This is a list of the 2005 City of Bellevue employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 109,569)(1,679 employees)

The City of Bellevue was incorporated in 1953. It is the fifth largest city in the state of Washington with a population of approximately 120,000 residents. The City is located east of Lake Washington and west of Lake Sammamish. The City operates under a council-manager form of government, with seven elected Council Members, one of whom is selected by the Council to serve as Mayor for a two-year term. The City adopts a two-year budget. The 2005-06 budgeted expenditures were approximately $1,035 million. The City employs approximately 1,500 people and provides services including police and fire protection, water/sewer/storm utilities, community and economic development and transportation and public works. The City also provides parks and recreation including two golf courses, an aquatic center, tennis center, botanical gardens, marina, senior and youth and community centers, as well as performing arts theaters. The City created the Bellevue Convention Center Authority in December 1989. The purpose of the Authority is to develop, promote and operate a convention center. Upon issuance of Special Obligation Revenue Bonds in 1991, the Authority constructed the convention center known as Meydenbauer Center, which opened for business on September 13, 1993.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2005 City of Bellevue List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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Here's a link to the 2002 City of Bellevue employees list. (1,695 employees)
Here's a link to the 2007 City of Bellevue employees list. (2,043 employees)

NAME                         Job Title                  Hourly PayClass
Aasland, Brian S             Bus Proc Analyst            24.133Salaried
Accetturo, Gina G            Cust Svc Rep                21.404Salaried
Acker, Daniel J              Contract Adminstr             33.3Salaried
Adams, Leah D                Dispatcher-SD               21.312Salaried
Adams, Tim A                 Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Adamson, Kate A              Cust Svc Rep                16.231Salaried
Adell, Dana M                Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
Adelson, Russell J           Skilled Worker              18.283Salaried
Adkins, Brad J               Struct Maint Spec II        20.325Salaried
Adolfson, Andrew L           Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Aguilar, Mark A              Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Aiken, Martha Kyle           Consltg Attorney            49.177Salaried
Al-Anzi, Fhatyha H M         Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Al-Anzi, Hamad M             Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Alexander, Di A              Dispatcher                  20.608Salaried
Alfonso, Maritza             Elec Home Detn Coord        28.835Salaried
Alfred, Monica J             Admin Asst                  20.758Salaried
Alina, Patrick R S           Rec Prog Coord              27.666Salaried
Allen, Keith L               Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Alpern, Daniel R             Rec Asst III                  15.5Hourly
Altenburg, Dwight B          Fire Inspctr                32.146Salaried
Aly, Nicole R                Rec Asst II                     12Hourly
An, David S                  Rec Asst II                  10.85Hourly
Andersen, Marylou            Hear Exam Offc Admin        31.685Salaried
Anderson, Annika C           Rec Asst II                    9.6Hourly
Anderson, Christy R          Prog Administr              30.646Salaried
Anderson, Donna S            Sr Financial Analyst        33.196Salaried
Anderson, Gretchen           Cust Svc Rep                22.396Salaried
Anderson, Jeannie L          Rec Prog Coord               24.11Salaried
Anderson, Joshua R           Rec Asst II                  10.35Hourly
Anderson, Loren M            Sr Office Asst              22.402Salaried
Anderson, Mark H             Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Anderson, Mark S             Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Anderson, Ryan D             Park Patrol Offcr               11Hourly
Andich paul, Gail R          Rec Asst II                     12Hourly
Andrews, Elizabeth J         Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Andruss, Timothy Y           Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Angeles, Brysen J            Rec Asst II                  10.85Hourly
Ansell, Bruce A              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Anyimah, Daniel              Rec Asst II                  10.85Hourly
Arcega, Celso L              Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Arciga Nava, Ricardo         Maint Aide                      13Hourly
Armstrong, Daniel L          Prop Evidence Clk           22.477Salaried
Armstrong, Paul A            Skilled Worker              18.283Salaried
Armstrong, Ryan A            Firefighter                 20.306Salaried
Armstrong, Scott W           Aquatics Prog Coord          28.69Salaried
Arpin, Arthur E              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Arpin, Patrick C             Police Lieutenant           31.892Salaried
Artison, Tameka D            Admin Asst                  19.771Salaried
Asaba, Nelson T              Rec Asst II                   7.85Hourly
Asheim, David W              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Ast, Philip B                Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Augustin, Gerson R           Rec Asst II                     12Hourly
Avara, Marie T               Sr Acctg Assoc               20.51Salaried
Ayers, Bradley A             Util Rev Prof                 33.3Salaried
Ayii, Abraham N              Maint Aide                   11.45Hourly
Aylen, Michael J             Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Aylen, William C             Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Babcock, Kyle R              Meter Reader                16.587Salaried
Babst III, James T           Inspector                   26.302Salaried
Bachmeier, Patrick R         Rec Prog Aide                 13.5Hourly
Backman, John J              Regional IT Proj Mgr        46.523Salaried
Bader, Paul M                Exec Asst, Council           28.39Salaried
Bagcal, Marilour L           Erp Proj Analyst            32.452Salaried
Bagdaserian, Genevieve       Sr Office Asst                18.2Hourly
Bailey, Kenneth S            Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Bailey, Richard Ivan Josef   Lead Worker                 20.221Salaried
Baker, Bruce S               Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Baker, Cherie L              Police Captain              43.119Salaried
Baker, Johnny C              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Baker, Thomas J              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Baldoceda, Jose              Rec Asst II                   9.58Hourly
Balducci, Claudia M          Council Member               9.519Salaried
Baldwin, Brian L             Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Baldwin, David C             Sr Budgt Analyst            24.935Salaried
Ban, Kheang                  Web Developer               44.838Salaried
Barcello, Hunter A           Mapping Specialist           17.91Hourly
Barello, Kathleen E          Rec Asst I                     7.5Hourly
Barickman, Alexander J       Student Int I                  9.5Hourly
Barker, Kathy E              Emerg Prep Coord            31.685Salaried
Barlow, Glen D               Sr Eng Tech                  32.85Salaried
Baroh, Joseph N              Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Barrett, Victoria L          Sr Office Asst              22.393Salaried
Barrett, Virginia R          Cust Svc Supv               31.044Salaried
Barron, Melissa A            Rec Asst II                  10.02Hourly
Barry, Dennis E              Code Comp Offcr               33.3Salaried
Barsness, Jonathan A         Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Bartelmes, Paul F            Utilities Supt               32.81Salaried
Bartlett, Shannan J          Surveyor I                  25.979Salaried
Basich, Myrna L              Asst City Mgr, A & CS       54.681Salaried
Baskin, Katherine L          Comm Supv                    34.99Salaried
Battersby, Toni S            Bus Sys Analyst              40.16Salaried
Batts, John R                Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Bauman, Barbara A            Rec Asst II                  10.35Hourly
Baxter, John S               Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Bayes, Darryl E              Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Bean, Gregory S              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Bean, Leah E                 Admin Svcs Supv             30.975Salaried
Beauclair, Carla K           Finc Div Asst Mgr           34.904Salaried
Beauclair, Doran F           Wrkg Crew Chief             35.129Salaried
Beazer, Alex P               Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Bechtold, Babette Z          Sr Office Asst               19.16Hourly
Beck Jr, James E             Rec Asst II                     12Hourly
Beck, Craig A                Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Beck, Douglas                Struct Plans Examiner       36.837Salaried
Becker, Kristin D            Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Becker, Teresa L             Sr Constr Proj Insp           33.3Salaried
Becklund, Kimberly A         Trans Policy Advsr          47.083Salaried
Bednar, Peter                Ops Supv                    30.156Salaried
Bedwell, Heidi M             Assoc Land Use Prof         30.813Salaried
Behar, Christina M           Admin Asst                  19.771Salaried
Behrenhoff, Audrey M         Rec Asst II                    9.5Hourly
Behrman, Matthew E           Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Behse, Carolyn C             Rec Asst III                 17.54Hourly
Bender, Stephen P            Systems Analyst             34.869Salaried
Bengry, Charles R            Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Benn, Jennifer S             Grants Admin                29.106Salaried
Bennett, Alison T            Utils Policy Advsr          44.019Salaried
Bennett, Bradley S           Comnty Svcs Supv            31.425Salaried
Bennett, James N             Sr Eng Tech                 30.127Salaried
Bentosino, Jason J           Finc Div Asst Mgr           32.273Salaried
Benzikry, Aviad M            Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Berens, Mary Kate            Consltg Attorney            49.425Salaried
Berg, David B                Asst Dir, Trans             52.044Salaried
Berg, Marianne A             Eng Tech                     28.69Salaried
Berg, Marie Tresa            Dept Pub Info Off           36.767Salaried
Bergam, Kjirsti Liv          Dispatcher (1040)            21.33Hourly
Berger, Daniel W             Skilled Worker              21.162Salaried
Bergeron, Demitri S          Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Bergeron, Wayne L            Office Asst                 16.638Salaried
Bergstrom, Robert E          Sr Eng, Util                35.769Salaried
Berman, Richard M            Fleet & Comm Mgr            44.838Salaried
Bess, Shirley A              Rec Asst II                  10.35Hourly
Besse, Diana D               Dispatcher-SD               23.417Salaried
Beste Jr, David R            Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Bestvina, Bodarc             Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Bethel, Greg A               Mechanical Svcs Tech         24.56Salaried
Bharucha, Arnaz J            Finc Div Mgr                42.143Salaried
Bigby, Max                   Assoc Planner                31.46Salaried
Biggs, Daniel E              Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Binder, Elizabeth C          Acctg Assoc                  19.24Hourly
Birdsell, Sharon L           Records Info Spec           20.798Salaried
Bishop, Gregory T            Bus Proc Analyst            31.662Salaried
Bixler, Laurie J             Admin Asst                  25.979Salaried
Bjurstrom, Lauren M          Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Blackburn, Sean M            Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Blahut, Elizabeth D          Student Int II               11.48Hourly
Blake, Alison C              Student Int II                11.5Hourly
Blane, Peter                 Utilities Supt               34.99Salaried
Blaylock, Michael G J        Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Blechen, Laura A             Contract Adminstr           33.248Salaried
Blessington, Mark W          Surveyor II                 30.162Salaried
Blood, Cheri L               Financial Analyst            35.96Salaried
Boggs, Danelle E             Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Bolanos, Charles E           Office Asst                 18.681Salaried
Bonfiglio, Chris J           Student Int II               11.48Hourly
Bonner, Robert G             Eng Tech                     24.74Hourly
Booth, Alfred E              Combo Inspector             31.921Salaried
Borjeson, Jan A              Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Bornstine, Joanne N          Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Borsheim, Jeffrey A          Police Officer              25.419Salaried
Borst, Douglas S             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Boschee, Dave                Office Asst                  16.85Hourly
Bosseler, John D             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Boswell, Julia I             Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Bothwell, Brandon J          Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Botkins, Katherine L         Sr Office Asst               19.22Hourly
Bourgette, Stephen M         Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Bourque, Victor S            Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Bowers, Michael T            Struct Maint Spec II        20.325Salaried
Bowman, Michelle L           Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Bracco Jr, Robert P          Student Int II               15.82Hourly
Bradley, Benjamin R          Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Bradley, Geoffrey M          Comnty Svcs Supv            34.367Salaried
Brashem, Kevin M             Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Braun, John D                Acctg Assoc                 21.837Salaried
Bredl, Ronald Edwin          Telemetry Tech                33.3Salaried
Brenden, Melvin T            Systems Analyst              34.91Salaried
Brennan, Deborah Ione        Police Records Supv         31.673Salaried
Brennan, Douglas D           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Brennan, Michael A           Dep Dir, Dvlpmnt Svcs       54.681Salaried
Brittingham, Shelley J       Prog Mgr                    33.317Salaried
Brodine, Allison R           Fiscal Mgr                  37.627Salaried
Bronson, Colleen Beth        Accounting Supv             30.421Salaried
Bronson, Dennis L            Police Captain              41.065Salaried
Brooke, C Dean               Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Brookes, Christopher Js      Sr Constr Proj Insp           33.3Salaried
Brooks, Robert G             Sr Budgt Analyst            31.783Salaried
Brown, Aaron E               Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Brown, Chad R                Skilled Worker              20.146Salaried
Brown, Chevonne L            Office Asst                     15Hourly
Brown, Clayton N             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Brown, Lisa Marie            Procurmnt Spec              28.673Salaried
Brown, Mark M                Park Patrol Offcr            10.91Hourly
Brown, Shelly A              Sr Admin Asst               21.837Salaried
