This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Western Washington University employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 4,049 multiple job employees (includes 1,194 duplicates)) (2009, 2,367 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 2,236 employees) (2005, 3,087 employees)(2003, 3,116 employees) (2001, 2,667 employees) (1999, 2,261 employees) (1997, 2,040 employees) (1995, 1,650 employees)

Western Washington University is located in the City of Bellingham. The University, formerly Western Washington State College, became a comprehensive university in 1977 and serves approximately 12,500 students each quarter. The University’s operating budget for the 2005-06 fiscal year was $198 million. It has approximately 1,620 permanent employees. The University’s major revenue sources are student tuition and fees and state appropriations. An eight-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of University operations. An Audit Committee, which consists of three members of the Board of Trustees, is proactive in ensuring audit issues are resolved. Dr. Karen W. Morse has served as Western Washington University President since 1993.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every 2 years. This information is from:

2011 State of Washington Western Washington University List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/16/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABBOTTZ, SALLY ANN              CUSTODIAN 3                                             34655.29
ABBOTTZ, SALLY ANN              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               772.2
ABBOTTZ, SALLY ANN              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            154.44
ABBOTTZ, STEVEN C.              PARKING GUIDE                                            3119.73
ABEDI-DJOURABTCHIZ, AMIR-HASSAN ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60870.06
ABELZ, TROY D.                  INSTRUCTOR                                              12113.84
ABELZ, TROY D.                  PROFESSOR                                               55020.06
ACEVEDO-GUTIERREZZ, ALEJANDRO   PROFESSOR                                               64403.62
ACEVEDO-GUTIERREZZ, ALEJANDRO   SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   9600.68
ACHTERMANZ, REBECCA R           INSTRUCTOR                                              16333.31
ACTONZ, JACOB L                 ASST DIR RESIDENCE LIFE                                 27500.04
ADAMSZ, KELSEY CHRISTINE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 465
ADAMSZ, LEANN L                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34309.41
ADAMSZ, MOLLY BARNES            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              978.25
ADCOXZ, ROBERTA LANE            LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 5                          43763.37
ADELSTEINZ, DOUGLAS WAYNE       ASST DIR LABOR/EMPL RELATIONS                              62500
ADELSTEINZ, DOUGLAS WAYNE       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               816.6
ADELSTEINZ, DOUGLAS WAYNE       MGR LABOR & EMPLOYEE RELATIONS                              6250
ADENTZ, BRANDON DOUGLASS        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6678.96
AEBLYZ, MONICA L                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        31363.9
AESOPHZ, LAURA                  INSTRUCTOR                                               2167.06
AGARZ, CHAD MACKENZIE           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               475.6
AGRASZ, JONATHAN PETER          INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER                                  72895.92
AHMADZ, SABBIR                  INSTRUCTOR                                               4720.02
AHMANNZ, ANTHONY R              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             12267.2
AHMANNZ, ANTHONY R              RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                  3221.13
AIKENZ, GILBERT ERIC            MGR PROJECT                                             86823.12
AIROLDIZ, MICHAEL ANGELO        INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 2                           34891.77
AKINRINADEZ, BABAFEMI A         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49060.98
AKINRINADEZ, BABAFEMI A         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                2500
AKINRINADEZ, BABAFEMI A         SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   2940.43
AKINRINADEZ, OLUDOLAPO ABIMOLA  PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY SPEC 2                             47185.52
ALBANSZ, CHAD ALLEN             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
ALBERTSZ, DINA LOUISE           INSTRUCTOR                                                  1350
ALEJANDROZ, LUCIA ROMERO        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              775.01
ALEXANDERZ, MARIAN LEE          HEAD OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS                              44113.8
ALEXANDERZ, MEGHAN ALYCE        INSTRUCTOR                                               3400.02
ALEXANDERZ, TONYA LEA           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       9925.73
ALFERSZ, SANDRA                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
ALFERSZ, SANDRA                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     47338.11
ALFERSZ, SANDRA                 INSTRUCTOR                                               3797.16
ALLENZ, MICHAEL H               AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              2030.77
ALLENZ, MICHAEL H               INSTRUCTOR                                               9169.23
ALLERZ, ELMER WARREN            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               371.2
ALLERZ, ELMER WARREN            INSTRUCTOR                                              69631.08
ALLERZ, ELMER WARREN            WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             74.24
ALLISONZ, CRYSTAL KAY           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        27882
ALLISONZ, RACHEL VIVIAN         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2325.62
ALLSOPZ, CRISTINA MATTIOLI      INSTRUCTOR                                               8416.67
ALLYNEZ, ALEXANDRA CYDNE        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        32334
ALMOJERAZ, FLORENDA H           CUSTODIAN 1                                              31125.6
ALPERZ, DONALD KEITH            DIR CAN/AM & BORDER PR INST                             69069.32
ALPERZ, DONALD KEITH            INSTRUCTOR                                               5049.94
ALPERZ, DONALD KEITH            PROFESSOR                                               30519.58
ALTENZ, BARBARA INA             ARCHITECT 2                                             76465.26
ALTERZ, OLGA ANTONOVNA          CUSTODIAN 1                                             24796.72
ALVARADOZ, LINDA MIERZESKI      INSTRUCTOR                                                  5404
ALVORDZ, ANGELA RAE             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 750
AMARANDOZ, KAREN ANN            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     15576.06
AMELLZ, AMANDA MARIE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              953.04
AMIRANZ, EDOH Y                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69697.08
AMUNDSONZ, GARTH                INSTRUCTOR                                               3094.83
AMUNDSONZ, GARTH                PROFESSOR                                               58185.19
AMUNDSONZ, GARTH                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  14378.88
ANCHETAZ, BRENDA MARIE          PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY SPEC 1                                40524
ANDERSENZ, AUDREY A             PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
ANDERSONZ, AMY DAWN             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
ANDERSONZ, CORY A               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              761.71
ANDERSONZ, CORY A               UTILITY WORKER 3                                        36691.57
ANDERSONZ, CORY A               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            160.36
ANDERSONZ, GRETCHEN BETH        PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    23245.95
ANDERSONZ, JACQUELINE A.        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       11270.48
ANDERSONZ, KATHRYN LOUISE       LECTURER                                                     658
ANDERSONZ, KATHRYN LOUISE       PROFESSOR                                               48065.51
ANDERSONZ, KATHRYN LOUISE       SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    600.35
ANDERSONZ, KRISTIN LEE          INSTRUCTOR                                                   120
ANDERSONZ, KRISTIN LEE          PROFESSOR                                               61321.44
ANDERSONZ, LELAND JAMES         SYSTEMS ANALYST                                            69870
ANDERSONZ, MATTHEW DAVID        COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT 3                                 48000
ANDERSONZ, MICHAELA NOEL        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               202.5
ANDERSONZ, MICHELE LYNN         PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            41391.82
ANDERSONZ, MICHELLE BARI        PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR                                 20187.31
ANDERSONZ, NANCY J.             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
ANDERSONZ, RACHEL SOPHIA        SEWING & ALTERATIONS SPEC 3                                40524
ANDERSONZ, ROGER A.             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71094.06
ANDERSONZ, ROGER A.             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  17773.58
ANDERSONZ, SHERRY LYNN          INSTRUCTOR                                                  1350
ANDERSONZ, STEVEN JAMES         INSTRUCTOR                                                1672.5
ANDERSONZ, SUSAN JOSEPHINE      COUNSELOR CAREER III                                     23491.2
ANDERSONZ, TABITHA LOUISE       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              660.63
ANDREASSENZ, ANGELA MARIE       ASST TO DEAN CBE                                        62967.12
ANDREWSZ, DAVE                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49878.57
ANDREWSZ, ELI TAO               INSTRUCTOR                                              18083.33
ANGELLOZ, NANCY B               INSTRUCTOR                                              16105.16
ANNETTZ, CARRIE MICHELLE        ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                 19230.8
ANTHOLTZ, CHARLES               INSTRUCTOR                                              23856.72
ANTHOLTZ, SHARRON G             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69697.08
ANTHONY-CAHILLZ, SPENCER J      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64731.96
ANTHONY-CAHILLZ, SPENCER J      EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            14384.92
ANTILZ, LAURENCE RENE           DIR TEACHER ED OUTREACH PROG                            93784.08
ANTILZ, LAURENCE RENE           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 386
ANTILZ, LAURENCE RENE           PROFESSOR                                                   4400
ANTILZ, LAURENCE RENE           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              77.2
ANTONOVAZ, NATALYA V            INSTRUCTOR                                               8200.04
APGAIAZ, ASPEN                  SYSTEMS ANALYST                                            69870
APPLEZ, JUDE KOLB               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             4761.25
APPLEZ, JUDE KOLB               MARINE SCIENTIST                                        30144.33
APPLETONZ, AMY                  EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             6729.63
APPLETONZ, AMY                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             1108.28
ARANIVAZ, MAURICIO ALEXANDER    INSTRUCTOR                                              12371.31
ARCHERZ, NICOLAS P              RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            5261.52
ARENSONZ, JORDAN WALLACE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4310.14
ARMSTRONGZ, BRENDA LYN          RETAIL CLERK 1                                          31862.49
ARMSTRONGZ, JEANNE MARIE        INSTRUCTOR                                               8591.44
ARMSTRONGZ, JEANNE MARIE        LIBRARIAN                                               75072.96
ARMSTRONGZ, MARY ANN            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     35606.78
ARNEILZ, PETER JAMES            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              391.23
ARNOLDZ, RONALD M.              COORD FITNESS & INSTRUCTIONAL                           43242.96
ARTHURSZ, EDNA MARIE            INSTRUCTOR                                              32964.98
ASADZ, FIRASS ISSEDIN           WEB DATABASE DEVELOPER                                  54196.08
ASBJORNSENZ, AMBER ROSE         DIR ANNUAL GIVING                                       46396.46
ASBJORNSENZ, AMBER ROSE         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
ASBJORNSENZ, AMBER ROSE         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
ASHBYZ, PATRICIA A              MGR CHILD DEV CENTER                                    50981.04
ASHERZ, CHARLES WHITMONT        RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       35791.91
ASKARIZ, KAVEH TRAVIS           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        46764
ASKARIZ, KAVEH TRAVIS           INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
ASSINKZ, MELINDA MAE            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 935
ASSINKZ, MELINDA MAE            LECTURER                                                     825
ATENCIOZ, COREY LYNN            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1694.56
ATTWATERSZ, DEREK HUGH          FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                  15171.92
AUERZ, DAVID JOHN               DIR INFO SYSTEM TECH SERV                               79295.04
AUERZ, DAVID JOHN               INSTRUCTOR                                               5482.55
AUNE-JOHNSONZ, LEA MARIE        HUMAN RESOURCES GENERALIST                               8418.84
AUNE-JOHNSONZ, LEA MARIE        PRO STAFF EMPL RELATIONS MGR                            45459.48
AUSTINZ, KAYLA MARGARET         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               36.42
AVERYZ, SEAN CHRISTIAN          COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                40549.67
AVILA CERVERAZ, CARMEN LUCIA    INSTRUCTOR                                              42783.89
AXLUNDZ, RAELYN ALICIA          DIR RESEARCH & ASSESSMENT                               35733.75
AYREZ, KIMBERLEY KOLB           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             8403.75
AYREZ, KIMBERLEY KOLB           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36485.59
AZEVEDOZ, RONALD W              TRANSPORTATION HELPER                                   31801.12
BAALKEZ, JANELLE MARIE          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            12696.65
BABCOCKZ, RANDALL SCOTT         INSTRUCTOR                                                  8417
BABCOCKZ, RANDALL SCOTT         PROFESSOR                                               83878.94
BACHZ, ANDREW JAMES             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61925.04
BACKSTROMZ, ROBERT MICHAEL      OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      29524.36
BAGLEYZ, MARK R.                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
BAGLEYZ, MARK R.                SR DIRECTOR FOR FUNDRAISING                             95299.99
BAGLEYZ, MARK R.                WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
BAHARAVZ, EVA                   INSTRUCTOR                                              10237.32
BAHARAVZ, EVA                   PROFESSOR                                               61423.92
BAILEYZ, GREGORY JOSEPH         CUSTODIAN 1                                             29923.61
BAILEYZ, JACKIE M.              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     19706.03
BAILEYZ, JASON W                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            17315.63
BAILEYZ, JOANNA DEE             LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                          31342.09
BAILEYZ, JOSEF RONALD           CAMPUS POLICE CORPORAL                                  70770.31
BAILEYZ, RONALD LEE             LECTURER                                                 1860.56
BAILEYZ, RONALD LEE             MGR OPERATIONS SUPPORT                                   35980.1
BAILEYZ, SUZANNE                REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      57592.28
BAJUKZ, MICHAEL ALAN            INSTRUCTOR                                              26303.29
BAJUKZ, MICHAEL ALAN            LECTURER                                                    1887
BAJWAZ, DEEPINDER               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     87208.07
BAKERZ, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT      GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                           42588
BAKERZ, JILL IRISH              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      14138.19
BAKERZ, KEVIN ALLEN             CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   16275.21
BAKERZ, LAFAYETTE ANTWAN        RESIDENT DIR                                            36064.08
BAKERZ, LYNDA BEATRICE          SYSTEMS ANALYST                                         72895.92
BAKERZ, SONIA LEE               CUSTODIAN 1                                             30471.77
BAKERZ, SUZANNE MELISSA         ASST TO INTERNAL AUDIT AND AAG                           48293.1
BAKER-SENNETTZ, JACQUELYN GAIL  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71787.06
BAKER-SENNETTZ, JACQUELYN GAIL  INSTRUCTOR                                              19450.45
BAKER-SENNETTZ, JACQUELYN GAIL  PROFESSOR                                                   3300
BAKKENSENZ, DONALD BRIAN        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1707.5
BAKKENSENZ, DONALD BRIAN        MGR BUILDING SERVICES                                   66907.17
BAKKERZ, WAYNE EDWARD           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           59591.64
BAKKOMZ, DIANA LYNNE            ASST DIR SUMMER PROGRAMS                                59410.08
BAKSEZ, MICHAEL ANDREW          BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         38258.36
BAKSEZ, SUSAN                   DIR ALUMNI RELATIONS PROGRAM                            60060.96
BAKSEZ, SUSAN                   EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
BAKSEZ, SUSAN                   WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
BALDRIDGEZ, KIMBERLY ANN        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              1428.1
BALDRIDGEZ, KRISTINE DAWN       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             9182.27
BALDRIDGEZ, THOMAS E            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                           59155.97
BALEZ, JONATHAN DEANE           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            10245.18
BALZZ, SARAH PENSON             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              50824
BANKSZ, LINDA CHRISTINA         INSTRUCTOR                                               4199.98
BANNERZ, WILLIAM DOUGLAS        INSTRUCTOR                                              10833.37
BANNON CULLENZ, TRACEY JO       FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        34260
BANTONZ, SUSAN E.               PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY SPEC 4                             59588.92
BARAHONAZ, MAXIMO O.            INSTRUCTOR                                                7110.5
BARKETZ, EMILY BRYN             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               83.94
BARKLINDZ, ANIKA KAMILLE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              227.44
BARKLINDZ, MAGGIE DUNLAP        ASSOC DIR STUDENT/COURSE SERV                              59280
BARKLINDZ, MIA RUBY             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                                 213
BARNESZ, NICOLE MAY             AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                             10209.87
BARNESZ, NICOLE MAY             INSTRUCTOR                                               7347.19
BARNESZ, NICOLE MAY             LECTURER                                                     500
BARNESZ, RIAN NICOLE            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24197.77
BARNESZ, VIVIAN SACHIYE         ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
BARRZ, MICHAEL CHARLES          ASST DEAN GRADUATE SCHOOL                               66423.12
BARRETTZ, CATHERINE JEAN        INSTRUCTOR                                               3400.02
BARRETTZ, CHELSEA N.            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 336
BARRETTZ, WILLIAM LOUIS         PROFESSOR                                               82002.06
BARRYZ, DWIGHT QWENTIN          INSTRUCTOR                                              13903.74
BARRYZ, TAMI                    INSTRUCTOR                                                2916.7
BARSEZ, AJ                      LECTURER                                                     550
BARSTADZ, ROSE-MARY             GRANT AND CONTRACT SUPERVISOR                              58656
BARTLZ, CRAIG MICHAEL           CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   10432.87
BARTLETTZ, ELLEN                RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
BARTLETTZ, MARTHA CLARE         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                                7027
BARTLETTZ, TALYA GALE           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               438.5
BARTLETTZ, WENDY HELEN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4953.74
BARTONZ, MAUREEN ANN            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              4285.4
BARTZZ, AMBER SHALOME           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1131.01
BATEMAN-COLEZ, DIANE L.         ADM ASST TO VICE PROV IT/CIO                            20500.08
BATEMAN-COLEZ, DIANE L.         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               184.4
BATESZ, JEFFREY GROUT           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            42341.72
BATTENZ, KATE ELIZABETH         INSTRUCTOR                                               2533.68
BATTENZ, KATE ELIZABETH         LECTURER                                                 9055.25
BATTJESZ, LINDSEY BROOKE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3675
BAUGHNZ, DEBORAH ANN            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38611.61
BAUTISTAZ, LINDA M              RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
BEASLEYZ, BRUCE H               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73707.48
BEASLEYZ, BRUCE H               INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
BECKERZ, MICHELLE EILEEN        LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                          36567.71
BECKLEYZ, CHERYL KAY            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1037.31
BECKMANZ, LINDA ALICE           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      16319.88
BECKMANZ, LINDA ALICE           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       14794.09
BECKMANZ, LINDA PATRICIA        DIR DIV BUDG/ADM STU AFF/AC SS                          91519.92
BECKMANZ, LINDA PATRICIA        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 322
BEDIZ, ROBINDER P               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
BEDIZ, ROBINDER P               INSTRUCTOR                                               3607.62
BEDIZ, ROBINDER P               PROFESSOR                                               24179.12
BEISENHERZZ, PAUL CHALMERS      INSTRUCTOR                                               45635.8
BELLZ, GERI LYNN                INSTRUCTOR                                                  2175
BELLZ, MICHAEL PATRICK          INSTRUCTOR                                                 33670
BELLZ, PATRICIA A               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
BELLESZ, TERESA LYNN            INSTRUCTOR                                               1896.92
BELTMANZ, DUANE ALAN            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48497.98
BELTSZ, TAMARA L.               LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 6                          48532.72
BENEDETTIZ, DINA M              INSTRUCTOR                                              71725.34
BENGTSSONZ, JENIENE LYNN        PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               38805
BENJAMINZ, WILLIAM EDWARD       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3600
BENNERZ, RICK LYNN              EXEC DIR CAP PLAN/UNIV ARCH                            112693.92
BENNERZ, RICK LYNN              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               816.6
BENNERZ, RICK LYNN              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            163.32
BENSENZ, JENNIFER LEA           COORD HOUSING ASST SPEC EVENT                            7666.64
BENSONZ, EARL DEAN              INSTRUCTOR                                                  8500
BENSONZ, EARL DEAN              PROFESSOR                                              113520.96
BENYIZ, ARPAD                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62337.96
BENYIZ, ARPAD                   INSTRUCTOR                                               11688.4
BENYIZ, ARPAD                   LECTURER                                                     250
BERARDI-ALLAWAYZ, GIGI          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72624.68
BERARDI-ALLAWAYZ, GIGI          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            15952.68
BERARDI-ALLAWAYZ, GIGI          INSTRUCTOR                                               7976.32
BERGZ, RICHARD H.               PROFESSOR                                               66057.18
BERLINZ, KELLY RAE              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 180
BERNERZ, LOGAN TRAVIS           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                8140
BERRYZ, CAROL GAIL              PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       42687.12
BERRYZ, CLAUDINE VANDERSLUIS    INSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
BERRYZ, DOROTHY WRAY            INSTRUCTOR                                               3400.02
BERRYZ, GLEN R.                 INSTRUCTOR                                              15226.08
BERRYZ, MICHAEL R               GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 3                             20695.28
BERRYZ, MICHAEL R               UTILITY WORKER 2                                        14669.77
BERSETHZ, POLLY ANNE            RESEARCH ANALYST 4                                      53471.59
BERTELSZ, TRACEY L.             FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
BESSONZ, COCO JANEE             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      17352.8
BEZUGLYZ, ALEKSANDR BORISOVICH  CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      46953.28
BHUMBERZ, GURMIT S.             CUSTODIAN 1                                             36513.36
BIALASZ, CATHERIN MARIA         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3549
BIANCOZ, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT     ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     55839.96
BICIUNASZ, REMIGIJUS J          MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                 60882.1
BIERERZ, BETSY                  SPEC ASST VP UNIV ADVANCEMENT                            45739.9
BIGGSZ, RONNA JEAN              COORD PROG LEADERSHIP DEVEL                             50089.92
BINGHAMZ, BRIAN LYNN            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70350.53
BINGHAMZ, BRIAN LYNN            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             17781.6
BINGHAMZ, PAUL CHARLES          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                            16078.65
BINGHAMZ, PAUL CHARLES          INSTRUCTOR                                              18288.63
BIRCHZ, ROBERT MICHAEL          INSTRUCTOR                                              12843.32
BISCONERZ, MICHAEL JOHN         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                   43348.5
BISHOPZ, KAY IRENE              INSTRUCTOR                                               6177.54
BISHOPZ, MADELINE ANNE          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3878.72
BISHOPZ, MADELINE ANNE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     25026.84
BISMOREZ, GEORGE A              DIGITAL PRINTING OPERATOR                               16981.74
BISWASZ, BIDISHA                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56097.38
BISWASZ, BIDISHA                INSTRUCTOR                                                  7754
BJELAJACZ, DRAGICA              MAIL PROCESSING DRIVER                                     35928
BLAAKZ, JOHN BASTAIN            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                4410
BLACKZ, LINDA L                 CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              192.36
BLACKZ, LINDA L                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32506.29
BLACKBURNZ, VANESSA ANN         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         2500
BLACKBURNZ, VANESSA ANN         INSTRUCTOR                                                  4125
BLACKIEZ, BARBARA ANNE          INSTRUCTOR                                               3399.96
BLACKWELLZ, JOAN L              ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
BLAIRZ, CHARLYNN KAY            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1924.93
BLAIRZ, DENISE RENEE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8683.47
BLAIRZ, DENISE RENEE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      6874.39
BLANCHARDZ, ANNE LILLA          INSTRUCTOR                                              28399.53
BLANCHARDZ, ANNE LILLA          LECTURER                                                28387.13
BLANKZ, STEPHEN                 INSTRUCTOR                                              40533.37
BLICKZ, ANDREW MICHAEL          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     20778.83
BLIZZARDZ, KATE LOUISE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36959.86
BLUESTEIN-JOHNSONZ, NANCY       PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       44328.44
BOATMANZ, CHERYL C              INSTRUCTOR                                               4519.22
BODENSTEINERZ, LEO R            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64731.96
BODENSTEINERZ, LEO R            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            12275.69
BODENSTEINERZ, LEO R            PROFESSOR                                                   4620
BODENSTEINERZ, LEO R            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4261.95
BODENSTEINERZ, TERESA E         REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      70194.79
BODOZ, LILLA ESZTER             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     20145.14
BOECKELZ, AARON MICHAEL         CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   17996.15
BOETESZ, MACKENZIE JANE         ASST DIR SPECIAL EVENTS                                    43680
BOETESZ, MACKENZIE JANE         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
BOETESZ, MACKENZIE JANE         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            341.04
BOLANDZ, ELIZABETH ANNE         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66473.11
BOLANDZ, ELIZABETH ANNE         INSTRUCTOR                                              28996.25
BOLANDZ, ELIZABETH ANNE         PROFESSOR                                                   1100
BOLESZ, WILLIAM JERRY           SPECIAL ASST TO VICE PROVOST                            35342.68
BONEZ, AMBER MARIE              AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                             11668.58
BONEZ, AMBER MARIE              INSTRUCTOR                                              14025.58
BONEZ, AMBER MARIE              LECTURER                                                    2351
BONEZ, AMBER MARIE              SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   6480.81
BONNERZ, DENNIS RONALD          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36794.98
BOOKERZ, GEORGE EDWARD          COUNSLR MULTICULTURAL RECRUIT                              74.19
BOOKERZ, GEORGE EDWARD          RESIDENT DIR                                            17236.97
BORDAZ, EMILY JEANNE            PROFESSOR                                               36963.57
BORISZ, JEAN MAURINE            INSTRUCTOR                                              16262.88
BORNZINZ, GARY LEE              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     25803.58
BORNZINZ, GARY LEE              INSTRUCTOR                                              16620.46
BOTSFORDZ, JAMES L.             INSTRUCTOR                                               2668.35
BOTSFORDZ, TERESE MARIE         INSTRUCTOR                                                  3360
BOUDREAUXZ, ANDREW              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52824.06
BOUDREAUXZ, ANDREW              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            17608.02
BOUDREAUXZ, ANDREW              INSTRUCTOR                                                  2600
BOUMAZ, DENNIS EDWARD           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48306.94
BOVERZ, DAVID C                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    103876.92
BOVERZ, DAVID C                 INSTRUCTOR                                              18712.85
BOVERZ, DAVID C                 LECTURER                                                 2164.33
BOVERZ, DAVID C                 PROFESSOR                                                   3080
BOVERZ, PATTY E                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                            46055.4
BOWERZ, JOHN                    PROFESSOR                                               66544.72
BOWERZ, JOHN                    SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  16423.82
BOWERZ, KALIKA RUTH             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 176
BOWERSZ, STEPHANIE C.           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1187.8
BOWERSZ, STEPHANIE C.           VP FOR UNIV ADVANCEMENT                                150258.96
BOWERSZ, STEPHANIE C.           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            237.56
BOWKERZ, BRIAN CROSBY           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
BOWMANZ, LEANNA RUTH            PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
BOXZ, KAREN SANDRA              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     29866.49
BOXBERGERZ, DANIEL LEE          PROFESSOR                                               79239.98
BOXXZ, CHERYL LYNNE             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2012.38
BOYDZ, KATHRYN LORRAINE         FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        35183
BOYERZ, BRUCE                   MGR CLAIMS                                              51653.04
BOYERZ, DIANE MICHELE           ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                22921.08
BOYERZ, STEFANIE KAY            GRANT MGR COMM ENGAGEMENT                                19166.7
BOYERZ, STEFANIE KAY            GRANT MGR, COMM ENGAGEMENT                              14984.87
BOYESZ, TERESA                  RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
BOZEZ, CHERYL LYNN              INSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
BRACHZ, CAROL E.                ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
BRADFORDZ, KENDRA ANNE          INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                           35634.09
BRADLEYZ, KAREN E               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69697.08
BRADLEYZ, KAREN E               INSTRUCTOR                                              17520.21
BRADLEYZ, KAREN E               PROFESSOR                                                   6160
BRADYZ, JAMES F                 PLUMBER/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR LEAD                           49761.82
BRADYZ, JANE ELLEN P.           INSTRUCTOR                                              17214.92
BRANDZ, ROBERT ROY              INSTRUCTOR                                               9978.56
BRANDENBERGERZ, JILL MARIE      INSTRUCTOR                                               2187.48
BRANDSTROMZ, THOMAS L.          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               597.2
BRANDSTROMZ, THOMAS L.          SAFETY OFFICER 2                                           28152
BRANDSTROMZ, THOMAS L.          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            119.44
BRAUNZ, JANET MARIE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64731.96
BRAUNZ, JANET MARIE             INSTRUCTOR                                                   250
BRAYZ, MICHAEL J                INSTRUCTOR                                                  2160
BREARLEYZ, DIANE MAXINE         ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                15493.59
BREARLEYZ, DIANE MAXINE         ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                               25327.5
BRETTZ, HEATHER MARIE           ACADEMIC/CAREER ADVISOR                                 38553.41
BREWERZ, CHRIS BOYD             INSTRUCTOR                                              11066.65
BREWERZ, CHRIS BOYD             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    360.04
BREWERZ, JORDAN BETH            INSTRUCTOR                                              24829.08
BREWERZ, MONIKA HEITING         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              698.05
BRIGGSZ, ROGER D                PROFESSOR                                               85717.98
BRIGHTZ, KELLEY JEAN            RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      33569.04
BRILLAZ, LORRAINE R             PROFESSOR                                               70734.96
BRILLAZ, LORRAINE R             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   3960.22
BRILLSONZ, SHEILA M.            DIR OPERATIONS CJI                                      77562.59
BRISBONZ, GREGORY WILLARD       ASSOC HEAD SOCCER COACH                                    30000
BRISBONZ, GREGORY WILLARD       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                7500
BRITTAINZ, SCOTT VINCENT        INSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
BRODHAGENZ, MARION L            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             15058.9
BRODHAGENZ, MARION L            PROFESSOR                                               33129.58
BROGZ, KATHRYN JOSEPHINE        MAIL CARRIER - DRIVER                                    31257.4
BROKERZ, LINNEA SUE             MGR COMM ENGAGEMENT PGMS                                48323.17
BRONSTEINZ, KENNETH MARK        INSTRUCTOR                                              44443.37
BRONSTEINZ, KENNETH MARK        LECTURER                                                    9000
BROOKSZ, JAY E                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             29816.22
BROOKSZ, RICK D                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             1149.95
BROOKSZ, RICK D                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 4                           82788.22
BROOKSZ, RICK D                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            241.08
BROSTZ, JANA LAI                DISABILITY MGMT/ACCOM COUNSELO                          24988.65
BROSTZ, JANA LAI                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             8958.35
BROUGHTONZ, BARBARA B           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      16774.23
BROUSSARDZ, JEANNE L            INSTRUCTOR                                              37783.31
BROWERZ, PAUL                   PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPEC 2                            36567.27
BROWNZ, BRETA J                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              25919.94
BROWNZ, FRIEDA JOY              CUSTODIAN 1                                             30307.13
BROWNZ, JUSTINA SIMONE          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
BROWNZ, JUSTINA SIMONE          INSTRUCTOR                                                  2025
BROWNZ, LOGAN THADDEUS          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 985
BROWNZ, NICOLE                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54102.96
BROWNZ, RACHEL E.               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             3978.25
BROWNZ, RICH                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     49611.96
BROWNZ, RICH                    EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1000
BROWNZ, RICH                    INSTRUCTOR                                                266.66
BROWNZ, SANDRA EILEEN           CAREER COUNSELOR                                        39131.04
BROWNZ, SUSAN I                 MGR SOFTWARE & TECH DOCUMENT                               71916
BRUCEZ, GAIL                    INSTRUCTOR                                                  2625
BRUCEZ, RICHARD THOMAS          ASST DIR INTERNATIONAL PROG EX                          44359.44
BRUGGEMANZ, LARRY FRANK         CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      50294.83
BRUMMELZ, STEVEN ROBERT         DIR ATH MRKTG CO                                        65032.08
BRUMMELZ, STEVEN ROBERT         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               519.8
BRUMMELZ, STEVEN ROBERT         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            103.96
BRUNNEMERZ, DAVID SCOTT         ASSOC REGISTRAR/DIRECTOR DRS                            66822.52
BRUNNEMERZ, DAVID SCOTT         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               742.2
BRUNNEMERZ, DAVID SCOTT         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            593.84
BRUNNERZ, DANIEL P              MGR OPERATING SYSTEMS                                   78361.92
BRUNNERZ, JAYME ALEXIS          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3600
BRUSSEAUZ, GREG ADAM            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              2996.4
BRUUNZ, KAREN-MARGRETHE         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               802.2
BRUUNZ, KAREN-MARGRETHE         SPEECH PATH/AUDIO SPEC 2                                61854.87
BRYANTZ, MATTHEW JOSEPH         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             30922.5
BUCKLEYZ, PATRICK HENRY         PROFESSOR                                               61016.22
BUCKLEYZ, PATRICK HENRY         SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   1680.46
BUCKMANZ, RAHMIN                EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               623.5
BUCKMASTERZ, MATTHEW JAMES      CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            11823.84
BUELLZ, PAUL D                  LECTURER                                                  2008.2
BULCROFTZ, RICHARD A            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     29240.79
BULCROFTZ, RICHARD A            INSTRUCTOR                                               8599.98
BULYZ, PHILLIP ALAN             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            15302.69
BULYZ, PHILLIP ALAN             INSTRUCTOR                                               3310.26
BUMAZ, GARY                     FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        46026.29
BUMAZ, NINA G                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35350.29
BUNNZ, ANDREW GODARD            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      50542.6
BUNNZ, ANDREW GODARD            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            14838.35
BUNNZ, ANDREW GODARD            INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
BUNNZ, REBECCA ANNE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     13611.08
BURCHZ, JEANNE ANNETTE          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                8250
BURCHZ, KERRI L                 EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                  80
BURCHETTZ, RICHARD E. R.        INSTRUCTOR                                                 15521
BURDENZ, DAVID E                CUSTODIAN 1                                             33601.78
BURDETTEZ, DEMING LEE           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48536
BURGESZ, SUSAN ELIZABETH        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            11533.48
BURGESSZ, CLINTON LEE           ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN LEAD                                60120
BURGESSZ, DONALD J              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     50533.92
BURGESSZ, DONALD J              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            11229.76
BURGESSZ, DONALD J              INSTRUCTOR                                               6263.95
BURGESSZ, JAMES KINGSLEY        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               282.5
BURGESSZ, JAMES KINGSLEY        LECTURER                                                 2800.05
BURGESSZ, KELLY J               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      29963.28
BURKEZ, SUSAN GAIL              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
BURKEZ, SUSAN M                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  3600
BURKEYZ, SHERAL A               ASSOC VP FOR UNIV RELATIONS                             137535.9
BURKEYZ, SHERAL A               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              7636.4
BURKEYZ, SHERAL A               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            267.28
BURMESTERZ, RUSSELL F           RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      34101.12
BURNZ, LISA                     OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      18208.24
BURNETZ, SARAH HALLEY           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3727.62
BURNETTZ, MICHAEL J             INSTRUCTOR                                              33158.28
BURNSZ, ALEXANDRA ANN           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     19315.07
BURTONZ, BRIAN K                DEAN BUS & ECON                                        135199.92
BURTONZ, BRIAN K                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             10742.4
BURTONZ, BRIAN K                WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            148.48
BURTONZ, GARY GEORGE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              7697.2
BURTONZ, GARY GEORGE            CUSTODIAN 1                                              2542.77
BURTZZ, RANDALL TYLER           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52633.98
BURTZZ, RANDALL TYLER           LECTURER                                                  572.81
BURTZZ, RANDALL TYLER           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  13160.15
BUSHZ, NEIL ROBERT              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2352.82
BUSSARDZ, ROBERT LAWRENCE       LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 4                             39048
BUSSELLZ, MARK EDWARD           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            28998.54
BUSSELLZ, MARK EDWARD           PROFESSOR                                               88551.38
BUTCHERZ, LONNIE DAVID          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 386
BUTCHERZ, LONNIE DAVID          STAGE MANAGER                                              47583
