This is a list of the 2006 King County employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 1,737,034) (15,123 employees)

With a population of approximately 1.75 million, King County is the most populous county in Washington State and the 12th most populous in the country. The County covers 2,128 square miles, giving it the 11th largest geographic area of Washington’s 39 counties. It is the financial, economic, transportation and industrial center of the Pacific Northwest. The County operates under a Home Rule Charter adopted by a vote of the citizens of the County in 1968, and is organized under the executive-council form of county government. The Metropolitan King County Council is the policy making body of the County. The Council has 13 members, elected by district to four-year staggered terms. Council Members serve full time. The County provides some services on a countywide basis and some services only to unincorporated areas. Services include public transportation, road construction and maintenance, water quality, flood control, parks and recreation facilities, court services, law enforcement and criminal detention, agriculture services, inquests, tax assessments and collections, fire inspections, planning, zoning, animal control, rehabilitative services, public health care, election administration, treasury services and processing and disposing of solid and liquid wastes. To accomplish these services, the County has approximately 18,500 employees. Excluding component units, the County has annual operating expenses of over $2 billion.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2006 King County List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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Name - Last    Name - First    Job Name                           Salary - Annual
Aaberg         Jan             Transit Operator                          14,122
Aagerup        Susanne         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Aaron          Caroline        NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       43,459
Abalde         Maria           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Abalde         Teopisto        Revenue Coordinator                       52,730
Abanes         Joel            LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  71,371
Abarca         Jose            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Abay-abay      Narciso         TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN                 66,347
Abbott         Ben             ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Abbott         Elizabeth       DEPUTY IV                                 69,841
Abbott         Robert          EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Abbott         Ryan            POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Abbott         Tina            HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST-SENIOR             69,570
Abbotts        John            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Abdalkhani     Khosrow         Waste Water Engineer IV                   88,191
Abd-Al-Shaheed Nasif           Transit Operator                          12,792
Abdi           Khadar          Transit Operator                          11,193
Abdirizak      Ahmed           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Abdirizak      Mohamud         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Abdul-kadir    Mohammed        TLT DIS                                   45,575
Abdullah       Alim            Transit Operator                          11,193
Abdullah       Owuor           Transit Operator                          12,792
Abe            Alan            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                59,447
Abe            David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Abe            Frank           DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS                96,276
Abebe          Tesema          Transit Operator                          41,098
Abel           Wilhelmina      Transit Operator                          11,193
Abella         Sally           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Abellera jr    Modesto         Accountant                                61,791
Abenojar       Ester           BUDGET ANALYST II (UNDERFILL)             74,700
Abercrombie    John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Aberra         Azeb            IT SYSTEMS SPEC-MASTER                    84,105
Abeyta         Teresa          SOCIAL WORKER                             60,342
Abille         Robin           Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Ablao          Elaida          LEGISLATIVE SECRETARY                     55,945
Abolins        Karlis          COMPUTER SERVICES COORDINATOR             80,916
Abraha         Paulos          Systems Engineer-Senior                   92,601
Abraham        John            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Abram          Eva             TEMP ADMIN SPECIALIST I                        0
Abramoff       Warren          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Abrams         Alan            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           93,114
Abrams         Kathleen        Rider Information Specialist              34,207
Abreham        Senait          TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN SR                   15,424
Abrejera       Leopoldo        CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Abreu          Joseph          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Abrew          Katja           DETENTION OFFICER                         37,238
Abuda          Alvic           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Abukar         Abdi            SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Aby            Cathy           EDUCATOR CONSULTANT I                     63,273
Acayan         Tiffany         ADMIN SPEC IV                             22,251
Acevedo        Marco           DEPUTY I                                  49,871
Acevedo        Martin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Achenbach      Teresa          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASST II                       0
Achilles       Robyn           TLT PPM III                               37,967
Acholonu       Angela          ADMIN SPEC III                            46,485
Ackerman       Bonnie          PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Ackland        David           PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Acoba jr       Julian          APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SR                 38,393
Acosta         Gloria          Transit Operator                          51,373
Adair          Allen           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Adair          Tami            IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Adam           Wolfgang        PROJ/PROG MGR III                         80,209
Adams          Anthony         ARCHIVES & RECORDS MGR                    82,134
Adams          Bill            Transit Operator                          13,416
Adams          Caren           ED CONSULTANT III                         78,329
Adams          Charles         DETENTION OFFICER                         40,990
Adams          Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Adams          Cynthia         FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Adams          Dallas          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Adams          Dawn            Transit Operator                          11,193
Adams          Donna           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Adams          Jawona          HEALTH PROGRAM ASST II                    47,601
Adams          Jerry           Transit Operator                          14,122
Adams          Keith           Transit Operator                          12,792
Adams          Lester          Applications Developer-Sr                 80,209
Adams          Melissa         Supervisor-in-Training                    58,222
Adams          Ronald          MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Adams          Susan           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     42,278
Adams          Tamara          Transit Operator                          51,373
Adams jr       Leland          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Adamski        E               Educator Consultant II                    71,240
Adan           Bashi           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Addington      Ward            Transit Operator                          51,373
Addis          Leslie          BUSINESS/FINANCE OFCR 2                        0
Adekanbi       Taiwo           JAIL RN                                   76,128
Adeyemi        Lawrence        Capital Project Manager III               84,106
Adkins         Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Adkison        Candice         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Adler          Marianne        PPM IV                                    78,329
Adler          Paul            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II                72,950
Adolfson       Andrew          EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Adreon         Bradford        Transit Operator                          51,373
Adum           Elizabeth       Transit Operator                          51,373
Afanasyeva     Galina          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    46,485
Agachinsky     Neal            SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Agasid         Diane           HE INVESTIGATOR III                       67,940
Agnew          Thomas          EMS INSTRUCTOR SENIOR                          0
Agripina       Catherine       FAMILY LAW COURT COORDINATOR              32,478
Aguero         Ana             CUST SVC SPEC II                          42,278
Aguilar        Alma            ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      47,601
Aguilar        Carmaleta       ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Aguilar        Freed           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    39,114
Aguilar        Maria           COMMITTEE ASSISTANT                       54,580
Aguilar        Michael         EMS APPRENTICE INSTRUCTOR                      0
Aguilar        Petra           TEMP-BRIDGE TENDER                             0
Aguilar        Yrma            HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     33,157
Agulto         Anthony         PHARMACY ASSISTANT                        38,600
Ahlers         Thomas          PROJ/PROG MGR IV - TEMP                        0
Ahlers         Vivian          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Ahlf           Vernon          EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (A)                   48,186
Ahmed-said     Ashel           PROGRAM ASST - TEMP                            0
Ahrenius       Charles         Transit Operator                          14,122
Ahrens         Edwin           Lead Photographer                         64,792
Ahrens         Marc            Transit Operator                          14,122
Ahumada        Maria           DENTAL ASSIST                             37,551
Aiello         Sarina          JUDICIAL SVCS DIV MGR                     84,106
Aiken          Anthony         Transit Operator                          26,198
Aikens         Gerald          UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Ainslie        Denise          ENGINEER I                                32,393
Ainslie        Ronald          SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Ainsworth      Krista          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Aio            Paul            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Akada          Irene           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      38,790
Akerman        Stephen         PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Akers          Roland          COMMUNITY OUTREACH LIAISON                57,656
Akers          William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Akeson         Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             46,485
Akin           Kenneth         CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Akina-james    Sadikifu        DIV DIRECTOR, COMM & HUM SVCS            106,617
Alaimo         Julie           Environmental Lab Scientist II            67,940
Alaniz         Christina       ADMIN SPEC II                             39,375
Alarcon        German          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Alataua        Paifaleula      ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Albachten      Tisa            ADM SPEC II                               32,857
Alber          David           PROBATION OFFICER I                       68,287
Alberg         Kevin           FIRE INVESTIGATOR II                      60,342
Albetta        Gloria          HEALTH SERVICES ADMIN I                   94,694
Albrecht       Colleen         SR DEPUTY OMBUDSMAN                       67,543
Albright       Jennifer        PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               67,940
Albright       William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Albro          Kellye          SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Alcantara      Elsie           LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              36,993
Alcantara      Kathlene        LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  39,375
Aldrich        Julie           PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Aldridge       Arthur          Communications Spec III                   71,240
Alegria        Marissa         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   71,240
Alejandrino    Teodora         Assistant Accountant                      48,744
Alejandro      Tobias          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 43,293
Alekel         Dale            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II 50%                35,617
Alemayehu      Berhanu         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Alenduff       James           Wastewater Treatment Supvr                88,440
Aleshchenko    Aleksandr       Transit Operator                          11,193
Aleshchenko    Georgy          Mechanic                                  58,765
Alex           Jacquelyn       DENTAL ASSISTANT                          36,671
Alex           Stanley         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Alexander      Andrea          SERGEANT                                  73,543
Alexander      Angalee         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Alexander      Archie          Transit Chief - Power                     95,727
Alexander      Carol           AdminSpecialist III                       47,602
Alexander      David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Alexander      Dwayne          Transit Operator                          11,193
Alexander      Edward          Transit Operator                          51,373
Alexander      Elizabeth       COURT CLERK                               43,205
Alexander      Francis         Business & Finance Officer III            76,494
Alexander      Frankie         PUBLIC DEFENSE COORDINATOR                51,562
Alexander      Gemma           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER I                 58,928
Alexander      Karen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Alexander      Kim             ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     29,883
Alexander      Mary            PROJ PROG MNG II                          64,792
Alexander      Maurice         CIVIL RIGHTS SPECIALIST II                69,570
Alexander      Regina          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Alexander      Shawn           TLT-FISCAL SPECIALIST III                 44,332
Alexander      Velda           Transit Operator                          13,416
Alexander-kuhn Lorraine        FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      43,293
Alfonsi        Lorraine        TLT PROJ PROG MNGR IV                     74,700
Alfred         Anne            HE INVESTIGATOR II                        56,911
Alfred         Antoinette      VM Tech Info Process Spec3                47,029
Alger          Linda           SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Alger          Seamus          AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Ali            Mohamed         Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Ali            Sadiya          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    42,278
Alia           Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Alidina        Abdul           Transit Supervisor                        90,308
Alimov         Timur           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Alindayu       Jhovene         TEMP PHARMACY TECHNICIAN                   4,825
Aljic          Midhat          Transit Operator                          11,193
Allaire        Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Allan          Cheri           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             66,347
Allen          Amanda          Marketing & Sales Spclst III              66,348
Allen          Andrew          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Allen          Bruce           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Allen          Carol           EDUCATOR CONSULTANT I                     31,014
Allen          Carole          BAILIFF                                   55,670
Allen          Cathy           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Allen          Cevin           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Allen          Chris           Helper 2nd/3rd Line Wrkr                  52,918
Allen          Dale            Transit Operator                          51,373
Allen          Darlene         PROGRAM MANAGER                           52,355
Allen          Edith           DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC                 53,806
Allen          Fay             PRO TEM BAILIFF                                0
Allen          George          LEGISLATIVE AIDE II DIST #1               56,000
Allen          Gerald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Allen          Gregory         Transit Operator                          51,373
Allen          James           Utility Laborer                           45,922
Allen          James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Allen          James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Allen          James           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Allen          Jeffrey         PARAMEDIC TRAINEE                              0
Allen          Jennifer        COURT OPERATIONS SPECIALIST               41,186
Allen          John            BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             88,190
Allen          Julie           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             42,799
Allen          Lagi            Transit Operator                          12,792
Allen          Larry           Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Allen          Mark            HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Allen          Marquel         IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Allen          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Allen          Monique         Senior Schedule  Planner (TP3)            82,739
Allen          Nicholas        LEGIS AIDE II DIST #10                    58,968
Allen          Pamela          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Allen          Patricia        RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Allen          Ronald          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Allen          Ronald          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Allen          Ruth            Transit Operator                          51,373
Allen          Ruthic          Transit Chief                             86,241
Allen          Scott           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Allen          Scott           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Allen          Teri            Equipment Dispatcher 3rd                  52,876
Allen          Valerie         Transit Operator                          51,373
Allen          Willie          EDUCATOR CONSULTANT II                    61,791
Allenbach      Mary            CONFIDENTAL SECRETARY I                   49,914
Allende        Mario           Mechanic                                  58,765
Allenthorp     Darlene         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             44,332
Aller          Sharon          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    78,329
Alley          Tami            Environmental Lab Scientist II            64,793
Alleyne        Stanley         MECHANIC/AUTO MACH I-HD                   53,694
Allison        David           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        44,414
Allison        Flora           CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Allmendinger   Harry           PUMP PLANT OPERATOR - TEMP                     0
Allred         Kenneth         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Allum          Jill            NUTRITION ASSIST                          28,759
Allwine        Mary Lou        Administrator III                         72,950
Almachar       Richard         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,459
Almon          Heather         PHN                                       70,324
Aloisio        Donna           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    48,744
Alonzo         Maricela        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Alpasan        Susan           ADMIN SPEC III                            46,485
Alridge        Otis            Transit Operator                          14,391
Alsheikh       Barbara         ASSISTANT TAX ADVISOR III                 58,404
Alstead        Mark            PPM IV                                    76,493
Alston         Allen           Safety & Health Admin. IV                 80,209
Alston         Sherman         Transit Chief                             86,241
Alston         Winnie          DISEASE RESEARCH & DATA SPEC              45,072
Alstrin        Kurt            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Altalef        Esther          Transit Operator                          51,373
Altaras        Leah            RULE 9 INTERN                                  0
Althauser      Donald          MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Alton          Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Alvarado       Carmen          TLT ADMIN STAFF ASST                      46,486
Alvarado       James           Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Alvarado       Marie           ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      46,485
Alvarez        George          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Alvaro         Rizalino        COOK/BAKER                                47,690
Alver          Kenneth         Capital Project Manager III               90,396
Alverdes       Phyllis         Transit Operator                          51,373
Alvine         Michael         PRINCIPAL LEGISLATIVE ANALYST            102,818
Alviz          Timoteo         Lead Transit Custodian 2nd                47,718
Amakye         Stephen         USW CDL - Driver 3rd                      34,958
Amante         Amorfina        BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             74,700
Amante         Susan           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    71,240
Amanuel        Berhane         Transit Operator                          14,122
Amaro          Rita            FAMILY LAW CONFIRMATIONS COORD            41,186
Amaya          Javier          EDUCATOR CONSULTANT II                    34,100
Ambrose        Stephen         Transit Operator                          12,710
Ameh           Bibiana         Administrative Staff Assistant            49,914
Ames           Antonia         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      36,671
Ames           Richard         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Ammeter        Sue             Human Resource Analyst - Sr               74,839
Amodei         Heather         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                36,993
Amoranto       Joel            Transit Operator                          14,122
Amos           Bonnie          COURT CLERK                               46,426
Amos jr        John            COUNTY EXEC ASSIST I                      99,294
Amundsen       Kirsten         ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    15,297
An             Chong           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
An             Christy         HEALTH PROGRAM ASST I                     41,287
Anastasi       Jayne           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  57,547
Anciaux        Kenelm          Transit Operator                          51,373
Anderberg      Seth            Elec Const                                67,496
Andersen       Carrie          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Andersen       Darold          Transit Operator                          51,373
Andersen       Eric            POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Andersen       Michael         MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       53,694
Anderson       Adrienne        SOCIAL WORKER                             52,338
Anderson       Anne            TEMP PHN                                   8,824
Anderson       Antonio         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Anderson       Barry           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Anderson       Beverley        Claims Supervisor                         94,823
Anderson       Bobbie          Environmental Lab Scientist I             58,928
Anderson       Brian           WWTreatmentUtilityWorker                  38,452
Anderson       Brynn           ADMIN INTERN                                   0
Anderson       Chris           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Anderson       Christine       Transportation Planner III                80,209
Anderson       Christopher     DEPUTY III                                61,002
Anderson       Cornelia        Transit Operator                          51,373
Anderson       Craig           Transit Operator                          51,373
Anderson       Dale            Service Supervisor                        64,696
Anderson       Daniel          IT PROJECT MANAGER I                      74,700
Anderson       Danielle        FAMILY LAW COURT COORDINATOR              19,628
Anderson       Danny           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Anderson       David           SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Anderson       Diane           TEMP ADV PRACTICE NURSE SPEC               7,334
Anderson       Dina            SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Anderson       Elizabeth       SOCIAL WORKER                             27,438
Anderson       Eric            POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Anderson       Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Anderson       Gavin           COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  38,248
Anderson       George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Anderson       Janis           Assistant Accountant                      49,914
Anderson       Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          51,373
Anderson       Jeffrey         Transit Parts Specialist 3rd              51,707
Anderson       Jens            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Anderson       Jesse           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Anderson       Joel            POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Anderson       John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Anderson       Karin           OFFICE AIDE                               27,514
Anderson       Keri            PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER I                 49,917
Anderson       Kimberly        VICTIM ADVOCATE                           40,675
Anderson       Kirk            Transit Operator                          41,098
Anderson       Kirk            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               78,329
Anderson       Lelieth         DATA ADMINISTRATOR                        51,112
Anderson       Lida            Administrator II                          61,905
Anderson       Marcine         SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Anderson       Mark            CARPENTER II                              59,036
Anderson       Matthew         DEPUTY V                                  79,117
Anderson       Michael         ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Anderson       Michelle        CUSTODIAN                                      0
Anderson       Natalie         TEMP EDUCATION SPECIALIST                  5,059
Anderson       Noreen          ABSTRACT TECHNICIAN                       40,675
Anderson       Reid            PRO TEM BAILIFF                                0
Anderson       Richard         SENIOR DEPUTY I                           96,650
Anderson       Robert          RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Anderson       Robin           Transportation Planner III                84,220
Anderson       Roger           Industrial Machinist                      66,347
Anderson       Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Anderson       Ryan            WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Anderson       Sharon          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Anderson       Stacy           EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Anderson       Stephen         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Anderson       Stephen         Mechanic                                  58,765
Anderson       Steve           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Anderson       Steven          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Anderson       Susan           WW Process Engineer II                    86,124
Anderson       Vanessa         FISCAL SPEC III                           43,293
Anderson       Vicki           JAIL LPN                                  37,364
Anderson       Volney          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Anderson       Wilena          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             43,293
Anderson       Willie          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Anders-Potter  Randal          Supervisor-in-Training                    58,222
Andrada        Teresita        SECURITY SCREENER                         35,037
Andree         Alan            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Andree         Amy             BECCA COORDINATOR                         23,209
Andre-Fiber    Edna            Transit Operator                          14,122
Andresen       Scott           POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Andrews        Amy             COURT OPS SPANISH INTERPRETER             51,111
Andrews        Candice         Equipment Service Worker 2nd              39,720
Andrews        Gary            SECURITY OFFICER                          36,739
Andrews        James           TEMP DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                   0
Andrews        Joann           Administrative Specialist I               15,532
Andrews        Richard         Waste Water Engineer V                    97,062
Andrews        Robert          Transit Operator                          12,792
Andrews        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Andrews        Ruth            IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  76,494
Andris         Lydia           TLT HEALTH PROG ASST II                   30,785
Andrus         Debra           NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       38,452
Andrus         Deidre          BUILDING SERVICES SUPERVISOR              80,209
Anello         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Angelou        Anne            RECORDS MGT SPECIALIST                    43,674
Anibarro       Christian       OCCPTN EDUC TRNG COORDINATOR              52,338
Annis          Willis          TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Anschell       Jennifer        ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                   30,600
Anselmo        Gil             Service Supervisor                        64,696
Anthony        John            TLT PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV            90,307
Anthony        Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Anthony        Margaret        RECREATION PROGRAM MANAGER                99,294
Anthony        Pete            Finance Manager                           94,695
Antich         Jacqueline      COURT CLERK II                            40,675
Antoine        Iranie          Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Antoncich      Carole          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Antonio        Grace           AS II                                     38,452
Antonius       Rosemary        CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Antonius       William         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Anulacion      Emily-irene     COURT CLERK                               45,326
Anzai          Pamela          COURT CLERK I                             36,994
Apa            James           COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER                    86,124
Aparicio       Reynaldo        Transit Operator                          51,373
Apgar          Diederik        Capital Project Manager IV                92,476
Apicella       Timothy         Project/Program Manager III               67,376
Apling         Eric            Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Apo            Benjamin        Transit Operator                          51,373
Apodaca        Raymond         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Apolonio       Roderick        Transit Operator                          51,373
Apostol        Manuel          COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 44,278
Appadolo       Ismael          TEMP-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I                  0
Aragon         Andy            WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Aragon         Frances         Transit Operator                          51,373
Aragon         George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Arai           Leslie          Administrator II                          56,199
Arakaki        Alden           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Aratani        J               Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Aratani        Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Aratani        Timothy         Finance&AdministrServicesMgr             101,777
Arausa         Arlene          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             41,651
Arausa         Pedro           COMM  SURV OFFICER                        44,056
Araya          Abraham         Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            61,791
Arbogast       Autumn          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Arce           Robert          Transit Operator                          12,792
Arceo          Angelica        TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Arceo          Orlando         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      44,332
Archer         Gary            Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Archer         Thomas          JUV PROB SUPERVISOR                       61,458
Archibald      Clinton         ABSTRACT TECHNICIAN                       41,651
Archuleta      Walter          MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Arena          Victor          Transit Operator                          14,122
Arenas         Mariano         SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Arens          Kristine        TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Arevalo        Francisco       CUSTODIAN                                 35,811
Argaez         Rocio           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                5,562
Ariaz          Josephine       INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    43,293
Arima          Deborah         MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS MGR               106,617
Ariola         Percival        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Arkills        Christopher     LEGIS AIDE II DIST #8                     66,000
Armatis        Tamara          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Armijo         Christopher     HEALTH PROGRAM ASSISTANT II               46,486
Armstead       Carl            Maintenance Signage Specialist            47,029
Armstead       Violeta         USW Driver Grandfathered                  39,950
Armstrong      Dennis          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Armstrong      Douglas         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Armstrong      John            CARPENTER I                               53,694
Armstrong      Levon           EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    39,859
Armstrong      Phyllis         CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALISTIII            38,790
Armstrong      Ralph           Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Armstrong      Sharon          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Armstrong      Tamara          ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       42,278
Armstrong      Victor          CARPENTER I                               53,694
Armstrong      Willie          Transit Operator                          14,391
Arnaud         Robert          Building Operating Engineer               58,765
Arnbrister     Christian       Transportation Planner II                 74,802
Arner          Dallas          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              36,671
Arnett         Karen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Arnhart        Kirk            Building Operating Engineer               58,765
Arnhold        Marcia          ADMIN SPEC II                             32,594
Arnold         Joe             COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   60,874
Arnold         Kenneth         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     37,881
Arnold         Laura           TECH INFO PROC SPEC III                   43,459
Arnold         Lonnie          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Arnold         Roger           Transit Operator                          51,373
Arnold         Steven          MILLWRIGHT                                53,694
Arnold         Thomas          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Arnone         Richard         PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Arnot          Michael         Transfer Room/Warehouse Wrkr              49,618
Arnquist       Greg            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   46,713
Arnquist       Patricia        RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Arnquist       Tyler           Transit Operator                          12,792
Arntson        Gerald          ROAD USE INVESTIGATOR                     54,982
Arreola        Alfredo         INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Arreola        Aydee           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    41,287
Arrington      Jacqulyn        JUV CRT PRGRM SPECIALIST                  48,711
Arriza         Jacquie         Transit Operator                          48,804
Arrowsmith     James           Transportation Planner III                84,220
Arruiza        Joaquin         Transit Operator                          12,792
Arsenian       John            TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Arthur         Alan            Systems Architect                         88,192
Arthur         Teresa          Data Administrator                        58,928
Artino         Nicole          LIFEGUARD                                 39,375
Arves          Howard          Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Arzate         Alicia          SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Asare          Ruth            Transit Operator                          14,122
Aschenbrenner  Loretta         ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Asence         Joselito        Transit Operator                          51,373
Ashbaugh       David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ashcraft       Tammy           Confidential Secretary I                  47,602
Ashley         Josephine       TLT PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                   67,797
Ashley-smith   Angela          BAILIFF                                   50,570
Asis           Stanley         Power Distribution Technical A            76,598
Askerov        Gasan           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 63,274
Aslin          Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Aspiras        Steven          Labor Analyst                             78,329
Asquith        Colin           Engineer IV                               73,662
Assefa         Wubeshet        LAN Administrator-Journey                 73,337
Astudillo      Alfonso         Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Astudillo-dato Nonylon         PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,228
Asuncion       Ryan            Transit Operator                          46,235
Atchison       Gary            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Atchison       Jennifer        DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Ater           Richard         JAIL NP TLT                               61,716
Atkins         Michalene       AdminSpecialistII                         43,293
Atkinson       Daniel          SENIOR APPRAISER COMMERCIAL               68,538
Atkinson       David           Applications Developer-Sr                 76,494
Atkinson       Sandra          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               38,790
Atkinson       Zabrina         TLT ADMIN SPEC II                         35,811
Atlee          Stephanie       COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 44,278
Atonio         Ifo             Transit Chief                             78,329
Attaway        Scott           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Attebery       James           MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Atterberry     Bobby           MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Attianese      Annette         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Atwood         Tiffany         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Au             Nghe            FISCAL SPEC III                           46,485
Aubrey         Laura           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Auditor        Rodulfo         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              35,338
Auerbach       Marc            Transit Operator                          51,373
Aulava         Samuelu         Transit Operator                          51,373
Auld           Gina            Construction Management V                 92,476
Aune           John            Project Program Mgr. II                   69,571
Austell        Randi           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           89,708
Auster         Lucy            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   70,183
Austin         Cynthia         Buyer                                     56,198
Austin         Joan            NURSE PRACTITIONER                        82,846
Austin         Karen           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Austin         Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Austin         Michael         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               49,914
Austin         Ralph           Transit Operator                          14,122
Austin         Raymond         Transit Operator                          12,792
Austin         Vickie          DENTAL ASSIST                             37,695
Avent          Jackie          Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Averill        Linda           Transit Operator                          14,122
Avery          Michael         Transit Supervisor                        82,135
Avery          Monique         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Avila          Fernando        CHEM DEPENDENCY PROGRAM SCRNR             40,395
Avila          Jovelita        COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Avila          Manolo          CHEM DEPENDENCY PROGRAM SCRNR             40,395
Avila          Marissa         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       67,537
Avis           Frederick       Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Awabdy         Tarek           IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Axcell         Dale            PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Axe            Kevin           LEGISLATIVE AIDE II DIST #6               87,900
Ayala          Carlos          Transit Operator                          12,792
Ayala jr       Dewel           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Aycock         William         Engineer IV                               82,434
Ayers          Anthony         TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Ayers          Benjamin        EQUIP SVCS & MAINT SPEC HD                47,690
Ayers          Debra           PROPERTY AGENT II                         66,347
Ayers          Scott           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Aylesworth     Donald          Purchasing Specialist                     51,226
Ayoubi         Nader           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Ayriyan        Vitaliy         Transit Operator                          51,373
Azen           Alfred          Transit Operator                          51,373
Azevedo        Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Azpitarte      Felisa          ASST DIV DIR, EMERG. MED. SVCS           101,677
Baba           Carrie          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             71,240
Babak          Aleksandr       USW CDL - Driver                          40,576
Babasinian     Tamara          ADMIN SPEC IV                             53,594
Babauta        Jesse           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Babbitt        Todd            PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
BABCHANIK      PAVEL           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Babcook        Brent           Electronic Technician                     58,765
Babic          Joseph          UTILITY WORKER II 4/10                    43,374
Babin          Scott           DENTIST                                  106,617
Babinski       Gregory         IT Project Manager II                     94,695
Bacani         Bernardo        ENGINEER III                              82,134
Bacani         Bernda          SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Bacarro        Cecilio         CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Bacarro        Eleuterio       CUSTODIAN-FLOOR CARE                      37,551
Bachler        Marlin          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bachler        Shannon         SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Bachmeier      Gary            CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Bachtel        Michael         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Bachtel        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Bacinillo      Imelda          JUDICIAL SVCS SUPERVISOR II               67,940
Backus         Steven          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Bacnis         Michael         Finance/Accounting Supervisor             97,099
Bacon          Caroline        PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                63,274
Bacon          Troy            CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       76,904
Bacon          Vanessa         PROJECTPROGRAMMRG I                       56,198
Badger         Barbara         Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv II                57,427
Badger         Lorez           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Badger         Pamela          ENV PROGRAM MANAGING SUP                  96,967
Badics         Scott           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Baehr          Thomas          Transit Operator                          41,098
Baenen         Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Baer           Atar            EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         71,520
Baez garcia    Sharon          TLT HEALTH PROGRAM ASST I                 31,085
Baggett        Lyn             Transit Operator                          12,710
Bagley         Carleen         NUTRITION ASSIST                          39,375
Bagley         Christine       DISEASE RESEARCH & DATA SPEC              25,755
Bagley         Evan            TRUCK DRIVER II                           41,433
Bagley         Glenn           CREW CHIEF                                54,982
Bagnall        Chantae         PARK SPECIALIST I - FIELD                 30,965
Bagshaw        Sally           CHIEF DEPUTY - CIVIL                     139,615
Bahr           Arnold          APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SR                 72,950
Bailey         Arcelious       Transit Operator                          14,122
Bailey         David           Senior Schedule  Planner (TP3)            82,739
Bailey         Dionne          FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Bailey         Dorothy         Project Program Mgr. IV                   82,135
Bailey         Gloria          EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         76,493
Bailey         Hasoni          Transit Operator                          12,710
Bailey         Kristy          LAS III                                   33,648
Bailey         Steven          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bailey         Suzanne         Transit Operator                          51,373
Bailey         Teresa          DEPUTY DIR., JUDICIAL ADMIN               99,294
Bailey         William         Indust. Machinist/MechanicLead            72,950
Bailey-TownsendLatamla         Transit Operator                          12,792
Baily          Anthony         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Baily          Michael         SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
Baily          Ryan            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bains          Manjit          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bainton        Susan           PROBATION OFFICE MANAGER                  47,555
Bair           Krista          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Baird          Jeffrey         SENIOR DEPUTY V                          102,787
Baird          Kimberly        Transit Operator                          51,373
Bajet          Donahrosario    DENTIST                                   96,967
Bajgar         Alois           Transit Operator                          51,373
Baker          Alan            Transit Operator                          51,373
Baker          Barbara         TLT EDUC CONSULTANT II                    63,274
Baker          Bradley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Baker          Carol           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Baker          Cindy           Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Baker          Colene          Educator Consultant II                    74,802
Baker          David           Systems Architect                         90,308
Baker          Eddie           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Baker          Elizabeth       AD SPEC IV                                46,895
Baker          Holly           Admin. Spec. II                           42,010
Baker          Jaime           POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Baker          Jarone          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        66,347
Baker          Jay             EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Baker          Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          51,373
Baker          Marion          CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Baker          Mark            CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Baker          Mindy           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  73,084
Baker          Robert          Transit Operator                          14,122
Baker          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Baker          Ross            LEGIS AIDE DIST 2                         70,000
Baker          Sandra          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Baker          Sarah           NOXIOUS WEED CTRL SPEC I                  35,814
Baker          Scott           TRUCK DRIVER II                           38,979
Baker          Shirley         Customer Svcs Coord - Lead                76,598
Baker          Suzette         CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST II            40,395
Baker jr       John            BUDGET ANALYST III                        84,105
Baker-llapitan Janet           COURT CLERK 2                             38,790
Bakharev       Andrey          Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Bakiano        Baron           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bakke          Harold          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Bakke          Leta            PARK SPECIALIST II                        42,278
Bakko          Joanne          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Balagot        Celso           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Balagot        Ronald          Utility Laborer 3rd                       48,010
Balder         Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Baldridge      Joy             Applications Developer-Sr                 76,795
Balducci       Claudia         SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER III              99,294
Baldwin        Andrew          Transit Operator                          12,792
Baldwin        Gary            HR Services Delivery Mgr. II              99,295
Baldwin        Jack            Utility Line Wrkr                         67,766
Baldwin        Kevin           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Baldwin        Peggy           JAIL RN                                   73,539
Baldwin        Wardell         Information Distributor                   42,518
Baldysz        Ewa             NUTRITIONIST                              58,928
Bale           Steven          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bales          Edwin           DEPUTY V                                  85,337
Bales          William         SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     44,415
Balin          Nancy           DEPUTY V                                  83,046
Balisky        Andrew          Transit Operator                          11,193
Ballard        Debbie          PARK MAINT SPEC I-SEASONAL                     0
Ballard        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Ballasiotes    Stephanie       ED CONSULTANT I                           28,884
Ballena        Rufo            Transit Operator                          51,373
Ballou         Mary            PARK MAINT SPEC I-SEASONAL                     0
Ballweber      James           SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Balmer         John            Transit Operator                          15,990
Balogh         Cynthia         Hlth & Envirnmt Invstg II                 71,240
Balsiger       Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Balsom         Sally           COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Balsom ii      Gerald          COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Baltazar       Marilyn         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Bamage         Franck          ADMIN SPEC III                            41,287
Banaban        Danilo          Transit Operator                          51,373
Banakes        Sandra          NUTRITION ASSIST                          43,293
Banez          Joselito        Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bangs          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Banks          Joel            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Banks          Patricia        Customer Services Coordinator             69,665
Banks          Travis          WORK CREW SUPERVISOR                      49,913
Bankson        David           Mechanic                                  58,765
Banner         Johnna          STUDENT ADMIN INTERN                           0
Bantie         Tibebe          SYSTEMS ENGINEER-SENIOR                   80,209
Banzuela       Federico        Transit Operator                          51,373
Banzuela       William         Transit Custodian I                       38,070
Baptist        Margette        PRO TEM BAILIFF                                0
Barahimi       Abdolhossein    TRANSPORTATION PLNR III                   76,634
Barajas        Jesus           Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Baran          Ellen           Desktop Support Spec-Jrny                 60,342
Baran          Hilmi           Transit Operator                          12,792
Baranowski     Mary            Confidential Secretary I                  58,986
Barash         Elizabeth       EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         65,047
Barattieri     Guy             Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Barber         Cathy           JAIL LPN                                  47,502
Barber         Christa         SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Barber         Ernest          WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Barber         Hugh            SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Barber         Steve           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Barber         Virginia        COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Barberie       Gloria          PHN                                       55,106
Barber-zetterbeAllison         FISCAL SPECIALIST IV                      46,486
Barbosa        Mary            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           91,965
Barbour        Coleridge       COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Barbour        Kelly           TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN SR                   15,424
Barbour        William         MEDICOLEGAL DEATH INVESTIGATOR            61,790
Barclay        Theresa         HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Bard           Samuel          EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (B)                   48,186
Bardaro        Saffa           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST II              63,273
Barden         Jeff            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bardsley       Robert          MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Bardue         Jenny           ELECTRICIAN I                             60,453
Barfield       Cassandra       Transit Operator                          51,373
Barga          Lydia           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,634
Barich         Charles         Transit Operator                          12,792
Barigian       Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bark           David           Transit Operator                          13,416
Barkan         Susan           EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         73,236
Barker         Abram           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Barker         Jamey           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Barker         Michelle        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Barker         Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Barker         Sharon          NUTRITION ASSIST                          43,293
Barkley        Roberta         Transit Operator                          11,193
Barklind       David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Barmuta        Richard         Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Barnard        David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Barnes         Bruce           MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 45,480
Barnes         Christopher     Environmental Lab Scientist I             56,198
Barnes         Corliss         Transit Operator                          51,373
Barnes         Craig           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Barnes         Dennis          FinancialServicesAdministrator           101,816
Barnes         James           TRUCK DRIVER III                          43,159
Barnes         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Barnes         Kathryn         COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 44,278
Barnes         Randall         Transit Parts Specialist                  44,648
Barnes         Richard         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Barnes         Stephen         Transit Operator                          51,373
Barnes         Terry           CUSTOMER SPECIALIST III                   39,375
Barnes         Timothy         SENIOR DEPUTY I                           90,830
Barnes         William         PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Barnes-villegasVirginia        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        57,155
Barnett        Cherry          SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Barnett        Harold          Transit Operator                          51,373
Barnett        Lawrence        Capital Projects Mng Supvr                96,968
Barnett        Suzanne         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Barney         Kelly           CUSTODIAN-SE                              23,296
Barnhouse      Kathryn         GAL PROGRAM ATTORNEY                      57,337
Barnum         Nancy           ADMINISTRATOR II                          60,342
Barnwell       John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Barquet        Ricky           Supervisor-in-Training                    54,985
Barr           Heather         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Barreca        Anita           Transit Planning Supervisor               94,695
Barren         William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Barreto        German          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Barreto        Nicole          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             44,332
Barrett        Chelsea         ADMIN INTERN                                   0
Barrett        Dawn            SOCIAL WORKER                             52,338
Barrett        Joshua          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Barrett        Kenneth         Transit Operator                          12,792
Barrett        Kyle            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Barrett        Melody          WORK CREW SUPERVISOR                      45,396
Barrett        Russell         PHOTOGRAPHY LAB SUPERVISOR                71,240
Barringer      Christopher     LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST #9                  34,000
Barron         Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Barrow         Floyd           Transit Operator                          51,373
Barry          Anthony         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Barry          Morgan          EDUCATOR CONSULTANT III                   66,347
Barsoum        Bill            Construction Mgmt III                     71,072
Bartells       Danielle        CUSTOMER SVC SPEC 2                       41,287
Bartlein       Kevin           Transit Operator                          46,235
Bartlett       Bruce           SERGEANT                                  73,543
Bartlett       Christina       POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bartlett       Tom             Transit Operator                          12,792
Barto          Joseph          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Bartolo        Jose            MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Bartolome      Glenn           Senior Schedule  Planner (TP3)            78,291
Barton         Chester         Utility Line Wrkr                         67,766
Barton jr      Richard         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Baruso         Steven          Grant Administrator                       72,950
Basa           Amuerfina       ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Bascom         Elisabeth       COUNTY EXEC ASST I                        84,106
Baseden        Kyong           Assistant Accountant                      48,744
Basha          Sebsebie        Transit Operator                          12,710
Basic          Denis           CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Basile         Kris            Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Basisty        Bohdan          OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Basney         Lance           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bass           Judy            Communications Specialist III             71,240
Bass           Mary            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                68,059
Bassen         Daren           Lead Carpenter                            64,634
Bassett        Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bassett        Vornice         Transit Operator                          46,235
Bast           Loreen          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 43,293
Batayola       Carmelita       BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            78,329
Batayola       Maria           Diversity Manager                         92,475
Bateman        Clayton         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Bates          Russ            Transit Operator                          12,792
Bates          Russell         Transit Operator                          12,792
Bates          Stephanie       PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Bates          Taralynn        COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Bates          Verla           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Bates-benetua  Michelle        TEMP PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   0
Batey          Katherine       Transit Operator                          12,792
Bathum         Richard         DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Bathurst       Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Batson Jr      Harold          Transit Operator                          51,373
Battey         John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Batth          Naunihal        Transit Operator                          14,122
Battle         Richard         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Batts          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bauer          Amy             EPIDEMIOLOGIST I                          59,155
Bauer          Christina       CCD CASEWORKER                            56,198
Bauer          David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bauer          Londell         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bauer          Roxanne         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Baugh          David           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Baugh          James           Transit Operator                          11,193
Baugh          Susan           PRINCIPAL MGMT AUDITOR TLT                63,233
Baughnsmith    Craig           PARAMEDIC                                 65,645
Baum           David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Baum           Heather         LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     66,347
Bauman         Brian           Mechanic 2nd                              57,387
Bauman         Ronald          CARPENTER                                 51,206
Baumgartner    Boyd            IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 45,396
Baun           David           APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SENIOR             71,240
Bautista       Alfred          EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (B)                   48,186
Bautista       Edgardo         Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Bautista       Edwin           CHIEF OF OPERATIONS, JUVENILE             82,134
Bautista       Emmanuel        Transit Operator                          14,122
Bautista       Krista          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 61,790
Bautista       Ricardo         PRINCIPAL LEGISLATIVE ANALYST            102,818
Bautista       Vergel          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bautista jr    Enrique         SYSTEMS ENGINEER-SENIOR                   80,209
Baxter         Brian           Mechanic                                  58,765
Baxter         Daniel          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Baxter         Dewey           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Baxter         Garrett         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Baxter         Kent            SERGEANT                                  77,267
Baxter         Mary            SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Baxter         Robert          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Bay            Jennifer        FUNCTIONAL ANALYST III                    64,792
Bayes          Camille         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                     32,262
Bayless        Theresa         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             58,554
Baylor         Regina          PROBATION OFFICER I                       68,287
Baynard        John            QUALITY ASSURANCE AND IMPROVEM            64,792
Bayne          Ryan            COUNTY EXEC ASST III                     101,677
Baynes-gastmansHenifer         TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                5,305
Baytos         Deborah         Transit Operator                          14,122
Bazan-diallo   Sandra          TLT HEALTH PROGRAM ASSIST II              45,396
Bazargan       Mohammad        Transit Operator                          11,193
Baze           Ruth            DENTAL ASSIST                             36,671
Bazzar         Timothy         Wastewater Treatment Supvr                84,260
Bazzi          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Beach          Jay             WEB DEVELOPER-SENIOR                      69,570
Beach          Victoria        Designer III                              54,300
Beall          Ellen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Beall          Gregory         Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Beals          Reta            LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  40,320
Bean           Thomas          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Beanblossom    John            COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Beard          Melvin          ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Beardsley      Anne            DEPUTY III                                61,002
Beasley        Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Beaston-CallahaAnne            Transit Chief                             86,241
Beattie        Patricia        JAIL RN                                   57,096
Beatton        Robert          Mechanic                                  52,897
Beatty         Chrystie        Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Beatty         Douglas         Transit Chief                             78,329
Beatty         Kristan         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   66,931
Beatty         Laurie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Beaty          Robert          Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Beauchamp      Jaime           Transit Operator                          12,710
Beauchamp      Walter          TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Beaver         Anne            COURT CLERK                               46,426
Beaver         Wendy           PHASS                                     63,273
Beavers        Ricky           Transit Operator                          51,373
Beavers        Thomas          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               68,538
Beba           John            EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Becerra        Ralph           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Beck           Ally            COURT CLERK                               45,326
Beck           Brenda          Transit Operator                          12,792
Beck           Carla           Assistant Accountant                      52,339
Beck           Dominick        WACIC COORDINATOR TLT                     35,338
Beck           Ernest          Project Program Mgr. IV                   88,191
Beck           Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Beck           Michael         Transportation Planner IV                 90,308
Beck           Robert          Transit Operator                          12,792
Beck           Willie          UTILITY WORKER 1                          39,448
Becker         Arnold          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Becker         Bernadette      CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Becker         Erin            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           90,830
Becker         Joseph          WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Becker         Julianne        NUTRITIONIST                              53,002
Becker         Laura           POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Becker         Laurie          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   48,781
Becker         Linda           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                54,067
Beckley        Heidi           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY II                 47,605
Beckman        Debra           TEMP JAIL NP                              11,956
Beckman        Glen            DATABASE SPECIALIST-JRNY                  60,857
Beckman        Robert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Beckwith       Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Beckwith       John            Business & Finance Officer II             74,802
Becton         Jamal           CUSTODIAN-FLOOR CARE                      33,352
Bedinger       David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bediones       Christine       Transit Operator                          51,373
Bedker         Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bednar         Kathleen        WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Bednared       Peggy           BUDGET ANALYST                            68,287
Bednarski      Therese         LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  72,950
Beede          Rochelle        EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       44,332
Beerman        Patricia        TEMP INTER/TRANSLATOR                      4,941
Beets          N               POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Beggerly       Stephen         MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       53,694
Begoun         Sheryl          SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Behan          Gail            SUPERVISOR I                              62,335
Behm           Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Behrbaum       Zena            Transit Operator                          51,373
Beier          Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Beiter         Gregory         Transit Operator                          41,098
Belcher        Alayne          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Belcher        Brenda          LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              39,375
Belcher        Charles         Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Belcher        Danny           Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Belcher        James           Waste Water Engineer V                    90,308
Belcher        Percy           CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY COUNSELOR             48,744
Belcher        Terry           TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Belcourt       Lynn            LAS II                                    32,087
Beleford       Damita          COURT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  46,426
Beleford       June            ED CONSULTANT III                         78,329
Beleford       Rozell          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Beleiciks      Zorina          Transit Operator                          51,373
Belford        James           POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Belgacem       Moncef          SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Belgarde       Karen           PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Bell           Ain-akilah      SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Bell           Cabrina         Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Bell           Carolyn         ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Bell           Christopher     DEPUTY IV                                 69,841
Bell           Dawna           Transit Operator                          11,193
Bell           Dean            LANDFILL GAS OPERATOR I - 4/10            48,186
Bell           Doug            Human Resource Analyst                    41,164
Bell           Elizabeth       FISCAL SPEC II                            40,320
Bell           Gary            CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Bell           Jacqulyn        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             41,651
Bell           Jeff            Transit Operator                          51,373
Bell           John            OPERATIONS MANAGER                       104,118
Bell           Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bell           Laurie          JUD SEVR SUPR I                           66,348
Bell           Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Bell           Maureen         COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Bell           Michael         Transit Operator                          14,122
Bell           Pamela          Finance/Accounting Supervisor             92,475
Bell           Richard         SECURITY ASSISTANT                        43,374
Bell           Robert          FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      39,375
Bell           Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bell           Ronald          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bell           Rosemary        Transit Operator                          51,373
Bell           Stephanie       Alt.Dispute Res Medtr/Asst Mgr            94,695
Bell           Stephen         IT MANAGER II                             88,198
Bell           Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,122
Bell           Valerie         CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 40,674
Bell           Willie          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bell           Winston         TEMP RESEARCH ASSISTANT                    5,305
Bell Jr.       Henry           Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Bellah         Samuel          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Bellam         Deborah         Labor Negotiator II                       81,453
Beller         Catherine       Transit Operator                          51,373
Bellgardt      Robert          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Bellinger      John            Mechanic                                  58,765
Bellipanni     Catherine       Transit Instructor                        64,696
Bello          Jose            PHARMACY TECH                             43,293
Belongia       Brian           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Belt           Laura           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Belt           Susan           CORRECTIONS PROG SUPV                     76,487
Beltran        Ernesto         MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I-HD              53,694
Beltran        Ramon           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Beltran        Vicente         CHEM DEPENDENCY PROGRAM SCRNR             40,395
Belvill        Tracy           PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Bemowski       Mary            Transportation Planner II                 71,240
Benard         Ronald          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Benard         Sheva           Transit Operator                          51,373
Bench          Kimberly        ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    21,855
Bender         Sid             COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST I                   96,967
Bender         William         Fire & Life Safety Technician             51,112
Benedict       Lance           Senior Schedule  Planner (TP3)            82,739
Benham         Richard         COOK-LEAD                                 52,432
Benitez        Ramiro          Transit Operator                          14,122
Benjamin       Carlos          INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Benjamin       Genevieve       CCD CASEWORKER                            64,792
Benjamin       Marva           Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       29,827
Benjamin       William         Transit Operator                          12,710
Bennett        Dan             Transit Operator                          48,804
Bennett        Derek           PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Bennett        Donald          ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Bennett        Ernest          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bennett        Errol           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Bennett        Frederick       ENGINEER III                              82,134
Bennett        Gregory         Transit Operator                          51,373
Bennett        Ian             Building Operating Engineer               58,765
Bennett        James           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        42,535
Bennett        John            HPA II                                    44,332
Bennett        Karson          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Bennett        Keith           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bennett        Michelle        SERGEANT                                  77,267
Bennett        Nathaniel       Transit Operator                          51,373
Bennett        Regina          COURT CLERK                               46,426
Bennett        Steven          Applications Developer-Sr                 80,209
Benson         Aaron           Transit Operator                          41,098
Benson         Andreas         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Benson         Elissa          COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASSIST II               106,617
Benson         Luz             NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       36,671
Benson         Rebecca         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       67,537
Benson         Richard         SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Benthem        Frederik        LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 61,790
Bentler        Frederick       WEB DEVELOPER-SENIOR                      71,240
Bentler        Kalpna          TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
BENTLEY        DZIKO           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Bentley        Maria           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bentley        Pat             TEMP RN                                    8,273
Benton         Mia             COURT CLERK                               23,213
Benton         Rellie          Transit Chief                             86,241
Benyon         James           CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 36,126
Berard         Elizabeth       FISCAL SPECIALIST III-50%                 24,370
Berens         John            MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Berg           Carol           CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Berg           Daniel          CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Berg           John            COMMERCIAL APPRAISER I                    49,173
Berg           Jon             ADMIN SPEC III                            34,453
Berg           Julia           Educator Consultant II                    37,544
Berg           Rene            REGISTERED NURSE - JUVENILE               34,117
Berg           Sundee          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bergam         Mark            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Berganio       Jacqueline      PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Berge          Hans            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Berger         Lonnie          FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      39,375
Bergeron       Karen           ENVIRONMENTAL SCI II 80% TLT              46,041
Berges         Kim             WW Support Specialist                     49,914
Bergfalk       Alumbarie       Transit Operator                          11,193
Bergh          Cynthia         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    66,337
Berglund       Catherine       TEMP EDUCATION SPECIALIST                  5,696
Berglund       Helena          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Bergman        Robert          Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Bergman        Susan           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Bergquist      Annabell        CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 40,674
Bergquist      Eric            Transit Operator                          51,373
Bergrud        Shawn           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Bergsma        Mirasol         Fiscal Specialist III                     42,651
Bergstrasser   Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Bergstrom      Jackie          RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTANTII                 0
Bergstrom      John            Indust. Machinist/MechanicLead            72,950
Bergstrom      Ken             Construction Management III               76,494
Bergstrom      Nancy           IT PROJECT MANAGER I                      88,190
Bergstrom      Tod             SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Berho          Mauricio        Transit Operator                          14,122
Beringer       Calvin          SERGEANT                                  75,382
Beringer       Jane            Transit Operator                          51,373
Berk           Christopher     STUDENT INTERN                                 0
Berkley        Mark            Transit Operator                          41,098
Berlin         Gary            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Berlin         Janice          Communications Coordinator                67,933
Berlin         Rodger          Systems Engineer-Senior                   84,106
Berliner       Jessica         DEPUTY V                                  83,046
Berman         Jason           TEMP MEDICOLEGAL DEATH INV                38,484
Berman         Michael         IT Project Manager II                    104,260
Bermudez       Rey-nazareno    CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Bermudez jr    Reynaldo        SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Bernardo       Emmanuel        CUSTODIAN                                      0
Bernasconi     Cindy           ADMIN STAFF ASST TEMP                          0
Berndt         Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bernet         Candie          COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Bernhardt      Jeffrey         SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Bernstein      William         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER I                 46,895
Bernthal       James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bero           Anna            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Bero           Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Berosek        Kenneth         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Berrey         Cheryl          Administrator I                           58,928
Berry          Bradley         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Berry          Clarissa        SMALL FACILITY SRVS SUPERVISOR            61,458
Berry          Dale            Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Berry          James           Mechanic                                  58,765
Berry          Karen           Transit Operator                          12,792
Berry          Patricia        CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 41,287
Berry          Rebecca         PHARMACY ASST A                           43,459
Berryessa      Rachel          ENGINEER III - 67.5% FTE                  55,440
Bert           Karen           Claims Officer II                         60,874
Bertalan       Tonee           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Berteaux       Yul             Transit Operator                          51,373
Bertrand       Randolph        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bertsch        Brent           Project/Program Manager II                74,802
Berwick        Richard         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                     34,453
Besaw          Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bese           Roxanne         SUPERINTDNT OF LICENSING                  88,191
Besmer         Cheryl          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 4                 43,674
Besmer         Crystal         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     29,885
Best           Carmen          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Best           Jean            COMM OPERATIONS MANAGER                   86,124
Bester         Gwenetta        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Bestor         Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Bethel         John            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Betsch         Benny           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Betschart      Michael         IT Enterprise Manager I                   99,295
Bettcher       Douglas         Lead Ground Specialist                    54,630
Bettinger      Betsy           NUTRITION ASSIST                          19,300
Betts          Catherine       Buyer                                     64,792
Betts          Kimberly        Transit Operator                          11,193
Betts          Sylvia          AdminSpecialist III                       47,602
Betz           Lusa            Systems Engineer-Senior                   86,124
Beukema        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Bevington      N               Transit Planning Supervisor               99,430
Bez            Jonathon        Project/Program Manager III               80,209
Bible          Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Bibler         Jonathan        COURT CLERK                               41,186
Bibus          David           REGIONAL HEALTH ADMIN                    104,118
Bickerstaff    Jeffrey         Designer V                                60,577
Biddle         Leslie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Biderbost      Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Biehn          Elizabeth       COURT CLERK                               23,213
Bielenberg     Don             Transit Operator                          51,373
Biernacki      Stanley         Transit Operator                          14,122
Bigej          Cynthia         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Biggers        Kevin           COMMERCIAL APPRAISER I                    43,674
Bigornia       Victor          COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Bihis          Proceso         DENTAL ASSISTANT                          41,446
Bikbov         Irina           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Bikle          Anne            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               80,209
Bilir          Sevin           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II                72,950
Billings       Ronald          Transit Operator                          12,710
Billingsley    Dawn            Rideshare Services Rep                    45,922
Billingsley    Mckinley        Transit Operator                          51,373
Billingsley    Wendy           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bills          Brent           Business & Finance Officer IV             78,329
Billups        Samuel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Billups jr     Amon            Lead Senior Buyer                         78,329
Binetti        Cheryl          Special Projects Manager II               82,135
Biose          Koji            Transit Operator                          14,122
Birchard       Mathew          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Birchfield     Marsha          LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              38,452
Birchman       Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bird           Trennon         Transit Operator                          12,792
Birge          Steven          OFFICE MANAGER I                          69,424
Birk           Vanessa         CREW CHIEF                                52,435
Birkenfeld     Patricia        HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST                   58,928
Birkland       Chris           Transit Operator                          51,373
Birklid        Thomas          TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Bisch          Martin          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bishop         Gregory         HE INVESTIGATOR IV                        84,105
Bishop         Jordan          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Bishop         Kathleen        INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              42,357
Bishop         Lavada          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Bishop         Michelle        WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Bishop         Ron             DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR-MASTER             99,294
Bishop         S               Transit Operator                          51,373
Bissell        Odalys          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    46,485
Bissonnette    Pam             DIRECTOR, NATURAL RES & PARKS            148,602
Bitterman      Jerry           ELECTRICIAN I                             60,453
Biwit          Dennis          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Biwit          Gabriel         PAINTER 1                                 52,436
Bjerk          Arthur          Transit Operator                          15,990
Bjorgen        James           VEGETATION SPECIALIST                     47,057
Bjorklund      Laurinda        RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Bjorkman       Brennan         PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Bjorkman       Darle           MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Bjorkman       Jane            PHASS                                     63,273
Black          Anthony         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Black          Chris           UTILITY WORKER 2                          42,278
Black          Jeffrey         ElectronicCommunicationTech I             45,396
Black          Kristen         Building Operating Engineer               58,765
Black          Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Blackard       Wayne           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Blackburn      Ronald          Transit Operator                          48,804
Blackburn      William         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                86,282
Blackford      Patricia        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Blackmer       Dave            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Blackshear     Ellen           Transit Operator                          14,122
Blackstock     Becky           COMMERCIAL APPRAISER I                    52,799
Blackwell      Ronald          Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Blackwell      Steven          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Blades         Donna           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              53,594
Blagg          Sara            FAMILY LAW FACILITATOR                    38,337
Blahak         Denise          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Blaine         John            Environmental LabScientist III            78,329
Blair          Dennis          WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Blair          Donald          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Blair          Martha          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III                  0
Blake          Kathryn         RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTANT                   0
Blakemore      David           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Blakney        William         SENIOR DEPUTY V                          125,345
Blakslee       Lynn            FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     41,186
Blanchard      Darren          Transit Operator                          51,373
Blanchard      Gary            REAL PROPERTY AGENT IV                    76,493
Blanchette     Shawn           Transit Operator                          14,122
Blanco         Carlos          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Blanco         Juana           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Bland          Donna           TEMP DIS                                   5,326
Blanford       Bruce           Transit Operator                          14,122
Blangy         Wendy           Transit Operator                          12,710
Blanke         Richard         LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 61,790
Blansett       Marian          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Blanton        Floyd           Transit Operator                          51,373
Blanton        Pamela          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   37,401
Blauman        Lenora          EXEC SECTY-BOUNDARY REV BD                76,493
Bleasdale      Donald          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Bledsoe        Carolyn         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  76,493
Bledsoe        Grant           Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Bleeker        Eileen          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   62,335
Blegen         Benjamin        ENGINEER II                               66,348
Bleifuhs       Steven          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               72,950
Blenker        Duane           Transit Operator                          12,792
Blenkner       Richard         OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Blesie         Gregg           Transit Operator                          51,373
Blevins        Linda           TEMP REGISTERED NURSE                      8,273
Bliesner       Siri            TEMP EPID 1                                6,593
Bligh          Douglas         Transit Chief                             74,701
Blinkova       Nina            NUTRITION ASSIST                          43,293
Bliss          David           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Block          William         PROGRAM MANAGER IV                        86,124
Blocki         Angela          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               35,280
Blodgett       James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Blomberg       Anita           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    48,744
Blondin        Michael         Marketing & Sales Spec II                 67,940
Blood          Timothy         SENIOR DEPUTY III                        105,431
Bloom          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bloomingdale   Megan           RESEARCH ASSISTANT                             0
Blossey        Linda           LEGISLATIVE SECRETARY                     55,945
Blue           Brittany        TLT ADMIN SPEC II                         17,143
Blue           Earnestine      CORRECTION SUPERVISOR                     62,073
Blumenthal     Cathy           Rideshare Operations Chief                86,241
Blumenthal     Patrice         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       67,537
Blumer         Ruth            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Blumhagen      Jeffrey         SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Boado          Jojo            Transit Operator                          51,373
Boado          Romeo           COOK / BAKER                              39,067
Boardley       Gregory         Transit Operator                          51,373
Bobadilla      Frances         ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN                     55,830
Bober          Marek           Mechanic                                  52,897
Bobich         Andrew          Transit Operator                          51,373
Boddy          Michael         Transit Operator                          11,193
Bodick         William         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Bodley         Dawn            DISPATCHER                                44,278
Bodoia         John            CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER                  106,617
Body           Mark            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Boe            James           Lead Senior Buyer                         86,241
Boe            Theodore        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Boehm          William         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Boehme         Paul            Transit Operator                          14,122
Boehme         Peter           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Boehmer        Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Boekhoff       Michael         Transit Operator                          48,804
Boese          Douglas         OPER ENGR 3                               59,036
Boetcher       Daniel          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Boettiger      Jessica         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Bogan          Diane           CUSTOMER SVC SPEC III                     46,485
Bogan          Dona            DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL II                    72,950
Bogan          Sharon          TEMP EDUCATION CONSULTANT I                6,414
Bogar          Alison          SENIOR DEPUTY I                           89,708
Bogart         Russell         UTILITY WORKER II 4/10                    37,621
Boggess        Lisa            PARALEGAL                                 40,675
Boggess        Stephen         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Boggs          Nancy           COURT CLERK                               39,264
Bogle          Michael         SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Bogomaz        Rita            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Bogomolov      Vladimir        Waste Water Engineer IV                   72,950
Boh            Terry           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Bohanan        Martin          IRRIGATION SPECIALIST                     59,036
Bohn           Corinn          SENIOR DEPUTY I                           89,708
Bohn           Liesl           SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Boice          Allen           Electronic Technician                     58,765
Boisvert       Deanne          PROJECTPROGMGRII                          69,570
Boitnott       Judith          VM Tech Info Process Spec3                47,029
Boland         Andy            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Boland         Steven          Transit Operator                          11,193
Bolander       Allison         TEMP RN                                    6,989
Bolar          Debbie          Transit Operator                          14,122
Bolar          Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bolar          Dorothy         PERMIT TECHNICIAN                         43,674
Bolar sr       Louis           RECREATION COORDINATOR                    53,776
Bolden         Sandra          Transit Operator                          11,193
Bolin-jones    Theresa         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II                   0
Bolla          Harinath        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bolmgren       Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Bolser         Donald          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Bolt           Jason           BAILIFF                                   45,958
Bolton         Mark            DEPUTY DIRECTOR                          114,479
Bolz           Monika          Line Mat 2nd/3rd Wrkr                     56,364
Bomengen       Lori            FISCAL SPEC III                           48,744
Bomgren        Clark           Transit Operator                          13,416
Bonadie        Ovita           Buyer                                     64,792
Bond           Pamela          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bond           Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Boness         Helen           TEMP-ELECTION OBSERVER                         0
Bonet          Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bonicalzi      Gail            INVOLUNTARY COMM SPEC I                   56,434
Bonilla        Arnaul          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bonilla        Leonardo        COOK BAKER                                     0
Bonilla jr     Ismael          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Bonnar         Brian           POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Bonne          Diane           PPM IV                                    84,105
Bonnell        Beverly         Transit Operator                          14,122
Bonner         Phillip         LAN Administrator-Senior                  67,940
Bonner         Timothy         Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Booker         Bruce           CAPTAIN                                  101,122
Booker         Donald          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Booker         Jamar           CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Bookey         Robin           LAN Administrator-Journey                 56,199
Bookin         Stephen         POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Bookter        Colby           CUSTODIAN-SE                              27,503
Boomer         Michael         SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Boon           Catherine       Project Program Mgr. IV                   90,308
Boon           James           Vehicle Maintenance Manager              117,227
Boon           Thomas          Equipment Dispatcher 3rd                  52,876
Boone          Amy             NURSE PRACTITIONER                        41,582
Boone          Christopher     CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       82,310
Boone          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Boone          Laura           COURT CLERK                               38,338
Boonsripisal   Mike            Engineer II                               72,950
Booth          Dwayne          BUSINESS/FINANCE OFCR 2                   40,756
Booth          Gary            App Developer-Journey                     74,701
Boram          Elizabeth       PROJECTPROGMGRII                          43,253
Borchers       Priscilla       Construction Management VI                94,695
Borders        Keith           IT Systems Spec-Master                    90,430
Bordner        Donald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Borges         Thomas          TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN                 66,347
Borgford-parnelDonna           ADV PRACTICE NURSE SPEC                   77,791
Borgstrom      Sue             PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       52,946
Boring         Pamela          NURSE MANAGER                             94,962
Borja          John            PHOTOGRAPHER                              57,547
Borja          Joven           COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Borkan         Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Borkowski      Steven          CUSTODIAN-SUPPORT 75% WAGE                27,503
Borrero        Edward          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bosaiya        B               WEB DELVELOPER SR                         63,278
Bosanko        Russell         PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,493
Bosch          Anna            DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Bosch          Michael         CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Bosch          Stephen         ADMINISTRATOR I                           58,927
Boscolo        Mattia          UTILITY WORKER II                         39,448
Boser          Michael         Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Boshart        Randy           Project Program Mgr. II                   56,203
Boss           Albert          Web Developer-Journey                     60,343
Boss           Bobbi           ADMIN SPEC II                             40,320
Boss           Ella            LEGAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR I               58,054
Bossart        Mark            IT SYSTEMS SPECIALIST-SENIOR              67,940
Bosserman      Eric            ENGINEER I                                64,792
Bossett        Catherine       ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Bossuyt        Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bostick        Andrea          DENTAL ASSIST                             37,551
Bostjancic     Joseph          TEMP ASI TROUBLESHOOTER                        0
Bostjancic     Nancy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Bostrom        Kevin           EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Boswell        Kevin           ElectronicCommunicationTech I             39,375
Botello        Douglas         UTILITY WORKER II-TEMP                         0
Bothel         Scott           TEMP AS II                                 4,285
Bottheim       Stephen         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV                92,475
Bouchard       Debra           Water Quality Plnr/Proj III               46,998
Boudreau       Cheryl          IT Project Manager II                     99,295
Boudreau       Jeffrey         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              36,671
Bouffiou       Sean            ADMINISTRATOR 4                           86,124
Bougard        Jenae           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Bouie          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Bouie          Phillip         Transit Operator                          51,373
Bounyarith     Nellie          LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST III                35,280
Boupharath     Sourasith       LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  64,792
Bourbonais     Katherine       WaterQualityPlanner/ProjMgrIII            82,215
Bourn          Henry           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Bouta          Dawn            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bovee          Warren          Transit Operator                          14,122
Bovenkamp      Chad            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Bovetz         Bryan           Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Bovetz         Ronald          Mechanic                                  58,765
Bowan          Jeffrey         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Bowden         Deborah         APPLICATION WORKER                        42,441
Bowen          James           ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Bowen          John            Industrial Engine Mechanic                66,347
Bowen          Ricky           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bowen jr       Patrick         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bowers         David           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Bowers         Jeff            GRANTS ADMINISTRATOR                      76,493
Bowers         Pamela          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Bowers         William         Database Admnstr-Master                   96,968
Bowie          Timothy         Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Bowlby         Gene            Transit Operator                          51,373
Bowles         Mason           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Bowles         Michael         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Bowley         Samantha        ADMIN SPEC IV                             49,914
Bowling        Christopher     Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bowman         Edward          Transit Operator                          15,990
Bowman         James           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-MASTER                  74,700
Bowman         Jeffrey         Construction Management II                66,348
Bowman         Sandra          Transit Operator                          12,710
Bowman         Thaddeus        TRANSFER STAT OPER                        50,044
Bown           David           Transit Operator                          12,792
Bowron         Roy             UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Bowser         Erroll          Transit Operator                          51,373
Box            Lincoln         Applications Developer-Sr                 82,134
Boxx           Diana           TEMP EMS TRAINING AIDE-PATIENT                 0
Boyce          Gay             PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER 3                 66,347
Boyce          Nick            Intern III                                31,807
Boyd           Erika           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       33,355
Boyd           Michael         Transit Operator                          12,792
Boyd           Rodrick         Real Property Agent IV                    90,396
Boyd           Steven          Transit Operator                          14,122
Boyer          Harmony         Communications Coordinator                67,933
Boykin         Belinda         CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    40,320
Boyle          Christopher     Indust. Machinist/MechanicLead            72,950
Boyle          Elizabeth       Transit Operator                          51,373
Boyle          James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Boyle          Michael         Equipment Service Worker 2nd              34,958
Boyle          Patrick         TRANSFER STAT OPER                        37,218
Boyle          Patrick         DATABASE ADMSTR-JOURNEY                   74,836
Boyle          Terry           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II - 50%              17,077
Boyle          Theresa         SYSTEMS ENGINEER-SENIOR                   80,209
Boyle          Timothy         Transit Operator                          51,373
Boze           Scott           Industrial Engine Mechanic                66,347
Bozell         Curtis          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Bozoti         Paul            Lead Transit Parts Specialist             54,589
Braaflat       Joseph          MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 43,373
Bracher        Daniel          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bracken        Lindsey         JAIL LPN                                  46,207
Bradberry      Henry           PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Bradburn-johnsoNancy           FAMILY COURT COMMISSIONER                121,735
Braden         Almond          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bradfield      Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Bradfield      James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Bradford       Gregory         Transit Operator                          14,122
Bradford       Kerri           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               35,280
Bradford       Paul            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Bradford       Sandra          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Bradley        Daniel          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Bradley        Kenneth         Transit Operator                          12,792
Bradley        Lori            Project/Program Manager II                56,694
Bradley        Peggy           SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Bradley        Robert          Transit Operator                          11,193
Bradley        Roland          Project/Program Manager IV                90,308
Bradley        Verdrene        Transit Operator                          51,373
Bradly         Margaret        COURT CLERK                               45,326
Bradrick       Matthew         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bradshaw       Cynthia         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             88,190
Bradshaw       Rosemary        COURT MANAGER                             65,059
Brady          Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Brady          Edward          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Brady          Kristin         SOCIAL SERVICE COORDINATOR                59,988
Brady          Roger           MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Brady          Scott           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brady          Terrance        SUPERVISOR III                            90,307
Brae           Ravia           Transit Operator                          11,193
Bragg          Jo              BUDGET ANALYST II (UNDERFILL)             66,348
Brais          Jerrold         ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Brakke         Karen           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Braman         Thomas          Web Developer-Master                      90,308
Brame          Wynne           LEGAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR I               54,066
Branch         Audrey          Transit Operator                          51,373
Brancheau      Michael         Transit Operator                          13,416
Brand          Dan             Occup Educ & Trng Prgm Admn Sr            80,209
Brandalise     Jason           Transit Operator                          11,193
Brandenstein   Dale            Systems Architect                         73,980
Brandon        Rodrick         Special Assignment TLT                   125,867
Brandon        Seth            CARPENTER I                               48,834
Brandt         Lisa            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II                72,950
Brandt         Neal            PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Branham        April           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     36,993
Branham        Philip          Customer Services Supervisor              86,241
Branica        Stefanie        EDUCATION SPECIALIST                      22,785
Brannon        Morgan          ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Bransford      Philip          Transit Operator                          14,122
Bratcher       Carlos          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bratcher       Michael         HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Brater         Rick            ENGINEERING SERVICES SECTION M           106,617
Bravo de rueda Cristina        ADMIN SPEC II                             37,881
Bravo de rueda Ralph           UTILITY WORKER II LEAD 4/10               43,374
Brawley        Karen           PROJ/PROG MNGR II                         55,364
Braxton        Dean            JUV DRUG COURT PROGRAM MGR                67,704
Bray           Randall         PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Bray jr        David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brazelton      Maurice         Intern III                                14,813
Breazeal       Jeri            CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER II               76,493
Breazeale      Patsy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Breckwoldt     Kenneth         Transit Operator                          14,122
Breen          Jay             Transit Operator                          14,122
Breen          Thomas          DEPUTY III                                61,002
Breiner        Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Breiner jr     James           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brenden        Brenda          NUTRITION ASSIST                          20,723
Brender        Annette         PHSS                                      87,235
Brendle        Vernon          Transit Chief                             86,241
Brennan        Benjamin        SUMMER INTERN DIST 9                           0
Brennan        Douglas         Transit Operator                          12,792
Brenneman      Marilyn         SENIOR DEPUTY V                          125,345
Brenner        Edward          CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Brenner        Jeanette        REGISTERED NURSE - JUVENILE               68,253
Brenner        Richard         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Brenner        Robert          Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            73,022
Brent          Jimmy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Brent          Sue             REGISTERED NURSE                          30,912
Breshears      Jennifer        ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    44,332
Brewer         Danny           Transit Operator                          14,122
Brewer         Donald          Transit Chief                             82,134
Brewer         James           LEGAL COUNSEL                            138,756
Brewer         Nicholas        SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     43,374
Brewer         Timothy         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Brice          Deborah         Transit Operator                          14,122
Brice          Latrez          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Briceno        Esmelin         SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Briceno        Luis            Transit Operator                          11,193
Brickell       Judith          Administrator I                           53,595
Brickell       Timothy         Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Bridgeman      Chris           Transit Operator                          51,373
Bridges        Antonio         Transit Operator                          51,373
Bridges        George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bridges        Kathleen        Transit Operator                          13,416
Bridges        Kelvin          Elec Const                                67,766
Bridges        Tommy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Bridges        William         ElectronicCommunicationTechII             60,342
Bridges jr     William         SERGEANT                                  68,668
Bridgman       Kristi          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Briese         David           PARK MAINT SPECIALIST II                       0
Briggs         John            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Briggs         Leo             Transit Operator                          51,373
Briggs         Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Bright         Amber           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Bright         Lorrie          JAIL LPN                                  37,364
Brill          Marilyn         TEMP NUTRITIONST                           7,394
Brill          Robert          Transit Operator                          12,792
Brinkley       Blane           Transit Operator                          51,373
Brinkley       James           CORRECTIONS SUPERVISOR                    62,073
Brinkley       John            PARALEGAL                                 42,651
Brinson        Roy             CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Briones        Emilio          Utility Service Worker 3rd                32,870
Briscoe        Rose            FAMILY LAW COORDINATOR                    32,478
Briseno        Lilia           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    48,744
Brissey        Maija           TEMP REGISTERED NURSE                      6,060
Bristow        Thomas          GOVT RELATIONS CONSULTANT                 93,794
Brito          Kazh            INTERN-UNDERGRADUATE                       2,932
Brito-jenkins  Laura           ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Britt          Melonie         VM Tech Info Process Spec3                44,669
Britt          Michelle        PROJ PROG MNG II                          61,791
Britt          Paulette        EXECUTIVE PROGRAM ASSISTANTIII            78,329
Brittingham    Shelley         FAIR EVENT STAFF III                           0
Britton        Diane           Administrative Specialist II              44,376
Britton        James           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Britton        Lynn            SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     23,845
Brix           Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Broadhead      Louis           Engineer IV                               90,562
Broadus        Jennifer        CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY II                      0
Brocato        Anthony         Waste Water Engineer V                    97,062
Brochu         Sharon          Fiscal Specialist II                      44,332
Brock          Gregory         Waste Water Engineer IV                   90,396
Brock          Jonathan        Intern III                                12,723
Brock          Tina            LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 30,602
Brockett       Glenn           Transit Operator                          51,373
Brockmeier     Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          14,122
Brockway       Deborah         Marketing &Sales Specialist IV            82,134
Broderick      Mike            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Brodersen      R               USW CDL - Driver                          40,576
Brodersen      Tracy           Transit Parts Specialist                  49,618
Broderson      Jeffrey         IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Brodie         Tracy           LEGIS AIDE INTERN DIST #11                     0
Brody          Keith           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Brogan         Mary            PUBLIC RECORDS SPECIALIST                 46,486
Broggi         Eleanor         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Broman         Robert          Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Bromberger     Mary            FAMILY LAW COORDINATOR                    37,941
Bromley        Verna           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        105,431
Bronson        Stephanie       TEMP RN                                    7,459
Brooke         C               EMS INSTRUCTOR SENIOR                          0
Brookens       Cassie          Industrial MaintenanceMechanic            60,342
Brookens       Edward          Transit Operator                          51,373
Brooks         Allen           Transit Operator                          11,193
Brooks         Alvertis        Supervisor III                            88,440
Brooks         Deborah         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Brooks         Herbert         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Brooks         James           Transit Operator                          41,098
Brooks         John            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Brooks         Kasey           DETENTION OFFICER                         34,678
Brooks         Liesl           Transit Operator                          51,373
Brooks         Michael         LAN Administrator-Journey                 69,844
Brooks         Ralph           Transit Operator                          41,098
Brooks         Ramona          EXEC PROGRAM ASST I                       44,335
Brooks         Stanley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Brooks         Sterlin         Transit Operator                          12,792
Brooks         Thyra           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST III                20,160
Brooks         Ulta            ProjectProgramMrg I                       54,881
Broom          Cheryle         COUNTY AUDITOR                           120,907
Broome         Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                     39,375
Brophy         Brendan         DEPUTY ASST-ANDRESS                       40,678
Brothers       Todd            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Brotherton     Larry           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Brouillette    Catherine       Transit Operator                          51,373
Brown          Aiyana          Transit Operator                          12,792
Brown          Audrey          Transit Operator                          14,122
Brown          Bruce           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Brown          Christian       ADMIN INTERN                                   0
Brown          Christopher     CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Brown          Claire          PHN                                       56,704
Brown          Clifford        Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Brown          Clifford        ENGINEER II                               72,950
Brown          David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Brown          David           PROGRAM MANAGER                           53,631
Brown          David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brown          Deborah         HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     33,839
Brown          Debra           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Brown          Dennice         CARPENTER I                               51,206
Brown          Diana           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Brown          Donald          Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Brown          Douglas         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Brown          Edwin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Brown          Efrem           Industrial MaintenanceMechanic            54,881
Brown          Eric            Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Brown          Floyd           Designer IV                               66,412
Brown          Gary            PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Brown          Geoffrey        Project/Program Manager III               80,209
Brown          Gregg           Mechanic                                  58,765
