This is a list of the 2004 Kitsap County employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 231,969) (1,188 employees)

Kitsap County was formed in 1857 from parts of King and Jefferson counties and includes four incorporated cities: Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and Port Orchard. The County occupies nearly 400 square miles and its major industries are government, services, retail trade and construction. The County is governed by a three-member Board of Commissioners, elected by district voters to four-year, staggered terms. The County has elected positions of Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Coroner, Prosecutor, Sheriff, Treasurer and judges for the District and Superior Courts. It serves a population of nearly 240,400. The County provides some services on a countywide basis and some services only to unincorporated areas. Services include road construction and maintenance, flood control, parks and recreation facilities, court services, law enforcement and criminal detention, tax assessments and collections, planning, zoning, rehabilitative services, public health care, election administration, treasury services and processing and disposing of solid and liquid wastes. To accomplish these services, the County has approximately 1,200 employees and incurs annual operating expenses of nearly $310 million.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2004 Kitsap County List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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Job Title	                  Name	                  Hrly Rate	
Appraiser Assistant	JEFFERY EUGENE ERICKSON	12.89	
Appraiser I	         ANGELA L. COX	         15.97	
Appraiser I	         WILLIAM S. BELL	         16.77	
Appraiser I	         RACHEL A. HAMILTON	         16.77	
Appraiser I	         PAMELA R. LOFGREN	         15.97	
Appraiser II-Residential	DENISE G ANDERSON	         20.46	
Appraiser II-Residential	TAMMERA L. BEVERAGE	19.49	
Appraiser II-Residential	WILLIAM RUSSELL CREWS	18.56	
Appraiser II-Residential	TERRILL R. GOFFRIER	18.56	
Appraiser II-Residential	KENNETH L. JONES JR	17.68	
Appraiser III-Residential	VICKI ANN KEANU	25.22	
Appraiser III-Residential	JOHN ALLAN CREGIER	25.22	
Appraiser III-Residential	DAN E LIESEKE	26.48	
Appraiser I-Personal Property	ROSA MARIA ENERSEN	19.41	
Appraiser I-Commercial	GEORGE DOUGLAS WOLFE	22.55	
Appraiser II-Commercial	YVONNE MARIE WOLFF	23.80	
Appraiser II-Commercial	SCOTT T. SAMPSON	22.67	
Appraiser III-Commercial	MICHAEL B.WIKSTROM	25.39	
Cadastral Engineer	KATHY A. COON	26.48	
Court Reporter	KATHRYN M. TODD	28.64	
Court Reporter	DEBBIE K. ZURN	28.64	
Court Reporter	GAYLE WAKEFIELD	28.64	
Court Reporter	ANITA M LOPEZ	28.64	
Court Reporter	NICKOLINE MARY DRURY	28.64	
Court Reporter	SYNDIE HAGARDT	28.64	
Court Reporter	ANDREA E. EVANS	25.98	
Admin Svcs Spvr	CAROLYN I SIEMS	25.98	
Admin Svcs Spvr	ELIZABETH A. RATLIFF	24.74	
Parks Project Coordinator	JOSEPH LEWIS COPPO	28.64	
Personnel Analyst I	SUSAN G. WOHLEB	24.76	
Personnel Analyst I	DANIEL J. DALING	27.30	
Personnel Analyst I	LYNN L. FLANIG	27.30	
Personnel Analyst II	SUSAN RICHARDS SMITH	30.10	
Solid Waste Specialist	WILLIAM DAVID PETERS	28.64	
Solid Waste Specialist	TERRI L WASHBURN	27.28	
