA A            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   2697.96
LEUCKZ, MELISSA B               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      25333
LEUNGZ, FOK-YAN                 ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                             61492.8
LEUSINKZ, MICHELLE H            LECTURER                                                 35764.9
LEVASSEURZ, VINCENT R           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     532.5
LEVENSELLERZ, MICHAEL THOMAS    FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                     127500.16
LEVIZ, MEGHAN C                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4581
LEVIZ, RONALD H                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        67317.45
LEVIENZ, TERRI LYNN             CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            93838.56
LEVITTZ, ANNIELLA NICOLE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1460.64
LEVYZ, LYNN T                   CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            38235.08
LEWISZ, ADAM MARTIN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        68.4
LEWISZ, ANASTASIA JOSETTE       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3170.84
LEWISZ, CASSIE                  SERVICE WORKER I                                          4287.3
LEWISZ, DARLENE R               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       31049.49
LEWISZ, DONNA M                 CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            71058.76
LEWISZ, HEATHER RANEE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     289.84
LEWISZ, KAREN MARIE             COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                            70203.4
LEWISZ, KEVIN MICHAEL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
LEWISZ, NORMAN G                DIRECTOR                                               215001.68
LEWISZ, PAMELA GRACE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        720
LEWISZ, ROBERT R                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      97279.8
LEWISZ, SANDRA DEE              DATA CONTROL SUPERVISOR                                    49368
LEWISZ, SCOTT R                 ASSOCIATE IN                                            45283.44
LEWISZ, SETH ANDREW             SERVICE WORKER II                                        5511.79
LEWISZ, SHEILA ANN              SERVICE WORKER I                                         2708.22
LEWISZ, STEPHANIE MICHELLE      SERVICE WORKER I                                              76
LEWISZ, SUSAN M                 PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    26342.81
LEWISZ, THABITI                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     84774.07
LEWISZ, TREVOR NICHOLAS         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3939
LEWMANZ, ASHLEY                 SERVICE WORKER III                                        180.92
LIZ, AI-JUN                     ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               66192
LIZ, ALEXANDER DEQUAN           PROFESSOR                                              140154.22
LIZ, BIN                        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1365.12
LIZ, BINGJIN                    RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       5118.78
LIZ, FENG                       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3575
LIZ, HAIJUN                     PROFESSOR                                                  77447
LIZ, HAOEN                      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     3792
LIZ, HUIXIN                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
LIZ, MINGHUA                    ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            14250.06
LIZ, PENGFEI                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2864
LIZ, SHUANGLING                 MANAGEMENT ANALYST 2                                    49935.36
LIZ, TINGTING                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3931.4
LIZ, XIAOJUN                    ASSOCIATE IN                                               26604
LIZ, YILIN                      RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      14285.08
LIZ, YINGBO                     APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        60366.96
LIZ, YUNFEI                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4550
LIAINAZ, SONNY                  ASSOCIATE IN                                            26995.68
LIANZ, JIENI                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3859.92
LIANGZ, BIN                     ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            20045.58
LIANGZ, DI-HAO                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3348
LIANGZ, SONG                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          11515.2
LIAWZ, SHI-SHEN                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4288.8
LIBBEYZ, CARL R                 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    44433.12
LIBBYZ, JULIA E                 ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     29826.78
LIBERTYZ, AMANDA ROSE           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            31530
LIBEYZ, AMI MARIE               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     27567.12
LIBEYZ, KAREN S                 MANAGER                                                 57249.34
LICEAZ, NEIRI CARRASCO          MANAGER                                                  52664.3
LICHTENFELSZ, CLAIRE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4922
LIDDELLZ, KNONA C               PROFESSOR                                               75986.82
LIDSTROMZ, SHARON R             PRECEPTOR I                                               6047.5
LIEBRECHTZ, BRADLEY C           STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           36996
LIGGETTZ, TONDA                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63894.15
LIGHTZ, JENNIFER                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   8000.08
LIGHTBOURNZ, GORDON J           RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         27200
LIGHTFOOTZ, LESLIE J            MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                         45301.44
LIGHTNERZ, LINDSAY              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    38976.48
LIGONZ, KIMBERLY MITCHELL       INSTRUCTOR                                              41629.57
LIGUORIZ, JANNE M               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         30728
LILLESZ, LINDA                  LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        38540.68
LIMZ, JENNY                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   2232.75
LIMBURGZ, ERIC J                GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        47361.84
LINZ, DAVID                     ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      69705.9
LINZ, HUIMIN                    SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                     22561.5
LINZ, JENGLUNG                  LECTURER                                                    3300
LINZ, YU-HSUAN                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2880
LINCOLNZ, JAMES D               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    120413.76
LINCOLNZ, JASON                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             29439.78
LINCOLNZ, RICHARD A             CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
LINCOLNZ, TERRI LEE             ASSOCIATE IN                                            23000.16
LINDBERGZ, KARA L               ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    40012.41
LINDEBLADZ, KRISTINE            INSTRUCTOR                                                 41400
LINDEMANZ, GLEN W               PUBLICATIONS EDITOR                                     71494.06
LINDENZ, PHILIP E               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   29595.87
LINDERMANZ, VICTOR WALFRED      EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 4                                     51864
LINDGRENZ, KYLE ROSS            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4420.5
LINDHAGZ, JUDY KAY              SERVICE WORKER I                                         3005.17
LINDHAGZ, RICHARD H             CUSTODIAN 3                                                34260
LINDQUISTZ, RAY S               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        70632.65
LINDQUISTZ, SEAN RODNEY         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5160
LINDSAYZ, WILLOW ROSELLA        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1899
LINDSEYZ, PATRICIA L            PATIENT SERVICES SUPERVISOR                             31888.65
LINDSEYZ, S MARC                COPYRIGHT SPECIALIST                                    62654.21
LINDSTROMZ, JAMES H             EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                                87394.16
LINDSTROMZ, NICOLE M            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         40
LINEZ, BRETT                    COOK 2                                                  34628.07
LINEZ, TINA MARIE               PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIAL                        50349.37
LINEHANZ, DARYL R               TRUCK DRIVER 1                                             35928
LINEHANZ, LINDA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        37356
LINKZ, AMANDA DIANNE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2894.79
LINKZ, GORDON LEE               ENERGY EXTENSION PROGRAM MANAGER                       104585.75
LINKZ, OLIVER EDWIN             ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                      23792.4
LINKZ, RICHARD B                WEB COORDINATOR                                         55283.04
LINKZ, WILLIAM R                ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     6000.06
LINTONZ, NICHOLAS E             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1726.96
LINTVEDTZ, DENNIS K             DATA ARCHITECT/DATABASE ADMINIST                         73864.8
LIPSKERZ, MICHELLE LOUISE       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       27073.45
LIRAZ, ALICIA R                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     1509.5
LIRAZ, NANCY MARIE              FISCAL OFFICER/MANAGEMENT ANALYS                        73334.13
LISHERZ, LACY MARIE             CUSTODIAN 2                                             18434.33
LISONBEEZ, JARED                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64496.04
LISONBEEZ, SHAIRYLANN AUSTIN    CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1086.75
LITTLEZ, LESLIE S               FISCAL OFFICER/MANAGEMENT ANALYS                        60999.36
LITTLEFIELDZ, RICHARD J         LECTURER                                                    9900
LITTRELZ, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL   SERVICE WORKER II                                         3662.7
LIUZ, BO                        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2293.68
LIUZ, BO                        APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        53307.64
LIUZ, DARREN                    ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            35257.63
LIUZ, DAVID C                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2534.75
LIUZ, FANG                      RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      58968.12
LIUZ, HAIQIN                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1516.8
LIUZ, HANG                      POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          33222.9
LIUZ, HEPING                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     52187.34
LIUZ, HONGZHI                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         35765.39
LIUZ, JIA                       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4853.76
LIUZ, KUN                       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49240.98
LIUZ, PENG                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2730
LIUZ, QINGCHUN                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         35656.08
LIUZ, SHEEN XIN                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    138140.31
LIUZ, TIAN                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    8644.24
LIUZ, TIANCHENG                 ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               45000
LIUZ, XIANGDONG                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2859.2
LIUZ, XIAO                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     2094.5
LIUZ, XING                      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4096
LIUZ, YANG                      INSTRUCTOR                                              10253.37
LIUZ, YOSEN                     LECTURER                                                    3300
LIUZ, YUMEI                     ASSOCIATE IN                                            29493.36
LIUZ, YUPING                    APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        60187.68
LIUZ, ZIRU                      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       600
LIVELYZ, BROOKS TRAVIS          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1956.68
LIVINGSTONZ, GARY               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3000
LIVINGSTONZ, TYSON              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           60376
LIZARRAGAZ, JORGE G             INSTRUCTOR                                              60039.98
LLAFETZ, ANDREA R               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     787.5
LLAGASZ, FERNANDO MORENO        FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                30312.34
LLAMASZ, JESSICA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    11534.5
LLIULLY-AGUILARZ, ARIEL E       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      645.5
LLOYDZ, DAVID MERRILL           SERVICE WORKER III                                       4321.19
LLOYDZ, DEANNA M                PRECEPTOR II                                                 996
LLOYDZ, ERICA LINDSEY           SERVICE WORKER II                                         160.19
LLOYDZ, KIM                     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72116.11
LOZ, CORINNA W                  INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         64689.12
LOZ, KEVIN S                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      15560
LOAIZAZ, FRED A                 ANIMAL CARE FACILITY MANAGER                            54934.61
LOAIZAZ, MOLLY C                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         23301.92
LOBERGZ, MEG                    COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                                 18564
LOCHMILLERZ, CHAD R             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     28500.03
LOCKZ, BONNIE GWEN              ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     8423.02
LOCKEZ, CATHERINE M             MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                       34079.09
LOCKENZ, CHRIS D                SERVICE WORKER I                                           38.48
LOCKERZ, STEPHEN                WEB COORDINATOR                                         56691.28
LOCKHARTZ, GAIL A               FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                31363.48
LOCKIEZ, ERIC JAMES             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                     51864
LOCKIEZ, TERESA DAWN            HOSPITAL CENTRAL SERVICES TECHNI                        37939.24
LOCKWOODZ, SVETLANA             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     6080
LOEZ, ELDON CURTIS              CUSTODIAN 1                                                23757
LOERAZ, LUCILA                  DIRECTOR                                                  107349
LOFTUSZ, CASEY                  SERVICE WORKER I                                          579.55
LOGANZ, FRANCES E               EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        37307.53
LOGANZ, JEAN SHIRLEY            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  13852.94
LOGANZ, KATE-LYNNE              SERVICE WORKER I                                            5202
LOGANZ, SAM                     SERVICE WORKER II                                         752.88
LOGANZ, TRAVIS JOSEPH           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      421.1
LOGSDONZ, MARCIE LYNN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2389.73
LOHANZ, JANET                   CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            72014.49
LOHRZ, JOEL R                   MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  52430.55
LOHRZ, SANDON NATHANIEL         SERVICE WORKER I                                             125
LOHRZ, VIRGINIA I               PROFESSOR                                               90582.72
LOHREY-BIRCHZ, DORIS            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
LOIHLEZ, RUTH N                 PRECEPTOR II                                                 270
LOLLEYZ, ADAM JUDE              PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
LOMASNEYZ, SAMUEL PARISH        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1015
LOMAXZ, DAVA L                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6994
LOMAXZ, KATHLEEN R              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       600
LOMBERZ, JONATHAN P             SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY MANAGER                           57274.56
LONDONZ, RHODA                  LECTURER                                                    7200
LONDONZ, WENDY JOAN             LECTURER                                                    3300
LONEYZ, KRISTA ANNE             MANAGER                                                 45555.27
LONEYZ, WAYNE DAVID             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       32.49
LONGZ, CAROLYN N                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      69776.6
LONGZ, CHRISTOPHER D            MANAGER                                                 46475.51
LONGZ, HANNA C                  FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              48333.36
LONGZ, KATRINA HELEN            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      25422.88
LONGZ, MARLENE M                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    513.75
LONGZ, MICHAEL OWEN             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
LONGZ, ROBERT M                 RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 37522.28
LONGZ, ROY LEE                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    1548.5
LONGZ, SAMUEL SETH              INSTRUCTOR                                              39640.01
LONGDONZ, CHRISTINE             PRECEPTOR II                                                1323
LONGMIREZ, AMARIS M             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         10335.05
LONGORIAZ, CELIA S              AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        18615.86
LONGSTREETZ, LEAH M             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         28336
LOOMISZ, BRADLEY                INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                            60000
LOONEYZ, BRIAN PADDERIK         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    6303.93
LOOSZ, LINDA A                  PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     49500.72
LOPESZ, DOUGLAS R               CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                           65720
LOPESZ, MARY FRANCES            MID-LEVEL PRACTITIONER                                  28743.12
LOPEZZ, DAVID MEJIA             SERVICE WORKER I                                            9180
LOPEZZ, ELISHA M                SERVICE WORKER I                                         3805.43
LOPEZZ, ESTELA S                PRECEPTOR II                                                 620
LOPEZZ, HEATHER RACHAEL         DIRECTOR                                                98799.84
LOPEZZ, JORGE                   PRECEPTOR II                                                 475
LOPEZZ, JULIE A                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                         75
LOPEZZ, MONICA AZALEA           SERVICE WORKER I                                          6053.4
LOPEZZ, MYNOR ROBERTO           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3301.26
LOPEZZ, SAUL                    PRECEPTOR I                                              3107.28
LOPEZZ, VALERIA                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     10523
LOPEZZ, VANESSA L               SERVICE WORKER I                                             333
LOPEZZ, VERONICA                PRECEPTOR I                                               267.03
LOPEZ-BILADEAUZ, B              PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                          39354
LOPEZ-RIVERAZ, MONICA           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2197.85
LORAZ, MARIELLA                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       4865.03
LORDZ, DARCI LOUISE             PRECEPTOR I                                               9397.5
LORDZ, ROSE MARIE               CUSTODIAN 1                                             30355.66
LORDZ, SAMANTHA ROSE            PRECEPTOR I                                                292.5
LORENTEZ, EMILY                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4046.5
LORENTZZ, NATASZA               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1927.5
LOSADAZ, MARTIN                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          50552.4
LOSHZ, CAROLYN NELSON           MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER LEAD                           37629.01
LOSHZ, ROBERT W                 TRUCK DRIVER 1                                          36439.34
LOTTZ, VICKY MARIE              STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        23304.72
LOTZZ, KELSEY LYNNE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3341.25
LOTZ-DRLIKZ, JANE ELIZABETH     PRECEPTOR I                                                402.5
LOUZ, PHILLIP C-L               ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              42683.44
LOUCKSZ, SCOTT                  LECTURER II                                                  750
LOUDERZ, CRAIG JAY              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        120
LOUDERMILKZ, EDNA MARIE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     20482.81
LOUIEZ, DANIEL JAMES            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1813.5
LOVATZ, DARIN J                 STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING SPECIA                        64000.16
LOVATO-NILESZ, CHERYL           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    6682.38
LOVEZ, CHRISTINE E              ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  61576.42
LOVEZ, DEBORAH                  STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        35847.66
LOVEZ, JANELLE                  RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          28854.54
LOVEZ, LAURA ANN                OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                      35040
LOVEZ, ROBERT EUGENE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5208
LOVELLZ, JOSEPH H               PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
LOVRICHZ, KATHERINE             ACADEMIC COUNSELOR                                      44511.46
LOVRICHZ, NICHOLAS P            REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     130503.32
LOWZ, KAYLEE IRENE              SERVICE WORKER I                                          215.89
LOWERZ, STEPHANIE L             STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                              7440.66
LOWRYZ, DAVID F                 INSTRUCTOR                                                 38700
LOYDZ, JENNIFER W               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   18639.12
LOZANOZ, TANA KANOELANI         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1617.34
LOZANO-GARCIAZ, ANDRES F        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   10270.02
LUZ, GANG                       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3124.8
LUZ, HAO HOWARD                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1500
LUZ, XIAONAN                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3840
LUZ, XIAOQIAO                   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      40000.21
LUZ, YAN                        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      637.5
LUBERSZ, BREELAN L              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    7134.12
LUBLINERZ, MICHAEL R            ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              77848.76
LUBLINSKYZ, RUDOLF              LECTURER                                                    7200
LUBOSKIZ, JENNIFER A            LECTURER II                                                 9000
LUCEZ, VALERIE ANN              INSTRUCTOR                                                 501.5
LUCEYZ, NICHOLAS A              PRECEPTOR II                                                3080
LUCHTERHANDZ, RANDI             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        37956.02
LUCKERZ, BEN FRANKLIN           RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      33784.87
LUCKSTEADZ, JEFFREY ALLEN       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1617.76
LUDERSZ, LESA R                 SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       38002.39
LUDIKERZ, RANDY BARTON          CUSTODIAN 1                                             31169.16
LUDWIGZ, CHRISTINE MARIE        INSTRUCTOR                                              45869.99
LUEDECKEZ, LLOYD O              PROFESSOR                                               11303.52
LUEDTKEZ, ADAM N                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     29750.04
LUERSZ, WILLIAM                 INSTRUCTOR                                              38500.12
LUESCHOWZ, LANA K               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    1639.2
LUETHIZ, DEAN                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        22500
LUETJENZ, KAREN HOLT            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11745
LUFTZ, GREGORY JOHN             ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY TE                           43572
LUFTZ, JAN E                    ANIMAL CARE FACILITY MANAGER                            48693.65
LUFTZ, MARIAH M                 ASSISTANT TO                                            54337.44
LUGARZ, DIANE E                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       16306.14
LUGO-LUGOZ, CARMEN R            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      59170.5
LUJANZ, LISA K                  ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    45032.33
LUKZ, TAMMY S                   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER                            41508
LUKZ, TOMMY NAI-CHIU            LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        49110.57
LUKENSZ, PATRICIA E             LABORATORY QUALITY ASSURANCE COO                        64397.65
LUKOWSKIZ, SUSAN MARIE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2880
LUMIEREZ, ALEXANDER SEVERN      PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   6368.75
LUNAZ, JENNIFER                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        9235
LUNAZ, RAFAEL                   PRECEPTOR I                                              4279.96
LUNDZ, STACY RENEE              SERVICE WORKER I                                          3961.5
LUNDEENZ, CHRISTINE             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           42000
LUNDENZ, GLENNA J               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4405.5
LUNDENZ, JEFFREY D              SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    56610.88
LUNDENZ, ZACHARY D              SERVICE WORKER I                                             835
LUNDGRENZ, STEFANIE             SERVICE WORKER I                                          7408.5
LUNDQUISTZ, SUSAN M             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
LUNDQUISTZ, WILLIAM J           AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC                                     43614.12
LUNGSTROMZ, NAOMI L             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            64499.89
LUNGUZ, ALEKSANDR NIKOLAYEVICH  CUSTODIAN 1                                              3242.74
LUNSTADZ, JANA KAY              ASSISTANT TO                                            47990.64
LUONGZ, DUNG                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1564.66
LUOPAZ, JULIKA ANNE             PRECEPTOR I                                              1028.31
LUPERCIOZ, ANGELA FAVIOLA       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         143
LUPKEZ, CHRISTOPHER             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     79649.21
LUPKEZ, SHUXIN ZHAO             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   4547.75
LUPOZ, KAREN DENISE             PROFESSOR                                               62454.42
LUSBYZ, CHAD D                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   14808.13
LUSBYZ, ELIZABETH A             FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
LUSBYZ, GARY W                  GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                         35048.2
LUSBYZ, JAY W                   CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
LUSBYZ, JULIE ANN               FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              48039.44
LUSBYZ, WALTER EDWARD           SERVICE WORKER II                                        9193.09
LUSTZ, MICHAEL CHARLES          LECTURER                                                    6003
LUTSKASZ, LORALEE               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            49368
LUTTERZ, JOHN DYLAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2331.4
LUTYZ, EMILY S                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4357.5
LUTZZ, ELLEN M                  PRECEPTOR I                                              4703.64
LUTZEZ, FAITH E                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65138.93
LYMANZ, SARAH RENEE             SERVICE WORKER III                                         56.57
LYNASZ, DANIELLE M              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        17083.41
LYNCHZ, CHRISTINE ANN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
LYNCHZ, ERIC D                  EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 1                                  32228.79
LYNCHZ, JOHN DANIEL             CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            102222.2
LYNCHZ, JOSEPH HENRY            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5606.4
LYNCHZ, KATHERINE DANIELLE      CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1607.4
LYNCHZ, KRISTEN ELISE           ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     4550.04
LYNCHZ, MIKE JAMES              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         25391.99
LYNCHZ, PAUL E                  SERVICE WORKER I                                          4094.5
LYNCHZ, SEAN D                  SERVICE WORKER II                                           5193
LYNDZ, JERRY J                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             30449.21
LYNNZ, JENNIFER S               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       42588
LYNNZ, KELVIN G                 DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM OR SCHOOL                          207604.84
LYONZ, JUDITH ANN               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
LYONZ, SAMANTHA PAIGE           SERVICE WORKER I                                          106.88
LYONZ, STEVEN R                 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                              63458.4
LYONSZ, JACQUELINE              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            34632.21
LYONSZ, JOHN KIM                ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              41209.83
LYONSZ, KENDRA DREW             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        510
LYONSZ, PAMELA LYNN             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            29245
LYONSZ, S ARLINE                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     45613.44
LYONSZ, SEAN G                  ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  49398.96
LYONSZ, SUSAN                   GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                           42588
LYTLEZ, WINTON MILES            SERVICE WORKER I                                           47.03
MAZ, AMANDA BATES               SERVICE WORKER II                                            375
MAZ, DING                       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2869.44
MAZ, JINGWEI                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      600
MAZ, ZHIYI                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2970
MAARHUISZ, PATRICIA LOUISE      COORDINATOR                                             53084.16
MABRYZ, LINDA                   PROFESSOR                                               96301.75
MACARTHURZ, MEGAN N             PRECEPTOR I                                                  900
MACARTHURZ, PHILIP REO          CUSTODIAN 1                                               7628.7
MACAUSLANZ, ROBERT ANDREW       LECTURER II                                              2227.26
MACCONNELLZ, CRAIG              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           84489.47
MACCRACKENZ, MAUREEN            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    69519.7
MACDONALDZ, MARK E              ASSISTANT COACH                                         53202.24
MACDOUGALLZ, VERONICA TYANNA    SERVICE WORKER I                                           186.2
MACDUFFZ, JOHN TREVOR           LECTURER II                                               3190.5
MACEZ, TIMOTHY CHARLES          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3942.35
MACEYZ, TARA                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          9307.63
MACFARLANZ, SHANE JAMES         INSTRUCTOR                                              19000.08
MACIASZ, DAVID G                SERVICE WORKER II                                          10368
MACIASZ, MARIA DEJESUS          SERVICE WORKER I                                            8920
MACIASZ, MIGUEL ARMENTA         PRECEPTOR I                                                 1200
MACKZ, ANDREW                   GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        37459.57
MACKZ, CAROL F                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   41824.46
MACKZ, RICHARD N                PROFESSOR                                              103658.81
MACKZ, VICTORIA                 RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 37630.08
MACKAYZ, ROBERT MALCOLM         LECTURER                                                    6000
MACKENZIEZ, BOB D               MANAGER                                                 86709.81
MACKESSYZ, MICHAEL ADRIAN       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35178.41
MACKEYZ, ALEXANDRA SUSAN        SERVICE WORKER I                                         1563.75
MACKLEITZ, ALEXANDRA N          SERVICE WORKER I                                          4603.5
MACKLEITZ, LAUREN DANIELLE      SERVICE WORKER I                                            5268
MACLEANZ, ALAIR                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62286.78
MACLEANZ, LINDA                 CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           129780.24
MACRAEZ, CARLEY ANN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                  26265.01
MACYZ, L ROBERT                 CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                  70530.56
MACYZ, SHARON K                 INTERIOR DESIGNER                                          61632
MADDENZ, RYAN H                 LECTURER                                                    4000
MADISONZ, CHARLES L             PROFESSOR                                                82463.2
MADISONZ, JUDY L                CUSTODIAN 4                                                37620
MADRID-JARAMILLOZ, SILVIA A     INSTRUCTOR                                              33525.12
MADSENZ, ISAAC JAMES            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2322.5
MADSENZ, WESLEY D               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      7350
MADSEN-BOUTERSEZ, SALLY A       ASSOCIATE IN                                            16937.62
MADSONZ, WAYNE H                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2700
MAENHOUTZ, DREW                 SERVICE WORKER II                                          60.63
MAFIZ, ELHAM                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   5304.32
MAGANAZ, CHRISTOPHER L          ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        4050
MAGANAZ, JUAN D                 FARMER 2                                                   29336
MAGANAZ, LUCIA                  SERVICE WORKER I                                          1778.4
MAGANAZ, MARIA ELENA            SERVICE WORKER I                                           11755
MAGEOZ, JEANNETTE-MARIE         PROFESSOR                                               75000.24
MAGERSZ, JOLEEN M               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MAGERSZ, PATRICK L              INSULATION WORKER LEAD                                  50525.03
MAGGARDZ, GANNON LOY            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1481.21
MAGNUSONZ, NANCY S              PROFESSOR                                               92843.28
MAGRATHZ, TAMMY LYNN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1405.8
MAGUIREZ, DENNIS P              LECTURER                                                    3000
MAGUIREZ, REBECCA L             EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    48080.4
MAGUNDAZ, FORGIVEMORE           VETERINARY INTERN                                       14333.97
MAHZ, JAE HYUNG                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                             6038
MAHANZ, MALORIE MARGUERITE      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
MAHANEYZ, NANCY L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28798.12
MAHERZ, DANIEL T                STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 1 COUNSE                        47877.36
MAHLSTEDTZ, KYLE ALEXANDER      SERVICE WORKER I                                          3827.9
MAHON-HAFTZ, TAJ ALEXANDER      INSTRUCTOR                                              19000.08
MAHRTZ, ELENA JOHANNA           PRECEPTOR II                                              827.75
MAIZ, NHU THI-QUYNH             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        2652
MAIBZ, CIERRA SCARLETT          SERVICE WORKER I                                         7917.06
MAIERZ, KADENCE C               SERVICE WORKER I                                          602.09
MAIERZ, WESLEY BRUCE            SERVICE WORKER I                                           15.65
MAIGUASHCA-TAPIAZ, FRANKLIN     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                  14162.67
MAINZ, DOREEN                   ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                    115839.36
MAINZ, NICHOLAS S               SERVICE WORKER I                                         2494.25
MAINZ, ROBERT THOMAS            SERVICE WORKER II                                        1567.88
MAINZ, ROD                      CUSTODIAN 3                                             34269.35
MAINZ, TAMMY LEE                FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                29102.02
MAINELLAZ, PATRICIA             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            19303.65
MAINKAZ, JEFFREY RAINER         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2864
MAINS-TAPIAZ, CODY CLARK        ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    39541.08
MAJEKOBAJEZ, ABOLADE O          ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      42511.92
MAJUMDERZ, TURBO                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3720
MAKAMSONZ, RYAN G               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        72317.76
MAKAMSONZ, SALLY J              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     25351.68
MAKARZ, GREGORY GEORGE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3744
MAKHANIZ, ALEXA SADE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  27628.45
MAKHANIZ, BEVERLY S             PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                         68541.6
MAKIZ, BRIAN KEITH              TELECOURSE PRODUCTION SPECIALIST                        49999.68
MAKIZ, MARIAH C                 ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      72500.04
MAKOWSKIZ, FRANCES F            PRECEPTOR II                                                2307
MAKUSZ, KARLA JESS              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    44000.16
MALAKOWSKYZ, MATTHEW G          PAINTER                                                    43572
MALCOLMZ, GEORGE M              DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                       105999.36
MALCOMZ, COURTNEY DANYEL        SERVICE WORKER III                                       1366.69
MALDONADOZ, ANGELA Q            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            94631.28
MALDONADO-RIVERAZ, SUSANA I     LECTURER II                                                481.8
MALENSEKZ, COREY STEPHEN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1947.5
MALIKSIZ, ROBERTA MICHELLE      CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      2765
MALLAMPALLIZ, SRILAKSHMI        RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      34000.08
MALLARIZ, RANDY L-M             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4299.93
MALLATTZ, JON M                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65048.94
MALLERYZ, LESSIE M              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            31305
MALMZ, KIRSTIN DIANE            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            49367
MALMQUISTZ, VIRGINIA L          PRECEPTOR II                                                 620
MALONEZ, HEATHER CHRISTINE      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3569.44
MALONEZ, KAREN GAYLE            DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 43799.76
MALONEZ, PATRICK                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                45453.47
MALOTTZ, CURTIS JOHN            CUSTODIAN 2                                              9213.66
MAMIDIZ, RANGANATH              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
MANCEZ, JASON GRAHAM            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
MANCILLZ, PAUL ANTHONY          LECTURER                                                    4200
MANDALZ, BIDISHA                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                87750.24
MANENICAZ, KATHLEEN             EXTENSION COORDINATOR SPECIALIST                        64686.76
MANENICA-FRANKZ, SOPHIA M       CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     133.26
MANFREDZ, STEPHEN MICHAEL       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3000
MANGIANTINIZ, JOHN C            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    45470.59
MANIKKAMZ, MOHAN                ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            57062.76
MANLEYZ, JERRIE LYNN            LECTURER II                                                  100
MANNZ, CANDIYA                  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      46438.56
MANNZ, ELIZABETH MARIE          SERVICE WORKER I                                         3736.26
MANNINGZ, ANNA LEE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    941.21
MANNINGZ, BRIAN S               ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                       10800
MANNINGZ, DIANE RENEE           LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           34153
MANNINGZ, KASEY ELIZABETH       CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     80.34
MANNINGZ, NEIL R                MANAGER                                                  51242.4
MANNINGZ, REBECCA ANN           ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  47840.88
MANORANJANZ, M                  BUDGET ANALYST 2                                           53148
MANORANJANZ, VALIPURAM S        ASSOCIATE DEAN & DIRECTOR                              169411.44
MANSONZ, LAURA A                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        25482.67
MANSPERGERZ, MARK C             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            50610.06
MANSURZ, SALLY A                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            37056
MANTLE-BROMLEYZ, CORINNE        ASSOCIATE DEAN                                          78571.92
MANUCHEHRIZ, MISHA ROSE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3943.2
MANWARINGZ, JONATHAN P          INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             68500.32
MANYANGAZ, FIDELIS              LECTURER                                                   799.2
MANZANOZ, HECTOR                PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                           40571
MANZO-ROBLEDOZ, F               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     76977.39
MAOZ, LI                        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    11507
MAOZ, LI                        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       14684.4
MAOZ, PENG                      POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          35272.8
MAOZ, YUANBING                  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      34894.09
MAPESZ, ERIC JAMES              INSTRUCTOR                                              52691.72
MARBUTZ, DON E                  HEAD BASEBALL COACH                                    172436.93
MARCELOZ, MARVIN V              CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                              130891
MARCHANTZ, DENA L               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    1795.1
MARENINZ, OTWIN                 PROFESSOR                                               87714.84
MARETTZ, CASEY ELLEN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1877.12
MARGOLISZ, JASON M              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     84197.53
MARIAZ, SUSANNA                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        32464.25
MARICAL-ANDRESZ, FELIPE DE-JESUSSERVICE WORKER II                                            144
MARICHALARZ, DONICIO J          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4640
MARIEZ, CECILE                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         36058.66
MARINAZ, OLGA                   LECTURER                                                    1650
MARINOZ, MATTHEW T              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     71670.16
MARISCALZ, MELISSA YVONNE       PRECEPTOR I                                                  550
MARKZ, JOSEPHINE N              SECRETARY                                               44716.19
MARKLEYZ, ELISE ROCHELLE        SERVICE WORKER I                                            4902
MARKLEYZ, MICHAEL E             MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR 3                                 75049.6
MARLATTZ, HEATHER RENEE         HISTOLOGIC TECHNICIAN 1                                 34777.99
MARLEYZ, KENT D                 ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                  946.05
MARLEYZ, PAULA K                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     26558.91
MARLOWZ, MICHAEL                ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      56096.39
MARLOWEZ, KAROL                 INSTRUCTOR                                              29863.03
MARPLEZ, DEBRA S                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           84915.39
MARQUARTZ, JUSTIN R             DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                   121495.24
MARQUESZ, JOAQUIM VOGT          POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         28341.06
MARQUEZZ, ROBERT JOSEPH         SERVICE WORKER II                                        1051.68
MARRIONZ, TIMOTHY JACK          BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                    48927.46
MARSHZ, DEBRA J                 PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        46051.44
MARSHZ, JASON M                 WEB COORDINATOR                                         43567.92
MARSHZ, LORI L                  PATIENT SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE                            30625
MARSHZ, SUSAN                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     82945.84
MARSHZ, THOMAS LLOYD            SCIENTIST                                              147622.82
MARSHZ, TIMOTHY J               ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      29231.52
MARSHALLZ, ADRIAN TY            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4736.5
MARSHALLZ, BETHANY              INSTRUCTOR                                              50597.28
MARSHALLZ, HALEY                PRECEPTOR I                                                  349
MARSHALLZ, JACQUELIN            FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40524.48
MARSHALLZ, LARRY C              PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          49202.22
MARSHALLZ, TERESA               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             2300
MARSHALLZ, VERONICA L           PRECEPTOR II                                                1614
MARSTONZ, PHILIP L              PROFESSOR                                               99929.07
MARTELZ, NORMAN C               ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                74824.13
MARTELLAZ, ANAYA CORINNE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      370.5
MARTINZ, AMY ALICE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    9298.55
MARTINZ, CALEB MATHEW           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        260
MARTINZ, CHRISTINA RUTH         SERVICE WORKER II                                        2017.26
MARTINZ, CINDY MARIE            CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
MARTINZ, DAVID RAY              INSTRUCTOR                                              29582.09
MARTINZ, DELORIES S             ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    21545.04
MARTINZ, GEORGE WILLIAM         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48196.84
MARTINZ, JAMES M                DIRECTOR                                                80000.16
MARTINZ, JASON B                CUSTODIAN 1                                             30810.72
MARTINZ, JASON JOHN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4800
MARTINZ, JEANETTE C             SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       61514.01
MARTINZ, JESSE A                CARPENTER                                               43613.74
MARTINZ, JOSE P                 FARMER 2                                                 37336.3
MARTINZ, KEVIN GRAEME           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1859.64
MARTINZ, KRISTINA               PRECEPTOR I                                                 4100
MARTINZ, KYLIE ANN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4026
MARTINZ, LINDA GAIL             LECTURER II                                                 4000
MARTINZ, LORENA                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2850.21
MARTINZ, MARK E                 AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC                                      43620.6
MARTINZ, MARLIN LEE             ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     3000.06
MARTINZ, MELISSA K              INSTRUCTOR                                              25972.22
MARTINZ, MELISSA SUE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        780
MARTINZ, MICKAILA L             SERVICE WORKER I                                         1289.88
MARTINZ, THOMAS A               DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                       105412.08
MARTINZ, TY DANIEL              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     385.01
MARTINDALEZ, HEATHER            PRECEPTOR I                                                  260
MARTINDALEZ, LESLIE             PRECEPTOR I                                                 3610
MARTINEZZ, BENJAMIN HERCULANO   SERVICE WORKER II                                        5141.03
MARTINEZZ, FLORENCIO T          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      12210
MARTINEZZ, HECTOR               SERVICE WORKER I                                           10332
MARTINEZZ, HIPOLITO             SERVICE WORKER I                                            1422
MARTINEZZ, ISAAC E              PRECEPTOR I                                               2936.5
MARTINEZZ, ISRAEL               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   2713.88
MARTINEZZ, JOEL T               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    14280
MARTINEZZ, MICHELLE S           ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      90405.12
MARTINEZZ, MIGUEL A             PRECEPTOR I                                               2997.8
MARTINEZZ, MONICA COLIN         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       4457.06
MARTINEZZ, NADIALISA GARZATA    PRECEPTOR I                                              5647.23
MARTINEZZ, ODELIA               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       4410.41
MARTINEZZ, OSCAR                SERVICE WORKER II                                        4007.21
MARTINEZZ, SABRINA N            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                      32090.5
MARTINEZZ, STEPHANIE ELIZABETH  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4059.26
MARTINEZZ, STEVEN A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    111827.52
MARTINEZ-BUENDIAZ, EDGAR        SERVICE WORKER I                                          684.01
MARTINEZ-LOPEZZ, PLACIDO        SERVICE WORKER I                                            9120
MARTINIZ, NICOLE LUCILLE        EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   46093.68
MASONZ, ANDREA CLARK            INSTRUCTOR                                              26030.43
MASONZ, ANNE MICHELE            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            48523.63
MASONZ, CHARITY A               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             6600
MASSEYZ, CARMEN ELISE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4540.07
MASSEYZ, KATIE B                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    881.25
MASSEYZ, LISA RENEE             FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  66199.92
MASSEYZ, MATTHEW LEE            PRECEPTOR I                                             10827.84
MASSIEZ, JENNIFER L             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                          96
MASTERSZ, LISA RENEE            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                               31808.6
MASTONZ, DIANA L                SNACK BAR LEAD                                             32688
MASTORAKOSZ, IOANNIS            VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               60000
MASTROGIUSEPPEZ, JOY            PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        37819.19
MATANGUIHANZ, GLAFERA J-B       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  9328.32