Brown          Heather         CORECTIONS OFFICER                        41,610
Brown          James           Designer IV                               58,115
Brown          Jeffrey         CONTRACTS SPECIALIST II                   69,570
Brown          Jennifer        MEDICAL ASST                               4,825
Brown          Joan            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Brown          John            Utility Service Worker                    38,488
Brown          Josie           Transit Operator                          51,373
Brown          Justin          Equipment Service Worker                  33,392
Brown          Kamilah         LEGIS AIDE I DIST 10                      48,762
Brown          Kathy           DIV DIRECTOR, CONST & FAC MGMT           135,153
Brown          Keith           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Brown          Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Brown          Kevin           DIVISION DIRECTOR-PARKS                  111,796
Brown          Larry           BAILIFF                                   54,344
Brown          Latwon          Mechanic                                  58,765
Brown          Laurie          Deputy Director,Transportation           131,986
Brown          Lawrence        HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Brown          Letitia         Telecom Specialist-Senior                 78,329
Brown          Loren           MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 50,006
Brown          Loretta         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Brown          Lorin           Transit Operator                          12,792
Brown          Lyn             Transit Operator                          51,373
Brown          Marcia          Transit Operator                          12,710
Brown          Mark            EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Brown          Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Brown          Marquita        SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Brown          Maser           ENGINEER II                               57,551
Brown          Michael         WWTreatmentUtilityWorker                  38,452
Brown          Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Brown          Michael         TORT CLAIMS INVESTIGATOR                  66,348
Brown          Michael         Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Brown          Oscar           Electronic Comm Spec                      71,240
Brown          Paris           Transit Operator                          14,122
Brown          Paul            MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              51,206
Brown          Paul            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brown          R               TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Brown          Rickey          Transit Operator                          51,373
Brown          Robert          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Brown          Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Brown          Robin           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      39,375
Brown          Rodger          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brown          Roosevelt       Transit Operator                          14,122
Brown          Sharon          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Brown          Sharon          Project/Program Manager III               71,240
Brown          Shawn           JUV PROB COUNS SUPV                       67,704
Brown          Tamaura         Transit Operator                          13,416
Brown          Teresa          Assistant Bindery Technician              31,807
Brown          Terry           MECH/AUTO MACH II HD                      59,036
Brown          Terry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brown          Thomas          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brown          Thomas          Capital Project Manager IV                84,106
Brown          Tommy           Transit Operator                          12,792
Brown          Wendy           FISCAL SPEC II                            40,320
Brown          William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Brown          William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Brown iii      Nathan          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                71,240
Browne         Deborah         SUPERVISOR PARKS CAPITAL PROJE            88,191
Browne         Melanie         COMM SPECIALIST-DISPATCHER                53,819
Browne         Roger           Waste Water Engineer VI                  101,678
Brownel        Tyrone          SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Brownell       Eli             COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST II               53,595
Brownell       Prudence        PROJECTPROGRAMMRG I                       57,547
Brownfield     B               Transit Operator                          51,373
Browning       Carla           Accounting Technician II                  45,818
BROYLES        DARRAL          MEDICAL ASSIST                            41,287
Broz           Stephen         COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST I                   92,475
Broz           Susan           Accountant                                54,067
Brozovich      Karen           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Brozovich jr   Louis           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Brubaker       Lawrence        SR PRINCIPAL MGMT AUDITOR                 92,433
Bruce          Gretchen        PROJECT MANAGER II                        64,792
Bruce          Timothy         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bruce          William         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Bruckshen      Roger           Administrative Specialist II              43,293
Brueger        Maura           COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST III                101,677
Bruer          Leroy           WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Brumbach       Eric            Service Supervisor                        64,696
Brummer        Joseph          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Brummett       David           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Bruner         Nancy           Transit Operator                          13,416
Brunke         Randall         Construction Management IV                82,134
Brunner        Donna           DIRECTOR                                 101,122
Bruns          John            Transit Operator                          12,710
Bruns          Scott           HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                    54,885
Brunskill      Roy             NOXIOUS WEED CTRL SPEC II                 48,744
Brunson        Jason           POLYGRAPH EXAMINER                        72,950
Brunswick      Robert          Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Brunton        Bonnie          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Brus           Liesel          TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Brusha         Lucy            CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Brushchenko    Grigoriy        Transit Operator                          11,193
Brushchenko    Svetlana        Transit Operator                          11,193
Bruskland      Anne            SERVICE DELIVERY MANAGER II               88,191
Bruton         Patricia        APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Brutscher      Melody          Transit Operator                          11,193
Bruun          Karl            Environmental Lab Scientist II            69,571
Bryant         Carol           SENIOR III                               106,749
Bryant         Dean            LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  66,931
Bryant         Mark            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Bryant         Richard         Transit Operator                          14,122
Bryant         William         Transportation Planner III                80,209
Bryant         William         Construction Management IV                90,396
Bryson         Pamela          EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Bubalo         Ryan            STUDENT INTERN DISTRICT #7                     0
Buban          Apollo          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Buchanan       Donna           REGISTERED NURSE                          65,935
Buchanan       Joyce           NP                                        83,165
Buchanan       Leland          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Buchanan       Michael         Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Buchans        Jack            Transit Operator                          14,122
Bucher         Robert          Waste Water Engineer IV                   76,494
Buck           Cameron         TEMP DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                   0
Buck           James           ADMINISTRATIVESERVICEMRG-YS              106,617
Buckalew       Raymond         Mechanic                                  52,897
Buckendahl     Daryl           SOCIAL WORKER                             59,061
Buckley        James           Environmental LabScientist III            84,188
Buckley        Timothy         TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Buckmaster     Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Buckmaster     Laura           Transit Operator                          51,373
Buckmeier      Doug            LAN ADMINISTRATOR - JOURNEY               59,064
Buckwalter     Samuel          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Bucur          Constantin      Applications Developer-Sr                 80,209
Buczyk         Ronald          OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Budd           Rod             Equipment Dispatcher                      50,788
Budde          Anthony         Transit Operator                          11,193
Budhram        Candace         CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
Budihardjo     Yulian          PHARMACY TECH                             43,293
Budka          Benjamin        WaterQualityPlanner/ProjMgrIII            78,329
Budmats        June            ADMIN SPECIALIST I                        39,375
Budnick        William         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Budny          Caroll          Project Program Mgr. II                   58,929
Buechler       James           SENIOR AUDITOR APPRAISER                  68,538
Buehler        Benjamin        Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Buell          Bard            Transit Operator                          12,710
Buenafe        Juan            COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Buenafe        Michael         TLT LAN ADM, JOURNEY                      56,198
Buenafe        Reginald        ACCOUNTANT                                54,066
Buening        Mark            ASSISTANT BUDGET DIR                      86,882
Buet           Michael         PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Buffington     Spencer         SUPERVISOR 3                              90,307
Buffo          John            IT Manager I                             101,678
Bugni-Coleman  Heidi           Transit Operator                          51,373
Bui            Alisa           Assistant Accountant                      45,397
Bui            Thu             HE INVESTIGATOR II                        67,940
Bui            Thuan           INTERN III                                     0
Bui            Trang           GIS Specialist-Journey                    78,436
Bui            Trung           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        60,342
Bujela-karagianNozipho         REGISTERED NURSE                          44,754
Bulbula        Gwenevere       WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Bull           Deborah         GIS Specialist-Senior                     74,701
Bull           Trishah         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    71,240
Bullard        Paul            TEMP EMS TRAINING AIDE-PATIENT                 0
Bullock        Joan            Transit Operator                          41,098
Bundridge      Belenda         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Bundy          John            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bundy          Kristofer       SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         110,802
Bundy          Lisa            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Bundy jr       Daniel          CUSTODIAN                                      0
Bunkley        Robin           Special Projects Manager III              99,295
Bunn           Valarie         TEMP-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I                  0
Bunney         Adrienne        Human Resource Analyst                    61,791
Bunstine       Katrina         DISPATCHER                                46,491
Burach         Richard         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Burak          Timothy         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  74,700
Burbank        Brooke          SENIOR DEPUTY I                           91,965
Burch          Cindy           Human Resource Analyst                    58,929
Burcham        Shadric         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  72,950
Burda          Michelle        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        49,446
Burden         John            TECH INFO PROCESSING SPEC II              42,278
Burden         Lisa            CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  53,595
Burdick        David           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Burdick        Robyn           Project Program Mgr. II                   64,793
Burdick        William         Transit Chief                             86,241
Burger         Jerry           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Burgert        Carolyn         Project Program Mgr. III                  74,701
Burgess        Calvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Burgess        Ray             Project Program Mgr. IV                   88,191
Burgess        Suzanne         Transit Operator                          51,373
Burgin         Kristine        SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Burgos         Carmen          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Burhans        Brian           Transit Operator                          12,792
Burich         Aleksander      SHERIFF'S DATA SPECIALIST                 40,320
Burk           Michael         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Burk           Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Burke          Jannel          COURT CLERK                               40,213
Burke          Robert          AIRPORT DIVISION DIRECTOR                117,226
Burke          Roderick        Transit Operator                          51,373
Burke          Steven          HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Burke          Steven          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                80,209
Burkey         Jeffrey         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Burkhalter     Melinda         SOCIAL WORKER                             48,421
Burkhart       Donna           Transit Operator                          51,373
Burkholder     Donald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Burki          Mary            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   62,335
Burman         William         Construction Management III               78,329
Burnaw         Kenneth         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Burnett        Diane           SOCIAL WORKER                             56,414
Burnett        Juliana         DEPUTY V                                  47,470
Burnett        Kayla           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Burnett        Kaysse          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Burnham        Gregory         Transit Operator                          12,792
Burnham        Gregory         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               54,881
Burns          Brandy          DISPATCHER                                46,491
Burns          Christopher     Mechanic                                  52,897
Burns          David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Burns          Dewey           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Burns          Emmanuel        Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Burns          Eric            WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Burns          Gary            Transit Operator                          13,416
Burns          James           CTV STATION MGR                           79,364
Burns          Leonard         COM SURVEILLANCE OFFICER                  46,000
Burns          Mary            ADMIN SPEC II                             36,812
Burns          Robert          DEPUTY DIRECTOR                          135,153
Burns          Sandy           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Burns          Stanley         Construction Management III               71,240
Burns          Thomas          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Burnside       Robert          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Burr           Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Burrage        Amy             COMMUNICATIONS SUPERVISOR                 64,542
Burrage        Jeanette        ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Burrell        Angeline        COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              48,816
Burrell        Julie           Transportation Planner III                84,220
Burris         Byron           Wastewater Treatment Supvr                     0
Burris         Cristin         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   88,191
Burrous        Ronnie          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Burrows        Brenda          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Burrows        Eric            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Burrows        Robert          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Bursey         Earlene         ADMIN SPEC III                            41,287
Burt           Jim             CAPITAL PROJECTS MANAGING SUPV            94,694
Burt           Loren           Senior Accountant                         59,447
Burt           Richard         TLT EPIDEMIOLOGIST I                      29,693
Burton         Billy           WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            63,274
Burton         Christopher     Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Burton         Gloria          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Burton         Jeffrey         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Burton         Linda           NUTRITIONIST                              61,790
Burton         Michelle        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Burtt          Tony            MAJOR                                    114,479
Burwell        Maureen         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              40,320
Buryy          Sergey          Transit Operator                          51,373
Busam          Mary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Busby          James           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Busby          Marilyn         OFFICE SPECIALIST                         47,555
Busch          Deane           Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Bush           Anna            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Bush           James           LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST #8                  62,796
Bush           Melissa         AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSIST II                      0
Bushaw         Todd            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Bushnell       Sylvia          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Busick         Michael         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     31,335
Buskin         Susan           EPIDEMIOLOGIST III                        90,308
Buss           Jana            Administrator III                         78,329
Bussey         A               Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Bussman        Barbara         TEMP PHN                                   8,824
Busuri         Osman           Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Butcher        Galen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Butkey         Matthew         EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       44,332
Butler         Anthony         Transit Operator                          10,880
Butler         Cheryl          Transit Operator                          14,122
Butler         Darryl          Transit Operator                          51,373
Butler         Eric            Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Butler         Eric            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Butler         Jeffrey         TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Butler         Jimmie          EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (A)                   48,186
Butler         Johnnie         Real Property Agent III                   74,719
Butler         Laura           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,459
Butler         Lee             PARK MAINT SPEC I-SEASONAL                     0
Butler         Pearl           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Butler         Richard         Process Control Supervisor                92,736
Butler         Russell         COMMERCIAL APPRAISER I                    49,173
Butler         Susan           PROBATION OFFICER 1 - MHC                 73,437
Butler         Terry           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Butryn         Gail            AS II                                     38,452
Butschli       Patrick         SERGEANT                                  75,382
Butt           Kathleen        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Butterfield    William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Butters        Amy             POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Buxton         Ronald          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Buyak          John            Line Crew Chief                           76,579
Buyers         Nancy           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                5,180
Buys           Natalie         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    32,857
Buza           Estrelita       ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    38,885
Buzzard        Patricia        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       68,619
Byall          Keith           Transit Operator                          51,373
Byelick        Crystal         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              42,278
Byer           Malcolm         Construction Management IV                90,396
Byers          Anthony         Utility Laborer                           45,922
Byers          James           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Byers          Jenny           TEMP ADMIN OFFICE ASST                         0
Bynum          Charles         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Bynum          Rodney          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Byrd           Brian           Intern III                                13,028
Byrd           Chrystal        DETENTION OFFICER                         34,678
Byrd           Elizza          BAILIFF                                   51,801
Byrd           Julia           PROJ PROG MNGR III                        69,570
Byrd           Leslie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Byrd           Mark            Inventory Purchasing Spec II              53,595
Byrd           Marshall        PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Byrd           Victoria        SUMMER INTERN                                  0
Byrne          Byron           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   76,493
Byrne          Robert          BAILIFF                                   55,670
Byrne          Rosemary        HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Byrnes         Daniel          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Byrum          Fred            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Byrum          Paul            ECR PROJECT MANAGER                       73,437
Bywater        Kevin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Caballero      Luis            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Cabellon       Brigid          SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Cabiao         Norman          ENGINEER II                               66,348
Cabrera        Adam            GIS SPECIALIST-SENIOR                     82,134
Cabuco         Barbara         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            72,950
Cabuco         Daniel          FACIL MAIN CONSTRUCTOR                    47,105
Caceres        Fernando        Mechanic                                  58,765
Caceres        Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Caceres        Raul            Equipment Service Worker 2nd              34,958
Caddock        Anna            MAIL CLERK                                14,852
Cadigan        Helen           TEMP CONTRACT SPEC II                      7,572
Cadwell        Kahrin          TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Cady           Brian           Elec Const                                67,766
Cady           Ralph           Human Resource Analyst                    73,049
Caffiere       Dianne          PAYROLL/PERSONNEL TECHNICIAN              61,293
Cage           Jameelah        TRAINING COORDINATOR                      44,056
Cage           Michele         Transit Operator                          14,122
Cahan          Regina          SENIOR DEPUTY III                        109,434
Cahan          Stephen         Transportation Planner II                 74,802
Cahill         William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cai            Dunsheng        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Cain           Bernard         Industrial MaintenanceMechanic            60,342
Cain           J.              Transit Operator                          41,098
Cain           Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Cain           Nancy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Caine          Vaughn          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Calabrese      Thomas          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Calander       Charles         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Calderon       Alejandra       LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST #4                  53,500
Calderon       Edwin           SECURITY SCREENER                         13,365
Calderon       Enrique         Transit Operator                          51,373
Calderon       Joel-Mari       Transit Operator                          51,373
Calderon       Thelma          SECURITY SCREENER                         28,982
Calderon       Tracy           EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                       58,404
Calderwood     Amy             OMBUDSMAN                                101,150
Caldicott      Mary            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              35,344
Caldwell       Gloria          Project/Program Manager III               80,209
Caldwell       Karen           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Caldwell       Michael         SERGEANT                                  73,543
Caldwell       Napoleon        GAL ASSISTANT PRGM MANAGER                59,064
Caldwell       Nate            COMM CORRECTIONS DIV DIRECTOR            117,226
Caldwell       Roger           Transit Operator                          14,122
Caldwell       Samuel          Assistant Accountant                      48,744
Calhoun        Ezzard          APPRAISER ASSISTANT                       45,796
Calhoun        Kevin           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Calija         Marcus          Transit Operator                          51,373
Calimlim       Allan           Transit Operator                          51,373
Calise         Dana            CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  53,595
Calivo         Alfred          Revenue Coordinator                       52,730
Callahan       Larry           PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Callahan       Michael         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Calloway       Joseph          Transit Operator                          46,235
Calma          Eleanor         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Calman         Geme            Transit Operator                          51,373
Calter         Lawrence        Transit Mgmt Info & Tech Mgr             109,176
Calvagno       Carmine         MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Calvo          Shaya           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           91,965
Calzada        Maximo          Transit Operator                          41,098
Camara         Lauri           Transit Chief                             86,241
Cambronero     Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Camelio        Jeanne          PROJ/PROG MANAGER II                      64,792
Camenzind      Krista          BUDGET ANALYST II                         58,932
Cameron        John            WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            63,274
Cameron        Scott           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Cameron        Stephen         Transit Operator                          14,122
Camlin         James           TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Campagnaro     John            Const 2nd Electrician                     69,854
Campbell       Allen           TEMP-CUSTOMER SVC SPEC II                      0
Campbell       Angela          ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                        0
Campbell       Camilla         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II 2/3                39,036
Campbell       Darwin          Sales & Customer Services Mngr           111,948
Campbell       Deborah         Fiscal Specialist IV                      48,021
Campbell       Donald          Project Sr. Admin.                        97,985
Campbell       Jane            ASSISTANT DIVISION DIRECTOR               86,124
Campbell       Lauren          TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Campbell       Margaret        DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Campbell       Mayoe           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Campbell       Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Campbell       Nicole          NUTRITIONIST                              51,112
Campbell       Pearl           Administrative Specialist II               1,082
Campbell       Ray             Transit Operator                          51,373
Campbell       Ronald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Campbell       Sara            Customer Svcs Coord - Lead                69,571
Campbell-blumenConnie          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                82,134
Campion        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Campo          Ronald          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Campos         Leslie          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Campus         Samuel          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Camus          David           Transit Operator                          14,122
Canada-thurstonBonnie          COURT COMMISSIONER                       121,735
Canary         Lawrence        ASSISTANT FIRE MARSHAL                    78,329
Canda          Kim             ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Canfield       Jason           COM SURVEILLANCE OFFICER                  37,089
Canfield       Joseph          CARPENTER II                              59,036
Canfield       Theresa         CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Canizzaro      Verl            SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Canlas         Paul            Transit Operator                          11,193
Cann           Shardae         AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Cannaday       Pride           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      44,332
Cannon         Debra           PHASS                                     63,273
Cannon         Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cannon         Julia           Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Cannon         Katherine       Transit Operator                          11,193
Cannon         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cannon jr      Henry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cano           Rosemary        TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                5,562
Canova         Gregory         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Cantara        Allen           Buyer                                     56,198
Cantella       Charlotte       PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Canter         Desiree         SOCIAL WORKER                             49,896
Cantey         David           Transportation Planner III                84,220
Cantrell       David           PLUMBING INSPECTOR CHIEF                  76,493
Cantu          Catalina        TORT CLAIMS INVESTIGATOR                  66,348
Cantu-bash     Gloria          PUBLIC DEFENSE INTERVIEWER                44,722
Canul-Quijano  Luis            Transit Operator                          51,373
Cao            John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Capaci         Anthony         Transit Operator                          51,373
Capangpangan   Prisco          SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Capell         H               Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Capellaro      Sedona          PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Capelouto      Sam             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Capers         Lewis           Lead Transit Custodian 2nd                47,718
Capers         Morris          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Capiendo       Rene            Transit Operator                          51,373
Caplan         Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Capps          Nancy           PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Caputo         Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Caraway        Nicholas        Mechanic                                  58,765
Carbajal       Thomas          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 45,396
Carbone        Pasquale        Applications Developer-Sr                 76,494
Cardenas       Olivia          TLT AS II                                 39,375
Cardenas       Samuel          IT Supervisor I                           86,125
Cardoza        Rambaldo        COURT CLERK                               45,326
Cardwell jr    William         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Carew          Tanya           COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  36,427
Carew          Terry           COOK BAKER                                41,361
Carey          Cheryl          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Cariaga        Albert          CUSTODIAN                                 34,152
Carlile        Barry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Carlisle       Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Carlisle       Kenneth         Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Carlisle       Ruby            Transit Operator                          12,792
Carlos         Cecilia         LAN Administrator-Senior                  69,571
Carlos         Georgia         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   71,514
Carlos         Lope            UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Carlsen        David           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Carlson        Candace         Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Carlson        Cheryl          SENIOR DEPUTY III                        104,129
Carlson        Constance       GIS Specialist-Journey                    63,274
Carlson        Doreen          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 58,928
Carlson        James           Construction Management IV                84,158
Carlson        Joann           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Carlson        Joanne          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Carlson        Malcolm         UTILITY WORKER II - TLT                   35,878
Carlson        Mary            SERGEANT                                  77,267
Carlson        Mitchell        Utility Laborer                           43,451
Carlson        Paul            PRINCIPAL LEGISLATIVE ANALYST            102,818
Carlson        Rebecca         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Carlstrom      Carla           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           91,965
Carlstrom      Terence         DEPUTY V                                  75,189
Carman         Mark            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Carmichael     Richard         Transit Operator                          14,122
Carmony        Gale            PHASS                                     58,928
Carmony        Kimberly        ADMIN SPEC II                             42,441
Carmony        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Carnagey       Katherine       CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Carnahan       Patrick         Transit Operator                          15,990
Carnell        Darren          SENIOR III                               108,084
Carnevali      Nick            Business & Finance Officer IV             90,396
Carney         Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Carolus        Mark            Transit Operator                          11,193
Carpenter      Colin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Carpenter      Katie           DISPATCHER                                51,256
Carpenter      Toni            GIS Specialist-Journey                    66,348
Carr           Alan            Marketing & Sales Spec III                74,802
Carr           Bruce           SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
Carr           Douglas         Transit Operator                          51,373
Carr           Sandra          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Carr           Shannon         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Carrier        Maure           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    54,067
Carrillo       Crystal         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Carriveau      Larry           TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Carroll        Kelli           COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST I                   94,694
Carroll        Linda           Administrative Specialist II              37,882
Carroll        Robert          Transportation Planner III                80,209
Carson         Katherine       REGIONAL HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR            106,617
Carson         Kendall         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   61,459
Carson         Pamela          RECEPTIONIST                              37,435
Carter         Annette         Transit Operator                          51,373
Carter         Donna           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Carter         Edward          CCD CASEWORKER                            64,792
Carter         Elizabeth       ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Carter         George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Carter         Lauretta        Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Carter         Lisa            Carpenter                                 58,765
Carter         Peter           WW Process Engineer II                    86,124
Carter         Shirelle        AS II                                     37,551
Carter         Yvonne          Transit Operator                          51,373
Carter jr      Harry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cartwright     Carole          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                      0
Cartwright     Dawn            AS III                                    45,396
Cartwright     Shauna          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        47,968
Carumbana      Melvin          POLICE DATA TECHNICIAN                    48,744
Carver         John            SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Carver         Terry           JAIL RN                                   49,783
Carver         William         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Carveth        Raymond         Hlth & Envirnmtl Invstg IV                86,208
Casad          Gary            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Casanova       Liezl           Intern III                                35,812
Casciola       Myrna           Transit Operator                          51,373
Case           Philip          Project Control Engineer II               55,432
Casem          Jeffrey         Human Resource Analyst                    58,929
Caseman        Douglas         PARK MAINT SPEC 1-SEASONAL                     0
Casey          Laura           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               69,814
Casey          Michael         Transit Operator                          12,792
Cash           Kristen         UNDERGRADUATE INTERN                           0
Cashman        Dana            SENIOR II                                101,573
Casio          Luz             TEMP RESEARCH ASST                         5,305
Caskey         Matthew         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    71,240
Cason          Elmer           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Casper         Christopher     Transit Operator                          14,122
Casper         Gary            Apprentice Mechanic                       52,897
Cass           Gregory         CREW CHIEF                                47,689
Casseday       Dana            Transit Operator                          51,373
Casseday       Tina            Transit Operator                          14,122
Cassidy        Casey           IT PROJ ADMINISTRATOR-SR                  67,940
Cassidy        Jo-anne         DENTAL ASSIST                             38,600
Cassidy        Jon             MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Cassidy        Michael         Business & Finance Officer II             71,240
Castagna       Edward          UTILITY WORKER II-TEMP                         0
Castaneda      Angel           ADMIN SPEC II                             40,475
Caster         Margaret        Transit Operator                          12,792
Castilla       Juan            CUSTODIAN                                 35,811
Castilleja     Elizabeth       FAMILY LAW COURT COMMISSIONER            121,735
Castillo       Anjelita        NUTRITION ASSIST                          39,375
Castillo       Julian          Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Castle         Martha          GIS Specialist-Master                     82,135
Castleton jr   John            SENIOR I                                  90,830
Castoriano     Daniel          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Castro         David           Administrative Office Assistan            34,972
Castro         Manuel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Castro         Rita            FISCAL SPECIALIST 3                       42,650
Castro-driver  Martha          HR ANALYST SENIOR                         72,950
Caswell        Courtney        COMMUNICATIONS SPEC 2                     51,115
Caswell        Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Catabay        Nori            TLT-EXEC PROG ASST III                    71,240
Cathey         Michael         Transit Operator                          12,710
Catlin         James           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            76,493
Catlin         Mary            HEALTH SERVICES ADMIN I                   86,124
Caufield       Katherine       SOCIAL WORKER                             51,112
Cavaliere      Mary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Cavanaugh      John            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Caven          Chris           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Cavin          Vern            Transit Operator                          14,391
Cavin          Vernon          Transit Operator                          14,122
Cawaling       Cynthia         EXECUTIVE PROGRAM ASSISTANTIII            74,700
Cayce          James           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Cebollero      Anthony         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   71,240
Cecil          Marcela         HE INVESTIGATOR I                         51,112
Cecil          Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Cercenia       Melchor         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cerdinio       Daryl           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        49,446
Chabardina     Vera            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Chadderdon     Scott           TORT INVESTIGATOR                         73,592
Chaddock       Frank           Transit Operator                          12,792
Chadek         James           Transit Operator                          11,193
Chadwick       Leroy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     37,881
Chaffee        Frank           HEALTH SVCS ADMINISTRATOR I               94,694
Chaffee        Troy            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Chaffee        Walter          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     37,881
Chahim         Shahnaz         PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    72,950
Chailante      Pete            Occup Educ & Trng Prgm Admn Sr            80,209
Chakalo        Georguio        Transit Operator                          48,804
Chalmers       Rosemarie       AS II                                     18,847
Chamberlain    Jean            TEMP PHN                                   8,824
Chamberlain    Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Chamberlain    Olivia          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Chamberlin     Helen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Chambers       Laird           AdminSpecialist III                       47,602
Chambliss      Juanita         Transit Operator                          51,373
Chambreau      Dennis          NOXIOUS WEED CTRL SPEC I                  37,551
Chan           Andy            TEMP ASI VOTER REG/ABSENTEE                    0
Chan           Carol           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Chan           Chiu            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Chan           Cynthia         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            68,538
Chan           Hong            TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Chan           James           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Chan           Joyce           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                     35,338
Chan           K               ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Chan           Kam             Transit Operator                          14,122
Chan           Kevin           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  76,493
Chan           Linda           FISCAL SPECIALIST 3                       42,650
Chan           Richard         SECURITY SCREENER                         35,037
Chan           Wah             OPERATING ENGINEER II                     53,694
Chan           Wai             Transit Operator                          51,373
Chana          Manginder       CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Chand          Deo             Transit Operator                          11,193
Chand          Dhrup           Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Chand          Prakash         Transit Operator                          51,373
Chand          Ravi            Transit Operator                          51,373
Chandler       Michael         CUSTODIAN                                 19,040
Chandler       Teresa          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              35,338
Chaney         Irene           CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Chaney         Sheryl          Training & Org Development Mgr            97,099
Chaney         William         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Chang          Kevin           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Chang          Malcolm         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Chang          Peter           LAN Administrator-Journey                 67,940
Chang          Richard         DENTIST - JAIL                           114,919
Chang          Shawn           SHERIFF'S DATA SPECIALIST                 45,396
Changan        Shushil         ADMIN SPEC II                             42,441
Chany          Jacquelyn       Transit Operator                          51,373
Chao           Yoonnin         Transit Custodian II  3rd                 44,043
Chaparro       Delores         REGISTERED NURSE                          63,689
Chapin         Christopher     Transit Operator                          13,416
Chapin         Stanley         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Chapin         Susan           COMMUNICATIONS SUPERVISOR                 64,542
Chapin         Thomas          MEDICOLEGAL DEATH INV                     57,547
Chapman        Alec            TLT-PROJ/PROGRAM MANAGER II               56,202
Chapman        Alice           Engineer III                              76,493
Chapman        Arthur          DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Chapman        Benjamin        CUSTODIAN                                 31,807
Chapman        Brian           Applications Developer-Sr                 76,494
Chapman        Daniel          Utility Laborer                           45,922
Chapman        Janet           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Chapman        Janice          JAIL RN                                   57,096
Chapman        Judith          Communications Specialist III             66,348
Chapman        Karen           UFC PROGRAM MANAGER                       63,506
Chapman        Kirsten         PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Chapman        Michael         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Chapman        Ronald          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Chappelle      Nathanael       Transit Operator                          51,373
Char           Kerri           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER I              55,364
Charan         Kris            Transit Operator                          12,792
Charbonneau    Michael         SIGN PAINTER I                            52,436
Charles        Matthew         Intern III                                31,807
Charles        Robert          Transit Operator                          12,710
Charles        Wesly           CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       82,310
Charley        Eric            OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Charnley       Donn            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Charouhas      Norman          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Charpentier-lawCarol           NURSE PRACTITIONER                        82,846
Charyn         Terri           PARALEGAL                                 19,669
Chase          Clifford        Communications Specialist III             74,802
Chase          Matthew         UTILITY WORKER 2                          45,396
Chase          Teri            LEGAL SECRETARY                           41,651
Chasengnou     Kua             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Chasser        Randolph        Transit Operator                          11,193
Chatalas       Helen           SPECIAL PROJECT MANAGER I                 78,329
Chatelain      Marci           COURT REPORTER                            40,159
Chatman        Michelle        ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       38,452
Chatman        Sherrie         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Chatters       Ernest          PAINTER 1                                 52,436
Chau           Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Chau           Kim-lan         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      41,287
Chau           Nghiep          ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Chau           Wynne           ACCOUNTANT                                60,342
Chau-menger    Amy             ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Chavey         Steven          AQUATIC SUPERVISOR                        66,347
Chavez         April           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              40,320
Chavez         Arleen          HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     43,293
Chavez         Xochitl         HEALTH CARE ASST                          30,880
Chavis         Reginold        Service Supervisor                        64,696
Chawla         Amandeep        TEMP HE INVESTIGATOR I                     5,973
Chea           Chok            PC TECHNICIAN                             49,896
Chea           Rebecca         COURT CLERK                               46,426
Cheatum        Timothy         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Cheban         Yuriy           PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Chemeda        Girma           Transit Operator                          51,373
Chen           Ava             DEPUTY ASSISTANT                          40,678
Chen           Ho-chuan        TRANSPORTATION PLNR II                    68,064
Chen           Mark            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Chen           Ming            NURSE PRACTITIONER                        41,582
Chen           Roxana          EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         40,118
Chen           Tong            Applications Developer-Sr                 78,329
Cherberg       Diana           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 30,602
Cheriel        Rajan           Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Chernick       Darren          Contract Specialist I                     64,793
Chernick       Gwen            Transit Operator                          13,416
Cheshier       Beth            ENGINEER I                                64,792
Chesvick       Edward          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC IV                    49,914
Chevez-loyola  Leslyette       SOCIAL WORKER                             53,595
Chevrier       Joseph          Mechanic                                  58,765
Chew           Mercide         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Chew           Ryan            TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN                      13,700
Chhor          Lynn            SOCIAL SERVICE COORDINATOR                55,789
Chhum          Keith           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        63,274
Chichester     Steve           Transit Operator                          51,373
Chiem          Tuei            REGISTERED NURSE - JUVENILE               63,741
Chikamura      Eileen          NUTRITIONIST                              61,790
Childers       Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Childress      Osby            Millwright                                58,765
Childs         Nadia           ADMIN SPECIALIST II - TLT                 34,155
Childs         Sarah           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 30,602
Chilo          Carl            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Chin           David           Laboratory Assistant II                   37,551
Chin           Donald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Chin           Douglas         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Chin           Harvey          Mechanic                                  58,765
Chin           Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Chin           Paul            Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Chin           Wendy           Transportation Planner II                 74,802
Chin           Wesley          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Chin           Yuen            COMMERCIAL APPRAISER I                    52,799
Ching          Yen             LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              41,287
Chinn          Jannie          Human Resource Associate                  58,928
Chinn          Jason           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Chinn          Poy             Transit Operator                          14,122
Chinnick       Rodney          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Chipps         Victoria        PROJ PROGRAM MGR III                      71,240
Chisholm       William         SECURITY OFFICER                          36,739
Chism          Ann             ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Chism          Diana           IT Supervisor II                          94,695
Chitwood       Nona            HEALTH PROGRAM ASST I                     47,601
Chiu           Sherry          TEMP PHARMACIST                           12,167
Cho            Robert          Systems Engineer-Journey                  71,240
Cho            Song            MICROBIOLOGIST                            49,914
Cho            Won             Transit Operator                          51,373
Cho            Yoo-ri          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Choate         Larry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Choe           Christopher     COURT CLERK                               40,213
Choe           Won             Intern III                                31,807
Choe           Yun             ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               39,375
Choi           Andrea          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Choi           Helen           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     53,171
Choi           Miles           Intern III                                31,807
Choi           Mitch           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Chong          Kwee            CUSTODIAN                                 26,037
Chonin         Oliver          Transit Operator                          51,373
Chornyak       Barbara         COURT CLERK                               46,426
Chou           Christine       Business & Finance Officer IV             92,601
Chou           Ting            COOK HELPER 1/2                           12,721
Chounramany    Sisavanh        CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC II                  41,287
Chow           Hou-ching       PLANS EXAM ENGINEER III                   82,134
Chow           Irene           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFF I                  63,273
Chow           Jeannie         LICENSE INSPECTOR                         58,054
Chow           Lai             TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Chow           Mark            DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Choy           Raymond         Industrial Engine Mechanic                66,347
Chrisman       Noel            TEMP PROJ/PROG MNG III                    88,693
Christensen    Alan            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Christensen    Alan            IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Christensen    Bonnie          SENIOR APPRAISER                          65,363
Christensen    Colleen         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Christensen    David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Christensen    David           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        66,347
Christensen    Erik            Transit Operator                          12,710
Christensen    Marilyn         CLINIC VETERINARIAN                       82,134
Christensen    Mary            CREW CHIEF TEMP                                0
Christian      Claire          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                       0
Christian      Doris           COURT CLERK                               46,426
Christian      Mark            TLT PAINTER I                             47,690
Christian jr   Edward          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Christiansen   Janet           Transit Operator                          51,373
Christianson   Margo           WEB DEVELOPER-JOURNEY TLT                 68,064
Christianson   Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Christie       David           JUDGE                                    122,011
Christie       Patricia        ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Christine      Clinton         SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Christman      Christopher     Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Christophe     Diane           Transit Operator                          51,373
Christopher    Levi            Transit Chief                             82,134
Christopher    Nicholas        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Chu            Christopher     CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Chu            Emily           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I-TE                 0
Chu            James           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Chu            Philip          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Chua           L. Christine    Administrative Specialist II              36,671
Chung          Julie           ADMIN SPEC III                            46,485
Chung          L               LEOFF I CLAIMS SPECIALIST                 56,198
Chung          Lai-yi          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Chung          Ngan            CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Chung          Thuy-ha         INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    48,744
Chung          Yolanda         Utility Service Worker 3rd                40,576
Chupungco      Jose            CUSTODIAN                                 28,930
Church         Julie           TEMP NUTRITIONIST                          6,413
Church         Marc            EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       46,485
Church         Roger           Sheet Metal Worker                        52,897
Churchfield    Susan           AS II                                     34,153
Churchill      Robert          Fiscal Specialist I                       30,601
Cicci          Dennis          Transit Operator                          15,990
Cicci          Troy            Transit Operator                          51,373
Cicotte        Edward          Transit Operator                          11,193
Ciecko         Alena           PRO TEM BAILIFF                                0
Cihak          Carrie          SR PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST               104,580
Cilley         Robert          Transit Operator                          12,710
Cinkovich-wilsoSandra          JAIL RN                                   57,096
Cintron-colon  Giny            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Cipra          Nancy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Cirillo        Gary            Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Ciske          Sandra          REGIONAL HEALTH ADMINISTOR               106,617
Cissna         David           POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Ciummo         Rosalie         Assistant Buyer                           57,547
Clabaugh       Stephen         Supervising Computer Operator             67,940
Claffey        Courtney        LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 30,602
Clancy         Charles         Transit Operator                          11,298
Clare          Andrew          Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Clarin         Todd            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Clark          Allan           Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Clark          Allison         PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER II                60,342
Clark          Carol           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               39,721
Clark          Cory            POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Clark          Craig           Transit Chief                             86,241
Clark          Cynthia         ENGINEER I                                56,198
Clark          Daniel          SENIOR DEPUTY II                          97,857
Clark          Deborah         INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC I             62,163
Clark          Debra           ABSTRACT..TECHNICIAN                      40,674
Clark          Dennis          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               72,950
Clark          Erin            Transit Operator                          51,373
Clark          Garren          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Clark          Gary            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Clark          Harry           IT SUPERVISOR I                           90,474
Clark          Joseph          Environmental LabScientist III            69,571
Clark          Michael         Designer IV                               64,792
Clark          Nancy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Clark          Patricia        SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Clark          Rebecca         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      30,602
Clark          Richard         ENGINEER I                                64,792
Clark          Roger           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Clark          Stefan          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Clark          Theresa-ann     STAFF PHYSICIAN                           70,606
Clark          Todd            CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Clark          Vivian          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Clarke         Monica          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER IV                84,105
Clarke         Susan           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Classen        Maurice         DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Claussen       Kimberly        PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Claussen       Sharon          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Clawson        Scott           PHARMACIST                                96,967
Clay           Leslie          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Clay           William         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            63,274
Clayman        Sandy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Clayton        Erica           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              35,811
Clayton        Mary            JURY COORDINATOR                          56,282
Clayton        Patricia        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Cleary         Patricia        Communications Sp IV                      82,398
Cleary         Robin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Clemans        Gordon          HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Clemens        Catherine       ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III              76,493
Clemens        Gwendolyn       BUDGET ANALYST II                         72,950
Clemente       Juanita         BAILIFF                                   53,055
Clements       Garry           ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Clements       Richard         SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
Clements       Therese         HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Clement-smith  Yvonne          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        57,155
Clemetson      Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Clemons        Barry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Clenna         Bryan           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Cleveland      Grover          BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MGR                 114,479
Cleveland      Rebecca         ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    38,004
Cleveland      William         Purchasing Specialist                     51,226
Clevenger      Michael         Transit Operator                          15,990
Clevenger      Trisha          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Clevenger      Virginia        Administrator I                           58,928
Clever         Michele         Transit Operator                          51,373
Clewis         Gretchen        TEMP DIS                                   5,326
Click          Scott           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Clifford       William         Transit Operator                          14,122
Clift          Steven          TRUCK DRIVER III                          43,159
Cline          Jessica         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Cline          Michael         ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Clinton        Laurie          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                71,240
Clopton        James           Functional Analyst III                    66,348
Closs          Dawn            JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Clow           Rodger          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR II                     49,307
Cloy           George          Transit Custodian I 2nd                   39,636
Cloyd          Donald          PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Clubb          Kaaren          ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       31,335
Cluett         David           Electronic Technician                     58,765
Clutter        Angela          VICTIM ADVOCATE                           42,651
Co             Lolita          USW Driver Grandfathered                  39,950
Co             Peter           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Coachman       Luanne          WQ PLANNER/PROJECT MGR III                74,700
Coale          Robert          Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Coale          Victor          Transit Operator                          14,122
Coates         Peter           Special Projects Manager I                90,308
Coates         Rose            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Coats          Fredrick        Service Supervisor                        64,696
Coats          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Cobane         Shandy          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Cobb           John            SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         110,802
Cobb           Terry           HEALTH OUTREACH AIDE                      36,671
Cobb           Victor          Transit Operator                          14,122
Coblantz       Cary            MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Coblantz       Melinda         IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 43,293
Coburn         Austoria        WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Coburn         Bruce           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Cochran        Christy         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Cochran        Frances         VM Tech Info Process Spec3 2nd            48,595
Cochran        Jeffery         Wastewater Treatment Supvr                73,084
Cochran        Judith          Construction Management VI               104,220
Cockbain       Sean            CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 46,485
Cockerham      William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Coco           Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Cody           Kimberly        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Coe            Eric            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Coe            Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,122
Coen           Sheri           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             71,240
Coffee         Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Coffey         Raymond         Safety & Health Admin IV                  82,246
Coffey         Timothy         Indstrl Wst Complnc Spec II               61,791
Coffin         Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Coffing        Steven          LAN Administrator-Journey                 73,337
Coffman        Jon             POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Cogar          Lori            Transit Operator                          48,804
Cogdill        Stanley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Coghlan        Carol           HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST-SENIOR             74,700
Cohen          Christopher     DEPUTY IV                                 69,841
Cohen          Martha          CT OPERATIONS SUPV INTERPRETER            66,654
Cohen          Spencer         ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Cokic          Jasmin          HEALTH CARE ASST                          43,293
Cola           Symantha        Senior Accounting Rep                     47,280
Colangelo      Veronica        LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              39,375
Colasurdo      Carl            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           91,965
Colasurdo      Mary            EXECUTIVE SECRETARY                       44,820
Colasurdo      Maurice         Transit Operator                          15,990
Colbert        Norman          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cole           Carl            CAPTAIN                                   94,389
Cole           Cheryl          PHARMACY TECH                             43,293
Cole           Christa         TLT PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II            58,928
Cole           David           Electronic Technician                     58,765
Cole           Geraldine       ASST DIV DIR SOLID WASTE                 104,118
Cole           Jennifer        Transit Operator                          14,122
Cole           John            Printing Equipment Technician             46,486
Cole           Lauren          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV 90%                72,188
Cole           Lisa            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              35,949
Cole           Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cole           Pamela          EXECUTIVE PROGRAM ASSISTANTIII            84,105
Cole           Patricia        COURT MANAGER                             53,631
Cole           Robert          WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Cole           Robin           CAPITAL PROJECTS MANAGER IV                    0
Cole           Stephen         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cole           Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Cole           Thomas          PROPERTY AGENT II                         66,347
Cole III       Curtis          Extern III                                33,352
Coleman        Alan            VIDEO SPECIALIST                          47,607
Coleman        Andre           Transit Operator                          51,373
Coleman        Gary            Process Laboratory Spec I                 56,198
Coleman        Portia          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Coleman-askew  Sharon          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cole-Tindall   Patricia        HR Services Delivery Mgr. II              99,295
Coley          Patricia        ELECTRICIAN 2                             66,469
Colin-magana   Vania           NUTRITION ASSIST                          37,551
Collecchi      Claudia         FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     42,650
Collier        Helen           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Collier        Maurice         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Collier-Brown  Osceola         Administrative Specialist II              36,671
Collins        Deborah         TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Collins        Debra           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 37,551
Collins        Garry           EQUIPMENT OPERATOR II                     48,186
Collins        Jack            Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Collins        James           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Collins        Jeffery         TLT HE INVESTIGATOR I                     50,106
Collins        Mary            Transit Chief                             86,241
Collins        Patricia        DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Collins        Rene            Accounting Technician II                  45,818
Collins        Robert          EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (A)                   48,186
Collins        Robert          WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Collins        Sarah           Process Laboratory Spec II                61,791
Collins        Shirley         AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Collins        Steven          AD SPEC II - QRT                          35,280
Collins        Thomas          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Collins        Wendy           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST III             67,940
Collins        William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Collinsworth   Karin           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 61,790
Colman         Stuart          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Colmant        Michael         DIV DIRECTOR, POLICY & TECH              106,617
Coloma         Ghia            PHARMACY TECHNICIAN                       25,714
Colombi        Deborah         ENGINEER TECH II UNDERFILL8513            49,914
Colombo        Pierluigi       PRO TEM BAILIFF                                0
Colton         Jenee           Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            63,274
Coltrane       Mary            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,634
Colvin         Curtis          Mechanic                                  58,765
Comanor        Kyle            ENGINEER II                               63,274
Combs          James           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Comfort        Michael         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Commet         Jane            TEMP ADMIN SPECIALIST I                        0
Commodore      Travis          LEGISLATIVE AIDE II DIST #4               52,999
Compare        Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Compston       Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Compton        Kevin           MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Compton        Ruth            Printing & Graghics Mgr.                  90,308
Compton        Terry           Safety & Health Supervisor                94,823
Comstock       David           LEGAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR I               58,927
Comstock       Douglas         Transit Operator                          51,373
Comstock       Pattrick        Transportation Planner II                 71,240
Concannon      Diane           ENVIRONMENTAL PRGM MNG SUPVR              96,967
Concillado     Steve           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Concinnity     Nicole-dore     BAILIFF                                   48,205
Condez         Agnes           FISCAL SPEC III                           47,601
Condez         Vicente         SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              46,485
Condie         Christopher     COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Confer         Robert          Transit Operator                          12,792
Conger         Jeremy          NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR                     77,167
Conger         Rachel          ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Conklin        Julie           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                5,696
Conley         Josalyn         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Conley         Kenneth         CORRECTIONS SUPERVISOR                    62,073
Conley         Staci           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Conn           Melanie         COURT CLERK                               46,426
Connelly       Raymond         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Connelly       Richard         MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Conner         Andy            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Conner         Barrett         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Conner         Bob             MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Conner         Raymond         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Connery        Robin           CUSTODIAN-FLOOR CARE                      36,671
Connole        Stacy           DEPUTY III                                61,002
Connolly       Glen            COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Connolly       Rebecca         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               80,209
Connolly       Saundra         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Connors        Andrew          Millwright                                58,765
Connors        Michael         CORRECTIONAL PROG SPECIALIST              62,163
Conquergood    Matthew         LEGIS SECY OMBUDSMANS OFFICE              43,704
Conquest       Julie           App Developer-Master                      79,544
Conrad         Ellen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Conrad         Mari            Fiscal Specialist III                     42,651
Conrad         Scott           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Conroy         Stephen         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Constable      Susan           Assistant Accountant                      51,112
Constantine    James           COUNCILMEMBER DIST #8                    113,501
Constantine    Lynn            Educator Consultant II                    71,240
Contreras      Alma            Transportation Planner III                80,209
Conway         Bradley         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Conway         Erica           CRIMINAL CALENDAR COORDINATOR             39,264
Conyers        Jody            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Conyers        Sharon          Transit Operator                          12,792
Conyne         Scott           Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Cook           Alan            WW Support Specialist                     49,914
Cook           Brenton         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Cook           Carl            POLICE DATA TECHNICIAN                    48,744
Cook           Cedric          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cook           Christopher     CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Cook           Eloyice         IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  80,318
Cook           Gary            Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Cook           Gennevie        COMMITTEE ASSISTANT                       53,249
Cook           Ivey            Transit Operator                          26,198
Cook           Julie           DEPUTY V                                  80,863
Cook           Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cook           Michelle        AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Cook           Pamela          Project/Program Manager II                71,240
Cook           Patrick         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cook           Patrick         DEPUTY V                                  80,863
Cook           Serene          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Cook           Steven          Transit Operator                          14,122
Cook           Tamieko         Transit Operator                          14,122
Cook           Timothy         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cooke          Eric            TECH INFO PROC SPEC II                    30,957
Cooke          Renee           ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Cooke          Steven          EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Coolidge       Michael         EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Coomas         Linda           CONTRACTS SPECIALIST I                    66,347
Coombs         Carole          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Cooney         Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Cooper         Anthony         GIS SPECIALIST-SENIOR                     72,950
Cooper         Brenna          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Cooper         Bruce           TEMP CHEM DEP PROGRAM SCREENER                 0
Cooper         Carol           Transportation Planner III                50,532
Cooper         Cathy           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       68,619
Cooper         Chanelle        EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Cooper         Kevin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Cooper         Kim             COURT CLERK                               23,213
Cooper         Lora            COURT CLERK                               39,264
Cooper         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cooper         Nelson          Transit Operator                          51,373
Cooper         Richard         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Cooper         Robert          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Cooper         Sharon          ADMINISTRATOR I                           56,302
Cooper         Theodore        ENGINEER II                               72,950
Cooper-goodwin Kirtsi          PARALEGAL                                 43,674
Cooprider      Lisa            ENG TECH II - TLT                         42,841
Cope           Marilyn         LEGISLATIVE ANALYST I                     70,962
Copeland       Terry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Copenhaver     Eric            Transit Operator                          11,193
Copp           Sonia           Admin. Spec. II                           23,227
Coppersmith    Megan           COMMUNICATION SPEC 2                           0
Corbett        Gayle           LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              41,287
Corbett        Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Corbin         Krista          COURT CLERK                               39,264
Cordas         Douglas         Apprentice Mechanic                       41,140
Cordel         Alfredo         Transit Operator                          15,990
Cordero        Janelle         Applications Developer-Sr                 74,701
Cordova        Judy            IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Cordy          Michelle        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Core           Stephen         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Corella        Rachel          PARALEGAL                                 38,794
Corey          Candice         SOCIAL WORKER                             56,198
Corey          James           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Corey          Mark            VM Tech Info Process Spec3                37,632
Corey          Terrance        WastewaterTreatmentOperator               47,605
Corgan         Lloyd           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Corgiat        Nancy           RN                                        47,740
Coriell        Gloria          SUPERVISOR 1                              64,792
Corkum         Bradley         Transit Operator                          41,098
Corlis         Tobin           POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Cormier        Christy         CUSTOMER SERVICES SPEC III                42,278
Cornel         Aldrin          DETENTION OFFICER                         40,990
Cornelius      Joseph          Computer Operator Specialist              41,288
Cornell        David           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Corneloup      Marie-noelle    NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       42,441
Cornelson      David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Cornish        Virginia        CCD CASEWORKER                            64,792
Corona         Dahlia          COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER                 46,485
Corona         Jose            Transit Operator                          41,098
Corona-GutierreEvangelina      Transit Operator                          41,098
Coronell       Joseph          Transit Operator                          48,804
Coronetz       Kathryn         HUMAN RESOURCES SRV DEL MGR               99,294
Corpus         John            COMMUN CORRECT PLCMNT SPEC                49,702
Corpuz         Daniel          Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Corr           Andrew          Transit Operator                          12,710
Corr           Jean            TEMP DIS                                       0
Corr           Ruth            ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Corrigan       Kathleen        HE INVESTIGATOR II                        63,517
Corscadden     Henry           SENIOR II                                101,573
Corsey         Gary            Transit Operator                          11,193
Cortes         Raymundo        INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    47,784
Cortes         Salvador        Transit Operator                          51,373
Cortez         Georgia         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              32,087
Corwin         Alan            ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Corwin         Julie           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       33,355
Cosgrove       Terrence        PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  78,329
Cosman         John            Occup Educ & Trng Prgm Admin              69,767
Costa          John            Contract Specialist III                   90,430
Costanzo       Heather         TEMP-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I                  0
Costello       John            Transit Chief                             86,241
Cote           Ella            REAL PROPERTY AGENT III                   71,240
Cotton         Deborah         Accountant                                61,791
Cottone        Charles         Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Cougan         Peter           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Coughlin       Robert          Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Couhig         Nancy           NUTRITION CONSULTANT                      67,939
Coulson        Andrea          PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Coulter        Wayne           Transit Operator                          14,122
Countryman     Helen           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       66,183
County         Royce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Couper-noles   Rebekah         TEMP NURSE PRACTITIONER                    9,625
Coursey        Charles         Industrial Painter                        60,342
Courtney       Thomas          ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN II                 49,914
Courtway       Sandra          TORT INVESTIGATOR                         75,358
Coutermarsh    Lee             Transit Operator                          48,804
Couvion        Rosario         INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    47,601
Couvion        Steve           ANIMAL CONTROL SERGEANT                   47,047
Covey          Jonathan        PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Coviello       Christopher     RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Coville        Gertrude        PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    69,570
Covington      Brent           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Covington      Eric            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Covington      Forest          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Covington      Samora          INTERN-ADMIN                               3,717
Covollo        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Cowan          Arthur          HR SERVICE DELIVERY MNG I                 86,124
Cowan          Luther          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Cowan          Robin           ADMIN SPEC III                            22,251
Cowan jr       Robert          DIRECTOR, OM&B                           138,397
Cowart         Edward          Equipment Dispatcher                      50,788
Cowell         Leigh           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Cowell         Olga            INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    32,595
Cowles         Vicki           Applications Developer-Senior             80,209
Cox            Anthony         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cox            Charles         Transit Security Coordinator              86,241
Cox            Jesse           Transit Operator                          12,792
Cox            Steve           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Coyle          Parnell         Transit Operator                          14,122
Coynor         Eric            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Coynor         Seth            SIGN & MARKING SPEC I - TEMP                   0
Cozad          Steven          Carpenter                                 58,765
Crabtree       Victoria        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Craft          David           Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Craft          Mary            COURT CLERK II                            37,881
Crahan         Janet           AdminSpecialist III                       19,993
Craig          Caroline        PHN                                       70,324
Craig          Cristy          DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Craig          E               Communications Coordinator                67,933
Craig          Jeffry          Transit Operator                          51,373
Craig          Jerome          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Craig          Joseph          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Crain          Terry           PROJ/PROG MGR II                          64,792
Cramblet       Kim             Transit Operator                          51,373
Cramer         Brandon         PARK MAINT SPEC I-SEASONAL                     0
Crandall       Annette         SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Crandall       Gregory         TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Crandall       James           CCD CASEWORKER                            64,792
Crandall jr    Robert          TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Crandell       Michael         PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Crane          Kathleen        PROJECT MANAGER IV                        76,493
Cranford       Richard         Database Admstr-Journey                   76,494
Crashul        Leaine          Transit Operator                          51,373
Crassweller    Julie           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,595
Craven         Gregory         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cravens        Carl            Transit Operator                          51,373
Cravens        William         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Craw           Tracy           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Crawford       Al              CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Crawford       Bruce           Waste Water Engineer IV                   86,124
Crawford       Curt            ENGINEERING SERVICES SEC MGR             106,617
Crawford       James           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Crawford       Joby            INVOL COMMIT SPEC I                       57,777
Crawford       Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Crawford       Thomas          Construction Management III               71,240
Crawford       Tolu            Tech Info Processing Sp III               46,486
Crawley        Lee             POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Cray           Trevor          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Creahan        Kathleen        PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                88,191
Credo          Hilario         Transit Operator                          11,193
Credo          Hilario         Utility Laborer                           45,922
Creegan        Thomas          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Creek          Marylee         FISCAL SPECIALIST IV                      52,338
Creekmore      Brandon         SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Creighton      Nancy           PROJ/PROG MGE II                          64,792
Creighton      Rita            PROJ/PROGRAM MANAGER III                  71,240
Crenshaw       Raphael         MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Cressey        Katy            Administrator II                          71,337
Crimmins       Danny           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Cripe          Paul            Transit Operator                          14,122
Crippen        David           Engineer VI                               97,985
Crippen        Michael         IT PROJECT MANAGER I                      84,260
Criscione      Gary            HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Criscuolo      Liana           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        56,202
Crisler        Michael         Equipment Dispatcher 3rd                  52,876
Crisman        Robert          Transit Operator                          14,122
Crisostomo jr  Elias           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST III                41,287
Crist          Ben             Transit Operator                          51,373
Crist          Josephine       PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Cristobal      Emmanuel        Accountant                                61,791
Crock          David           Transit Operator                          46,235
Croco          Lacey           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               63,278
Crone          Wanda           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Cronin         Clare           Transportation Planner III                84,220
Cronin         Lori            ENGINEER II                               69,570
Cronin         Michael         ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Crook          Megan           IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Crookshank     Paula           JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Cropley        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Crosby         Faythe          DISEASE RESEARCH & DATA SPEC              51,313
Cross          Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Cross          Lottie          Customer Services Supervisor              86,241
Cross          Randall         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Cross          Shari           GIS Specialist - Senior                   71,240
Cross          Thomas          Transit Operator                          46,235
Cross          Wayne           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Crossett       Charmaine       PPM II                                    58,928
Crosson        William         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Crothamel      Cherie          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              29,885
Crovitz        Michael         Systems & Mgmt & Analyst                  94,695
Crowder        Miles           LAS I                                     27,833
Crowe          Jeremy          CASE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST                43,205
Croxton        Walter          WORK CREW SUPERVISOR                      49,913
Croy           Cheryl          Transit Operator                          51,373
Croy           Michelle        LAN ADMINISTRATOR - JOURNEY               65,059
Crum           John            IT MANAGER I                              94,695
Crumb          Donna           CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Crumbley       Brian           TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Crumley        Mark            Transit Operator                          12,710
CRUMM          BRYTTNI         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Cruse-adler    Donna           TEMP PROJ PROG MNGR II                     7,052
Cruz           Alexander       Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Cruz           Charles         DETENTION OFFICER                         43,009
Cruz           David           Accountant                                54,067
Cruz           Edgardo         COOK BAKER                                41,361
Cruz           Flor            JAIL RN                                   76,128
Cruz           Jesusa          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              42,278
Cruz           Leilani         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Cruz           Lynda           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             40,017
Cruz           Toni            Transit Operator                          51,373
Crymes         Harriet         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               39,375
Csendes        Michael         APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SR                 74,700
Cuenca         Bruno           Fiscal Specialist I                       27,833
Culbertson     Jason           CARPENTER I                               46,572
Culcleasure    Shelton         Transit Operator                          51,373
Cullen         Elizabeth       WQ PLANNER/PROJECT MANAGER I              56,198
Culley         Linda           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                86,124
Cully          Silvia          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    46,486
Culpepper      William         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Culver         Linda           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Culver         Michael         Transit Operator                          13,416
Culver         Tamra           COOK-LEAD                                 52,432
Culverson      Lati            BAILIFF                                   50,574
Cummings       Calvin          Transit Operator                          11,193
Cummings       Carol           MAJOR                                    114,479
Cummings       Cynthia         ADMIN SPEC II                             39,375
Cummings       Dale            Transportation Planner III                84,220
Cummings       Kevin           Environmental LabScientist III            71,240
Cummings       Robert          Mechanic 3rd                              57,909
Cummins        Elaine          ED CONSULTANT III                         78,329
Cumplido       Alejandro       Transit Operator                          12,792
Cunningham     Barbara         SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Cunningham     Cheryl          BAILIFF                                   45,958
Cunningham     Frederick       Transit Operator                          51,373
Cunningham     Jeffrey         Helper (Seasonal)                         30,334
Cunningham     Jeffrey         MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Cunningham     Kimberly        SENIOR DATA ADMSTR                        82,143
Cunningham     Luann           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Cunningham     Marlow          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Cunningham     Ronald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Cunningham-hopkMary            CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 41,287
Curl           Kenneth         Contract Specialist III                   90,430
Curneen        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Curran         Mary            SOCIAL WORKER                             32,280
Curran         Rose            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   74,838
Curren-Mah     Natasha         Intern III                                29,625
Current jr     Australia       ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Currie         Lorenzo         POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Curry          Clifton         SP PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST               104,580
Curry          Laura           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Curry          Sherrie         Transit Operator                          51,373
Curry          Stephen         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Curtis         Anne            EDUCATOR CONSULTANT II                    71,240
Curtis         Daniel          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Curtis         George          CARPENTER I TLT                           48,834
Curtis         Gregg           CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,158
Curtis         Kevin           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Curtis         Vashti          Employee&LaborRelations REP               90,430
Curtoni        Renee           Transit Operator                          14,122
Cusack         Laird           HR Services Delivery Mgr. I               84,106
Cusack         Rebecha         LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE DIRECTOR           128,280
Cusin          Margo           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Cussac         Grant           Information Distributor                   42,518
Custer         Elizabeth       COURT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  56,282
Cutler         Gary            ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       37,435
Cuvreau        Jason           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
C-Wilson       Cynthia         Project/Program Manager III               80,209
Czaja-guyott   Marek           PARKS MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                  0
Czerwinski     Brian           Project/Program Manager II                64,793
Dabb           Ashley          STUDENT INTERN DISTRICT #1                     0
Dabney         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Dacanay        Cipriano        IT SYSTEM SPECIALIST SR                   64,792
Daehnke        Henry           Applications Developer-Sr                 78,329
Daggett        Kevin           IT SYSTEMS SUPERVISOR                     90,168
Daggs          Michael         PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    60,342
Daggs          Victor          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Dagne          Ayele           IT Manager III                           106,617
Dahl           Barbie          Transit Operator                          12,710
Dahl           Bruce           Occup Educ & Trng Prgm Admn Sr            84,220
Dahl           Janice          Rideshare Services Rep                    64,792
Dahl           Lisa            Transit Operator                          14,122
Dahl           Maria           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Dahlgren       Michael         Transit Operator                          14,122
Dahlin         Vivian          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Dahlstrom      Maureen         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR I - 60%FTE            34,528
Daigle         Serena          COURT CLERK                               36,576
Dailey         Timothy         Utility Laborer 3rd                       34,228
Daily          Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Daily          Tamara          Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Daily          Terrence        Transit Operator                          51,373
Dale           Mark            TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Dale           Michael         CREW CHIEF - TEMP                              0
Dale           Rickey          Transit Operator                          51,373
D'alessandro   Albert          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   62,335
Dallas         Marc            Real Property Agent III                   74,719
Dalman         Chris           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Dalman         Nicholas        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Dalrymple      Walter          WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Dalton         A               Occup Educ & Trng Prgm Admn Sr            84,220
Daly           Sharon          LEGIS AIDE DIST #5                        58,500
Dalzell        Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Dalzell        Vicki           Transit Operator                          14,122
D'amato        Scott           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
D'Ambrosia     Michael         Construction Management IV                22,048
D'ambrosio     Tony            RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Damery         Lisa            Transit Operator                          51,373
Dames          Jeanette        Transit Operator                          14,122
Damm           Michael         PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Damon          Marco           Transit Operator                          51,373
Damon          Susan           PPM III                                   66,347
D'Amour        George          Transit Operator                          14,122
Dams           Allan           ADMINISTRATOR 3                           78,329
Danforth       William         JAIL PHN                                  77,965
Dang           Duc             Waste Water Engineer IV                   90,396
Dang           Kimberly        MEDICAL ASSISTANT                         34,286
Dang           Qui             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dang           Tracey          Project Program Mgr. III                  84,220
D'angelo       Nicholas        PROBATION OFFICER 1                       66,654
Danh           Lamvana         RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTANTII                 0
Danichek       Gary            SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Danielle       Patrice         Transit Operator                          51,373
Daniels        Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Daniels        Christopher     Senior Rider Info Spec 2nd                48,533
Daniels        Elise           SOCIAL WORKER                             52,338
Daniels        Gary            PRINTING EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN             40,674
Daniels        Helen           PHASS                                     60,342
Daniels        Jacquelyn       SHERIFF'S DATA SPECIALIST                 40,320
Daniels        James           AUTOMOTIVE MACHINIST HD I-TEMP                 0
Daniels        Leah            BAILIFF                                   45,958
Daniels        Patrick         Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Daniels        Paul            JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        46,026
Daniels        Paulette        Transit Operator                          51,373
Daniels        Philip          Waste Water Engineer V                    97,062
Daniels        Shawn           Mechanic                                  58,765
Daniels        Susan           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Daniels        Trecina         CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC II                  39,374
Daniyel        T               Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Danko          Ildiko          PHN                                       68,619
Danley         Susan           JAIL RN                                   60,902
Dannenfelser   Tom             Electronic Technician                     58,765
Danoff         Nancy           STAFF PHYSICIAN                           83,357
Dantzler       Danny           TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Dao            Emilie          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    25,052
Daquep         Christopher     TLT - LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I            31,063
Daquep         Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Daraskavich    Alan            Maintenance Machinist                     58,765
Darbous        Samuel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Dargan         Robert          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Dargis         Lorca           IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 49,914
Darling        Deborah         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Darling        Timothy         CARPENTER I - TLT                         48,834
Darrow         Jeffrey         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  51,562
Darsie         Jean            LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  39,217
Darvas         Andrea          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Dascil         Valerie         ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       43,293
Dato           Diosdado        COOK/BAKER                                37,238
Dato           Veronica        LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              41,287
Dauber         Lance           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Dauber         Megan           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Daubney        Walter          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Daugherty      Charlotte       BAILIFF                                   47,067
Davee          Delia           ADMINISTRATOR II                          57,547
Davenport      Ann             ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              38,885
David          Matthew         AREA MANAGER-PYJ                          51,111
Davidheiser    Roger           SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         116,447
Davidson       Gerray          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Davidson       Katie           COURT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  43,205
Davidson       Kyle            EDUCATION SPEC                            41,287
Davidson       Linda           Transit Operator                          51,373
Davidson       Paulina         AS II                                     43,293
Davidson       Steven          Supervisor III                            88,440
Davidson       Warren          Transit Operator                          51,373
Davidson-doyea Michelle        LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               37,881
Davie          Michael         SOCIAL WORKER                             58,928
Davies         Bryan           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Davies         Lee             ENGINEER II                               72,950
Davies         Marc            PARALEGAL                                 56,198
Davies         Paula           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Davila         Paul            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        37,218
Davis          Allan           Transit Operator                          14,122
Davis          Boyd            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Davis          Brett           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Davis          Bryon           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Davis          Chandra         FISCAL SPECIALIST I                       18,334
Davis          Charles         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   76,634
Davis          Christopher     JAIL RN                                   57,096
Davis          Chuck           Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Darlene         POLICE DATA UNIT SUPERVISOR               58,927
Davis          Deborah         Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Diane           Maintenance/Planner Scheduler             74,802
Davis          Donald          SERGEANT                                  75,382
Davis          Dusty           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Davis          Edward          HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Davis          Evelyn          Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Floyd           Equipment Painter                         58,765
Davis          Gina            Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Harold          Transportation Planner II                 71,240
Davis          Heidi           TECHNICAL INFO PROCESS TECH 3             17,844
Davis          James           Transit Operator                          14,122
Davis          James           TRANSPORTATION PLNR II                    40,839
Davis          James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          James           Senior Gardener                           56,198
Davis          James           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Davis          James           Communications Coordinator                67,933
Davis          Jason           PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Davis          Jeri            Transit Operator                          14,122
Davis          John            Engineer V                                92,767
Davis          Kalauu          Transit Operator                          41,098
Davis          Katheryne       COURT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  46,426
Davis          Kathryn         BUDGET ANALYST II                         66,348
Davis          Ken             ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Davis          Kevin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Davis          Kiana           OCCUPATIONAL EDUC TRNG INSTRUC            43,293
Davis          Larry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Lavance         Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Lillette        Transit Operator                          48,804
Davis          Linda           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST                 47,604
Davis          Lloyd           Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Lora            Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Lubennie        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Davis          Marie           TLT ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALT II            34,155
Davis          Marilyn         Transit Supervisor                        90,308
Davis          Mark            Transit Operator                          13,416
Davis          Mark            Radio Equipment Specialist                60,791
Davis          Marlys          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   88,191
Davis          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Davis          Nadia           TLT EMPLOYEE & LABOR RELAT REP            86,124
Davis          Naomi           Transit Operator                          11,193
Davis          Nina            COURT CLERK                               46,426
Davis          Oscar           Transit Operator                          14,122
Davis          Pamela          Transit Chief                             86,241
Davis          Patricia        COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 44,278
Davis          Pierre          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Davis          Prenoyal        Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Ralph           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Davis          Ramona          Transit Instructor                        64,696
Davis          Selina          BAILIFF                                   45,958
Davis          Shannon         CORRECTION OFFICER                        59,960
Davis          Steven          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Davis          Steven          ADMIN SERV MANAGER                        88,136
Davis          Tamara          Database Administrator-Sr                 92,601
Davis          Tonya           Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Toylene         Transit Operator                          41,098
Davis          Trevor          PARK MAINT SPEC I-SEASONAL                     0
Davis          Tyrone          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Davis          Walter          Transit Operator                          51,373
Davis          Warren          COURT CLERK                               39,264
Davis jr       E               CORRECTIONS SUPERVISOR                    62,073
Davis jr       Thomas          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER II                69,570
Davis sr       Ronald          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Davis-Losey    Bonnie          Mechanic                                  58,765
Davison        Dominique       TEMP INTERN-GRADUATE                       3,717
Davison        Eric            Capital Project Manager III               78,329
Davison        Paul            EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Davison jr     Richard         COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   60,874
Davisson       Karen           Transit Operator                          14,122
Davy           Karen           POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Dawkins        Sweetlove       POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Dawson         Anthony         Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Dawson         B               Utility 2nd/3rd Line Wrkr                 69,854
Dawson         Carol           Business & Finance Officer II             60,343
Dawson         Lewis           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dawson         Mary            Human Resource Analyst                    69,571
Day            Cari            CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Day            Dinah           HEALTH & ENVIR INV III                    74,700
Day            Esther          CONFIDENTIAL SEC II                       57,546
Day            Sarah           PHN                                       35,297
Day            Theodore        Transportation Planner II                 74,802
Day            Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,122
Dayao          Dino            LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                33,645
Dayley         Neil            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              39,526
Daylong        Eric            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Dazell         Charlotte       IT MANAGER II                            109,175
de Arteaga     Pedro           Wastewater Process Analyst I              58,928
De cano        Pio             ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
De Grasse      Merch           Supervisor-in-Training                    54,985
De Grate       Drake           Transit Operator                          51,373
De la fuente   Jamie           NUTRITION ASSIST                          38,452
De la fuente   Lena            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
De la pena     Maria           HEALTH PROGRAM ASSIST II                  47,601
Deacy          Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Deady          Troy            PARK SPECIALIST II                        46,485
Deallah        M               POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Dean           Brandon         ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Dean           Heather         CIVIL CASE SPECIALIST                     41,186
Dean           Jimmie          USW CDL - Driver 3rd                      42,664
Dean           Lynne           LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     66,347
DeAngelis      Chris           Transit Operator                          14,122
Deano          Diane           QUALITY ASSURANCE & IMPR CO SS            71,240
Dearborn       Bethany         RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTNT II                 0
Dearborn       Greg            Utility Laborer                           45,922
Deardorff      Molly           Intern III                                31,807
DeArmas        John            Transit Operator                          11,193
DeBerry        Bruce           LAN Administrator-Senior                  80,318
Deblasio       Catherine       WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
DeBoer         Ineke           Transit Operator                          51,373
DeBord         Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Decano         Susan           TEMP-BRIDGE TENDER                             0
Decaprio-trim  Brenda          ASST PROGRAM MANAGER                      52,355
DeCapua        Michael         Project Program Mgr. IV                   88,191
Decarvalho     Rebecca         TRANSPORTATION PLNR II                    59,556
Decelles       Emily           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Dechadenedes   John            PROJ/PROG MGR III                         71,240
Decker         John            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Decker         Kathleen        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Decoteau       David           UTILITY WORKER - TEMP                          0
Decuir         Deborah         JAIL RN                                   73,539
Deer           Melissa         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Deeter         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Defazio        Brandi          SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER I                72,240
DeFluri        Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Defolo         Teresa          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Defries        Travis          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Degasperi      Curtis          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Degen          Alice           DEPUTY V                                  79,118
Degnan         Laurie          COURT CLERK                               23,213
Degoojer       Neil            REAL PROPERTY AGENT III                   74,700
Degracia       Julieta         SECURITY SCREENER                         35,037
Degracia       Lorenzo         SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Degraff        Joy             DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Degraw         Darren          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
DeGroot        Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,122
Deguzman       Celso           CADASTRAL CARTOGRAPHER                    54,066
Deguzman       Jose            Elec Const                                67,766
Dehaan         Bertram         AUTOMATED SCALE TECHNICIAN                67,939
Dehkordi-westerFereshte        PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    56,989
Dehnert        Jeremy          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Dehuff         April           PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Deines         Elaine          COURT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  44,252
Deiongh        Bailey          DIV DIR, OFFICE OF CIVILRIGHTS           106,617
Dejesus        Arnelfo         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dejesus        Soledad         HEALTHCARE ASSISTANT 1/2                  16,131
Dejka          Scott           Transit Parts Specialist 2nd              51,185
Dejong         Hady            PRO-TEM BAILIFF                                0
Dekeyser       Pamela          TEMP ADVANCED PRAC NURSE SPEC              7,334
Del rosario    Rolando         CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Del valle      Trisha          COURT MANAGER                             51,140
Dela Cruz      Cristin         Transit Operator                          51,373
Dela Cruz      Roberto         Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Dela pena      Maria           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Dela pena      Norilyn         TLT HPA II                                22,251
Delaat         Susan           IT MANAGER I                              94,695
Delahanty      Mary            IT Systems Spec-Journey                   41,907
Delaittre      Judith          HEALTH PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                47,601
Delamarter     Jeremy          Transit Operator                          11,193
Delaney        Kerry           Assistant Opererations Manager            92,476
Delaney        Kevin           Transit Chief                             67,940
Delaney        Leslie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Delansig       Dolores         Data Coordinator Specialist               48,744
Delanty        Gayle           Project/Program Manager II                67,940
Delatorre      Elida           CUSTODIAN                                      0
Delaurenti ii  Charles         JUDGE JUSTICE COURT                      122,011
Delauter       Barbara         CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  52,338
Delcarmen      Suzita          Fiscal Specialist II                      44,332
Delduca        Mary            FISCAL SPEC III                           44,332
Deleon         Jose            IT SUPERVISOR I                           90,308
DeLeon         Marc            Mechanic                                  52,897
Delgado        Robert          Transit Operator                          46,235
Delgado jr     David           MED DEATH INV II                          66,347
Delgardo       Curtis          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Delgardo       Robert          Transit Operator                          14,122
Delgardo       Staci           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        54,456
Dell           Wendy           NURSE PRACTITIONER                        43,661
Dellacca       Chris           Equipment Service Worker 3rd              35,481
Deller         Kinley          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR I                     57,547
Delmar         Jimmy           FISCAL SPEC III                           47,601
Delmarter      Zephara         Transit Operator                          14,122
Delong         Danny           Systems Architect                         94,695
Delosreyes     Ramoncito       COOK/BAKER                                43,370
Delrio         Laura           COURT CLERK                               46,426
Delrosario     Teresita        FISCAL SPECIALIST IV                      54,881
Delson         Matthew         Transit Operator                          51,373
Deluca         Felipe          WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Deluise        Lynn            COURT CLERK                               39,264