Bruce, Sarah V               Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Bruns, Alicia M              Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Bryant, William G            Police Captain              43.119Salaried
Bryson, Kevin G              Geofile Tech                29.446Salaried
Bryson, Michael G            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Bryson, Pamela A             Dispatcher-CTO+             25.627Salaried
Buckingham-Lofink, Julie L   Dispatcher                  23.862Salaried
Bue, Danielle D              Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Burbridge, Michael R         Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Burgess, Kathleen E          Planning Mgr                42.283Salaried
Burgess, Patricia Anne       Prog Administr                33.3Salaried
Burgess, Scott R             Technical Spec              27.808Salaried
Burke, Danielle J            Rec Asst II                   7.85Hourly
Burke, Richard L             Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Burns, Paula M               Dispatcher-SD               21.312Salaried
Burns, Tobias J              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Burritt, Scott A             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Burt, Max L                  Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Burton, Fernando L           Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Burton, Michele A            Rec Asst III                  13.7Hourly
Burwell, John H              Prog Mgr                    38.567Salaried
Bush, Charles P              Intgvmtl Mgmt Anlst         34.067Salaried
Butler Jr, Eldon Lee         Bus Sys Analyst             35.825Salaried
Butterfield, Barbara H       Office Clerk                 10.37Hourly
Byers, Julie A               Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Bylkas, David L              Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Byrd, Jeffrey L              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Byrne, Mary Patricia         Prog Administr                33.3Salaried
Cahoon, Russel C             Combo Inspector             30.375Salaried
Calabro, Nicholas P          Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Caligiuri, Traci L           Dispatcher-SD                24.56Salaried
Call, Lynn I                 Survey Mgr                  42.675Salaried
Callahan, Sean P             Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Campbell, Bernard            Prop Evidence Supv           31.39Salaried
Campbell-Rekaby, Michelle D  Admin Asst                   24.41Salaried
Caney, Russell H             Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Canzoneri, Diana E           Asst Planner                 28.69Salaried
Cap, Carol M                 Eng, Utilities               34.99Salaried
Carlson, Angela N            Buyer                       21.831Salaried
Carlson, Dennis A            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Carlson, Diane M             Intergov Rels Dir           46.962Salaried
Carrethers, Theola           Admin Asst                  25.979Salaried
Carrithers, Marilyn A        Pol Rec Supv/Tech           30.167Salaried
Carter, Kenneth C            Park Patrol Offcr            12.27Hourly
Carufel, Michelle M          Rec Prog Aide               14.654Salaried
Caruso, Michael M            Meter Reader                16.587Salaried
Carver, Richard B            Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Casault, Kevin N             Web Developer               39.519Salaried
Caseman, Lynn A              Prof Land Surveyor           36.77Hourly
Casey, John D                Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Casey, Scott E               Maint Aide                   13.33Hourly
Castle, Celia                Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Cate, Michael H              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Catlin, Richard L            Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Cezar, Antonio E             Eng Mgr, Trans              49.517Salaried
Chadwick, David A            Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Chambers, Sonoko             Admin Asst                  20.604Salaried
Chang, Calvin                Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Chang, Jonathan S            Rec Asst II                   7.85Hourly
Chang, Ruen-Wen              Struct Plans Examiner       38.706Salaried
Chapman, Jonathan J          Tennis Ctr Coord            24.052Salaried
Charbonneau, Chad E          Skilled Worker              18.283Salaried
Chaus, Ruth A                Maint Aide                   11.75Hourly
Chavez, Carmelita S          Sr Acctg Assoc              24.721Salaried
Chavez, Hector A             Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Cheatham, Shirley            Rec Asst I                    7.62Hourly
Chelminiak, John L           Council Member               9.519Salaried
Chen, Allen P                Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Chermeshnyuk, Irina          Sr Office Asst               17.88Hourly
Chesterman, Robert R         Maint Aide II                17.34Hourly
Chevaosot, Supinya           Acctg Asst                  14.983Salaried
Chiang, Ya-Yun               Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Childers, Debra B            Sr Financial Analyst          33.3Salaried
Childers, Jacob A            Police Officer              20.925Salaried
Ching, Melissa A             Dispatcher                  16.956Salaried
Chinn, Richard Y             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Chinn, Thurman J             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Chisholm, Stephen S          Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Chiu, Michael C m            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Cho, Sung K                  Rec Asst II                  10.02Hourly
Chong, Theresa               Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Christensen, Jean R          Admin Asst                  21.277Salaried
Christensen, Jessica R.      Rec Info Spec-SD            21.502Salaried
Christensen, Richard M       Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Christians, Steven M         Custodian                   12.998Salaried
Christiansen, Jeffry K       Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Christie, David J            Sr Office Asst               16.23Hourly
Christman, Chloe K           Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Christoff, Heather B         Rec Asst II                  10.02Hourly
Cieri, David J               Captl Proj Mgr              44.838Salaried
Clark, Curtis L              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Clark, Judith A              Trans Analyst               31.656Salaried
Clayton, Cherie A            Prog Mgr                    38.642Salaried
Clesson, Gary E              Info Tech Mgr               52.044Salaried
Clifford, Gregory M          Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Clifton, Gerald W            Rec Asst III                  14.6Hourly
Cline, Cathy J               Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
Cloud, Carl W                Rec Asst II                   7.85Hourly
Coady, Blake K               Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Coates, Curtis W             Systems Analyst             30.133Salaried
Cobb, Steven C               Maint Worker                16.587Salaried
Cohen, Jedekiah M            Maint Worker                16.587Salaried
Cohn, Steven M               Assoc Planner               33.299Salaried
Colbeck, D Cyril             Signal Rep Spec             22.933Salaried
Cole, Arthur B               Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Cole, Patrice C              Sr Attorney                 42.819Salaried
Cole, Vanessa C              Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Coleman, Michelle S          Rec Asst II                  10.85Hourly
Collin, Jeffrey W            Prof Land Surveyor          36.767Salaried
Collins, Jamie Jm            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Collop, Keith                Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Comerford, Scott M           Electronics Tech            28.327Salaried
Conlen, Zorba                Sr GIS Analyst              30.081Salaried
Conn, Patrick L              Risk Mgmnt Spec               33.3Salaried
Connors, Judy                Permit Procsng Tech         24.721Salaried
Conway, Thomas A             Sr Constr Proj Insp         25.627Salaried
Cook, Gary A                 Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Cook, Rhonda J               Rec Asst II                   8.58Hourly
Cooley, Christine M          Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Copeland Jr, Clarence        Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Copland, Christopher R       Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Corey, Bryce W               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Cornmesser, Tyler J          Police Officer              27.202Salaried
Costa, Steve C               Sr Eng, Trans               33.987Salaried
Countryman, Katherine A      Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Covay, Susan M               Sr Admin Asst               25.367Salaried
Cowdrey, Bree Anna           Dispatcher                   17.81Salaried
Cowdrey, Donald G            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Cox, Heidi Sue               Rec Asst III                    16Hourly
Cox, Michael T               Wrkg Crew Chief             35.129Salaried
Craig, Paul F                Struct Maint Spec II        25.552Salaried
Cramer, Toni L               Chief Info Offcr            64.281Salaried
Crawford, Sheri A            Plans Examiner              27.513Salaried
Creller, Jessica L           Rec Asst II                     15Hourly
Crosby, Michael J            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Cross Jr, William M          Sr Constr Proj Insp         32.498Salaried
Crozier, Deanna M            Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Crueger, Robert K            Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Cruse, James                 Ops Supv                      33.3Salaried
Cruz, Michael L              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Cruz, Renato G               Surveyor II                 28.356Salaried
Cueva, Ricardo A             Rec Asst II                  10.02Hourly
Cummings, Chad               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Cunningham, Isaac J          Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Cunningham, Julie M          Rec Asst II                   8.25Hourly
Curtis, Shawn D              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Curtright, Tyler T           Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Cykler, John F               Park Patrol Offcr               13Hourly
Daggett, Brian R             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Dahlberg, Paul H             Maint Aide                      12Hourly
Daily, Michael P             Fire Batt Chief             38.392Salaried
Dalire, Norm A               Rec Prog Coord              24.107Salaried
D'Ambrosio, Dominick A       Skilled Worker              21.162Salaried
Dang, Viet Q                 Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Danielson, Michael E         Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Dasilva, Joe M               Sr Constr Proj Insp         28.719Salaried
David, Jill P                Retiremnt Svcs Mgr          44.838Salaried
Davidson, Donald S           Council Member               9.519Salaried
Davila, Gail M               Sr HR Analyst               30.992Salaried
Davis, Tom H                 Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Davison, Paul L              Admin Fire Lieutenant        40.09Salaried
Dayton-Celt, Mei             Sr Office Asst               16.23Hourly
Deal, Corinne L              Lead Record Info Spec         23.4Salaried
Deaner, Jason                Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Deffenbaugh, David G         Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Degginger, Grant S.          Council Member               9.519Salaried
Degroen, Larry               Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Dejbani, Rezvaniye           Rec Asst II                   9.82Hourly
D'Elia, William              Sr Acctg Assoc               20.06Salaried
Dempsey, Frank K             Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Denham, Iain M               Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Dennis, Nina L               Sr Budgt Analyst              33.3Salaried
Densley, Ruth A              Admin Asst                  19.725Salaried
Dentz, Robert J              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Devereaux, Laurie A          Prog Administr              27.265Salaried
Devore, David B              Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Dewald, Dan L                Natrl Resrce Mgr            42.675Salaried
Dewey, Mark B                Util Rev Prof               29.354Salaried
Dickerboom, Todd E           Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Dickey, Nathan D             Skilled Worker              18.283Salaried
Dickinson, Timothy L         Lead Worker                 21.162Salaried
Dickson, Dave                Technical Spec              26.948Salaried
Diessner, Damon              Asst Dir, Utilities         52.044Salaried
Dietz, Susan M               Sr Financial Analyst        34.229Salaried
Difloe, Eric A               Custodian                   17.094Salaried
Dilley, Jennifer L           Sr Financial Analyst        27.871Salaried
Dillon, Carter R             Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Dillon, Paula J              Financial Analyst           30.098Salaried
Dindio, Suzanne              Admin Asst                  24.973Salaried
Dixon, Marcel L              Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
Dixon, Thomas E              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Dobsa, Clifford E            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Dodson, Anthony R            Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Doherty, Mark M              Contract Adminstr           32.037Salaried
Dolleman, Richard L          Inventory Spec I             23.44Salaried
Dompier, Stephanie A         Admin Asst                  25.979Salaried
Donlin, Troy R               Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Donworth, Elizabeth C        Sr Office Asst               17.68Hourly
Dooley, Caitlin D            Rec Asst II                   8.25Hourly
Dorney, James Carson         Fire Batt Chief             38.392Salaried
Dossett, Doug                Web Developer               37.979Salaried
Drake, Vicki J               Comnty Svcs Supv            33.265Salaried
Dreaney, Christine Corinne   Eng Mgr, Trans              49.517Salaried
Drozdzowski, Ryszard         Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Duchemin, Michael            Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Dudley, Paul H               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Durant, Brook J              Web Developer               37.558Salaried
Durish, Katharine E          Admin Asst                  18.831Salaried
Durr, Darcie E C             Attorney I                  25.962Salaried
Dyer, Luceale M              Financial Analyst           25.292Salaried
Dykstra, Justin Z            Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Ebert, Patricia Marie        Real Prop Agent              28.01Salaried
Ebi, Linda S                 Admin Asst                  23.728Salaried
Ebling, Claudia K            Rec Asst III                 16.51Hourly
Edwards, James J             Maint Aide                   12.35Hourly
Edwards, Kelly J             Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Eggers, Jeremy A             Rec Asst II                   10.5Hourly