Solid Waste Specialist	DEAN W. BOENING	28.64	
Solid Waste Specialist	RICK C. GILBERT	22.44	
Solid Waste Specialist	MONTE D. MENDENHALL	22.44	
Right Of Way Agent	ROBERT A. MCGINLEY	22.46	
Right Of Way Agent	MOLLY FOSTER	21.39	
WW Laboratory Spvr	CRAIG HANSON	28.64	
Loss Control Engineer	MARK C. ABERNATHY	31.61	
Purchasing Supervisor	R'LENE JOYCE ORR	28.64	
Volunteer Svcs Coordinator I	PAMELA CARLTON MARTIN	27.80	
Volunteer Svcs Coordinator II	JANET L. KOSKE	27.28	
Natural Resources Prgms Coord	KEITH FOLKERTS	28.64	
Habitat Biologist	MONICA J. DANIELS	21.38	
Watershed Project Coordinator	PAUL B. NELSON	23.57	
Community Resources Coord P/T	TERESA JEAN O'NEILL	27.30	
Buyer	LINDA K NELSON	22.67	
Stream Team Specialist	VALERIE A. KOEHLER	21.37	
Personnel Technician	LISA R. KOSKI	17.60	
Public Info Specialist I	CALLENE S. ABERNATHY	18.49	
Public Info Program Spvr	DOUGLAS E. BEAR	27.30	
Solid Waste Technician	(name deleted)	20.37	
Solid Waste Technician	VICKIE LYNN BUSHNELL	21.39	
Solid Waste Technician	JOHN J. STEINMETZ	22.46	
Solid Waste Technician	WILLIAM NEVILLE GARHART JR	18.48	
Solid Waste Technician P/T	NATHAN E. MATHEWS	18.48	
Utility Technician	GORDON RAY STARNES	24.74	
WW Lab Technician I	ROSS A. KINYON	23.80	
Operations Svcs Supervisor	LYNNETTE D LEE	27.30	
Recreation Specialist	TONI LEANN FULLER	21.39	
Recreation Specialist	HOLLY R. PETERSON	20.37	
Special Projects/Volun Coord	DOROTHY L. LECKNER	20.40	
Admin & Contracts Spec	JEAN M. SCHNEIDER	22.46	
Administrative Specialist	DANA LEIGH HILLS	19.41	
Administrative Specialist	FLORA VICTORIA HANSON	21.40	
Administrative Specialist	SHARON RIKA GIBSON	20.38	
Administrative Specialist	SHARRON E. KING	21.40	
Administrative Specialist	MARILYN J. OSBORN	19.41	
Administrative Specialist	EMMA S. RACHAL	19.41	
Administrative Specialist	CINDY S. THURMON	16.77	
Administrative Specialist	KATHERINE KAY BROWN	18.49	
Administrative Specialist	DEBORAH J. HELLER	17.61	
Administrative Specialist	DEBBIE MARIE AUSTIN	17.61	
Admin Secretary (Sheriff)	R MICHELE DAVIS	23.58	
Court Clerk I	CHERYL L. BECKLEY	15.58	
Court Clerk I	GINA D. VINECOURT	12.21	
Court Clerk I	ANGELINA M. SMITH	12.21	
Court Clerk I P/T	LORI L WARNER	12.21	
Court Clerk II	BIRUTA Z SMITH	17.27	
Court Clerk II	DEBRA J. MERGEN	17.27	
Court Clerk II	ELAINE M. BURROWS	17.27	
Court Clerk II	GINGER RUTH ARNOLD	17.27	
Court Clerk II	JANINE C NUTT-WRIGHT	17.27	
Court Clerk II	DAVID T LEWIS	17.27	
Court Clerk II	VICKI A TABERT	17.27	
Court Clerk II	GWENDOLYN S WARREN	17.27	
Court Clerk II	TRACI JEAN LESTER	17.27	
Court Clerk II	JULIANA J. SLEETH	16.45	
Court Clerk II	DEBRA J. WAGEMAN	16.45	
Court Clerk II	CHERYL A. ENSMAN	15.67	
Court Clerk II	DENISE R WALKER	15.67	
Court Clerk II	CONNIE LYNN MAYER	16.45	
Court Clerk II	KENDRA SUE BUOL	14.21	
Court Clerk II	HEIDI A. ROGERS	14.92	
Court Clerk II	CARLA R. THOMAS	15.67	
Court Clerk II	CHARLENE S. HUFFMAN	14.21	
Court Clerk II	REBECCA J. BROWN	14.21	
Court Clerk II	SUSAN MARIE WILSON	14.21	
Court Clerk II	ROSA M. GOODAN	13.53	
Court Clerk II	AMY C QUATERMASS	12.89	
Court Clerk II	SUSAN UNI TAYLOR	14.92	
Court Clerk II	LORI ANNE VOGEL	13.53	
Court Clerk II	CARLA J. TURNER	13.53	
Court Clerk II	RANDY A. MONN	13.53	
Court Clerk II	LEE EDMOND	13.53	
Legal Receptionist	LYNNEL M. MILLER	12.08	