BUTCHERZ, LONNIE DAVID          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              77.2
BUTLERZ, JOAN CHRISTINE         INSTRUCTOR                                               1338.37
BUTLERZ, REBECCA ROSE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     33927.37
BUTLERZ, TRISTAN PHILLIPS       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3600
BYRDZ, ANTHONY A                INSTRUCTOR                                                  3660
BYRNEZ, CHRISTINA A             PROFESSOR                                               30508.02
CABEZ, KATHRYN LOUISE           LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 1                          16721.89
CABEZ, KATHRYN LOUISE           LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                          13127.82
CABRERAZ, ALEXIS-ALICIA BIANCA  INSTRUCTOR                                                   500
CAHILLZ, SUSAN JEAN             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
CALDERON-SMITHZ, DESIREE A      EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPEC 3                          32945.42
CALLAHANZ, TEGAN LOUISE         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1665.09
CALLENDERZ, SANTA NICHOLE       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 342
CALNANZ, PAMELA MARIE           INSTRUCTOR                                               1470.05
CAMLINZ, CYNTHIA E              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     47255.22
CAMLINZ, CYNTHIA E              INSTRUCTOR                                                  5672
CAMMACKZ, REATHA ANN            PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       50653.67
CAMPANILLAZ, FELIX TORALBA      CUSTODIAN 1                                             31409.42
CAMPBELLZ, ALBERT DAVID         INSTRUCTOR                                               4060.02
CAMPBELLZ, SARAH K              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71017.92
CAMPBELLZ, SARAH K              INSTRUCTOR                                               8877.24
CANADYZ, SABRINA ANN            COORDINATOR, ADVISING SERVICES                          41449.92
CANCILLAZ, DEVON ANTHONY        DIR SCIENTIFIC TECH SRVS                                   93060
CANNAVANZ, DALE                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  6950
CANNONIERZ, LEMUEL              RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                           12966.78
CANYONZ, NANCY LOU              LECTURER                                                     400
CAPLAN-AUERBACHZ, JACKIE        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56320.16
CAPLAN-AUERBACHZ, JACKIE        INSTRUCTOR                                                  6024
CAPLAN-AUERBACHZ, JACKIE        LECTURER                                                     700
CAPRONZ, CLARA BELLE            DIR FINANCIAL AID                                          93600
CARBAJALZ, AMY R                INSTRUCTOR                                              51949.97
CARBAJALZ, BRENT JAMES          DEAN COL HUMANITIES & SOC SCI                          139999.92
CARBAJALZ, BRENT JAMES          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            15445.48
CARBAJALZ, BRENT JAMES          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             89.08
CARBONEZ, GENNARO               INSULATION WORKER                                       49477.64
CARDZ, STEVEN A                 ASSOC DIR ATH COACH                                     86057.04
CARDZ, STEVEN A                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              749.86
CARDZ, STEVEN A                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            133.64
CARDZ, SUNDAY LEE               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        32277.05
CARDOZAZ, MARY AMELIA           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     17238.35
CAREYZ, ANNA MARGRETTA          DIR NEW STUDENT SER/FAMILY OUT                          69762.96
CAREYZ, KEVIN J                 INSTRUCTOR                                               3434.69
CARLSONZ, BENJAMIN KONRAD       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 160
CARLSONZ, CHRISTINA JOY         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4674.18
CARLSONZ, WES C                 COUNSELOR FINANCIAL AIDE                                   37194
CARLTONZ, GARY WARREN           INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 4                              54504
CARNELLZ, CHER                  INSTRUCTOR                                              52295.04
CARNELLZ, CHER                  LECTURER                                                  980.94
CARNELLZ, CHER                  PROFESSOR                                                   4400
CARNESZ, NATHAN DAVID           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               42.82
CARNESZ, NATHAN DAVID           INSTRUCTOR                                                   960
CARNESZ, NATHAN DAVID           LECTURER                                                  225.12
CARNEYZ, JOANNE MARIE           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61081.92
CARNEYZ, JOANNE MARIE           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1000
CARNEYZ, JOANNE MARIE           INSTRUCTOR                                              12317.62
CARNEYZ, JOANNE MARIE           PROFESSOR                                                   3080
CARNEYZ, LAURA J                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              4170.5
CARNEYZ, LAURA J                LECTURER                                                24840.89
CARPENTERZ, RONALD CHARLES      CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   56193.12
CARROLLZ, DAVID M               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62848.08
CARROLLZ, DAVID M               INSTRUCTOR                                                  7450
CARROLLZ, STACEY RENEE          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              703.13
CARROLLZ, STACEY RENEE          INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.02
CARTERZ, MARKLAND D             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   49666.8
CARTERZ, NANCY JOSINE           INSTRUCTOR                                               5072.91
CARTERZ, NANCY JOSINE           LECTURER                                                     135
CARTERZ, TEYRA M.               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               42588
CARTERZ, WINSTON S              LECTURER                                                     500
CARYZ, MEREDITH J.              LECTURER                                                   10800
CASEZ, LYNDIE ELIZABETH         COORD CAMPUS COMM COALITION                             20045.45
CASKEY-SCHREIBERZ, LAURIE RENEE ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                45059.49
CASSELLZ, WILLIAM BARRY         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1675
CASTOZ, KAREN M                 PROGRAM DEVELOPER                                       43778.48
CASTROZ, ENRIQUE GOMEZ          GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                             24640.53
CASTROZ, ENRIQUE GOMEZ          GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 3                                 6975
CASTROZ, LEOBARDO ROMERO        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               220.5
CATHERSALZ, NATHAN LESLIE       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1123.61
CATTARINZ, RANDI FRANCES        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32763.54
CAULFIELDZ, KIMBERLY ANNE       PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
CECKAZ, JANNA LYNN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     34773.41
CELECZ, SANDRA EILEEN           LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 3                             36756
CHAFEEZ, JONATHAN S             RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4366.96
CHALAZ, ELZBIETA TERESA         CUSTODIAN 3                                             34358.82
CHALICEZ, DONALD RICHARD        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     39949.74
CHALLENDERZ, JESSICA MAE        RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            6514.32
CHALMERSZ, GORDON R             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68675.04
CHALMERSZ, GORDON R             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1000
CHALMERSZ, GORDON R             LECTURER                                                 1252.25
CHALMERSZ, GORDON R             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  14400.22
CHAMBERLINZ, ANNA CHRISTINE     SPEECH PATH/AUDIO SPEC 1                                62040.57
CHAMBERSZ, ERIC KARL            INSTRUCTOR                                               7193.29
CHANZ, DAVID DANNY              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 4                              71496
CHANZ, HUI-LING                 ASST DIR RESIDENCE LIFE                                    59004
CHANZ, HUI-LING                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 386
CHANZ, HUI-LING                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
CHANZ, HUI-LING                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              77.2
CHANZ, VICTOR                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66675.06
CHANDRAZ, ANIL PRAKASH          CUSTODIAN 2                                             31323.46
CHANGZ, CHIN-HUNG               INSTRUCTOR                                              12371.31
CHANGZ, LI HUA                  FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     18468.08
CHAPMANZ, GREG KEITH            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              2319.5
CHAPMANZ, KAMARIE ASTRID        INSTRUCTOR                                                  8750
CHAPMANZ, LORI GAYE             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33338
CHARBONNEAUZ, ERICA B           DIR DEV COLLEGE BUS/ECON                                   78000
CHARBONNEAUZ, ERICA B           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
CHARBONNEAUZ, ERICA B           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
CHARTRANDZ, BEN JAMES           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1165.22
CHAVEZZ, MARIA L                INSTRUCTOR                                              36625.01
CHEESMANZ, KELLY RENAE          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 510
CHENZ, PAUL H.S.                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65561.94
CHENZ, PAUL H.S.                INSTRUCTOR                                              13858.76
CHENZ, PAUL H.S.                LECTURER                                                   333.5
CHENGZ, JULIA W                 SPEECH PATH/AUDIO SPEC 1                                62283.35
CHERVENOCKZ, ROGER A            CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      45052.53
CHEUNGZ, JOHN Y                 INSTRUCTOR                                               4720.02
CHIEPPOZ, DONNA A               PAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR                                   36996.44
CHIEPPOZ, DONNA A               SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOC                             11625.48
CHILDRESSZ, JENNIFER L          ASST WOMENS BASKETBALL COACH                               35776
CHILDRESSZ, JENNIFER L          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              9768.8
CHILDRESSZ, JENNIFER L          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            222.72
CHILDSZ, HOLLY LYNN             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     26895.49
CHILDSZ, MICHAEL D F            STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 3                                      34260
CHOIZ, SOWN-KING                ARCHITECT 2                                             59874.46
CHORBAZ, SONJA R.               DIR OF DEVELOPMENT                                      75192.96
CHORBAZ, SONJA R.               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             1113.68
CHORBAZ, SONJA R.               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
CHOVILZ, LISA NANINE            INSTRUCTOR                                               5107.49
CHOVILZ, LISA NANINE            PROFESSOR                                                    100
CHRISTIANAZ, DAWN MARIE         INSTRUCTOR                                                  3750
CHRISTOPHERSONZ, JAYSON RAY     CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   53229.19
CHUZ, MARILYN TERESE            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     46933.92
CHUZ, MARILYN TERESE            INSTRUCTOR                                                   250
CHUNZ, DEBORAH Y                INSTRUCTOR                                              70039.03
CHUNZ, GEORGETTE K              ASST DIR STU FIN RESOURCES                              58756.08
CHURCHZ, PAUL LEE               INSTRUCTOR                                                761.52
CLARKZ, DOUGLAS H.              PROFESSOR                                               61016.94
CLARKZ, JOHN WILFRED            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   52209.7
CLARKZ, KEN W                   DIR RSP                                                 81700.08
CLARKZ, LINDA DARLENE           LECTURER                                                     250
CLARKZ, LINDA DARLENE           MANAGEMENT ANALYST 3                                    49968.91
CLARKZ, ROBERT B.               MGR DIGITAL VIDEO SERVICES                              69862.08
CLARKZ, TIMOTHY                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            18612.88
CLARKZ, TIMOTHY                 PROFESSOR                                               55839.96
CLARK-LANGAGERZ, SARAH ANN      DIR GALLERY                                             83001.12
CLARKEZ, CAMILLE R              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              208.48
CLARKEZ, MACKENZIE A            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              243.75
CLARKEZ, MICHELE ANN            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     33060.81
CLARKEZ, STEVEN LUIS            INSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
CLARKEZ, TERESA H.              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
CLAUSZ, ELIZABETH IRINE         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             6386.85
CLEASBY-HEAVENZ, ARIEL MARICE   PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
CLELANDZ, BARBARA JEAN          INSTRUCTOR                                                1280.8
CLEMENTZ, BROOKE LAUREN         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1415.89
CLEVELANDZ, CATHY LYNN          SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33646.36
CLEVELANDZ, PAUL J              UTILITY WORKER 2                                        34165.94
CLINEZ, COURTNEY MARIE          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1520
CLINEZ, DIANA LYNN              ASSOC DIR BUDGET                                        93426.75
CLOUDZ, DORTHANN LUCILLE        DIGITAL PRINTING OPERATOR                               28503.67
COBLEZ, KATHLEEN L              MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                       17570.11
COCKEZ, PAUL C.                 DIR COMM & UNIV RELATIONS                               82266.96
COCKEZ, PAUL C.                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1039.4
COCKEZ, PAUL C.                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            207.88
COEZ, TAMMERLY DARCEL           COUNSELOR FINANCIAL AIDE                                37837.92
COHENZ, JESSICA STOWBRIDGE      ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      9083.34
COHENZ, JESSICA STOWBRIDGE      PROFESSOR                                               12111.12
COLEZ, KAREN LOUISE             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
COLLAMERZ, BARBARA E            INSTRUCTOR                                              22759.94
COLLAMERZ, BARBARA E            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   9600.95
COLLIERZ, CATHERINE             DIR CIRCLE GRANT                                        44058.18
COLLIERZ, CATHERINE             INSTRUCTOR                                               7520.02
COLLINSZ, FREDERICK             MGR OUTDOOR CENTER                                         44004
COLLINSZ, RENEE P               ASSOC DEAN OF STUDENTS                                   3051.42
COLLINSZ, RENEE P               DIR OUTREACH SVCS/ASSOC DEAN                            67131.24
COLLINSZ, RENEE P               DIR STUDENT LIFE & ASSOC DEAN                            3051.42
COLLINSZ, RENEE P               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               772.2
COLLINSZ, RENEE P               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            154.44
COLMANZ, SHARON L               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           65008.66
COMEAU-GILLISZ, NORA L          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               11560
COMPSTONZ, CHRISTINE L          INSTRUCTOR                                                770.33
COMPSTONZ, CHRISTINE L          SPEC ASST UNDERGRAD INITIATIVE                          27733.44
CONFORTIZ, KEVIN A              LOCKSMITH SUPERVISOR                                     51938.8
CONFORTI-ANDERSONZ, PAULA KELLY PATIENT SERVICES REP                                     26266.5
CONNELLZ, CHRISTOPHER T         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               22637
CONNELLZ, CHRISTOPHER T         HEAD MENS/WOMENS SOCCER COACH                              40965
CONNELLZ, CHRISTOPHER T         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                               174
CONNELLZ, GEORGIANNE LEANA      INSTRUCTOR                                              23156.37
CONNELLZ, GEORGIANNE LEANA      LECTURER                                                    1139
CONOBOYZ, RICHARD J.            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1030
CONTONZ, LESLIE                 PROFESSOR                                               72624.68
CONTRERASZ, LINDA G             INSTRUCTOR                                               7125.18
CONVERYZ, CRAIG RABURN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             13544.3
CONWAYZ, MARGIE PATRICIA        ASST DIR ADMISSIONS & INFO SYS                          72607.92
COOKZ, EDWARD ALAN              AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                             19730.78
COOKZ, EDWARD ALAN              INSTRUCTOR                                                   200
COOLEYZ, JACK EUGENE            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1402.5
COOLEYZ, MATTHEW ADELL          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4105.63
COOPERZ, CARRIE ANNA            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2161.32
COOPERZ, CARRIE ANNA            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      10523.86
COPELANDZ, CONNIE LOU           INSTRUCTOR                                               2818.02
COPETASZ, KAREN GERTRUD         DIR ADMISSIONS                                          32143.04
COPETASZ, KAREN GERTRUD         DIR ADMISSIONS/ENROLL PLANNING                          64286.08
COPETASZ, KAREN GERTRUD         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              801.72
COPSEYZ, CHRISTINA ELIZABETH    PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       31256.04
CORBINZ, NANCY B.               DIR COUNSELING CENTER                                      82536
CORDEROZ, VANESSA KRISTINE      EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                2975
CORNISHZ, MARY HOFSTRAND        INSTRUCTOR                                              45603.24
CORREAZ, JOSEPH MAXWELL         INSTRUCTOR                                              20933.31
COSKIEZ, TRACY L.               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57281.56
COSKIEZ, TRACY L.               INSTRUCTOR                                              14804.79
COSTANZOZ, SUSAN ELIZABETH      PROFESSOR                                               59930.12
COSTELLOZ, TIMOTHY DAVID        DIR CTR FOR SERVICE LEARNING                            50229.12
COUFALZ, LEONARD JESSE          INSTRUCTOR                                                 14600
COUGHLINZ, EILEEN V             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               579.8
COUGHLINZ, EILEEN V             VP STUDENT AFFRS ACAD SPPT SVC                         156156.96
COUGHLINZ, EILEEN V             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            115.96
COULET DU GARDZ, DOMINIQUE RENEEINSTRUCTOR                                                9676.7
COULET DU GARDZ, DOMINIQUE RENEESUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   7680.34
COULTERZ, GAIL ANN              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     48342.06
COULTERZ, GAIL ANN              INSTRUCTOR                                                  6200
COXZ, CHRISTOPHER NELSON        DEAN OF LIBRARIES                                      110403.12
COXZ, CHRISTOPHER NELSON        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              865.39
COXZ, GREGORY ALLEN             AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                             14243.94
COXZ, GREGORY ALLEN             INSTRUCTOR                                                   350
COXZ, NATHAN JONATHAN           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2086.56
CRABOZ, ANDERS GUSTAF           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              136.74
CRABOZ, EMMA KATHLEEN           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              191.24
CRABTREEZ, JENNIFER KAY         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       20289.89
CRAMERZ, GUY                    CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              3452.9
CRANDALLZ, WENDY ANNE           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        26886.4
CRANSTONZ, NATHAN               INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 2                            17259.9
CRASWELLZ, KEITH J.             LECTURER                                                   13221
CRATSENBERGZ, HELEN ELAINE      INSTRUCTOR                                               2605.02
CRAWFORDZ, ALBERT BERRY         INSTRUCTOR                                                  8228
CRAWFORDZ, SETH LEE             ELECTRICIAN                                             50871.41
CRAWFORDZ, SHARON K             MAIL PROCESSING DRIVER                                   35960.4
CRIDERZ, JULIET G               PROFESSOR                                               19746.36
CRIPPSZ, CLARK ROBERT           INTRAMURAL/CLUB SPORTS ADVISOR                          20123.07
CRITCHLOWZ, VICKI C             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      33380.5
CRITTENDENZ, LINDA              LECTURER                                                     550
CRONKZ, DIANE M                 PHOTOTYPESETTER                                          34413.6
CROOKZ, DAVID M                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
CROSSZ, SANDRA JEAN             INSTRUCTOR                                              31256.96
CROSSLEYZ, NICHOLAS LEIGH       LECTURER                                                 5491.51
CROWEZ, DENISE KAY              MARINE SCIENCE PUB EDUC SPEC                               24534
CROWLEYZ, ERIC MICHAEL          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              949.06
CROWSONZ, CECILY JOY            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 150
CRUDENZ, GRETCHEN MARGARET      LECTURER                                                  500.14
CRUIKSHANKZ, KAY ANN            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              254.51
CRUZZ, RAFAEL                   CUSTODIAN 1                                             30817.64
CUENE-WATSONZ, SARA A           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 692
CUENE-WATSONZ, SARA A           PHYSICIAN                                               80589.12
CUENE-WATSONZ, SARA A           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             138.4
CULLUPZ, RYAN LEE               CUSTODIAN 1                                             19286.32
CUNANANZ, GISELLE D.            RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
CUNNINGHAMZ, KIMBERLY A         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39050.69
CUNNINGHAMZ, LAWRENCE R         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               618.2
CUNNINGHAMZ, LAWRENCE R         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49318.11
CUNNINGHAMZ, LAWRENCE R         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            123.64
CUNNINGHAMZ, MICK               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66641.83
CUNNINGHAMZ, RYDER WILLIAM      CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8737.13
CURGUSZ, BRANKO                 INSTRUCTOR                                              16965.15
CURGUSZ, BRANKO                 PROFESSOR                                                85718.7
CURLEYZ, DAVID LEITH            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        63783
CURLEYZ, DAVID LEITH            PROFESSOR                                                   4400
CURRIERZ, DEBORAH GREER         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             12923.6
CURRIERZ, DEBORAH GREER         INSTRUCTOR                                                386.66
CURRIERZ, DEBORAH GREER         LECTURER                                                     250
CURRIERZ, DEBORAH GREER         PROFESSOR                                               65559.92
CURRIERZ, DEBORAH GREER         SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                     720.1
CURRIERZ, DEBORAH GREER         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            334.72
CURRYZ, DEBRA LYNN              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              40121.45
CURTISZ, CINDY-LOU DIANA        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                                4583
CURTISZ, CINDY-LOU DIANA        RECRUITER                                                2083.34
CURTISZ, CINDY-LOU DIANA        RECRUITMENT/OUTPLACEMENT ADMIN                           10416.7
CUSTORIOZ, RYAN ANTHONY         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1262.56
CZAPIEWSKIZ, JAMES ERNEST       MAIL CARRIER - DRIVER                                    31049.4
CZOPPZ, ALEXANDER MATTHEW       INSTRUCTOR                                               6132.72
CZOPPZ, ALEXANDER MATTHEW       PROFESSOR                                               57722.04
CZOPPZ, WENDY MICHELE           INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
DAFFRONZ, SANDRA R.             INSTRUCTOR                                              13135.85
DAFFRONZ, SANDRA R.             PROFESSOR                                               58251.96
DAFFRONZ, SANDRA R.             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      1050
DAGNONZ, PAULA RAE              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52633.98
DAGNONZ, PAULA RAE              INSTRUCTOR                                               5886.18
DAHLZ, AUMONY SUNSHINE          INSTRUCTOR                                                8833.3
DAINESZ, VANESSA JOY            INSTRUCTOR                                                3753.3
DALEZ, CAROLYN J                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     34737.17
DALEZ, CAROLYN J                INSTRUCTOR                                                 12867
DALEZ, CAROLYN J                PROFESSOR                                                   1100
DALZELLZ, HEATHER JANELLE       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     10132.61
DALZELLZ, HEATHER JANELLE       SECRETARY                                                17433.6
DANIELZ, GARRY L                MGR LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS                            52764.96
DANIELSZ, LORETTA VIRGINIA      INSTRUCTOR                                               7533.37
DANIELSZ, TRACY GLYNN           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              9079.2
DANIELSZ, TRACY GLYNN           LECTURER                                                 5069.52
DANIELSENZ, CHERYL LYNN         PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            41794.86
DANKEZ, LINDA SUE               FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR                                 42287.04
DANYSKZ, CECILIA                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     59239.08
DANYSKZ, CECILIA                INSTRUCTOR                                                   300
DARLINGZ, RIEKO MARIE           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70509.85
DARLINGZ, RIEKO MARIE           INSTRUCTOR                                              13712.15
DARLINGZ, RIEKO MARIE           LECTURER                                                     250
DAVALOSZ, JOSEPH C.             INSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
DAVIDSONZ, BERNADETTE LUWANA    PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
DAVIDSONZ, DAVID L              ASSOC DIR BPRI                                          73636.32
DAVIDSONZ, DIANA LYNN           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              119.34
DAVIDSONZ, ROBERT C             INSTRUCTOR                                              14725.71
DAVIDSONZ, ROBERT C             PROFESSOR                                                    100
DAVIESZ, KATHY LYN              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            10679.74
DAVISZ, JEFFREY BYRON           MGR LAKEWOOD                                            52785.12
DAVISZ, NANETTE J               LECTURER                                                    7280
DAWEZ, MARY LYNN                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
DAYTONZ, TERRY ALAN             MGR MEDIA ENG MAINT                                     73072.08
DE ALMEIDAZ, CRISTINA M.        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73942.02
DE ALMEIDAZ, CRISTINA M.        LECTURER                                                     250
DE LA PAZZ, OLIVER              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     51541.65
DE LA PAZZ, OLIVER              INSTRUCTOR                                               6167.92
DEARDORFFZ, KAIMI ROSE          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      30678.95
DEBARIZ, SUSAN M                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             5808.08
DEBARIZ, SUSAN M                INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
DEBARIZ, SUSAN M                PROFESSOR                                               74118.49
DECHAINEZ, ERIC GERALD          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56320.16
DECHAINEZ, ERIC GERALD          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            12047.12
DECHAINEZ, ERIC GERALD          INSTRUCTOR                                               6023.52
DECKZ, LILIANA SALAZAR          INSTRUCTOR                                                  3750
DEDOUREKZ, FRANCIS              GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                             31983.18
DEENEYZ, MEGAN                  INSTRUCTOR                                              46737.81
DEFORESTZ, CRAIG                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 368
DEFORESTZ, CRAIG                GRANT MGR COMM ENGAGEMENT                               14484.38
DEGUCHIZ, MASANORI              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     45401.94
DEGUCHIZ, MASANORI              INSTRUCTOR                                              11828.08
DEIROZ, JUDITH ANNE             INSTRUCTOR                                              32101.44
DEIROZ, JUDITH ANNE             LECTURER                                                   36158
DEKUBBERZ, LORI ANN             INSTRUCTOR                                                7520.5
DEKUBBERZ, LORI ANN             PROFESSOR                                                 2182.5
DEKUBBERZ, LORI ANN             TRAINER ATHLETIC                                        24457.92
DELA CRUZZ, EVELYN LANDRITO     CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3523.36
DELAROSAZ, DOLOR MALIMBAN       CUSTODIAN 1                                             31302.16
DELAROSAZ, JUANITO PAPA         CUSTODIAN 3                                             38290.48
DELARUELLEZ, JACQUELINE LOUISE  ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                38707.49
DEMARKZ, JOANNE                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              956.51
DEMARKZ, JOANNE                 INSTRUCTOR                                                   500
DEMARKZ, JOANNE                 LEADERSHIP DEV SPECIALIST                                  62400
DEMARKZ, JOANNE                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
DEMKOZ, ASHLEY ELIZABETH        OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      21768.96
DEMORESTZ, DENNIS L             SYSTEMS ANALYST                                         72905.04
DENHAMZ, KRISTIN E.             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56183.86
DENHAMZ, KRISTIN E.             INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
DENNETTZ, NOLAN ALMA            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66538.98
DENNETTZ, NOLAN ALMA            INSTRUCTOR                                                  1650
DENSONZ, ERIC L                 ASST DIR COUNSELING CTR                                 60275.04
DENTZ, FIDELE M                 OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                             42263.79
DERRINGTONZ, MARY LYNNE         INSTRUCTOR                                              13797.13
DERRINGTONZ, MARY LYNNE         PROFESSOR                                               46079.12
DESMULZ, MARILYN VICKI          FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
DEVENPORTZ, JENNIFER L          LECTURER                                                     250
DEVENPORTZ, JENNIFER L          PROFESSOR                                               61016.94
DEWEESZ, DEBORAH L.             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
DEWEESZ, DEBORAH L.             SR DIR ALUMNI REL & ADV COMMUN                          94212.96
DEWEESZ, DEBORAH L.             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
DEWILDEZ, JAMES PATRICK         ASSOC DIR STUDENT FIN RES                               67245.12
DEYERINZ, MARCUS AURELIUS       INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.02
DEYLAMIZ, SHIRIN SEDIGH         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
DEYLAMIZ, SHIRIN SEDIGH         PROFESSOR                                               52048.98
DIAMONDZ, DAVID HAROLD          INSTRUCTOR                                                629.33
DIAZZ, CHANTELLE MARIE          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2449.86
DICKINSONZ, LINDA M             PARKING GUIDE LEAD                                      43691.57
DIEFENDORFZ, CHRISTY GLICK      INSTRUCTOR                                                  4500
DIEHLZ, PETER D                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
DIEHLZ, PETER D                 INSTRUCTOR                                              10020.18
DIETRICHZ, BRANDON LOUIS        INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                              38805
DIETRICHZ, DAWN Y               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        63783
DIETRICHZ, DAWN Y               INSTRUCTOR                                              11644.07
DIETRICHZ, WILLIAM ALAN         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     29185.02
DIETRICHZ, WILLIAM ALAN         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3000
DIETRICHZ, WILLIAM ALAN         INSTRUCTOR                                                 15000
DILLMANZ, STEVEN H.             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     89605.98
DILLONZ, JON P                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
DIMMELZ, NICOLE M.              LECTURER                                                 9143.77
DIMONDZ, JAMES LONGFELLOW       RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                    35183
DINGMANZ, WADE KINKADE          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 484
DINNELZ, DALE L                 PROFESSOR                                               84399.54
DINNELZ, PAUL A                 EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             3474.24
DIXEYZ, JENNIFER R              WEB SYSTEMS ANALYST                                        55800
DIXEYZ, KEVIN PATRICK           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           56800.17
DIXEYZ, KEVIN PATRICK           INSTRUCTOR                                                  2025
DIXEYZ, KEVIN PATRICK           LECTURER                                                     500
DIZNEYZ, PATRICK CLARK          INSTRUCTOR                                                 46616
DIZNEYZ, PATRICK CLARK          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  13320.61
DLOUHYZ, JOHN A                 DIR SPECIAL EVENTS                                         59124
DLOUHYZ, JOHN A                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
DLOUHYZ, JOHN A                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
DOZ, HOA CONG                   CUSTODIAN 3                                              35687.1
DOZ, KHUYEN V                   CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
DOBBINSZ, SARAH NICOLE          INSTRUCTOR                                               8516.69
DODDZ, HEATHER LYNN             CUSTODIAN 3                                             31387.08
DOLFOZ, CARMEN ANNETTE          COACH WOMENS BASKETBALL                                    65503
DOLFOZ, CARMEN ANNETTE          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               16230
DOLFOZ, CARMEN ANNETTE          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    239.99
DOLFOZ, CARMEN ANNETTE          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                               246
DOMINGOZ, ANGELITO P            CUSTODIAN 1                                              4121.99
DOMINGUEZZ, ANTHONY C           ASST MBB/HEAD STRENGTH COACH                               53664
DOMINGUEZZ, ANTHONY C           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              4742.4
DOMINGUEZZ, ANTHONY C           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            148.48
DONNELLANZ, GRANT JONATHAN      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58370.94
DONNELLANZ, GRANT JONATHAN      INSTRUCTOR                                               6448.18
DONOVANZ, DEBORAH A             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61543.42
DONOVANZ, DEBORAH A             INSTRUCTOR                                              19680.13
DONOVANZ, DEBORAH A             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   3200.35
DONOVANZ, MEREDITH A            RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4909.05
DONOVANZ, TODD A                INSTRUCTOR                                              11634.41
DONOVANZ, TODD A                PROFESSOR                                               82144.26
DORANZ, DIXIE ANNE              PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
DORRZ, JENNIFER HINE            EXEC DIR CAMPUS COMPACT                                100000.08
DORRZ, THOMAS WILLIAMS          DIR CENTER FOR ECON VITALITY                            98628.96
DORRZ, THOMAS WILLIAMS          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               662.2
DORRZ, THOMAS WILLIAMS          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            132.44
DOUGHTYZ, DAVID ALLAN           ASST DIR PUBLIC SAFETY                                  72736.31
DOUGLASZ, KENDRA LYNNE          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     28578.66
DOUGLASZ, KENDRA LYNNE          INSTRUCTOR                                              38583.74
DOWDENZ, PATRICIA ANN           INSTRUCTOR                                               3739.98
DOWNINGZ, THOMAS E              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        63783
DOYLEZ, KIM ELAINE              INSTRUCTOR                                                  4320
DOZIERZ, LORRAINE               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49791.96
DOZIERZ, LORRAINE               INSTRUCTOR                                                  8000
DOZIERZ, LORRAINE               LECTURER                                                    1500
DREWZ, ELIZABETH A.             INSTRUCTOR                                               1804.98
DREWESZ, BONNIE LYNN            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              26038.02
DREYERZ, STACIA JEANNE          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               148.5
DREYERZ, STACIA JEANNE          INSTRUCTOR                                               3999.98
DRICKEYZ, KIRSTEN M             INSTRUCTOR                                              39140.98
DU ROCHER SCHUDLICHZ, TINA DAWN ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     54212.04
DU ROCHER SCHUDLICHZ, TINA DAWN INSTRUCTOR                                               9035.34
DUBENION-SMITHZ, SHANNON ANDREW PROFESSOR                                               44240.04
DUBROWZ, JENNIFER LEIGH         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              5701.5
DUDZINSKIZ, MARK ALAN           INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 2                           31815.49
DUGGERZ, JULIE                  INSTRUCTOR                                              33720.81
DUKEZ, SHEARLEAN H              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58484.76
DUKEZ, SHEARLEAN H              PROFESSOR                                                   2200
DUMATOLZ, MILAGROS S            CUSTODIAN 1                                             31195.04
DUNNZ, CRAIG P                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     48958.02
DUNNZ, CRAIG P                  ASSOC DEAN CBE                                          70417.92
DUNNZ, CRAIG P                  INSTRUCTOR                                              26642.27
DUNNZ, CRAIG P                  LECTURER                                                   13264
DUNNZ, PAUL RICHARD             SR. EXEC ASST TO PRESIDENT                               68752.5
DUPLANTISZ, KASOMA J            CUSTODIAN 1                                             30697.48
DUPONTZ, BRANDON R              INSTRUCTOR                                              10894.49
DUPONTZ, BRANDON R              PROFESSOR                                               73484.64
DUPPENTHALERZ, STEVEN CHARLES   PARKING GUIDE                                              39516
DURHAMZ, YVONNE                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     78195.79
DURHAMZ, YVONNE                 INSTRUCTOR                                              16441.18
DWIGHTZ, FRANK M                AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC                                     43955.68
DWYERZ, SEAN THOMAS             INSTRUCTOR                                              11569.46
DYEZ, ANNA ELISE                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              159.75
DYKESZ, BARBARA JEAN            INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.02
EARNSHAWZ, KEITH ROBERT         LECTURER                                                  549.12
EASTMANZ, KEVIN LANE            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48682.92
EASTONZ, DANIEL                 RESIDENT DIR                                             14448.7
EATONZ, MARIE D.                INSTRUCTOR                                                  2475
EATONZ, MARIE D.                PROFESSOR                                               97570.79
EATONZ, MARIE D.                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    480.05
EBERTZ, ABRAHAM B               SPORTS EQUIPMENT MANAGER 2                              30129.63
EBINGERZ, LINDSEY MAY           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6458.57
EBINGERZ, SHIRLEY M             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  47981.32
EBLENZ, ANNA L                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         2000
EBLENZ, ANNA L                  INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
EBLENZ, ANNA L                  PROFESSOR                                               75494.02
EBLENZ, ANNA L                  SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   7201.43
ECHEVARRIAZ, AARON J            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             4587.08
ECKERTZ, LAURA                  SENIOR EXEC EQUAL OPPORTUNITY                           50930.45
EDWARDZ, DANA L                 DIR CERTIFICATION & ACCREDIT                             22644.6
EDWARDZ, DANA L                 DIR CERTIFICATION/ACCREDITATIO                          31702.44
EDWARDSZ, KELLIE                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2047.95
EDWARDSZ, KELLIE                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         26070
EDWARDSZ, KIMBERLY LUCILE       FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     37258.15
EDWARDSZ, KRISTY K              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          33605
EISSESZ, EFFIE                  ASST DIR, CAREER SERVICES MBA                            4696.13
EISSESZ, EFFIE                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               91.31
EISSESZ, EFFIE                  MGR EMPLOYER RELATIONS                                     20280
ELDERZ, KELLY LEIGH             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1310
ELEYZ, PATRICIA MARIE           SECRETARY LEAD                                             25080
ELICHZ, PETER ANDREW            UTILITY WORKER 2                                        35467.05
ELKINSZ, ELAINE MARIE           EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPEC 3                          34759.63
ELLISZ, ERIC S                  CAMPUS POLICE CORPORAL                                  56694.71
ELLISZ, GREGORY MARK            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
ELMOREZ, SALLY LEE              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     19343.21
EMLEYZ, LAWRENCE J.             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              1164.6
EMMONSZ, DONNA M                REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      33094.67
EMMONSZ, KATIE JO               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 560
EMORYZ, STEVEN R                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
EMORYZ, STEVEN R                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             6680.12
EMORYZ, STEVEN R                INSTRUCTOR                                               9517.63
EMRYZ, ERIN JANELLE             ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                44947.82
ENDERLEZ, MELANIE NICHOLS       INSTRUCTOR                                               5333.35
ENGEBRETSONZ, DAVID CAL         PROFESSOR                                               39806.82
ENGELSINGZ, EDUARDO MARCANT     INSTRUCTOR                                                 36591
ENGENZ, VIRGINIA LYNN           FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     26152.46
ENGLANDZ, KIRK ROBERT           SENIOR BUDGET & POLICY ANALYST                          64770.96
EPPSZ, TODD W                   DIR NETWORKING COMPUTER SERV                            76147.92
ERICKSENZ, LENA K               INSTRUCTOR                                              84965.37