Egwuatu, Frederick O         Database Adminstr           38.642Salaried
Ehle, Joseph L               Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Einsetler, George E          Dispatcher-SD                24.56Salaried
Eisner, Michael              Dep Fire Chief              54.681Salaried
Ekstrom, Theresa M           Admin Asst                  25.982Salaried
Elgie, Le Ann                Rec Asst III                    18Hourly
Elliott, Edward C            Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Elliott, Michael S           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Elwin, Douglas SS            Rec Asst II                   7.85Hourly
Engman, Joseph D             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Enriquez, Ruperto            Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Erb Jr, Ted S                Fire Inspctr                31.696Salaried
Erdmann, Julie A             Lead Record Info Spec         23.4Salaried
Ericksen, Christina R        Sr Budgt Analyst            32.163Salaried
Erickson, Brooke E           Rec Prog Aide                12.05Hourly
Erickson, Susan K            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Erickson, Tyler R            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Esemann, Brian P             Maint Aide                   13.02Hourly
Esmail, Farouq S             Student Int II               11.47Hourly
Estandian, Carmie B          Rec Asst II                   9.81Hourly
Estill, Brad W               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Ethredge, David L            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Evans, Benjamin J            Skilled Worker              21.162Salaried
Evans, Martha C              Prog Administr               30.15Salaried
Evans, Richard C             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Evans, Sheila D              Pol Ops Suppt Spec          22.777Salaried
Evans, William R             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Eversole, Tad E              Ops Supv                    32.042Salaried
Ewell, Dana E                Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Ezadean, Sam A               Home Repair Loan Spec       26.562Salaried
Faehnrich, Orville           Fire Batt Chief             38.392Salaried
Fallon, Rebecca A            Rec Asst II                  11.08Hourly
Farid, Abdolreza             Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Faubion, Margaret A          Rec Asst II                   8.25Hourly
Feasel, Colleen E            Mapping Specialist              20Hourly
Fehrman, Pamela A            Captl Proj Coord            29.377Salaried
Feist, Howard D              Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Fenn, Shawn H                Rec Prog Tech               18.785Salaried
Ferguson, Angela D           Admin Svcs Mgr              35.769Salaried
Ferguson, Camari J           Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Ferguson, William E          Police Captain              43.119Salaried
Fergusson, Diana L           Rec Prog Tech                16.22Hourly
Fergusson, Kyle E            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Fergusson, Sara M            Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Fields Jr, Thomas M          Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Fife-Ferris, Marlo Susan     Prog Administr              32.792Salaried
Finkel, Sarah E              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Finn, Lisa Ann               Sr Admin Asst               27.276Salaried
Finnell, Donna M             Admin Asst                  25.982Salaried
Fiore, James                 Skilled Worker              20.146Salaried
Firestone, James R           Sr Real Prop Agent          38.646Salaried
Fite, Lisa Nordby            Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Fleissner, Judith L          Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Fletcher, F Charlene         Sr Acctg Assoc              24.692Salaried
Flint, Gregg                 800 Mhz System Tech          34.99Salaried
Flores, Michael G            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Floyd, Melisa B              Sr Constr Proj Insp         31.125Salaried
Fockler, Kipp J              Crew Leader                 23.337Salaried
Folsom, Drew G               Asst Land Use Prof          24.796Salaried
Foltz, Amanda F              Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Fong, Kale                   Dispatcher                  18.692Salaried
Foran, Patrick               Dir, Prks/Comnty Svcs       64.281Salaried
Forbush, Travess D           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Forde, Lionel T              Bus Proc Analyst            31.137Salaried
Forrest, Brian A             Student Int II                12.4Hourly
Forrest, Gary A              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Fosse, Brian S               Student Int II               11.48Hourly
Fowler, Shannon A            Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Fox, Douglas E               Inspection Supv             34.413Salaried
Fox, John G                  Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Framke, Sheila R             Sr Office Asst              19.737Salaried
Franco, Joseph J             Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Franklin, Alexius P          Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Franzen, Sharon K            Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
Fraser, Susan K              Prob Div Asst Mgr             33.3Salaried
Frausto, Aaron J             Police Officer              25.419Salaried
Frazier, Mark J              Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Freeburg, Linda J            Sr Acctg Assoc              23.469Salaried
Freilinger, Steven M         Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Fretwell, Kevin P            Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Friend, Elizabeth Faith      Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Frisch, Leone M              Permit Procsng Tech         17.913Salaried
Froland, Mark J              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Frost, Scott A               Firefighter                 20.306Salaried
Fry, Michael A               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Fukuda, Scott K              Systems Analyst             30.698Salaried
Fulwiler, Bethani V          Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Furin, Rosalind K            Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Furukawa, Carla Rae          Rec Info Spec-SD            21.502Salaried
Galinato, Leticia B c        Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Gallaway, Daniel P           Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Gallegos, Christopher A      Student Int II               13.65Hourly
Gans, David A                Dep Police Chief            54.681Salaried
Gans, Jennifer Michelle      Admin Asst                  24.583Salaried
Garcia, Christie L           Dispatcher-SD               22.327Salaried
Gary, Maurice L              Maint Worker                 18.28Hourly
Gasperetti, James J          Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Gates, Courtney L            Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Gerard, Scott E              Fire Inspctr                32.146Salaried
Gerde, David J               Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Gibson, David C              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Gielgens, Joshua L           Rec Asst III                  13.1Hourly
Gielgens, Lawrence A         Rec Prog Aide                     Hourly
Gielgens, Sarah A            Rec Asst I                    7.35Hourly
Gilbertson, Luke             Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Gill, Phyllis A              Office Asst                 16.523Salaried
Gillette, Christopher M      Rec Asst III                 14.04Hourly
Gillis, Kathie E             Sr Office Asst               19.31Salaried
Gilmore, Robert              Inspector                   23.827Salaried
Glas, Linda K                Eng, Trans                   34.99Salaried
Godinez, Candelario R        Eng, Trans                  32.365Salaried
Goeman, Jackie M             Inventory Spec II           25.875Salaried
Goenen, Robert J             Eng, Trans                   34.99Salaried
Goler, Adam S                Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Gomes, Jeffrey Adam          Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Gomez, Brian M               Fire Inspctr                24.767Salaried
Gonzales, Steve A            Rec Prog Tech               19.737Salaried
Gonzalez, Emily              Student Int II               11.46Hourly
Gonzalez, Karen L            Captl Proj Mgr              44.838Salaried
Goodrich, Julie C            Util Rev Prof               25.362Salaried
Gough, James L               Code Comp Supv               36.45Salaried
Graber, Chanel E             Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Grace, John P                Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Grager, Matthew R            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Granger, Joseph R            Eng Tech                      22.5Salaried
Grannis, Gregory M           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Gransberry, Dustin M         Maint Aide                        Hourly
Granston, Erika R            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Grant, Brian Charles         Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Gratt, Karren R              Sr Office Asst               17.05Hourly
Graves, Michael A            Eng Tech                    26.729Salaried
Gray, Andrew A               Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Green, Michael J             Rec Prog Aide                12.05Hourly
Green, Sholanda R            Rec Asst II                   9.78Hourly
Greenleaf, Michael B         Skilled Worker              21.162Salaried
Gregersen, Carol Jean        Financial Analyst           30.162Salaried
Gromala, Laurie A            Asst Dir, Trans             52.044Salaried
Grove, Jeff R                Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Grunberg, Kathi L            Rec Asst II                  10.85Hourly
Guerrero, Edymir A           Rec Asst II                    8.3Hourly
Guinasso, Joseph C           Asst Dir, P&CD              49.471Salaried
Guitron, Kevin A             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Gulledge, Kristin J          Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
Gunderson, Ashley E          Rec Asst III                  15.5Hourly
Gunnoe, Rosina               Rec Asst III                 16.12Hourly
Gutierrez, Emmanuel A        Rec Asst II                    8.6Hourly
Gwo, Janney K                Clr/Grd Reviewer            33.535Salaried
Haakenstad, Larson W         Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Haas, Erika J                Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Haase, Christina J           Aquatics Prog Coord         27.906Salaried
Haaseth, Robin S             Comnty Svcs Prg Coord         33.3Salaried
Hadlock, Jon E               Maint Aide                      12Hourly
Hagen, Judi Lynn             Rec Prog Coord              31.685Salaried
Hagen, Larry C               Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Hagg, Kimberly L             Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Haight, Gary E               Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Halbert, Douglas C           Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Hale, Erinn J                Rec Asst III                  14.3Hourly
Hall, Phyllis C              Graphic Designer            27.306Salaried
Hall, Randy L                Police Lieutenant           31.892Salaried
Hallak, Michael N            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Hallifax, William S          Police Officer              25.419Salaried
Halsted, Marc                Police Officer              22.633Salaried
Hanke, Andrew A              Police Officer              20.925Salaried
Hansen, Melinda L            Rec Asst II                  10.75Hourly
Hanson, Andrea L             Dispatcher-SD                24.56Salaried
Hanson, Dawn M               Admin Asst                  20.135Salaried
Harbour, Joseph D            Ops Mgr                     36.738Salaried
Harding Jr, Maurice B        Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Harkness, Ryan K             Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Harm, Dean R                 Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Harn, John P                 Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Harney, Kimberly S           Records Info Spec           20.798Salaried
Harper, Carole Lynn          Bus Sys Analyst             35.827Salaried
Harper, Susan E              Sr Facilts Plang Coor       38.642Salaried
Harris, Patrick G            Ops Mgr                     42.675Salaried
Harrison, Buxton K           Prof Land Surveyor          36.767Salaried
Harrison, Jenelle M          Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Hart, Benjamin A             Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Hart, Randy J                Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Hart, Sarah E                Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Hartwell, Jessica B          Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
Hartwich, Brian J            Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Harvey, Nancy L              Prog Administr                33.3Salaried
Harwick, Barbara J           Inventory Spec I             23.44Salaried
Haslam, Carlton              Sr Constr Proj Insp           33.3Salaried
Hatch, James G               Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Hatcher, Alphonso A          Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Hatfield, Joetta             Admin Asst                   22.46Salaried
Hauer, Michael R             Crew Leader                 26.613Salaried
Haugen, Rosalie C            Admin Asst                   25.39Salaried
Hauter, Shirley J            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Hawkins, Lisa G              Sr HR Analyst               32.302Salaried
Hawn, Janet S                Director, Finance           59.406Salaried
Hayes, Jacqueline J          Records Info Spec           20.798Salaried
Healy, Donna                 Pub Rec Analyst             25.713Salaried
Heard, Willie B              Maint Aide                      12Hourly
Heide, Pamela R              Comm Asst Mgr               38.642Salaried
Heider, Andrew M             Crew Leader                 24.508Salaried
Heinsohn, Corey B            Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Heitz Jr, Charles F          Fire Lieutenant-MSO         32.663Salaried
Helland, Carol V             Asst Dir, P&CD              50.042Salaried
Helm, Joshua L               Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Henrie, Ernest H             Data Analyst                 28.69Salaried
Henry, Kevin P               Comnty Relatns Coord          33.3Salaried
Herb, Jeffrey Jason          Sr Eng, Trans               36.254Salaried
Herrmann, Barry J            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Hershberger, Bryan J         Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Hershey, James C             Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Hershey, James Morgan        Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Herst, Robert W              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Heselgrave, Pamela A         Buyer                       28.667Salaried
Hess, Michael T              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Hetzler, William M           Telemetry Tech              31.373Salaried
Hewitt, Stephanie J          Permit Procsng Tech         22.212Salaried