Delvillar      Rachael         PROGRAM MANAGER                           68,287
Demahy         Anita           INTERN-GRADUATE                            3,717
Demarco        Daniel          PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Demattea       Beverly         FISCAL SPECIALIST I                       40,320
Demello        Jon             TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
deMichele      Barbara         Communications Sp III                     71,468
Deming         Barbara         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,493
Deminsky       Mary            PPM II                                    60,342
Demoss         David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Demoz          Tsegay          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Demps          Lewis           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Dempsey        Jim             Transit Operator                          14,391
Denbo          Ronda           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       67,537
Denby          Camille         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Dendrinos      Christos        Transit Operator                          51,373
Denend         Terry           ADMINISTRATOR 4                                0
Deneui         Robert          CORRECTIONS PROG ADMINISTRATOR            86,117
Denini         Paul            Transit Operator                          12,792
Denisiuk       Stepan          Transit Operator                          51,373
Denisiuk       Tamara          Transit Operator                          14,122
Denison        Lewis           Transit Operator                          12,792
Denman         Diane           CREW CHIEF                                50,006
Dennehy        Bernard         CORRECTIONS PROG SUPV                     76,487
Denner         Howard          Transit Operator                          11,193
Denning        Rhonda          CUSTODIAN-SE                              16,457
Dennis         Daryl           SUPERVISOR III                            90,307
Dennis         Michael         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Dennis iii     Arthur          SOCIAL WORKER                             50,353
Denniston      Bradley         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Dent           Cynthia         Transit Operator                          51,373
Deonaldo       Edna            SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Depew          Darrin          Indust Instrmt/Elect Tech Lead            76,494
Dephelps-gunninColleen         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
DePina         Camilo          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Deppa          Douglas         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Deppel         Mark            DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR-SR                 82,134
Depriest       Terry           CREW CHIEF                                54,982
DeQuereco      Shawn           Transit Operator                          12,792
Deraitus       Elizabeth       PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    88,191
Deretsky       Linh            DIS                                       45,575
Derezes        Sammy           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Derheim        Ted             Transit Operator                          51,373
Derise         Carla           SHERIFF'S DATA SPECIALIST                 47,601
Derksema       John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dermody        Charles         ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Dernbach       Jeffrey         SENIOR DEPUITY I                          91,965
Derobbio       Wendy           PROJECTPROGMGRII                          52,800
Derr           Karen           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Derramas       Bienvenido      Utility Laborer                           45,922
Dervin         Leilani         Transit Operator                          51,373
Dery           Scott           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Deryckx        Kseniya         INTERN III                                     0
Desalegn       Sisay           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Desanto        Peter           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
DeSart         Al              Transit Operator                          11,193
Descargar      Rhodora         FiscalSpecialist III                      47,602
Desimone       Joe             TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Desimone       Marco           TRUCK DRIVER III                          43,159
Desjarlais     Joseph          Printing Equipment Technician             46,486
Desmond        Kevin           Div Director, Transit                    155,821
Desmond        Mark            Assistant Accountant                      53,595
Desmul         David           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Desouza        Gary            PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 2                   64,911
Desrochers     I               Vanpool Risk Specialist                   72,950
Detrick        James           EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Detweiler      Cheryl          COURT CLERK                               45,326
Devault        Phil            Transit Operator                          12,792
Develle        James           App Developer-Master                      94,695
Devenport      Jane            UTILITY WORKER II - TLT                   35,878
DeVera         Jemima          Human Resource Analyst                    57,548
DeVera         Norma           Tech Info Processing Sp III               40,320
Devereaux      Denton          Transit Operator                          12,792
Devereaux      James           Environmental Lab Scientist II            60,343
Devereux       James           HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER                    92,475
Devine         Megann          COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST III             67,940
Devine         Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Devine         Thomas          FIRE INVESTIGATOR II                      63,274
Devitt         Leanne          TEMP MHP                                       0
DeVlieg        Peri            Project Program Mgr. II                   58,929
Devlin         Thomas          Transportation Planner III                72,950
Devolder       Donald          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Devolve        Joyce           TEMP-CUSTOMER SVC SPEC                         0
Devore         Chad            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Devore         Timothy         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Devries        Tamara          MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Devries-brandt Cheryl          ADMIN SPEC II                             34,155
DeVries-Maddy  Marijtje        Transit Operator                          51,373
Dew            John            TEMP EDUCATION SPECIALIST                  5,059
DeWitt         Duane           Transit Operator                          51,373
DeWitt         Roger           Computer Operator Specialist              49,914
DeWitt         Suzanne         Project Control Engineer III              78,329
Dewitty        Gordon          Human Resource Analyst                    57,548
Dewolfe-moleskyRaye            PHASS                                     63,273
DeWyne         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Deyoung        William         DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC                 53,806
Dezarn         Kelley          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dhanapal       Pamela          BUILDING SERVICES SUPERVISOR              90,307
Dhingra        Manka           DEPUTY V                                  30,861
Dhoore         Brent           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Di julio       Donald          IT PROJECT MANAGER I                      88,191
Di toro        Leonard         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        58,928
Diaz           Avery           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Diaz           Carlos          Computer Operator Specialist              49,914
Diaz           Eduardo         Transit Operator                          13,416
Diaz           Leilani         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     47,601
Diaz           Ricardo         Transit Operator                          51,373
Diaz           Tonja           Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       29,827
Diaz           Viviane         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             20,642
Dick           Philip          Transit Operator                          51,373
Dicker         Martin          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Dickerman      Gabrielle       DEPUTY III                                61,002
Dickerson      Susan           AUDITOR APPRAISER I                       45,796
Dickerson      Suzette         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                34,453
Dickey         Charles         Engineer IV                               88,353
Dickie         Melinda         HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST-SENIOR             78,329
Dickinson      Joyce           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Dickinson      Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Dickneite      Lori            IT Supervisor II                          88,192
Dickson        Melvin          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Dickson        Stephanie       Records Center Technician                 17,486
Dictado        Francisco       Transit Operator                          51,373
Dictado        Gonzalo         Transit Operator                          51,373
Dideon         Sabrina         PR INVESTIGATOR                                0
Didricksen     James           SUPERVISOR I                              71,240
Didway         Frederick       POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Diebate        Gabriela        JAIL RN                                   76,128
Diehl          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Diehl          Robyn           Transit Operator                          51,373
Diel jr        John            ANIMAL CONTROL SERGEANT                   51,112
Diesen         Lorna           TEMP PHN                                   8,023
Diesner        Martha          FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     42,278
Diffner        Daniel          Transit Chief                             86,241
Diffner        James           Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Diga           Maria           BAILIFF                                   50,574
DiGennaro      Maurice         Transit Operator                          51,373
Dightman       Eric            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Digiorgio      Lisa            NUTRITION CONSULTANT                      67,939
Dignan         George          WORKFORCEDEVLPMT SERVICESADMIN            90,308
Dill           Mark            DETENTION OFFICER                         40,990
Dillard        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Dilley         Daphne          Rideshare Operations Chief                86,241
Dilley         Scott           Transit Operator                          13,416
Dillingham     Davida          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                38,790
Dillman        Bradley         INTERN 2 (UNDERGRADUATE)                       0
Dillman        Rachael         Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            61,791
Dillon         Lafay           DISTRICT COURT CLERK V                    23,213
Dillon         Patrick         Transit Operator                          51,373
Dillon-Gehrig  Iain            Transit Operator                          11,193
Dimailig       Vicente         Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
DiMartino      Peter           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Dimartino      Theresa         APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Dimson         Ivan            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dines          Kenneth         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Dinh           Nhu             FISCAL SPEC III                           43,205
Dino           Romeo           Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Dinsmore       Kenneth         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III TEMP                   0
Dinsmore       Lisa            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Dionisio       Dionnie         Project Control Engineer III              80,209
Diriye         Hassan          Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
DiThomas       William         Transit Parts Specialist                  49,618
Ditkoff        Catherine       JAIL RN                                   60,902
Dittamore      Dwayne          Transit Operator                          14,122
Dittmar        David           Capital Project Manager IV                97,062
Dittoe         Jon             Transit Police Officer                    66,560
Divers         Barbara         Transit Custodian I 2nd                   39,636
Divers         James           Transit Operator                          14,122
Divina         Marc            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Dixon          Anthony         Transit Operator                          51,373
Dixon          Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Dixon          John            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Dixon          Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Dixon          Shelley         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Dixon          Terry           Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            63,274
Dixon          Tracy           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        55,789
Dizdarevic     Emir            Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Dizmang        Scott           Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Dizon          Gilbert         UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Dizon          Reyland         ADMIN SPEC II                             36,671
Do             An              LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC III             45,396
Do             Loan            DENTAL ASSIST                             35,949
Do             Thi             NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       36,671
Do             Thien           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Dobbins        Ronda           Transit Operator                          51,373
Dobkins        Douglas         SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Dobkins        Paula           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III              84,105
Doctorello     Leah            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Dodd           Shanon          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Dodd           Tracey          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Dodman         Roy             Contract Specialist III                   86,124
Dodson         Cecil           Transit Operator                          12,710
Dodson         Denisha         TEMP WORK STUDY PROGRAM                        0
Dodson         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Doerty         James           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Dogen          Les             Electronic Technician                     58,765
Doherty        Daniel          TEMP ADMIN SPECIALIST I                        0
Doherty        Dennis          PARAMEDIC                                 86,497
Doherty        James           Industrial Painter                        60,342
Doherty        Tracy           DATABASE ADMSTR-JOURNEY                   78,329
Dolan          W               Transit Instructor                        64,696
Dold           Cynthia         PPM IV                                    90,307
Doll           Patrick         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dolliver       Elizabeth       Employee&LaborRelations REP               43,062
Domingo        Cynthia         LEGISLATIVE AIDE II                       81,080
Domingo        Nemesio         Transit Chief                             86,241
Dominis        Sarah           TEMP RESEARCH ASST                         5,305
Domres         Patrick         HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL INV II             71,240
Donaglia       Enrico          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Donahue        Peter           DEPUTY HEARING EXAMINER                   99,541
Donald         Allison         Transit Operator                          12,710
Donaldson      Leslie          SHERIFF DATA SPECIALIST                   47,601
Donaldson      Mary            Administrator I                           57,710
Donato         Florencia       PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,634
Donley         C               PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Donnell        Mark            EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Donnelly       Patricia        JAIL RN                                   57,096
Donner         James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Donohoe        Daniel          MEDIA RELATIONS                           84,846
Donoso         Luis            COURT MANAGER                             65,059
Donovan        Aleithe         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              42,278
Donovan        Daniel          Transit Operator                          12,792
Dooris         Judy            PARALEGAL                                 38,416
Doornbos       Gary            Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Doppmann       Jeff            Transit Operator                          51,373
Dorage         Joni            Transit Operator                          11,193
Dorage         Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Dorais         Jimmie          Fiscal Specialist I                       27,833
Dorf           Adrienne        NUTRITION CONSULTANT                      68,201
Dorfler        Jeffrey         EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Dorhofer       Shawna          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Dorian         Teresa          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Dorigan        Lee             HE INVESTIGATOR IV                        71,240
Dorje          Guru            OCCPTNAL EDUC TRNG INSTRUCTOR             51,111
Dorman         Robert          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Dorn           Jeanne          GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Dorrell        Tiffany         PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION SPECIAL            60,454
Dorris         Laura           CIVIL CASE SPECIALIST                     36,552
Dorris jr      Lester          PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Dorsch         Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Dorsey         Celeste         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     40,675
Dorsey         Edwina          PHSS                                      85,300
Dorsey         Jill            DIRECTOR                                 101,122
Dorsey         Ronald          CUSTODIAN-FLOOR CARE                      37,551
Dorst          Mark            APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SENIOR             74,700
Doss           Azalea          LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  34,155
Dotson         Adrienne        Transit Operator                          41,098
Dotson         Felicia         Transit Operator                          41,098
Dotson         Rose            ADMINISTRATOR II                          64,792
Doty           Connie          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Doubrava       Michael         Environmental LabScientist III            84,188
Dougherty      Hugh            ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Dougherty      Linda           DIV DIRECTOR, ROADS                      135,153
Dougherty sr   Donald          MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Doughty        Brandon         LAN Administrator-Senior                  36,208
Douglas        Anthony         Transit Operator                          14,122
Douglas        Charles         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Douglas        Gary            Transit Operator                          14,122
Douglas        Judith          Transit Operator                          14,122
Douglas        Lorrie          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Douglas        Sean            Electronic Comm Spec                      71,240
Dove           Lisa            AdminSpecialist III                       29,989
Dovey          Daniel          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Doviak         Marsha          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Dow            Adele           Revenue Coordinator                       52,730
Dow            Barnaby         PROJ/PROGRAM MGR IV                       74,700
Dowd           Drew            SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Dowd           Robert          Transit Instructor                        64,696
Dowd           Robert          JUDICIAL SVCS DIV MGR                     86,124
Dowe           Maritza         ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Dowell         Larry           EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (A)                   48,186
Dowling        Kirk            CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Downen         Sandra          Fiscal Specialist I                       29,183
Downey         Brett           APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Downey         Jane            WORKER COMP COORDINATOR                   68,538
Downing        Gary            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Downing        Steve           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Downing        William         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Doyle          Catherine       JAIL RN                                   53,322
Doyle          Theresa         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Doyle          Timothy         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  69,570
Doyle          William         DEPUTY IV                                 69,841
Draganov       Krasimir        Const 2nd Electrician                     69,854
Drager         Leslie          ADMIN SPEC II                             36,671
Dragseth       Steffen         Transit Operator                          51,373
Drake          Cindy           SENIOR MANAGEMENT AUDITOR                 71,900
Drake          Curtis          APP DEVELOPER-MASTER                      86,124
Drake          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Drake          Terry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Drangsholt     Tim             Safety & Claims Manager                  104,260
Draper         Edward          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Draper         Henry           Hlth & Envirnmtl Invstg IV                86,208
Draper         Sarah           Capital Project Manager III               90,396
Draughon       Shannon         DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Draves         Jolene          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Drayton        Ronald          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER II                71,240
Drazich        George          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Drenkel        Zachary         Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Drennen        Scott           WWTreatmentSeniorOper.InCharge            72,950
Dress          M               COMMUN CORRECT PLCMNT SPEC                53,440
Drew           David           Mechanic                                  58,765
Drew           Michael         Transit Operator                          12,710
Drewery        Vance           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dreyer         Anne            PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,228
Dreyer         Roderick        CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Driesen        James           Transit Operator                          12,710
Driscoll       James           PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 1                   59,036
Driscoll       Thomas          ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                   40,320
Driskell       Michael         Transit Operator                          41,098
Droker         Jeffrey         Environmental Lab Scientist II            69,571
Druin          Elizabeth       POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Druin          Kevin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Drumel         James           Industrial MaintenanceMechanic            60,342
Drummer        Larry           Maintenance Painter                       58,765
Drury          Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Drutman        Paul            ADMIN INTERN                                   0
Dryer          Robert          Radio Equipment Specialist                60,791
Du rall        Charlene        DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Dubay          William         CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  57,547
Dubenion       Sharon          COURT CLERK                               39,264
Dubin          Rebecca         REGISTERED NURSE                          34,627
Dubois         Elizabeth       PRINCIPAL MGMT AUDITOR                    67,510
Dubos          Robert          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   49,173
DuBose         Karen           Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            60,343
Dubuque        Joan            SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Duchin         Jeffrey         DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                  167,311
Duchscherer    Larry           Mechanic                                  58,765
Ducken         Elaine          Transportation Planner II                 71,240
Duckworth      Jesse           Transit Operator                          51,373
Duckworth      Kathryn         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Duckworth      Radford         Transportation Planner II                 71,240
Duddleson      Dawn            ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN-50% FTE               30,171
Dudley         George          SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Dudley         Thomas          SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Dueck          Gerhard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Duell          Carlos          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Duell          Rhodney         Transit Operator                          51,373
Dues           Donna           TEMP RN                                    8,273
Duffin         Richard         Transit Operator                          14,122
Duffy          Dana            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Duffy          Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Duffy          Terence         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dufour         Lisa            SENIOR DEPUTY II                          59,448
Duke           Colleen         Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Duke           Deanna          APP DEVELOPER MASTER                      90,308
Duke           Lisa            PARK MAINTENANCE ASST                     23,224
Dulaney        Barbara         LAN ADMINISTRATOR - JOURNEY               58,928
Dullanty       Thomas          OPERATING ENGINEER II-KCAC                57,547
Dumadag        Eric-Joseph     Transit Operator                          51,373
Dumas          Sean            JAIL RN                                   76,128
Dumas          Tyrone          Transit Operator                          51,373
Dummer         Hannah          PARAMEDIC                                 65,645
Dumo           Delia           FISCAL SPEC III                           46,485
Dumo           Ray             Transit Operator                          51,373
Dunbar         Angeles         INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    47,601
Dunbar         Brian           Base Dispatcher/Planner                   58,222
Dunbar         Margaret        DISPATCHER                                53,819
Dunbar         Mark            DIS                                       47,789
Duncan         Alan            SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Duncan         Amy             Fiscal Specialist III                     47,602
Duncan         Bonnie          FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                            0
Duncan         Brian           Capital Project Manager III               76,494
Duncan         Carolyn         COUNTY EXEC ASST III                     109,176
Duncan         Edward          Transit Operator                          51,373
Duncan         Herbert         INVESTIGATOR                              70,183
Duncan         Jon             SERGEANT                                  77,267
Duncan         Michael         PARK SPECIALIST II                        42,278
Duncan         Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Duncan         Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Duncan         Sari            Construction Management I                 54,881
Duncan         Steven          Mechanic                                  58,765
Duncan         Timothy         Transit Operator                          51,373
Duncan         Yessler         Transit Chief - Power                     86,945
Dunderdale     Pamela          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       59,508
Dunford        Luther          CUSTODIAN                                 34,152
Dung           Keith           TEMP DENTIST                              12,167
Dungan         Scott           COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER                 51,111
Dunkley        Pamella         DETENTION OFFICER                         40,990
Dunlop         John            Transit Operator                          14,122
Dunn           James           Communications Coordinator                67,933
Dunn           Joe             ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Dunn           Kimberly        PROJECT PROGRAM MGR I                     54,881
Dunn           Linda           INVOLUNTARY COMMIT SPEC I                 60,678
Dunn           Maureen         EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Dunn           Reagan          COUNCILMEMBER DIST #9                    113,501
Dunn           Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Dunn           Sherrie         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dunn II        Clyde           Mechanic                                  55,821
Dunne          Kathleen        Transit Operator                          51,373
Dunneback      David           Transportation Planner III                80,209
Dunning        Steve           TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Dunphy         Collin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Dunsmore       Lisa            COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 36,427
Dunwiddie      Michael         REGIONAL AQUATIC CENTER COORD             72,950
Duong          Do              FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     42,650
Dupea          Vern            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dupee          Tammala         SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Dupleich       Bradley         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Dupleich       Eric            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Dupuis         Deloy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Dupuis         Gene            JUV PROB COUNS SUPV                       67,704
Dupuis         Janis           CORRECTIONS PROG SUPV                     76,487
DuPuy          Gary            Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Duran          Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Duran          Martin          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Durand         Sraddha         Transit Operator                          51,373
Durant         Bernard         Senior Schedule  Planner (TP3)            82,739
Durante        Gino            Transit Operator                          51,373
Durante        Virginia        Transit Operator                          51,373
Durant-storey  Katherine       RECREATION PROG ASSIST III                     0
Durbin         Jeanne          WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Durden         Jeffrey         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Durgin         Susan           Transit Operator                          51,373
Duroe          Elizabeth       NUTRITIONIST                              56,198
Duroe          William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Durr           Patricia        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               35,338
Durrant        Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Durst          Lisa            Project/Program Manager I                 66,437
Dusek          Daniel          ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Dusseault      Jeffrey         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Dutcher        Kenneth         IT Enterprise Manager III                111,796
Dutczak        Jonathan        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Dutka          Brooke          Project Control Engineer II               69,571
Dutt           Arvind          Transit Operator                          11,193
Dutton         Robert          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             42,278
Dutton         Suzette         ENGINEER I                                64,792
Dvorak         Kenneth         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Dwyer          Deborah         SENIOR DEPUTY II                          99,081
Dyar           Doris           PHN                                       70,324
Dyckman        Claire          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               80,209
Dye            James           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Dye            Jeff            LANDFILL GAS OPERATOR I                   41,795
Dykeman        Michael         DIV DIRECTOR BLDG SVCS                   106,617
Dymerski       Greg            MAJOR                                    114,479
Dyrdahl        Brenda          ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    39,375
Dyson          James           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Dyson          Marvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Dyson          Robert          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        50,044
Dzieweczynski  Mary            Administrator III                         54,352
Eadie          Richard         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Eagan          Becky           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Eagan          James           MANAGING ENGINEER                         94,694
Eagle          Louis           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Eagleson       David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Eagleson       Diane           USW CDL - Driver 2nd                      42,142
Eakes          Patricia        SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         116,447
Earl           Dallas          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Earle          David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Earle          Victoria        Transit Operator                          51,373
East           Christopher     EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Easterly       David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Eastey jr      Richard         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Eastman        Daniel          ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Eastman        Debra           Transit Operator                          14,122
Eaton          Christina       CHEM DEPENDENCY PROGRAM SCRNR             40,395
Eaton          Geraldine       LATENT/PHOTO LABS SUPERVISOR              76,493
Eaton          John            Transit Operator                          41,098
Eaton          Virginia.       Designer IV                               61,791
Eaves          Linda           AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Eberle         Mark            RECREATION PROGRAM ASST III                    0
Eberle         Viola           PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,228
Eberly-Shepard Diana           Human Resource Analyst-Senior             67,940
Ebesugawa      Rian            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Ebinger        Hughes          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ebinger        Sina            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ebube          Makeda          CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 40,674
Echert         Kristine        TLT-JUDICIAL SVCS SUPERVISORII            58,932
Echert         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Echols         Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Eckel          William         ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMS SEC MGR           101,677
Eckerman       Virginia        COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Eckert         Karen           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Eckhardt       Katherine       Communications Specialist I               54,881
Eclipse        Robert          Network Engineer-Journey                  64,793
Eddy           Darla           Transit Operator                          12,792
Eddy           Donald          TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Eddy           Layne           EQUIP SERV MAINT SPEC HD                  38,012
Eddy           Robert          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Edington       Teddi           PROJ/PRG MGR II 2/3                       41,977
Edman          Charlotte       TEMP REGISTERED NURSE                      8,273
Edmark         H               Transit Operator                          51,373
Edmiston       Kathleen        IT Project Manager II                     96,968
Edmiston       Kirk            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Edmonds        Coralyn         COURT PROGRAM SPEC                             0
Edmondson      Sherry          Occup Educ & Trng Prgrm Admin             71,240
Edmondson      Ted             Transit Operator                          11,193
Edmund         Cathy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Edmund         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Edmund         Robin           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Edmundson      Georgia         VEHICLE DISPATCHER                        35,878
Edmundson      J               PPM IV - TEMP                                  0
Edwards        Dale            Transit Operator                          51,373
Edwards        Deanne          Claims Officer                            61,791
Edwards        Diane           JAIL NP                                   95,651
Edwards        James           Mechanic                                  58,765
Edwards        Kristine        ADVANCED PRACTICAL NURSE SPEC             43,108
Edwards        Laura           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Edwards        Remy            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Edwards        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Edwards        Stephen         Utility Laborer                           45,922
Edwards        Tommy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Edwards        Tommy           Construction Management III               78,329
Edwards        Troy            Transit Operator                          51,373
Edwards        Yvette          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       68,619
Eeds           Michael         Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Egan           Bobbie          COMMUNICATIONS SPEC IV TLT                67,939
Egan           Christopher     Administrator IV                          94,823
Egan           Michael         Transit Operator                          41,098
Egashira       Gregory         ELECTRICIAN I                             60,453
Egeland        Gary            ASST SPECIAL CREW SUPERVISOR              48,744
Eggen          Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Eggert         Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Eggleston      Harry           DETENTION OFFICER                         41,988
Eglington      Douglas         EXECUTIVE PROGRAM ASSISTANT IV            92,475
Ehlers         Richard         POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Ehrman         Wendlyn         Transit Operator                          14,122
Eibey          Richard         Mechanic                                  58,765
Eichelsdoerfer Robert          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Eichler        Yvonne          NURSE PRACTITIONER                        76,710
Eichorst       Dennis          Facilities Maintenance Worker             37,318
Eide           Donald          DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Eide           Joanna          EXEC ASST II                                   0
Eide           Patricia        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Eiden          Amy             TLT SPECIAL PROJ MNGR III                 99,294
Eifrig         Eric            Process Laboratory Spec II                61,791
Eigo           Tara            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Eiler          Judith          DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Eisele         Susan           FINANCIALSERVICESADMINISTRATOR            94,694
Ek             David           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Ekdahl         Jimmie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ekiss          John            Service Supervisor                        64,696
Elaameir       Saleh           Accountant                                60,342
Elaoud         Said            Base Dispatcher/Planner                   58,222
Elardo         Pamela          Real Property Agent Supv                  96,968
Elarth         Anna            TEMP PHN                                   8,824
Elbaum         Mindy           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       67,797
Elbelau jr     Masami          COURT CLERK I                             34,453
Elder          Carolyn         APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Elder          Edward          UTILITY WORKER II                         39,448
Elder          Jeff            EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (B)                   48,186
Elder          Laurie          Project/Program Manager IV                56,894
Elder          Martin          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR II 7/10 B              43,825
Elder          Michael         EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (B)                   48,186
Eldred         David           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        104,129
Eldridge       Dorian          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Eldridge       Robert          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Eldridge       Tamara          Transit Operator                          51,373
Eldridge       Ted             Mechanic                                  58,765
Elerick        Troy            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Elfenson       Deneese         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
El-guindy      Khaled          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Elias          A               POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Eline          Kenneth         Transit Operator                          12,792
Elkins         Bryan           Construction Mgmt III                     58,614
Elleby         Bill            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Elleby         Tina            ABSTRACT TECHNICIAN                       41,651
Elledge        Joanne          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Elledge        Nathan          CAPTAIN                                   96,577
Ellenwood      Daniel          Transit Operator                          48,804
Ellenwood      Linda           FISCAL SPECIALIST III-50%                 24,370
Ellers         Nicole          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Ellickson      Helene          COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST I                   96,967
Ellingsen-wannaE               SHERIFF DATA SPECIALIST                   44,332
Ellingson      Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Ellingworth    Beverly         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Elliott        Barbara         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Elliott        Bradley         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Elliott        Colin           Environmental LabScientist III            82,134
Elliott        Elisa           PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER II                67,940
Elliott        Elizabeth       Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            56,203
Elliott        Jane            Transportation Planner III                63,165
Elliott        John            SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Elliott        Keldun          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Elliott        Lorraine        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Elliott        Malcom          POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Elliott        Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Elliott        Steve           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Elliott        Terri           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Elliott        Toni            ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Ellis          Bradley         Mechanic                                  58,765
Ellis          Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Ellis          Christine       Transit Operator                          12,710
Ellis          Dale            Transit Operator                          14,122
Ellis          Don             SERGEANT                                  75,382
Ellis          Gene            Transit Operator                          51,373
Ellis          Katharine       TEMP PHN                                   8,824
Ellis          Kathryn         TLT AS II                                 23,160
Ellis          Kwame           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Ellis          Melissa         ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Ellis          Randy           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ellis          Steve           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ellis          Wayne           Transit Operator                          14,122
Ellison        Randy           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Ellison        Viola           CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Elmer          Dustin          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Elmer          Tami            PERMIT TECHNICIAN                         42,650
Elmore         Willma          REGIONAL HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR            106,617
El-moslimany   Ahmad           RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTNT II                 0
Elo            Minna           Assistant Accountant                      47,602
Elsenboss      Carina          PPM III                                   71,240
Elsner         Michael         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Elsner         Zachary         DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Elsom          Travis          IT SYSTEMS SPECIALIST-JOURNEY             60,342
Eltayeb        Mohamed         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Elting         Emily           VICTIM ADVOCATE                           40,675
Elwood         Karol           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   71,240
Elwood         Linda           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      39,375
Elzner         Shannan         Systems Engineer-Senior                   86,124
Emami          Farkam          Transit Operator                          12,792
Emerick        David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Emerick        Dorothy         Accountant                                61,791
Emerick        Sally           Transit Operator                          51,373
Emerson        Beth            CUSTOMER SVC SPEC II                      42,278
Emerson        Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Emerson        Latosha         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Emerson        Susan           FISCAL SPECIALIST 3                       48,744
Emerson        Toni            OCCUPATIONAL EDUC & TRAIN COOR            54,881
Emery          Robert          WWTreatmentUtilityWorker                  38,452
Emge           Matthew         Transit Operator                          51,373
Emmons         Wendy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              40,320
Emry           Leonard         Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Endres         James           Environmental LabScientist III            86,241
Enebrad        Beverly         COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Enebrad        Sumi            COURT OPERATIONS SPEC I                   38,337
Enfield        Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Eng            Lydia           Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv I                 67,940
Eng            Paul            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Eng            Paul            Engineer VI                               97,985
Engan          James           Lead Senior Buyer                         82,134
Eng-coe        Deborah         ENGINEER I                                64,792
Enge           Greg            Transit Operator                          51,373
Engebo         Leif            Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Engebretson    Jeffrey         Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr I             19,967
Engel          Gregory         Transit Operator                          14,122
Engell         Bruce           SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Engen          Cyndee          PARALEGAL                                 45,796
Engler         William         EMS INSTRUCTOR SENIOR                          0
English        Gary            Industrial Painter                        60,342
English        Melanie         SOCIAL WORKER                             44,294
English        Robert          RECORDS CENTER TECHNICIAN                 35,280
Englund        Lani            LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               37,881
Englund        Mary            SENIOR DEPUTY II                         101,573
Engrissei      Anthony         Transit Operator                          51,373
Engrissei      Leonard         Transit Operator                          14,122
Engstrom       Kurt            REAL PROPERTY AGENT IV                    69,575
Ennis          Carmela         GOVT RELATIONS ASSOCIATE                  59,865
Ennis          Lea             DIRECTOR COURT OPERATIONS                 86,152
Enrico         Silverio        PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Enright        Stephen         Transit Operator                          12,710
Enriquez       Christina       PUBLIC HELATH NURSE                       70,324
Enriquez       Ivy             Transit Operator                          41,098
Enslow         L               LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  64,792
Ensz           Victor          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Entrekin       Tyler           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II                   0
Epley          Larry           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Epling         Jeanine         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             44,332
Epperson       Valerie         SUPERVISOR I                              58,054
Epps           Randy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Epps           Roy             Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Erdman         Melissa         JAIL RN                                   60,238
Erdmann        Robert          Lead Sheet Metal Worker                   64,634
Erhardt        Pamela          JAIL LPN                                  47,502
Erickess-CaluyaStephanie       Transit Supervisor                        90,308
Ericksen       Victoria        BAILIFF                                   45,958
Erickson       Dinamarie       Transit Operator                          11,193
Erickson       Gene            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Erickson       Hans            Project Control Engineer III              80,209
Erickson       Mary            Facilities Maintenance Worker             37,318
Erickson       Michael         Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Erickson       Monica          LEGAL SECRETARY                           35,282
Erickson       Robert          PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,228
Erickson       William         CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                84,105
Eriks          Mariko          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Eriks          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Erlick         John            SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Ernsdorff      Gary            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Ernsdorff      James           Senior Accountant                         67,940
Ernst          Carol           Transit Operator                          14,122
Erola          Chelsea         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Ervin          Debra           ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       37,881
Erwin          David           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Erzen          Alex            INTERN III                                     0
Esbenshade     Brittany        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Esbenshade     Michael         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Escarez        Thomas          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               35,338
Escobar        Jason           MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Escoz          Jean            ADMIN SPEC II                             36,671
Escudero       Lisa            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    61,904
Eshom          Joseph          POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Eshtiaghy      Marcus          Supervisor-in-Training                    54,985
Esko           Trever          IT Project Director                      114,479
Esparza        Dale            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Esparza        Hugo            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Espenhorst     Eric            Business & Finance Officer III            72,950
Espinosa       Joe             ENGINEER I                                64,792
Espinosa       Lucila          ADMINISTRATION SPECIALIST II              36,194
Espinosa       Manuel          CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Espinosa       Steve           UTILITY WORKER ASSISTANT                  34,216
Espinoza       Jorge           CUSTODIAN                                 33,352
Espinoza       Judissa         TEMP ADMIN SPEC I                          3,897
Espiritu       Anita           MED TECHNOLOGIST                          26,900
Essang-ekpo    Teena           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Essick         Cynthia         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Esteban        Eric            AS III                                    40,320
Esteban        Julieta         Tech Info Processing Sp III               46,486
Esteban        Theodore        Transit Operator                          48,804
Estep          Nadine          Transit Operator                          12,792
Ester          Tyrone          Transit Operator                          41,098
Estes          Darryl          Transit Operator                          51,373
Estey          Joel            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  72,950
Estigoy        Deanne          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     31,335
Estioko        Augustus        Transit Operator                          51,373
Estrada        Aurelio         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Estrada        Francis         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Estrada        Linda           Transit Operator                          51,373
Estrellado     Jansen          Equipment Service Worker 3rd              45,024
Estrellado     Peter John      Equipment Service Worker 3rd              35,481
Etchoe         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Etienne        Barbara         SERGEANT                                  75,382
Ettele         Nancy           Construction Management V                 90,308
Eugenio        David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Eulogio        William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Evangelista    Efren           Equipment Painter 2nd                     60,332
Evans          Christopher     EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        45,954
Evans          Dale            Administrative Staff Assistant            53,595
Evans          Duane           PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Evans          Elaine          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Evans          Fletcher        DEPUTY I                                  47,906
Evans          Glenn           IT Enterprise Manager II                  94,695
Evans          Glenn           CIP SECTION MANAGER                      106,617
Evans          Jared           ENGINEER II                               60,342
Evans          Margaret        Administrator I                           49,914
Evans          Rachel          TLT-CUSTOMER SVC SPEC III                 36,673
Evans          Seema           DENTAL ASSIST                             36,812
Evans          Stacey          Transit Operator                          51,373
Evans          Steven          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               78,329
Evans          Terry           Utility Line Wrkr                         67,766
Evans          Timothy         Transit Operator                          14,122
Evenson        John            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Everist        Steven          LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     66,347
Everson        Matthew         OFFICE AIDE                               26,251
Everson        Thomas          UTILITY WORKER II                         39,448
Evett          Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Evetts         Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Ewing          David           LAB ASST II                               39,375
Ewing          Michelle        COURT CLERK                               46,426
Ex             Howard          Transit Operator                          13,416
Eytinge        Jonathan        BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             63,274
Ezeonwu        Samuel          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             58,928
Ezzy           Jeffrey         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Faagau         Talosaga        Transit Operator                          11,193
Fabian         Rianne          FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      38,452
Fabre          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Faccone        Edward          TEMP ADMIN SPECIALIST                          0
Faccone        James           Safety & Health Supervisor                92,566
Fada           C               Environmental LabScientist III            84,188
Faegenburg     Nancy           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               70,183
Fagan          Christopher     Transit Operator                          14,122
Fagan          Richard         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                     34,972
Fager          Teresa          Claims Officer                            61,791
Fagerstrom     Kevin           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Fahey          Lori            EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Fahlgren       Joseph          Millwright                                58,765
Fain           Charles         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Fain           Joseph          LEGIS AIDE DIST #7                        62,796
Fairbanks      David           Operations Security Liaison               63,130
Fajans         Trudi           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Fajardo        Eumir           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              39,720
Falcone        Perry           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               69,570
Faler          Veda            PARALEGAL                                 48,021
Fallak         Fathi           UTILITY WORKER 1                          39,448
Fallaria       Elizabeth       SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Fallgatter     Mark            PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Famy           Christopher     JAIL STAFF PHYSICIAN                      15,424
Fan            Laurie          DENTIST                                  114,479
Fancher        David           Electronic Comm Spec                      71,240
Fane           Clyde           SENIOR PLUMBING INSPECTOR                 69,698
Farag          Michelle        ENGINEER I TLT                            63,273
Farah          Elham           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Fargo          William         Process Laboratory Spec I                 56,198
Faris          Steve           LAN Administrator-Senior                  76,494
Fariss-Bateman Barbara         Designer V                                64,359
Farjo          Yousif          Engineer IV                               84,354
Farmer         Julianne        JAIL LPN                                  37,364
Farmer         Sharon          TEMP-SENIOR STAFF PHYSICIAN                    0
Farmer         Stephanie       Transit Operator                          51,373
Farnham        David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Farnsworth     Scott           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Farr           Corinne         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Farr           Louis           Transit Operator                          14,122
Farr           Nigel           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Farrand        Denise          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   78,329
Farrell        Anthony         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Farrell        Charles         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Farrell        John            Transit Operator                          15,990
Farrell        Mark            YOUTH TRAINING SPECIALIST                 47,119
Farrell        Stephen         INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC 3               54,982
Farris         James           Base Dispatcher/Planner                   58,222
Farris         William         Transit Operator                          12,792
Farris ii      John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Farwell        Sage            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Fasen          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Fashaw         Roxanne         Transit Operator                          14,122
Fatica         Mary            NURSE RECRUITER                           57,722
Fatton         Jean            ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Faucette       Bobbie          BUDGET ANALYST III                        84,105
Fauchald       Bryon           WWTreatmentSeniorOper.InCharge            72,950
Faucher        Clifford        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Fauerbach      Susan           WW Support Specialist                     49,914
Faulkner       Kelley          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                52,800
Fauser         Kay             TEMP PHN                                   8,824
Fawcett        Christy         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                     39,375
Fawcett        Jim             CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Fawcett        Richard         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Fawcett        Theresa         CUSTOMER SPECIALIST II                    29,185
Fay jr         Lawrence        HEALTH SERVICES ADMIN II                  92,475
Feather        Kenneth         Utility Laborer                           45,922
Feder          Sylvia          PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Federighi      Laura           FINANCE & ADMIN SVCS MGR                  94,694
Feely          Teresa          PHSS                                      85,628
Feest          Scott           PROJ PROG MNGR II                         66,347
Fegel          James           CARPENTER I                               53,694
Fehrenbach     Michael         Intern III                                13,028
Fehring        Charles         SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
Felchlin       Patrick         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Felchlin       Susan           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Feldman        Craig           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Feldman        Steven          PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION SPEC               69,844
Felipe         Elvin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Felizardo jr   Carlos          TRUCK DRIVER I Y-RATED                    44,782
Fell           Garth           ASST SUPT OF ELECTIONS                    72,950
Feller         Mitchell        WORK STUDY                                     0
Fellows        Robert          Transportation Planner IV                 94,823
Felt           F               COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST I                   94,694
Feltman        Christina       TEMP ADMIN SPEC II                         4,285
Felton         Gregory         Administrator II                          56,199
Fenner         Alison          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Fenner         Steven          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Fenton         Josephine       PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Fenton         Patti           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Fenton         Robin           CHIEF                                    125,871
Ferati         Akija           Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Ferensen       Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ferguson       Belinda         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ferguson       Candace         LEGIS AIDE DIST #6                        45,000
Ferguson       Eric            WQ PLANNER/PROJECT MGR II                 64,792
Ferguson       Robert          COUNCILMEMBER DIST #1                    113,501
Ferguson       Ryan            SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Ferguson       Thelma          POLICE DATA TECHNICIAN                    48,744
Ferland        Michel          DIST SYSTEMS LAN/PC SUPERVISOR            86,282
Fermon         Erica           RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Fernandes      Franco          Transportation Planner III                84,220
Fernandes      Joseph          Waste Water Engineer VI                  101,678
Fernandes      Joy             FISCAL SPEC IV                            53,595
Fernandes      Nancy           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 44,278
Fernandes      Tawin           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     39,721
Fernandes      Trevor          Hlth & Envirnmt Invstg II                 71,240
Fernandez      Belinda         JURY SERVICES COORDINATOR                 41,186
Fernandez      Dan             LEGAL SECRETARY                           43,674
Fernandez      Daniel          WWTreatmentUtilityWorker                  38,452
Fernandez      Mary            AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Fernandez      Osvaldo         Transit Operator                          46,235
Fernandez      Patricia        ADMIN SPEC III                            46,664
Fernandez      Vincent         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ferrato        Beverly         PLANS EXAM ENGINEER III                   82,134
Ferreiro       Garrett         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ferrell        Elsa            COURT CLERK                               46,426
Ferrell        James           DEPUTY V                                  83,046
Ferrer jr      Enrique         SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Ferrero        Diane           ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Ferrero        Jorjan          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Ferriday       Elizabeth       Transit Operator                          48,804
Ferrier        Mellicia        ADMIN SPEC II - TEMP                           0
Ferris         Wesley          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ferry          Thomas          Transit Parts Specialist 2nd              51,185
Festa          Katherine       PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR I                     54,881
Fettermann     David           Transit Operator                          15,990
Fetters        Terrance        Transit Operator                          14,122
Fetui          Galuafa         Transit Operator                          51,373
Fetui          Lia             Transit Operator                          51,373
Fiala          Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          51,373
Fiatoa         Liko            Transit Operator                          48,804
Fiber          Terry           Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Fichtenholtz   Natalia         Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Fichtner       H               Transit Operator                          51,373
Fidecaro       Collette        Administrative Specialist II              43,293
Fiechtner      Timothy         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Field          Elaine          Transit Chief                             86,241
Fielding       Alexandria      TEMP PHARMACY ASST                         3,462
Fields         Frederick       IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Fields         Mark            Transit Operator                          46,235
Fields         Michelle        CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       76,904
Fields         Steve           BUDGET ANALYST III                        82,134
Figgs Jr       Thomas          Transit Operator                          48,804
Figueira       David           Transit Operator                          15,990
Figueroa       Arnuelfo        ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Figueroa       Felixberto      COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Figueroa       Juan            Transit Operator                          12,792
Figueroa       Rodolfo         CARPENTER 1                                    0
Filbert        Beau            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
File           Nila            Confidential Secretary I                  52,339
Filion         Jennifer        TEMP PROJECT PROGRAM MGR II                7,052
Filipo         Metotisi        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Finch          Jane            Project/Program Manager II                71,240
Finch          Timothy         Transit Operator                          51,373
Finch          Timothy         Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Fincher        Amanda          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Findlay        Lorraine        Line Mat Wrkr                             54,275
Findley        William         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      44,332
Fine           Maureen         CTV VIDEO SPECIALIST                      43,181
Finister       Gigi            SENIOR SOCIAL WORKER                      69,570
Finlinson      Jason           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Finney         Donald          ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Fiorito        Geoffrey        Industrial Engine Mechanic                54,881
Fiorito        Gina            TLT PARALEGAL                             40,675
Firstenberg    Aida            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Fischer        Jil             Transit Operator                          12,710
Fischer        Katherine       Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            74,701
Fischer        Michael         WastewaterPlantOperationsMgr             109,283
Fiscus         James           Environmental Lab Scientist II            61,791
Fish           Joan            CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  56,198
Fish           Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Fish           Sarah           ADMIN SPEC II                             36,671
Fisher         Andrea          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Fisher         Brian           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      66,923
Fisher         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Fisher         Jane            COURT MANAGER                             53,631
Fisher         Janis           Transit Operator                          14,122
Fisher         John            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Fisher         Kari            NUTRITION CONSULTANT                      34,100
Fisher         Kathleen        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Fisher         Mark            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Fisher         Melvin          Transit Operator                          48,804
Fisher         Peter           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Fisher         Randolph        PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,228
Fisher         Shirley         LEGAL ADMN SPEC II                        38,452
Fisk           Brian           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Fisk           David           PARK SPECIALIST II                        42,278
Fisk           Gerald          Mechanic                                  58,765
Fitch          Zarnell         Transit Operator                          51,373
Fitta          Girma           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Fitzgerald     Christopher     LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                     0
Fitzgerald     Lola            Transit Operator                          11,193
Fitzgerald     Wallace         COMPUTER SERVICES TECHNICIAN              54,066
Fitzpatrick    Larry           Mechanic                                  58,765
Fitzpatrick-NetMelvyn          Transit Operator                          51,373
Fitzthum       Karen           Finance/Accounting Supervisor             78,330
Fix            Thomas          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Fjarlie        Diane           Administrator I                           53,595
Fjarlie        John            Construction Management V                 90,308
Flaherty       Terri           COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST II                 106,617
Flanagan       Colette         GIS Specialist-Journey                    54,905
Flanagan       Thomas          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Flanagan       Timothy         Transit Operator                          51,373
Flattum        Patricia        Transit Operator                          14,122
Fleck          Deborah         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Fleet          Crystal         Capital Project Manager III               69,576
Fleischacker   Carol           Transit Operator                          14,122
Fleming        Carla           Systems Engineer-Senior                   80,209
Fleming        Dan             PROGRAM PROJECT MANAGER IV                82,134
Fleming        Katherine       AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Fleming        Lee             Lead Transit Custodian 3rd                48,240
Fleming        Lisa            DISPATCHER                                48,816
Fleming        Mark            PROJ PROG MANAGER II                      49,952
Fleming        Natalie         PHN                                       33,355
Fleming        Randall         POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Flesch         Kevin           Transit Operator                          14,122
Flesch         Wayne           Transit Operator                          51,373
Fletcher       Adam            Transit Operator                          11,193
Fletcher       Demetrius       INTERN III                                     0
Fletcher       Gary            WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Fletcher       Nicholas        MED DEATH INV II                          66,347
Fletcher       Phyllis         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Flickinger     Frederick       MANAGER - COMPUTER SERVICES               91,103
Flickinger     Michael         Transit Operator                          48,804
Flint          Rodger          PAINTER 1                                 52,436
Floberg        Clifford        BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER I              61,790
Flodin         Glen            Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Flohr          Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Flor           Robert          Transportation Planner III                84,220
Florent        Raymond         ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Flores         George          SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Flores         Greg            PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Flores         Manuel          CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER II                63,274
Flores         Marlo           DETENTION OFFICER                         40,990
Flores         Ramona          HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                    69,570
Flores de phillBlanca          AS II                                     34,155
Flowers        Cedric          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 49,914
Flowers        Victoria        APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Floyd          Daniel          Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Floyd          Jeff            ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATION TECH            63,273
Floyd          Lisa            PROJECTPROGMGRII                          63,274
Floyd          Sharon          Fiscal Specialist II                      39,375
Floyd          Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Fluegel        Heather         ADMIN SPEC III                            47,598
Flug           Jonathan        Transit Information Planner               33,145
Flynn          Daniel          Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Flynn          Lawrence        Transit Operator                          14,122
Fobian         Elli            DENTAL ASSIST                             35,811
Fogarty        James           MEDIC ONE MANAGER                        106,596
Fogelberg      Will            CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Fogg           Scott           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           89,708
Foisy          Donald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Foley          Karolyn         COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 44,278
Foley          Kathleen        Wastewater Treatment Supvr                68,070
Foley          Michael         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Foley          Steven          ENGINEER III - 90% FTE                    73,920
Folk           Dennis          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Follmar        Michael         EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    39,859
Follmer        Mark            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Fong           Dennis          Applications Developer-Sr                 76,494
Fong           Michael         COMMITMENT SPECIALIST                     66,847
Fontanilla     Roman           Transit Operator                          14,122
Fontenette     Victor          Supervisor-in-Training                    58,222
Fooks          Chad            PARK MAINT SPEC II                        40,320
Foote          John            Transit Operator                          14,122
Foote          Mark            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               57,475
Foote          Robert          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-MASTER                  78,329
Forbes         Dana            JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        61,458
Forbes         Franklin        COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Forbes         Ila             ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Forbes         Ngoc-Huyen      LAN Administrator-Senior                  71,240
Ford           Lamarcus        Transit Operator                          12,792
Ford           Larry           COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Ford           Marlys          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Ford           Stephen         Transit Operator                          11,193
Ford           Steven          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  67,940
Ford           Tommy           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ford-campbell  Patricia        PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                62,966
Foreman        James           SHERIFF'S DATA SPECIALIST                 47,601
Forman         Sidney          HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,757
Formanek       Karel           Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Forristall     William         Senior Accountant                         57,547
Forsman        Lowell          Transit Operator                          12,710
Forster        Andrew          Transit Operator                          14,122
Forsyth        Albert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Fortson        Alfreda         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              36,812
Fortune        Darrell         Transit Operator                          51,373
Foss           Christine       Construction Management VI                90,308
Foss           Magdalena       COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 40,161
Foss           Mark            Communications Coordinator                67,933
Foss           Steven          Construction Management III               71,240
Foss-allende   Angelina        LEGISLATIVE SECRETARY                     54,580
Foster         Carmelita       Senior Accountant                         63,274
Foster         Curtis          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Foster         Emil            Transit Operator                          12,792
Foster         Eugene          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Foster         Frank           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Foster         Jan             Transit Operator                          12,792
Foster         Jerry           PRO TEM BAILIFF                                0
Foster         Laurie          Hlth & Envirnmt Invstg II                 69,571
Foster         Max             Business & Finance Officer II             60,343
Foster         Michael         Transit Instructor                        64,696
Foster         Richard         INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC 3               54,982
Foster         Todd            JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        53,158
Fotinos        Charissa        MEDICAL OFFICER                          163,390
Foulk          James           Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            82,215
Fountain       Ayesha          EXEC PROGRAM ASST I                       44,335
Fountain       Gregory         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Fouts          Deborah         PROJECTPROGMGRIV                          88,191
Fowler         Ann             BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             60,342
Fowler         Bradley         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Fowler         Joshua          POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Fowler         Kenneth         TEMP APPLICATION DEVELOPER-SNR            66,607
Fowler         Robert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Fox            Chris           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Fox            Michael         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Fox            Robin           SENIOR DEPUTY II                         102,844
Fox            Stefanie        TEMP DIS                                   5,326
Fox            Steven          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Fox            Thomas          Project/Program Manager IV                86,124
Fox            Wayne           SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Fox            William         Transit Operator                          12,792
Foxworthy      Robert          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER III               74,700
Fraga          William         Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Fraire         Victor          Transit Operator                          51,373
Fralick        Lance           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Frame          James           Industrial MaintenanceMechanic            60,342
Frampton       M               SERGEANT                                  77,267
Francis        Eugene          RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Francis        Jay             DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC                 53,806
Francis        Phillip         EQUIP SVC & MAINT SPEC                    43,374
Francisco      Naomi           COURT CLERK                               43,205
Franck         Marne           TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II             34,155
Franco         Albert          Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Franco         Andrew          Utility Laborer                           32,139
Francois       Harvey          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Frank          Joseph          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Frank          Karen           Transit Operator                          12,792
Frank          Marquis         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   62,335
Frank          Rose            LAN Administrator-Journey                 73,337
Frank          Tiffany         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     35,280
Franklin       Ade             Capital Project Manager IV                82,135
Franklin       Alana           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                34,453
Franklin       Derk            Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Franklin       Eric            POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Franklin       James           Transit Operator                          14,122
Franklin       Keven           Human Resource Analyst - Sr               78,329
Franklin       Sara            Transit Operator                          51,373
Franz          Arthur          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR II                     48,186
Franz          Yvette          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                64,911
Franzen        Vanessa         Claims Assistant                          43,297
Fraser         Brandon         AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Fraser         Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Frawley        Kyle            Helper (Seasonal)                         30,334
Frawley        Michael         Asst.Div.Dir.,HR Mgmt.                   111,948
Frawley        Sheila          SENIOR APPRAISER - RESIDENTIAL            68,538
Frazier        Carmella        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Frazier        Debra           Transit Operator                          14,122
Frazier        Donyelle        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Frazier        Dylan           SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Frazier        Jeanette        MICROBIOLOGIST SR                         29,577
Frazier        Marius          Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Frazier        Sidney          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Frederick      Gina            LEGAL SECRETARY                           44,722
Frederick      Kimberly        RULE 9 LEGAL INTERN                            0
Fredrickson    Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Fredrickson    Julie           ADMIN SPEC III                            40,320
Fredrickson    Nancy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Freed          David           Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            61,791
Freed          Edward          Mechanic                                  58,765
Freedheim      Amy             SENIOR III                               105,431
Freedman       Albert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
FREELAND       SHARIFFE        WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Freeman        Alan            Transit Operator                          51,373
Freeman        David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Freeman        Debra           Communications Coordinator                67,933
Freeman        Francilla       Rider InformationSpecialist3rd            44,857
Freeman        Gerald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Freeman        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Freeman        Karen           EXEC PROGRAM ASST III                     71,240
Freeman        Katherine       ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Freeman        Mary            COMM SPECIALIST III - TEMP                     0
Freeman        Michael         UTILITY WORKER ASSISTANT                  34,216
Freeman        Richard         PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,228
Freeman        Stuart          Transit Operator                          12,710
Freer          Claire          TEMP RN                                    7,728
Freese         Stephen         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Fregien        Clifford        Transit Operator                          14,122
Freitag        Mark            Service Supervisor                        64,696
Fremstad       Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Fremstad       Donna           Transit Operator                          14,122
Fremstad       Tenesha         Transit Operator                          11,193
French         Donnetta        Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
French         Karen           Rider Information Specialist              21,384
French         Larry           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
French         Mary            ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
French         Michael         LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     66,347
Freni          Joseph          LEGISLATIVE AIDE II                       37,999
Frenzel-brock  Mary            SOCIAL WORKER                             54,066
Fretwell       Barry           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Freund         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Frick          Gregory         Transit Operator                          11,193
Fridge         Calvin          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Friedel        Thomas          Human Resource Analyst-Senior             69,571
Friedman       Thomas          Project/Program Manager IV                90,308
Friel          Mari            UTILITY WORKER II                         35,878
Friend         Kevin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Friend         Merlin          Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Friend         Sheryl          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      43,205
Fries          Charlotte       UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Friesen        Conrad          Transit Operator                          51,373
Friesen        Wes             Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Frimpter       Carolyn         DEPENDENCY CASA ASST-PROG MANG            59,064
Frisbie        Robert          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Frisch         Fiona           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Frisino        Joseph          MED DEATH INV LEAD                        67,939
Frisk          Donna           IT Project Manager III                    92,476
Fritz          Bonnie          NUTRITIONIST                              28,884
Fritz          Cheri           AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Fritz          Robert          ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Frodge         Jonathan        Water Quality Plnr/Proj III               78,329
Froh           Amanda          DEPUTY III                                61,002
Frohoff        James           MASTER APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER             88,191
Froland        Marissa         Transit Operator                          11,298
Frontis        Stephen         Transit Operator                          51,373
Frost          Christopher     Transit Operator                          51,373
Fruchtl        Janet           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Fry            Chad            Custodian                                 43,293
Fry            Robin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Fryar          Jacob           Transit Operator                          51,373
Fryberger      Noel            SERGEANT                                  75,382
Frye           Brian           COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  36,427
Frye           Deborah         ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT                      46,895
Fryett         David           Transit Operator                          11,193
Frykholm       Lee             PARAMEDIC                                 86,497
Fu             Chong           Lead Equipment Svc Wrkr 2nd               54,025
Fu             Jinnam          USW Driver Grandfathered                  39,950
Fua            Roger           UTILITY WORKER 2                          43,293
Fuchser        Steven          ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Fuentes        Armando         TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECH                       63,273
Fuentes        Gertrudes       HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST                   59,064
Fuentes        Rolando         CUSTODIAN                                 33,004
Fuerstenberg   Robert          ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV                92,475
Fugier         Jeffery         Engineer III                              73,085
Fujihara       Rayette         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               57,547
Fujii          Kenneth         Transit Operator                          41,098
Fujii          Neil            MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Fujii          Robert          CUSTODIAN                                 35,811
Fujiwara       Michelle        Transportation Planner I                  63,274
Fukuda         Kim             Customer Services Coordinator             60,957
Fukuda         Ross            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Fulcher        Scott           Construction Management III               74,701
Fuller         Anthony         Transit Operator                          11,193
Fuller         Brad            ENGINEER I                                64,792
Fuller         Deanna          SENIOR DEPUTY II                          60,944
Fuller         George          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Fuller         L               DENTAL HYGIENIST                          39,315
Fuller         Leonard         Transit Chief                             86,241
Fuller         Orville         SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Fuller         Scott           Utility Laborer 3rd                       48,010
Fullerton      Lisa            Z                                         51,140
Fullmer        Patricia        Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Fulmer         Clark           ENGINEER II                               59,448
Fultz          Leland          Mechanic                                  58,765
Fulwider       Donald          ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Fung           Kevin           IT Project Manager III                   101,678
Funk           Brianna         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               36,126
Funk           Daniel          Transit Operator                          14,122
Funk           Fred            CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Funke          David           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Furner         Jonathon        TEMP ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                     0
Furner         Kelly           IT PROJECT MANAGER II                     92,475
Furner         Stephanie       TEMP ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                     0
Furness        Carole          PUBLIC DEFENSE COORDINATOR                50,353
Furness        Stacey          PARALEGAL                                 46,895
Furney         Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Furry          Carson          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       67,537
Furukawa-stutz Patty           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Furulie        Gaylord         REGISTERED NURSE - JUVENILE               65,913
Fusaro         Aldo            DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                  163,390
Fusaro         Benny           Maintenance Machinist                     58,765
Futie          Mary            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Fye            Nancy           INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              53,594
Gabbert        Nancy           Transit Operator                          12,792
Gabrielson     Karla           COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Gachowsky      Gregory         Intern III                                 9,542
Gadbois        Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Gaddy          Joseph          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gaedcke        Anthony         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Gagley         Michael         METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Gagliardi      Joseph          POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Gagnat         Carol           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    78,473
Gagnon         Sarah           Real Property Agent I                     53,595
Gahan          Thomas          DEPUTY IV                                 69,841
Gahn           Danny           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gahn           Suzette         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gailfus        Anamaria        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Gain           Brian           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Gaines         Johnnie         USW Drive Grandfathered 2nd               41,516
Gaiser         Peter           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gaisford       Jeffrey         WASTE/REDUCTION/RECYCLING MGR             96,967
Gaiter         Janis           Transit Operator                          46,235
Galam          Jorge           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Galant         Nora            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Galardi        Giovanni        Transit Operator                          48,804
Galarita       Britta          Senior Accounting Rep                     47,280
Galarita       Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Galarpe        Bill            SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Galbraith      Andrew          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Galbraith      James           Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Gale           Michael         Transit Operator                          41,098
Galeno         Paul            Project Control Engineer IV               70,553
Gallagher      April           COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  36,427
Gallagher      Gregory         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gallagher      Linda           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        104,129
Gallagher      Michael         Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Gallagher      Wendy           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  54,881
Gallaher       Richard         FAMILY LAW COURT COMMISSIONER            121,735
Gallardo       Albert          Fiscal Specialist II                      44,332
Gallardo       Jason           CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Gallardo       Maria           CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC II TEMP                  0
Gallardo       Ricardo         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gallardo       Rodolfo         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Gallaway       Carolyn         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               34,972
Gallegos       Curt            DETENTION OFFICER                         43,009
Gallegos       Valarie         Transit Operator                          12,710
Galletly       Teresa          Systems Engineer-Senior                   78,329
Gallo          Kerry           GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Gallow         Moses           PUBLIC DEFENSE INTERVIEWER                     0
Galloway       Gloria          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    37,881
Galloway       Maureen         LEGAL SERVICES MANAGER                    82,858
Gallup         Caitlin         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Gallup         John            Transit Operator                          11,193
Galstad        Donna           Hlth & Envirnmt Invstg II                 71,240
Galusha        Roy             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Galvan         Jacqueline      CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Galvez         Amber           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Galvin         David           Environmental PR Managing Sup            101,816
Galvin         Erin            SOCIAL WORKER SR                          49,103
Galvin         Gary            AUDITOR APPRAISER I                       45,796
Gamble         Barbara         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   71,514
Gamble         Julie           INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC I             66,847
Gamble         Tessa           FiscalSpecialist II                       44,332
Gambrel        William         ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Gammell        Norm            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Gamoke         Jacqueline      COURT CLERK                               38,338
Gangwer        Barbara         Chief Financial Officer                   84,112
Ganir          Shirley         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Gannett        Cynthia         SENIOR DEPUTY III                        109,434
Gans           Susan           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Gaolach        Collene         GIS Specialist-Master                     78,330
Gaonkar        Rujuta          TEMP EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                     8,162
Gapp           Laverne         TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Gapp           Merle           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Garcia         Albert          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Garcia         Amy             NURSE PRACTITIONER                        41,582
Garcia         Arthur          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  67,940
Garcia         Carmen          TEMP HEALTH PROGRAM ASST                   5,305
Garcia         Cesar           COOK BAKER                                41,361
Garcia         Dawn            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Garcia         Francisco       Transit Operator                          41,098
Garcia         Genaro          Transit Operator                          12,792
Garcia         Gloria          ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      47,601
Garcia         Guillermo       OPER ENGR 2                                    0
Garcia         Hector          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Garcia         Irma            NUTRITION ASST                            34,155
Garcia         Jesus           Transit Operator                          46,235
Garcia         John            Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Garcia         Judith          PROBATION COUNSELOR II                    73,437
Garcia         Mark            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Garcia         Richard         Transportation Planner III                80,209
Garcia         Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Garcia         Sandy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Garcia         Theresa         Transit Operator                          14,122
Garcia-Ortiz   Elias           Transit Operator                          11,193
Garcia-vasquez Nancy           HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     37,551
Garde          Diana           PHN                                       56,814
Gardea         Oscar           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Gardner        Andre           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Gardner        Arsene          Transit Operator                          51,373
Gardner        Joanne          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     43,293
Gardner        Rochelle        COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 44,278
Garland        Jeffry          Transit Operator                          51,373
Garner         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Garner         James           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Garnett        Erroll          CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER II               76,493
Garnett        Scott           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Garnett        Stuart          UTILITY WORKER II - TLT                   35,878
Garniss        Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Garrett        Lee             Transit Operator                          51,373
Garrido        Martha          CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
Garriguen      Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Garrison       Alan            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Garrison       Steve           Transit Operator                          12,710
Garrow         Janet           DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Garske         Erin            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Garske         Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Garson         Gayle           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                60,342
Gartrell       Asia            Transit Operator                          51,373
Gartrell       Wanda           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Garvey         Paul            OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Garvida        Valerie         TEMP INTERN - GRADUATE                     3,717
Garvie         Randy           PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 2                   64,911
Garvin         Cheza           EPIDEMIOLOGIST III                        96,967
Garvin         Patrick         TEMP DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                   0
Garvin         Randall         Transit Operator                          14,122
Gary           Marilyn         Transit Operator                          11,193
Garza          Arthur          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Garza          Connie          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              38,600
Garza          Ramona          AS II                                     36,671
Garza iii      Antonio         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Garza-vasquez  Yolanda         PR INVESTIGATOR                           57,813
Garzon-rodrigueMarco           TEMP RESEARCH ASST                         5,305
Gaskill        Alton           Real Property Agent IV                    78,329
Gaskill        Elizabeth       Capital Project Manager III               78,204
Gaskill        Lee             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gaskill        Paul            NETWORK MANAGER                           84,973
Gaskin         Robbie          PPM II                                    64,792
Gasparich      Matthew         LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST #7                  43,904
Gaspay         Francisco       ENGINEER III                              78,329
Gasperetti     Natale          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Gaston         Yvette          SOCIAL SERVICE COORDINATOR                57,155
Gatbonton      Ryan            Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Gateley        Jane            COMMUNICATIONS SPEC III                   71,240
Gates          D               SERGEANT                                  77,267
Gates          Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          11,193
Gates iii      Hulet           SOCIAL SERVICE COORDINATOR                58,554
Gatewood       Machelle        UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Gatlabayan     Marietess       TLT ADMIN SPEC II                         34,286
Gatmaytan      Luisa           Web Developer-Journey                     61,791
Gatmaytan-ryn  Maria           COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Gatter         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Gaucin         Frances         Contract Specialist I                     61,791
Gauff          Deidre          Transit Operator                          51,373
Gaukel         Kathleen        NURSE PRACTITIONER                        82,846
Gaunt          Adam            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Gauthier       Daniel          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Gauthier       Karen           Transit Operator                          14,122
Gauthier       Kimbel          PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Gauthier jr    Donald          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Gautier        Regina          AS II                                     43,293
Gautreau       Sybil           TEMP NUTRITIONIST                          6,567
Gavigan        George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Gavino         Caridad         AD SPEC IV                                46,895
Gavrilyuk      Eugene          ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Gaw            Jeffrey         CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      64,584
Gaw            Patricia        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Gay            Debora          DEPUTY DIR., OMB                         131,985
Gay            Elizabeth       PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   82,134
Gayden         James           Transit Operator                          12,792
Gayden         James           Transit Operator                          14,122
Gaylord        Diane           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gaynor         Gordon          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Gaynor         Norah           PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER III               69,570
Geatz          John            Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Gedeon         Michael         COUNTY EXEC ASSIST I                      99,294
Gedney         Joshua          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Geerdes        Nathan          MEDICOLEGAL DEATH INVESTIGATOR            57,547
Gehrke         Jeffrey         SERGEANT                                  75,382
Gehweiler jr   Thomas          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Geis           Karey           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Geivett        Tomi            Transportation Planner II                 74,802
Gelakoska      Charlene        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Gele           Ibrahim         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gellenbeck     Kathryn         WQ PLANNER/PROJECT MGR II TLT             66,347
Gemmill        John            Construction Management II                60,343
Gemza          Laurie          Transit Operator                          11,193
Gendron        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gendron        Tammy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Genereau       Lawrence        Transit Operator                          13,416
Gensler        Gail            Educator Consultant II                    54,766
Genther        Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gentili        James           UTILITY WORKER II                         39,448
Gentry         Adrienne        Transit Operator                          14,122
Gentry         Allen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gentz          Raymond         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Geoghagan      Erin            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           93,114
George         Charles         Transit Operator                          12,792
George         Donald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
George         Harry           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
George         Michelle        CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SUPERVISOR            67,935
George         Paul            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
George         Sharon          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
George         Sheila          ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    35,811
George         Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
George jr      Alvin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Georgiadou     Fotini          Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Georgianna     Thomas          WaterQualityPlanner/ProjMgrIII            80,209
Gerber         Andrea          ED CONSULTANT I                           52,033
Gerberding     John            SENIOR DEPUTY V                          122,269
Gering         Lynn            CHIEF APPRAISER                          106,617
Geringer       Richard         PARK SPECIALIST II                        42,278
Germani        David           MAJOR                                    114,479
Germann        Lauren          Transit Operator                          51,373
Germunson      Darren          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Geronimo       Francisco       Transit Operator                          51,373
Gerontis       Jill            COURT OPERATIONS SPEC II                  44,252
Gersema        Cheryl          SUPERVISOR I                              61,791
Gershovich     Marianna        ENGINEER I                                64,792
Gertler        Ronald          COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Gertsch        Cheryl          ADMIN SPEC II                             34,767
Gervacio       Roland          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gettle         Larry           ENGINEER II TEMP                               0
Geyen          Amber           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  52,338
Geyen          Yolanda         Admin. Spec. II                           44,110
Gezie          Betel           ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    35,811
Ghaemian       Faeghe          TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Ghanaie        Juya            COURT CLERK I                             34,453
Gherardini     Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Ghosh          Monica          LEGISLATIVE AIDE I                        41,000
Gibbons        David           Electronic Technician 2nd                 60,332
Gibbs          Scott           Waste Water Engineer V                    47,347
Gibbs          Todd            Occup Educ & Trng Prgm Admn Sr            84,220
Gibson         Daryl           Transit Operator                          12,792
Gibson         Donald          APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-JOURNEY            69,570
Gibson         Dorothy         PROJ/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                   78,329
Gibson         Kisha           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              38,449
Gibson         Latrelle        Transit Operator                          48,804
Gibson         Ronald          Utility Laborer 3rd                       48,010
Gielman        Oleg            Transit Operator                          14,122
Gies           Michael         INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROF II               59,446
Giesler        Jack            Equipment Dispatcher                      50,788
Gifford        Jaqueline       ADMIN INTERN                                   0
Gifford        Rebecca         PERSONNEL MANAGER                         84,846
Gifford        Scott           SUMMER INTERN                                  0
Giger          James           INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Gil            Eloy            Transit Operator                          51,373
Gil            Juan            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gilbert        Leola           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gilbert        Lisbeth         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   71,240
Gilbert        Stephanie       Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Gilbert        Steven          Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIV             92,566
Gilbertz-smith Jodie           PROBATION OFFICER I                       30,253
Gilbreath      Eric            PLUMBER & MECHANICAL I                    59,036
Gilbreath      Odell           PLUMBING & MECHANICAL I                   59,036
Gilbrough      MaryBeth        Waste Water Engineer IV                   86,124
Gilchrist      Claire          DEPUTY III                                61,002
Gilchrist      Gael            GIS SPECIALIST-JOURNEY                    58,037
Gilchrist      William         Engineer IV                               73,923
Gilderoy       Lori            Fiscal Specialist II                      38,791
Gildow         Richard         Transit Operator                          14,122
Gilkes         Paul            Senior Rider Information Spec             42,268
Gilkey         Peter           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gill           Bradley         MEDICOLEGAL DEATH INVESTIGATOR            64,792
Gill           Dalvinder       Transit Operator                          46,235
Gill           David           Transit Operator                          41,098
Gill           Deborah         ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Gilland        Robert          TECH INFO PROC SPEC III 50%FTE            23,242
Gilleland      James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gilleland      Jessica         COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER                 44,332
Gillen         Nick            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               65,704
Gillespie      Carol           ID OPERATIONS MANAGER                     84,105
Gillett        Gabriella       AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Gillette       Timothy         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gilley jr      Jerry           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gilley-farid   Dominique       HE INVESTIGATOR II                        63,274
Gilliam        Alice           BAILIFF                                   55,665
Gillie         Samantha        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Gillie         Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Gillis         Michael         SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
Gillman        Michael         Transit Instructor                        64,696
Gillum         Monica          BAILIFF                                   47,070
Gilman         Kathy           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  57,547
Gilmore        Andrew          Mechanic                                  58,765
Gilmore        Holly           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Gilmore        Jymme           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Gilmore        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Gimbiruk       Yuri            Transit Operator                          12,792
Ginster        Teresa          NURSE PRACTITIONER                        62,373
Ginther-hutt   Lori            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       35,297
Giovengo       Melinda         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    78,329
Giovino        Deborah         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Gipson         Adrina          SOCIAL WORKER                             50,353
Gipson         Kermit          Electronic Technician                     58,765
Girard         Arnaud          Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv II                74,701
Girard         Brian           Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Girdner        Laura           ADMIN SPEC II                             35,811
Girdner        Matthew         INVENTORY & PURCHASING SPEC II            42,282
Girgus         Kimberly        COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Giri           Abinash         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Girnau         Ronald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Girouard       Patricia        CUSTOMER SVCS SPECIALIST III              41,287
Giroux         Ronald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Gish           Lili            Project/Program Manager IV                86,124
Gish           Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gistarb        Lisa            COM SURVEILLANCE OFFICER                  38,885
Githua         Christopher     PARKS MAINT SPEC I-SEASONAL                    0
Givenchy       Max             Transit Operator                          14,122
Givens         Gladys          Transit Operator                          11,193
Givens         Joe             Transit Operator                          51,373
Givens         Youlanda        PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR                 57,547
Gladney        Pamela          SOCIAL SERVICES SPECIALIST                47,601
Gladow         Nancy           SOCIAL WORKER                             28,207
Gladstone      Deborah         Telecom Specialist-Senior                 82,134
Glanzer        Christina       WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Glanzman       Robert          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Glascock       Jane            Project Program Mgr. IV                   45,154
Glasgow        James           Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Glasgow        Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Glassley       Brian           Mechanic                                  58,765
Glauner        Michael         Transportation Planner III                84,220
Gleason        Kent            UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Gleason        Nichols         Transit Operator                          14,122
Gleason        Susan           Assistant Accountant                      53,595
Gleckler       James           JAIL RN                                   57,096
Glein          Sharon          IT Project Director                      111,796
Glenn          Bonnie          DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF                    102,573
Glenn          Deanna          EXECUTIVE SECRETARY I                     66,347
Glenn          Leander         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Glenn          Linda           TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Glenn          Yolanda         SOCIAL WORKER                             57,547
Glew           Miles           TEMP DIS                                   5,326
Glimm          Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Glines         Linda           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Glover         Norman          Project Control Engineer II               61,791
Glusker        Ann             EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         35,056
Glymph         Ricardo         Transit Operator                          51,373
Goddard        Elaine          ADM SPEC III                              35,280
Goddard        Rudolph         Equipment Service Worker 2nd              44,502
Godfrey        Lucinda         COURT CLERK                               40,213
Godfrey        Timothy         CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Godinez        Elizabeth       Transit Operator                          51,373
Goding         Susan           Process Laboratory Spec I                 56,198
Goding         Wayne           POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Goebel         Gregory         Transit Operator                          11,193
Goedde         Russell         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    88,191
Goehring       Kevin           Transit Operator                          12,792
Goel           Sujata          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               72,950
Goerlitz       Gunnar          GIS Specialist-Journey                    74,701
Goff           David           CLERK OF THE BOARD OF APPEAL              92,039
Goheen         Gavin           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Goins          Randolph        GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Golan          Alex            Labor Negotiator II                      101,816
Gold           Kiese           OPERATIONS SPECIALIST II                  43,205
Goldbaum       Gary            DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                  167,311
Goldberg       Beth            COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST I                   99,294
Goldfinger     Joshua          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  74,700
Goldie         Susan           JUVENILE CRT OPERATIONS SUPERV            66,654
Goldman        William         Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Goldsmith      William         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  76,493
Golian         Jennifer        VICTIM ADVOCATE                           41,651
Goll           Shirley         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Golla          Hector          CUSTODIAN                                 28,930
Gollihugh      Jacob           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Goltiani       Debra           Transit Operator                          41,098
Gomez          Angelina        RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Gomez          Kino            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Gomez jr       Lazaro          COOK/BAKER                                32,262
Gondola        Jacqueline      FISCAL SPECIALIST II-TLT                  34,974
Gonzales       Christopher     RECREATION PROG ASSIST II                      0
Gonzales       Elysia          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       63,939
Gonzales       Helen           RECREATION COORDINATOR                    57,547
Gonzales       Jason           EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (A)                   48,186
Gonzales       Lilia           Tech Info Processing Sp III               46,486
Gonzales       Nina            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Gonzales       Orlando         Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Gonzales       Romeo           COOK                                      39,067
Gonzales       Sylvia          DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-SR                   61,790
Gonzales       Wayne           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Gonzalez       Ann             IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  76,494
Gonzalez       Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Gonzalez       Hilda           CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Gonzalez       Joaquin         PHASS                                     50,109
Gonzalez       Lidia           INVENTORY SPECIALIST                      49,913
Gonzalez       Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Gonzalez       Monica          NUTRITION ASSIST                          42,278
Gonzalez       Stacy           Transit Operator                          12,710
Gonzalez       Steven          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Good           Brian           Radio Equipment Specialist                60,791
Goodall        John            Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Goodall        William         Equipment Service Worker                  33,392
Goode          Geniece         DENTAL ASSISTANT                          39,375
Gooden         David           Project Program Mgr. IV                   82,135
Goodhew        Ian             DEPUTY V                                  85,337
Goodman        Kevin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Goodman        Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Goodman        Raymond         Transit Operator                          51,373
Goodson        Jack            Communications Coordinator                67,933
Goodson        William         CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Goodwin        Donald          Transit Chief                             86,241
Goon           Timothy         Capital Project Manager IV                94,695