Legal Receptionist	KATIE L. WHITE	12.08	
Legal Receptionist	BESS L. CARLTON	13.31	
Victim Witness Coordinator	KELLY ELAINE PELLAND	19.41	
Legal Assistant	RITA FAYE SAUNDERS	17.35	
Legal Assistant	KATHLEEN N LAHTI	18.22	
Legal Assistant	BONNIE SCHOONOVER	18.22	
Legal Assistant	MIRIAM JO WYBLE	18.22	
Legal Assistant	LESLIE S. MYETTE	18.22	
Legal Assistant	LINDA L. MALCOM	17.35	
Legal Assistant	SHERI ILENE BURDUE	16.52	
Legal Assistant	CATHERINE MILLER CLARK	17.35	
Legal Assistant	BRANDI A. SEFTON	16.52	
Legal Assistant	LESLIE D. PEDERSON	16.52	
Legal Assistant	DEBORAH S. PHARES	15.73	
Legal Assistant	KARYN ANN SZYMANSKI	14.98	
Legal Assistant	AMANDA JARRETT COOK	16.52	
Legal Assistant	JENNIE M. SHIVER	15.73	
Legal Assistant	DIANE M. SHROPSHIRE	14.98	
Legal Assistant	JILL J. TATE	15.73	
Legal Assistant	SHARON ANNE FINLEY	15.73	
Legal Assistant	CAROLYN V. PENCE	16.52	
Legal Assistant	SHELLEY LYNN SOLIE	15.73	
Records Specialist	STEVEN L. HJERRILD	15.58	
Records Specialist	PATRICIA KREMPASKY	14.13	
Records Specialist	WOOGENA R. GALES	14.13	
Records Specialist	CHRISTY ROBERTSON	13.46	
Records Specialist	AMY G. FOX	13.46	
Calendar Coordinator	VALDA K JOHNSON	21.40	
Account Clerk II (CENCOM)	MARIE H PEDROZA	14.18	
Account Clerk II (Pks&Rec)	SYLVIA ANN SIMS	16.68	
Accounting Assistant	KANDACE L. BURNS	16.15	
Accounting Assistant	BEVERLY A. JANSON	13.95	
Payroll Specialist	RIKKI LEE SCOTT-MORGAN	19.22	
Payroll Specialist	THERESA MARIE JUEL	17.43	
Office Assistant I	TERRIL DENNIS DEVLIN	14.68	
Office Assistant I	ERIN E. ACHEVARRA	12.08	
Office Assistant I	ANDREA V. BROWN	10.95	
Office Assistant I P/T	RUTH A. MYHR	12.08	
Office Assistant I	ANGELA SUZANNE BAKER	14.28	
Office Assistant I	CARLEE RAE SUTHERLAND	13.98	
Office Assistant I	TINA AJERO HART	12.08	
Office Assistant I	LAURA ELIZABETH MATHES	12.68	
Office Assistant I	JENNIFER JENIENE MELIN	12.08	
Office Assistant I	TONYA K. COVELLO	11.50	
Office Assistant I	CLAIRE ANN BROWNSTEIN	12.08	
Office Assistant II	KATHLEEN JOYCE THOMPSON	16.36	
Office Assistant II	KAREN S RISCH	14.84	
Office Assistant II	CYNTHIA L MCCLARY	13.46	
Office Assistant II	PATRICIA ANNE SCOTT	14.84	
Office Assistant II	DONNA M BREWSTER	15.58	
Office Assistant II	DIANNE M. LYLE	14.84	
Office Assistant II	ORA MARGARET MENEES	14.13	
Office Assistant II	SANDY A. MARSHALL	14.13	
Office Assistant II	SHANNON M. LEWIS	14.13	
Office Assistant II	MARCI LYNN FAITH PUTNAM	13.46	
Office Assistant II	KATHY HATCHETT-TOOHEY	14.13	
Office Assistant II	AMIE S. LEMONT	13.46	
Office Assistant II	ERICKA V. SANCHEZ	13.46	
Office Assistant II P/T	ROBERTA J. HUFF	14.84	
Office Assistant II P/T	DOLORES L MCKINNON	14.13	
Office Assistant II P/T	TINA M. AGNEW	14.13	
Office Assistant II	KAREN D. HAGSTROM	15.13	
Office Assistant II	SAMANTHA DEE LOOP	14.12	
Office Assistant II	DIANNE MARIE SOETE	15.57	
Office Assistant II	AMY S. SMITH	14.12	
Office Assistant II	HOLLY ROBERTS	14.83	
Office Assistant II	JULIE A. SANKO	12.81	
Office Assistant II	ANASTASIA R JOHNSON	14.12	
Office Assistant II	TAMMY A. DILLINGER	12.81	
Office Assistant II	(name deleted)	12.81	
Office Assistant II P/T	(name deleted)	14.12	
Office Assistant III	MARY C. DUVALL	17.27	
Office Assistant III	JANA RAE PERRIN	17.27	
Office Assistant III	VICKI LEE GAGNE	15.67	