MATHERZ, TERESA A               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24833.54
MATHESONZ, RUSSELL J            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   23851.34
MATHEWSZ, JENNIFER ANN          RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          28554.55
MATHEWSZ, LINDA OLIVAS          EXTENSION COORDINATOR SENIOR                               46800
MATHEWSZ, TALIA                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      14649
MATHISZ, KERRI E                LECTURER                                                    3500
MATHISONZ, BRIDGET D            SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    43875.12
MATHISONZ, BRUCE A              RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST SUPERVISOR                           51864
MATHISONZ, JESSICA F            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1242.5
MATHISONZ, JON BRADLEY          RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                    45828
MATHISONZ, KATHRYN G            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1736.25
MATHISONZ, RACHEL A             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1569
MATICZ, LORIE A                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       68.4
MATIJASCICZ, KRISTINE K         PRECEPTOR II                                              4812.5
MATSONZ, ERIKA LYNNE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     659.33
MATSUOZ, KAORI                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         20995.05
MATSUURAZ, GREG                 CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             88246.8
MATTESONZ, DONALD S             PROFESSOR                                                50505.3
MATTESONZ, KEELY K              PRECEPTOR I                                             12295.82
MATTHEWSZ, ALLISON LUCILE       INSTRUCTOR                                              35000.01
MATTHEWSZ, GARY R               ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                 7616.83
MATTHEWSZ, JOHN GREGORY         LIBRARIAN 3                                             53921.52
MATTHEWSZ, LESLIE ANN           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      38606.7
MATTICEZ, CLAUDIA S             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        180
MATTINSONZ, DENNIS SCOTT        ASSOCIATE IN                                            40861.44
MATTOONZ, JENNIFER L            INSTRUCTOR                                              39500.16
MATTOONZ, JOHN S                PROFESSOR                                               146854.9
MATULICHZ, SCOTT C              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      5200
MATUOZZIZ, ROBERT N             LIBRARIAN 4                                             55745.88
MATVEEVZ, KONSTANTIN            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     97906.26
MAUZ, CHRISTOPHER               ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                      37498.8
MAULEZ, AMANDA B                SERVICE WORKER II                                         2557.5
MAUPINZ, CLYDE L                CUSTODIAN 3                                             35647.06
MAUPINZ, JEFFREY ALAN           SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
MAUPINZ, KIMBERLY SOO           HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                                  51000
MAURINZ, JOHN D                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                         30019.3
MAVRODIZ, OLGA V                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       37333.2
MAXFIELDZ, BENJAMIN DAREL       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1880
MAXFIELDZ, LESLEY LAWRENCE      LECTURER                                                    2001
MAXWELLZ, WHITNEY MARIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       135
MAYZ, ALISA DORENE              DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    78745.92
MAYZ, JOSHUA                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         14102.27
MAYZ, LANETTE K                 PRECEPTOR I                                              1647.75
MAYZ, MARTHA C                  PRECEPTOR II                                                5920
MAYZ, SHELLEY KRISTINE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     23513.33
MAYBERRYZ, LACEY E              HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                         10308.6
MAYBERRYZ, MEGAN ASHLEY         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     138.95
MAYBURRYZ, JASON WAYNE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     31876.04
MAYERZ, CARL L                  MEDIA MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN 3                          47083.56
MAYERZ, CHRISTINA S             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         30596
MAYERZ, LAWRENCE                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            21000.06
MAYERZ, MATTHEW KARL            INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         44817.84
MAYERZ, SUSAN M                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
MAYLORZ, JAY D                  APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        61199.28
MAYNARDZ, RYAN                  INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                              69055.2
MAYNARDZ, WILLIAM LOUIS         ADJUNCT PROFESSOR (NP)                                     16000
MAYOZ, CLAIRE                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         36
MAYSZ, SUSAN ANN                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31078.1
MAZHERZ, ABDELHAMID K           CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            38800.08
MAZURZ, AMY GALE                PROFESSOR                                               91636.02
MAZURZ, ANDY                    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        20996.05
MAZURZ, GABRIELA                INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         56403.36
MAZURZ, NICOLE MICHELLE         LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 1                                    37506
MAZURZ, URSULA M                PROFESSOR                                               86387.63
MAZURZ, ZACHARY ADAM            PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    40138.14
MBOGUZ, UZOMA O                 SERVICE WORKER I                                           563.9
MCAFEEZ, PATRICIA A             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       5668.88
MCANDREWS-LUFTZ, KAREN M        PRECEPTOR II                                                  25
MCARTHURZ, AARON S              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
MCATEERZ, KATHLEEN              ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            54879.12
MCAULEYZ, KATHLEEN A            SECRETARY SENIOR                                        17169.77
MCAULEYZ, LOUIS KIRK            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        54000
MCBAINEZ, DANNY LEE             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48317.5
MCBRIDEZ, JUDY J                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2800
MCBRIDEZ, KELSEY LAINE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   5392.5
MCBRIDEZ, LETTIA D              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3431.97
MCBRIDEZ, NICOLE MARIE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       140
MCBRIDEZ, SHANNON ELIZABETH     CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    4322.5
MCBROOKSZ, MAXINE P             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      300
MCCABEZ, JOANN                  FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              52485.12
MCCABEZ, MICHAEL L              CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
MCCABEZ, NORAH ROSALEEN         CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            74995.12
MCCABEZ, W MIKE                 CUSTODIAN 3                                             37280.04
MCCALLZ, ESTHER L               SECRETARY LEAD                                          18453.18
MCCALLZ, LYNDSAY R              MANAGER                                                    58938
MCCALLYZ, ASHLEY MICHELLE       INSTRUCTOR                                               11173.5
MCCANNZ, JOSHUA DON             SERVICE WORKER I                                        10683.25
MCCANNZ, KATRINA E              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      8458
MCCANNZ, KIMBERLY R             SERVICE WORKER I                                            5225
MCCANNZ, RUSSELL                COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                               10534.2
MCCARLEYZ, NAKIA T              LECTURER II                                                973.5
MCCARLEYZ, VICTORIA A           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38617
MCCARROLLZ, DAVID R             DRAFTING TECHNICIAN 3                                      42884
MCCARTHYZ, JESSICA E            INSTRUCTOR                                              19520.03
MCCARTHYZ, JOHN F               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    7353.1
MCCARTHYZ, KERI                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     42612.58
MCCARTYZ, PATRICK MICHAEL       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   956.25
MCCARVERZ, DEBRA                ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    21501.11
MCCARVERZ, MICHELE L            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     44618.64
MCCAULEYZ, PETER                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         32979.24
MCCHESNEYZ, JOEL THOMAS         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       31078.67
MCCLANAHANZ, KARA D             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            20320
MCCLANAHANZ, RUSSELL LYNN       RESEARCH SUPERVISOR                                     48453.64
MCCLINTOCKZ, LORI A             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
MCCLUREZ, KAREN J               CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
MCCLUREZ, MARK                  LECTURER II                                                 4000
MCCLUREZ, MARTA A               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1579.5
MCCLUREZ, RACHEL ANN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     507.02
MCCLUREZ, TYLER R               SERVICE WORKER I                                           16730
MCCLUSKEYZ, JILL J              SCIENTIST                                              143111.32
MCCLUSKEYZ, MATTHEW D           PROFESSOR                                                  94082
MCCOLLUMZ, JERRY J              COORDINATOR                                                26775
MCCOLLUMZ, JOE LAWRENCE         PRECEPTOR I                                               501.66
MCCOLLUMZ, SANDRA M             CUSTODIAN 4                                             38502.93
MCCOMBSZ, TANNER B              SERVICE WORKER II                                           6950
MCCONNELLZ, WALTER AARON        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       4641
MCCORDZ, PER HILDING            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          23666.7
MCCORDZ, STACEY                 PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       59241.36
MCCORMICKZ, LEISA               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    36098.59
MCCORMICKZ, TIMOTHY             HOSPITAL CENTRAL SERVICES TECHNI                           41508
MCCOYZ, ANNE R                  ASSOCIATE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                            149464.99
MCCOYZ, GILBERT A               ENERGY ENGINEER                                         87187.17
MCCOYZ, JANETTA M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68065.44
MCCOYZ, JENNA K                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       36000
MCCOYZ, ROBERT R                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      65910.1
MCCRACKENZ, COLEEN A            ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNING SPECIALI                        58999.92
MCCRACKENZ, VICKI A             PROFESSOR                                              159884.46
MCCRACKENZ, WINSTON KAY         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5792
MCCRAYZ, RICHARD B              ELECTRICIAN                                             62173.85
MCCUBBINZ, ANDREW               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72494.28
MCCUBBINZ, LAURIE DAWN          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61710.16
MCCUEZ, MOLLY CONWAY            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                         36
MCCULLOCHZ, JOHN B              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      15040
MCCULLOHZ, CHAMP RAMONT         CUSTODIAN 1                                              27406.2
MCCULLYZ, ALAINA DAWN           PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     54312.84
MCCULLYZ, ALEXIS N              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     705.38
MCCUNEZ, RANDALL D              BROADCAST CHIEF ENGINEER                                 66073.7
MCCUNEZ, SARA M                 PRECEPTOR I                                                  630
MCCURDYZ, ALAN ROSS             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     19998
MCCUSKERZ, SARAH MARIE          ASSOCIATE IN                                               30000
MCDANIELZ, ROBERT H             STATE PROGRAM LEADER E-3                                113883.2
MCDANIELZ, SARAH JEAN           MARKETING/DEVELOPMENT MANAGER                           57810.73
MCDANIELSZ, JILLIAN KATE        PRECEPTOR I                                                  261
MCDAVISZ, BRUCE                 PRECEPTOR I                                                770.2
MCDERMOTTZ, KYLIE SHAY          SERVICE WORKER I                                         4016.25
MCDONALDZ, ANNEKA M             ENERGY PROFESSIONAL                                     37251.59
MCDONALDZ, JANET CHRISTINA      LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                   8302.5
MCDONALDZ, JENNIFER             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        39212
MCDONALDZ, JUDITH               PROFESSOR                                               67262.22
MCDONALDZ, MATTHEW MORROW       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5943
MCDONALDZ, STACEY MARIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5028
MCDONOUGHZ, MARY R              CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  42008.64
MCDOUGALLZ, ADAM D              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1409.38
MCDOUGALLZ, KIMBERLY JEAN       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28736.15
MCDOUGALLZ, KYRSTEN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      3940
MCDOWELLZ, ERIC T               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 10698.78
MCELROYZ, VHONDA MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4137.03
MCELWAINZ, TERRY                PROFESSOR                                              200295.57
MCENTIREZ, DANIEL CODY          SERVICE WORKER I                                         1030.28
MCENTIREZ, JOHN TAYLOR          LECTURER                                                    3500
MCEUENZ, TYRONNE                LECTURER II                                                 1000
MCEWENZ, LISA F                 PATIENT SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE                            34909
MCFADDENZ, SUSAN                INSTRUCTOR                                              34756.39
MCFALLZ, JEFFERY A              MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   33063.84
MCGAHANZ, STEPHEN R             CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      49393.64
MCGARRYZ, DIANE M               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MCGARRYZ, TIMOTHY J             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        264
MCGEACHYZ, HEATHER LOSEY        INSTRUCTOR                                              21733.71
MCGEEZ, KENNETH MILES           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      7302
MCGEEZ, LARRY M                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        58295.12
MCGEEZ, MARK                    SERVICE WORKER II                                          16380
MCGEEZ, MATTHEW DOZIER          ASSISTANT COACH                                         37703.48
MCGEHEEZ, REY DEAN              RADIATION SAFETY TECHNICIAN 3                              45288
MCGEOGHEGANZ, BRYAN PATRICK     PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        33212
MCGILLZ, RISE ALICE             DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    86271.08
MCGILLZ, THOMAS JAMES           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    1777.5
MCGINNZ, KERRY A                INSTRUCTOR                                                 26100
MCGOUGHZ, JANET E               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                        47502
MCGOUGHZ, TODD MICHAEL          SERVICE WORKER I                                              80
MCGOVERNZ, ANITA A              PAYROLL COORDINATOR                                     46470.53
MCGOVERNZ, BRANDON M            SERVICE WORKER III                                        487.55
MCGOVERNZ, KELLY G              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     41234.4
MCGOVERNZ, MICHAEL J            PRECEPTOR I                                                282.5
MCGRATHZ, CORRINNA              ASSISTANT COACH                                         45010.16
MCGRATHZ, RYAN JAMES            SERVICE WORKER I                                           21682
MCGREALZ, KELLY                 SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                    9384
MCGREGORZ, JENNIE K             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         16734
MCGUIGANZ, JENNIFER LEE         PRECEPTOR II                                             9872.51
MCGUINESSZ, MICHAEL SEAN        PRECEPTOR I                                                  785
MCGUIREZ, ANDREW                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                            58621.2
MCGUIREZ, JENIFER K             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56705.04
MCGUIREZ, MICHELLE K            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        41220
MCHALEZ, JEANNE LOUISE          PROFESSOR                                               114224.4
MCHARGUEZ, CINDY DEE            PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          53266.04
MCHENRYZ, THERESE E             PRECEPTOR II                                            10680.25
MCHILLZ, ANDREW                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2112.5
MCILRAITHZ, KATE                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    50289.88
MCILRAITHZ, SEAN T              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     26421.45
MCILVOYZ, MICHELLE R            MANAGER                                                 46350.24
MCINTOSHZ, CHERYL               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    6077.5
MCINTOSHZ, KARSTEN NIELS        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
MCINTYREZ, LISA J               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR CHAIR                               83418.23
MCIRVINZ, LYNETTE M             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3078
MCIVORZ, JENNIFER LYNNE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     5114
MCKEEZ, JESSICA                 LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                   436.05
MCKEEZ, NANCY P                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71712.78
MCKEIRNANZ, MICHAEL J           MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                32531.59
MCKIBBINZ, NANCY                INSTRUCTOR                                              41875.58
MCKINLAYZ, ANGELA D             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 13138.68
MCKINNEYZ, BRINN CATHRINE       SERVICE WORKER I                                         3607.63
MCKINNEYZ, CAROL L              LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                 49477.52
MCKINNEYZ, KAAREN A             CUSTODIAN 1                                             29445.55
MCKINNEYZ, MORGAN KYLENE        PRECEPTOR I                                              4505.11
MCKINNONZ, ARCHIBALD DAVID      ADJUNCT FACULTY                                              200
MCKONEZ, KELLY JEANNE           PRECEPTOR I                                                 6303
MCLAMZ, SCOTT LLOYD             SERVICE WORKER I                                         6373.35
MCLAMZ, SUZANNE L               CONTRACTS ASSISTANT                                     29382.94
MCLAUCHLANZ, NELLY C            LECTURER II                                                412.5
MCLAUGHLINZ, DAN                ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                         77250
MCLAUGHLINZ, MICHAEL G          ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         23990.33
MCLAUGHLINZ, STEPHANIE          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   3643.75
MCLAUGHLINZ, TODD               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        915
MCLEANZ, DAVID I                PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               193787.63
MCLEANZ, DEREK J                ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     98566.08
MCLEANZ, LINDA                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      37440
MCLUENZ, BENJAMIN JAMES         DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          75456.84
MCMAHANZ, BLAINE E              CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                           38571
MCMAHANZ, WADE MICHAEL          SERVICE WORKER I                                         9061.13
MCMAHONZ, NANCY J               DIRECTOR                                                97201.72
MCMANUSZ, BRIAN E               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           31176
MCMANUSZ, SHASTAN F             SERVICE WORKER I                                          2281.5
MCMENAMIN-SNEKVIKZ, KATHLEEN M  MICROBIOLOGIST 2                                           29328
MCMILLANZ, KATHRYN MAE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      86.53
MCMILLANZ, LUCAS KIP            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
MCMORANZ, DONALD W              COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           50344.08
MCMULKINZ, MARK                 INSTRUCTOR                                              12000.06
MCMULLENZ, ARRON T              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
MCMULLENZ, RANDY M              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48229.14
MCMULLENZ, TARI D               LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 1                                    43527
MCMURRAYZ, KRISTINE             INSTRUCTOR                                               12638.7
MCMURTREYZ, SCOTT ALAN          PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            39200.14
MCNABBZ, MARK DAVID             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      35529.96
MCNALLYZ, SABRINA D             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2476.44
MCNAMARAZ, DARCY L              EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   18396.06
MCNAMARAZ, JOHN P               SCIENTIST                                               79876.56
MCNAMARAZ, MICHAEL J            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     122670.5
MCNANNAYZ, MARCIA L             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
MCNASSARZ, JOHN LEO             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1440
MCNASSARZ, TALYA RACHEL         COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                              11829.96
MCNEALZ, AMY L                  INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            41342
MCNEILZ, BARBARA JEAN           INSTRUCTOR                                               9631.98
MCNEILLZ, BRIAN W               PROFESSOR                                                  89997
MCNELLISZ, CASEY JOSEPH         LECTURER II                                                 4446
MCNETTZ, KAYLA J                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4623.75
MCNIECEZ, LAUREN L              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        48653.94
MCNINCHZ, HOLLY JEAN            SERVICE WORKER I                                          739.59
MCPHERSONZ, EDYTHE D            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      27972.53
MCPHERSONZ, REED EVAN           ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     22579.46
MCPHERSONZ, SABRINA             HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                           34260
MCPHERSONZ, SHON RANDALL        MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  51888.84
MCQUEENZ, JOHN B                INSTRUCTOR                                                 12996
MCRAEZ, KAITLIN WIN             SERVICE WORKER I                                         4268.25
MCREYNOLDSZ, JACKIE             SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       60386.63
MCRILLZ, BRANDON R              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1318.83
MCSWEENEYZ, FRANCES             VICE PROVOST                                           200487.36
MCVAYZ, FRANCIS HARRIS          PRECEPTOR I                                               1077.5
MCVAYZ, THAO P                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      2997
MCWILLIAMSZ, RYAN M             CUSTODIAN 1                                             29776.95
MEADZ, SANDRA SUZANNE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5132.4
MEADOWSZ, AMANDA JEAN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1144
MEADOWSZ, GARY G                PROFESSOR                                              180621.12
MEADOWSZ, THEISEN MICHAEL       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      475.2
MEAKERZ, ISABEL D               PRECEPTOR II                                                 560
MEALEYZ, KATRINA ANN            PROFESSOR                                              120710.72
MEALEYZ, ROBERT HAMILTON        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    114782.88
MEARZ, AMBER                    CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        400
MEARSZ, ASHLIN VIRGINIA         SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                   338.56
MEDDISHZ, DAVE RAY              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2051
MEDINAZ, JESUS I                PRECEPTOR I                                               1778.9
MEDINAZ, TARA                   ASSISTANT COACH                                         20000.04
MEDLEYZ, PAMELA JEAN            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     40335.12
MEDLOCKZ, JOYCE D               CUSTODIAN 1                                                26247
MEDYANIKZ, SERGEY               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      40272.8
MEEHANZ, COURTNEY L             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55125.18
MEEHANZ, DONALD B               STATE PROGRAM LEADER E-4                                57593.35
MEEHANZ, REBECCA J              MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                         44530.8
MEEKZ, CALVIN                   LECTURER                                                18199.99
MEEKZ, WILLIAM DAVID            STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                           54000
MEGINNISZ, CHRISTOFFER          PRECEPTOR I                                                  990
MEHLMANZ, JOERG                 CUSTODIAN 3                                             34354.37
MEHLMANZ, KELLI M               CUSTODIAN 5                                                41508
MEIERZ, ANDREA DOROTHY          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        396
MEIERZ, GUY PATRICK             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     44483.34
MEIERZ, KATHRYN                 DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 150380.79
MEIGHANZ, PETER CONKLIN         CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            68096.32
MEIGHANZ, STARLA E              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            53891.92
MEINECKEZ, JENNIFER             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      28184.68
MEINEMAZ, MORGAN M              SERVICE WORKER I                                          3234.6
MEISELZ, NICKOLUS L             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55791.31
MEISNER-KELLEYZ, KENDRA         OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         13173
MEJIAZ, EDUARDO                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3272
MEJIAZ, NICOLAS ALEJANDRO       LECTURER II                                                 4860
MEKURIAZ, TEFERA                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         35000.16
MELAMPYZ, MARGARET L            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     12325
MELCHERZ, MATTHEW M             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     77403.69
MELCHIORZ, DANIEL K             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     15675
MELISZ, SOPHIE                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3200
MELLZ, JARED J                  RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      14706.33
MELLICKZ, DENA LYN              MICROBIOLOGIST 2                                           55164
MELNICHUKZ, SVETLANA            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            35094
MELNICKZ, JONATHON DANIEL       SERVICE WORKER I                                          1822.5
MELNRICKZ, CASEY JAMES          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3322.68
MELOZ, MARIA DELOURDES          PRECEPTOR I                                               618.66
MELONIZ, JULIE CHRISTINA        INSTRUCTOR                                               7005.22
MELTONZ, ROBERT S               LECTURER                                                10800.05
MELTONZ, TAWNEE D               ASSOCIATE IN                                             14290.9
MELVINZ, JESSICA R              CASHIER 1                                               21906.65
MEMONZ, MUSHTAQ A               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     91623.36
MEMONZ, RAUSTIN AHMED           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1271.7
MENZ, MARATH                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        645
MENAZ, ELIAS                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        370
MENARDZ, AARON MICHAEL          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     465.05
MENCHACAZ, DAVID A              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     29946.46
MENCHEZ, MARCIA A               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     6539.5
MENCKEZ, PAUL D                 CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            23823.57
MENDENHALLZ, AMELIA JOAN        PRECEPTOR I                                               158.73
MENDENHALLZ, CORBIN C           SERVICE WORKER II                                         4635.8
MENDEZZ, EDUARDO                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4918.84
MENDEZZ, LOREN N                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                    11238.85
MENDEZZ, OFELIA M               PRECEPTOR I                                                  120
MENDEZ-LIAINAZ, V               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     38872.8
MENDOZAZ, ARTURO                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     942.98
MENDOZAZ, SYLVIA O              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      292.5
MENGZ, MING                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2144.4
MENGZ, SYDNEY KRYSTYNE          SERVICE WORKER I                                         1872.45
MENORZ, LAUREN MARIE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        279
MENZIESZ, JOAN E                DIRECTOR                                                 5581.84
MERCADOZ, DEIRDRE ROSE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    6530.75
MERCERZ, AMY IRENE              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4878
MERCERZ, MARGARET O             LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                 41628.74
MERCHANTZ, MARIYAH MOHAMEDALI   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    9545.34
MERCIERZ, LAURIE K              PROFESSOR                                               89294.86
MERCILLEZ, KATY M               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       140
MEREDITHZ, AMY                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61495.58
MEREDITHZ, CRAIG E              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    3469.5
MERKZ, LISA A                   OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         31176
MERKLEYZ, STEPHEN               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4500
MERRELLZ, AIMEE R               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   2868.75
MERRELLZ, STEPHANIE             CASHIER 2                                               29772.39
MERRILLZ, ALEX                  LIBRARIAN 2                                             46655.52
MERRILLZ, ANGELA L              CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                   41127.6
MERRILLZ, JOE H                 ASSISTANT TO                                            67125.16
MERRILLZ, LISA C                SERVICE WORKER I                                            4998
MERRIMANZ, JASON H              LECTURER II                                                 8250
MERRITTZ, ANNE E                PRECEPTOR I                                               1228.5
MERRITTZ, CATHERINE HUNT        MICROBIOLOGIST 1                                        41338.16
MERRITTZ, MARILYN SUE           ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        5166
MERRYWEATHERZ, PAMELA A         CUSTODIAN 1                                             29460.59
MERVA-ROBBLEEZ, CAROLYN J       INSTRUCTOR                                               2955.06
MERZZ, KATHERINE JO             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2190.72
MESAROVICZ, SINISA              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                       106975
MESERVEZ, FRANCES E             OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                                35183
MESPLETZ, MARIA                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     9694.5
MESPLIE-SANCHEZZ, SANTANA LEE   LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                   1406.4
MESSERZ, BENJAMIN L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3465
MESSINGERZ, VICKI ANN           FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                32171.98
MESSMERZ, KAREN M               ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              59510.01
METCALFZ, JUDITH V              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6919
METCALFZ, STEVEN G              LECTURER II                                                 9900
METOSZ, MERIK HUNTER            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      4381.5
METZGAR-DEACONZ, C              STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING SPECIA                           51000
METZGERZ, CHASE W               AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           41508
METZGER-ROBERTSZ, K             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          8750.04
METZNERZ, KAREN M               RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                             34200
MEURSZ, KATHRYN MONTGOMERY      PROFESSOR                                              151504.56
MEUTHZ, JUDITH L                CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            40778.18
MEUTH-ALLDREDGEZ, KATHERINE A   SERVICE WORKER I                                            3730
MEYERZ, BETH MARIE              FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           41508
MEYERZ, BRENT W-M               SERVICE WORKER I                                         3530.79
MEYERZ, CYNTHIA ANN             PRECEPTOR II                                             2456.25
MEYERZ, DANIEL B                DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          65671.16
MEYERZ, JAMES                   PHARMACY MANAGER                                        101731.2
MEYERZ, JOANNE I                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DATA PROC                           36774
MEYERZ, MICHELLE ANN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      957.6
MEYERZ, SARA                    PRECEPTOR I                                                  287
MEYERZ, SHONA KAY               ANESTHESIOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                             48276.84
MEYERZ, STEVE                   CUSTODIAN 2                                                15420
MEZAZ, LEIDA PERLA              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5043.5
MGEBROFFZ, DAVID JAMES          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
MIAOZ, CHAO                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4288.8
MICHAELZ, JOHN JESHURUN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4940
MICHAELISZ, GEOFFREY SCOTT      SERVICE WORKER I                                         1199.15
MICHAELSENZ, CARLA RAE          INSTRUCTOR                                              38904.96
MICHAELSENZ, REED B             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2994
MICHALZ, JENNIFER J             ASSOCIATE IN                                            47028.12
MICHALEKZ, SHELLYNDA JEAN       CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    7618.05
MICHALSKIZ, JOEL T              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
MICHAUXZ, SARAH ANNE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5057.19
MICHELZ, WAYLON L               PRECEPTOR I                                              1992.25
MICHELSZ, MARSHA MARIE          ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    44879.46
MICKASZ, MATTHEW STEPHEN        CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            98989.92
MICKELSENZ, MARK A              GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        21375.84
MICKEYZ, KIMBERLY C             ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    42579.64
MIDDAUGHZ, JON SCOTT            INSTRUCTOR                                              13068.32
MIELKEZ, MICHELLE M             INSTRUCTOR                                               7803.83
MIFFLINZ, INGRID                LIBRARIAN 3                                              67164.6
MIFFLINZ, ROBERT B              PROFESSOR                                               77784.09
MIGHTZ, KELLY RYAN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2331.4
MIJOZ, CARY EDWARD              LECTURER                                                    6800
MIKAMIZ, ANDREW R               SERVICE WORKER I                                          7050.6
MIKEZ, SHERI DAWN               ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  31952.44
MIKHAYLENKOZ, GALINA            ASSOCIATE IN                                            36963.51
MIKLASZ, JESSICA ROSE           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2175.98
MIKULZ, ALEX O                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   10267.84
MILANEZZ, EVARISTO C            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     17985
MILANOZ, TRACY LYNN             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MILDRENZ, TIMOTHY J             AREA FINANCE/ADMINISTRATIVE OFFI                        77950.08
MILESZ, CAROL ANN               ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     76453.88
MILESZ, VICTORIA M              DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          85232.44
MILLARZ, MORGAN MARIE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4500.38
MILLARDZ, ALICIA C              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      30746.24
MILLENZ, ROBERT LAWRENCE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        85.5
MILLERZ, AMANDA CLAIRE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2751
MILLERZ, AMANDA JO              LECTURER II                                                 1815
MILLERZ, ASHLEY JEAN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1707
MILLERZ, AUDREY ANNA            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    631.59
MILLERZ, BENJAMIN JERABEK       RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                 26669.99
MILLERZ, COLIN GRAY             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1662.62
MILLERZ, DARCY E                PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                             107583.71
MILLERZ, DARLENE RAE            FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     37620.24
MILLERZ, DON E                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1427
MILLERZ, ERNEST R               SERVICE WORKER I                                           77.13
MILLERZ, FREDRICK LOUIS         INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                  63192.24
MILLERZ, GAIL T                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3300
MILLERZ, GLENN E                MANAGER                                                 48352.08
MILLERZ, HELEN MARIE            ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  70535.04
MILLERZ, JAMES DAVID            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
MILLERZ, JANE LAUREN            INSTRUCTOR                                                  5001
MILLERZ, JOHN A                 ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      81693.12
MILLERZ, JOHN H                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    119702.88
MILLERZ, JULIE ANN              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     53036.5
MILLERZ, JUSTIN G-B             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     532.5
MILLERZ, KENT JEFFREY           DATA COLLECTION MANAGER                                 49115.87
MILLERZ, KRIS ELIZABETH         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     81929.42
MILLERZ, LANA V                 PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     69167.49
MILLERZ, LARRY T                ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      97542.42
MILLERZ, LINDA L                STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        55879.44
MILLERZ, LORI LYNNE             HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                        43700.16
MILLERZ, MAIRIN ELIZABETH       VETERINARY INTERN                                       12367.81
MILLERZ, MARCHELLE M            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6556.42
MILLERZ, MARCI                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1355
MILLERZ, MAXINE C               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1212
MILLERZ, MICHAEL D              PROFESSOR                                                86296.5
MILLERZ, MICHAEL D              BROADCAST TECHNICIAN 3                                  47629.07
MILLERZ, MICHAEL G              CUSTODIAN 1                                             31120.93
MILLERZ, NICHOLE L              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3708
MILLERZ, RICHARD DENNIS         COORDINATOR                                             47526.08
MILLERZ, RICHARD H              MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                        52028.08
MILLERZ, RICHARD J              CARPENTER                                                  43572
MILLERZ, RITA A                 TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS OPERATO                         8683.87
MILLERZ, SARAH                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2892.5
MILLERZ, SARAH MARION           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1188
MILLERZ, SHANE BRADLEY          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1701
MILLERZ, STEVEN J               SERVICE WORKER II                                       10421.53
MILLERZ, TIMOTHY W              EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                 77352.2
MILLIRENZ, CODIE ROSS           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      51.31
MILLSZ, ADRIENNE M              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        150
MILLSZ, CAMMY L                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1089
MILLSZ, CHERI LYNN              PRECEPTOR I                                               154.75
MILLSZ, DAYLENE MARIA           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2076.13
MILLSZ, ELISE MACKENZIE         SERVICE WORKER I                                            4419
MILLSZ, LEANN UDY               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     184.31
MILLSZ, LYNN J                  RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST SUPERVISOR                        51949.34
MILLSZ, PAULETTE E              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     31698.72
MILTENBERGERZ, SHERI RAE        FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     45843.02
MILTNERZ, ERIC D                ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     72966.72
MINA-HERRERAZ, SANDRA PATRICIA  LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                      310
MINCHZ, JONATHAN D              RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                    38884
MINCKSZ, RENA MARIE             LECTURER II                                              3862.34
MINHASZ, DEEPIKA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    17382.9
MINNALZ, CHANDRASEKAR           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7220
MINNIXZ, ROBERT                 ASSOCIATE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                               121140
MINTONZ, ORVILLE DEWAYNE        PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       120
MINTONZ, TRAVIS DAVID           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2500
MIRANDAZ, CECILIA               PRECEPTOR I                                               1437.5
MIRANDAZ, DANIEL                PRECEPTOR I                                                 5910
MIRANDAZ, ELIZABETH             PRECEPTOR I                                               292.13
MIRANDAZ, KATHERINE A           SERVICE WORKER I                                          389.03
MIRANDAZ, MARIO                 INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         31853.06
MIRELESZ, ANGELA MARINA         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      10410
MIRELESZ, LILLIAN M             SERVICE WORKER I                                          628.44
MIRELESZ, MARGARITA             SERVICE WORKER I                                         2567.39
MIRELESZ, MARIA S               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                  40790.2
MIRKESZ, PHILIP EDMUND          LECTURER                                                    6000
MIROPOLSKIYZ, REUVEN VLADISLAV  PRECEPTOR I                                                835.5
MISCHZ, DEREK EMIL              SERVICE WORKER I                                         3225.71
MISCHKEZ, LESTER A              LECTURER                                                    8100
MISHRAZ, ASHISH KUMAR           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4905
MISKINZ, VAL DEE                CLINICAL PROFESSOR                                     112804.67
MISOCKYZ, RYAN MICHAEL          SERVICE WORKER I                                         4384.53
MISURACAZ, RAFFAELLA            ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        3600
MITCHELLZ, CHERYL L             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3422.5
MITCHELLZ, DANNY JOHN           CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            56816.79
MITCHELLZ, DAYLAN MAHAN         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                          50
MITCHELLZ, DEBRA ANN            PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                        39795.6
MITCHELLZ, EDWARD J             FARMER 5                                                   48168
MITCHELLZ, GEORGINA ANN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1517.6
MITCHELLZ, JOHN R               SERVICE WORKER I                                          8091.6
MITCHELLZ, LANCE W              FLOORLAYER                                               42337.2
MITCHELLZ, MARSHALL             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             5000.04
MITCHELLZ, MICHAEL S            FARMER 2                                                   35040
MITCHELLZ, RAMONA T             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    9578.92
MITCHELLZ, ROBERT W             MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                          47338.2
MITCHELLZ, SHANNON MARY         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4626.24
MITCHELLZ, STEPHEN JAMES        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4299.93
MITCHELLZ, ZACHERY TYLER        SERVICE WORKER I                                         1337.23
MITSONZ, ANNA E                 ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    44085.24
MITTELHAMMERZ, R C              REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     159248.88
MITZELZ, BRIAN E                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48106.61
MIXTERZ, PHILIP FOWLER          CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            81614.51
MIYASAKAZ, TAIJI                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71438.36
MOZ, CHANGKI                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     38511.03
MOBERG-WILLIAMSZ, D             EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           58289.76
MOCASZ, SARAH                   INSTRUCTOR                                              56860.02
MOCHELZ, ANNELORE               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     50694.64
MOCKZ, MICHAEL G                APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                         24131.2
MOCKFORDZ, JENNIFER EMILY       CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       1010
MOFFETTZ, DAVID F               PROFESSOR                                               89518.53
MOFFETTZ, STACIA B              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     29648.25
MOHANZ, AMITA                   ASSOCIATE IN                                            32000.14
MOHLERZ, MCKENZIE LEIGH         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4699.95
MOHONDROZ, STACY LEE            ASSISTANT TO                                            70427.28
MOHRZ, CATREAS L                OFFSET PRINTER OPERATOR                                 36756.24
MOINUDDINZ, SYED G              RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      34666.72
MOJTAHEDIZ, HASSAN              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3650
MOKHTARIZ, RAMEEN CHRIS         CUSTODIAN 1                                             15769.45
MOKWENAZ, KEREILEMANG KHANAH    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3507.6
MOLDESTADZ, NISSA MISHEL        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2464
MOLINAZ, AURA P                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         1914.75
MOLONEYZ, NORA                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       15802.64
MOLSKNESSZ, MATTIE LOUISE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      29.54
MOMANYZ, CHELSEA C              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3512.18
MONAHANZ, SUSAN MARIE           LECTURER II                                                 2955
MONDRAGONZ, LETICIA             LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                  2207.07
MONDRAGON-OGLESBEEZ, J ARIANE   HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                               27580.22
MONEYMAKERZ, RODGER A           GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                           31891
MONGEONZ, KEVIN PATRICK         SERVICE WORKER II                                            781
MONKZ, DANIELA S                ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            24033.24
MONOHONZ, JOSEPH JAMES          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3392.5
MONPAS-HUBERZ, JACK B           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                        52
MONROEZ, ALAN E                 PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          47739.91
MONROEZ, AMBER ROSE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2898.72
MONROEZ, ANN M                  HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                                  64092
MONROEZ, BARBARA J              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66876.48
MONROEZ, CARA                   ASSOCIATE IN                                            32000.16
MONROEZ, JEFFREY G              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                         8799.65
MONTAGNEZ, KATHY MARX           MANAGER                                                 61005.06
MONTAGUEZ, CLINTON D            SERVICE WORKER I                                         4433.63
MONTAGUEZ, JOHN WARREN          SERVICE WORKER I                                         5257.83
MONTANARIZ, NICHOLAS MICHAEL    PRECEPTOR I                                              1014.66
MONTEIROZ, BETH DW              DIRECTOR                                               116849.36
MONTER-ROGERSZ, DORIA L         PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                           47016
MONTESDEOCAZ, E                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              38931.97
MONTGOMERYZ, BRANDY             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      25565.02
MONTGOMERYZ, KEVIN J            SERVICE WORKER I                                         7901.25
MONTGOMERYZ, LARRY R            CUSTODIAN 3                                              35617.2
MONTGOMERYZ, MALCOLM D          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        37338
MONTGOMERYZ, TAMARA L           VETERINARY SPECIALIST 3                                  8384.33
MONTIZ, DIANA-BETH              CUSTODIAN 5                                                41508
MONTOYAZ, MICHAEL RAY           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        3506
MONTOYA-ZAMORAZ, YVONNE C       HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                                  55104.96
MOOBERRYZ, JACOB ANDREW         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1969.52
MOODYZ, MYLA MARIE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      14037
MOON-NIELSENZ, LEIF GARRETT     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3546
MOONEYZ, SUTTON                 CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            17802.64
MOOREZ, ADAM                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         35000.15
MOOREZ, ADRIENNE LYNN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1254.72
MOOREZ, BARRY C                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     87024.97
MOOREZ, CASSANDRA L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1350
MOOREZ, CLIFFORD CARL           EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           14804.31
MOOREZ, DALE ANN                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                               138736.74
MOOREZ, DANNA LEE               ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      84110.68
MOOREZ, DYLAN BENJAMIN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1059.3
MOOREZ, EMILY CHRISTINE-ANN     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        228