Gopaul         Vatsala         Business & Finance Officer III            69,571
Goranson       Susan           ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Gordon         Bernard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gordon         Donna           Project/Program Manager III               63,279
Gordon         Emerson         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gordon         Evelyn          Transit Operator                          13,416
Gordon         Macgregor       Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Gordon         Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gordon         Nancy           Real Property Agent III                   74,719
Gordon         Sandra          Transit Operator                          51,373
Gordon         Susan           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Gordon         Susan           COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Gordon         Suzanne         ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Gordon         T               CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Goree          Nancy           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    62,335
Gorham         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gorham         Jay             PROBATION OFFICER I                       68,287
Gorman         Keith           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Gorman         Richard         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Gormley        Ted             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Gorow          Mark            IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  80,318
Gorrow         Lucinda         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Gorska         Elvira          FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Gorsline       William         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Gosby          Stacy           Transit Operator                          41,098
Gossett        Larry           COUNCILMEMBER DIST #2                    113,501
Gossett        Richard         EQUIP SVCS & MAINT SPEC                   43,374
Gossett        Stephen         Transit Chief                             82,134
Gottainer      Greg            BAILIFF                                   45,958
Gotterer       Elizabeth       Transportation Planner III                84,220
Gottert        Heatherlyn      PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Goucher        Robert          WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Gough          Christy         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Goulding       Thomas          COMPUTER PROGRAMMER                       80,916
Gouldthorpe    Amanda          Intern II                                 29,623
Goulet         Lawrence        ENGINEER I                                64,792
Goundar        Bal             Accountant                                51,112
Goundar        Sanmugam        Transit Operator                          41,098
Gourarie       Ronit           PHSS                                      81,265
Gourley        Bruce           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        46,026
Gove           Thomas          TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Gowin          Michael         TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Gowin          Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gowing         Todd            Environmental Lab Scientist I             48,838
Grabrick       Donald          Transit Operator                          12,710
Grace          Benita          AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Gracy          Cora            Utility Service Worker 3rd                40,576
Gracy          Paul            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Graddon        James           CAPTAIN                                   98,822
Grady          Kelley          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
GRADY          MARY            SUMMER INTERN                                  0
Grady          Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Graf           David           POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Graf           Pamela          Transit Operator                          14,122
Graf           Richard         Mechanic                                  58,765
Graham         Crystal         Contract Specialist II                    76,494
Graham         David           CHEM DEPENDENCY PROGRAM SCRNR             40,395
Graham         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Graham         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Graham         Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Graham         Karen           TRANSIT CLAIMS MANAGER                    90,307
Graham         Mary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Graham         MaryRuth        Transit Operator                          51,373
Graham         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Graham         Michelle        ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSISTANT            53,689
Graham         Robert          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Graham         Theresa         COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Grainger       Katherine       Transit Operator                          51,373
Gramley        Randal          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 58,054
Gramm          Karen           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Grandjean      Marcus          EPIDEMIOLOGIST I                          57,773
Grandstrom     Peter           Transit Operator                          51,373
Granlund       Jeffrey         SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Granlund       Michael         EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Granquist      Gary            Transit Operator                          12,792
Grant          Brendan         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Grant          Debra           PROJECTPROGRAMMRG I                       41,523
Grant          Judy            ADMIN SPEC IV                             52,336
Grant          Kenneth         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Grant          Kirstin         JUDICIAL SVCS SUPERVISOR II               58,932
Grant          Milton          Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Grant          Seth            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Grant          Steven          Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Grant          Walter          LANDFILL GAS OPERATOR II- 5/8             52,981
Grasdahl       Kurt            Transit Operator                          11,193
Grasdahl       Patricia        ADMIN SPEC II                             36,812
Grass          Linda           LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     66,347
Grasso         Cheri           Hlth & Envirnmt Invstg II                 37,544
Graupe         Brigitte        Transit Operator                          51,373
Grave de PeraltRene            Transit Operator                          11,193
Gravel         Jeffrey         Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Gravel         Patricia        FISCAL SPECIALIST IV                      55,837
Graves         Fred            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Graves         Jeffrey         EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC HD                 36,251
Graves         Kathleen        ASST. DIV. DIR., ADMINST. SVCS            94,694
Graves         Stacy           PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR                 57,547
Gray           Gary            ELECTRICIAN I                             60,453
Gray           Gavin           GIS Specialist-Journey                    58,055
Gray           Glynis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Gray           Howard          Utility Laborer                           45,922
Gray           James           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Gray           Katherine       Transit Operator                          46,235
Gray           Patty           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Gray           Suzanne         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gray           Thomas          HEALTHCARE ASSISTANT                      33,041
Gray           Timothy         Gardener                                  45,396
Gray bird      Linda           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Graybill       Josie           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Graybill       Joy             AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Grayfer        Galina          Transit Operator                          11,193
Grear          Everett         Transit Operator                          48,804
Green          Adrian          Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Alyce           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                63,269
Green          Arthur          CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                84,105
Green          Corey           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Green          Dawn            Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Debbie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Edward          Transit Operator                          41,098
Green          Enrique         Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Erin            DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Green          Frances         ADMIN SPEC III                            45,396
Green          Jesse           Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Green          Kathleen        HEALTH SVCS ADMINISTRATOR II              96,967
Green          Mark            Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Green          Marvin          Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Green          Raymond         SERGEANT                                  77,267
Green          Raymond         Transit Supervisor - Power                91,170
Green          Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Richard         Mechanic                                  58,765
Green          Robin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Shannon         COURT CLERK                               40,213
Green          Shannon         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Green          Stanley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Susan           CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST II                36,670
Green          Talonya         Transit Operator                          51,373
Green          Thomas          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Green          Thomas          Rideshare Services Rep                    68,032
Green          Tyrone          UTILITY WORKER ASSISTANT                  34,216
Green          Walter          Utility Laborer 3rd                       34,228
Greenbaum      Alan            NURSE PRACTITIONER                        60,478
Green-clinton  Tenesha         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Greene         Melony          Project Program Mgr. III                  63,279
Greene         Michael         Transit Operator                          15,990
Greene         Patricia        Transit Operator                          51,373
Greene         Ryan            Fiscal Specialist II                      38,791
Greene         Tracy           TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Greene         William         Transit Operator                          12,710
Greenfield     Christopher     WWTreatmentUtilityWorker                  40,320
Greenfield     Lauren          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       35,297
Greenhouse     Eunjoo          ADMINISTRATOR IV                          78,329
Greenleaf      Deborah         ADV PRACTICE NURSE SPEC                   78,091
Greenleaf      Edward          SOCIAL WORKER                             59,064
Greenlee       Julia           Administrator IV                          94,823
Greenside      Robert          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Greenwald      James           Transportation Planner III                84,220
Greenwalt      Loren           APPRAISER ASSISTANT                       45,796
Greenway       Linda           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   53,430
Greenwood      Yvonne          Transit Chief                             86,241
Greer          Duane           Engineer IV                               41,337
Greer          Dynese          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Greer          Geylar          LEGAL ADMN SPEC II                        38,452
Greer          Stevie          COMMUN CORRECT PLCMNT SPEC                53,440
Greer          Sylvia          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Greer          Victor          LEGAL ADMN SPEC II UNDERFILL              43,293
Grefthen       Nicole          AS II                                     37,551
Gregg          James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gregg          Jason           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Gregg          Jeffery         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Gregg          Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Gregory        Cynthia         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gregory        Doug            PLUMBING INSTECTOR                        63,390
Gregory        Elaine          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             72,950
Gregory        Jeffrey         DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Gregory        Roberta         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Gregson        Aaron           WEX-PARTICIPANT-INTERN                         0
Gregson        Cecelia         DEPUTY V                                  75,189
Grein          Richard         Transit Operator                          41,098
Grenet         Daniel          Wastewater Treatment Supvr                88,440
Greninger      Earl            Transit Parts Specialist 3rd              51,707
Grennan        Nancy           Manager, Labor Relations                 120,203
Grenon         Bryan           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Gresset        Ken             ENGINEER III                              82,134
Greubel        Mickey          Transit Operator                          51,373
Grice          Monique         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Grier          Thomas          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Gries          Gary            CHEM DEPENDENCY PROJ SCREENER             32,316
Gries          JoAnn           Transit Operator                          13,416
Griesheimer    Michelle        Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Griffee        Don             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Griffin        Carolyn         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Griffin        Dale            Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Griffin        Daniel          COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Griffin        Latanya         ADMIN SPEC II                             37,551
Griffin        Malinda         COMMUNICATIONS SUPERVISOR                 64,542
Griffin        Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Griffin        Ronald          Lead Equipment Svc Wrkr 2nd               54,025
Griffin        Ronald          CAPTAIN                                  101,122
Griffin        Theodore        SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Griffin iii    Leo             MAINTENANCE ASST OPS MGR                  94,694
Griffith       Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          11,193
Griffith       John            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Griffith       Laura           Transit Operator                          41,098
Griffith       Toney           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Griffith-mercerMary            JUV PROB COUNSELOR 2/3                    39,036
Griggs         David           Transit Operator                          12,792
Griggs         Janine          SOCIAL WORKER                             52,338
Grigsby        Michael         Project/Program Manager III               78,329
Grijalva ii    Hiram           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Grimes         Aaron           TRANSPORTATION PLNR III                   76,634
Grimm          Kathleen        SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Grimm          Raymond         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Grimstad       Janice          PARALEGAL                                 29,504
Grina-sutton   Tami            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Grindle        Cathleen        DIRECTOR                                 101,122
Grinnell       Jane            ADMIN SPEC II                             29,449
Grinstead      John            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Grissom        Jon             Systems Engineer-Senior                   78,329
Grissom        Steven          Special Projects Manager I                84,106
Gritzan        Jamie           LAN ADMINISTRATOR - SENIOR                71,679
Grob           Linda           ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      47,601
Gronberg       Frank           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Gronlund       David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Groom          Andrew          LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              40,320
Grose          John            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gross          Benny           Transit Operator                          51,373
Gross          David           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           90,830
Gross          Denise          ENGINEER I                                64,792
Gross          Lawrence        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gross          Lisa            PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Gross          Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gross          Michelle        PHASS                                     56,198
Gross          Rachel          BAILIFF                                   44,533
Gross          Shannon         POLICE DATA TECHNICIAN                    48,744
Grossman       Benjamin        App Developer-Master                      94,695
Grossman       Kevin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Grosso         Gary            Elec Constr Crew Chief                    76,579
Grothe         Ann             Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            60,343
Grothe         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Grothkopp      Frederick       WaterQualityPlanner/ProjMgrIII            80,209
Grout          Angela          Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            61,791
Grout          Dawn            SERGEANT                                  77,267
Grout          Kevin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Grove          Jason           LAN Administrator-Master                  74,701
Grove          Randal          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Gruba          Brooke          PARK MAINT SPEC I SEASONAL                     0
Grube          Robert          SECURITY ASSISTANT II                          0
Gruenemay      Maria           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    46,485
Gruver         Richard         Rider InformationSpecialist2nd            44,335
Gryniv         Ruslan          PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Grzetic        Rosemarie       Project Program Mgr. II                   74,802
G'schwind-billsCollette        VICTIM ADVOCATE                           54,066
Gualtieri      David           TRANSPORTATION PLANNER IV                 75,497
Guanlao        Luis            Transit Operator                          51,373
Guanzon        Fernando        CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Guardiano-irvinChristina       HE INVESTIGATOR II                        63,274
Guballa        Mary            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Guballa        Vincent         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Guber          Evgenij         LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 52,799
Guddal         Michael         LEGAL ADMN SPEC II                        38,452
Gudeman        Jack            Environmental Lab Scientist I             60,342
Gudmestad      Thomas          MSO-SAFETY OFFICER                        95,147
Gueco          Edgardo         FISCAL SPEC III                           46,485
Gueco          Nimpa           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Guerrero       Heladio         PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Guerrero       Paul            MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Guggi          Manfred         Transit Operator                          51,373
Guhl           Gordon          Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Guidry         Felicia         IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Guild          Thomas          EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    43,825
Guiley         Larry           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Guillen        Joe             Transit Operator                          51,373
Guillermo      Karen           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Guirl          Wendy           ADMINISTRATION SPECIALIST II              38,452
Gulati         Harnik          PROJ PROGRAM MANAGER II                   58,928
Gulelat        Tefera          Applications Developer-Sr                 92,965
Gulick         Paul            PSYCHIATRIC EVAL SPECIALIST               69,844
Gulla          Denny           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gulla          Donald          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Gulledge-BennetBetty           Communications Manager                    99,430
Gulley jr      Wilson          PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Gumapac        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Gumke          Kevin           Transit Operator                          12,710
Gumm           David           ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Gunderson      Jennifer        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Gundle         Marla           PHN                                       70,324
Gundram        Ted             RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Gundran        Patrick         RECORDS CENTER TECHNICIAN                 32,856
Gunn           James           Transit Operator                          15,990
Guray          Hermoso         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gustafson      Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Gustafson      Rick            Transit Operator                          12,792
Gustaveson     Steve           JUVENILE SERVICES MANAGER                 80,487
Guthrie        Janet           Transit Operator                          14,122
Guthrie        Lee             JUDICIAL SVCS SUPERVISOR II               63,274
Guthrie-angvik Sarah           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Gutierrez      Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Gutmann        Gina            INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPECIAL            52,524
Guy            Jason           PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Guy            Kenneth         Div. Dir., Fin&Bus Ops                   125,871
Guyton         Ray             Transit Operator                          51,373
Guzman         San             NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       43,293
Gwillim        Gregory         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Ha             Duyet           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                5,696
Ha             Quan            TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Ha             Quan            HPA II                                    45,396
Haapasaari     Anthony         PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Habakangas     Constance       ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              53,594
Habeck         Susan           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Haberman       Dave            Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv I                 64,793
Habtay         Kaleab          Transit Operator                          51,373
Habtu          Gebrekiros      CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Hachiya        Raymond         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Hackenmiller   Elvia           ADMIN SPEC II                             40,320
Hacker         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hackett        David           TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Hackett        David           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Hackney        Priscilla       Waste Water Engineer IV                   90,396
Hadler         Philip          CUSTODIAN-SE                              17,257
Haeflinger     Thomas          WWTreatmentSeniorOper.InCharge            72,950
Haemmerle      Howard          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Haenggi        Glen            Transit Operator                          51,373
Haffner        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hagan          John            Transit Operator                          12,792
Hagan          Rita            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Hagedorn       Millie          LEGISLATIVE SECRETARY                     55,945
Hagel          Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Hagelin        Bradley         Helper (Seasonal)                         30,334
Hagemann       Diane           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hagen          Brittany        Intern II                                 11,685
Hagen          Jon-eirik       POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Hagen          Michelle        DIVISION DIRECTOR                         94,695
Hagen          Yolanda         TEMP NUTRITION ASSIST                      4,493
Hager          Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hager          William         Safety & Health Admin IV                  68,538
Hagerty        Edward          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hagerty        Simone          NUTRITIONIST                              28,884
Haggerty       Mark            Transit Operator                          14,122
Haggins        Eli             Transit Operator                          14,122
Hagglund       Larry           Purchasing Specialist                     51,226
Haghighi       Alireza         Const 2nd Electrician                     69,854
Hagman         Agneta          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hagman         Kristina        PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,224
Hague          Jane            COUNCILMEMBER DIST #6                    113,501
Hahn           Laurence        Transportation Planner II                 74,802
Hahn           Stanley         Transit Operator                          12,792
Haig           Kevin           Supervising Data Coordinator              57,547
Haigh          Joseph          Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Haile          Kumlachew       Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Haile-Leul     Ammanuel        Intern III                                31,062
Hailom         Amanuel         Transit Custodian II  3rd                 44,043
Haire          Wendy           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST II              54,881
Hairston       Babette         TEMP REGISTERED NURSE                      6,060
Hairston       Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hairston       Judy            CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  47,602
Hairston       Russell         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Hakanson       Debra           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Hakki          Daryoush        Transit Operator                          51,373
Haldy          Lori            PARALEGAL                                 44,723
Hale           Christy         ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Hale           Daniel          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Hale           Donna           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             40,475
Hale           Lichelle        Transit Operator                          14,122
Hale           Mary            TLT-ADMIN SPECIALIST II                   36,671
Hale           Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,391
Haley          Angela          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,373
Haley          J               Transit Operator                          51,373
Haley          Mark            Revenue Coordinator                       52,730
Halkjar        Thomas          CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Hall           Aaron           PARKS MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                  0
Hall           Adele           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Hall           Alana           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hall           Benjamin        TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Hall           Bernard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hall           Christopher     PROJ/PROGRAM MGR III                      72,950
Hall           Craig           Maintenance Signage Specialist            47,029
Hall           David           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Hall           Douglas         Transit Operator                          11,193
Hall           Edward          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hall           Gerald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hall           Glenna          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Hall           Gus             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hall           Hayward         DETENTION OFFICER                         41,988
Hall           Heather         ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    39,375
Hall           Jill            Business & Finance Officer III            78,329
Hall           John            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hall           Kathryn         PSYCHIATRIST                              74,587
Hall           Kyle            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Hall           Melody          CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  54,881
Hall           Michelle        WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Hall           Sandra          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT III                 0
Hall           William         DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-SR                   60,342
Hall           Yuliya          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Hall jr        Lester          TRUCK DRIVER II                           38,976
Halley         Aaron           PERMIT TECHNICIAN                         36,994
Halley         Marla           Administrator I                           53,595
Hallock        Robin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hallowell      Jill            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Halpert        Helen           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Halverson      Brianna         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Halverson      Nicholas        REAL PROPERTY AGENT II                    58,928
Halvorson      James           Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Halvorson      Jason           Rideshare Services Rep                    64,792
Halvorson      Judith          SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              46,485
Ham            Lonnie          PAINTER 1                                 52,436
Hamacher       Patrick         SENIOR LEGISLATIVE ANALYST                83,382
Hamada         Jamie           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              39,375
Hamada         Kareem          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Hamar          Timothy         ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Hamblin        Barry           Designer IV                               58,115
Hameed         Izne            Transit Operator                          51,373
Hamel          Lorie           COOK BAKER                                47,686
Hamerly        Daryl           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Hamerly        Ryan            EQUIP OPERATOR II 4/10                    41,795
Hamidu-musah   Ayishetu        CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST II            30,959
Hamill         Koby            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hamilton       Curtis          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Hamilton       Janey           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                     39,375
Hamilton       Jay             Transit Operator                          14,122
Hamilton       Jerry           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hamilton       Karen           Project Program Mgr. II                   65,452
Hamilton       Mayisha         TEMP ADMIN SPEC II                         4,285
Hamilton       Robert          Communications Spec IV                    78,329
Hamilton       Sheryl          COMMUNICATIONS SPEC IV                    80,209
Hamilton       Steven          PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Hamilton       Wilsey          ENGINEER II                                    0
Hammer         Mistie          ENGINEER II - TLT                         57,551
Hammerschmidt  Vera            ADMIN SPEC II                             41,287
Hammill        Tara            DENTAL ASSISTANT                          35,811
Hammond        Crystal         ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       37,551
Hammond        Douglas         Communications Specialist III             71,240
Hammond        George          OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Hammond        Joan            SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Hammond        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hammond        Robert          Chief Process Analyst                     84,343
Hammond        Terry           GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Hammond-jones  Arzelia         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Hampshire      Michael         Mechanic                                  58,765
Hampton        Alonzo          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Hampton        Jerelyn         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     31,335
Hampton        Kristy          AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Hampton        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Hampton        Ronnie          PUBLIC DEFENSE INTERVIEWER                     0
Hampton        Tressia         TEMP-PUBLIC DEF INTERVIEWER                    0
Han            Chan            TEMP DENTIST                              12,167
Hancock        Brenda          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                32,857
Hancock        David           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Hancock        Jeff            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Handegard      Roger           TEMP CHEM DEP PROGRAM SCREENER                 0
Handsaker      Kathye          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Haney          Carole          Administrative Specialist II              44,376
Hang           Khanh           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     46,485
Hanis          Megan           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Hanke          Daniel          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Hanken jr      James           PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER I                 52,338
Hankerson      Esther          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hankey         Steven          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hankins        Lowta           Transit Operator                          48,804
Hankins        Tedd            Transit Supervisor                        90,308
Hanks          Sandra          Project Program Mgr. IV                   94,823
Hanley         Darren          TEMP-ADMIN OFFICE ASSIT                        0
Hanlon         Sheila          PARALEGAL                                 35,778
Hanna          Mark            PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER II                67,940
Hannach        Gabriela        Environmental Lab Scientist II            63,274
Hannaford      Irene           Transit Operator                          12,792
Hanney         Stuart          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Hanning        Mark            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hanning        Rodney          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hanno jr       Gary            CUSTODIAN                                 35,811
Hannon         Gerald          WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Hanrahan       Michael         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    90,307
Hansen         Anna            Transit Operator                          11,193
Hansen         Bryce           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Hansen         Christopher     Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hansen         Eric            Transit Operator                          51,373
Hansen         Jeff            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     37,881
Hansen         Joanne          COURT CLERK                               46,426
Hansen         Jon             ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Hansen         Judy            BAILIFF                                   50,570
Hansen         Kurt            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hansen         Matthew         Transit Planning Supervisor               94,695
Hansen         Michael         Transit Operator                          41,098
Hansen         Michael         PARAMEDIC                                 86,497
Hansen         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hansen         Robert          TORT CLAIMS INVESTIGATOR                  66,348
Hansen         Stephanie       CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      62,958
Hansen         Suzanne         SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Hansen         Teri            CORRECTIONS PROG SUPV                     76,487
Hansen         Terri           EMPLOYEE/LABOR REL REP                    64,593
Hansen         Timothy         IT Manager I                             106,617
Hansen         Trine           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hansen crozier Tricia          CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER             109,810
Hanson         Barbara         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Hanson         Barbara         JAIL RN                                   76,128
Hanson         Brian           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hanson         Cheryl          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   58,054
Hanson         Christopher     Transit Operator                          12,792
Hanson         Elisabeth       DETENTION OFFICER                         40,990
Hanson         Gregory         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               39,375
Hanson         Jack            INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC III             54,982
Hanson         Jane            LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 63,274
Hanson         Jay             Applications Developer-Sr                 92,965
Hanson         Kristine        AS III                                    44,332
Hanson         Lina            ACTING COURT MANAGER                      51,140
Hanson         Linda           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               78,329
Hanson         Lisa            SIGN & MARKING SPEC I - TLT               36,628
Hanson         Norel           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Hanson         Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Hanson         Ronald          PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Hanson         William         Transit Chief                             82,134
Hape           Teresa          INVOL COMMIT SPECIALIST I                 63,686
Haptonstall    Kevin           Transit Operator                          41,098
Harasek        Patrick         SERGEANT                                  73,543
Hardenberg     Henri           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Harder         Deborah         APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Hardges        Charlene        Transit Operator                          51,373
Hardgrove      Donald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hardin         John            Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Hardin         Patricia        Transit Operator                          51,373
Hardin         Thomas          SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     43,374
Harding        David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Harding        George          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 60,342
Harding        Jacquelyn       ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Harding        Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Harding        William         Transit Operator                          14,122
Hardtke        James           FINANCIAL ANALYST-INVESTIGATOR            70,183
Hardung        Jessica         SENIOR DEPUTY I                           90,830
Hardwick       Brent           Transit Operator                          12,710
Hardy          Jerry           CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       82,310
Hardy          Kathleen        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              23,813
Hardy          Paul            ELECTRICIAN 2                             66,469
Hardy          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hardy          Sonja           PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR                 57,547
Hardy          Wayne           Transit Operator                          51,373
Harger         Bonnie          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Harger         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hargin         Bruce           Maintenance Machinist                     58,765
Hargin         Edith           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   49,173
Hargreaves     Robert          Transit Operator                          14,122
Harig          Donald          PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Harker         Van             Transit Operator                          11,193
Harkey         Lynn            COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Harkins        Ramona          COURT CLERK I                             36,126
Harkness       Sheree          COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Harman         Teddy           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Harman         Thomas          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Harmon         Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Harmon         Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Harmon         Susan           ELECTION DAY WORKERS                           0
Harn           Corinna         CHIEF PRESIDING JUDGE                    122,011
Harness        Wade            Transit Operator                          51,373
Harney         Donna           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Harper         Diane           Transportation Planner III                80,209
Harper         James           SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Harper         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Harper         Priscilla       FISCAL SPECIALIST 3                       42,650
Harper         Robbin          Transit Chief                             78,329
Harrell        Lynnette        Transit Operator                          51,373
Harrell        Michael         Transit Chief                             82,134
Harrell        Richard         IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  80,318
Harrington     Elaine          SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Harrington     Gail            JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        48,268
Harrington     Ronny           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Harrington     Timothy         Transit Operator                          11,193
Harris         Amaya           HEALTH PROGRAM ASSIST I                   42,278
Harris         Bartholomew     Utility Laborer 3rd                       48,010
Harris         Ben             Transit Operator                          46,235
Harris         Brenda          COURT CLERK                               41,186
Harris         Brian           Transit Operator                          14,122
Harris         Christopher     Transit Operator                          14,122
Harris         Derek           Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Harris         Doris           SOCIAL SERVICES SPEC                      28,670
Harris         Helen           Business & Finance Officer IV             92,601
Harris         James           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Harris         Janet           PRO BOND COORDINATOR                      33,742
Harris         Jennifer        TLT EPID I                                56,419
Harris         Jerva           Transit Operator                          51,373
Harris         Julie           SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Harris         Ken             TEMP IT PROJECT MANAGER I                 11,066
Harris         Kendell         Transit Operator                          11,193
Harris         Logan           COMMUNICATIONS MGR                        84,106
Harris         Margaret        ED CONSULTANT II                          67,940
Harris         Maria           LEGIS AIDE I DIST 3                       42,911
Harris         Michael         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   49,173
Harris         Pamela          ENGINEERING TECH II - TLT                 43,296
Harris         Peggy           Data Administrator                        61,874
Harris         Ray             UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Harris         Russell         Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Harris         Ryan            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Harris         Sandy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Harris         Shawna          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             43,460
Harris         Susan           Z                                         31,331
Harris         Susan           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             68,064
Harris         Tammy           Occup Educ & Trng Prgrm Admin             71,240
Harris         Thomas          ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Harris-groves  Deborah         LEGAL SECRETARY                           41,651
Harrison       Blake           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              42,278
Harrison       Carolyn         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Harrison       Gregory         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Harrison       Shelley         EXEC PROGRAM ASST I                       44,723
Harrison       Susan           TEMP HELP                                      0
Harrison       Werner          DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-JRNY                 53,594
Harris-white   Paula           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III              76,493
Harruff        Richard         MEDICAL OFFICER                          175,439
Harshaw        Antoinette      LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  38,452
Harsila        Janis           TEMP NUTRITION CONSULTANT                  7,394
Hart           Alma            CIVIL CASE SPECIALIST                     37,435
Hart           Antonio         Transit Operator                          11,193
Hart           Aron            SIGN PAINTER II                           57,653
Hart           Dexter          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Hart           Edward          ADMINISTRATOR I                           58,927
Hart           Joel            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              52,338
Hart           Kathleen        FISCAL SPEC III                           46,485
Hart           Rebecca         AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSIST - I                     0
Hartema        Laura           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II                72,950
Harter         Dale            Transit Operator                          51,373
Hartfield      Karen           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   64,164
Hartholz       Steven          ELECTION DAY WORKERS                           0
Hartley        James           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Hartley        Melissa         ASSISTANT PROGRAM MANAGER-TLT             32,178
Hartman        A               HEALTH SVCS ADMIN II                      99,294
Hartman        Dale            IT MANAGER I                              88,191
Hartman        Mark            Communications Coordinator                67,933
Hartwell       David           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,634
Harvey         Alan            Transit Operator                          14,122
Harvey         Joseph          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Harvey         Ruth            PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER IV                86,282
Harvey         Shiela          ACTING OFFICE MANAGER                     43,205
Harvey         Stephen         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSIST III                    0
Harvey         Wesley          SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Harwood        Julie           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hasan          Tamir           Info System Analyst I                     57,117
Hasenberg      Nicole          TEMP EDUCATOR CONSULTANT III               9,828
Hashagen       Katherine       PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   74,700
Hashbarger     Erin            LEGIS AIDE I DIST 1                       28,000
Hashimoto      Alan            COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   60,874
Haskin         Bradley         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              46,486
Hasme          Marilyn         ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Hassan         Abdulkadir      WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Hassinger      James           SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Hasslinger     Kathleen        ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       38,338
Hasting        Don             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hastings       Curtis          IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  80,318
Hasuko         Roycee          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Hasz           Julie           ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Hatch          Michael         SERGEANT                                  75,382
Hatch          Sheila          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER I                 63,273
Hatcher        Tiffany         Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Hathaway       Susan           VICTIM ADVOCATE                           41,651
Hatlen         Mary            PHSS                                      91,249
Hatt           Victoria        CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Hatter         Thornton        Transit Operator                          51,373
Hauck          Denise          PROPERTY AGENT I                          60,342
Haueisen       Cynthia         Administrative Specialist II              45,458
Hauenstein     Roger           Transit Operator                          51,373
Haugen         J               COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST II                  91,498
Hausmann       Gunther         EMS INSTRUCTOR SENIOR                          0
Haven          Deloris         Transit Operator                          11,193
Haven          Kenneth         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Havlicek       Natalie         PHARMACY TECH                             35,949
Havlis         Andrew          COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Hawk           Stacey          Designer III                              56,198
Hawk           William         Transit Operator                          46,235
Hawkins        Joe             DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Hawkins        John            POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Hawkins        Karen           Rider Info Spec - On-call                 14,914
Hawkins        Michele         PARALEGAL                                 43,674
Hawkins        Paula           Transit Operator                          11,193
Hawkins jr     Charles         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Hawkridge      Amelia          Intern III                                16,285
Hawley         Cecilia         Project/Program Manager II                71,240
Hawley         Gretchen        NUTRITIONIST                              61,790
Haworth        Brenda          Transit Operator                          51,373
Haworth        Robert          WastewaterTreatmentOperator               57,547
Hawse          Daniel          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hay            Dana            COURT CLERK                               43,205
Hay            Mark            COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Hayashi        Laura           FISCAL SPEC IV                            51,112
Hayashi        Ray             Equipment Dispatcher 3rd                  52,876
Hayatsu        John            TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Hayden         Claudia         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Hayden         Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hayden         Michael         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Hayden         Timothy         Transit Operator                          14,122
Hayden         Walter          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hayes          Casey           ENGINEER II                               69,570
Hayes          Clayton         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hayes          Darcell         Transit Operator                          11,193
Hayes          David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hayes          Marian          NUTRITIONIST                              31,014
Hayes          Raymond         TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Hayes          Richard         Labor Negotiator III                     106,762
Hayes          William         CORRECTIONS MAJOR-RJC                     96,967
Hayford        Don             EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    43,825
Haynes         Beau            TLT AS II                                 34,286
Haynes         George          BAILIFF                                   53,059
Haynes         James           SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Haynes         Joan            DIV DIRECTOR, COMM HLTH SVCS             125,871
Haynes         Louise          RJC-RECORDS/FILING SUPERVISOR             71,867
Haynes         Thomas          PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Haynes         Velma           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Hays           Janet           SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Hays           Jennifer        CustomerServicesSpecialist II             33,354
Hays           Robert          TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Hays           Stephanie       Labor Analyst                             80,209
Hayward        David           Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Hazel          Elaine          LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  41,287
Hazelman       Rachel          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Hazelwood jr   John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Healy          Denise          Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv III               86,208
Healy          Mariclaire      JAIL RN                                   60,902
Healy          Thomas          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Heard          Anthony         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hearidge       Andrew          Transit Operator                          11,193
Hearidge       Rex             Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Hearn          John            Mechanic                                  58,765
Hearne         Thomas          DIV DIRECTOR, EMERG MED SVCS             117,226
Heath          Daniel          PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Heath          Debra           Transit Operator                          11,193
Heath          John            IT Enterprise Manager II                  94,695
Heath          Roger           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Heath          Wayne           IT Enterprise Manager II                 104,118
Heatherington  Elizabeth       CUSTODIAN                                 22,925
Heavey         Barbara         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Heavey         Michael         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Heberlein      Tristan         Intern III                                32,571
Hebert         Kenneth         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hebert         Shawn           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Hebron         Emmanuel        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Hecita         Elbert          Transit Operator                          12,792
Hecker         Gary            FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     46,485
Hedahl         Bria            Transit Operator                          14,122
Hedlund        Bart            Sheet Metal Worker 2nd                    60,332
Hedrick        Deborah         Transit Operator                          41,098
Hedrick        Stacy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     41,651
Hedstrom       Audrey          Transit Operator                          51,373
Heeney         Paul            Transit Operator                          46,235
Heer           Sean            Administrative Specialist I               39,375
Hefa           Tapafua         TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Hefa           Tevita          UTILITY WORKER 2                          45,396
Heffernan      Peter           Grant Administrator                       84,375
Heffernan      Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hege           Harl            CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    39,375
Hegland        Geraldine       SHERIFF'S DATA SPECIALIST                 41,287
Heidelberg     Rosemary        LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Heidergott     Karen           CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                90,307
Heidt          Martin          Transit Operator                          48,804
Heifner        Weylin          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 59,036
Heinricy       Steven          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Heintz         Richard         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Heintzman      Jody            Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            71,240
Heinz          Dana            Indstrl Wst Complnc Spec I                57,547
Heitz          Charles         EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Helbacka       Clifford        TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN                 66,347
Helbock        F               MSO-TRAINING                              93,448
Helfenstein    Peter           Transit Operator                          51,373
Helgeson       David           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Hella          Mark            ELECTRICIAN I                             60,453
Heller         Raymond         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               80,209
Hellstrom      Daniel          TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Hellyer        Whitney         VICTIM ADVOCATE                           40,675
Helm           John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Helmer         Charles         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Helms          Leah            HE INVESTIGATOR II                        58,928
Helpenstell    Michelle        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Helsten        Elizabeth       TECH INFO PROC SPEC I                     21,941
Helton         Donald          Transit Operator                          15,990
Hembroff       Julie           EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       42,278
Hemmons        Daniel          OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Henderson      Daniel          Transit Operator                          46,235
Henderson      Douglas         Water Quality Plnr/Proj III               72,950
Henderson      Edward          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Henderson      Glen            Transit Operator                          51,373
Henderson      Hazel           Transit Operator                          51,373
Henderson      Mervyn          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Henderson      Roger           Transit Operator                          51,373
Henderson      Todd            Fiscal Specialist II                      44,332
Henderson      Vernon          Transit Operator                          51,373
Henderson jr   James           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Hendricks      Claudia         PPM II                                    34,100
Hendricks      Joseph          Transit Operator                          11,193
Hendricks      Kevin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hendrickson    Amy             AS II                                     35,811
Hendrickson    Berni           Information Distributor                   42,518
Hendrickson    Carl            Maintenance Constructor                   58,765
Hendrickson    Darrel          TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Hendrickson    Howard          CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Hendrickson    Keith           TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Hendrickson    Larry           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        50,044
Hendrickson    Mary            Functional Analyst III                    74,701
Hendrix        Cammy           SUPERVISOR II                             60,874
Hendrix        Jill            SENIOR DEPUTY V                          122,269
Heng           Paul            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Henkel         Donald          Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Henley         Rodney          Transit Operator                          14,122
Henly          Irene           Records Management Specialist             53,595
Henneke        Elizabeth       TEMP AS I                                  4,185
Hennessy       Eileen          HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Hennig         Susan           Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            69,571
Henning        Kristine        TEMP NUTRITION ASSIST                      4,285
Hennings       Phillip         LEGAL ADMN SPEC II                        37,551
Henoch         Lanny           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    71,240
Henriksen      James           HE INVESTIGATOR IV                        84,105
Henry          David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Henry          David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Henry          Deborah         ACTING COURT MANAGER                      51,140
Henry          Ivan            Transit Operator                          51,373
Henry          Joslin          Project/Program Manager II                66,348
Henry          Jsani           TEMP EDUCATION SPEC                        5,059
Henry          Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Henry          Kristie         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              34,155
Henry          Robert          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Henry          Ronnell         WEX-PARTICIPANTS                               0
Henry          Steve           Rideshare Services Rep                    64,792
Henson         Katrina         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hentschel      Michael         PROBATION OFFICER I                       56,282
Henwood        Daniel          DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR-SR                 82,134
Hepburn        Michael         PARALEGAL                                 48,021
Herbert        John            PARAMEDIC SUPERVISOR                      95,147
Herbert        Linda           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Herlihy        Erin            PARALEGAL                                 36,552
Herman         Bruce           Construction Management III               78,329
Herman         Clint           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Herman         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Herman         Terri           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       68,619
Hermanson      James           Rider Info Spec - On-call                 21,299
Hernandez      Antonio         Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Hernandez      Cynthia         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    82,134
Hernandez      Damien          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Hernandez      Israel          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Hernandez      Jennifer        Claims Assistant                          48,745
Hernandez      Ralph           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Hernandez      Rose            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    32,087
Hernandez      Rosemary        Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Hernandez      Salvador        SIGN & MARKING SPECIALST I-TLT            36,628
Hernandez      Sandy           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hernandez      Theresa         ADMIN SPEC II                             41,287
Herndon        Guy             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Herr           Amanda          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Herr           Jennifer        COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  36,427
Herrera        Clemencia       HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     42,278
Herrera        Jesse           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Herrera        Manuel          Transit Operator                          12,710
Herrera        Maria           ADMIN SPEC III                            46,485
Herrick        Elizabeth       TEMP NURSE PRACTITIONER                    9,625
Herrin         Erica           Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            61,791
Herring        Carolyn         Transit Operator                          11,193
Herring        Jason           DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL II                    72,950
Herring        Joshua          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Herring        Judith          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,493
Herring        Michelle        HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Herrman        Christine       DEPUTY V                                  79,118
Herrmann       Cassandra       JAIL RN                                   44,599
Herron         Ruby            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC IV                    53,594
Herron         Theodore        Mechanic                                  58,765
Herschkowitz   Stephen         RULE 9 INTERN                             33,651
Hersey         David           AQUATICS FACILITY COORDINATOR             56,198
Hersh          Dorene          REGIONAL HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR             99,294
Hershey        Clarence        Transit Operator                          51,373
Hertz          Ruth            Customer Srvcs Sect Admin                 94,823
Hess           Denise          Project/Program Manager II                46,343
Hess           Joann           PHN                                       70,324
Hess           Kim             TEMP PHN                                   8,023
Hess           Preston         INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPECIAL                 0
Hess           Stephanie       Environmental Lab Scientist II            63,274
Hesseltine     Paul            Transit Operator                          15,990
Hester         Don             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hetherington   Melissa         ADMIN SPEC III                            44,503
Hetterscheid   Shirley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hettick        Kelly           PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Hettrick       Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Heurion        Steve           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hewett         Greg            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Hewett         Gregory         EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Hewitt         Steven          Equipment Painter                         58,765
Hickenbottom   Roger           Transit Operator                          11,193
Hicker         Ward            CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                84,105
Hickey         Cynthia         WaterQualityPlanner/ProjMgrIII            82,215
Hickey         Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hickey         George          Transit Operator                          12,792
Hickey         Martha          SOCIAL WORKER                             48,711
Hickman        Karen           FAMILY LAW COURT COORDINATOR              32,478
Hickok         David           HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Hicks          Catey           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      62,958
Hicks          Catherine       ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              51,112
Hicks          Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hicks          Evelyn          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hicks          Jennell         APPLICATION WORKER                        44,503
Hicks          Kathleen        BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             69,570
Hicks          Princess        TEMP INTERN GRADUATE                       3,717
Hicks          Rebecca         Human Resource Analyst - Sr               78,329
Hicks          Stephanie       SENIOR DEPUTY II                          97,857
Hidalgo        Michael         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST II                33,354
Hidenrick      Holly           IT Proj Administrator-Sr                  71,240
Hiemstra       Sybrand         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hiett          Jonathan        AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Higa           Darrel          TEMP DIS                                   5,326
Higa           Michelle        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        53,158
Higa           Richard         PROBATION DIRECTOR                        88,136
Higbee         Roger           Transit Operator                          51,373
Higginbotham   Forrest         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Higgins        Daniel          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Higgins        Dennis          IT Supervisor I                           90,308
Higgins        Elizabeth       JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Higgins        Howard          DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL II                    72,950
Higgins        Joelyn          SR PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR              60,342
Higgins        Kollin          ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II                72,950
Higgins        Michael         Transit Operator                          14,122
Higgins        Richard         Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Higgins        Susan           CHEM DEPENDENCY PROG SCREENER             24,237
Higgins        Teresa          Facilities Maintenance Worker             37,318
High           Victor          GIS Specialist-Senior                     73,085
Hightower      Lena            JAIL RN                                   76,128
Hightower      Ronald          CADASTRAL CARTOGRAPHER                    54,066
Hikida         Patricia        NURSE PRACTITIONER                        82,846
Hikida         Wesley          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  67,940
Hildebrand     Diane           Rideshare Services Rep                    68,032
Hildebrandt    Bryan           Transit Operator                          11,193
Hilderbrand    Douglas         Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv III               86,208
Hildreth       Scott           INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Hildreth       Susan           Capital Project Manager III               66,143
Hildwein       Donald          KCTV VIDEO SPECIALIST                          0
Hilfer         Michael         PUMP PLANT OPERATOR                       48,186
Hill           Bryan           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hill           Clifford        Transit Operator                          14,122
Hill           Elizabeth       Transit Operator                          14,391
Hill           Essense         LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST III                33,648
Hill           Gary            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               34,152
Hill           Herman          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hill           Irma            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  78,329
Hill           Janice          Elec Const                                67,766
Hill           Jennifer        PROJECTPROGMGRIII                         71,240
Hill           John            Transit Operator                          14,122
Hill           Kimberly        KCTV REPORTER/PRODUCER                    59,357
Hill           Luther          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Hill           Michael         Transit Operator                          14,122
Hill           Rebecca         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Hill           Rob             AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Hill           Robert          OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Hill           Scott           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Hill           Thomas          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hillard        Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hillard        Richard         ENGINEER II                               71,240
Hilliard       Kathleen        Senior Buyer                              72,950
Hilliard       Sandra          SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Hillis         Joe             COMM SURV OFFICER                         44,056
Hillman        Lisa            IT MANAGER I                              90,308
Hillman        Luke            POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Hills          George          CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Hills          Jennifer        RISK MANAGER                              99,294
Hills          John            EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (B)                   48,186
Hills          Marjorie        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASST II                       0
Hills          Micki           Network Engineer - Senior                 76,494
Hillstrand     Stephen         Transit Operator                          14,122
Hilmar         James           RESEARCH & TECH SUPERVISOR-SO             99,294
Hilt           Mary            PARALEGAL                                 45,796
Hilton         Bruce           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR I                     56,198
Hilton         Edwin           Metal Constructor                         55,821
Hilton         Thomas          MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Hilyer         Bruce           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Hilzinger      Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Himes          Tambra          Indstrl Wst Complnc Spec I                57,547
Himmelmann     Warren          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            68,538
Hinckley       James           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Hindman        Debra           COMM SURV OFFICER                         44,056
Hinds          Dexter          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hinds          Patrick         DEPUTY III                                61,002
Hine           James           ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Hine           Judith          ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Hines          Linda           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Hines          Lorenzo         CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER                  106,617
Hines          Martha          Transit Operator                          12,792
Hinkle         Colleen         Designer II                               47,602
Hino           Dan             WastewaterTreatmentOperator               54,881
Hino           Terry           Lead Equipment Svc Wrkr 2nd               54,025
Hinsee         Magni           CUSTODIAN                                 33,004
Hinson         Abraham         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hinson         Lorraine        Transit Operator                          51,373
Hinson         William         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Hinthorne      Mark            ADMINISTRATION SPECIALIST II              43,293
Hinton         Tara            Transit Operator                          15,990
Hintz          Louella         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Hintz          William         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Hipol          Marie           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hipol          Robin           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Hipolito       Daisy           ADMIN SPECIALIST II .50                   21,644
Hipolito       Rodello         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST III               40,320
Hipp           David           SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Hipp           Patricia        AS II                                     42,278
Hiquiana       Emilia          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Hirai          Marc            LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               36,994
Hirai          Sheri           Admin.Office Assist.                      32,571
Hiraki         Glen            Construction Management IV                90,396
Hirano-kramer  Betty           MICROBIOLOGIST SR                         29,577
Hirayama       Kim             Transit Operator                          51,373
Hircko         Donald          TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Hirsch         Robert          Gov Relations Administrator              104,220
Hirschfield    Laura           TEMP I                                         0
Hirschkorn     Keith           UTILITY WORKER II                         37,621
Hirst          Debra           JAIL LPN                                  37,364
Hislop         Craig           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Hixenbaugh     William         INTERN II (UNDERGRADUATE)                      0
Hizey          Aaron           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Hjaltalin      Lois            ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN II                 54,902
Ho             Alex            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Ho             Fanny           AdminSpecialist III                       43,294
Ho             FrancescaL      FiscalSpecialist III                      38,455
Ho             Grace           Fiscal Specialist I                       37,551
Ho             Joseph          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Ho             Shawn           COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Ho             Vinh            LEGAL ADMN SPEC II                        39,375
Hoag           David           SERGEANT                                  68,668
Hoang          Anh-tu          RECREATION PROG ASSIST II                      0
Hoang          Paul            CUSTOMER SERVICES SPEC I                  32,570
Hobbs          Jodi            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    71,240
Hobbs          Michele         Fiscal Specialist II                      41,288
Hobbs          Stephen         SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Hobson         Moya            Transit Operator                          14,122
Hoch           Martin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hochstein      Susannah        Environmental Lab Scientist II            61,791
Hockett        David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hocking        Gary            IT MANAGER - DNRP                        117,226
Hocking        Tammy           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      44,332
Hocraffer      V               ADMINISTRATOR PUBLIC DEFENDER            106,624
Hodge          Coy             SHERIFF'S DATA SPECIALIST                 39,375
Hodge          Martin          POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Hodge          Richard         OPERATING ENGINEER III                    60,342
Hodges         David           SOCIAL WORKER                             59,064
Hodgson        Anthony         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hodgson        Joseph          SERGEANT                                  75,382
Hodgson        Neil            Transit Parts Specialist 2nd              51,185
Hodson         Douglas         SR LEGISLATIVE ANALYST                    75,540
Hoeft          Werner          IT Project Manager II                     86,125
Hoelscher      Ronaldo         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Hoermann       Patrick         Project/Program Manager II                71,240
Hoff           William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hoffard        Joseph          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hoffard        William         Transit Operator                          14,122
Hoffenbacker   Laura           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hofferber      Lisa            PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST               35,042
Hoffman        David           UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Hoffman        David           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Hoffman        Donnel          Construction Management III               78,329
Hoffman        Janet           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Hoffman        Jill            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       56,476
Hoffman        Leslie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hoffman        Marla           STATISTICIAN                              72,950
Hoffman        Paula           NUTRITION ASSIST                          42,278
Hoffmeyer      Randal          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   41,651
Hoffner        Iris            ASSESSMENTS SECTION SUPERVISOR            76,493
Hofman         Lynelle         Educator Consultant I                     51,116
Hogan          Michael         SENIOR DEPUTY II                         101,573
Hoge           Mark            Contract Specialist I                     63,274
Hoggard        Calvin          PROPERTY SERVICES SECTION MANG                 0
Hogue          Christine       Communications Spec IV                    72,950
Hogue          Joan            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Hohl           Angela          PARALEGAL                                 43,219
Hoida          Spencer         Sheet Metal Worker 2nd                    60,332
Hoit           Trevor          Transit Operator                          41,098
Holbery        Scott           Transit Operator                          51,373
Holdaas        Timothy         Transit Operator                          12,792
Holdeman       Eric            EMD DIVISION MANAGER                     106,617
Holden         Chriscia        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Holden         Evon            Transit Operator                          51,373
Holder         Michael         DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL II                         0
Holder         Sherry          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      23,213
Holderby       Cinde           POLICE DATA TECHNICIAN                    44,332
Holding        Jeffrey         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   45,796
Holecek        Linda           REAL PROPERTY AGENT SUPERVISOR            86,124
Holeman        Debra           Transit Operator                          51,373
Holfert        Michelle        COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              51,256
Holiwell       Darrion         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Holland        Annette         PROJECT/PROGRAM MNGR III                  66,347
Holland        Eric            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Holland        Rodney          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Hollar         David           Project/Program Manager III               84,220
Holleman       Marc            Transit Operator                          51,373
Holley         Lillian         PROPERTY AGENT II                         66,347
Holley         Noel            ADMINISTRATOR III                         80,209
Holley         Rikki           Transit Operator                          14,122
Hollingsworth  Dana            RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Hollis         Mary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Holloman       Randy           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Holloway       Linda           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Holloway       Robert          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    84,105
Hollriegel     Kuno            PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER II                61,791
Holman         Gregory         FinancialServicesAdministrator            90,308
Holman         Hollis          COURT COMMISSIONER                       121,735
Holman         Lloyd           Indust. Machinist/MechanicLead            72,950
Holman         Nicole          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Holman         Richard         WARRANTY ADMINISTRATOR                    74,700
Holman         William         Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Holmes         Anne            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Holmes         Bruce           Transit Operator                          11,193
Holmes         Donavan         Sheet Metal Worker 3rd                    54,985
Holmes         Joseph          SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Holmes         Karen           AdminSpecialistII                         45,458
Holmes         Kenneth         EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       44,332
Holmes         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Holmes         Natalie         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      43,293
Holmes         Reginald        ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSISTANT            56,198
Holmes         Valerie         HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST                   67,940
Holmes         William         TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN                 66,347
Holmquist      Patricia        RECORDS MGMT SPECIALIST                   47,601
Holsworth      Sarah           USW CDL - Driver                          40,576
Holt           Eileen          EDUCATION SPEC                            35,838
Holt           Richard         Maintenance Machinist                     58,765
Holtgeerts     John            DIRECTOR                                 141,718
Holtman        Ashlee          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Holtz          Larry           Transit Operator                          14,122
Holwegner      Margaret        ENGINEER I                                64,792
Holyoke        Larry           Hlth & Envirnmtl Invstg III               76,569
Homer          Catherine       JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Honanie        Kathaleen       ABSTRACT TECHNICIAN                       41,651
Hondle         Roberta         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              39,375
Honeysuckle    Marian          SUPERVISOR III                            78,329
Hong           Chris           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              36,192
Hong           Christopher     RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTNT II                 0
Hong           Cuc             FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     45,396
Honnen         Tammy           ICS I                                     59,228
Hood           David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hood           Juan            Transit Custodian II                      41,954
Hood           Keith           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hood           Michael         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Hood           Roger           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Hoogstrate     Ruth            Service Supervisor                        64,696
Hooks          George          ELECTRICIAN 2                             66,469
Hooks          Phillip         IT Project Manager II                     88,192
Hooper         June            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       63,535
Hooper         Kenneth         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hooper         Stephen         Transit Operator                          11,193
Hoops          Richard         CARPENTER I                               53,694
Hoover         Michael         HEALTH & ENVIR INV I                      60,342
Hope           Cynthia         COURT CLERK                               39,264
Hopkins        Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hopkins        Sarah           TEMP SPEC PROJ MNGR II                    11,882
Hopkins        Sharon          PUBLIC HEALTH VETERINARIAN               106,617
Hopkins        Trina           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       52,946
Hoppe          Barbara         NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       39,375
Hopper         Betty           INFORMATION TECH DIRECTOR                108,372
Hopper         Charles         Transportation Planner III                84,220
Hopper         Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Hopper         Robert          Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Hoppis         Adam            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Hopson         Mary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Hora           Consuelo        Transit Operator                          51,373
Horan          William         Transit Operator                          11,193
Hori           Jack            Transit Operator                          41,098
Horman         Blythe          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Horn           Christopher     Transit Operator                          12,710
Horn           Johnnie         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Horn           Stephen         UTILITY WORKER 2                          45,396
Hornberger     Felix           Maintenance Constructor                   58,765
Horne          Marvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Horner         Marlene         Transit Operator                          51,373
Horner jr      Curtis          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Horning        George          IT Enterprise Manager II                 111,796
Horrobin       Geraldine       JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Horsley        Kathryn         EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         55,139
Horstman       Lynn            Accounting Technician II                  45,818
Horswill       Stephen         CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER II               72,950
Horton         Cathy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Horton         Don             Transit Chief                             82,134
Horton         Elynne          Transit Operator                          11,193
Horton         Janet           ASSISTANT PROGRAM MANAGER                 59,064
Horton         Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Horton         Walter          WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Horvath        Gilbert         Mechanic                                  58,765
Horvath        Peter           SERGEANT                                  73,543
Horvath-lugar  Johanna         ADMIN SPECIALIST II - TLT                 40,320
Hosea          Geofry          Designer III                              61,791
Hoshibata      N               ADMIN SPEC IV                             53,594
Hosieni        Sherri          LEGAL SECRETARY                           35,282
Hoskisson      Kiersten        WW Support Specialist                     39,378
Hosseini       Ellen           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Hostak         Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hostak         Grayce          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hostetter      D               RULE 9 INTERN                                  0
Hoston         Trina           HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     43,293
Hotnit         Colin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hottinger      Raymond         EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Houck          Deanna          ED CONSULTANT I                           64,792
Houck          Jason           MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Hougen         Janice          PROJECTPROGMGRII                          54,067
Hough          Eileen          PROJ PROG MANAGER II                      39,961
Houk           Brad            PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Houp           Lotus           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               37,881
House          Michael         EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
House-Moxley   Renee           Transit Operator                          13,416
Houser         Randell         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Housman        Frederick       TRAFFIC SIGNAL SUPERVISOR II              82,134
Houston        Charles         Transit Operator                          14,122
Houston        Linda           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hoverson       Sigmund         DATABASE SPECIALIST-SR                    71,371
Howald         Brenda          DISEASE INTERVENTION SPECIALIS            35,980
Howard         Bryan           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Howard         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Howard         Greg            BAILIFF                                   55,670
Howard         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Howard         Kathryn         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Howard         Loretha         Confidential Secretary I                  56,198
Howard         Mark            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Howard         N               COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Howard         Rose            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              53,594
Howard         Shannon         PARALEGAL                                 38,794
Howard         Teresa          Project/Program Manager III               67,940
Howe           G               Transit Operator                          51,373
Howe           Keith           Transit Supervisor                        86,124
Howe           Rodney          Transit Operator                          11,193
Howe           William         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Howell         Doug            Special Projects Manager III              96,968
Howell         Samuel          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Howell         Tanisha         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Howell         William         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Howery         Barbara         Transit Operator                          14,122
Howie          Kathie          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                38,790
Howie          Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Howze          Lenard          ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Hoxie          Susan           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      39,264
Hoyem          Rhonda          COURT CLERK I                             32,859
Hoyle          Christine       NURSE PRACTITIONER                        62,373
Hoyle          Marlon          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hoyne          Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hoyt           John            Transit Operator                          11,193
Hoyt           Steven          Supervisor-in-Training                    58,222
Hoyt           Wendell         Maintenance/Planner Scheduler             74,802
Hozail         Yousif          SENIOR APP DEV                            76,493
Hrechanyk      Leo             Contract Specialist III                   90,430
Hrycenko       Harry           Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Hsiao          Mu-chieh        Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Hsu            Hansen          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Hsu            Mary            EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT III                   72,950
Hsu            Paul            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Hsu            Peter           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Hua            Trung           Marketing & Sales Spec III                74,802
Huang          Helen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Huang          Wei             ENGINEER III                              82,134
Hubbard        Elizabeth       PERSONAL HEALTH SERVICES SUP              69,341
Hubbard        Maureen         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Hubbard        Nancy           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Hubbard        Walter          Project Program Mgr. IV                   88,191
Hubbard jr     Philip          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Hubbs          Julie           AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Huber          Jonathon        Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Huber          Karen           Waste Water Engineer IV                   86,124
Hubert         Rachael         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        53,158
Hubl           Ricky           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Huckeby        Charles         Transit Operator                          14,122
Hudacek        Laurence        Supervising Computer Operator             67,940
Huddleston     Cynthia         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      32,898
Huddleston     Michael         MUNICIPAL RELATIONS DIRECTOR             115,437
Hudson         Barbara         Admin. Specialist I                       39,375
Hudson         Jeremy          Transit Operator                          12,792
Hudson         Michael         EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Hudson         Ross            Transportation Planner III                84,220
Hudson         Scott           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Hudson         Steve           Transit Operator                          11,193
Hudspeth       Kevin           MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       53,694
Huebner        Blenda          FISCAL SPEC III                           43,293
Huennekens jr  William         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR 4                     84,105
Huertas        Milton          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Huey           Nora            Construction Prjct Cntrl Offcr           104,260
Huey           Richard         Transit Operator                          14,122
Huey           Theresa         Customer Svcs Coord - Lead                76,598
Huff           April           HEALTH PROGRAM ASST I                     39,375
Huff           Sandra          Transit Operator                          51,373
Huff           Victor          Transit Operator                          14,122
Huff menees    Sherril         ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF REALS               92,475
Huffine        Charles         TEMP-SENIOR STAFF PHYSICIAN                    0
Huffman        Barbara         TEMP RN                                    7,459
Huffman        Christine       FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      41,287
Huger          Vincent         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Huggins        Michael         Transit Operator                          14,391
Huggins-irving Nina            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               32,570
Hughes         Caroline        Educator Consultant II                    60,343
Hughes         Casey           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hughes         Connie          Accountant                                52,800
Hughes         David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hughes         Edward          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hughes         Glynnis         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Hughes         Joseph          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Hughes         Kathleen        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       42,357
Hughes         Leeanne         EXECUTIVE ASST III                        54,881
Hughes         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hughes         Mitchell        LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  39,375
Hughes         Myrtle          HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     33,041
Hughes         Patrick         Transit Operator                          46,235
Hughes         Priscilla       LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                32,857
Hughes         Richard         MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Hughes         Victoria        Occupational Educ & Trng Coord            52,339
Hughes jr      Daniel          HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                    57,547
Hugo           Bettie          JUDICIAL SVCS SUPERVISOR II               67,940
Huh            Jae             ENGINEER II                               72,950
Huie           Marcia          Customer Service SpecialistIII            46,486
Huitt          James           WWTreatmentUtilityWorker                  42,279
Huizinga       Craig           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hulett         Ellen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                     34,453
Hulin          Sheila          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Hulke          Jeffrey         Mechanic                                  58,765
Hull           David           Transit Planning Supervisor               94,695
Hulsman        Leda            PERSONNAL HLTH SVCS SUPERV                91,249
Hultengren     Eric            Rider Info Spec - On-call                 14,914
Hultengren     Ruth            Business & Finance Officer III            78,329
Hume           Richard         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Hume           Robin           Transit Operator                          14,122
Humenik        Jeff            EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Hummel         Stanley         Capital Projects Mng Supvr               104,220
Hummer         Peter           Transit Operator                          11,193
Humphrey       Carroll         Transit Operator                          51,373
Humphrey       Donald          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Humphrey       Michael         Equipment Service Worker                  33,392
Humphreys      Elizabeth       PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III 90%               70,496
Humphreys      Stephen         Assistant Buyer                           57,547
Humphries      Jodi            TEMP SOCIAL WORKER                         6,116
Humphries      Kelly           Transit Operator                          51,373
Hung           Jimmy           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           89,708
Hunn           David           Environmental Lab Scientist I             56,198
Hunnewell      Maya            GRADUATE INTERN                                0
Hunnicutt      Jerry           Rideshare Services Rep                    64,792
Hunsaker       Julie           Human Resource Analyst-Senior             69,571
Hunstad        Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hunt           Alyson          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Hunt           Brian           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hunt           Deionne         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hunt           Kimberly        Administrative Specialist II              37,551
Hunt           Luther          Mechanic                                  58,765
Hunt           Pete            COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Hunt           Rebecca         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Hunt iii       James           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Hunter         Amy             AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                   0
Hunter         Christie        LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               23,833
Hunter         Debra           SOCIAL WORKER                             56,282
Hunter         Derrick         Transit Custodian II                      41,954
Hunter         Dwayne          Transit Operator                          48,804
Hunter         George          Transit Operator                          14,122
Hunter         Gregory         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hunter         Gregory         CUSTODIAN-SE                              17,257
Hunter         Michael         SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Hunter         Sanetta         VICTIM ADVOCATE                           46,895
Hunter         Steven          Transit Chief                             86,241
Huntley        Lisa            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   72,950
Huntsberry     James           PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    72,950
Huntsinger     Deborah         CAPTAIN                                  101,122
Hunziker-pepoy Patricia        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Hurd           William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Hurinenko      Celeste         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hurkett        Valerie         SHERIFF DATA SPECIALIST                   46,485
Hurley         Janelle         IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Hurley         Shane           Assistant Utility Srvc Worker             30,782
Hurley         Todd            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Hurley         William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Hursey         Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hurst          Janice          COURT CLERK                               46,426
Hurst          Karen           ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Hurst          Kathryn         POLICE DATA TECHNICIAN                    48,744
Hurst          Samuel          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hurston        Mark            Project Assistant                         45,463
Hurt           John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hurt           Judy            CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Hurt           Mark            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hurtado        Betty           ADMINISTRATOR II                          60,342
Hurtado        Velia           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Huse           Darrell         Transit Operator                          51,373
Huseman        Roger           Transit Operator                          51,373
Husmillo       Florante        USW Driver Grandfathered 3rd              42,038
Husmillo       Robert          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Husmillo       Susan           USW Driver Grandfathered 3rd              42,038
Huson          Skyler          PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Hustead        Doyle           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Husted         Sharon          COURT CLERK                               46,426
Huston         Alan            Maintenance Constructor                   58,765
Hutcheson      Rebecca         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR II                    63,274
Hutchins       Heather         EDUCATOR CONSULTANT I                     51,115
Hutchins       James           Helper Line Wrkr                          50,830
Hutchinson     Carol           Finance/Accounting Supervisor             63,836
Hutchinson     Laura           EDUCATOR CONSULTANT I                     57,547
Hutchinson     Tonja           COURT CLERK I                             40,675
Hutchison      Shirley         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Hutchison      Theodore        SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Hutt           Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Hutt           Douglas         Transit Operator                          12,792
Hutton         Bobbie          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Hutton         Don             Transit Operator                          12,792
Huxford        Catherine       CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Huycke         Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Huyhn          Trang           TEMP-WORK STUDY                                0
Huynh          Hung            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Huynh          Lisa            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     37,881
Huynh          Tai             REGISTERED NURSE                          65,935
Huynh          Uyen            TEMP ADMIN OFFICE ASSIST                   3,545
Hyatt          Corinna         CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       82,310
Hyatt          Linda           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Hyatt          Marcie          HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST SR                 76,493
Hyatt          Zan             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Hybridge       Evelyn          VM Tech Info Process Spec3 2nd            48,595
Hyde           Donald          Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Hyden          Timothy         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Hyland         Kimberly        Transit Parts Specialist                  34,729
Hyldahl        Trent           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Hyler          Mark            SIGN & MARKING SPECIALST I-TLT            36,628
Hylton         Ron             Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Hymes          Lisa            CORRECTIONS SUPERVISOR                    62,073
Ibanga         Imaobong        Rider Information Specialist              38,488
Ibrahim        Abdi            Transit Operator                          12,792
Icanberry-papkaRobyn           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       52,946
Idiong         Imaeyen         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ieng           Saohouy         Transit Operator                          51,373
Ifeobu         Cany            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Igo            Karen           CRIMINAL DEPT CUSTOMER SPEC II            37,435
Ii             Keiko           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        69,570
Ii             Yoshiko         Engineer V                                93,138
Ijeoma         Chima           DETENTION OFFICER                         41,988
Ike            Chukwu          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ikeda          Gary            Project Control Engineer II               71,241
Ilao           Maria           CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST III               42,278
Iles           Joan            JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Ili            Tavita          UTILITY WORKER 2                          45,396
Ilika          James           PSYCHIATRIC EVAL SPECIALIST               61,386
Illingworth    Mary            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Imanishi       Gary            BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            76,493
Imberg         Kathryn         NUTRITION ASSIST                          36,671
Imhoff         Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Imori          Mika            Customer Svcs Coord - Lead                76,598
Impala         Clay            DETENTION OFFICER                         40,017
Impson         Mary            CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER II               63,274
Inch           Carol           COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Ing            Jeff            WEB DEVELOPER-SENIOR                      66,347
Ingebo         Bruce           FiscalSpecialist II                       46,549
Ingebritson    Paula           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Ingersoll      Bernice         CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Ingram         Dominique       UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Ingram         Jennifer        TLT IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN             26,169
Inman          Carl            Equipment Dispatcher 3rd                  52,876
Inman          Steven          Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Inn            Robert          MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Inouye         Melvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Inouye         Randle          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             88,190
Inouye         Yukio           Sheet Metal Worker 2nd                    60,332
Inveen         Laura           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Iovinelli      Rocky           Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Ip             Linda           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Ip             Wing            Applications Developer-Sr                 78,329
Ipsen          W.              Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Irby           Gary            Lead Transit Parts Specialist             54,589
Irby           John            Captl. Imprvmt. Prgm. Sect Mgr           106,617
Ireland        George          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Irion          Thomas          Project Program Mgr. IV                   84,106
Irvine         James           Transit Operator                          14,122
Irvine         Melinda         SERGEANT                                  77,267
Irvine         Traci           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Irwin          Lori            GAL PROGRAM ATTORNEY                      75,227
Irwin          Thomas          TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Isaac          B.              Construction Management IV                86,124
Isaac          David           Applications Developer-Sr                 78,329
Isaacson       Mark            DIVISION DIRECTOR - WLRD                 120,040
Isaacson       Nicholas        TLT ADMIN SPEC I                          16,347
Isabell        Mary            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Isaksen        Peter           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        69,570
Isenberg       Bonnie          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              41,287
Ishikawa       Lisaye          CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Ishikawa       Steven          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ishimaru       James           TRANSPORTATION PLNR III                   76,634
Ishimitsu      Roger           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Isidro         Isabelle        DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Isip           Teodora         FiscalSpecialist III                      51,181
Isla           Alfonso         Utility Laborer                           45,922
Isla           Restituto       CARPENTER I                               53,694
Isler          Robert          Engineer VI                               97,985
Isley          Jason           Transit Operator                          14,122
Ismail         Adam            Transit Operator                          41,098
Isom           Magdalena       CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ison           Kirsten         MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Israel         Jessie          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER IV                78,329
Israel         Ricardo         WWTreatmentUtilityWorker                  44,332
Isse           Nimo            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Ito            Gerald          LAN ADMINISTRATOR - JOURNEY               66,654
Ito            Melanie         STAFF PHYSICIAN                          138,929
Iturbe         Manuel          IT TRAINER                                57,547
Ivancic        Sonia           SUMMER INTERN D-5                              0
Iversen        Lewis           Transit Operator                          12,792
Iverson        David           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Ivery          Barbara         IT Enterprise Manager I                   92,476
Ivey           Lovie           Transit Operator                          48,804
Ivory          Helen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              51,112
Iwanczuk       Lena            PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Iwatani        Elvira          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                59,037
Iwatani        Josephine       ADMIN SPEC II                             40,320
Jacinto        Rodrigo         FACILITIES/SUPPLIES SPECIALIST            43,205
Jack           Richard         Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            61,791
Jacke          Linda           JUDGE DISTRICT COURT                     122,011
Jackins        Monica          JAIL RN                                   58,004
Jackman        Linda           VICTIM ADVOCATE                           28,137
Jackovich      Mary            FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      44,332
Jackson        Ann             HE INVESTIGATOR II                        58,928
Jackson        Carl            Marketing & Sales Spec III                58,929
Jackson        Claude          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jackson        Cleatious       CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Jackson        David           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Jackson        Duane           Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Jackson        Fred            Transit Operator                          51,373
Jackson        Geoffrey        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Jackson        Geraldine       Real Property Agent III                   74,719
Jackson        Green           Transit Operator                          14,122
Jackson        Jamie           Desktop Support Spec-Sr                   64,793
Jackson        Jeffery         Transit Operator                          51,373
Jackson        Jeffrey         Transit Instructor                        64,696
Jackson        Kenneth         Transit Operator                          14,122
Jackson        Kevin           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Jackson        Kris            TecInfoProcessSP III                      43,929
Jackson        Lamont          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jackson        Laura           APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Jackson        Linda           Transit Operator                          11,193
Jackson        Linda           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              53,594
Jackson        Maurice         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Jackson        Michael         EPIDEMIOLOGIST I                           6,593
Jackson        Paul            Transit Operator                          12,710
Jackson        Raymond         Transit Operator                          11,193
Jackson        Regina          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jackson        Rick            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Jackson        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jackson        Rodney          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Jackson        Ronald          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Jackson        Roslyn          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Jackson        Shannon         Transit Operator                          11,193
Jackson        Sheila          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jackson        Sydney          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Jackson        Timothy         LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST 6                   43,506
Jackson        Tonja           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              34,958
Jackson        Valerie         CUST SERVICE SPECIALIST III               39,375
Jackson        Vary            COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER                 51,111
Jackson        William         Transit Operator                          14,122
Jackson        Willie          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Jackson ii     Cleatious       DETENTION OFFICER                         36,357
Jackson-Tate   Lynette         Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Jacobovitch    Barnett         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Jacobs         Jerry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jacobsen       Betty           Transit Operator                          41,098
Jacobsen       Colleen         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Jacobsen       Evelyn          CHEMICAL DEPEN COUNSELOR                  47,601
Jacobsen       Gabrielle       COURT CLERK I                             32,859
Jacobsen       Heidi           DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Jacobson       Bernard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Jacobson       Cary            Lead Electronic Technician                64,634
Jacobson       Dennise         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       66,456
Jacobson       Emily           Intern II                                 26,310
Jacobson       James           SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Jacobson       James           Asst. Div. Direction, Transit            128,892
Jacobson       Jeffrey         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Jacobson       Michael         CO EXEC ASST I                            96,967
Jacobson       Penny           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jacobson       Peter           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Jacobson       Sandra          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Jacobson       William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Jaeger         Troy            Maintenance Constructor                   58,765
Jaffe-doty     Alison          ADMINISTRATOR IV                          90,307
Jaffee         Lisa            INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    47,601
Jager          David           Carpenter                                 58,765
Jakeman        James           Mechanic                                  58,765
Jaksich        Deborah         Project/Program Manager III               84,220
James          Annette         Transit Operator                          51,373
James          Brandon         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
James          Clara           Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
James          Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
James          Duane           Transit Operator                          51,373
James          Frank           CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
James          Gerald          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                54,184
James          Gloria          ENGINEER I                                64,792
James          Harry           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
James          Kavin           Transit Operator                          51,373
James          Kevin           Transit Operator                          51,373
James          Mark            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
James          Raymond         Bindery Technician                        46,486
James          Richard         Transit Operator                          14,122
James          Robert          VM Tech Info Process Spec3                37,632
James          Rochelle        Intern III                                29,625
James          Terry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jameson        Deborah         GUARDIANSHIP GAL                          56,282
James-schiro   Karen           INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC I                  0
Jameyson       Ian             EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        39,856
Jamieson       Craig           Transit Operator                          51,373
Janasz         Michael         SERGEANT                                  73,543
Jandoc         Mario           Transit Parts Specialist 2nd              51,185
Janecek        Jenny           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Janes          Renee           COURT CLERK II                            37,881
Jankanish      Patrick         GIS Specialist-Senior                     74,701
Jankowski      Jed             PARAMEDIC                                 73,368
Jansen         Christopher     IT Project Manager I                      76,494
Jansen         Gary            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Jansson        Joy             CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Januto         Jimmy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Janzen         C               Marketing & Sales Spec II                 71,337
Jaramillo      Christina       Project Program Mgr. II                   71,240
Jaramillo      Larry           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Jarboe         Amy             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Jardee         Jay             Sheet Metal Worker 2nd                    60,332
Jardine        Lien            Database Administrator-Senior             80,209
Jarrett        Lisa            AUDITOR APPRAISER I                       43,674
Jarschke       Andrea          COURT CLERK                               42,182
Jarvis         Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Jassman        John            Transit Chief                             82,134
Jay            Michelle        ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST UF                31,807
Jayasundera    Duliip          PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST               52,911
Jayne          David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jayne          Marvin          Transit Operator                          46,235
Jeffcoat       Pamela          TEMP INTER/TRANSLATOR                      5,696
Jefferson      Alice           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jefferson      Phil            Transit Operator                          51,373
Jefferson      R               Transit Operator                          51,373
Jefferson      Ronald          TEMP CHEM DEPEN PROGRAM SCREEN                 0
Jeffery        Maya            INFORMATION SPECIALIST                    37,435
Jeffrey        Randy           LAN Administrator-Senior                  80,318
Jeffries       Christopher     CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Jeffries       David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Jehle          Anne            Transportation Planner II                 71,240
Jelen          Marek           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jenkins        Alexander       Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Jenkins        Dale            Transit Light Rail Manager               125,871
Jenkins        Gordon          USW Driver Grandfathered                  39,950
Jenkins        Joanne          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               32,124
Jenkins        John            JAIL RN                                   53,322
Jenkins        Juanita         Transit Operator                          51,373
Jenkins        Michael         GIS Specialist-Master                     86,125
Jenkins        Sean            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Jenkins-mclean Terri           HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Jenks          Darrin          SERGEANT                                  73,543
Jennings       Frederic        Transit Operator                          15,990
Jennings       Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Jennings       Theresa         DIVISION DIRECTOR-SOLID WASTE            135,153
Jennings jr    George          TRUCK DRIVER I                            40,395
Jenott         John            Transit Operator                          11,193