ERPSZ, RYAN CHRISTOPHER         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              7014.3
ERPSZ, RYAN CHRISTOPHER         COORDINATOR TUTORIAL CTR                                 20799.2
ESCHERZ, GEORGE FRED            ELECTRICIAN - HIGH VOLTAGE                              54204.64
ESPINOZAZ, RAMIRO CURTIS        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              835.99
ESPINOZAZ, RAMIRO CURTIS        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                  75
ESPINOZAZ, RAMIRO CURTIS        RECRUITER                                               20658.15
ESTESZ, BENJAMIN PAUL           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              2587.5
ESTESZ, ROBERT N                INSTRUCTOR                                                933.34
ESTRADAZ, LAWRENCE J            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     91229.59
ESTRADAZ, LAWRENCE J            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    120.07
ETNIERZ, MICHAEL A              DIR GRANT                                                10000.8
EURICHZ, SUSAN AMANDA           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
EURICHZ, SUSAN AMANDA           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67667.04
EURICHZ, SUSAN AMANDA           LECTURER                                                 2430.75
EVANSZ, CRAIG J                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 386
EVANSZ, CRAIG J                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  52254.64
EVANSZ, CRAIG J                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              77.2
EVANSZ, ELLIN MARIE             INSTRUCTOR                                               2284.74
FABIANOZ, PATRICIA M            INSTRUCTOR                                              55537.33
FAHLANDZ, SHONA C               GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         24839.1
FALLISZ, MELANIE SUE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5257.35
FALTAZ, ELIZABETH L             INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.02
FARMERZ, JANIS M. V.            ACADEMIC SUPPORT COORDINATOR                            23547.38
FARMERZ, JANIS M. V.            ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                     3414.16
FARMERZ, JANIS M. V.            ASST DIR ADMISSIONS                                     16066.64
FARMERZ, VICKIE LORRAINE        INSTRUCTOR                                              42877.28
FARQUHARZ, JOHN D               MGR MULTIMEDIA & WEB DEVELOP                            81204.96
FARRZ, CELIA MARIE              INSTRUCTOR                                                9522.2
FARRZ, CELIA MARIE              LECTURER                                                  381.01
FARRAJZ, KARIM I.               RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
FARRELZ, LINDSAY NICOLE         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                9875
FARWELLZ, MARCIA KAY            PATIENT SERVICES LEAD                                   35428.19
FASSERZ, BARBARA J.             DIR ACAD RESOURCES/INST RESRCH                          99324.96
FASTZ, DONALD G.                SHEET METAL MECHANIC                                    46843.92
FASTZ, MARGARET L               LIBRARIAN                                               67246.08
FAULKNERZ, CASEY JOHN           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 160
FEENEYZ, MARGARET ANN           GRANTS COORDINATOR                                      38311.74
FEINBERGZ, SETH L               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57047.94
FEINBERGZ, SETH L               INSTRUCTOR                                               5942.49
FEINGOLDZ, DAVID WALLACE        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67118.94
FEINGOLDZ, DAVID WALLACE        INSTRUCTOR                                                  4600
FEINGOLDZ, DAVID WALLACE        PROFESSOR                                                   3740
FENWICKZ, KEVIN JAMES           SPORTS EQUIPMENT MANAGER 2                              36307.99
FEODOROVZ, JOHN VINCENT         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     48884.94
FEODOROVZ, JOHN VINCENT         SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    2460.3
FERGUSONZ, COLIN C              INSTRUCTOR                                              24199.94
FERGUSONZ, DOLORA R             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              248.88
FERGUSONZ, DOLORA R             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      20134.5
FERGUSONZ, RACHEL A.            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              211.74
FERRAREZ, JOSEPH JAMES          INSTRUCTOR                                                666.67
FERRARIOZ, CYNTHIA MARIE        MGR STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM                          72607.92
FEWINGSZ, DAVID RAE             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     89322.17
FEWINGSZ, DAVID RAE             INSTRUCTOR                                               7357.68
FIEROZ, DAVID BRIAN             INSTRUCTOR                                                 54583
FIEROZ, PETRA S                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     39477.79
FIEROZ, PETRA S                 INSTRUCTOR                                               5383.34
FIEROZ, PETRA S                 PROFESSOR                                               26677.77
FINCHZ, ROBERT BURNS            SYSTEMS ANALYST                                            69870
FINCHZ, SUZANN MARIE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38551.62
FINCHZ, TRACEY JEAN             GRANT AND CONTRACT SPECIALIST                              45828
FINLAYZ, JANET M.               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     36035.81
FINLAYZ, JANET M.               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     47785.02
FINLAYZ, JANET M.               INSTRUCTOR                                               3827.67
FINLAYZ, JANET M.               LECTURER                                                  1750.1
FISHZ, RUSSELL LAWRENCE         INSTRUCTOR                                               8666.33
FISHERZ, MATTHEW RATH           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             4038.99
FITZGERALDZ, JULIA MARIE        LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 6                             48168
FITZPATRICKZ, LISE SELLIER      ASSOC DIR FIN MGMT INFO SYSTEM                             28600
FITZPATRICKZ, LISE SELLIER      DIR EESP ADMIN & FINANCE                                37605.45
FITZPATRICKZ, TIMOTHY JOHN      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49611.96
FITZPATRICKZ, TIMOTHY JOHN      INSTRUCTOR                                                   100
FIVASHZ, HEIDI MICHELLE         INSTRUCTOR                                                  3500
FIZZANOZ, PERRY JOSEPH          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71787.06
FIZZANOZ, PERRY JOSEPH          INSTRUCTOR                                                  7800
FLAHERTYZ, KELLEY E             FISCAL ANALYST 4                                         57355.6
FLAHERTYZ, MICHAEL JOHN         INSTRUCTOR                                              12124.02
FLANAGANZ, LINDA                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
FLATONZ, ZACHARY TAYLOR         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5666.99
FLEISHMANZ, STEVEN              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
FLEISHMANZ, STEVEN              INSTRUCTOR                                                6080.3
FLEISHMANZ, STEVEN              LECTURER                                                      68
FLEISHMANZ, STEVEN              PROFESSOR                                               58370.94
FLEISHMANZ, STEVEN              SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                       360
FLEMINGZ, KATHERINE ANDRE       INSTRUCTOR                                                  2400
FLEMINGZ, KATHERINE ANDRE       LECTURER                                                 1850.19
FLICK-WILLIAMSZ, DIANE M.       COACH HEAD VOLLEYBALL                                      52238
FLICK-WILLIAMSZ, DIANE M.       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               20594
FLICK-WILLIAMSZ, DIANE M.       WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             118.8
FLORESZ, DIANE ELAINE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
FLORESSZ, DANIEL                CUSTODIAN 1                                             30192.08
FLYNNZ, EMILY D.                INSTRUCTOR                                               2625.21
FLYNNZ, EMILY D.                PROFESSOR                                                    100
FOLEYZ, DONNA J                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            18601.48
FOLEYZ, DONNA J                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            26531.91
FOLKZ, EMMETT RICHARD           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             9224.96
FOLKZ, HOLLY                    INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
FOLKZ, HOLLY                    LECTURER                                                  385.31
FOLKZ, HOLLY                    PROFESSOR                                               47460.96
FOMINZ, NICHOLAI EUGENE         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       31796.06
FORGAYSZ, DEBORAH KIRBY         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72856.98
FORGAYSZ, DEBORAH KIRBY         INSTRUCTOR                                              10119.43
FORHANZ, DOUGLAS MERRITT        MGR REAL PROPERTY                                       72124.08
FORSBERGZ, GERRY ESTELLE        INSTRUCTOR                                              35531.71
FORSBERGZ, GERRY ESTELLE        LECTURER                                                    1645
FOSTERZ, ALTHEA E               RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4909.05
FOSTERZ, JOYCE L.               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
FOTHERINGHAMZ, AMY L            SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    31340.52
FOXZ, ANDREW DAVID              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                            6155.81
FOXZ, ANDREW DAVID              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             53.88
FOXZ, MARGARET POLLAND          INSTRUCTOR                                              26755.74
FOXZ, MARGARET POLLAND          LECTURER                                                    1400
FOXZ, SHEILA LOUISE             INSTRUCTOR                                                 20009
FOXZ, SHEILA LOUISE             PROFESSOR                                               86995.98
FRANCISZ, LISBETH ANNE          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                4400
FRANKZ, KATY                    CUSTODIAN 1                                              29557.6
FRANKLINZ, ALINE B              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     21848.51
FREDRICKSONZ, KERRI ANN         RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      39217.92
FREELANZ, STEFAN REID           SPEC GEOGRAPHIC INFO SYS                                50830.08
FREEMANZ, JEANNE MARIE          PROFESSOR                                               56671.02
FREEMANZ, JEANNE MARIE          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    7200.3
FRENCHZ, KRISTEN BLYTHE         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     52633.98
FRENCHZ, KRISTEN BLYTHE         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                8770
FRENCHZ, KRISTEN BLYTHE         INSTRUCTOR                                              14636.18
FRENCHZ, LORI LYNN              INSTRUCTOR                                              16590.02
FRIARZ, MARY ECKLOFF            HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULT ASST 1                            29098.5
FRIARZ, MARY ECKLOFF            OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                          5196
FRICKZ, RUDOLPH DONALD          STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   55634.32
FRIDAYZ, CHRISTOPHER C          INSTRUCTOR                                               8541.87
FRIDAYZ, CHRISTOPHER C          PROFESSOR                                                83557.6
FRIDAYZ, CHRISTOPHER C          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   2760.65
FRIEDLOBZ, ALAN SANDOR          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3600
FRIEDLOBZ, ALAN SANDOR          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            11519.44
FRIESENZ, JOHN                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61925.04
FRIESENZ, KITTY E               INSTRUCTOR                                                  2950
FRISBIEZ, SUSAN LORRAINE        ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
FRITHZ, MARY MEGAN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      38910.5
FROMZ, MILTON                   PROFESSOR                                                  63783
FROMMZ, ANDREA MAY              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        18744.65
FROMMZ, ANDREA MAY              SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    14157.25
FROMMZ, MARC ANDREW             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                            52771.5
FROSTZ, ALLEN WESLEY            LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                             35040
FROSTZ, DEBORAH LOUISE          ASST DIR INFORMATION TECH                               60319.92
FROSTZ, DEBORAH LOUISE          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               371.2
FROSTZ, DEBORAH LOUISE          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             74.24
FROSTZ, JEFF GEORGE             ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN LEAD                             52883.86
FRYEZ, LAURIE L.                DIR PROSPECT RESEARCH                                   49999.92
FRYEZ, RICHARD                  MANAGEMENT ANALYST 3                                     58081.4
FUCHSZ, CHERYL LYNN             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 39042
FUCHSZ, JOHN PATRICK            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1143.4
FUCHSZ, JOHN PATRICK            HEAD WOMENS CREW COACH/COORD                            58234.08
FUCHSZ, JOHN PATRICK            WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            228.68
FUGAMIZ, SANDRA S.              MECHANICAL ENGINEER 3                                      73260
FULLERZ, DIANE GAIL             FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                            49314.26
FULLERZ, SHAWN LORANE           INSTRUCTOR                                                  3125
FURICKZ, PAULA K                INSTRUCTOR                                                  1620
FURLONGZ, ELAINE P              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
FURLONGZ, JEAN M                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
FURYZ, MOLLY K                  TELEPHONE COMM OPERATOR LEAD                            32193.29
GABRISCHZ, GERALD BLAKE         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1500
GAFFNEYZ, ANGELA PATRICIA       ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    31446.76
GAFFNEYZ, JEANNE HALL           SENIOR ASST DIR ADMISSIONS                              56184.96
GALBRAITHZ, JEFFREY HAMILTON    LECTURER                                                 1500.11
GALBRAITHZ, ROBERT ALLEN        ASST DIR ATUS                                           84240.96
GALBREATHZ, KURT E              POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOC                             34999.92
GALEZ, MARK WILLIAM             INSTRUCTOR                                               6394.98
GALLAGHERZ, MARY LANE           COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT 3                              51154.91
GAMMONZ, STEVEN D.              INSTRUCTOR                                              62649.07
GAMMONZ, STEVEN D.              PROFESSOR                                               55355.63
GANZZ, STEVEN HENRY             INSTRUCTOR                                              31159.28
GARCIAZ, DAVID J                CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                  72705.53
GARCIAZ, HUGO                   INSTRUCTOR                                              55371.12
GARCIAZ, HUGO                   LECTURER                                                     250
GARCIAZ, JOSEPH ELADIO          BOWMAN PROFESSOR                                          120000
GARCIAZ, JOSEPH ELADIO          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1024.6
GARCIAZ, JOSEPH ELADIO          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            204.92
GARCIAZ, KERGIE LYNN            ASST DIR, CAREER SERVICES                               44658.01
GARCIAZ, KERGIE LYNN            COORD CAREER PLANNING PROG                               3841.92
GARCIAZ, RAQUEL LINDA           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              9879.7
GARDINERZ, HAYLEY ANNE          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 264
GARDNERZ, RICHARD J             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            20449.04
GARDNERZ, RICHARD J             PROFESSOR                                               93734.46
GARFIELDZ, SASHA                CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      51224.69
GARFINKLEZ, STEVEN J            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     59787.42
GARIEPYZ, ERIN KATHLEEN         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1350.69
GARIEPYZ, ERIN KATHLEEN         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        747.66
GASSMANZ, JULIA A               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               222.8
GASSMANZ, JULIA A               MGR PARKING & TRANSPORTATION                            56526.96
GASSMANZ, JULIA A               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             44.56
GAUYANZ, BENJAMIN FALCESO       INSTRUCTOR                                                  3660
GAYTHORPEZ, JOHN S.             MGR TECHNICAL SERVICES                                     90156
GEARIETYZ, SHERENA LEA          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      34607.5
GEBALLEZ, SARA L                EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 500
GEDVILASZ, STEPHANIE            RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            3938.05
GEGENHUBERZ, MARGARET A         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       32053.9
GEGENHUBERZ, WENDY JO           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
GEIGERZ, LESLIE ANNE            CONTRACTS ASSISTANT                                     31784.32
GEILZ, TOI MARIE                COORD CONSULT, OUTRCH, CRISIS                           56081.08
GEISLERZ, MARC S                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62848.08
GEISLERZ, MARC S                INSTRUCTOR                                               7596.66
GEISLERZ, MARC S                PROFESSOR                                                   8800
GEORGEZ, CHARLES D              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  50231.88
GERDTSZ, JODY RENEE             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1800
GERMAINZ, ROGER W               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     39558.42
GERMAINEZ, DONNA CAROLINE       INSTRUCTOR                                               32575.8
GHALIZ, MOHEB AMIN              VICE PROVOST RESEARCH/DEAN GS                          138433.92
GHUMANZ, JATINDER S             UTILITY WORKER 2                                        43726.84
GIBBONSZ, DEBRA Y               MGR YOUTH PROGS                                         46615.92
GIBSONZ, CHARITY ROSE           RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            2171.44
GIBSONZ, EMILY P                DIR STUDENT HEALTH CENTER                              122010.16
GIBSONZ, EMILY P                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1320.8
GIBSONZ, EMILY P                WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            264.16
GIBSONZ, JULIE ANN              LECTURER                                                 1770.46
GIBSONZ, PAMELA E.              MGR DONOR RELATIONS                                        46104
GIDDENSZ, DANIELLE CHRISTINE    OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       3575.49
GIDDINGSZ, ELVA HARRIET         INTERIM DIR PREVENTION/WELNESS                          68233.92
GIFFENZ, ALLISON A.             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61016.94
GIFFINZ, HOLLY LYNNE NEAL       INSTRUCTOR                                               4607.98
GIFFORDZ, DANIEL WILLIAM        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             1389.84
GIFFORDZ, SUE-ANN M.            RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2                                 11444.03
GILBERTZ, JEANNIE ROSE          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1028.34
GILBERTZ, JEANNIE ROSE          INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                           40595.74
GILBERTZ, MEREDITH A            ASST DIR PROF STUDY/IND LEARN                            1696.18
GILBERTSONZ, DAVID L            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     92184.15
GILBERTSONZ, DAVID L            INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
GILBERTSONZ, DAVID L            LECTURER                                                   12802
GILBERTSONZ, JOHN D.            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     41085.06
GILBERTSONZ, JOHN D.            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               24347
GILBERTSONZ, JOHN D.            INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
GILESZ, LEIGH ANN               BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         40855.56
GILESZ, SCOTT ASHLEY            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           59591.64
GILLIAMZ, JEFFREY P             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69555.06
GILLIAMZ, JEFFREY P             INSTRUCTOR                                                   500
GILMANZ, ROGER WILLIAM          DEAN FAIRHAVEN                                         125207.12
GIMPERZ, BRANDON PAUL           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2669.31
GIVENSZ, LUCAS A                RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4909.05
GLEASONZ, GEORGE FREDERICK      EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 875
GLEESONZ, MADGE G               PROFESSOR                                               88278.94
GLIMMZ, TILMANN                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      60640.9
GLOBERMANZ, STEVEN              INSTRUCTOR                                               8465.96
GLOBERMANZ, STEVEN              PROFESSOR                                              119388.96
GOBERZ, LORNA ANN               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3775
GOBERZ, LORNA ANN               PHYSICIAN                                               41709.42
GODFREYZ, RANDY LEE             GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 4                             40176.93
GODWINZ, MARGARET ANN           MGR GENERAL BOOKSTORE                                      75000
GOEBELZ, BRUCE A                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     45859.66
GOEBELZ, BRUCE A                INSTRUCTOR                                               9816.98
GOEBELZ, BRUCE A                PROFESSOR                                               30058.42
GOGROF-VOORHEESZ, ANDREA E      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57513.96
GOGROF-VOORHEESZ, ANDREA E      INSTRUCTOR                                                798.83
GOLDENBERGZ, EDWARD             INSTRUCTOR                                                  5080
GOLDSMITHZ, DOROTHY KAYE        ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
GOLDSMITHZ, DOROTHY KAYE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              3708.5
GOLDSTEINZ, BLISS               INSTRUCTOR                                               4474.98
GONZALESZ, BRENNAN NEIL         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               124.6
GONZALEZZ, SUSAN MARIE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     29330.25
GOODZ, ANDREW D.                INSTRUCTOR                                              36160.96
GOODMANZ, NICOLE DENISE         ASSOC DIR HUMAN RESOURCES                               69072.27
GOODMANZ, NICOLE DENISE         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              678.18
GOODMANZ, NICOLE DENISE         SPEC ASST DIR FINANCIAL SVCS                             5037.88
GOODMANZ, NICOLE DENISE         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             324.8
GOODRICHZ, LYNDA MARIE          DIR ATHLETICS                                          113999.04
GOODVINZ, REBECCA MARIE         INSTRUCTOR                                               8648.18
GOODVINZ, REBECCA MARIE         LECTURER                                                    2435
GOODVINZ, REBECCA MARIE         PROFESSOR                                               58370.94
GOPLERUDZ, MARY ELIZABETH       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34370.88
GORDERZ, JENNIFER LEANN         INSTRUCTOR                                               20861.5
GOSEZ, THERESA S.               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38409.95
GOSHORN-MARONEYZ, JOSEPH        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3546
GOSSETTZ, JOSEPH G.             INSTRUCTOR                                                   450
GOSSETTZ, JOSEPH G.             LIBRARIAN                                                  43500
GOTOZ, STANFORD T               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     24969.42
GOTOZ, STANFORD T               INSTRUCTOR                                               4864.25
GOTOZ, STANFORD T               PROFESSOR                                               35671.13
GOTOZ, STANFORD T               SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    2100.3
GOULDZ, DORENE                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              10303.62
GOULDZ, DORENE                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     18618.95
GOURANZ, BRIAN DENNIS           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               14166
GRACEZ, SABRA M                 RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4909.05
GRACHECKZ, KATHERINE ANN        PRE-DOCTORAL PSYCH COUNSELOR                             6416.69
GRADYZ, MARILYN F               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          22840
GRADYZ, MARILYN F               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     11958.52
GRADYZ, THOMAS K                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73942.02
GRADYZ, THOMAS K                INSTRUCTOR                                               6161.85
GRAHAMZ, HOLLY KAY              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      7020.64
GRAHAMZ, JAMES MADEIRA          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     24242.54
GRAHAMZ, JAMES MADEIRA          INSTRUCTOR                                              10903.22
GRAHAMZ, JAMES MADEIRA          PROFESSOR                                               34632.29
GRAHAMZ, LYNN R                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35050.91
GRAHAMZ, SYLVIA LYNNE           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             8106.75
GRAHAMZ, THOMAS PHILIP          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2755.51
GRAHAMZ, YOLANDA                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3801.84
GRAMBOZ, LAURA BETH             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              4389.4
GRAMMZ, DEBRA LYNN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38889.64
GRAMMZ, JUDITH CAROL            PROGRAM MANAGER B                                          54504
GRANGERZ, JAMIE LYNN            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              114.05
GRANGERZ, JAMIE LYNN            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       6412.82
GRANIERZ, MARTIN R              INSTRUCTOR                                              84398.96
GRANTZ, RILEY ANNE              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             3928.75
GRASDOCKZ, ELAINE M             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2088.45
GRAYZ, SOLON GLENN              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48306.94
GRAYUMZ, NANCY GAIL             MGR CLASSROOM SERVICES                                  29815.92
GREATHOUSEZ, MIKA MARIE         DISABILITY/MED LEAVE ADMIN                              32369.94
GREATHOUSEZ, MIKA MARIE         SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOC                             10789.98
GREENZ, GAYE L                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71787.06
GREENZ, GAYE L                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1000
GREENZ, MARK STEPHEN            PRE-DOCTORAL PSYCH COUNSELOR                             6416.69
GREENZ, PENNY ELLENWOOD         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1042.5
GREENZ, REBEKAH ANN             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              8937.6
GREENZ, REBEKAH ANN             INSTRUCTOR                                               1333.34
GREENZ, REBEKAH ANN             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      35053.37
GREENZ, VINCENT BRYAN           AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                             11845.79
GREENZ, VINCENT BRYAN           INSTRUCTOR                                               7887.81
GREENFIELDZ, MEGAN LAURA        ASST DIR OF OPERATIONS                                  40263.95
GREENFIELDZ, MEGAN LAURA        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             2705.28
GRESLEYZ, THERESA M.            ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                28735.24
GRESLEYZ, THERESA M.            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            13288.32
GRIMMZ, JEFFREY WILLIAM         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     36740.66
GRIMMZ, JEFFREY WILLIAM         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            20040.36
GRIMMZ, JEFFREY WILLIAM         INSTRUCTOR                                                   315
GRIMMZ, JEFFREY WILLIAM         LECTURER                                                  1044.5
GRIMMZ, JEFFREY WILLIAM         PROFESSOR                                               26419.96
GRIMMZ, STEPHANIE DAWN          INSTRUCTOR                                                 11375
GRIMSTEADZ, ERIC RICHARD        COMM/TRADE/ECON DEV SPEC 2                                  4114
GRIMSTEADZ, ERIC RICHARD        COMM/TRADE/ECON DEV SPEC 3                               2989.57
GRIMSTEADZ, ERIC RICHARD        COMMERCE SPECIALIST 3                                      47561
GRIMSTEADZ, ERIC RICHARD        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              467.74
GROCEZ, SCOTT ROBERT            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               26495
GROSSINGERZ, ROY HELMUT         INSTRUCTOR                                                347.17
GRUDZINSKIZ, LEVI MICHAEL       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2758.48
GRUENERTZ, JENNIFER ANNE        SPEECH PATH/AUDIO SPEC 1                                34744.68
GRUMANZ, DIANA HOERLEIN         INSTRUCTOR                                               2521.75
GRUMANZ, DIANA HOERLEIN         PROFESSOR                                               60521.94
GUARIZZ, GINA LYNN              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 380
GUELKER-CONEZ, LESLIE K         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     75043.08
GUENTER-SCHLESINGERZ, SUE       VICE PROVOST EQUAL OPP/DIV                             119599.92
GUESSZ, CAROL A                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     28335.96
GULYASZ, LEE R                  INSTRUCTOR                                              36710.05
GUNDERSONZ, ARAHKA RACELIA      CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              335.89
GUNKELZ, LEISE ANNA             INSTRUCTOR                                                   611
GUYETTEZ, CHARLOTTE FAYE        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60000.08
GUYETTEZ, CHARLOTTE FAYE        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             2499.99
GUYETTEZ, DANIEL GENE           DEAN FINE AND PERF ARTS                                   132000
GUYETTEZ, DANIEL GENE           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              6113.4
GUYETTEZ, DANIEL GENE           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            222.68
GUZMANZ, MARIA ELENA            RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4317.82
GYNANZ, SHAW N                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72856.98
HACKLERZ, RUTH M.               ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
HACKNEYZ, BARBARA LEE           INSTRUCTOR                                                  4320
HADLEYZ, CHRIS                  FACILITIES ENGINEER 2                                   65098.66
HAGELZ, JUSTIN PHILLIP          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              62680
HAGEMANZ, DAVID PATRICK         INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
HAGENZ, DANIEL ANDREAS          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     49112.58
HAGENZ, DANIEL ANDREAS          INSTRUCTOR                                               7749.68
HAGENZ, DANIEL ANDREAS          PROFESSOR                                               24029.21
HAGENSENZ, KENDALL PAULINE      INSTRUCTOR                                                  9380
HAGERZ, KYLE ROGER              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                4960
HAGGERTYZ, BERNARD P            INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.02
HAHNZ, JENNIFER LISA            INSTRUCTOR                                               4000.02
HAINESZ, DONNA J                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
HAINESZ, SUSAN ELIZABETH        INSTRUCTOR                                              44502.76
HALLZ, JULIE LYNN               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      11420.67
HALLZ, KYLE JAMES               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3747.19
HALLZ, LESLIE                   LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 6                             48168
HALLEZ, FRANCISCUS GEORGE JAMES DIR SPACE ADM/MANAGEMENT                                   87000
HALLIDAYZ, HANNAH SELENE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 603
HALSELLZ, KELVEN L.             COACH TRACK CROSS COUNTRY                               52786.08
HALSELLZ, KELVEN L.             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               439.4
HALSELLZ, KELVEN L.             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             87.88
HAMBLINZ, VICKI L               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     42592.66
HAMBLINZ, VICKI L               INSTRUCTOR                                                7260.1
HAMBLINZ, VICKI L               PROFESSOR                                               36139.54
HAMILTONZ, BRUCE DOUGLAS        PROFESSOR                                               55839.96
HAMILTONZ, PAM CLARK            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            45927.17
HAMILTONZ, TERESA LYNN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              110.76
HAMITERZ, DAVID A.              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
HAMMZ, BRETT CHRISTOPHER        INSTRUCTOR                                               6433.37
HAMMONDZ, BRYANT REYNOLD        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              3901.5
HAMMONDZ, BRYANT REYNOLD        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                2000
HAMMONDZ, JEREMY DANIEL         DRAFTING TECHNICIAN 3                                   39283.95
HAMMONDZ, JOYCE D               PROFESSOR                                               77293.98
HANANIAZ, CECILE                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54142.81
HANANIAZ, CECILE                INSTRUCTOR                                               5731.24
HANCOCKZ, DAVID NATHANAEL       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 255
HANCOCKZ, ROSALIE G             RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                           12966.28
HANLEYZ, DANIEL M.              RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      51915.83
HANLEYZ, SALLY MARIE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2483.39
HANNEMANZ, JOHN CHARLES ARTHUR  CUSTODIAN 1                                             30947.85
HANSBERRYZ, HAROLD ROSS         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4325.23
HANSENZ, JASON DOYLE            INSTRUCTOR                                              15555.54
HANSENZ, JENNIFER LYNNE         CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR                                  57199.92
HANSENZ, JULIA L                INSTRUCTOR                                                  5500
HANSENZ, JULIA L                PROFESSOR                                               80366.04
HANSENZ, ROBERT E               WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 3                                    37816.68
HANSENZ, SAMUEL CARL            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                               7155
HANSENZ, SAMUEL CARL            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              49401
HANSENZ, THOR A                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  1300
HANSENZ, THOR A                 LECTURER                                                     700
HANSENZ, THOR A                 PROFESSOR                                               80542.03
HANSONZ, RICHARD MARCUS         INSTRUCTOR                                                 14160
HARBERZ, JEANNINE S             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1522.5
HARDERZ, K PETER                INSTRUCTOR                                                 35290
HARDMANZ, GARY L                EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 5                                  59363.86
HARDMANZ, PAMELA H.             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         6830
HARDMANZ, PAMELA H.             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     29043.37
HARDMANZ, PAMELA H.             INSTRUCTOR                                              37632.81
HARDMANZ, PAMELA H.             LECTURER                                                 7086.28
HARDMANZ, PAMELA H.             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   2640.05
HARKLEROADZ, HALI LYN           CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   21819.71
HARLANZ, MARLENE K.             DIR MARKETING & SUMMER PRGMS                            69528.96
HARLINZ, GINNELL CHRISTINE      CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             7123.23
HARMONZ, LISA MARIE             INSTRUCTOR                                                   300
HARRIMANZ, GRETCHEN ANNE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 378
HARRINGTONZ, JAMES STANLEY      ASST DIR OF SMATE                                       56951.74
HARRISZ, DAVID WARREN           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1118
HARRISZ, ESTHER LOUISE          ASST TO DEAN HUMAN & SOC SCI                            23567.37
HARRISZ, F DAVID                PROFESSOR                                               96476.04
HARRISZ, HOWARD L               LECTURER                                                  7592.8
HARRISZ, JOHN M                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60521.94
HARRISZ, JOHN M                 INSTRUCTOR                                              10086.99
HARRISZ, JOHN M                 SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   2880.98
HARRISZ, KIMBERLY ZAKIYYAH      PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       23094.98
HARRISONZ, JAMIE ADELE          RECREATION & ATHLETICS SPEC 2                           37180.09
HARRISONZ, MARK MCGREGOR        FACILITIES ENGINEER 2                                   61901.16
HARRISONZ, WILLIAM H            INSULATION WORKER LEAD                                  52425.01
HARRISONZ, WYATT                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                     43572
HARTZ, PAUL CHARLES             PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       54547.51
HARTZ, WILLY                    DIR UNIV RESIDENCES                                     93935.04
HARTENSTINEZ, DAVID ASHLEY      ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     59750.88
HARTENSTINEZ, DAVID ASHLEY      INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
HARTERZ, MITCHELL IAN           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 255
HARTSFIELDZ, NORA A             PROFESSOR                                               24688.51
HARTSOCHZ, ELIZABETH MULLIGAN   RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                      16902.39
HARTSOCHZ, ELIZABETH MULLIGAN   RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                      13640.37
HARVEYZ, KORRY DENNIS           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                            16578.45
HARVEYZ, KORRY DENNIS           INSTRUCTOR                                              33112.01
HARVEYZ, KORRY DENNIS           LECTURER                                                     500
HARVEYZ, KORRY DENNIS           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                       360
HARVEYZ, LAURIE ELLEN           INSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
HARVEYZ, TIMOTHY G              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48894.81
HARWOODZ, ANGELA M              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69697.08
HARWOODZ, ANGELA M              INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
HASKELLZ, TODD R                INSTRUCTOR                                              62574.24
HASKINSZ, KELLEY RANDALL        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 200
HASKINSZ, ROSEMARY BETH         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            17463.71
HASKINSZ, ROSEMARY BETH         LECTURER                                                 9110.25
HASKINSZ, ROSEMARY BETH         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             49.32
HASKINSZ, SHERRY M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
HASSANZ, SAID ABDUL KADIR       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6872.89
HASTINGSZ, PATRICIA JANE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              788.82
HAUGZ, PETER                    INSTRUCTOR                                               14279.3
HAUGZ, PETER                    PROFESSOR                                               97914.96
HAUGEZ, JAMES BRIAN             INSTRUCTOR                                                  8803
HAULGRENZ, FRANK C              PROGRAM MANAGER B                                          54504
HAWNZ, JERE GORDON              MGR MANUFACTURING SUPPLY CHAIN                          11312.87
HAYDENZ, JERRY CASEY            STUDENT ACTIVITIES ADVISOR                              40785.12
HAYESZ, MARY M                  CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              392.59
HAYFRONZ, JOHN EBENZER          INSTRUCTOR                                              57024.71
HAYSZ, JENNIFER                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 500
HAYSZ, JENNIFER                 INSTRUCTOR                                                 28395
HAZARDZ, ERIN ELIZABETH         PROFESSOR                                               28878.08
HAZELRIGG-HERNANDEZZ, CECILY CHRINSTRUCTOR                                              18584.18
HAZELRIGG-HERNANDEZZ, CECILY CHRSECRETARY SENIOR                                         1295.62
HAZELTONZ, JOHN T               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5400.83
HEALYZ, ALICE C                 ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                44384.34
HEARNEZ, JAMES WILLIAM          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    100852.02
HEARNEZ, JAMES WILLIAM          INSTRUCTOR                                               12606.5
HEBERTZ, JENNY K                MGR STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES                             60000
HECHT-REIERZ, DEBBIE C.         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 800
HECHT-REIERZ, DEBBIE C.         INSTRUCTOR                                                2857.5
HECKZ, JASON BOMSTAD            INSTRUCTOR                                               8574.63
HECKATHORNZ, JILL L.            INSTRUCTOR                                              52740.92
HECKATHORNZ, JILL L.            LECTURER                                                    1751
HECKATHORNZ, JILL L.            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   14595.9
HEDWALLZ, LANCE ALLEN           CUSTODIAN 1                                             29276.82
HEIDEMANNZ, JESSICA GARYN       INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              25828
HEINRICHZ, BRIAN MICHAEL        COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR                                 52000.08
HEISERZ, MICHAEL S              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     10852.63
HEISERZ, MICHAEL S              INSTRUCTOR                                                943.33
HELDZ, SHAWNA SUE               RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
HELFGOTTZ, LEONARD M            PROFESSOR                                                  74086
HELFIELDZ, JAMES MARK           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                4653
HELFIELDZ, JAMES MARK           PROFESSOR                                               55839.96
HELLINGZ, JULIE ANNE            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64732.38
HELLINGZ, JULIE ANNE            INSTRUCTOR                                              12715.09
HELLINGZ, JULIE ANNE            LECTURER                                                  166.75
HELLINGZ, JULIE ANNE            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   3300.16
HELMSZ, KELLY WALTER            INSTRUCTOR                                               7606.68
HELMSZ, RONALD EUGENE           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     36740.66
HELMSZ, RONALD EUGENE           INSTRUCTOR                                              11262.59
HELMSZ, RONALD EUGENE           PROFESSOR                                               25718.42
HENDRYSONZ, MARY ANN            INSTRUCTOR                                              35025.55
HENDRYSONZ, MARY ANN            LECTURER                                                36925.79
HENNIGERZ, MICHAEL LORIN        ASSOC DEAN ED                                          103603.92
HENNINGSZ, CHRIS PRYCE          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8495.91
HENNINGSZ, CHRIS PRYCE          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TECH 2                            5504.61
HENRICHSZ, DEBORAH KAYE         INSTRUCTOR                                                  6433
HENRIKSENZ, KAREN RUTH          COORD CONFERENCE                                         6084.48
HENRIKSENZ, KAREN RUTH          DIR KOREA UNIVERSITY PROGRAM                            24057.05
HENRIKSENZ, KAREN RUTH          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               815.8
HENRIKSENZ, KAREN RUTH          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            163.16