Hiam, Casey P                Police Officer              20.925Salaried
Hibbs, Lisa N                Rec Asst II                  10.02Hourly
Higashiyama, Therese A       Asst Dir, Prks/Cmnty        52.044Salaried
Hightower, Louis Anthony     Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Hightower, Nora Johnson      Asst Dir, Trans             52.044Salaried
Hildonen, Erikka I           Admin Asst                  21.854Salaried
Hill, Gale A                 Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
Hillesheim, Linda L          Rec Asst III                    15Hourly
Hillesland, Spencer S        Cust Svc Rep                20.083Salaried
Hinzman, Robert Louis        Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Hlavacka, Elizabeth R        Lead Rec Info Spec-SD       24.098Salaried
Hodges, Justin H             Police Officer              27.202Salaried
Hodgson, Craig J             Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Hoehn, Jairid K              Park Patrol Offcr            12.27Hourly
Hoel, Kelli M                Records Info Spec           20.798Salaried
Hoel, Michael A              Maint Worker                17.417Salaried
Hoffman, Jonathan W          Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Hoffmann, Connie Jane        Acctg Assoc                 22.396Salaried
Hogue, Cassandra P           Dispatcher-SD+CTO           25.829Salaried
Holden, Wesley A             Student Int II               11.47Hourly
Hollerbach, Victoria M       Comnty Svcs Supv            36.767Salaried
Holloway, Christina J        Dispatcher-CTO              25.131Salaried
Holmes, Charles R            Ops Mgr                     39.715Salaried
Holthe, Russell A            Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Hoople, Rodney E             Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Hoover, Christie A           Cust Svc Rep                 19.16Salaried
Hoover, Steven R             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Hopkins, Reginal             Maint Worker                 13.67Hourly
Horn, Michelle L             Sr Office Asst              20.189Salaried
Horne, David T               Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Howe, Roseshel               Rec Asst II                  11.36Hourly
Howle, Marcus J              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Hromada, Thomas Gary         Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Huggins, Richard L           Skilled Worker              21.162Salaried
Hughes, Laura L              Park Patrol Offcr            12.05Hourly
Hulke, Dorcie Marie          Contract Adminstr             33.3Salaried
Humphries, Robert W          Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Hunt, Norman H               Captl Proj Coord            36.767Salaried
Hunt, William A              Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Hunter, Dwight E             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Hutchinson, Robert M         Sr Eng Tech                  30.15Salaried
Huynh, Quyet T               Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Hyatt, Paul V                Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Iafrate, Carla M             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Ibarra, Jeffrey G            Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Icasiano, May P              Exec Asst, City Mgr          28.69Salaried
II, Aiko                     Rec Asst III                 14.95Hourly
Ijiomah, Diane Lynn          Finc Div Asst Mgr           36.715Salaried
Indurkar, Kimberly D         Rec Prog Coord              22.962Salaried
Ingram, Debra J              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Ingram, Michael C            Sr Planner                  31.581Salaried
Inman, Ellen M               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Intonti, Clarice P           Paralegal                    28.69Salaried
Irwin, Susan R               Supervising Attorney        54.681Salaried
Isackson, Derrick            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Itaoka, Paula A              Comp & Benefits Mgr         44.838Salaried
Itzkovics, Sara E            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Iverson, Jenny M             Park Patrol Offcr            10.91Hourly
Iwata, Jeanette              Sr Acctg Assoc              24.721Salaried
Jackman, Jenny K             Sr Office Asst               19.31Hourly
Jackman, Michael L           Planning Mgr                44.838Salaried
Jackson, Daniel J            Technical Spec              27.808Salaried
Jackson, Diane P             Legal Secretary             24.265Salaried
Jackson, Harold C            Rec Asst II                    9.5Hourly
Jackson, Matthews D          Sr Land Use Prof            36.196Salaried
Jacobs, Sarah                Sr Office Asst               19.31Hourly
James, Brian L               Maint Worker                17.417Salaried
Jenkins, Rachel A            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Jensen, Bruce W              Sr Eng, Util                40.602Salaried
Jesson, John R               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Jiang, Li                    Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Jobes, Justin P              Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Johal, Rajpal S              Code Comp Offcr             30.058Salaried
Johnson, Brenda S            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Johnson, Carli R             Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Johnson, Francine B          Asst Planner                 2.146Salaried
Johnson, Jerald A            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Johnson, Jesse T             Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Johnson, Judith A            Utilities Supt              34.183Salaried
Johnson, Kenneth R           Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Johnson, Kristopher A        Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Johnson, Lance A             Maint Aide                    11.2Hourly
Johnson, Linda R             Sr Acctg Assoc              19.483Salaried
Johnson, Maria K             Meter Reader                17.417Salaried
Johnson, Michael David       Police Captain              43.119Salaried
Johnson, Michael Dean        Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Johnson, Paula Gwynne        Sr Real Prop Agent          38.642Salaried
Johnson, Richard S           Technical Spec              27.808Salaried
Johnson, Suzanne D           Rec Info Spec-SD            21.502Salaried
Johnson, Troy H              Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Johnston, Jeremy V           Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Johnston, Robert A           Plans Examiner              33.531Salaried
Jolliffe, James M            Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Jonas, Steven S              Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Jones, Adrian K              Fire Plan Reviewer            33.3Salaried
Jones, Angelia L             Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Jones, Anita Teri            Fiscal Mgr                  34.731Salaried
Jones, Edwin S               Skilled Worker              19.188Salaried
Jordan, Amie J               Office Clerk                 14.33Hourly
Jordan, Joann                Emerg Prep Mgr              33.271Salaried
Jordan, John M               Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Jorgenson, Wesley L          Asst Dir, Utilities         52.044Salaried
Jowdy, Meaghan M             Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Joyner, George M             Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Jutte, Andrea M              Budget Analyst              26.579Salaried
Kaelber, Vicky K             Rec Asst III                  12.6Hourly
Kalebaugh, Tehia R           Maint Aide                   11.48Hourly
Kalles, William D            Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Kamal, Kimberly P            Sr Financial Analyst        30.987Salaried
Kamphaus, Melissa A          Budget Analyst              26.562Salaried
Kane-Banke, Cheryl E         Office Asst                     15Hourly
Kanzler, Kristopher L        Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Karalus, Megan F             Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Kast, David L                Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Kast, Michelle R             Sr Admin Asst               24.069Salaried
Kearney, Joshua D            Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Keenan, Eric M               Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Keene, James T               Police Officer              20.925Salaried
Kegley, Angela C             Office Clerk                 12.99Hourly
Kelley, Russell S            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Kelly, Christine R           Procurmnt Spec              28.667Salaried
Kelly, David S               Info Tech Mgr               52.044Salaried
Kelly, Paula M               Sr Acctg Assoc              20.608Salaried
Kelly-Pollet, Patt           Office Clerk                 12.89Hourly
Kemp, Laura M                Asst Fire Trng Coord         40.09Salaried
Kendall, Brian D             Firef/Engineer              33.277Salaried
Kendall, Diane S             Sr HR Analyst               30.681Salaried
Kenway, Patricia A           Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Kerr, David P                Consltg Attorney            49.517Salaried
Kerssen, Penny P             Lead Rec Info Spec-SD       24.098Salaried
Kessack, Ronald W            Eng Mgr, Trans              46.431Salaried
Khounnala, Michael T         Rec Asst III                 15.75Hourly
Kidde, Andrew D              Prog Mgr                    32.423Salaried
Kim, Sook K                  Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
King, Alan D                 Asst Dir, Utilities         40.483Salaried
King, Emil A                 Sr Planner                  36.213Salaried
King, Jimmy L                Rec Asst II                    8.1Hourly
King, Melissa L              Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
King, Shary E                Admin Asst                  20.735Salaried
Kirschner, Patrick B         Rec Asst II                    8.1Hourly
Kirschner, Richard M         Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Kivlin, John                 Police Officer              27.202Salaried
Kleinknecht, Carl A          Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Knick, Carolyn S             Legal Secretary             25.979Salaried
Knight, Gregory A            Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Knight, Patricia A           Comnty Relatns Coord          33.3Salaried
Knights, Richard A           Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Knowlen, Robert N            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Knox, Barrett S              Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Knox, Hunter B               Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Knox, Rory M                 Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Knudsen, Paul L              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Knudtsen, Bradley            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Koeneman, Jackalee           Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Koenig, Michael A            Prog Mgr                    38.642Salaried
Koger, Phyllis A             Surveyor I                   18.83Hourly
Komenski, Alan H             Comm Mgr                    47.123Salaried
Konrad, John H               Maint Worker                17.417Salaried
Kost, Glenn R                Captl Proj Mgr              38.515Salaried
Kowalczyk, James J           Police Captain              43.119Salaried
Kraft, Tor J                 Police Officer              22.633Salaried
Kramer, Randy J              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Kranz, Lee J                 Plans Exam Supv             38.446Salaried
Krause, Bridget P            Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Krawczyk, Paul L             Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Kreek, Robert A              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Krikorian, Carl M            Fiscal Mgr                  43.875Salaried
Kriner, Kerry K              Assoc Land Use Prof         28.448Salaried
Kroeger, Kent O              Captl Proj Coord            34.679Salaried
Kronberg, Erin M             Dispatcher                   17.81Salaried
Kroon, Bruce T               Admin Fire Lieutenant        40.09Salaried
Kruger, Julia H              Sr Land Use Prof            38.641Salaried
Krzyminski, Elizabeth Pacer  Code Comp Offcr             29.354Salaried
Kuhn, Cheryl A               Neighbrhd Prog Mgr          38.642Salaried
Kulaas, Jessica L            Dispatcher-CTO              25.131Salaried
Kulvanish, Robert J          Maint Aide                      12Hourly
Kusakabe, Kei H              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Kuykendall, Thomas M         Comnty Svcs Supv            33.813Salaried
Kuzaro, Cory R               Maint Worker                17.417Salaried
Kwong, Riana W               Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Kyllonen, Edward O           Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
La France, Paul A            Mstr Electrncs Tech         33.571Salaried
La Montagne, Sandra L        Code Comp Offcr               33.3Salaried
Lacombe, Nancy M             Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Lafave, Martin L             Fire Captain-MSO            35.929Salaried
Lafranchi, Kerry J           Admin Asst                  19.304Salaried
Lafree, Kathleen Anne        Admin Asst                  25.979Salaried
Lai, Hoyin                   Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Laird, Cathryn M             Asst Dir, HR                45.548Salaried
Lakey, Grant Lee             Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Lambert, Patricia C          Captl Proj Coord            36.006Salaried
Lamp, Laurie A               Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Lamphere, Michael B          Maint Aide                      12Hourly
Lane, Katie M                Rec Asst I                    7.35Hourly
Lane, Sara S                 ERP Proj Supv               47.123Salaried
Langdahl, Miles              Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Laracuente, Mike T           Rec Asst III                 16.28Hourly
Larrivee, Dylan P            Rec Asst II                   9.45Hourly
Larson, Melody Ann           Dispatcher                  23.862Salaried
Larson, Wilfred A            Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Lashley Jr, Ronald           Admin Asst                  18.831Salaried
Lassiter, Daniel L           Comnty Svcs Supv             29.74Salaried
Lathrop, William Carlyle     Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Latt, Kurt A                 Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Lau, Tony Y                  Signal Asst                  21.86Salaried
Learned, Stephen             Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Leclair, Kevin J             Urban Forester              34.927Salaried
Ledbetter, Melissa R         Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Ledbetter, Roger A           Prob Offcr                  30.162Salaried
Lee, Chi-Hsaung F            Bus Sys Analyst             37.638Salaried
Lee, Conrad S                Council Member               9.519Salaried
Lee, Douglas I               Rec Asst III                  15.5Hourly
Lee, Shane J. L.             HR Analyst                  29.763Salaried
Lee, Yong Ho                 Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Lehner Jr, William B         Asst Fire Marshal           38.642Salaried
Leifer, Randall D            Golf Course Maintenance Sup 36.669Salaried
Lein, Brock G                Rec Asst II                   12.2Hourly
