This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Walla Walla Community College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 757 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 739 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 714 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 444 employees) (2003, 531 employees) (2001, 525 employees) (1999, 478 employees) (1997, 460 employees) (1995, 461 employees)

Walla Walla Community College is one of 34 community and technical colleges in the state. It was founded in 1967 and serves approximately 4,300 students annually. The College’s district covers Walla Walla, Garfield and Asotin counties and includes a branch campus in Clarkston. The College operates on an annual operating budget of approximately $20 million and employs a full-time staff of 295 and a part-time staff of 1,000 employees. A five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of College operations. Steven L. VanAusdle, Ph.D. has served as the College’s President since 1984.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Walla Walla Community College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ACOSTAZ, GABRIEL E              FACULTY                                                  2636.25
ADAMSZ, JEFFREY B               FACULTY                                                    57700
ADAMSZ, JUSTIN ADAMS            FACULTY                                                     2775
ADAMSZ, MICHAEL D               FACULTY                                                  52342.9
ADAMSKIZ, JAMES L               FACULTY                                                 17173.76
ADAMSKIZ, KATHLEEN MARTIN       FACULTY                                                 60406.27
AKMALZ, KARIN M                 FACULTY                                                     5808
AL-HASSANZ, HAWA M              FACULTY                                                 17845.55
ALAS NUFIOZ, JACKIE LEE         EDU PLANNING/TRANS SPEC                                    14625
ANDERSONZ, BRAD L               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    58656
ANDERSONZ, BRENDA A             FACULTY                                                 55843.12
ANDERSONZ, JAMES L              CAMPUS CAFE/CATERNG SUPR                                   37650
ANDERSONZ, JOYCE                FACULTY                                                 11101.54
ANDERSONZ, MICHAEL JOHN         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48782.21
ANDERSONZ, ROY A                FACULTY                                                      160
ANDREWSZ, LINDA M               FACULTY                                                    52900
ANGELLZ, ALECIA C               BOOKSTORE MANAGER                                       21580.03
ANGUSZ, CLAUDIA LYNNE           FACULTY                                                    68893
ANHORNZ, GERALD J               FACULTY                                                 65285.95
ANTHONYZ, LINDA S               FACULTY                                                     8325
ANTHONYZ, LYNN E                FACULTY                                                 52754.29
ARCHERZ, WANDA K                FACULTY                                                    187.5
ARLINGTONZ, DWIGHT MITCHELL     FACULTY                                                 12168.02
ARLINGTONZ, JEFFREY H           FACULTY                                                  61495.4
ASHZ, CHARLOTTE M               FACULTY                                                 17713.76
ASHZ, LELAND A                  FACULTY                                                     2775
AULTZ, TIM W                    FACULTY                                                 28740.98
AVERYZ, JOHN M                  FACULTY                                                 17533.76
AYCOCKZ, SHIRLEY M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      35683.5
BAHENAZ, YAZMIN S               EDU TALENT SEARCH ADVISOR                               10909.12
BAILEYZ, DAVID D                FACULTY                                                 62233.67
BAKERZ, FORREST R               ASST DIRECTORZ,TECH SERVICE                                65000
BANKSZ, EMILY S                 INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                  45828
BARBAZ, SCOTT A                 FACULTY                                                   8518.2
BARCELOZ, FRANK                 FACULTY                                                   1548.8
BARILAZ, THERESA Y              COMMUNITY NETWORK COORD                                 58665.69
BARKERZ, SAM E                  FACULTY                                                  38558.2
BARKLZ, JESSICA D               FACULTY                                                 65250.92
BARRYZ, CHRISTINA MARIE         FACULTY                                                   6081.3
BARTONZ, ROBERT T               ATH FUNDRSR INTR/RODEO C                                   40000
BECHTELZ, JENNIFER R            FACULTY                                                  6248.73
BECKZ, PETER W                  FACULTY                                                  2218.13
BECKERZ, PATRICIA K             FACULTY                                                 56518.08
BECKERZ, ROBERT L               FACULTY                                                 69587.75
BELLMOREZ, GAIL A               HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                  42363
BENEFIELZ, GARY R               FACULTY                                                  57357.8
BENNETTZ, CAROL A               STU SERVICES/CLKSZ, COORD                                  58050
BERGERZ, ROBERT L               FACULTY                                                     1554
BERGSTROMZ, MARIBETH C          FACULTY                                                 17866.16
BERTRAN-ALVARADOZ, FERNANDO     CUSTODIAN 3                                              35617.2
BIAGIZ, DANIEL W                FACULTY                                                 69573.69
BILLINGSLEYZ, SHIRLEY P         FACULTY                                                    18759
BINNEYZ, SUSAN L                IBEST TRANSITIONS SPEC                                  34289.37
BIRELEYZ, RICHARD M             DIR WATER/ENVIRON CENTER                                46726.72
BLACKMANZ, LORNE D              FACULTY                                                      111
BLANCZ, JEFFREY G               FACULTY                                                     2781
BLASEYZ, BARBARA L              FACULTY                                                    41674
BLOOMZ, CHERYL L                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       32522.88
BOATMANZ, JACQUELINE R          FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     34260.24
BODNARZ, CHAD A                 WMNS/MNS SOC COACH/HEAD                                    54890
BOETTCHERZ, MIKE R              FACULTY                                                   3016.5
BOONEZ, GARY L                  PROCURE & SUPPLY SPEC 2                                  48535.9
BOONEZ, JOHN D                  FACULTY                                                 61880.88
BOOSEZ, JOHN A                  FACULTY                                                    253.5
BOUCHERZ, MAREN J               FACULTY                                                   7132.5
BOUTZZ, TIMOTHY PATRICK         FACULTY                                                 13378.78
BOWENZ, SAMANTHA K              PRJ MGRZ,WW ERLY LERN COAL                               47583.9
BOWERZ, JAMES C                 FACULTY                                                 57354.24
BOXZ, WILLIAM H                 FACULTY                                                   915.75
BOYDZ, PAUL G                   FACULTY                                                 54389.63
BOYDZ, WENDY MARGARET           FACULTY                                                     2303
BOYDENZ, JENNIFER C             FACULTY                                                 48721.66
BRADSHAW JRZ, JAMES RAY         DIRZ,ENERGY SYSTEM PROG                                 22672.69
BRASHEARZ, BECKY A              FACULTY                                                   549.25
BRAYZ, JANICE F                 FACULTY                                                  1975.75
BRENNANZ, JACK ROBERT           FACULTY                                                 18257.75
BRENNANZ, MELINDA M             FACULTY                                                    58900
BRICKEYZ, LEE J                 FACULTY                                                 57277.91
BRINKLEYZ, MARLIN D             FACULTY                                                     2420
BROWNZ, EMILY R                 FACULTY                                                      375