HENRYZ, MELISSA KAY             INSTRUCTOR                                              17004.18
HENSEYZ, WILLIAM LAWRENCE       INSTRUCTOR                                                  1400
HENSONZ, STEVEN EDWARD          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80299.71
HENSONZ, STEVEN EDWARD          INSTRUCTOR                                               6941.15
HENSPETERZ, RONALD E            MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                65113.49
HENTERLYZ, JAMES MICHAEL        INSTRUCTOR                                               3757.02
HERLINGERZ, GLENN WALTER        INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
HERNANDEZZ, CONNIE LYNN         SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
HERNANDEZZ, RACHAEL JACLYN      EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1165
HERRENKOHLZ, KIMBERLEY ANNE     DIR INTERNAL AUDIT                                      75672.93
HERRINGZ, JACK LOUIS            CENTRAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR 1                           46092.38
HERSIZ, ANAB OMAR               ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                          2700
HERSIZ, ANAB OMAR               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             10173.4
HERZOGZ, KEIFA MARIE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               183.6
HESSZ, HANNAH B                 RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             6363.7
HIATTZ, COURTNEY MICHELLE       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1250
HIATTZ, COURTNEY MICHELLE       MGR CFPA MEDIA PERF ARTS CTR                            39131.04
HICKSZ, LONNIE GEORGE           COACH HEAD SOFTBALL                                        27174
HIEGLERZ, TRISTAN BERT          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             2760.42
HILLZ, ADAM STEPHEN             INSTRUCTOR                                               6377.77
HILLZ, C. DON                   LOCKSMITH                                                43715.5
HILLZ, JENNIFER LYNN            RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                       42995.1
HILLZ, VINCENT HENRY            INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                           30211.19
HILLESZ, MASON ALEXANDER        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2086.56
HILLESZ, MICHAEL ALEXANDER      RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 46356.76
HINKELZ, JEFFREY A              LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 4                          36625.04
HIRSCHZ, DAVID                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
HIRSCHZ, DAVID                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3057
HIRSCHZ, DAVID                  INSTRUCTOR                                                  6118
HIRSCHZ, DAVID                  PROFESSOR                                               55020.06
HITCHCOCKZ, MARTHA J            ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                50709.98
HIXSONZ, AMBER LYNN             INSTRUCTOR                                              37741.28
HOZ, TONY T                     FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        34260
HOZ, VAN NGUYEN                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     34408.23
HOAGZ, SARAH ANN                GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                               121.05
HOAGZ, SARAH ANN                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     18895.43
HOANGZ, DEAN                    CUSTODIAN 1                                             32361.41
HOBARTZ, MICHAEL                INSTRUCTOR                                                  3025
HOCHSTETLERZ, LAURIE A          PROFESSOR                                               51100.92
HODGEZ, GARY                    MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                64384.16
HODGEZ, JANAE LEANN             INSTRUCTOR                                                  2950
HODGESZ, LUTHER HARTWELL        INSTRUCTOR                                               6888.08
HODGESZ, LUTHER HARTWELL        PROFESSOR                                               76656.96
HOEKSTRAZ, NICOLE LYN           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     79839.52
HOELSCHERZ, KAREN J             INSTRUCTOR                                               8654.04
HOELSCHERZ, KAREN J             LECTURER                                                    1000
HOELSCHERZ, KAREN J             PROFESSOR                                               69697.08
HOERMANNZ, INGRID RENATA        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34065.34
HOESEZ, GELIZA ANN              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 390
HOFFENBACKERZ, GREG JEFFREY     DIR TECHNOLOGY SERVICES                                 72907.92
HOFFMANZ, CHARLES               INSTRUCTOR                                              34355.46
HOFFMANZ, CHARLES               PROFESSOR                                                13137.5
HOFFMANZ, JOAN MARY             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     63651.96
HOFFMANZ, JOAN MARY             LECTURER                                                     952
HOFFMANZ, STEVEN A              INSTRUCTOR                                                7282.5
HOFSTETTERZ, ROBERT             MGR MARKETING/MEMBERSHIP SVCS                           56454.99
HOIDALZ, SUSAN KAE              ASST TO DEAN SCI & TECH                                 61641.12
HOKANSONZ, DAVID W              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1819.02
HOLAHANZ, PATRICK IAN           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 576
HOLLADAYZ, TYLER PARSONS        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4925.43
HOLLADAYZ, TYLER PARSONS        GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                              5748.93
HOLLANDZ, DONALD GENE           FACILITIES ENGINEER 2                                      61632
HOLMZ, THERESE A.               SPEC ASSISTANT TO VP BFA                                36780.04
HOLMANZ, CAITLIN ANNE           ASST DIR, ANNUAL GIVING                                 35776.26
HOLMANZ, CAITLIN ANNE           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
HOLMANZ, CAITLIN ANNE           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
HOLMESZ, PATRICIA ANN           LECTURER                                                    1890
HOLMWOODZ, DAVID C              FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEER                                74598.36
HOLZKNECHTZ, JULIET MARIE       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4900.57
HOLZKNECHTZ, JULIET MARIE       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             2384.65
HOMANNZ, PETER S                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66538.98
HOMANNZ, PETER S                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                6594
HOMCHICKZ, JULIE ANNE           INSTRUCTOR                                                 17500
HOOPERZ, DAVID U                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     37288.13
HOOPERZ, DAVID U                PROFESSOR                                               26101.81
HOOVERZ, JAMIE G                MGR GEN KUGS                                            45193.44
HOOVERZ, JENNIFER E             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                           50133.82
HORNEZ, CYNTHIA M               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     39632.29
HORNEZ, CYNTHIA M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     24242.54
HORNEZ, CYNTHIA M               INSTRUCTOR                                                  3000
HORTONZ, KIERSTEN ANNE          ADMISSIONS COORDINATOR                                  29610.48
HORTONZ, KIERSTEN ANNE          ASST DIR ADMISSIONS                                     16066.64
HOSTETLERZ, MIRIAM RUTH         INSTRUCTOR                                               4958.31
HOUGENZ, DENICE LIANNE          ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
HOUGHZ, GREGORY CHARLES         CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORD 3                             81154.5
HOUSENZ, BERNARD A              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               20156
HOUSENZ, BERNARD A              INSTRUCTOR                                                  8078
HOUSENZ, BERNARD A              LECTURER                                                    3310
HOUSENZ, BERNARD A              PROFESSOR                                               77344.56
HOVDEZ, MARGUERITE JOAN         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              2732.4
HOVDEZ, MARGUERITE JOAN         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      10959.97
HOWARDZ, BRADLEY P.             INSTRUCTOR                                               11783.9
HOWARDZ, BRADLEY P.             PROFESSOR                                               57513.96
HOWARD-SNYDERZ, DANIEL          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     68675.04
HOWARD-SNYDERZ, FRANCES M       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     40148.13
HOWARD-SNYDERZ, FRANCES M       INSTRUCTOR                                              11962.14
HOWARD-SNYDERZ, FRANCES M       PROFESSOR                                               26315.31
HOWEZ, WARREN B                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               445.4
HOWEZ, WARREN B                 PHYSICIAN                                              120336.96
HOWEZ, WARREN B                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             89.08
HOWELLZ, DEBRA ROSE             INSTRUCTOR                                               1246.16
HOWELLZ, DEBRA ROSE             LECTURER                                                 1350.18
HOWELLZ, KENNETH W              PROFESSOR                                               86995.98
HOWIEZ, STEPHEN S               INSTRUCTOR                                              52761.36
HSUEHZ, VICKI                   PROFESSOR                                               62848.08
HUAZ, STELLA                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     90752.94
HUAZ, STELLA                    LECTURER                                                   12802
HUBERZ, JENNIFER ELIZABETH      ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
HUDDLEZ, JERRY H                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              58656
HUDDLESTONZ, JOHN LAWTON        INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           21107.52
HUDDLESTONZ, JOHN LAWTON        RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                      14642.68
HUDONZ, STEPHEN THOMAS          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1584.34
HUDSONZ, HUD                    INSTRUCTOR                                              10657.75
HUDSONZ, HUD                    PROFESSOR                                               89847.05
HUENERGARDZ, CLIFFORD J.        INSTRUCTOR                                                  2880
HUGHESZ, EILEEN KAREN           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57049.02
HUGHESZ, EILEEN KAREN           INSTRUCTOR                                                   250
HUGHESZ, PAUL W                 CHIEF ENGINEER                                             64740
HUNGATEZ, LLOYD A               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               618.4
HUNGATEZ, LLOYD A               MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                 69995.8
HUNGATEZ, LLOYD A               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            123.68
HUNT-THOMPSONZ, JILL K.         SPEECH PATH/AUDIO SPEC 3                                 35540.9
HUNTERZ, ANNA KATE              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      25496.32
HUNTERZ, EDWARD G               INSTRUCTOR                                              18343.35
HURLBUTZ, JEFFREY ARTHUR        INSTRUCTOR                                              33966.19
HURTZ, SHARON NADINE            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        47522.38
HUSCHKAZ, GLENN W               CONTROL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                 54131.98
HUTCHINGSZ, RICHARD MATTHEW     INSTRUCTOR                                               4384.98
HUTCHINGSZ, SUSAN KAY           ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
HUTCHINSONZ, DEBORAH R.L.       PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY SPEC 3                                54504
HUTCHINSONZ, KATHY R            ASST TO DEAN FAIRHAVEN                                  50443.92
HUTCHINSONZ, PENNY              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     51861.96
HUTCHINSONZ, PENNY              INSTRUCTOR                                               3374.71
HUTTONZ, MARGUERITE R           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     99176.59
HUXFORDZ, CHARLES JACOB         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3096
HYATTZ, KEITH JAMES             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
HYATTZ, KEITH JAMES             INSTRUCTOR                                              18200.19
HYATTZ, KEITH JAMES             PROFESSOR                                                   2200
HYMANZ, IRA E.                  INSTRUCTOR                                              13667.01
HYMANZ, IRA E.                  PROFESSOR                                               82002.06
IBACHZ, ROBERT LEE              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               675.8
IBACHZ, ROBERT LEE              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           70155.54
IBACHZ, ROBERT LEE              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            135.16
IBSENZ, DEBORAH                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
IGNACZ, AARON CHRISTOPHER       ASST DIR OF OPERATIONS                                     58500
IHRIGZ, KELLY LYN               INSTRUCTOR                                               2414.32
ILICZ, DUBRAVKA                 LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 3                              9189
ILICZ, DUBRAVKA                 LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 4                          31423.64
INGEZ, TERRI WYNN               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 975
INVERARITYZ, JAMES M            PROFESSOR                                               79359.04
ISHMAELZ, SARAH FLORENCE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              769.96
ISRAELSZ, CHARLES HENRY         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70734.06
ISTANBULLIZ, LINDA              INSTRUCTOR                                              38775.89
IWAKAWAZ, NANCY FAITH           INSTRUCTOR                                                240.61
JACKZ, DANA C                   PROFESSOR                                               66857.45
JACKSONZ, BRADLEY EARL          DIR ATH COACH MEN BSKTBL                                   65326
JACKSONZ, BRADLEY EARL          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               25230
JACKSONZ, BRADLEY EARL          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    480.13
JACKSONZ, BRADLEY EARL          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                               246
JACKSONZ, DEBORAH LOUISE        OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32843.96
JACKSONZ, GRACE DELUMPA         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            12385.68
JACKSONZ, KENDRA ROSE           INTRAMURAL/CLUB SPORTS ADVISOR                          29466.61
JACOBSENZ, LISA DAWN            GRANT MANAGER, CAMPUS COMPACT                           10568.18
JACOBSONZ, JANNA KATHERINE      INSTRUCTOR                                                  3750
JACQUETZ, JENNIFER LINN         INSTRUCTOR                                               8899.96
JAGDISHZ, VINIT K               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     42592.66
JALBERTZ, COLETTE C. ANN        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33951.79
JAMALZADAZ, MOHAMMAD AKBAR      CUSTODIAN 1                                             31023.53
JAMESZ, EMMA LOUISE             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5620.23
JAMESZ, LAURIE Y                INSTRUCTOR                                               6639.98
JAMESZ, LINDA J.                LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2                               39133.1
JAMESZ, PATRICIA LYNNE          RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       34071.66
JAMESZ, PAUL EUGENE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     10130.02
JAMESZ, PAUL EUGENE             INSTRUCTOR                                              23304.21
JAMESZ, STEPHEN M               ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN LEAD                                60120
JAMESZ, STEPHEN M               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 297
JAMESZ, STEPHEN M               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              29.7
JANCICZ, MITCHELL               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1000
JANCICZ, MITCHELL               INSTRUCTOR                                              52073.44
JANIGOZ, DONNA J.               DIR ADVANCEMENT RECORD/REPORTS                          41123.29
JANIGOZ, DONNA J.               DIR CONSTITUENT RECORDS                                 35672.59
JANNEYZ, JOHN S                 EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1040
JANSONZ, CAROL L                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73940.94
JANTZENZ, KELLY JOSEPH          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
JANTZENZ, KELLY JOSEPH          INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
JANTZENZ, MCNEEL GORDON         PROFESSOR                                               57749.94
JAYACHANDIRANZ, CHENTHURAN      RESIDENT DIR                                            34677.12
JAYEZ, CARA E.                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61016.94
JAYEZ, CARA E.                  INSTRUCTOR                                                  7548
JEFFERSZ, SHARON K              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37171.36
JEFFERSONZ, MADELINE E.         COUNSELOR FINANCIAL AIDE                                27715.92
JELACA JOVANOVICZ, MILICA       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58759.92
JENKINSZ, KEVIN RUSSELL         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               222.8
JENKINSZ, KEVIN RUSSELL         PARKING GUIDE                                            41532.1
JENKINSZ, KEVIN RUSSELL         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             44.56
JENKINSZ, MARIA C               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           65195.19
JENKINSZ, STACY MARIE           COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                49244.39
JENSENZ, ERIN ANN               ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    37699.92
JENSENZ, KIRSTEN MARGARET       INSTRUCTOR                                               7777.77
JENSENZ, LAURA ELIZABETH        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     14549.25
JENSENZ, LAURA ELIZABETH        SECRETARY SENIOR                                           20845
JENSENZ, SHERYL K.              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                                9905
JERNSZ, SARAH ROSE              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5800.27
JEWETTZ, ERIC MICHAEL           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1863.36
JEWETTZ, ROBERT I               PROFESSOR                                               26915.42
JIMERSONZ, RANDALL C            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     86995.98
JIMERSONZ, RANDALL C            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    7501.6
JOENSZ, CLAUS RICHARD           RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                      30832.91
JOHANNESSENZ, TRACIE BURGESS    INSTRUCTOR                                               4166.65
JOHNSONZ, ANNE                  INSTRUCTOR                                                  3660
JOHNSONZ, ASHLEY A              RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4909.05
JOHNSONZ, BETHANY S. B.         INSTRUCTOR                                               4836.68
JOHNSONZ, BRAD LOREN            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     79999.54
JOHNSONZ, BRAD LOREN            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                8716
JOHNSONZ, BRAD LOREN            INSTRUCTOR                                              11710.67
JOHNSONZ, BRAD LOREN            PROFESSOR                                                   6160
JOHNSONZ, DAVID MARTIN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6286.92
JOHNSONZ, DIANE LOUISE          INSTRUCTOR                                              13726.74
JOHNSONZ, DIANE LOUISE          LECTURER                                                  182.55
JOHNSONZ, DIANE LOUISE          PROFESSOR                                               54907.02
JOHNSONZ, ERICA KATHLEEN        INSTRUCTOR                                              45800.37
JOHNSONZ, JAMES LEE             PROFESSOR                                              102353.04
JOHNSONZ, JAMES M.              DIR OF DEVELOPMENT SCI & TECH                              87360
JOHNSONZ, JAMES M.              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
JOHNSONZ, JAMES M.              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
JOHNSONZ, JERRY L               PROFESSOR                                               90903.54
JOHNSONZ, KATHY MORTON          MGR CURRICULUM/ASSMNT/RECORDS                           41857.92
JOHNSONZ, KELLEY L.             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
JOHNSONZ, LAURIE KAY            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1047.5
JOHNSONZ, LISA MAUREEN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             9995.01
JOHNSONZ, MARILYN MARIE         MGR PAYROLL/BENEFITS                                     36979.9
JOHNSONZ, MILDRED JANE          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     54891.78
JOHNSONZ, NANCY J.              PROFESSOR                                               75497.56
JOHNSONZ, PERRIE NICOLLE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              335.12
JOHNSONZ, RANDY L               INSTRUCTOR                                                   650
JOHNSONZ, VERNON DAMANI         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72856.98
JOHNSONZ, VERNON DAMANI         INSTRUCTOR                                               7589.28
JOHNSONZ, VERNON DAMANI         SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                       450
JOHNSONZ, WENDY LYNN            PARKING GUIDE                                           33570.81
JOHNSTONZ, TESSA DANIELLE       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 360
JONESZ, ANTHEA                  CUSTODIAN 3                                             32304.76
JONESZ, BETH MALI               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31559.92
JONESZ, BEVERLY ANN             ASST TO PROVOST                                         64984.69
JONESZ, DEREK LEE               CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   56537.19
JONESZ, DIANA L                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49791.96
JONESZ, DIANA L                 INSTRUCTOR                                               6649.33
JONESZ, DIANA L                 LECTURER                                                     500
JONESZ, JESSICA JEAN            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 555
JONESZ, JORDAN MICHAEL          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8927.45
JONESZ, SHAYNA JEAN             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 300
JONESZ, SUSAN SYLVIA            NURSE PRACTITIONER                                      60268.94
JONGEJANZ, ANTHONY ARIE         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70509.85
JONGEJANZ, ANTHONY ARIE         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               653.4
JONGEJANZ, ANTHONY ARIE         INSTRUCTOR                                              17164.14
JONGEJANZ, ANTHONY ARIE         PROFESSOR                                                   4400
JONGEJANZ, ANTHONY ARIE         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            130.68
JORDANZ, DAMIAN PAUL            PROGRAM MANAGER A                                         6529.8
JORDANZ, GARY LEE               ASST DIR FISCAL/BUS/PROG SVCS                           86137.92
JORGENSENZ, JILL MELTON         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          27594
JORISSENZ, JOYCE LEE            PATIENT SERVICES REP                                    26458.34
JOSEYZ, MEREDITH P              INSTRUCTOR                                               10781.7
JOVANEZ, LUIGI                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            16876.49
JUDDZ, CHAELI REGINA            INSTRUCTOR                                                  3000
JULIAZ, TERESITA L              CUSTODIAN 3                                              36959.1
JULIAZ, TERESITA L              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               772.2
JULIAZ, TERESITA L              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            154.44
JULLZ, PAMELA MAYNARD MORGAN    INSTRUCTOR                                               3333.35
JUNELLZ, JON MICHAEL            MGR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                           64488.96
JUSAKZ, DEBRA SUE               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80955.87
JUSAKZ, DEBRA SUE               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            23810.24
JUSAKZ, DEBRA SUE               INSTRUCTOR                                                  1500
JUSAKZ, DEBRA SUE               SPECIAL ASST TO VICE PROVOST                             4365.24
KADENZ, LAURIE ANN              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3480
KADENZ, LAURIE ANN              INSTRUCTOR                                               2748.63
KAGELZ, SUSAN S.                EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             2538.36
KAGELZ, SUSAN S.                INSTRUCTOR                                                 18940
KAHNAMOUIZ, FARROKH             INSTRUCTOR                                               64842.5
KAIROFFZ, KATHRYN               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     34063.87
KALITAZ, JERZY W                MEDIA ENGINEER B                                        64057.82
KALITAZ, KRYSTYNA G             CUSTODIAN 3                                             35001.17
KALITAZ, KRYSTYNA G             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               772.2
KALITAZ, KRYSTYNA G             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            154.44
KALPAKIANZ, LAURA A             INSTRUCTOR                                               6950.31
KAMENAZ, THEODORE H.            COMPLIANCE COORD/ACADEMIC ADV                           40037.04
KAMENAZ, THEODORE H.            INSTRUCTOR                                               9664.04
KAMENAZ, THEODORE H.            VISITING PROFESSOR                                       4999.98
KANEZ, OCEANA RAE               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2973.67
KANHAIZ, ROSANNE D              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73942.02
KANHAIZ, ROSANNE D              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                4000
KANHAIZ, ROSANNE D              LECTURER                                                    1700
KANOVZ, JASON                   INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
KANOVZ, JASON                   PROFESSOR                                               85717.98
KARCHMERZ, JENNIFER             INSTRUCTOR                                                 31907
KARCHMERZ, JENNIFER             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                       240
KARLBERGZ, MICHAEL R.           INSTRUCTOR                                              61925.04
KARLBERGZ, MICHAEL R.           PROFESSOR                                                   1540
KARNEYZ, JANELLE LYNN           INSTRUCTOR                                              19944.21
KARPSTEINZ, HOLLY A.            MGR CLASSIFICATION/COMP                                 58891.24
KARTCHNERZ, TORY                INSTRUCTOR                                                 415.4
KASPRISINZ, LORRAINE            INSTRUCTOR                                                   250
KASPRISINZ, LORRAINE            PROFESSOR                                               82002.06
KAUFMANNZ, SHERI ANN            ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
KAURZ, BALWINDER                CUSTODIAN 1                                             29506.96
KAZMIERSKIZ, DONALD LOUIS       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            12642.81
KAZMIERSKIZ, ELAINE I           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              58656
KEANZ, ERIC M                   AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              3121.65
KEANZ, ERIC M                   INSTRUCTOR                                              34872.85
KEEGAHNZ, LEAH JOYCE            ASST DIR ADVISING SERVICES                              42854.34
KEEGAHNZ, LEAH JOYCE            COORD ADVISING                                           3645.66
KEELERZ, GREG RALPH             CUSTODIAN 3                                             35580.81
KEELINGZ, AMY JEANNETTE         COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT 2                               28962.5
KEENEZ, LISA KAY                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        13508
KEENEZ, LISA KAY                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        23672
KEENE-WINSORZ, ANNA LISE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1570.35
KEIPERZ, ROBERT W               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66675.06
KEIPERZ, ROBERT W               INSTRUCTOR                                               11112.5
KEIPERZ, TIMOTHY ALLEN          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        53773
KEIPERZ, TIMOTHY ALLEN          INSTRUCTOR                                               5986.43
KEITHZ, JOHN B.                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         9210
KEITHZ, JOHN B.                 INSTRUCTOR                                              13708.02
KELLERZ, JENNIFER MARGARET      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55020.06
KELLERZ, JENNIFER MARGARET      PROFESSOR                                                   1100
KELLERZ, JENNIFER MARGARET      SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  13755.91
KELLERZ, MARC ALAN              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1062
KELLERZ, ROBERT H               INSTRUCTOR                                                666.67
KELLERZ, ROBERT H               LECTURER                                                    5080
KELLEYZ, BRIDGET                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49611.96
KELLEYZ, BRIDGET                INSTRUCTOR                                              27036.24
KELLEYZ, BRIDGET                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   1200.18
KELLEYZ, SONJA JEAN             INSTRUCTOR                                               6800.01
KELLNZ, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH      EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               42790
KELLOWZ, REBECCA CATHERINE      ASST DIR OF TREASURY SERVICES                           60554.73
KELLYZ, JAMES A.                SYSTEMS ANALYST                                         72895.92
KELLYZ, JILL R.                 UNIVERSITY DIETITIAN                                    37284.28
KENNEDYZ, KATHLEEN A            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     75497.94
KENNEDYZ, KATHLEEN A            INSTRUCTOR                                               6291.51
KENNEDYZ, KATHLEEN A            LECTURER                                                     250
KENNEDYZ, KATHLEEN A            PROFESSOR                                                   7480
KENNYZ, MATTHEW NATHANIEL       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               369.4
KENTZ, EARLENE BETH             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              58656
KEPPELMANZ, JOHN ARTHUR         INSTRUCTOR                                              41883.34
KEPPIEZ, CHRISTINA L            INSTRUCTOR                                                  8295
KEPPIEZ, CHRISTINA L            PROFESSOR                                               44240.04
KERLINZ, CHRISTINE ALICE        INSTRUCTOR                                                  2625
KERMANZ, MONIQUE M.F.P.         INSTRUCTOR                                              15803.35
KERWINZ, JULIE                  SECRETARY SENIOR                                        26505.09
KEYESZ, KARLA JOY               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     29582.72
KIELZ, VICTOR BOYD              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1244.2
KIELZ, VICTOR BOYD              MGR HRIS/T&D                                            67600.08
KIELZ, VICTOR BOYD              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            248.84
KIEWITZ, WHITNEY SKINNER        FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        26630
KILGOREZ, BRANDON KENNETH       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 850
KIMZ, GORDON JUNGBAE            CUSTODIAN 3                                             35647.76
KIMZ, ILHYUNG                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     88878.06
KIMZ, ILHYUNG                   INSTRUCTOR                                              14813.01
KIMZ, JONG WOOK                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     94289.04
KIMZ, JONG WOOK                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
KIMZ, ROBERT HYUNG-CHAN         INSTRUCTOR                                               9499.96
KIMZ, YONG-TAEK                 INSTRUCTOR                                              33190.79
KIMBROUGHZ, CHRISTOPHER DAMIEN  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     19138.72
KIMPOZ, CHRISTY LEE             INSTRUCTOR                                               2966.65
KINCAIDZ, SUSAN O               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61016.94
KINCAIDZ, SUSAN O               INSTRUCTOR                                               5084.76
KINGZ, INDLE GIFFORD            INSTRUCTOR                                              16709.06
KINGZ, JEFFREY J                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     76159.98
KINGZ, JEFFREY J                INSTRUCTOR                                              12693.33
KINGZ, LINDA H                  INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
KINGZ, ROSALIE R.               PROFESSOR                                               28200.92
KINGMAZ, THERESA LOUISE         INSTRUCTOR                                              15555.54
KINGSFORD-SMITHZ, JOHN CHARLES  SAFETY OFFICER 3                                        60351.23
KINSERZ, JACOB RAY              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       29263.77
KIRKZ, MICHAEL JAMES            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 480
KIRKBRIDEZ, ROBERT J            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49354.98
KIRKBYZ, MARK R.                SYSTEMS ANALYST                                          66297.1
KIRKPATRICKZ, SHARON A          INSTRUCTOR                                                  5472
KITTINGERZ, LEIGH RAE           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              574.88
KITTOZ, KATHLEEN LEONE          ASSOC DEAN COL SCIENCES & TECH                             63846
KITTOZ, KATHLEEN LEONE          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               14733
KITTOZ, KATHLEEN LEONE          PROFESSOR                                               47399.04
KITTOZ, KATHLEEN LEONE          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                      1080
KIZERZ, JABEZ BENJAMIN          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              57840
KJESRUDZ, ROBERTA DOLLAHAN      COORD WRITING CENTER                                    31535.22
KJESRUDZ, ROBERTA DOLLAHAN      DIR WRITING CENTER                                      21729.14
KLAPWYKZ, PHYLLIS JEAN          FISCAL ANALYST 1                                         6011.35
KLEIBERZ, THEA                  DIR OF DEV FAIRHAVEN/UNIV LIB                           71531.75
KLEIBERZ, THEA                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              820.42
KLEIBERZ, THEA                  WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
KLEINZ, VALERIE KAY             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 4                           71676.45
KLEINKNECHTZ, RONALD A.         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            55351.92
KLOKKEVOLDZ, KARL JOHN          CUSTODIAN 1                                             30689.66
KLOSTERZ, JASON ANTHONY         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1769.89
KLOSTERZ, JASON ANTHONY         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               307.5
KNABBZ, SHAWN D                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     76665.96
KNABBZ, SHAWN D                 INSTRUCTOR                                              11388.83
KNAUSZ, LINDSAY KATHRYN         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              1328.2
KNIGHTZ, WENDY LYNNETTE         ADM ASST TO VPUE                                        34999.92
KNITTELZ, MAX ROBERT            ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN LEAD                                60120
KNOPSZ, ALEXANDER               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               52.16
KNOPSZ, GAIL GIBB               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               49975
KNUTSONZ, DAVID EARL            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
KNUTSONZ, DIANE MARIE           ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   40927
KNUTZENZ, ERIK ALAN             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2173.92
KNUTZENZ, KATHLEEN M.           ASSOC DEAN                                                 30615
KNUTZENZ, KATHLEEN M.           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              129.92
KNUTZENZ, KATHLEEN M.           LECTURER                                                   666.5
KNUTZENZ, KATHLEEN M.           PROFESSOR                                               25128.84
KNUTZENZ, KATHLEEN M.           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   20160.4
KNUTZENZ, KATHLEEN M.           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             74.24
KOEHLZ, RAINBOW L.              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3995.19
KOENIGZ, CAROL SUE              INSTRUCTOR                                               8000.01
KOENIGZ, ROBIN ELIZABETH        FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     13120.22
KOENIGZ, ROD WAYNE              CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      48237.47
KOESTERZ, JOHN ARTHUR           INSTRUCTOR                                              11267.02
KOESTERZ, ROZLIND MELODY        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2727.79
KOESTERZ, ROZLIND MELODY        LIBRARY/ARCHIVE PROFESSIONAL 1                          19104.85
KOETJEZ, TODD A.                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59239.08
KOETJEZ, TODD A.                INSTRUCTOR                                               7404.87
KOETJEZ, TODD A.                PROFESSOR                                                   3080
KONGZ, XIAOFEI                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     89605.98
KONGZ, XIAOFEI                  INSTRUCTOR                                                  2375
KONGZ, XIAOFEI                  LECTURER                                                     250
KONINGZ, RUTH                   RETAIL CLERK 2                                          25082.48
KOPPELZ, REMARA ANNE            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               137.5
KORSKIZ, JUDY KAY               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3305.66
KORSMOZ, JOHN N                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58370.94
KOSAREFFZ, MCCALL LENE'         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1420
KOSSUTHZ, RYAN BRENDAN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1000.87
KOVALENKOZ, DANIEL S            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              798.48
KOVALENKOZ, NIKOLAY A.          CUSTODIAN 1                                             27138.97
KRABBENHOFTZ, THOMAS M.         PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
KRAFTZ, TIMOTHY PAUL            BIOMEDICAL ELECTRONICS TECH LD                          46756.15
KRAJEWSKIZ, JEFF MICHAEL        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 288
KRAMERZ, JERALD L               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               742.4
KRAMERZ, JERALD L               MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                23816.36
KRAMERZ, JERALD L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     24642.72
KRAUSEZ, DALE C.                CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORD 3                               80892
KREIDERZ, ELLEN P               PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
KREINZ, JEFFRY JACOB RUDY       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              280.28
KREJCIZ, BETTY A.               DIR OF DEV FOR ESTATE PLANNING                          86542.06
KREJCIZ, BETTY A.               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
KREJCIZ, BETTY A.               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
KRELLZ, ADAM THOMAS             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             6267.45
KRIEGZ, JOHN M                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     51787.08
KRIEGZ, JOHN M                  DIR SURVEY RESEARCH                                      31175.1
KRIEGZ, JOHN M                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              656.69
KRIEGZ, JOHN M                  INSTRUCTOR                                              15882.33
KRIEGZ, JOHN M                  WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             118.8
KRIZZ, GEORGE STANLEY           INSTRUCTOR                                                  5052
KRIZZ, GEORGE STANLEY           LECTURER                                                    1865
KRIZZ, GEORGE STANLEY           PROFESSOR                                               70260.26
KROGHZ, SUZANNE L               PROFESSOR                                               45469.08
KRZYSIEKZ, ANDREW JOSEPH        ARCHITECT 2                                             59941.48
KULPAZ, GRETCHEN ANN            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     34507.05
KUMARZ, MEYYAPPAN               INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
KUNCHICKZ, KRISTINE ANN         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       3801.94
KUNTZZ, MARK T                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62848.08
KUNTZZ, PAMELA RAE              INSTRUCTOR                                              65552.21
KUROMIYAZ, GAIL                 FACILITIES PLANNER 1                                    50194.52
KURTZZ, ANTHONY S.              INSTRUCTOR                                                594.67
KURTZZ, ANTHONY S.              LIBRARY/ARCHIVAL PROFESSION 3                              57240
KUSAKABEZ, MADOKA               INSTRUCTOR                                              14346.08
KUSS-CYBULAZ, MICHELLE CHRISTINEINSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
LA BREEZ, STEVEN RAY            MGR STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM                          40697.27
LAZ, TONY                       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             6438.15
LABORDEZ, PAMELA M.             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     95061.96
LABORDEZ, PAMELA M.             INSTRUCTOR                                              39179.03
LABORDEZ, PAMELA M.             LECTURER                                                    1500
LABORDEZ, PAMELA M.             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   7200.61
LACHERZ, MARY FRANCES           OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                   34236.18
LACKLANDZ, ANN KATHLEEN         INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
LAFFRADOZ, LAURA                INSTRUCTOR                                               8051.46
LAFFRADOZ, LAURA                LECTURER                                                     100
LAFFRADOZ, LAURA                PROFESSOR                                               77293.98
LAMAZ, LISBETH ANN              DIR OF DEVELOPMENT HSS                                   60666.6
LAMAZ, LISBETH ANN              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              772.16
LAMAZ, LISBETH ANN              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
LAMBERTZ, MICHAEL C             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56320.16
LAMBERTZ, MICHAEL C             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              356.32
LAMBERTZ, MICHAEL C             INSTRUCTOR                                              19185.34
LAMBERTZ, MICHAEL C             PROFESSOR                                                   2200
LANDISZ, GEOFF PAUL             ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN LEAD                                60120
LANDISZ, GEOFF PAUL             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1250.1
LANDISZ, WAYNE G.               DIR INST TOX                                            57145.44
LANDISZ, WAYNE G.               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            14286.36
LANDISZ, WAYNE G.               PROFESSOR                                               42859.08
LANEZ, BRYAN DONALD             INSTRUCTOR                                               17426.5
LANEZ, LORI A                   EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 640
LANGTONZ, KIMBER JEANNE         INSTRUCTOR                                               2300.02
LAPSANSKYZ, JANICE MARIE        INSTRUCTOR                                              51250.14
LARGEZ, PAMELA ANNETTE          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       33424.2
LARKINZ, LORI ANN               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              58656
LARNERZ, DANIEL M.              PROFESSOR                                               90765.98
LARNERZ, DANIEL M.              SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4440.87
LAROCHEZ, LYUBOV                INSTRUCTOR                                              34462.75
LARRABEEZ, LISA                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33404.61
LARSENZ, DONALD EDWARD          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     46442.56
LARSENZ, DONALD EDWARD          INSTRUCTOR                                              17956.33
LARSONZ, BRUCE EDWARD           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     81168.88
LARSONZ, BRUCE EDWARD           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             4422.94
LARSONZ, BRUCE EDWARD           INSTRUCTOR                                               21308.8