Leland, Laurie L             Bus Mgr                     38.296Salaried
Lemke, Rebecca L             Police Suppt Offcr          23.181Salaried
Lenear, Ronald S             Electronics Tech             29.74Salaried
Leonard, Michael W           Struct Maint Spec II        20.325Salaried
Leslie, Emily A              Human Svcs Mgr              38.642Salaried
Lesure-Williams, Betty M     Ntwrk Suppt Tech            31.396Salaried
Lew, Kathryn A               Admin Svcs Mgr, Div          34.99Salaried
Lewine, Janet C              Asst Planner                25.102Salaried
Lewis, Darlene D             Sr Acctg Assoc              24.721Salaried
Lewis, Mark C                Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Li, Dick Robin               Student Int II               11.48Hourly
Liang, Frederick Hy          Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Liddiard, Jeffery K          Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Liljeblad, Kris T            Asst Dir, Trans             52.044Salaried
Lillie, Angela L             Permit Procsng Tech         22.915Salaried
Lin, Mary                    Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Linden, Steven Arthur        Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Lindenmayer, Larry L         Firefighter                 27.112Salaried
Linder, Robert W             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Lindow, John R               Procurmnt Spec              20.792Salaried
Lindquist, James M           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Ling, Jonathan Y             Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Linger, Alexa Marie          Rec Asst II                    9.5Hourly
Linger, Amanda Q             Rec Asst II                    9.5Hourly
Linger, Brian A              Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Lissandrello, Kaitlin T      Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Litehiser, Joe R             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Litzau, Jerome F             Police Captain              41.065Salaried
Liu, Lucy L                  Finc Div Mgr                40.062Salaried
Lloyd, Robert E              Inspection Supv             36.248Salaried
Loewenherz, Franz E          Sr Planner                  38.642Salaried
Lofink, Raymond K            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Lofton, Thomas J             Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
Lofton, Winston D            Rec Asst II                    9.5Hourly
Logwood, Richard P           Captl Proj Mgr              44.838Salaried
Lombard, Henry H             Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Lombard, Robert F            Util Rev Prof                 33.3Salaried
Loney, Bruce A               Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Long, Dorothy A              Comnty Svcs Prg Coord       24.531Salaried
Long, Rena J                 Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Look, Randy J                Wrkstn Suppt Spec           20.815Salaried
Lopez, Andres L              Maint Aide                   14.32Hourly
Lopez-Castillo, J Guadalupe  Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Lorimer, Clairissa E         Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Louie, Shirley K             Office Asst                   15.4Hourly
Lovett, Lawrence A           Wrkstn Suppt Spec           20.787Salaried
Lowry, Ginger M              Police Records Supv          26.06Salaried
Lowry, Phil W                Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Lozano, Rudy                 Trng/Org Dvlpt Coord        40.604Salaried
Lubow, Michael S             Risk Mgmnt Spec               33.3Salaried
Lucas, Melissa Sue           Signal Electrician          31.229Salaried
Lucci, James                 Dispatcher-SD+CTO           25.829Salaried
Luce, Michelle E             Data Entry Clerk            14.856Salaried
Lucero, Joseph S             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Ludvik, Martha A             Cust Svc Rep                17.037Salaried
Ludwig, Brooke L             Inspector                   26.302Salaried
Luke, Peter J                Systems Analyst             31.223Salaried
Lum, Andrew K                Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Lum, Gregory M               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Luquette, Michael J          Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Luther, Ron F                Mechanical Svcs Tech        21.213Salaried
Lynch, Steven                Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Lyons, Regina M              Prog Mgr                    30.877Salaried
Maas, James A                Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
MacDonald, Gregg A           Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Macke, Erin C                Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Maloney, Pamela J            Eng Mgr, Util               49.514Salaried
Maloy, Steve T               Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Mangione, Vittorio J         Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Manney, Michelle J           Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Manning, John S              Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Marcum, Anthony              Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Marelli, Shelley A           Asst Dir, Prks/Cmnty         50.59Salaried
Margreiter, Gerald A         Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Marinacci, Marleyjo          Real Prop Agent             31.506Salaried
Marsh, Christopher John      Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Marshall, Connie B           Mayor                        11.25Salaried
Marshall, Evan G             Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Marsten, Jeff W              Rec Asst III                  21.5Hourly
Martin, Deanna L             Lead Dispatcher-SD          26.821Salaried
Martin, Deborah L            Police Records Supv         27.358Salaried
Martin, Denise M             Bus Sys Analyst             44.838Salaried
Martin, Shelley J            Comnty Relatns Coord        34.965Salaried
Martin, Terry W              Surveyor III                 34.99Salaried
Martinell, Donald A          Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Martinez, Jennifer M         Maint Aide II                13.31Hourly
Martyn, Stacie L             Fiscal Mgr                  44.769Salaried
Masek, Christopher D         Eng, Trans                  26.636Salaried
Mason, Beckley A             Rec Asst II                   9.45Hourly
Mastor, Jean                 Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Mastrandrea, Anthony F       Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Mathiasen, Jocelyn M         Facilities Ops Spec          37.63Hourly
Mathieu, Daniel R            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Matote, Love B               Data Analyst                24.617Salaried
Mattar, Michael A            Eng Mgr, Trans              49.517Salaried
Matthew, Ronald S            Admin Asst                  24.546Salaried
Mattich, Robert M            Maint Aide II                   15Hourly
Mattson, John R              Sr Constr Proj Insp         29.337Salaried
Matz, Nicholas Karl          Sr Planner                  38.642Salaried
Mayfield, John M             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Mayhew, Taryn L              Sr Admin Asst               22.587Salaried
Mc Manis, William T          Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
McArdle, Mary Jo             Asst Land Use Prof           28.69Salaried
McAuley, Denise L            Bus Proc Analyst            31.662Salaried
McBeath, Sean G              Rec Asst II                   7.85Hourly
McBride, Michelle E          Sr Acctg Assoc              23.516Salaried
McBride, Molly Ann           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
McCall, Benjamin J           Firefighter                 20.306Salaried
McClain, James G             Comnty Svcs Supv            36.767Salaried
McCool, Kimberle V           Exec Asst, Council          27.277Salaried
McCoy, Joshua C              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
McCoy, Krystal Y             Dispatcher-CTO              25.131Salaried
McCracken, John R            Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
McCracken, Rebecca S         Dispatcher                  22.719Salaried
McCuistion, Lori Lynn        Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
McCuistion, Tracy A          Sr Eng Tech                 33.283Salaried
McDade, Matthew              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
McDonald, Kevin D            Sr Planner                  38.642Salaried
McElyea, Jason D             Police Officer              27.202Salaried
McFarlane, Thomas S          Plans Exam Supv             38.412Salaried
McFarling, Janet K           Prob Offcr                  25.338Salaried
McGarry, Maria C             Assoc Planner               27.283Salaried
McGee, Keri L                Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
McGrath, Katharine A         Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
McGrath, Patrick A           Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
McHale, Christopher S        Rec Asst II                  10.85Hourly
McIntosh, Donal T            Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
McIntyre, Mari A             Erp Proj Analyst            31.262Salaried
McIvor, Curtis B             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
McKay, Wayne Vern            Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
McKean, Kevin                Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
McLaughlin, Diantha          Rec Asst III                 14.58Hourly
McLaughlin, Douglas W        Firefighter                 27.112Salaried
McLaughlin, Oma J            Student Int II               15.35Hourly
McLean, Todd S               Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
McMahan, Tracy R             Facilities Ops Spec           33.3Salaried
McMurray, Dean E             Fire Inspctr                32.146Salaried
McNamara, Stephani R         Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
McNeill, John M              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
McOmber, Christopher G       Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
McQuilliams, Donald P        Contract Adminstr           31.719Salaried
Mecham, Michael              Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Mecum, Edward D              Clr/Grd Reviewer            33.531Salaried
Medina, Steve F              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Meldahl, Earl M              Ops Mgr                     38.804Salaried
Mendenhall, Brandt           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Mercado, Melanie G           Office Asst                   17.3Hourly
Meredith, Neal D             Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Merritt, Warren A            Dep Fire Chief              51.952Salaried
Metter, Todd W               Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Meyer, George F              Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Meyer, John R                Maint Aide                   12.07Hourly
Michaelis, Jerry D           Lead Worker                 24.508Salaried
Michaud, Magen G             Bus Mgr                     44.838Salaried
Mickschl-Johnson, Jean AnnettLegal Secretary (D)         24.537Salaried
Middaugh, Cheryl L           Admin Asst                  25.979Salaried
Mihata, Michael L            Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Millard, Daniel P            Sr Constr Proj Insp         32.354Salaried
Miller, Eric C               Planning Mgr                43.137Salaried
Miller, John S               Lead Worker                 23.337Salaried
Miller, Mary M               Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Miller, Thomas G             Plans Examiner              31.921Salaried
Miller-Wolfe, Ellen R        Econ Development Prg Admin  40.604Salaried
Milligan, Douglas S          Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Mills, Gregory A             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Minckler, Stacey L           Sr Office Asst               19.32Hourly
Miranda, Carla I             Student Int II                15.7Hourly
Miscoe, Debra K              Sr Office Asst              19.788Salaried
Mitchell, Barbara            Sr HR Analyst                 33.3Salaried
Mitchell, Erin R             Dispatcher-CTO              25.131Salaried
Mitchell, Jacob S            Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
Mitchell, Robert E           Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Mittelstaedt, Theodore R     Comnty Svcs Supv            36.767Salaried
Miyake, Brad M               Dir, Utilities              59.481Salaried
Mock, Judith E               Sr Office Asst               17.03Hourly
Moen, Dennis C               Utilities Supt               34.99Hourly
Mokiyuk, Ernestine           Office Asst                  15.41Hourly
Montgomery, James E          Chief Of Police             64.281Salaried
Moon, Heidi L                Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Moorman, Joseph C            Rec Prog Coord              30.434Salaried
Morales, Stacey R            Skilled Worker              22.217Salaried
Moreno, Mario                Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Morey, Jason R               Skilled Worker              21.162Salaried
Morgan, Barbara Jean         Office Asst (D)             18.438Salaried
Morgan, Jessie R             Sr Acctg Assoc              24.721Salaried
Morris, Erica D              Surveyor I                   18.83Hourly
Morris, James L              Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Morstad, Peggy J             Dispatcher                  23.862Salaried
Morton, Dawn K               Dispatcher-SD                24.56Salaried
Moses, Ronald P              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Moshier, Jeffery L           Signal Asst                  21.86Salaried
Mosteller Jr, Odell          Prob Offcr                   28.69Salaried
Moulton, R Mark              Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Mousavi, Amir M              Police Officer              22.633Salaried
Muld, Mark H                 Inspection Supv             37.558Salaried
Mullen, Sheryl A             Comm Supv                   33.092Salaried
Mulroy, Lauren               Rec Asst II                  10.54Hourly
Multari, Nina N              Sr Office Asst              21.598Salaried
Munk, Meredith E             Comm Supv                   33.092Salaried
Muramoto, Doris U            Office Clerk                 12.97Hourly
Murphy, Beth Lynn            Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Murphy, Michelle Y           Dep City Clk                  33.3Salaried
Murphy, Nicholas E           Systems Analyst              31.95Salaried
Murphy, Robert M             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Murphy, William H            Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Musch, Mark S                Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Musselman, Matthew T         Park Patrol Offcr            10.91Hourly
Muya, Elvira T               Acctg Assoc                 19.546Salaried
Myers, Pamela H              Rec Prog Coord              27.914Salaried
Mylroie, Patricia Rose       Admin Asst                   24.63Hourly
Nagasawa, Debra S            Fiscal Mgr                  42.629Salaried
Naish, Heidi G               Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Nakano, Michael              Surveyor III                 34.99Salaried
Nault, Joseph M              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Naumec, Denny-Jo             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Neal, Venita Kay             Sr Acctg Assoc              22.396Salaried