Office Assistant III	NANCY G. SANDBERG	14.92	
Office Assistant III	REGINA L. MCRAY	14.92	
Office Assistant III	LUCRETIA F. ROBERTSON	16.45	
Office Assistant III	ELIZABETH CRONIN	17.27	
Office Assistant III	SALLY J JUVIK	17.27	
Office Assistant III	DEBRA A. KASH-MATHESON	17.27	
Office Assistant III	(name deleted)	15.67	
Office Assistant III	CATHERINE ANN WILSON	17.27	
Office Assistant III	NANCY LOIS BROTZEL	17.27	
Office Assistant III	ELLEN ANN TIETZ	15.67	
Office Assistant III	DIANE J. GICOSO	17.27	
Office Assistant III	COLLEEN R. GREIL	17.27	
Office Assistant III	LINDA L. WARD	17.27	
Office Assistant III	KATHRYN PEARL CHAPMAN	15.67	
Office Assistant III	LORI GAY ALLEN	16.45	
Office Assistant III	CINDY LEE KEISER	15.67	
Office Assistant III	DEANNA GAIL ERSTAD	16.45	
Office Assistant III	DOLORES E. TRACER	17.27	
Office Assistant III	CHEQUITA L. MURPHY	16.45	
Office Assistant III	INGRID R. HENDEN	13.53	
Office Assistant III	ALLISON E. SMITH	13.53	
Office Assistant III	LAURA J. DOOLEY	13.53	
Support Services Specialist	ROBERTA R. PRENTICE	16.96	
Support Services Specialist	PAMELA S. MORRIS	16.96	
Support Services Specialist	KAREN ANN SWANSON	16.96	
Support Services Specialist	JILL C FIJOLEK	16.96	
Support Services Specialist	TINA L. PUCKETT	16.96	
Support Services Specialist	BARBARA E. DAZELLE	16.96	
Support Services Specialist	JEANNE E. FAUCETT	16.96	
Support Services Specialist	KAREN M. BREZLER	16.15	
Support Services Specialist	ELOISA H. LEYA	15.38	
Support Services Specialist	CONNIE K. HERRON	16.15	
Support Services Specialist	BONNIE ANN JELLISON	15.38	
Support Services Specialist	TAMMY SUZANNE MEAD	15.38	
Support Services Specialist	TERRI GUINN-POPLIN	15.38	
Support Services Specialist	SHEILA R. GIVENS	15.38	
Support Services Specialist	REBECCA NINA MARJORIE OCHS	15.38	
Support Services Specialist	COLLEEN R. SMITH	14.65	
Support Services Specialist	LAURA LYNN HAWORTH	13.29	
Lead Support Svcs Specialist	DIANE K. WATSON	18.07	
Office Specialist I	NANCY J FRENCH	18.22	
Office Specialist I	CONNI L. UHINCK	18.22	
Office Specialist I	LORI ANN MCPHEE	17.35	
Office Specialist I	MARTHA GOMEZ	17.35	
Office Specialist I	JACKIE MARIE BLACKWOOD	18.22	
Office Specialist II	DEBRA S. DAVIS	19.22	
Office Specialist II	MARY A LOMBARD	19.22	
Office Specialist II	SHARON M. ELLS	19.22	
Office Specialist II	JOYCE E FIGUEROA DE RASCHKE	19.22	
Office Specialist II	VICTORIA L. AVERY	17.43	
Payroll Supervisor	BARBARA ORDMAN	23.57	
Support Services Supervisor	MONICA H. CABRERA STUART	19.49	
Assessment Admin Spvr	MAXINE ANN SCHOALES	19.69	
Office Spvr I	KIMBERLY T SINGER	20.38	
Office Spvr I	DEBRA L. TIERNEY	20.38	
Office Spvr I	DEBORAH MEYER	19.41	
Office Spvr II	SUZANNE M. BOLTZ	21.59	
Office Spvr II	MARIA ELENA PADMOS	23.80	
Office Spvr II	SHIRLEY L. JOHNSON	22.67	
Office Spvr II	KARI LYNN MANN	19.58	
Office Spvr II	SYBIL N. SODERBERG	19.58	
Office Spvr II	MARY ALLEN	20.56	
Office Spvr III-Licensing	MARY ANN BARNHILL	25.11	
Office Spvr III-Recording	NANCY CADENA LAWRENCE	25.13	
Exemption Specialist	NANCY M WILLIAMS	18.22	
Evidence/Prop Control Spec	BARBRA J. COOK	18.26	
Evidence/Prop Control Spec	BRIAN D. BORCHERDING	16.56	
Evidence/Prop Control Spec	CHARLES LEFROIS	15.77	
Program Assistant	JEAN NUTTMAN	19.22	
Program Assistant	LAURIE LEA WITT	18.30	