LARSONZ, BRUCE EDWARD           PROFESSOR                                                   3080
LARSONZ, KRISTEN A              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61925.04
LARSONZ, KRISTEN A              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3720
LARSONZ, LANA DIANE             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3406.29
LARSONZ, NANCY JEAN             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                           58628.23
LARSONZ, NICOLE                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61542.85
LARSONZ, NICOLE                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
LARSONZ, NICOLE                 LECTURER                                                  2931.5
LASSANSKEZ, PATRICIA A          INSTRUCTOR                                                773.46
LAVIGUEUREZ, CLARA MARIE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2659.68
LAWRENCEZ, MOLLY NOELLE         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56671.02
LAWRENCEZ, MOLLY NOELLE         INSTRUCTOR                                                  3000
LAWSONZ, JOHN                   EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 891
LAWSONZ, JOHN                   VICE PROVOST INFO TECH & CIO                              151332
LAWSONZ, JOHN                   WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             178.2
LAYZ, WILLIAM HARRISON          INSTRUCTOR                                              59127.81
LAYZ, WILLIAM HARRISON          LECTURER                                                    2000
LAZZARINIZ, BRANDI ROW          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54212.04
LAZZARINIZ, BRANDI ROW          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   2880.99
LEZ, HUAN CONG                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             31416.33
LEAFZ, DAVID S                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      73342.6
LECHTANSKIZ, BARBARA ANNE       PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    33839.48
LEEZ, AARON CHIRSTOPHER         RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
LEEZ, DEBRA JEAN                COMM/TRADE/ECON DEV SPEC 3                                 11355
LEEZ, DEBRA JEAN                COMMERCE SPECIALIST 3                                   42026.73
LEEZ, DEBRA JEAN                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              408.32
LEEZ, EE LIN                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     35352.57
LEEZ, EE LIN                    INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
LEEZ, HORNG-YUH                 INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                           24734.24
LEEZ, JODY                      CUSTODIAN 1                                             28374.52
LEEZ, KELLY ANN                 INSTRUCTOR                                               6565.01
LEEZ, TODD ALLEN                PARKING GUIDE                                           28007.66
LEGERZ, JANELLE MAUREEN         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53609.94
LEGERZ, JANELLE MAUREEN         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               12870
LEGERZ, JANELLE MAUREEN         INSTRUCTOR                                               4999.98
LEHMANZ, BARBARA J              PROFESSOR                                               57513.96
LEHMANNZ, GLENN A               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  38382.51
LEICKZ, ALISON RENAE            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3549
LEMIEUXZ, STEVEN RAY            MGR NETWORK OPERATING SYSTEMS                           69839.75
LEMMZ, KRISTI M                 INSTRUCTOR                                               8767.65
LEMMZ, KRISTI M                 PROFESSOR                                               60121.08
LEONARDZ, ADAM PAUL             ASSOC DIR, CRS/BUSINESS MGR                             49068.26
LEONARDZ, ADAM PAUL             MGR BUSINESS CAMPUS RECREATION                           12912.7
LEONARDZ, KEVIN A.              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         2500
LEONARDZ, KEVIN A.              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     26663.16
LEONARDZ, KEVIN A.              INSTRUCTOR                                               6630.42
LEONETTIZ, KIP                  CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            13037.16
LEONGZ, LEE CHE P.              ADMISSIONS COORDINATOR                                   39657.3
LEONHARDTZ, ERIC CHARLES        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65696.94
LEONHARDTZ, ERIC CHARLES        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               14600
LEONHARDTZ, ERIC CHARLES        INSTRUCTOR                                               5474.76
LEONHARDTZ, ERIC CHARLES        SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                     360.1
LESLIEZ, SHARON MARIE           INSTRUCTOR                                                  7204
LESTERZ, MARK M                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     10068.37
LESTERZ, MARK M                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      5005.02
LESTERZ, MARK M                 INSTRUCTOR                                              16865.85
LEUENBERGERZ, JEREMY J.         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   50223.9
LEVENTHALZ, RANDY BETH          INSTRUCTOR                                                  7600
LEWZ, KIRSTEN FRANCES           HRIS SPECIALIST                                         30000.06
LEWZ, KIRSTEN FRANCES           SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOC                             10000.02
LEWISZ, ARLEEN CASTO            PROFESSOR                                               77117.77
LEWISZ, BARBARA HOWARD          PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY SPEC 3                             49268.24
LEWISZ, JEFFREY LOWELL          INSTRUCTOR                                               3419.98
LEWISZ, KRISTINA LYNN           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            38379.87
LEWISZ, L. FLOYD                INSTRUCTOR                                                 10000
LEWISZ, L. FLOYD                PROFESSOR                                               69287.04
LEWISZ, MAX WILLIAM             INSTRUCTOR                                              62136.61
LEWISZ, THEODORA LEONA          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              231.42
LIZ, YING                       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     51861.96
LIZ, YING                       SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   7201.45
LIAO-TROTHZ, MATTHEW            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56401.84
LIAO-TROTHZ, MATTHEW            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              311.88
LIAO-TROTHZ, MATTHEW            INSTRUCTOR                                                  5110
LIAO-TROTHZ, MATTHEW            LECTURER                                                   12802
LIAO-TROTHZ, MATTHEW            PROFESSOR                                                   3080
LIAO-TROTHZ, MATTHEW            WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            103.96
LILLEYZ, GEORGETTA              SPEECH PATH/AUDIO SPEC 3                                71572.05
LIMZ, MANUEL HERMOSO            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            12584.39
LIMZ, MANUEL ZAFRA              CUSTODIAN 1                                              30268.7
LIMZ, NELIA HERMOSO             CUSTODIAN 1                                             31835.15
LIMZ, ROBERTO H                 CUSTODIAN 3                                             35008.58
LINZ, YING                      ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     26833.31
LINDZ, JASON FREDRICK           INSTRUCTOR                                              30879.95
LINDEMANZ, DANIEL FREDERICK     FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     11019.57
LINDEMANZ, DANIEL FREDERICK     PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     13304.15
LINDQUISTZ, DEBRA ELAINE        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34078.92
LINDSAYZ, JESSICA A. M.         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
LINDSEYZ, BILLIE J.             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67667.04
LINDSEYZ, BILLIE J.             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   8640.75
LINDWALLZ, VICTOR ALBERT        CUSTODIAN 1                                             23929.55
LINGZ, MERRILL M                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   20930.7
LINNZ, ROBERT BYRON             INSTRUCTOR                                              25099.98
LINNEMANZ, SCOTT R              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     73735.56
LINNEMANZ, SCOTT R              INSTRUCTOR                                               5000.01
LINROTHZ, EMILY ANNE            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3000
LIPSONZ, WOLF                   CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   58871.23
LITTLEZ, JUDITH ANN             INSTRUCTOR                                               5422.55
LIUZ, CHANG-TSU                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
LIUZ, YUDONG                    INSTRUCTOR                                              13611.08
LIVEZEYZ, HEATHER CARUSO        INSTRUCTOR                                               6345.89
LIVINGSTONZ, MARY MORGAN        INSTRUCTOR                                              30930.03
LIVINGSTONZ, MARY MORGAN        LECTURER                                                36023.13
LLOYDZ, DEANNA MERLE            LECTURER                                                     550
LOBECKZ, ANNE C.                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
LOBECKZ, ANNE C.                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     76159.98
LOBECKZ, ANNE C.                INSTRUCTOR                                               7933.32
LOBECKZ, ANNE C.                LECTURER                                                    8022
LOCKEZ, LOLA M.                 ADM ASST VP UA                                          43842.96
LOCKHARTZ, JULIE A.             PROFESSOR                                                 2981.1
LOCKHARTZ, PETER THOMAS         ASST DIR PROGRAMMING & SERVICE                          58259.04
LOEWENZ, DOUGLAS L              INSTRUCTOR                                               6800.01
LOFTINZ, KATHA JANE             OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                             42660.41
LOGUEZ, DENISE                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         27890
LOISZ, JENNIFER M               PROFESSOR                                               58370.94
LOMBARDZ, DENORA MARIE          SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    37138.38
LONGSTRETHZ, JUDY ANN           INSTRUCTOR                                               5294.96
LONGWOODZ, LOIS EILEEN          DIR DEGREE PROGRAMS                                     61425.86
LOPEZ ALONZOZ, KAREN IVETTE     INSTRUCTOR                                                 20605
LOPEZZ, ABEL RICARDO            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     48342.06
LOPEZZ, ABEL RICARDO            INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
LOPEZZ, CHRISTINA MARIA         CUSTODIAN 1                                             31276.87
LOPRESTIZ, ROBERT JOHN          LIBRARIAN FOR HUXLEY/GOV INFO                           71340.96
LORENZENZ, MICHAEL GARY         ASST DEAN PUBLIC SERVICES                               58083.39
LORTZZ, JAMES E                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
LORTZZ, JAMES E                 SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   3600.65
LOTZEZ, DONALD L.               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 231
LOUCKYZ, JAMES P                INSTRUCTOR                                               14307.3
LOUCKYZ, JAMES P                LECTURER                                                 1214.92
LOUCKYZ, JAMES P                PROFESSOR                                               69476.12
LOUDONZ, CHRISTINE LITZSINGER   DIR AA/CAREER SERVS CENTER                              88399.92
LOUGHMILLERZ, DONALD WAYNE      EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 594
LOUGHMILLERZ, DONALD WAYNE      INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                           58733.55
LOUZAOZ, KATHERINE MARY         SECRETARY LEAD                                             34029
LOVEZ, BROOKE                   EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                6009
LOVEZ, BROOKE                   INSTRUCTOR                                              34866.68
LOVEZ, EDWIN ALAN               INSTRUCTOR                                              18695.18
LOVEZ, EDWIN ALAN               PROFESSOR                                               84767.04
LOVEDAYZ, MELVIN W.             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48923.46
LOVELANDZ, LYNN L               GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                              1037.98
LOVELAND-POPEZ, SIERRA BAY      CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              170.57
LOVITTZ, DAN OWEN               INSTRUCTOR                                                9427.5
LOWEZ, ALAN M.                  INSTRUCTOR                                               6860.02
LOWEZ, DAVID BENJAMIN           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           64740.01
LOWERYZ, LESLEY F.              LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 3                             36756
LUCALZ, JAMES RALSTON           INSTRUCTOR                                                  2905
LUDEMANNZ, STEPHANIE DEE        EMPLOYMENT ADMINISTRATOR                                34320.06
LUDEMANNZ, STEPHANIE DEE        SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOC                             11440.02
LUDEMANNZ, STEVEN J             BUDGET ANALYST 3                                           58656
LUKEZ, LINDA GRAVES             PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       37391.56
LUMZ, JASON K                   INSTRUCTOR                                               1921.14
LUMZ, JASON K                   LECTURER                                                  4118.4
LUNDEENZ, KATHLEEN F            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71787.06
LUNDQUISTZ, PATRICIA A          ASST TO DEAN CFPA                                       55273.92
LUOZ, BAOZHEN                   PROFESSOR                                               19444.46
LUTTRELLZ, LINDA LEE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      2220.44
LUTTRELLZ, LINDA LEE            PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       41574.95
LYNCHZ, GINA MARIE              EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPEC 3                          34659.55
LYNCHZ, MARY E.                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  2970
LYNEZ, WILLIAM H                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     98131.71
LYNNZ, KIMBERLY KRISTEN         PROFESSOR                                               46076.94
LYONZ, LONNIE                   EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 579
LYONZ, LONNIE                   HEAD TRAINER ATHLETIC                                   51909.13
LYONZ, LONNIE                   WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             115.8
LYTLEZ, ELIZABETH ANNE          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            14990.58
LYTLEZ, ELIZABETH ANNE          LECTURER                                                 7434.18
MAZ, TA-FEI                     INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
MAASZ, FRAN J                   COORD PRES DIST LECTURE SERIES                          48079.92
MAC DONALDZ, JUDY A             LECTURER                                                 1593.54
MACCOYZ, PETER KENDALL          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49000.22
MACDONALDZ, MARY ELIZABETH      EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                5910
MACDONOUGHZ, JULIAN ALAN        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1750
MACIASZ, CONCEPSION             RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
MACINTYRE WITTZ, JILL MARIE     EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3425
MACKIEZ, LAUREL DIANE           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8218.96
MACLEANZ, DOUGLAS A             ARCHITECT 2                                             87950.33
MACOMBERZ, ALETHEA DELPHINE     FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
MACOMBERZ, CHASE BRANDON        INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TECH 2                           36899.18
MACQUARRIEZ, JENNIFER K         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8347.72
MACRIZ, ERIN LIAS               RESEARCH ANALYST 4                                      38246.99
MADISONZ, PAUL WILLIAM          DIR SPORTS INFO                                         58237.92
MADISONZ, PAUL WILLIAM          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               415.8
MADISONZ, PAUL WILLIAM          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             83.16
MADSENZ, ELIZABETH KARLENE      REFERENCE LIBRARIAN                                     63385.92
MADUNICZ, MARKO                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     82297.08
MADUNICZ, MARKO                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1250
MADUNICZ, MARKO                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  1250
MAGANAZ, ALICE M.               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
MAGANAZ, DAWN MAUREEN           CUSTODIAN 1                                             29356.98
MAGEEZ, KELLY ELIZABETH         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     45565.92
MAGEEZ, KELLY ELIZABETH         INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
MAGNUSONZ, JUDITH KING          MAIL PROCESSING MANAGER                                 41784.88
MAGNUSONZ, LORI ANNE            INSTRUCTOR                                                  4980
MAHBOOBZADEHZ, PATRICIA S.      OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      23263.91
MAHONEYZ, KRISTIN MARY          LECTURER                                                     200
MAHONEYZ, KRISTIN MARY          PROFESSOR                                               46765.08
MAJKUTZ, KEVIN JOSEPH           DIR VU STUDENT ACTIVITIES                                  76878
MAJORZ, JULIE ANN               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     13915.02
MAJORZ, JULIE ANN               INSTRUCTOR                                               2358.33
MAJORZ, JULIE ANN               PROFESSOR                                                6049.98
MAJORSZ, DIANE RICHART          INSTRUCTOR                                              37488.31
MAJORSZ, DIANE RICHART          LECTURER                                                31551.63
MALICKZ, GARY P                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               371.2
MALICKZ, GARY P                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                           62580.48
MALICKZ, GARY P                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             74.24
MALLAHANZ, MICHELLE D.          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              151.95
MALLISONZ, CONNIE               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
MALLISONZ, CONNIE               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              349.38
MALLORYZ, SHERRY L              ASSOC DEAN OF STUDENTS                                      3301
MALLORYZ, SHERRY L              DIR STUDENT LIFE & ASSOC DEAN                              75923
MALLORYZ, SHERRY L              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               534.4
MALLORYZ, SHERRY L              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            126.92
MALPICAZ, EDWIN LEONARD         CAMPUS POLICE CORPORAL                                  65172.94
MALQUISTZ, DOUG W               STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   54119.63
MALSEEDZ, CHARLISS H            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              846.88
MAMOLENZ, MARGARET              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 294
MAMOLENZ, MARGARET              PHYSICIAN                                               55079.04
MAMOLENZ, MARGARET              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              58.8
MANAZ, MICHAEL JOSEPH           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     24440.92
MANAZ, MICHAEL JOSEPH           INSTRUCTOR                                               8855.95
MANAZ, MICHAEL JOSEPH           PROFESSOR                                               44068.13
MANAGANZ, WILLIAM HENRY         ASST DIR OPERATIONS FM                                  98771.04
MANCHESTERZ, JEFFREY DEAN       CUSTODIAN 1                                             25108.16
MANCUSOZ, SUSAN KAREN           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80798.94
MANCUSOZ, SUSAN KAREN           INSTRUCTOR                                               16466.5
MANCUSOZ, SUSAN KAREN           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   1200.05
MANJARESZ, GABRIEL              RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            2181.84
MANKINZ, JENNIFER LAUREN        LECTURER                                                     432
MANN-KINGZ, LINDSAY EVELYN      EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             20001.6
MANNINGZ, KALEA QY-ANA ELISE    ASST DIR NEW STUDENT SERVICES                           41478.02
MANSFIELDZ, BRUCE CAMERON       INSTRUCTOR                                                  1500
MANTELLOZ, KRISTA MAE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      14107.5
MANTELLOZ, KRISTA MAE           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            25595.39
MARZ, RUTH SHUN-YAN             AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              3595.79
MARZ, RUTH SHUN-YAN             INSTRUCTOR                                                   150
MARCHANDZ, FRED E.              MGR OPERATING SYSTEMS                                   75361.92
MARCHESINIZ, JOHN               INSTRUCTOR                                               7393.29
MARGARITISZ, NICHOLAS S         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         7035
MARGARITISZ, NICHOLAS S         INSTRUCTOR                                              60043.04
MARGARITISZ, NICHOLAS S         LECTURER                                                  2367.5
MARINOZ, NATHAN M               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              58656
MARIZZ, GEORGE ERIC             DIR HONORS PROGRAM                                      57960.96
MARIZZ, GEORGE ERIC             PROFESSOR                                               44803.08
MARKELLZ, DONNA MAE             MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                        8681.96
MARKIEWICZZ, APRIL JEAN         ASSOC DIR TOXICOLOGIST II                                67642.8
MARKOSIANZ, NED                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     30008.18
MARKOSIANZ, NED                 INSTRUCTOR                                                   968
MARKOSIANZ, NED                 PROFESSOR                                               29519.42
MARKWORTHZ, CHRISTOPHER J       INSTRUCTOR                                              13020.53
MARKWORTHZ, KIMBERLY A.         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     23138.92
MARRALLZ, REBECCA MICHELE       LIBRARIAN                                                5375.01
MARRSZ, LAWRENCE WAYNE          PROFESSOR                                               96476.04
MARSEEZ, ROBERT PHILIP          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             2623.33
MARSHZ, BARBARA ELAINE          INSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
MARSHAKZ, DAVID                 INSTRUCTOR                                               7533.33
MARSHALLZ, MAUREEN E.           FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        36186.14
MARSHALLZ, ROBERT C             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     74770.92
MARSICEKZ, KIMBERLE SUSAN       PROGRAM MANAGER B                                       54314.75
MARTENSZ, MATHEW STEWART        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1515
MARTINZ, CONNIE S               INSTRUCTOR                                                  3400
MARTINZ, LEAANN                 ASSOC DEAN                                               22916.7
MARTINZ, LEAANN                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     43226.37
MARTINZ, LEAANN                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  6390
MARTINZ, LEAANN                 PROFESSOR                                               14166.46
MARTINDALEZ, LORI MARIE         INSTRUCTOR                                               4862.04
MARTINETZ, ALIX LINN            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 655
MARTINEZZ, BRIANA MICHELLE      EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 462
MARTINEZZ, CARLOS M             INSTRUCTOR                                              42388.31
MARTZZ, ERIN C                  INSTRUCTOR                                               8814.98
MARXZ, JULIANE P                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     19133.95
MASONZ, ELIZABETH B             ADM ASST VP SA                                             49908
MASOODZ, JAVED                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                            64655.7
MASSANARIZ, R. MICHAEL          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             8549.75
MASSANARIZ, R. MICHAEL          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            18619.73
MASSANARIZ, R. MICHAEL          RESEARCH DIRECTOR                                       65415.66
MASTENZ, VINCENT MATHEW         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               40030
MASTORZ, ERIC L.                LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 3                             36756
MATHERS-SCHMIDTZ, BARBARA A     ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     81772.02
MATHERS-SCHMIDTZ, BARBARA A     INSTRUCTOR                                              13628.67
MATHERS-SCHMIDTZ, BARBARA A     LECTURER                                                     800
MATHERS-SCHMIDTZ, BARBARA A     PROFESSOR                                                   6160
MATHISONZ, CHERYL ANN           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      34396.9
MATRONEZ, KATHLEEN FAYE         INSTRUCTOR                                               19935.5
MATTZ, ALLYSON RENEE            PRE-DOCTORAL PSYCH COUNSELOR                            17145.13
MATTHEWSZ, CATHERINE E          INSTRUCTOR                                                 10980
MATTHEWSZ, DENNIS GORDON        LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 4                             40524
MATTHEWSZ, GEOFFREY B           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            23417.03
MATTHEWSZ, GEOFFREY B           PROFESSOR                                               97840.81
MATTHEWSZ, ROBIN A              DIR WATERSHED STUDIES                                    53074.8
MATTHEWSZ, ROBIN A              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            13268.69
MATTHEWSZ, ROBIN A              PROFESSOR                                                39806.1
MAUCKZ, JEREMY BENJAMIN LEWIS   ASST DIR MEMBERSHIP PROG                                10000.02
MAURERZ, DIANE M                FACILITIES ENGINEER 2                                   50751.81
MAURERZ, JEFF C.                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 370
MAURERZ, JEFF C.                MGR PROJECT                                             86823.12
MAURERZ, JEFF C.                WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                                74
MAUTINOZ, MARTHA NEHER          LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 4                           10205.1
MAUTINOZ, MARTHA NEHER          LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 6                          35937.64
MAVORZ, SKYLER PENDLETON        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 590
MAXWELLZ, CHARLES               INSTRUCTOR                                               5203.65
MAXWELLZ, JUDITH F              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            15892.11
MAYZ, CHRISTOPHER W             INSTRUCTOR                                                1958.3
MAYBERRYZ, CRAIG                INSTRUCTOR                                              71104.12
MAYERZ, JULIAN RICHARD          LECTURER                                                   14320
MAZZAZ, RONALD AVERY            CUSTODIAN 1                                             30095.43
MC CORMICKZ, PATRICK F          PROFESSOR                                               55074.96
MC CORMICKZ, PATRICK F          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   5401.13
MC COURTZ, JUDITH ANNE          INSTRUCTOR                                                4107.7
MC COURTZ, JUDITH ANNE          LECTURER                                                     360
MC DONALDZ, KENNETH W           CUSTODIAN 1                                             30331.69
MC KELLZ, ERIC KENT             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71787.06
MC KINNEYZ, COLEEN ELIZABETH    INSTRUCTOR                                              22839.05
MC LEAN KESLERZ, CHRISTIE A.    INSTRUCTOR                                              49321.39
MCBRIDEZ, GREGORY T.            MGR OPERATIONS                                          43242.96
MCCAFFERTYZ, JAMES ERWIN        RESEARCH ANALYST 4                                      28480.67
MCCARRELLZ, ELIZABETH ANN       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             5174.37
MCCARTHYZ, LISA MARIE           AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              9478.92
MCCARTHYZ, LISA MARIE           INSTRUCTOR                                                6531.9
MCCAULLEYZ, BRIAN HUB           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  47262.37
MCCLAINZ, LEE E.                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            21970.98
MCCLAINZ, LEE E.                INSTRUCTOR                                              68077.62
MCCLAINZ, LEE E.                LECTURER                                                    4268
MCCLANAHANZ, LAUREN G           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     59239.08
MCCLANAHANZ, LAUREN G           INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
MCCLEERYZ, JENNIFER ANN         DIR TEACHER ED ADM/FIELD EXP                            84916.08
MCCLUREZ, JACQUELINE FRANCES    ADVISING COORD FOR FH                                   35885.26
MCCONNELLZ, MELISSA RENAE       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               43.32
MCCONNELLZ, ROCHELLE GAIL       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       19439.72
MCCOYZ, ANDREA SPRIGGS          COORD HOUSING ASST SPEC EVENT                           10541.63
MCCOYZ, ANDREA SPRIGGS          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 720
MCCOYZ, DOROTHY EDWINA CRAVEN   PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       45453.82
MCCURDYZ, MICHAEL               CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORD 3                           107903.24
MCDADEZ, KATHERINE MUEHSAM      INSTRUCTOR                                                   200
MCDADEZ, KATHERINE MUEHSAM      PROFESSOR                                                4960.02
MCDANIELZ, KIMBERLY LYNN        INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
MCDONALD MISZCZAKZ, LESLIE CAROLASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     42265.24
MCDONALDZ, CATHERINE            INSTRUCTOR                                              51486.91
MCDONALDZ, SHANNA R             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     32120.35
MCDONALDZ, SHEA ALAN            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              967.02
MCDOWALLZ, STEPHEN              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66675.06
MCDOWALLZ, STEPHEN              INSTRUCTOR                                                   300
MCEVOYZ, GLENN MAURICE          INSTRUCTOR                                                  4000
MCGARRITYZ, DAVID GERARD        STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   57606.99
MCGINNISZ, PATIENCE BOWLES      PSYCHOLOGIST/COUNSELOR                                     47000
MCGINTYZ, PATRICK T             DIR STUDENTS SERVICE PROGRAM                             2291.67
MCGINTYZ, PATRICK T             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               920.2
MCGINTYZ, PATRICK T             PROGRAMS & OPERATIONS DIR                               58162.24
MCGINTYZ, PATRICK T             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            184.04
MCGUIREZ, SIMON LEONARD         INSTRUCTOR                                              44570.08
MCINTYREZ, REED FRANCIS         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              1783.5
MCKECHNIEZ, SALLY ANN           DIR PURCHASING                                          42844.99
MCKECHNIEZ, SALLY ANN           MGR PURCHASING                                          35704.13
MCKEEZ, DAVID JAHN              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6916.82
MCKEENZ, GENE LYNN              MGR ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES                           70991.04
MCKENZIEZ, CHRISTINE MARIE      PROGRAM MANAGER A                                        50677.4
MCKINLEYZ, LOUANN CAROL         LECTURER                                                  3200.2
MCKINLEYZ, LUKAS                RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4681.86
MCKINNEYZ, GARY RUSSELL         INSTRUCTOR                                                  2025
MCKINNEYZ, GARY RUSSELL         MANAGEMENT ANALYST 3                                       54504
MCKINNONZ, TERRI JO             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                      8144.18
MCLANEZ, TYLER WILLIAM          COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                38720.72
MCLAUGHLINZ, JOHN FRANCIS       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
MCLAUGHLINZ, NANCY E.           ASST TO DEAN HUXLEY                                        51126
MCLAUGHLINZ, TIMOTHY DAVID      MGR OPERATING SYSTEMS UNIX                              72921.12
MCLEANZ, KATE CARTER            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60640.55
MCLEANZ, KATE CARTER            INSTRUCTOR                                              12160.62
MCLEODZ, JANET LYNN             MGR BUSINESS CHW                                        65231.04
MCMAHONZ, CHANTEL MARIE         FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR                                 37120.08
MCMURRENZ, KAY IRENE            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34630.58
MCNEELYZ, THOMAS R              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           48555.12
MCNEILLZ, LORIE A               ADM ASST VP EXT AFFRS                                   49232.35
MCVICKERZ, JOANNE SUE           FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
MEARSZ, DERRICK G               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     22185.73
MEARSZ, DERRICK G               INSTRUCTOR                                               7662.28
MEARSZ, DERRICK G               PROFESSOR                                               31693.42
MEDLERZ, MICHAEL                INSTRUCTOR                                              12965.26
MEDLERZ, MICHAEL                PROFESSOR                                               66675.06
MEEHANZ, JOHN M                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     93298.67
MEEHANZ, JOHN M                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  1500
MEEKERZ, JEFF B                 INSTRUCTOR                                              33620.45
MEEKSZ, CYNTHIA ANN             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     31717.18
MEGARDZ, ELIZABETH J.           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38409.95
MEHARYZ, ELAINE HAIMANOT        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3568.36
MEHARYZ, ELAINE HAIMANOT        RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
MEISSNERZ, WHITNEY ERIN         INSTRUCTOR                                               4765.02
MELIOUSZ, JEAN O                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65487.19
MELIOUSZ, JEAN O                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4200.48
MELOZ, ANNE E                   ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER B                                   54504
MENDEN-DEUERZ, SUSANNE          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             7896.66
MENDESZ, SEBASTIAN              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54894.08
MENNEZ, KIMBERLY KAY            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          28894
MERRICKZ, SUZETTE LOUISE        FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      3424.72
MERRICKZ, SUZETTE LOUISE        FISCAL TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR                            36170.16
MERRILLZ, MARY ANN              ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
MERRILLZ, RICHARD HALE          INSTRUCTOR                                               34908.5
MERTHZ, MARCIA SHANNON          PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       51798.72
MESKOZ, RACHEL CHRISTEN         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              59.4
METZGERZ, MARY J                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62028.12
METZGERZ, MARY J                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                6500
METZGERZ, MARY J                INSTRUCTOR                                              12685.29
MEUTERZ, LINDA C.               INSTRUCTOR                                                 10500
MEYERZ, DAVID PAUL              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     57898.08
MEYERZ, DONALD STEPHEN          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4260.37
MEYERZ, JEAN M                  MGR STUDENT FINANCIAL AID SYS                           72607.92
MICHELZ, CHRIS ALAN             INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
MIGITAZ, MASAYOSHI              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               579.2
MIGITAZ, MASAYOSHI              TRAINER ATHLETIC                                        43741.89
MIGITAZ, MASAYOSHI              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            115.84
MILESZ, JOHN C.                 INSTRUCTOR                                                 23417
MILESZ, JOHN C.                 LECTURER                                                     379
MILESZ, JOHN C.                 PROFESSOR                                               94760.81
MILESZ, SCOTT BRADEN            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55020.06
MILESZ, SCOTT BRADEN            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             6113.32
MILESZ, SCOTT BRADEN            INSTRUCTOR                                                  4000
MILLERZ, BARBARA L.             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59051.55
MILLERZ, BRENDA                 PROFESSOR                                               59988.32
MILLERZ, CATHERINE ALMYRA       INSTRUCTOR                                              21858.02
MILLERZ, DANIEL VAUGHAN         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49306.98
MILLERZ, JULIE CHRISTINE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 345
MILLERZ, JULIE CHRISTINE        LECTURER                                                 2620.05
MILLERZ, LAURA MIGNON           RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
MILLERZ, LAUREN FREEMAN         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             2760.99
MILLERZ, MARILYN R              INSTRUCTOR                                              12403.19
MILLERZ, MARK JOSEPH            INSTRUCTOR                                                  6680
MILLERZ, MARK JOSEPH            LECTURER                                                 1680.34
MILLERZ, MARK JOSEPH            MGR MEDIA                                                  43333
MILLERZ, MARK JOSEPH            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   5298.73
MILLERZ, MATTHEW JAMES          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53252.73
MILLERZ, MATTHEW JAMES          INSTRUCTOR                                               8790.01
MILLERZ, MICHAEL MOREHOUSE      EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                4340
MILLERZ, NATHAN ANDREW          INSTRUCTOR                                                 12200
MILLERZ, ROBERT M               LECTURER                                                 1700.27
MILLERZ, SHARON MARIE           ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
MILLERZ, STANLEY PHILLIP        INSTRUCTOR                                              12999.99
MILLERZ, WHITE A.               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48373.1
MILLSZ, PERRY FRANK             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        63783
MILSTENZ, JEFFREY RYAN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4420.27
MILTONZ, KEVIN A                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             15616.4
MILTONZ, RACHAEL GAYE           LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2                              26426.09
MINERZ, BENJAMIN GREGORY        INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
MINERZ, BENJAMIN GREGORY        PROFESSOR                                               55020.06
MINERZ, BENJAMIN GREGORY        SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   6400.45
MIRANZ, JONATHAN                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     21223.23
MIRANZ, JONATHAN                PROFESSOR                                               30318.42
MIRANTEZ, LISA MARIE            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     26847.37
MISANESZ, VIRGINIA HERMOSO      CUSTODIAN 1                                             32209.48
MISCHAIKOVZ, ELLIE MEGAN        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               46.03
MITCHELLZ, ELIZABETH ANNE K.    EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1800
MITCHELLZ, ELIZABETH ANNE K.    INSTRUCTOR                                               3425.98
MITCHELLZ, KERRY CLAIRE         NURSE PRACTITIONER/NURSING SUP                          60309.06
MITCHELLZ, ROBERT JOHN          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        63783
MITCHELLZ, ROBERT JOHN          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             12892.6
MITCHELLZ, ROBERT JOHN          INSTRUCTOR                                                   250
MOATSZ, EDWIN F.                INSTRUCTOR                                               7300.02
MOCKZ, JANET K                  INSTRUCTOR                                              49801.47
MOENCHZ, GREGORY SILVEN         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1321
MOGFORDZ, ELIZABETH ANN         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53418.06
MOGFORDZ, ELIZABETH ANN         INSTRUCTOR                                                  8000
MOLLETTEZ, RICHARD W            LECTURER                                                     600
MONCRIEFZ, STEPHEN EDWARD       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             7772.45
MONCRIEFZ, STEPHEN EDWARD       INSTRUCTOR                                               5329.31
MONGERZ, CINDY ELIZABETH        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       23619.81
MONSONZ, ARTHUR S               STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                      31956
MONSONZ, SUSAN ELIZABETH        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            12423.25
MONTEONZ, JESUS E               RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4366.96
MONTGOMERYZ, SHERRIE ANN        MGR PROJECT                                             86823.12
MONTOYA-LEWISZ, RAQUEL          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      30776.2
MONTZINGOZ, DARREL D.           INSTRUCTOR                                                  4320
MOOKHERJEEZ, DEBNATH            PROFESSOR                                              102028.79
MOONZ, PATTIE DAWN              LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                             35040
MOOREZ, GARY J                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 386
MOOREZ, GARY J                  MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                64833.37
MOOREZ, GARY J                  WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              77.2
MOOREZ, JAMES E                 INSTRUCTOR                                                 12100
MOOREZ, JENNIFER LORRAINE       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2039.52
MOOREZ, MITZI MCMILLAN          INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
MOOREZ, NICOLE E.               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             1618.03
MOOREZ, WILLIAM THOMAS          INSTRUCTOR                                              55317.74
MOOREZ, WILLIAM THOMAS          LECTURER                                                    3063
MOORESZ, MARY K.                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     34758.75
MORZ, DENISE L                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              52464
MORANZ, HELEN ELIZABETH         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5307.75
MOREAUZ, BENJAMIN M             INSTRUCTOR                                              25283.32
MOREAUZ, BENJAMIN M             PROFESSOR                                               25666.63
MORENZ, JAMES                   EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3300
MORGANZ, ANNEKA KNOTTS          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1012.5
MORGANSZ, BRIAN LEE             INSTRUCTOR                                              51246.35
MORRISZ, CAROLE TESHIMA         ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
MORRISZ, DAVID KEITH            INSTRUCTOR                                                6179.2
MORRISZ, JASON A                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     63266.04
MORRISZ, JASON A                INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
MORRISZ, MERRIL ROBERT          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48705.47
MORRISONZ, ARIEL L              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8505.72
MORROWZ, KACEY LYNN             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
MORROWZ, KACEY LYNN             PROFESSOR                                               53186.94
MORROWZ, STEPHEN J              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               371.2
MORROWZ, STEPHEN J              MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                67432.21
MORROWZ, STEPHEN J              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             74.24
MORSEZ, KAREN W.                PRESIDENT EMERITUS                                      21049.76
MORTENSENZ, JOHN THOMAS         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1750
MORTENSONZ, ARMIDA              CUSTODIAN 1                                             29767.39