BROWNZ, LARRY E                 FACULTY                                                 18364.65
BROWNZ, SHARON L                ASSIST FINANCE AID DIRECTR                               49050.4
BROWNZ, WILLIAM A               FACULTY                                                   2879.8
BUELOWZ, KRIS A                 PROJ MGR/SRSRB                                             52500
BURGESSZ, JESSE                 FACULTY                                                    51985
BURKHARTZ, JEFFREY E            FACULTY                                                    280.5
BURNETTZ, VIRGINIA E            FACULTY                                                    55048
BURTZ, JEREMIAH D               FACULTY                                                   5743.2
BUSHZ, SHELLY A                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
BUSHMANZ, SYLVIA                FACULTY                                                  8050.25
BUSHNELLZ, WAYNE M              FACULTY                                                 29223.15
BUSHONGZ, ROSS A                FACULTY                                                    71272
CABEZASZ, NICOLE JEAN           FACULTY                                                 42841.75
CAGLEZ, KARIN MICHELLE          ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT 3                              41157.18
CAICEDOZ, KARA N                FACULTY                                                  33565.5
CALDERZ, CHARLES P              FACULTY                                                      105
CALKINSZ, SHAWNA E              FACULTY                                                    10065
CANZ, ANGELICA ESTEFANA         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          35928
CARICOZ, JACK M                 INFORMATION TEC SPEC 3                                  59787.32
CARMANZ, F JOAN                 FACULTY                                                     4107
CARPENTERZ, STEPHANIE M         FACULTY                                                 54856.65
CARPENTERZ, TODD M              FACULTY                                                    45700
CARROLLZ, JANE E                FACULTY                                                 16051.17
CARSON IIIZ, ROBERT J           FACULTY                                                      676
CASALIZ, PHILLIP                CUSTODIAN 3                                                34260
CASEYZ, KAREN JEANINE           FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        50119.01
CASSETTOZ, KIMBERLY S           DIRECTOR OF H.S.EDUCATION                                  55400
CAULKZ, RODNEY B                ASSISTANT DIRECTORZ, WSP                                   65000
CHACONZ, VICTOR                 SR MULTICULTURAL ADV                                    20984.42
CHAMBERLINZ, LISA ANN           FACULTY                                                    16725
CHAMBERSZ, JOHNA J              FACULTY                                                  31137.9
CHAPMANZ, ANNE I                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                   25350
CHARLOZ, JENNIFER L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
CHASEZ, DAVID DALE              STUDENT ACTIVITIESZ, DIR OF                                55080
CHAVEZZ, RICARDO B              FACULTY                                                    55555
CHAVEZZ, ROLANDO                CUSTODIAN 1                                              26762.7
CHENEYZ, LYNDA K                FACULTY                                                   585.55
CHICHAZ, GEORGE S               FACULTY                                                 21332.85
CHILD-HUBBARDZ, LESLIE A        FACULTY                                                  1027.25
CHRISTENSENZ, AARON GLEN        FACULTY                                                   5830.5
CLARKZ, DANIEL A                FACULTY                                                    187.5
CLARKZ, DANIEL N                FACULTY                                                      111
CLARKZ, JANET U                 FACULTY                                                 13560.56
CLARKZ, SUE M                   SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
CLARKZ, THOMAS A                CUSTODIAN 3                                             10372.02
CLARKEZ, JAIME L                DIR/AG CNT OF EXCELLENCE                                   58000
COCHRANEZ, J SCOTT              FACULTY                                                    11100
COLEMANZ, WILLIAM STEPHEN       FACULTY                                                  5329.65
COMBSZ, KEVIN T                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    54174
COOPERZ, DAYNA B                FACULTY                                                     5065
CORNELSENZ, SARAH K             FACULTY                                                 21563.65
CORTZ, DON C                    FACULTY                                                 55912.56
CORTINASZ, DOMINIC S R          FACULTY                                                 43295.87
COULSTONZ, CULLEN J             FACULTY                                                 65110.06
COURSONZ, DARRYL JOHN           FACULTY                                                   126.75
COURSONZ, PATRICIA L            FACULTY                                                  3961.85
COWELLZ, TAD E                  FACULTY                                                  13082.1
COXZ, GARY ROBERT               FACULTY                                                   598.65
CRANDALLZ, DOUGLAS B            FACULTY                                                     7215
CRITESZ, JOSHUA N               FACULTY                                                     1374
DALGLEISHZ, STEVEN GILBERT      FACULTY                                                     5550
DALSANDERSZ, CHRISTIE L         FACULTY                                                     8325
DALYZ, DEBORAH L                FACULTY                                                   2287.5
DANKELZ, DAVID ALLEN            FACULTY                                                  7734.48
DANLEYZ, JANET V                CLARKSTON CENTERZ, DIRECTOR                                75990
DAUBLEZ, DARCY A                LIBRARY SERVICESZ, DIRECTOR                                68440
DAUGHERTYZ, CHERI L             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
DAVIESZ, ELIZABETH C            FACULTY                                                     2775
DAVISZ, KATHLEEN MARGARET       FACULTY                                                  19382.8
DAWESZ, RALPH                   FACULTY                                                    11616
DECOURSEYZ, CRYSTAL L           FACULTY                                                    46830
DEGANZ, THERESA A               ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT 3                              40029.55
DELGADILLOZ, CARLOS E           ADMISSIONS/REGISTARZ,DIR                                60883.42
DEMIANEWZ, SHELLY DIANE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
DENNYZ, MICHAEL E               FACULTY                                                    610.5
DESMONDZ, RICHARD WALSH         FACULTY                                                     3330
DETWEILERZ, VIRGINIA C          FACULTY                                                     2100
DEVARYZ, CYNTHIA J              VP ADMIN ASSISTANT                                         43350
DIAZZ, ELIVETTE P               FACULTY                                                 15162.18
DIXONZ, DAVID S                 FACULTY                                                   4816.5
DODDZ, CHERYL LYNN              FACULTY                                                     55.5
DONAHUEZ, TIMOTHY J             ENOLOGY INSTR/WINEMAKER                                    23666
DRAKEZ, JOYCE A                 FACULTY                                                 12458.59
DUKESZ, REBECCA D               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      19826.12
DYERLYZ, JENNIE V               FACULTY                                                  3061.29
EASTEPZ, CAMI L R               FACULTY                                                 41708.36
ECHTENKAMPZ, LESLIE             FACULTY                                                 70955.85
EGGERSZ, LISA M                 FACULTY                                                  3196.45
EMERICHZ, PATRICK WILLIAM       FACULTY                                                   1742.4
EMIGHZ, JILL M                  FACULTY                                                    57610
ENGELHARDZ, DAVID RAYMOND       FACULTY                                                    13875
ENGLERZ, JACOB G                FACULTY                                                      750
ENGLERZ, JEFFREY L              FACULTY                                                    58900