Program Assistant	KRISTINE K WILLIAMS	18.30	
Program Assistant	RUTH A. BARNARD	19.22	
Program Assistant	RITA L. DUBORD	19.22	
Program Assistant P/T	PAULA R. WALKER	19.22	
Program Specialist	DAVID M. HEINEMANN	17.61	
Program Specialist	ALLEN W RICHARDSON	22.38	
Program Specialist	WENDY G MERRILL	19.41	
Program Specialist	VICKIE LYNN FICK	21.40	
Program Specialist	STEVEN M PEDERSEN	19.41	
Program Specialist	SHARON F. FLOYD	20.38	
Program Specialist	JUDITH D. MELIN	19.41	
Program Specialist P/T	SALLY SUE EVENSON	17.61	
Program Specialist P/T	JOANNE CRUZ	21.40	
Program Specialist	BECKY ANN FROELICH	19.41	
Program Specialist	OPAL M ROBERTSON	21.40	
Program Specialist	ROBERTA ANN CUNNINGHAM	21.40	
Program Specialist	PATRICIA A. LAWSON	21.40	
Program Specialist	HOLLY A. ANDERSON	21.40	
Program Specialist	KATHLEEN RUTH DONAHUE	21.40	
Program Specialist	SHIRLEY A. CHRISTENSEN	21.40	
Program Specialist	TERESA FOX	21.40	
Program Specialist	HARRY P. BIRKENFELD	19.41	
Program Specialist	KAREN E. ASHCRAFT	18.49	
Program Specialist	R. MAUREEN WALKER	19.41	
Program Specialist P/T	(name deleted)	20.38	
Admin Support Specialist	MAAREN L STROBLE	17.81	
Admin Support Specialist	TRINA RAE WASHBURN	16.96	
Investigative Support Spec	KATHLEEN A. CHITTENDEN	18.70	
Dir Central Communications	RONALD R MCAFFEE	42.36	
Dir Community Development	KAMURON D. GUROL	46.68	
Dir Fac, Parks & Recreation	CRISTOFER  A. GEARS	46.68	
Dir Juvenile Services	EDWARD J. DELMORE	42.34	
Dir Personnel & Human Svcs	BERT HIROMI FURUTA	46.68	
Dir Public Works	RANDY WYATT CASTEEL	49.02	
Dir Dist Court Services	MAURICE H. BAKER	38.42	
Dir Sup Court Admin Svcs	FRANK A. MAIOCCO, JR.	34.85	
Undersheriff	DENNIS R. BONNEVILLE	46.68	
County Administrator	MALCOLM H. FLEMING	51.34	
Engineer I	ERNEST W NELSON	28.64	
Engineer I	DAVID E WAAGA	28.64	
Engineer I	RICHARD D WOLFE	27.28	
Engineer I	SU T. VU	25.98	
Engineer I	STANLEY H. OLSEN	27.28	
Engineer I	TIMOTHY G. BEACHY	25.98	
Engineer I	JERRALD K. JENSEN	27.28	
Engineer I	WILLIAM J. EDWARDS	25.98	
Engineer I	JACK C. NIEHUSER	23.56	
Engineer I	JAMES L ROGERS	25.98	
Engineer II	SCOTT C MURPHY	31.61	
Engineer II	BURT A THATCHER	31.61	
Engineer II	JACQUES E. DEAN	28.67	
Engineer II	EDWIN D. SMITH	30.10	
Engineer II	MICHAEL F. MCCARTHY	30.10	
Engineer III	JOHN D JAMES	34.82	
Engineer III	BARBARA A. ZAROFF	34.82	
Engineer III	MICHAEL J. MICHAEL	31.58	
Engineer III	STELLA V. VAKARCS	33.16	
Engineer III	JEFFRY W. SHEA	34.82	
Traffic Safety & Design Eng	CHARLES J SHANK	31.61	
Engineering Aide	(name deleted)	18.39	
Engineering Technician I	CHERYL ANN SCHROEDER	17.60	
Engineering Technician I	ROBERT LOUIS HEIM	15.96	
Engineering Technician II	DALE J. BLACKWOOD	19.43	
Engineering Technician II	PENNY E. COLEMAN	18.50	
Engineering Technician III	TRAVIS T SCHULTZ	20.37	
Engineering Technician III	MARC A. GASPER	20.37	
Engineering Technician III	PATRICK ALLEN DELANEY	19.40	
Engineering Technician III	JEFFERY S. DENCHEL	19.40	
Engineering Technician III	CANDACE LOUISE MURSELL	18.48	
Engineering Technician III	SCOTT N. BAISLER	17.60	
Engineering Technician IV	TRIXANN MARGARET ELDRIDGE	23.57	
Engineering Technician IV	RON LEE BROWN	22.45	
Engineering Technician IV	VERN K LOOP	23.57	
Engineering Technician IV	STEPHEN D. ABERNATHY	20.36	