MOOREZ, EMMETT B                LECTURER                                                    7242
MOOREZ, HENRY                   PHOTOGRAPHER 2                                          49616.23
MOOREZ, JEFFREY MATTHEW         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1737.84
MOOREZ, KENNETH D               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  51725.12
MOOREZ, MARY BENNETT            LECTURER II                                                 2394
MOOREZ, MICHELE ELIZABETH       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3656.25
MOOREZ, NATHAN                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3411.46
MOOREZ, PATRICK P               SCIENTIST                                               98446.08
MOOREZ, PAULA M                 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           41508
MOOREZ, THOMAS D                ELECTRICIAN LEAD                                        52217.97
MOOREZ, TIFFANY LOUISE          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     2285.7
MOOSZ, WILLIAM H                DIRECTOR                                               291283.78
MORADOZ, ROBERTO A              SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     2550
MORALESZ, GENOVEVA              DIRECTOR                                                  100571
MORALES-OSEGUEDAZ, SONIA G      COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                            57081.6
MORANZ, ASHLEY BLAIR            SERVICE WORKER III                                      10196.88
MORANZ, VIRGINIA G              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     34826.09
MORAN-PATTONZ, TRACY            INSTRUCTOR                                              21067.56
MORANGEZ, MAXFIELD R            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1447.5
MORBECKZ, MIKE L                PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SUPPORT S                        33042.18
MORCOMZ, KALYNN MARIE           SERVICE WORKER I                                         3872.33
MORDHORSTZ, NANCY JOAN          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MORELANDZ, JERRY R              PLANT SERVICES MANAGER                                  59725.29
MORELANDZ, ROBERT MICHAEL       SERVICE WORKER I                                         5831.12
MORENOZ, JORGE REYES            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     43804.8
MORENO-ORIZZ, DANNY L           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         50
MORFORDZ, MARCI NICOLE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1476.33
MORGADOZ, VERONICA              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5376.61
MORGANZ, ANITA F                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      3324
MORGANZ, BARBARA J              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       360
MORGANZ, DAPHNE                 COOK 2                                                   31300.7
MORGANZ, DAVID W                SERVICE WORKER I                                         5845.77
MORGANZ, HEATHER E              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
MORGANZ, HEIDI N                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4518.25
MORGANZ, JOSHUA                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                         90
MORGANZ, LESLIE R               DATA ARCHITECT/DATABASE ADMINIST                           83940
MORGANZ, LLOYD W                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3910
MORGANZ, MICHAEL MONTE          PROFESSOR                                              100469.76
MORGANZ, PHILLIP EUGENE         CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            49559.84
MORGANZ, ROSS HUNTER            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     782.33
MORGANZ, SHARON L               GIFT & ESTATE PLANNING SPECIALIS                        104481.2
MORICALZ, CINDY DAWN            STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        44721.36
MORIMOTOZ, TREVOR RYAN          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2409.11
MORINZ, JENNIFER J              PRECEPTOR I                                               3069.5
MORITZZ, MARGARET M             PRECEPTOR I                                              1556.25
MORLEYZ, TIMOTHY SCOTT          SERVICE WORKER I                                           478.8
MORNINGSTARZ, OSHA              SERVICE WORKER I                                             165
MORRISZ, CHAREE                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
MORRISZ, ELIZABETH              SERVICE WORKER I                                          853.14
MORRISZ, KAY D                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1572.5
MORRISZ, KIRK                   FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              77000.16
MORRISZ, LIZA LOUISE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      19159
MORRISZ, NICOLAS M              SERVICE WORKER I                                          384.75
MORRISZ, PATRICIA               RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          28254.55
MORRISZ, PHYLLIS J              INSTRUCTOR                                              70349.52
MORRISZ, ROBERT TAYLOR          RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      36000.12
MORRISZ, SAYBRA DENISE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       3042
MORRISZ, WADE M                 FARMER 2                                                27687.04
MORRISZ, WILLIAM R              ELECTRICIAN LEAD-HIGH VOLTAGE                           54569.25
MORRISONZ, BRIANA M             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2614.84
MORRISONZ, DAVID L              CUSTODIAN 1                                                29224
MORRISONZ, JANE I               CUSTODIAN 1                                             25717.65
MORRISONZ, JIM E                UTILITY WORKER 4                                        41650.13
MORRISONZ, JUDITH ANNE          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62323.99
MORRISONZ, MICHELLE M           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          5602.87
MORRISONZ, TERI                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4465
MORRISSEYZ, KATHRYN MARY        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      922.5
MORROWZ, AMANDA MAY             SERVICE WORKER I                                         1031.13
MORROWZ, BRENT SCOTT            ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     2799.99
MORROWZ, KRISTA RENEE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1630.17
MORSEZ, CARLY M                 MANAGER                                                 41857.74
MORSEZ, GERALD WAYNE            LECTURER                                                    2000
MORSEZ, JEAN F                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            47813.11
MORTIMERZ, MICHAEL WILLIAM      RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                    45828
MORTONZ, BRIANNA N              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3497.5
MORTONZ, CHERISE NICOLE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        250
MORTONZ, DEL                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        12050
MORTONZ, JENNIFER K             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2956.5
MORTONZ, REBECCA J              MANAGER                                                 79395.98
MORTONZ, STEVEN R               FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                     141654.01
MOSCATELLIZ, MARIA JORDANA      INSTRUCTOR                                              49111.21
MOSEANKOZ, KENNETH GLENN        CUSTODIAN 3                                                36129
MOSEBARZ, TODD LIND             PRECEPTOR I                                               1390.5
MOSERZ, NORA NORDQUIST          LECTURER II                                                 1375
MOSESZ, JUDITH                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   19273.16
MOSHERZ, CLAYTON JAMES          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     83991.13
MOSIERZ, DANIELLE JESSICA       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   1271.25
MOSSZ, JASON BRIAN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1566.4
MOTAZ, JESUS                    STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                41916.03
MOTA-HERNANDEZZ, MARIA G        CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  20920.28
MOTLEYZ, CHRISTIE A             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            38071.09
MOTTELERZ, JENNIFER E           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2095
MOTTERAMZ, ERNEST STEPHEN       INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                            54520.48
MOULZ, STEPHANIE LYNN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      85.62
MOULTONZ, BRIANA L              SERVICE WORKER I                                            5553
MOULTONZ, CURTIS J              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           83298.96
MOULTONZ, GARY ALAN             SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                             63088.72
MOULTONZ, SUSAN L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      313.5
MOUNTZ, GEORGE H                PROFESSOR                                               110208.9
MOUNTFORDZ, JILL M              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5525
MOUNTJOY-VENNINGZ, ALAN C       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     33068
MOURARZ, CLAIRE ELYSE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         341
MOUSLEHZ, NADIA ELIZABETH       SERVICE WORKER II                                         315.78
MOWDERZ, DENISE LOUISE          INSTRUCTOR                                              16393.02
MOWERYZ, KARA KENNEDY           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3868.14
MOWERYZ, NIKO MATEO             SERVICE WORKER I                                         1779.42
MOWERYZ, RONALD PAUL            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  53322.14
MOWRERZ, EMILY ANN              GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        46241.28
MOYERZ, KATHERINE ROSE          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2175.99
MOYERZ, LAURIE JANE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3250
MOZNETTEZ, JOANNA W             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     26694.82
MRKELAZ, RADE                   SERVICE WORKER I                                           257.5
MROZEKZ, PARKER THOMAS          SERVICE WORKER II                                          165.3
MUZ, PING                       POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          6166.68
MUEHLINGZ, BARBARA LYNN         FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        30828
MUEHLINGZ, DARREL D             PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                             162919.36
MUELLERZ, DAVID KARL            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    128.54
MUELLERZ, EMMA JEAN-STAMM       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                         95
MUELLERZ, KIMBERLYN             MANAGER                                                  59038.8
MUELLERZ, KURT PETER            INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             66983.28
MUELLERZ, PATRICIA M            OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         27913
MUHLHAUSERZ, PAUL AUSTIN        VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            25140.02
MUHUNTHANZ, BALASINGAM          PROFESSOR                                              143399.29
MUJICAZ, BENJAMIN               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6552
MUKHERJEEZ, SANJIB              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         10818.18
MUKHERJEEZ, SIBASISH            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          7491.98
MULDERZ, BRANDON STEPHEN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        160
MULENGAZ, CHISULO               SERVICE WORKER II                                        3000.12
MULICKZ, CHRIS B                DIRECTOR GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS                          3020.83
MULLARNEYZ, JULIA               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          36590.9
MULLENDOREZ, DANIEL LEROY       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5040
MULLENNIXZ, MATTHEW JAMES       OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       3940.36
MULLERZ, TIFFANY DAUN           INSTRUCTOR                                               6000.03
MULVANEYZ, PATRICIA A           UTILITY WORKER 1                                           31956
MUMAUZ, ARLYNN RAY              CUSTODIAN 4                                             37960.13
MUMFORDZ, MARK                  LECTURER                                                   18720
MUMMZ, AARON LOWE               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4399.14
MUNZ, JUNGHO                    SERVICE WORKER II                                        2086.69
MUNCH-ROTOLOZ, THOMAS           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    103532.66
MUNCKZ, MICHELLE L              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      322.5
MUNGEZ, GITAU W                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1360
MUNHALLZ, BRIAN ANDREW          PRECEPTOR I                                                  300
MUNIZZ, SUSANA LISET            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4549.95
MUNNZ, VERNE STEWART            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                       146.05
MUNOZZ, MARTIN ARMANDO          SERVICE WORKER I                                            1440
MUNOZZ, ROSA JAUREGUI           SERVICE WORKER I                                            1440
MUNOZZ, ROSA MARQUEZ            SERVICE WORKER I                                            9550
MUNOZ-GARCIAZ, FELIX            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     105555.6
MUNSKEZ, GERHARD R              PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       55086.39
MUNSONZ, CHARLES LEE            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    133553.09
MUNSONZ, ELLEN DARLEEN          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      36278
MUNSONZ, MELODY                 HOSPITAL CENTRAL SERVICES TECHNI                         36214.9
MUNSONZ, PHILIP MAURICE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1299.6
MUNSONZ, ROLAND DEAN            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            46460
MUNSONZ, SANDRA ALMA            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    1987.5
MUNSONZ, SUSAN                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      958.5
MUNSONZ, TIMOTHY ROBERT         SERVICE WORKER II                                        5390.84
MUNSON-MCGEEZ, JACOB H          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3840
MUNTSZ, PATRICIA JOAN           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   18830.41
MURAIZ, JANET W                 INSTRUCTOR                                               6914.11
MURALIZ, VIJI                   VICE PRES FOR INFO SVCS & CHIEF                        265017.84
MURALIDHARANZ, SUBRA            PROFESSOR                                              133639.92
MURDOCHZ, BRENDA MAE            PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       56307.17
MURGUIAZ, OSCAR RENE            PRECEPTOR I                                               4763.5
MURPHEYZ, DONNA J               SERVICE WORKER I                                            1645
MURPHYZ, ADAM J                 APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        67573.07
MURPHYZ, AMANDA G               RESEARCH INTERN                                          10186.2
MURPHYZ, KELLIE ANN             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        49564.56
MURPHYZ, KEVIN                  ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            55144.96
MURPHYZ, KEVIN P                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4550.01
MURPHYZ, MARK LEE               SERVICE WORKER II                                             35
MURPHYZ, PATRICIA A             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22090.84
MURPHYZ, SEAN MICHAEL           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     44684.64
MURPHYZ, WILLIAM THOMAS         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        100
MURRAYZ, CHRISTINA M            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    37589.6
MURRAYZ, DAVID J                MEDIA ENGINEER A                                        56372.56
MURRAYZ, FIONA R                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5465.25
MURRAYZ, JENNIFER DENISE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3500
MURRAYZ, JON                    CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2504.42
MURRAYZ, LINDA B                MEDIA TECHNICIAN SENIOR                                    18810
MURRAYZ, NEDRA K                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        36492
MURRAYZ, NOLAN L                FARMER 5                                                71185.37
MURRAYZ, SAMUEL LESLIE          SERVICE WORKER II                                           5004
MURRAYZ, TIMOTHY D              SCIENTIST                                              114361.68
MURRAYZ, TODD A                 EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                           61769.52
MURRAYZ, TONYA MARIE            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        40557.17
MURRAYZ, VICTORIA J             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                        105396
MUSAZ, COLLEEN J                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                         5015.4
MUSCOLOZ, CECILIA A             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      900
MUSICKZ, BETTY E                ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  63047.04
MUSICKZ, ERICKA D               SERVICE WORKER I                                            3186
MUSSERZ, BRIANNA K              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1092
MUSTARDZ, ESTEL M               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32971.47
MUSZYNSKIZ, RICHARD J           PRECEPTOR I                                              5287.71
MUTHUKRISHNANZ, RANI            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        34538
MUTINZ, ANNA W                  PROFESSOR                                               79061.58
MUTTIZ, JASDEEP S               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         28500.12
MUZYCHENKOZ, PHILLIPE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      650.4
MWENGIZ, JOLENE ELISE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3548.88
MYERSZ, ANNETTE KATHRYN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        120
MYERSZ, CHASE ROBERT            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      12005
MYERSZ, EDWARD ALAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5271.5
MYERSZ, HANNAH L                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    7610.75
MYERSZ, JARED C                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        14781.45
MYERSZ, JARED R                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      7600
MYERSZ, MEGAN JUNE              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        30712
MYERSZ, MICHAEL P               ASSOCIATE IN                                            63683.52
MYERSZ, MICHAEL W               PROFESSOR                                               76269.82
MYHREZ, ELIZABETH A             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        41508.24
MYINTZ, THANDAR                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         41924.52
MYOTT-BAKERZ, KELLY SUE         COORDINATOR                                             47300.64
NAASZ, JENIFER K                EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      41574
NABERZ, NARIMAN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      4000
NAGARAJANZ, RAGUPATHI           VISITING SCIENTIST                                      21454.65
NAGELZ, ELIZABETH ANNE          PROFESSOR                                                97816.9
NAGELZ, ROB TIMOTHY             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     195.91
NAGLEZ, JANE ANN                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         13952.18
NAGLERZ, JAMES                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   8373.04
NAGRAZ, AMARDEEP K              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        240
NAHERZ, AMELIA ANN              SERVICE WORKER I                                         4275.38
NAKAMOTOZ, MIWAKO               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       38970
NAKATAZ, STEVE J                DIRECTOR                                                79853.76
NAKATSUZ, TYLER LAWRENCE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2099.04
NAKAWUKAZ, PROSSIE              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4608
NAMATAMEZ, EMIKO YAE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     713.18
NANKIVELLZ, DEBBIE L            ASSISTANT TO                                            21057.47
NARAYANANZ, PAVITHRA            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60982.78
NAROGZ, JOSIAH                  ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  43991.31
NASHZ, GAIL ANN                 FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           39868
NASHZ, KEN                      PROFESSOR                                              145740.57
NASHZ, MERALEE J                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2528
NASHZ, RODNEY JOHN              CUSTODIAN 1                                             30418.68
NASRALLAZ, BARBARA J            INSTRUCTOR                                              40880.58
NAUGHTONZ, MARIE P              LECTURER                                                    7200
NAVAZ, JOSE MARTIN              SERVICE WORKER II                                         9211.5
NAVARIJOZ, EVA M                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     5204.5
NAVARROZ, ERIKA LOU             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    2187.5
NAVARROZ, GABRIELA              LECTURER II                                                   50
NAVARRO-DANIELSZ, VILMA C       ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56292.66
NAVASZ, JINNA ALEXANDRA         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  5298.75
NAVAZIOZ, JOHN                  EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                54080.16
NAYAKZ, BALUNKESWAR             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4550.4
NAYLORZ, COLLEEN MARIE          PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               40512
NAYLORZ, RICK S                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
NAZAIREZ, MARE                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1500
NAZERFARDZ, EHSAN               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3600
NDEGWAZ, PIUS M                 ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                      86463.6
NEACEZ, CALVIN JOSEPH           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   9036.41
NEALZ, CHRISTOPHER M            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     24500.07
NEALZ, LAWRENCE DAVID           DIRECTOR                                                93755.97
NEALZ, LISA A                   MANAGER                                                 64999.92
NEALZ, LOUISE K                 LECTURER                                                    3500
NEALZ, MILTON R                 PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          55323.84
NEALEYZ, KATHRYN ANN            RESEARCH INTERN                                            14000
NEALONZ, JEREMIAH R             LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                      517
NEARINGZ, MICHAEL D             MANAGER                                                 68007.84
NEBEKERZ, RICK A                LECTURER                                                  4900.2
NEEDHAMZ, CHRISTINE             CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                 34863.31
NEEDHAMZ, ERIC L                FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                               37826.62
NEELEYZ, MATTHEW T              SERVICE WORKER I                                             228
NEESEZ, DENA S                  IMMIGRATION COMPLIANCE SPECIALIS                        65950.32
NEFFZ, ALEXANDRA                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      632.7
NEFFZ, MICHAEL                  ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                    112395.76
NEFFZ, SAMANTHA E               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     401.85
NEFFEOVAZ, IRENA                SERVICE WORKER I                                          4183.5
NEGRETEZ, CECELIA LYNN          SERVICE WORKER I                                          143.21
NEHILZ, SETH ANDREW             ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     8150.05
NEIBERGSZ, HOLLY LOUISE         ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     80154.72
NEIBERGSZ, JOSEPH S             EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                90288.88
NEIDERZ, XYANTHE NICOLE         CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             24477.5
NEIFFERZ, PAUL A                PRECEPTOR I                                                 3215
NEILZ, ALLEN DEAN               SERVICE WORKER I                                            3935
NEILZ, BEVERLY A                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   6680.63
NEILLZ, TYLER                   PRECEPTOR I                                                  250
NEIRAZ, LOUIS JENSEN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         380
NEITZKEZ, GUNNAR THEODORE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     6723.2
NELSENZ, SYLVIA M               LECTURER                                                    2400
NELSONZ, ALYCIA KARINNE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      8184
NELSONZ, AUSTIN M               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      180.5
NELSONZ, BAILEY JO              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4699.95
NELSONZ, BRADLEY BERNARD        VETERINARY INTERN                                       11830.08
NELSONZ, CHERRAINE A            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        2952
NELSONZ, CHIP D                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                            3102
NELSONZ, DANIELLE DARRACQ       INSTRUCTOR                                              19602.27
NELSONZ, DARREL EUGENE          INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                               57000
NELSONZ, DEBRA LYNN             INSTRUCTOR                                              47810.16
NELSONZ, DONALD                 EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                                87080.24
NELSONZ, GRACE                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     775.93
NELSONZ, IVY M                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   32539.68
NELSONZ, JEFFREY T              INSTRUCTOR                                               49140.2
NELSONZ, JEREMY DAVID           PRECEPTOR I                                                  485
NELSONZ, JOHN GARRETT           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     247.95
NELSONZ, JOHN GLENN             EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      57408
NELSONZ, JOHN ROGER             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3140
NELSONZ, KAMI ALIESE            SERVICE WORKER I                                          937.26
NELSONZ, KIRA                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3476.25
NELSONZ, KYLE DALE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4106.62
NELSONZ, LAURIE JEAN            INSTRUCTOR                                              55999.98
NELSONZ, LINDA                  REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      73327.46
NELSONZ, LINDA ANN              COORDINATOR                                                42900
NELSONZ, LINNEA CHRISTINE       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1874.5
NELSONZ, LORRAINE A             PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        42892.01
NELSONZ, MARK ELMER             SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    65226.72
NELSONZ, MARK LOGE              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71130.88
NELSONZ, MARTHA ANN             COORDINATOR                                                36000
NELSONZ, MATTHEW L              CUSTODIAN 3                                             35548.35
NELSONZ, MICHAEL THOMAS         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1027.89
NELSONZ, MICHEAL K              EXTENSION COORDINATOR SPECIALIST                        34095.44
NELSONZ, NORMAN E               CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      45130.88
NELSONZ, O LYNNE                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    111946.08
NELSONZ, REBECCA                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1302
NELSONZ, ROBERT THOMAS          SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                    18954.55
NELSONZ, ROGER LEROY            ASSOCIATE IN                                               35820
NELSONZ, RUTH                   HOSPITAL CENTRAL SERVICES LEAD                             43572
NELSONZ, SAMANTHA ELIZABETH     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2540.72
NELSONZ, SCOTTY                 ROOFER                                                  22376.76
NELSONZ, STEVE MICHAEL          POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         16678.06
NELSONZ, SUZANNE LEE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1417.5
NELSONZ, TAMARA                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     85586.83
NEPPELZ, CARRIE M               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               36210
NEPPELZ, DEAN A                 ROOFER LEAD                                             45375.18
NESHEIMZ, TIMOTHY               RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      15681.82
NESSENZ, GARY L                 MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                    34045.2
NEUFELDZ, JASON                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3501.9
NEUFFERZ, JULIE DEBRA           INSTRUCTOR                                              24632.24
NEUFFERZ, TAMARA                PRECEPTOR II                                               14513
NEUMANZ, JASON                  SERVICE WORKER II                                        1151.24
NEUMANNZ, LESA K                PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SUPPORT S                           30132
NEUMANNZ, MICHAEL THOMAS        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7050
NEUMANNZ, PETER ALARIC          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5928
NEUMILLERZ, JOSHUA JON          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     85000.08
NEUNHERZZ, DARLENE M            MANAGER                                                 65474.64
NEUNHERZZ, GREGORY A            INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             96793.68
NEVES-GRACAZ, RODRIGO           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2985
NEVINSZ, DEREK DURAND           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      552.5
NEVITTZ, HANNAH KAY             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           13500
NEWZ, DANIEL D                  SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                     3261.68
NEWBERRYZ, KELLAN J             SERVICE WORKER II                                           4608
NEWBERRYZ, RUTH CATRIONA        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     86269.92
NEWCOMERZ, RYAN DEAN            MICROBIOLOGIST 1                                        30480.06
NEWELLZ, KELLY MARIE            DIRECTOR                                                   75091
NEWELLZ, SCOTT D                RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                         50568
NEWHOUSEZ, RANDAL LESLIE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
NEWKIRKZ, DOROTHY DORIS         MICROBIOLOGIST 2                                           58656
NEWKIRKZ, GARY RAY              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    7353.1
NEWKIRKZ, JONATHAN R            DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                     114092.56
NEWKIRKZ, SIMON JAMES           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3192
NEWMANZ, GEORGE M               INSTRUCTOR                                              58882.87
NEWMANZ, JERRY A                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                                28444.31
NEWMANZ, SOREN MIKAYLA          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2648
NEWMAN-CORONADOZ, C             ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      48142.61
NEWTONZ, CINDY MARIE            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           44904
NGOZ, HUNG DUC-SI               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     331.83
NGUYENZ, CHAU P-B               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1611.82
NGUYENZ, DIEM KIEU              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1618.14
NGUYENZ, MICHELLE TRAN          SERVICE WORKER I                                          361.13
NGUYENZ, MUOI VAN               INSTRUCTOR                                               8792.74
NGUYENZ, NHI                    CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1615
NGUYENZ, TOM L                  PRECEPTOR I                                                 2409
NIBLEYZ, LIANNE HELENE          PRECEPTOR I                                                  150
NICEZ, DAVID C                  PROFESSOR                                                71174.7
NICEZ, RUTH ANN                 REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      66517.45
NICEWONGERZ, ERICA JEANNE       ASSOCIATE                                               25303.64
NICHOLSZ, ASHLEY K              LECTURER II                                                262.5
NICHOLSZ, CAROLYN ELIZABETH     SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                    67.13
NICHOLSZ, CASSANDRA N           DIRECTOR PROF ADMIN                                        90000
NICHOLSZ, SARAH ELLEN           CUSTODIAN 1                                             23923.39
NICHOLSONZ, ABBY S              SERVICE WORKER I                                         2231.34
NICHOLSONZ, ANDREW JACK         SERVICE WORKER I                                         2043.77
NICHOLSONZ, BRIAN KEITH         PHOTOLITHOGRAPHER 1                                     47086.38
NICHOLSONZ, SCOTT GLEN          SERVICE WORKER I                                            8649
NICKELZ, JODEE                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   36004.56
NICKELLZ, AARON J               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    10803.5
NICKELLZ, JOSEPH M              PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                         29798.9
NICKERSONZ, JOHN FREDERICK      CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3171.15
NICOLZ, ERICA ALICE             LIBRARIAN 2                                             39365.46
NICOLZ, NATHANIEL               INSTRUCTOR                                              35961.99
NIEHENKEZ, KYLE ANTHONY         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     126.9
NIEKAMPZ, TRAVIS J              FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                     106669.57
NIELSENZ, ELIZABETH KAYE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3653.93
NIELSENZ, JAMES LEE             CUSTODIAN 1                                             29775.65
NIELSENZ, JULIE N               FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                     68050
NIELSENZ, MICHAEL B             SERVICE WORKER II                                       10290.01
NIELSENZ, NIELS C               STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        75000.06
NIELSENZ, SAMUEL H              SERVICE WORKER I                                           42.75
NIELSONZ, WESTON J              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       192.5
NIETOZ, LLOLANDA                PRECEPTOR I                                              4289.77
NIGHTPIPEZ, KEVIN C             MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                         48181.44
NIIKURAZ, YUICHI                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                          9000
NIIMIZ, KAYO                    INSTRUCTOR                                              31422.06
NILSONZ, JOHN                   DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 251850.77
NILSSONZ, ERIC E                ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                             53187.6
NILSSONZ, ETHAN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        128
NILSSONZ, KRIS A                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     31223.75
NILSSONZ, SHAD                  CARPENTER                                                  42916
NINGZ, CHUANGANG                VISITING SCIENTIST                                          2000
NINGZ, JIAWEI                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     2688
NIPPERZ, MARY MARGARET          LECTURER                                                    8300
NIRMALAZ, JAYAVEERAMUTHU        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      38230.17
NISBETZ, COTY LEE               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1166.13
NISSENZ, MARK S                 PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       43000.08
NITCYZ, BRITTA M                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     50716.56
NITTAZ, KATHLEEN M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3000
NIXONZ, JOSEPH TRENT            RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          28554.55
NJAGIZ, NYAMBURA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2732.24
NOBLEZ, DAVID WILLIAM           MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                   34009.68
NOBLEZ, DORA LIZA               LECTURER II                                                  750
NOBLEZ, KATHERINE C             MICROBIOLOGIST 1                                        41295.04
NOBLESZ, MATTHEW                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     26499.96
NOBUYAMAZ, MARCIA EMIKO         SERVICE WORKER III                                       1703.09
NOEZ, DAREN D                   MEDIA MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN LEA                        49403.46
NOEZ, KIMBERLY J                ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  45031.52
NOFSINGERZ, JOHN R              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     146384.7
NOLANZ, PRESTON SCOTT           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     513.01
NOLASCOZ, PAMELA LYMAN          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1186.83
NOLPHZ, SHAWN MARK              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1248.68
NORDEENZ, GARY K                ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                               72896.5
NORDLUNDZ, DANIEL               MANAGER                                                    86688
NORDQUISTZ, DANIEL G            DIRECTOR                                               113195.04
NORDQUISTZ, ERIC D              SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                   3284.7
NORDQUISTZ, TAMI L              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
NORELIUSZ, SCOTT ELIM           AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        28810.51
NORELLZ, DIANE M                ASSOCIATE IN                                            32912.36
NORIMINEZ, JUNZO                ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            53115.84
NORMANZ, MICHAEL C              CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 44690.07
NORRELLZ, MARY SUMI             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3320.6
NORTHZ, ANDREW CHARLES          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       8131
NORTHZ, RENEE RACHELLE          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3266.25
NORTHFIELDZ, KIRSTEN ELIZABETH  ASSOCIATE IN                                               39000
NORTHFIELDZ, TOBIN DAVID        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
NORTHRUPZ, ANN S                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     331.25
NORTONZ, KYLE R                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         4845.97
NORTONZ, M GRANT                ASSOCIATE DEAN & PROFESSOR                             151318.82
NORTONZ, TODD                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     70691.88
NOSKOFFZ, AMBER N               PRECEPTOR II                                                8712
NOTTINGHAMZ, MORGAN PHOENIX     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1491.97
NOVAKZ, JOHN C                  FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              40480.83
NOVANZ, GEORGE                  CLINICAL PROFESSOR                                        172500
NOVOSELZ, JESSICA L             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1323.13
NOWAKZ, CHRISTINA K             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28912.92
NOWAKZ, DAVID A                 PRESSROOM SUPERVISOR                                       51864
NOWELL-SMITHZ, M                DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                         87278.4
NOXONZ, JAMES O                 LECTURER II                                                 4225
NOYESZ, JENNIFER MARIE          PRECEPTOR I                                               2236.5
NSOFORZ, CHIJIOKE               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3960
NUGENZ, RONALD LYNN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        300
NUGENZ, RONALD W                SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                       66000
NUGENTZ, JOHN DRISCOLL          RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                             17459
NUNEZ, SATISH KUMAR             LECTURER                                                 3666.08
NUNESZ, NATHANAEL D             TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 2                            32705.2
NUNEZZ, TASHINA LYNN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1851
NURSEZ, JULIE E                 ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  39872.37
NYDEGGERZ, NANCY ANN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2183.03
NYEZ, JEFFREY ALAN              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         27174
NYEZ, JEFFREY D                 CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            62222.88
NYGAARDZ, DEAN                  GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                           27920
NYGAARDZ, HEATHER               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        5735
NYGREENZ, ASHLEY NICOLE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4399.11
NYSTROMZ, CLAIRE N              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6270
NZIRAMASANGAZ, PAULINE LORCADIA FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     22626.32
OAKESZ, LINDSEY                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2350
OAKLEYZ, CHRISTINE KAY          CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             53541.8
OAKSZ, JERALD LINDSAY           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    111714.64
OAKSZ, MURIEL K                 DEAN                                                   132204.02
OBERMANZ, JACOB T               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4000
OBERSTZ, NANCY L                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     19361.12
OBRIENZ, ABBY LEE               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                              23840.96
OBRIENZ, JAMES JOSEPH           SERVICE WORKER I                                         4821.63
OBRIENZ, RANDI K                INSTRUCTOR                                              51802.74
OCASEYZ, CAROL ELAINE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2124
OCHOAZ, JENNINE NICOLE          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3542.4
OCHSZ, LISA                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       8904
OCKWELLZ, TERI J                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
OCONNORZ, MAGAN K               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      778.49
OCONNORZ, ZAIDA F               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        13579.21
OCZKEWICZZ, JANE                LECTURER II                                              1466.75
ODEAZ, MARLENE S                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1517.25
ODELLZ, CALVIN R                SERVICE WORKER I                                            82.5
ODELLZ, EDWARD                  LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           39376
ODELLZ, KATHRYN MASON           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           50568
ODELLZ, KELLEE MCKENZIE         SERVICE WORKER I                                           112.5
ODENBORGZ, SUSAN K              OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                             30115.29
ODMARKZ, NICHOLAS CHRISTOPHER   PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
ODOM-MARYONZ, TAMARA            RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                       78575.3
ODONNELLZ, DEBRA MARIE          DIRECTOR MARKETING AND COMMUNICA                        82922.93
ODONNELLZ, ELIZABETH THERESE    PRECEPTOR I                                                54.43
ODONNELLZ, KERRY ANNE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        135
ODONNELLZ, ROMAN                PRECEPTOR I                                                  210
OELKEZ, BRIAN S                 ASSISTANT ATHLETIC TRAINER                              53197.68
OENGLISHZ, LORENA               LIBRARIAN 3                                             52930.08
OENGLISHZ, MARK ROBERT          LIBRARIAN 2                                             42458.88
OFALLONZ, ANDREW S              INSTRUCTOR                                              91420.47
OFALLONZ, JAMES V               ASSOCIATE IN                                            47028.12
OFALLONZ, P ELAINE              ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                   44101.8
OFARRELLZ, HEATHER A            ASSISTANT PRODUCER/DIRECTOR                             29620.58
OFFERMANNZ, SASCHA              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            31500
OFORLEAZ, AARON NGOZI           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     71069.68
OGAWAZ, MASAHIRO                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     7264.5
OGDENZ, GAYLE                   GIFT & ESTATE PLANNING SPECIALIS                          108300
OGINOZ, JENNIFER MARIKOLIN      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4213.5
OHLERZ, BONNIE JEAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  12919.5
OHNEMUSZ, MARY D                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    36645.36
OHRAZDAZ, GRICELDA              PRECEPTOR II                                               637.5
OJANENZ, CHRISTINA SUZANNA      VETERINARY SPECIALIST 2                                 41001.28
OKEEFFEZ, PATRICK T             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   17917.56
OKIMOTOZ, KRISTOPHER J          FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     23517.26
OKITAZ, JUDY H                  ASSISTANT TO                                            70000.08
OKITAZ, THOMAS W                SCIENTIST                                              175968.11
OKWANYZ, ROMULUS OKOTH          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       7560
OLANIEZ, AARON ZANE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     2276.4
OLBRICHZ, DIANE J               SERVICE WORKER I                                           142.5
OLBRICHZ, JAMES A               SERVICE WORKER I                                           142.5
OLDZ, RICHARD ROBERT            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1501.45
OLDZ, TENA RAE                  DIRECTOR                                                67320.48
OLDFIELDZ, SABRINA A            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  1250.01
OLDRIGHTZ, GARY L               LECTURER                                                    7000
OLDROYDZ, BRIAN C               FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     33764.14
OLEARYZ, AMANDA L               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           37042
OLEARYZ, JOHN PHILIP            PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
OLEAS-CHAVEZZ, LUIS             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     299.25
OLENNICKZ, MASON JAMES          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3410
OLESENZ, WAYNE O                HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                   47016
OLESONZ, KARL R                 SERVICE WORKER I                                           602.5
OLEXICKZ, RICK PAUL             GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                           35040
OLEYNIKZ, ALESYA V              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     7040.9
OLEYNIKZ, SERGEY P              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2743.37
OLINZ, MICHAEL L                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                         46354.8
OLINZ, NANCY BRIGGS             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        29336
OLIVERZ, CHERYL A               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                             64225.39
OLIVERZ, JOSEPH J               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        44329.82
OLIVERZ, MALCOLM HORACE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     459.35
OLIVERZ, MARTHA C               INSTRUCTOR                                              48918.09
OLIVERZ, SYLVIA A               DIRECTOR                                                67039.92
OLLGAARDZ, DENNIS               GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        35461.69
OLLGAARDZ, MISTY RAE            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            33988.49
OLMSTEADZ, JEFF R               CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                    70288.2
OLMSTEDZ, KEITH RAE             GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                           14317
OLOONEYZ, CHANCE W              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      476.66
OLSENZ, DARRYLL                 LECTURER                                                    2200
OLSENZ, ERIN M                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       30267.07
OLSENZ, JESSE RILEY             SERVICE WORKER I                                              40
OLSENZ, KARIN                   DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    73051.12
OLSENZ, KARL R                  CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            56399.06
OLSENZ, KATE LISBETH            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     21330
OLSENZ, KRISTINE M              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      1620
OLSENZ, MATTHEW JOSEPH          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
OLSENZ, NANCY ELLEN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4337.5
OLSENZ, ROBERT G                ASSOCIATE DEAN                                         183730.69
OLSEN-WILKESZ, STACIE O         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36035.15
OLSONZ, ALEX JOSEPH             SERVICE WORKER II                                        4265.84
OLSONZ, ALLAN M                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         1690.88
OLSONZ, BARBARA JO              ASSISTANT TO                                            41395.92
OLSONZ, BRENT D                 ASSOCIATE IN                                            30326.88
OLSONZ, BRITTANY SHANNON        SERVICE WORKER I                                           21.38
OLSONZ, DAVID E                 REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                  48352.56
OLSONZ, DIANA LYNN              PATIENT SERVICES SUPERVISOR                                50616
OLSONZ, DRU ROSALIE-JONES       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1592
OLSONZ, EDWARD DAVID            SERVICE WORKER I                                          675.74
OLSONZ, GREGORY M               FARMER 3                                                29202.92
OLSONZ, JAMIE LYNN              PRECEPTOR II                                                 480
OLSONZ, JEFFREY G               LECTURER                                                    3600
OLSONZ, JO CLAY                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57369.24
OLSONZ, JORDAN D                SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                    10656
OLSONZ, KARA ANNE               DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 41599.92
OLSONZ, KATHERINE JOYCE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  28278.75
OLSONZ, LORA LYDIA              DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 40448.18
OLSONZ, NICHOLE SUE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        999
OLSONZ, REBECCA LYNN            LECTURER II                                              4743.75
OLSONZ, RICHARD W               CUSTODIAN 1                                             36668.65
OLSONZ, TALIA MARIE             SERVICE WORKER I                                             445
OLSONZ, TERI R                  INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         55071.68
OLSONZ, TERRANCE VAN            SERVICE WORKER II                                         9960.5
OLSONZ, WAYNE L                 AGRICULTURE AND MAINTENANCE MANA                        56021.28
OLSONZ, WENDY MICHELLE          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     69213.08
OMALLEYZ, JEREMIAH J            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     484.5
OMALLEYZ, MARTIN L              INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                     63192
OMEARAZ, BRIDGET CATHERINE      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4299.93
OMOTOZ, CHARLOTTE K             ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      68199.39
ONEALZ, GAIL ANN                INSTRUCTOR                                              23192.96
ONEALZ, SALLY DAWN              EXTENSION COORDINATOR SPECIALIST                         56290.2
ONEILZ, MICHAEL D               FARMER 5                                                   48168
ONEILZ, PATRICIA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5520
ONEILLZ, BEATRICE K             OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                                37620
ONEILLZ, SARAH J                SERVICE WORKER I                                           872.1
ONGZ, RORY J                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67317.03
ONISHIZ, YASUO                  LECTURER                                                    1122
ONKENZ, HORST W-H               SUMMER APPOINTMENT FACULTY                              14444.44
ONOZ, HIROMI                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     47598.53