ENSIGNZ, ROSSI M                FACULTY                                                 17905.25
ENTRIKINZ, JAY S                FACULTY                                                 51748.35
ENTZEZ, JERRY M                 FACULTY                                                  11634.3
ERICKSONZ, CHRISTOPHER P        FACULTY                                                      444
ERIKSONZ, DEBRA A               EDUCATION/TRAIN PROG MGR                                   42840
EVANSZ, SANDRA F                FACULTY                                                 36331.38
EVENSENZ, AMY                   FACULTY                                                  6285.94
EVENSENZ, BRIAN MARK            FACULTY                                                 16836.88
FAILINGZ, KEENAN P              INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                               48591.85
FAIRLEYZ, JUDY F                FACULTY                                                   4171.5
FANNZ, KERRY A                  FACULTY                                                     5808
FARRELL-GUIZARZ, KATHRYN M      FACULTY                                                     3358
FARRENSZ, GREG P                FACULTY                                                 82697.67
FAYETTEZ, VALERIE J             ENOLOGY/VITICULTUREZ,DIR                                81311.68
FERGUSONZ, DANIEL S             FACULTY                                                    70600
FIGUEROAZ, ROBERTO C            FACULTY                                                 42483.75
FINEZ, DEBBIE J                 FACULTY                                                      500
FINKZ, LAUREN M                 FACULTY                                                  3352.44
FINKBINERZ, KERRI R             FACULTY                                                 31939.55
FISCHERZ, JULINE B              FACULTY                                                    604.8
FISCHERZ, LORI MAY              FACULTY                                                    357.5
FISHER JRZ, WALLACE R           FACULTY                                                 54337.73
FLEMINGZ, WILLIAM PATRICK       FACULTY                                                    19289
FLETCHER-SHIRLEYZ, KAYLENE E    PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       26549.33
FLORIANZ, ESTEBAN L             FACULTY                                                   2051.4
FOGGZ, DAVINA K                 VP FINANCIAL SERVICES                                      98000
FOGGZ, JOYCE E                  FACULTY                                                   3315.3
FOOTEZ, VIRGINIA L              WORKER RETRAININGZ, MGR                                 42219.99
FORBESZ, DAWN M                 FACULTY                                                    16650
FORTNEYZ, MAURICE E             FACULTY                                                    58986
FOSTERZ, EDWARD                 FACULTY                                                      555
FOSTERZ, JAN K                  FACULTY                                                 54898.56
FOUTYZ, JAMIE R                 INSTITUTIONAL RESEARZ,DIR                                  59670
FOWLERZ, JOHN C                 FACULTY                                                 44815.44
FRANKLINZ, CAROL M              FACULTY                                                     1221
FRANZMANNZ, PAUL K              FACULTY                                                    277.5
FRASER-WIRTHZ, MARIBETH         FACULTY                                                   126.75
FRAZIERZ, DEBORA RAE            FACULTY                                                 61899.34
FREDERICKSONZ, J PRESTON        FACULTY                                                   3016.5
FREEMANZ, JACQUELINE D          FACULTY                                                     2216
FRIESENZ, CAROLYN R             ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
FRYZ, SARAH E                   PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        6277.34
FULLERZ, LOIS M                 FACULTY                                                 12143.69
FULLERTONZ, KEVIN J             FACULTY                                                  2266.88
FURSTENBERGZ, REBECCA B         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34641.49
GABBARDZ, BRIAN D               FACULTY                                                 20274.71
GABBARDZ, CLINTON E             VP OF STUDENT SERVICES                                     98000
GAINZAZ, NESTOR A               FACULTY                                                  48004.9
GALLAGHERZ, ANDREW J            FACULTY                                                  69796.2
GALUSHAZ, MARILYN DEE           HEALTH SCIENCESZ,DIRECTOR                                  82000
GARANZUAYZ, JACKELINE           FACULTY                                                  3842.43
GARBERZ, MIRIAM JEANETTE        FACULTY                                                    187.5
GARDEAZ, VICTOR M               FACULTY                                                 53828.35
GARLANDZ, CINDI J               FACULTY                                                 64333.75
GARYZ, MARGARET F               FACULTY                                                 18642.15
GEEZ, JENNIFER MARIE            FACULTY                                                     2904
GERKEZ, WILLIAM D               FACULTY                                                    62044
GILBERTZ, CLINT F               FACULTY                                                   7840.5
GILLZ, CYNTHIA C                FACULTY                                                    54712
GILLESPIEZ, ROBERT L            FACULTY                                                   598.65
GISIZ, PAMELA M                 FACULTY                                                  17611.2
GLEASONZ, CONNIE R              FACULTY                                                 21711.23
GLINESZ, EMILY M                FACULTY                                                 11101.02
GODINEZZ, JOSE L                FINANCIAL AID SPECIALIST                                   40375
GOODALLZ, ALICIA L              FACULTY                                                     9578
GOODALLZ, CATHY L               SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
GOODHEWZ, LARRY E               FACULTY                                                     1605
GORDONZ, BRENDA M               FACULTY                                                    11109
GRADWOHLZ, KIMBERLY ANNE        FACULTY                                                   5743.2
GRAHAMZ, SANDRA GONZALEZ        HEALTH SCI TRAN SPECIALIST                                 49470
GRAJALESZ, ALBA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        46074
GRANT FORTNEYZ, DEBRA A         SECRETARY SENIOR                                        27869.67
GREENZ, BRIAN J                 FACULTY                                                   598.65
GREENEZ, ROBIN C                FACULTY                                                    84240
GREENVILLEZ, LISA C             FACULTY                                                 66195.89
GREENWALTZ, STEVEN ROBERT       FACULTY                                                  10183.2
GREGOIREZ, CYNTHIA E            FACULTY                                                  3963.18
GREGOIREZ, IAN S                FACULTY                                                      484
GREINERZ, SHARIE                FACULTY                                                   6675.5
GRIFFITHZ, WILLIAM B            FACULTY                                                  76947.6
GRIMMZ, MARK D                  FACULTY                                                    11100
GUERRAZ, DANIEL JOHN            FACULTY                                                     2775
GUSTAFSONZ, DEVON B             FACULTY                                                 67956.91
GUSTAFSONZ, DON WILLIAM         FACULTY                                                      750
GWINNZ, BECKY                   LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                 10852.43
HABERMANZ, DEBORAH A            FACULTY                                                     8325
HAGGARDZ, MICHAEL J             FACULTY                                                  59502.4
HAI-JEWZ, SHALIN                FACULTY                                                    27750
HAINSZ, CAROLINE T              FACULTY                                                 36312.42
HAJDUKZ, LOREN E                FACULTY                                                 57743.48
HALFACREZ, M KATHRYN            FACULTY                                                     1690
HAMMONDZ, RONALD E              FACULTY                                                  3852.24