Engineering Technician IV	DANIEL W. WHITCOMB	20.36	
Engineering Technician IV	BRAD R. NAU	21.38	
Engineering Technician V	PHYLLIS C. KANYER	24.74	
Engineering Technician V	YVONNE C. GILLESPIE	24.74	
Engineering Technician V	MARK A. CHAMBERLIN	23.56	
Engineering Technician V	JAMES L. POWELL	24.74	
Engineering Technician V	ROBERT A HAMBLET	24.74	
Engineering Technician V	RANDALL DOUGLAS ROMO	24.74	
Engineering Technician V	ADAM C. MEEK	22.44	
Engineering Technician V	GREGG B. KANYER	23.56	
Storm Water Mgmt Tech III	BRUCE H OYLOE	25.99	
Storm Water Mgmt Tech III	JENNIFER LAWRENCE	24.75	
Utilities Mgmt Tech II	JEROME D. ANDERSON	23.57	
Utilities Mgmt Tech II	JERRY R. CONNELL	23.57	
Utilities Mgmt Tech II	JAMES J TRAINER	22.45	
Utilities Mgmt Tech II	RUSSELL W. NOERENBERG, JR.	23.57	
Utilities Mgmt Tech II	CHRISTOPHER R. URRUTIA	21.38	
Utilities Mgmt Tech II	ROCKY ARTHUR HUFF	22.45	
Utilities Mgmt Tech II	MAURO HEINE	20.36	
Utilities Mgmt Tech III	RANDALL R. DAVIS	25.99	
Utilities Mgmt Tech III	CHARLES ERICK SMILEY	20.36	
Accountant I	RONALD L. CHRISTIANSEN	26.48	
Accountant I	ANNETTE L. JAMES	20.75	
Accountant I	MAVIS M. BEACH	21.38	
Budget Analyst II	ELISSA A. GALUSHA	27.30	
Financial Analyst	SUE ANN MELLINGER	29.25	
Financial Analyst Assistant	LAURA CAROLINE ADAMS	14.98	
Head Cashier	HARRIETTE F. LEWIS	23.80	
Investment Officer	MICHELE M PEARSON	36.59	
Budget Manager	RICHARD E. HANNA	31.61	
Accounting/Finance Mgr I	WILLIAM M. EDDE	31.14	
Accounting/Finance Mgr I	ALLEN D. SHARRETT	30.10	
Accounting/Finance Mgr II	DEAN GORDON BROWN	33.19	
Financial Svcs Coord	LILLIAN SHIERK	32.85	
Fiscal Technician II	PAMELA J SMITH	17.27	
Fiscal Technician II	TAMMY RENEE DURYEA	17.27	
Fiscal Technician II	ANGEL ANN BERTHIAUME	12.89	
Fiscal Technician II	TERI L. THOMPSON	15.67	
Fiscal Technician II	(name deleted)	14.92	
Fiscal Technician II	WANDA Y VLIET	17.27	
Fiscal Technician II	CAROL A. ZETZSCHE	17.27	
Fiscal Technician II	KATHLEEN SUE MARQUARDT	17.27	
Fiscal Technician II	MARY JOY ARMSTRONG	17.27	
Fiscal Technician II	YVONNE MARIE WOODS	17.27	
Fiscal Technician II	DIANE M. READWIN	15.67	
Fiscal Technician II	BRANDY RENEE COLLINS	14.21	
Fiscal Technician II	RONICA S. PISZ	14.92	
Fiscal Technician II	CRYSTAL L. HOWARD	14.21	
Fiscal Technician II	ENRICA MARIA JOHNSON	13.53	
Fiscal Technician II P/T	BOBBI JO CASEY	17.27	
Fiscal Technician III	SANDRA G MAHARRY	19.22	
Fiscal Technician III	LORI A. TETZ-ALIRE	19.22	
Fiscal Technician III	FELICITAS BROOKS	19.22	
Fiscal Technician Spvr	JANICE A PIERCY	21.40	
Fiscal Technician Spvr	KATHERINE DEBRA ANDERSON	21.40	
Food Services Worker II	MILAGROS C. PUNO	15.52	
Food Services Worker II	BARBARA H GARCIA	15.52	
Food Services Worker II	DEBRA A. KELLY	12.77	
Food Services Worker II	PAULETTE  O. STREAM	14.08	
Food Services Worker II	TIMOTHY D. QUIGG	12.77	
Food Services Spvr	SUSAN LYNN CHILDS	19.22	
Assessment Counselor	PATRICIA LYNN BELCHER	21.42	
Case Mgmt Spec I	AMY COLEEN REDAL	16.78	
Case Mgmt Spec I	MARY ALICE STAROST	19.43	
Case Mgmt Spec I	SHERYL J. JOHNSON	16.78	
Case Mgmt Spec I	ANNETTE L. DOWNING	19.43	
Case Mgmt Spec I	ADEANNA C. HUME	19.43	
Case Mgmt Spec I	GAIL E. ARCHUT	19.43	
Case Mgmt Spec I	GUENTHER L. FRANZEN	19.43	
Case Mgmt Spec I	JANET L. LARSON	17.62	
Case Mgmt Spec I P/T	KAREN M. KARIBIAN	19.43	