OOLEYZ, JAKE E                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       690
OONKZ, MARCELLA                 RESEARCH INTERN                                          9464.05
OOSTROMZ, MARJOLEIN THERESE     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5434
OPHARDTZ, DAVID R               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST SUPERVISOR                         5103.26
OPHARDTZ, MARIANNE C            EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           69770.64
OPHEIMZ, JOANNA RUTH            DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                           80267.2
OPLANDZ, MATTHEW E              PRECEPTOR I                                               8788.5
OPLINGERZ, SCOTT L              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4645
OPPEGAARDZ, BRETT R             ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     9010.05
OPSALZ, THOMAS G                CUSTODIAN 1                                             22819.59
ORAGUZIEZ, NNADOZIE C           ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     92695.16
ORAZIZ, RENEE A                 CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                    31956
ORCHARDZ, DANIELLE MARIE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      665.44
ORDONEZZ, NEMESIO R-A           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        432
ORDONEZZ, RITA                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1020
OREILLYZ, MICHELLE LOUISE       OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         28022
ORFEZ, LISA HEATHER             ASSOCIATE IN                                             46346.4
ORLICHZ, DONALD C               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6300
OROURKEZ, ERIN                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     9165.3
ORRZ, CAILIN HUYCK              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     73333.48
ORRZ, DOUGLAS ALLAN             LECTURER II                                                 4000
ORRZ, LEONARD                   PROFESSOR                                               87969.64
ORTEGAZ, MARIA F                PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        40598.87
ORTIZZ, CHRISTINA Y             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      922.5
ORTIZZ, NINO GILLE              SERVICE WORKER III                                       7134.05
ORTIZ-LOPEZZ, JONATHAN          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2616.31
ORTIZ-MEDINAZ, QUIARRA L        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      27.36
ORTLIEBZ, IAN AKIO              PARKING SUPERVISOR 1                                    37916.22
OSBORNZ, TIMOTHY B              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
OSBORNEZ, DAVID SAMUEL          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     354.83
OSBURNZ, KATHY JOANN            PRECEPTOR I                                                 2300
OSEIZ, DAVID KOFI-OWUSU         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1343.64
OSGOODZ, KAREN E                SERVICE WORKER I                                          6760.8
OSHEROFFZ, PETER A              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2869.44
OSIENSKYZ, SUSAN M              APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        47706.24
OSIRIZ, JOHN KALU               RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      33097.45
OSMANZ, MOHAMED A               PROFESSOR                                              112234.02
OSSINGERZ, BO RAY               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             70121.52
OSTELLAZ, HARLEIGH              RESEARCH STUDY COORDINATOR LEAD                           713.75
OSTENZ, ETHAN                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1038.84
OSTENDORFZ, ELISABETH           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1801.2
OSTRANDERZ, TRACI A             PRECEPTOR II                                                 729
OSTREIMZ, KATHERINE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       8193
OSTROMZ, MARCIA                 AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                             77709.48
OSWALTZ, MARK PHILO             LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     5000
OTIENOZ, DANIEL OBED            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         36326.14
OTISZ, ALLISON ROSE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6093
OTISZ, PATRICK O                FARMER 1                                                24892.77
OTT-BORRELLIZ, K                ASSOCIATE IN                                             22812.6
OTTEROZ, JENICA R               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6190
OTTOZ, MICHAEL                  CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   57199.92
OUYANGZ, WENYUN                 RESEARCH INTERN                                          4479.17
OUYANGZ, YEXIN                  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      36050.16
OVERATHZ, IRENE                 COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           67125.67
OVERMANZ, HANNAH JANE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      66.91
OWENZ, JEB                      ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                      69740.4
OWENZ, NATHAN                   APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        57500.16
OWENZ, NICHOLE MARIE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4020
OWENZ, TREVOR RODERICK          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3429.54
OWENSZ, DAVID                   DIRECTOR DISABILITY RESOURCE CEN                        70636.36
OWENSZ, JOAN M                  INSTRUCTOR                                                  9675
OWENSZ, JOSEPH B                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       9459
OWENSZ, KENNETH D               CUSTODIAN 1                                             28881.51
OWENSZ, MICHAEL ANDREW          INSTRUCTOR                                              28255.05
OWENSZ, ROBERT WILLIAM          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2345
OWSLEYZ, CAITLIN S              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4105.75
OWSLEYZ, DARREN E               APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        21556.36
OZBERZ, NATALI                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5335.2
OZKANLARZ, ABDULLAH             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         11586.02
OZKILINCZ, HILAL                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         12517.42
OZUNAZ, MATTHEW LEE             PRECEPTOR I                                                 1684
OZUNAZ, TRINIDAD J              SERVICE WORKER I                                         4116.83
PACHELLIZ, AMY                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1577
PACHOLKEZ, GLENNA L             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   11662.5
PACIONIZ, CLAUDIA MARIE         INSTRUCTOR                                              38500.66
PACKARDZ, JONI LYNN             SECRETARY                                                  32688
PACKARDZ, MICHAEL G             CUSTODIAN 3                                               233.65
PACKERZ, ROBERT RAY             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4185.6
PACOPACZ, GAIL M                OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                         26271
PADDENZ, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS     PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       20252.41
PADENZ, MARGARET E              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           36756
PADILLAZ, ERIK GREGORIO         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1863.91
PADILLAZ, MANUEL ROBLES         PRECEPTOR II                                                 600
PAGEZ, HANNAH M                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1373.22
PAGEZ, HEATHER MELISSA          STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        42140.15
PAGEZ, LISA ANN                 RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         21250
PAGTULINGANZ, SEAN ANTHONY      PRECEPTOR I                                                 10.7
PAIKULIZ, DENISE M              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1545
PAJARINZ, CANDIS MARIE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  1400.02
PALACIOSZ, HECTOR               SERVICE WORKER II                                        1096.82
PALACIOSZ, RAMON                SERVICE WORKER II                                         7727.5
PALILEOZ, ANDREW                VOLLEYBALL COACH                                       127632.51
PALLZ, LINDA LB                 CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            60141.06
PALMERZ, ANDREA WAITE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1780
PALMERZ, CHAD E                 HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                43915.26
PALMERZ, DEBORAH LOU            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 10304.64
PALMERZ, GREGORY MICHAEL        PRECEPTOR I                                                   75
PALMERZ, GUY H                  REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     241558.32
PALMERZ, IOLANDA                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     48315.96
PALMERZ, JILL RENEE             MANAGER                                                 63327.36
PALMERZ, JORDAN E               SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  4615.56
PALMERZ, KAY LYNN               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
PALMERZ, KENDA L                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1029.33
PALMERZ, LORI A                 FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        41616.44
PALMERZ, MALENNA LAMAE          CUSTODIAN 1                                             20172.76
PALMERZ, MARA A                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        145
PALMERZ, ONDREA L               SERVICE WORKER I                                            6488
PALMERZ, TYSON E                SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  1237.56
PALOMERAZ, CLAUDIA A            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1440
PALPANTZ, SAMUEL D              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   5133.31
PANZ, WILLIAM LEE               SCIENTIST                                              129653.11
PANZ, ZENGXIANG                 VISITING ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                             9340.91
PANCHALZ, JITESH                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     97182.56
PANCHENKOZ, ALEXANDER           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     78526.34
PANCHENKOZ, OLENA               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        240
PANDEZ, BALRAM                  FOOD SERVICE MANAGER                                    54725.04
PANDEZ, PARTHA PRATIM           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     96495.26
PANGZ, JINSONG                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       9200
PANKOPFZ, YVONNE N              AREA FINANCE/ADMINISTRATIVE OFFI                        72523.68
PANKOWZ, MEGAN NICOLE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     145.69
PANKSEPPZ, JAAK                 PROFESSOR                                               147800.7
PANNELLZ, PENNY J               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34165.79
PANNELLZ, RONALD TRAVIS         SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                 12949.93
PANNKUKZ, CHRIS D               ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      96250.12
PANTHERZ, JENNIFER LYNNE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3811
PAPPUZ, HANU                    CHAIR AND SCIENTIST                                    120750.24
PAPPUZ, SITA S                  ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                         87804
PARADISZ, SHYLA                 ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     13124.15
PAREDESZ, YADIRA                STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                                45000
PAREJKOZ, JAMES ANDREW          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6818.4
PARGETERZ, RACHEL MARIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3111
PARHAMZ, PAULA WILLIS           SERVICE WORKER I                                         3834.02
PARIKHZ, MONIKA R               SERVICE WORKER II                                        1712.76
PARISHZ, AMY F                  ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  41152.01
PARISHZ, CONSTANCE              PRECEPTOR II                                               967.5
PARISHZ, STEVEN M               PROFESSOR                                              116428.56
PARKZ, ALICE                    MANAGER                                                    18260
PARKZ, BONG JAE                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                         12
PARKZ, CHUNG-MIN                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         12222.08
PARKZ, ESTHER                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3595.21
PARKZ, JAE-BONG                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       5000.04
PARKZ, JEONG JIN                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          15833.4
PARKZ, KUN TAEK                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         29445.12
PARKZ, MIN-KYUNG                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      149.5
PARKAYZ, ARLENE R               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    48688.32
PARKAYZ, FORREST                PROFESSOR                                               87931.08
PARKERZ, CHARLOTTE L            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    32875.2
PARKERZ, ERIC LEE               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
PARKERZ, JACQUELINE LEE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1180
PARKERZ, JANE                   STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        57169.44
PARKERZ, JORDAN LEIGH           SERVICE WORKER II                                         110.58
PARKERZ, JOYCE ELIZABETH        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
PARKERZ, LOUISE A               STATE PROGRAM LEADER E-4                                95575.48
PARKERZ, RYAN                   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           70191
PARKER-CLARKZ, VICKIE           DISTRICT DIRECTOR E-4                                   63373.01
PARKINSZ, CHELSEA M             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    833.63
PARKINSZ, GERALD B              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     33639.35
PARKINSZ, GERALD BOYD           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         235
PARKINSZ, JOHNNY VERN           FARMER 4                                                 40219.1
PARKINSZ, LILLIAN K             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
PARKINSZ, TAMERA Y              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            34371.12
PARKINSONZ, AIMEE ELIZABETH     CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     544.54
PARKMANZ, JACALINE KIM          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1182.68
PARKSZ, CRAIG DAVID             PROFESSOR                                               79460.27
PARLANZ, ALEX JAMES             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      713
PARMELYZ, WILLIAM SCOTT         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2112.5
PARRZ, VICKY S                  FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
PARRA-PEREGRINOZ, L             SECRETARY                                               28131.18
PARRISHZ, AMBER N               INSTRUCTOR                                              15594.39
PARRISHZ, CHRISTINA             MANAGER                                                 51751.68
PARRISHZ, TAMARA L              PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          60951.93
PARRISHZ, THOMAS C              DIRECTOR                                                79171.27
PARROTTZ, GARY W                TRUCK DRIVER 1                                          37216.61
PARSHALLZ, SARAH R              LECTURER                                                  975.04
PARSLEYZ, JASON BARKHURST       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5109.75
PARSONSZ, CAROLYN SUE           SERVICE WORKER I                                         1026.01
PARSONSZ, CODY M                ELECTRICIAN                                             53977.19
PARSONSZ, DONALD RAND           FACILITIES OPERATIONS MAINTENANC                        50515.32
PARSONSZ, JESSICA LEANN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    7882.68
PARSONSZ, KAITLIN CONSTANCE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    18042.5
PARSONSZ, MANDY I               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1262
PARSONSZ, MARK H                PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SUPPORT S                           29560
PARSONSZ, MARTHA J              ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  49991.57
PARTICKAZ, MICHAEL              ASSOCIATE IN                                               36576
PARTINGTONZ, ALEXANDER J        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1026
PARTINGTONZ, PHILLIP J          MANAGEMENT ANALYST 2                                    49411.13
PARVEENZ, REHANA SULTANA        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    14100
PARVINZ, GLENNA L               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
PARVINZ, JAMES L                TRANSPORTATION SUPERVISOR                               46224.16
PASCHZ, LINDA J                 DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                    45000
PASCHALLZ, JAMES R              CUSTODIAN 2                                             25661.28
PASCHALLZ, SIRI A               SERVICE WORKER I                                           212.3
PASCUALZ, FRANCIS               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67011.72
PASCUCCIZ, ELIZABETH M          ASSOCIATE IN                                               30600
PASTOREZ, DEBRA ANN             DIRECTOR                                                65147.12
PASTOREZ, GERALD                STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                           59538
PATEZ, EDWARD F                 PROFESSOR                                              117945.54
PATELZ, BHADRESH N              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2864
PATELZ, ELVIRA P                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        112
PATELZ, NICOLAAS WILHELMUS      EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    12316.5
PATERNOZ, NICHOLAS J            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1695
PATJENSZ, KATHRYN L             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      4964
PATNEAUDEZ, DANIELLE            SERVICE WORKER I                                          751.95
PATTENZ, ANN M                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         28416.32
PATTENZ, KIM D                  EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                                80194.32
PATTERSONZ, AMANDA L            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   5314.4
PATTERSONZ, GENE S              INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 4                                     68016
PATTERSONZ, MEGAN LEIGH         SERVICE WORKER I                                         3350.25
PATTERSONZ, PATRICIA            DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                           82218.8
PATTERSONZ, ROGER D             VICE PRESIDENT FOR BUSINESS AND                         104166.7
PATTERSONZ, SHAREN              PRECEPTOR II                                                6321
PATTERSONZ, SHELLEY MAUL        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        3633.64
PATTERSONZ, SHERRIE             LECTURER II                                                462.5
PATTERSONZ, TIFFANY LYNN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      76.95
PATTONZ, GREGORY W              LECTURER II                                                 1650
PATTONZ, KAREN KAY              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     448.5
PATZEKZ, LUCAS JAN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4929.6
PAULZ, DENNIS R                 ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     20959.55
PAULZ, DONNA L                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    127449.75
PAULZ, HOLLY H                  SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4000.02
PAULZ, ROBERTA L                DIRECTOR                                                70272.12
PAULZ, RUMA RANI                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4288.8
PAULSENZ, ZACHARY VAN           SERVICE WORKER II                                          86.86
PAULSONZ, CINTHIA L             EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                           43572
PAULSONZ, COLLEEN ADELE         SERVICE WORKER I                                            2856
PAULSONZ, JESSICA M             RESEARCH SURVEY SUPERVISOR                              18520.28
PAULSONZ, KAELIN MARIE          SERVICE WORKER I                                          106.88
PAULSONZ, KEITH A               EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 2                                     43572
PAULSONZ, KELLY A               SERVICE WORKER I                                            5922
PAULSONZ, MELANIE ANNE          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        486
PAULSONZ, SHAWN S               STAGE TECHNICIAN 2                                         44712
PAVEGLIOZ, TRAVIS B             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  13841.88
PAVEKZ, MARK J                  EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                91824.15
PAVELZ, DONALD MICHAEL          PROFESSOR                                               43045.03
PAVISHZ, TIM                    VICE PRESIDENT FOR UNIVERSITY RE                       235117.08
PAVKOVICHZ, ANTOINETTE M        INSTRUCTOR                                              49637.57
PAVLIKZ, ALMA V                 PRECEPTOR II                                                 270
PAVLOVZ, ROSEMARY               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        37690.65
PAWLAKZ, ANGELA ROSE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       900
PAXSONZ, JOHN W                 GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                           60000
PAXSONZ, KAREN L                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3917.92
PAXSONZ, MARY C                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2900
PAXSON-TARNAIZ, BERIT           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1280
PAYANTZ, KATHLEEN               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       375
PAYNEZ, JAMES LEWIS             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        27848.72
PAYNEZ, KATILYN M               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4549.5
PAYNEZ, NANCY C                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1515
PAYNEZ, TYLER                   SERVICE WORKER I                                         8869.09
PAYNEZ, WILLIAM G               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           48168
PAYUMOZ, JANE GARCIA            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  7921.68
PAYYAVULAZ, RAJA S              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         34000.07
PAZERZ, ANITA M                 PRECEPTOR I                                              8573.13
PAZNOKASZ, JOHN L               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      3035.64
PEABODYZ, SUSAN                 PROFESSOR                                                  83722
PEACEZ, CAMERON                 ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     105723.8
PEACHZ, KATHERINE MARIE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1648.68
PEARCEZ, ADAM ROBERT            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        350
PEARCEZ, BRAD                   PRECEPTOR I                                                 1006
PEARCEZ, GREGORY LEE            SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT SENIOR                              76503.7
PEARSONZ, BONNIE JO             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1785
PEARSONZ, CHERISH T             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        35755
PEARSONZ, DAVID MICHAEL         MANAGER                                                 40920.45
PEARSONZ, DIANN KAY             SNACK BAR LEAD                                           26247.8
PEARSONZ, GEOFFREY ALBERT       PRECEPTOR I                                                  360
PEARSONZ, NATHANIEL JAMES       LECTURER                                                    7000
PEARSONZ, NORI LUJEAN           LECTURER                                                98582.68
PEARSONZ, PATRICIA BULLER       COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           56146.64
PEARSONZ, PATRICIA LINN         LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                   3052.5
PEARSONZ, SAMANTHA              PRECEPTOR I                                                  500
PEARSON-MIMSZ, C H              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         45828.48
PEAVLERZ, KEN                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     18000
PECA-MEDLINZ, JOHN M            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       234
PECKZ, ANDREA MAUREEN           SERVICE WORKER III                                        443.91
PECKZ, GEORGE                   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       26437.5
PECKZ, SARAH A                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       595
PECKAZ, MELANIE RENEE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
PECKHAMZ, DAVID J               NETWORK ENGINEER/ADMINISTRATOR                          66811.44
PEDIGOZ, JEFFREY VICTOR         SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4050.01
PEDRONIZ, MONICA                RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      36432.01
PEDROWZ, CHRISTINE R            RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      22571.52
PEDROWZ, PATRICK D              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      95940.8
PEERYZ, CARLA JEAN              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5000.04
PEEVERZ, TOBIN                  ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     80989.44
PEGLERZ, DOROTHEA DEE           LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                    42.75
PEHZ, ZHENG SHENG               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1692
PEHRSONZ, DEBORAH A             FARMER 5                                                50168.26
PEKERZ, ATAKAN                  STAFF SCIENTIST                                        160000.09
PELZ, MEALEATEY                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3027
PELLERZ, MATTHEW DAVID          SERVICE WORKER I                                             160
PELLEYZ, KATHLEEN M             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    3437.5
PELLINENZ, JACOB C              RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      20888.99
PENDRYZ, PATRICIA               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63587.06
PENGZ, HAO                      POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         30878.29
PENGZ, WILSON S                 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        41508.04
PENLANDZ, SHILOH M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        36333
PENNEYZ, ROBERT A               ENERGY ENGINEER SUPERVISOR                              87031.62
PENNIEZ, DALTON STANLEY         SERVICE WORKER III                                       2522.67
PENNINGTONZ, SUE A              ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  36786.67
PEPPELZ, LINDA D                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     28917.12
PEPPERZ, MILES A                ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN SUPERVISO                           60376
PEPPERZ, SARA                   COORDINATOR                                             50608.49
PEPPERSZ, LINDA M               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      4668
PERALESZ, CHRISTINA L           PRECEPTOR I                                              1448.43
PERALEZZ, EMMA G                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         46315.66
PERCIFIELDZ, ANDY J             GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        41259.39
PERDUEZ, MELISSA O              MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                         63460.8
PEREGOYZ, BARBARA               LECTURER II                                                 3000
PEREIRA-DE-CARVALHO-FILHOZ, E   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1750.98
PEREVALOVZ, ANDREY PAVLOVICH    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1708.56
PEREVODCHIKOVZ, EVGENIY V       PRECEPTOR I                                                 1920
PEREZZ, BENJAMIN                SERVICE WORKER I                                             768
PEREZZ, JUAN CARLOS             SERVICE WORKER I                                            9870
PEREZZ, LUIS                    CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                              120000
PEREZZ, MAGDALENA               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     7215.96
PEREZZ, RAUL M                  SERVICE WORKER II                                         3272.5
PEREZZ, STEVEN ANTHONY          PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
PEREZ-JIMENEZZ, TANIA ELENA     VETERINARY RESIDENT                                     29443.04
PEREZ-PEREZZ, EDGAR B           SERVICE WORKER II                                          11706
PERILLOZ, CATHERINE ANNE        CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            16960.05
PERINZ, LEANNE MARIE            PRECEPTOR II                                                1587
PERISHZ, ANTHONY PAUL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       840
PERKINSZ, BEN P                 COORDINATOR                                             47249.28
PERKINSZ, ERIKALYN              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     15081.82
PERKINSZ, LENKA STULIK          AUDITOR                                                 50180.16
PERKINSZ, PEGGY                 ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  53063.04
PERKINSZ, SUSAN M               INSTRUCTOR                                              57238.32
PERKINSZ, TYLER T               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4304.62
PERLEBERGZ, ANDREW BLAINE       AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                             55917.36
PERLERZ, DEEANN                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5460
PERNUZ, GREGORY ALAN            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48214.15
PERRINEZ, RONALD G              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58656
PERRYZ, JAMES L                 SERVICE WORKER II                                          47.25
PERRYZ, KRISTINE MARIE          PRECEPTOR II                                               13509
PERRYZ, RUMIKO                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1613.92
PERRYZ, STUART RICHARD          MICROBIOLOGIST 1                                           47408
PERRYZ, THERESA ANNE            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    35497.8
PERUZ, HELEN S                  CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
PERUGINIZ, ANTHONY JOHN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      12450
PESCHELZ, JASON B               CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            83945.95
PETEKZ, DANIEL J                INSTRUCTOR                                              55597.38
PETERSZ, BRYAN L                SERVICE WORKER II                                           1200
PETERSZ, BRYCE LEE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2209.77
PETERSZ, CARL ALBERT            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            55466.67
PETERSZ, DEAN NELSON            ANIMAL CARE FACILITY MANAGER                            38333.41
PETERSZ, DONALD C               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  34674.77
PETERSZ, ELSA KIRSTEN           ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            76355.75
PETERSZ, GORDON RILEY           SERVICE WORKER II                                        4746.92
PETERSZ, JAMES H                ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            56527.78
PETERSZ, R TROY                 EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                85706.52
PETERSZ, SERENA                 INSTRUCTOR                                                 10275
PETERSZ, SHERRI L               MANAGER                                                 61841.04
PETERSENZ, DEVIN R              SERVICE WORKER I                                          6723.5
PETERSENZ, ERIKA M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     184.5
PETERSENZ, JAMES N              DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 214303.28
PETERSENZ, JERRY L              INSTRUCTOR                                              16528.02
PETERSENZ, MATTHEW J            PRECEPTOR I                                                  500
PETERSENZ, MATTHEW N            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     221.98
PETERSENZ, MELINDA KRISTINE     DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                 15724.82
PETERSENZ, PATRICIA A           PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     46007.16
PETERSENZ, PHIL J               AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                             33627.85
PETERSENZ, RENEE K-B            INSTRUCTOR                                              42386.13
PETERSENZ, SARA SORENSEN        LECTURER                                                26700.08
PETERSENZ, STEPHANIE LYN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    9697.41
PETERSONZ, ADAM GREGORY         SERVICE WORKER I                                          101.84
PETERSONZ, BREEANNE             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      35000.16
PETERSONZ, CRAIG                LECTURER II                                              4880.25
PETERSONZ, ELISE THENA          SERVICE WORKER II                                            750
PETERSONZ, ERIKA JUNE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1125
PETERSONZ, FREDRICK E           PROFESSOR                                               62220.06
PETERSONZ, J                    PROFESSOR                                               16012.89
PETERSONZ, JAARON BRYCE         SERVICE WORKER I                                          555.75
PETERSONZ, JACOB THEODORE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4998
PETERSONZ, JASON C              PRECEPTOR I                                                  180
PETERSONZ, JEFFERY C            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      58912.5
PETERSONZ, JONELL K             PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      43502.4
PETERSONZ, JOSHUA A             SERVICE WORKER I                                         2334.75
PETERSONZ, KAREN                PROFESSOR                                               82437.36
PETERSONZ, KIRK ARNOLD          PROFESSOR                                               102090.6
PETERSONZ, KRISTINA A           COORDINATOR                                             23567.16
PETERSONZ, NATHAN ALAN          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5305.14
PETERSONZ, NILS S               ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      75089.04
PETERSONZ, NINA M               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4550.4
PETERSONZ, PATRICIA L           STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                 17087.5
PETERSONZ, RAYMOND D            SERVICE WORKER I                                            1065
PETERSONZ, WENDY JO             DIRECTOR PROF ADMIN                                     92010.24
PETERSONZ, WHITNEY ANN          SERVICE WORKER I                                           69.75
PETERSON-JOHNSONZ, M            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                             54578.16
PETITZ, BRAD                    ASSOCIATE IN                                            47000.16
PETLOVANYZ, CARI RAE            PRECEPTOR I                                              1183.87
PETLOVANYZ, MICHAEL J           CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   53719.24
PETRINAZ, GEORGE H              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3000
PETROVAZ, ADELINA S             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         33500.16
PETROVAZ, ELINA                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     113955.8
PETROVSKIZ, JANET L             SERVICE WORKER I                                         1085.19
PETRUSKYZ, MIKE G               FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     44712.12
PETTYZ, KELLY                   INSTRUCTOR                                                  4369
PETTYJOHNZ, KELLI M             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         900
PETURAZ, BARBARA B              ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                                83034.98
PEYOUZ, MARGARET A              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     40000.32
PEZESHKIZ, CHARLES              PROFESSOR                                              124108.41
PFAFFZ, THERESA ANN             PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    33986.22
PFAUZ, LEA MARIE                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     23614.56
PFLUGZ, JOSHUA DAVID            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     337.77
PHAMZ, GIAC V                   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        59273.98
PHAMZ, NHAN HUU                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      376.2
PHANZ, DIEM CHAU                PRECEPTOR I                                                668.7
PHELANZ, SPENSER                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4699.95
PHELPSZ, AMELIA SUE             LIBRARIAN 2                                             39216.24
PHELPSZ, JEFFREY L              DIRECTOR                                                85208.16
PHILESZ, JESSE C                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3580
PHILIPZ, ANN M                  CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 4                                16178.08
PHILLIPZ, PAUL C                DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                        93059.28
PHILLIPSZ, ALLISON RUTH         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     7102.5
PHILLIPSZ, ANGELA RENEE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6907.6
PHILLIPSZ, DERRICK JAMES        ASSOCIATE IN                                                6640
PHILLIPSZ, JIMMIE E             CUSTODIAN 1                                                25653
PHILLIPSZ, REBECCA E            PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        48491.28
PHILLIPSZ, RUTH B               SUMMER APPOINTMENT FACULTY                                 15903
PHILLIPSZ, SCOTT MICHAEL        LECTURER II                                              1066.72
PHILLIPSONZ, NORENE R           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38597.57
PHIMISTERZ, TERESA L            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    55386.18
PHUNGZ, WILLIAM                 INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         41297.28
PIASKOWSKIZ, JULIA LOUISE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4534.4
PIAZZAZ, ANDREW CHRISTOPHER     RESEARCH INTERN                                          4845.45
PICARDZ, MARLENE R              SERVICE WORKER III                                        534.75
PICCIOTTOZ, GIL                 DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SENIOR                               121200
PICKARTSZ, DIAN                 DATA ARCHITECT/DATABASE ADMINIST                        30423.22
PICKELSIMERZ, WENDY             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        62376.05
PICKERILLZ, J MITCHELL          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     93599.44
PICKETTZ, CHARLES               VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            60282.98
PICKETT-COOPERZ, PATRICIA K     LECTURER II                                             10000.42
PIENZ, ALEXANDER CHARLES        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2992
PIEPERZ, KAYLEEN E              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1785.75
PIERACCIZ, E MICHAEL            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            56442.31
PIERCEZ, DONALD WARREN          WEB COORDINATOR                                         66950.16
PIERCEZ, FRANCIS                DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                    129438.48
PIERCEZ, REBECCA LYNN           INSTRUCTOR                                              27288.19
PIERCEZ, WILLIAM N              CONTROL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                 51050.68
PIERONZ, ANDRIETTE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        792
PIERREZ, KATHLEEN ROSE          ASSOCIATE IN                                             31100.4
PIERSONZ, GILBERT A             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         59012.16
PIERSONZ, MELISSA ANN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
PIERSONZ, MICHAEL J             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        71299.56
PIERSONZ, NATHANIAL A           CUSTODIAN 1                                              1942.53
PIETZZ, DAVID                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      74432.4
PIETZZ, JOSHUA L                SPORTS EQUIPMENT MANAGER 2                              43496.12
PIETZZ, KATHARINE M             INSTRUCTOR                                              42961.98
PIETZZ, VALERIA NICOLI          COORDINATOR                                             50726.88
PIGGOTTZ, MICHAEL THOMAS        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4675
PIGNATAROZ, ALBERT J            CAMPUS SECURITY LIEUTENANT                                 59640
PIJANZ, JAMIE NICOLE            RESEARCH INTERN                                         17448.36
PIKEZ, KEITH SCHADE             SCIENTIST                                               92894.16
PIKEZ, RONALD ENNS              LECTURER                                                  6002.4
PIKE-THOMASZ, DEBORAH ANN       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1121
PILANTZ, LLOYD                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     14573
PILCHZ, STEPHEN PAUL            SERVICE WORKER I                                         2689.42
PILCHERZ, BRIDGET               DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          81299.16
PILCHERZ, JEFFREY R             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3565
PILJAC-ZEGARACZ, JASENKA        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      38500.09
PILLINGZ, JILL MARIE            PRECEPTOR I                                               6687.5
PILSKALNSZ, OREST JACOB         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      81189.9
PIMENTELZ, RONALD WARD          CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            56125.16
PIMENTELZ, SARAH J              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     11248
PINARDZ, ANNE M                 SECRETARY LEAD                                             37620
PINARDZ, WESLEY DEAN            SERVICE WORKER II                                        4217.41
PINEDAZ, ALEXA M                PRECEPTOR II                                                 550
PINKERTONZ, JOHN N              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    12712.5
PINKLETONZ, BRUCE E             PROFESSOR                                              129844.17
PINKOSKIZ, VICTOR THOMAS        SERVICE WORKER II                                         438.13
PINTAKZ, LAWRENCE E             DEAN                                                      205356
PINTERZ, KATHY D                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     52517.04
PINTERZ, RANDALL S              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     42500.64
PINTERZ, SUZANNE C              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   17463.2
PINTERZ, TOBY                   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           54732
PINTERZ, TODD J                 SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  6943.56
PIPERZ, BETHANY JEAN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1340.63
PIPERZ, DEBRA MAY               PRECEPTOR I                                                 2205
PIPERZ, GARY LYNN               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     75282.48
PISEL-WILBURZ, BARBARA J        LECTURER                                                   12200
PITCHERZ, BRIAN                 CHANCELLOR                                                221154
PITCHERZ, KRISTINE T            DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                       72720
PITMANZ, JENIFER ANN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4401.82
PITREZ, PAUL E                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     69656.55
PITTZ, MICHAEL CURTIS           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    8807.5
PITTENGERZ, MARSHALL            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58656
PITTMANZ, BETSYANN LEONA        PRECEPTOR I                                                   25
PITTMANZ, EUGENIA MAE           INSTRUCTOR                                              37004.04
PITTMANNZ, DENNIS L             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        51458.27
PITTSZ, JACQUELINE              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2304
PITTSZ, MARVIN J                CLINICAL PROFESSOR                                      92328.31
PITZERZ, ARLYCE L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       5244
PITZERZ, CLARENCE A             INSTRUCTOR                                               19869.8
PLACEKZ, ARTHUR C               ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    23350.06
PLACEKZ, CAITLYN DIANE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1584
PLATTZ, THOMAS E                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           56343.86
PLAUTZ, LAURA                   PRECEPTOR II                                             2297.75
PLELLZ, DAVID ALEXANDER         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    331.35
PLEYOZ, ROBERT ALLEN            INSTRUCTOR                                              22160.08
PLEYOZ, TERIESA                 INSTRUCTOR                                               33703.2
PLOTNICKZ, DANIEL STEWART       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4790.52
PLUCKERZ, KATRINA ANN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3845.63
PLUDEZ, KELDON ROBERT           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        200
POCASANGREZ, ANALY JANINE       PRECEPTOR I                                                 1716
POCHZ, MICHAEL C                STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                          108000
POCHZ, SUSAN LOIS               ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                                  117648
POCIUSZ, EDVINAS                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   10691.15
POESYZ, LAUREEN I               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        17552.69
POESYZ, MICHELLE LYNN           ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      59501.47
POESYZ, RANDAL C                PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SUPPORT S                           35040
POESYZ, RUSSELL L               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48225.5
POGUEZ, JAMES W                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        37956
POGUEZ, KOROLYN KAY             RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                         41508
POINTSZ, JULIE K                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    9571.56
POIREZ, DONNA LYNN              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      49130.4
POIRIERZ, AMY LEIGH             PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     49260.28
POISSONZ, SANDRA A              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            34149
POITRAZ, KEVIN TODD             CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                    66022.8
POLANDZ, CHRISTOPHER            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1573.23
POLANDZ, JESSIE LYNN            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      320.63
POLGARZ, GREGORY S              LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     2400
POLINGZ, VICTORIA I             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     706.25
POLISZ, SHENEAN N               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2005.5
POLITTEZ, CANDITA D             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4903.13
POLLACKZ, GARY MARTIN           DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                      99354.03
POLLOCKZ, DAVID                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     91033.56
POLSONZ, MICHAEL WAYNE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         200
POMERENKZ, JULIA ANNE           DIRECTOR PROF ADMIN                                     91669.44
PONOMAREVZ, NIKOLAY Y           RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       52516.8
POOLZ, JANIS ELAINE             FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                   2569.32
POOLEZ, GRANT J                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          21875.1
POOLEZ, KATHRYN S               FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
POOLEZ, VIOLET MARY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
POONZ, GREGORY                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     82000.08
POONZ, KAI-YIN KENNY            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4550.4
POORZ, CARA JEAN                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            87023.92
POOVAIAHZ, B W                  SCIENTIST                                              191106.37
POOVAIAHZ, KANTHI B             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      15480
POPEZ, MICHAEL E                ELECTRICIAN                                                48214
POPESKIZ, WAYNE R               INSTRUCTOR                                              43659.44
POPPEZ, MATTHEW HAROLD          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        468
POPPLETONZ, LANDON E            LECTURER II                                              6826.03
PORISZ, DEBORAH LEIGH           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6034.5
PORTERZ, BENJAMIN SALVATRORE    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
PORTERZ, DONNA                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    124.88
PORTERZ, KAREN                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         36416.81
PORTERZ, NELLA                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     192.5
PORTERZ, NORIKO                 INSTRUCTOR                                              21559.29
PORTERZ, RICHARD                DIRECTOR                                                52836.21
PORTERZ, TERRY L                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     40236.24
PORTERZ, TRAVIS FULLER          SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     4902
PORTFORSZ, CHRISTINE            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     83267.76
PORTNOYZ, REBECCA               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     109044.4
PORTOZ, GARY CHARLES            DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SENIOR                            135279.02
POSEYZ, DEBRA KAY               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        61698.27
POSEYZ, DONELLE CRISTINE        CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            42000.12
POSPICALZ, ALEX                 APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                         1084.57
POSTLEWAITZ, JASON EUGENE       LECTURER II                                                 1200
POSTMAZ, JULIE MARIE            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     78680.03
POTRATZZ, ELLEN M               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   5796.42
POTRATZZ, STEVEN J              ARCHITECT/ENGINEER PROJECT SUPER                        89268.14
POTTERZ, KATHLEEN A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     83761.44
POTTERZ, MATTHEW JAMES          HEAD COACH                                              114053.7
POTTERZ, NANCY                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63741.06
POUCHNIKZ, DEREK JAY            PROJECT DIRECTOR                                        67600.08
POULINZ, KAREN L                COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           58159.44
POWELLZ, CHARLES E              PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                         75286.99
POWELLZ, DOUGLAS                CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
POWELLZ, LEE ANN                LECTURER II                                              4397.58
POWELLZ, MARIANNE               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  2573.28
POWERZ, KATHRINE MAE            CUSTODIAN 1                                                27699
POWERZ, LESLIE                  CLINICAL PROFESSOR                                      73008.44
POWERZ, THOMAS                  PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               131762.64
POWERSZ, DUSTIN GENE            SERVICE WORKER I                                            1824
POWERSZ, JOSEPH R               SCIENTIST                                                  75426
POWERSZ, KRISTA                 PRECEPTOR I                                                  638
PRAHINSKIZ, STEPHEN K           LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                    47016
PRAKASHZ, SWAMI                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5928
PRAMSCHUFERZ, SUSAN             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             23643.4
PRANTEZ, NICOLAS ANDREW         MANAGER                                                    41050
PRATERZ, ANGELA B               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6821
PRATORZ, GREGORY L              PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
PRATTZ, ESTHER                  PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       35511
PRATTZ, JAMES R                 VICE CHANCELLOR                                           139500
PRECIADOZ, LAURA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     7857.5
PREECEZ, ELLEN P                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6279
PREECEZ, JUDSON W               ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      83794.08
PREECHAZ, KATHLEEN R            PRECEPTOR II                                                 660
PRENGUBERZ, JARED H             VIDEO PRODUCER/WRITER                                   34208.76