MORTONZ, JEVA MARIE COLELLO     CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              100.98
MORTONZ, PERRY LAWRENCE         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              240.77
MORTONZ, TODD DOUGLAS           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                2000
MORTONZ, TODD DOUGLAS           INSTRUCTOR                                                 13667
MORTONZ, TODD DOUGLAS           PROFESSOR                                               88162.06
MORTONZ, TODD DOUGLAS           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    2160.6
MOSHERZ, M. J.                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     27187.77
MOSHERZ, M. J.                  INSTRUCTOR                                                   100
MOTTZ, JENNIFER A               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MOTTNERZ, SANDRA ANN            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     98031.58
MOTTNERZ, SANDRA ANN            INSTRUCTOR                                                 15000
MOTTNERZ, SANDRA ANN            PROFESSOR                                                   6160
MOULDSZ, CYNTHIA                INSTRUCTOR                                               14896.5
MOWRYZ, ELISSA IRWIN            GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                           42588
MOYERZ, CRAIG L.                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     73009.08
MOYERZ, CRAIG L.                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             8112.12
MOZSGAIZ, CRISTINA SAMPAIO      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55839.96
MROCZKIEWICZZ, TERESA M.        DIR TREASURY                                            90292.32
MROCZKIEWICZZ, TERESA M.        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               668.2
MROCZKIEWICZZ, TERESA M.        WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            133.64
MUELLERZ, JOHN L.               PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          50981.93
MUELLERZ, KARL WARNER           INSTRUCTOR                                               1999.98
MUELLERZ, KARL WARNER           MARINE TECHNOLOGIST 1                                   19750.82
MUELLERZ, PAUL ROBERT           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               339.4
MUELLERZ, PAUL ROBERT           RISK MANAGER                                            69645.12
MUELLERZ, PAUL ROBERT           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             67.88
MUHLBERGZ, HOWARD               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MULDERZ, CAROLYN ANN            EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM SPEC 3                          42163.08
MULLANEZ, NANCY J.              INSTRUCTOR                                               8208.37
MULLARKYZ, LAURIE ELLEN         INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
MULLENZ, JAMES DEVEREAUX        ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN LEAD                                60120
MULLER-PARKERZ, GISELE T        MARINE SCIENTIST                                          181.24
MULLER-PARKERZ, GISELE T        PROFESSOR                                                 186.78
MUNSENZ, DIANA SARTE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32738.52
MUNSENZ, RYAN PAUL              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              298.42
MUNSEYZ, CHARLES S              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                  96
MURAKAMIZ, DEREK T              RESIDENT DIR                                             14448.7
MURPHEYZ, CAMERON BRUCE         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 150
MURPHYZ, AMANDA RUTH            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      2500.02
MURPHYZ, AMANDA RUTH            INSTRUCTOR                                               2500.02
MURPHYZ, AMANDA RUTH            PROFESSOR                                                  54000
MURPHYZ, DENNIS R.              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    153002.15
MURPHYZ, DINA NICHOLE           MGR SCHOLARSHIPS                                        42444.21
MURPHYZ, SEAN EISEN             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     50705.52
MURPHYZ, SEAN EISEN             INSTRUCTOR                                               4607.76
MURRAYZ, KATHRYN S.             PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       50917.47
MURRAYZ, RENEE CYNTHIA          GRAD/PRE-PROF PROGRAM ADVISOR                              29994
MUSAZ, JOHN B                   AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                               5340.5
MUSAZ, JOHN B                   INSTRUCTOR                                               3598.99
MUSOBOZ, BRIAN ERIC             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1272.24
MUSTOEZ, GEORGE EDWARD          RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                 35340.22
MYERSZ, JOSEPH A                MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 5                                71502.96
MYERSZ, LINDA ANN               INSTRUCTOR                                                  4320
MYERSZ, OLIN EUGENE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     43750.42
MYERSZ, POLLY MARIE             INSTRUCTOR                                              21923.65
NANCEZ, KENNETH L               CUSTODIAN 3                                             30890.46
NANCEZ, MA RICA VALERA          CUSTODIAN 1                                             30546.36
NARHIZ, RACHEL MICHELLE         INSTRUCTOR                                                  1925
NAVARREZ, PATRICIA VUOLO        INSTRUCTOR                                                  3150
NAYZ, THOMAS VINCENT            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 250
NEELYZ, KAREN L                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 260
NEELYZ, KAREN L                 INTERIOR DESIGNER                                          61632
NEELYZ, KAREN L                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                                52
NEEMZ, JOHANN                   INSTRUCTOR                                                  2315
NEEMZ, JOHANN                   PROFESSOR                                               59728.55
NEETERZ, KAREN IRENE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2507.16
NEITZELZ, DAL W                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  1760
NELLIZ, DEBORA KAY              INSTRUCTOR                                                533.33
NELSONZ, BENJAMIN CADE          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6907.64
NELSONZ, CRISTINA MARIE         ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                 14818.5
NELSONZ, CRISTINA MARIE         OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                              23512.5
NELSONZ, DAVID M                PROFESSOR                                                  63378
NELSONZ, GEORGE DRIVER          DIR SMATE                                              101948.24
NELSONZ, GEORGE DRIVER          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            36869.78
NELSONZ, GEORGE DRIVER          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            237.56
NELSONZ, KARNA LEE              INSTRUCTOR                                               1049.97
NELSONZ, LIN J                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            19105.11
NELSONZ, NANCY STILES           PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       50334.55
NELSONZ, PATRICIA LYNNE         INSTRUCTOR                                               1880.04
NELSONZ, PHILIP A               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     86717.79
NELSONZ, SHERIE PATRICIA        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 180
NELSONZ, SUZANNA JANE           INSTRUCTOR                                              28974.57
NELSONZ, TINA M.                OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      18555.03
NESHEIMZ, JONATHAN LINCOLN      MGR COMPUTER CONSULTING/DEV                             65268.67
NESHEIMZ, LAURIE JANE           PROGRAM MANAGER B                                          54504
NESSZ, BERIT ELIZABETH QUIGL    PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     15382.61
NEUGEBAUERZ, SARAH ELIZABETH    GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                             23081.07
NEUHAUSERZ, KARRI M             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                          2370
NEUHAUSERZ, KARRI M             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        13024.4
NEWBRYZ, DEBRA L                LECTURER                                                     850
NEWCOMERZ, JEFFREY L            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     81168.53
NEWCOMERZ, JEFFREY L            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                2312
NEWCOMERZ, JEFFREY L            INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
NEWCOMERZ, JEFFREY L            LECTURER                                                  500.25
NEWELLZ, PAMELA ANN             INSTRUCTOR                                               3012.52
NEWMANZ, MATTHEW PETER          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             2874.06
NEWTONZ, CARL QUINN             INSTRUCTOR                                               4817.54
NEYZ, GINA RENEE-LOCKMAN        INSTRUCTOR                                               4977.14
NEYERZ, RICHARD S               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
NGOZ, NGUYET THI                CUSTODIAN 1                                             31330.42
NGUYENZ, HAI THI                CUSTODIAN 1                                             30995.72
NGUYENZ, THANH VAN              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
NGUYENZ, THAO VIET              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             7968.45
NGUYENZ, THUY THI               CUSTODIAN 1                                             30696.81
NICHOLASZ, THOMAS WILLIAM       INSTRUCTOR                                              42877.28
NICHOLASZ, TRULA MOREHEAD       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58359.06
NICHOLASZ, TRULA MOREHEAD       INSTRUCTOR                                                9726.5
NICHOLSZ, BRANDON SCOT          INSTRUCTOR                                               7833.33
NICHOLSZ, LYNN                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             25151.13
NICHOLSZ, MARY FRANCES          FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      14187.2
NICHOLSZ, MARY FRANCES          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       18973.97
NICHOLSZ, RICK J                EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1649.7
NICHOLSZ, RICK J                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 4                              71496
NICHOLSZ, SARA ANN              ATHLETICS OUTREACH OFFICER                              48880.08
NICHOLSZ, SARA ANN              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
NICHOLSZ, SARA ANN              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
NICOLZ, CRYSTAL WHITNEY         INSTRUCTOR                                                  3000
NICOLAASZ, JULIE C.             HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULT ASST 2                              42588
NICOLAIZ, JACQUELINE M          REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      54484.82
NIEHOFFZ, KATHERINE ELIZABETH   INSTRUCTOR                                               5300.01
NIELSENZ, CAROLYN E             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     48342.06
NIELSENZ, CAROLYN E             INSTRUCTOR                                              11571.24
NIELSENZ, CAROLYN E             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    2160.6
NIEMIZ, ELIZABETH ANN           INSTRUCTOR                                                2012.5
NIGHTINGALEZ, KAYLEE MARIE      HEALTH PROMOTION SPECIALIST                             24422.28
NOBLE-SANDERSONZ, GAIL          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            18604.98
NOBLE-SANDERSONZ, GAIL          INSTRUCTOR                                                 14000
NOLANZ, KATHLEEN HEFT           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              263.52
NOLANZ, KATHLEEN HEFT           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     34572.75
NOLANDZ, MEGEARA ANNE           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 624
NOLETZ, VICTOR WOODROW          INSTRUCTOR                                                  1075
NOLETZ, VICTOR WOODROW          PROFESSOR                                               79450.92
NORDZ, DOUGLAS CHARLES          EX DIR CTR INTL STUDIES/EESP                               77350
NORDZ, DOUGLAS CHARLES          PROFESSOR                                                  31850
NORDEN-WOODZ, MARGARET ELLEN    INSTRUCTOR                                              21664.82
NORDWALLZ, PHILLIP JOEL         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               739.4
NORDWALLZ, PHILLIP JOEL         SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER ANALYST SEN                             71910
NORDWALLZ, PHILLIP JOEL         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            147.88
NORMANZ, ARLAN D                DEAN COL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY                          146547.12
NORMANZ, ARLAN D                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               10000
NORMANZ, LINDA SHARON           SYSTEMS ANALYST                                         72895.92
NORRISZ, ASHLEE WYNN            RESIDENT DIR                                            36064.08
NORSBYZ, DANNY VALE             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               371.2
NORSBYZ, DANNY VALE             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  52131.38
NORSBYZ, DANNY VALE             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             74.24
NORTON-NADERZ, ROSE MARIE       ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              44491.04
NORTON-NADERZ, ROSE MARIE       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               222.8
NUCKOLLSZ, SETH JOSEPH          INSTRUCTOR                                                 10950
NUESEZ, MAGGIE LEE              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              699.99
NUNNZ, KEVIN JOHN RUSSELL       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1000.2
NUTTZ, ANGELA LOREN             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1560
NUTTINGZ, MICHAEL ANDREW        INSTRUCTOR                                               8473.37
NUZUMZ, KATHLEEN A.             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        20277
NUZUMZ, KATHLEEN A.             INSTRUCTOR                                              15951.65
NYMANZ, ADAM                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        59454
NYMANZ, ADAM                    INSTRUCTOR                                               6193.14
NYMANZ, GWEN MICHELLE           INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
NYMANZ, JEFF SCOTT              LECTURER                                                     550
NYSTROMZ, NANCY MARYANNE        INSTRUCTOR                                               2583.35
O MURCHUZ, NIALL F.             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                2500
O MURCHUZ, NIALL F.             INSTRUCTOR                                               6170.75
O MURCHUZ, NIALL F.             PROFESSOR                                               60794.62
O MURCHUZ, NIALL F.             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                        60
O NEILLZ, BRIAN THOMAS          INSTRUCTOR                                               3400.02
O'DONNELLZ, DEVLIN KATHLEEN     COORD CASAS                                             43324.08
O'DONNELLZ, JOSHUA JOHN         COORD MENS VIOLENCE PREV PROJ                            35721.8
O'DONNELLZ, JOSHUA JOHN         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 700
O'NEALZ, JENNIFER SUE           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                  75
O'NEILZ, CARLEY LOUISE          INSTRUCTOR                                              48639.23
O'NEILZ, GREGORY WILLIAM        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            15307.02
O'NEILZ, GREGORY WILLIAM        PROFESSOR                                               52824.06
O'NEILLZ, WILLIAM               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
O'REILLYZ, MAUREEN E            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     58690.52
O'ROURKEZ, PATRICIA B.          INSTRUCTOR                                               3332.04
O'SLIABHZ, LOGAN                EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 770
OAKLEYZ, JOCELYN A              RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4909.05
OBERLANDERZ, SONYA              INSTRUCTOR                                                  3300
OBOMZ, MEGHAN MARIE             RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
OCHSZ, JAN CHRISTINE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5730.08
OERTELZ, RONALD R               INSTRUCTOR                                                 59870
OESTREICHZ, TARYN               INSTRUCTOR                                               3875.01
OHANAZ, CHRIS                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67667.94
OHANAZ, CHRIS                   EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             5692.01
OHANAZ, CHRIS                   INSTRUCTOR                                               9139.01
OHANAZ, CHRIS                   LECTURER                                                     250
OHANAZ, CHRIS                   PROFESSOR                                                   3080
OJIKUTUZ, OLAKUNLE              ASST VPSA/SPECIAL ASST TO PRES                            118320
OLNEYZ, THOMAS JAMES            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     88291.98
OLSENZ, JOHN                    CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              5036.9
OLSENZ, VERONICA POTTLE         PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
OLSONZ, JAMES OLAF              CUSTODIAN 1                                             29922.58
OLSONZ, KARL DANIEL             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                7064
OLSONZ, LINDA MAE               SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
OLSONZ, MARY LOUISE             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33800.23
OLSONZ, MICHAEL BRADY           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             1142.75
OLSONZ, MICHAEL BRADY           INSTRUCTOR                                              19628.11
OLSONZ, MICHAEL BRADY           MARINE SCIENTIST                                        31995.25
OLSONZ, ROBERT E                INSTRUCTOR                                              13971.62
OMLIEZ, DEBORAH LOUISE          MANAGEMENT ANALYST 4                                    56652.13
ONAZ, JOSE D                    CUSTODIAN 1                                             30858.22
OOSTMANZ, MATTHEW MICHAEL       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                2410
ORALLOZ, MARIO MIGUEL           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1938.07
OREIROZ, DAVID W.               INSTRUCTOR                                                  3200
ORRZ, JAMES MARSHALL            COUNS CLINICAL PSYCH I                                   58888.8
ORRZ, JAMES MARSHALL            LECTURER                                                 6567.45
OSBORNZ, TODD RANDOLPH          CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   64021.95
OSBORNEZ, MARTIN L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64320.81
OSENZ, RICHARD MELVIN           DIR PLANNING & ADMINISTRATION                              75504
OSENZ, RICHARD MELVIN           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1875
OSENZ, RICHARD MELVIN           PROFESSOR                                                   2500
OSIENSKYZ, WHITNEY SELINA       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3549
OSLAPASZ, ARUNAS P              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     78283.98
OSTERHAUSZ, SHIRLEY A           INSTRUCTOR                                              47493.92
OSTHIMERZ, JEFFERY LYNN         CUSTODIAN 1                                             24117.76
OSTRANDERZ, JAMES RUSSELL       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            21287.03
OTISZ, MEGAN MICHELLE           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            10552.88
OTTOZ, JOANN J                  PROFESSOR                                              112568.34
OUEDRAOGOZ, ALASSANE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                                7282
OUSSELINZ, EDWARD HENRY         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     33623.37
OUSSELINZ, EDWARD HENRY         PROFESSOR                                               23536.31
OVERLUNDZ, OSCAR                RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4681.86
OVERMANZ, JANIE L.              INSTRUCTOR                                               1583.35
OVERSTREETZ, LAURA IRENE        INSTRUCTOR                                              19916.04
OVERSTREETZ, LAURA IRENE        SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    6724.2
PACKZ, ALLAN HARRID             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               15.82
PACKZ, ALLAN HARRID             PARKING GUIDE                                           32693.16
PACKZ, ALLAN HARRID             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             44.56
PACKARDZ, RICHARD SCOTT         INSTRUCTOR                                               8404.15
PACKERZ, CHARLES JEFFREY        ASST DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR                             74077.92
PACKERZ, MARK BARRY             LECTURER                                                     400
PAGEZ, CURTIS                   UTILITY WORKER 2                                        36394.34
PAGEZ, PENNY ANN                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      14495.65
PAGHZ, NANCY M                  INSTRUCTOR                                              54641.25
PAGHZ, NANCY M                  LECTURER                                                    4905
PAGNOSSINZ, RUTH E              CUSTODIAN 3                                                35222
PAINTERZ, MARSHA E              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              58656
PALMERZ, JANE ELLEN             INSTRUCTOR                                               5028.12
PALMERZ, JANE ELLEN             PROFESSOR                                                    100
PALMERZ, LAWRENCE ELLIOTT       INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           65245.76
PALMERZ, WILLIAM DAVID          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 700
PANKOWSKIZ, CRYSTAL MARY        LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                           3394.53
PANKOWSKIZ, CRYSTAL MARY        LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 3                           33764.5
PAOLAZ, SUZANNE                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     21935.21
PAOLAZ, SUZANNE                 LECTURER                                                     500
PAOLAZ, SUZANNE                 PROFESSOR                                               14736.54
PARDUEZ, MARY L SCHULTZ         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            36644.91
PAREDES MENDEZZ, MARIA FRANCISCAASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53310.58
PARKZ, DOUGLAS B                PROFESSOR                                               88291.98
PARKZ, KUM JAE                  RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                    11691
PARKZ, STEPHEN RAY              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             9551.08
PARKERZ, JENNIFER E.            INSTRUCTOR                                               44508.9
PARKERZ, PAUL                   MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49552.89
PARKERZ, TEDDY L                CUSTODIAN 1                                             29955.82
PARKSZ, LESLIE CLAIRE           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              5110.2
PARRISZ, KRISTEN D              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     28345.35
PARRISZ, KRISTEN D              INSTRUCTOR                                               7048.74
PARRISZ, KRISTEN D              LECTURER                                                     250
PARRISHZ, JOSHUA CALEB          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1138.34
PARRISHZ, JOSHUA CALEB          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           41955.03
PARRISHZ, JOSHUA CALEB          INSTRUCTOR                                                  1440
PARRISHZ, JOSHUA CALEB          LECTURER                                                  225.12
PARRYZ, ROCHELLE J              GRAPHIC DESIGNER/WEB DEVELOPER                             57024
PARTOLAN-FRAYZ, ELIZABETH P.    DIR INTL PROGRAMS EXCHANGE                              67237.69
PARTSCHZ, CORNELIUS             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     56671.02
PARTSCHZ, CORNELIUS             INSTRUCTOR                                               9445.16
PATRICKZ, DAVID L               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     88287.88
PATRICKZ, DAVID L               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             9666.16
PATRICKZ, DAVID L               INSTRUCTOR                                              14499.24
PATRICKZ, KATHRYN AILEEN        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38792.33
PATTONZ, HOLLY ANN              INSTRUCTOR                                               5037.16
PAULZ, RACHEL ANN               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     16853.37
PAULZ, RACHEL ANN               INSTRUCTOR                                               4200.02
PAULSONZ, BENJAMIN DAVID        INSTRUCTOR                                               4450.02
PAXMANZ, CHRISTINA GABRIELLE    INSTRUCTOR                                                 20412
PAYTOSHZ, ALLISON               RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
PEACOCKZ, KELLY M               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              6895.2
PEARCEZ, KENNETH E              MGR OPERATING SYSTEMS                                   74638.08
PEARCEZ, SCOTT A.               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     59051.55
PEARCEZ, SCOTT A.               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            10056.81
PEARCEZ, SCOTT A.               INSTRUCTOR                                               6080.31
PEAVEYZ, CONNOR JOSEPH          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2568.24
PECHZ, WILLIAM CARY             DIR IELI INSTR                                          61988.19
PECHTHALTZ, DIANA CAROL         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8830.92
PECKENPAUGHZ, ALLISON BARKER    INSTRUCTOR                                               6677.51
PECKENPAUGHZ, ALLISON BARKER    PROFESSOR                                                    100
PEDENZ, BRANDON MARCH           INSTRUCTOR                                                 12000
PEDERSONZ, CARLA J              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         16734
PELFREYZ, ERIC W                ELECTRICIAN                                              51819.7
PENCILZ, CHIZURU                ASST DIR ACADEMIC BUDGETING                                60000
PENCILZ, KRAIG KENT             INSTRUCTOR                                              63379.65
PENCILZ, KRAIG KENT             LECTURER                                                     250
PENLANDZ, DIANE ROBINSON        INSTRUCTOR                                              67590.36
PENLEYZ, SARA JANE              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1115
PENNEYZ, REBECCA ELSPETH        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1486.25
PEREYRAZ, ELENA                 ACADEMIC SUPPORT COORDINATOR                             7345.82
PERIGOZ, JAMES R                CUSTODIAN 3                                             34665.23
PERIGOZ, JOEL EVON              CUSTODIAN 1                                             34501.59
PERIGOZ, WILLIAM J              CUSTODIAN 1                                             24545.14
PERIGOZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH         CUSTODIAN 1                                             30389.68
PERKSZ, CHERYL RENEE            BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         47729.98
PERKSZ, ROBERT LANE             BOOKSTORE MANAGER ASSISTANT                             46687.24
PEROFFZ, DEIDRE MARIE           INSTRUCTOR                                                666.67
PERRINZ, ALONZO ANTHONY         TRUCK DRIVER 1                                          27033.21
PERRYZ, BENJAMIN BUCHANAN       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3318
PERRYZ, LESLIE KRISTINE         INSTRUCTOR                                               2659.98
PERRYZ, TARA BEATRICE           INSTRUCTOR                                               65506.2
PETAIAZ, MAAFALA SARASOPA       WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 1                                    31189.54
PETERSZ, GABRIELLE MARIE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 770
PETERSZ, KIMBERLY ANN           INSTRUCTOR                                               7839.99
PETERSZ, KIMBERLY ANN           PROFESSOR                                               62719.92
PETERSENZ, CHAD MICHAEL         INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
PETERSONZ, ANDREA               HEAD OF LIBRARY SYSTEMS                                    77745
PETERSONZ, DIANE MARY           ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
PETERSONZ, FRANCINE G           AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              9809.58
PETERSONZ, FRANCINE G           INSTRUCTOR                                               6593.44
PETERSONZ, KEVIN BRADLEY        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               269.8
PETERSONZ, MERRILL ALAN         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      72983.5
PETERSONZ, MERRILL ALAN         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              3397.5
PETRIEZ, KATHERINE MOLLY        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              8812.5
PETTAYZ, CHAD CALVIN            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     17275.18
PETZZ, BRANDI JEAN              ASST TRACK & FIELD COACH                                 22539.2
PEYRONZ, MARK                   INSTRUCTOR                                              50205.95
PHAMZ, HOA KIM                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             30750.51
PHAMZ, HONG THI                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             30514.24
PHAMZ, TOAI D                   LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                             35040
PHAMZ, TUYET ANH                CUSTODIAN 3                                             36117.86
PHANZ, LIEU THUY                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          24260
PHEIFERZ, RHONDA KAY            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2442.97
PHELPSZ, SCOT                   INSTRUCTOR                                                  1830
PHILLIPSZ, JESSIE ANNE          PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               40180
PHILLIPSZ, NANCY LEANNE         ASST TO VICE PRESIDENT BFA                              59383.92
PIERCEZ, GEORGE A.              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            64538.68
PIERCEZ, GEORGE A.              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             29.72
PIKEZ, JACK E.                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48376.41
PILEZ, AMANDA RENEE             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              351.98
PILGRIMZ, TIM A                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     44452.08
PILGRIMZ, TIM A                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
PILLAIZ, BECKY BRITTON          LECTURER                                                     300
PILLITTERIZ, LYNN J             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52048.98
PILLITTERIZ, LYNN J             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               11566
PILLITTERIZ, LYNN J             LECTURER                                                     250
PINEZ, JUDITH MARIE             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             10429.8
PINEZ, JUDITH MARIE             INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
PINEZ, JUDITH MARIE             PROFESSOR                                               46933.92
PINELZ, NICOLAS                 INSTRUCTOR                                               6607.98
PINKSTONZ, LESLIE ANN           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              58656
PIPERZ, PAUL SCOTT              LIBRARIAN                                               69725.04
PISANOZ, MATTHEW IAN            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               46.36
PITCHERZ, CATHERINE E           INSTRUCTOR                                               8146.69
PITZERZ, ROBERT MICHAEL         INSTRUCTOR                                              17822.25
PLANCICHZ, RALINDA RAE          FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                      31895.5
PLOUFFEZ, JOEL                  INSTRUCTOR                                                  7890
PLUMLEEZ, EDWARD LEROY          INSTRUCTOR                                              27841.35
POEHLMANZ, KATHERINE MARIE      CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            10409.51
POGREBAZ, SUSAN O.              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      30896.65
POHLMANZ, JULIE ANNE            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                4640
POLICARZ, JAMES MARCOS          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             7338.86
POLICARZ, JAMES MARCOS          PROSPECT RESEARCH                                          25650
POLINSKYZ, ORION NOAH           INSTRUCTOR                                               4399.98
POLLANDZ, CARLY ANNE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1028.86
PONSENZ, HENDRIK FRITS          DIR TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES                             90156
PONSENZ, HENDRIK FRITS          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              103.48
POONZ, CECILIA S                WOODRING COLLEGE LIBRARIAN                              63385.92
POPPOZ, KRISTIN R.              INSTRUCTOR                                               4039.98
PORTERZ, CHRISTOPHER LEE        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1424.5
PORTERZ, INGER-LISE OIEN        INSTRUCTOR                                                 415.4
PORTERZ, JOSH D                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  50670.79
PORTERZ, LAURICE A              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        34260
PORTERZ, RICHARD A              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               544.2
PORTERZ, RICHARD A              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  53412.57
PORTERZ, RICHARD A              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            108.84
PORTERZ, SAMANTHA ERIN          RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
POSPISILZ, YARROW AMYBETH       SPEECH PATH/AUDIO SPEC 1                                29230.14
POSTHUMUSZ, LEE                 LECTURER                                                23088.84
POSTLEWAITZ, MICHAEL            CUSTODIAN 3                                             35365.58
POSTLEWAITZ, MICHAEL            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               772.2
POSTLEWAITZ, MICHAEL            WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            154.44
POTRIDGEZ, ANDREW WESLEY        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                8975
POTTLEZ, PAMELA RAE             INSTRUCTOR                                                661.67
POWELLZ, CHRISTOPHER DUANE      INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
POWELLZ, KAREN JOY              COORD JOB SEARCH SERVICES                               43380.54
POWERSZ, SEAN DAVID             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                2700
POYNTERZ, LINDSAY ANN           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1288
POYNTERZ, LINDSAY ANN           INSTRUCTOR                                                  5152
PRADAZ, JAIME ALBERTO           SYSTEMS ANALYST                                         71239.92
PRATTZ, THEODORE W              DEAN OF STUDENTS                                        99952.77
PRATTZ, THEODORE W              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               120.2
PRATTZ, THEODORE W              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             24.04
PRATUMZ, THOMAS K               INSTRUCTOR                                              13548.02
PRENTICEZ, THOMAS FRANKLIN      INSTRUCTOR                                                   350
PRESTONZ, LAURA MARIE           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                2800
PREUSSZ, DAWN RENEE             GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                                31886
PREWETTZ, CREAGER WILSON        CUSTODIAN 1                                             29603.46
PRICEZ, KAY MARNO               INSTRUCTOR                                               4819.99
PRICEZ, MARK THOMAS             INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                           40151.71
PRICEZ, WAYNE M                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
PRICHARDZ, TONY ALAN            INSTRUCTOR                                              31611.37
PRIMZ, MERLE M.                 PROFESSOR                                               61925.04
PRINCEZ, AMBER RENAE            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              365.04
PRINCEZ, AMBER RENAE            INSTRUCTOR                                              13983.22
PRINCEZ, AMBER RENAE            LECTURER                                                  757.64
PRINGLEZ, DAVID DANIEL          INSTRUCTOR                                              12000.81
PRINSTERZ, JASON                INSTRUCTOR                                                  4800
PROBYZ, JENNIFER THERESA        INSTRUCTOR                                                  4320
PRODYZ, GERALDINE A.            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67667.04
PRODYZ, GERALDINE A.            INSTRUCTOR                                               7048.65
PULVERZ, GREGORY LAWRENCE       ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     59051.55
PURDIEZ, JOHN ROBERT            ASSOC DIR UNIV RES FOR RES LIF                          72799.92
PURDIEZ, JOHN ROBERT            INSTRUCTOR                                                  2818
PURDUEZ, JEFFERY M              INSTRUCTOR                                                  6940
PURDUEZ, JEFFERY M              LIBRARIAN                                               63002.55
PURDUEZ, JEFFERY M              PROFESSOR                                                   2250
PURDUEZ, SEIKO ATSUTA           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55726.02
PURDUEZ, SEIKO ATSUTA           INSTRUCTOR                                               5733.33
PURDYZ, DANIEL LARAINE          ASST DIR MBA PROGRAM                                    56874.79
PURDYZ, DANIEL LARAINE          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               259.9
PURDYZ, DANIEL LARAINE          INSTRUCTOR                                              20099.95
PURDYZ, JOHN LLOYD              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     81168.88
PUTICHZ, ROBERT MICHAEL         FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                             29698.5
PUTICHZ, ROBERT MICHAEL         PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                              556.91
PUTTZ, WILMA                    CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              837.68
PUTTZ, WILMA                    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                           18591.36
PUTTZ, WILMA                    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                            3019.77
PUTTZ, WILMA                    OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      15608.26
QUALLEYZ, DONNA JEANNE          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     74132.96
QUALLEYZ, DONNA JEANNE          INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
QUICKZ, BARBARA ANN             ASST DIR LEARNING SUPPORT SVCS                             43095
QUICKZ, BARBARA ANN             ASST DIR TUTORIAL/ACAD SKILLS                               3640
RACEZ, PAMELA LYNNE             ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
RACHORZ, CLAIRE ELIZABETH       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               94.77
RACICHZ, STEPHEN DANIEL         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               386.8
RACICHZ, STEPHEN DANIEL         INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                  63313.52
RACICHZ, STEPHEN DANIEL         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             77.36
RADOFFZ, SARA ANN               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6070.48
RAEZ, BRIAN                     INSTRUCTOR                                                  9275
RAGSDALEZ, KIM NOELLE DAVIES    INSTRUCTOR                                              54010.67
RAGSDALEZ, TROY A.              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              1645.2
RAGSDALEZ, TROY A.              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38179
RAGSDALEZ, TROY A.              SPACE ANALYST 1                                             3549
RAMAGEZ, FREDERICK W.           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 386
RAMAGEZ, FREDERICK W.           MGR CFPA OPERATIONS                                        58884
RAMAGEZ, FREDERICK W.           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                              77.2
RAMIREZZ, ANDREA MICHELLE       BUDGET ANALYST 2                                        44066.43
RANDALLZ, LAURA JANE            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 285
RANEYZ, MARIE T.                LECTURER                                                 5001.15
RANEYZ, MARIE T.                MGR ACADEMIC WEB                                        74110.08
RANGEL-GUERREROZ, DANIEL        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67667.04
RANGEL-GUERREROZ, DANIEL        INSTRUCTOR                                              11277.84
RANGEL-GUERREROZ, MARY ANNE     INSTRUCTOR                                              53245.94
RANSOMZ, CAROL LYNNE            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            10901.17
RASMUSSENZ, ELIZABETH D         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
RATHKAMPZ, DEENA H              PSYCHOLOGIST/COUNSELOR-EAT DIS                             49850
RATHNAMZ, RAKSHA NAGARAJ        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4721.99
RAWLSZ, RONALD FREDERICK        ELECTRICIAN - HIGH VOLTAGE                              52549.03
RAYMONDZ, ELIZABETH ANNE        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     54212.04
RAYMONDZ, ELIZABETH ANNE        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             7152.66
RAYMONDZ, ELIZABETH ANNE        INSTRUCTOR                                                   300
RAYMONDZ, ELIZABETH ANNE        LECTURER                                                     800
READZ, JANE ROSEMARY            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1197
READZ, THOMAS T                 PROFESSOR                                               70809.42
REDINGZ, COLLEEN MARIE          INSTRUCTOR                                                3907.7
REDINGZ, COLLEEN MARIE          LECTURER                                                      90
REEDZ, MARTIN L                 ASSOC DIR UR FACILITIES                                    75000
REEDZ, MARTIN L                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1024.4
REEDZ, MARTIN L                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            204.88
REEDZ, RICHARD M                AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              6645.21
REEDZ, RICHARD M                INSTRUCTOR                                               4578.77
REEDYZ, CHRISTOPHER L.          INSTRUCTOR                                              30653.31
REESEZ, HARINI                  CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2003.55
REEVESZ, RICHARD WILSON         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                  48
REEVESZ, WILMA LYNN             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               39039
REGIMBALZ, CARYN ELISE          MGR STUDENT EMPLOYMENT CENTER                           43873.92
REICHERTZ, MARY ALICE           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      5887.98
REIDELZ, JENNIFER ANN           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 660
REIDELZ, JENNIFER ANN           INSTRUCTOR                                               3199.98
REIGSTADZ, KATHARINE ANN        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              7573.7
REIMANNZ, JULIE PAGE            PSYCHOLOGIST/COUNSELOR                                     51150
REINKEZ, MICHAEL BURTON         DIR OF DEV FOR WOODRING COL ED                             78000
REINKEZ, MICHAEL BURTON         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
REINKEZ, MICHAEL BURTON         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
REMINGTON-SCHROEDERZ, LAURA     RESIDENT DIR                                             1274.05
REMMELZ, ETHAN                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60892.92
RENSINKZ, HENRY                 AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC                                     41826.22
REPLOGLEZ, CATHERINE ANN        CUSTODIAN 1                                              3538.58
REXZ, KRISTINE ANN              LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 6                             48168
REYNOLDSZ, ANN ELIZABETH        ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   41556
REYNOLDSZ, BRADD R.             LECTURER                                                     500
REYNOLDSZ, KATHLEEN L           RETAIL CLERK 2                                          29316.74
REYNOLDSZ, MARY ANN             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    100031.94
REYNOLDSZ, RENEE FRANCES        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5230.08
REYNOLDSZ, STACI JANAYE         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5459.98
REYNOSOZ, JOANNA LEE            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       18029.28
REYNOSOZ, JOANNA LEE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        11156
RICEZ, LAUREN L.                CASHIER 2                                               29277.42
RICHARDSZ, BENJAMIN JOSEPH      INSTRUCTOR                                                  2082
RICHARDSZ, MARC J               INSTRUCTOR                                              43705.74
RICHARDSONZ, ANDREW GARRETT     INSTRUCTOR                                              38597.36