Jensen         Christine       LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST #3                  43,956
Jensen         Derek           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Jensen         Eric            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   62,335
Jensen         Heather         DEPUTY V                                  79,118
Jensen         Kevin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Jensen         Laurence        Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Jensen         Mary            Supervisor III                            94,823
Jensen         Raymond         DIV DIRECTOR DVLPMNTL DISBLTY             90,308
Jensen         Richard         Transit Operator                          15,990
Jensen         Scott           SYSTEMS ENGINEER - SR                     72,950
Jensen         Thomas          ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III              76,493
Jenson         Melinda         SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Jepson         Jeremy          BUDGET ANALYST II                         67,953
Jepson         Sarah           EXECUTIVE PROGRAM ASSISTANTIII            74,700
Jerin          John            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,493
Jermann        Andrea          Transit Operator                          15,191
Jermstad       Tayler          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Jernigan       Carol           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    31,748
Jeromsky       Andrew          Transit Operator                          14,122
Jerred         Cordia          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Jeske          Jacqueline      SENIOR DEPUTY I                           89,708
Jessel         Sabine          ENGINEER I                                64,792
Jessen         Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,122
Jessie         Leanetta        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        54,456
Jewett         Nikki           Systems Engineer-Senior                   92,601
Jewett         Shirley         FISCAL SPEC III                           42,650
Ji             Zhong           Waste Water Engineer IV                   86,124
Jiang          Shyi-shyong     ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Jimenez        Janice          Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Jimenez        Josephine       COURT MANAGER                             65,059
Jimenez        Rosendo         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Jimeno         Teddy           FISCAL SPEC III                           43,293
Jimerson       Akeyla          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Jobe           Lilian          TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Jochim         Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jocom          Angela          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        58,928
Joel           Pamela          Transit Operator                          51,373
Johanknecht    Mitzi           CAPTAIN                                  101,122
Johannes       David           Transit Operator                          11,193
Johannes       Kevin           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Johannson      Nancy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johanson       Janine          ENGINEER III                              74,700
Johanson       Kyle            PARK SPECIALIST I - SEASONAL                   0
John           Morgan          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II 80 %               55,654
Johndrow       Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnsen        Erik            EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Johnsey        Sheree          COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 38,248
Johnson        Adrian          CORR PROGRAM SPECIALIST                   62,163
Johnson        Allan           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR II                    62,335
Johnson        Andrea          UTILITY WORKER II                         37,621
Johnson        Andrew          PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Johnson        Barbara         Communications Spec III                   69,767
Johnson        Benjamin        POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Johnson        Betty           SENIOR APPRAISER                          63,831
Johnson        Brian           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Johnson        Bryan           Contract Specialist III                   82,134
Johnson        Cara            LEGAL ADM SPECIALIST I                    27,833
Johnson        Carol           CARPENTER I                               53,694
Johnson        Carolyn         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Johnson        Casey           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Johnson        Catherine       Environmental Scientist III               86,241
Johnson        Christine       Human Resource Associate                  49,914
Johnson        Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Johnson        Christy         ADMIN SPEC II                             28,759
Johnson        Cinda           ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    31,335
Johnson        Craig           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  51,562
Johnson        Dali            Transit Operator                          11,193
Johnson        Daniel          Systems Engineer-Journey                  71,240
Johnson        Darlin          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Johnson        Dawn            INFOR TECHN PROJECT MANAGER II            92,474
Johnson        Deborah         Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Johnson        Delton          TEMP-CHEM DEPENDENCY PROG SCR                  0
Johnson        Denise          Transit Operator                          11,193
Johnson        Diana           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Johnson        Don             Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Douglas         Transportation Planner III                84,220
Johnson        Douglas         Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Johnson        Eddy            Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Edwin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Johnson        Elaine          Transit Operator                          14,122
Johnson        Ella            PHN                                       70,324
Johnson        Elmer           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Eloise          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Johnson        Eric            CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Johnson        Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Gareth          DIVISION DIRECTOR-PREVENTION             120,040
Johnson        Garold          SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     23,845
Johnson        Gay             ASSISTANT FIRE MARSHAL                    82,134
Johnson        George          Transit Operator                          14,122
Johnson        Gilda           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Grant           Transit Operator                          11,193
Johnson        Ingrid          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Johnson        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        James           Labor Negotiator II                      101,816
Johnson        Jamie           SOCIAL WORKER                             43,419
Johnson        Jane            NURSE MANAGER                             94,694
Johnson        Janice          Senior Customer Assistance Rep            46,966
Johnson        Janice          Waste Water Engineer III                  61,661
Johnson        Jay             Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Johnson        Jeffrey         Transit Parts Specialist                  34,729
Johnson        Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Johnson        Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Johnson        Jeremiah        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     31,335
Johnson        Jerrell         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Johnson        Jerry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Johnson        JoAnne          Transit Operator                          48,804
Johnson        Joel            Apprentice Mechanic                       52,897
Johnson        Justin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Katherine       ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Johnson        Kellen          Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Johnson        Kenneth         TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Johnson        Kenneth         WQ PLANNER/PROJECT MGR III                76,493
Johnson        Kevon           FiscalSpecialist II                       44,332
Johnson        Kimberly        DIVISION SECRETARY                        53,595
Johnson        Kris            EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       46,485
Johnson        Kristan         ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    23,906
Johnson        Kristie         PARALEGAL                                 42,651
Johnson        Larry           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Johnson        Larry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Larry           Database Admnstr-Master                   96,968
Johnson        Leah            ADMIN SPEC II                             21,729
Johnson        Lenda           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               37,881
Johnson        Linda           CRIMINAL DEPT SUPERVISOR-RJC              53,631
Johnson        Lindy           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              39,720
Johnson        Lisa            SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         116,447
Johnson        Loni            COURT CLERK I                             34,453
Johnson        Melvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Michael         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Johnson        Michael         CARPENTER I                               53,694
Johnson        Nancy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Johnson        Napa            DATA ENTRY OPERATOR III                   37,881
Johnson        Neil            IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Johnson        Nikki           Helper Line Wrkr                          50,830
Johnson        Pamela          HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER                   82,134
Johnson        Peter           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Johnson        Phillip         Lead Bldg Operating Engineer              64,634
Johnson        Phyllis         Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Ralph           Chief IT Security Officer                 99,295
Johnson        Reid            SERGEANT                                  77,267
Johnson        Roberta         CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       82,310
Johnson        Rocky           Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Ronnie          INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Johnson        Ross            Mechanic                                  58,765
Johnson        Russel          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Johnson        Russell         PERSONAL PROPERTY SUPERVISOR              86,124
Johnson        Sarah           NUTRITIONIST                              51,112
Johnson        Scott           UTILITY WORKER II - TLT                   35,878
Johnson        Scott           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           96,650
Johnson        Severne         Waste Water Engineer V                    97,062
Johnson        Shirley         ENGINEER I                                64,792
Johnson        Stan            UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Johnson        Stephen         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Johnson        Steven          Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Steven          Transit Operator                          51,373
Johnson        Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Johnson        Susan           CUSTOMER SVC SPEC III                     41,287
Johnson        Susan           Administrative Staff Assistant            59,008
Johnson        Susan           REGIONAL HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR             96,967
Johnson        Tawnya          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               23,243
Johnson        Terri           SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              43,293
Johnson        Tiffany         DISPATCHER                                46,491
Johnson        Timothy         Transit Operator                          48,804
Johnson        Todd            TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Johnson        Todd            WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Johnson        Vikki           FiscalSpecialist III                      46,486
Johnson        Vincent         CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
Johnson        Walter          Transit Operator                          12,710
Johnson        Wayne           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Johnson        William         Transit Operator                          14,122
Johnson        William         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Johnson iii    Edward          ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE ASST                     0
Johnson jr     John            SECURITY ASSISTANT                        44,415
Johnson sr     Joshua          MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Johnson-newton Myisha          ADMIN SPEC III                            34,453
Johnston       Gregory         Maintenance Constructor                   58,765
Johnston       Jamie           SENIOR DEPUTY II                         101,573
Johnston       Jerry           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Johnston       Kenneth         Transit Chief                             74,701
Johnston       Lynn            Administrative Specialist III             49,982
Johnston       Vincent         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Johnston       William         JAIL RN                                   76,128
Johnstone      Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jokela         Randall         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Jolley         Sandra          TEMP ARNP                                  7,822
Jolliffe       Sherrie         Transit Operator                          12,710
Jolly          Bradley         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Jolly          David           Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Jolly          Michael         COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   60,874
Joly           Janine          SENIOR DEPUTY II                         100,320
Jones          Aaron           UTILITY WORKER II                         37,621
Jones          Andre           COURT CLERK I                             39,721
Jones          Beverly         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Jones          Brandon         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Jones          Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Carlton         OPER ENGR 3                               56,293
Jones          Carol           COURT MANAGER                             65,059
Jones          Charles         INVENTORY SPECIALIST                      41,287
Jones          Cheryl          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Jones          Christopher     TLT BUSINESS & FIN OFFICER III            36,474
Jones          Christopher     PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   64,792
Jones          Craig           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          David           Mechanic                                  58,765
Jones          David           ECR DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR                75,227
Jones          Dawn            Equipment Dispatcher 2nd                  52,354
Jones          Denise          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Derek           Transit Operator                          13,416
Jones          Donald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Jones          Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Douglas         Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Douglas         MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       53,694
Jones          Douglas         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        63,274
Jones          Ernest          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Glenna          COURT CLERK I                             40,675
Jones          James           Information Distributor                   42,518
Jones          Jessica         TEMP RESEARCH ASSISTANT                    5,305
Jones          Jessica         Rider InformationSpecialist2nd            44,335
Jones          Joan            Data Administrator                        61,874
Jones          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Judi            TLT SPEC PROJ MNGR II                     92,475
Jones          Karin           PHN-OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SPEC              35,297
Jones          Katherine       CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Jones          Kevin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Jones          Larry           EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       46,485
Jones          Larry           Water Quality Plnr/Proj III               84,220
Jones          Leonard         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Jones          Leonard         DIVISION SECRETARY                        53,595
Jones          Lorenzo         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Jones          Lori            Project Program Mgr. IV                   94,823
Jones          Machelle        ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      47,601
Jones          Marcus          Transit Parts Specialist 3rd              51,707
Jones          Mark            Transit Operator                          11,193
Jones          Natasha         COMMUNICATION MANAGER - TLT               84,106
Jones          Omoro           Transit Operator                          11,193
Jones          Pamela          JUVENILE DIVISION DIRECTOR               106,617
Jones          Patricia        CUSTODIAN-FLOOR CARE                      37,551
Jones          Patrick         TRUCK DRIVER III                          45,697
Jones          Paula           AdminSpecialist III                       45,396
Jones          Penny           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Peter           Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Re'Cole         Transit Operator                          11,193
Jones          Richard         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Jones          Riley           Mechanic                                  58,765
Jones          Robert          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Jones          Robert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Jones          Robert          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   74,700
Jones          Rochelle        CCD CASEWORKER                            64,792
Jones          Sandra          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 4                      0
Jones          Scott           CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Jones          Sharlene        TLT ADMIN SPEC II                         36,671
Jones          Shelley         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSIST II                     0
Jones          Spencer         Transit Operator                          14,122
Jones          Tony            Transit Operator                          14,122
Jones          Wilbur          Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones          Will            EDUCATOR CONSULTANT I                     54,881
Jones          William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Jones jr       Arzelia         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Jones jr       Earl            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Jones sr       John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Jones sr       Sylvester       CUSTODIAN                                 19,490
Jordan         Claire          FISCAL SPECIALIST 3                       47,601
Jordan         David           ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Jordan         Deneen          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 45,396
Jordan         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Jordan         Keala           Fiscal Specialist I                       38,452
Jordan         Rita            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Jordan         Ruth            Administrator I                           54,881
Jordin         Bryan           Sheet Metal Worker 2nd                    60,332
Jordin         Thomas          Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Jorgensen      Douglas         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Jorgensen      Garrett         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Jorgensen      Ian             AS II                                     40,320
Jorgensen      Jane            MED DEATH INV II                          63,273
Jorgensen      Jim             ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              53,594
Jorgensen      Mary            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               71,240
Jorgensen      Rudolph         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Jose           Jessy           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Josefsen       Barbara         PARALEGAL                                 29,504
Josephson      James           Mechanic                                  58,765
Josh           Kelline         Transit Operator                          11,193
Joslin         Andrew          Transit Operator                          51,373
Journee        Wayne           KCTV VIDEO SPECIALIST                          0
Joy            Dylan           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-MASTER                  72,950
Joy            Lakeysha        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Joyce          Kerry           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       45,451
Joyce          Kevin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Joyce          Stephen         Hlth & Envirnmt Invstg II                 73,022
Joynes         Susan           CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 46,485
Juarez         Benito          SOCIAL WORKER                             54,066
Juarez         Denise          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC III                   34,453
Juarez         Joseph          UTILITY WORKER ASSISTANT                  34,216
Juarez-rico    Sergio          HAZARDOUS WASTE TECH                      49,914
Jubane         Jose            Mechanic 3rd                              57,909
Jubane         Sirirat         USW Drive Grandfathered 2nd               41,516
Juchmes        James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Judd           Elizabeth       AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Jue            Raymond         Transit Operator                          51,373
Julius         Cpiarian        CUSTODIAN                                 35,811
Jumawan        Romeo           Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Jung           Jenny           CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 4                 52,338
Jung           John            PUBLIC DEFENSE INTERVIEWER                51,111
Jung           Lisa            STUDENT INTERN - WORK STUDY                    0
Jung           Paul            CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 37,881
Jung           Stephanie       Transit Operator                          11,193
Jungnitz       Jordan          Assistant Buyer                           48,745
Junkerman      Eliza           SUMMER INTERN DIST #8                          0
Jurgensen      Shirley         MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Justham        Ann             TEMP ADMIN OFFICE ASST                         0
Justus         Jacqueline      PHN                                       63,939
Justus jr      Douglas         CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Jutilla        David           CAPTAIN                                   92,253
Juvet          Roger           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ka             Edward          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kaake          Angela          DEPUTY V                                  79,117
Kabat          Brian           PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    72,950
Kable          Moffett         DENTIST                                  101,677
Kaczorowski    Mark            Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Kadesh         Eileen          Transportation Planner III                63,165
Kadushin       Joseph          Transit Operator                          12,792
Kahan          Joshua          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,493
Kahikina       Christine       JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        46,026
Kahle          Aaron           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Kahle          Erin            EPIDEMIOLOGIST I                          57,773
Kahler         Lawrence        Transit Operator                          51,373
Kahler         Melody          LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC III             41,651
Kahler         Vicki           FISCAL OFFICE TECH III                    62,335
Kahn           Jerry           Mechanic                                  58,765
Kahrs          Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kai            Kenyon          Transit Operator                          15,990
Kaile          Narinderjit     Transit Operator                          14,391
Kain           Gary            SERGEANT                                  75,382
Kain           Robert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Kaiser         Martine         PROJECT/PROG MGR III                      66,347
Kaiser         Roger           Network Engineer - Senior                 82,134
Kajihiro       Steve           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kajita         Richard         Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Kaku           Jason           ADMIN SPEC II                             35,811
Kalalau        Patrick         Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Kalb           Kathleen        ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSE SPEC              72,461
Kalbfleisch    George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kaldor         Robert          SENIOR APPRAISER                          68,538
Kalina         Lynne           SENIOR DEPUTY II                          81,258
Kalish         Daniel          DEPUTY III                                61,002
Kaliske        Axel            Transit Operator                          11,193
Kalka          Cynthia         JAIL RN                                   57,096
Kalka          Donna           Project/Program Manager IV                90,308
Kallas         Paris           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Kalliomaki     Juha            Transit Operator                          14,122
Kallstrom      David           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    63,274
Kaltsounis     Andreas         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kaluzny        Kathryn         ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Kamalu         Aaron           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Kamara         Salifu          DETENTION OFFICER                         41,988
Kamau          June            Administrator I                           51,112
Kameda         Wesley          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Kamel          Kathleen        BUSINESS FINANCE OFFICER II               56,202
Kamin          Marcia          DIST SYSTEMS LAN/PC SUPERVISOR            86,282
Kaminski       Joseph          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Kaminski       Tricia          COURT CLERK                               42,182
Kaminsky       Mark            Capital Project Manager III               86,124
Kanaya         Mike            Equipment Painter 2nd                     60,332
Kanda-chin     Yukiko          INVENTORY SPECIALIST SUPERVISO            56,198
Kandathil      Heidi           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Kane           Kelley          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     29,885
Kane           Micheline       Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Kane           Tyrone          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Kane jr        John            SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Kaneshiro      Bruce           Mechanic                                  58,765
Kang           Fred            Transit Operator                          11,193
Kang           Harkeerat       GIS Specialist-Senior                     74,701
Kangas         Gregory         LICENSE INSPECTOR                              0
Kanner         Samantha        DEPUTY ASST                               40,678
Kansakar       Prashant        Intern III                                29,625
Kao            Pratna          SOCIAL WORKER                             50,353
Kaplan         Michele         Waste Water Engineer IV                   72,950
Kapoor         Tarang          DENTAL ASSIST                             37,551
Kapp           Janet           NUTRITION CONSULTANT                      43,326
Kara           Fatin           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Kara           Henry           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Karacand       John            Transit Operator                          12,792
Karasz         Hilary          EDUCATOR CONSULTANT III                   67,940
Karbowski      Calvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Karger         William         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Karimi         Mandana         DENTAL ASSISTANT                          35,811
Karinen        Martin          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Karki          Penny           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Karl           Joseph          Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Karlsson       Gordon          CORRECTIONS MAJOR - KCCF                  99,294
Karlsson       Sandra          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Karmali        Nadya           RN                                        65,935
Karpenko       Gary            Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Karpf          Katherine       COMM SPECIALIST III                       63,274
Karston        Thomas          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    90,307
Kasalko        Tanja           Transit Operator                          15,990
Kaschko        Piret           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Kaspersen      Kenneth         App Developer-Master                      90,308
Kasprzyk       Zbigniew        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kass           Jeffrey         Network Engineer - Senior                 88,191
Kassian        Cary            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Kastning       Kathleen        ASST AQUATIC FACILITY COORD               44,332
Kato           Eileen          DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Kato           Orin            CORRECTIONAL PROG SPECIALIST              62,163
Kato           Tamera          CUST SERVICE SPECIALIST-JURY              37,435
Kattar         Jean            OSS Coordinator                           79,941
Kattar         Susan           Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Katz           Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Katz           Linda           DEPENDENCY CASA PROGRAM MNGR              71,679
Katzenmeyer    Amy             ADMIN SPEC II                             34,155
Kauffman       Jennifer        Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIV             86,124
Kaufman        Keith           Grounds Specialist                        49,660
Kaufman        Lorri           Transit Chief                             86,241
Kaufmann       Margaret        PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               80,209
Kaufmann       Michael         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        66,347
Kaufman-Una    Susan           Capital Project Manager III               88,191
Kauhane        Stephen         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Kaunisto       Dorothy         Administrative Specialist III             40,320
Kaur           Manjot          Transit Operator                          41,098
Kaur           Ranjit          MEDICAL ASSIST                            38,452
Kaushik        Sandeep         COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST II                  90,308
Kauzlaric      Zlata           IT Project Manager III                   111,948
Kauzloric      Jayne           NURSE MANAGER                             94,694
Kawaoka        Susan           ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Kay            Bernard         EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Kay            Kenneth         EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Kay            Richard         TEMP PHARMACIST                           11,882
Kay            Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kaye           Skylar          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kays           Julie           DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Kays           Patricia        COURT CLERK                               46,426
Kazama         Patrice         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Kearney        Patrick         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kearns         Barry           Supervising Computer Operator             60,343
Kearns         Bradley         POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Kearns         Matthew         Transit Operator                          51,373
Keating        Aaron           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Keating        Robert          ENGINEER I                                64,792
Keating        Vanessa         TRUCK DRIVER III                          43,159
Keaton         Eddie           Transit Operator                          11,193
Keaton         Frankie         CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Kedroske       Karalyn         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      23,213
Kedziorski     Jenna           TEMP INTERN - GRADUATE                     3,717
Keefe          Kerry           SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         112,188
Keefe          Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Keefer         Sheri           DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-JRNY                 51,112
Keefer         Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Keefer         Toni            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Keegan         Helen           NETWORK ANALYST                           67,656
Keegan         Steve           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Keelan         Thomas          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Keeling        Adam            OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAIN            20,161
Keenan         Jeanne          LEGISLATIVE AIDE II                       86,509
Keeney         Steven          SERGEANT                                  73,543
Kees           Donald          Transit Operator                          13,416
Keesecker      Junko           Business & Finance Officer III            67,940
Kegley         James           SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Kehoe          Owen            Engineer II                               66,348
Kehoe          Sean            WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Keiffer        Nigel           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Keim           John            UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Keith          Benjamin        CCD CASEWORKER                            56,198
Keith          Leslie          COURT CLERK II                            41,651
Kelby          James           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Kellenberger   Roger           TEMP BFO I                                     0
Keller         Alexandra       DEPUTY I                                  49,871
Keller         David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Keller         Graham          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Keller         James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Keller         James           Strategic Info Resources Mgr             117,227
Keller         Keith           Transit Operator                          51,373
Keller         Keith           PARAMEDIC                                 84,953
Keller         Nicole          ENGINEER II                               63,274
Keller         Pamela          SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Keller         Tina            ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSISTANT            54,881
Keller         Wendy           Project Control Officer                  104,260
Kellett        Robert          Transit Operator                          14,391
Kelley         Alan            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kelley         Albert          Maintenance Painter                       58,765
Kelley         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Kelley         Denise          Transit Operator                          46,235
Kelley         Dennis          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Kelley         James           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Kelley         Jemal           SIGN & MARKING SPECIALST I-TLT            36,628
Kelley         Kelvin          Transit Operator                          11,193
Kelley         Kevin           ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    34,972
Kelley         Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Kelley         Randall         Senior Schedule  Planner (TP3)            82,410
Kelley         Rita            Transit Operator                          51,373
Kelley         Robert          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Kelley         Roberta         Admin. Spec. II                           44,110
Kelley         Steve           ELECTION DAY TEMPS                             0
Kelley jr      George          ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Kellogg        Jesse           HE INVESTIGATOR IV                        69,570
Kellogg        Robert          LEGISLATIVE AIDE I                        22,339
Kelly          Art             CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Kelly          Gabriel         Utility Laborer                           32,139
Kelly          Gary            FOOD SERVICES SUPERVISOR III              90,168
Kelly          Harry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Kelly          Heather         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               63,278
Kelly          Kathleen        Business & Finance Officer III            78,329
Kelly          Mark            Lead Equipment Painter                    64,634
Kelly          Mary            JAIL RN                                   57,096
Kelly          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kelly          Sean            CUST SVC SPEC II - TEMP                        0
Kelly          Shannon         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Kelly          Tim             Transit Operator                          14,122
Kelly          Timothy         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Kelnar         George          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Kelsey         Kevin           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Kelsie         Ronald          Maintenance Signage Specialist            47,029
Kemp           Lucy            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Kemp           Marilyn         Transit Operator                          51,373
Kemp-boyd      Gloria          CONTRACTS SPECIALIST II                   72,950
Kempe          Andrew          ELECT DAY WORKER                               0
Kencayd        Korby           Transit Operator                          51,373
Kendall        Scott           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Kendall        Steven          Transit Custodian I 2nd                   39,636
Kendrick       Jeremiah        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Kenepah        Robin           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Kenna          Emily           SOCIAL WORKER                             54,881
Kennamer       William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kenneally      Sharon          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Kennedy        Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Kennedy        Cari            Fiscal Specialist I                       31,809
Kennedy        Deborah         ARCHIVIST                                 66,347
Kennedy        Gerald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kennedy        Gracye          ADMIN SPECIALIST                          47,604
Kennedy        Kevin           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Kennedy        Megan           TEMP HPA I                                18,849
Kennedy        Meghan          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Kennedy        Patricia        PPM IV                                    78,329
Kennedy        Terrie          IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  67,940
Kennedy        Wade            ELECTRICIAN II                            66,469
Kennelly       Kathleen        SOCIAL WORKER                             59,064
Kenney         Jack            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Kennison       Laura           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     42,650
Kenny          Daniel          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Kenny          Duane           Mechanic                                  58,765
Kenny          Janice          CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Kenoyer        Daniel          SUPERVISOR 2                              71,240
Kent           James           EPIDEMIOLOGIST III                        88,191
Kentfield      Joyce           PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR                 57,547
Kenworthy      Patrick         SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Kenyon         Gary            Business & Finance Officer III            82,246
Kenyon         Tricia          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Keo            Tiffany         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Keogh          Carolyn         Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Keopadapsy     Crystal         Transit Operator                          51,373
Kephart        Alicia          ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Kephart        Carlyn          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      23,213
Kernan         William         VEGETATION SPECIALIST                     47,057
Kerns          Katharine       TEMP HEALTH CARE ASSIST                    4,285
Kerr           Mary            Transit Parts Specialist                  49,618
Kerschke       William         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Kersey         David           DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                  159,560
Kesler         Gail            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT III                 0
Kesler         Kari            EDUCATOR CONSULTANT I                     58,928
Kesler         Richard         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Kessler        Bruce           Waste Water Engineer IV                   86,124
Kessler        Ronald          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Kessler        Timothy         METAL FABRICATOR                          45,480
Ketah          Joey            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Ketchel        Jefferson       HE INVESTIGATOR III                       69,570
Ketchum        Cindi           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Keum           Carolyn         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Keum           Peter           GIS Specialist - Journey                  67,940
Keyes          Asya            TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Keyport        Ralph           Administrator IV                          94,823
Keyport        Suzanne         Transit Chief                             86,241
Khaki          Sheinool        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Khalid         Therese         Transit Operator                          35,961
Khalil         Ramy            Transit Operator                          12,710
Khalsa         Lakshmi         Project/Program Manager I                 54,881
Khamphilavong  Atsadong        FISCAL SPECIALIST II                           0
Khamphoukeo    Naphaphone      ENGINEER I                                64,792
Khan           Heather         ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       43,293
Khan           Khalid          GIS SPECIALIST-SENIOR                     72,950
Khan           Zahid           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Khanthaman     Nelson          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Khazak         Lyudmila        TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Khilfeh        Iha             Construction Management III               76,494
Khin           Saw             TEMP INTER/TRANSLATOR                      4,941
Khuu           Thanh           CORRECTIONAL PROG SPECIALIST              62,163
Kibret         Biruk           Contract Specialist I                     60,343
Kickbusch      Gary            HE INVESTIGATOR III                       69,844
Kidd           Danielle        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               35,338
Kidd           Gregory         LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  76,493
Kidd           Jerome          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kidder         Lynn            EPIDEMIOLOGIST I                          66,608
Kieft          John            Transit Operator                          48,804
Kiehnle        Adam            Transit Operator                          12,710
Kieland        Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kierce         Ronald          SERGEANT                                  73,543
Kiernan        Kevin           ENGINEERING SVCS MRG - SOLID             106,617
Kietzke        Carl            Communications Coordinator                67,933
Kihara         Marilyn         OFFICE MANAGER II                         72,765
Kilborn        Heather         Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Kile           Nathan          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Kile           Shannon         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Kiley          Robin           Transit Operator                          11,193
Kilgore        Kimberly        Transit Operator                          51,373
Kilimann       Keith           IT Enterprise Manager II                 104,118
Killen         Alison          RULE 9 INTERN                                  0
Killham        Harriette       ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Killinger      Kathryn         SENIOR DEPUTY III                        108,084
Killingworth   Tommy           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Kilmer         Alison          BAILIFF                                   45,958
Kilmer         Frederick       SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     23,845
Kilpatrick     Meredith        DENTAL HYGIENIST                          76,787
Kilroy         Sandra          ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMS SEC MGR            99,294
Kim            Amanda          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Kim            Hugh            APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER -SENIOR            75,227
Kim            Jai             Transit Parts Specialist 2nd              51,185
Kim            Kathryn         DEPUTY V                                  79,118
Kim            Mi              PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       53,369
Kim            Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Kim            Misun           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Kim            Nami            DEPUTY I                                  49,871
Kim            Rodney          AS II                                     36,671
Kim            Sarra           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 32,087
Kim            Steven          DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Kim            Sung            COURT CLERK I                             34,453
Kim            Tae             Applications Developer-Sr                 80,209
Kim            Tori            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSIST I                      0
Kim            Unna            RECREATION COORDINATOR                    45,130
Kim            Youn-jung       DEPUTY V                                  83,046
Kimball        Elizabeth       HPA II                                    45,396
Kimball        Virginia        SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Kimble         Larry           SUPERVISOR III                            90,307
Kimbrough      Landon          SPECIAL PROJECT MANAGER II                 9,374
Kimbrough      Sherry          SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER II                9,374
Kimerer        K               CAPTAIN                                   98,822
Kimmett        David           PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Kimura         Alan            PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Kimura         Joanne          Administrator II                          66,348
Kimura         Lai-ping        Human Resource Analyst                    69,571
Kimura         Yukio           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Kinahoi        Katea           SUPERVISING HAZARDOUS WASTE TE            61,790
Kinch          Karen           VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR-1/2                 27,373
Kinchen        Ruth            Transportation Planner III                63,165
Kindahl        Bjorn           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      36,554
Kindell        Amy             AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Kindred        Rhonda          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
King           Barbara         CASE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST                49,896
King           Craig           Transit Operator                          51,373
King           Deryl           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
King           Douglas         Mechanic                                  58,765
King           Elijah          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
King           Emily           MEDICAL ASSIST                            20,571
King           Ernest          Rider Information Specialist              42,769
King           Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
King           Gregory         ProjectProgramMrg I                       49,918
King           James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
King           James           Transit Chief                             71,240
King           Janise          ENGINEER I                                64,792
King           Jason           PROJECT/PROG MANAGER II                   71,240
King           John            Transit Operator                          51,373
King           Kea             ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                        0
King           Keysha          Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
King           Peggy           TEMP PHN                                   8,474
King           Reginald        Transit Operator                          51,373
King           Roberta         Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            82,215
King           Ross            Transit Operator                          51,373
King           Sarah           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                58,054
King           Sheila          TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Kingery        Brian           EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Kingsberry     Johan           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Kingsberry     Richard         Desktop Support Spec-Jrny                 60,342
Kingsbury      David           Construction Management IV                82,134
Kingsbury      Kim             Construction Management III               78,329
Kingsbury      Larry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Kingston       Susan           EDUCATOR CONSULTANT I                     46,214
Kinkade        Lana            RECORDS & INFORMATION MANAGER             76,493
Kinne          Will            FACILITIES MAINT MANAGER                 106,617
Kinnear        William         Transit Operator                          46,235
Kinney         Arthur          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kinney         Bruce           Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Kinney         Douglas         Transit Operator                          14,122
Kinney         Greg            ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR                      71,240
Kinno          Erika           LEGISLATIVE AIDE I DIST 4                 54,822
Kinsella       Andrea          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Kinser         Kelley          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Kinsey         Kevin           Equipment Dispatcher 3rd                  52,876
Kintner        Ronny           CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
Kinton         Deborah         NUTRITIONIST                              31,014
Kipp           Gregory         CHIEF ADMIN OFFICER,PUBLICHLTH           141,718
Kipp-Young     William         Transit Chief                             86,241
Kirby          Jerry           Mechanic                                  58,765
Kircher        Toni            LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                32,087
Kirchgessner   John            IT Enterprise Manager II                 101,678
Kirchner       Mary            VICTIM ADVOCATE                           51,562
Kiriae         Laura           DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-JRNY                 57,546
Kirillova      Irina           Transit Operator                          11,193
Kirk           David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Kirk           Niema           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Kirk           Phyllis         NUTRITIONIST                              54,881
Kirk           Virginia        HUMAN RESOURCES SENIOR MANAGER           111,796
Kirkland       Ernie           Transit Operator                          12,792
Kirkland       Rebecca         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        54,456
Kirkpatrick    Kelvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kirkwood       James           IT SYSTEMS SPEC-MASTER TLT                71,371
Kirry          Leota           PSYCHIATRIC EVAL SPECIALIST               61,386
Kirschnick     Erik            AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Kirschnick     Ernest          Millwright                                58,765
Kis            Salina          BAILIFF                                   51,797
Kishida        Marsha          CALENDAR STAFFING SPECIALIST              48,711
Kissinger      David           ABSTRACT TECHNICIAN                       36,994
Kit            Oksana          TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Kittleson      Cindy           SUPERVISOR I                              61,791
Kittredge      Bradley         IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  82,570
Kittredge      Lorraine        Transportation Planner II                 74,802
Kitts          James           CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Kivlahan       Kelly           AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Kizer          Kristopher      POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Klasen         Greg            Transit Operator                          51,373
Klason         Kevin           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Klein          Andrea          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       61,464
Klein          Dale            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Klein          Gloria          IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  80,318
Klein          Johan           Transit Operator                          13,416
Klein          John            IT Project Manager III                   101,678
Klein          Paul            SERGEANT                                  75,382
Klein          Pesha           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Klein          RaDonna         Project Control Engineer II               67,577
Klein          Ralph           Transit Operator                          46,235
Klein          Tammy           Transit Operator                          14,122
Klein          William         PARK MAINT SPEC II - TLT                  40,320
Kleinhuizen    Robert          Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Kleiver        Seth            PRE TRIAL INVESTIGATOR                    46,566
Klem           Marijo          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            71,240
Kleyn          Steven          RESEARCH ASSISTANT TLT                    44,503
Kleyweg        Mary            OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAIN                 0
Klick          Joshua          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Kline          Julie           DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Kline          Patrick         Transit Operator                          48,804
Kline          Susan           NP                                        82,846
Kling          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Klinka         Todd            GIS Specialist-Senior                     63,831
Kloby          William         Transit Operator                          11,193
Klocke         Daniel          NUTRITIONIST                              48,747
Kloke          Kristi          COURT CLERK                               41,186
Klokow         Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Klontz         Susan           CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC IV                  51,112
Klopfenstein   John            FIRE MARSHAL                              82,134
Kloss          Paul            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Klusman        Steven          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               80,209
Kmieciak       Jesse           RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Knauer         Jennifer        PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III TLT               70,183
Knauss         James           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Knauss         Mark            METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Knebel         Linda           Transit Operator                          14,122
Knesal         Brian           Transit Chief                             86,241
Kniestedt      Robert          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            78,329
Knight         Angelina        Transit Operator                          12,792
Knight         Carl            SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Knight         Damion          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              39,720
Knight         Iain            Systems Engineer-Senior                   69,576
Knight         Jack            Transit Operator                          11,193
Knight         Kathryn         PROBATION COUNSELOR I                     68,287
Knight         Marsha          Finance Manager                          101,678
Knight         Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Knight         Reanna          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Knight         Shanna          ADMN SPECIALIST IV                        45,396
Knight         William         Safety & Health Admin IV                  82,246
Kniss          Steve           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  73,084
Knoblauch      Thomas          LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              42,278
Knopp          Leroy           MAPPING UNIT SUPERVISOR                   68,538
Knott          Sunny           Transportation Planner II                 61,791
Knowles        Debra           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   46,751
Knudsen        Chris           MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Knudson        Jan             Capital Project Manager III               84,106
Knutsen        Joan            INVOLUNTARY COMMITTMENT SPEC              66,847
Knutson        Bruce           JUVENILE OPERATION DIV MANAGER           108,372
Knutson        Kevin           TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Knutson        Kiersten        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        54,456
Knuttgen       Rylan           Intern II                                 27,588
Knutzen        David           COOK-LEAD                                 52,432
Ko             Hsiao-ping      ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Kobashigawa    Kyle            CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      66,923
Kobberod       Arvid           ELECTRICIAN I                             60,453
Kobernik       Dean            Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Kobuki         Michelle        HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST                   55,364
Koch           John            Transit Operator                          11,193
Koch           Larry           CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Koch           Ronald          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Kochneva-smith Irina           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    48,744
Kodani-lee     Nancy           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  53,595
Koe            Martin          Purchasing Specialist                     51,226
Koehler        Jane            EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         73,518
Koehler        R               PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 1                   59,036
Koehler        William         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Koelemay       Kathryn         TLT STAFF PHYSICIAN SR                   103,113
Koepping       Terri           Fiscal Specialist III                     46,486
Koepsell       Jennifer        EPID I                                    55,097
Koerker        Todger          FUNCTIONAL ANALYST II                     69,570
Koester        Alvah           Transit Operator                          51,373
Koetje         Jeanne          DISTRICT COURT ASSISTANT                  29,504
Kogachi        Shari           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Koh            Kosan           Systems Engineer-Senior                   82,134
Kohler         Patricia        COURT MANAGER                             54,940
Kohler         Ronald          Capital Project Manager IV                97,062
Kohn           Cindy           APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-JOURNEY            67,940
Koitzsch       Kay             ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASST.                45,796
Koivastik      Katherine       LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST 2                  37,551
Kojima         Bradley         Equipment Painter                         58,765
Kok            Randall         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Kokko          Hanna           TEMP ADM INTERN-UNDERGRAD                  2,932
Kokorowski     Frank           MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST                  74,700
Kolb           Peter           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Kolb-Nelson    Annie           Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            66,348
Kolde          Endel           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           90,830
Koler          Julie           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   82,134
Koler          Kraig           Transit Operator                          11,193
Kolowinski     Dalton          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Kolowinski     Robert          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Kolpa          Tracy           DEPUTY ASST                               40,678
Komorita       John            Waste Water Engineer VI                  104,220
Konat          James           SENIOR V                                 125,345
Kondelis       Alec            Transit Operator                          51,373
Konecny        Cynthia         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    71,240
Konecny        Mark            FiscalSpecialist II                       40,320
Koney          Thomas          ASST DIVISION DIRECTOR PARKS             101,677
Kong           Kahncharavatey  PROJ/PROG MANAGER III                     67,940
Kong           Kam             SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Kongkarat      Hiran           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Konoske        Mark            SERGEANT                                  68,668
Konstantinova  Marina          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Koon           John            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Koons          Michael         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Koperski       David           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Koppang        Theresa         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    80,209
Koppelmann     Steven          HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Kopperdahl     Dale            Transit Operator                          51,373
Kopta          William         Systems Architect                         92,476
Koransky       Christine       PARALEGAL                                 38,794
Korf           Diane           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Korff          Kelley          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Korito         Steven          Transit Operator                          51,373
Korolak        Kristen         SPEC PROJ MNGR II                         75,752
Korolak        Lydia           DETENTION OFFICER                         40,990
Korolak        Tamara          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Kors           Jeanette        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Korthals       David           Transit Operator                          11,193
Kosai          Joann           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Koskela        Vincent         Transit Operator                          12,792
Koski          Monica          DENTAL ASSISTANT                          35,811
Koslowski      Alan            Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Koss           Kathleen        Transportation Planner III                84,220
Kost           James           Transportation Planner III                80,209
Kostal         Karl            PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Kosters        Dollie          LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST #3                   6,958
Kostovic       Novica          Transit Operator                          11,193
Kostresh       Boris           Transit Operator                          51,373
Kostresh       Christine       Transit Operator                          14,122
Kostresh       Stephen         Transit Operator                          11,193
Kottke         Lanita          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Kotulock       Donna           VICTIM ADVOCATE                           42,651
Kourdahi       Elie            Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Kouse          Philip          PARALEGAL                                 45,796
Kovach         Mary            SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Kovacs         Michael         QUALITY ASSURANCE AND IMPROVEM            57,547
Koza           Teresa          FAMILY LAW FACILITATOR                    38,337
Kraft          Gernot          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Kraft          Sandra          Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Kragt          Paul            ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Krajewski      Henry           Electronic Comm Spec                      71,240
Kramer         Betty           CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       82,310
Kramer         Daniel          Transit Operator                          13,416
Kramer         Donnie          TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Kramlich       Brad            Transit Operator                          12,792
Krampikowski   Wolfgang        WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            63,274
Kranig         Gary            ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Krank          Kenneth         ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Krantz         Gregory         ElectronicCommunicationTech I             41,288
Krasnow        Lauren          ADMIN INTERN                               3,717
Krasucki       Barbara         CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Kraus          Charles         PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Kraus          Kevin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Kraus          Sandra          COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST II              61,790
Krause         David           CCD CASEWORKER                            64,792
Krause         Jim             Transit Operator                          51,373
Krause         Kim             Transit Operator                          51,373
Krause         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Krauss         Carol           ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Krawiec        Judith          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Krebs          Joshua          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Krecklow       Jill            Finance&AdministrServicesMgr             104,260
Krehbiel       Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Kreitzberg     Alan            Transit Operator                          51,373
Krekeler       Barbara         HEALTH SVCS ADMINISTRATOR I               94,694
Krell          Donna           Intern III                                32,571
Kremer         Larry           TRUCK DRIVER III                          45,697
Krenzel        Elizabeth       Engineer V                                92,767
Krepostina     Yelena          PHN                                       61,464
Kretzschmar    Paul            Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Krick-heinzen  Mary            PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Kriedt         Gary            Envir Planner III                         76,215
Krieger        James           DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                  133,842
Kriloff        Beatrice        DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Krippner       Stephen         Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Krishun        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Krisinger      Robert          Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Kriskov        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Kristjansson   Ragnar          Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Krochalis      Elizabeth       Business & Finance Officer IV             88,191
Krogh          Pamela          JAIL RN                                   76,128
Krogh          Richard         CHIEF                                    125,871
Krogh          Shannah         COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  38,248
Krohn          Lisa            Administrator I                           61,874
Krohn          Treasa          TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Kropp          Stephen         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III TLT               67,940
Krot           Vladimir        Transit Operator                          11,193
Krouse         Patricia        HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST                   60,874
Krueger        Anna            TEMP NUTRITION ASSIST                      4,285
Krugel         Terry           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Kruger         Eloise          COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER                 51,111
Kruger         Robert          Environmental LabScientist III            74,701
Krugh          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Krumvieda-buchaKim             AQUATICS FACILITY COORD                   58,927
Kruse          Jean            TEMP NURSE PRACTITIONER                   10,395
Kruse          Johnny          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Krzyzanowski   Susan           Database Specialist-Jrny                  52,343
Krzyzek        Barbara         JAIL NP                                   47,825
Kuahiwinui     James           EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC HD                 36,251
Kubicek        Michael         OPERATING ENGINEER II                          0
Kubo           Eizo            Transit Operator                          11,193
Kuboi          Colleen         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      39,264
Kubota         Janet           NURSE PRACTITIONER                        82,846
Kubota         Julie           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Kuciemba       Katie           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     36,994
Kuehl          Pamela          FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     45,396
Kuehn          Patrick         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Kuffel         Thomas          SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         116,447
Kuhn           Eric            Transit Operator                          14,122
Kuhn           Greg            Safety & Health Admin IV                  78,329
Kuhn           Gwen            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Kuhn           Joseph          Transit Operator                          11,193
Kulish         Michael         IT SUPERVISOR I                           94,869
Kunde          Karen           VICTIM ADVOCATE                           41,651
Kung           Dar-An          Maintenance Constructor                   58,765
Kunihiro       Lisa            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Kunjara        Chai            Transit Operator                          51,373
Kunkel         Paul            TEMP PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                   8,824
Kunkle         William         Email Administrator-Jrny                  63,274
Kunz           Martin          Systems Engineer-Senior                   76,494
Kuo            Jean            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              35,280
Kuo            Timothy         DENTIST                                  111,796
Kupcis         Imma            ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Kuper          Janice          Transit Operator                          14,122
Kure           David           TEMP HE INVESTIGATOR II                    8,939
Kure           Kamma           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Kurhani        Neil            ENGINEER II                               66,348
Kurilla        Joseph          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        66,347
Kurita         Ariane          ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Kurosu         Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Kurth          Carolyn         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              38,338
Kurtz          Kelly           EXEC PROGRAM ASST I                       47,602
Kushner        Zarah           TEMP JAIL RN                               7,529
Kushnir        Borislav        EXTRA HELP                                     0
Kutasi         Ronald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Kuzaro         Leonard         EQUIP OPERATOR LEAD 7/10 (B)              48,186
Kwan           Colleen         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     36,126
Kwan           Mai             ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Kwesele        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Kwok           Carrie          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,459
Ky             Vannareth       Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Kyle           Julie           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     46,485
Kyles          Ena             DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Kyllo          Stanley         Transit Operator                          14,122
Kynett         Tammy           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
La Croix       Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
La fontaine    Sandra          CUSTOMER SVC SPEC II                      40,395
La june        Heidi           ADMIN SPEC II                             40,320
Labarba        Alex            Transit Operator                          51,373
Laboff         Stephen         Transit Operator                          14,122
LaBorde        Gerold          Safety & Health Admin IV                  82,246
Labrash        Jane            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Labriola       Daniel          TEMP DIST #4                                   0
Lacasse        Carol           SOCIAL WORKER                             62,028
Lacey          Eva             IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 43,293
Lacey          Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lacey          Jami            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lackie         Mark            SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Lackland       Edith           Business & Finance Officer III            76,710
Lacy           Charleen        COURT CLERK                               44,252
Lacy           John            DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                  138,396
Ladd           Judy            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Ladenburg      Barry           MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 50,006
Ladha          Zahara          NUTRITION ASSIST                          40,320
Laff           Joshua          Transit Operator                          41,098
LaFlesh        Thomas          Transit Operator                          11,193
LaFrance       Gregory         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Lafranchi      Barbara         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Lagazo         Felie           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lagrange       Clarissa        INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    46,485
Lagreid        Louann          COMM SPECIALIST-DISPATCHER                53,819
Lagreid        Steven          COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Lagrou         Lelia           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Lai            Lorraine        ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Lai            Tsu-Shin        Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Lai            Wing-kuen       LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I               36,671
Laine          April           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Laing          Bruce           Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Laing          James           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Lai-ping       Margaret        PARALEGAL                                 25,590
Laird          Leland          Transit Operator                          51,373
Laird          William         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Laise          Jessica         TEMP-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I                  0
Lake           Monica          PR INVESTIGATOR                                0
Lakhal         Abdel           CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 34,037
Lal            Elsie           CUSTODIAN                                 34,972
Lalanne        Theresa         PROTECTION ORDER PT ADVOCATE              17,432
Laloulu        Simona          HEALTH CARE ASST                          36,812
Lam            Anne            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              35,344
Lam            Joe             Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lam            Vincci          STUDENT ADMIN INTERN                           0
LaManna        Pamela          Systems Engineer-Senior                   78,329
Lamb           Lee             Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lamb           Nancy           TEMP ADMIN SPEC II                         4,285
Lamb           Paula           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Lambe          Thomas          Mechanic                                  58,765
Lambert        David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lambert        Kathy           COUNCILMEMBER DIST #3                    113,501
Lambert        Nancy           Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Lambert        Richard         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Lambeth        Tanjala         FISCAL SPEC II                            41,287
Lambinicio     Pablo           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  72,950
Lambino        Sarah           ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Lamebull       Phillip         Transit Operator                          51,373
Lamensdorf-buchJane            SPECIAL PROJECT MANAGER III               92,475
Lamerle        Jane            COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Lamon          Rosilyn         ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Lamond         Don             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lamond         Stacey          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lamothe        Oma             SENIOR DEPUTY I                           93,114
Lampard        Mark            Waste Water Engineer V                    84,106
Lampe          Sandra          COURT CLERK                               46,426
Lampkin        Crystal         Transit Operator                          11,193
Lampkin        Greg            Transit Operator                          51,373
Landau         Brian           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Landback       Chris           GIS Specialist-Journey                    64,793
Landenberger   Robert          Printing Equipment Technician             46,486
Landers        Kristi          Transit Operator                          11,193
Landon         Frederick       Maintenance Signage Specialist            47,029
Landon         Frederick       Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Landon         Michael         IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  76,494
Landon         Ray             TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Landon         Rudy            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Landry         Diana           IT PROJECT MANAGER I                      74,700
Landwehr       Scott           ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Lane           Aric            TEMP DIS                                   5,326
Lane           Donna           Applications Developer-Sr                 82,134
Lane           Douglas         Transit Operator                          51,373
Lane           Joseph          SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     21,686
Lane           Lauren          CCD CASEWORKER                            64,792
Lane           Ronald          METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Lane           Timothy         ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Lane           Valerie         Buyer                                     56,693
Lane-Daniels   Alexis          Transit Operator                          14,122
Laney          Carl            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Lang           Angela          TRIAL COURT COORDINATOR                   63,506
Lang           Chriseley       Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lang           Daniel          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lang           Diana           SIGN & MARKING SPECIALST I-TLT            36,628
Lang           Mary            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Lang           Paul            Transit Operator                          11,193
Langan         Timothy         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Langdon        Joshua          MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Lange          Carrie          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        58,928
Lange          Kurt            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Langeman       Marc            Transit Operator                          12,710
Langford       Rosalie         Human Resource Analyst                    69,571
Langi          Isaiah          CUSTODIAN                                 18,152
Langlais       Joanne          TEMP RN                                    8,273
Langley        Kristen         ENGINEER III                              92,475
Langlois       Kevin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Lanman         Elizabeth       ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Lanpher        Karen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             42,799
Lanphier       Stephen         Transit Operator                          51,373
Lantor         Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Lantry         David           Transit Planning Supervisor               99,430
Lantzy         Patricia        LEGISLATIVE AIDE I                        39,475
Lao            Steve           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Lapin          Jennifer        SENIOR DEPUTY I                           96,650
Lapin          Matthew         SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Lapinski       Mary            Transit Operator                          14,122
LaPoint        Allen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lapp           Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Laquey         Gerrie          PERSONAL HEALTH SERVICES SUPVR            91,249
Lara-figueroa  Isela           APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Lare           Charles         Transit Operator                          11,193
Laremore       James           Senior Gardener                           56,198
LaRitz         Gennaro         Service Supervisor                        64,696
LaRitz         Victoria        Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Lariza         Larry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Larkin         Jennifer        PARALEGAL                                 38,794
Larkin         Lindol          Transit Operator                          51,373
Larkin         Ronald          MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       53,694
LaRochelle     Pierre          Construction Management II                60,343
LaRock         Rob             Supervisor III                            88,440
Larry          Stevn           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Larsen         Amie            HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIATE                  53,594
Larsen         Bruce           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Larsen         Carol           SOCIAL WORKER                             51,112
Larsen         Colleen         JAIL RN                                   60,902
Larsen         Darrel          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   46,895
Larsen         Elsee           NP                                        37,114
Larsen         Jennifer        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Larsen         Mark            TRUCK DRIVER II - TEMP                         0
Larsen         Paula           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Larsen         Penny           Confidential Secretary I                  51,112
Larsen-brudevolDonna           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Larsgaard      Jack            Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Larson         Barbara         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Larson         Barbara         IT Enterprise Manager II                 101,678
Larson         Bonnie          COURT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  44,252
Larson         Dean            Equipment Service Worker 3rd              35,481
Larson         Gary            Marketing &Sales Specialist IV            82,134
Larson         Janice          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC III                   47,601
Larson         Jonathan        BUDGET ANALYST II (UNDERFILL)             71,240
Larson         Julia           PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER III               63,278
Larson         Karen           Transit Operator                          11,193
Larson         Kathleen        SERGEANT                                  73,543
Larson         Katrina         PHN                                       52,748
Larson         Kory            SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Larson         Mark            CHIEF CRIMINAL DEPUTY                    139,615
Larson         Martin          Transit Operator                          14,122
Larson         Melody          EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Larson         Michael         Sheet Metal Worker 2nd                    60,332
Larson         Peggy           ASSISTANT PROGRAM MANAGER                 59,064
Larson         Roger           ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Larson         Theodore        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Larson         Toby            POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Larson         Tracy           SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Larson jr      John            SECURITY OFFICER                          36,739
Larsson        Jan             Transit Operator                          51,373
Lasby          Bill            HE INVESTIGATOR IV                        84,105
Lasco          Daniel          Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Lasecki        Edwin           Transit Operator                          14,391
Lasher         Charles         Transit Operator                          11,193
Lasher         Thomas          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Lasseson       Steven          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Lassila        Todd            Applications Developer-Sr                 78,329
Lastrappe      Doris           ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       42,278
Laswell        Nancy           Special Projects Manager III              99,295
Lata           Rosey           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Latham         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Lathrop        Cristina        AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Lathrop        Duane           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lathrop        James           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Latourette     David           EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Latshaw        Melody          ADMIN SPEC III                            47,784
Lattemann      Jack            Transportation Planner IV                 94,823
Latu           William         CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Lau            Linda           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Lau            Tat             Transit Operator                          12,710
Laughlin       Laurence        Transit Operator                          51,373
Lauhoff        Mark            Maintenance Constructor                   58,765
Lau-leung      Daisy           PROJECTPROGMGRII                          66,347
Launiuvao      Selaupasene     Transit Operator                          51,373
Laurence       Robin           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       53,369
Laurencio      Leonard         Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Laurencio      Louis           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Laurent        Amy             EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         65,047
Laustsen       Karyl           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             41,651
LaVelle        Dermathe        Transit Operator                          15,990
Laverdure      Angela          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 34,453
Laverenz       Erin            ADMIN SPEC II .50                         21,644
LaVern         Katherine       Transit Operator                          12,710
Lavielle       Barbara         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Lavielle       James           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Lavin          Beth            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Law            Mary            NUTRITIONIST                              26,270
Lawall         Shirley         TEMP ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    0
Lawrence       Edward          Transit Operator                          41,098
Lawrence       William         HEALTH SERV ADMIN II                      84,106
Laws           Steven          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Lawsin         Ramon           ADMIN OFC ASSISTANT - 85.7%FTE            26,858
Lawson         David           DIV DIRECTOR, INTERNAL AUDIT              99,294
Lawson         James           INTERNAL AUDITOR                          76,493
Lawson         Lauren          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       56,476
Lawson         Mark            Construction Mgmt III                     67,687
Lawson         Shelley         PROJ/PROGRAM MGR II                       29,577
Lawson         Thomas          Transit Operator                          46,235
Layden         Joanne          Facilities Maintenance Worker             37,318
Layden         Shannon         Applications Developer-Sr                 76,494
Layton         David           SR PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST CIP           104,580
Lazaro         Desiree         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Lazelle        Roy             Applications Developer-Sr                 82,134
Lazzara        Karen           JUDICIAL SVCS SUPERVISOR II               66,348
Lazzaretti     Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Le             Alicia          HEALTH CARE ASST                          38,027
Le             Diep            Applications Developer-Sr                 80,209
Le             Duy             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Le             Hawn            FISCAL SPEC II                            43,293
Le             James           UNDERGRAD INTERN                               0
Le             Khanh           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Le             Lai             Transit Operator                          51,373
Le             Ngoc            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Le             Sung            Engineer IV                               90,562
Le             Thu             Human Resource Associate                  52,339
Leaana         Samuelu         Transit Operator                          46,235
Leach          David           Procurement Manager                      111,948
Leach          James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Leach          Tiffany         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               35,280
Leach          Tony            Transit Operator                          51,373
Leaf           Kerry           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Leaf           Mark            FINANCIALSERVICESADMINISTRATOR            96,967
Leaf           Tron            SYSTEMS ENGINEER-SENIOR                   80,209
Leahy          Mark            ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Leahy          Michael         IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 49,914
Leahy          Thomas          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Leak           Carol           Transit Operator                          51,373
Leake          Anna            HEALTH & ENVIR INV I                      60,342
Leake          Michael         INVOL COMMIT SUPERVISOR                   74,994
Leano          Benjamin        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                     34,152
Leano          Liza            SECURITY SCREENER                         35,037
Leary          Timothy         DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Leathers       Michael         IT Project Manager II                     94,695
Leathley       Peggy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               37,551
Leatiota       Joanne          COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Lebeau         Erica           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Lebeau         Rene            ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSISTANT            53,595
Lebel          Francis         Transit Operator                          11,193
Lebens         Elizabeth       AdminSpecialist III                       47,602
Leblanc        Mike            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lebo           Nicholas        ADMIN INTERN                                   0
Lebrane        Ruffin          INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC I             66,847
Leck           Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Leckband       Jonathan        OFFICE AIDE                               23,354
Leclair        Thomas          TECHNICAL SUPPORT                         49,173
Lecompte       Michele         COMMERCIAL APPRAISER I                    45,796
Ledbetter      Chesley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Ledbetter      Joel            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Ledbetter      Stanley         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  52,799
Ledbetter      Vearl           SUPERVISOR III                            90,307
Ledeman        John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Ledford        Pennie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ledford        Shawn           CAPTAIN                                   90,168
Ledgerwood-van Nancy           JAIL NP                                   95,651
Lee            Aaron           Intern II                                 11,685
Lee            Anthony         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Lee            Arnell          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Lee            Barbara         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Lee            Carol           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Lee            Caryn           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lee            Celia           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 30,602
Lee            Chae            Equipment Operator 3rd                    53,628
Lee            Chu             Transit Operator                          51,373
Lee            Cindy           PHARMACY SUPERVISOR                      109,175
Lee            Cynthia         Finance Manager                          111,948
Lee            Daniel          ELECTION EQUIP TECH                            0
Lee            Elizabeth       PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   70,183
Lee            Eric            REAL PROPERTY AGENT III TLT               67,940
Lee            Felicia         FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     44,332
Lee            Flora           ENGINEER II                               69,570
Lee            George          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lee            George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Lee            Gerard          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Lee            Jan             AUDIT ASSISTANT                           51,844
Lee            Jeffrey         TRANSPORTATION PLNR III                   76,634
Lee            Jeriod          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Lee            John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lee            John            Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Lee            Julian          LEGAL ADMN SPEC II                        38,452
Lee            Kenneth         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lee            Kin             Radio Equipment Specialist                60,791
Lee            Kirsten         Administrator I                           60,401
Lee            Mark            Transit Operator                          11,193
Lee            Mike            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lee            Moon            Mechanic                                  58,765
Lee            Nelson          SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Lee            Perry           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Lee            Priscilla       PLANS EXAM ENGINEER III                   82,134
Lee            Regina          Inventory Purchasing Spec III             57,547
Lee            Robert          ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Lee            Rong            TLT EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                     31,883
Lee            Silvette        HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER                    88,190
Lee            Suzette         APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Lee            Teresa          ENGINEER I                                64,792
Lee            Tommy           ENGINEER II - TLT                         57,551
Lee            Vickie          CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  56,198
Lee            Vince           Equipment Dispatcher                      50,788
Lee            Virginia        Transit Operator                          11,193
Lee            William         Transit Operator                          41,098
Lee            William         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Lee-Barnes     Kathy           Human Resource Analyst-Senior             67,940
Leers          John            YOUTH TRAINING SPEC                       39,827
Lees           Faire           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  72,950
Lefler         Cameron         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Lefrancis      Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Legaspi        Gener           Utility Laborer                           45,922
Legaspi        Jonard          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Leger          Elizabeth       ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Legg           Todd            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Legge          Robert          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Leggin         Jerome          Transit Operator                          51,373
Lehde          Gary            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lehman         Dean            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lehnhoff       Kenneth         UTILITY WORKER - TLT                      35,878
Leick          Blaine          ASST AQUATIC FACILITY COORD               40,320
Leifer         Benjamin        Finance&AdministrServicesMgr              99,295
Leigh          James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Leigh          Rory            Transit Operator                          51,373
Leikam         Marcy           Transit Operator                          12,792
Leimbach       John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lein           Robert          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Leinweber      Maytie          BAILIFF                                   50,574
Leist          Scott           DEPUTY V                                  75,189
Lekwauwa       Martina         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Leland         Victoria        BUSINESS/FINANCE OFFICER 3                78,329
LeMar          Denise          Human Resource Analyst                    57,548
Lemay          Michelle        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Lemenager      Gary            Strategic Info Resources Mgr             123,088
Lemenager      Nina            DIRECTOR                                 101,122
Lemeshko       George          Transit Instructor                        64,696
Lemeshko       Michael         Transit Chief                             86,241
Lemke          Tracy           TIPS III                                  41,287
Lemmon         Harold          Transit Operator                          51,373
Lemoine        Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Lemons         Cornell         LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I                  39,375
Lemus          Patricia        ASST. DIV. DIR., COMM. SVCS.              92,475
Lencho         Brian.          LAN Administrator-Master                  71,240
Lengyel        Chad            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lente          Natalie         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               66,347
Lenued         Stanley         Utility Laborer                           45,922
Lenz           Connor          ASSISTANT PROGRAM MANAGER                 61,988
Leon           Farentino       WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Leon           Heather         Transit Operator                          11,193
Leonard        Peggy           Envirnmtal Prgrms Mng Supvr               96,968
Leonard        Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Leonard        Scott           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    61,791
Leonard        Steven          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Leone          Kate            Environmental PR Section Mgr             104,118
Leon-guerrero  Michael         ED CONSULTANT I                           63,273
Leppich        Thomas          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Lerch          Paul            Transit Operator                          12,710
Lerette        Timothy         TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECH                       63,273
Leroy          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Leslie         Diana           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Leslie         Donald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Leslie         Rebecca         NUTRITIONIST                              49,622
Leslie         Rusty           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Leslie         Vicki           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lesmith        Rose            MANAGING ENGINEER                         94,694
Lesniak        James           Construction Management V                 46,998
Lessley        Jeffrey         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lester         David           CORRECTIONAL PROG SPECIALIST              62,163
Lester         Deborah         Water Quality Plnr/Proj III               73,692
Lester         Steven          Transit Operator                          51,373
Letourneau     Peter           Project Control Engineer III              82,215
Letrondo       Gil             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Leung          Edward          Transit Operator                          51,373
Leung          Hoi             ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Leung          Howard          Transit Operator                          51,373
Leung          Sekfai          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Levandusky     Roxanne         COOK/BAKER                                39,067
Levengood      H.              Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Levesh         Tod             PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Levesque       Andrew          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Levey          Stephen         Human Resource Analyst - Sr               44,821
LeViege        Charles         Contract Specialist II                    67,940
Levin          David           Labor Negotiator II                      101,816
Levin          Robert          COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Levingston     James           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Levkiv         Galina          NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       43,293
Levy           Eugene          PARKING SPECIALIST - TLT                  38,455
Levy           Jane            COOK/BAKER                                39,067
Lew            Marvin          ASSISTANT EDC SUPERVISOR                  47,601
Lew            Norman          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Lew            Thomas          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Lew-eng        Gary            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Lewicki        Peter           RULE 9 INTERN                             33,648
Lewins         Stanley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Lewis          Aaron           Transit Operator                          46,235
Lewis          Aileen          Human Resource Associate                  57,547
Lewis          Angela          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Lewis          Bianca          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               37,881
Lewis          Cheryl          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   45,796
Lewis          Cynthia         ADMIN SPEC II                             40,320
Lewis          Dale            Safety & Health Admin IV                  78,329
Lewis          David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lewis          Diane           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Lewis          Dwight          PARK SPECIALIST I - FIELD                 30,965
Lewis          Edwin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lewis          Eric            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lewis          Eric            POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Lewis          Frederick       PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Lewis          Gregory         Functional Analyst III                    82,246
Lewis          Gwendolynn      ENGINEER III                              82,134
Lewis          Harold          Transit Operator                          51,373
Lewis          Jacki           Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Lewis          James           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Lewis          Jarrod          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Lewis          Joan            Administrator I                           61,874
Lewis          John            TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN                      15,424
Lewis          John            Transit Chief                             86,241
Lewis          Joseph          GRANT ADMINISTRATOR                       82,134
Lewis          Kyle            PARK MAINT SPEC I-SEASONAL                     0
Lewis          Lisa            LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               37,881
Lewis          Lisa            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lewis          Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lewis          Matthew         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lewis          Maxwell         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                58,928
Lewis          Michelle        Transit Operator                          51,373
Lewis          Mike            CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Lewis          Nigel           Business & Finance Officer IV             92,601
Lewis          Randy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lewis          Reeshema        HR ASSOCIATE                              58,927
Lewis          Robert          CREW CHIEF                                45,484
Lewis          Robert          GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Lewis          Robyn           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     38,790
Lewis          Steven          Transit Operator                          14,122
Lewis          Terri           Administrator III                         80,209
Lewis          Trina           Transit Operator                          51,373
Ley            Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Leyse          Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Li             Xu              ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     31,335
Li             You             USW Driver Grandfathered                  39,950
Li             Zhihe           Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Liao           Shiquan         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    88,191
Liceaga        Jorge           Transit Operator                          51,373
Licuanan       June            SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Liebert        Karen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             36,994
Lien           Onora           TLT PPM III                               66,347
Lienesch       Charles         FinancialServicesAdministrator           101,816
Liepelt        Carolyn         REDIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  52,799
Light          Nancy           CORRECTIONAL PROGRAM SPECIALIS            62,163
Lightfoot      Michelle        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              39,526
Liguori        Denise          ADMIN SPECIALIST II - TEMP                     0
Li-landis      Wai-ping        UFC CASE MANAGER                          59,064
Lillquist      Bruce           Transit Supervisor                        90,308
Lillquist      Stanley         Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Lilly          Steve           TRUCK DRIVER II                           43,867
Lilly          Szerenel        Transit Operator                          11,193
Lim            Frank           APP DEVELOPER-JOURNEY                     65,363
Lim            Lee             ASIAN COMMUNITY LIAISON                   67,939
Lim            Ponha           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lim            Priscilla       Project Program Mgr. IV                   80,210
Lim            Rafael          TEMP PLUMBING INSPECTOR                    7,234
Lim            Raingsey        POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Lim            Roberto         Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Lima           Carlos          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Limargo        Benjamin        Transit Operator                          51,373
Limargo        Irin            Engineer IV                               97,099
Limbert        Larry           Transit Operator                          11,193
Limon          Evelyn          CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Limon          Magdalena       Transit Operator                          12,710
Lin            Jin             Senior Accountant                         64,793
Linardic       Stacy           ADMINISTRATOR II                          57,547
Lind           Charles         SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Linde          Barbara         DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Linde          Peter           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Lindemuth      Kristy          Transit Operator                          14,122
Lindler        James           Communications Specialist III             71,240
Lindley        Martha          CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER                   99,294
Lindmark       Redford         Transportation Planner II                 71,240
Lindner        Diana           TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN SR                   16,561
Lindo          Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Lindquist      Jennifer        TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Lindsay        Dennis          ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Lindsay        Michael         Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Lindsey        Kelly           Marketing & Sales Specialist I            63,359
Lindstrand     Jacqualin       ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Lindwall       Jennifer        CAPTL IMPRVMT PRGM SECT MGR              106,617
Linear         Donald          Helper Line Wrkr                          50,830
Lineweaver     Margaret        PROG/PROJECT II                           60,342
Ling           Kevin           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Ling           Scott           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Lingbloom      Cindi           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             45,480
Linhardt       Tim             Transit Operator                          51,373
Link           Jay             Transit Operator                          51,373
Linnabary      Todd            TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Linstead       Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Linville       Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Linville       Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lipe           Anne            RECREATION COORDINATOR                    57,109
Lipinski       Aleksander      USW CDL - Driver                          40,576
Lipman         Cathleen        FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     43,293
Lippert        David           Applications Developer-Sr                 78,329
Lippman        Frank           RESIDENTIAL APPARAISER II                 58,054
Lippman        Kelly           SOCIAL WORKER / TEMP                           0
Lippman        Michael         STAFF PHYSICIAN                          138,929
Liptak         James           Database Admnstr-Master                   99,295
Lipton         S               Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Lira           Adelia          Administrative Specialist II              43,293
Lirman         Glenn           JAIL NP                                   95,651
Lirot          Tony            Transit Operator                          51,373
List           Michael         Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Liston         Timothy         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Litalien       Elizabeth       Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Litras         Tami            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             44,332
Litsjo         Kurt            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Little         Daniel          Transit Chief                             67,940
Little         Margaret        Transit Operator                          51,373
Little         Tim             Transit Operator                          41,098
Littrell       Debra           EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Liu            Guan            DATABASE SPECIALIST-MSTR                  82,134
Liu            Katherine       UNDERGRAD INTERN                               0
Liu            Leilani         Fiscal Specialist II                      43,293
Liu            Ling-yao        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Liu            Thomas          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Liu            Yu              ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Liverman       James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Livermore      Mary            LEGAL SECRETARY                           43,674
Livings        Lakisha         Transit Operator                          11,193
Livingston     Raymond         Transit Operator                          51,373
Li-vollmer     Meredith        TLT EDUCATOR CONSULTANT III               34,919
Lizee-smith    Yvette          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                71,245
Ljunghammar    Keith           TEMP ELECTION DAY TEMP                         0
Ljungstrom     Jo              TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Llamas         Fernando        LAN PC SUPERVISOR                         80,209
Llarenas       Loida           TECH INFO PROC SPEC III                   46,485
Llarenas       Mildred         Functional Analyst III                    78,329
Lloyd          DeMarquis       Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Lo             Jenny           Intern II                                 11,685
Lochow         Scott           CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
Lochow         Sherrie         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              36,671
Lock           Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Locke          Calvin          Waste Water Engineer VI                  101,678
Locke          Julia           CUSTOMER SVC SPEC II                      42,278
Locke          Lon             TEMP CHEM DEP PROGRAM SCREENER                 0
Locke          Saybre          CUSTODIAN                                 31,061
Locker         Edward          Transit Operator                          11,193
Lockett        Juanne          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Lockett        Noah            Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Lockett        Sylvia          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Lockhart       Bruce           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lockhart       James           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Lockinger      William         Supervisor III                            88,440
Lockmiller     Anne            PROPERTY AGENT II                         61,790
Lockrem        Richard         USW Driver Grandfathered 3rd              42,038
Lockwood       David           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Locsin         Ramon           SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Loeber         William         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                62,335
Loehr          Dorann          CONF SECRETARY I                          49,914
Loehr          Michael         HEALTH SERVICES ADMIN II                  96,967
Loer           Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Loewes         William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Lofink         Robert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Logan          Dean            DIV DIR-RECRDS ELECT LIC                 135,153
Logan          Nicole          COURT CLERK I                             34,453
Logan jr       Harold          INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROF III              74,700
Loganbill      Deanne          ASST. DIV. DIRECTOR, FLEET               101,677
Logue          Michael         RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Logwood        Curtis          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Logwood        Jennifer        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Loh            John            Supervisor-in-Training                    54,985
Lohn           Sherman         HSA II                                    96,967
Lohse-miranda  Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Lok            Louis           DATABASE SPECIALIST - JOURNEY             56,198
Loland         Katherine       Capital Projects Mng Supvr               104,220
Lollie         Cloteal         TEMP-BRIDGE TENDER                             0
Lollie         Kenneth         CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       76,904
Lomatewama     Inez            Transit Operator                          12,710
Lombard        Matthew         Intern III                                14,813
Lombardini-kernVictoria        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
London         Janel           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Londura        Ivan            Transit Operator                          12,792
Lone           Tor             Helper 2nd/3rd Line Wrkr                  52,918
Long           Darren          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Long           Jeffrey         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Long           Michael         HEALTH & ENVIR INV IV                     84,105
Long           Randyl          FAMILY LAW / UFC COURT COORD.             39,264
Long           Shannon         HCA                                       38,600
Long           Vivian          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Longen         Tara            PARALEGAL                                 43,674
Longland       Valerie         Transit Operator                          51,373
Longley        Larry           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Longley        Timothy         IT MANAGER I                              94,695
Longnecker     Marija          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    48,931
Longo          Anthony         Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Long-vidal     Roberta         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Longwell       Dan             Transit Operator                          51,373
Longwill       Goeffery        CUSTODIAN                                 14,465
Lonn           Janet           Administrator I                           60,401
Loo            Wilbur          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Loofbourow     Julie           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Look           Pamela          AS II                                     43,293
Looney         Deborah         JAIL RN                                   71,096
Looney         Gary            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Looney         Terry           Custodian                                 43,293
Loper          Clinton         ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Lopez          Ana             TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                5,305
Lopez          Andrea          SOCIAL WORKER                             25,781
Lopez          Audrey          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Lopez          Chad            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lopez          James           COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST III                109,176
Lopez          Ruben           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lopez          Ruby            ADMIN SPEC II                             37,551
Lopez          Sachi           WORK STUDY                                     0
Lopez vazquez  Ruth            DENTAL ASSISTANT                          35,811
Lopuszynski    Barbara         IT Project Manager II                     69,171
Lor            Alice           ACCOUNTANT                                56,198
Lord           Robert          Transit Operator                          11,193
Lorentson      Gerald          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                38,790
Lorentzen      Steve           Transit Operator                          41,098
Lorenz         Breen           PERSONAL HEALTH SERVICES SUPV             91,249
Lorenzen       Della           PERSONAL HEALTH SERVICES SUPV             83,241
Lorenzo        Erika           Transit Operator                          14,122
Lorenzo        Francis         CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Lorenzo        Terry           Transit Operator                          15,990
Losey          Jon             Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Loso           Raymond         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Lott           Katrina         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,695
Lotz           Julie           Claims Administrator                      58,928
Louden         Matthew         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Louie          Albert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Louie          Clifford        Transit Operator                          51,373
Louie          Helen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     41,651
Louie          Ken             ADMIN SPEC II                             41,446
Louie          L               Service Supervisor                        64,696
Louie          Lan             FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Louie          Lena            TEMP PHARMACY ASST                         3,462
Louie-jansen   Annette         CAPTAIN                                  101,122
Louis          Charles         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Louis-Jeune    Alteon          Mechanic                                  58,765
Loukides       Greg            TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Loura          Jane            SPECIAL PROJECT MANAGER II                11,603
Louthan        Spencer         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Loutsis        Mike            EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Loutsis        Stephen         EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Lovata         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Lovdahl        Rodney          Transit Operator                          51,373
Love           April           COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  38,248
Love           Brian           Industrial Instrument Tech.               69,571
Love           Dwayne          Transit Operator                          48,804
Love           Fred            Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Love           Larry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Loveall        Ina             Transit Operator                          14,122
Lovelace       Butch           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   72,950
Lovelace       Cody            SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Lovell         Gordon          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Lovell         Robin           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    71,240
Loverin        Donald          ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Loverin        Nancy           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    82,134