Neese, Gregory J             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Neese, Marcia A              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Neff, Rachel M               Police Officer              22.633Salaried
Negrete, Jeffrey R           Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Nelson, Daniel R             Office Clerk                 10.38Hourly
Nelson, Deborah J            Admin Svcs Supv             29.631Salaried
Nelson, Kevin J              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Nelson, Richard C            Facilities Ops Spec           33.3Salaried
Nelson, William L            Sr Constr Proj Insp         32.879Salaried
Nepomuceno, Ernesto PresbiterPlans Examiner              33.531Salaried
Newell, Richard A            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Newman, Maureen E            Rec Asst III                  15.5Hourly
Ng, Karen K                  Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Nguyen, Huy Andrew           Attorney I                  30.554Salaried
Nguyen, Joe T                Mapping Specialist           17.91Hourly
Nguyen, Quang                Student Int II               11.48Hourly
Nguyen, Yen H                Rec Asst II                  10.02Hourly
Ni, Mengyue                  Acctg Assoc                 19.938Salaried
Nichols, Morgan D            Assoc Land Use Prof         24.133Salaried
Nichols, Sean S              Fire Inspctr                30.612Salaried
Nickerson, Gail S            Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Nicolai, Joanne M            Finc Div Mgr                44.838Salaried
Nicoll, Carl                 Forensic Spec                34.99Salaried
Nielsen, Carl L              Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Nielsen, Gina MB             Admin Asst                  19.592Salaried
Nielsen, Jonathan Lawrence   Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Niemi, Dustin A              Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Nilan, Annette M             Financial Analyst           28.165Salaried
Nipert, Patrick A            Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Nissley, Jerry L             Parks Resource Mgr          44.838Salaried
Noble, Phil D                Dep Mayor                   10.096Salaried
Noeske, Stephen H            Sr Eng, Util                36.762Salaried
Nolan, Kathleen              Rec Info Spec-SD            21.502Salaried
Noland, Jon A                Technical Spec              27.808Salaried
Nolen, Margaret B            Info Tech Supv              47.042Salaried
Nomura, Lisa S               Records Info/Tec Specialist 21.525Salaried
Nordin, Thomas A             Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Hourly
Nordquist, Scott W           Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Norman, Monroe E             Technical Spec              26.821Salaried
Norris, Lenard James         Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Norton, Andrew W             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Nowkhasteh, Afsheen          Rec Asst II                  10.76Hourly
Nowkhasteh, Jasmine A        Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
Nunnelee, Frank R            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Nuttall, Steven R            Fire Marshal                47.123Salaried
Nyasulu, Tamanda C           Rec Asst II                   8.77Hourly
Nyborg, Della L              Risk Mgmnt Spec               33.3Salaried
Nye, Richard Eric            Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Nygren, Brittney M           Dispatcher-SD               21.312Salaried
Nygren, Christopher N        Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Oberg, Edward R              Dep City Mgr                67.494Salaried
O'Byrne, Suzanne M G         Comm Supv                    34.99Salaried
O'Connor, Patricia A         Office Asst                 19.298Salaried
O'Connor, Sean P             Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
O'Grady, Colleen             Dept Pub Info Off           36.769Salaried
Oh, Roberta Y                Sr Admin Asst               23.469Salaried
O'Leary, Joseph P            Eng, Utilities              31.223Salaried
Oliden, Gregory C            Police Officer              20.925Salaried
Oliger, Robert S             Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Oliver, Robert S             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Oliver, Sean Michael         Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Olsen, Dennis I              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Olsen, Michael David         Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Olsen, Richard D             Risk Mgmnt Spec               33.3Salaried
Olsen, Robin M               Rec Asst III                 13.13Hourly
Olson, Christine Lynn        Fiscal Mgr                  38.469Salaried
Oltman, Andrew M             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
O'Malley, Mark G             Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
O'Neal, Robert W             Prob Offcr                  28.806Salaried
O'Neill Casillas, Daviel     Maint Worker                16.587Salaried
O'Neill, Kevin J             Planning Mgr                 44.13Salaried
Oosterveen, Kristi L         Prog Administr              29.337Salaried
O'Reilly, Alexandra J        Human Svcs Coord             32.66Salaried
Oriel, Frank R               Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
O'Rourke, Shann M            Office Clerk                 12.78Hourly
Orr, Carol L                 Sr Office Asst               19.31Salaried
Orta, Julie K                Sr Acctg Assoc              24.238Salaried
Ortega, Jennifer C           Data Analyst                 24.99Salaried
Osgood, Linda A              Info Tech Mgr               52.044Salaried
Otal, Navdeep K              Asst Dir, Utilities         50.055Salaried
Ott, Janna M                 Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Owens, Kathy S               Wrkstn Suppt Spec           27.306Salaried
Padgett, Diana L             Acctg Assoc                   22.4Salaried
Paine, Michael N             Planning Mgr                44.838Salaried
Palmer, Michelle A           Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Pancerzewski, Cynthia G      Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Parico, Vangie A             Eng, Trans                  33.963Salaried
Parik, Billie J              Rec Asst II                     11Hourly
Park, Mon S                  Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Park, Raphael M              Police Officer              25.419Salaried
Parker, C Camron             Human Svcs Coord            28.627Salaried
Parker, Helena R             Admin Asst                  25.648Salaried
Parrish, Benjamin A          Skilled Worker              19.188Salaried
Paschall, Brian K            Maint Aide II                   12Hourly
Pasin, Lisa M                Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
Patzer, Faun M               Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Paulsen, Barbra Jo           Dispatcher-SD                24.56Salaried
Paulsen, Cathryn J           Environ Scientist           36.398Salaried
Paulson, Teresa C            Cust Svc Rep                16.713Salaried
Paylor, Paul E               Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Peacey, Jeffrey Odell        Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Peacey, Robin J              Police Officer              27.202Salaried
Peckler, Richard E           Technical Spec               24.34Salaried
Pedeferri, Eric E            Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Pedersen, Richard D          Sr Constr Proj Insp           33.3Salaried
Pedersen, Terry O            Budget Analyst               30.16Salaried
Pena, Arnold                 Rec Asst II                   9.81Hourly
Penney, Janice C             Sr Budgt Analyst            33.254Salaried
Penniston, Scott R           Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Pentony, Michel J            Police Major                48.969Salaried
Pereira, Beth C              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Pereyda, Maia M              Acctg Assoc                 19.327Salaried
Perkins, Tyson D             Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Perko, Audrey J              Rec Asst III                 13.75Hourly
Perrotti, Jeffrey L          Student Int II               13.65Hourly
Perry, J David               Sr Eng Tech                 30.046Salaried
Perry, Kathy R               Office Asst                  15.66Hourly
Personeus, Jonathan C        Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Perugini, Joan M             Rec Asst III                  20.5Hourly
Petersen, Justin L           Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Peterson, Leslee             Student Int II               11.47Hourly
Peterson, Lorrie J           Prog Mgr                    36.731Salaried
Pettersson, Debra L          Park Ranger                 28.904Salaried
Phelps, Andrew C             Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Picardal, Maria C            Info Tech Mgr               52.044Salaried
Piculell, Lisa S             Police Lieutenant           31.892Salaried
Pierce, Amy L                Buyer                        22.39Salaried
Pierson, Philip E            Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Pilichowski, Terry M         Struct Maint Spec II        23.521Salaried
Pillo, Linda M               Dep Police Chief             50.81Salaried
Pimentel, Jeffrey R          Sr Constr Proj Insp          24.13Hourly
Pinney, Frank H              Facilts Plang Mgr           44.838Salaried
Piper, Shannon L             Rec Asst III                  13.1Hourly
Pittman, Jeffrey A           Struct Maint Spec II        25.552Salaried
Poch, Mark T                 Eng Mgr, Trans              49.517Salaried
Pochman, Barbara             Dept Pub Info Off           35.873Salaried
Pompa, William J             Inspector                   30.496Salaried
Pongsupaht, Woranan          Rec Prog Aide                12.05Hourly
Pope, Derik H                Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Popke, Ryan G                Lead Worker                 20.221Salaried
Popochock, Andrew R          Police Officer              25.419Salaried
Porco, Leah E                Asst Land Use Prof          22.887Salaried
Porter, David P              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Potter, Katie P              Rec Asst II                  10.54Hourly
Potter, Mack C               Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Potuzak, Kyle J              Student Int II               12.05Hourly
Powers, Dennis J             Sr Constr Proj Insp           33.3Salaried
Powers, Leann Louise         Sr Office Asst               19.31Salaried
Pownall, Richard Sean        Inventory Spec II           25.875Salaried
Pratt, Antoinette D          Assoc Land Use Prof         33.303Salaried
Pream, Karolina              Student Int II               11.48Hourly
Premselaar, Jennifer M       Police Officer              25.419Salaried
Prolsdorfer, William Younger Records Info Spec           20.798Salaried
Quam, Diana Michelle         Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Quigley, Daniel P            Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Quinn, William A             Police Major                46.638Salaried
Radesic, Ruth M              Sr Acctg Assoc              21.525Salaried
Rainey, Darren James         Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Ramey, Barbara R             Dept Pub Info Off           35.619Salaried
Ramos Jr, Leopoldo E         Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Ramos, Rebecca M             Dispatcher                  23.862Salaried
Ramshur, John A              Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Ramshur, Joy H               Planning Mgr                44.838Salaried
Ransom, Randolph L           Ops Mgr                     41.383Salaried
Rasco, Kurt E                Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Raum, Michael Angelo         Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Rauscher, Nathan S           Maint Worker                16.587Salaried
Rawley, James L              Info Tech Supv              47.123Salaried
Rawley, Leslie Lynn          Accounting Supv             31.131Salaried
Raza, Gulliver               Rec Asst II                  10.54Hourly
Real, Glenda                 Sr Office Asst              22.338Salaried
Rector, Elizabeth L          Accounting Supv             29.677Salaried
Regalia, Jon S               Right Of Way Supv           35.735Salaried
Reil, Bryan M                Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Remington, William Michael   Admin Fire Batt Chief       47.123Salaried
Ren, Jinxiang                Trans Forcstng Mgr          40.979Salaried
Rendle, David J              Eng, Trans                   34.99Salaried
Renfroe-Gielgens, Karen M    Rec Asst III                 18.18Hourly
Renfrow, Paris V             Combo Inspector             31.921Salaried
Renville, Louis W            Maint Worker                20.838Salaried
Reznick, Julie A             Facilts Plan Coord          26.844Salaried
Richard, Allen G             Rec Asst III                 14.04Hourly
Richards, Nancy L            Pub Records Mgr             33.265Salaried
Richmond, Katherine P        Sr Office Asst                  19Hourly
Richter, Ronald              Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Rickert, Eric John           Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Rickey, Mildred A            Office Clerk                 12.03Hourly
Rieker, James M              Skilled Worker              20.146Salaried
Riel, Melvin A               Maint Aide                      12Hourly
Riley, Jeanette E            Office Clerk                 10.38Hourly
Riordan, Lori M              City Attorney               59.013Salaried
Risen, Mark A                Supply/Maint Coord            44.1Salaried
Ritthaler, Denise C          Info Tech Mgr               41.573Salaried
Ritzenthaler, Adriane L      Skilled Worker              22.217Salaried
Rivas, Krystal R             Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Rivera, David K              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Rivet, Kelly A               Dispatcher-SD               18.508Salaried
Roach Jr, George C           Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Roache, Jerome Y             Sr Attorney                 49.517Salaried
Robbins, Scott M             Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Roberson, Janis Hemingway    Comm Supv                    34.99Salaried
Roberts, Daniel M            Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Roberts, Lisette L           Sr Acctg Assoc              22.719Salaried
Roberts, Shane M             Constr Proj Insp             22.32Hourly
Robertson, Dion A            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Robertson, Jennifer L        Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Robinson, Heather A          Rec Asst II                     11Hourly
Robinson, Jamie E            Accounting Supv             30.681Salaried
Robinson, Sandra J           Police Suppt Offcr          23.181Salaried
Robinson, Sarah S            Sr Office Asst              19.739Salaried
Robinson, Tom N              Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Roche, Orlando               Combo Inspector             27.513Salaried
Rock, Deborah L              Office Asst                  13.98Hourly
Rockhill, Donald D           Sr Constr Proj Insp         30.992Salaried
Rockwell, Karen L            Cust Svc Rep                20.319Salaried
Rodgers, Billy S             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Rodni, Michael A             Eng, Trans                  32.504Salaried
Rodni, Rebecca L C           Prog Administr              29.838Salaried