RICHARDSONZ, JOHN G.            INSTRUCTOR                                                   600
RICHARDSONZ, JOHN G.            LECTURER                                                    2078
RICHARDSONZ, JOHN G.            PROFESSOR                                               10370.85
RICHINSZ, CIERA LEE             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            10497.24
RICHTERZ, WAYNE VORIS           LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 6                           50576.4
RICKZ, JENNIFER MC KINNON       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               52.16
RICKARDZ, DEREK LEIGH           BUDGET ANALYST 2                                        36186.15
RICKSENZ, LINDA HUGHES          LECTURER                                                  899.96
RIDDLE BULYZ, MARSHA            INSTRUCTOR                                               3986.43
RIDDLE BULYZ, MARSHA            PROFESSOR                                               67006.92
RIDERZ, DAVID ALLEN             PROFESSOR                                               16786.95
RIEDESELZ, GREGORY LAWRENCE     MGR OPERATING SYSTEMS                                      72924
RIELSZ, RICHARD P               ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                41771.66
RIEMANNZ, ANDREAS               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
RIEMANNZ, ANDREAS               PROFESSOR                                               54212.04
RIGGINSZ, RONALD D.             PROFESSOR                                               56404.92
RILEYZ, KELLEN JAMES            CONTRACTS ASSISTANT                                     10806.73
RILEYZ, RALPH HAYWARD           INSTRUCTOR                                                 13700
RINESZ, KENNETH JAMES           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      2500.02
RINESZ, KENNETH JAMES           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     45487.54
RINESZ, KENNETH JAMES           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            12607.98
RINESZ, KENNETH JAMES           INSTRUCTOR                                               2500.02
RINNZ, TIMOTHY MICHAEL          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49022.83
RIORDANZ, CATHERINE ANN         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1320
RIORDANZ, CATHERINE ANN         PROVOST/VP ACADEMIC AFFAIRS                            199999.92
RIORDANZ, CATHERINE ANN         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                               264
RIORDANZ, COLIN MICHAEL         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1446.94
RISELANDZ, JOHN THOMAS          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 840
RITTENHOUSEZ, JENNIFER ELLEN    ASST DIR MEMBERSHIP PROG                                29243.22
RITTERZ, HARRY RAY              PROFESSOR                                               56307.96
RITTERZ, JEFF RODRIGUEZ         BENEFITS ADMINISTRATOR                                  34032.66
RITTERZ, JEFF RODRIGUEZ         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              299.39
RITTERZ, JEFF RODRIGUEZ         SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOC                             10402.02
RITTERZ, MARIAN B.              HEAD OF MUSIC LIBRARAY                                  75687.12
RIVERAZ, ALBERT ABELARDO        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             9750.78
RIVERAZ, LYSA MARIA             INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
RIVERAZ, LYSA MARIA             LECTURER                                                    1717
RIVERAZ, LYSA MARIA             PROFESSOR                                               50349.96
RIVERSZ, SIERRA AUTUMN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2116.42
ROBBINSZ, LAUREN MICHELLE       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              899.18
ROBERTSZ, ALLISON SNOW          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       1718.98
ROBERTSZ, BYRON SCOTT           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            15139.32
ROBERTSZ, BYRON SCOTT           INSTRUCTOR                                              34149.17
ROBERTSZ, BYRON SCOTT           MGR MANUFACTURING SUPPLY CHAIN                            8258.4
ROBERTSZ, CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM    INSTRUCTOR                                               5149.98
ROBERTSZ, FRANKLIN C            DIR ACAD TECH USER SERVS                               108372.72
ROBERTSZ, GARY W                MGR INFORMATION SYSTEMS                                 70367.04
ROBERTSZ, KATHLEEN ANN          INSTRUCTOR                                               4819.99
ROBERTSZ, KIRK ALEXANDER        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 630
ROBERTSZ, LAURA T               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     30293.68
ROBERTSZ, PATRICIA ANN          PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
ROBERTSZ, RENEE YVONNE          DIR CAPITAL BUDGET                                     114173.04
ROBERTSZ, TYLER ROY             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2693.52
ROBERTSONZ, WAYNE T             INSTRUCTOR                                              30275.48
ROBINSONZ, DRUE BEDO            INSTRUCTOR                                               8983.33
ROBINSONZ, LEANNE KAY           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     57513.96
ROBINSONZ, LEANNE KAY           INSTRUCTOR                                               22312.5
ROBINSONZ, LEANNE KAY           LECTURER                                                     500
ROBINSONZ, STEPHEN GENE         DIR IEP                                                 44387.04
ROBSONZ, FRED L                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 4                              71496
ROCKENSTIREZ, MARY KAY          INSTRUCTOR                                               2562.62
RODGERSZ, SUSAN F.              NURSE PRACTITIONER                                      44054.31
RODRIGUEZZ, JOSE DE JESUS       ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                      33499.92
RODRIGUEZZ, OLGA GUADALUPE      RESIDENT DIR                                             14448.7
RODRIGUEZ-HERNANDEZZ, ABRAHAM ELINSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
ROEZ, PHILIP WALTER             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            10934.24
ROEHLZ, THOMAS WALTER           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     97837.54
ROELOFSZ, MATTHEW R.            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     77293.98
ROELOFSZ, MATTHEW R.            INSTRUCTOR                                              13882.33
ROEMMELEZ, KATHRYN J.           SECRETARY SENIOR                                        14857.16
ROFKARZ, BARBARA ZINE           INSTRUCTOR                                              23374.33
ROGERSZ, EILEEN SUSAN           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     22651.95
ROKEYZ, BRIANNE                 RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
ROLDANZ, MELISSA DAWN           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              288.71
ROLLINSZ, ALYSON MARIE          INSTRUCTOR                                                 12395
ROMANOZ, ROSALIE M.             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     50533.92
ROMANOZ, ROSALIE M.             INSTRUCTOR                                                6105.6
ROMEIJN-STOUTZ, BENJAMIN DIRK   RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 1                                  2397.96
RONAGHANZ, AISLINN MAUREEN      RECREATION & ATHLETICS SPEC 2                           38208.27
ROOSENDAALZ, LARRY G.           CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      22059.45
ROSANBALMZ, JESSIE LYN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              4712.4
ROSEZ, JACQUELINE KYOKO         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57999.96
ROSEZ, JACQUELINE KYOKO         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            19333.02
ROSE-MERKLEZ, DANYA MONIQUE     EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             2000.01
ROSENZ, DIANA LEE               ASST DIR UNIV CAPITAL BUDGET                            73216.08
ROSENZ, TARALEEN ANNETTE        LECTURER                                                 3000.68
ROSENBERGZ, LISA MICHELLE       ASST DIR STUDENT ACTIVITIES                                58494
ROSENFELDZ, JERALD VICTOR       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              2500.4
ROSNERZ, JOSEPHINE L            INSTRUCTOR                                               5494.98
ROSSZ, ROBIN L                  HEAD FOOTBALL COACH                                     38769.46
ROSSZ, STEVEN C                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    100531.33
ROSSZ, STEVEN C                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               519.8
ROSSZ, STEVEN C                 INSTRUCTOR                                                333.33
ROSSZ, STEVEN C                 PROFESSOR                                                   6160
ROSSZ, STEVEN C                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            103.96
ROSSITERZ, DAVID                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64722.65
ROSSITERZ, DAVID                INSTRUCTOR                                                   900
ROSSMEISLZ, GAY T               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31512.74
ROTECKIZ, LAURIE ANN            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2907.56
ROTHENBERGZ, KATIE JEAN         ASST DIR MARKETING                                      36061.92
ROTHENBERGZ, KATIE JEAN         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                2500
ROUSEZ, SHAUNTE LAVETTE         ACADEMIC SUPPORT COORDINATOR                            30972.83
ROUSSEAUZ, JOHN V               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                6356
ROWEZ, DANNY LAWERENCE          INSTRUCTOR                                                 52247
ROWEZ, DANNY LAWERENCE          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   3840.73
ROWE-NEUMANZ, SUSAN D           MAIL CARRIER - DRIVER                                   21138.27
ROZENDAALZ, JAY C               AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                             11645.16
ROZENDAALZ, JAY C               INSTRUCTOR                                              10038.11
RUBERTZ, JASMINE SIERRA         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8202.52
RUBLEZ, DAVID MICHAEL           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               487.2
RUBLEZ, DAVID MICHAEL           MGR APARTMENTS/GUEST HOUSING                            55000.08
RUBLEZ, DAVID MICHAEL           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             97.44
RUMSEYZ, GRETCHEN ANN           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             31627.5
RUPAALZ, AJIT S                 INSTRUCTOR                                               8776.98
RUPAALZ, EVELYN O               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      6940.12
RUPAALZ, EVELYN O               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            12140.23
RUPAALZ, EVELYN O               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            12988.32
RUSHZ, SHANNON ANN              INSTRUCTOR                                                  1485
RUSLINGZ, AUSTIN MICHAEL        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             7847.82
RUSSELLZ, KEITH C               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61237.08
RUSSELLZ, KEITH C               INSTRUCTOR                                                  5250
RUSSELLZ, KEITH C               SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   14760.2
RUSSELLZ, PATRICK TERRY         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              5977.2
RUSTANZ, PAULA M.               EX DIR UNIV PLANNING & BUDGET                          134789.04
RUTSCHMANZ, CARLA J             PROFESSOR                                               79359.04
RUTSCHMANZ, EDWARD              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72624.68
RUTSCHMANZ, EDWARD              LECTURER                                                     300
RUTSCHMANZ, KIRSTEN E           INSTRUCTOR                                              22942.08
RYANZ, MAUREEN EMILY            INSTRUCTOR                                               4666.69
RYBCZYKZ, JOHN M                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            10320.84
RYBCZYKZ, JOHN M                PROFESSOR                                               62647.58
RYBCZYKZ, JOHN M                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  15481.89
RYSTROMZ, DAVID S.              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     85717.98
S'EILTINZ, TANIS MARIA          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66544.72
S'EILTINZ, TANIS MARIA          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   1140.47
SACHSZ, ALISA ANNE              INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
SACKSZ, TERRY A                 DIR SPEECH LANG CLN                                     72057.81
SAFAVIZ, FARROKH                PROFESSOR                                               96476.04
SAGERZ, JUNKO                   ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
SAILORSZ, WILLIAM MARTIN        INSTRUCTOR                                                 25114
SALAZARZ, DEBRA J               PROFESSOR                                               79612.92
SALHUSZ, KIRBY TODD             ELECTRICIAN                                             16102.77
SALISBURYZ, JORDAN PAUL         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              208.48
SALISBURYZ, PAULA S             PROGRAM MANAGER B                                       43786.61
SALKELDZ, DOUGLAS GEORGE        ELECTRICIAN LEAD                                        53296.76
SALOUZ, AMI                     CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8148.39
SALTWICKZ, SOFIA A              INSTRUCTOR                                                  1850
SALZMANZ, STEPHANIE A.          DEAN OF ED                                             130961.04
SALZMANZ, STEPHANIE A.          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1029.4
SALZMANZ, STEPHANIE A.          WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            219.84
SAMSZ, DEBRA ANN                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
SAMSZ, ERNEST W                 CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            12319.38
SANBORNZ, BARBARA ANN           INSTRUCTOR                                              24866.61
SANCHEZZ, AMANDA                RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
SANCHEZZ, NICKOLAS STEVEN       EQUAL OPP/EMPL DIVERSITY SPEC                            2088.67
SANCHEZZ, NICKOLAS STEVEN       SR. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ASSOC                             51424.87
SANCHEZ-LOVATOZ, YOLANDA M      INSTRUCTOR                                               6286.63
SANDELINZ, KATHLEEN ARUNDELL    INSTRUCTOR                                              41462.92
SANDELINZ, KATHLEEN ARUNDELL    LECTURER                                                    1389
SANDERSZ, GEORGE D              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    102353.04
SANDERSZ, GEORGE D              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 890
SANDERSZ, GEORGE D              INSTRUCTOR                                              17058.84
SANDERSZ, GEORGE D              PROFESSOR                                                   6160
SANDERSZ, GEORGE D              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                               178
SANDERSZ, RANDI L.              LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 3                          37678.91
SANDLINZ, GAIL MARIE            INSTRUCTOR                                              12660.94
SANDSZ, JOHN KEVIN              INSTRUCTOR                                              82775.06
SANDSZ, JOHN KEVIN              LECTURER                                                    1700
SANDVIGZ, JOHN CHRISTOPHER      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     93668.04
SANDVIGZ, JOHN CHRISTOPHER      INSTRUCTOR                                                   600
SANOJAZ, STEPHEN LUIS           RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
SAPINZ, JULIA ELIZABETH         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56210.94
SAPINZ, JULIA ELIZABETH         INSTRUCTOR                                                  4100
SARKARZ, AMITES                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     58370.94
SARKARZ, AMITES                 INSTRUCTOR                                               4864.26
SARTE PRINCEZ, SHAR             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              559.98
SARTE PRINCEZ, SHAR             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     12932.36
SARTE PRINCEZ, SHAR             PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       23367.27
SASAKIZ, BRYCE EVAN MATTHEW     INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
SASNETTZ, EMILY T               ASST TO DEAN ED                                         55639.92
SASSZ, MARY DENISE              INSTRUCTOR                                              12833.49
SASSZ, MARY DENISE              PROFESSOR                                               82002.06
SATAKEZ, RACHAEL LYNN           LECTURER                                                 2052.07
SATHERZ, MARIE CHERI            DIR CAMPUS RECREATION                                   78078.96
SATTERZ, CONSTANCE LEE          CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   60704.29
SATTLERZ, DAVID NATHAN          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     71787.06
SAUERZ, TIMOTHY BRIAN           UTILITY WORKER 2                                        11883.83
SAUNDERSZ, KATHLEEN MARY        INSTRUCTOR                                              45883.05
SAUNDERSZ, KATHLEEN MARY        LECTURER                                                    1887
SAVEDOZ, MONIQUE MARIE          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4692.09
SAXTONZ, DAVID WILLIAM          PROFESSOR                                               46000.08
SCHAEBETHALZ, ELIZABETH JENNINGSINSTRUCTOR                                                483.33
SCHAEFERZ, CHRISTINE C          INSTRUCTOR                                              80749.67
SCHAEFFERZ, CYNTHIA J           INSTRUCTOR                                               5266.65
SCHAEFFERZ, KATRINA K           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              37399.75
SCHALEZ, ELIZABETH RAE          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 198
SCHARDEINZ, MICHAEL L           UNIVERSITY JUDICIAL OFFICER                             50103.49
SCHARKSZ, TIMOTHY E.            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  21000.31
SCHATZBERGZ, WENDY ELISE        INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                           32536.18
SCHEETZZ, MAUREEN               GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                                 2068
SCHELLEZ, CHARLES FRAZER        INSTRUCTOR                                              12738.83
SCHELLEZ, CHARLES FRAZER        LECTURER                                                     850
SCHERMERZ, ELIZABETH R          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72709.02
SCHEVINGZ, JOHN ARTHUR          CUSTODIAN 3                                             37460.74
SCHINDLERZ, REBECCA LYNN        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 720
SCHINDLERZ, REBECCA LYNN        PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
SCHLEEFZ, LINDA ANN             INSTRUCTOR                                              53930.73
SCHLEGELZ, KRISTEN JOY          INSTRUCTOR                                               8599.02
SCHMIDZ, JASON ANDREW           INSTRUCTOR                                               2187.68
SCHMIDTZ, ROBERT H              MGR PROJECT                                             86823.12
SCHMIDTZZ, SHARON ANN           ASST DIR INST RESEARCH/ANALYST                             60000
SCHNEIDERZ, ROBERT J            DIR ADMIN COMPUTING SV                                 115839.12
SCHREUDERZ, KAREN ESTHER        SPORTS EQUIPMENT MANAGER 2                              30901.15
SCHROEDERZ, MARSHA JO           INSTRUCTOR                                                  4410
SCHRONENZ, PAUL ANDREW          INTERNAL AUDITOR                                        42550.99
SCHUELERZ, JANA GRACE           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       32336.25
SCHUELERZ, JESSICA GRACE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              343.86
SCHUESSLERZ, BRIAN FREDERICK    INSTRUCTOR                                               2899.98
SCHUETTEZ, PAT ALAN             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48480.6
SCHUKAR-EGGINKZ, KARIANNE MELINDINSTRUCTOR                                               3760.02
SCHULZEZ, SANDRA                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            18070.68
SCHULZEZ, SANDRA                PROFESSOR                                               54212.04
SCHURTERZ, RAEANN LYNN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            11194.45
SCHUSTERZ, JAMES H              DIR VU FACILITIES                                          77238
SCHUSTERZ, JAMES H              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1455
SCHUSTERZ, JAMES H              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                               291
SCHUYLERZ, CONRAD C             CUSTODIAN 1                                             21040.89
SCHUYLERZ, DAVID                TRUCK DRIVER 2                                          39743.97
SCHWARCKZ, NATHAN T             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              534.44
SCHWARCKZ, NATHAN T             SAFETY OFFICER 3                                        59137.86
SCHWARCKZ, NATHAN T             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            118.76
SCHWARTZZ, GREGORY RICHARD      INSTRUCTOR                                              39555.04
SCHWARTZ-DUPREZ, RAE LYNN A.    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
SCHWARTZ-DUPREZ, RAE LYNN A.    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     51861.96
SCHWARZZ, CARRIE ANNE           INSTRUCTOR                                              18848.84
SCHWARZZ, DIETMAR               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52048.98
SCHWARZZ, HENRY GEORGE          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1190
SCHWEDEZ, WALTER JESSE          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     77293.98
SCHWEMMINZ, CINDI REIGLE        FORMS & RECORDS ANALYST 2                                37453.4
SCOTTZ, STEPHANIE RENEE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36501.94
SCRIMSHERZ, JULIE ANN           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 579
SCRIMSHERZ, JULIE ANN           TRAINER ATHLETIC                                        44956.72
SCRIMSHERZ, JULIE ANN           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             115.8
SEABURYZ, BARBARA JEAN          ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                         13500
SEABURYZ, BARBARA JEAN          ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                        2700
SEALESZ, SUSANNE L.             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              5101.4
SEALEYZ, TED LEE                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     17018.93
SEATONZ, ERROL                  INSTRUCTOR                                              25433.11
SEDAZ, TAKELE BEDASSA           INSTRUCTOR                                                6450.5
SEDAZ, TAKELE BEDASSA           PROFESSOR                                               61925.04
SEDOVICZ, AMY                   LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                          36873.16
SEFRITZ, ERIC DEAN              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             8028.38
SEILOZ, MICHAEL T               PROFESSOR                                               50857.84
SEIMSZ, CYNTHIA DIANE           INSTRUCTOR                                              26081.71
SELFZ, JESSICA DIANA            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1320
SELTZZ, JENNIFER                INSTRUCTOR                                              15056.16
SEMPLEZ, THOMAS P               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             7378.83
SEMRAUZ, LOA J.                 FISCAL ANALYST 4                                        54300.48
SENFZ, RANDALL L                OFFICER FINANCE                                            78000
SENGEZ, STEPHEN V               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    105422.94
SENTKOWSKIZ, GEORGIA H          ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
SEPPZ, STUART MARTYN            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3200
SERRANO-MORENOZ, JOSE R.        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                4000
SERRANO-MORENOZ, JOSE R.        INSTRUCTOR                                                   250
SERRANO-MORENOZ, JOSE R.        LECTURER                                                    2732
SERRANO-MORENOZ, JOSE R.        PROFESSOR                                               55839.96
SHAPIROZ, HOWARD C              INSTRUCTOR                                               3457.16
SHASSERREZ, JESSICA LYNN MARIE  ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    31123.27
SHAWZ, ARTHUR EARL              INSTRUCTOR                                              15322.15
SHEAZ, GORDON BRADFORD          INSTRUCTOR                                               4699.98
SHEARDZ, CATHERINE M            MARKETING MANAGER                                        38154.3
SHELDONZ, DANETTE LYNN          COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                48988.74
SHELTONZ, JENNIFER GRACE        DIR SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOP CTR                          67083.41
SHELTONZ, JENNIFER GRACE        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              532.46
SHENZ, YUNQIU                   INSTRUCTOR                                              14492.65
SHENZ, YUNQIU                   PROFESSOR                                               77293.98
SHEPARDZ, CYNTHIA JAYNE         INSTRUCTOR                                               2500.02
SHEPARDZ, WILLIAM BRUCE         PRESIDENT                                                 300000
SHEPHARDZ, EMMA JEAN            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45851.13
SHEPHARDZ, JAMES E              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 4                              71496
SHEPPARDZ, SHELBY LORRAINE      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54212.04
SHEPPARDZ, SHELBY LORRAINE      INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
SHERMANZ, MARK E. PATRICK       MGR COMPUTER & NETWORK SYSTEMS                             62976
SHERWOODZ, DAVID EDWARD         MGR FACILITIES                                          80686.08
SHERWOODZ, TERESA LUCILLE       ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
SHINZ, CHRISTOPHER TAESOO       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              404.26
SHIPLEYZ, DWAN L                INSTRUCTOR                                              42646.01
SHIPLEYZ, DWAN L                LECTURER                                                     250
SHIPLEYZ, GAYLE L               DIR ENVIRON HEALTH SAFETY                               97255.92
SHIPLEYZ, GAYLE L               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1252.2
SHIPLEYZ, GAYLE L               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            250.44
SHIPMANZ, SHONDA LYN            DIR ACCOUNTING SERVICES                                 76960.08
SHORNICKZ, CATHERINE MARIE      ASST TO DEAN HUMAN & SOC SCI                               31602
SHORNICKZ, CATHERINE MARIE      PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       26728.94
SHORTZ, DEBORA M                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
SHORTERZ, ELIZABETH KATHLEEN    COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                43403.58
SHOWALTERZ, JANE CHANNING       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 192
SHULLZ, DAVID H.                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63266.04
SHULLZ, DAVID H.                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            14059.12
SIBLEZ, STEVEN JOHN             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     11010.21
SIBLEYZ, BRIAN CHARLES          INSTRUCTOR                                               4683.37
SIHITEZ, ESTER ULIBASA          RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
SIMZ, KHIM L                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     88610.94
SIMZ, KHIM L                    INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
SIMARDZ, JOHN JORDAN            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              7541.3
SIMONEZ, GENET                  INSTRUCTOR                                              78607.46
SIMPSONZ, ANNA CHRISTINE        RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
SIMPSONZ, BRYCE ED              ASST DIR FDCA                                           95961.12
SIMSZ, JONATHON ALAN            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                2745
SINCLAIRZ, RITA C               PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY SPEC 1                             40978.52
SINGH-CUNDYZ, ANU               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59239.08
SINGH-CUNDYZ, ANU               INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
SINGLETONZ, SARA G              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70734.96
SINGLETONZ, WILLIAM RONNIE      PROFESSOR                                              100852.02
SIPESZ, ELIZABETH MARY          ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT                                 64434
SKILLMANZ, PATRICIA JEAN        INSTRUCTOR                                               85319.6
SLAGLEZ, SCOTT M                ASST DIR WORK CONTROL/REN                               87735.12
SLEEMANZ, ALLAN G               INSTRUCTOR                                              17680.02
SLENTZZ, KRISTINE L             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     39178.81
SLENTZZ, KRISTINE L             INSTRUCTOR                                                  6650
SLETTEZ, KRISTI LYNELL          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             2433.36
SLETTEZ, KRISTI LYNELL          INSTRUCTOR                                              14116.69
SLETTEZ, KRISTI LYNELL          TRAINING SPECIALIST                                      7615.02
SLUYSZ, DAPHNE ANN              INSTRUCTOR                                               3649.98
SMARTTZ, SCOTT D                INSTRUCTOR                                                  1485
SMILKSTEINZ, RITA               INSTRUCTOR                                               5810.02
SMIRNOVZ, SERGEY L              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               11739
SMIRNOVZ, SERGEY L              PROFESSOR                                               52824.06
SMITHZ, ALLISON B               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              124.44
SMITHZ, BIANCA LORRAINE         CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                  72172.39
SMITHZ, BRADLEY F.              DEAN HUXLEY                                            125849.04
SMITHZ, BRADLEY F.              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1113.6
SMITHZ, BRADLEY F.              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            222.72
SMITHZ, COURTNEY LEE-ANN        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                2080
SMITHZ, DOUGLAS HARLAN          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3091.34
SMITHZ, ERIC ANDREW             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            11993.58
SMITHZ, ERIC ANDREW             LECTURER                                                23685.58
SMITHZ, HUGH A.                 STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   57564.36
SMITHZ, JULIE D.                SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
SMITHZ, KELLY LYNN              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             21404.7
SMITHZ, KENT D                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     75195.79
SMITHZ, MICHAEL B               CUSTODIAN 5                                             41850.72
SMITHZ, MICHAEL B               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               371.2
SMITHZ, MICHAEL B               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             74.24
SMITHZ, PAMELA EYRICH           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              532.53
SMITHZ, PAMELA EYRICH           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       31706.25
SMITHZ, PETER A                 REFERENCE SYSTEMS LIBRARIAN                             70293.12
SMITHZ, PHILIP L                BUDGET ANALYST 4                                        63864.38
SMITHZ, STEVEN H                INSTRUCTOR                                               44783.3
SMITHZ, SUSAN LYNN              INSTRUCTOR                                               3260.76
SMITHZ, TIMOTHY J.              INSTRUCTOR                                               8096.62
SMITHZ, TIMOTHY J.              PROFESSOR                                                    100
SMITHZ, WILLIAM E               PROFESSOR                                               90941.04
SMITHZ, WILMA J                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      29386.24
SMOOTZ, LEE                     RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
SNODGRASSZ, REBEKAH C           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        8264.76
SNOWDERZ, BRADLEY PAUL          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              7486.8
SNOWDERZ, BRADLEY PAUL          INSTRUCTOR                                              11033.29
SNOWDERZ, BRADLEY PAUL          LECTURER                                                     200
SODTZ, JULENE SUSANNE           LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 5                           43845.2
SOFIELDZ, RUTH M.               INSTRUCTOR                                               7029.56
SOFIELDZ, RUTH M.               PROFESSOR                                               63266.04
SOFIELDZ, RUTH M.               SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   9121.14
SOLOMONZ, FRANCES PAULA         INSTRUCTOR                                                  3900
SOMMERZ, LESLEY DIANE           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58370.94
SOMMERZ, LESLEY DIANE           PROFESSOR                                                   3740
SONDERLANDZ, ROBIN VIRGINIA     INSTRUCTOR                                               6599.96
SONGZ, HYONG YONG               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31225.12
SORENSONZ, MELANIE A            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            34225.18
SPARKSZ, FLORA FAY              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5447.97
SPARLINGZ, SHERYL MEGAN         FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     36751.65
SPAULDINGZ, LYNDA MARIE         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                                4505
SPERLZ, DANIEL KEVIN            ASST SOFTBALL COACH                                        15000
SPICERZ, LISA GRUWELL           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2302.02
SPICKLERZ, ERIC RICHARD         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 162
SPIEGELZ, PAUL CLINTON          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55839.96
SPIEGELZ, PAUL CLINTON          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                7500
SPIEGELZ, PAUL CLINTON          INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
SPINKSZ, SARAH ELIZABETH        INSTRUCTOR                                              10753.37
SPONBERGZ, KARL O               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                               34105.9
SPOONERZ, VIRGINIA D.           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    240.06
SPRINGERZ, MARK C.              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     90941.04
SPRINGERZ, MARK C.              INSTRUCTOR                                                    75
SPRINGSTEADZ, TIMOTHY M         PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          49217.49
SPRINKLEZ, JASON EDWARD         PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          50037.98
SPURGINZ, JENNIFER ANN          RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                      41602.91
STABLESZ, KATIE                 INSTRUCTOR                                              44689.95
STAFKIZ, LAURA DIANE            INSTRUCTOR                                               1120.02
STAMBAUGHZ, LAURA ANN           INSTRUCTOR                                              27214.13
STAMEYZ, SARA LUCINDA           INSTRUCTOR                                              27353.32
STAMEYZ, SARA LUCINDA           LECTURER                                                    2782
STANGLZ, PAUL ALFRED            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55839.96
STANGLZ, PAUL ALFRED            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  11281.73
STANLEYZ, JUDY L.               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      20701.43
STANLEYZ, JUDY L.               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        11913.74
STAPZ, KENNETH J                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
STARBUCKZ, BARBARA JERRINE      PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      29389.8
STARBUCKZ, GABRIEL              INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                           42938.73
STARCHERZ, KENNETH H            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1778
STARINCHAKZ, EDWARD C           INSTRUCTOR                                              10666.64
STARKZ, CHRIS B                 INST ASSESSMENT RESRCH/ANALYST                          42062.13
STAROVEROVZ, DMITRIY A          CUSTODIAN 1                                             30797.89
STAYSKALZ, BYRON                INSTRUCTOR                                              32018.84
STEDMANZ, STEVEN M.             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    640.85
STEEBZ, VICTOR THOMAS           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1500.46
STEEGEZ, DAVID J                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2368.06
STEEGEZ, DAVID J                PIANO TECHNICIAN                                           22914
STEELEZ, RUTH C                 ARCHIVIST                                               46690.08
STEELEZ, RUTH C                 INSTRUCTOR                                               2608.02
STEFANZ, LINDA L                ADM ASST PROVOST                                        50524.08
STEFANIZ, RICHARD A             ASST DIR FOR CLIENT SERVICES                            50710.08
STEGERZ, TRACEY THORNQUIST      ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                      14604.55
STEGERZ, TRACEY THORNQUIST      EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               173.7
STEGMEIERZ, RANDOLPH JOHN       DIR PUBLIC SAFETY                                      103999.92
STELLINGZ, PETE                 INSTRUCTOR                                              40654.02
STENHOFFZ, ERIC DANIEL          LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                           3444.98
STENSLANDZ, BEN W               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              4000.8
STEPHANZ, BRADLEY ARTHUR        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               10002
STEPHANZ, ELIZABETH             LIBRARIAN - ACCT,ECO,FMDS,MGMT                          50219.04
STEPHENSZ, BLISS LUANNE         INSTRUCTOR                                              12137.91
STEPHENSZ, BLISS LUANNE         PROFESSOR                                                    100
STEPHENSZ, LESLEY ELAINE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            17407.79
STERNZ, MICHELE DENISE          INSTRUCTOR                                               2720.76
STERNBERGERZ, BARBARA           INSTRUCTOR                                               3683.32
STEVENSZ, SCOTT B               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66016.94
STEVENSZ, SCOTT B               INSTRUCTOR                                                  1500
STEVENSONZ, JOAN C              INSTRUCTOR                                              16586.04
STEVENSONZ, JOAN C              PROFESSOR                                               79612.92
STEVENSONZ, KATHRYN NELL        EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              525.12
STEVENSONZ, KATHRYN NELL        PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            37243.03
STEWARTZ, JAMES E               PROFESSOR                                               39806.46
STEWARTZ, MART A                PROFESSOR                                               69697.08
STICKLEYZ, BETH A               INSTRUCTOR                                              62436.19
STIGLIANIZ, NICHOLAS ANTHONY    LECTURER                                                     600
STILTSZ, SCOTT P                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               371.2
STILTSZ, SCOTT P                MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                68334.82
STILTSZ, SCOTT P                WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             74.24
STINEZ, ERIK O.                 INSTRUCTOR                                               7520.02
STINEZ, MARY ANN                INSTRUCTOR                                               3233.35
STINSONZ, JONAH MACLEAN         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                            56238.88
STINSONZ, JONAH MACLEAN         INSTRUCTOR                                               4100.02
STONEZ, ANN MARIE               INSTRUCTOR                                              14083.35
STONEBERGZ, BARBARA             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST TO PRES                               2339.2
STONEBERGZ, BARBARA             ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT                              58602.16
STONEBERGZ, BARBARA             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               718.4
STONEBERGZ, BARBARA             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            143.68
STOOPSZ, ROBERT F               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     79612.92
STORERZ, PAUL A.                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     88551.52
STORERZ, PAUL A.                INSTRUCTOR                                                   800
STORERZ, PAUL A.                LECTURER                                                     250
STORERZ, PAUL A.                PROFESSOR                                                   6160
STORERZ, TINA MONICA            EDUCATION & CURRICULUM SPEC                             30409.49
STOUTZ, KAREN LOUISE            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     65343.61
STOUTZ, KAREN LOUISE            INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
STOUTZ, KAREN LOUISE            SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   8040.74
STRAKAZ, BRETT JOSEPH           LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 3                          13151.68
STRATTONZ, SANDRA ANNE          ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                49512.75
STREUBELZ, PAUL E               SHEET METAL MECHANIC                                    48202.74
STRICKLANDZ, DANA M             INSTRUCTOR                                               6300.04
STRIGGOWZ, REBECKA ANN          FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        37145.73
STROBELZ, NICHOLAS VAUGHAN      LECTURER                                                     750
STROMZ, SUZANNE L               SENIOR MARINE SCIENTIST                                 99400.33
STRONGZ, LESLIE ANN EVANS       ASST DIR UR FACIL MGT                                   36361.92
STRONGZ, LESLIE ANN EVANS       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              182.17
STRUMPFZ, MICHAEL               INSTRUCTOR                                               2499.99
STUENZ, KAREN SYLVIA            INSTRUCTOR                                              11775.08
SUZ, SIPING                     INSTRUCTOR                                              49800.98
SUCZEKZ, CHRISTOPHER ANNE       ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     75043.08
SUCZEKZ, CHRISTOPHER ANNE       INSTRUCTOR                                                  8338
SUEWINGZ, JOSEPH S              MGR UR FACILITIES OPERATIONS                              4494.8
SUHZ, JAMES J.                  COACH ASST VOLLEYBALL                                      30000
SUHZ, JAMES J.                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              6593.2
SUHZ, JAMES J.                  WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            118.64
SUITERZ, AMY RACHEL             COACH HEAD SOFTBALL                                        20000
SULAZ, OZAN                     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     70734.06
SULAZ, OZAN                     EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1250
SULAZ, OZAN                     INSTRUCTOR                                                9112.4
SULAZ, OZAN                     LECTURER                                                   25604
SULAZ, OZAN                     SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   17685.2
SULKINZ, STEPHEN DAVID          DIR SHANNON PT                                         123100.08
SULLIVANZ, JAMES JOHN           LECTURER                                                    1620
SULLIVANZ, SUSANNA P.           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               666.4
SULLIVANZ, SUSANNA P.           SAFETY OFFICER 2                                        51632.54
SULLIVANZ, SUSANNA P.           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            133.28
SUNDSTROMZ, MARY ANN            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              160.54
SUPRAKZ, DAVID NATHAN           INSTRUCTOR                                               3205.38
SUPRAKZ, DAVID NATHAN           PROFESSOR                                               51285.96
SUPRAKZ, DAVID NATHAN           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   4320.81
SUTTERMANZ, SANDRA L            LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 5                             43572
SUTTERMANZ, STEPHEN             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               618.4
SUTTERMANZ, STEPHEN             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  55492.33
SUTTERMANZ, STEPHEN             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            123.68
SUTTONZ, CHRISTINE G            ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                 44268.6
SWANZ, KAREN KAY                REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      56616.76
SWANZ, STEPHEN                  EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               742.4
SWANZ, STEPHEN                  V PRES UNIVERSITY RELATIONS                               150000
SWANZ, STEPHEN                  WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            148.48