Love-royal     Teresa          ADMIN SPEC III                            46,485
Lovett         Joseph.         Database Admnstr-Master                   99,295
Lowe           Althea          Transit Operator                          51,373
Lowe           Bonnie          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Lowe           Brenda          CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Lowe           Christi         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lowe           Donnie          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lowe           Frank           Communications Coordinator                67,933
Lowe           Monique         Transit Operator                          11,193
Lowe           Nanette         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR II                    62,335
Lowe           Richard         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Lowe           Susan           Communications Specialist IV              78,474
Lowe           Tammy           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Lowe           Thomas          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Lowe jr        Clark           FACIL MAINT CONSTRUCTOR                   46,000
Lower          Douglas         Transit Operator                          51,373
Lowry          Brittni         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Lowry          Mary            SOCIAL WORKER                             52,338
Lowry          Michelle        FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      40,320
Lowthian       Richard         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Loye           Jonathan        SERGEANT                                  73,543
Loyola         Raquel          DATA ADMINISTRATOR                        53,594
Lozada         Ofelia          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Lozan          Daryl           Transit Operator                          51,373
Lozano         Michael         CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                86,124
Lu             Gary            WORK CREW SUPERVISOR                      49,913
Lu             Hang            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       52,946
Lubinda        Nelson          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  60,347
Lucas          Chantelle       TEMP EDUCATION SPECIALIST                  5,059
Lucas          Hilary          Transit Operator                          14,122
Lucas          Mark            Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            82,215
Lucash         Stephanie       PROJ/PROGRAM MGR III - TEMP                    0
Lucchetti      Gino            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV                92,475
Lucchini       Darren          Transit Operator                          51,373
Luce           Sarah           EDUCATOR CONCULTANT I                     51,115
Lucero         Frances         NOXIOUS WEED CTRL SPEC I                  35,814
Lucero         Lawrence        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Luchau         Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Luckett        Frankie         PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Luckett        Sandra          Administrative Specialist II              43,293
Ludwig         Kevin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Luedeke        James           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Luedicke iii   Alexander       DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Lui            Miely           DATA ENTRY OPERATOR III                   37,881
Luitgaarden    Janette         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Luiz           Marsha          PARALEGAL                                 44,723
Lukas          Christopher     CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Luke           Alycia          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR I                     53,595
Luke           Jerome          Transit Operator                          51,373
Luken          Terri           SENIOR DEPUTY II                          99,081
Lukevich       Linda           ADMIN SPEC II                             39,375
Lukov          William         SENIOR ACCOUNTANT                         61,790
Lull           Christine       PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,228
Lull           Martin          Mechanic                                  58,765
Lum            Dean            SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Lum            Wendy           SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Lum            William         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR - TEMP                     0
Lund           Donna           WEB DEVELOPER-JOURNEY                     61,791
Lund           Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lund           Terry           UTILITY WORKER 1                          35,878
Lunde          Molly           Transit Operator                          11,193
Lundin         Brian           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Lundin         J               PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               63,278
Lundt          Jeffrey         Capital Project Manager III               84,106
Luong          Hien            ASST TAX ADVISOR I                        41,706
Luong          Long            LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              40,320
Luong          Sanh            Printing Equipment Technician             36,674
Lupkes         Cheryl          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              16,520
Lupson-cook    Gabriel         ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE ASST                     0
Lurry          Robert          SERGEANT                                  73,543
Lushenko       William         Paint Preparation Technician              49,974
Lusher         Jerry           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Lusher         William         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Lutz           Josefina        INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    46,485
Lutz           Linda           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               49,173
Luu            Suwen           DENTIST                                  111,796
Luu            Trinh           TEMP INTERN-GRADUATE                       3,717
Lux            Sheryl          CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER II               76,493
Ly             Bora            PARALEGAL                                 41,651
Ly             K               COURT CLERK                               40,213
Lydersen       Tore            Transit Operator                          48,804
Lydon-lyon     Linda           INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC I             66,847
Lynch          Ameo            PROBATION OFFICER I                       61,988
Lynch          Christina       TLT EPIDEMIOLOGIST I                      57,773
Lynch          Deen            EQUIPMENT SERVICES & MAINT HD             47,690
Lynch          Devera          COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Lynch          Heather         TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN SR                   14,710
Lynch          John            LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST III                33,648
Lynch          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Lynch          John            Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Lynch          Katie           SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Lyne           Pamela          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Lynn           Jerry           UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Lyon           David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Lyon           Gary            Utility Laborer                           45,922
Lyon           Rex             Claims Officer                            61,791
Lyon           Steven          Transit Operator                          11,193
Lyonais        Abby            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Lyons          Edgar           Transit Operator                          48,804
Lyons          Matthew         Transit Operator                          11,193
Lyons          Pamela          HEALTH PROGRAM ASST I                     43,293
Lyons          Russell         Transit Operator                          48,804
Lyons          Sidney          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Lyons          Thomas          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lyons iii      Enos            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Lyons jr       Paul            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Lyou           Jeng-syan       ENGINEER II                               72,950
Lysaght        Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Lysen          Kurt            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Lyshol         Diane           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Ly-smith       Monicka         PARALEGAL                                 43,674
Lysne          Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Lytle          Velva           Transit Operator                          12,710
Ma             Gordon          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ma             Jennifer        Functional Analyst III                    76,494
Ma             Jie             ENGINEER I                                61,790
Ma             Sylvia          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     32,087
Maama          Fukofuka        HAZARDOUS WASTE TECH                      47,601
Mabone         Cheeketa        EXECUTIVE PROGRAM ASSISTANT I             47,602
Mabry          Jacqueline      Transit Operator                          51,373
Mac cully      Judith          REGIONAL HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR            106,617
Macabata       Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
MacAdam        Don             Mechanic                                  58,765
Macandog       Vicente         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Macarthur      Kenneth         SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Macconaghy     Hailey          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Maccready      James           DATABASE ADMSTR-JOURNEY                   76,493
Macdicken      Gerald          CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Macdonald      Cheryl          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Macdonald      Douglas         SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
MacDonald      Frederick       Transit Operator                          11,193
Macdonald      John            CIVIL RIGHTS SPECIALIST II                58,054
Macdonald      Kathryn         COMM SPECIALIST-DISPATCHER                53,819
MacDonald      Patricia        Transit Police Officer                    16,640
MacDonald-RobinYvonne          Transit Operator                          11,193
Macdougall     Erin            PROJ PROG MANAGER IV                      71,245
Macdougall     Sean            NOXIOUS WEED CTRL SPEC II                 47,601
MacElveen      Chris           Transit Operator                          14,122
MacFadden      Channing        Transit Operator                          51,373
Macfarland     Wesley          PARK SPECIALIST II                        42,278
Machno         Linda           Buyer                                     64,792
Macinnes       Nicole          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Mack           Barbara         SENIOR DEPUTY II                         101,573
Mack           Thu             COURT CLERK                               40,213
Mack           Timothy         Transit Chief                             78,329
Mack           William         EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Mackay         Michael         Transit Operator                          11,193
Mackenzie      Terrence        LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  69,570
Mackenzie      Ward            ADMINISTRATOR 3                           66,347
Maclaren       Patricia        NOXIOUS WEED CTRL SPEC I                  37,551
Maclean        Jacqueline      DIRECTOR, COMM & HUMAN SVCS              135,153
Maclean        Lora            SHERIFF DATA SPECIALIST                   42,278
Macleod        Shana           VICTIM ADVOCATE                           18,758
MacLeod        Trenton         Transit Operator                          12,710
Maclurg        Laurel          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Macnab         Jeannie         PPM IV                                    80,209
Macomber       Stephen         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Macpherson     Jane            SOCIAL WORKER                             53,239
Macwhinney     Elizabeth       ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               65,704
Madani         Arif            Transit Operator                          51,373
Madani         Azzeddine       Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Maday          Leon            Waste Water Engineer VI                  106,762
Madden         Evan            Transit Operator                          48,804
Madden         Kenneth         Engineer IV                               88,219
Madden         Mary            COURT MANAGER                             51,140
Maddock        Erin            Transit Operator                          12,710
Maddox         Roy             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Madeja         Jenna           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Madison        Sherry          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Madrigal-StevenKent            Transit Operator                          51,373
Madsen         Joan            Transit Operator                          51,373
Madsen         Linda           TEMP SPECIAL PROJ MGR II                  11,331
Madura         Jalaine         STT-PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                 0
Maeng          Jessica         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,695
Maeshiro       Yoko            JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Maestas        Angela          PHN                                       48,138
Maestas        Tina            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       52,946
Maez           Aurora          FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     47,601
Maffeo         Edith           JAIL PHSS TEMP                            13,167
Magalei        Albert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Magan          Diana           MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Magat          Nestor          LAND USE COORDINATOR                      57,547
Magat          Thelma          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                     34,453
Magbanua       Arsenia         ADMIN SPEC II                             38,600
Magdaleno      Mark            TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN                      15,062
Magee          Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Magee          Sandra          Administrative Specialist IV              53,595
Maggart        Casey           Environmental Lab Scientist II            67,940
Magidman       David           Transit Chief                             82,134
Magistad       Molly           COURT CLERK II                            41,651
Magnuson       Patricia        Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv II                74,701
Maguire        Dennis          Base Dispatcher/Planner                   58,222
Maguire        Kevin           Transit Chief                             86,241
Maguire        Sean            Transit Operator                          51,373
Mahabir        Candyce         TECHNICAL INFO PROCESSING SIII            40,674
Mahabir        Roop            Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Mahar          Cheri           LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     63,273
Maher          Amanda          LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST III                33,648
Mahlstedt      Mark            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mahlum         Paul            SERGEANT                                  77,267
Mahmood        Isaiah          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mahmoud        Jamal           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Mahoney        Donald          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Mahoney        Warren          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Mahood         Pati            SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Mahood         Ronald          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Mai            Annalisa        DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      38,338
Mai            Cindy           APPLICATION WORKER                        40,320
Mai            Hoang-hanh      BUSINESS & FINANCE MANAGER IV             88,190
Maia           Erickson        APP DEVELOPER-MASTER                      80,209
Maier          D               COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Maier          Donnabel        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Maier          Mary            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               72,950
Maier          Sharon          IT PROJECT MANAGER I                      78,329
Maillet        Andrea          Transportation Planner III                63,165
Main           Anne            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Maina          Stephen         LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  36,671
Maitland       James           EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Major          Michelle        Project/Program Manager IV                75,859
Major          Olan            OPER ENGR 3                               56,293
Majstorovic    Sanda           HEALTH CARE ASSIST                        36,671
Maki           Linda           PR INVESTIGATOR                                0
Makonnen       Berhane         SOCIAL WORKER                             54,881
Makowski       Julia           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Malakirti-chea Dharamuni       SOCIAL WORKER                             54,881
Malatesta      Roxanne         CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  56,198
Malawo         Hankie          DATABASE SPECIALIST-MASTER                69,570
Malcolm        Donna           ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE ASST                     0
Malcolm        Marie           SUPERVISOR I                              71,240
Malcolm        Richard         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Malcolm        Robert          Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Maldonado      Blythe          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Maldonado      Ernesto         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Maleng         Norman          PROSECUTING ATTORNEY                     146,763
Maley          Patricia        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Malgren        Michele         ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Malidore       Gary            MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       51,206
Malik          Abdul           Utility Service Worker 3rd                36,734
Malik          Gulraiz         Transit Operator                          51,373
Maling         Matthew         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Malith         Isaac           TEMP INTER/TRANSLATOR                      4,941
Malkow         Nicholas        OSS Coordinator                           71,943
Mallary        Paul            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Mallory        Gerald          Transit Operator                          48,804
Mallory        Teri            PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Malnerich      Michael         ENGINEER I                                64,792
Malone         Dana            CAPTAIN                                   94,389
Malone         Deborah         HEALTH PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                47,784
Malone         Harriet         NURSE MANAGER                             94,694
Malone         Patricia        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Malone         Sherry          Transit Operator                          51,373
Malone         Terry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Maloney        James           Asst CIP Section Manager                 104,260
Maloney        John            MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Maloney        Lawrence        PROJECT PROGRAM MGR I                     54,881
Malstrom       Candace         LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST 2                  38,452
Maltos         Dave            ENGINEER I                                64,792
Maltos         Gregory         PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 1                   59,036
Maltos         Rebecca         COURT CLERK                               46,426
Mamallo        Alan            Equipment Operator 3rd                    38,174
Mamaril        Joel            Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Mamiya         Lauren          ADMIN INTERN                                   0
Mamon          Laura           Administrative Staff Assistant            47,602
Mamon          Stacy           Inventory Purchasing Spec II              53,595
Man            Kam             FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Manalang       Anthony         Transit Custodian II                      41,954
Manaro         Judith          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   69,570
Mandel         Eric            Project Control Engineer III              78,329
Mangan         Janice          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mangold        Earl            Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Manier         Norris          INVENTORY PURCH SPEC III                  54,982
Maning         Lynn            RECORDS MANAGEMENT SUPERVISOR             59,884
Manion         Leesa           DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF                    101,502
Manivanh       Somphien        COMPIIANCE CLERK                          45,323
Mankowski      Allen           INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC               66,847
Manley         Craig           Transit Operator                          51,373
Manley         Richard         PARK SPECIALIST II                        46,485
Mann           Daniel          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Mann           David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mann           Leland          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Mann           Satinder        Transit Operator                          46,235
Mann           Tamara          Transit Operator                          46,235
Manney         Robert          Metal Constructor 2nd                     60,332
Manning        Joann           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Manning        Raymond         Transit Operator                          11,193
Manning iii    Thomas          CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Manning jr     Jewel           SECURITY OFFICER                          26,257
Manns          Robert          SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Mano           Stephanie       BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             77,166
Manolopoulos   Paul            COURT OPERATIONS MANAGER                  80,487
Manora jr      Edward          HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     42,278
Manring        Janet           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Mansanarez ii  Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mansfield      Janice          COMMITTEE ASSISTANT                       55,945
Mansfield      Willis          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Mansker        Gregory         Transit Operator                          48,804
Manson         Eric            LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  72,950
Mantela-lambertTanya           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Manz           Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Manzueta       Miguel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mar            Bruce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mar            Kenneth         Transit Operator                          14,122
Mar            Maggie          FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     46,486
Marable        Jerome          Designer V                                64,359
Maranan        Clemente        SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Maranan        Nilo            SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Maranville     Nancy           TEMP SPECIAL PROJECT MANAGER I            10,064
Maraulja       Lana            COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER                 51,111
Marbet         Melissa         RECREATION PROGRAM ASST II                     0
Marbet         Michael         RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Marcell        Donna           Transit Operator                          11,193
Marcell        John            Transit Chief                             86,241
Marchel        Andrea          TEMP NUTRITIONIST                          6,116
Marchu         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Marciel        Birdie          Carpenter 2nd                             60,332
Marcotte       Corey           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Marcotte       Greg            Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Marcus         Janice          Transit Operator                          51,373
Marcuse        Andrew          SENIOR DEPUTY I                           96,650
Marcy          Rebecca         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II 91% FTE            56,992
Mardock        Patrick         Grounds Specialist                        49,660
Marenco iii    Jose            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Marfa          Angelo          MICROBIOLOGIST                            47,601
Margolis       Paul            Transit Operator                          12,792
Margonelli     Daniel          COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   58,054
Mariano        Arlene          PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR                 57,547
Mariano        Ramon           PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    72,950
Mariano-RapananEdie-Mae        IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  64,255
Marie          Susan           ELECTION DAY WORKERS                           0
Marik          William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Marin          Alejandro       Designer VI                               80,026
Marin          Ignacio         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Marinakis      Rebecca         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               39,721
Marion         Michelle        ADMIN SPEC II                             40,320
Marion         William         Mechanic                                  58,765
Mark           David           TRANSPORTATION PLNR IV                    86,282
Mark           Karen           IT Enterprise Manager I                   92,476
Mark           Terese          DEPUTY DIR, COMM & HUMAN SVCS             83,294
Markham        Cheryl          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  74,700
Markholt jr    John            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Markley        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Marko-Small    Brigitta        Project Program Mgr. II                   56,203
Marks          Alfred          OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAIN            52,338
Marks          Andrew          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Marks          Evan            Intern III                                33,352
Marks          Michael         Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Marks          Robert          PPM III                                   69,570
Marks          Sara            County Executive Asst II                  96,968
Markus         Craig           TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Markus         James           MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Markus         Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
MAROO          ALEMU           CUSTODIAN                                 14,465
Marquardt      Patti           TEMP JAIL RN                               6,968
Marquess       Nanci           STAFF PHYSICIAN                           77,632
Marquez        Benjamin        Project/Program Manager III               78,329
Marquez        Cesario         Utility Laborer 3rd                       48,010
Marquez        Julian          Equipment Service Worker 3rd              35,481
Marquez        Mark            COOK BAKER                                43,370
Marquez        Raymundo        BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER I              60,453
Marrapese      Melissa         TEMP-CCS                                       0
Marriott       Alice           REGISTERED NURSE                          49,642
Marroquin      Shirley         Envirnmtal Prgrms Mng Supvr              101,816
Marrs          Ashley          AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSIST I                       0
Marsalisi      Christy         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Marsh          James           LAN Administrator-Senior                  72,950
Marshall       Allison         JAIL RN                                   57,096
Marshall       Cynthia         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        60,342
Marshall       Derrick         CUSTODIAN                                 35,811
Marshall       Dondre          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Marshall       Lavonda         Customer Service SpecialistIII            46,486
Marshall       Mark            HE INVESTIGATOR II                        47,638
Marshall       Stephen         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Marshall       Trina           Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Marsland       Dale            Transit Operator                          14,122
Marsten        Jeff            PARKS INSTRUCTOR IV                            0
Marte          Felix           Custodian                                 43,293
Martel         Elaine          STAFF PHYSICIAN                          135,673
Marth          Steven          PARAMEDIC                                 81,864
Marti          Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Marti          William         Transit Operator                          11,193
Martin         Allen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Martin         Anthony         Electronic Technician 2nd                 57,387
Martin         Arnold          TEMP DIS                                   5,584
Martin         Brian           TEMP EMS TRAINING AIDE-PATIENT                 0
Martin         Cheryl          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Martin         Constance       Transit Operator                          11,193
Martin         David           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Martin         Deanna          EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Martin         Deric           DEPUTY V                                  79,117
Martin         Dorothy         JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Martin         Ebony           DETENTION OFFICER                         36,357
Martin         Eddie           Transit Operator                          14,122
Martin         Frank           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Martin         Gregory         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               41,651
Martin         James           Marketing & Sales Spec II                 67,940
Martin         Karen           Rideshare Operations Chief                86,241
Martin         Keith           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Martin         Kenneth         Transit Operator                          12,710
Martin         Kim             Mechanic                                  58,765
Martin         La Chelle       FiscalSpecialist III                      47,602
Martin         Larry           SECURITY OFFICER                          38,524
Martin         Leslie          DENTAL ASSISTANT                          35,811
Martin         Linda           Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Martin         Michelle        Administrative Office Assist.             33,574
Martin         Norman          Transit Operator                          51,373
Martin         Priscilla       Transit Custodian I 2nd                   39,636
Martin         Rex             Transit Operator                          51,373
Martin         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Martin         Sharon          Transit Operator                          51,373
Martin         Sheila          JUDICIAL SVCS SUPV 2                      64,793
Martin         Starla          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Martin         Terence         METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Martin         Traci           ADMIN SPEC II                             38,452
Martin         Yvonne          PROBATION BRANCH OFFICE MGR               47,555
Martinez       Bertha          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    44,332
Martinez       David           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 57,547
Martinez       David           Chief Information Officer                187,002
Martinez       Denise          Transit Operator                          48,804
Martinez       Ernesto         EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    43,825
Martinez       Gregory         POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Martinez       Hibet           DENTAL ASSISTANT                          35,811
Martinez       Ivette          Human Resource Associate                  51,112
Martinez       Judith          DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC                 53,806
Martinez       Julia           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Martinez       Mauricio        EXECUTIVE PROGRAM ASSISTANT I             49,914
Martinez       Nick            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Martinez       Patricia        PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  76,493
Martinez       Teresa          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             38,338
Martinez       William         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Martini        Michael         Transit Operator                          14,122
Martiniello    Mario           Transit Operator                          51,373
Martinsen      Robert          Mechanic                                  58,765
Martinsen      Roy             Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Martinsen      Shelley         VM Tech Info Process Spec3                47,029
Martinson      Erik            Transit Chief                             82,134
Martinson      Jeffrey         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Maruyama       Meredith        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       68,619
Marx           John            Millwright                                58,765
Marx           Joshua          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   74,700
Marx           Malcom          Maintenance Painter                       58,765
Marx           Sharen          NUTRITION ASSIST                          43,293
Maryman        Bridgette       RULE 9 INTERN                             33,648
Masel          Karen           PROJ/PROGRAM MANAGER II                        0
Mashita        Roni            LEGAL SERV SUPERVISOR I - TORT            58,054
Masiddo        Valerie         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Masiello       Barbara         COURT CLERK                               23,213
Masla          Nicholas        ADMINISTRATOR III                         80,209
Maslow         Louis           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Masnik         Julia           Intern III                                31,062
Mason          Christina       PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER II                56,202
Mason          Joseph          COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Mason          Kathryn         Transit Operator                          12,792
Mason          Larry           SIGN PAINTER I                            45,480
Mason          Lori            VETERINARY TECHNICIAN                     44,332
Mason          Peter           Electronic Technician                     58,765
Mason          Tamyra          Transit Operator                          51,373
Massey         Ruby            BRIDGE TENDER                             35,878
Massoni        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Massoni        Marcille        REGISTERED NURSE                          65,935
Masters        Christine       POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mastro         Lisa            LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               36,994
Masumoto       Stephen         Senior Schedule  Planner (TP3)            82,739
Masunaga       Maria           Administrator II                          63,274
Masuo          Janet           DEPUTY CLERK                              76,480
Mata           Rosa            INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    42,278
Matautia       Joel            Transit Operator                          51,373
Mateo          Ricky           FISCAL SPECIALIST I                       40,320
Mathena        Timothy         TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Matheny        Roger           PARAMEDIC                                 84,953
Mather         Rene            Transit Parts Specialist                  34,729
Mather         Sharlynn        PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Mathers        Andrew          BAILIFF                                   45,958
Mathes         Marchell        TEMP NURSE PRACTITIONER                   10,395
Matheson       Graydon         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Matheson       Scott           Finance/Accounting Supervisor             97,099
Matheson       Susan           SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              43,293
Mathews        Annie           Administrative Specialist II              29,097
Mathews        Bryan           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mathews        Christopher     EMPLOYEE AND LABOR RELATIONS R            76,493
Mathews        Daniel          Transit Operator                          11,193
Mathews        Warrick         PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Mathews        Willie          LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC III             42,278
Mathews        Willie          SENIOR APPRAISER - RESIDENTIAL            68,538
Mathews        Zury            INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    41,287
Mathews-hellmanMarjory         FINANCE&ADMINISTRSERVICESMGR              92,475
Mathis         Quelynn         PHASS                                     54,881
Mathis         Robert          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Mathison       Jody            CCD CASEWORKER                            64,792
Matos          Helen           APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Matsen         Jay             EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Matson         Angela          Transit Operator                          11,193
Matson         Matthew         Transit Operator                          51,373
Matson         Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Matsuno        Roderick        TEMP-PPM IV                                    0
Matsuoka       Douglas         Const 2nd Electrician                     69,854
Matsuzaki      Gary            Transit Operator                          11,193
Matte          Anna            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Matteoni       Lynn            Warranty Administrator                    86,241
Mattern        Robert          Capital Project Manager III               88,191
Matteson       Sandra          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   71,240
Matthews       Bruce           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Matthews       Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Matthews       Dennis          Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Matthews       Heather         ADOPT A ROAD INTERN                            0
Matthews       Julia           TEMP RESEARCH ASSIST                       5,305
Mattingly      Paul            UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Mattison       Paul            ARFF SERGEANT                             73,543
Mattmann       James           COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Mattocks       William         COMPUTER SERVICES TECHNICIAN              58,054
Mattox         Maria           Transit Operator                          12,792
Mattsen        Jon             SERGEANT                                  68,668
Mattson        George          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Mattson        Larry           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Matulis        Mary            DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Matyac         Carrie          TEMP JAIL NP                               8,712
Matz           Leane           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Maude          Michael         CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      64,584
Mauer          Brian           Transit Instructor                        64,696
Maughan        Julia           DIVISION SECRETARY                        56,198
Mauldin        Jeffrey         Lead Equipment Svc Wrkr 3rd               54,547
Maulding       David           GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      63,274
Maung          Khin            CUSTODIAN                                 31,475
Maurer         Carol           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   86,124
Maurer         Martha          DIV DIR CHS,ASSIST                       101,677
Maurer         Sondra          ENGINEER I                                64,792
Maw            Michael         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Mawdsley       Scott           INVENTORY PURCHASING SPECIALIS            44,414
Max            Peter           PARK MAINT SPECIALIST I                        0
Maxwell        Anita           ELECTION DAY WORKERS                           0
Maxwell        Nancy           Transit Operator                          46,235
Maxwell        Nicholas        COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT I              99,294
Maxwell        Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
May            Anthony         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               39,721
May            John            Senior Schedule  Planner (TP3)            82,739
May            Karen           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    62,335
May            Theresa         IDENTIFICATION SUPERVISOR                 56,198
Maybo          Thomas          Transit Operator                          12,792
Mayer          Brenda          CHEM DEPEN INVOL COMMIT SPEC              60,342
Mayer          Yvonne          EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Mayer-morrison Billie          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              36,812
Mayes iii      William         SOCIAL SERVICE COORDINATOR                59,988
Mayfield       Tracee          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        59,676
Mayo           William         Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Mayovsky       Robert          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Mayrand        Drucilla        CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY II                      0
Mayrhofer      Maria           ENGINEER II - TEMP                             0
Mays           Edward          Transit Chief                             78,329
Mays           Maurice         Equipment Operator 3rd                    53,628
Mays           Regina          SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Mays           Wesley          Transit Operator                          11,193
Maza           Angel           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mazanti        Kristopher      AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Mazengia       Eyob            Environmental Lab Scientist I             58,928
Mazer          N               IT PROJ ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY             56,202
Mazich         Elizabeth       LEGAL SUPERVISOR I                        51,562
Mazikowski     Brian           Environmental Lab Scientist II            72,950
Mazrim         Brian           DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                  148,602
Mazziotti      Ronald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Mc clure       Melvin          EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Mc ginness     Brittney        ADMIN INTERN                               3,717
Mc kinney      Esther          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      45,326
Mc rae         Sharon          TEMP JAIL NP                              10,672
Mcadoo         Enid            PROBATION COUNSELOR I                     68,287
Mcadory        Luchia          COMM SURV OFFICER                              0
Mcalerney      Marian          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Mcallister     Joel            FINANCIALSERVICESADMINISTRATOR            88,191
Mcallister     Patricia        PARALEGAL                                 42,651
McAlpine       Jean            Marketing & Sales Spec II                 71,337
McAlpine       Robert          Transit Operator                          14,122
McAuliffe      Thomas          Elec Const                                67,766
Mcbain         Lisa            CUSTODIAN                                 34,650
Mcbeth         Corley          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Mcbride        Calvin          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Mcbride        Danotra         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             40,475
Mcbride        Kenneth         ENGINEER II                               69,570
Mcbride        Matthew         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mcbride        Roxanne         PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Mcbroom        Ann             Alt.Dispute Res Medtr/Asst Mgr            92,476
Mcbroom        Douglas         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Mccafferty     Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
McCain         Carrie          Transit Operator                          11,193
McCain         George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mccain jr      Theron          COMMUNITY CORR CASEWORKER                 64,792
McCaleb        Albert          Transit Operator                          11,193
McCall         Joseph          Transit Operator                          41,098
Mccall         Robert          Claims Officer                            61,791
Mccallen       Robert          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
McCann         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
McCann         Mike            Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Mccarthy       Harry           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Mccarthy       Jeffrey         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Mccarthy       John            CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                84,105
McCarthy       Joseph          Transit Operator                          11,193
Mccarthy       Kelsey          LAS II                                    32,087
Mccarthy       Linda           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                33,645
McCarthy       Rodney          Stores Driver                             44,920
Mccarthy       Taylor          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Mccarty        Jeannette       HEALTH PROGRAM ASST                       46,485
Mccaslin       Michael         EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
McCauley       Carolyn         Communications Specialist III             71,240
Mccauley       Derrick         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mccaw          Sondra          Administrative Specialist III             43,294
McClain        Donald          Transit Operator                          11,193
Mcclain        Nathaniel       CARPENTER II                              59,036
Mcclain        Tawesha         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      37,551
Mcclane        Jeffrey         EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
McCleery       Donald          IT Project Manager III                    99,295
Mcclelland     Kristi          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                60,874
Mcclelland     Lee             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
McClendon      Albert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mccleve        Joseph          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
McClincy       Tamara          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
McClintock     David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mcclinton      Laila           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  49,914
McClung        Dan             Transit Operator                          51,373
Mcclung        Timothy         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mcclure        Bruce           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mcclure        Isabel          ENGINEER II 60%                           43,770
Mccollum       Matthew         WASTEWATER TREATMENT OPERATOR             48,186
Mccomas        James           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mccomas        Todd            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mccombs        Paul            GIS SPECIALIST-MASTER                     82,134
Mcconnell      Sandy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     38,790
Mccool         John            PARALEGAL                                 45,796
Mccord         Frank           ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Mccormack      Kathleen        OFFICE TECHNICIAN                         28,751
McCormick      Francene        Admin. Spec. II                           44,110
Mccormick      Janet           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST III                33,648
McCormick      Kenneth         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Mccormick      Norma           ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Mccormick      Steven          ADMIN STAFF ASSISTANT                     50,106
Mccoy          Adrienne        SENIOR DEPUTY I                           89,708
McCoy          Charlie         Transit Operator                          12,792
McCoy          Dennis          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Mccoy          John            Labor Analyst                             80,209
Mccoy          Katherine       JUDICIAL SVCS SUPERVISOR II               67,940
Mccoy          Keith           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mccoy          Matthew         Labor Analyst                             78,329
Mccoy          William         APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SR                 66,931
Mccracken      Jon             TEMP CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER                   0
McCracken      Rosemary        Project/Program Manager I                 63,274
McCraney       Charles         Transit Operator                          15,990
Mccraw         Zane            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Mccray         Larry           ENGINEER I                                64,792
McCray         Laurie          Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            84,220
McCray         William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Mccroskey      David           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Mccudden       Walter          Special Assignment-ShrtTrmTemp            55,898
McCuistion     Timothy         Transit Operator                          51,373
Mccullar       Frank           METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Mcculloch      Renata          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      40,213
Mcculloch      Sara            DEPUTY V                                  30,861
Mccullough     Leroy           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
McCune         Ilene           Transit Operator                          51,373
McCune         Paula           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mccurdy        Andrew          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mccurdy        Dennis          SENIOR DEPUTY II                         101,573
McCurdy        Lisa            VM Tech Info Process Spec3 2nd            48,595
Mccurdy        Patrick         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mccutchen      Kyle            POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Mccutcheon     Stephanie       PROGRAM MANAGER                           53,631
McDaniel       Gregory         Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
McDaniel       Joseph          Transit Custodian II                      41,954
McDaniel       Vern            Mechanic                                  58,765
McDaniel       Wesley          Maintenance Painter                       58,765
Mcdermott      Judith          TLT IT PROJECT MANAGER I                  74,700
Mcdermott      Richard         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Mcdonald       Andrew          ENGINEER I                                64,792
Mcdonald       Beverly         TEMP NUTRITION ASSIST                      4,285
Mcdonald       Brian           SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         115,009
Mcdonald       Candace         GRAPHIC DESIGN SUPERVISOR                      0
Mcdonald       Carol           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Mcdonald       Donald          PRO TEM BAILIFF                                0
Mcdonald       Douglas         CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST II            40,395
Mcdonald       Douglas         OPERATING ENGINEER III                    60,342
Mcdonald       Jeffrey         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mcdonald       Kapuanani       SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Mcdonald       Liuaki          CUSTODIAN                                      0
Mcdonald       Margaret        PPM IV                                    94,694
McDonald       Marvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
McDonald       Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Mcdonald       Scott           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mcdonald       Sharen          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     41,651 
Mcdonald       Timothy         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
McDonell       J               Transit Operator                          14,122
Mcdowall       Catherine       SENIOR DEPUTY I                           54,498
McDowell       Bradley         Transit Operator                          12,792
McDowell       Troy            Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
McDowell       Vonzell         Electronic Technician                     58,765
McDowell       Warren          Mechanic                                  58,765
McElhany       Diane           Environmental Lab Supervisor              86,124
Mcelroy        Latanya         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              32,898
Mcelroy        Michael         INTERPRATIVE SERVICES COORD               70,183
McElwaney      Ronnie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mcentee        Adrienne        DEPUTY III                                61,002
Mcewen         Heidi           Data Administrator                        51,112
McEwen         Joyce           Business & Finance Officer III            78,329
Mcewen         Michael         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Mcfadden       Sarah           TEMP HELP - DATABASE PROJECT                   0
McFarland      H. Daniel       IT Project Manager III                   106,617
McFarland      Keith           Transit Operator                          51,373
McFarland      Lyle            Engineer IV                               84,354
Mcfarlane      John            DETENTION OFFICER                         43,009
McFarlane      Steven          Transit Operator                          14,122
Mcgee          Bryson          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Mcgehee-giger  Joell           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
McGhee         Larry           Transit Operator                          12,710
Mcgill         John            OCCPTNAL EDU & TRNG COORD                      0
Mcgill         Lori            FISCAL SPECIALIST 3                       48,744
McGill         Teresa          Transit Operator                          11,193
Mcginnis       Kevin           ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                        0
Mcglenn        Terra           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              36,739
Mcglothlin     Caitlin         AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Mcgloughlin    Glenn           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
McGoldrick     Tim             Transit Operator                          48,804
Mcgoodwin      Rasheeda        BAILIFF                                   45,958
Mcgowan        Robert          PRINCIPAL MGMT AUDITOR                    82,330
Mcgrath        Barbara         TEMP EPIDEMIOLOGIST III                   10,553
Mcgrath        Christina       EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Mcgrath        Dana            COURT REPORTER                            39,717
Mcgrath        Kari            COURT REPORTER                            66,931
McGrath        Margaret        Communications Sp III                     68,065
McGrath        Michael         Transit Operator                          41,098
McGrath        Theresa         Transit Operator                          51,373
McGraw         Ronelle         Transit Operator                          14,122
Mcgrew         Cedric          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
McGuire        Katie           Transit Operator                          51,373
McGuire        Patrick         Maintenance Constructor                   58,765
Mcgurr         Kellina         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Mchale         John            SENIOR DEPUTY II                          97,857
Mchugh         Mary            DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Mcilroy        Shannon         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       56,596
McIlwaine      Richard         USW Driver Grandfathered                  39,950
Mcinerney      Gregory         CARPENTER I                               53,694
McInnis        Lori            Transit Operator                          14,122
Mcintire       Iris            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Mcintosh       Brian           COMM SPECIALIST-DISPATCHER                53,819
McIntosh       Hannah          Intern III                                17,076
Mcintosh       Lance           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mcintosh       Michael         TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
McIntyre       David           Transit Operator                          48,804
McIntyre       Duaine          Transit Operator                          51,373
McIntyre       Patrick         Radio Equipment Specialist                60,791
McJimsey       Richard         Construction Management III               71,240
Mckay          Candi           ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN II                 54,881
Mckay          Susanne         EXECUTIVE ASST II                         69,570
Mckeag         Kimberly        SENIOR DEPUTY II                          97,857
Mckee          Carolyn         PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Mckeirnan      Shelly          ADV NURSE PRACTICE SPEC                   77,791
Mckendry       Raymund         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
McKenna        Jerrod          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Mckenrick      Laurence        HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Mckenzie       David           SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     43,374
Mckenzie       Helen           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
McKenzie       James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mckenzie       Jane            SENIOR DEPUTY II                          99,081
Mckenzie       Karen           TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN                 66,347
Mckenzie       Rochelle        DIRECTOR                                  84,216
McKenzie       William         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
McKeown        Jackie          Transit Chief - Power                     91,169
Mckie          Stanley         Transit Operator                          11,193
McKiernan      Lynn            Business & Finance Officer III            78,329
McKillop       Paul            Transit Operator                          12,792
Mckim          Bruce           EMS INSTRUCTOR SENIOR                          0
Mckim          Dorothy         PHSS                                      91,600
McKinion       Booker          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mckinley       Charlene        INVOL COMMIT SPECIALIST I                 63,686
Mckinley       Elenora         CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY II                 58,927
Mckinley       Judith          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             88,190
McKinley       Michael         Buyer                                     61,791
Mckinley       Shasta          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Mckinney       Alana           LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST III                 42,278
McKinney       Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mckinney       Glen            TEMPORARY SECURITY ASSISTANT                   0
Mckinney       Gregory         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mckinney       Karen           LEGISLATIVE SECRETARY                     43,704
McKinney       Mark            Helper Line Wrkr                          50,830
Mckinney       Sarah           NUTRITIONIST                              53,595
Mckinney jr    Fred            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
McKinnon       Darnell         Transit Parts Specialist 3rd              51,707
McKnight       Dennis          Transit Operator                          15,990
McLafferty     Maureen         Special Projects Manager III              99,295
McLane         Vance           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mclaren        Pamela          ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Mclauchlan jr  Henry           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Mclaughlin     Andrea          Transit Operator                          51,373
McLaughlin     Chad            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Mclaughlin     Curtis          AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Mclaughlin     Diane           DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-SR                   61,790
Mclaughlin     Matthew         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Mclaughlin     Susan           PROJ/PROG MGR III                         72,950
Mclean         Bruce           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,514
McLean         David           LAN Administrator-Journey                 69,844
Mclean         Leslie          CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                84,105
McLellan       Gregory         Transit Instructor                        64,696
Mclellan       Jon             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
McLellan       Tina            Printing Equipment Technician             46,486
Mcleod         Eileen          COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Mcmahon        Dennis          SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
McMahon        Kathryn         Transit Operator                          12,792
Mcmahon        Melvin          EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
McMahon        William         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Mcmanus        Aileen          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Mcmartin       Richard         SERGEANT                                  75,382
Mcmillan       Brian           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
McMillin       John            Indust.LubricationSystems Spec            60,342
Mcmorris       Jeffrey         LEGISLATIVE AIDE II DIST #3               70,000
McMurdo        Craig           Project Program Mgr. II                   74,802
McMurray       Kathleen        Project Program Mgr. IV                   90,308
Mcnabb         Anthony         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
McNair         Gregory         Transit Custodian II                      41,954
McNamara       Jacqueline      Transit Operator                          14,122
McNaughton     Gene            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Mcnaughton     Josephine       POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
McNeal         Nathaniel       Transit Operator                          51,373
Mcneeley       Brian           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       50,748
Mcneil         Jude            SOCIAL WORKER                             59,064
Mcneill        John            EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Mcnelley       Benjamin        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Mcnelly        Harold          PROPERTY SUPERVISOR                       82,134
Mcnutt         Kristi          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                34,453
Mcnutt         Shannon         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Mcpherson      Carol           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        54,456
McPherson      Eduardo         Network Architect                         82,135
Mcpherson      Jane            PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    72,950
McPherson      Norene          Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Mcphillips     Steven          PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Mcquaid        Karen           BAILIFF                                   49,374
McQuillan      Ralph           Business & Finance Officer IV             78,329
McReynolds     Hugh            Transit Operator                          51,373
McShane        Caroline        Asst.Div.Dir.,Fin&Bus Ops                106,617
McShane        Lise            Service Supervisor                        64,696
Mcswain        John            SERGEANT                                  75,382
Mctighe        Mary            HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     43,293
Mcvay          Jean            RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
McVay          Roland          Service Supervisor                        64,696
McVey          Michael.        Network Architect                         84,106
Mcwhorter      Guy             YOUTH TRAINING SPECIALIST                 47,119
McWilliams     Alberta         Transit Operator                          14,122
Mcwilliams     Janis           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Mczeal         Carl            COURT CLERK                               42,182
Mead           Garey           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mead           Tim             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Meader         David           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     37,881
Meadors        Harold          Transit Operator                          51,373
Meadows        Calvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Meadows        Claudia         Transit Operator                          14,122
Meagher        Leonard         Mechanic 2nd                              57,387
Meagher        Michael         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Meaney         Matthew         Transit Operator                          48,804
Mears          Mitchell        PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Mears          Sean            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mears          Vicki           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mease          Darin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mecier         Cynthia         TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Mecklenburg    David           INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROF II               54,881
Meckling       Amy             DEPUTY V                                  79,117
Medeen         Carl            Transit Operator                          46,235
Medina         Antelia         DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC                 53,806
Medina         Eduardo         UTILITY WORKER 1                          39,448
Medina         Louis           Intern III                                31,062
Medina         Samuel          EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (A)                   48,186
Medina         Victor          MAINTENANCE PLANNER/SCHEDULER             60,342
Medlin         Don             FAMILY LAW FACILITATOR                    46,426
Medlin         Marsha          REGISTERED NURSE                          65,935
Medosch        John            Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Medrash        Yaakov          Transit Operator                          14,122
Medved         Meredith        COMMERCIAL APPRAISER I                    45,796
Medved         Richard         CHIEF DEPUTY FOR ADMIN                   106,617
Meeks          Clay            POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Meeks          Richard         LAN Administrator-Senior                  67,940
Meeser         Rosa            TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Megorden       Sarah           INVOL COMMTMENT SPECIALIST I              66,847
Mehrens        Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Mehring        Andrew          Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Meier          Cindy           JAIL LPN                                  46,207
Meier-Wance    Cheri           Transit Operator                          46,235
Meinecke       Cynthia         ADVANCED RN PRACTITIONER                  32,750
Meininger      Alan            ENGINEER I                                64,792
Meins          Michael         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Meints         Leonard         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Meis           Ramona          PHN                                       56,596
Meissner       Ara             RECREATION PROG ASSISTANT II                   0
Meith          James           Labor Negotiator II                       94,695
Meith          Michelle        AlternativeDisputeResCoord                74,701
Mekonnen       Tsehai          TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Melara         Linda           ADMIN SPEC III                            35,280
Melby          Christina       DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      45,326
Melchor        Marylou         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,551
Melchor        Oscar           COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Melendez       Iliana          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Melendez-figuerLeocadio        HE INVESTIGATOR II                        63,274
Mellis         Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mellor         Birney          PROPERTY AGENT III                        72,950
Melnikoff      Ronald          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Melonson       Angela          Transit Operator                          14,122
Meloottu       Prakash         PHASS                                     61,790
Melroy         Mark            SR PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST-CIP            90,179
Melsher        Jennifer        TEMP JAIL NP                               8,996
Melton         Lisa            TLT / PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III             37,967
Melville       Nancy           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Memmo          Michael         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                     34,453
Men            Samoeun         Mechanic 2nd                              57,387
Mendel         David           Radio Communications Manager              84,106
Mendel         Robert          CAPTAIN                                   90,168
Mendel         Sally           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Mendenhall     William         Real Property Agent III                   64,793
Mendez         David           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Mendigorin     Phillip         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mendoza        Abdon           Transit Custodian II                      41,954
Mendoza        Benjamin        Environmental LabScientist III            69,571
Mendoza        Blanca          NUTRITION ASSIST                          39,375
Mendoza        Elizar          Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Mendoza        Larry           Systems Engineer-Senior                   78,329
Mendoza        Margarita       HEALTH CARE ASST                          40,320
Mendoza        Miguel          FISCAL SPECIALIST IV                      49,914
Mendoza        Ronald          INVENTORY SPECIALIST                      45,396
Mendoza        Silvester       ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Menefee        Amy             ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Meng           Timothy         PRO TEM BAILIFF                                0
Mengestie      Shawel          CUSTODIAN                                 21,864
Menghi         Mark            Systems Engineer-Senior                   92,601
Mengistu       Aida            ADMIN SPEC II                             37,551
Mengistu       Girma           Transit Operator                          11,193
Mennie         Kay             ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     31,335
Mentzer        Annette         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR I                     45,796
Mercado        Anel            TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Mercado        Angel           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Mercado        Anna            TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Mercer         Larry           Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Mercier        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Mercier        Michael         ENGINEER I                                64,792
Merclich       Vladimir        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Meredith       Charles         Carpenter                                 58,765
Meredith       Lynne           INVOL COMMITMENT SPEC I                   66,847
Merideth       Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Merkel         Kari            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Merlino        Lorie           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Merlot         Patricia        APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Merrell        Katherine       ENGINEER II                               72,950
Merrick        Joanne          Sch Tech Info Proc Spec 3                 47,029
Merrill        Carol           Customer Services Supervisor              86,241
Merrill        Lee             PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               80,209
Merriman-mcclaiBobbi           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Merris         Paul            POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Merritt        Christopher     PARAMEDIC                                 84,953
Merritt        Jeff            PARAMEDIC SUPERVISOR                      93,448
Merritt        Laura           Claims Officer                            61,791
Merritt jr     Namon           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      62,958
Mertel         Charles         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Mertens        Jacob           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Meshesha       Woinshet        CUSTODIAN                                 28,930
Meskan         Sabrina         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mesker         Dwight          SIGN & MARKING SPEC I - TEMP                   0
Messegee       Glen            Construction Management III               78,329
Messer         Steven          MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Messick        Katherine       NOXIOUS WEED CTRL SPEC II                 52,338
Messitt        Annette         DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Mestl          Karla           Transit Operator                          51,373
Metcalf        Esther          Transit Operator                          51,373
Metcalf        Judith          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Mettler        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Meyer          Bonnie          EDUCATOR CONSULTANT III                   34,100
Meyer          Gerald          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Meyer          Gregory         SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Meyer          Howard          ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                         0
Meyer          Jennifer        LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               39,721
Meyer          Kasey           UTILITY WORKER ASSISTANT                  29,677
Meyer          Lenore          AD SPEC II - QRT                          20,592
Meyer          Paul            SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Meyer          Peggy           Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Meyer          Steven          Transit Operator                          41,098
Meyer          Steven          Mechanic                                  58,765
Meyer          Susan           Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            64,793
Meyerdirk      Matthew         ADMINISTRATIVE INTERN 2                        0
Meyers         Alan            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Meyers         F               DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-JRNY                 52,338
Meyers         Phyllis         Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            78,329
Meyers         Steven          RECREATION PROG ASSISTANT III                  0
Meziere        Kathleen        MAINTENANCE PLANNER/SCHEDULER             60,342
Michaels       Dan             DENTIST                                   56,113
Michaels       Morgan          Transit Operator                          51,373
Michaelson     Sarah           COURT CLERK                               38,338
Michaud        Diane           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Michaud        Susan           Construction Management III               69,571
Michels        Carolyn         JAIL RN                                   76,128
Michels        Denise          COURT CLERK                               46,426
Michels        James           Transit Operator                          46,235
Michels        William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mickels        Robert          MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 50,006
Mickelson      Scott           Water Quality Plnr/Proj III               78,329
Mickunas-ries  Diane           SUPT OF RECORDS                           80,209
Miculinich     Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Middaugh       Laura           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Middleton      Willie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Midgett        Roger           INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC I             63,686
Midgett        William         Transit Chief                             86,241
Midkiff        Tawnya          MEDICO LEGAL DEATH INV                    54,881
Mies           Brenda          Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Migita         Ken             SERGEANT                                  73,543
Miglorie       Leonard         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Mihaila        Mary            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Mihara         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mikami         Janiece         EQUIPMENT SERVICE & MAINT SPEC            43,374
Mikhlin        Galina          Environmental Lab Scientist II            69,571
Mikhlin        Mark            IT SUPERVISOR                             88,191
Mikkelsen      Shawn           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mikulcik       Ryan            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Milanoski      Thelma          TEMP ADMIN OFC ASST OPENER                     0
Miles          Brian           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Miles          Carolyn         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Miles          Joe             DIV DIRECTOR, LAND USE SVCS              106,617
Miles          Leslie          COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST III                 79,962
Miles          Margaret        LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                38,790
Miles          Melysa          HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                    61,791
Milestone      Elizabeth       Human Resource Analyst-Senior             80,288
Milich         Dennis          IT SYSTEMS SPECIALIST-SENIOR              66,347
Militello      Joseph          INVOL COMMITMENT SPECIALIST I             66,847
Millar         David           CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                84,105
Millard        Denise          JUDICIAL SVCS SUPERVISOR II               61,791
Millard Sr.    Steven          Transit Operator                          41,098
Millender      Reginald        Transit Operator                          51,373
Miller         Adriene         PPM II                                    60,342
Miller         Allan           Transit Operator                          46,235
Miller         Anthony         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Miller         Benjamin        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Miller         Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Miller         Bryon           Transit Operator                          14,122
Miller         Carla           CRIMINAL CALENDAR COORDINATOR             42,180
Miller         Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Miller         Chris           CUSTODIAN-WINDOWS                         42,278
Miller         Christine       PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               78,329
Miller         Creagh          NUTRITION ASSIST                          17,974
Miller         Curtis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Miller         Delores         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Miller         Douglas         PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Miller         Douglas         AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Miller         Edwin           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Miller         Emma            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Miller         Esther          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Miller         Geoffrey        PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Miller         J               Engineer IV                               88,572
Miller         Jahie           POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Miller         James           Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Miller         Jennifer        DEPUTY V                                  75,189
Miller         Jerene          Transit Operator                          14,122
Miller         Joanne          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              47,119
Miller         John            Transit Operator                          12,792
Miller         John            BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             67,940
Miller         Julie           NUTRITIONIST                              53,595
Miller         Keith           POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Miller         Kenneth         TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Miller         Kevin           APPRAISER I - RESIDENTIAL                 44,723
Miller         Louis           Construction Management IV                76,494
Miller         Lynne           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                71,240
Miller         Marvin          Carpenter                                 58,765
Miller         Melanie         Transit Operator                          11,193
Miller         Melvin          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Miller         Merle           SECURITY SERGEANT                         44,415
Miller         Michael         Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Miller         Mildred         AS II                                     42,278
Miller         Nataly          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 39,721
Miller         Norman          PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Miller         Patrick         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Miller         Raymond         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Miller         Renee           Transit Operator                          12,792
Miller         Robert          Maintenance/Planner Scheduler             74,802
Miller         Sara            TEMP RESEARCH ASSISTANT                    5,305
MILLER         SARAH           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               63,278
Miller         Scott           Student (Graduate) Intern                 13,429
Miller         Sharon          JUV PROB COUNSELOR TEMP                        0
Miller         Sue             ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,551
Miller         Thomas          Mechanic                                  58,765
Miller         Timothy         ACCOUNTANT                                54,066
Miller         Tina            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Miller         Todd            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Miller         Trae            WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Miller         Victor          Custodian                                 41,288
Miller         Walter          Information Sys Profsnl IV                88,311
Miller-mcduffieJoyce           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Miller-nucci   Geralyn         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Millison       Sandra          PHASS                                     63,273
Millman        Jack            Transit Operator                          51,373
Mills          Elizabeth       ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Mills          George          Transit Operator                          11,193
Mills          Jaymie          Project/Program Manager II                63,274
Mills          Kevin           Rider Info Spec - On-call                 14,914
Mills          Michelle        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Mills          Nancy           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Millus         Joshua          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Milne          Jason           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Milne          Robert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Milne          William         Transit Operator                          14,122
Milstead       Bret            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Mimms          Lori            Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Mimms          Wesley          Engineer III                              73,085
Mina           Miriam          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       64,185
Minard         Everett         Transit Operator                          51,373
Minard         Frank           Rideshare Services Rep                    64,792
Miner          Barbara         DIRECTOR OF JUDICAL ADMIN                116,181
Miner          Don             ASSISTANT PROGRAM MANAGER                 59,064
Miner          Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Minerich       Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Mingori        Gloria          Transit Operator                          11,193
Mingus         Scott           BUDGET ANALYST II                         58,932
Minichillo     Thomas          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               63,390
Minnis         Demarko         ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN II                 54,902
Minnix         Margaret        Transit Chief                             86,241
Minor          Kristin         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               37,881
Minor          Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Minor          Moneca          Project/Program Manager II                62,335
Minor          Victor          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Minshull       Clayton         MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Minyard        Richard         Equipment Painter                         58,765
Minzghor       Nicholas        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Miramontez     Merrily         HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     35,949
Miramontez     Ricardo         Lead Ground Specialist                    54,630
Mirghavamedin  Nader           Transit Operator                          41,098
Miriyala       Durga           LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              41,287
Mirosevich     Jeanne          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Mirza          Mo              Transit Chief                             86,241
Miscolta       Donna           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   78,329
Missler        Mary            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             45,480
Mistry         Hemlata         PHN                                       68,619
Mitacek        George          Engineer V                                93,138
Mitchell       Allie           Transit Operator                          46,235
Mitchell       Billy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mitchell       Carrie          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mitchell       Christy         CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY CASE MONIT            49,914
Mitchell       Clifford        PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Mitchell       Gloria          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Mitchell       Grace           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Mitchell       Gregory         Transit Operator                          14,122
Mitchell       James           POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Mitchell       Josephine       COURT CLERK II                            42,650
Mitchell       Julie           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR I                     55,364
Mitchell       Keith           INSURANCE & CONTRACT REVIEW MG            90,307
Mitchell       Mark            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Mitchell       Mark            ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Mitchell       Michael         CUSTODIAN-FLOOR CARE                      37,551
Mitchell       Pamela          Educator Consultant II                    63,274
Mitchell       Robert          FinancialServicesAdministrator           102,142
Mitchell       Runette         CORRECTIONS PROG ADMINISTRATOR            86,117
Mitchell       Todd            PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Mitchell       Windell         DIV DIRECTOR, FLEET                      117,226
Mitchell-StrohmJennifer        Transit Operator                          51,373
Mitre jr       Claro           LEAD COOK-BAKER                           52,436
Miyagawa       Lea             ADV PRACTICE NURSE SPEC                   39,045
Miyamasu       Christina       DEPUTY I                                  49,871
Miyashiro      Eileen          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Miyatake       Carol           PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION SPECIAL            68,207
Miyoshi        Rachel          DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Mjolsnes       Jane            Transit Operator                          11,193
Moak           Patricia        Transit Operator                          14,122
Moala jr       Solomona        MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       46,572
Moattar        Ronald          Engineer V                                86,676
Moazzami       Amir            Engineer IV                               88,219
Mobley         Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Mock           Carolyn         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             55,656
Mocorro        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Moe            Cynthia         MED TECHNOLOGIST                          51,112
Moe            Jill            PROJ/PRGM MGR III TLT-60% FTE             42,744
Moehring       Linda           Educator Consultant II                    69,571
Moeller        C               CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  57,547
Moen           Brandon         POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Moen           Debbie          SUPERVISOR II                             56,693
Moen           Lori            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    74,700
Moesch         Loran           Transit Operator                          13,416
Moffitt        Cynthia         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   76,493
Mohamed        Abdulmonaiem    CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Mohamed        Kaltum          TEMP INTER/TRANSLATOR                      4,941
Mohamed        Nowal           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Mohan          Rakesh          Transit Operator                          12,792
Mohanakumar    Ampalavanar     Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Mohandeson     Michael         DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Mohnani        Shiela          Transit Operator                          14,122
Mohr           Lynchi          PHARMACY SUPERVISOR                      101,677
Moland         Linda           PUBLIC DEFENSE INTERVIEWER                44,722
Molett         Cherry          Transit Operator                          12,792
Molina-martin  Sandra          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Molinare       Margaret        Transit Operator                          51,373
Moll           Kevin           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Moloney        Jay             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Molthen        Holly           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               40,675
Molyneaux      Gary            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Momohara       Alan            MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Monaco         Anthony         Applications Developer-Sr                 80,209
Monaghan       William         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Monahan        John            HEALTH OUTREACH AIDE                      41,287
Monday         Michaelle       CONFIDENTIAL SEC I                        53,595
Mone           Maria           HPA II                                    46,486
Monillas       Elmer           Transit Operator                          51,373
Monillas       Sharon          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Monillas       Vilma           Transit Operator                          11,193
Monk           Marilyn         HEALTH & ENVIR INV III                    74,700
Monnahan       Thomas          IT Technical Writer                       58,928
Monohon        Dwight          SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
Monohon        Michelle        TLT ADMIN SPECIALIST III                  40,320
Monroe         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Monroe         Justin          DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Monroe         Michael         ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Monroe         Susan           CURRENT USE EVALUATION SPECIAL            59,447
Monroe         Thoms           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Monroe         William         TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Monsey         Valerie         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Monson         Clay            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Monson         Devin           UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Monson         Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Monta          Howard          CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Montalvo       David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Montalvo       Rudy            UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Montana        Ken             Mechanic                                  58,765
Montaron       Gilles          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Montero        Katalina        DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC                 53,806
Monteron       Jovito          SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Monteros       Rosalind        Human Resource Analyst                    69,571
Montes deoca riMaria           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    38,027
Monteza        Henry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Montgomery     Amy             DEPUTY V                                  75,189
Montgomery     Cassandra       HR ASSOCIATE                              51,112
Montgomery     Emanuel         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Montgomery     Francisca       JUV PROB COUNSELOR - 2/3                  32,178
Montgomery     Jessie          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Montgomery     Kenneth         Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Montgomery     Patricia        JURY CLERK                                34,037
Montgomery     Sherry          Transit Operator                          11,193
Monthie        Dave            GOVERNMENT RELATIONS ADMIN               101,677
Montoya        Karen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Monzon         Elaine          Transit Operator                          48,804
Moody          Frederick       Communications Sp III                     71,468
Moody          Jocelyn         UNDERGRAD INTERN                               0
Moody          LaTreviet       Transit Operator                          46,235
Moody          Nick            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Moon           Terry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Mooney         Carrie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mooney         Deborah         COOK BAKER                                47,690
Mooney         Kathleen        STAFF PHYSICIAN                          123,394
Mooney         Mark            Fiscal Specialist II                      37,551
Mooney         Thomas          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Moongrace      Lexa            DISEASE RESEARCH & DATA SPEC              51,511
Moon-jordan    Abigail         SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Moore          Anthony         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Moore          Bernard         BUILDING SERVICES SUPERVISOR              88,191
Moore          Brent           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Moore          Charles         Maintenance/Planner Scheduler             69,767
Moore          Christine       SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              40,320
Moore          Deborah         Transit Operator                          51,373
Moore          Derek           Transit Operator                          51,373
Moore          Douglas         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   58,222
Moore          Durwood         Utility Line Wrkr                         67,496
Moore          Dwight          Transit Operator                          12,710
Moore          Ghislaine       CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY II                 52,338
Moore          Helen           LEGISLATIVE SECY                               0
Moore          J               HR Services Delivery Mgr. II             101,777
Moore          Jason           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Moore          Jean            COMPLIANCE CLERK                          44,249
Moore          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Moore          Johnnie         TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Moore          Jorene          DIRECTOR-FAMILY COURT OPERAT              98,822
Moore          Josephine       INVOLUN COMMIT COORDINATOR                90,308
Moore          Julie           ASST SUPT OF ELECTIONS                    67,940
Moore          Kelly           CUSTODIAN                                 34,972
Moore          Kenneth         Environmental Lab Scientist I             56,198
Moore          Kristina        Transit Operator                          14,122
Moore          Lafayette       Transit Operator                          14,122
Moore          Laurence        Transit Operator                          51,373
Moore          Lawrence        Transportation Planner III                84,220
Moore          Lisa            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 4                     46,895
Moore          Lorelei         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Moore          Lorene          LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     66,347
Moore          Meghan          PARALEGAL                                 43,674
Moore          Melvin          UTILITY WORKER 2                          43,374
Moore          Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Moore          Michael         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Moore          Nedra           SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Moore          Otis            Helper Line Wrkr                          50,830
Moore          Paul            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Moore          Raymond         Mechanic                                  58,765
Moore          Reginald        Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Moore          Rickey          Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Moore          Robert          Supervisor-in-Training                    58,222
Moore          Rodney          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Moore          Ronald          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Moore          Sandra          FISCAL SPEC III                           48,744
Moore          Sean            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Moore          Shelley         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Moore          Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,122
Moore          Timothy         Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Moore          Tracy           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Moore          Vicki           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 4                     46,895
Moore          Vickie          JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Moore          Victor          Transit Operator                          11,193
Moore          Wesley          Transit Operator                          51,373
Moorehead      Wesley          Transit Operator                          51,373
Moraga         Francisco       WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Morales        Armand          Transit Operator                          26,198
Morales        Arnulfo         Transit Operator                          51,373
Morales        Farida          OFFICE AIDE                               27,515
Morales        Fil             CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Morales        Frank           CUSTOMER SVCS SPEC II - TEMP                   0
Morales        Gabriel         CORRECTIONAL PROG SPECIALIST              62,163
Morales        Linda           OCC EDUCATION & TRAINING COORD            48,021
Morales jr     Sotero          IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Morales-leon   Agapita         SOCIAL WORKER                             52,338
Moran          Daniel          HE INVESTIGATOR IV                        84,105
Moran          Thomas          Business & Finance Officer II             64,793
Moran          William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Morano         Kenneth         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Moravec        Harry           Transit Operator                          14,122
Morbley        Mary            OCCUPATION EDUC-TRNCOORDINATOR            62,163
Morehead       Christina       ENGINEER III                              82,134
Morehead       Karen           ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Moreland       Diane           Custodian                                 43,293
Moreno         Mark            WastewaterTreatmentOperator               57,547
Moreno         Maya            JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Moreno         Raymond         EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Morey          Charles         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Morfeld        Douglas         Construction Management IV                82,134
Morgan         Anna            PROPERTY AGENT I                          57,546
Morgan         Dylan           Administrative Specialist II              25,616
Morgan         Elizabeth       Engineer V                                93,138
Morgan         Jeffry          Transit Operator                          51,373
Morgan         John            Transit Operator                          12,792
Morgan         Julie           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               63,278
Morgan         Kathleen        Confidential Secretary II                 51,112
Morgan         Linda           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             41,651
Morgan         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Morgan         Robert          Communications Coordinator                67,933
Morgan         Tim             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Morgensztern   Isaac           IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  80,318
Mori           George          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Moriarty       Brian           Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Moriarty       Timothy         INTERN                                         0
Morillo        Rainier         Transit Operator                          51,373
Moritz         Donald          HUMAN RESOURCE DELIV MNGR I               84,105
Morneau        Patricia        Transit Operator                          51,373
Morrell        Todd            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Morrill        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Morris         Adelita         CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  57,547
Morris         David           ANIMAL CONTROL SERGEANT                   52,971
Morris         Gabriel         POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Morris         Gail            Disability Board Coordinator              60,342
Morris         Gay             Transit Operator                          51,373
Morris         George          DETENTION OFFICER                         36,357
Morris         Joseph          DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Morris         Karen           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Morris         Kirk            PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 2                   64,911
Morris         Marguerite      CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Morris         Ronald          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        50,044
Morris         Rosemarie       Fiscal Specialist I                       34,153
Morris         Sherry          RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Morrison       Ashley          PHN                                       54,620
Morrison       David           Grant Administrator                       84,375
Morrison       Jordan          ADMINISTRATIVE INTERN 2                        0
Morrison       Peter           RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Morrison       Rosemary        FACILITATOR                               46,426
Morrison       Susan           SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Morrison       Tim             Intern III                                31,807
Morrison       Victoria        HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Morrissey      John            TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECH                       60,342
Morrissey jr   John            PROPERTY AGENT II                         66,347
Morrow         Brian           SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Morrow         Daniel          SERGEANT                                  68,668
Morrow         Helen           TEMP JAIL NP                              11,591
Morrow         Mike            TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Mors           Brittany        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Morse          David           PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 1                   59,036
Morse          Melinda         JAIL RN                                   76,128
Morse          Wendy           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Mortensen      Trista          INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPECIAL                 0
Morton         Glen            Transit Parts Specialist 2nd              51,185
Mosalsky       Alex            Transit Operator                          51,373
Moseley        Leo             Transit Operator                          14,122
Moseley        Philip          Transit Operator                          12,710
Moser          Raymond         SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER III              99,294
Moser          Stacy           SUPERVISOR II                             55,364
Moses          Ann             Project Program Mgr. III                  80,209
Moses          Edward          Transit Operator                          51,373
Moses          Jerry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Moses          Judie           ADMIN SPECIALIST IV                       46,895
Moses          Mack            Transit Operator                          51,373
Moses          Paula           FISCAL SPEC II                            39,264
Moses          Rita            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Mosey          Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Mosley         Linda           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Moss           Donna           Transportation Planner III                80,209
Moss           Jon             Radio Equipment Specialist                60,791
Moss           Larry           Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Moss           Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mosse          Darla           PHN                                       61,464
Most           Christie        GIS SPECIALIST-SENIOR                     80,209
Mott           Dennis          SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Mott           Linda           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Moua           Chia            HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     43,293
Moulster       Sebille         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Moulton        Brenda          AS II                                     43,293
Mounce         Jesse           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mountsier      Elizabeth       PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST                   97,864
Mourning       Ronald          TEMP APPL DEV SR                           8,325
Mouton         Patricia        PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Moutray        Dell            SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Mowbray        Kathryn         DISPATCHER                                44,278
Mower          Denise          AS III                                    45,396
Moy            Baron           Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Moye           Linda           CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Moyer          J               Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Moyes          Stephanie       VICTIM ADVOCATE                           49,173
Mozingo        Cynthia         CUSTOMER SVC SPEC III                     46,485
Muchnick       Meredith        AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Mudah          Yasmin          Project Control Engineer I                54,881
Mudd           William         DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL II                    72,950
Mudge          Richard         Transit Chief                             86,241
Mudhar         Jasveer         Transit Operator                          51,373
Mudrack        Debra           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Mueller        Sandra          WORK CREW SUPERVISOR                      49,913
Mueller        Theodore        Transit Operator                          12,792
Muendel        Shauna          PHN                                       56,596
Muhammad       Arlandi         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Muhammad       Lisa            Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Muhlbeier      Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Muir           Emily           Construction Management II                61,791
Muldaur        Mark            Transit Operator                          14,122
Mulder         Shannon         Utility 2nd/3rd Line Wrkr                 69,854
Mullally       Tara            Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Mullen         Dianna          Transit Operator                          51,373
Mullen         Jacuelynne      PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Mullens        Mark            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Muller         Craig           FIRE INVESTIGATOR II                      72,950
Muller         Eric            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mulligan       Chad            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mulligan       Paul            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Mullin         Brian           LAS III                                   35,280
Mullin         Carole          PHN                                       34,441
Mullin         Paul            CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Mullinax       Anthony         POLICE OFFICER                            55,736
Mullinax       Michael         SERGEANT                                  73,543
Mullis         Jeremy          Transit Operator                          12,792
Mulvihill      Susan           Carpenter                                 58,765
Mulvihill      Thomas          Purchasing Specialist                     51,226
Mummery        Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Mun            Michael         CORRECTIONS CAPTAIN                       82,310
Muncy          Billy           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Munday         Judith          PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,224
Munday         Laurie          Transit Operator                          14,122
Munday         Lawrence        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Mundie         Priscilla       TEMP DIVISION SECRETARY                        0
Muniz          Irma            COURT CLERK                               43,205
Munro          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Munslow        Thomas          GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Munson         David           Transit Custodian II  3rd                 44,043
Munson         Dianne          COURT MANAGER                             65,059
Munson         Kathleen        DISPATCHER                                46,491
Murakami       Carolyn         Administrative Specialist III             37,636
Murakami       Christopher     TEMP ADMIN SPEC I                          3,897
Muramoto       Michael         Environmental LabScientist III            69,571
Murata         Kathi           ASST FAC MAIN MNGR                        99,294
Murciego       Benjamin        IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 49,914
Murdock        Dianne          ADMIN SPEC III                            41,651
Muresan        Nic             Desktop Support Spec-Jrny                 53,595
Murgatroyd     Susan           COURT OPERATIONS SUP I                    44,252
Murker         Tara            COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST SUPRV            64,542
Murphy         Andrew          SOCIAL WORKER                             57,768
Murphy         Barbara         BAILIFF                                   51,797
Murphy         Brian           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Murphy         Daniel          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Murphy         Dennis          JAIL RN                                   76,128
Murphy         John            Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Murphy         Jon             Transit Operator                          51,373
Murphy         Lawrence        CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
Murphy         Lawrence        PROJ/PROG MGR III                         71,240
Murphy         Marcus          Mechanic                                  58,765
Murphy         Mark            ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Murphy         Michael         Transit Parts Specialist 2nd              51,185
Murphy         Michael         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I                 52,799
Murphy         Patrick         Transit Operator                          51,373
Murphy         Patrick         HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Murphy         Samuel          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Murphy         Timothy         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Murphy         Trish           Labor Negotiator II                       94,695
Murray         Audrey          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Murray         Brian           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               69,570
Murray         Carol           SENIOR DEPUTY II                          99,081
Murray         Glenn           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Murray         James           Engineer VI                               97,985
Murray         Karen           CIVIL RIGHTS SPECIALIST II                56,693
Murray         Marvin          ADMIN SPEC II                             36,671
Murray         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Murray         Patrick         Transit Parts Specialist                  39,699
Murray         Ronald          Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Murray         Scott           STUDENT INTERN                                 0
Murray         Stephanie       CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
Murray         Theodore        METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Murray         William         LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 67,939
Murray-Johnson Yvonia          Transit Instructor                        64,696
Murrell        Raymond         Transit Operator                          14,391
Murrell        William         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER I              55,364
Murren         Sandra          Customer Services Coordinator             69,665
Murrow         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Murry          Carol           CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Murry          Dallas          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Muse           Jeffrey         Transit Operator                          51,373
Muser          Angela          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Music          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Musni          John            Transit Custodian II  3rd                 44,043
Musni          Mario           Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Muszynski      David           Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Muyumba        Fred            Transit Operator                          11,193
Muzzey         Bruce           Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Mwaura         Kenneth         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Myat           Maung           ENGINEER II                               68,731
Myers          Adam            CASE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST                46,426
Myers          Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Myers          Dale            Transit Operator                          51,373
Myers          Darrel          Construction Management III               69,571
Myers          Diane           DENTAL ASSIST                             38,452
Myers          Gilbert         Contract Specialist I                     64,793
Myers          Herb            FACILITY COMMANDER - RJC                 117,226
Myers          Laura           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Myers          Michael         FiscalSpecialist III                      48,744
Myers          Michael         CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Myers          Michelle        ACCOUNTANT                                51,112
Myers          Nicole          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Myers          Paige           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  49,914
Myhre          Eric            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Myntti         Andrea          ADMIN SPECIALIST IV                       44,723
Myrabo         Alison          MEDICOLEGAL DEATH INV I                   51,115
Nabagenyi      Florence        BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            71,240
Nabus          Delta           CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Naccarato      Rick            Customer Service Specialist II            38,452
Nadal          David           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Nafziger       Douglas         Transit Operator                          13,873
Nagel          Heidi           DEPENDENCY CASA PROGRAM ATTNY             57,337
Naguit         Rhoda           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  57,547
Nagy           Alex            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Nahid          Ebrahimi        TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Nahulu         Aimoku          Transit Operator                          51,373
Nair           Kamleshwari     ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Nair           Vijay           Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Najee          Roberta         ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Nakagawa       Laurie          LEAD SCALE OPERATOR                            0
Nakagawa       Megan           HEALTH CARE ASSIST                        36,671
Nakagawara     Cheryl          HEALTH PROGRAM ASST II                    48,744
Nakagawara     Jon             PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Nakamichi      Stacey          Administrator II                          61,791
Nakamichi      Victoria        Buyer                                     58,928
Nakamura       Laureen         ADMIN SPEC III                            47,601
Nakamura-forgetCora            INVOLUNTARY TREATMENT SPEC                66,847
Nakamura-oshiroValerie         TEMP ADMIN OFFICE ASSIST                   3,545
Nakano         Steve           Transit Operator                          51,373
Nakashima      Daniel          Mechanic                                  58,765
Nakashima      Donald          Mechanic                                  58,765
Nakatani       Marsha          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Nakayama       Mitsue          COOKS HELPER-TEMP                              0
Nale           James           Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Nale           Robert          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Names          Jolene          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Namini         Shahrzad        Capital Project Manager IV                94,695
Namkung        Steve           Human Resource Analyst-Senior             64,793
Nance          Marc            Transit Operator                          51,373
Nand           Vandana         SOCIAL WORKER                             50,353
Nankervis      John            EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Nannini        Dawn            CASE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST                48,711
Nanson         Deborah         JAIL PHSS                                105,339
Napier         Maureen         TEMPORARY ADMIN SPECIALIST II                  0
Napier         Robert          TEMP-CUSTOMER SVC SPEC II                      0
Napolitano     James           SPECIAL PROJECTS MGR                     114,479
Narayan        Sashi           AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Narita         Masahiro        DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER                  163,390
Nark           Joel            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Narkevitz      William         ELECTRICIAN 1                             60,453
Narry          Doyle           Transit Operator                          51,373
Nash           Gregory         Transit Operator                          51,373
Nash           Lesley          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       66,456
Nason          Melvin          Transit Operator                          12,710
Nass           Leroy           WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Nastruz        Steven          SENIOR PLUMBING INSPECTOR                 69,698
Natanmai       Mekala          Applications Developer-Sr                 82,134
Nations        Sharon          COMMT SPECIALIST I                        66,847
Natividad      Francisco       Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Natter         Jeff            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   76,493
Nau            Jonah           Transit Operator                          11,193
Nault          Lisa            Transit Operator                          51,373
Nault          Marilyn         MGR,REGIONAL FINGERPRINT IDENT           101,677
Nault          Peter           JUDGE - DISTRICT COURT                   122,011
Naumann        Patricia        Transit Operator                          51,373
Navajas        Marcia          HEALTH SVCS ADMINISTRATOR I               94,694
Navarrete      Mario           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Navarro        Ernesto         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Navarro        Linda           BAILIFF                                   33,402
Navarro        Tianna          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Navarro ii     Jaime           AUTOPSY TECHNICIAN                        60,342
Navasca        Anecito         Transit Operator                          51,373
Nave           Margaret        SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Navejas        Ruben           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Navetski       Douglas         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Navetski       Susan           Human Resource Analyst                    69,571
Naylor         Dennis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Naylor         Terrie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Naylor         William         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Nazaretiz      Perry           WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Ndegwa         Martin          TEMP HEALTH PROG ASST I                    4,712
Ndirangu       Patrick         Transit Operator                          11,193
Neal           Douglas         LAN Administrator-Senior                  64,793
Neal           John            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Neal           John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Neal           Kathryn         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Neal           Kelly           Transit Operator                          12,792
Neal           Mark            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Neal           Russell         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Neal           Scott           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    69,570
Neason         Parnell         Transit Operator                          14,122
Nebel          Mary            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Neddo          Robert          IT Enterprise Manager II                 104,118
Nedrebo        Polly           LEGAL SECRETARY                           40,675
Needham        James           Transit Operator                          14,122
Neeley         Michael         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               39,721
Neely          Carol           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Neely          James           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    88,191
Neely          Sarah           Fiscal Specialist III                     42,651
Neff           Carol           AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Neff           Diana           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Neff           Stephen         FIRE INVESTIGATOR II                      72,950
Negash         Teklai          Transit Operator                          13,416
Negron         Angel           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              36,812