HANEYNIXONZ, REBECCA LYNN       FACULTY                                                  6443.13
HANVEYZ, JACQUELYNN             FACULTY                                                 20843.94
HARDERZ, PATRICIA L             PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       37431
HARDINGZ, LARRY C               FACULTY                                                    56500
HARDYZ, LINDA B                 RESOURCE DEVZ, DIRECTOR OF                              61940.52
HARLEYZ, ELLEN LOUISE           FACULTY                                                 52767.02
HARRISONZ, MELISSA L            STU RECRUI/OUTREACHZ,COORD                                 41050
HARSTADZ, PHYLLIS R             SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
HARTFORDZ, SHARON M             HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTOR                                87212.22
HARVEYZ, STEVEN CHARLES         FACULTY                                                 85877.95
HARWOODZ, ALAN J                FACULTY                                                 46954.95
HATFIELDZ, MAX LEE              FACULTY                                                    50500
HAUNZ, JAMES W                  FACULTY                                                 61480.54
HAWKINSZ, JEFFERY DANIEL        FACULTY                                                 25373.84
HAYSZ, MICHAEL L                FACULTY                                                 41924.17
HAZELTINEZ, ROBERTA J           COACH/ASST ATHLETIC DIR.                                   55590
HEAVIRLANDZ, HELEN L            FACULTY                                                     2657
HECTORZ, FRANCES ANN            SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
HELGESONZ, HILDY J              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        31767.45
HELLIEZ, RICHARD D              FACULTY                                                  49976.2
HENDERSONZ, SONJA R             FACULTY                                                 28381.82
HENRYZ, NANCY                   FACULTY                                                     7840
HERRERA TREJOZ, BERTA A         FACULTY                                                   522.03
HERRMANNZ, DIANA M              RETENTION SPECIALIST                                       38000
HETRICKZ, AILEEN M              FACULTY                                                      480
HIGHTOWERZ, JANAE J             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      27237.31
HILGERSOMZ, KARIN M             EXEC VP CHIEF INSTR OFC                                 61149.16
HIMMELBERGERZ, MONA L           PAYROLL MANAGER                                            52290
HINERZ, GRACE E                 FACULTY                                                 37078.77
HINSHAWZ, BRENT L               GRAPHIC DESIGNER SUPERVISR                                 54504
HOCKETTZ, JESSICA E             GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         36985.5
HODGSONZ, JEANNE A              FACULTY                                                  8534.61
HOFFMANZ, BARBARA JOAN BIEGNER  FACULTY                                                 49625.97
HOLECEKZ, MELISSA ERIN          ENVIRNMNTL ED COORDZ,WEC                                15716.71
HOLLENBECKZ, CYNTHIA J          FACULTY                                                     6105
HOLTZ, ANDREW C                 FACULTY                                                      250
HONNZ, JASON K                  FACULTY                                                  17322.5
HOOKERZ, BRIAN S                FACULTY                                                  25073.1
HOPKINSZ, SUSAN G               FACULTY                                                  4858.79
HORANZ, LISA MICHELE            FACULTY                                                     5550
HOUDAKZ, MICHAEL F              FACULTY                                                  62943.4
HOUSTONZ, NATASHA M             FACULTY                                                    11100
HOVERSONZ, ERIC D               FACULTY                                                  3622.52
HOWELLZ, JANICE I               FACULTY                                                 68959.84
HUFFZ, MARY T                   FACULTY                                                  9900.33
HUGHESZ, STANLEY BRUCE          FACULTY                                                 11120.66
HUIEZ, SUSAN L                  FACULTY                                                     2415
HULLZ, BETTY L                  FACULTY                                                   2938.5
HUNGERFORDZ, LILLIAN V          RETENTION SPECIALIST                                    37407.91
HUSEZ, MICHAEL D                INFO TECH ADMIN/INSTR                                      48000
HUXOLLZ, KEVIN W                FACULTY                                                   4126.5
INGERSOLLZ, SUSANNA LEE         FACULTY                                                 14968.57
INMANZ, GARY L                  FISCAL ANALYST 5                                           60020
ISAKSONZ, DEAN R                STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 3                                      34260
JACKSON-VANCEZ, JONI L          LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 5                                    43572
JAMESZ, JANICE                  FACULTY                                                 73486.36
JAMISONZ, JOHN                  FACULTY                                                     1332
JAMISONZ, MARGARET G            FACULTY                                                      845
JAQUEZ, CARLOS E                DIRECTORZ, SPEC POPULATIONS                                57120
JOHNSONZ, DONALD G              FACULTY                                                    386.4
JOHNSONZ, JAMES T               FACULTY                                                    25350
JOHNSONZ, KAREN E               FACULTY                                                 16348.22
JOHNSONZ, MAUREEN K             SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
JOHNSONZ, RONALD E              FACULTY                                                    799.5
JOHNSONZ, SHARON B              FACULTY                                                 12084.95
JOHNSONZ, SUSAN                 FACULTY                                                    187.5
JOHNSONZ, TERRI L               FINANCIAL AID DIRECTOR                                  66063.36
JONESZ, BRIAN G                 FACULTY                                                      676
JONESZ, DAVID N                 FACULTY                                                    17914
JONESZ, DEBRA ANNE              FACULTY                                                     2775
JONESZ, HOLLY                   FACULTY                                                  8024.25
JONESZ, JARELL BLAYNE           FACULTY                                                   126.75
JONESZ, JULIE A                 FACULTY                                                  9414.05
JONESZ, KEVIN M                 FACULTY                                                   7132.5
JONESZ, SHARON A                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
JONESZ, SHERRI L                FACULTY                                                 16950.81
KACHELZ, JOY L                  FACULTY                                                 25473.01
KAMMERSZ, DENISE DELL           GED EXAMINER-CORR EDU                                   35896.57
KAY-SHOEMAKEZ, JEANINE L        FACULTY                                                 59776.83
KEATTSZ, LINNEA J               FACULTY                                                      320
KENNEDYZ, DOREEN SHEREE         SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
KEPLERZ, PHILLIP A              FACULTY                                                 31358.31
KERWINZ, JOHN                   FACULTY                                                     2535
KHAWAJAZ, FATIMA                FACULTY                                                   549.25
KIEFELZ, MICHAEL J              FACULTY                                                 63299.99
KINCAIDZ, MATTHEW S             FACULTY                                                  16012.5
KINNEYZ, JAMIE LYNN             FACULTY                                                  6747.45
KIRKWOODZ, KAREN S              FACULTY                                                 31864.83
KJACKZ, JERRY L                 FACULTY                                                 76552.87
KJACKZ, LINDA L                 PROGRAM MANAGER A                                        51112.9
KLEINZ, GEORGE M                FACULTY                                                 48971.74
KNAPPZ, LYNN M                  FACULTY                                                 27345.07
