This is a list of the 2003 City of Bellingham employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 67,171) (1,124 employees)

The City of Bellingham had a population of 73,460 in 2006 and encompasses 27.6 square miles in Whatcom County. The City is administered by a mayor-council form of government with seven elected Council Members and an independently elected Mayor. The Municipal Court Judge and Finance Director are also elected. More than 860 employees provide an array of services for the City including water, sewer, police, Municipal Court, fire, emergency medical, parks and recreation, library, museum, cemetery, golf course, public improvements, planning and economic development. The City contracts out solid waste collection and disposal. In 2006 the City had an operating budget of $57,600,000.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2003 City of Bellingham List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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Here's the freedom of information e-mail I sent to the City of Bellingham at
From: louis bloom
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 11:57 AM
Subject: Public Disclosure Request
Dear Adelle Ringus,

Pursuant to the state open records law, Wash. Rev. Code Ann. sec. 42.17.010 to 42.17.350, I write to request access to and a copy of the names, job titles, and salaries of the employees of the City of Bellingham.

If another office maintains these public records, could you forward this request to them, or let me know their name and address so I can mail them this request.

I have a website that lists the names, job titles, and salaries of all Washington State employees and I am adding the names, job titles, and salaries of Washington State local government employees.

Many government agencies were able to e-mail me their salaries, job titles, and employees list in a microsoft excel format, or send me a cd-rom in excel format.

If you are able to e-mail me or send a cd-rom list of the employees, job titles, and salaries, that would be easy for both of us. My e-mail address is

I agree to pay any reasonable copying and postage fees of not more than $20. So far, most local government entities with less than 400 employees haven't charged me anything, although they can charge me 15 cents per copy page, plus postage.

As provided by the open records law, I will expect your response within five (5) business days.

If you choose to deny this request, please provide a written explanation for the denial including a reference to the specific statutory exemption(s) upon which you rely.

Thank you for your assistance.


Louis Bloom
1498 S. West Camano Drive
Camano Island, Washington
phone: 1-360-387-9682

Here's the response letter the City of Bellingham sent me.

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A freedom of information letter template is at
Washington State newspapers have detailed information about access to public records at
Here's information on Washington State websites about counties, ports, school districts, cities, ect...
In Nov 2002, the Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
e-mail--- welcome