Negron         Angel           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Negron jr      Aviecer         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Neher          Richard         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Neiffer        Martin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Neiffer        Susan           Transit Operator                          14,122
Neigel         Douglas         TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN                 66,347
Neigel         Steven          COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  36,427
Neil           Paul            Transit Instructor                        64,696
Neilsen        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Nelsen         Beverly         Transit Operator                          14,122
Nelsen         Linda           Business & Finance Officer III            76,494
Nelson         Angela          LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC III             47,601
Nelson         Bradley         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   45,796
Nelson         Carol           WastewaterProcessAnalyst II               72,950
Nelson         Christina       PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       61,464
Nelson         Christine       CUSTOMER SERV SPEC III                    44,332
Nelson         Cynthia         PARALEGAL                                 43,674
Nelson         Dale            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Nelson         Daniel          Purchasing Specialist                     51,226
Nelson         David           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               54,881
Nelson         Dennis          Transit Operator                          46,235
Nelson         Eddie           Transit Operator                          51,373
Nelson         Edward          CUSTODIAN-SE                              27,503
Nelson         Eric            Project/Program Manager III               80,209
Nelson         Erik            TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Nelson         Frank           Transit Operator                          46,235
Nelson         Howard          Project Program Mgr. IV                   36,123
Nelson         Ingrid          JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Nelson         James           POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Nelson         James           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Nelson         Jane            RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTANTII                 0
Nelson         Jeanie          PROJECT/PROG MGR III-EXPEDITER            69,570
Nelson         Jimmy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Nelson         Jon             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Nelson         Karen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Nelson         Keesha          ADMIN SPEC II                             34,155
Nelson         Keith           Radio Equipment Specialist                60,791
Nelson         Kevin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Nelson         Kristina        ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSISTANT            44,335
Nelson         Lauri           HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER                   80,209
Nelson         Marilyn         HEALTH E ENVIR INV II                     62,335
Nelson         Mary Ellen      Fiscal Specialist I                       30,601
Nelson         Michael         PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Nelson         Mike            Transit Operator                          51,373
Nelson         Montgomery      MEDICOLEGAL DEATH INVESTIGATOR            64,792
Nelson         Noel            Sheet Metal Worker 2nd                    60,332
Nelson         Rhonda          Transit Operator                          51,373
Nelson         Richard         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Nelson         Richard         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Nelson         Russell         Transit Operator                          11,193
Nelson         Ryan            UTILITY WORKER II                              0
Nelson         Sandra          JUDICIAL SVCS DIV MGR                     84,106
Nelson         Sharon          LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST #8                  74,866
Nelson         Tina            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Nelson         Tom             ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Nelson         Virginia        Bindery Technician                        46,486
Nelson-jenkins Talia           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Nelson-pfab    Carrie          NUTRITION CONSULTANT                      50,813
Nemens         Deborah         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Nemeth         George          Transit Operator                          14,122
Nemitz         Karen           Claims Officer                            24,716
Nenezich       Michael         PUMP PLANT OPERATOR - TEMP                     0
Nerlin         Gretchen        Environmental Lab Scientist II            63,274
Nerocker       Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Nesbitt        John            Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Nesel          Donald          CAPTAIN                                   94,389
Neskahi        Allen           COURT SCHEDULING SPECIALIST               56,198
Nesler         Tami            JAIL LPN                                  47,502
Ness           Maryann         Grant Administrator                       84,106
Ness           Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Nettlebeck     Barbara         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Neubert        Frank           Transit Operator                          51,373
Neubert        Karl            Transit Operator                          48,804
Neumayer       Holly           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Nevadeh        Ali             Transit Operator                          51,373
Neve           Eric            Transit Operator                          51,373
Nevers         Cory            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Neville        George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Newborn        Gregory         Environmental PR Managing Sup             76,499
Newell         Cassandra       SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Newhouse       Felicia         COMPLIANCE CLERK                          39,264
Newing         Scott           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Newlands       Douglas         Waste Water Engineer IV                   90,396
Newman         Diane           ASST DIV DIR, EMERGENCY MGMT              94,694
Newman         Erica           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 30,602
Newman         John            Elec Const                                67,766
Newman         Richard         TEMP DIS                                   5,326
Newman         Terri           CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Newman         Virginia        Communications Spec II                    57,547
Newman jr      Albert          DETENTION OFFICER                         40,017
Newnom         Victoria        DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Newquist       Brian           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               37,621
Newquist-carrolLoretta         SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Newsom         Dianne          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Newsom         Rosemarie       SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              46,485
Newsome        Frankie         Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Newton         Charles         DEPUTY I                                  49,871
Newton         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Newton         Donna           Transit Operator                          51,373
Newton         Evelyn          PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Newton         Fred            CORRECTIONS SUPERVISOR                    53,689
Newton         Gregory         Communications Spec III                   66,470
Newton         Hazel           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             73,021
Newton         Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Newton         Mary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Newton         Robert          EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    43,825
Newton         Scottie         Helper Line Wrkr                          46,757
Ng             Ken             CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Ng             Martin          APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER SENIOR             69,570
Ng             Paul            SYSTEMS ENGINEER-SENIOR                   74,700
Ng             Peter           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ng             See             Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Ng             Vanessa         PROJECT/PROG MGR II - TLT                 56,202
Ng             Winnie          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    69,570
Ngo            Jim             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Ngoev          Nollin          Accountant                                60,342
Ngonevolalath  Imelda          ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      47,601
Nguyen         Anh             TEMP INTERN-GRADUATE                       3,717
Nguyen         Anh             DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Nguyen         Anh-thu         PHARMACY SUPERVISOR                      109,175
Nguyen         Anna            Fiscal Specialist II                      43,293
Nguyen         Bao             RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Nguyen         Bao             TEMP ADMIN SPEC I                          4,493
Nguyen         Brian.          Database Administrator-Sr                 88,191
Nguyen         Cecilia         ACCOUNTANT                                58,928
Nguyen         Diep            IT MANAGER II                             99,294
Nguyen         Don             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Nguyen         Duc             Environmental Lab Scientist II            64,793
Nguyen         Duc             Applications Developer-Sr                 82,134
Nguyen         Frank           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Nguyen         Hien            Wastewater Process Analyst I              64,792
Nguyen         Hoang           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                53,239
Nguyen         Hoang           DIV DIRECTOR, INFO TECH SVCS             101,677
Nguyen         Julie           PHARMACY SUPERVISOR                      101,677
Nguyen         Justin          MICROBIOLOGIST SR                         49,914
Nguyen         Linh            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Nguyen         Luan            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Nguyen         Luong           APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SENIOR             71,240
Nguyen         Luu             TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              32,570
Nguyen         Lynn            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       61,770
Nguyen         Manh            PAYROLL COORDINATOR                       58,054
Nguyen         Michelle        INTERN - GRADUATE                          3,717
Nguyen         Nam             PHN                                       54,620
Nguyen         Nhan            SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Nguyen         Phuong          CUSTODIAN                                      0
Nguyen         Phuong          Functional Analyst II                     61,791
Nguyen         Phuong-giang    HEALTH CARE ASSIST                        39,375
Nguyen         Thai            SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Nguyen         Tommy           IT SYSTEMS SPECIALIST-SENIOR              59,447
Nguyen         Trang-tam       PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       59,508
Nguyen         Tuan            METAL FABRICATOR                          50,006
Nguyen         Tuan            LAN Administrator-Journey                 53,599
Nguyen         Van             CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Nguyen         Van             PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Nguyen         Viet            LEGISLATIVE AIDE II DIST #6               58,000
Nguyen         Wilson          Transit Operator                          14,122
Nhan           Sophan          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Nibler         Robert          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Nice           Brian           RECREATION PROGRAM ASST II                     0
Nichol         Alan            Transit Operator                          11,193
Nicholas       James           GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Nicholas       Mike            EQUIP OPERATOR                            48,186
Nichols        Gail            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              38,885
Nichols        Kevin           CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Nichols        Kimberly        LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I                  27,833
Nichols        Stephen         TORT CLAIMS INVESTIGATOR                  66,348
Nichols        Steve           SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Nicholson      Dallas          PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Nicholson      Reed            COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  38,248
Nick           Janet           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      36,576
Nickel         Constance       DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,423
Nickelson      Steve           ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    43,816
Nickens        Jeanette        ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Nickerson      Julia           INTERN III                                     0
Nickinovich    Michael         METAL FABRICATOR                          45,480
Nicklos        William         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Nicolai        Jeff            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Nicolette      Jacqueline      LEGAL ADMIN INTERN                             0
Niehaus        Lisa            Hlth & Envirnmt Invstg II                 71,240
Nielsen        Christopher     DEPUTY I                                  49,871
Nielsen        Kris            ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      47,601
Nielsen        Ron             EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        43,825
Nielsen        Ronald          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Nieman         April           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               15,152
Niemi          Michael         Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Nienaber       Mark            MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 50,006
Niksich        Kelli           JUV PROB SUPERVISOR                       62,966
Nill           Tracy           COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Nillas         Nathaniel       Transit Operator                          51,373
Nilsen         Aubrey          RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Nilsen         Nicholas        Industrial Engine Mechanic                66,347
Nilson         Michael         Assistant Accountant                      51,112
Nilsson        Patricia        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Nims           Thomas          OSS Coordinator                           79,941
Nino de guzman Jose            INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    48,744
Nipert         Sally           TEMP ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                     0
Nirapienranant Koua            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Nishimura      Robert          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Nisius         Michael         MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       48,834
Nitschke Sr    Jerry           Transit Operator                          48,804
Nitz           Beverly         AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Nitz           James           SUPERVISOR 3                              82,134
Nix            Robert          MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Nixon          Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Nizamic        Eldina          STAFF PHYSICIAN                           82,374
Njos           Joni            PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Nkeze          Gladys          CONTRACTS SPECIALIST II                   69,570
Noble          Jeremiah        LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                35,280
Noble          Marty           Construction Management III               80,209
Noble          Patricia        COURT CLERK I                             39,721
Noble          Phyllis         Transit Operator                          14,122
Noble          R               ASSESSOR                                 133,647
Noble          Shirley         LEAD AREA MANAGER-PYJ                     66,654
Noble          Steven          SOCIAL SERVICE COORDINATOR                59,988
Noe            Melisande       ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Noel           Terry           MECH/AUTO MACH II HD                      59,036
Noel           Travis          POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Nogle          William         SR PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST               104,580
Nogler         Richard         Transit Operator                          11,193
Nohra          Sandy           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Nokes          Jerome          Transit Operator                          12,710
Nolan          Charles         TEMP DISEASE CONTROL OFFICER              20,502
Nolan          Daniel          CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Nolan          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Nolan          Jonathan        PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Nolan          Matthew         COUNTY TRAFFIC ENGINEER                  106,617
Nolan          Thomas          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Nolasco        Mario           CUSTODIAN                                 33,004
Noma           Benjamin        RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Nomellini      Linda           AdminSpecialistII                         45,266
Noonan         Susan           COURT COMMISSIONER                        91,509
Nop            Thoeun          ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                        0
Nopp           Fauna           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Nordby         Gurine          ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Nordenger      Paul            PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Nordin         John            TEMP SPEC PROJ MNGT II                    11,331
Nordlund       Keith           Construction Management III               78,329
Nordmark       Eric            LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 36,671
Nordness       Linda           HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST-SENIOR             72,950
Norfleet       Lawrence        Transit Operator                          11,193
Norgaard       Erin            DEPUTY IV                                 69,841
Norgren        Len             Transit Operator                          51,373
Noriega        Alfred          MED DEATH INV LEAD                        66,347
Noris          Anne            CLERK OF THE COUNCIL                     106,270
Norman         Marcia          Maintenance/Planner Scheduler             69,767
Norman         Paula           Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Norman         Paulette        COUNTY ROAD ENGINEER                     117,226
Nornang        Chunila         Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Norris         Carl            PART TIME SECURITY ASSIST II                   0
Norris         Gary            EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Norris         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Norris         Shirley         USW Driver Grandfathered 3rd              42,038
Norris         Steven          Maintenance Machinist                     58,765
Norsen         Trinh           DEPUTY V                                  30,861
Norsworthy-tingEllen           REGISTERED NURSE - JUVENILE               34,117
North          Douglass        SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
North          W               Project/Program Manager II                74,802
Northcroft     George          COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST III                109,176
Northover      Ross            Transit Operator                          11,193
Northrop       Kelli           COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Norton         Andrew          Transit Chief                             78,329
Norton         Carol           Cust Asst Rep (CAR)                       42,769
Norton         Rebecca         MAJOR                                    114,479
Norton         Robert          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Norton         Rolf            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Norton         Scott           Transit Operator                          11,193
Norwood        Richard         PARAMEDIC                                 81,864
Noss           James           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Nottingham     Alicia          LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 30,602
Nouth          Salaphay        BAILIFF                                   49,374
Novak          Jerry           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Novak          John            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Novisedlak     Todd            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Novorolsky     Teri            BAILIFF                                   51,797
Novotney       Gaylord         Indust. Machinist/MechanicLead            72,950
Nowak          Fran            SENIOR SOCIAL WORKER                      58,928
Nowell         Michael         Transit Operator                          12,710
Nuber vanderhooKimberly        LEGIS AIDE DIST #6                        62,500
Nucci          Elizabeth       ED CONSULTANT II                          67,940
Nuckols        Orlando         Transit Operator                          51,373
Nuerenberg     Erika           LEGIS AIDE DIST #5                        70,260
Nufio          Carlos          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Nugent         Christopher     Transit Operator                          51,373
Nugent         Lana            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Nugent-carney  Julie           TLT PHN                                   33,898
Numrich        Eric            Transit Operator                          51,373
Nuner          Daniel          Transit Instructor                        64,696
Nunes          Andrew          VIDEO SPECIALIST                          41,125
Nunes-ueno     Carlos          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              30,760
Nunes-Ueno     Paulo           Project/Program Manager II                64,793
Nunez          John            Lead Transit Parts Specialist             54,589
Nunnenkamp     Robert          REAL PROPERTY AGENT III                   76,493
Nusbaum        Eric            INTERN DIST 1                                  0
Nussbaum       Brian           Mechanic                                  58,765
Nwaelele       O               Safety & Health Admin IV                  78,329
Nyberg         Margaret        LEGIS AIDE TEMP DIST #7                        0
Nygard         Kathryn         CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  51,112
Nyman          Richard         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Oakes          Dawn            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             46,485
Oakford        Stephen         Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Oakland        Mary            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Oates          Charles         Transit Operator                          48,804
Oates          Valerie         Transit Operator                          46,235
Oatis          M               PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    82,134
OBA            J               Transit Operator                          51,373
O'Bannon       Thomas          Electronic Technician                     58,765
Obed           Victoria        ADMIN SPEC II                             41,287
Oberg          Donna           NUTRITION CONSULTANT                      67,939
Obertubbesing  Thomas          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       55,326
Obeso          Victor          Service Development Manager              101,678
Obourn         John            Communications Coordinator                67,933
O'boyle        Linda           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST I                 35,280
Obrien         Cheri           COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Obrien         Helen           PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 1                   59,036
Obrien         Joyce           COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Obrien         Matt            MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
O'brien        Caroline        ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     31,335
O'Brien        Donovan         Lead Electronic Technician                64,634
O'brien        Kathleen        CHIEF DEPUTY                             122,269
O'brien        Michael         COURT REPORTER                            66,931
O'Brien        Mikaela         AdminSpecialistII                         37,551
Obryan         Beth            PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Obstler        Leona           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
O'byrne        Marylynne       PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       68,619
Ochs           Judith          Environmental Lab Scientist II            66,348
Ockerman       Douglas         SUMMER INTERN D-6                              0
O'Claire       Christina       Transportation Planner III                63,391
Oconnor        David           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Oconnor        James           DEPUTY HEARING EXAMINER TEMP                   0
Oconnor        William         ENGINEER III                              82,134
O'connor       John            PARAMEDIC                                 81,864
O'day          Jamie           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Odell          Christine       ADMINISTRATOR IV                          80,209
Odell          Geno            Transit Operator                          51,373
Odell          Linda           CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    38,452
Odem           William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Odom           Carolee         DEPUTY IV                                 69,857
Odonkor        Sarah           DEPUTY I                                  49,871
O'donnell      Bridget         COURT REPORTER                            66,931
O'Donnell      Daniel          Utility Service Worker                    38,488
O'donnell      Sean            DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Odums          Lemuel          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
O'farrell      Brien           CORRECTIONAL PROG SPECIALIST              62,163
Ogard          David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ogden          Gary            Transportation Planner II                 74,802
Ogershok-JacksoRochelle        Communications Manager                    99,430
Ogg            David           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Ogier          Sarah           Project Program Mgr. IV                   78,330
Ogilvie        Brian           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   42,651
Ogilvie        Sandra          CT OP SUPERVISOR                          71,679
Ogle           Deborah         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               37,551
Oglesby        Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Oglesby        Kathleen        COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST III                117,226
Oglesby        Kellee          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ognean         Ovidiu          CUSTODIAN-FLOOR CARE                           0
Oh             Bryan           Transit Operator                          51,373
Oh             Christine       SR TORT CLAIM INVESTIGATOR                69,570
Oh             In              Computer Operator Specialist              49,914
Oh             Suki            Tech Info Processing Sp IV                43,294
O'hagan        Lou             FISCAL SPEC IV                            54,881
O'Hara         Janice          Marketing & Sales Spec III                64,793
O'hara         Karisa          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     36,126
O'hara         Maryann         TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN                      14,709
Ohashi         Charlotte       Executive Program Assistant II            67,940
Ohashi         Gail            Human Resource Manager                    92,601
Ohlen          Lisa            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     37,881
Ohnstad        Howard          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ohrmundt       Ginger          LEGIS SECY                                53,249
Oien           Steven          FINANCE & ADMIN SVCS MGR                  96,967
Oiye           Shoji           Project Control Engineer III              82,215
Okamura        Milinda         AS II                                     36,671
Okazaki        Charla          Transit Operator                          51,373
Okazaki        Don             Transportation Planner III                84,220
O'Keefe        Michael         Database Administrator-Sr                 92,965
Okereke        Victor          ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Okita          Keith           FUNCTIONAL ANALYST II                     64,792
Okiyama        Toyoko          TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Okocha         Obi             Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Okoro          Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Okuda          Christine       Capital Project Manager III               88,191
Olander        J               Service Supervisor                        64,696
Olander        Tammy           Transit Operator                          14,122
Olaughlin      Kathleen        ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV                92,475
Olavarria      Carmen          SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              46,485
Olcott         Jack            Transit Operator                          13,416
Oldham         Pamela          COURT OPERATIONS SPECIALIST               17,439
O'leary        Denis           SENIOR DEPUTY II                         102,844
O'leary        Judith          DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-SR                   63,274
O'leary        Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
O'Leary        Timothy         Communications Spec III                   63,274
O'leary jr     John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Olegario       Dorcas          ADMIN SPEC III 1/2                        16,855
Olegba         Denobi          CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER II               76,493
Oleru          Ngozi           DIV DIRECTOR, ENV HLTH SVCS              122,921
Oleru          Ukwenga         Construction Management V                 94,695
Olguin         Catherine       CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY II                 60,342
Olin           Rene'e          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               35,338
Olin           Shelby          Transit Operator                          12,792
Olin           Svaya           REGISTERED NURSE                          57,491
Olinares       Elena           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Oliver         David           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Oliver         Roxanne         Fiscal Specialist II                      43,293
Olivier iii    Charles         TLT APPLICATION DEVELOPER SR              35,757
Olivieri       Michael         ASST DIVISION DIRECTOR                    56,816
Olla-McCabe    Sue             Transit Operator                          11,193
Olmstead       Matthew         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Olmstead       Stephen         TEMP EMS MED CONTROL DIRECTOR                  0
Olmsted        Troy            SERGEANT                                  68,668
Olney          Claudia         TEMPORARY                                      0
Olosky         Sandie          Transit Operator                          51,373
O'loughlin-chasCari            DETENTION OFFICER                         34,678
Olsen          Carl            Transit Operator                          13,416
Olsen          Jane            DENTAL ASSIST                             38,452
Olsen          Julie           BAILIFF                                   49,377
Olsen          Kristin         TLT IT SYSTEM SPEC SR                     64,792
Olsen          Quyen           LAN Administrator-Journey                 58,928
Olsen          Rodney          Transit Operator                          51,373
Olson          Alice           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        50,044
Olson          Darlene         COMPLIANCE CLERK                          33,992
Olson          James           Transit Operator                          12,792
Olson          Jodi            PROJ PROG MGR II                          49,952
Olson          Karen           Communications Spec III                   69,767
Olson          Kevin           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Olson          Kristi          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Olson          Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Olson          Marlen          IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  67,940
Olson          Nicole          Intern III                                31,807
Olson          Steven          JUV PROB COUNSELOR TEMP                        0
Olson          Thomas          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Olson          Walter          Mechanic 3rd                              54,985
Olsoy          Harold          Transit Operator                          51,373
Olszewski      Joseph          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Olvera         Carmen          HEALTH PROGRAM ASST II                    45,396
Olwin          Madeline        SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
O'Malley       Earl            Service Supervisor                        64,696
Omar           Abdulkadir      WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
O'Meara        Ralph           Assistant Buyer                           56,198
Omura          Lunarre         LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  65,363
Oneal          Kenneth         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
O'neal         Vanessa         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              30,251
O'Neal-Barton  Brenda          Transit Operator                          51,373
Onedera        Justin          Transit Operator                          11,193
Oneil          Michael         ENGINEER IV                               92,475
O'Neil         John            GIS Specialist - Senior                   71,240
O'Neill        Jeffery         Transit Operator                          51,373
O'Neill        Kevin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
O'Neill        Paul            Mechanic                                  58,765
O'Neill        Richard         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
O'neill-stephenEllen           SENIOR DEPUTY II                          49,335
Ong            Sam             CWP WORK CREW SUPERVISOR                  39,378
Ong            Tri             ENGINEER II                               72,950
Ono            Patricia        CADASTRAL CARTOGRAPHER                    54,066
Onuigbo        Robinson        BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             58,928
Ooka           Kathryn         DATABASE SPECIALIST SR                    68,065
Oordt          Colleen         CUSTOMER SVCS ASST COORD                  49,173
Oparaocha      Ijeoma          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
O'pharrow      Shantika        WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Oppie          Jason           Transit Operator                          51,373
Oppliger       Jeffrey         SUPERVISOR II                             62,335
Oquist         Patti           Buyer                                     64,792
Orallo         Bienvenido      Transit Operator                          51,373
Orams          Andres          EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Orams          Rosa            EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT II                    66,347
Orange         Jessika         DETENTION OFFICER                         41,988
Oravitz        Ryan            Transit Operator                          41,098
Orcutt         Tracy           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   37,967
Ordenana       Mayra           HCA                                       37,551
Ordinario      George          CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Ordonia        Laurel          IDENTIFICATION SUPERVISOR                 58,927
Oreilly        Philip          INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC               66,847
O'Reilly       Francis         Mechanic                                  58,765
Orellana       Victor          DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Oren           Eyal            EPID II                                   65,047
Orencia        Alan            Applications Developer-Sr                 84,106
Orendorff      Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Orm            Steven          Transit Operator                          51,373
Orme           James           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      36,126
Ormond         Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Ornelas        Juan            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ornelas        Laura           Assistant Accountant                      45,397
Oro            Christine       Administrative Specialist II              43,293
Orollins       William         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II                72,950
Oroshiba       Corey           SERGEANT                                  68,668
O'Rourke       James           Transit Operations Manager               114,479
O'rourke       Kelly           DEPUTY V                                  51,202
Orozco         Kathy           COURT MANAGER                             65,059
Orr            Cynthia         Fiscal Specialist III                     42,279
Orr            Gregory         Transit Operator                          51,373
Orr            Holly           GIS SPECIALIST-SENIOR                     72,950
Orsini         Charles         INV PURCHASING SPEC II                    48,834
Ortega         Lydia           ADMIN SPEC III                            41,287
Orth           Leonard         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Orton          Ivan            SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Ortuno         Arisleda        TEMP INTER/TRANSLATOR                      4,941
Orwig          Phillip         SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Osada          Debra           Environmental Lab Scientist II            72,950
Osaka          Gale            HE INVESTIGATOR IV                        84,105
Osborn         Kathleen        Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Osborn         Monica          INTAKE SPECIALIST                         37,941
Osborn         Showell         WastewaterProcessAnalyst II               72,950
Osborne        Cyndi           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Osborne        James           PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER IV                86,282
Osborne        Joseph          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Osborne        Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Osborne        Lissa           VICTIM ADVOCATE                                0
Osborne        Merri           COMMITTEE ASSISTANT                       42,638
Osburn         Christopher     Transit Operator                          51,373
Osburn         Glen            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Oseguera       Jacilyn         PROJ/PROG MANAGER II                      61,791
Osen           Ruth            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Osgood         Timothy         EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Oshea          Mary            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Oshersky       Sandy           COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
O'shersky      James           PROBATION OFFICER I                       68,287
Osias          Tara            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Ossewaarde     Christopher     CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Ossewaarde     Mark            DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL II                    72,950
Ost            Benjamin        Transit Operator                          51,373
Ostanski       David           GIS Specialist-Senior                     74,701
Ostby          Kyle            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ostendorf      Philip          Transit Operator                          14,122
Osterhaug      Brenda          Capital Project Manager IV                94,695
Osterhoudt     Linda           TRANSPORTATION PLNR IV                    86,282
Osterman       Douglas         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                88,191
Ostrom         Sydna           FISCAL SPECIALIST 3                       48,744
Ostrum         Robin           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ostwald        Wayne           Transit Operator                          51,373
Oswald         Fatima          INTERN III                                     0
Ota            Jesse           Transit Operator                          14,122
Otero          Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
O'toole        Leslie          FIRE INVESTIGATOR II                      63,274
O'toole        Scott           SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         110,802
Ott            James           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  72,950
Ott            Loren           Transit Operator                          14,122
Otterstrom     Karl            Transportation Planner II                 29,464
Ottinger       Mary            DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Otusanya       Olayinka        BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             86,124
Ouellet        Richard         PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER 4                 86,124
Ousley         Patricia        OCCUPATIONAL EDUC & TRAINING C            55,364
Ovalles        Lisa            Rider Information Specialist              42,769
Ovena          Manuel          IT Project Executive Director            171,327
Overall        Erika           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             43,290
Overall        Joseph          ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                        0
Overby         Dale            Transit Operator                          13,416
Overby         Patricia        Engineer III                              76,215
Overcash       Larry           Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Overcast       Carol           REGISTERED NURSE                          33,094
Overgaard      Daniel          Systems & Mgmt & Analyst                  99,430
Overholt       Michele         EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Overhulse      Alta            DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Overland       Hokey           MSO-ADMIN SUPPORT                         93,448
Overman        Richard         Transit Operator                          14,122
Overton        Frank           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Overturf       Verna           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Owen           Eric            ADMINISTRATOR III                         66,347
Owen           Jane            COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Owen           Tracy           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Owens          Dean            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Owens          Elizabeth       PROBATION OFFICER I                       66,654
Owens          Gary            DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL II                    72,950
Owens          Jackie          Supervisor-in-Training                    54,985
Owens          Matthew         CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Owens          Tracy           COURT CLERK II                            21,837
Owens          Vernon          PLUMBING & MECHANICAL I                   59,036
Owings         Steve           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Oxholm         Susan           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST III             69,570
Oxley          Thomas          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Oyebiyi        Fadehan         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Oyeleke        Gideon          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Oyewusi-abioye Jody            RECREATION SPECIALIST                     46,895
Ozeri          Denise          YOUTH TRAINING SPEC - TLT                 37,089
Ozmun          Karen           CIVIL RIGHTS SPECIALIST II                59,447
Pabalate       Criselda        AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Pabarcus       J.              Waste Water Engineer II                   61,791
Pabillon       Arthur          Transit Operator                          14,122
Pacampara      Virgilio        ENGINEER I                                64,792
Pacardo        Elmer           Database Administrator-Senior             86,124
Pace           Donald          HE INSPECTOR                              44,332
Pacey          Bryan           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Pacey          Henry           POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Pacheco        Mary            INVOL COMMIT SUPERVISOR                   68,207
Pack           Christine       Educator Consultant II                    58,929
Packard        Ada             PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               76,634
Packard        Teresa          HEALTH & ENVIR INV III                    74,700
Padama         Gerald          Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Padden         Patricia        ADMIN SPEC II                             43,459
Paddock        Gregory         APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SR                 84,105
Paddon         Richard         Stores Driver 2nd                         46,486
Paden          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Padilla        Eduardo         Transit Chief                             67,940
Padilla        Robert          WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Padilla        Suzanne         TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Padilla        Walter          Transit Custodian I                       38,070
Padrow         Kim             DEPUTY IV                                 55,867
Pae            Cho             Transit Operator                          14,122
Pagano         Gabrielle       JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        54,456
Page           Craig           TLT ADMIN SPEC II                         37,551
Page           David           Transit Operator                          11,193
Page           Libby           PROJ PROG MNG I                           53,595
Page           Romaine         PROJECTPROGRAMMRG I                       56,198
Paget          Timothy         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Paguaga        Bernard         COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Paguaga        Patricia        RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  54,066
Pagulayan      Ramil           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Pahl           Margaret        SENIOR DEPUTY II                         102,844
Pahl           Michael         IT MANAGER II                             94,694
Pahmeier       Brenda          DEPUTY V                                  87,520
Pai            John            KCTV VIDEO SPECIALIST TEMPORAR                 0
Paine          Franklin        Transit Operator                          51,373
Paine          Thomas          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               71,240
Painter        Kristin         Administrator I                           56,198
Painter        Ronald          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Pajari         Shirley         Transit Instructor                        64,696
Pajimula       Fel             HPA I                                     39,375
Pakulak        Danna           Administrator I                           57,547
Palacios       Carmen          NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       36,671
Palacios garciaL               ADMIN SPEC II                             40,320
Palana         Felicisimo      ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               35,338
Palau          Piedad          HCA                                       42,278
Palazzo        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Palecek        Jiri            Mechanic 3rd                              57,909
Palepu         S.              WastewaterProcessAnalyst II               72,950
Palermo        Catherine       COURT CLERK                               40,213
Palmer         Anthony         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Palmer         Brian           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Palmer         James           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Palmer         Janet           Transit Operator                          51,373
Palmer         Jennifer        PSYCHIATRIC EVAL SPECIALIST               55,830
Palmer         Kim             Transit Operator                          51,373
Palmer         Linda           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 58,928
Palmer         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Palmer         Stephanie       COURT CLERK                               40,213
Palmer jr      John            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Palmore        Derrick         TEMP CHEM DEPEN PROGRAM SCREEN                 0
Palmquist      John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Paloma         Orlando         OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Palumbo        John            Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Palus          David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Pan            Qiong           TLT RN                                    61,588
Panajotoff     Terri           TEMP INTER/TRANSLATOR                      4,941
Pandey         Raju            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  52,799
Pang           Jenny           EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         37,658
Pangallo       Dick            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  50,353
Pangan         Eduardo         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  50,353
Pankalla       Jeanine         ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Pankalla       Patrick         TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Pankratz       Bobbie          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Panlilio       Arthur          Transit Operator                          13,416
Panton         Donald          TRUCK DRIVER III                          45,697
Paone          Julie           Rideshare Services Rep                    58,928
Papa           Andrea          AdminSpecialist I                         39,375
Papadem        Katherine       PARK MAINT SPEC I-SEASONAL                     0
Papaleo        Anthony         SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Papenbrock     Cheryl          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Papke          Taylor          SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Paquiet        Eric            Transit Operator                          51,373
Paraiso        Alicia          NURSE PRACTITIONER                        82,846
Paraiso        Bienvenido      FACIL MAIN CONSTRUCTOR                    47,105
Paraiso        Erle            ADMIN SPEC IV                             48,744
Pardee         Charles         FORENSIC INVESTIGATOR                     68,535
Pardee         Suzanne         ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Pardo-pattersonJosephine       COMM SPECIALIST-DISPATCHER                53,819
Parducci       Marcella        COURT CLERK II                            37,881
Parido         Mark            Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Paris          Bennie          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Paris          Jeffery         LAN Administrator-Senior                  76,494
Parish         Marcia          PROBATION COUNSELOR I                     68,287
Park           Kathleen        TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN SR                   14,710
Park           Kelly           POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Park           Mary            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Park           Samuel          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Park           Won             LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     66,347
Parker         Autumn          MEDICAL ASSIST                            34,155
Parker         Charles         SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         116,447
Parker         Donna           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Parker         Jason           LANDFILL GAS OPERATOR I                   45,954
Parker         Lori            COOK/BAKER-TEMP                                0
Parker         Michael         SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Parker         Newell          CAPTL. IMPRVMT. PRGM. SECT MGR            99,294
Parker         Rose            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Parker         Sharyn          PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR IV                    82,134
Parker         Theodore        Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Parker         Ulibee          PROJ/PROGRAM MGR I                        52,435
Parkin         Erica           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 34,155
Parkington     Heidi           PERSONNEL MANAGER                         67,877
Parkinson      Gerald          Maintenance Constructor 2nd               60,332
Parks          Cathy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              41,446
Parman         Trudy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Parnell        Joann           Transit Operator                          12,792
Parr           Alfreda         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Parrett        Mark            TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN                 66,347
Parris         Lynda           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Parrish        Richard         PLUMBER HELPER                            41,364
Parrott        Chris           Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Parrott        Jason           Apprentice Mechanic                       55,821
Parrott        Jesse           Lead Mechanic 3rd                         66,722
Parry          Donald          Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Parsons        Craig           APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SR                 84,105
Parsons        Lisa            PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Parsons        Randall         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Parsons        William         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Partington     Donald          WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Parton         Mary            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Pasco          Dexter          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Pascual        Antonio         TEMP CHEM-DEPENDENCY PROG SCRE                 0
Pasoquen       David           JAIL RN                                   76,128
Pass           Jean            ASST PH LABORATORY MANAGER                82,134
Passmore iii   Julius          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Pasternak      Susan           COMM SURV OFFICER                         44,056
Pasternak      Timothy         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Pastika BrumbacNora            Transit Operator                          51,373
Pastores       Adono           Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Pastores       Barbara         Transit Operator                          14,122
Pastores       Edgar           UTILITY WORKER 2                          39,375
Pasztor        Steven          SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Patajo         Arturo          Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Patino         Isaac           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Patke          Amalia          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     31,335
Patke          Douglas         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Patoc          Oscar           Transit Operator                          12,792
Patras         Lidia           PARALEGAL                                 45,796
Patrick        Daniel          Transit Operator                          11,193
Patten         Marc            Environmental Lab Scientist II            71,241
Patten         Sharon          Tech Info Processing Sp III               46,486
Patterson      Alexander       ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Patterson      Billie          INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Patterson      Cordelia        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Patterson      Don             UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Patterson      Eileen          Rideshare Services Rep                    64,792
Patterson      Gregory         Transit Operator                          51,373
Patterson      Gwen            SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Patterson      James           Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Patterson      Julia           COUNCILMEMBER DIST #5                    113,501
Patterson      Kristine        DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-SR                   63,274
Patterson      Llonia          ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Patterson      Lorraine        Asst Div Dir, Wastewater Trtmt           106,617
Patterson      Melanie         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Patterson      Mona            Transit Operator                          51,373
Patterson      Russell         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Patterson      Shannea         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     32,859
Patterson      Sharon          Transit Operator                          11,193
Patterson III  Walter          Transit Operator                          11,193
Patzer         Craig           Transit Operator                          51,373
Paul           Alexander       POLICE OFFICER                            60,778
Paul           David           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Paul           Jerrie          Transit Operator                          15,990
Paul           Kathy           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Paul           Matthew         POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Paul           Pamela          Administrator I                           53,595
Paul           Rattan          Transit Operator                          14,122
Paul           Reginald        Transit Operator                          51,373
Pauley         Ted             RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Paulsen        Karin           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       55,106
Paulson        Douglas         Maintenance/Planner Scheduler             74,802
Paulson        Michael         Mechanic                                  58,765
Paulson        Michael         Construction Mgmt III                     67,418
Paulson        Nola Deane      Transit Operator                          11,193
Pauly          Phyllis         LEGAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR III             71,867
Pavlovic       Milos           Transit Operator                          46,235
Pavlovich      John            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Pawlowski      Sydney          Rideshare Operations Supv                 99,430
Paxson         Sandra          PHSS JAIL                                105,339
Paxton         Keith           Engineer II                               71,441
Paxton         Larry           Construction Management V                 31,332
Payne          Doy             CUSTOMER SVC SPEC III                     41,287
Payne          Jeanne          SENIOR DEPUTY I                           55,179
Payne          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Payne          Thomas          AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Payne-gammell  Patricia        ENGINEER II                               69,570
Paz            Aurora          BOARD ASSISTANT                           61,519
Peabody        Patricia        ADMIN SPECIALIST II TEMP                       0
Peace          John            PARK SPECIALIST I - GREENHOUSE            23,224
Peacock        Ann             Hlth & Envirnmtl Invstg III               74,701
Peacock        Kathryn         Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Peacock-albers Marie           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Peals          Jerome          Transit Operator                          51,373
Pearl          Carol           ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                        0
Pearson        Amber           TEMP HE INVESTIGATOR I                     5,973
Pearson        Charlotte       PARALEGAL                                 45,796
Pearson        Debra           CUSTODIAN-SE                              17,257
Pearson        Ellen           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       68,619
Pearson        Tikecha         COURT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  46,424
Peart          Terry           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Peart          Zachariah       TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Pease          Tu              TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Peck           Karen           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Peck           Kelli           IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Peck           Kerry           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Peddle         Mary            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Peddle         William         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Pedersen       Christian       POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Pedersen       Gabriel         LEGISLATIVE AIDE II DIST #1               32,500
Pedersen       James           TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Pedersen       John            Transit Operator                          12,710
Pedersen       Rolf            DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC                 53,806
Pederson       Carl            ENGINEER I                                64,792
Pederson       Gerald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Pederson       Jon             SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Pederson       Pamela          Transit Operator                          51,373
Pedroza        Melani          LEGISLATIVE SECRETARY                     54,580
Peekstok       Anna            Communications Specialist II              61,905
Peel           Andrew          Transit Parts Specialist                  49,618
Peery          Donnie          Printing Equip Tech Large                 56,275
Pegelow        Wendy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Peguero        Antonio         JUV PROB COUNS SUPV                       67,704
Pegues         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Pegues         Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Pejic          Dalibor         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Pekaar         Janna           TEMP NP                                    8,438
Pelczar        Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Pelepko        Peter           Transit Operator                          41,098
Pelizzoni      Nick            Transit Operator                          12,792
Pellegrini     Joseph          SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Pellett        Matthew         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Pelley         Marcia          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Pellicciotti   Michael         DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Pelman         Joshua          Engineer III                              65,032
Pelroy         Steven          OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Pelton         Alan            Transportation Planner III                84,220
Pelton         Denis           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Pemberton      Trevor          Transit Operator                          51,373
Pendergast     Robert          ENGINEER TECH UNDERFILL 8513              54,881
Pendergrass    Charli          Transit Operator                          11,193
Pendergrass    Mary            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Pendle         David           RULE 9 INTERN                             33,648
Pendrak        Michael         CAPTAIN                                  101,122
Pennington     Cathy           LAN Administrator-Journey                 67,940
Pennington     Naomi           COURT CLERK                               45,326
Pennington     Richard         JAIL RN                                   66,377
Penny          Mechelle        Transit Operator                          51,373
Pennylegion    Michelle        PPM IV                                    76,493
Pentecost      Ronald          PARAMEDIC                                 84,953
Pepin          Lisa            CAPTAIN                                   90,168
Pepple         Gary            ELECTION EQUIPMENT TECH                   40,320
Peralta-clark  Carl            LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  38,452
Peralta-clark  Ruth            FISCAL SPEC IV                            54,881
Percelle       Beverly         HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     36,812
Perdue         Nancy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    41,287
Pere           Kahurangi       Transit Operator                          13,416
Perez          Ira             Computer Operator Specialist              42,279
Perez          Joaquin         TEMP DIS RESEARCH DATA SPEC                5,079
Perez          Jose            APPLICATION WORKER                        45,396
Perkins        Abbey           DEPUTY ASST                               40,678
Perozzo        Melissa         PARK MAINT SPEC II                             0
Perrault       Ryan            Transit Operator                          51,373
Perreira       Kenneth         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Perrin         Henry           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Perry          Christine       TEMP ADV PRAC NURSE SPEC                   9,317
Perry          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Perry          John            FUNCTIONAL ANALYST II                     69,570
Perry          Michelle        DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC                 34,387
Perry          Ronald          DEPUTY COUNTY AUDITOR                    106,270
Perry          Stephanie       Claims Officer                            58,928
Perry          Stephen         PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Perry          Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Perry          William         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        50,814
Perry-moore    Ann             PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       35,297
Persian        Robert          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Personius      David           Transit Chief                             71,240
Persons        Jack            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Persyn         Allan           PERSONAL HEALTH SERVICES SUPER            45,800
Peru           Georgia         FAMILY LAW FACILITATOR                         0
Perzynski      Dan             PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Peter          Richard         PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    63,274
Peterman       Gale            Transit Operator                          11,193
Peters         Christina       COURT CLERK                               36,576
Peters         Susan           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Petersen       Chelsea         TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Petersen       Christopher     Transit Operator                          51,373
Petersen       Jennifer        DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Petersen       Kathy           HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST                   60,342
Petersen       Rebecca         REAL PROPERTY AGENT IV                    76,493
Petersen       Renae           IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Petersen       Terry           TRUCK DRIVER III                          43,159
Peterson       Amanda          FAMILY LAW COURT COORDINATOR              34,036
Peterson       Barry           AUTOPSY TECHNICIAN                        60,342
Peterson       Brent           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Peterson       Bruce           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Peterson       Chris           Transit Operator                          11,193
Peterson       Clois           Mechanic 2nd                              54,463
Peterson       Craig           SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         116,447
Peterson       Delanie         HR Services Delivery Mgr. I               82,135
Peterson       Donna           INVENT PURCH SPEC II                      51,207
Peterson       Eric            POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Peterson       Erika           Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            74,701
Peterson       Heidi           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Peterson       Jayson          Transit Operator                          51,373
Peterson       John            Transit Operator                          14,122
Peterson       Karen           NOXIOUS WEED CTRL SPEC I                  41,287
Peterson       Karin           Transit Operator                          14,122
Peterson       Kenneth         Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Peterson       Kyoko           LIFEGUARD                                 39,375
Peterson       Larry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Peterson       Linda           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Peterson       Lorlee          HEALTH PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                46,664
Peterson       Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Peterson       Mark            Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Peterson       Maureen         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               80,209
Peterson       Paul            SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Peterson       Richard         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Peterson       Robert          Capital Project Manager IV                94,695
Peterson       Rosemary        POLICE DATA TECHNICIAN                    48,744
Peterson       Ruth            COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   58,054
Peterson       Sandra          Transit Operator                          51,373
Peterson       Scott           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Peterson       Thomas          Transit Operator                          46,235
Petitt         Cynthia         DIVISION SECRETARY                        49,914
Petre          Ellen           COUNCIL ADMINISTRATOR                    108,927
Petregal       Laura           DEPUTY V                                  75,189
Petrenchak     Jeffrey         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Petrie         Joanne          Assistant Buyer                           49,174
Petroka        Wade            LATENT PRINT EXAMINER                     63,273
Petrosyan      Garriy          Transit Operator                          51,373
Pettit         Gail            HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST                   55,364
Pettit         Ross            SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Pettitz        Jerry           PROBATION COUNSELOR I                     68,287
Petty          Kimberly        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST IV              54,881
Peverly        Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Pewitt         James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Pewitt         James           SERGEANT                                  77,267
Pfeifer        Edward          Mechanic                                  58,765
Pfeiffer       Kevin           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Pfeil          Klaus           Transit Operator                          12,792
Pflueger       Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Pfohman        Robin           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Phair          Shawna          ADMIN SPEC II                             37,695
Phalen         Barbara         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Pham           Aileen          TEMP ADMIN INTERN GRADUATE                 4,086
Pham           Hien            App Developer-Journey                     74,701
Pham           Khanh           Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Pham           Maihoa          PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR                 57,547
Pham           Martin          TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Pham           Minh-nguyet     CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 41,287
Pham           Nghia           DETENTION OFFICER                         40,017
Pham           Phan            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Pham           Tien            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Pham           To-loan         RN                                        65,935
Pham           Van             HAZ WASTE SURVEYOR/COORD                  67,940
Phan           Liem            Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Phan-Ba        Phi             Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Phann          Vothy           DETENTION OFFICER                         41,988
Phasouk        Khamsone        TLT MICROBIOLOGIST                        22,251
Phelan         David           DEPUTY I                                  49,871
Phelan         Scott           Transit Operator                          51,373
Phelps         Patrick         Transit Operator                          11,193
Phelps         Randi           RESEARCH ASSISTANT                        42,282
Philipose      Jasmine         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        64,792
Philips        Gail            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Phillips       Brett           ADMINISTRATIVE INTERN                          0
Phillips       Cathy           HE INVESTIGATOR II                        31,758
Phillips       David           INVOL COMMIT SUPERVISOR                   74,994
Phillips       Jackie          Communications Specialist III             58,929
Phillips       Jim             Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Phillips       John            Transit Operator                          46,235
Phillips       John            Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            61,791
Phillips       Larry           Network Engineer-Journey                  64,793
Phillips       Laurie          Transit Operator                          11,193
Phillips       Lawrence        COUNCILMAN - DISTRICT 4                  113,501
Phillips       Louis           APP DEVELOPER-JOURNEY                     78,637
Phillips       Mark            PROPERTY AGENT II                         66,347
Phillips       Pamela          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               25,590
Phillips       Patricia        TEMP ADMIN SPEC I                          3,897
Phillips       Ronald          Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Phillips       Valerie         Administrative Staff Assistant            51,112
Phillips jr    Jimmy           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Phillips-angeleEllen           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Phillips-mejia Maria           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    44,332
Phillipson     Darrell         JUDGE-JUSTICE COURT                      122,011
Phinney        Craig           Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Phipps         Kimberly        COURT CLERK I                             40,675
Phipps         Mary            Contract Specialist II                    74,701
Phoenix        James           PROBATION OFFICER I                       68,287
Phomma         Leurbandit      Transit Operator                          11,193
Phongoudom     Chanthavisouk   LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              38,452
Phounsavan     Nongnouth       Fiscal Specialist III                     42,651
Phung          Hai             IT Project Manager II                    104,260
Pickering      Frank           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Pickering      Valeriana       ADMIN SPEC II                             41,287
Pickrel        Donnalee        COURT CLERK I                             32,859
Pie            Daphne          EDUCATOR CONSULTANT II                    64,792
Pieczynski     Conrad          Transit Operator                          51,373
Piel           Richard         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  50,353
Pierce         Charlotte       CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      64,584
Pierce         David           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             76,493
Pierce         George          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Pierce         Jeff            EQUIP OPERATOR 7110 B                     48,186
Pierce         John            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Pierce         Judith          EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       46,485
Pierce         Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Pierce         Mary            Transit Operator                          41,098
Pierce         Michael         FACILITIES SPECIALIST                     47,555
Pierce         Samuel          SOCIAL WORKER                             52,338
Pierce         Thomas          TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Pierce         Woodrow         Transit Operator                          12,792
Pierson        Barclay         CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      66,923
Pierson        Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Pierson        Linda           Paint Preparatn Technician 2nd            51,540
Pierson        Thomas          LEGIS AIDE DIST #7 TEMP                        0
Pietranczyk    Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Piggott        Kathleen        PHN                                       70,324
Pigott         Eddie           Transit Operator                          51,373
Pike           Eugene          ENGINEER I                                58,928
Pike           Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Pike           Thomas          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Pilarc         Monica          TEMP PSYCHIATRIC EVAL SPEC                68,469
Pillay         Masla           Transit Operator                          51,373
Pillay         Vaita           Sheet Metal Worker 2nd                    60,332
Pillay         Vishwa          AUDITOR APPRAISER I                       45,796
Pinasco        John            Mechanic 2nd                              57,387
Pine           Elizabeth       CORRECT HEALTH SECTION MANAGER           117,226
Pine           Francisco       Equipment Service Worker 3rd              47,405
Pine           Frederick       Equipment Service Worker 3rd              35,481
Pineda         Alexander       Assistant Accountant                      49,914
Pineda         Jesus Carmelo JoTransit Operator                          11,193
Pineda         Joseph          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Pineda         Ma. Teresa      Business & Finance Officer IV             84,106
Pingeon        Dennis          Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Pingrey        Daniel          CAPTAIN                                   92,253
Pinsky         Martha          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Pioli          Anita           OFFICE ASSISTANT/RECEPTIONIST             36,554
Pioli          Paul            Revenue Coordinator                       52,730
Piper          David           Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Piquette       Donald          CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Pirak          Jacques         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Pitcher        William         ELECTION DAY WORKER                            0
Pitell         Joan            HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST - SR               76,493
Pitell         Louise          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Pittman        Katherine       TEMP INTERN UNDERGRADUATE                  2,932
Pitts          Dewayne         CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER                  106,617
Pitts          James           WastewaterPlantOperationsMgr              94,695
Pixler         Rebecca         ASSISTANT ARCHIVIST                       39,721
Pizarro        Gwen            LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC III             44,332
Place          Karen           Labor Negotiator II                       96,968
Plank          Casey           Water Qual Plnr/Project Mgr I             37,438
Plank          Jennifer        LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 53,694
Plantilla      Godofredo       Transit Operator                          51,373
Platt          Jean            COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   55,364
Platteborze    Brett           Mechanic                                  52,897
Plattner       Margee          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 4                 51,112
Pleas          Kelvie          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       61,464
Pleasant       Carlton         Transit Operator                          51,373
Plesco         Todd            IT SECURITY OFFICER-DEPARTMENT            88,191
Plorde         Michele         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                84,105
Plowman        Ronald          SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
Plumb          Francis         PARAMEDIC TRAINEE                              0
Plumb          Stevenson       Transit Operator                          41,098
Plummer        Belinda         Administrative Specialist III             47,602
Plummer        Dareyl          Transit Instructor                        64,696
Plummer        Latonya         Transit Operator                          51,373
Plunkett       Judith          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,595
Plute          Daniel          IT SYSTEMS SPEC - MASTER                  71,371
Poage          Elizabeth       Intern III                                31,807
Poche          Melinda         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Podbreggar     John            TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Podell         Lisa            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    84,105
Poe            Justin          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       53,087
Poels          Gregory         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Pohio          Karen           OCCUPATION EDUC-TRNCOORDINATOR            62,163
Pohle          Erik            Transit Operator                          12,792
Poirier        Beverly         SUPERVISOR II                             59,447
Poland         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Polenske       Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     40,675
Poli           Shela           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     36,126
Policar        Steven          Internal Audit Supervisor                 97,099
Policarpio     Revie           Transit Operator                          51,373
Polkinghorn    Richard         Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Polkow         John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Pollard        Leo             Transit Operator                          51,373
Pollitt        Denise          IT Systems Spec-Entry                     58,928
Pollock        Alessandra      PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                     0
Pollock        Jeffrey         PAINTER I                                 52,436
Pollock        Michael         Customer Service SpecialistIII            40,320
Pollock        R               IT PROJECT MANAGER II                     86,124
Polwort        Sharyl          TEMP-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I                  0
Polzin         Crystal         AS II                                     36,671
Polzin         Eric            Finance/Accounting Supervisor             92,475
Pomeroy        Richard         ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT                      53,594
Pompeo         Aaron           TEMP EMS INSTRUCTOR APPRENTICE                 0
Pompeo         Kathryn         COMM SPECIALIST - SUPERVISOR              64,542
Pompey         Eddie           JUV PROB COUNSELOR TEMP                        0
Pompey         Wendy           CHEMICALDEPENDENCYSCREENERSPVR            64,792
Pon            Yolanda         HE INVESTIGATOR II                        66,347
Ponder         Stephanie       Transit Operator                          11,193
Ponischil      Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,122
Ponomarchuk    Leonid          COURT COMMISSIONER                       121,735
Pool norby     Karen           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        108,084
Poor           Hallie          Transit Operator                          51,373
POPE           JASMINE         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Pope           Matthew         DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR-SR                 84,260
Pope           Michael         EXECUTIVE CONFIDENTIAL SECRETA            39,286
Pope           Stephen         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Popiwny        Michael         Capital Project Manager IV                97,062
Poplock        Randy           PROJ/PROG MNGR I                          46,895
Porad          Bruce           Transit Supervisor                        90,308
Porritt        Mark            Transit Operator                          12,792
Port           Cindi           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Porter         Debra           Grant Administrator                       84,375
Porter         Dominique       COMMUN CORRECT PLCMNT SPEC                46,232
Porter         Donald          SENIOR DEPUTY II                          97,857
Porter         James           BRIDGE TENDER - 60% FTE                   17,806
Porter         Michael         SERGEANT                                  73,543
Porter         Patty           WORK CREW SUPERVISOR                      46,486
Porter         Richard         Transit Operator                          14,122
Porter         Steve           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Porter         Tricia          ADMIN SPEC II                             38,452
Porter         William         Transit Chief                             71,240
Porter iv      Dale            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Porter Jr      Pierre          Transit Operator                          12,792
Porterfield    Robert          TEMP ELECTION WORKER OBSERVER                  0
Posey          Norton          ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Post           Arnie           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Poste          Michelle        Buyer                                     63,274
Posten         Margaret        Transit Operator                          11,193
Posthuma       Ronald          Transit Oriented DevProgMgr              120,203
Poston         Jon             CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Pote           Jon             Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Potteiger      Donn            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Potter         Deborah         COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  38,248
Potter         Keith           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Potter         Marc            TEMP SENIOR SOCIAL WORKER                  7,753
Potter         Randal          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Potter         Teresa          LEGAL SUPERVISOR I                        51,562
Potts          Kenneth         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Poulas         Caroline        CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 40,674
Poulsen        Heather         Educator Consultant II                    69,571
Poulter        Dick            EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Povick         Gary            COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Powell         Eudora          TEMPORARY LEGAL SECRETARY                      0
Powell         Julie           Desktop Support Spec-Jrny                 58,928
Powell         Kimberley       TEMP-LEGAL ADMIN SPEC II                       0
Powell         Sandi           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Powell         Sylvia          Fiscal Specialist II                      38,791
Powell         William         Administrator I                           51,112
Powell         William         PSYCHIATRIC EVAL SPECIALIST               69,844
Powelson       Karla           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Powelson       Richard         PLAYGROUND SPECIALIST                     51,111
Power          Jean            Environmental Lab Scientist II            64,793
Powers         Carolyn         Transit Operator                          51,373
Powers         Cathy           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Powers         Dennis          CAP PROJ MGT TECH 2                       54,881
Powers         Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Powers         Kim             TEMP SOCIAL WORKER                         6,567
Powers         Shelley         AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Prak           Narry           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Prasad         Sashi           ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       35,811
Pratap         Bigyan          Transit Operator                          51,373
Prater         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Prater-harrelsoBeverly         ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       43,293
Pratt          James           Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Pratt          Joan            SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Pratt          Stephanie       RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   39,725
Pratti         Reynalda        DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      23,213
Pravitz        Kathy           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER II             64,792
Pray           Jeffrey         ENGINEER III                              82,134
Preiss         Michael         COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Prentice       Dwight          PARK SPECIALIST II                        42,278
Prentice       Erica           Environmental Lab Scientist II            63,274
Prentice       Mary            EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Prentice       Patricia        NUTRITIONIST                              62,028
Prepotente     Jean-Michelle   Accountant                                52,339
Prepotente     Milagros        FiscalSpecialist III                      51,181
Prescott       Tanya           Transit Operator                          12,792
Preslicka      John            Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Presson        Patricia        FINANCIAL SVCS ADMINISTRATOR              96,967
Prestegaard    Erik            COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   59,447
Preston        Laurel          COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST III             67,940
Preston        Lewis           Transit Operator                          48,804
Pretlow        Melvin          ADMIN INTERN                              14,869
Preugschat     Corey           Administrative Specialist I               31,064
Preugschat     David           ASST DIV DIR, FACILITIES MGMT            106,617
Prevette       John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Price          Andrew          Transit Operator                          51,373
Price          Cristina        Fiscal Specialist II                      39,375
Price          Joe             Transit Operator                          51,373
Price          Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Price          Roger           Transit Operator                          51,373
Price          Stanley         Transit Instructor                        64,696
Price          William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Price jr       Thomas          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Pride          Harmon          Transit Operator                          51,373
Pride          Martha          ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN II                 54,881
Priebe         Willetta        TEMP PPM IV                               11,066
Priebe-olson   Marylisa        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Priel          David           Transit Operator                          15,990
Pries iii      John            MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       51,206
Priest         William         ENGINEER I                                64,792
Primous        Melvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Prince         Gary            Special Projects Manager II               99,430
Prince         Patricia        VM Tech Info Process Spec3 2nd            48,595
Prindle        Gretchen        Telecom Specialist-Senior                 86,241
Prins          Debra           DIV DIRECTOR, RESIDENTIAL                101,677
Prioleau       Rodney          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Pritchard      Kenneth         Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            69,571
Pritchard      Marilyn         Contract Specialist III                   84,106
Probst         Marilyn         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALISTI-Y-R            39,375
Procaccio      Piero           Mechanic                                  58,765
Prochnau       Kimberley       COURT COMMISSIONER                       121,735
Proffitt       Paula           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Prosch         Brian           Environmental LabScientist III            69,571
Prothero       Ralph           Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Protzeller     Patty           SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Provenzo       Anthony         SERGEANT                                  73,543
Pruneda        Zoraida         ADMIN SPEC III                            44,332
Prunhuber      Lynn            SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Pua            Alfredo         SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Puac           Zvonimir        Transit Operator                          51,373
Puente         Stella          CUSTOMER SERVICES SPEC III                48,222
Pugh           John            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Pugh           Kevin           Transit Operator                          12,792
Pugh           Robert          SUPERVISOR I                              56,202
Puglisi        Charles         IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Pulalasi       Rosanne         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Pulaski        Donna           Telecom Specialist-Senior                 80,209
Pulido         Martha          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Pullet         Isaiah          Construction Mgmt III                     59,631
Pulmano        Bruce           ENGINEER II                               63,831
Puloka         Siesia          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST I                 35,280
Punohu         Helen           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Purdue         Janine          PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 1                   59,036
Puro           Emma            ASSISTANT PROGRAM MANAGER                 59,064
Purr           Jeffrey         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Pursley        Lila            ADMN SPEC II                              43,293
Puruncajas     Karis           GRADUATE INTERN                                0
Purves         Keith           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     46,485
Putnam         Eric            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Putnam         Kimberly        CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    38,452
Putney         Richard         Construction Management IV                39,916
Pyle           Paul            Construction Management IV                35,710
Pyles          Donald          METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Pyon           Katie           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Quach          Dieu            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Quach          Sidney          Database Specialist-Sr                    67,940
Quade          William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Quall          Diana           JUV PROB COUNSELOR 1/2                    27,894
Quan           James           OPER ENGR 2                               53,694
Quandt         Richard         TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Queree         Michael         Transit Operator                          15,990
Quernemoen     Todd            Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Querry         William         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Questad        Barbara         Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            80,209
Quezada        Erica           LMTD-INTERN-SHIP                               0
Quiambao       Luisa           Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Quiambao       Renato          Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Quiban         Raoul           Transit Operator                          51,373
Quick          James           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST III             56,202
Quick          Robert          IT Enterprise Manager III                114,479
QUIMBY         MICHAEL         WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Quinn          De'sean         EXEC PROG ASST III                        71,240
Quinn          John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Quinn          Laura           PROJ/PROG MGR II                          54,067
Quinn          Rachel          Project Program Mgr. IV                   74,701
Quinonez       April           Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Quinsey        Ronald          TEMP PPM I                                     0
Quint          Emily           DEPUTY I                                  47,906
Quintal        Amber           Intern III                                42,432
Quinting       Kevin           BRIDGE TENDER- 60% FTE                    21,527
Quirit         Alex            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Quiroga        Florentino      Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Quiroz         Michael         Transit Operator                          14,122
Quist          Ronald          Engineer V                                88,703
Quitevis       Roberto         COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Quiton         Eugene          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Raab           Donald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Raab           Janet           HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     43,293
Raabe          Marshall        Transit Operator                          51,373
Rabadia        Viral           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      35,280
Rabago         Manuel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Rabbat         Victor          Fiscal Specialist I                       31,335
Rabchuk-wylie  Mica            COURT CLERK I                             32,859
Rabkin         Janice          TLT EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                     30,406
Rabourn        Gregory         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               71,240
Rabourn        Mary            Communications Spec II                    63,274
Racadio        Arnel           Mechanic 3rd                              57,909
Raccagno       Victoria        COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Racz           Steve           Utility Laborer                           41,328
Rada           David           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Radboy         Ali             Transit Operator                          51,373
Radella        Meredith        ENGINEER I                                64,792
Rader          Ronald          Mechanic                                  58,765
Radford        Mark            PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Radley         Mary            BAILIFF                                   55,670
Radoslovich    Joseph          FISCAL SPEC IV                            51,112
Rae            Russell         CHEM DEPENDENCY PROGRAM SCRNR             40,395
Raecke         Judith          INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT SPEC               66,847
Rafanan        Napoleon        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Rafanelli      Catherine       BUSINESS AND FINANCE OFFICERII            66,469
Raftis         Patrick         SERGEANT                                  75,382
Raganot        Emmanuel        Transit Operator                          11,193
Ragar          Patrick         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Rago           Anthony         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Ragonesi       Andrew          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ragsdale       Philip          Transit Operator                          41,098
Rahimian       Afsaneh         TEMP EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                     7,970
Rahm           Aline           COURT CLERK                               40,213
Rahr           Susan           SHERIFF                                  142,500
Railton        Robert          HR Services Delivery Mgr. II             104,260
Raine          Dwight          Transit Operator                          51,373
Rainey         David           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Rainey         Mary            Contract Specialist I                     60,343
Rainey         Verne           YOUTH PROGRAM COORDINATOR                 64,512
Rainford       Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Rains          Anthony         SENIOR STAFF PHYSICIAN                   148,602
Rains          Patricia        SUPERVISOR 1                              64,792
Rains          Zachary         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             72,950
Rainwater      Geraldine       PARK SPECIALIST II                        42,278
Rainwater      Jacob           Senior Accounting Rep                     47,280
Raj            Jai             Transit Operator                          12,792
Rajul          Mafe            RULE 9 INTERN                                  0
Ralston        Kevin           Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Ramage         Janath          PHN                                       68,619
Rambough       F.              Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Ramels         Peter           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        108,084
Ramerman       John            LAN MANAGER                               66,654
Ramey          Albert          Transit Operator                          14,122
Ramey          Brian           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                     34,453
Ramil          Jurgen          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  49,173
Ramirez        Greg            LAS I                                     29,183
Ramirez        Leslie          ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Ramirez        Maria           COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   58,054
Ramirez        Maria           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   62,335
Ramos          Cynthia         HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     14,321
Ramos          Mariano         Utility Service Worker 2nd                40,054
Ramos          Moses           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Ramos          Randy           Transit Operator                          46,235
Ramos          Stephen         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ramos          Teresita        WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Rampton        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ramsay         Calvin          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Ramsdell       Jeffrey         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Ramsey         Dianne          PUBLIC DEFENSE INTERIEWER                      0
Ramsey         Kim             Employee&LaborRelations REP               72,950
Randall        Brynn           DISPATCHER                                44,278
Randall        David           PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST                  102,029
Randall        Larry           Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Randall        Thomas          Customer Services Supervisor              86,241
Randell        Keith           Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Randels        Sandra          PHN                                       70,324
Randle         Daryl           Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Randle         Lisa            Transit Operator                          14,122
Randle         Marvin          Transit Operator                          51,373
Randles        Marty           Transit Operator                          51,373
Randles        Patrick         EMS INSTRUCTOR SENIOR                          0
Randolph       Ashleigh        WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Randolph       Deena           VM Tech Info Process Spec3 2nd            39,198
Range          Dennis          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Rankin         Amanda          CRT PROGRAM SPEC-TRUANCY FACIL            43,205
Rankin         Joyce           HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     36,671
Rankin         Julie           JAIL RN                                   68,632
Rankin         Lawrence        Transit Operator                          51,373
Rankin         Michelle        Fiscal Specialist II                      42,279
Rankins        Sandra          Transit Operator                          14,122
Ranlett        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Ranniger       Patricia        Transit Operator                          11,193
Rao            Vijaya          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Rapada         Calvin          SENIOR DEPUTY II                         101,573
Rapier         Janice          Transit Operator                          14,122
Rashid         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Rask           Andrea          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER I                 57,547
Rasmussen      Beverly         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Rasmussen      Joanne          COMMITTEE ASSISTANT                       55,945
Rassi          Elham           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                5,562
Rathbun        Dennis          Wastewater Treatment Supvr                68,070
Ratner         Diana           Marketing & Sales Spclst III              63,274
Ratte          David           ENGINEER II                               72,950
Rausch         Linda           Transit Operator                          12,792
Rauscher       Kenneth         GIS Specialist-Senior                     72,950
Raven          Rendall         SENIOR APPRAISER                          63,831
Ravsten        Kelly           Transit Operator                          51,373
Rawlins        Dolores         COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Rawls          Walter          Transit Operator                          11,193
Ray            Bradley         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ray            Debra           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Ray            Lolita          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ray            Scott           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Rayborn        Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Rayburn        Diane           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        53,158
Raymond        Joan            Project Program Mgr. IV                   94,823
Raymond        Richard         Industrial Engine Mechanic                66,347
Raymond        Shannon         SUPERVISOR III                            68,538
Raymundo       Lorenzo         Transit Operator                          51,373
Raynor         Travis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Raz            Donald          SENIOR DEPUTY V                          122,269
Rea            Bill            Construction Management III               78,329
Read           Cheryl          Wastewater Treatment Supvr                88,440
Read           Melinda         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Reamer         Grace           LEGISLATIVE AIDE II DIST #3               47,096
Reardon        John            Transit Instructor                        64,696
Reardon        Kevin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Reay           Alton           ELECTRICIAN I                             60,453
Rechichi       Antonio         SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Reck           Suzanne         Claims Officer                            58,928
Record         James           BUDGET ANALYST III                        84,105
Reddekopp      Y               DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Redden         Sharon          Transit Operator                          51,373
Redd-jones     Merilyn         OFFICE SUPERVISOR                         66,654
Redick         Sandra          Administrative Staff Assistant            53,595
Redling        Patricia        TEMP PHN                                   8,338
Redmond        Edith           Transit Operator                          51,373
Redmond        Regina          Transit Operator                          11,193
Redmond        Sherry          Transit Operator                          51,373
Reece          William         Equipment Operator                        51,540
Reed           Bruce           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 55,364
Reed           Charles         Transit Operator                          46,235
Reed           Clyde           PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST                   97,864
Reed           Deborah         SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              36,673
Reed           Elizabeth       Functional Analyst III                    66,348
Reed           Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Reed           Jan             Transit Operator                          12,792
Reed           Jeffrey         ADMIN OFFICE ASSISTANT                    29,183
Reed           Jennifer        Transit Operator                          48,804
Reed           John            CAPTAIN                                  101,122
Reed           Joseph          Transit Operator                          46,235
Reed           Lamarifred      CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER III              82,134
Reed           Lorinda         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Reed           Michael         HE INSPECTOR                              47,601
Reed           Nancy           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      44,332
Reed           Richmond        ORIENTATION & ASSMNT SPEC                 53,440
Reed           Romell          IT Project Manager II                     99,295
Reed           William         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Reeder         Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Reeder jr      J               CORRECTIONS PROG SUPV                     76,487
Rees           Blake           EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Rees           Derrick         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Reese          James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Reese          Ricki           BAILIFF                                   55,670
Reese          Sharon          TLT EDUCATOR CONSULTANT III               66,347
Reese sr       Darryl          UTILITY WORKER II                         41,364
Reeve          Carter          SUPERVISOR II                             74,700
Reeve          Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Reeve          Tod             SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Reeves         Dana            EMS INSTRUCTOR II                              0
Reeves         James           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Reeves         Larry           PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        57,653
Reeves         Roberta         TEMP PUBLIC HLTH NURSE                     8,338
Regalia        Paul            PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Regan          Burnette        PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Regimbal       Laura           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Regnier        David           SENIOR DEPUTY V                          125,345
Rehmke         Carroll         PRO-TEM BAILIFF                                0
Reid           Barbara         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      22,663
Reid           Patricia        Assistant Buyer                           57,547
Reid           Sandrea         PHASS                                     54,881
Reid           W               Transit Operator                          51,373
Reidy iii      William         TEMP EPIDEMIOLOGIST I                      6,593
Reiff          Gail            COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Reigel         Maxine          Accountant                                61,791
Reilly         Gregg           Transit Operator                          51,373
Reilly         Mark            Network Architect                         94,695
Reily          Randall         Metal Constructor                         58,765
Reiner         Martha          TECH INFO PROCESSING SPEC III             40,674
Reinert        Harry           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    90,307
Reinfeld       Marti           Project Program Mgr. IV                   71,246
Reinhardt      Carmen          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    44,332
Reinitz        Lisa            IT Enterprise Manager II                  94,695
Reinke         Gary-paul       ENGINEER II                               72,950
Reinlasoder    Rick            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                60,874
Reis           Elizabeth       ED CONSULTANT II                          71,240
Reis           Lawrence        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Reisig         Carol           Transit Operator                          51,373
Reisig         Loren           Transit Operator                          51,373
Reitenbach     Paul            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Reiter         Susan           TEMP RN                                    7,991
Reitzes        Rebecca         EDUCATOR CONSULTANT I                     60,342
Reller         Faye            NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       42,278
Remington      Cheryl          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSIST II                     0
Remitz         Don             EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        39,856
Remy           Glen            Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Renaud         Richard         ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Rendina        Bill            Transit Operator                          51,373
Renfrow        Benjamin        Transit Chief                             82,134
Renfrow        Peggy           Transit Chief                             82,134
Renfrow        Reed            TEMP AS I                                  3,897
Renner         Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Rennie         Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Renouard       Robert          CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                84,105
Renteria       Veronica        GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      66,348
Resch          Wayne           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Reser          Benjamin        Transit Operator                          51,373
Respicio       Mercedes        TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Restovic       Pamela          WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            72,950
Retic          Cheryl          SOCIAL WORKER                             48,711
Rettell        Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Rettig         Brandy          ENGINEER II                               66,350
Rettig         Erik            PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Rettmer        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Reusch         Marilyn         DENTAL HYGIENIST                          35,757
Revelle        Robin           Environmental Lab Scientist I             57,547
Reyes          Cornelio        Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Reyes          David           HSA II                                    99,294
Reyes          Edgardo         Transit Operator                          51,373
Reyes          Maria           WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Reynaga        Jose            CUSTODIAN                                      0
Reynolds       Charles         Engineer V                                93,138
Reynolds       David           PROGRAM ANALYST                           69,962
Reynolds       F               POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Reynolds       Gisela          PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Reynolds       Kimberley       LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               35,280
Reynolds       Ritchie         TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Reynolds       Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Reynolds       Tedi            IT Systems Spec-Journey                   64,793
Reynolds       Terry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Reynolds       Theresa         HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIATE                  54,881
Reynolds       Thomas          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Reynolds-jones Lydia           MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Rezab          Toni            COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST II                  99,294
Rheinford      Kevin           TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN-TLT             57,547
Rhinehart      Joel            METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Rhoades        Carolyn         PRO TEM BAILIFF                            8,484
Rhoads         Mary            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Rhoads         Terry           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Rhodes         Conni           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Rhodes         Janet           ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSISTANT            54,881
Rhodes         Judith          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Rhodes         Kenneth         COMMUNICATION SUPERVISOR                  64,542
Rhodes         Marilyn         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            78,329
Rhodes         Raven           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Rhodriquez     Carlos          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            76,493
Rice           Cathryn         Special Projects Manager I                51,675
Rice           Doug            COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST III             71,240
Rice           John            APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER SENIOR             69,570
Rice           Justin          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Rice           Katherine       VICTIM ADVOCATE                           29,053
Rice           Margaret        Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv II                67,231
Rice           N               TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Rice           Richard         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             80,209
Rice           Royce           Transit Operator                          51,373
Rich           Jason           CAPITAL PROJECTS MANAGER III              64,797
Richard        Lenneth         EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    43,825
Richards       Christian       Finance&AdministrServicesMgr             104,260
Richards       Jason           PARK SPECIALIST I - FIELD                 30,965
Richards       Peggy           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     46,485
Richards       Randy           Mechanic                                  58,765
Richards       Robert          EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Richards       Thomas          MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I HD              53,694
Richardson     Barbara         Transit Operator                          41,098
Richardson     Charles         Transit Operator                          46,235
Richardson     Dallas          Maintenance Signage Specialist            47,029
Richardson     David           Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Richardson     David           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Richardson     Diane           CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Richardson     Elizabeth       TEMPORARY HELP                                 0
Richardson     George          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Richardson     James           Transit Chief - Power                     75,414
Richardson     John            ENGINEER I                                64,792
Richardson     Kelley          CORRECTIONS SUPERVISOR                    62,073
Richardson     Kristin         SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         110,802
Richardson     Mack            Transit Operator                          51,373
Richardson     Ramal           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Richardson     Rodney          Transit Operator                          51,373
Richardson     Rush            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Richardson     Sara            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Richardson     Terence         Millwright                                58,765
Richardson Jr. William         Supervisor I                              61,791
Riches         Kyle            MASTER POLICE OFFICER                     63,955
Richey         Aldo            Transit Operator                          51,373
Richey         Joanna          ASST DIVISION DIRECTOR-WLRD              106,617
Richey         Valiant         DEPUTY I                                  49,871
Richling       Joseph          COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Richmond       Glenn           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Richmond       Harland         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Richner        Jonathan        JAIL RN                                   68,632
Richter        Arvid           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Richter        Jeffery         Transit Operator                          14,122
Richter        Julie           PARALEGAL                                 47,601
Richter        Klaus           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV                92,475
Richter        Scott           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Richter        Susan           Lead Transit Parts Specialist             54,589
Richtmyer      Peter           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ricketts       Chris           ASSISTANT DIVISION DIR, BSD               94,694
Rickwartz      Larry           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-MASTER                  76,493
Riddick        Sheryl          PPM III                                   78,329
Rideaux        Mikel           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Rider          Susan           CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC II                  40,395
Ridge dao      Linda           DEPUTY CHIEF ADMIN OFFICER               108,372
Ridgeway       Gordon          IDENTIFICATION SUPERVISOR                 58,927
Riecken        David           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Riedel         Eric            CARPENTER 1                               53,694
Rieder         Xavier          PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Rieders        Barry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Rieg           Sharen          COMMUNICATIONS SUPERVISOR                 64,542
Riehs          Ronald          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ries           Daniel          CARPENTER 2                               59,036
Ries           Debra           Transit Operator                          48,804
Riesenberg     Matthew         PARAMEDIC TRAINEE                              0
Rietberg       Krista          EPID II                                   63,522
Riffle         Clifford        Transit Operator                          51,373
Riggs          Craig           SENIOR SOCIAL WORKER                      69,570
Rigsby         Robert          Millwright                                58,765
Rigtrup        Cory            Mechanic                                  58,765
Rikansrud      Glen            Transit Operator                          51,373
Riley          Colin           Mechanic 3rd                              54,985
Riley          Darrel          Database Administrator-Sr                 88,538
Riley          Earl            Transit Operator                          51,373
Riley          John            Customer Svcs Coord - Lead                72,950
Riley          Judy            TransitDesign&ConstructionMgr            111,948
Riley          Kathleen        ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Riley          Lynn            Transit Chief                             86,241
Riley          Nicola          BAILIFF                                   51,797
Riley          Tammie          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Riley          Verna           COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  38,248
Riley-kauer    Josephine       PROJECTPROGMGRIII                         80,209
Rimmer         Michele         NUTRITIONIST                              26,900
Rims           Swang           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Riner          Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Ring           Leslie          Administrator I                           54,881
Ripley         Frank           Millwright                                58,765
Riske          Eugene          Transit Operator                          11,193
Rismoen        Kathleen        PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Rispoli        Karen           Transit Operator                          51,373
Rissler        Lee             COURT MANAGER                             65,059
Rist           Alexander       PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Ristic         Maureen         BAILIFF                                   55,670
Ritchie        Edward          Transit Operator                          51,373
Ritchie        Jennifer        PARALEGAL                                 42,651
Ritenour       Shirley         FISCAL SPEC III                           48,744
Ritscher       James           USW Driver Grandfathered                  39,950
Rittenhouse jr Samuel          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER 2                 58,928
Ritter         Dana            FINANCE & ADMIN SERV MGR                  96,967
Ritter         Greg            Transit Operator                          51,373
Ritter         Richard         Transit Operator                          12,710
Ritter         Rita            Management Services AnalystIII            67,427
Ritter         Susan           Facilities Maintenance Worker             37,318