KNOWLESZ, SHAREEN E             FACULTY                                                 51095.65
KOTARZ, KARLA ANN               FACULTY                                                  12047.4
KOVARZ, ELIZABETH R             FACULTY                                                     1690
KRALMANZ, ILA LEE               FACULTY                                                     55.5
KRALMANZ, JASON LUTHER          FACULTY                                                     1936
KREBSZ, TRACI L                 FACULTY                                                    51700
KRESS VAN SLYKEZ, COURTNEY LEIGHFACULTY                                                  9241.15
KRESSZ, NANCY ELIZABETH         COORDZ, COM ED/LIFE LNG LEA                                30600
KRUEGERZ, LINDA L               FACULTY                                                      400
KRUPERZ, JAN CAROL              FACULTY                                                  61700.6
KUBIEZ, PATRICIA J              FACULTY                                                  11812.5
LAFRANZ, RUSSELL B              FACULTY                                                 57002.67
LANEZ, LINDA L                  FACULTY                                                 83200.44
LANGEZ, JUDITH M                FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
LARSONZ, DENISE C               BOOKSTORE MANAGER ASSIST                                46980.28
LARSONZ, MIKE E                 FACULTY                                                    290.4
LASKIZ, CAROLE ANN              BOOKSTORE MANAGER                                       39602.58
LAUTERBACH-COTTSZ, TERRI L      FACULTY                                                    42.25
LEAVITTZ, NOAH SAMUEL           FACULTY                                                     2775
LEBERZ, JENNIFER A              FACULTY                                                    55325
LEBRETZ, FRANCES                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      30342.35
LEDWICKZ, KATHLEEN LYNN         FACULTY                                                  4703.15
LENNONZ, KAREN H                DIR WATER/ENVIRON CENTER                                   49740
LEONETTIZ, SANDRA H             PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       40503
LEVENSZ, MICHAEL E              FACULTY                                                  64939.5
LIEBRANDZ, EDITH                FACULTY                                                  14791.2
LIKESZ, JAYNE L                 FINANCIAL ANALYST                                       38590.69
LINDGRENZ, KATHY                EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     42677.85
LOHRMEYERZ, SUSAN BALLOU        FACULTY                                                      555
LOOMERZ, CONNIE M               FACULTY                                                 34629.95
LOOMERZ, KEVIN W                FACULTY                                                    46498
LORENZZ, SARA E                 INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                                  63013
LOSETHZ, LORI R                 FACULTY                                                    76092
LUZZOZ, TERESA J                FACULTY                                                    63721
LYBBERTZ, DAVID HAROLD          FACULTY                                                   2722.5
LYONSZ, FRANCIS JOSEPH          FACULTY                                                    70375
LYONSZ, GERALD P                FACULTY                                                    49300
MAC DOUGALLZ, LOANN K           FACULTY                                                 10355.59
MACDONALDZ, CHRISTIAN SPENCER   FACULTY                                                   380.25
MACDONALDZ, SUSAN R             FACULTY                                                   3412.1
MACON MOOREZ, STEPHANIE L       FACULTY                                                 14228.33
MADDESSZ, TERESA ANNE           FACULTY                                                      735
MADSENZ, SANDRA KAY             ELEARNING/LEADERSHIPZ,DIR                                  36790
MAHANZ, KRISTA L                FACULTY                                                  80700.5
MAHANZ, LINDSEY K               WORKFORCE EDU COORDINATOR                                  38780
MAHANZ, MICHAEL F               FACULTY                                                 61050.04
MALCOLMZ, ADAM ND               FACULTY                                                     1374
MALCOMZ, DONNA B                FACULTY                                                  23458.2
MANDERSCHEIDZ, REBECCA J        SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33949.18
MANGUMZ, MELANI D               FACULTY                                                 10903.58
MARKWALTERZ, HEATHER R          RETENTION SPECIALIST                                    53254.19
MARRZ, DENISE M                 ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT 3                              37982.81
MARTINZ, STEPHEN W              SNAKE RVR SALMON RECVZ,DIR                                 76650
MARTIN-TORRESZ, NORIS D         FACULTY                                                  13178.4
MARTINEZZ, MARIA                CUSTODIAN 1                                             29042.69
MASONZ, BRADLEY DEAN            ALLIED HEALTH/SAFTY COORD                                  49470
MATHEWSZ, TAMMY ANN             FACULTY                                                     8325
MATSCHUKATZ, ELIZABETH H        FACULTY                                                 23989.87
MAYZ, STEVEN D                  FACULTY                                                    55400
MC CONNELLZ, VIRGINIA A         FACULTY                                                    59566
MCCABEZ, MAURA Q                FACULTY                                                 48872.99
MCCREAZ, WENDY                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
MCFADYENZ, CAROL JEANNE         FACULTY                                                 61425.15
MCKEIRNANZ, LINDA K             FACULTY                                                  7158.38
MEADZ, TANYA BANG-THANH         FACULTY                                                     2775
MEAGHERZ, CAROLYNE A            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33211.54
MEIERZ, JANELLE L               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                 49084.99
MELIAHZ, DAVID P                SPRTS INFO/INTRM CORD/HBAS                                 40573
MELIAHZ, SANDRA K               DIRECTOR SSS/TRIO                                          54770
MELLISHZ, DANIEL R              TRANS/DIESEL JOB SHOP CORD                                 38000
MENDEZZ, GENESIS M              ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT 2                              24419.95
METCALFZ, CHRISTINA M           FACULTY                                                    871.2
METCALFZ, NATHANIEL R           FACULTY                                                     1790
MEYERZ, MICHELLE                COORD ERLY LRN SPEC PROJ                                   45400
MICHELSZ, CHRISTOPHER M         FACULTY                                                 24794.21
MICHELSZ, KEITH A               FACULTY                                                 34312.58
MIDDLETONZ, JEFFREY C           FACULTY                                                     7840
MILLER JANTZZ, BEVERLY J        FACULTY                                                 47226.46
MILLERZ, CHARLES A              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  31614.23
MILLERZ, DEBBIE S               FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
MILLERZ, DONALD E               GRANT MANGMT/TECH PREPZ,COR                                63240
MILLERZ, RHONDA JOANN           SECRETARY SENIOR                                         41567.5
MILLERZ, SHANNON MARLENE        RETENTION SPECIALIST                                     4960.28
MILLSZ, CHET W                  FACULTY                                                    52451
MILTENBERGERZ, CHAD THOMAS      PRO-TEC RECRUT/RETEN SPEC                               56311.25
MITCHELLZ, TAMI L               MEDICAL ASSIST PROG COORD                               44024.79
MOATSZ, LINDA M                 FACULTY                                                      555
MOBLEYZ, CARMEN A               FACULTY                                                   7375.7
MOLANDERZ, KAREN D              FACULTY                                                 25501.66
MONACELLIZ, RICHARD L           FACULTY                                                 30566.39
MONTOSAZ, REBECCA MARIE         FACULTY                                                    14226
MOODYZ, ULA L                   FACULTY                                                    25362