Rodriguez, Jesus             Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Roe II, Frank W              Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Rogstad, Aaron P             Maint Aide                      12Hourly
Rogstad, Dirk T              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Rohde, John C                Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Rom, Rosalyn A               Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Rood, Brita L                Systems Analyst             27.837Salaried
Rood, Ronald G               Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Roof, Aimee M                Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Rosencrans, Pamela J         Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Rossie, Robert               Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Roughgarden, Mark L          Eng Tech                      26.7Salaried
Rowan, Mark L                Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Rowland, Christopher M       Systems Analyst             27.969Salaried
Rubens, Jenna R              Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Running, Rosemary Linda      Sr Admin Asst               27.277Salaried
Rust, Donald A               Util Rev Prof                 33.3Salaried
Saari, Carol J               Assoc Land Use Prof           33.3Salaried
Sablan, Frank T              Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Sackenreuter, Steven R       Facilities Mgr              42.675Salaried
Sackville, William Richard   Facilities Ops Spec           33.3Salaried
Saffer, Kellie C             Rec Asst II                  10.02Hourly
Salazar, Lourdes L           Voluntr Prog Coord          31.685Salaried
Salgado, Michael R           Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Samowitz, Gail D             Asst Planner                 28.69Salaried
Sanabria, David A            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Sanner, Douglas W            Asst Dir, Prks/Cmnty        47.077Salaried
Santangelo, William J        Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Santiago, Alejandro          Rec Asst III                  15.5Hourly
Santos, Abelardo R           Sr Eng, Util                32.446Salaried
Sarkozy, Steven R            City Mgr                    81.882Salaried
Saunders, Sara W             Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Savio, Chris M               Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Sawyer, Joseph R             Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Saxby, Jody A                Sr Office Asst              20.965Salaried
Scappini, James B            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Schaeffer, Shawnee P         Dispatcher-SD               21.312Salaried
Schafer, Robert R            Park Ranger                  24.11Salaried
Schaff, Keith A              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Scherrer, Linda J            Admin Asst                  25.979Salaried
Schmid, Brandon J            Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
Schmidt, Dorothy A           Eng Tech                    24.081Salaried
Schmoll, Karen M             Acctg Assoc                 20.504Salaried
Schneider, William J         Facilities Ops Spec           33.3Salaried
Schneller, Bruce S           Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Schoenrock, Paula L          Rec Prog Coord              22.962Salaried
Schoenrock, Scott A          Rec Asst II                   10.2Hourly
Schrader, Gregory H          Asst Dir, P&CD              47.083Salaried
Schramling, Ryan L           Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Schroder, Gary D             Technical Spec              27.808Salaried
Schuldt, Amy E               Rec Asst II                     11Hourly
Schuldt, Dean E              Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Schultz, George M            Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Schutz, Susan K              Dispatcher                  23.862Salaried
Schuy, Daniel J              Rec Asst III                  13.1Hourly
Schwab, Mayvis E             Procurmnt Spec              25.985Salaried
Schwamberg, Tandra           Prob Mgr                    42.675Salaried
Schwisow, Mark Daniel        Ntwrk/Systm Adminstr        40.604Salaried
Scott, Lisa G                Sr Admin Asst               25.408Salaried
Scrivner, Kimberly A         Student Int II               11.47Hourly
Scurlock, David L            Struct Maint Spec II        25.552Salaried
Sehlin, Sean E               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Seibert, Stephanie L         Rec Prog Aide                12.05Hourly
Seibert, Susan J             Admin Asst                  20.365Salaried
Sellers, Charles D           Skilled Worker              20.146Salaried
Sellers, David G             Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Serwold, Kimberly A          Util Rev Prof                 33.3Salaried
Sexton, Stephen L            Fire Inspctr                30.185Salaried
Shamsuddin, Khawja           Sr Office Asst               16.22Hourly
Shanafelt, Callie E          Rec Prog Aide                16.54Salaried
Shao, Joseph M               Rec Asst III                  13.7Hourly
Sharp, Sally L               Sr Budgt Analyst            26.613Salaried
Sharrett, Mark S             Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Shearer, Shelby C            Police Officer              27.202Salaried
Sheffield, Marcus T          Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Shelton, Gregory G           Dispatcher-SD               21.312Salaried
Shepler, Eric J              Firefighter                 20.306Salaried
Shepler, Todd O              Lead Mech Svcs Tech         25.685Salaried
Sherman, Gary                Lead Worker                 24.508Salaried
Sherpa, Jenny C              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Sherwood, Julie A            Legal Secretary             25.979Salaried
Shortridge, Cindy C          Cust Svc Rep                19.188Salaried
Shouse, Timothy R            Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Shovlin, Michael B           Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Sidie, Regan W               Eng Supv, Util              44.838Salaried
Siegel, Richard C            Perf/Outreach Coord         36.767Salaried
Sigman, Jeff K               Struct Maint Spec II        25.552Salaried
Sigurdson, Erik A            Crew Leader                 26.994Salaried
Silva, Margo E               Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Silva, Rebekah               Sr Admin Asst               24.058Salaried
Simmons, Doris M             Risk Mgmnt Spec             25.356Salaried
Simmons, Patrick S           Rec Prog Tech               17.896Salaried
Simonton, Janet A            Ops Supv                    31.312Salaried
Simonton, Patricia A         Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Simonton, Todd S             Police Captain              43.119Salaried
Sindiong, Steven R           Sr Planner                  38.596Salaried
Singleton, Blaine A          Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Sinon, Jeremy P              Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Sinon, Michael V             Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Sisson, Paul R               Skilled Worker              22.217Salaried
Sitarzewski, Robert          IT Technical Lead           33.248Salaried
Skog, Arne J                 Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Skony, Wendy Joy             Dept Pub Info Off           36.767Salaried
Smith, Andrew                Police Officer              27.202Salaried
Smith, Ellen L               Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
Smith, Judy L                Finc Div Mgr                 34.91Salaried
Smith, Karen                 Surveyor I                  25.517Salaried
Smith, Katie R               Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Smith, Keith M               Ntwrk Suppt Tech            34.933Salaried
Smith, Khaatim A             Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Smith, Rick W                Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Smith, Ryan A                Maint Aide                    11.2Hourly
Smith, Terry Allen           Prks/Cmmnty Svcs Mgr        42.675Salaried
Smith, Zarrian T             Contract Adminstr           25.437Salaried
Snow, Alison M               Student Int II               15.34Hourly
Snyder, Brian W              Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
So, Yuriko                   Office Asst                     15Hourly
Sobieski, John Gerhard       Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Sobotta, Matthew M           Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Solomon, Etonda K            HR Asst                     22.408Salaried
Solomonson, Annamarie        Comnty Svcs Supv            36.767Salaried
Sondreson, Michael D         Signal Electrician           29.74Salaried
Soriano, John A              Rec Supv                    30.802Salaried
Spadoni, Helen L             Comnty Svcs Prg Coord       33.291Salaried
Spak, Patrick S              Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Sparrman, Goran G            Dir, Trans                  64.281Salaried
Spaulding, James Warren      Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Spaulding, Karen J           Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Spencer IV, Frederick E      Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Spencer, David B             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Spencer, Patrick M           Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Spencer, Richard             Struct Maint Spec II        24.144Salaried
Spille, Thomas C             Prog Administr                33.3Salaried
Spingler, Robert N           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Spivey, Delmis P             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Spratley, Darrion D          Rec Prog Tech               16.223Salaried
Sribalaskandarajah, Vanaja N Eng, Utilities              30.179Salaried
Staal, Elizabeth A           Office Clerk                 12.78Hourly
Stack, Dane E                Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Stalker, Kyle D              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Stamper, Theodore E          Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Stanley, Scott T             Maint Worker                16.587Salaried
Starbuck, Teresa F           Graphics Svcs Supv          31.685Salaried
Starkey, Jannette D          Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Starr, Thomas                Technical Spec              26.821Salaried
Steeb, Jeremy D              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Steedman, Janna D            Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
Stefanovic, Marina K         Captl Proj Coord             34.99Salaried
Steffan, Michael P           Asst Dir, Info Tech         54.681Salaried
Stein, Gwen E                Lead Dispatcher-SD          26.821Salaried
Stephens, Helena W G         Prks/Cmmnty Svcs Mgr        39.121Salaried
Steppe, Eric C               Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Stevens, Robert M            Rec Asst II                     12Hourly
Stevenson, Leslie R          Financial Analyst           27.294Salaried
Stever, Timothy J            Comnty Relatns Coord        33.297Salaried
Stewart, Gale M              Dispatcher (1040)            22.39Hourly
Stewart, Vaughn E            Rec Asst II                   9.84Hourly
Stibbard-Terrell, Hillary S  Eng Mgr, Trans              47.435Salaried
Stoliker, Lewis M            Firefighter                 24.315Salaried
Stolte, Joseph R             Rec Asst III                  13.1Hourly
Stout, Shawn M               Meter Reader                17.417Salaried
Stoutt, Timothy L            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Stover, Victoria L           Sr Admin Asst               27.306Salaried
Stracener, Thomas E          Utilities Supt               34.99Salaried
Straka, Deborah              Wrkstn Suppt Spec           21.058Salaried
Strange, William             Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried
Strauss, Angie M             Rec Asst III                    14Hourly
Street, Sheryl               Sr Acctg Assoc               20.45Hourly
Stroh, Dan Michael           Asst Dir, P&CD              52.044Salaried
Stroud, Bonnie L             Records Info Spec           16.281Salaried
Stuard, Earle W              Asst Dir, Finance           49.437Salaried
Stuby, David P               Dispatcher                  23.862Salaried
Stuby, Victoria A            Office Asst                  15.71Hourly
Stuckey, John R              Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Studham, Teri A              Sr Office Asst                22.4Hourly
Sturgeon, Sean P             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Suggs, James A               Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Sugimoto, Shinji             Meter Reader                20.838Salaried
Sullivan, Arthur J           Planning Mgr                43.373Salaried
Sullivan, Colin J            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Summers-Dorsett, Brandi C    Rec Asst III                  20.5Hourly
Sutherland, Stephen L        Dispatcher                  23.862Salaried
Svidran, Marlin Kim          Lead Mech Svcs Tech         27.906Salaried
Swart, David C               Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Swenson, Stuart A            Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Swent, Karen L               Comm Supv                   31.512Salaried
Swift, Jonathan L            Finc Div Mgr                 39.86Salaried
Symons, Scott                Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Tait, David W                Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Takamura, Galen Y            Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Tallent, David R             Trans Analyst               38.642Salaried
Tam, Homing                  Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Tam, Mei-Yee                 Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Tammela, Tracey L            Rec Asst III                  19.7Hourly
Tammen, Robert W             Sr Eng Tech                 26.613Salaried
Tancke, Frederick H          Prob Offcr                  30.162Salaried
Tarantino, Mark D            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Tarvid, Madeline M           Gis Analyst                 30.162Salaried
Tate, Yvonne M               Dir, Human Resources        61.212Salaried
Taylor, David K              Struct Maint Spec II        20.325Salaried
Taylor, Julia                Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
Taylor, Michael D            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Taylor, Michael S            Wrkg Crew Chief             35.129Salaried
Taylor, Scott E              Eng Mgr, Util               49.517Salaried
Taylor, Sharon L             Legal Secretary             25.967Salaried
Teague, Zan Carl             Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Teater, Benjamin R           Maint Aide II                15.83Hourly
Teel, Mckenzie B             Rec Asst II                  10.25Hourly
Terry, Matthew A             Dir, Plang/Comnty Dev       64.281Salaried
Tetzlaff, John Garad         Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Thibert, Timothy N           Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Thiele, Jill M               Sr Attorney                 42.796Salaried
Thiem, Kenneth A             Assoc Land Use Prof           33.3Salaried
Thobani, Nuri                Sr Admin Asst               25.956Salaried
Thoburn, Luke S              Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Thomas, Cynthia S            Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Thomas, Rudy                 Rec Prog Coord              31.685Salaried