Ritter         William         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Rittereiser    Jason           ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Ritz           K               Project/Program Manager I                 63,274
Ritzen         Bruce           CODE REVISER                              86,461
Rivera         April           ASSIST PROGRAM MANAGER                         0
Rivera         Emmanuel        Hlth & Envirnmt Invstg II                 73,022
Rivera         Maritza         PROJECT MANAGER IV                        59,760
Rivera         Martin          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Rivera         Pauline         PARALEGAL                                 42,651
Rivera         Rodger          COURT CLERK                               45,326
Rivera         Ruben           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY-II                 60,342
Rivera         Socorro         CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Rivers         Donavan         Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Rivoli         Robert          INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Rizzo          Judith          COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Rizzuto        Daniel          ENGINEER I                                64,792
Roach          David           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Roach          William         Transportation Planner IV                 56,894
Roark          Janice          BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER I              51,562
Roashan        Mohammed        TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR               39,529
Roba           Taha            TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Robale         Abdisa          Transit Operator                          11,193
Robb           Jean            Engineer II                               71,441
Robbin         Christine       Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Robbins        Debra           FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     47,601
Robbins        Emily           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             41,651
Robbins        Nancy           Business & Finance Officer III            74,839
Robel          Stephanie       ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               39,375
Robello        Giovanni        TEMPORARY CWP WORK CREW SUPERV                 0
Roberge        Raphael         COMMERCIAL APPRAISER I                    44,723
Roberson       Dan             PLUMBING INSPECTOR                        63,390
Roberson       Effie           AS II                                     38,452
Roberson       Renae           Vehicle Upholsterer                       58,765
Roberson       Richard         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Roberson       Ruth            CUSTOMER SVC SPEC III                     46,485
Roberson       Sean            WWTreatmentUtilityWorker                  42,279
Roberts        Brett           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Roberts        David           COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Roberts        Deloris         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             41,651
Roberts        Doris           Customer Services Coordinator             69,665
Roberts        Kimberly        TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECHNICIAN                 66,347
Roberts        Mark            IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Roberts        Mary            SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Roberts        Sharon          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER III               72,950
Roberts        Steven          COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   52,800
Robertson      Darren          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  76,493
Robertson      Douglas         Construction Management V                 94,695
Robertson      James           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Robertson      Jean            ASST DIV DIR, MENTAL HLTH-CA              94,694
Robertson      N               Transit Operator                          51,373
Robertson      Sara            Intern III                                17,076
Robertson      Stuart          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Robertson      Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Robertson      William         Transit Operator                          12,710
Robertson      William         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Robillard      Richard         COURT MANAGER                             53,631
Robino         Jevon           Transit Operator                          51,373
Robinson       Andrew          Transportation Planner II                 71,240
Robinson       Anthony         Transit Operator                          11,193
Robinson       Charles         Transit Operator                          51,373
Robinson       Charlotte       Transit Operator                          12,792
Robinson       Christine       BAILIFF                                   48,209
Robinson       David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Robinson       David           Environmental Lab Scientist II            63,274
Robinson       Deborah         Transit Operator                          14,122
Robinson       Dennis          Purchasing Specialist                     51,226
Robinson       Donald          Finance/Accounting Supervisor             97,099
Robinson       Gregg           Transit Operator                          12,710
Robinson       James           Transit Operator                          12,792
Robinson       Jonn            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Robinson       Kimberly        FISCAL SPEC III                           48,744
Robinson       Kimberly        Administrative Staff Assistant            56,198
Robinson       Lawrence        TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Robinson       Mattie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Robinson       Molly           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Robinson       Palmer          SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Robinson       Paul            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Robinson       Robin           Administrative Specialist II              43,293
Robinson       Shary           ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Robinson       Shelton         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Robinson       Shirley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Robinson       Stephen         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Robinson       Titus           Transit Operator                          51,373
Robinson       Ulinda          Fiscal Specialist III                     42,651
Robinson       Vincent         SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Robinson-bachteBoni            REGISTERED NURSE - JUVENILE               68,253
Robison        Denver          Paint Preparation Technician              49,974
Robles         Almaflor        ADMINISTRATION SPECIALIST II              36,812
Robles         Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Robles         Noemi           SECURITY SCREENER                         16,705
Robles         Pearl           Assistant Accountant                      45,397
Robles         Randolf         ADMIN SPEC II                             35,949
Robles         Richard         ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Robson         Roberta         IT MANAGER I                              88,191
Rochelle       Joseph          SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         112,188
Rochetti       Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Rochford       John            Transportation Planner III                84,220
Rochon         David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Rochon         Kimberly        Transit Operator                          14,122
Rochon         Michael         Transit Parts Specialist                  49,618
Rockey         Keller          GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Rockwood       Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Rodenberg      John            COURT OPERATIONS SPECIALIST               44,252
Rodenberg      W               Transit Operator                          51,373
Rodgers        Lisa            Claims Assistant                          46,896
Rodgers        Paul            Transit Chief                             86,241
Rodgers-lollie Peggy           UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Rodgers-yates  Donna           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Rodin          Rex             SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     43,374
Rodmyre        Keith           Transit Operator                          46,235
Rodricks       Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Rodrigo        Francisco       Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Rodriguez      Chris           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               49,914
Rodriguez      David           DENTAL ASSISTANT                          35,811
Rodriguez      Hilary          CUST SVC SPEC II                          33,354
Rodriguez      Jess            COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Rodriguez      Jorge           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Rodriguez      Luis            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Rodriguez      Marciano        PHASS                                     53,595
Roe            Stanley         EXECUTIVE SECRETARY I                     66,347
Roehl          Robert          Occup Educ & Trng Prgm Admin              40,839
Roehm          Sheila          CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY II                 60,342
Roetter        Aric            WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Rogero         Eva             LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II              39,375
Rogers         Carol           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC II                    43,293
Rogers         Dermot          Construction Management II                60,343
Rogers         Donna           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Rogers         Ethan           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,279
Rogers         Jackie          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                38,790
Rogers         James           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Rogers         Latonya         SOCIAL SERVICES SPEC                      47,601
Rogers         Melissa         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Rogers         Neil            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Rogers         Shelia          COURT PROG SPECIALIST                     46,426
Rogers         Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Rogers         Vincent         Transit Operator                          51,373
Rogerson       Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Rogoff         Roger           SENIOR DEPUTY II                         100,320
Rojas          Leticia         NUTRITION ASSIST                          35,811
Rojnuckarin    Yaeko           OFFICE MANAGER I                          67,731
Roleru         Michael         PSYCHIATRIC EVAL SPECIALIST               69,844
Rolfe          Diane           Carpenter                                 58,765
Roll           Lynn            PPM III                                   35,757
Rolla          Trudy           HE INVESTIGATOR III                       59,990
Rollolazo      Jesse           CORR PROGRAM SPECIALIST                   62,163
Rollolazo      Marilyn         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Romano         Ebony           ADMINISTRATOR III - TLT                   66,348
Romano         Rachel          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2 UF              37,550
Romanovitch    Linda           CARPENTER 2                               59,036
Romanyuk       Nikolay         Transit Operator                          51,373
Rombauer       Rosalyn         ADMIN STUDENT INTERN                           0
Romero         Aliw            FiscalSpecialist III                      44,332
Romero         Kim             PUBLIC DEFENSE INTERVIEWER                     0
Roney          Jay             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Ronish         Jerald          SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Ronneberg      Brett           HPA II                                    43,293
Rook           Rose            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Roos           Stephne         DENTAL ASSIST                             38,452
Roosma         Shannon         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Root           Nancy           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              38,452
Root           Stacey          Customer Service Specialist II            35,811
Roper          Jeffrey         Applications Developer-Sr                 88,311
Roper          Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Roque          Celso           Transit Operator                          51,373
Roque          Lisa            LEGAL ADMN SPEC II                        38,452
Rorex          Douglas         Database Administrator-Sr                 92,965
Rorvik         Mark            SERGEANT                                  75,382
Rosa           Kelly           SUPERVISOR II                             62,335
Rosado         Luis            CHEM DEP INVOL COMMT SPEC                 63,273
Rosado         Maria           ADMN SPEC III                             47,601
Rosaldo        Alfredo         Transit Operator                          51,373
Rosane         Steven          Project Control Engineer III              72,612
Rosborough     Willie          ORIENTATION & ASSMNT SPEC                 53,440
Roscoe         Theresa         Project Program Mgr. IV                   82,135
Rose           Allen           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   48,021
Rose           Andrew          APPRAISER I - RESIDENTIAL                 45,796
Rose           Jimmy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Rose           Jo-Ann          Transit Operator                          51,373
Rose           Monica          Transit Operator                          14,122
Rose           Richelle        SITE DEVELOPMENT SPEC II                  82,134
Rose           Susan           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      45,326
Rosenau        Larry           PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Rosenberger    Robert          COMMERCIAL APPRAISER II                   60,874
Rosenstiel     Grace           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Rosenthal      Travis          CUSTODIAN-SE                              27,503
Rosenzweig     Karen           Transportation Planner III                84,220
Ross           Annette         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              29,885
Ross           Dea             AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Ross           Debra           Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIII            63,279
Ross           Keith           Transit Operator                          51,373
Ross           Laurie          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ross           Micheleyn       AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Ross           Patricia        ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      41,651
Ross           Steven          DETENTION OFFICER                         37,238
Ross           Wayne           Transit Operator                          14,122
Rossbach       Kurt            Transit Operator                          51,373
Rossman        Dolores         TEMP EDUCATOR CONSULTANT III               9,828
Rossman        Kelleen         ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    37,554
Rostad         Linda           Transit Chief                             82,134
Rost-Petersen  Kathleen        Functional Analyst III                    78,329
Rostrom        J               Transit Operator                          51,373
Roswell        Jacquelynn      Capital Project Manager IV                94,695
Rotecki        Nancy           NURSE PRACTITIONER                        82,846
Roth           Susan           REGISTERED NURSE                          52,951
Rothwell       Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Rotunno        Michele         Transit Operator                          15,990
Rougeau        Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Rounds         Rebecca         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Roungthong     Wirach          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Rousseau       Kenneth         Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Routt          Gregory         SOCIAL WORKER                             58,928
Rowa           Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Rowan          Sara            PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 1                   59,036
Rowan-kennedy  Cynthia         COURT REPORTER                            52,801
Rowe           Carol           FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                       36,671
Rowe           Cheryl          Transit Operator                          11,193
Rowe           Genevieve       EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         36,759
Rowe           James           Transit Operator                          11,193
Rowe           Mark            PPM III                                   76,493
Rowe           Peter           APPLICATIONS DEV-JOURNEY                  74,700
Rowe           Richard         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Rowe           Roger           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Rowe           Sharon          TEMP OCC ED TRAINING INSTRUCTO             5,562
Rowe           Suzanne         ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       33,645
Rowland        Sonja           IT Project Manager II                     84,106
Rowley         Steven          Transit Operator                          48,804
Roy            Jean            COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Roy            Kristine        Administrative Specialist II              43,293
Roy            Renee           Transit Operator                          13,416
Roy            Steven          MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 50,006
Royce          Crystal         Transit Parts Specialist 2nd              51,185
Royds          William         EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    43,825
Rozsnafszky    Nicholas        POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Rubalcaba      Cleo            GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Rubalcaba      Vicki           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC IV                    53,594
Rubalcava      James           ELECTRICIAN HELPER                        41,364
Rubbert        Gene            Transit Operator                          11,193
Rubenstein     Adrienne        BAILIFF                                   50,570
Rubin          Lenore          TEMP CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST               138,929
Rucker         Brent           Marketing & Sales Spec II                 71,337
Ruddell        William         Transit Operator                          12,792
Rudder         Tyriff          DETENTION OFFICER                         39,067
Rudland        Tom             Transit Operator                          41,098
Rudolph        Christine       ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     37,881
Rudolph        Dustin          POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Ruedas         Fe              FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     48,744
Ruedebusch     Gerald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Ruffin         Monique         Transit Operator                          11,193
Ruffner        Robert          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        35,757
Ruiz           Eva             TEMP RESEARCH ASST                         5,305
Ruiz           Marina          HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                     43,293
Ruiz           Philip          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Rummel         Briana          LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 38,452
Rummel         Montine         TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Running        Gregg           Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Running        Katherine       SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Running        Launa           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Runolfson      Kevin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Runyan         Jamie           PROJ/PROGRAM MGR IV                       78,329
Rusness        Roger           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Russell        Bryan           ADMIN INTERN                               3,717
Russell        Chrissie        TEMP JAIL RN                               9,516
Russell        Darryl          Safety & Health Admin IV                  74,701
Russell        James           Transit Operator                          14,122
Russell        Karen           NURSE MANAGER                             94,694
Russell        Nicole          Transit Operator                          51,373
Russell        Pamela          ADMIN SPEC II                             37,551
Russell        Paul            Senior Buyer                              66,348
Russell        Raymond         TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Russell        Ronald          Transit Operator                          12,710
Russell        Scott           EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Russell        Stacy           PARALEGAL                                 48,021
Russell-diaz   Shelby          ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Rusu           Mihael          Mechanic 3rd                              57,909
Rutan          Phillip         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Rutherford     Jain            Safety & Health Admin IV                  68,538
Rutledge       Angela          ADMIN SPEC II                             42,278
Rutledge       Ed              Transit Operator                          48,804
Rutledge       Jerry           Power & Facilities Manager               111,948
Rutledge       Victoria        CRIMINAL CRT INFO PROCESS SPEC            35,694
Rux            Joann           CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST II            40,395
Ruxlow         Karen           Customer Svcs Coord - Lead                66,348
Ryals          Ronald          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Ryan           April           Transit Operator                          51,373
Ryan           David           DIR OF INFO & TECH                       115,009
Ryan           James           RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Ryan           Patricia        HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Ryan           Randy           INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Rybock         Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Ryder          Glenn           Transit Operator                          51,373
Rydin          Ann             TEMP JAIL RN                               9,192
Rynders        Jeremy          UTILITY WORKER II - TEMP                       0
Ryynanen       Susan           Communications Coordinator                67,933
Saager         Christine       VM Tech Info Process Spec3                47,029
Saari          William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Saarinen       Daniel          UTILITY WORKER ASSISTANT                  29,677
Saario         Dena            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sabou          Ioan            CUSTODIAN                                      0
Sabour         Sharareh        PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   80,209
Sabroe         Andrew          APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SENIOR             74,700
Sacharoff      Ira             ProjectProgramMrg I                       49,918
Sackman        John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Sacks          Jeffrey         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Saechao        Farm            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Saechao        Nai             APPLICATION WORKER                        40,320
Saeda          Tami            DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Saeman         Tracy           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Saephan        Meuy            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Saephan        Tsen            Intern III                                12,425
Saeteurn       Kao             CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Saffer         Kellie          DETENTION OFFICER                         36,357
Safrin         Neal            Transit Operator                          51,373
Sagapolu       Onosai          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Sage           James           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Sagen          William         Engineer III                              74,839
Sager          Paul            Transit Operator                          12,710
Sagiao         Lealofioaana    Transit Operator                          51,373
Sagnis         James           Wastewater Treatment Supvr                80,357
Sahagun        Rey-dante       ENGINEER II                               72,950
Sahlinger      William         Rideshare Services Rep                    68,032
Sahm           Robert          Transit Planning Supervisor               99,430
Sailand        Karl            Line Mat Wrkr                             54,275
Sailand        Sandra          Transit Operator                          51,373
Sailiai        Amataca         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Sainsbury      Charles         CHIEF DEPUTY                             133,148
Saint clair    James           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Saint clair    Mary            TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN SR                   18,646
Sakagami       Mark            Senior Gardener                           56,198
Sakumoto       Karleen         Asst.Div.Dir.,Fin&Bus Ops                111,948
Salaam         Zayid           Transit Operator                          51,373
Salamon        Stephanie       Accounting Technician II                  45,818
Salamony       John            COURT OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR II            44,276
Salas          Eileen          MICROBIOLOGIST SR                         58,927
Salas          Jesus           NUTRITION ASSIST                          36,670
Salas          Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Salazar        Raleigh         SUPERVISOR I                              71,240
Saldana        Monica          COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              51,256
Saldana        Saul            Lead Vehicle Upholsterer                  64,634
Saleh          Aicha           OFFICE TECHNICIAN II                      35,694
Sales          William         Mechanic                                  58,765
Salgado        Michael         DENTAL ASSIST                             38,452
Salisbury      Erik            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Salkeld        Donna           FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      37,551
Salkeld        Jon             Equipment Service Worker 2nd              34,958
Salkin         Rebecca         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             42,799
Salmon         Michael         PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    72,950
Salomon        Aimee           ADMINISTRATIVE OFC SPEC                        0
Salomon        Jacquelyn       TEMP INTERN-UNDERGRADUATE                  2,932
Salsbery       Patrick         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Salsbury       Ronald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Salter         Anita           Customer Service Specialist IV            45,796
Salter         Todd            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Saltvig        Mark            SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Salvadalena    Matthew         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Salvesen       Rhonda          COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Salvino        Richard         COOK/BAKER                                39,067
Salyer         David           Transit Operator                          11,193
Sam            Roeun           ADMN SPEC II                              21,729
Samac          Patricia        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Sambila        Gary            PARK SPECIALIST I - SEASONAL                   0
Sambrano       Frederick       Transit Operator                          14,122
Samek          Pamela          HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST                    69,570
Samet          Barry           Transit Chief                             67,940
Samet          Sandra          Transit Operator                          14,122
Samples        Daniel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Sampson        Angela          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  63,946
Sampson        Colin           Transit Operator                          12,792
Sampson        Cynthia         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sampson        Ernest          Transit Operator                          51,373
Sampson        Sharroyn        ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                        0
Samson         Marialinda      SECURITY SCREENER                         31,866
Samson         Thomas          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Samudre        Vinay           Transit Operator                          51,373
Samuels        Verna           Customer Service Specialist II            42,278
Samuelsen      Glenn           WastewaterTreatmentOperator               54,881
Samuelson      S               Transit Operator                          51,373
Samujh         Camille         INTERN - GRADUATE                          3,717
San carlos     Nancy           ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                        0
San nicolas    Doreen          RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIT III                   0
Sanchez        Crystal         ADMIN INTERN                               3,717
Sanchez        Jenice          ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       42,278
Sanchez        Joseph          Transit Operator                          14,122
Sanchez        Kristie         CONFIDENTIAL SEC I                        56,198
Sanchez        Paul            Transit Operator                          51,373
Sanchez-Gomez  Omar            Transit Operator                          51,373
Sander         Sandra          Transit Chief                             86,241
Sanderbrink    Charles         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Sanders        Benjamin        JAIL MEDICAL OFFICER                     152,168
Sanders        Derrick         Environmental Lab Scientist II            61,791
Sanders        Erin            LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Sanders        George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Sanders        James           MANAGING ENGINEER                         99,294
Sanders        Kelli           Process Laboratory Spec I                 56,198
Sanders        Linda           Project Program Mgr. IV                   84,106
Sanders        Margaret        SR LEGISLATIVE ANALYST                    77,429
Sanders        Philip          Treasury Manager                         104,118
Sanders        Randy           Transit Operator                          46,235
Sanders        Ryan            BUDGET ANALYST II                         61,791
Sanders        Warren          Transit Chief                             86,241
Sanders ii     Albert          MEDIA RELATIONS SPECIALIST                62,770
Sanders iii    William         IT SUPERVISOR I                           86,124
Sanders-Meena  Christine       Waste Water Engineer VI                  104,220
Sanderson      Kay             FUNCTIONAL ANALYST II                     61,791
Sandhoff       Kimberly        Transit Operator                          14,391
Sandhu         Akum            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Sandhu         Baldev          Transit Operator                          51,373
Sandin         Randy           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Sandlin        James           PARAMEDIC                                 84,953
Sandquist      Keven           Construction Management V                 94,916
Sandstrom      David           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   70,183
Sandvold       Raymond         SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Sandy          Judy            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Sanford        Terry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Sang           Peter           Transit Operator                          51,373
Sangani        Champa          Waste Water Engineer IV                   72,950
Sangar         Bhupesh         Transit Operator                          11,193
Sanger         Naveen          Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Sanger         Nitten          Transit Operator                          12,792
Sansaver       Roxlyn          Line Mat 2nd/3rd Wrkr                     56,364
Santamaria     John            EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 (A)                   48,186
Santiago       Cynthia         PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                58,928
Santiago       Elizabeth       Transit Operator                          51,373
Santiago       Miko            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Santiago       William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Santo          Candi           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     39,375
Santoro        Ruth            Business & Finance Officer II             74,802
Santos         Benjamin        DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Santos         Christopher     CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Santos         Ernesto         Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Santos         Lisa            SECURITY SCREENER                         35,037
Santos         Marian          COUNTY EXECUTIVE ASST III                104,118
Santos         Melinda         SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WORKER                     0
Santos         Robin           PARK MAINT SPEC II - TLT                  40,320
Santos         Romulo          Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Santos         Thelma          FISCAL SPEC III                           48,744
Santucci       Kathleen        CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  47,555
Sanusi         Abu             BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER IV             86,124
Sanvictores    Arlene          SR DEPUTY OMBUDSMAN                       82,295
Saona          Hannah          BAILIFF                                   45,958
Sapp iii       Charles         TRUCK DRIVER III                          43,159
Sardarov       Barbara         SOCIAL WORKER                             42,310
Sarff          David           RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Sargent        Winifred        PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                80,209
Sarhan         Atef            PUBLIC DEFENSE INTERVIEWER                35,778
Sarigumba      Eugene          Transit Operator                          51,373
Sariol         Rizalino        Utility Laborer 3rd                       48,010
Sarkissian     Julia           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    90,307
Sarly          Carana          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Sarver         Craig           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sassaman       Margaret        FAMILY LAW COURT COMMISSIONER            121,735
Sasse          Kurt            IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Sasse          Leigh           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Sataraka       Neddy           Transit Operator                          26,198
Sataraka       Tanielu         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Sateren        Sean            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Sato           Stephanie       DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Satterberg     Daniel          CHIEF OF STAFF                           133,148
Satterlund     Gary            ENGINEER I - TEMP                              0
Satterlund     Jeffrey         CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Sattler        Jeffrey         Transit Chief                             86,241
Sattler        Joshua          COURT CLERK                               40,213
Sattler        Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Saulet         Patrick         SERGEANT                                  77,267
Saulo          Siaki           DETENTION OFFICER                         40,017
Saunders       Charles         UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Saunders       Stephen         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                     36,993
Sausman        Aaron           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Sauvageau      Justin          INTERN III                                     0
Sauvageau      Shirley         Fiscal Specialist III                     42,651
Savage         Albert          CHEM DEPENDENCY PROGRAM SCRNR             40,395
Savage         Chris           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Savage         Gary            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Savage         Sherry          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Savarino       Teresa          HR Services Delivery Mgr. II              82,135
Savina         Gail            Communications Specialist III             58,655
Savlov         Margery         TLT DIS                                   22,875
Sawhill        Scott           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Sawin          Holly           CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER II               66,347
Sawrey         Richard         Transit Operator                          41,098
Sawtelle       Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sawtelle       Danica          COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  36,427
Sawtelle       Robert          SERGEANT                                  75,382
Sawyer         Charlene        COURT MANAGER                             65,059
Sawyer         Charles         Transit Planning Supervisor               99,430
Sawyer-rudd    Jacqueline      ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Saxby          Donald          APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-JOURNEY            72,950
Saxby          Steven          Transit Operator                          51,373
Say            Sorin           COURT CLERK                               41,186
Sayachith      Somoura         Waste Water Engineer IV                   82,134
Scanlon        Jodi            DATABASE SPECIALIST - SENIOR              64,912
Scappini       Stephanie       HEALTH PROGRAM ASST II                    51,112
Scarlett       Derek           Transit Operator                          41,098
Scarr          James           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   78,329
Scarr          Rod             SENIOR DEPUTY II                         101,573
Scego          Ali             SOCIAL WORKER                             52,338
Schaber        James           DIV DIRECTOR II, ADMIN SVCS               92,475
Schaefer       James           ASSESSMENTS AUDITOR                       54,066
Schaefer       Kerry           Comp, Ben & Recruit Svc Mgr              111,948
Schaefer       Ruth            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Schaeffer      Sarah           TEMP ADMIN OFFICE ASSIST                   3,545
Schaeffer      Saskia          PHSS                                      81,265
Schaff         Keith           EMS INSTRUCTOR I                               0
Schaff         William         MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 50,006
Schaible       Todd            Database Administrator-Sr                 92,601
Schalow        Denise          FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                       38,452
Schantz        Barbara         BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            74,838
Schapira       Carol           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Scharer        Karen           PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    62,335
Scharer        Kurt            Transit Operator                          14,122
Scharer        William         GENERAL INSPECTOR III                     82,134
Scharpenberg   Tanya           BAILIFF                                   45,958
Scharrer       Gregory         FINANCE&ADMINISTRSERVICESMGR              99,294
Schattenkerk   George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Schauers       James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Scheele        Kathrynn        RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Scheff         Chad            Human Resource Analyst - Sr               71,240
Scheffer       Rebecca         PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR                 57,547
Scheibner      Deborah         ENGINEER II                               66,348
Scheidelman    Russell         ABSTRACT TECHNICIAN                       41,651
Schellhase     Jeff            TRUCK DRIVER I                            40,395
Schellhase     Pam             ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Schene         Paul            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Scherck        Donald          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Scherer        Sharon          PR INVESTIGATOR                           59,228
Scheuer        William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Schieber       Wesley          ADMIN SPEC III                            40,320
Schiermeyer    Patrick         Business & Finance Officer III            82,246
Schiltz        Kathleen        JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        46,026
Schipp         William         UFC CASE MANAGER                          59,064
Schipper       Kathryn         SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST            69,962
Schipper       Lois            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR IV                    90,307
Schirle        Rebecca         ADVANCE PRACTICE NURSE SPEC               76,668
Schlatter      Keith           Construction Management III               78,329
Schlede        Matthew         RECREATION PROGRAM ASST III                    0
Schlegel       Calvin          PARAMEDIC                                 73,368
Schlegel       John            Industrial MaintenanceMechanic            52,339
Schlegel       Judi            POLICE DATA TECHNICIAN                    48,744
Schlegel       Tony            Transit Operator                          12,792
Schleiffers    Scott           Transit Operator                          51,373
Schleining     Clint           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Schlepp        Tiffany         CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST II            31,700
Schlotfeldt    Joseph          Transit Operator                          51,373
Schmauder      Patricia        CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 40,674
Schmautz       Curtis          Transit Operator                          51,373
Schmeichel     James           PARK SPECIALIST I - GREENHOUSE            23,224
Schmid         Carola          TEMPORARY CSI                                  0
Schmid         Nicholas        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Schmidt        Corey           TRANSFER STAT OPER                             0
Schmidt        Gretchen        Applications Developer-Sr                 69,571
Schmidt        Hans            Transit Operator                          14,122
Schmidt        Kaye            SOCIAL WORKER                             55,092
Schmidt        Kelly           ADMIN SPEC II                             39,375
Schmidt        Mark            Transit Operator                          51,373
Schmidt        Zeila           PPM III                                   63,522
Schmieder      Jill            ENGINEER I                                32,393
Schmieder      Nadia           IT Systems Specialist-Sr                  63,274
Schmit         Cheryl          Accountant                                56,198
Schmit         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Schmitt        Helmuth         Designer IV                               61,020
Schmitt        Mariann         PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       68,619
Schmitz        David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Schmitz        Debby           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Schnall        Micah           Transit Operator                          12,792
Schnarr        Jennifer        COURT CLERK I                             36,126
Schneider      Alan            SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     47,690
Schneider      Dale            Database Administrator-Sr                 92,965
Schneider      Diane           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            72,950
Schneider      Jeanne          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Schneider      Jennifer        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Schneider      Joni            ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       37,551
Schneider      Philip          SITE DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST II            82,134
Schneider      Sabra           Web Developer-Senior                      76,494
Schneiderman   Howard          SENIOR DEPUTY III                        105,431
Schneiweiss    Paul            ADMIN STAFF ASST                          49,914
Schnell        Kenneth         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Schnuelle      Kim             SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Schock         Kevin           Waste Water Engineer IV                   84,106
Schoenecker    Ana             Customer Service Specialist II            30,601
Schoenfeld     Sharon          HE INVESTIGATOR II                        56,202
Scholes        Jonathan        LEGISLATIVE AIDE II DIST #5               76,299
Scholten       Paul            Network Engineer-Journey                  78,329
Schoneman      Merlyn          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Schoof         Brian           Transit Operator                          14,122
Schork         Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Schorman       Katey           WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Schorzman      Karl            Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Schouw         Paul            COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Schrader       Wade            Industrial MaintenanceMechanic            54,881
Schrantz       Peter           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Schreurs       Larry           GENERAL INSPECTOR II                      72,950
Schrier        Scott           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        50,044
Schrimpsher    James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Schrimpsher    Theresa         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Schroeder      Catherine       JAIL NP                                   91,433
Schroeder      David           UTILITY WORKER ASSISTANT                  28,302
Schroeder      Jeremy          RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Schroeder      Jon             COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Schroeder      Karen           TEMP NP                                   10,395
Schroeder      Michael         JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Schueler       Robert          RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Schuknecht     Deborah         NUTRITION ASSIST                          29,449
Schultz        Alyssa          VICTIM ADVOCATE                           45,796
Schultz        Catherine       Transit Operator                          51,373
Schultz        Dale            Transit Operator                          51,373
Schultz        Don             TEMP EMS TRAINING AIDE-PATIENT                 0
Schultz        Doug            Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Schultz        Jack            Construction Mgmt III                     62,952
Schultz        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Schultz        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Schultz        Sheila          SOCIAL WORKER                             42,712
Schultz        Tyler           Transit Operator                          51,373
Schulz         Gordon          TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Schumacher     Christine       DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      23,213
Schumacher     Mary            Assistant Buyer                           48,745
Schuster       Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Schut          John            EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Schutte        Willis          DATABASE SPECIALIST-SR                    34,100
Schwab         Andrew          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Schwaegler     Michelle        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Schwahn        Joseph          LAN Administrator-Senior                  66,348
Schwald        Brenda          Transit Operator                          51,373
Schwanke       Barbara         Transit Operator                          51,373
Schwankl       James           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Schwantes      Venita          LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST III                35,280
Schwartz       Daniel          Line Mat Wrkr                             54,275
Schwartz       Debra           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Schwartz       George          Sheet Metal Worker                        58,765
Schwartz       Linda           PROJ/PROGRAM MGR III                      37,967
Schwartz       Marna           TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN                      15,062
Schwartz       Mychal          DEPUTY V                                  87,520
Schwartz       Richard         Transit Operator                          11,193
Schwartz       Ricky           SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Schwartz       William         CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER II                66,348
Schwartzhoff   Steven          Transit Operator                          14,122
Schwarz        Janice          PARALEGAL                                 46,895
Schwarz        Norman          TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECH                       66,347
Schwarz        Sally           Transit Operator                          51,373
Schwarze       January         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                32,857
Schweers       Gregg           Project Control Engineer III              80,026
Schwendeman    Patricia        IT MANAGER III                           117,226
Scipio         Claudia         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Scobee         Louis           Lead Transit Custodian 2nd                47,718
Scoby          Rhonda          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Scoccolo       Anthony         PARAMEDIC SUPERVISOR                      95,147
Scollard       Harold          COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Scotchler      Kelly           PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Scott          Benjamin        CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Scott          Brian           Transit Operator                          12,792
Scott          Carlotta        COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Scott          Catherine       Communications Spec III                   68,065
Scott          Dave            Transit Operator                          14,391
Scott          David           Transit Operator                          12,792
Scott          Gregory         Transit Operator                          12,792
Scott          Harold          SECURITY ASSISTANT II                     46,572
Scott          Judith          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Scott          Maria           TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Scott          Nakeya          TLT-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I              31,063
Scott          Pamela          Project Control Engineer II               69,571
Scott          Penny           Transit Operator                          51,373
Scott          Peter           Transit Operator                          51,373
Scott          Tyree           Transit Operator                          12,710
Scott-Quekett  Dave            Systems Engineer-Senior                   69,576
Scouller       Matthew         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Scrafford      William         Designer V                                74,774
Scribner       Barbara         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Scribner       Gennell         Transit Operator                          11,193
Scrivo         Rosemary        Inventory Purchasing Spec I               47,690
Scudder        Larry           PLUMBING & MECHANICAL 1                   59,036
Scudder        Michelle        RULE 9 INTERN                             33,648
Seaborg        David           PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                69,570
Seagraves      Gary            Transit Operator                          51,373
Seale          Richard         PROJECTPROGRAMMRG I                       57,547
Seamster       Meghan          TLT - CUSTOMER SVC SPEC III               36,673
Sears          Louise          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,595
Seaver         David           DEPUTY V                                  77,153
Sebastian      Sidnie          PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Secord         Janet           Transit Operator Trainee                   8,520
Seddig         Erica           DIS                                       47,973
Sedell         Justin          BAILIFF                                   45,958
Seeger         Paula           HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST-SENIOR             78,329
Seely          Tamara          PHARMACY ASSISTANT A                      36,812
Seelye         Evan            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Seeman         Marlys          TEMP RN                                    8,273
Se-Gahon       Rose            Intern II                                 29,623
Seguel         Leo             TEMP SPECIAL PROJECTS MNGR II             11,882
Segura         Robert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Seibel-sandlin Carol           PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Seiber         Jerod           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Seifu          Hailu           Transit Operator                          51,373
Seilstad       Christopher     POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Seitz          Victoria        JUDGE-JUSTICE COURT                      122,011
Sek            Samyabuna       WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Sekora         Keith           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Self           Anita           Applications Developer-Sr                 70,649
Selig          James           PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Sellers        Darlene         RECREATION COORDINATOR                    50,353
Sellers        Hestanna        CUSTODIAN                                 36,953
Sellers        Johnna          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Sellers        Lynell          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Sellers        Marilyn         COURT COMMISSIONER                       121,735
Sellers        Norman          Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Sellhast       Charlene        Administrator I                           58,928
Sellick-lane   Lynn            LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Selmer         Alan            Transit Operator                          51,373
Selstad        Judy            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Semaan         Nabil           Transit Operator                          12,792
Semaan         Sami            Transit Operator                          51,373
Semaan         Walid           Transit Operator                          51,373
Semakula       Livingstone     HE INVESTIGATOR II                        71,240
Semandiris     Michael         Local Agency Aff Admin.                   42,009
Sencenbaugh    Amy             ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    37,554
Seo            Stanley         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sepanski       Lisa            PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   70,183
Sepolen        John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Septelka       Darlene         Construction Management VI                99,295
Sepulveda      Danene          FISCAL SPECIALIST III-UF                  44,332
Sera           Karlyne         CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY II                 54,881
Sera           Kelli           RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST II                   0
Serafin        Lauri           JAIL PHN                                  60,886
Serena         Marina          LEGAL ADMN SPECIALIST II                  37,551
Serena         Shaun           TEMP-LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST I                  0
Serfoss        Betty           PARALEGAL                                 49,173
Sergis ii      Charles         DEPUTY V                                  83,046
Sesar          Johnny          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Sessions       Tamra           TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Sether         Clifford        SERGEANT                                  77,267
Settlemyre     Lance           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,459
Severance      Gerald          Mechanic                                  58,765
Severn         Thea            SOLID WASTE OPER MNGR                    104,118
Severyen       Anneleen        TEMP REGISTERED NURSE                      6,060
Seville-ortiz  Yolanda         TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Seymour        Carole          TEMP PHN                                   8,824
Seymour        David           DATABASE SPECIALIST JOURNEY               54,881
Shadduck       Dominique       WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Shade          Mona            Transit Operator                          51,373
Shafer         Lisa            Transportation Planner III                80,209
Shaffer        Catherine       SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Shallow        Paul            HE INVESTIGATOR III                       74,700
Shamberg       Steven          Transit Operator                          12,792
Shamley        Joshua          UTILITY WORKER II                         39,448
Shamssi        Nasser          Transit Operator                          48,804
Shanahan       Sandra          LEGAL SERVICE SUPERVISOR II               30,895
Shandil        Sujay           ENGINEER I                                64,792
Shanebrook     Jaylene         AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Shank          Gabriel         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Shannon        Fiona           TEMP NP                                   10,395
Shannon        Kathleen        PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR I                     56,198
Shannon        Russell         Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Shannon        Sara            PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Shao           Wen-yu          DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      45,326
Sharkov        Dmitry          PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                67,940
Sharma         Arvind          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       58,213
Sharp          Jeffrey         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Sharp          John            TRANSFER STAT OPER                        50,044
Sharp          Sherri          TEMP AS II                                 4,285
Shartner       Keith           Lead Transit Parts Specialist             54,589
Shattock       Kenneth         Transit Operator                          12,792
Shaub          Sheri           APPRAISER II - COMMERCIAL                 60,874
Shaulis        Jennifer        FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      39,375
Shaverdian     Merdad          Waste Water Engineer V                    97,062
Shaw           Charlene        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             47,601
Shaw           Daniel          Transit Operator                          14,122
Shaw           Daniel          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Shaw           George          CUSTODIAN                                 33,352
Shaw           Jr              UTILITY WORKER II - TLT                   41,364
Shaw           Lonnie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Shaw           Sasha           EDUCATION SPECIALIST I                    37,881
Shaw           Sonia           RECREATION PROG ASSISTANT II                   0
Shaw iii       Theodore        LAN ADMINISTRATOR - JOURNEY               63,506
Shaw jr        Robert          PHOTO TECHNICIAN                          51,111
Shea           Michael         Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Shean          Christopher     Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Shearer        Diane           PARK SPECIALIST I - SEASONAL                   0
Shears         Andrew          POLICE OFFICER                            51,187
Sheary         Susan           ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                        0
Sheehan        Colleen         PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Sheehan        Gerard          Transit Operator                          11,193
Sheehan        Kerri           ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    44,867
Sheehan AndersoLinda           Designer V                                64,217
Sheeleigh      Chris           Transit Operator                          12,710
Sheih          Brenda          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Sheikh         Geni            TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Sheirbon       John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Sheldahl       Beverley        CUSTOMER SVCS SPEC IV - TEMP                   0
Shelden        Hollie          PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Shelhorse      Randy           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Shelledy       Patricia        LEGAL ADVISOR                             99,294
Sheller        Robert          TEMP COM SPECIALIST II                         0
Shelley        Karen           TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Shelton        Betty           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST II                 30,602
Shelton        Jennifer        Transit Operator                          13,416
Shepard        David           LAN Administrator-Senior                  72,950
Shepherd       Lindsey         ENGINEER II - TEMP                             0
Sheppard       Carnell         Transit Operator                          51,373
Sherard        Mark            PPM II                                    66,347
Sherer         Charles         RULE 9 INTERN                             33,648
Sherertz       Rebecca         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Sherfey        Paul            CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER             124,589
Sheridan       Peter           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sheridan       Robin           DEPUTY V                                  75,189
Sherlock       Brian           Transit Operator                          51,373
Sherman        Jeremy          Transit Operator                          51,373
Sherman        Linda           Project Control Engineer II               69,571
Sherman        Merlin          Equipment Service Worker 3rd              35,481
Sherman        William         DEPUTY V                                  75,189
Sherrell       Kevin           Transit Operator                          48,804
Sherry         Keith           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Sherwood       James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Sherwood       Susan           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Shi            Wen             PLANS EXAM ENGINEER II                    63,274
Shibley        Dennis          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Shibly         Abdul           Transit Operator                          11,193
Shibuya        Janet           Communications Spec IV                    71,240
Shields        Anne            TLT PPM IV                                88,191
Shields        George          Transit Operator                          51,373
Shields        Jonathan        ENGINEER I                                64,792
Shields        Joshua          Service Supervisor                        64,696
Shields        Linh            INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    49,913
Shields        Robert          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Shields        Tina            Assistant Accountant                      51,112
Shiferaw       Hibrework       WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Shiferaw       Muluwork        INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              51,207
Shifow         Kamal           Transit Operator                          11,193
Shigeta        Ann             FINANCE & ADMIN MANAGER                   96,967
Shigetani      Randall         LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                32,857
Shih           Linda           TLT RESEARCH ASSISTANT                    44,332
Shimensky      James           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Shimizu-tse    Angela          SUPERVISOR II                             56,101
Shin           Jin             COURT CLERK                               40,213
Shin           John            HE INVESTIGATOR II                        63,274
Shinbo         Sharron         Project/Program Manager IV                56,894
Shine          Lawrence        Transit Operator                          15,990
Shinoda-mettlerAnne            NURSE MANAGER                             94,694
Shinozaki      Gale            BAILIFF                                   18,379
Shinzato-fischeLicia           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Shipley        Louis           AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Shipley        Stephan         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Shipp          Clifford        Mechanic                                  58,765
Shipp          James           Transit Operator                          12,792
Shira          Kyle            SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST LEAD            55,411
Shirer         Joni            ADMINISTRATOR IV                          74,700
Shirey         Eric            JAIL RN                                   45,677
Shiring        Gregory         BUDGET ANALYST II                         64,793
Shirley        Daisy           CREW CHIEF                                47,689
Shirley        Samuel          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Shiroyama      Sylvia          IT Project Manager III                    94,695
Shiu           Kwok            DBA - SENIOR                              86,152
Shively iii    John            TRANSPORTATION PLNR III                   76,634
Shoblom        Kevin           POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Shoemaker      Sidney          TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Shoenfeld      Amnon           DIVISION DIRECTOR MHCADSD                104,118
Shogren        Linda           Transit Operator                          51,373
Shonka         Margaret        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Shook          Lon             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Shook          Timothy         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Short          Mary            HR SERVICE DELIVERY MANAGER II            82,134
Short          Yvonne          Supervisor-in-Training                    58,222
Shrack         Ronald          Transit Operator                          51,373
Shrader        Suzanne         Transit Operator                          51,373
Shrewsbury     Timothy         Transit Operator                          14,122
Shrieves       John            Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Shriver        Carrie          TEMP DIS                                   5,996
Shropshire     Linda           HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST                   61,791
Shryock        Diane           AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Shryock        Michael         Transit Operator                          14,122
Shular         Ryan            ENGINEER III                              82,134
Shultz         Christopher     UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Shumaker       Vicki           CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SUPERVISOR            69,565
Shuman         F.              Environmental PR Section Mgr             104,118
Shumann        Amy             ED CONSULTANT III                         67,940
Shumway        Gary            Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Shupe          Brian           Electronic Technician 2nd                 60,332
Shupe          Richard         LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 58,054
Shurtz         Gregory         TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Shuster        Debora          ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSE SPEC              48,122
Shute          Thomas          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Shvets         Diana           TEMP INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                4,941
Siciliano      Alan            Transit Operator                          51,373
Sidbeck        Clarence        Building Operating Engineer               58,765
Sidhu          Shhinder        HCA                                       30,857
Siebens        Terry           Environmental LabScientist III            71,240
Sieber         Rickie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Siegel         Jeffrey         Computer Operator Specialist              49,914
Siegfried      Kent            TEMP DATABASE SPEC-JRNY                    6,568
Siegrist       Aaron           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 44,278
Sieng          Sokkhanha       AS II                                     37,695
Sienkiewich    Christine       Designer IV                               61,020
Sierra         Allison         COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST                  40,161
Sieveke        K               ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 2                          0
Sifford        James           Indstrl Wst Complnc Inv II                76,569
Sigel          Timothy         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sigley         Margaret        STAFF PHYSICIAN                          138,929
Sigurdson      Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sigurdson      Tammy           FISCAL SPECIALIST IV                      48,744
Silberman      Natalie         Supervisor-in-Training                    54,985
Silbersdorff   Sierra          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             32,859
Silcox         Gregory         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Silkworth      Marilyn         TEMP RN                                    7,459
Sillan         Shanta          Transit Operator                          51,373
Silling        Angela          Rider Info Spec - On-call                 14,914
Silva          Kelly           AS II                                     34,155
Silva          Samantha        WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Silva          Wayde           CORRECTIONS PROGRAM SPECIALIST            62,163
Silver         Kristi          Environmental Lab Supervisor              80,210
Silver         Rick            Transit Operator                          11,193
Silverhorn     Marcus          Utility 2nd/3rd Line Wrkr                 69,854
Silverman      Kathy           ED CONSULTANT I                           64,792
Silvestrin     Anthony         ED CONSULTANT I                           64,792
Simeona        Chad            UTILITY WORKER II                         35,878
Simer          Jeremy          INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    35,602
Simkins        Marla           ADMIN SPEC II                             41,287
Simmonds       James           WaterQualityPlanner/ProjMgrIV             82,135
Simmons        Jason           RULE 9 INTERN                             33,648
Simmons        La-gina         ADMIN SPECIALIST III                      40,675
Simmons        Patrick         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Simmons        Thomas          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Simmonsen      Amy             COURT CLERK                               41,186
Simms          Thomas          Transit Operator                          41,098
Simon          Michael         Transit Operator                          48,804
Simon          Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Simon          Michael         ENGINEER II                               72,950
Simon          Rick            Elec Const                                67,766
Simons         Allen           EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC                    43,825
Simonson       Gene            Utility Line Wrkr                         67,766
Simonson       Jack            PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Simpkins       Charles         Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Simpkins       Victoria        Transit Operator                          51,373
Simpson        Al              Transit Operator                          51,373
Simpson        Isabel          CUSTODIAN                                 32,570
Simpson        Kim             BUSINESS & FINANCE OFFICER III            76,493
Simpson        Robert          Project Program Mgr. III                  40,105
Simpson        Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Simpson        Roberta         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   44,723
Simpson        Willie          Transit Chief                             86,241
Sims           Beverly         ED CONSULTANT I                           48,781
Sims           Craig           SENIOR DEPUTY I                           94,278
Sims           Kenya           ADMINISTRATIVE INTERN                          0
Sims           Mara            ADMIN SPEC II                             35,811
Sims           Ronald          COUNTY EXECUTIVE                         170,251
Sims           William         EQUIP OPERATOR 7/10 B                     48,186
Sinape         Carol           JAIL NP                                   47,825
Sinclair       Andrew          Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Sinclair       Shaina          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Sinclair       Terry           OCCUPATIONAL EDUC & TRAINING C            61,790
Singh          Gursharnjit     Transit Operator                          51,373
Singh          Pradeep         Transit Operator                          11,193
Singh          Sarwan          Transit Operator                          12,792
Singla         Sumeer          DEPUTY II                                 52,818
Singleton      Sheila          ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              34,504
Sinkovic       Joey            WASTEWATER TREAT SR IN CHARGE             58,254
Sinsel         Alan            PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
Sinsky         Michael         SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         116,447
Siong          Floricita       SENIOR ACCOUNTANT                         59,447
Sipin          Hermie          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Sirek          Dale            Contract Specialist II                    66,348
Siroky         Evan            Rider Info Spec - On-call                 14,914
Sisley         Antoinette      TEMP JAIL RN                               9,516
Sissom         Shawn           AdminSpecialist III                       47,602
Siufanua       Billie          CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Siufanua       Faualuga        UTILITY WORKER 2                          45,396
Sivam          V.              IT Supervisor II                         106,617
Sizemore       David           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Sjodin         Andrea          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Sjodin         Gail            FISCAL SPECIALIST III                     42,650
Skaar          Andrew          POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Skaar          Christopher     Lead Transit Parts Specialist             54,589
Skaar          Donald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Skagen         Jeff            TRUCK DRIVER II                           38,979
Skahill        Leann           EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       44,332
Skanes         Patrick         MECHANIC/AUTO MACHINIST I                 45,480
Skaw           Rodney          MECH/AUTO MACH I HD                       51,206
Skehan         Michael         Transit Operator                          14,122
Skelly         Pamela          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Skilton        Christopher     HE INVESTIGATOR II                        66,347
Skinner        Janet           ENGINEER II                               60,874
Skinner        Rebecca         FAMILY LAW INTAKE SPECIALIST              20,589
Skogstad       Kenneth         Transit Operator                          51,373
Skorstad       Gary            CHEMICAL DEPEN PROGRAM SCRNR              40,395
Skouge         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Skowronek      Gerald          Transit Operator                          48,804
Skrinski       Kathy           ADMINISTRATOR III                         80,209
Slaba          Scott           BUSINESS & FINANCE OFF IV                 74,700
Slabaugh       Margaret        AUDITOR APPRAISOR - SENIOR                68,538
Slachowitz     Malva           Transportation Planner III                50,532
Slack          Carl            Waste Water Engineer III                  72,950
Slade          Thomas          Project/Program Manager II                74,802
Slade          Walter          Transit Chief                             86,241
Slankard       Laura           STUDENT ADMIN INTERN                           0
Slater         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Slater         Roy             DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Slater         Sheryl          AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Slater         Theresa         Transit Operator                          51,373
Slater         Wayne           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Slatten        Bryon           Construction Management IV                72,950
Slatton        Chyrl           JAIL RN                                   76,128
Slaughter      Anthony         EQUIP SVS & MAINT SPEC - 2SH              43,825
Slaughter      Laurie          WastewaterTreatmentOperator               60,342
Slaughter      Micha           DESK TOP SUPPORT SPECIALIST               49,914
Slebodnick     Sharon          Transit Planning Supervisor               90,308
Sleeth         William         ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Sleight        Brian           ENGINEER III                              82,134
Slenning       Stanley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Sloan          Harvey          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Sloan          Scott           Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Sloan          Tacie           INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC II              43,009
Sloane         Karen           JAIL RN                                   53,322
Sloane         Michael         Millwright                                58,765
Slocum         Denise          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               42,650
Slomnicki      John            LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  63,831
Slomnicki      Kimberly        ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III             46,482
Slonecker      Susan           SENIOR DEPUTY IV                         113,590
Slott          Jesica          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Slough         Duane           Transit Operator                          14,122
Sluyter        Kathryn         SOCIAL WORKER                             61,790
Slye           Harriet         JUV PROB COUNSELOR TEMP                        0
Slye           Nancy           COURT CLERK II - UNDERFILL                37,881
Smail          Paula           Transit Chief                             82,134
Smallwood      James           ADMINISTRATIVE OFC ASST                   30,600
Smardan        Todd            PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Smart          Anne            COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Smart          Ronald          INVENT PURCH SPEC III                     54,982
Smiley         David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Smiley         George          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Smiley         Heywood         Transit Operator                          46,235
Smith          Antoinette      CHEM DEPENDENCY PROGRAM SCRNR             40,395
Smith          Benjamin        AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Smith          Bradley         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Smith          Byron           Printing Equipment Technician             46,486
Smith          Carlena         ADMIN SPEC II                             34,155
Smith          Carmella        Administrative Specialist I               39,375
Smith          Charles         Transit Operator                          14,122
Smith          Christopher     AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                   0
Smith          Colette         Transit Operator                          11,193
Smith          Connie          PHN                                       68,619
Smith          Coralie         AS II                                     43,293
Smith          Cynthia         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   43,674
Smith          Daniel          Mechanic 3rd                              54,985
Smith          Daniel          Water Quality Plnr/Proj Mgr II            64,793
Smith          Daniel          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Smith          David           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Smith          David           LEGAL ADMIN SPECIALIST 3                  41,287
Smith          David           Transit Operator                          46,235
Smith          Dennis          TEMP ELECTION OBSERVER                         0
Smith          Diana           LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                38,790
Smith          Dianna          LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST I                 29,883
Smith          Donald          TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Smith          Douglas         JUDGE-DISTRICT COURT                     122,011
Smith          Elaine          Fiscal Specialist IV                      48,021
Smith          Eugene          Transit Operator                          14,122
Smith          Eugene          Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Frances         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Smith          Glenn           Transit Operator                          14,122
Smith          Grant           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Smith          Greg            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Smith          Gregory         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Smith          Hal             TEMP DIS                                   5,326
Smith          Herman          Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Hilda           INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR                    48,744
Smith          James           PARK SPECIALIST II                        40,320
Smith          James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Jarvis          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Smith          Jason           DETENTION OFFICER                         40,990
Smith          Jeremiah        Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Jerry           TLT-CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER 3             78,323
Smith          Joe             Transit Custodian II                      41,954
Smith          Joe             Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Joyce           RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER I                   50,353
Smith          Juanita         DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      21,602
Smith          Kalvin          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Smith          Kara            AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Smith          Katherine       LEGAL SECRETARY                           37,881
Smith          Kelly           Helper 2nd/3rd Line Wrkr                  52,918
Smith          Kevin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Smith          Landes          Equipment Service Worker 2nd              49,263
Smith          Laramie         ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              35,949
Smith          Larry           Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Latanya         LAS II                                    32,087
Smith          Lauren          GOVERNMENT RELATIONS OFFICER             106,617
Smith          Laurie          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Smith          Lawrence        MPRAF COMPLIANCE OFFICER                  64,792
Smith          Lester          Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Linda           Business & Finance Officer II             74,802
Smith          Lois            MENTAL HEALTH COURT MANAGER               68,287
Smith          Lori            TEMP PPM I                                     0
Smith          Lori            COURT COMMISSIONER                       121,741
Smith          Louwanda        Real Property Agent I                     51,556
Smith          Luann           Transit Operator                          14,122
Smith          Lyn             LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST II                31,032
Smith          Lynda           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 3                     34,453
Smith          Margaret        PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Smith          Maxine          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        43,789
Smith          Megan           SR PRINCIPAL LEGIS ANALYST                61,217
Smith          Merlin          Base Dispatcher/Planner                   64,696
Smith          Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Smith          Michael         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Smith          Michael         Business & Finance Officer IV             90,396
Smith          Nathaniel       POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Smith          Norman          Transit Operator                          12,710
Smith          Norman          VM Tech Info Process Spec3                47,029
Smith          Norman          Applications Developer-Sr                 82,134
Smith          Patricia        Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Paula           COMM SPECIALIST - DISPATCHER              53,819
Smith          Peggy           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Smith          Rachel          Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Randall         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Smith          Raymond         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Smith          Renee           SOCIAL SERVICES SPECIALIST                23,892
Smith          Reta            Project/Program Manager IV                94,823
Smith          Richard         Maintenance Signage Specialist            47,029
Smith          Rickie          Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith          Robert          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Smith          Robert          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Smith          Ronald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Smith          Ronald          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Smith          Ronald          Construction Mgmt III                     70,788
Smith          Ronald          Network Engineer - Senior                 76,494
Smith          Rory            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Smith          Roxilyn         ADMIN SPEC II                             40,320
Smith          Scott           SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Smith          Shaun           PARK SPECIALIST I - FIELD                 30,965
Smith          Shelby          DEPUTY IV                                 69,841
Smith          Stafford        HEARING EXAMINER                         127,028
Smith          Steve           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Smith          Steven          Transit Operator                          12,710
Smith          Steven          SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Smith          Susan           COURT CLERK                               46,426
Smith          Susanna         Transit Operator                          14,122
Smith          Terrence        ENGINEER II                               72,950
Smith          Terry           Real Property Agent III                   67,940
Smith          Theodore        Metal Constructor                         58,765
Smith          Thomas          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  67,940
Smith          Thomas          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Smith          Tishawna        TIPS II                                   33,354
Smith          Todd            Indust. Maint. Mechanic-Master            66,347
Smith          Tony            PARAMEDIC                                 80,319
Smith          Tracey          COURT MANAGER                             63,506
Smith          Wanda           AS II                                     43,293
Smith          William         Transit Operator                          14,122
Smith          William         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Smith          William         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Smith iii      Morris          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Smith jr       Herman          ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    45,944
Smithburg      Carl            Transit Operator                          51,373
Smith-Jones    Vicki           Safety & Health Admin IV                  82,246
Smithmeyer     Steven          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Smoak          Donna           CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY I                  52,338
Smolar         Joseph          Mechanic                                  58,765
Smoter         Janie           COURT CLERK I                             41,651
Smyser         Michael         EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         73,236
Smyth          James           Engineer IV                               88,572
Smyth          John            Waste Water Engineer VI                  101,678
Snapp          Susanne         CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEC III                 46,485
Sneed          David           SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Sneed          Jacob           SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Sneikh         Kadra           TEMP WORK STUDY                                0
Snodgrass      Jacqulynn       COURT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  23,209
Snodgrass      Michael         CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Snow           Cheryl          SENIOR DEPUTY II                         101,573
Snow           Don             Transit Operator                          51,373
Snow           James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Snyder         Darrell         Equipment Service Worker                  47,697
Snyder         Gary            TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Snyder         Nadine          PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   71,514
Snyder         Scott           PARK SPECIALIST III                       58,927
So             Hyung           UTILITY WORKER II 4/10                    43,374
So             Michael         PC TECHNICIAN                             54,940
So             Michelle        Administrator I                           49,914
So             Rosaly          DESKTOP SUPPORT SPEC-SR                   58,928
Socha          Virginia        AS III                                    44,332
Soderberg      Linda           NUTRITION ASSISTANT                       43,293
Soderstrom     Erik            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Soh            Calvin          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Sohlberg       Elisabeth       APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER-SR                 78,329
Sohn           Lois            Applications Developer-Sr                 79,480
Soi            Karan           CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGER IV                86,124
Sojak          Jesse           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Sok            Sien            Administrative Specialist III             41,288
Solan          Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Solatka        Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Solberg        David           Environmental Lab Scientist II            66,348
Solberg        Karl            Transit Operator                          51,373
Sole           Alissa          Intern III                                31,062
Solet          David           EPIDEMIOLOGIST III                        77,570
Solis          Felix           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Solis          Ray             HE INVESTIGATOR II                        66,347
Solivan        Harry           RESIDENTAIL APPRAISER I                   39,725
Sollitto       Mark            PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER IV                88,191
Solomon        Frances         ENVIRONMENTAL SCI III - 50%FTE            41,067
Solomon        Janice          AT RISK YOUTH PROGRAM                     60,507
Solomon        Mary            Confidential Secretary II                 63,359
Solseng        Joe             SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Soltani        Soleiman        DENTIST                                  114,479
Soltesz        Mary            ADMIN SPECIALIST II                       43,293
Somers         Scott           CHIEF                                    125,871
Song           Lin             EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         73,236
Sonju          Lawrence        Transit Operator                          14,122
Sonneson       Keith           EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                        48,186
Sonza          Anna            AS II                                     34,155
Sonza          Rodney          LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 57,547
Soo hoo        Lucy            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
Soo hoo        Wendy           SENIOR MANAGEMENT AUDITOR                 75,540
Soper          Bobbi           ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER                    39,375
Soper          Craig           FinancialServicesAdministrator           101,816
Sorem          Alana           Transit Operator                          14,122
Sorensen       Michael         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Sorensen       Paul            Transit Chief                             86,241
Sorenson       James           SIGN & MARKING SPECIALST I-TLT            36,628
Soria          Jillianne       AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Sorta          Michael         DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Sosik jr       James           MEDICOLEGAL DEATH INVESTIGATOR            60,342
Sossi          Renato          SECURITY SCREENER                         33,414
Sotebeer       Malcolm         CHIEF OF STAFF                           117,226
Soto           Alfred          Transit Operator                          51,373
Soto           Edgard          PAINTER I                                 52,436
Soto           Veronica        HEALTH CARE ASST                          37,551
Soukup         Daniel          SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Soule          Bonnie          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Soule          Stephen         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Southard       Atricia         PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR III                   69,570
Southard       Heidi           SHERIFF'S RECORDS SPECIALIST              38,452
Southavong     Bruce           HEALTH OUTREACH AIDE                      41,287
Southworth     Brian           CARPENTER I                               53,694
Souza          Mark            POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Souza-arceo    Violeta         NUTRITION ASSIST                          35,811
Sovar          Eugene          Applications Developer-Senior             80,209
Sowers         Jeffrey         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 2                      0
Sowers         Richard         RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER II                  58,054
Sowers         Steven          SERGEANT                                  77,267
Spadoni        Mark            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Spadoni        Nancy           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Spadoni        Steven          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Spahr          Marsha          ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSISTANT            49,173
Spahr          Susan           ADMINISTRATOR I                           54,871
Spang          Charlotte       PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II TEMP                    0
Spangler       Patricia        ENGINEER II                               72,950
Spangler       Sara            AQUATIC PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                    0
Spanjer        Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Spanne         Alan            Communications Coordinator                67,933
Sparks         Kristen         COURT CLERK                               36,576
Sparks         Thomas          Transit Operator                          14,122
Sparrow        William         ENGINEER I - TEMP                              0
Spassennikov   Andrei          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       46,617
Spataro        Catherine       PROJECT/PROGRAM MGR II                    64,792
Speach         Anna            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              41,364
Spearman       Mariane         DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Spearman       Michael         SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Spears         Gwendolyn       JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Spears         John            ENGINEER I                                61,790
Speck          Timothy         TRUCK DRIVER II                           48,734
Spector        Julie           SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE                      64,071
Speer          Rachel          ENGINEER II                               72,950
Speer          Stacey          PARK SPECIALIST II                        48,744
Speight        John            APP DEVELOPER-JOURNEY                     74,700
Speight        Rodney          TRANSFER STAT OPER                        39,402
Speight        Sam             POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Spellman       Norris          Transit Operator                          51,373
Speltz         Kathryn         PROJ/PROG MGR II                          55,364
Spence         Frank           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Spence         Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Spencer        Bruce           TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Spencer        Dana            Strategic Info Resources Mgr             117,227
Spencer        Scott           Transit Operator                          51,373
Spencer        Sean            DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Spencer        Tony            Transit Operator                          51,373
Spenser        William         TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Spiccoli       Paul            WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Spiess         John            Equipment Service Worker 3rd              49,786
Spiker         Glen            UTILITY WORKER II                         37,621
Spindle        Raymond         Operating Engineer III                    63,359
Spivey         Anthony         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Spivey         William         Transit Operator                          12,792
Splidsboel     Christopher     PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Spoelman       Karen           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   88,191
Spohr          David           SR DEPUTY OMBUDSMAN FOR RURAL             70,962
Spong          Jeff            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Spooner        Scott           ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               67,939
Spoor          Carol           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Sprague        Alicia          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Sprague        Carolyn         SUPERVISOR II                             82,134
Sprague        Jeffrey         METAL FABRICATOR                          54,982
Sprague        Keith           Mechanic                                  58,765
Sprague        Marlene         Transit Operator                          51,373
Sprague        Melissa         JUV PROB COUNS SUPV                       59,988
Sprague        Rob             Labor Negotiator II                       86,125
Sprague        Wesley          Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIV             86,124
Spratley       Michele         COURT CLERK                               41,186
Spriggs        Cheryl          INTERPRETER SERVICES                      41,186
Spriggs        David           DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR-SR                 69,575
Springer       Gregory         Mechanic                                  58,765
Springs        Kelsi           SC YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WKR                        0
Sprinkle       Robert          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Squifflet      Edmond          TRUCK DRIVER III                          50,772
Srato          Sisay           CUSTODIAN                                      0
Srebnik        Debra           PROJECT/PROG MGR III                      56,025
Sreibers       Gayle           Project/Program Manager II                34,016
Sreibers       Gunars          Capital Projects Mng Supvr               106,762
Sroufe         Katrina         GIS SPECIALIST                            52,342
Sroufe         Olivia          Project Program Mgr. IV                   54,185
Sroufe         William         Capital Project Manager II                58,933
St clair       Linda           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. IV                   90,307
St de lore     Jeffery         TEMP EDUCATION SPEC                        5,059
St john        David           SPECIAL PROJECTS MGR III                  88,191
St john        Polly           LEGISLATIVE ANALYST II                    76,419
St John        Shayne          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
St john        Timothy         ENGINEER I                                64,792
St Luise       Christopher     Transit Operator                          51,373
St. Aubin      Stephen         Transit Operator                          41,098
Sta Maria      Reynaldo        Transit Custodian II  2nd                 43,521
Staab          Jon             SUPERVISOR 3                              74,700
Stables        Jon             Alt.Dispute Res Medtr/Asst Mgr            90,308
Stacey         Jamie           Transit Operator                          13,416
Stach          James           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Stachowiak     Jason           CUSTODIAN-FLOOR CARE                      37,551
Stachowiak     Julie           PHSS                                      89,554
Stachowiak     Michael         OPER ENGR 3                               59,036
Stack          James           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Stack          Wynn            PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Stafford       Janice          Transit Operator                          13,416
Stage          Daniel          ENGINEER III                              82,134
Stage          Jeff            HEAVY EQUIP BODY REPAIR TECH              53,694
Stahl          Roy             Transit Operator                          48,804
Stahl          Tesa            ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Stahn-mardock  Joyce           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Staiger        Shawn           JAIL RN                                   73,539
Staines        Heather         FISCAL SPECIALIST II                      44,332
Stair          Jeffrey         Industrial Maint Electrician              69,571
Staley         Lisa            Transit Operator                          11,193
Stalgis        Peter           SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Stallings      David           Transportation Planner III                84,220
Stamas         Eleanor         WastewaterTreatmentSr.Operator            66,347
Stambaugh      Jeffrey         Lead Mechanic 2nd                         66,200
Stamper        Carol           Transit Parts Specialist 3rd              51,707
Stamper        David           SECURITY CHIEF                            82,134
Stamper        Serena          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       66,456
Stanaszek      Michael         Engineer V                                88,703
Stanback       Harold          Transit Operator                          15,990
Stancel        Kelly           Extern II                                 33,352
Standley       Roy             Transit Operator                          14,122
Standolariu    Dorel           Transit Operator                          51,373
Stanford       Gregory         UTILITY WORKER II                         44,415
Stanford       Rebecca         WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Stanford       Robert          TRAFFIC SIGNAL TECH                       66,347
Stangeland     Steve           Service Supervisor                        64,696
Stankowski     Dorothy         Transit Operator                          51,373
Stanley        Deborah         ADMIN SPEC III                            44,332
Stanley        Jason           POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Stansberry     Julie           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I               35,338
Stanton        Cory            POLICE OFFICER                            45,675
Stanton        Leslie          Transit Operator                          14,122
Stark          David           Capital Project Manager III               82,134
Stark          Kimberle        Water Quality Plnr/Proj III               74,701
Stark          Kimberli        Transit Operator                          11,193
Stark          Kurt            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Stark          Steven          Supervisor-in-Training                    58,222
Starks         Michael         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Starnes        Alvin           Electronic Technician 2nd                 60,332
Starr          Brian           VIDEO SPECIALIST                          52,487
Starr          David           ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Starr          Dena            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Starr          Karla           Functional Analyst III                    82,246
Starr          Michael         Transit Operator                          51,373
Starr          Samantha        Transit Operator                          46,235
Starrett       Michael         SERGEANT                                  68,668
Starrett       Shelia          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Stasiak        Frank           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Stauffer       Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Staunton       Catherine       TEMP STAFF PHYSICIAN SR                   16,561
Stavano        Jesse           Equipment Service Worker 3rd              35,481
Stavano        Michael         Maintenance Machinist                     58,765
Stcherbinine   Michael         GRANTS & CONTRACTS OFFICER III            66,348
Steadman       James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Steadman       Marka           LEGISLATIVE SECRETARY                     50,683
Stearns        Debra           CONTRACT SPECIALIST III                   86,124
Stearns        Steven          AS II                                     36,671
Stebly         Jocelyn         SIGN & MARKING SPECIALIST II              50,377
Steckler       Christine       LEGAL ADMIN. SPECIALIST III               35,280
Stedman        David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Steed          Russell         Transit Operator                          12,792
Steele         Abigail         POLICE OFFICER                            58,312
Steele         Rene            JAIL LPN                                  46,207
Steele         Sergio          DISEASE INTERVENTION SPECIALIS            23,986
Steers         Douglas         JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        58,554
Steers         John            Marketing & Sales Spec III                74,802
Steffel        Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Steichen       James           Lead Mechanic                             64,634
Stein          Donald          Transit Operator                          48,804
Steinauer      Geraldine       ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              43,293
Steinauer      Matthew         SECURITY OFFICER                          40,395
Steiner        David           DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Steiner        Rebecca         VICTIM ADVOCATE                           16,270
Steinkamp      Mark            PLANS EXAM ENGINEER III                   82,134
Steinke        Curtis          Wastewater Process Analyst I              64,792
Steinman       Randy           Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Steinmetzer    Don             Transit Operator                          11,193
Steinmeyer     Mary            AS II                                     38,452
Steklenburg    Dean            UTILITY WORKER ASSISTANT                  34,216
Stelljes       James           DETENTION OFFICER                         44,056
Stellwagen     David           Transit Operator                          51,373
Stelly         Flennard        Transit Operator                          51,373
Stennis        Michael         Intern III                                29,625
Stenoien       Deborah         Mechanic 2nd                              60,332
Stensgaard     Christopher     TRUCK DRIVER III                               0
Stensland      Ted             CAPTAIN                                  101,122
Stepenski      Stephen         Equipment Service Worker                  38,154
Stephen        Alexander       Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Stephens       Candice         Project/Program Manager III               71,240
Stephens       James           Transit Operator                          14,391
Stephens       James           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Stephens       Kristine        Transit Operator                          14,122
Stephens       Tammera         WastewaterTreatmentOperator               52,339
Stephens       Walter          POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Stephenson     Elizabeth       DISTRICT COURT JUDGE                     122,011
Stephenson     Kenneth         INVENTORY PURCHASING SPEC III             54,982
Stephenson     Paul            CUSTODIAN                                 21,881
Stephenson     Serena          EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       40,320
Stepney        Jacqueline      ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST II              37,881
Sterling       Phillip         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Stern          Jeffrey         Water Quality Plnr/PrjctMgrIV             86,124
Sterner        David           PROBATION COUNSELOR I                     68,287
Sternod        Kevin           Transit Operator                          51,373
Sterry         Judith          ADMIN SPEC II                             41,287
Stettri sawrey Susana          COURT OPERATIONS INTERPRETER              59,064
Steuby         Jeffrey         Transit Custodian II                      41,954
Stevens        Amielia         TLT AS II                                 35,811
Stevens        Anna            TEMP RN                                    7,459
Stevens        Anthony         LAN Administrator-Master                  74,701
Stevens        Christine       SCALE OPERATOR                                 0
Stevens        Deann           SR PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR              60,342
Stevens        Grace           Transit Operator                          11,193
Stevens        James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Stevens        James           PARAMEDIC                                 78,774
Stevens        Karen           LAN ADMINISTRATOR-JOURNEY                 57,547
Stevens        Mary            Administrator I                           61,874
Stevens        Patrick         Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Stevens        Paul            ELECTRICIAN I                             60,453
Stevens        Robert          WEX-PARTICIPANT                                0
Stevenson      Anthony         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Stevenson      C               COMPUTER TECH                             52,799
Stevenson      Douglas         LEGIS COMMITTEE DIRECTOR                 116,215
Stevenson      James           TEMP INVOL COMM SPEC I                         0
Stevenson      James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Stevenson      Randy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Stevenson      Robert          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Stevenson      Shayne          DEPUTY IV                                 69,841
Stevenson      Vivian          NURSE MANAGER                             94,694
Stevlingson    Wheldon         ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC 1                          0
Steward        Norman          Transit Operator                          51,373
Stewart        Brenda          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Stewart        Brian           Transit Operator                          14,122
Stewart        Bridgit         Transit Operator                          51,373
Stewart        Cindy           IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN                 52,338
Stewart        Darren          CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Stewart        Eric            Transit Operator                          51,373
Stewart        Ericka          Administrative Staff Assistant            51,112
Stewart        Everton         SUPERVISOR I                              71,240
Stewart        Gale            TEMP AS I                                  4,185
Stewart        Gary            UTILITY WORKER II                         35,878
Stewart        Heidi           COURT CLERK II                            43,674
Stewart        James           EVIDENCE SPECIALIST                       46,485
Stewart        Joe             Vehicle Damage Estimator                  64,634
Stewart        Kevin           Network Engineer-Journey                  78,329
Stewart        Laurie          EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         69,844
Stewart        Margaret        Transit Operator                          14,122
Stewart        Mark            USW CDL - Driver                          40,576
Stewart        Marlyna         SOCIAL WORKER                             48,748
Stewart        Michael         Transit Chief                             74,701
Stewart        Michael         DATABASE ADMNSTR-MASTER                   88,191
Stewart        Polly           VM Tech Info Process Spec3 2nd            48,595
Stewart        Robert          PERMIT REVIEW COORDINATOR                 57,547
Stewart        Sue             Safety & Health Admin IV                  82,246
Stewart        Susan           Real Property Agent V                     92,767
Stewart        Terry           Lead Electronic Technician 2nd            66,200
Stier          Jonathan        SR DEPUTY OMBUDSMAN                       67,543
Stier          Robert          Special Projects Manager II               90,474
Stigger        Treva           Transit Operator                          11,193
Stiles         Glen            Transit Operator                          11,193
Stiles         Richard         Lead Purchasing Specialist                56,343
Stiles         Timothy         Transit Operator                          11,193
Still          Sheri           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Stillabower    Colleen         FISCAL SPECIALIST III (UF 11)             44,332
Stillabower    Michelle        COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER                 40,323
Stillings      Robert          COOK-BAKER                                47,690
Stillwell      John            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       41,610
Stillwell      Thomas          Transit Operator                          51,373
Stine          Richard         Transit Operator                          12,792
Stinson jr     David           CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Stirtan        Cristi          CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                 39,721
Stites         Bryan           Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Stites         George          Transit Supervisor                        94,823
Sto domingo jr Ernesto         PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. II                   71,240
Stock          Joseph          WASTEWATER TREATMENT OPERATOR             48,186
Stockamp       Andrew          WEX PARTICIPANT                                0
Stockdale      Mark            SENIOR DEPUTY III                        109,434
Stockman       Joyce           COURT REPORTER                            66,931
Stockton       Constance       ASST PROGRAM MANAGER / TEMP                    0
Stoeffler      Pamela          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Stokes         Lawrence        Transit Operator                          13,416
Stone          Edwin           ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 2                    0
Stone          Lynda           JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        55,789
Stone          Marcia          PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Stone          Robert          Construction Management IV                80,209
Stone          Tricia          VM Tech Info Process Spec3 2nd            48,595
Stone          Troy            Transit Operator                          51,373
Stone          Valerie         COURT CLERK                               46,426
Stonkus        Arny            ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III               82,134
Stopsack       Heiko           PARAMEDIC                                 81,864
Stordahl       Ronald          CREW CHIEF                                57,653
Storey         Don             SECURITY OFFICER                               0
Storey         Meghan          AQUATICS PROGRAM ASST II                       0
Storey         Susan           SENIOR DEPUTY III                        106,749
Storey         William         Transit Operator                          51,373
Stork          Lori            Transit Operator                          51,373
Storms         Terry           BUSINESS & FIN OFFICER III                74,700
Storrs         Jane            REGISTERED NURSE-JUVENILE                      0
Storseth       Bryce           POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Storvik        Linda           OFFICE SPECIALIST                         42,182
Stoudamire     Claudia         CORRECTIONS TECHNICIAN                    41,287
Stought        Gregory         IT Supervisor I                           88,192
Stowe          James           PARK MAINT SPECIALIST II                       0
Stowers        Barbara         CORRECTIONS SUPERVISOR                    62,073
Stowers        Vernette        CORRECTIONS SERGEANT                      68,939
Stoy           Erin            HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT                      4,825
Straker        Stanley         Apprentice Mechanic                       47,008
Strandlien     Daryl           Transit Operator                          14,122
Strathy        Barbara         SENIOR DEPUTY IV                          90,871
Strathy        Scott           SERGEANT                                  75,382
Stratton       Franklin        Indust Instrmt/Elect Tech Lead            76,494
Straub         Daniel          PAINTER 2                                 57,653
Strauch        Ronda           ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Straughn       Jeffrey         LAN ADMINISTRATOR-SENIOR                  62,335
Straume        Viola           ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Strauss-Waller Maida           LAN Administrator-Journey                 73,337
Stream         Monique         AdminSpecialist III                       49,982
Streck         Karolyn         Transit Operator                          51,373
Street         Loren           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Streeter       Kimo            AQUATICS PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                  0
Strege         Neil            LEGIS AIDE II DIST 12                     73,000
Strehler       Andrew          Waste Water Engineer IV                   80,209
Stremel        Stewart         IT Project Manager II                     88,192
Stretch        Paul            Transit Instructor                        64,696
Strickland     Sally           PROPERTY AGENT II                         58,054
Stringer       John            Transit Operator                          12,710
Stringfellow   Ryan            Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Strom          Deanna          PROJECT PROGRAM MANAGER IV                86,124
Strom          Eric            UTILITY WORKER II - TLT                   35,878
Strom          James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Strommer       Susanne         JAIL LPN                                  49,819
Strong         Despina         Environmental Lab Supervisor              92,475
Strong         Robert          Transit Operator                          51,373
Strong         Ronald          UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Stronks        Walter          Engineer V                                88,703
Stroschein     Jerome          Desktop Support Spec-Journey              47,605
Stroud         John            Transit Operator                          51,373
Stroughter     Alversia        Transit Operator                          51,373
Strouhal       Terra           Administrator II                          57,547
Strouse        Michael         ADMINISTRATOR IV                          80,217
Strouts        Lilly           Transit Operator                          51,373
Stroy          Hazel           Customer Asst Rep On-Call                 42,769
Strozier       Rodney          Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Struck         James           Transit Operator                          51,373
Struckel       Robinette       AUTOPSY TECHNICIAN                        54,881
Stryjak        Vera            Computer Operator Specialist              48,744
Stuart         Laura           NURSE PRACTITIONER                        67,246
Stuart         Paul            Helper Line Wrkr                          50,830
Stuart         Richard         Transit Operator                          51,373
Stubblefield   Darwyn          PAINTER I                                 47,690
Stubbs         Todd            CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Stuckey        Kevin           Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Stuckman       Debbie          JUV PROB COUNSELOR                        48,268
Stuller        William         TORT CLAIMS INVESTIGATOR                  63,274
Stump          Philip          Mechanic 3rd                              60,854
Sturgill       Suzanne         TRUCK DRIVER III                          44,426
Sturm          Helen           Safety & Health Admin. III                64,792
Stute Jr       William         Transit Operator                          12,792
Stuth          Arlene          CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Stuver         Katrina         CORRECTIONS OFFICER                       59,960
Stypula        Jeanne          ENGINEER IV                               92,475
Su             Hanker          Network Architect                         96,968
Subelbia       Helen           PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  80,209
Subido         Cleo            OCCUPATIONAL EDUC & TRNG COOR             61,790
Subo           Sabit           Transit Operator                          51,373
Suckie         Alexander       PARK MAINT SPEC I - SEASONAL                   0
Sudduth        Michael         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Sudduth        Michael         Business & Finance Officer III            82,246
Sudduth        Shannon         CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 4                      0
Suder          Gerald          Transit Operator                          14,122
Sueda          Odette          STAFF PHYSICIAN                          138,929
Suedel         Jennifer        Fiscal Specialist III                     48,744
Suffion        Andrew          Transit Operator                          11,193
Suggett        Gregory         Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Sugita         Eugene          Process Control Supervisor                92,736
Sugui          Rey             PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER II                68,064
Suguro         Paul            Transit Police Officer                    16,640
Suiter         Floyd           LAN Administrator-Senior                  69,571
SukapanpotharamPardi           Waste Water Engineer II                   61,791
Sukert         Wanda           DISTRICT COURT CLERK                      46,426
Suknot         Shirley         Transit Operator                          51,373
Suko           Gregory         Construction Management VI                94,695
Sullivan       Brian           UTILITY WORKER II - TLT                   35,878
Sullivan       Brian           Transit Chief                             67,940
Sullivan       Daniel          Transit Operator                          14,122
Sullivan       Daniela         ADMIN INTERN-UNDERGRADUATE                23,459
Sullivan       Donna           RECREATION PROGRAM ASSIST III                  0
Sullivan       Gail            ENGINEER II                               72,950
Sullivan       James           Transit Operator                          11,193
Sullivan       Jean            LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC III             42,278
Sullivan       Jeremiah        Database Specialist-Sr                    63,274
Sullivan       Jessica         POLICE OFFICER                            63,955
Sullivan       Jo              Project/Program Manager III               82,215
Sullivan       Kelli           JUV PROB COUNSELOR 2/3                    37,193
Sullivan       Linda           PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE                       70,324
Sullivan       Marianne        EPIDEMIOLOGIST II                         53,846
Sullivan       Patrick         LEGISLATIVE AIDE DIST #8                       0
Sullivan       Theodore        PROJECT/PROGRAM MANAGER III               72,950
Sulzer         Prue            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Sumabat        Dianna          Customer Services Coordinator             69,665
Summer         Valerie         Service Supervisor                        64,696
Summers        Ann             SENIOR DEPUTY II                          39,632
Summers        Gail            ADMIN SPEC II                             43,293
Summers        Loree           Transit Operator                          46,235
Sun            Yueling         AS II                                     36,671
Sundberg       Kent            PROJECT PROGRAM MGR. III                  76,493
Sundin         Kyle            Transit Operator                          12,792
Sundquist      Eric            UTILITY WORKER II                         43,374
Sundquist      Lee             GENERAL INSPECTOR III                     82,134
Sundquist      Robert          ADMINISTRATIVE SPEC I                          0
Sunn           Maureen         INFO SYSTEMS ANALYST IV - MGR                  0
Supiya         Prasat          CUSTODIAN                                 36,671
Suppe          Nancy           Transit Operator                          51,373
Suprak         Paul            DETENTION OFFICER                         43,009
Suschik        Tamara          Transit Operator                          11,193
Sussex         James           ENGINEER II