MOOREZ, PATRICE T               FACULTY                                                   406.75
MORAMARCOZ, MICHAEL             FACULTY                                                  41689.6
MORGANZ, ERIN B                 FACULTY                                                  1112.95
MORGANZ, TERRY L                FACULTY                                                  6822.45
MORLOCKZ, GAIL M                FACULTY                                                   7801.7
MOULTONZ, MAGDALENA M           EDU PLANNING/TRANS SPEC                                  38827.5
MOYERZ, MICHAEL G               FACULTY                                                 36327.19
MUNNSZ, LAURA R                 ACCOUNTING SERVICESZ,DIR                                   68340
MUROZ, ABIGAIL                  EDUC TALENT SEARCHZ, DIR                                   42790
NANCEZ, TAYLOR ANDREW           FACULTY                                                 16230.15
NARAVANEZ, YASHODHAN            VITICUL INSTR/VINYARDIST                                32445.15
NAUMANNZ, RICHARD L             FACULTY                                                     1452
NEISSLZ, MALINDA M              HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                  42588
NELSONZ, CATHY M                COMMUNICATION CONSULT 2                                  41777.9
NELSONZ, JERRY L                CUSTODIAN 1                                              26911.5
NELSONZ, ROBERT A               FACULTY                                                  9093.35
NEUSCHWANDERZ, VALERIE J        FACULTY                                                 19080.18
NGARUIYAZ, DANIEL N             FACULTY                                                     5865
NICHOLASZ, JENNIFER L           INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               34726.18
NIEBLERZ, JASON                 FACULTY                                                   598.65
NORTONZ, DANIEL P               FACULTY                                                  59735.6
NYSOEZ, DAIN CUMMINGS           FACULTY                                                     2775
O'LAUGHLINZ, BEVERLY            FACULTY                                                    15540
OHRTMAN-ROGERSZ, HEATHER R      FACULTY                                                     2290
OLMSTEADZ, CHARLES G            FACULTY                                                      726
OLSONZ, ROBIN L                 FACULTY                                                     5550
ORTIZ-LOPEZZ, RIGOBERTO A       CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
OWENSZ, DAVID J                 FACULTY                                                 29368.05
OWSLEYZ, GARY LEE               FACULTY                                                    58900
PALMERZ, SHEILA W               FACULTY                                                    47175
PALMERZ, SUSAN                  FACULTY                                                    56660
PANATAZ, BARBARA J              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          30330
PATELZ, DIMPLE C                SPECIAL PROJECT - HOURLY                                 6549.08
PEARSONZ, SUSAN DENISE          FACULTY                                                  66761.5
PEITERSENZ, JAMES R             FACULTY                                                 52799.97
PELANDINIZ, MATTHEW W           FACULTY                                                    16650
PENNERZ, DWIGHT D               FACULTY                                                    55048
PESINAZ, DANIELLE N             FACULTY                                                 49646.28
PETERSZ, DOREEN                 GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        23954.01
PETERSZ, STEPHEN M              FACULTY                                                 47842.33
PETERSONZ, JAMES R              VP ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES                                 98000
PETERSONZ, SUSAN R              FACULTY                                                    65443
PETERSONZ, TRACY LYNN           SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33158.94
PHILLIPSZ, CURTIS W             SPECIAL PROJECT - HOURLY                                30318.95
PHILLIPSZ, HOLLIBERT E          FACULTY                                                      555
PIPERZ, WILLIAM L               FACULTY                                                 20349.31
POGUEZ, KEVIN R                 FACULTY                                                      100
POIRIERZ, BERTHA J              FACULTY                                                  2801.93
POLSONZ, KERRI A                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40662.28
POOLEYZ, CARYN E                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                      28348.2
POPICKZ, JEFFREY S              SPECIAL PROJECT - HOURLY                                    1105
POULSON-HAILEYZ, LINDSAY S      FACULTY                                                 40053.05
POWERSZ, MERIBETH L             FACULTY                                                  60866.2
PRECIADOZ, GREGORY              EDU TALENT SEARCH ADVISOR                               11722.41
PRESTZ, STACY L                 LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 5                                 43947.62
PRITCHARDZ, BRUCE E             FACULTY                                                 32949.02
QUINNZ, SUSAN R                 FACULTY                                                 91343.95
RADDATZZ, KATHRYN A             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       41744.08
RALLSZ, AMANDA MARIE            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       12648.39
RAMMELSBERGZ, SUSAN O           NURSING PROG COORDINATOR                                   63700
RAMSEYZ, I MARLEEN              INTERIM VP                                              85862.54
RAMSEYZ, JERRI LEE              EXECT ASST/COLLEGE PRES                                    54060
RANDALLZ, AMBER K               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      34063.5
RASMUSSENZ, LISA ANNE           FACULTY                                                    52900
READEZ, NATHAN H                FACULTY                                                    13648
REDARZ, KATHERINE E             FACULTY                                                 25029.84
REECEZ, JASON BATAC             FACULTY                                                 19152.37
REEDZ, CYNTHIA DANIELLE         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
REEDZ, REGINA K                 TESTNG/NEW STU PROGZ,COORD                                 51000
REIFFZ, MICHELLE S              FACULTY                                                  6489.75
REIFFZ, NANCY K                 DIRECTOR SPECIAL PROJECTS                               19150.56
REIGLEZ, ROSEMARY REGINA        FACULTY                                                    16650
REINLANDZ, JEFFREY E            AD/HEAD MENS BB COACH                                      65280
RELLERZ, NANCY L                FACULTY                                                 58885.14
REMINGTONZ, MARIA E             FACULTY                                                 10526.75
REYESZ, REFUGIO                 FACULTY                                                   3757.9
REYNAZ, MANUEL R                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
RICEZ, JAMES B                  FACULTY                                                 53068.78
RICHARDSONZ, DENNIS J           FACULTY                                                  55053.5
RITTERZ, MICHAEL W              FACULTY                                                     2775
ROBERTSON MELHUSZ, KATIE H      FACULTY                                                   295.75
ROBERTSONZ, GORDON R            FACULTY                                                  19617.5
ROBLESZ, JAVIER                 FACULTY                                                 11445.95
ROBLESZ, MIGUEL A               INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                 40652.35
RODRIGUEZZ, HECTOR              UTILITY WORKER 2                                        35191.04
RODRIGUEZZ, LORNA               FACULTY                                                  5783.29
ROGERSZ, LARRY EDWARD           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 4                                     57240
ROHRBACHZ, MARCO L              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
ROHRERZ, JARED ROBINSON         FACULTY                                                      200
ROJAS-ORTIZZ, DIANA             CUSTODIAN 1                                             26753.15
ROMEROZ, ROBERTO Z              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
ROOKSZ, RONALD K                FACULTY                                                 21655.24