PRESCOTTZ, AARON MATTHEW        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    147.25
PRESLEYZ, DIANA LEE             INSTRUCTOR                                              38782.65
PRESSLEYZ, SHELLEY NOELLE       ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            47467.92
PRESSNALLZ, DENISE M            MANAGER                                                 43430.39
PRESTONZ, ANTHONY D             LECTURER II                                                  500
PRESTONZ, DARNELLE S            INSTRUCTOR                                              10443.24
PRESTONZ, JOHN THOMAS           PROFESSOR                                               64791.45
PREUSSZ, CARA L                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   13693.41
PREVITOZ, MARIA S               CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            43990.83
PREWETTZ, WILLIAM C             FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                          40000.08
PREWITTZ, JENNIFER S            CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      3516
PREWITTZ, TONYA LYNN            CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
PRICEZ, ALEXANDER MATTHEW       ASSOCIATE IN                                             9469.73
PRICEZ, CAITLIN M               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2892.5
PRICEZ, CEDRIC A                INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                            46046.88
PRICEZ, JESSANNE R              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           39868
PRICEZ, M CHRISTINE             EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                            74191.2
PRICEZ, PAULA GROVES            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     91527.14
PRICEZ, STEVEN F                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           67743
PRICEZ, TREVOR LINCOLN          RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                         39516
PRICE-HUNTINGTONZ, CHRISTINA    PRECEPTOR I                                              1698.24
PRIEBEZ, BECKY L                PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          67938.96
PRIEBEZ, CHANDLER L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   1596.26
PRIETOZ, CYNTHIA E              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    40317.57
PRIETOZ, JAVIER                 SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                    1440
PRIETOZ, JESUS                  SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                     640
PRIEURZ, DAVID J                PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               169813.44
PRILLZ, RICHARD J               EXTENSION COORDINATOR SUPERVISOR                        75576.21
PRINCEZ, JARED KEVIN            PRECEPTOR I                                                  300
PRINGLEZ, ROBERT M              LIBRARIAN 4                                             99760.32
PRITCHARDZ, RAY ARTHUR          INSTRUCTOR                                              37309.71
PRITCHARDZ, SUZANNE             RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                 41508.24
PROBSTZ, TAHIRA                 PROFESSOR                                               87547.85
PROKOPZ, RACHEL MARIE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                  23409.03
PROWZ, TERESA R                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        29496.76
PRUZ, CINDY A                   ASSOCIATE IN                                             40000.2
PRUZ, JAMES K                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     106666.8
PRUMMERZ, CHRISTOPH MICHAEL     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        600
PRUNEDAZ, RAFAEL BENAVIDES      CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3408.24
PRUNEDAZ, VERONICA              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      8931.6
PRZYBYLSKIZ, MARK PATRICK       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1033.53
PUCKETTZ, RICHARD J             ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                               111127.76
PUMPHREYZ, MICHAEL O            ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                      98517.2
PUMPHREYZ, SHANNA               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    44036.32
PUNTZ, KEEGAN EUGENE            SERVICE WORKER I                                         2568.41
PURATHZ, JANET                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     85175.48
PURCELLZ, JENNIFER L            INSTRUCTOR                                              13528.35
PURDYZ, CAMERON M               SERVICE WORKER I                                            1368
PURDYZ, KATHLEEN D              BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        64834.08
PURDYZ, MATTHEW                 LECTURER                                                   24756
PURSERZ, CYNTHIA JANET          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2540
PUTMANZ, KORY                   PRECEPTOR I                                                  210
PUTRAZ, AMBER NICHOLL           SERVICE WORKER I                                            4160
PUZZ, BRIAN                     LECTURER II                                                 2450
PYANKOVAZ, MARIA P              PRECEPTOR I                                                12166
PYLEZ, JODI                     PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       23781.52
PYNEZ, JEAN ESTELLE             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34268.21
PYRZAKZ, WIOLETTA               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         35000.16
QAFOKUZ, NIKOLLA P              LECTURER                                                    2000
QIZ, YUN                        ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            10946.04
QIANZ, YINYIN                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5127.2
QIAOZ, DONGCHUN                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            46500
QIAOZ, MU                       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4431.76
QIAOZ, PIZHONG                  PROFESSOR                                              131042.37
QIAOZ, YANLING                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1488
QIUZ, DAN                       POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         37000.07
QIUZ, JIWEN                     POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         32656.14
QIUZ, SONGGANG                  LECTURER                                                    6600
QIUZ, YONGJIAN                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5320
QUAGLIETTAZ, CAITLIN CLARE      SERVICE WORKER I                                            81.7
QUAGLIETTAZ, GLENDA             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58656
QUAGLIETTAZ, HANNAH ROSE        SERVICE WORKER I                                            81.7
QUALEYZ, MARI-JO CHRISTINE      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     262.5
QUAMZ, ERICA M                  SWIM COACH                                              68254.08
QUATIERZ, HEIDI CHRISTINA       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2405.64
QUENETTEZ, JOEL ARTHUR          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   11308.87
QUICKZ, BONNIE LEE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                    11552.38
QUINLANZ, MARSHA BOGAR          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56274.86
QUINLANZ, ROBERT JOSEPH         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     75533.75
QUINNZ, MARK ALLEN              ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                      5104.17
QUIRINGZ, LAURIE ANN            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    44204.88
QUIROGAZ, JULIO CESAR           SERVICE WORKER I                                             560
QUOCKZ, LINDSAY PAIGE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4533.75
QUOCKZ, RAYMOND MARK            PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               150240.96
RAABZ, NIKOLAS CHRISTOPHER      SERVICE WORKER I                                         2290.62
RABBYZ, MICHAEL KENNETH         LECTURER                                                 8960.07
RADZ, HAMID                     INSTRUCTOR                                              71720.16
RADAKOVICHZ, JEFFREY B          STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                         85604.3
RADERZ, JONATHAN MICHAEL        SERVICE WORKER I                                            1595
RADIGHIERIZ, JEFFREY PAUL       LECTURER II                                               5084.4
RADKE-SNEADZ, J                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
RADOZ, MITRA                    INSTRUCTOR                                               6242.54
RADTKEZ, JENNIFER K             PRECEPTOR II                                                 600
RADZIEMSKIZ, MARY E             STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 3 COUNSE                        56504.08
RADZIEMSKIZ, TIMOTHY J          GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        24218.51
RAGHUNATHANZ, DILIP RANGARAJAN  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5359.2
RAGLEZ, CLAUDE A                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     97682.64
RAGLIONEZ, LAWRENCE C           CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   56590.75
RAHMANIZ, AYAD B                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      83466.8
RAHNZ, LINDA                    INSTRUCTOR                                              26857.98
RAIGUELZ, TORI C                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       900
RAINSBERGERZ, JANICE M          EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   35760.68
RAJZ, SUSAN                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      7560
RAJABTAVOSIZ, MARYAM            MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                       28093.52
RAJAGOPALANZ, KIRTI             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1498.98
RAJCICHZ, CHERYL L              ASSISTANT TO                                               54120
RAKSHITZ, DEBRAJ                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
RAMABUZ, SOLOMON STEPHEN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        171
RAMAYAZ, KRISHNAN               SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4550.01
RAMELLAZ, SUEANN F              RADIO HOST/PRODUCER                                     44909.72
RAMINIZ, SHIVA KUMAR            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
RAMIREZZ, DACIA M               PRECEPTOR I                                                 3648
RAMIREZZ, HELIODORO             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     774.23
RAMIREZZ, JOHN                  STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        66810.96
RAMIREZZ, JOSE ANTONIO          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1675
RAMIREZZ, MELITO                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6356.2
RAMIREZZ, PATRICIA ENEDINA      OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      25406.94
RAMIREZZ, VERINDA A             SERVICE WORKER I                                          589.19
RAMIREZ-PANGZ, AURELIO A        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1800
RAMMELSBERGZ, W E               COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          69096.55
RAMOSZ, EDUARDO M               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         30040
RAMOSZ, MARIA LAMAS             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        27883.6
RAMOSZ, MONA T                  PRECEPTOR I                                               6337.5
RAMOSZ, PATRICIA                PRECEPTOR I                                              3308.39
RAMOTZ, AMI                     CUSTODIAN 2                                             32912.99
RAMSAYZ, CAROL ANNE             EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-4                                103508.1
RAMSDELLZ, KEITH ANTHONY        CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     113.9
RAMSEYZ, ANDREA L               PRECEPTOR I                                                  640
RAMSEYZ, ANNE MARIE             PRECEPTOR I                                             13503.75
RAMSEYZ, RIPLEY ELLINGTON       PRECEPTOR I                                                  350
RAMSEY-SHARPZ, C                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         4650
RANCILIOZ, NICHOLAS JACOB       VETERINARY INTERN                                       12367.81
RANDALLZ, JORDYN A              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2534.75
RANDALLZ, JOSEPH M              INSTRUCTOR                                              65175.35
RANDALLZ, LESLIE L              MANAGER                                                   722.73
RANDALLZ, SCOTT J               MANAGER                                                 24597.48
RANDALLZ, TESSE                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1515
RANDALLZ, TRACY L               GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        31200.24
RANDOLZ, MARC A                 SERVICE WORKER II                                       11607.25
RANDOLPHZ, MARTIN W             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           71496
RANESZ, WILLIAM J               ENERGY ENGINEER                                         64006.95
RANZETTAZ, KIRK                 LECTURER                                                    1200
RAOZ, JAYA V                    RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      18384.03
RAOLZ, KARTIK VIRENDRASINH      LECTURER                                                    5600
RAPACZZ, MASON JAY              PRECEPTOR I                                              4304.13
RAQUIPISOZ, MICHELLE B          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4637.12
RASCOZ, BARBARA                 PROFESSOR                                               77016.96
RASHIDIZ, PARISA                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4608
RASIAHZ, VERNON ROSAN           INSTRUCTOR                                               3037.75
RASMORZ, MELODY LYNN            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            69494.25
RASMUSSENZ, RICHARD A           FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                     112829.16
RASMUSSENZ, ROBERT G            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     31770
RASMUSSENZ, TIMOTHY ERIC        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
RATCLIFFZ, CATHERINE DENISE     SERVICE WORKER I                                         2289.38
RATHBUNZ, DIANE C               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        5739
RATHBUNZ, STEPHEN M             NETWORK ENGINEER/ADMINISTRATOR                          66852.72
RATLIFFZ, ADAM JOSEPH           MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                          48149.5
RATSCHZ, BRADY C                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        52287.79
RATSCHZ, MELISSA A              INSTRUCTOR                                              24145.35
RATUISTEZ, KYLE G               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1460
RAUCHZ, SHARON KAY              WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 4                                       40180
RAUERZ, SUSAN ANN               PRECEPTOR I                                              10118.5
RAWATZ, RENU                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            18980
RAYZ, DEBBIE JANE               ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  51517.44
RAYZ, DEBJIT                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4550
RAYZ, DENNIS ALLEN              LECTURER                                                   18000
RAYZ, GRAHAM B                  TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 2                              34260
RAYAZ, VICTORIA                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        34445
RAYAPATIZ, NAIDU A              ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     65504.16
RAYMONDZ, JAMES H               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4033.25
RAYMONTZ, LEANDER ALLEN         SERVICE WORKER I                                          130.56
RAYNORZ, NAOMI RUTH             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3365
RAZEYZ, JAMES                   CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE PRO                         56539.8
REA-BULLIONZ, LAUREL            INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                            55128
READZ, CHRIS MICHAEL            ASSOCIATE IN                                            30546.45
READZ, KIMBERLY G               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1020
READZ, MARY BOSCH               DIRECTOR                                               101471.28
READZ, SHANNON RENAE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    5476.05
READINGZ, CHRISTOPHER MACLEAN   PRECEPTOR I                                               885.59
READYZ, MARK PAUL               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  51293.68
REAGANZ, CORINNE GRACE          PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
REAGANZ, TIM                    COOK 2                                                  30030.86
REAMSZ, ERIN KATHLEEN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1295.33
REARDONZ, BRENDA G              LECTURER II                                               3762.5
RECORDSZ, JERRY ALLAN           LECTURER II                                                 3625
RECTORZ, DAVID M                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    110556.06
REDDINGZ, BLOOR                 LECTURER                                                10817.03
REDDOUTZ, TERRI                 COORDINATOR                                             15666.72
REDMANZ, LANA MARIE             FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                     58308
REDMANZ, RONALD L               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
REDMANZ, SALLY KAY              REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      68552.31
REDMONZ, ANNETTE M              ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        28131
REDMONZ, MALORIE JOY            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1154.94
REDTAILZ, QUANAH                SERVICE WORKER II                                           3024
REDWOODZ, LOREN KATE            INSTRUCTOR                                              19575.03
REEDZ, GORDON L                 FACILITIES ENGINEER 1                                   51830.11
REEDZ, JACQUELINE H             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          9290.91
REEDZ, JOHN DANIEL              INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 4                                     68016
REEDZ, KATHLEEN D               ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     35452.06
REEDZ, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH       SERVICE WORKER II                                         4336.5
REEDZ, LINDA K                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        12200
REEDZ, MARGARET                 LECTURER                                                52009.01
REEDZ, MARILYN J                PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                42233.82
REEDZ, RICHARD                  PROFESSOR                                               95872.93
REEDZ, SAMANTHA B               LECTURER                                                    1650
REEDZ, THOMAS V                 PROFESSOR                                               72954.36
REESEZ, JENNIFER DAWN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       3080
REESEZ, JOSEPH SCOTT            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        804
REEVESZ, DAVID J                SERVICE WORKER I                                            3861
REEVESZ, MATTHEW JOHN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2716.92
REEVESZ, RAYMOND                PROFESSOR                                              118742.58
REGANOLDZ, JOHN P               REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     143539.14
REHWALDTZ, R JEANNE             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            45828
REICHZ, BRITTANY LEANN          SERVICE WORKER I                                          6228.3
REICHARDTZ, NILES L             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         70470.73
REICHLINZ, MATTHEW PAUL         FARMER 2                                                30526.08
REICHMANZ, SARAH E              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     460.75
REICHMUTHZ, ERIC DANA           CUSTODIAN 1                                                26148
REICHMUTHZ, KARI B              EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                         6299.95
REIDZ, ALLISON MARIE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1519.78
REIDZ, ANDREA LYNNE             INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.05
REIDZ, CHARLES A                PRECEPTOR II                                             1759.28
REIDZ, JAMES FALCONER           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2075
REIDZ, JANET E                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   1659.36
REIDELZ, STEPHEN PAUL           RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                      25512.85
REIFFZ, MARY MARGARET           FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     45089.12
REILLYZ, CASSANDRA LYNN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4500
REILLYZ, GEOFFREY THORNTON      SERVICE WORKER I                                         4771.91
REILLYZ, PETER T-A              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        60000
REILLY-GUROCAKZ, E A            INSTRUCTOR                                              58494.79
REINERZ, JOSEPH M               SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     4300
REINERTSENZ, BRITTNI H          ENERGY PROFESSIONAL                                     35997.75
REINKENSZ, KIRK A               COORDINATOR                                             54133.52
REISZ, DANIEL JAMES             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
REISZ, VERNON MADISON           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     15.75
REISENAUERZ, ASHLEY             SERVICE WORKER I                                         2842.88
REISENAUERZ, GUY F              INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         55807.97
REISENAUERZ, M                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         29112
REISENAUERZ, MICHAEL P          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49875.19
REISENAUERZ, PATRICK            RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST SUPERVISOR                           51864
REISENAUERZ, STEVE K            AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC LEAD                                45937.75
REISMANZ, CONOR P               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       2586
REITEMEIERZ, MICHAEL D          CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 49375.93
REITERZ, PATRICK L              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
REKOWZ, STEPHEN SHANE           RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                  2814.37
REMALEYZ, ERIC ANTHONY          INSTRUCTOR                                              64341.53
REMPEZ, KATHERINE ALICE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3352.25
RENZ, RUNSHENG                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
RENZ, SHOUJIE                   PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   5258.24
RENAUD-WILLIAMSZ, KAREN M       CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      1014
RENNERZ, ERIC CHARLES           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      567.3
RENOVITCHZ, BRIAN M             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      309.94
RENTZZ, JEREMY                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     44488.95
RENTZZ, KIMBERLY                INSTRUCTOR                                                  7020
REOMEZ, SARAH ANNE              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         25391.99
REPPZ, ADAM JAMES               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4077.79
RESENDES-DE-SOUSA-ANTONIOZ, M   PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1000
RESENDEZZ, DANIEL J-S           SPECIMEN PROCESSING TECHNICIAN                          33661.67
RESURRECCIONZ, FERMIN P         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4288.8
REXFORDZ, REBECCA RACHEL        SERVICE WORKER II                                        1851.75
REYESZ, MICHAEL                 STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        24422.48
REYESZ, RAFAEL V                SERVICE WORKER III                                       18793.6
REYESZ, SILVIA G                SERVICE WORKER I                                            1305
REYES-GARCIAZ, SILVA D          SERVICE WORKER I                                            1512
REYNAZ, LOURDES                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        34.2
REYNOLDSZ, DENNIS               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    141618.51
REYNOLDSZ, ERIN N               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     117.56
REYNOLDSZ, JERRY L              MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                         52558.25
REYNOLDSZ, JOE F                COOK 2                                                  32418.23
REYNOLDSZ, JON K                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            87122.64
REYNOLDSZ, JUSTIN LYLE          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2743.46
REYNOLDSZ, LINDA L              BAKER 2                                                    33813
REYNOLDSZ, MARIE L              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          33090
REYNOLDSZ, RACHAEL M            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       347.5
REYNOLDSZ, RACHEL LYNN          PRECEPTOR I                                               550.56
REYNOLDSZ, RANDY M              CUSTODIAN 1                                              27508.8
REYNOLDSZ, ROGER SMITH          ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            10009
REZNOWSKIZ, GABRIELLA NATASHA   LIBRARIAN 2                                             40388.57
RHAMEYZ, RAYMOND                PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR SENIOR                         51082.12
RHAMEYZ, SARAH S                SECRETARY SENIOR                                           33736
RHEEZ, HAKJUN                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            39000
RHEINERZ, NAOMI J               MID-LEVEL PRACTITIONER                                  62711.46
RHOADESZ, BEVERLY               FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  60689.91
RHOADESZ, DREXEL                SPECIALIST 3                                            47435.88
RHOADESZ, GARY DEAN             PAINTER                                                 42698.48
RHOADSZ, CHRISTOPHER            MULTIMEDIA SERVICES COORDINATOR                         47041.92
RHODESZ, STACI E                CUSTODIAN 1                                              5248.43
RIARZ, DILPREET S               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         15803.07
RIBERAZ, CAITLIN ROSE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      706.66
RICEZ, DAVID JAMES              SERVICE WORKER I                                         4172.88
RICEZ, ERIN KAE-DOOLING         GRANT AND CONTRACT COORDINATOR                             43228
RICEZ, GREGORY MAURICE          SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                   2767.5
RICEZ, JAIME LYNN               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    39904.56
RICEZ, JENNIFER T               RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         27000
RICEZ, LUKE E                   ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                                48936
RICEZ, RYAN WILLIAM             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            40424
RICHZ, ELIZABETH DOMINICK       RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      42000.24
RICHZ, JOY L                    MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER LEAD                           37711.55
RICHARDSZ, CECILIA D            PROFESSOR                                              107160.38
RICHARDSZ, KELLENE G            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        352
RICHARDSZ, MARSHAL STEWART      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     141.08
RICHARDSZ, ROBERT F             PROFESSOR                                               99233.13
RICHARDSZ, SARAH ANNA           SERVICE WORKER I                                         3624.34
RICHARDSONZ, BARBARA ANNE       INSTRUCTOR                                              11277.66
RICHARDSONZ, ELLANNEE R         ASSISTANT COACH                                         48400.42
RICHARDSONZ, TYLER BURTON       RESEARCH INTERN                                         17788.21
RICHELZ, TIMOTHY WELLAND        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       77.5
RICHERTZ, ERIK M                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   9829.38
RICHMONDZ, RAYMOND L            INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         55147.44
RICHMONDZ, SANFORD KEITH        LECTURER II                                                 3500
RICHTERZ, CLAIRE E              SERVICE WORKER I                                            4180
RICHTERZ, RENAE J               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     45596.4
RICKZ, KATHLEEN                 LECTURER                                                16100.05
RICKERZ, KAT                    LECTURER                                                    3800
RIDDLEZ, BETHANY J              PRECEPTOR I                                              1270.75
RIDDLEZ, LEE ANNE               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   28820.16
RIDDLEMOSERZ, CHRISTOPHER MATHEWSERVICE WORKER I                                          483.56
RIDERZ, DIANNE RENEE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1244.03
RIDOUTZ, TRAVIS NELSON          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     55620.81
RIEBEZ, CHRISTINA               INSTRUCTOR                                              64182.78
RIEBOLDZ, SAMANTHA JEAN         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         30050
RIECKZ, DANIEL C                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5640
RIELZ, PATRICIA                 COOK 2                                                  27194.06
RIESERZ, STEVEN                 FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  56579.24
RIGAZ, EKATERINI                ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                      40084.6
RIGBYZ, STEVEN F                DIRECTOR                                                81600.72
RIGGZ, ROBERT JOHN              COORDINATOR                                             47411.52
RIGGSZ, REX                     MANAGER                                                  40625.1
RIGGSZ, SHEILA LYNN             ENERGY EXTENSION PROGRAM MANAGER                       105167.97
RIGHTERZ, DANIEL JOSEPH         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     9741.6
RILETTEZ, ROBIN LORI            RADIO MUSIC DIRECTOR                                    43240.52
RILEYZ, ERNEST                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             22960.77
RILEYZ, KATHLEEN L              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      31441
RILEYZ, MICHELE ANNE            HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                        32004.74
RILEYZ, ROBERT E                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     13700
RILEYZ, SARA D                  SERVICE WORKER I                                            3992
RILEYZ, TIMOTHY PAUL            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6235.2
RINEHARTZ, MEGAN MARIE          SERVICE WORKER II                                        3048.21
RINGERZ, KERRY                  EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                17812.53
RINGOZ, JOHN A                  DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM OR SCHOOL                          196472.47
RINKERZ, KEVIN CALVERT          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   2611.14
RINTAZ, KAILA LYDIA             SERVICE WORKER I                                          765.06
RIORDANZ, NICHOLAS JOHN         CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     349.13
RIOSZ, LORENA S                 PRECEPTOR I                                              6773.66
RIOS-SALOMAO-DE-SOUZAZ, CAMILA  VETERINARY INTERN                                        8913.45
RISERZ, JAMES P                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4480
RISNERZ, MATTHEW THOMAS         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       8781
RITCHZ, STACI MCKENZIE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       800
RITCHIEZ, SIAN MIRANDA          CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             9618.75
RITENOURZ, PAUL F               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
RITTENBACHZ, LYSANDRA Y         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24036.59
RITTERZ, ANNE K                 INSTRUCTOR                                              43397.93
RITTERZ, HEIDI JEAN             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35642.81
RITTERZ, ROBERT                 PROFESSOR                                               171028.3
RITTERZ, STACY LYNN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3423.89
RITTERZ, W SUE                  PROFESSOR                                              135525.76
RITTMANZ, MEGHAN                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1556.26
RIVANO-GUTIERREZZ, FULVIO       ASSOCIATE IN                                             12038.4
RIVARDZ, JANET W                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    6354.31
RIVERAZ, ALICIA SHANTEL         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1115.79
RIVERAZ, ERIKA J                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4386.16
RIVERAZ, GRISELDA               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            40524
RIVERAZ, GUADALUPE C            SERVICE WORKER II                                        1972.26
RIVERAZ, KARLA LIZETH           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      670
RIVERAZ, LAURA E                SERVICE WORKER I                                          4405.5
RIVERAZ, SAN JUANITA            PRECEPTOR I                                                 3990
RIVERSZ, ADAM G                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         3833.11
RIVERSZ, WILLIAM                DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                             91030
ROACHZ, MARK                    SKILLED TRADES WORKER II                                    4415
ROALSONZ, ERIC                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     91667.18
ROBBZ, CHANDRA KAYE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1089
ROBBINSZ, BARBARA L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     573.5
ROBBINSZ, CAMDEN C              LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                 14691.05
ROBBINSZ, CHARLES T             SCIENTIST                                               91515.24
ROBBINSZ, JANINA H              STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        12844.04
ROBBINSZ, JOYCE A               FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                              52472.94
ROBBINSZ, RICHARD W             DATA ARCHITECT/DATABASE ADMINIST                           55200
ROBBLEEZ, TIMOTHY               INSTRUCTOR                                              18721.98
ROBERGEZ, KATERINE A            INSTRUCTOR                                              50000.16
ROBERSONZ, MALIK                FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                     102649.14
ROBERTELLOZ, KIMBERLY M         CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            23435.05
ROBERTELLOZ, STEPHEN J          ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                             76813.64
ROBERTSZ, AMANDA J              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      26859.99
ROBERTSZ, BRANDON LEE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5928
ROBERTSZ, CODY R                SERVICE WORKER I                                            1064
ROBERTSZ, CRAIG LAVON           HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                48083.71
ROBERTSZ, DIANA E               AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                             63318.48
ROBERTSZ, DINA L                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      1200
ROBERTSZ, G LINETTE             FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           37197
ROBERTSZ, GREGORY D             CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            128666.4
ROBERTSZ, JAMES                 SERVICE WORKER I                                          2695.5
ROBERTSZ, JOSEPH R              ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     12357.21
ROBERTSZ, KALI ANTHONY          PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
ROBERTSZ, KATHRYN R             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     10885.71
ROBERTSZ, KENNETH P             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                       135660
ROBERTSZ, MASON MCKEAVOR        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                   13425.75
ROBERTSZ, MATTHEW LEE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6977.17
ROBERTSZ, MIRANDA K             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           36450
ROBERTSZ, NATHAN JAMES          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    1708.56
ROBERTSZ, PAMELA JEAN           COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           47570.16
ROBERTSZ, RANDI ANN             ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    31112.16
ROBERTSZ, SUSAN E               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     4605
ROBERTSONZ, BRENNA MARIE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      3580
ROBERTSONZ, BRIANA SHALOM       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6120
ROBERTSONZ, DEBRA C             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        40960.73
ROBERTSONZ, ED                  LECTURER                                                    8000
ROBERTSONZ, JOYCE               DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                             90485
ROBERTSONZ, KANDY S             CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            60248.98
ROBERTSONZ, KATHRYN NATHALIE    CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         755
ROBERTSONZ, ROXANNE E           ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  43987.16
ROBERTSONZ, SEAN MICHAEL        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     8852.8
ROBILLARDZ, TIMOTHY JOSEPH      SERVICE WORKER I                                         3937.28
ROBINSONZ, AARON W              SERVICE WORKER I                                         6577.68
ROBINSONZ, ANDREW PHILIP        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2926.08
ROBINSONZ, CAROL C              AREA FINANCE/ADMINISTRATIVE OFFI                         71101.2
ROBINSONZ, DIRK J               INSTRUCTOR                                               29998.8
ROBINSONZ, GEORGE HENRY         CARPENTER                                                  43572
ROBINSONZ, JENNIFER             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             83066.8
ROBINSONZ, NATHAN ISAAC         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1750.44
ROBINSONZ, TEXAS ANN            EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                      60932.4
ROBLEDOZ, LINDA V               PRECEPTOR II                                               762.5
ROBLINGZ, DANIELLE B            SERVICE WORKER I                                          299.25
ROBLINGZ, JOSHUA EUGENE         SERVICE WORKER I                                          267.19
ROCCOZ, SHAWNESE MARIE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1440
ROCHAZ, ALMA DELIA              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        42474
ROCHEZ, JAMES                   ASSOCIATE VICE PROVOST                                 154888.28
ROCKZ, ALYCIA MICHELE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4612.13
ROCKZ, JULIUS THOMAS            WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 1                                    32127.14
ROCKEFELLERZ, JOSEPH D          MICROBIOLOGIST 2                                           48780
ROCKEFELLERZ, THOMAS JOSEPH     SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      1750
ROCKEYZ, JESSE RYAN             SERVICE WORKER II                                         568.05
ROCKWELLZ, ASHLEY MARIE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1561.5
ROCKWELLZ, PAMELA L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                        60
RODDENZ, RICK E                 LECTURER                                                   12281
RODEZ, BRETT R                  WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 1                                     9582.15
RODEZ, JENNA SUE                MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                        31308.07
RODEENZ, CONNIE R               ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                   49485.6
RODEENZ, JAKI M                 SERVICE WORKER II                                        9103.18
RODELLZ, SAM E                  LECTURER                                                12658.14
RODENBERGZ, JOHN                BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        54221.76
RODGERSZ, BUEL D                ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     97342.92
RODGERSZ, DEE J                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        39257.64
RODGERSZ, KATHLEEN B            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      64319.1
RODGERSZ, MARK B                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     374.63
RODGERSZ, MELISSA A             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      5384.25
RODGERSZ, SARA DAWN             PRECEPTOR I                                              3716.32
RODRIGUESZ, WILLIAM P           PRECEPTOR II                                                2825
RODRIGUEZZ, DAMEN GABRIEL       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     33295.74
RODRIGUEZZ, ERIC RICARDO        CUSTODIAN 1                                             26255.92
RODRIGUEZZ, FELIX I             MANAGER                                                  74788.8
RODRIGUEZZ, HELEN               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         30393.12
RODRIGUEZZ, JOSUE G             FARMER 2                                                   32688
RODRIGUEZZ, KRYSANN LARAE       SERVICE WORKER II                                         525.45
RODRIGUEZZ, MARIA L             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       32050.99
RODRIGUEZZ, MARTIN              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1908.57
RODRIGUEZZ, ROBERT J            SERVICE WORKER I                                            4383
RODRIGUEZZ, SHANICA             CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  39520.08
RODRIGUEZZ, SONIA I             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        8005
RODRIGUEZ-MAREKZ, A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62960.15
RODRIGUEZ-VIVALDIZ, ANA MARIA   ASSOCIATE DEAN                                          85426.86
RODSTROMZ, ROBERT ANDREW        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5720
ROEZ, ANNIE JOELLEN             DIETITIAN 1                                             31812.67
ROEZ, BRADLEY LEWIS             SERVICE WORKER II                                        6522.89
ROEZ, MARY FRANCES              PROFESSOR                                                51206.2
ROEZ, RONALD DENNIS             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     33540
ROEDTSZ, ROBERT LEE             ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     4200.03
ROEHLZ, RANDY S                 FARMER 2                                                   35040
ROEMELINGZ, MARGO D             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2710
ROESLERZ, JASON M               RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                         40512
ROGERSZ, BRETT ALAN             DIRECTOR                                                 99233.2
ROGERSZ, DERRICK L              GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        26750.18
ROGERSZ, DOUGLAS ALAN           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48283.35
ROGERSZ, ERIC M                 DIRECTOR                                                   70000
ROGERSZ, GLENDA JEAN            SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33622.69
ROGERSZ, HARMON A               CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           120458.16
ROGERSZ, JACK DAVID             REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                      69914.16
ROGERSZ, LEE EDWARD             LECTURER                                                    5236
ROGERSZ, STEPHEN W              SERVICE WORKER I                                         2647.22
ROGERSZ, TAMMY JOYCE            LECTURER II                                                  250
ROGERSZ, TONY LEE               CUSTODIAN 5                                                41508
ROGOVSKYYZ, ARTEM S             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4132.8
ROHAN-RAOZ, M                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     5984
ROHLEDERZ, JACOB JOHN           LECTURER II                                                 3500
ROHNZ, EVELYN M                 FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                25897.36
ROHNERZ, BRIDGET J              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                           52600.08
ROHNERZ, ROBERT J               FARMER 4                                                47348.74
ROHOLTZ, COLLIN ROHOLT          SERVICE WORKER I                                          4265.5
ROHRZ, KYLE STEVEN              LECTURER                                                  2335.2
ROHRBACHZ, AUGUSTA              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     57688.47
ROJASZ, MANUEL J                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1001
ROJEZ, SANJA                    ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                        97778
ROLENZ, DONNA D                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                                  7110
ROLEYZ, JONEEL R                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1680
ROLFSMEIERZ, MICHAEL            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            69153.43
ROLLZ, JOHN MICHAEL             ASSOCIATE DEAN                                          127543.2
ROLLINSZ, CHARLES ANTHONY       CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1506.89
ROLLINSZ, DORA M                PUBLICATIONS EDITOR                                     41616.24
ROLLINSZ, LUCY G                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                        25
ROLLINSZ, SHANNON               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   15395.91
ROMANCHUKZ, ANNA                RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      10281.82
ROMANICKZ, ANDREW JACOB         PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       200
ROMANISHZ, BRUCE                VICE CHANCELLOR                                        144595.44
ROMANSZ, DALE L                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                     51864
ROMERZ, REX M                   PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
ROMEROZ, FAUSTINO               SERVICE WORKER I                                           11268
ROMIGZ, LINDSEY MICHELE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2735
ROMINEZ, SHAWN STEVEN           SERVICE WORKER II                                           2184
ROMMELZ, CHELSIE A              PRECEPTOR I                                                  900
ROMONOSKYZ, DIAN E              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4000
RONALDZ, ROBERT C               PROFESSOR                                               72685.44
RONDEAUZ, DAWN FELCH            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            49556.13
ROODZ, RODNEY JAY               AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                         48198.3
ROODZ, SICCO                    COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          63315.84
ROONEYZ, EMILY ANNE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     134.66
ROONEYZ, SEAN CHARLES           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   7965.72
ROONEYZ, STEPHANIE              COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                               10534.2
ROOSZ, CAREY A                  WEB COORDINATOR                                         43433.04
ROOSZ, CAROLYN                  ENERGY ENGINEER                                         67479.37
ROOTZ, CRAIG STEPHEN            INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 4                                     68209
ROOTZ, JAMESON M                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11609
ROOTZ, JOAN W                   GRANT AND CONTRACT COORDINATOR                             49368
ROOTZ, LINDA SUE                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     41565.86
ROOZENZ, JONATHAN F             ASSOCIATE IN                                            31695.84
ROPERZ, EDITH MARIE             PRECEPTOR I                                               1037.5
ROSAZ, EUGENE A                 PROFESSOR                                              147951.84
ROSALES-SOTOZ, MARIA U          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     4032
ROSASZ, ELIZABETH               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      232.75
ROSCOEZ, EDDIE                  SERVICE WORKER I                                          852.86
ROSEZ, AMANDA S                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      3800
ROSEZ, CRISTINA MARIE           SERVICE WORKER II                                         1327.5
ROSEZ, DALLEN JOEL              PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                41600.16
ROSEZ, ELIZABETH                LECTURER II                                              3431.25
ROSEZ, ETHAN                    LECTURER                                                    4200
ROSEZ, GREGORY M                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    115397.28
ROSEZ, JERMAN W                 CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            122181.6
ROSEZ, PRISCILLA                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        39516
ROSENGRANTZ, BRUCE              DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    94548.83
ROSENMANZ, ROBERT E             ASSOC DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM OR SCH                       187888.37
ROSKYZ, JEFFREY W               INSTRUCTOR                                                 24650
ROSNOWZ, JOSHUA JEFFREY         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
ROSSZ, ADRIENNE MARIE           PRECEPTOR I                                              2834.38
ROSSZ, CAROLYN                  ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     81306.12
ROSSZ, JENNIFER                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2446.89
ROSSZ, KIMI L                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1757.25
ROSSZ, KYLE WARREN              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        528
ROSSZ, RACHEL NICHOLE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       1235
ROSSZ, RYAN WARD                SERVICE WORKER I                                            2400
ROSSZ, STEVEN ALEXANDER         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       17.1
ROSSZ, SUSAN D                  PROFESSOR                                               74244.87
ROSSINEZ, BETINA L              PRECEPTOR I                                               5732.1
ROSSINIZ, PATRICIA L            ASSISTANT TO                                            53781.36
ROSSMANZ, KIRSTEN MAY           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2001.58
ROTENZ, BRITTNEY KIM            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     672.67
ROTH-MCDUFFIEZ, AMY             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66374.46
ROTHWELLZ, TERRI R              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         32964
ROTHWELLZ, TRACY E              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     15839.57
ROULEAUZ, NICHOLAS JASE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1562.63
ROUTHZ, THOMAS BRIAN            INSTRUCTOR                                              79307.12
ROUTRAYZ, PRATYUSH              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4560
ROVANGZ, KJORD DOUGLAS          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      488.89
ROVETTOZ, DENNIS J              DIRECTOR                                                76504.56
ROWEZ, MICHAEL CLIFTON          RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      24535.64
ROWINSKIZ, BLAKE DONALD         SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     5192
ROWLANDZ, TERRENCE VERNON       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  18427.5
ROWLEYZ, BRANDON B              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3032.43
ROWLEYZ, SHANNON LEE            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      37260
ROWSEYZ, ROSS ANTHONY           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3000
ROYZ, MANGAL                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         11666.67
ROYZ, SANDIP                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    126088.38
ROYALZ, GENA                    EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   23822.64
ROYCEZ, CHARLES E               PHOTOGRAPHY SUPERVISOR                                     54504
ROYCEZ, SHARON LEE              MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST 2                                 37620
ROYERZ, GREG                    SPECIAL ASSISTANT                                         304200
ROYERZ, RANENE R                ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    41986.66
ROYSTERZ, JUANA R               AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                             63148.08
ROZSONITSZ, RACHELLE MARIE      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
RUZ, SUSHAN                     PRECEPTOR II                                              7978.5
RUANZ, HONGMEI                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                           768.16
RUBENTHALERZ, LINDA             PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     43829.51
RUBIOZ, AMANDALYN M             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         32655.32
RUBIO-BONILLAZ, MARIA V         RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      28808.35