Case Mgmt Spec II	ROCHAL J ROACH-GEORGE	21.39	
Case Mgmt Spec II	BARBARA M. DINGE	19.40	
Chemical Dep Counselor	PATRICIA M STEVENS	20.38	
Chemical Dep Counselor	CHRIS ROBERT SWIFT	20.38	
Chemical Dep Counselor	RONNIE LEROY GRAHAM	19.41	
Chemical Dep Counselor	STEVEN RAY KOHRT	18.49	
Chemical Dep Counselor	KISAKO KAWAI	16.77	
Chemical Dep Counselor	BERGEN SONALI STARKE	15.97	
Chemical Dep Counselor	SAMONA LYNN BONDY	15.97	
Chemical Dep Counselor P/T	LINDA A. KERKES	17.61	
Human Services Planner II	PAUL LOREN URLIE	27.30	
Human Services Planner II	STACEY ANN SPENCER SMITH	24.76	
Human Services Planner II	GAY E. NEAL	24.76	
Human Services Planner II	JAMES JOSEPH MCKENNA	22.46	
Human Services Planner II	BETH ANN FRIEDMAN DARNER	23.58	
Human Services Planner II	KELLY L. ONEAL	23.58	
Human Services Planner II P/T	LEIF A. BENTSEN	24.76	
Human Services Planner III	ELIZABETH SOMMERFELD BOSCH	28.64	
Human Services Planner III	ROBERT A. POTTER, JR.	28.64	
Human Services Planner III	MARY ELLEN DE LA PENA	28.64	
Human Services Planner III	DOUGLAS C. WASHBURN	28.64	
Human Services Planner III	PETER M. CAVANAUGH	27.28	
Info Assistance Spec	SHARON L. LOOPER	14.48	
Info Assistance Spec	GWEN R. BARRIOS	13.79	
Long Term Care Supervisor	BARRETT JOHNSON	24.74	
Senior Info & Assistance Spvr	TAWNYA R. WEINTRAUB	23.57	
ITA/Detox Counselor	MICHAEL L. WELPMAN	18.50	
Nurse - Aging	ROBERTA L. BUNKER	25.99	
Nurse - Aging	CELESTE A. GRIFFIN	25.99	
Nurse Recovery Center	MARY ANN SHEME	27.30	
Treatment Aide	INGA O. NOVA	9.29	
Treatment Aide	ADALINDA R. VAONA	10.24	
Treatment Aide P/T	KATJA ALEXANDRA LEWIS	11.29	
Treatment Assistant	JACKIE A MOORE	15.52	
Treatment Assistant	KATRINE LUNDEMO KERR	15.52	
Treatment Assistant	GIL F. FONTECHA	15.52	
Treatment Assistant P/T	RENATE K PRUITT	15.52	
Long Term Care Ombudsman P/T	GAYLE HELSETH-KENISON	24.75	
Human Services Specialist	KATHRYN LYNN GROSS	20.36	
Human Services Specialist	LINDA D HANNA	22.45	
Building Inspector II	GEORGE A SCOTT	25.99	
Building Inspector II	RICHARD MICHAEL POPE	24.75	
Building Inspector II	PEDRO N. QUIRIARTE	22.45	
Building Inspector III	GREGORY JOHN SPEARS	28.64	
Deputy Fire Marshal II	SCOTT P RIDDELL	28.64	
Deputy Fire Marshal II	EDWARD G. ISKRA	28.64	
Deputy Fire Marshal II	JEANNIE ELLEN VAUGHN	28.64	
Deputy Fire Marshal II	JONATHAN J. GREENAWALT	25.98	
Inspector I	DONALD ROY PATERSON	21.86	
Inspector II	PATRICK A REEVES	25.70	
Plans Examiner I	KATHY A. CLONINGER	20.36	
Plans Examiner I	TRICIA YVONNE BENNON	22.45	
Plans Examiner I	PHILIP A. LOHRER	22.45	
Traffic Investigator	STEPHEN DOUGLAS JOHNSON	23.57	
Traffic Signal/Invest Spvr	DALE W WILEY	28.64	
Zoning Inspector I	CHRISTINA D. PENSON	20.35	
Zoning Inspector II	STEPHEN M MOUNT	25.99	
Admininstrator Probation Svcs	DAYLE SUZANNE CRANE	36.59	
Dist Court Commissioner P/T	STEPHEN JAMES HOLMAN	50.25	
Dist Court Prob Officer	DAN R. TELLVIK	27.30	
Dist Court Prob Officer	OUDY DAMARIS ACOSTA PEREZ	27.30	
Dist Court Prob Officer	THOMAS J. RIPLEY	24.76	
Dist Court Prob Officer	KERI LYNN WATERLAND	22.46	
Dist Court Prob Officer	DELORES L. SPANN	21.39	
Dist Court Prob Officer P/T	MARCELYN K. KITTELSON	27.30	
Dist Court Prob Officer Lead	KEVIN ROGER GRANDY	28.64	
Law Clerk	MATTHEW J. O'MALLEY	20.40	
Law Clerk	CHRISTI C. TUTTLE	20.40	