ROPER-ARCHERZ, BEVERLY A        FACULTY                                                 45755.75
ROSENBERGERZ, GARY A            FACULTY                                                   6825.5
ROSENKRANZZ, PHYLLIS M          FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
ROSSOZ, GARY L                  ACAD CORD WSP/AVCCZ,COR ED                                 61950
ROSTOLLANZ, MICHAEL D           FACULTY                                                 64984.19
ROUGHTONZ, KATHRINE ELIZABETH   FACULTY                                                   1998.6
ROWEZ, MARY M                   FACULTY                                                     2220
RUGGIEROZ, CHRISTINE SANDRA     FACULTY                                                     5550
RUSSOZ, RUTH NORINE             FACULTY                                                  22599.4
RUZICKAZ, VINCENT LOUIS         ASSIST DIRZ, STU ACTIVITIES                             37069.03
RYANZ, JEAN M                   FACULTY                                                     5550
SACHSZ, JULIANNE CONNELL        FACULTY                                                 43717.38
SAGEZ, JULIE ANN                FACULTY                                                     2775
SALAZARZ, GABRIELA              EDU TALENT SEARCH ADVISOR                               10909.12
SALVADORZ, JESSICA LEE          FACULTY                                                  9170.25
SAMITOREZ, WENDY CAROL          STU DEV CENTERZ,DIRECTOR                                   69360
SAMITORE-DURANDZ, BECKY E       FACULTY                                                  7839.53
SAMPSONZ, GERALD G              FACULTY                                                  92359.3
SANDERSZ, SONJA V               FACULTY                                                 42304.55
SANDOVALZ, BROOKE C             FACULTY                                                    13875
SANDSZ, DEBBIE E                FACULTY                                                 21131.27
SAVAGEZ, GLEN A                 FACULTY                                                  1748.75
SCARANO IIZ, JOSEPH A           FACULTY                                                     5550
SCHANTZZ, ANDREW P              OUTREACH SPECIALIST-PERKIN                              16031.53
SCHARNHORSTZ, DEBRA M           INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                 43760.05
SCHEIBZ, DEBRA K                FACULTY                                                 54834.88
SCHNEIDMILLERZ, JODY            FACULTY                                                    580.8
SCHNORRZ, GREGORY S             FACULTY                                                  42086.5
SCHOESSLERZ, MEGAN M            FACULTY                                                 30140.85
SCHUBERTZ, JEREMY C             FACULTY                                                      222
SCHUELLERZ, LAURA M             INSTRUCTIONAL SUP COORD                                 27298.83
SCHUHZ, DENISE L                FACULTY                                                  9379.54
SCHULTZZ, KATIE M               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      38180.08
SCHULZZ, ERIC P                 FACULTY                                                 70865.03
SCHWARTZZ, MICHAEL S            FACULTY                                                 63588.45
SCOTTZ, CLAUDE T                GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 5                                   42588
SCOTTZ, SHIRLEY MARIE           FACULTY                                                      550
SCUDDERZ, CHRIS E               GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 2                                32082.27
SEARSZ, MARGO J                 FACULTY                                                    14430
SEIFERTZ, EILEEN M              FACULTY                                                 11492.23
SEIVERZ, JILLENE S              FACULTY                                                    22200
SELDEZ, CYNTHIA A               FACULTY                                                  1732.77
SEMENKOZ, PAVEL Y               A & I EQUIP JOB SHOP CORD.                              34813.04
SENEYZ, DEBRA                   FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                      15397.6
SHAKLEEZ, JONATHAN B            FACULTY                                                     8325
SHELTONZ, KAREN M               FACULTY                                                  2218.12
SHERMANZ, LINDA L               ENRLMNT COURSE INFO CORD                                   61690
SHEVCHENKOZ, IVAN V             AUTOMOTIVE MECH TRAINEE                                    35040
SHIPPENTOWERZ, CHERYL RENEE     FACULTY                                                     2415
SHIPPENTOWERZ, GENE ELLIOT      FACULTY                                                     2415
SHOEMAKEZ, STEPHEN R            FACULTY                                                 55703.11
SICOCANZ, JOHN ANTHONY          FACULTY                                                    187.5
SIMMELINK-JOHNSONZ, STACI M     FACULTY                                                 50983.06
SIMOKATZ, KRISTIN A             FACULTY                                                     2904
SIMONZ, THOMAS A                FACULTY                                                 61445.68
SIMONSZ, RICHARD W              FACULTY                                                     1300
SIMPSONZ, CAROL A               FACULTY                                                 27538.81
SKORINAZ, FRANK K               FACULTY                                                  48060.2
SLAUGHZ, DELBERT DUANE          FACULTY                                                      750
SMALLZ, JOE A                   DEAN OF CORRECTIONS ED                                  87011.97
SMITHZ, KAREN LYNN              FACULTY                                                     5808
SMITHZ, KARRIE R                FACULTY                                                    22683
SMITHZ, KATHRYN M               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       32523.09
SMITHZ, MARTHA L                FACULTY                                                    44600
SMITHZ, SHANA S                 FACULTY                                                   6081.3
SNELLZ, JANET E                 FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        53529.81
SNIDERZ, DARLENE A              INTERIM DIRZ,TRANS STUDIES                              61103.17
SNIDERZ, DON L                  FACULTY                                                      927
SOKOLOSKIZ, DANNY M             FACULTY                                                   2654.6
SOLDWEDELZ, EILEEN A            FACULTY                                                    24975
SPADAZ, JULIE A                 FACULTY                                                 22982.67
SPANGRUDEZ, MARGARET C          FACULTY                                                     1030
ST PETERSZ, MARGARET A          FACULTY                                                    30783
ST.HILAREZ, JON HENRY           FACULTY                                                    187.5
STAABZ, STEPHEN D               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       15664.33
STADELMANZ, ERIANN              FACULTY                                                   633.75
STANGERZ, LAKATHERINE ELIZABETH OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                      18793.44
STAPLESZ, RICHARD E             FACULTY                                                      750
STAUDENMAIERZ, MICHAEL E        ATH FAC COOR/WM SOFT COACH                              50017.69
STEVENSZ, MINDY J               VP OF INSTR- WF EDUCATION                                  93000
STEVENSON-MC CLUREZ, CINDY L    FACULTY                                                 62899.31
STOBEROCKZ, JOHANNA G           FACULTY                                                     1665
STORMSZ, WILLIAM L              TECHNOLOGY SERVICESZ, DIR                                  82000
STOVALLZ, JAMES R               FACULTY                                                  2521.35
STRATTONZ, JON D                FACULTY                                                 66626.73
STROEZ, ELIZABETH A             AG CNTR/EXCELLENCEZ, CORD.                              23882.76
STRUBLEZ, TRACY S               FACULTY                                                     8325
SUCKOWZ, KATRINA ANN            FACULTY                                                   2932.5
SULLIVANZ, DEANNA L             OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                       25141.5
SULLYZ, JEFFREY T               FACULTY                                                     1110
SWAN-FROESEZ, DANIELLE R        VP ADMIN ASSISTANT                                         42800