RUDZ, ANTHONY G                 DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                      75675.54
RUDDZ, CHERYL LYNN              PRECEPTOR I                                              1230.45
RUDDZ, JANE L                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37117.44
RUDDZ, MELISSA ANNE             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 12466.57
RUDDZ, W LARRY                  PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER L                        43618.23
RUDDELLZ, THOMAS C              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5035.5
RUDDICKZ, ANDREW T              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     492.84
RUDDICKZ, DAVID F               WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                       34260
RUDDICKZ, VICKI D               PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     60633.12
RUDENKOZ, PAVLO                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3720
RUDZINISZ, JEREMIAH M           SERVICE WORKER II                                           2352
RUFFZ, HENRY WAYNE              ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                   51864
RUFFCORNZ, RYAN                 DIRECTOR                                                86156.64
RUGHZ, RENEE M                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   6123.75
RUITERMANZ, JANE F              CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      218.02
RUIZZ, JENNIFER                 INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         32561.71
RUIZZ, LEILA MARIE              CUSTODIAN 4                                             37620.24
RUIZZ, MICHAEL J                RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       11005.75
RUMNEYZ, JEAN C                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3955
RUMPHZ, JOHN ALBERT             RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 28863.49
RUMPHZ, JUDY R                  PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     52088.88
RUMSEYZ, HAL A                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      95205.8
RUNDLETTZ, ELIZABETH            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   49716.24
RUNDQUISTZ, TIMOTHY             ARCHITECT/ENGINEER PROJECT SUPER                        88838.16
RUNNINGZ, MICHAEL AARON         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3168
RUNYANZ, DEBRA LYNN             CUSTODIAN 5                                             16140.29
RUPPZ, HAILEY ELISE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2739.88
RUPPZ, JUSTINE N                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     30846.4
RUPPZ, RICHARD A                INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         50010.08
RURANGIRWAZ, FRED R             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     81420.89
RUSCAZ, SHANNON                 INSTRUCTOR                                                 27000
RUSHZ, KIMBERLY ANN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     499.18
RUSHMEIERZ, PAULA RUTH          FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     33345.59
RUSSELLZ, BARBARA A             ASSISTANT ATHLETIC TRAINER                              51161.52
RUSSELLZ, BRIAN WILLIAM         PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       820
RUSSELLZ, JOSEPH L              SERVICE WORKER I                                         4758.75
RUSSELLZ, KATHLEEN M            CUSTODIAN 1                                             17630.21
RUSSELLZ, LETHEA L              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            49368
RUSSELLZ, SHALYN                SERVICE WORKER I                                         4331.35
RUSSELLZ, STEVEN                DIRECTOR                                               103401.12
RUSSELLZ, WILLIAM H             CUSTODIAN 1                                             21810.04
RUSSOZ, DIANE                   AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                             51590.64
RUSSOZ, LINDA                   CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            29822.94
RUSTZ, JANIS CHRISTINE          INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
RUSTGIZ, SACHIN                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         42419.38
RUTHERFORDZ, JOHN W             ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                   57240
RUUDZ, JASON D                  MANAGER                                                 50000.16
RUZICKIZ, GEOFFREY MATTHEW      INSTRUCTOR                                              21714.58
RYANZ, ELIZABETH                GIFT & ESTATE PLANNING SPECIALIS                         58621.2
RYANZ, FRANCES V                PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR SENIOR                         50000.16
RYANZ, JOSH MARK                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3916
RYANZ, KATHLEEN ANNE            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62118.71
RYANZ, KIMBERLY MAE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      427.5
RYANZ, KRISTA L                 INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          23173.5
RYANZ, LAURIE LYNN              MICROBIOLOGIST 1                                           50568
RYANZ, PATRICIA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38592.94
RYANZ, PATRICK BENJAMIN         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       379.5
RYANZ, RUTH ELLEN               STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        43344.24
RYANZ, SUSAN M                  SERVICE WORKER I                                           307.5
RYANZ, TERRY A                  DIRECTOR                                                88073.76
RYDERZ, BARBARA ANNE            PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIAL                        71373.12
RYNEARSONZ, SHERI L             SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY MANAGER                              53625
RYUZ, VITALY                    POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            41796
SAAMZ, HALEY MARIE              SERVICE WORKER I                                         3814.88
SAAMZ, MARK C                   AGRICULTURE AND MAINTENANCE MANA                        61610.64
SAAMZ, NOLAN MARK               SERVICE WORKER I                                             288
SABERIZ, ALI                    PROFESSOR                                              190806.96
SABINSZ, ADENA M                SERVICE WORKER I                                         7309.32
SABLANIZ, SHYAM S               ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     97567.04
SABOURINZ, AMY MICHELLE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     2008.9
SABURAZ, GABRIELE               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        27567.12
SADIQZ, RIYAZ                   INSTRUCTOR                                              39456.61
SADLER-RIGGLEMANZ, I            RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      55763.12
SAENZZ, ADRIANA G               STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                                25200
SAFAVIZ, REZA                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     51402.02
SAFFARAVALZ, FARHAD             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2864
SAFFLEZ, ASHLEY MARIE           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1265.4
SAGAWAZ, ANN M                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR SPECIALIST                        47000.16
SAGEZ, JEREMY L                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     6136.8
SAHZ, SUMAN PRASAD              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2730
SAHAZ, GOPESH CHANDRA           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            42000
SAHAYMZ, ARRVVIND               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    121086.24
SAHAYMZ, UTTARA                 ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            40848.43
SAINZ, MERLINDA MAY             HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                                  43000.08
SAINTPIERREZ, CARRIE            FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                27627.53
SAKAMOTOZ, CONNIE M             ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  64605.01
SAKUMAZ, ELSIE YUKIKO           FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                26162.38
SALAZ, EDWARD                   MANAGER                                                 63999.84
SALADINZ, LISA M                SERVICE WORKER I                                           530.1
SALADINZ, STEVE ALLEN           LECTURER                                                    4500
SALAZAR-MENDOZAZ, OSBALDO       SERVICE WORKER II                                            144
SALCEDAZ, JOSE ALFONSO          STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        23749.95
SALDIVARZ, ALICIA               COORDINATOR                                             36491.52
SALIZ, DARIN MICHAEL            SERVICE WORKER I                                          4416.1
SALIGUMBA-GRAHAMZ, JENNY V      ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                             48125.04
SALINASZ, FRANCISCO E           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      6494.99
SALMONZ, BRENDON JOHN           SERVICE WORKER I                                           974.7
SALSBURYZ, THOMAS LEE           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      65375.7
SALTERSZ, C-L JUNE              CUSTODIAN 1                                             18003.78
SALTZMANZ, IAN ASCHER           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5218.04
SALUSSOZ, CAROL J               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     82396.61
SALVADALENAZ, RUSS              CREAMERY MANAGER                                        84581.52
SALVADORZ, LINDA                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35620.06
SALVADORZ, MICHAEL              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80121.07
SALZBERGZ, EMILY                ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              44083.57
SALZERZ, LEYLAN A               INSTRUCTOR                                               9956.82
SAMZ, SINA                      CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    3787.5
SAMATARZ, ROWDA HASSAN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1487.29
SAMESHIMAZ, PAULINE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     78483.52
SAMIONEZ, JOSEPH GERARD         SERVICE WORKER I                                           64.12
SAMIZAYZ, M RAFI                PROFESSOR                                               85734.18
SAMPSONZ, JASON T               INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                     63192
SAMPSONZ, KARI K                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   17335.87
SAMPSONZ, LAURA MORROW          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
SAMSONZ, CINDY A                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2500
SAMUELZ, PENNEY SUE             PRECEPTOR I                                                136.8
SAMUELSONZ, RACHEL A            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32060.72
SANCHEZZ, LUIS GERARDO          STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                              7357.04
SANCHEZZ, MIGUEL                SERVICE WORKER I                                           11496
SANCHEZZ, RACHEL MARIE          INSTRUCTOR                                               21761.8
SANCHEZZ, RAUL M                DIRECTOR                                               112686.08
SANCHEZ-BONILLAZ, MARILYN       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 10885.88
SANCHEZ-MARTINZ, C              INSTRUCTOR                                              46826.08
SANCHEZ-SOLISZ, ADRIANA         LECTURER II                                                 3500
SANDEZ, CURT E                  STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             40808.79
SANDEZ, EILEEN R                CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       5580
SANDEEP-KUMARZ,                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                             4500
SANDELLZ, ROSITA                FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                          32119.71
SANDERZ, KATHRYN ELIZABETH      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1225.03
SANDERSZ, ALLAN D               INSTRUCTOR                                              59278.76
SANDERSZ, ANESKA P              MANAGER                                                 52740.72
SANDERSZ, CASSANDRA NOEL        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4000
SANDERSZ, CHRISTINA             COORDINATOR                                             46859.32
SANDERSZ, CYNTHIA M             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       290
SANDERSZ, DEBRA L               PROFESSOR                                              137149.82
SANDERSZ, JANE M                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              40272.48
SANDERSZ, JEFFREY C             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     50393.34
SANDERSZ, MALLORY CHRISTINE     CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       112
SANDERSZ, MEGAN ANN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
SANDERSZ, MICHELLE C            SERVICE WORKER I                                         2291.99
SANDERSZ, NANCY                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      69042.3
SANDERSONZ, SAMANTHA L          LECTURER II                                                 3699
SANDERSONZ, TRACI L             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24006.69
SANDOVALZ, DAVID M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1000
SANDOVALZ, FRANCISCO JAVIER     ASSOCIATE                                               37939.92
SANDOVALZ, MARISA NOEMI         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       52.5
SANDOVALZ, SHIRLEY I            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         49935.36
SANFORDZ, EMILY L               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   39892.99
SANFORDZ, MATTHEW K             CUSTODIAN 1                                             27917.91
SANGZ, YUYING                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         34000.08
SANOZ, YOSHIE                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      52055.1
SANTAMARIAZ, ANGELA             LIBRARIAN 2                                             69259.62
SANTOYZ, SHANNON M              SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                       31500
SARFFZ, STEVEN                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
SARGENTZ, DAVID L               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        75508.44
SARGENTZ, ERIN ALLISON          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1275
SARKERZ, SAONEE                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    145484.46
SARKERZ, SUPRATEEK              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     57627.63
SARTORIZ, JOSEPH MARK           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       625
SASALAZ, MICHAEL                PRECEPTOR I                                                 2826
SASSARAZ, RICK                  PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
SASSEZ, DENNIS OLIVER           INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                     61632
SATERZ, CHRIS                   ASSOCIATE IN                                             24648.3
SATOZ, MIO                      POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         25933.44
SATTERFIELDZ, BRIEANN C         RESEARCH INTERN                                         16469.26
SATTERLEEZ, ASHTON C            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6210
SATTERLEEZ, JAMES D             PROFESSOR                                              120529.26
SATTERWHITEZ, DENNIS            ASSOCIATE IN                                            17902.79
SATTERWHITEZ, PATRICK T         SERVICE WORKER II                                          319.6
SATTLERZ, STEVEN A              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3305
SAUCEDAZ, CASSANDRA             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     13191.8
SAUERZ, BRUCE EDWARD            FARMER 5                                                   48168
SAUERZ, JOHN L                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         8375.31
SAUERZ, ROBERTA J               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       15397.8
SAULZ, TESSA ARIEL              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3329.9
SAUNDERSZ, OLIVIA E             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4254.72
SAUNDERSZ, ROGER                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     38589.12
SAVAGEZ, DAVID M                MANAGER                                                 62838.72
SAVAGEZ, JEFFREY                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     46433.39
SAVAGEZ, KAREN                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     46081.11
SAVENKOVAZ, MARINA              RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      43340.76
SAVINHASZ, ALBERTO M            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     122222.2
SAWADGOZ, WENDIAM P             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3410
SAWANTZ, ASHISH ANANT           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        89760
SAWANTZ, NUTAN                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1724.85
SAWYERZ, FRANKLIN C             SERVICE WORKER III                                        6227.5
SAWYERZ, RICHARD D              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     81218.08
SAXEZ, KYLE MICHAEL             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4593.75
SAYAN-SCOTTZ, KATHLEEN          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     167.2
SAYERZ, PATRICIA A              SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  39600.03
SAYLERZ, RODNEY D               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62771.76
SAYLORZ, THOMAS P               BROADCAST CHIEF ENGINEER                                59759.76
SCALESZ, BURLEY JANE            LIBRARIAN 3                                             55179.96
SCANLONZ, SEAN T                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1235.49
SCARBOROUGHZ, HARRISON LEE      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
SCARFOZ, ROBERT ARTHUR          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80748.24
SCARLETTZ, ABBY D               VETERINARY SPECIALIST 1                                     5326
SCARTOZZIZ, DAWN R              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      28016.64
SCHAAFSMAZ, MICHAEL W           ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     2799.99
SCHABERGZ, DENNIS M             MICROBIOLOGIST 3                                           68016
SCHADZ, JONATHAN P              DIRECTOR                                                90415.56
SCHAEFERZ, BRIGITTE             CUSTODIAN 2                                                27913
SCHAEFERZ, SARAH                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4560
SCHAEFFERZ, SCOTT MICHAEL       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5845
SCHAFERZ, DANIEL FREDRICK       INSTRUCTOR                                              11558.28
SCHAFFZ, RUSSELL M              COORDINATOR                                                63342
SCHAFFERZ, LINDSEY RACHEL       CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3101.75
SCHAFFERZ, SARAH MAURINE        ASSOCIATE IN                                            20000.16
SCHAFRIKZ, JOVONDA              GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         30094.2
SCHAKELZ, ADAM JACOB            PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
SCHALEZ, ELIZABETH R            PRECEPTOR II                                                1059
SCHANEMANZ, JULIE L             SERVICE WORKER II                                        8606.25
SCHARFZ, PATRICK A              ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                52303.99
SCHARFFZ, ROBERT JOSEPH         UTILITY WORKER 4                                        42625.14
SCHARNHORSTZ, TED RALPH         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                    829.48
SCHAUBZ, ANGELA K               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       5136
SCHAUBLEZ, CHERYL B             PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
SCHAUBLEZ, JOSEPH P             SERVICE WORKER I                                         3596.29
SCHAUBLEZ, RYAN ALBERT          SERVICE WORKER II                                         130.95
SCHAUERZ, ANGELA KATE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       350
SCHAUMBERGZ, GENE DAVID         INSTRUCTOR                                              48083.01
SCHEEFZ, ANDREW RICHARD         PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       350
SCHEIDEMANZ, AUBREE VIRGINIA    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2161.25
SCHENKZ, JAMES O                PROFESSOR                                              115726.34
SCHENKZ, MARIA KRISTINE         ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     9248.86
SCHEPPERZ, BENJAMIN SPAETH      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       390
SCHERTENLEIBZ, KASEY W          ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                                48000
SCHEURERZ, VERNENE L            COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          60067.36
SCHICKZ, ELAINE C               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            35650
SCHILLERZ, LEE A                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4050.01
SCHILLERZ, NICHOLAS N           LIBRARIAN 2                                             37355.04
SCHILLINGERZ, WILLIAM F         PROFESSOR                                              126390.68
SCHILTERZ, ALEXANDER BRYCE      PRECEPTOR I                                                  215
SCHIMELPFENIGZ, ROBERT J        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      12779
SCHINDLERZ, RYAN E              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4732
SCHINKEZ, ELLYN NICHOLE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4972.5
SCHLADERZ, MARTY A              PRECEPTOR I                                              2992.68
SCHLAKEZ, BROOKE A              SERVICE WORKER I                                          111.15
SCHLAKEZ, GARY ALAN             CUSTODIAN 3                                              34260.2
SCHLAKEZ, KIM E                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       16980.86
SCHLATTERZ, GERALD R            ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT                               161405.02
SCHLEEZ, SARA LYN               MICROBIOLOGIST 3                                        53944.44
SCHLEGELZ, AUBRIE-ANNA E        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     2129.4
SCHLESINGERZ, ROGER             PROFESSOR                                                   8000
SCHLICHTINGZ, AUSTIN M          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       590
SCHLOSSZ, CLINTON LYLE          SERVICE WORKER I                                         1940.85
SCHLOSSERZ, BRIAN DAVID         PRECEPTOR I                                              18977.5
SCHLOTMANZ, NICOLE TREVINO      PRECEPTOR I                                                  835
SCHLOTTZ, DIANNE KAY            FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                                 23400
SCHLUETERZ, AARON               SPORTS EQUIPMENT MANAGER 2                              36341.04
SCHLUNEGERZ, ANN M              CUSTODIAN 1                                             28056.94
SCHMALINGZ, KAREN B             VICE CHANCELLOR                                         79197.06
SCHMICKZ, JESSICA R             PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                         37804.9
SCHMIDTZ, DAVID A               HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                               56000.16
SCHMIDTZ, HEIDI ANN             EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   27014.64
SCHMIDTZ, JANET                 EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                            60699.6
SCHMIDTZ, JANET ELAINE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     203.5
SCHMIDTZ, JEFFREY MICHAEL       SERVICE WORKER I                                         3317.07
SCHMIDTZ, KYRA L                INSTRUCTOR                                              20425.05
SCHMIDTZ, LEISA KAY             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           36000
SCHMIDTZ, MICHELLE A            RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                 38410.14
SCHMIDTZ, NATHAN DENNIS         SERVICE WORKER III                                         10604
SCHMIDTZ, REBECCA ANN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    6397.5
SCHMIDTLEINZ, B L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34364.61
SCHMIDTLEINZ, GUY W             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     52717.24
SCHMIDTLEINZ, SARA L            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5305.13
SCHMOLLZ, HEIDI HELENA          INSTRUCTOR                                              21302.19
SCHNEEGANSZ, JOSUE              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1667.25
SCHNEIDERZ, ADAM R              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      18.75
SCHNEIDERZ, ALISSA              EXTENSION COORDINATOR SUPERVISOR                           49920
SCHNEIDERZ, BIRGIT              LECTURER II                                                 3500
SCHNEIDERZ, JILL LENAE          INSTRUCTOR                                               8907.93
SCHNEIDERZ, JOHN BRAND          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     104315.9
SCHNEIDERZ, MATTHEW SCOTT       SERVICE WORKER I                                           71.73
SCHNEIDERZ, ROBERT K            PROFESSOR                                               147081.6
SCHNELLMANZ, DEBORAH A          MANAGER                                                    62544
SCHOCHZ, BRIAN GEORGE           SERVICE WORKER I                                         2556.08
SCHOEPFLINZ, LINDA D            DIRECTOR                                                73422.08
SCHOESSLERZ, MARJORIE L         CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3331.27
SCHOFIELDZ, CHRIS C             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                     40512
SCHOFIELDZ, JAMES LEE           PRECEPTOR I                                                  702
SCHOFIELDZ, SARA                COORDINATOR                                             45931.26
SCHOFSTOLLZ, STEVEN E           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                 21611.16
SCHOLFIELDZ, WILLIAM J          HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                45510.91
SCHONERTZ, JULIA                SUMMER APPOINTMENT FACULTY                               15195.9
SCHOONMAKERZ, ERIKA MICHELLE    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5045.59
SCHOONOVERZ, MATTHEW J          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5065
SCHOTTZ, TINA MARIE             CUSTODIAN 1                                             26647.37
SCHOTZKOZ, MOLLY K              MARKETING/DEVELOPMENT MANAGER                            57342.8
SCHRADERZ, LAWRENCE E           SCIENTIST                                              146009.59
SCHRAMERZ, MARYBETH ALLISON     PRECEPTOR II                                                5583
SCHRAMMZ, ELIZABETH C           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4425.56
SCHREIBEZ, BARBARA              PRECEPTOR II                                            12142.25
SCHRIVERZ, HEATHER L            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      12220
SCHRIVERZ, LISA                 RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          28554.54
SCHRIVERZ, MERILYN M            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        4145
SCHROCKZ, JENNY MARIE           ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    11931.82
SCHROEDERZ, BRANT D             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                            73440
SCHROEDERZ, BRENDA K            ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                      63585.6
SCHROEDERZ, CODY RONDON         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1974.66
SCHROEDERZ, KURTIS LEE          RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      35454.55
SCHROEDERZ, MATTHEW SCOTT       SERVICE WORKER I                                           359.1
SCHROEDLZ, HEATH L              REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                     48268
SCHUZ, HOLLY ANNE               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIA                        44554.73
SCHUBERTZ, KATHRYN MARIE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1072.5
SCHUBKEGELZ, RACHEL             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        825
SCHUELERZ, VINCENT O            ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                               35995.8
SCHUETTZ, JOHN A                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      348.8
SCHUETZEZ, FREDERICK            ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                   57240
SCHULHAUSERZ, V L               PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                   43680
SCHULKEZ, JANE M                PRECEPTOR I                                                11856
SCHULTZZ, CHERYL                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68319.12
SCHULTZZ, DAVID R               INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         33872.64
SCHULTZZ, JUDITH ANN            CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                             48597.4
SCHULTZZ, MARION K              DATA COLLECTION MANAGER                                 46770.24
SCHULTZZ, TOM R                 EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           81117.65
SCHULZE-MAKUCHZ, DIRK           PROFESSOR                                               92898.11
SCHUMACHERZ, JOSEPH GEORGE      SERVICE WORKER II                                           6408
SCHUMACHERZ, SAMUEL W           SERVICE WORKER I                                        10386.75
SCHUMACHERZ, WILLIAM CLAUS      FARMER 2                                                32071.93
SCHUMAKERZ, MARK F              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65275.56
SCHUMANNZ, LORNA L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     93481.57
SCHURZ, ANNE                    LECTURER                                                    5250
SCHUTZZ, LARRY                  CARPENTER                                               35903.76
SCHUTZZ, LAURIE J               SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                   8277.5
SCHWABLZ, HUBERTUS GEORG        PROFESSOR                                                  86127
SCHWAGERZ, RYAN EDWARD          INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 2                                     55388
SCHWARTZZ, BRIAN ANDREW         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4406.25
SCHWARTZZ, CATRINA RENEE        CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            43459.44
SCHWARTZZ, ELISSA               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72845.92
SCHWARTZZ, JENNIFER             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68775.03
SCHWARTZ-OSCARZ, SAMANTHA       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2357.72
SCHWARZZ, JOSEPH JEFFREY        PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1200
SCHWENSONZ, DEBORAH L           PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     45602.64
SCHWINKENDORFZ, KAREN L         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                  15831.79
SCHWINKENDORFZ, R               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                  14488.78
SCLARZ, DAVID ALEXANDER         PROFESSOR                                               144501.2
SCOGGINZ, RENEE P               CUSTODIAN 3                                             35651.32
SCOLESZ, BONNIE M               FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                   52832.4
SCOTTZ, CHARLOTTE MARY          SERVICE WORKER I                                          448.45
SCOTTZ, CHERYL A                MANAGER                                                    45240
SCOTTZ, CHRISTOPHER JORDAN      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3905
SCOTTZ, CHRISTOPHER L           LECTURER                                                 34882.1
SCOTTZ, DIANE JEANNE            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      27763.23
SCOTTZ, JACOB ANDREW            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3461.81
SCOTTZ, JAMES RICHARD           MANAGER                                                  68348.4
SCOTTZ, JONATHON                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
SCOTTZ, JOY MARIE               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             6300
SCOTTZ, KATRINA DIONNE          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        195
SCOTTZ, KURTIS AUSTIN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        455
SCOTTZ, LATOYIA C               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3230.88
SCOTTZ, PAMELA                  LECTURER                                                    8500
SCOTTZ, SHANNON                 INSTRUCTOR                                              33398.02
SCOTTZ, TERESA MAY              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1062.35
SCOTTZ, TYLER S                 SERVICE WORKER I                                            4482
SCOUREYZ, ALEC                  SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  5571.17
SCOUREYZ, ASHLEY                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    4595.4
SCOUREYZ, BAILEY                SERVICE WORKER I                                          5131.5
SCOUREYZ, JOY M                 STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                              56197.2
SCOUREYZ, MICHAEL JAMES         SERVICE WORKER I                                         6066.88
SCOUREYZ, NICHOLAS GRANT        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     243.76
SCRIVENZ, AMANDA SUE            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        12187.12
SCUDIEROZ, LOUIS                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            74755.25
SCUDIEROZ, MARIA B              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 1                                      13543.5
SCUTTZ, SHANTI NOEL             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      2000
SCZENSKIZ, DIAN E               FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     28679.54
SEARCHZ, DAVID C                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
SEARCHZ, ROSEMARIE              LECTURER                                                    3003
SEARLESZ, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH    CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        765
SEARSZ, COTTON LEE              LECTURER                                                15000.03
SEARSZ, JODY RAY                FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                     142633.75
SEEZ, DANIEL JAY                MANAGER                                                 39281.07
SEEZ, GAYLE RADENE              INSTRUCTOR                                                  5225
SEEGERSZ, SUSAN K               ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                               42569.5
SEEHAFERZ, APRIL L              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    34426.32
SEELEYZ, CAROLE-ANNE            LECTURER II                                                15000
SEELEYZ, ZACHARY MARK           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        750
SEELIGERZ, ALBERT JOHN          PRECEPTOR I                                                 7830
SEGOTAZ, JAMES F                RESEARCH SURVEY SUPERVISOR                              19157.11
SEIBLYZ, TAMARA S               DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                             65192
SEIDELZ, CHARLOTTE M            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3152.5
SEIFRIEDZ, NEIL P               SERVICE WORKER III                                        2845.7
SEILERZ, RUSSEL EDWARD          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4611.01
SEIMZ, RYAN D                   PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
SEINOZ, KATHY K                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      93508.8
SEITERZ, ANN                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     38200
SEITZZ, JASON G                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       570
SEITZZ, RAINER                  LECTURER                                                16047.69
SELBYZ, GAY                     LECTURER                                                96446.99
SELBYZ, LORI A                  VICE CHANCELLOR                                        113924.04
SELDEZ, CYNTHIA ANN             ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    12727.29
SELFZ, RUTH L                   ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                                 48168
SELIMZ, FARIDA                  ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            15000.12
SELKZ, STEVEN M                 PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    36121.36
SELLZ, JOHN CHARLES             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                     51864
SELLENZ, JEFFREY JOSEPH         INSTRUCTOR                                              19869.44
SELLENZ, JOANNE EILEEN          LECTURER                                                    3000
SELLONZ, DEBRA C                ASSOCIATE DEAN                                         131175.36
SELLONZ, RANCE                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     109555.2
SEMENTIZ, GENE L                LECTURER                                                    5500
SEMINGSONZ, JEFF S              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
SEMLERZ, JOSEPH E               CUSTODIAN 1                                              29781.8
SEMLERZ, JULIE R                FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     44712.24
SEMLERZ, SUSAN D                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           50568
SEN-HOSSZ, RHONA                DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                           3446.96
SENAZ, LESLIE JO                INSTRUCTOR                                               23442.3
SENGUPTAZ, AMARTYA              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         48164.71
SENGUPTAZ, PARIJAT              ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            51958.39
SENKALZ, DORUK                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  11812.5
SENTERZ, DEBRA K                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     47166.24
SENTERZ, MARCIA LYNN            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                         85
SENTERZ, ROY A                  CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      49638.15
SENTERZ, TOM C                  TRUCK DRIVER 1                                             35928
SEOZ, PYEONG KANG               SERVICE WORKER I                                          434.01
SERNAZ, INIGO                   INSTRUCTOR                                              46441.08
SERRATOREZ, VANESSA ROSE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        120
SERVEZ, KINTA MARGUERITE-CULTON TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     5670
SERVENZ, JEDIDIAH LEE           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          5915.04
SETTERZ, STEPHEN                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    108412.38
SEUBERTZ, MELISSA               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      267.65
SEVERANCEZ, DAVID J             PIANO TECHNICIAN                                         34421.4
SEVERINGHAUSZ, JOHN             STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        31993.38
SEVERNSZ, MICHAEL M             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           55872
SEVERTSENZ, BILLIE M            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     82423.52
SEWELLZ, CLARK R                PRECEPTOR I                                                  900
SEWELLZ, NICK W                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    39137.52
SEYMOURZ, ELIZABETH A           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        240
SEYMOURZ, LORRAINE M            ASSOCIATE IN                                            36030.65
SHAFEIZ, SHORESH                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
SHAFFZ, ZACKERY WILLIAM         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5782.5
SHAFFERZ, CLAIRE                PRECEPTOR I                                               599.23
SHAFFERZ, MASON JAY             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   2596.88
SHAHZ, DEVENDRA                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     90000.24
SHAHANIZ, NISHANT               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      54135.9
SHAIKOTZ, SHARIFUL HASAN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4550.4
SHALLBETTERZ, ALLEN             ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN SUPERVISO                        44888.09
SHAMRELLZ, RICHARD T            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      2500
SHANLEY-SAVAGEZ, B              INSTRUCTOR                                              31088.61
SHANNONZ, ANNA MARIA            ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      55531.44
SHANNONZ, GARREN G              SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      4000
SHANNONZ, PATRICK RYAN          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6897.68
SHANTHALINGAMZ, SUDARVILI       ASSOCIATE IN                                             36519.3
SHAOZ, JESSE MU-EN              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1338.08
SHAOZ, YONGNI                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                             7125
SHAPORDAZ, IRINA                STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             13712.65
SHARMA-KOIRALAZ, PUSHPA         ASSOCIATE IN                                            32656.08
SHARMA-POUDYALZ, DIPAK          PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4550.4
SHARPZ, AMY LYNN                ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    44937.42
SHARPZ, MARGARET L              CUSTODIAN 1                                             22923.16
SHARPEZ, RICHARD MATTHEW        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
SHARPEZ, SANDRA C               PRECEPTOR II                                                 462
SHARRATTZ, GENE CURTIS          CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            76157.64
SHAWZ, MATTHEW JOHN             SERVICE WORKER I                                         4640.57
SHAWZ, MICHELE ROSE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      63181.2
SHAWZ, SUSAN M                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                   19536.77
SHAWVERZ, RICHARD DENNIS        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1860
SHEZ, XIAOYAN                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         38852.27
SHEAZ, KATHLEEN MELENNA         INSTRUCTOR                                              47221.74
SHEAZ, STORM J                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         2560.73
SHEAZ, VICTORIA                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
SHEAHANZ, KEARA ANNE            PRECEPTOR I                                              1178.11
SHEALEYZ, KIONNA MARIE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         171
SHEARERZ, ALEXANDER A           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1053
SHEARERZ, HAROLD                DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                             78500
SHEARSZ, KELSEY F               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1785.05
SHECKLERZ, JEAN Y               INSTRUCTOR                                                  3000
SHEELEYZ, KAYLA BRIANNE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        223
SHEHEEZ, THOMAS CHARLES         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6481.23
SHELDENZ, ERIC A                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    100697.08
SHELDONZ, CAROLE                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      1278
SHELLZ, MEREDITH BLAKE          LECTURER                                                    7200
SHELLENBARGERZ, JEFFERY LEE     SERVICE WORKER I                                         2921.14
SHELLYZ, LAUREN                 COUNSELING SERVICES INTERN                              11830.08
SHELTONZ, ADRIA P               DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          66977.16
SHELTONZ, CHRISTIAN             DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          44421.04
SHELTONZ, GARY B                MANAGER                                                 67883.28
SHELTONZ, KARLA SUE             ASSISTANT TO                                               57000
SHELTONZ, KATRINA S             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     33586.56
SHELTONZ, RITZI RASHAUN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2915
SHELTONZ, SUSAN FAITH           LECTURER II                                                   18
SHENZ, CUI YING                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
SHENZ, DONGJIE                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4288.8
SHENZ, SHIHUI                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     79418.29
SHENGZ, HONGYAN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4550.4
SHEPARDZ, JON H                 ASSOCIATE IN                                             38333.4
SHEPARDZ, LEAH E                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      8832
SHEPHERDZ, CHERI L              CUSTODIAN 1                                             30404.31
SHEPHERDZ, DUSTIN C             SERVICE WORKER I                                         2624.22
SHEPHERD-GAWZ, DAVID            ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              62179.68
SHEPPARDZ, SUE ANN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39027.05
SHEPPARDZ, WALTER S             CHAIR AND SCIENTIST                                    116213.28
SHERFEYZ, LAURI B               EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           65331.12
SHERIFFZ, ERIN NICOLE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       288
SHERMANZ, DARRYLL W             FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              60319.92
SHERMANZ, JANE                  VICE PROVOST                                           120156.24
SHERMANZ, JENNIFER              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     68744.64
SHERMANZ, SARAH MARGARET        PRECEPTOR I                                               4222.1
SHERPAZ, TSHERING               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            15570
SHERRYZ, DON L                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   9089.53
SHERWOODZ, KATIE MORGAN         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   145.88
SHETTYZ, BRINDA                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    49166.82
SHIZ, SHEPO                     POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         30533.48
SHIZ, XIAOGANG                  RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         35700
SHIZ, XUN                       RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       9659.11
SHICKZ, SAMUEL E                LECTURER                                                   10500
SHIELDSZ, LEA ALEAN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3798.35
SHIERZ, DAVID                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR CHAIR                               80585.66
SHIERZ, PHYLLIS E               PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                        38909.09
SHIFLETTZ, JESSICA KATHLEEN     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4835.05
SHINZ, ANTHONY HAYON            SERVICE WORKER I                                          1377.4
SHINZ, JOONG-HAN                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      11950.04
SHINZ, SHUNG JAE                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    121707.22
SHINEWZ, DAWN M                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR CHAIR                               96721.83
SHIPLEYZ, LISA                  PROFESSOR                                               89173.57
SHIPMANZ, ELLIOT                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2667.08
SHIPMANZ, SUSAN E               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           43572
SHIPMANZ, WARD A                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38088
SHIPOVSKIYZ, ZINAIDA F          RESEARCH STUDY ASSISTANT                                  5098.5
SHIPPZ, ROBERT D                SECURITY GUARD 1                                         31411.2
SHIRAZIZ, BEHROOZ               DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 235799.68
SHIRAZIZ, SHIRIN                SERVICE WORKER II                                          39.83
SHIREYZ, MATTHEW A              APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                           58380
SHIRLEYZ, SOFIA ROSE            PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       13599.99
SHISHANIZ, KAWKAB RAMADAN       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        85200
SHOEMAKEZ, ROY                  SERVICE WORKER I                                            5865
SHOOKZ, MICHAEL R               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             62714.16
SHORSZ, BENJAMIN                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            60435.08
SHORTZ, DEBORAH LEA             INSTRUCTIONAL LAB SUPERVISOR                            45671.76
SHORTZ, KARLA A                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      5712.24
SHORTZ, LUKE                    PRECEPTOR II                                                3300
SHORTZ, MICHELLE                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4220.75
SHORTZ, ROBERT A                DIRECTOR                                               109521.72
SHOUPZ, TAMARA RENELL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        772
SHOWALTERZ, DIANE R             CUSTODIAN 1                                              7097.36
SHOWALTERZ, JAYME L             SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                    14980
SHRESTHAZ, GITANJALI            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3936
SHRESTHAZ, SURYA LAXMI          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4185.6
SHROPEZ, NANCY R                ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      61028.16
SHUFFIELDZ, BRIAN               ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                       49400.4
SHULENBERGERZ, ERIC             LECTURER                                                    2550
SHULLZ, LARRY W                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         38000.15
SHULLZ, WAYNE ALAN              AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           41508
SHULTZZ, ANDREW THOMAS          APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        44957.43
SHULTZZ, JILL A                 PROFESSOR                                               80182.82
SHUPEZ, KIMBERLY J              CUSTODIAN 1                                               3492.2
SHYNNEZ, SUJATHA                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        26519.26
SIALZ, AWAIS U                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6561
SIASZ, PATRICIA MARIE           PROFESSOR                                               82642.86
SIASZ, RACHEL GRACE             PRECEPTOR I                                                   80
SIASZ, RICHARD WILLIAM          PROFESSOR                                               217827.4
SICKLESZ, MARY                  STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             43748.16
SIDESZ, RAYMOND H               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                    41508
SIEBEZ, JAMES E                 PRECEPTOR I                                                  600
SIEGELZ, CAROL R                PROFESSOR                                               89340.09
SIEGELZ, GAIL A                 PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                         49092.75
SIEGFRIEDZ, CHARLES C           ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                        3600
SIEGFRIEDZ, STEVEN ALLEN        CUSTODIAN 2                                             32755.22
SIELAFFZ, CALA O                MANAGER                                                    42000
SIEMSZ, WILLIAM F               RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                      80052.71
SIENKIEWICZZ, DONNA             ANIMAL CARE FACILITY MANAGER                            49454.16
SIERRAZ, KIRSTEN DIANN          PRECEPTOR I                                                  470
SIEVERKROPPZ, ELIZABETH A       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    532.01
SIEVERSZ, JASON A               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                                46500
SIGMANZ, AMY                    COORDINATOR                                             56000.16
SIGNORELLIZ, GIAN FRANCO        PRECEPTOR I                                                  240
SIGRAHZ, NELSON                 STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        35475.43
SIKKINKZ, LISA MAE              INSTRUCTOR                                              10314.75
SIKORSKIZ, CARRIE               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4302.2
SILBERNAGELZ, DALE ANDREW       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4271.8
SILERZ, ELIZABETH A             CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            46105.38
SILERZ, SALLY A                 LECTURER                                                    4550
SILVAZ, DILAN S                 ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     5599.98
SILVA-MIRAMONTESZ, LUIS         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        600
SILVA-MORENTEZ, INGRID ROCIO    CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                        630
SILVERIAZ, KATIE A              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   9002.52
SILVERMANZ, SARAH JESSICA       VETERINARY INTERN                                       11830.08
SILVEYZ, MICHELE LYNN           EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        38602.21
SILVISZ, STEVEN DUANE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        180
SIMANSONZ, ANDREA LYNN          CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  39520.08
SIMANSONZ, ARTHUR T             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     36280.97
SIMASKOZ, STEVEN M              PROFESSOR CHAIR (ANNUAL)                               170000.16
SIMMONSZ, JUSTIN LEE            SERVICE WORKER II                                        2146.35
SIMMONSZ, RICHARD DUANE         ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    15200.01