SWANSONZ, SARAJANE RENEE        INSTRUCTOR                                                  3600
SWARTZMANZ, AARON YORK          INSTRUCTOR                                                   500
SWEANEYZ, DANIEL EDWARD         CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORD 2                               66420
SWENSONZ, MARK A                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  50398.82
SWETSZ, JUDSON PAUL             INSTRUCTOR                                                   500
SWINBURNEZ, CAROLYN DENISE      PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
SYLVESTERZ, CHARLES DAVIS       PROFESSOR                                               79663.08
SYLVESTERZ, CHARLES DAVIS       PROFESSOR/CHAIR                                             1540
SYLVESTERZ, CHARLES DAVIS       SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   14760.2
SYMONSZ, JANAI POWELL           INSTRUCTOR                                               9466.65
SYMONSZ, JANAI POWELL           RESEARCH COMPLIANCE OFFICER                             21477.27
SYMONSZ, LAWRENCE A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
SYMONSZ, LAWRENCE A             INSTRUCTOR                                              16025.21
SYMONSZ, LAWRENCE A             PROFESSOR                                                   4400
SZEGEDIZ, KYLE JAMES            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              240.49
TADLOCKZ, KATHRYN E             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
TAFTZ, MEGAN ANN                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                               51.77
TAGZ, STANLEY ALAN              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      66438.5
TAGZ, STANLEY ALAN              INSTRUCTOR                                                   550
TAGZ, STANLEY ALAN              SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   9960.64
TAGZ, SYLVIA G                  INSTRUCTOR                                                7367.5
TAGZ, SYLVIA G                  LIBRARIAN                                               61546.44
TAHIRIZ, ALEXIS YOUSSEF         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      11348.09
TAITZ, BREE CATHLEEN            OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      17545.19
TAKAGIZ, MIDORI                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      70811.6
TAKAGIZ, MIDORI                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  7068
TALKINGTONZ, TORI BLAIR         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1711.15
TALVIZ, ANNA MIRJAM             DIS MGMT/ACCOM COUNSELOR                                33295.46
TALVIZ, ANNA MIRJAM             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             8958.35
TAMAYOSEZ, DALE TERU            ACADEMIC SUPPORT COORDINATOR                            22143.38
TANSEYZ, TIMOTHY NICHOLAS       INSTRUCTOR                                                  4765
TARATOOTZ, COLE DONOVAN         INSTRUCTOR                                               7778.19
TAYLORZ, AUDREY G.              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     95284.98
TAYLORZ, AUDREY G.              INSTRUCTOR                                                5955.3
TAYLORZ, BRANDON JON            UTILITY WORKER 2                                        38486.25
TAYLORZ, DWAYNE WARREN          RESIDENT DIR                                             14448.7
TAYLORZ, JOHN F                 EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                6810
TAYLORZ, SCOTT DWAYNE           INSTRUCTOR                                              40738.86
TEACHMANZ, JAY DEAN             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               35700
TEACHMANZ, JAY DEAN             PROFESSOR                                              108668.15
TEDROWZ, LUCKY MARK             DIR DEMO RESEARCH                                          67014
TEDROWZ, LUCKY MARK             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             4061.46
TEETERZ, ROY D                  CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              235.98
TELFERZ, HOLLY ALISON           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6583.59
TEOREYZ, MATTHEW NIVEN          INSTRUCTOR                                                800.04
TERICHZ, THOMAS                 INSTRUCTOR                                              13870.32
TERICHZ, THOMAS                 PROFESSOR                                               88813.03
TESSAROZ, CHARLES QUINTO        INSTRUCTOR                                                761.52
TESTAZ, GUISEPPINA AURORA       INSTRUCTOR                                              25033.32
THACHZ, WILLIAM L               INSTRUCTOR                                                2762.5
THACKERZ, ROGER M               EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               222.8
THACKERZ, ROGER M               UTILITY WORKER 2                                        35381.95
THACKERZ, ROGER M               WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             44.56
THAHELDZ, JOHANN F              INSTRUCTOR                                              35116.63
THANEZ, NIKI NITA               CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1116.92
THEILERZ, ANNE MARIE            COUNSELOR PSYCH II                                         51073
THELENZ, ALANNA R.              RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
THIBOUZ, SHURLA DELONESE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2274.54
THIBOUZ, SHURLA DELONESE        INSTRUCTOR                                              28355.09
THIBOUZ, SHURLA DELONESE        LECTURER                                                 4961.43
THIBOUZ, SHURLA DELONESE        SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   5760.89
THIESSENZ, KIM A                ACCOMMODATION COUNSELOR                                 28827.12
THIESSENZ, KIM A                EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             10137.5
THIESSENZ, KIM A                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1484.6
THIESSENZ, KIM A                LECTURER                                                     200
THIESSENZ, KIM A                WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            296.92
THOLFSENZ, PAUL A.              LECTURER                                                     200
THOMASZ, ADAM ROBERT            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1750
THOMASZ, ANARA CHRISTINA        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              1233.7
THOMASZ, ANNA                   SECRETARY SENIOR                                        20846.04
THOMASZ, COLLEEN MARIE          INSTRUCTOR                                               4091.52
THOMASZ, PAUL ALLEN             INSTRUCTOR                                              31609.32
THOMASZ, ROBERT OWEN            LIBRARIAN                                               55492.08
THOMASZ, ROBERT OWEN            PROFESSOR                                                   2250
THOMASZ, SHELLEY FALK           INSTRUCTOR                                                   150
THOMASESZ, DANIEL RICHARD       ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     14328.56
THOMPSONZ, JOHN NEVILLE         ASST DIR MRKTING MGR/UNIV COMM                          56346.96
THOMPSONZ, JOHN NEVILLE         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             1247.19
THOMPSONZ, JOHN NEVILLE         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            178.17
THOMPSONZ, PHILIP BLINN         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72500.02
THOMPSONZ, PHILIP BLINN         INSTRUCTOR                                                  2500
THOMPSONZ, ROGER R              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60121.08
THOMPSONZ, ROGER R              INSTRUCTOR                                              10020.18
THOMPSONZ, TIMERY SUSANNE       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              2608.2
THOMSENZ, CURTIS E.             INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           61814.75
THORNBERRYZ, EVAN CHARLES       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             17472.4
THORNDIKE-CHRISTZ, TRACY K      ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     55124.52
THORNDIKE-CHRISTZ, TRACY K      INSTRUCTOR                                              16516.89
THORNDIKE-CHRISTZ, TRACY K      SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                       300
THRANZ, JEFF N.                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  3100
THURMANZ, CARRIE JEANNINE       BUDGET ANALYST 2                                        26727.31
THURMANZ, CARRIE JEANNINE       PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          25284
THUTZ, PETER BENJAMIN           INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 4                            54108.3
TIETJENZ, ANNE MARIE            INSTRUCTOR                                                 18596
TIETZZ, JANICE ELIZABETH        INSTRUCTOR                                                  4420
TILLEYZ, KATI JO                INSTRUCTOR                                               2959.36
TILLEYZ, KATI JO                LECTURER                                                   157.5
TIMMERMANZ, JOHN C              CUSTODIAN 3                                              35617.2
TIMMONS FLORESZ, MARIA          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     47633.04
TIMMONS FLORESZ, MARIA          INSTRUCTOR                                                 11000
TODDZ, KARIN D                  CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1096.57
TODDZ, MARCUS                   EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              7113.6
TODDZ, MARCUS                   INSTRUCTOR                                                  3000
TODDZ, MARCUS                   TECHNICIAL DIR/PRODUCTION MGR                           34999.92
TODDZ, MARCUS                   WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            222.72
TOMASIZ, MASSIMILIANO           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61799.94
TOMASIZ, MASSIMILIANO           INSTRUCTOR                                                 12875
TOMASZEWSKIZ, KAROL PETER       STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   49196.31
TOMBAUGHZ, MATTHEW ALLEN        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                3000
TOMBAUGHZ, MATTHEW ALLEN        RESIDENT DIR                                            34677.12
TOMISSERZ, ROBERT DOUGLAS       INSTRUCTOR                                               3379.69
TOMLONOVICZ, KATHLEEN M         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     40148.13
TOOTELLZ, JAMES WILLIAM         COORD TECHNICAL SERVICES                                66007.92
TORRES FLORESZ, ALFREDO         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1344.04
TORRES FLORESZ, ALFREDO         INSTRUCTOR                                               2770.13
TORRESZ, LORI JEANINE           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                               41692.9
TORRESZ, LORI JEANINE           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              531.35
TOWNEZ, KAREN NOELLE            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 1                           47495.11
TRAGESSERZ, JAMES HERBERT       DATA BASE ADMINISTRATOR                                  83201.4
TRANZ, HUAN DINH                CUSTODIAN 1                                             32356.21
TRANZ, HUONG                    CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              1702.5
TRANZ, THOMAS T                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             31157.28
TRELOARZ, STEVEN D              MGR OPERATING SYSTEMS                                   72904.08
TRENEERZ, STEPHANIE ANN         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
TRENEERZ, STEPHANIE ANN         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     52824.06
TRENHAMZ, PETER C               INSTRUCTOR                                                 18272
TRENTZ, CAROL                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72856.98
TRIGGSZ, AMANDA MAY             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                            14428.75
TRIMBLEZ, JOSEPH E              DIR ASSESSMENT & TESTING                                93502.89
TRIMBLEZ, JOSEPH E              PROFESSOR                                               38001.19
TRIPLETTZ, AN'DRE MAURICE       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               22.28
TRIPLETTZ, AN'DRE MAURICE       PARKING SUPERVISOR 1                                    43747.76
TRIPPZ, THERESA M.              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        22452.29
TRIPPLEZ, HELEN AYA             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1310
TRUEBLOODZ, KATHRYN R.          INSTRUCTOR                                               5647.08
TRUEBLOODZ, KATHRYN R.          PROFESSOR                                               54212.04
TRUONGZ, KHAI NGOC              CUSTODIAN 1                                             31372.21
TRUONGZ, KHOA N                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             31342.56
TRUSCHELZ, LOUIS W              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61135.74
TRUSCHELZ, LOUIS W              INSTRUCTOR                                               5394.33
TSOZ, ELISABETH ANNE            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               597.5
TSUNOKAIZ, GLENN THOMAS         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54102.96
TSUNOKAIZ, GLENN THOMAS         INSTRUCTOR                                              12771.45
TUBOZ, AILEEN                   RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4681.86
TUCKERZ, DAVID SAMUEL           INSTRUCTOR                                              10132.49
TUCKERZ, ROBERT G               AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              8994.37
TUCKERZ, ROBERT G               INSTRUCTOR                                                7974.6
TUKUZ, AFRIEM MERESA            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4411.06
TULLYZ, JACOB PAUL              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               11267
TURMANZ, VANCE GORDON           SURPLUS/INVENTORY CNTRL SPEC 2                          34696.13
TURNERZ, HEATHER ANNE           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                1050
TUTTLEZ, KATRINA D              RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4909.05
TUXILLZ, JOHN DOUGLAS           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53418.06
TUXILLZ, JOHN DOUGLAS           INSTRUCTOR                                                2671.7
TUXILLZ, JOHN DOUGLAS           SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    900.07
TYRANZ, CRAIG KENNETH           ASSOC DEAN                                                 71235
TYRANZ, CRAIG KENNETH           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        48141
TYRANZ, CRAIG KENNETH           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               445.4
TYRANZ, CRAIG KENNETH           INSTRUCTOR                                                  7500
TYRANZ, CRAIG KENNETH           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             89.08
TYRANZ, KRISTI                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     85717.98
TYRANZ, KRISTI                  INSTRUCTOR                                              17476.86
TYREEZ, ARTHUR HILBORN          GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                               8530.5
UCHIDAZ, GRIFFIN JAY            RESIDENT DIR                                            20373.96
ULLINZ, JOAN ELIZABETH          COORD ACADEMIC SUPPORT                                  44009.03
ULRICHZ, MICHAEL SCOTT          MGR FINANCIAL REPORTING                                 64999.92
UNDERWOODZ, JOHN H              PROFESSOR                                               19940.85
UNDERWOODZ, KELSEY RAE          INSTRUCTOR                                                  5760
UPPINGHOUSEZ, LYNN U.           INSTRUCTOR                                                8430.1
URALZ, SAIM                     PROFESSOR                                               39307.29
UZCATEGUIZ, BRENNA JEAN         LECTURER                                                     500
VADERZ, CATHARINE K             REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      62617.46
VAICEKONISZ, ASTA               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                               17251
VAICEKONISZ, DAINIUS            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             8490.61
VAJDAZ, EDWARD J                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         1250
VAJDAZ, EDWARD J                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     47758.84
VAJDAZ, EDWARD J                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             24686.7
VAJDAZ, EDWARD J                INSTRUCTOR                                                  3025
VAJDAZ, EDWARD J                LECTURER                                                  785.31
VAJDAZ, EDWARD J                PROFESSOR                                               30357.04
VALDEZZ, YOLANDA                RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4909.05
VALLEJOZ, CHRISTINE MARIE       ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                44871.19
VALLEJOZ, WILLIAM SCOTT         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             4553.87
VALLEJOZ, WILLIAM SCOTT         GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                             21840.93
VALUMZ, MANCA ELLEN             DIR DEVELOP FOR THE SCIENCES                            78348.96
VALUMZ, MANCA ELLEN             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
VALUMZ, MANCA ELLEN             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
VAN ALSTYNEZ, KATHRYN LYN       EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                5040
VAN ALSTYNEZ, KATHRYN LYN       MARINE SCIENTIST                                        55461.48
VAN BOERZ, BERTIL               PROFESSOR                                               96476.04
VAN DEN HULZ, RICHARD DWANE     EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              397.63
VAN DEN HULZ, RICHARD DWANE     V PRES BUSINESS FINANCIAL AFF                          105002.18
VAN DIESTZ, ETHAN LEDRU         LOCKSMITH                                               45035.15
VAN EPPSZ, HEATHER ALANE        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52048.98
VAN EPPSZ, HEATHER ALANE        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                            11566.44
VAN PELTZ, DANIEL JASON         INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
VAN SLYKEZ, MICHELLE K          INSTRUCTOR                                              35391.92
VAN WINGERDENZ, CHRISTINA P     ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                40176.53
VANCURENZ, WANNA W              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 675
VANCURENZ, WANNA W              MGR FINANCIAL SYSTEMS                                      90000
VANDENHAAKZ, ANGELA JEAN        DIR DEVELOPMENT FOR PARENTS                             67600.08
VANDENHAAKZ, ANGELA JEAN        EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               965.2
VANDERGRIENDZ, DONNA SUE        ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                48156.29
VANDERPORTZ, ZACHARY ROSS       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1123.61
VANDERSTAAYZ, STEVEN L          V PROVOST UNDERGRAD ED                                 105833.32
VANDERSYPENZ, JOAN PICKENS      RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST SUP                                  51864
VANDERVENZ, MARK E.             SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  17280.08
VANHOUTENZ, KARIN JOHANNA       INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
VANKOZ, STEVEN MARION           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48263.43
VANNELLIZ, TOMMASO ALESSANDRO   INSTRUCTOR                                              14777.77
VARGASZ, GABRIELA               RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            8369.09
VARICKZ, LORI ANNE              INSTRUCTOR                                                  1593
VASSDAL-ELLISZ, ELSI M.         PROFESSOR                                               83343.44
VAVRINECZ, JOHN                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  5500
VAWTERZ, RICHARD D              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     50046.98
VENDIOLAZ, MICHAEL MELCHOR      COORD ESC ACTIVITIES ADV                                44170.08
VERMEULENZ, GERALD A.           ELECTRICIAN                                             53237.14
VERNACCHIAZ, RALPH A.           PROFESSOR                                               76159.98
VERNERZ, JANE TRUDY             INSTRUCTOR                                              34418.76
VERNERZ, JANE TRUDY             LECTURER                                                44447.74
VIDANAZ, SETH A                 PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    41591.57
VIGILZ, RAQUEL A.               MGR FINANCE                                             53802.96
VILADASZ, JORDI CARLOS          EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                  80
VILLAZ, JAIME NICHOLE           RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            7057.18
VILLARSZ, JAY MICHAEL           INSTRUCTOR                                               1105.02
VITAZ, CHRISTOPHER GARRETT      INSTRUCTOR                                              21283.08
VITAZ, CHRISTOPHER GARRETT      SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   3600.04
VOZ, DONG PHUONG                CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1321.84
VOHSZ, ROSEMARY AMANDA SCOTT    INSTRUCTOR                                              50160.58
VOSZ, BENJAMIN JOHN             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      29120.16
VREDEVOOGDZ, HEATHER J          PRE-DOCTORAL PSYCH COUNSELOR                            16498.32
VREDEVOOGDZ, HEATHER JEAN       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                3720
VROMANZ, JANE LOUISE            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              335.46
VROMANZ, JANE LOUISE            GOVERNMENT RELATIONS SPEC                               30630.35
VROMANZ, JANE LOUISE            WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            106.92
VULICZ, KATHRYN RAJAM           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52207.02
VYVYANZ, JAMES R                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     80961.27
VYVYANZ, JAMES R                EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              6493.5
VYVYANZ, JAMES R                INSTRUCTOR                                               2905.33
WAGENAARZ, BARBARA KAY          INSTRUCTOR                                              30140.82
WALCONZ, ALDEN CAREY            LECTURER                                                  2227.5
WALDOZ, TYSON ZANE              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                                1847
WALDOZ, TYSON ZANE              INSTRUCTOR                                              12922.29
WALDOCKZ, JANELEE               EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 565
WALIAZ, KRYSTA LEE              MULTICULTURAL RECRUIT COUNS                             17435.13
WALKERZ, GERALDINE              SPECIAL ASST TO VP RESEARCH                             25893.72
WALKERZ, KAREN MARIE            ASST DIR UR OCCUP/MGMT/ASSES                            64914.07
WALKERZ, KELLEY D.              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                              58656
WALKERZ, WENDY COLLEEN          INSTRUCTOR                                              51889.14
WALKERZ, WENDY COLLEEN          LECTURER                                                 3260.86
WALKERZ, WENDY COLLEEN          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                    3000.8
WALLINZ, DAVID O                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     71787.06
WALLINZ, DAVID O                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   9001.44
WALLSZ, KAYLE MACKENZIE         ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    37699.92
WALSERZ, CONNIE R.              INSTRUCTOR                                                830.76
WALSERZ, CONNIE R.              LECTURER                                                  899.96
WANDLERZ, CHARLES F             EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 120
WANDLERZ, CHARLES F             INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 3                           49052.44
WANGZ, GRACE A.                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61925.04
WANGZ, GRACE A.                 INSTRUCTOR                                               2000.01
WANGZ, GRACE A.                 LECTURER                                                      51
WANGZ, JIANGLONG                INSTRUCTOR                                               7260.09
WANGZ, JIANGLONG                PROFESSOR                                               70509.85
WANGZ, JIANGLONG                SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   6240.19
WANNEZ, STEPHANIE ANNE          ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                 14083.5
WANNEZ, STEPHANIE ANNE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      20917.5
WARDZ, DENISE M.                LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 4                          39501.64
WARDZ, NATE JOHN                EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                  56
WARDZ, NATE JOHN                INSTRUCTOR                                                  3997
WAREINGZ, JANE ELIZABETH        PATIENT SERVICES COORDINATOR                               38556
WARKZ, SANDRA K                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  1500
WARNERZ, DANIEL MEADE           INSTRUCTOR                                              13870.32
WARNERZ, DANIEL MEADE           LECTURER                                                 1031.94
WARNERZ, DANIEL MEADE           PROFESSOR                                               83221.92
WARNERZ, PEGGY CAROLYN          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     33532.46
WARNERZ, WILLIAM R              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           24674.16
WARNERZ, WILLIAM R              INSTRUCTOR                                                  4200
WARRENZ, SHANNON MARY           EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               890.8
WARRENZ, SHANNON MARY           PROJECT DIRECTOR                                        70000.08
WARRENZ, SHANNON MARY           WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            178.16
WASHINGTONZ, NATALIE IRENE      ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                       38220
WASHINGTONZ, NATALIE IRENE      EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                  75
WASSERMANZ, RYAN JON            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         5000
WASSERMANZ, RYAN JON            INSTRUCTOR                                               8000.01
WASSERMANZ, RYAN JON            PROFESSOR                                               64000.08
WATSONZ, TISH LEANNE            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              699.99
WATTZ, MARGUERITE J.            INSTRUCTOR                                               8023.74
WATTZ, MARGUERITE J.            PROFESSOR                                               55020.06
WATTSZ, ALAN CHARLES            INSTRUCTOR                                                 15073
WATTSZ, ALAN CHARLES            PROFESSOR                                                    100
WATTSZ, BRIANA                  RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
WATTSZ, WILMA J.                MGR APPLICATION SYSTEMS                                 82977.12
WAUGHZ, DENNIS KEITH            PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          49827.92
WAYNEZ, KATHRYN ROSS            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     69697.08
WEATHERSZ, MARK ALAN            GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                               820.02
WEAVERZ, LANE A                 FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEER                                77953.44
WEBBZ, SHEILA M                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49791.96
WEBBZ, SHEILA M                 INSTRUCTOR                                              13494.45
WEBBZ, SHEILA M                 LECTURER                                                  385.31
WEBBZ, SHEILA M                 SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   2161.23
WEBSTERZ, JEAN                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      10928.86
WEDDLEZ, JORDON ELLIOT          CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3947.04
WEEDZ, LISA                     ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER A                                   48168
WEEKSZ, DANIEL HARRY            GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                              26007.8
WEEKSZ, JENNIFER KARIN          AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              5247.66
WEEKSZ, JENNIFER KARIN          INSTRUCTOR                                                4316.4
WEINBERGZ, STEVEN PETER         MGR APPLICATION SYSTEMS                                 80338.08
WEIRZ, SARA J                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67119.79
WEIRZ, SARA J                   EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                5000
WEIRZ, SARA J                   INSTRUCTOR                                               9229.19
WEIRZ, SARA J                   PROFESSOR                                                   6160
WEIRZ, SARA J                   SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                   5760.31
WEISERZ, CHERYN L               INSTRUCTOR                                               9500.06
WEISHAUPTZ, MELITA LOUISE       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              328.46
WEISSZ, DAVID J.                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           65374.15
WEISSZ, GAIL SANDRA             INSTRUCTOR                                                  3600
WEISSZ, GAIL SANDRA             LECTURER                                                    1100
WEISSZ, JEFF PETER              INSTRUCTOR                                                  7588
WELDZ, KATHRYN MARIE            AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                             11668.58
WELDZ, KATHRYN MARIE            INSTRUCTOR                                                7625.6
WELLINGZ, MICHAEL SCOTT         INSTRUCTOR                                                 339.4
WELSHZ, SHANNI                  RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                             5454.6
WENGERZ, SCOTT DANIEL           INSTRUCTOR                                               2891.65
WERDERZ, CARMEN M.              DIR TLA/WRITING INST SUPPORT                            61146.86
WERDERZ, CARMEN M.              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                1000
WESTHOFFZ, KAMI DAWN MARIE      INSTRUCTOR                                              29780.05
WESTONZ, JANE E                 INSTRUCTOR                                               7533.37
WESTONZ, MICHELLE LYNNE         LIBRARY/ARCHIVES PARAPROFESS 2                             33998
WETZELZ, ELIZABETH S.           INSTRUCTOR                                               2959.36
WETZELZ, ELIZABETH S.           LECTURER                                                   337.5
WEYMILLERZ, KATHRYN F. K.       INSTRUCTOR                                                  2325
WHALLEYZ, PAMELA S              DIR ECONOMICS EDUCATION CENTER                          41044.26
WHALLEYZ, PAMELA S              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               10000
WHALLEYZ, PAMELA S              INSTRUCTOR                                                  6000
WHALLEYZ, PAMELA S              LECTURER                                                 9317.52
WHEELERZ, ALLEN JOSEPH          STATIONARY ENGINEER 4                                   61810.59
WHITAKERZ, ERIC A               INSTRUCTOR                                               8040.04
WHITAKERZ, HEATHER              EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             1667.25
WHITCOMBZ, DENNIS PORTER        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     49611.96
WHITCOMBZ, DENNIS PORTER        INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
WHITCOMBZ, DENNIS PORTER        LECTURER                                                     250
WHITEZ, COURTNEY L.             CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             3010.51
WHITEZ, DONALD R                CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COORD 3                               80892
WHITEZ, JUDITH M                INSTRUCTOR                                               3166.65
WHITEZ, JUDITH M                RESIDENT DIR                                            22091.66
WHITEZ, MICHAEL HUGH            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
WHITEWINGZ, ANDREA DIONNE       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      5424.19
WHITINGZ, CHERYL ANN            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              572.99
WHITINGZ, CHERYL ANN            OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                   26800.25
WHITLOCKZ, MARC IVAN            INSTRUCTOR                                                  7050
WHITMANZ, JILL STROMING         INSTRUCTOR                                               2288.44
WHITNEYZ, KENDALL ABBOTT        INSTRUCTOR                                              15833.33
WHITNEYZ, KENDALL ABBOTT        PROFESSOR                                                4000.02
WHITWORTHZ, DANIELLE            PRINTER-LITHOGRAPHER                                     44348.2
WIDMANZ, MICHELLE MARIE         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             7375.23
WIDRIGZ, JUDITH L               AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                              9744.13
WIDRIGZ, JUDITH L               INSTRUCTOR                                              22091.65
WIEDERSPOHNZ, KARL DAVID        INSTRUCTOR                                              15033.08
WIEDERSPOHNZ, KARL DAVID        PROFESSOR                                                    100
WIESEZ, JOHN C                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     21777.77
WIGGINZ, MONICA JANE            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                4830
WILBURNZ, JAN RONELL            CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                            11236.94
WILCOXZ, SANDRA P M             INTERNAL CONTROL OFFICER                                 45691.3
WILCOXZ, SANDRA P M             SPEC ASST DIR FINANCIAL SVCS                              4292.6
WILEYZ, ELIZABETH ELLEN         EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                            17431.25
WILEYZ, NATHAN DOUGLAS          EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              999.99
WILGRESSZ, RENEE PATRICIA       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                              2593.5
WILHELMZ, WENDY BRYCE           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     99057.15
WILHELMZ, WENDY BRYCE           INSTRUCTOR                                               3166.66
WILKINSZ, AIDRIEN JERROLD       AFFILIATED TEACHING FACULTY                                 3960
WILKINSZ, AIDRIEN JERROLD       INSTRUCTOR                                                  4220
WILKINSONZ, FRASER SCOTT        INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 4                           44796.54
WILKINSONZ, WESLEY J.           PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER/STEAMFITTER                          49264.85
WILLETTZ, DAVID A               MGR PROJECT                                             86823.12
WILLETTZ, PAMELA A              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              333.06
WILLIAMSZ, J. SCOTT             MGR OPERATING SYSTEMS                                   73534.08
WILLIAMSZ, MARLI BETH           ACADEMIC SUPPORT COORDINATOR                             8233.35
WILLIAMSZ, MARLI BETH           EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                 915
WILLIAMSZ, MICHAEL PATRICK      INSTRUCTOR                                               7100.08
WILLIAMSZ, MISTI DONATA         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
WILLIAMSZ, TERRELL G            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                               60000
WILLIAMSZ, ZACHARY GRAHAM       CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             7076.81
WILLISZ, KATHERINE BETH         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             1321.97
WILLISZ, KURT A.                ASSOC DIR UNIV RES BUS INF SYS                          74056.08
WILLSZ, JOHN G                  INSTRUCTOR                                               25681.6
WILLSONZ, BRAYDE KAY            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                4410
WILSONZ, LAUREL ANN             CONTRACTS ASSISTANT                                     12206.02
WILSONZ, MELISSA NOELLE         CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             2138.93
WILSONZ, SARA JENNIFER          SPEC ASST VPSA                                          67745.76
WILTZZ, MARILYN M               INSTRUCTOR                                              18805.75
WILTZZ, MARILYN M               PROFESSOR                                                    100
WINGERTZ, EUNICE LAURENE        CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             5126.36
WINSLOWZ, JEFFREY CHARLES       FACILITIES PLANNER 1                                    64333.02
WINTERZ, TAYA RAE               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                              64740
WISEZ, CHRISTOPHER              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71787.06
WISEZ, CHRISTOPHER              INSTRUCTOR                                                7477.8
WOEHRLINZ, PATRICIA             EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             1113.68
WOEHRLINZ, PATRICIA             SR DIR ADVANCEMENT SERVICES                             95118.81
WOEHRLINZ, PATRICIA             WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            193.04
WOELKERSZ, JEANNINE LOUISE      OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      34367.02
WOLFZ, CRISTINA NAH MEE LEE     EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             18867.5
WOLFZ, STANLEY MARK             FAC OPERATIONS MAINT SPEC                               52804.37
WOLFZ, TRINA MARIE              CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             7642.61
WOLFZ, TRINA MARIE              DIGITAL PRINTING OPERATOR                               19835.86
WOLFEZ, REBECCA J               INSTRUCTOR                                                2762.5
WOLFE-LEEZ, CHYERL GAYE         DIR HUMAN RESOURCES                                    106585.84
WOLFE-LEEZ, CHYERL GAYE         EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1432.2
WOLFE-LEEZ, CHYERL GAYE         WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            286.44
WOLLZ, JOHN                     INSTRUCTOR                                                   750
WOLPOWZ, RAYMOND L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71641.98
WOLPOWZ, RAYMOND L              INSTRUCTOR                                                  1000
WOLPOWZ, RAYMOND L              LECTURER                                                    1250
WOLPOWZ, RAYMOND L              PROFESSOR                                                   3080
WONDERZ, BRUCE D                INSTRUCTOR                                              24500.04
WONDERZ, BRUCE D                LECTURER                                                     250
WONDERZ, NICHOLAS XERXES        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        96282
WONDERZ, NICHOLAS XERXES        INSTRUCTOR                                                8023.5
WONDERZ, NICHOLAS XERXES        LECTURER                                                    1785
WONGZ, ALVINA                   RETENTION PROJECT COORDINATOR                            4681.86
WOODZ, CRAIG N                  PRINTER-LITHOGRAPHER                                     49251.4
WOODSZ, JARED MATTHEW           EMERGENCY MGMT PROGRAM SPEC 2                           31940.85
WOODSZ, STEVEN GENE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55020.06
WOODSZ, STEVEN GENE             INSTRUCTOR                                               9170.01
WORTHENZ, VALERIE KENDRICK      SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                       41508
WRIGHTZ, DIANA ELIZABETH        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56671.02
WRIGHTZ, ELIZABETH M            INSTRUCTOR                                               4145.01
WUZ, SUZANNE PFEIFFER           CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                              576.66
WYNNZ, DONALD T                 DIR FACILITIES MANAGEMENT                              115255.92
WYNNZ, DONALD T                 EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                              1113.6
WYNNZ, DONALD T                 WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                            222.72
WYSOCKIZ, IRENE KATHERINE       EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                6965
XINGZ, JANET ZHIQUN             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     38407.16
XINGZ, JANET ZHIQUN             PROFESSOR                                               25996.46
YACKLEYZ, KAREN LEIGH           FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR                                 36039.12
YAEGERZ, KARL WILLIAM           ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                       16200
YAKEZ, ANNE MARIE               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 2                           60707.47
YANGZ, ELLEN C                  FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        12252
YANGZ, HO-CHIN                  INSTRUCTOR                                              18259.34
YANGZ, LILLY                    INSTRUCTOR                                               3986.63
YANKEZ, DARYL L                 CLASSIFIED STAFF TEMP HOURLY                             6390.63
YANKEZ, HOWARD JAY              CUSTODIAN 1                                             31136.48
YATESZ, JAMES P                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
YEAGERZ, LAURIE KATT            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC 3                           64290.42
YEASTINGZ, JEANNE ELLEN         INSTRUCTOR                                              39388.37
YEEZ, PERRY ALAN                EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                             4618.75
YIP-HOIZ, DEREK                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     58370.94
YIP-HOIZ, DEREK                 INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
YOUNGZ, DEBRA J                 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      22012.43
YOUNGZ, JEFFERY C.              PROFESSOR                                               61543.42
YOUNGZ, KATHLEEN ANN            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     63581.12
YOUNGZ, KATHLEEN ANN            INSTRUCTOR                                               6546.66
YOUNGZ, KATHLEEN ANN            LECTURER                                                     500
YOUSSEFZ, EYAD MOHAMED          INSTRUCTOR                                                 18000
YOUTSEYZ, CHRISTINE ANNE        OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      31030.53
YPMAZ, TJALLING JOHANNES        INSTRUCTOR                                              22736.15
YPMAZ, TJALLING JOHANNES        LECTURER                                                    1887
YPMAZ, TJALLING JOHANNES        PROFESSOR                                                  93278
YUZ, NING                       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        63783
YULESZ, TASHA                   ASST DIR RESIDENCE LIFE                                 21103.88
YUNKERZ, SUSANNA B              ASST VP SA AND REGISTRAR                               111568.08
YUNKERZ, SUSANNA B              EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                                 668
YUNKERZ, SUSANNA B              WIRELESS SERVICE COMMUNICATION                             133.6
YUSAZ, MICHIKO                  PROFESSOR                                               73942.02
ZAFERATOSZ, NICHOLAS C          PROFESSOR                                               63581.12
ZAFERATOSZ, NICHOLAS C          SUMMER SESSION FACULTY                                  14401.26
ZANDERZ, TRAYCE LYNNE           LECTURER                                                  900.12
ZANOTTOZ, ANTON LUIGI           RESIDENT DIR                                            20222.74
ZARZYCKIZ, MARK JOHN            EXEMPT PROF HOURLY TEMPORARY                                8425
ZAVISZ, CATHY JO                INSTRUCTOR                                               3567.99
ZAVISLAKZ, KAY M                INSTRUCTOR                                                  9800
ZEEZ, STEPHANIE MARIE           RESIDENT DIR                                            34808.41
ZEINEZ, LINA                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69553.98
ZEINEZ, LINA                    INSTRUCTOR                                              14490.42
ZENDERZ, ASHLEY RENEE           RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                         36069
ZERETZKEZ, HEIDI JANE           GROUNDS/NURSERY SERV SPEC 2                             32135.78
ZHANGZ, JIANNA JIAN             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     86717.79
ZHANGZ, JIANYING                INSTRUCTOR                                               9445.17
ZHANGZ, JIANYING                PROFESSOR                                               56671.02
ZHANGZ, MINGSHENG               DIR INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH                                 65625
ZHANGZ, ZHE GEORGE              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     100927.6
ZHANGZ, ZHE GEORGE              INSTRUCTOR                                                  2000
ZHUZ, XIAOZHOU                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     88610.94
ZHUZ, XIAOZHOU                  INSTRUCTOR                                                  5000
ZIMBELMANZ, DALE A.             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48889.6
ZOLLWEGZ, NORA LOUISE           INSTRUCTOR                                               3319.98
ZOROZ, EUGENE S.                PROFESSOR                                               82002.06
ZUREKZ, ERICA MARIE             RISK REDUCTION SKILLS TRN SPEC                          30819.98
ZUZARTEZ, JOHN BOSCO            EXEMPT PROF SALARY TEMPORARY                             27824.4
ZUZARTEZ, JOHN BOSCO            PROGRAM MANAGER B                                       35781.34
ZUZARTEZ, LISA V                PROGRAM MANAGER A                                        55545.6
ZYLSTRAZ, JOHN DOUGLAS          INSTRUCT/CLSRM SUPPORT TECH 2                           38437.95

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