SWANEYZ, MAUREEN M              FACULTY                                                    166.5
SWIFTZ, MARK A                  FACULTY                                                   3145.2
TARUSCIOZ, NICHOLAS J           FACULTY                                                     4225
TARUSCIOZ, TODD G               FACULTY                                                     2904
TAYLORZ, JENNIFER L             LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                 18896.44
TAYLORZ, JUSTIN D               FACULTY                                                    55048
TAYLORZ, LORETTA D              ED DIRZ,CORRECTIONS ED CRCC                             70666.63
TEGTMEIERZ, JAN M               FACULTY                                                  39483.6
TELANDERZ, KIRSTEN S            FACULTY                                                 16308.15
TENNYSONZ, CHELSEA JG           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       26712.19
TERJESONZ, ROBIN J              FACULTY                                                     8712
TERRYZ, JENNA                   FACULTY                                                  1736.25
THELENZ, KELLY JORDYN           FACULTY                                                     5550
THOMASZ, TERRY N                FACULTY                                                   1831.5
THOMPSONZ, TIMOTHY E            FACULTY                                                     2442
THONNEYZ, JENNIFER L            FACULTY                                                 17985.85
THORNEZ, BRIAN W                CUSTODIAN 4                                             34098.53
THORPEZ, DIEDRA J               FACULTY                                                 17832.59
THORSONZ, LINDA M               VP ADMIN ASSISTANT                                         42840
THORSONZ, SARAH L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       24268.96
TIMOTHYZ, MANDI L               FACULTY                                                     2775
TOELKEZ, LANA D                 INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               41410.02
TOMZ, GALEN C                   FACULTY                                                 61609.63
TOONZ, TIMOTHY J                FACULTY                                                 69470.83
TOWNSENDZ, JEFFREY T            FACULTY                                                      484
TRICKZ, TERRI                   FACULTY                                                 59006.65
TYASZ, TAMELA H                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     26761.57
UNCKZ, ANDREA J                 FACULTY                                                  4249.06
UNGERZ, CATHERINE M             FACULTY                                                   8784.8
VAN CLEAVEZ, KENT A             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32569.18
VAN DONGEZ, JOSHUA DEAN         FACULTY                                                      458
VAN DYKEZ, HEATHER ANNETTE      TUTORIAL CENTER PROG COORD                               6812.91
VAN DYKEZ, PETER R              FACULTY                                                 79975.82
VAN SLYKEZ, JOHN ROBERT         FACULTY                                                    45800
VANAUSDLEZ, STEVEN L            PRESIDENT                                               182729.8
VELAZQUEZZ, JOSE M              CUSTODIAN 1                                              27062.9
VERWERZ, ILONA A                FACULTY                                                  4316.41
VETTERZ, SUSAN M                FACULTY                                                    36300
VILLAGOMEZZ, FERNANDO           CAREER/TECH ED STU ADV                                     44240
VORHAUERZ, STEPHEN A            FACULTY                                                 59059.47
VOSSZ, ANGELA E                 FACULTY                                                    562.5
WADDELLZ, DEBRA KATHERYN        FACULTY                                                     2775
WALKZ, DAVID D                  ADVERTISE/MEDIA SERVICES                                 55372.5
WALKERZ, GREGG B                FACULTY                                                     1500
WALKERZ, TERESA M               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34567.65
WALLINZ, CHRISTINE M            FACULTY                                                     2775
WALTERSZ, BENJAMIN M            FACULTY                                                   2613.6
WALTNERZ, DAVID W               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     46536
WALTONZ, KERI D                 FACULTY                                                      676
WARDZ, DENNIS L                 FACULTY                                                    43913
WARNBERGZ, SIGURD R             GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 2                                   31956
WARNERZ, JEFF A                 FACULTY                                                  35668.5
WASHAMZ, RETA G                 FACULTY                                                     2535
WATERSZ, CHELSEY J              FACULTY                                                 24063.82
WATTSZ, TRAVIS L                FACULTY                                                    52451
WAUCHEKZ, ERICA L               FACULTY                                                  5382.45
WEBBZ, JACQUELINE A             FACULTY                                                  9337.25
WEBERZ, MAX M                   TRIO/ETS ASST DIRECTOR                                  36809.13
WEIGANDZ, TESSA K               CESC FUNDING ADVISOR                                    36166.69
WELDEGABERZ, KELATI             FACULTY                                                 72091.46
WELLERZ, CELIA E                FACULTY                                                    400.5
WELLINGTON-BAKERZ, KRISTI M     DIR RETENTION SERVICES                                     65200
WELTERZ, MELISSA ANN            FACULTY                                                   1887.6
WENTLANDZ, GLADYS S             FACULTY                                                      120
WERSTZ, LARRY D                 FACULTY                                                   2015.2
WESTZ, CARRIE                   FACULTY                                                 57943.75
WESTERGARDZ, DORETTA S          FACULTY                                                 13264.78
WHEELDONZ, JOHANNES P           FACULTY                                                    13875
WHITEZ, AMY JO                  RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       34249.87
WHITTENBERGZ, MARY N            SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                       41508
WICHERZ, SANDRA M               FACULTY                                                  1756.47
WILDEZ, DELWIN A                FACULTY                                                 34640.37
WILDEZ, MICHELLE L              CASHIER 2                                                  34260
WILLIAMSZ, MATTHEW WESLEY       FACULTY                                                 18041.86
WILLIAMSZ, WANDA D              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        39666
WILLISZ, SUE C                  BUDGETZ,GRANT&CONTRACT DIR                                 69360
WINNETTZ, WALLACE A             FACULTY                                                    72850
WINTERZ, CHRISTOPHER T          FACULTY                                                    11100
WINTERZ, DAVID W                FACULTY                                                   915.75
WINTERSZ, REBECCA L             FACULTY                                                      340
WISKIRKENZ, MICHAEL             FACULTY                                                  3137.25
WITHERSZ, LAURIE M              PROG MGRZ,EARLY CH/ED SUP                               35819.21
WOODZ, ROBERT W                 CULINARY ARTS PRG MGR                                   56867.49
WORLEYZ, JEANNE RENA            OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       27541.5
YEHDEGOZ, ALAZAR                FACULTY                                                  6250.35
YORKZ, DEANA MARIE              CORDZ,LIFE TRANS PRG IMPACT                                38000
YOUZ, NANQI                     FACULTY                                                 63247.34
YOUNGZ, DONNA K                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
ZABELZ, NEOSHA K                FACULTY                                                      507
ZABORZ, DAVE P                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    58656
ZARAGOZAZ, ROSAURA Z            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         31617

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