SIMMONSZ, ROBERT C              EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                           71953.68
SIMMONSZ, SARA VIRGINIA         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4291.2
SIMOKATZ, KRISTIN A             LECTURER                                                19929.06
SIMONZ, ANTHONY J               ENERGY PROFESSIONAL                                     26996.45
SIMONDSZ, SUSAN LEE             STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        26933.62
SIMONETTIZ, SCOTT               RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR                          15654.55
SIMONSZ, AMANDA MICHIKO         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1374.6
SIMONSENZ, GARRIC ROBERT        INSTRUCTOR                                              17000.01
SIMONSENZ, MARY B               ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       46284
SIMONSONZ, DANIEL CHARLES       INSTRUCTOR                                               7000.02
SIMONSONZ, MICHAEL HENRY        PRECEPTOR I                                                 3690
SIMONSONZ, PENNY J              EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      15600
SIMPKINSZ, JAMES SCOTT          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     351.16
SIMPSONZ, GARRETT A             SERVICE WORKER I                                         1992.49
SIMPSONZ, JOHN A                SERVICE WORKER I                                          150.11
SIMPSONZ, KARENIA M             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6622
SIMSZ, CORIE JENAE              SERVICE WORKER I                                         1725.98
SIMSZ, MACKENZIE MARIE          SERVICE WORKER I                                          583.11
SINZ, NANCY GRACE               SERVICE WORKER II                                            375
SINAPATIZ, PHILLIP L            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          31405
SINGHZ, DEEPAK                  POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          25883.4
SINGHZ, HARSIMRANJEE            SERVICE WORKER III                                       4791.84
SINGHZ, KIRAN                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1884.75
SINGHZ, PRABHAKAR               VISITING SCIENTIST                                       23502.5
SINGHZ, RAMANJIT                INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                            47394
SINHAZ, GUNJAN K                DIRECTOR, INFORMATION SERVICES                          90522.96
SINHAZ, KARI L                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            42591.47
SINHAZ, NIRAV ERIC              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2880
SINTAYZ, SCOTT                  LECTURER                                                    3500
SIPLEZ, PAULA DENISE            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
SIRESZ, DEREK JON               COOK 2                                                  23101.76
SIROISZ, AMANDA THERESA         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1019.1
SISCHOZ, WILLIAM                PROFESSOR                                              135243.96
SISSONZ, MORGAN M               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   12971.02
SITALZ, RAUL                    PRECEPTOR I                                              2948.48
SIVAZ, SETHU                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6732
SIVAKUMARZ, KRISHNAMOORTHY      ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    111485.88
SIXZ, SHERI K                   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       40000.2
SJODINGZ, DAVID W               ENERGY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                              72742.26
SJOQUISTZ, ERIK W               EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   28000.16
SKAERZ, TRACY LYNNE             PROFESSOR                                              127817.52
SKAGGSZ, CATHERINE NICHOLE      PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1000
SKAGGSZ, RHONDA                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                         45
SKAVDAHLZ, IAN HALE             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     2714.6
SKELTONZ, JASEN                 APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                           60000
SKELTONZ, JONATHAN GREGORY      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1703.25
SKIDMOREZ, TIFFANY ROSE         PRECEPTOR II                                                 400
SKILTONZ, PAUL                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53118.36
SKINNERZ, MATTHEW A             ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                        102960
SKINNERZ, MICHAEL K             PROFESSOR                                              193937.04
SKOMPZ, CONNIE JO               WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 3                                       37620
SKRZECZKOWSKAZ, MARIA MARCELINA TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     522.5
SKUCASZ, DOUGLAS EDWARD         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  43961.56
SKURDALZ, PETER QUINN           SERVICE WORKER I                                          3280.5
SKUZAZ, NATHAN SHEA             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4552.8
SLABAUGHZ, RICHARD G            INSTRUCTOR                                              17632.44
SLAPKAUSKASZ, BRANDON EUGENE    SERVICE WORKER I                                         2144.25
SLAUGHTERZ, DAVID M             RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                      17188.11
SLAVITZ, DAVID                  PROFESSOR                                              104873.53
SLEIPNESSZ, OLE RUSSELL         CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            56000.08
SLINKARDZ, MARY P               SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                             21136.65
SLINKARDZ, WILLIAM A            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  51901.26
SLINKERZ, BRYAN KEITH           DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                     217000.08
SLIPHERZ, MONIQUE H             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     6807.5
SLOANZ, ANGELINA RUTH           SERVICE WORKER II                                         944.72
SLOANZ, RICHARD D               TRACK COACH                                            103052.44
SLOCUMZ, ERIC LANE              HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SUPERVI                        56170.28
SLOONZ, ADAM MICHAEL            SERVICE WORKER II                                          84.78
SLOOTZ, JEREMY ALAN             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3821.87
SLOOTZ, MARTIN S                SERVICE WORKER I                                         3960.38
SLOOTZ, RONALD L                AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        47556.48
SMALLZ, CHRISTOPHER L           RESEARCH COORDINATOR                                    81252.72
SMALLZ, KIMBERLIE K             DIRECTOR                                                57107.76
SMALLZ, RODGER CARL             CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   66911.96
SMALLZ, TAMMY LYNN              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     44642.88
SMALLWOODZ, VIVIAN ELAINE       PRECEPTOR I                                               1617.5
SMARTZ, DENISE A                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     77628.99
SMARTZ, SUSAN L                 RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                 41262.24
SMEARMANZ, JANICE               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      27412.84
SMELTZZ, JOHN O                 RADIATION SAFETY TECHNICIAN 3                           21940.82
SMERDONZ, DIANE L               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1890
SMERDONZ, JOHN W                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6050
SMERDONZ, MICHAEL J             REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                      199261.2
SMESTADZ, DAVID J               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           40524
SMETANAZ, ROSITA A              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     33826.82
SMETHURSTZ, ALICE               DIRECTOR                                                 86444.4
SMILEYZ, WAYNE LEROY            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       500
SMITCHGERZ, JAMIN A             ASSOCIATE IN                                             12943.2
SMITHZ, ADAM MICHAEL            SERVICE WORKER I                                          1176.6
SMITHZ, ALAN DOUGLAS            FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
SMITHZ, ALEXANDER ERIK          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     1231.2
SMITHZ, ANNE MARIE              MANAGER                                                 58000.08
SMITHZ, ANTHONY DUANE           PRECEPTOR I                                                  120
SMITHZ, ANTHONY RYAN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4061.12
SMITHZ, BARBARA LYNN            ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  74224.02
SMITHZ, BENJAMIN JOHN           LECTURER II                                              1066.72
SMITHZ, BRUCE ALAN              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
SMITHZ, BRUCE ALVIN             SERVICE WORKER I                                            1800
SMITHZ, BYRON                   FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                                 75000
SMITHZ, CAROLINE I              LECTURER II                                                  267
SMITHZ, CAROLYN KAY             SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       52157.88
SMITHZ, COLLEEN RENEE           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         31980.42
SMITHZ, CORABELLE E             SERVICE WORKER III                                         96.16
SMITHZ, DAVID H                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIA                           43572
SMITHZ, DAVID LEE               DIRECTOR                                                74861.28
SMITHZ, DAVID R                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48195.6
SMITHZ, DENISE MYRTLE           DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                      27992.45
SMITHZ, DONALD I                ADJUNCT PROFESSOR (NP)                                     12000
SMITHZ, DWIGHT A                SERVICE WORKER III                                       12774.5
SMITHZ, EDWARD                  STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 3 COUNSE                          135000
SMITHZ, ELENA S                 INSTRUCTOR                                              57381.41
SMITHZ, ELISSA J                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2407.5
SMITHZ, ELIZABETH MAY           OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      25159.85
SMITHZ, ERIC R                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      518.6
SMITHZ, ERICK DAVID             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         35521.08
SMITHZ, GARY J                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  67469.58
SMITHZ, HELEN                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            12456
SMITHZ, JASON TIMOTHY           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     6532
SMITHZ, JEAN ANN                LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           35040
SMITHZ, JEREMY DANIEL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4513
SMITHZ, JERRILYN DEE            ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     7803.11
SMITHZ, JESSICA LYNN            PRECEPTOR I                                              2125.13
SMITHZ, JIMMIE BRUCE            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       307.8
SMITHZ, JOHN THOMAS             MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER LEAD                              37620
SMITHZ, JORY D                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         1149.75
SMITHZ, JULIAN HIRSCH           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2462.5
SMITHZ, JULIE K                 PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     58000.32
SMITHZ, KATHRYN MARIE           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            41700.72
SMITHZ, KELLEY M                LECTURER II                                                 1250
SMITHZ, KELLY MICHAEL           SERVICE WORKER III                                        661.79
SMITHZ, KRISTINA DANIELLE       SERVICE WORKER I                                             490
SMITHZ, KYLE DAVID              SERVICE WORKER II                                          14.18
SMITHZ, LAVADA J                LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        25046.67
SMITHZ, LINDA K                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      18279
SMITHZ, LLOYD V                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    126832.08
SMITHZ, LON W                   HISTOTECHNOLOGIST                                       54367.74
SMITHZ, MATTHEW G               PRECEPTOR I                                                 7155
SMITHZ, MATTHEW WILLIAM         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   4110.1
SMITHZ, MAUREEN J               CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  50336.88
SMITHZ, MELISSA CATHERINE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5287.5
SMITHZ, MICHELLE LEA            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      34947.89
SMITHZ, MINA AOKI               DIRECTOR                                                23354.23
SMITHZ, NANETTE                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    7353.1
SMITHZ, NATHANIEL L             SERVICE WORKER I                                          264.25
SMITHZ, NICHOLAS ALAN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       8445
SMITHZ, NICOLE AMANDA           EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   36003.12
SMITHZ, PATRICIA A              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     41400.28
SMITHZ, PAULINE L               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           32058
SMITHZ, POLLY                   FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      6804.77
SMITHZ, RANDY D                 ROOFER                                                  43725.18
SMITHZ, REBECCA ANGELA          SERVICE WORKER I                                          1949.4
SMITHZ, RYAN R                  SERVICE WORKER I                                         2547.92
SMITHZ, SARAH MAKI              AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                             55107.84
SMITHZ, SCOTT H                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         6033.07
SMITHZ, SHELBY A                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                               24569.6
SMITHZ, STEVEN C                LECTURER                                                    3000
SMITHZ, SUSAN KAY               AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        33206.64
SMITHZ, SUZANNE                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     86871.99
SMITHZ, TANASHA                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      1915.2
SMITHZ, TEAH JOY                ASSOCIATE IN                                             21875.1
SMITHZ, TIMOTHY A               AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                        44700.24
SMITHZ, TIMOTHY JON             AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-4                              78903.6
SMITHZ, TORI RAE                PRECEPTOR I                                               6334.3
SMITHZ, TRENTON                 ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                     79445.02
SMITHZ, TUCSON LEE              FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                               48168
SMITHZ, WILLIAM LELAND          INSTRUCTOR                                                 14800
SMITHZ, YOSHIO                  STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                                34680
SMITHZ, YVONNE T                RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                         33408
SMITHERMANZ, STEPHEN JUSTIN     SERVICE WORKER I                                         4168.26
SMITTZ, JULIANN                 COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                                48168
SMYTHEMANZ, PETER               ASSOCIATE IN                                            53333.28
SNEDDENZ, JEAN P                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      4299
SNEKVIKZ, KEVIN R               CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           113936.28
SNELLZ, JEFFREY C               INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         62187.82
SNELLZ, JEFFREY WAYNE           INSTRUCTOR                                                 11133
SNIDERZ, ADELAIDE M             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         29580
SNIDERZ, ANDREW JOSEPH          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2827.52
SNIDERZ, DENISE GRESSLEY        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        150
SNIDERZ, DENNIS                 SERVICE WORKER III                                        4765.6
SNIDERZ, ERIK M                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         4851.41
SNIDERZ, FREDERICK DAVID        INSTRUCTOR                                               46781.3
SNIDERZ, STEFANIE LAUREN        LECTURER                                                    3600
SNIVELY-MARTINEZZ, A            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        198
SNODDYZ, MEADE A                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        64740.24
SNODGRASSZ, SHARI L             TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 2                           25695.12
SNOOKZ, DEBRA A                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5099.05
SNOOKZ, JAMES DONALD            LECTURER II                                                 1040
SNOOKZ, JEFFREY I               INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             71842.32
SNOOKZ, JOSHUA I                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       126.8
SNOOKZ, LINDA KAY               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           40524
SNYDERZ, CHARLES MELVIN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      626.5
SNYDERZ, CHESTER DEANE          SERVICE WORKER I                                          695.19
SNYDERZ, DANIEL LEE             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            54504
SNYDERZ, DEBORAH LYN            ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  56098.32
SNYDERZ, ELIZABETH M            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          9280.28
SNYDERZ, GRETCHEN BETH          POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            36756
SNYDERZ, PAMELA RAE             SERVICE WORKER II                                         295.53
SNYDERZ, ROBERT C               INSTRUCTOR                                              33021.77
SNYDERZ, WILLIAM E              SCIENTIST                                               94327.28
SOBOTTAZ, KYLE JEROME           PRECEPTOR I                                                  450
SOBOTTAZ, PATRICK               STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                41921.28
SOBRALSKEZ, MARY                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     19600.56
SOIKEZ, SHARA                   PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                      5795.46
SOKOLOWSKYZ, CRISODWOLF DAVID   SERVICE WORKER I                                          591.75
SOLIDAYZ, ELIZABETH             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      65145.6
SOLLERZ, MELINDA J              SERVICE WORKER I                                             115
SOLODOVNIKOVAZ, YEVGENIYA       INSTRUCTOR                                               44928.9
SOLOMONSONZ, SIDNEY LYNN        CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      113.8
SOLOVITZZ, STEPHEN              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      77530.2
SOMERS-SCHIRMZ, KATHLEEN MARIE  LECTURER II                                                 4700
SOMMERSZ, CHRISTINE LOUISE      INSTRUCTOR                                                 26382
SONDEREGGERZ, DEREK             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          37333.4
SONGZ, WENZHAN                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     69076.15
SONIKAZ,                        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1386
SONNETTZ, TRAVIS E              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            83000.16
SOO-HOOZ, NANCY                 COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                             54000
SORENSENZ, ADELE P              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    2100.1
SORENSENZ, ERIC SCOTT           PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                         60000.13
SORENSENZ, SHONA L              INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER                             69470.16
SORENSONZ, KEITH LAWRENCE       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5337.48
SORGZ, AMY L                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3400.78
SOSAZ, SARA LIDIA               SERVICE WORKER I                                         1851.08
SOTELO-RZ, MARIANA              SERVICE WORKER II                                            144
SOUDIZ, AFSOON                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
SOUERSZ, KRISTIN                INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.05
SOUNDARARAJANZ, RAJESWARI       RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      28673.82
SOUNDYZ, ALINE J                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1300
SOUTHARDZ, ANDREA JEAN          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28067.15
SOUTHWICKZ, JENNIFER J          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        3984.36
SOUTHWICKZ, KELSEY A            GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                            1034
SOUTHWICKZ, KEVIN L             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                     48388
SOUZAZ, RYAN DAVID              RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      31518.03
SOWAZ, MARIANNE                 LECTURER                                                    4950
SOWELLZ, SHARON MARIE           LECTURER II                                              2227.26
SOWERSZ, KAREN E                ASSOCIATE IN                                            17581.17
SPALDINGZ, JARED MATSEN         SERVICE WORKER II                                             60
SPALLZ, BENJAMIN FORREST        VETERINARY INTERN                                       12367.81
SPANGENBERGZ, ERIC RICHARD      DEAN AND PROFESSOR                                     276303.36
SPANGENBERGZ, KERRI M           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     694.69
SPANNERZ, GARY                  LECTURER                                                    4500
SPARKMANZ, DYLAN J              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   5059.85
SPARKMANZ, SUE MARIE            PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     37668.96
SPARKSZ, DAWN R                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        66013.01
SPARKSZ, JAKE R                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     830.5
SPARKSZ, KELSEY PAIGE           SERVICE WORKER III                                       3991.05
SPARROWZ, AMY RUTH              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4867.5
SPEARZ, ARIA                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    879.63
SPEARGASZ, AMY                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        1299
SPENCEZ, BARBARA                LECTURER                                                    3003
SPENCEZ, BRETT MICHAEL          SERVICE WORKER I                                         2406.74
SPENCERZ, ERICK S               CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                           103000.08
SPENCERZ, MARYBETH T            PRECEPTOR I                                              4619.78
SPENCER-CURTISZ, DENA LYNN      PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        19278
SPENSZ, PAMELYN MARIE           MID-LEVEL PRACTITIONER                                     26361
SPICERZ, EDWARD NORCOCK         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3460
SPICKELMIREZ, JAMES M           SERVICE WORKER II                                        5547.77
SPIDALZ, DEBRA                  LIBRARIAN 2                                             43945.92
SPIESMANZ, W JAN                INSTRUCTOR                                              29326.68
SPINEIZ, ELENA                  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                         15750
SPITZACKZ, TONY SHANE           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   5310.48
SPITZERZ, KENNETH D             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            31790
SPIVIAZ, WESTON RIVERS          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2708.13
SPOHNHOLZZ, JESSE A             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      50993.7
SPRACKLENZ, GENEVA A            CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      665.5
SPRAFKAZ, SARAH A               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        368
SPRAUERZ, JUDITH A              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        21941.73
SPROTTZ, DAVID ERIC             ASSOCIATE DEAN                                         228556.61
SPRUNGERZ, LESLIE KAREN         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    104749.94
SPUCKZ, JANET                   SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       65500.76
SPURRIERZ, DENNIS M             RESEARCH STUDY ASSISTANT                                 4848.51
SQUIREZ, JAMES A                NETWORK ENGINEER/ADMINISTRATOR                          77094.33
SRIKUMARANZ, SUBRAMANIAM        PROFESSOR                                              175698.24
SRIKUREJAZ, GABRIEL S           PRECEPTOR I                                                  337
SRINIVASANZ, RAGHAVENDIRAN      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       7800
SRINIVASANZ, RAGHUNATHAN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        910
SRIVASTAVAZ, ANURAG             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    758.4
SRIVASTAVAZ, ANURAG K           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     45665.12
SRIVIDYAZ, NARAYANAN            ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               37500
ST-PIERRE-KIGHTZ, J             PRECEPTOR II                                              1017.5
STACHEWZ, ELENA MARIE           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4500
STACKZ, GORDON PARKER           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        360
STACKZ, HEATHER LEE             MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                       30235.07
STADLERZ, SARAH J               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1809.5
STADNIKZ, SVETLANA GENNADIYEVNA PRECEPTOR I                                                  352
STAFKIZ, BRIAN R                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         15019.22
STAHLZ, AMANDA T                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         29528.27
STAHLZ, JONATHAN                ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      50000.16
STAHLEYZ, WILLIAM R             STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                           36900
STAHNKEZ, GWEN K                EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-3                                78683.52
STAIRZ, MARI LOUISE             PRECEPTOR I                                                  120
STALLCOPZ, AARON W              EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                        41384.24
STALLEYZ, JULIE                 RESEARCH INTERN                                         16622.05
STAMBAUGHZ, MICHAEL             SERVICE WORKER I                                           12.83
STAMPERZ, GERRY L               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  47483.11
STAMPERZ, LESLIE ANN            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       14913.99
STAMPERZ, RAMSEY                ROOFER                                                  25274.89
STANCOMBEZ, KRISTA MARIE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4500
STANFORDZ, ALAN FRANK           BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        22201.73
STANNZ, DEBORAH L               PRECEPTOR I                                                 6336
STANNARDZ, MACKENZIE            SERVICE WORKER I                                          2931.3
STANTONZ, DEVON MICHAEL         SERVICE WORKER I                                         6906.06
STANTONZ, JAMES B               CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                              105000
STANTONZ, JULIE D               CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            71302.28
STANTONZ, SHEA D                SERVICE WORKER I                                          855.03
STANTONZ, TERESA MARIE          PRECEPTOR I                                                56.25
STANTON-SCHNEBLYZ, HEIDI A      DIRECTOR                                                51317.28
STANYERZ, BRENT T               INSTRUCTOR                                               8454.54
STAPLETONZ, BRETT E             ELECTRICIAN                                             48732.06
STARKZ, GEMAINE N               RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      39519.84
STARKZ, JOHN D                  DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                      123554.4
STARKZ, JOHN K-I                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2513.5
STARKZ, JOHN MARSHALL           SERVICE WORKER III                                            36
STARKZ, SARAH KEALAONAPUA       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       200
STARKELZ, WILLIAM AUSTIN        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1113.2
STARKEYZ, CHERYL ANN            EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                           37620
STARRZ, CHRISTOPHER DANIEL      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       5193
STARRZ, PATRICK THOMAS          MEDIA MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN LEA                           49368
STARRATTZ, JOSEPH A             DEAN AND LIBRARIAN                                     198201.92
STAUBERZ, ERIK H                PROFESSOR                                               60494.64
STBROWNZ, MAX M                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1430.4
STEARNSZ, GAIL JEAN             INSTRUCTOR                                                  5400
STEARNSZ, SHELLEY LOUISE        SUMMER APPOINTMENT FACULTY                               4184.48
STECKLERZ, GILLIAN DIANE        RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      17619.82
STEEDZ, MARY C                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   8723.25
STEELEZ, CRAIG                  INSTRUCTOR                                              31348.57
STEELEZ, ISAAC C                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       1050
STEELEZ, JENNIFER               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     83434.07
STEELEZ, JOSHUA D               IMAGING TECHNOLOGIST-MAGNETIC RE                        48785.05
STEELEZ, MATTHEW B              SERVICE WORKER I                                            1854
STEELEZ, MICHAEL A              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        49779.66
STEELEZ, MICHAEL M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      6000
STEELEZ, PATRICIA B             LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     4576
STEELEZ, ROBERT N               CUSTODIAN 1                                             23843.93
STEELEZ, WENDY                  GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        46246.32
STEFFANZ, SHAWN ALAN            POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         47666.79
STEFFENZ, GERALD RICHARD        GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         56254.8
STEFFENZ, JENNIFER E            ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                         64350
STEFFYZ, ARIEL D                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1420.16
STEHRZ, STEVEN D                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR CHAIR                               93617.33
STEIGERZ, JULIE ANNE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     369.68
STEINZ, ELISA T                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1316.25
STEINBOCKZ, JOHN                FARMER 5                                                 48398.7
STEINBRENNERZ, JOE E            CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   64479.84
STEINBRUECKERZ, LEAH            PRECEPTOR I                                              7373.97
STEINHARTZ, JESSIE LEE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4520.51
STELLYESZ, DEBORAH S            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            51187.39
STEMMENEZ, LAUREL A             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        225
STENDERZ, MARY LYNN             ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    42953.52
STENSLANDZ, KATRINA M           PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       770
STEPHANZ, MARK                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72743.17
STEPHENSZ, ALICIA A             VETERINARY SPECIALIST 1                                 38341.33
STEPHENSZ, ANN MAUREEN          FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  66975.88
STEPHENSZ, DOUGLAS K            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
STEPHENSZ, JAN M                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
STEPHENSZ, MARCI                LECTURER II                                                 2332
STEPHENSZ, RAYMOND C            ADVISOR COUNSELOR                                       43000.08
STEPHENSZ, SHIRLEY A            INSTRUCTOR                                                  4500
STEPHENSONZ, DAVID O            MANAGER                                                 73685.76
STEPHENSONZ, NANCY L            MANAGER                                                 75499.92
STEPHENSONZ, ROBERT G           MANAGER                                                 69457.43
STEPLEWSKIZ, SZYMON             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
STEPPERZ, COLTON A              SERVICE WORKER III                                        3317.5
STERKZ, JAMES M                 DIRECTOR PROF ADMIN                                      90828.6
STERLINGZ, BRENT ALAN           PRECEPTOR I                                               926.44
STERNZ, JUDITH ANN              CASHIER 4                                               42363.51
STERNZ, NAOMI K                 INSTRUCTOR                                              38693.96
STERNZ, NICOLE MICHELLE         LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 1                                 35870.08
STERNZ, PAUL                    PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    8855.6
STERNFELD-DUNNZ, EMILY KATHERINEINSTRUCTOR                                               7327.62
STERRETTZ, GALE                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      11696
STEURYZ, TIMOTHY V              MAGAZINE EDITOR                                         76999.92
STEVENSZ, KEVIN V               INSTRUCTOR                                                 66600
STEVENSZ, LEILANI K             ASSISTANT TO                                               54000
STEVENSZ, MARISOL               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            38568
STEVENSZ, RANDALL ELLIOTT       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  2654.52
STEVENSZ, WILLIAM S             DIRECTOR                                                   57619
STEVENSONZ, JILL LORRAINE       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2021.06
STEVENSONZ, PATRICK SEAN        CUSTODIAN 4                                             36762.72
STEVENSONZ, TODD CHRISTIAN      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2882.35
STEWARDZ, JOANNA L              MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                        50000.16
STEWARTZ, ALLISON E             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6966
STEWARTZ, BRADLEY JAMES         MANAGER                                                    42033
STEWARTZ, DEREK                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1899
STEWARTZ, ERIK P                BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        51592.32
STEWARTZ, GREGORY F             CUSTODIAN 1                                             25964.15
STEWARTZ, GREGORY STEPHEN       CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                         190
STEWARTZ, JACOB A               SERVICE WORKER II                                            250
STEWARTZ, JANE E                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     7204.8
STEWARTZ, KELLY DAVID           CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   74630.35
STEWARTZ, MORAG                 ACADEMIC COORDINATOR SENIOR                             28105.44
STEWARTZ, PETER KRISTIAN        LECTURER                                                    3300
STEWARTZ, SHIRLEY JANET         PRECEPTOR I                                               8501.5
STEWARTZ, TANYA L               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         26877
STEWARTZ, TODD M                GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        35123.14
STICHTERZ, MATT                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53889.54
STIENBARGERZ, DOUGLAS M         EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-3                            71263.2
STIFELZ, NANCY                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      16260
STILESZ, ANNE M                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     38999.88
STILLEYZ, DAVID MICHAEL         PRECEPTOR I                                                  650
STILLINGSZ, ZENITA L            PRECEPTOR I                                               335.94
STILSONZ, ROBERT GEORGE         ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 3                                48734.94
STILWELLZ, KATHRYN ANNE         ASSISTANT TO                                            57610.08
STINSONZ, DEBBY                 COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                             32975.55
STITESZ, ELISSA P               LECTURER II                                                 1400
STMARYZ, TERRY LEE              FIRE CHIEF                                                 23270
STOCKDALEZ, STEPHEN LANCEFIELD  SERVICE WORKER I                                         1216.23
STOCKLEZ, CLAUDIO               CHAIR AND SCIENTIST                                    147865.92
STOCKTONZ, ERIC NOEL            OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                          8484
STOFIELZ, STEPHANIE LYNN        PRECEPTOR I                                               977.22
STOHSZ, JILL DIANE              BUDGET ANALYST 2                                           26574
STOKESZ, BAILEY MARIE           INSTRUCTOR                                               8174.98
STOKESZ, STEVEN JAMES           INSTRUCTOR                                              10532.25
STOLLZ, LISA JANE               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    386.57
STOLLZ, RENEE DEE               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1428
STOLZZ, CHERYL L                STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        52000.08
STOLZZ, SIGNE KRISTIN           PAINTER                                                    43572
STOMSVIKZ, LESLIE O             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     192.5
STOMSVIKZ, URSULA GERDA         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     192.5
STONEZ, BARBARA ANN             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
STONEZ, CARLY RYAN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2659.5
STONEZ, CHELSEA                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2390
STONEZ, JAMES MICHAEL           CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER                                   50070.92
STONEZ, LOREN JACOB             HISTOLOGIC TECHNICIAN 1                                    37534
STONEZ, PATRICK                 INSTRUCTOR                                              61459.34
STONEZ, STEVEN LEWIS            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           64740
STONEZ, TRAVIS CHRISTIAN        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3954
STONEZ, VALERIE RACHEL          SERVICE WORKER I                                             138
STONEHAMZ, THOMAS ERIC          PRECEPTOR I                                                382.5
STONEHOUSEZ, KOURTNEY FAITH     PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       6000
STONEKINGZ, ASHLEY DIANE        SERVICE WORKER I                                          3355.9
STONEKINGZ, JAMIE SHAWN         GROUNDS & NURSERY SERVICES SPECI                        32248.16
STONESZ, SETH B                 PRECEPTOR I                                                 2085
STOREYZ, JAMES B                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        64760.43
STORFERZ, ANDREW                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     94416.55
STORMOZ, MARY C                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     23205.11
STORSTADZ, TANYA                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3205.47
STORTZZ, TIMOTHY MICHAEL        SERVICE WORKER I                                         9939.91
STORVICKZ, AMANDA ELLEN         SERVICE WORKER I                                          708.65
STORYZ, TRACI ANN               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3300
STOTTSZ, DEBRA JEAN             PRECEPTOR II                                                7683
STOUTZ, ALANA A                 PRECEPTOR I                                               2873.5
STOUTZ, JASON EDWARD            PRECEPTOR II                                                1860
STOUTZ, JOE CHARLES             EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      32130
STOUTZ, MARY DORIS              ASSISTANT TO                                             2346.36
STOUTZ, RICHARD B               LECTURER                                                   11000
STOUTZ, ROB L                   ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      67766.84
STOUTZ, SHARON KAY              CUSTODIAN 1                                             29778.36
STRANDZ, DESERAH DAWN           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5335.2
STRANDZ, HAZEL H                CUSTODIAN 1                                             27751.18
STRANDZ, JOHN                   ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4136
STRANDZ, PAUL S                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     85392.68
STRATFORDZ, LISA                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3322.5
STRATTONZ, DAVID CLIF           INSTRUCTOR                                              23831.94
STRATTONZ, DAVID H              PROFESSOR                                               26621.82
STRATTONZ, NICOLE KATHLEEN      BASKETBALL ASSISTANT                                        7500
STRATTONZ, ROBIN G              COORDINATOR                                             46413.12
STRATTONZ, SCOTT D              INSTRUCTOR                                                 33300
STRAUSZ, DEREK ALLEN            SERVICE WORKER I                                           353.8
STREAMASZ, JOHN                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68823.74
STREETERZ, PATRICIA             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         27288.43
STREETSZ, HEATHER E             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        85571
STRENGEZ, LISA J                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      34663.1
STRENGEZ, ROBERT L              ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      59692.56
STREUBELZ, JASON DALE           ASSOCIATE IN                                            35152.08
STREVAZ, GREGORY MARTIN         MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                   56616
STRIDZ, KYLE                    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           30480
STRIECKZ, KIM AL                CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE PRO                        56697.72
STRIEPERZ, DERRICK OMAR         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    3831.75
STRODEZ, ANNE D                 ASSOCIATE IN                                            71795.96
STRODE-CASTORZ, CONNIE L        INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            40524
STROMBERGERZ, LANA M            PRECEPTOR I                                                  465
STROMERSONZ, STEVEN BRENT       SERVICE WORKER I                                         3747.75
STRONGZ, KAREY T                FINANCE/BUDGET COORDINATOR                               45292.8
STRONGZ, MARGARET               LECTURER II                                               3966.6
STRONGZ, MELISSA DAWN           COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                                43827
STRONGZ, PATRICK D              CUSTODIAN 1                                                28676
STROUPZ, AARON MIKAEL           SERVICE WORKER II                                         3352.5
STRUCKMEYERZ, K A               EXECUTIVE SECRETARY-UNIV SENATE                         72230.76
STRUMZ, DANIEL MICHAEL          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1250
STRUNKZ, JOY MARIE              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                       43080
STUBBSZ, KIRSTEN P              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1078.72
STUBBSZ, TAMI LASHAW            ASSOCIATE IN                                            31576.87
STUCKELZ, EARL A                SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                     1260
STUCKEYZ, MELISSA ANNE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      929.82
STUCKIZ, JASON                  INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                            63600
STUCKYZ, MARY ANNE              SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       72512.06
STUITZ, ERIK                    SERVICE WORKER I                                             900
STUITZ, LORRIE A                SERVICE WORKER I                                             950
STULLZ, JEREMY DANIEL           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2283.41
STULLZ, REBECCA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     13892.51
STURDYZ, TODD A                 FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                        152500
STURGEONZ, JOHN QUINTON         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      6296
STURGEONZ, NOEL A               PROFESSOR                                               62265.93
STURGILLZ, JOEL A               WEB COORDINATOR                                         45016.56
STURKOZ, MICHAEL MATTHEW        DIRECTOR                                                86077.68
STURKOZ, PATRICIA A             ASSOCIATE DEAN                                           95622.2
STURMANZ, CHRISTINA             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      11328.4
STUTHZ, NICHOLAS ALEXANDER      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4956.67
STUTLERZ, ANNA E                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   1758.75
STUTZZ, SAMANTHA SARA           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1675.08
STYERZ, LEILA MARIE             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           50568
STYRNAZ, JACQUELYN              PRECEPTOR II                                            13162.38
SUZ, YONGCHUN                   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         26060.54
SUAREZZ, PAUL C                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     572.4
SUBRAMANIANZ, ANAND             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         21145.92
SUDERMANZ, BETHANY LEIGH        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5006.4
SUDERMANNZ, HANNELORE           MAGAZINE EDITOR                                          65000.4
SUDIKATUSZ, GEORGE H            ADJUNCT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (P)                            18000
SUGGZ, FONA LEE                 PRECEPTOR II                                               737.5
SUHADOLNIKZ, STEPHANIE IVA      SERVICE WORKER I                                            4645
SULAKOVAZ, JANA                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            35700
SULLIVANZ, CAMILLE              EXTENSION COORDINATOR SENIOR                               47580
SULLIVANZ, DEBRA L              ENERGY PROJECT ANALYST                                  43987.86
SULLIVANZ, GINGER M             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    3881.25
SULLIVANZ, JULIE A              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      15849
SULLIVANZ, KAITLIN K            SERVICE WORKER I                                         4184.28
SUMMERSZ, DARCY D               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2302.5
SUMMERSZ, TREVER J              PRECEPTOR I                                                  600
SUMNERZ, MAGDALENE V            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      3488.3
SUNZ, HONG                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      5400
SUNZ, KEHAN                     PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    5606.4
SUNZ, LILI                      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3750
SUNZ, QIFEI                     POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          1458.33
SUNZ, RAYMOND C                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR CHAIR                                72518.2
SUNZ, WEI                       POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         30631.97
SUNZ, YAN                       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1516.8
SUNZ, YONGSHENG                 LECTURER                                                    3000
SUNDZ, JIM                      PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
SUNDLIEZ, RYAN                  INSTRUCTOR                                              27074.72
SUNDVIKZ, KENNETH EUGENE        PRINTING STOCKROOM WORKER                                  47016
SURESHZ, RUPASREE               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     3003.8
SURMEYERZ, MICHAEL FRANCIS      LECTURER                                                   14406
SUTERZ, CASEY RYAN              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     1525.2
SUTHERLANDZ, MICHELLE LYNN      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      567.5
SUTHERLANDZ, STEPHANI           ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                    21010.03
SUTTENZ, ERIC LYNN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       7200
SUTTONZ, KATHYRN F              STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             37999.92
SUTTONZ, MATTHEW A              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     57750.12
SUTTONZ, MONTE LYNN             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        64740.12
SUTTONZ, TAUREAN C              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        58378.08
SUVERLYZ, NORMAN                EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-2                           34696.71
SVANCARAZ, RANDALL              INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         64418.51
SVARENZ, PAUL A                 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR COUNSELOR                             68648.4
SVINGENZ, ORLAN J               PROFESSOR                                               61708.63
SWAINZ, DEBORAH GAIL            SENIOR INSTRUCTOR                                       39525.98
SWAINZ, JOHN BENNETT            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                            54504
SWAINZ, LINDY DANIELLE-WOOD     RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      43958.53
SWALLINGZ, EILEEN D             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      23133.6
SWANZ, MICHAEL K                PROFESSOR                                              100996.24
SWANGERZ, ASHLEIGH RISTINE      CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     4862.75
SWANGERZ, MITCHELL ALLEN        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         9928
SWANGERZ, NANCY ANN             DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 126684.72
SWANGERZ, NATHAN                CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        2615
SWANGERZ, TANIA                 COORDINATOR                                             45580.32
SWANKZ, ALISSA                  PRECEPTOR II                                              2422.5
SWANNACKZ, RUSSELL DEAN         LECTURER II                                                 3300
SWANSONZ, BARRY G               REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     165248.22
SWANSONZ, CHAD A                ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                51901.26
SWANSONZ, COLLEEN M             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         51537.84
SWANSONZ, JUDY G                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    7353.1
SWANSONZ, KERRY                 MANAGER                                                    69335
SWANSONZ, MARK                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67644.36
SWANTZ, ANNE M                  LECTURER                                                    6003
SWAYZEZ, SHERRY M               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        35052.49
SWEARINGENZ, JODY L             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      4100
SWEENEYZ, ADAM                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      2747.7
SWEENEYZ, JOHN T                PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                             231666.76
SWEENEYZ, LARRY R               LECTURER                                                    3800
SWEENEYZ, LOUISE ANN            FACILITIES PROJECT OFFICER                              58072.45
SWEETZ, VAUGHN F                LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2                                 47016.24
SWENSONZ, GREGORY RAY           ASSISTANT BASEBALL COACH                                   96221
SWENSONZ, RAYMOND TAKASHI       LECTURER                                                    3300
SWENSONZ, SCOTT L               LECTURER                                                    9100
SWENSONZ, SHANDI SENEE          FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     32235.68
SWIFTZ, EARLYSE E               COORDINATOR                                              26582.4
SWIFTZ, LAURA OLIVIA            COORDINATOR                                              7336.07
SWINDELLZ, SAMANTHA             CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           104820.41
SWINNEYZ, CASEY DAWN            SERVICE WORKER I                                            3985