Thomas, Steven G             Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Thomas, Steven P             Fire Captain                32.663Salaried
Thompson, Don M              Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Thompson, Patrick A          Inventory Spec I             23.44Salaried
Thompson, Randall L          Sr Eng, Util                40.604Salaried
Thompson, Robert K           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Thompson, Shem M             Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Thompson, Thomas R           Mstr Electrncs Tech         33.571Salaried
Thomson, Geoffrey L          Surveyor I                  25.979Salaried
Thomson, Patricia A          Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Thoreson, Cary M             Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Thorlton, Tim J              Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Thrall, Elizabeth R          Rec Asst III                    11Hourly
Thramer, Laura A             Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Thress, Aaron J              Sr Constr Proj Insp         32.054Salaried
Thress, Beverly B            Admin Asst                  25.979Salaried
Tibbs, Jill                  Sr Acctg Assoc              23.515Salaried
Tidwell, Lorrie Ann          Rec Prog Coord              27.646Salaried
Tilander, Stephen            Mechanical Svcs Tech        25.413Salaried
Tillman, Sam R               Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Tobar, Julio C               Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Tollfeldt, David R           Wrkstn Suppt Spec           27.306Salaried
Tolstedt, Donald Richard     Sr Constr Proj Insp           33.3Salaried
Tomlinson, Mark A            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Tornow, Michael H            Sr Office Asst              22.396Salaried
Torrey, Jeff D               Attorney II                 37.581Salaried
Tower, Max R                 Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Toyama, Alisa                Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Trachtman, Marjorie B        Voluntr Prog Coord          31.685Salaried
Tran, Andrew T               Maint Aide                      12Hourly
Tran, Khai D                 Wrkstn Suppt Spec           27.306Salaried
Trautman, Melissa L          Dispatcher-SD+CTO           24.692Salaried
Tredway, Bret P              Wrkg Crew Chief             35.129Salaried
Trevino, Mario               Fire Chief                  60.963Salaried
Trippel, Daniel C            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Trout, Mark                  Pub Sfty App Analyst        31.823Salaried
Tuchscherer, Andrew B        Technical Spec              26.821Salaried
Tuininga, Barbara R          Comnty Relatns Coord        31.177Salaried
Tuininga, Ronald G           Fire Inspctr                32.146Salaried
Tullis, Mark L               Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Tuttle, Cheryl J             Admin Asst                  24.041Salaried
Tyler, Orlando J             Maint Aide                   13.36Hourly
Tyo, Trisha L                Skilled Worker              20.146Salaried
Tyree, Timothy A             Maint Worker                16.587Salaried
Uffens, Sally Louise         Records Info Spec           20.798Salaried
Ulmer, Corey                 Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Upston, Michael W            Sr Land Use Prof            38.642Salaried
Valadez, Sergio              Rec Asst II                    8.3Hourly
Van de kamp, Bernard J       Reg Trans Proj Mgr          46.869Salaried
Van Duyne, Vikki K           Prog Administr              32.492Salaried
Van Dyken, Ted C             Graphic Designer            27.306Salaried
Van Wieringen, Orlin J       Police Suppt Offcr          23.181Salaried
Vanackeren, Michelle A       Prob Offcr                  29.977Salaried
Vance, Charley L             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Vandall, Christopher J       Crew Leader                 27.906Salaried
Vandecar, Terry D            Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Vanderhyden, Scott C         Contract Adminstr             33.3Salaried
VanderMolen, Kristina L      Office Asst                  13.98Hourly
Varner, Phyllis A            Wtr Qual Supv               40.604Salaried
Vaughan, Kevin Patrick       Crew Leader                 26.833Salaried
Veeder, Vicki J              Acctg Assoc                 22.396Salaried
Vereecken, Richard T         Lead Worker                 23.337Salaried
Vestal, Bruce D              Police Major                48.969Salaried
Vidmar, Dennis W             Dep Dir, Utilities          54.681Salaried
Villafranca, Luis Y          Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Vinup, Mark O                Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Volkers, Fred C              Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Vollstedt, Shelly R          Rec Asst II                     10Hourly
VonWald, Cathy A             Comnty Svcs Supv            36.767Salaried
Vos, Connie L                Office Asst                  13.98Hourly
Voss, Cynthia M              Bus Sys Analyst             38.025Salaried
Vrablik, Jonathan M          Financial Analyst           24.779Salaried
Vu, Alan                     Web Developer               44.838Salaried
Wagner, Gaje C               Eng Tech                    25.024Salaried
Walker, Colin P              Admin Asst                  22.881Salaried
Walker, Kristen M            Rec Asst II                    8.5Hourly
Wallace, Joyce E             Sr Budgt Analyst            24.738Salaried
Wallerstedt, Farley A        Combo Inspector             33.531Salaried
Walsh, Kerri L               Sr Office Asst              16.627Salaried
Walter, Mark M               Financial Analyst           24.098Salaried
Wang, Eric T                 Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Wang, Jessica D              Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Ward, Brian K                Eng, Utilities              34.858Salaried
Ward, Sara A                 Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Wardrop, Dionne R N          Rec Asst II                  10.35Hourly
Warmuth, Angela R            Sr Financial Analyst        28.887Salaried
Warner, Dennis G             Fire Inspctr                 27.34Salaried
Warren, Dana C               Rec Asst III                 14.04Hourly
Warren, Tyron A              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Washburn, Loren K            Police Suppt Offcr          23.181Salaried
Waters, Timothy R            City Pub Info Off           39.075Salaried
Watson, Richard W            Eng Mgr, Util               49.517Salaried
Way, David                   Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Weatherly, Ross B            Maint Aide                    11.2Hourly
Weatherman, Ryan W           Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Webber, Robin L              Office Asst                 17.202Salaried
Wei, Kathy Y                 Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Weinheimer, Carla J          Commnty Dvlpmnt Mgr         41.954Salaried
Weiss, Bonnie J C            Sr Office Asst                  18Salaried
Welaye, Maher                Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Weldon, Mark R               Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Wellander, Sean M            Trans Analyst               38.077Salaried
Wellman, Anna Marie          Finc Div Asst Mgr           36.767Salaried
Wells, Denise G              Sr Office Asst              19.705Salaried
Welty, Robert L              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Wentland, Robert D           Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Werdal, Jeff M               Bus Proc Analyst             32.81Salaried
Wernecke, Lindsay M          Rec Asst II                      9Hourly
Wesley, James N              Struct Maint Spec II        25.552Salaried
West, Brenda                 Buyer                       30.987Salaried
White, Jesse L               Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
White, Rebecca L             Dispatcher-SD+CTO           25.829Salaried
White, Tamar E               Rec Prog Coord              28.944Salaried
Whiteaker, Michael L         Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Whitehead, Anne C            Rec Asst II                      8Hourly
Whitlow, Charles             Lead Worker                 25.344Salaried
Whitney, Frank Richard       Fire Lieutenant             29.692Salaried
Wilbanks, Clyde M            Maint Aide II                13.31Hourly
Wilcox, Cherish Ed           Rec Asst II                   9.85Hourly
Wilde, Scott W               Maint Worker                17.417Salaried
Wilkinson, Justin            Lead Worker                 20.221Salaried
Wilkinson, Thomas E          Maint Aide                      11Hourly
Williams, Max A              Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Williams, Michael J          Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Williams, Richard B          Fire Lieutenant-MSO         32.663Salaried
Williams, Shayne             Ntwrk Suppt Tech            31.223Salaried
Willis, Joel C               Firef/Paramedic             29.692Salaried
Willis, Stephen D            Firef/Engineer              27.112Salaried
Willmorth, Timothy E         Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Wilma, Patricia              Planning Mgr                44.838Salaried
Wilson, Bret Malcolm         Captl Proj Coord            34.962Salaried
Wilson, Carl J               Sr Eng, Trans               40.604Salaried
Wilson, Gary L               Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Wilson, Gordon C             Asst Dir, Finance           52.044Salaried
Wilson, Gregory L            Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Wilson, Judy D               Admin Svcs Supv             31.685Salaried
Wilson, Kelly A              Sr Admin Asst               27.294Salaried
Wilson, Marcella J           Prop & Admin Mgr            44.838Salaried
Wilson, Sara K               Rec Asst II                   9.35Hourly
Win, Aung C                  Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Windsor, Siona D             Sr Attorney                 48.219Salaried
Wohlwend, Barbara            Cust Svc Rep                22.396Salaried
Woldseth, Erik A             Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Wolff, Marin                 Police Officer              20.925Salaried
Wolverton, Andrew J          Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Wong, Cheryle C              Student Int II               11.48Hourly
Woo, Steve J                 Rec Asst II                   9.23Hourly
Wood, Mark L                 Dispatcher-SD               23.417Salaried
Wood, Robin E                Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Wood, Tracey M               Rec Asst II                   7.85Hourly
Woodruff, Kyle Y             Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Woody, John W                Maint Aide                   13.28Hourly
Wozeniak, Marilyn J          Rec Asst III                 14.04Hourly
Wright Jr, James P           Lead GIS Analyst            36.542Salaried
Wright, David L              Technical Spec              25.338Salaried
Wright, Jeffrey              Firefighter                 25.819Salaried
Wright, Justin G             Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Wroten, Marcus E             Maint Aide                   10.91Hourly
Wyant, Elizabeth L           Rec Asst II                   8.35Hourly
Wyman, Janet L               Admin Asst                  23.515Salaried
Wyman, Melvin                Surveyor III                 30.18Hourly
Xainte-Alekxande, Makis I    Plans Examiner              26.192Salaried
Yamamoto, Satoshi            Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Yang, Ying                   Web Developer               42.306Salaried
Yates, Larry Raymond         Skilled Worker              22.979Salaried
Yaw, Timothy Leon            Firefighter                 22.839Salaried
Yitref, Zemed A              Finc Div Mgr                40.154Salaried
Yotsuuye, David S            Rec Asst III                  12.5Hourly
Young, Daniel V              Police Officer              28.985Salaried
Young, Haruo                 Plans Examiner              33.531Salaried
Young, Lauren D              Rec Asst II                  10.35Hourly
Young, Lauren E              Rec Asst I                    7.45Hourly
Young, Lisa M                Police Lieutenant           33.358Salaried
Yuen, Diana C                Student Int II               11.46Hourly
Zakrzewski, Cheryl A         Sr Attorney                 47.308Salaried
Zamani, Forozan              Rec Asst III                  13.1Hourly
Zambrowsky, Robin Lynn       Code Comp Offcr               33.3Salaried
Zatolyan, Gazalle            Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Zibelli, Corinne H           Rec Prog Coord              27.904Salaried
Zielinski, Camille M         Rec Asst II                   8.85Hourly
Zirkle-Flores, Lynne M       Police Data Analyst         28.471Salaried
Zuppe, Shelly R              Dispatcher-SD                24.56Salaried
Zwaller, Thomas P            Lead Worker                 24.508Salaried
Zydek, Scott A               Sr Eng Tech                   33.3Salaried

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the City of Bellevue.

Below is the e-mail I received from the City of Bellevue on 6/29/05
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 2:25 PM
Subject: Public Disclosure Request 05-116-B
Re: Public Disclosure Request, received; June 29, 2005 File #05-116-B:
Dear Mr. Bloom :
The City of Bellevue has received a Public Records Request(s) from you for information pursuant to the Washington Public Disclosure Act, Ch. 42.17 RCW. We are working on your request and estimate that a response will be available in approximately 10 business days or less. Please note that records produced after the date of your request will not be included.
If any of the records you requested consist of public record(s) subject to public disclosure, a copy of the records which respond to your request will be provided to you as soon as the records can be copied or duplicated. According to our Section 2.26.065, there may be a charge associated with the photocopying or duplicating of any materials requested.
According to RCW 42.17.310(4), if any of the requested information is withheld on the basis that it is exempt from disclosure, the City will provide you with a statement of the specific exemption, authorizing the City to withhold the documents (or part), and a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the document requested. Please note that the provisions of Ch. 42.17 RCW pertain only to existing records and do not require the City to respond to interrogatory questions or create records in response to written inquiries.
Katharine Durish
Public Records Request
City of Bellevue
425 452-7899

Below is the e-mail I received from the City of Bellevue on 7/15/05, with the excel attachment.
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 11:38 AM
Subject: Public Disclosure Request 05-116-B
Re: Public Disclosure Request, received: June 24,2005; File #05-116-B:
Dear Mr. Bloom:
In regards to the above-referenced public disclosure request, the City has completed attached all identifiable public records that respond to your request, pursuant to the Washington State Public Records Disclosure Act, Chapter 42.17 RCW. Please note that some documents may include redacted portions, which are exempt from disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.17.255 & 10.97 regarding right to privacy of social security numbers & drivers license information, etc.
We are now closing this file. If you need any further assistance or have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Katharine Durish
Public Records Request
City of Bellevue
425 452-7899
jwtbl_JobSalary.xls (185kb)

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