SYAMALADEVIZ, ROOPESH MOHANDAS  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  3526.56
SYKESZ, STACEY                  PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     24621.84
SYLVANUSZ, EVAN                 RESEARCH STUDY ASSISTANT                                 4551.31
SYLVESTERZ, STEVEN R            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      71161.6
SYMSZ, STEVEN                   UTILITY WORKER 2                                        35392.22
SYVERSONZ, LUKE W               PRECEPTOR I                                                  400
SZASZZ, CLAYLIA C               SERVICE WORKER I                                         6704.71
SZEMBERZ, MICHAEL IRVIN         SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                   504.45
SZENTIRMAIZ, EVA                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     90492.33
SZUMLASZ, PAUL RUSSEL           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                        53404.62
SZYMANSKIZ, ERIKA AMETHYST      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1920
T-MZ, THANIGAINATHAN            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    4288.8
TABATABAEIZ, SEYEDEH SAMANEH    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5127.2
TABATABAEI-MOGHADDAMZ, HODEIS   PRECEPTOR I                                                   20
TABORZ, JOSHUA H                LECTURER                                                   13605
TACHIERAZ, TRACY T              LECTURER II                                             30995.06
TAFFZ, SHARON A                 PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     53618.88
TAFFINZ, WHITNEY PAIGE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1028.02
TAFLINGERZ, RICHARD             CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            45438.26
TAIZ, MING-HUI                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     1860
TAILORZ, MAYUR MADHUSUDAN       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2012.5
TAISHIZ, PING                   ASSOCIATE IN                                            63005.72
TAKAMIZ, TOMOHIDE               ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                              5812.5
TAKIZAWAZ, TADASHI              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     13239
TALBOTZ, BRIAN                  REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                  48235.75
TALBOTZ, DANNY                  CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            70856.12
TALBOTZ, KATIE ELIZABETH        PRECEPTOR II                                              452.85
TALBOTTZ, CHRISTINE ELLEN       ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
TALBOTTZ, HEIDI R               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2237.98
TALCOTTZ, PATRICIA ANN          CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           110150.36
TALLETTZ, DANYA L               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1536
TALLEYZ, EARL R                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                     982.5
TALLEYZ, HARLAN A               ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     4200.03
TALLEYZ, RANDY R                ASSOCIATE IN                                            24265.78
TALUKDERZ, DIPONGKAR            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3600
TALVITIEZ, JULIE K              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            39943.89
TALVITIEZ, VALERIE K            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34276.41
TAMEZZ, MARGO                   SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      2939
TANZ, ALEXIS S                  FACULTY FELLOW                                         176504.88
TANZ, LI                        CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            80058.42
TANZ, QIUMIN                    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2000
TANZ, YUNBING                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     4800
TANAKAZ, LORRAINE               MICROBIOLOGIST 2                                           58656
TANGZ, JUMING                   SCIENTIST                                              204144.96
TANGZ, NGHIA TRONG              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2688
TANGZ, ZHONGWEI                 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          38188.8
TANGRENZ, GERALD                COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                          52736.16
TANHUECOZ, ALYSSA MICHELLE      CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       1197
TANIGOSHIZ, LYNELL K            SCIENTIST                                               89088.62
TANSUHAJZ, PATRIYA S            PROFESSOR                                              129118.55
TAPFERZ, CHRISTOPHER            ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                      68035.35
TAPIAZ, LOURDES                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      2090.2
TAPIOZ, DONALD                  AREA EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                                60972
TARAFDERZ, MOHAMMAD SOLAIMAN    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4500
TARASOFFZ, ADRIAN B             CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       2964
TARIQZ, REEM QAISARI            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3102.5
TARIQZ, SALMA QAISARI           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    300.91
TARLYNZ, NATHAN M               ASSOCIATE IN                                            37000.08
TARNAIZ, JOHN                   DIRECTOR ACAD ADMIN                                    105839.52
TARRZ, STEVEN CRAIG             LECTURER                                                   16000
TARTAKOVSKYZ, ALEXANDRE MIRON   LECTURER                                                    6000
TARUNZ, MARIANNE CUREG          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
TATEZ, CATHIE M                 LECTURER                                                    6600
TATEZ, ESTHER MATOS             FINANCE/BUDGET MANAGER                                  57197.76
TATEZ, HALEY JEAN               CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2623.86
TATEZ, MICHAEL J                VICE PRESIDENT                                            234000
TATEZ, TINA C                   SERVICE WORKER I                                            5105
TATTERSHALLZ, ROBERT B          DIRECTOR                                                83574.48
TATUMZ, TAMARA JAZMYN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      352.96
TAUGHERZ, COLLEEN M             PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       49772.06
TAVERA-DELGADOZ, VIRGINIA       ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                      52092.56
TAYENGWAZ, REUBEN               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  5232.64
TAYLORZ, BRANDEE L              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        870
TAYLORZ, BRUCE GRANT            CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                       49396.8
TAYLORZ, FRANCI LYNNE           STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                                39100
TAYLORZ, GINNY R                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
TAYLORZ, JAMES AARON            SERVICE WORKER I                                            1641
TAYLORZ, JAROD R                SERVICE WORKER I                                           91.68
TAYLORZ, JEAN MARIE             PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                44290.08
TAYLORZ, JOY TAKAKO             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1553
TAYLORZ, JUSTIN                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       22916.8
TAYLORZ, KATY C                 SERVICE WORKER III                                       3032.25
TAYLORZ, LAGENE F               PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                48017.28
TAYLORZ, LYNNE ELIZABETH        LECTURER II                                                 7732
TAYLORZ, MARIE A                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     44219.28
TAYLORZ, MELVIN HENRY           EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                        120420
TAYLORZ, MYKEL                  EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                95666.97
TAYLORZ, PETER J                SERVICE WORKER I                                          3424.5
TAYLORZ, SANDRA D               ASSOCIATE IN                                            12681.82
TAYLORZ, SEAN M                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           32184
TAYLORZ, STEVEN C               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           54064
TAYLORZ, STEWART CLAY           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3200
TAYLORZ, SUSAN L                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      5225
TAYLORZ, TIM L                  INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         70946.88
TAYLORZ, TIMOTHY N              SERVICE WORKER I                                         3612.38
TAYLOR-AMENDZ, TINA             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                    10920.63
TEAREZ, STEVE M                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       3600
TEBBZ, ERIN NICOLE              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4845
TEBOWZ, ALANA J                 COORDINATOR                                                 6750
TECCAZ, JEFFREY A               SERVICE WORKER III                                         13513
TEDESCHIZ, EMILIO               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     7927.5
TEDRICKZ, LAURA ELIZABETH       RESEARCH INTERN                                         14659.09
TEEARSZ, MATTHEW ROBERT         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1543.29
TEEGARDENZ, KATHLEEN S          EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                      32930
TEELZ, AMY L                    ASSOCIATE RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               14754
TEFFTZ, ASHLEY MICHELLE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       5408
TEFFTZ, KRISTOPHER JAMES        SERVICE WORKER II                                         315.33
TEGEDERZ, MECHTHILD             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     96405.98
TEIGENZ, TINA MARIE             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          31351
TEISBERGZ, JUSTIN EVERETTE      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5553.9
TEITZELZ, CHARLENE ADAMS        ASSOCIATE                                               62399.04
TEITZELZ, GREGORY PAUL          TRUCK DRIVER 1                                             35928
TEKLEMICHAELZ, SAMUEL TESFAI    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5387.2
TELEP-MANCLARKZ, DONNA MARIE    LECTURER                                                 4500.01
TEMPLEZ, CHEY A                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     5947.5
TENNANTZ, ERIC S                FLOORLAYER                                              44214.31
TENNANTZ, WANDA SUE             COORDINATOR                                             44069.28
TENNEKOONZ, VIDHURA SBW         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     3035.2
TENNEYZ, NATHAN DOUGLAS         LECTURER                                                    3500
TENNICANZ, PATRICK O            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      4290
TERAVESTZ, DANIEL GERALD        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4445.28
TEREFENKOZ, LISA MARIA          APPLICATION SYSTEMS ANALYST/DEVE                        71254.42
TERHAARZ, AMBER ROSE            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1174.25
TERRIFFZ, COLLEEN MARIE         CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            94127.52
TERRYZ, JULIANNE E              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3022.51
TERRYZ, WANDA ANN               CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       6132
TESCHZ, BRIAN CHRISTOPHER       SERVICE WORKER II                                         2360.3
TETEAKZ, KYLE TIMOTHY           SERVICE WORKER I                                             400
TEUNESSENZ, BETTY               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                      9253
TEVEZZ, ZAIDY THAIMY            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2124.06
TEXTERZ, SALLY M                ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT                               115000.08
THADENZ, LYSSA LUISE            PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        140
THARPZ, DAVID EDWARD            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        700
THAYERZ, JULIE R                PLANT TECHNICIAN 2                                         38556
THEODORSONZ, JUDITH ANN         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58352.04
THERRIENZ, JEANNE P             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      13482.08
THIERSZ, PAUL                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61947.23
THIESSENZ, DAVID BRIAN          ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            55050.14
THIGPENZ, JENNIFER              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55502.79
THISTLEZ, KATHLEEN L            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                              48600.56
THOMAZ, PAMELA                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54035.82
THOMASZ, ANDREW ROBERT          LECTURER II                                                26117
THOMASZ, BARBARA N              LECTURER                                                    6600
THOMASZ, CHRISTOPHER BRIAN      SKILLED TRADES WORKER I                                  6393.75
THOMASZ, HELEN                  LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           36126
THOMASZ, JANE                   EXTENSION MANAGER                                        26126.4
THOMASZ, JEFFREY J              SERVICE WORKER I                                           131.1
THOMASZ, JOANN L                PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIAL                        52336.37
THOMASZ, MARGARET               STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALIST                             26823.48
THOMASZ, MARGARET FRANCES       PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2250
THOMASZ, RHIANNON CLARE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5337.48
THOMASZ, SHERRIE LEE            LECTURER                                                    6250
THOMASZ, TRACEY J               PRECEPTOR I                                              1209.38
THOMLEZ, LAURA NICOLE           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       29576.08
THOMOVSKYZ, STEPHANIE           CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            31229.64
THOMPSONZ, ALETA M              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   68575.5
THOMPSONZ, ALISON LOUISE        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                  4803.71
THOMPSONZ, ANTHONY MICHAEL      PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    9492.38
THOMPSONZ, BRAD C               SERVICE WORKER I                                          1703.4
THOMPSONZ, BRETT LEE            SERVICE WORKER I                                         1365.64
THOMPSONZ, BRETT M              SERVICE WORKER I                                            4715
THOMPSONZ, BRUCE B              DIRECTOR                                               106211.46
THOMPSONZ, DONNA RAE            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
THOMPSONZ, HELEN L              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              22601.04
THOMPSONZ, HOLLY N              PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      10560
THOMPSONZ, JACQUELINE TOKIKO    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   3105.42
THOMPSONZ, JAMES                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56555.19
THOMPSONZ, JAMES BRADLEY        SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY MANAGER                           63419.76
THOMPSONZ, JAMES I              HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                27014.65
THOMPSONZ, JAMES SCOTT          AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC                                      38231.9
THOMPSONZ, JOANN A              PROFESSOR                                              132029.66
THOMPSONZ, JOHN H               INFORMATION SYSTEMS INFRASTRUCTU                         64749.6
THOMPSONZ, JOY N                CONFERENCE MANAGER                                      43046.08
THOMPSONZ, LINDA M              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                     45991.2
THOMPSONZ, MELISSA A            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  15000.01
THOMPSONZ, PAM ANN              VETERINARY SPECIALIST 3                                 49368.12
THOMPSONZ, SARA D               TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS OPERATO                         8326.12
THOMPSONZ, SUSAN DIANE          FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
THOMPSONZ, SYLVIA A             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                         32419.2
THOMPSONZ, TINA J               PRECEPTOR II                                               13554
THOMS-PAGANOZ, ROBERT           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    8203.25
THOMSENZ, KEITH D               MANAGER                                                    81046
THOMSONZ, BRYAN W               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        110
THORENZ, GARY MICHAEL           FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATE MANAGER                             37230
THORGAARDZ, GARY H              DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR                                 125457.86
THORNBURGZ, ANDREA J            MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER                                31287.24
THORNBURGZ, STEVEN              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    147403.57
THORNEZ, AARON R                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           58440
THORNTONZ, CAREY ANN            PRECEPTOR II                                              3408.5
THORNTONZ, DIANA L              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     51832.32
THORNTONZ, JOHN MARK            CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           144646.56
THORNTONZ, JUSTIN LEE           SERVICE WORKER I                                          8079.8
THORNTONZ, SHELDON J            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                        2445
THORPEZ, RICHARD EDDY           BUSINESS ADVISOR                                        58308.86
THORSONZ, ERICA E               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     645.75
THORSTEN-MICKELSONZ, PATRICIA   MANAGER                                                 58000.08
THRASHERZ, TODD R               DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                          55514.08
THRESHERZ, ANGELA MARIE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2885.64
THROOPZ, JUDITH M               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       735
THUNSTROMZ, JAY ANDREW          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4299.93
THYGESONZ, CHELSEA JEEN         SERVICE WORKER I                                         5177.82
THYSELLZ, JEFFREY M             MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                   30692.08
TIBARYZ, AHMED                  PROFESSOR                                              119490.48
TIBBALSZ, LEEANN L              ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    20412.72
TICEZ, HEATHER                  SERVICE WORKER I                                           283.5
TICEZ, VINCENT ANDREW           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    653.25
TICHYZ, ROBERT JOSEPH           ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST                                     104164.8
TIERNANZ, MARK                  PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
TIETZZ, STEFANIE                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5335.2
TIGLIZ, ONUR                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        54000
TIJERINAZ, ADAN FARIAS          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      2400
TILLERYZ, MARGARET M            EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   41600.21
TILLMANZ, KARL                  STAFF SCIENTIST                                         80000.16
TILSONZ, PAULA RAE              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     192.38
TILTONZ, DONALD E               INSTRUCTOR                                              40001.28
TIMBERLAKEZ, JOHN               CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
TIMKEZ, KIM NIELSEN             PRECEPTOR I                                                  800
TIMMONSZ, JIM C                 LECTURER                                                 14075.1
TIMMONSZ, ROSEMARY ALISON       LECTURER                                                    3300
TINDERZ, GLORIA D               LECTURER                                                   10750
TINGSTADZ, EDWIN M              CONSULTANT                                              21000.16
TINNEYZ, HOPE B                 PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATION C                           47156
TINNEYZ, JAMES                  DIRECTOR                                                100534.4
TIPPETTZ, LINDSAY               SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT                                       42000
TIPTONZ, RORY WILLIAM           PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                           43056
TISHKENZ, JOEL                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57287.83
TISSOTZ, BRIAN                  PROFESSOR                                              112534.69
TITONEZ, JULIE                  PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS                         67999.92
TJADENZ, HEATH MARSHALL         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2992.5
TJOMSLANDZ, JAMES E             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48375.56
TOBINZ, DONALD R                CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE PRO                           54504
TODDZ, AARON MCCALL             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4447.9
TODDZ, BRIAN V                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             31536.32
TODDZ, RYAN P                   RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                        9527.8
TOERNEZ, BETH A                 FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40524.24
TOGIAIZ, JOHN THOMAS            SERVICE WORKER II                                         298.13
TOJO-SOLERZ, CECILIA M          RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      16333.36
TOLLEZ, TRACI SHANE             PLANT COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR                        55074.37
TOLLEFSBOLZ, ELIZABETH A        LECTURER II                                              12372.5
TOLMACHEVZ, SERGEI              ASSOCIATE RESEARCH PROFESSOR                             89382.6
TOLMACHEVAZ, MARINA             PROFESSOR                                               74695.14
TOLONIEZ, CHARLENE K            PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                          71663.76
TOMZ, HEATHER MARIE             PRECEPTOR I                                               1795.5
TOMERZ, JEANNE                  CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3505.24
TOMICHZ, LAURA M                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      4500
TOMKINSZ, MARIKA N              STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER                                47691.52
TOMPKINSZ, LINDSEY A            RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                          3000
TOMPKINSZ, MICHAEL R            TRUCK DRIVER 1                                             35928
TOMSINSKIZ, MICHAEL STEFAN      PRECEPTOR I                                              1267.43
TOMSOVICZ, STEVEN L             PROFESSOR CHAIR_(ACADEMIC)                              142454.3
TONGZ, GLORIA ELAINE            DIRECTOR                                                55890.48
TONGZ, MINGHAN                  ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            55000.08
TOOLSONZ, JACQUELIN LEE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                   15555.31
TOOLSONZ, RICHARD B             PROFESSOR                                              131816.32
TOPPINGZ, DANIEL                CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                           107947.04
TOPPINGZ, TRACI BETH            ASSOCIATE IN                                            48400.08
TORCASSOZ, REBEKAH LYNN         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                         90
TORGESONZ, DANA D               ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                                  50027.28
TORINAZ, TRAVIS KEVIN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                      840
TORKELSONZ, LAURI S             ACADEMIC COORDINATOR                                    43948.98
TORPEYZ, REBECCA O              CUSTODIAN 1                                             26672.77
TORRESZ, ABEL                   SERVICE WORKER I                                         2778.75
TORRESZ, MAYRA C                SERVICE WORKER I                                         2043.49
TORRESZ, RAWNIE GALE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       321
TORRESZ, SILVIA M               PRECEPTOR I                                               6416.8
TORRESZ, STEPHANIE MICHELLE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2137.5
TORREZZ, ERICA MONIQUE          PRECEPTOR I                                              4966.16
TOTHZ, ASHLEY JOY               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      30.25
TOTHZ, NICHOLAS ROSS            SERVICE WORKER I                                            76.5
TOTTENHOFFZ, BRIANNA LEE        CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     2608.48
TOUCHZ, SOCHEA                  SERVICE WORKER I                                          3309.7
TOULSONZ, KAWNI LYNETTE         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40394.82
TOURANDZ, YVONNE                ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            43500.28
TOUREZ, ABRAHAM                 SERVICE WORKER II                                         115.43
TOVARZ, NICOLE ANDREA           LECTURER II                                                  760
TOVERZ, STEVEN ERIC             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           27439
TOWNSENDZ, ADRIAN L             ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        32688
TOWNSENDZ, KRISTIN A            INSTRUCTOR                                              44752.84
TOWNSENDZ, RYAN PATRICK         INSTRUCTOR                                              64564.83
TOWNSENDZ, TAARON TROY          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    2078.14
TOWNSENDZ, TED N                ELECTRICIAN                                                48214
TOYODAZ, YOSHIMASA              ASSOCIATE                                               52693.43
TRACEYZ, REBECCA HAN            RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      26000.16
TRAGESSERZ, SARAH               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64525.23
TRAMELZ, MATTHEW                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                  13504.44
TRAMELZ, TEANA L                ASSISTANT COACH                                         28152.55
TRANZ, ANH PHU                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      9618
TRAPPZ, JENNIFER J              ASSOCIATE IN                                             31177.2
TRAYLORZ, JOTASHA               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2296.62
TREATZ, THOMAS L                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        729
TREICHZ, JESSICA NICOLE         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3580
TRETHEWYZ, ALEXANDER WILLIAM    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2000
TREVINOZ, HEATHER ANN           CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                    9389.74
TREVISANZ, DOMINIC A            CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      3767.5
TREVISANZ, FRANCES A            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      8160
TREVISANZ, MICHAEL STEVEN       ASSOCIATE DEAN                                         131613.19
TRIMBLEZ, JUNE ANN              SECRETARY SENIOR                                         44993.3
TRINIDAD-GONZALESZ, JOSE        SERVICE WORKER I                                              96
TRIPARDZ, GERALD E              PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                       728
TRIPPZ, THOMAS M                PROFESSOR                                              125049.02
TRNKAZ, KYLE EDWARD             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       6208
TROBRIDGEZ, GRANT               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55434.24
TROBRIDGEZ, PATRICIA A          ASSOCIATE IN                                             9333.36
TROCINOZ, ROXANNE LOUISA        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    4399.95
TROLLZ, NATHAN W                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        348
TRONSENZ, STEVEN D              SERVICE WORKER I                                          506.21
TROPPMANNZ, JOHN S              SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   7040.89
TROUTZ, JAMES MICHAEL           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5845.68
TROUTZ, KAREN MARIE             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3771
TROXELZ, CHARLOTTE MICHELE      LECTURER II                                                 1400
TROYZ, CAROLINE NILSSON         DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SENIOR                            116773.82
TRUJILLOZ, HORACIO R            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      5600
TRUJILLO-SILVESTREZ, FRANCISCO  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3870
TSAIZ, YI-CHIEN                 SERVICE WORKER I                                          506.07
TSATSOMEROSZ, MICHAEL           PROFESSOR                                               69685.92
TSCHIRGIZ, JOSH WARREN          PRECEPTOR I                                                 5005
TSENGZ, HAN-YUN                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       3630
TSUJIZ, YOSUKE                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                       262.63
TSURUSAKIZ, BLAKELY             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      31111.2
TUALIMAZ, IOANE MOSE            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4293
TUCKERZ, CASEY LAWRENCE         PRECEPTOR I                                                  475
TUCKERZ, MELISSA DAWN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   2331.4
TUCKERZ, RUSSELL L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     125278.9
TUERXUNJIANGZ, ABULIKEMU        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    5127.2
TUMLINSONZ, RYAN WILLIAM        SERVICE WORKER I                                         3309.75
TUNCELZ, AYTUG                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5335.2
TURBAZ, TIMOTHY FREDRICK        PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    2206.72
TURIZ, STEVEN ALEXANDER         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       2765
TURKOVSKYZ, LAURI K             MANAGER                                                    54078
TURNBOWZ, LAEL E                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          17130
TURNBULLZ, CHRISTOPHER D        SERVICE WORKER I                                          361.58
TURNBULLZ, DAVID RAY            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56534.98
TURNBULLZ, ERICA L              SERVICE WORKER I                                            3135
TURNBULLZ, MARSHA C             STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER 2 COUNSE                        52339.68
TURNEAUREZ, STEFAN J            STAFF SCIENTIST                                          69547.8
TURNERZ, ANDREW L               DIRECTOR/PROFESSOR                                      64470.72
TURNERZ, GARY D                 PROGRAM SPECIALIST 3                                       44181
TURNERZ, GLENN W                RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      33000.02
TURNERZ, JEREMY                 SERVICE WORKER I                                         1950.51
TURNERZ, JOHN A                 INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          4678.23
TURNERZ, JUDITH A               MID-LEVEL PRACTITIONER                                     63999
TURNERZ, LORI F                 PRECEPTOR II                                              1087.5
TURNERZ, NATALIE                PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       55327.63
TURNERZ, SAMUEL FISHER          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      12550
TURNERZ, TERRY R                SERVICE WORKER I                                         5132.55
TURNERZ, WILLIAM                MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                   64740
TURNERZ, WILLIAM J              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      15633.9
TURNER-RAHMANZ, I               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                        52725.69
TURPINZ, JOHN C                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     90666.72
TURTLEZ, HARRY JOHN             PROFESSOR                                              192368.92
TWEITZ, SANDRA J                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38556.24
TWILLIGEARZ, THOMAS             MAIL PROCESSING - DRIVER LEAD                              37620
TWITCHELLZ, KENNETH WALTER      HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                   43760
TWITTYZ, ALYSSA NICOLE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                     2385.1
TYNANZ, KYLE E                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4675.96
UBERUAGAZ, DAVID                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     6705
UBIERNA-LOPEZZ, NEREA           POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         35999.99
UCHENDUZ, NJANSI UMA            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           50568
UDYZ, JULIE ANN                 SERVICE WORKER III                                       2891.64
UDYZ, LEO A                     DIRECTOR                                                 76792.8
UECHIZ, TATSUYA                 SERVICE WORKER I                                          494.79
UELEZ, LILIAN NIEDO             CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                     1771.58
UHLEZ, TERESA A                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIA                        41628.37
ULIBARRIZ, CATHERINE MARY       ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66794.49
ULKZ, MARGOT SABRINA            PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                   1787.25
ULLMANZ, JEFFREY                ASSISTANT SCIENTIST                                    105471.62
ULLRICHZ, MARY HOPE             INSTRUCTOR                                              27485.89
ULLRICHZ, STEVEN E              SCIENTIST                                                98998.8
ULLRICH-FRENCHZ, S              CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               57000
UMZ, WOOYONG                    LECTURER                                                    2200
UMESHZ, UCHILA N                PROFESSOR                                               132628.2
UNDAZ, STEFANY                  STUDENT AFFAIRS ADVISOR/COUNSELO                        40716.24
UNDAZ, VICTOR P                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    3581.5
UNGERZ, JENESA LEA              PRECEPTOR I                                              7322.53
UNGERZ, RACHEL                  TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   767.36
UNGERERZ, DAVID L               FOOTBALL ASSISTANT                                      97662.06
UNVERFERTHZ, JOHN EDWARD        TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4248
URBANZ, ERIC CRAIG              PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          48223.34
URSUAZ, JANET ALEXANDRA         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       119.7
UTTERZ, AMY LOUISE              LECTURER II                                              1525.65
UYESUGIZ, MELISSA               ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    51471.82
VAANDERINGZ, HENRY I            ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     2959.24
VADYVALOOZ, VIVEKA              ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            72495.46
VAILZ, CRYSTAL MARIE            EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPECIALI                         43228.4
VAILZ, SEAN RICHARD             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGI                           38252
VAKOCHZ, DANIEL LEE             INFORMATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR                         46276.22
VALACICHZ, JOSEPH S             PROFESSOR                                               301461.4
VALDEZZ, DELIA A                LECTURER II                                                 2210
VALDEZZ, NICOLE DELL            ANESTHESIOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                             46544.92
VALDEZZ, SOPHIE                 FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     45726.32
VALENCIAZ, VICTOR               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                          5104.18
VALENTEZ, EDWARD JOSEPH         ADJUNCT FACULTY PAID                                     9600.06
VALENTERZ, LYNN V               VICE CHANCELLOR                                        158997.15
VALENTINEZ, SHAY WELLS          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     3252.5
VALGENTIZ, VICTOR CRAIG         TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                   3033.6
VALLEYZ, BRYAN R                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                           52503
VAN-ENGELENZ, BREANNA L-E       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2000
VANALLENZ, BONNIE TERESA        CUSTODIAN 1                                              28775.2
VANALLENZ, DENNIS J             CONTROL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                  53555.2
VANANROOYZ, LORETTA L           PRECEPTOR I                                             13268.02
VANAUSDLEZ, EDGAR WYNN          PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                     24330
VANAUSDLEZ, GLORIA              PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     48076.08
VANAUSDLEZ, SHANNON             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     32779.71
VANBLARICOMZ, JIMI              MANAGER                                                    40800
VANBURENZ, HEIDI NICOLE         SERVICE WORKER I                                         1826.85
VANCEZ, JOAN                    COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           43495.42
VANCILZ, ABBIE LYN              TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      2915
VANDELINDERZ, LINDSAY MARIE     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    2042.69
VANDER-SCHALIEZ, J              ASSOCIATE                                               19421.75
VANDERHOFFZ, KRYSTINA L         VETERINARY SPECIALIST 2                                 38777.64
VANDERHOUWENZ, JOHN T           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      7080
VANDERHOUWENZ, KANDACE A        SERVICE WORKER II                                        1845.16
VANDERMAUSEZ, ROXANNE           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     78931.06
VANDERSCHOORZ, JULI NICOLE      LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                   2809.4
VANDERVLIETZ, ANN M             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                    15040
VANDERWALLZ, DUNCAN R           ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                   57240
VANDERWEYZ, SCOTT A             EXTENSION SPECIALIST E-2                                   62640
VANDERZANDENZ, JAMES            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
VANDEVORDZ, H D                 WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 3                                       37620
VANDEVORDZ, R S                 INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN COORDINATOR                        50800.08
VANDLINGZ, ERIKA ROSE           SERVICE WORKER II                                         618.17
VANDONGENZ, HANS                RESEARCH PROFESSOR                                     199631.26
VANDONGENZ, JUDITH              MARKETING/PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR                        39528.96
VANDYKEZ, BENJAMIN R            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5286
VANDYKEZ, HEATHER ANNETTE       TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      5286
VANDYKEZ, TAMMY                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
VANDYKENZ, CRYSTAL M            TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    4238.66
VANERPZ, HENRICUS               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                         32960.16
VANGEMERTZ, FREDDI L            INSTRUCTOR                                              45588.42
VANGLUBTZ, RACHAEL L            SERVICE WORKER I                                          106.88
VANHARNZ, CHRISTINE             STAGE TECHNICIAN 1                                      39120.18
VANHORNZ, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT    RESEARCH INTERN                                          12025.5
VANHORNZ, PHYLLIS M             PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        776
VANHORNZ, SHANNON MARIE         LECTURER                                                    2000
VANKEURENZ, ROSALINE E          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      15599.47
VANLANENZ, AMANDA LEE           INSTRUCTOR                                              13670.84
VANMULLEMZ, PETER W             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   5143.22
VANNEMANZ, BRAD                 PRECEPTOR I                                                  200
VANNULANDZ, JANET L             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                         39134.48
VANNURDENZ, BAILEY M            SERVICE WORKER I                                         3759.09
VANPROYENZ, ANNA M              PRECEPTOR I                                                 1650
VANREKENZ, TIMOTHY              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    100175.81
VANSCYOCZ, ANNIE                PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT                                     45077.76
VANSONZ, CATHERINE              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     80419.63
VANTASSELLZ, LARRY              ADJUNCT PROFESSOR (P)                                      10000
VANTUYLZ, ALEX FORREST          SERVICE WORKER I                                          1378.9
VANVELSORZ, AVA                 PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    5250.96
VANVELSORZ, WILLLIAM            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT                          27829.5
VANVLEETZ, STEPHEN M            COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-2                           52149.42
VANWERTZ, STEPHENIE D           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    6641.25
VANWIEZ, BERNARD J              PROFESSOR                                              125494.64
VANWIEZ, JOSHUA B               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                        470
VANWIERINGENZ, LYNN             PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                    329.28
VANWORMERZ, JACQUELINE GAY      LECTURER                                                    9600
VANWYHEZ, HENRY P               SERVICE WORKER II                                          674.5
VARANASIZ, VIJAYA               RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      33592.08
VAREYZ, DANIEL B                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48158.17
VARGASZ, CHRISTINA MARIE        SERVICE WORKER I                                          196.65
VARGASZ, JOSE L                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPROFESSIO                           33468
VARNERZ, PAUL JOSEPH            SERVICE WORKER I                                           36.77
VARNUMZ, MICHAEL                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        99300
VARRELLAZ, GARY FRANK           COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATOR E-3                           70134.76
VASAVADAZ, ANITA N              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     89165.68
VASILEZ, TINA D                 RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                    36756
VASQUEZZ, SARAH M               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      1715
VASSARZ, DAMON L                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIS                         74210.4
VASSARZ, DARBY                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
VAUGHANZ, BURTON E              LECTURER II                                                 9900
VAUGHANZ, JOSEPH K              ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                            54208.56
VAUGHNZ, CORINNE                PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                                17866.64
VAUGHNZ, MICHELLE DARLYNE       SERVICE WORKER I                                            5073
VAUXZ, DANA ELIZABETH           PRECEPTOR I                                                 1036
VEERAVALLIMURALIZ, SRIVIDHYA    SERVICE WORKER I                                         2178.22
VEGAZ, SILVIA CRISTAL           PRECEPTOR I                                               644.39
VEHRSZ, LYNNETTE K              INSTRUCTOR                                              43388.55
VEIENZ, TOR                     STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                   24814.24
VELAZ, VANESSA N                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     595.48
VELASCOZ, HILDEGARDE A          CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                       273.6
VELASCOZ, HILDEGARDO HERNANDEZ  RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      37505.69
VELIZZ, BECKY ANNE              MANAGER                                                  54211.2
VELIZZ, VALENTIN                SERVICE WORKER III                                        1130.5
VENKATASUBRAMANIANZ, VAITHIANATHPROFESSOR                                              173680.56
VERCAMERZ, SULEV REIN           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                    1701.04
VERDUCCIZ, SARAH MARIE          PRECEPTOR I                                               1336.5
VERDUZCOZ, OSCAR                MANAGER                                                 50000.16
VERDUZCOZ, VICTORIA             MANAGER                                                 49046.08
VERHEIZ, AARON TODD             SERVICE WORKER III                                        141.45
VERHEYZ, STEVEN D               PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      7440
VERHOVEKZ, GORDIE HOWE          CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                    5312.5
VERMAZ, SEEMA                   ASSISTANT RESEARCH PROFESSOR                               48996
VERMAZ, SUJEET                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       4940
VERMEERZ, JAMES ROBERT          SERVICE WORKER I                                          3817.3
VERRELLZ, PAUL ADAM             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73849.32
VERVOORTZ, JEFFREY D            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     103440.2
VERVOORTZ, TYSON                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   1940.25
VESHZ, MATTHEW                  EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                    4774.55
VESNESKEZ, STACI S              SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      3000
VETTERZ, PAMELA M               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31487.86
VETTERZ, SUSAN M                PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                    8368.53
VIAZ, MARCIA R                  MANAGER                                                 38004.29
VICARIZ, MARILEE S              PRECEPTOR I                                               1813.5
VICKERSZ, LISA ANN              INSTRUCTOR                                              22142.61
VIDALZ, MARYA E                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1265.25
VIEBROCKZ, MARGARET             EXTENSION COUNTY DIRECTOR E-4                           83868.88
VIERCKZ, JANET LU               ASSOCIATE IN                                            53064.12
VIESONZ, MIRANDA DIANE          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                       500
VIEYRAZ, JENNIE S               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       9144
VIFIANZ, BEVERLY                PROFESSIONAL WORKER II                                      8865
VIGILZ, CANDELARIO              SERVICE WORKER I                                            8340
VIKZ, SCOTT D                   PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                           66386.5
VIKZ, TAMI K                    PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       20502.36
VILAZ, BRYAN                    PROFESSOR                                              126828.57
VILARDIZ, GAIL LYNN             PRECEPTOR I                                              2550.04
VILLAZ, RICHARD J               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                    45828
VILLAZ, TREVOR                  SERVICE WORKER I                                            1905
VILLAMORZ, DAN-EDWARD VELOSO    PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     4550.4
VILLAMORZ, REMEDIOS RIVERA      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT III                                     3840
VILLANEAZ, FERNANDO ALBERTO     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                      451.5
VILLANUEVAZ, SONIA              PRECEPTOR I                                              6670.38
VILLANUEVAZ, VICTOR             REGENTS' PROFESSOR                                     148484.98
VILLEGASZ, GINA                 SERVICE WORKER I                                           822.8
VINCENTZ, ELAINE L              DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    85540.08
VINCENTZ, KIMBERLY M            CLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            59785.94
VINCHESIZ, AMBER CHRISTINE      TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      7560
VINESZ, KATE R                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33651.14
VIRGINZ, KAREN ANN              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      31368.25
VISKERZ, KARI M                 TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                     763.75
VIXIEZ, KEVIN                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     94444.46
VLECKZ, JANICE SANDRA           PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       1725
VLECKZ, JOHN M                  DIRECTOR MARKETING AND COMMUNICA                        73602.42
VOGELZ, JARED                   TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
VOGELZ, KELSEY LYNN             CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                       170
VOGELERZ, KATHLEEN A            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSULT                        64290.24
VOGTZ, MEGAN SYMONS             LECTURER II                                               9973.3
VOGTZ, NICOLE M                 PRECEPTOR I                                                 6756
VOGTMANZ, SUSAN M               PLANT TECHNICIAN 3                                      43572.24
VOISARDZ, STEPHANIE LEE         PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                        500
VOLANDZ, HOWARD M               PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                       2436
VOLKZ, LINDY S                  COORDINATOR                                             42611.22
VOMACKAZ, PHYLLIS K             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
VON-REISZ, JENNIFER             TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      1813
VON-SAUERZ, NORMINA I           TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                   4453.89
VONGZ, SINETH                   CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                      234.7
VONHOFZ, BRADLEY E              CLERICAL ASSISTANT II                                       1300
VONSEGGERNZ, KAREN L            LECTURER (NON-ACADEMIC)                                     7021
VONSEGGERNZ, M K                LIBRARIAN 4                                             71270.52
VONWETTSTEINZ, DIETRICH HOLGER  PROFESSOR                                               55107.36
VOOZ, SIAU SIE                  PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                     5606.4
VORDERSTRASSEZ, BETH A          CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                            67000.08
VOREZ, KIMBERLY G               MANAGER                                                 53495.16
VORHISZ, DANIEL J               SERVICE WORKER I                                            2280
VOROUSZ, GREGORY PAUL           EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 4                                     51864
VOTHZ, CHRISTOPHER RAY          TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                    1037.5
VREELANDZ, KENNETH R            SPECIAL ASSISTANT                                      104625.36
VUZ, VANESSA CHRISTINE          EXTENSION COORDINATOR                                   28866.65
VUEZ, MAYS HOUA                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      21250.08
VUEZ, YER                       PROFESSIONAL WORKER I                                      10506
VULCANZ, MEGAN ELIZABETH        INSTRUCTOR                                              10903.95
VUONGZ, BELINDA W               TECHNICAL ASSISTANT II                                      3000
VYHNANEKZ, KAY E                LIBRARIAN 3                                             65416.08
VYHNANEKZ, LOUIS A              LIBRARIAN 4                                             67115.76
WACKZ, COLLEEN L                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   1653.75
WACKZ, MARY FRANCES             VICE PROVOST AND DEAN                                  161275.16
WADEZ, BRIANNE M                SERVICE WORKER I                                         1533.52
WADEZ, KENNETH B                LECTURER                                                12600.03
WADEZ, MICHAEL O                TECHNICAL ASSISTANT I                                       4000
WADEZ, OTHENE H                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            10600
WADLEIGHZ, PAUL MARK            INSTRUCTOR                                              54904.96
WAELTIZ, LENORA MARIE           LECTURER II                                                  834
WAGARZ, AMANDA MICHELLE         CLERICAL ASSISTANT I                                      782.47