Superior Court Commissioner	THURMAN W. LOWANS	52.78	
Drug Court Coordinator	CHERIE L. LUSK	24.74	
Jury Coordinator	JANET LEE MITCHELL	18.22	
Courthouse Facilitator	LILLIAN R. SCHAUER	27.30	
Child Interviewer	CYNTHIA L. CONRAD	28.64	
Deputy Prosecutor I	KENNETH W. BAGWELL	23.87	
Deputy Prosecutor I	RYAN C WITT	23.87	
Deputy Prosecutor I	TYLER H.L. TORNABENE	21.70	
Deputy Prosecutor I	KELLY M. MONTGOMERY	23.87	
Deputy Prosecutor II	KEVIN MICHAEL HOWELL	36.96	
Deputy Prosecutor II	ALAN LOUIS MILES	35.20	
Deputy Prosecutor II	PHILIP A. BACUS	26.26	
Deputy Prosecutor II	LISA JO BRALY	26.26	
Deputy Prosecutor II	KEVIN P. KELLY	36.96	
Deputy Prosecutor II	ROBERT LEE NAON	36.96	
Deputy Prosecutor II	BONNIE M MARTIN	35.20	
Deputy Prosecutor II	TOMMY L. MORRIS	33.52	
Deputy Prosecutor II	BERT DEE BOUGHTON	31.92	
Deputy Prosecutor II	JEREMY A. MORRIS	28.95	
Deputy Prosecutor II	JUSTIN BAILEY ZAUG	27.57	
Deputy Prosecutor II	STANLEY ALAN GLISSON	28.95	
Deputy Prosecutor II	CAMI G. LEWIS	26.26	
Deputy Prosecutor II	CRAIG PAUL LINDSAY	28.95	
Deputy Prosecutor II	JENNIFER K. BRUGGER	27.57	
Deputy Prosecutor II	KRISTIE E. BARHAM	21.70	
Deputy Prosecutor II	JAMES THOMAS MITCHELL	27.57	
Deputy Prosecutor II P/T	CINDY PURIFOY GOETZMANN	26.26	
Deputy Prosecutor II P/T	GINA MELTON BUSKIRK	26.26	
Deputy Prosecutor III	IONE GEORGE	41.61	
Deputy Prosecutor III	JACQUELYN  M. AUFDERHEIDE	39.63	
Deputy Prosecutor III	JOHN S. DOLESE	37.74	
Deputy Prosecutor III	WARREN K SHARPE	42.71	
Deputy Prosecutor III	TODD L. DOWELL	37.74	
Deputy Prosecutor III	TIMOTHY A. DRURY	39.63	
Deputy Prosecutor III	NEIL R. WACHTER	37.74	
Deputy Prosecutor III	HOLLY GODFREY BANKS	39.63	
Deputy Prosecutor III	KEVIN D. HULL	29.57	
Deputy Prosecutor III	CLAIRE A. BRADLEY	32.60	
Deputy Prosecutor III	KEVIN MARTIS ANDERSON	35.94	
Deputy Prosecutor III	RANDALL A. SUTTON	37.74	
Deputy Prosecutor IV	MICHAEL B. SAVAGE	48.16	
Deputy Prosecutor IV	CHRISTIAN C. CASAD	48.16	
Deputy Prosecutor IV	JEFFREY J. JAHNS	48.16	
Deputy Prosecutor IV	GREG R. HUBBARD	48.16	
Deputy Prosecutor IV	SHELLEY E KNEIP	48.16	
Prosecutor's Investigator	ROY P. BARTON	28.64	
Prosecutor's Investigator	RICHARD D. KITCHEN	29.28	
Court Services Officer	TADINA CROUCH	27.80	
Court Services Officer	KRIS MARIE MERRINGER	27.80	
Court Services Officer	PATRICIA RAE HARRISON	27.80	
Court Services Officer	CINDY K. MORRIGAN	27.80	
Court Services Officer	RONALD G. BANICK	27.80	
Court Services Officer	CARRIE ANN PRATER	27.80	
Court Services Officer	STEVEN L. RICHARDS	27.30	
Court Services Officer	SHAWN C. EMBREE	27.30	
Court Services Officer	DEANNA LYNN BEDELL	27.80	
Court Services Officer	KENNETH SCOTT PARKER	27.30	
Court Services Officer	LINDSAY ALLAN MONTGOMERY	27.30	
Court Services Officer	THOMAS S. CURRY	27.30	
Court Services Officer	RONELLE K. MULLINS	24.76	
Court Services Officer	JULIE M. GAFFNEY	27.30	
Court Services Officer	DEE DUNN	24.76	
Court Services Officer	JENNIFER  A. KAUNITZ	22.46	
Court Services Officer	STEPHENIE MARIE HOOKER	24.76	
Court Services Officer	JESSY CAROL BAKER	21.39	
Court Services Officer	JENNIFER MICHELLE MARTIN	24.76	
Court Services Officer	AMY MICHELE BURTON	24.76	
Court Services Supervisor	SARESE R. MILTON	30.10	
Court Services Supervisor	SAEED SHARIFI SABER	30.10	
Juvenile Case Monitor	MICHAEL C. BRAUNZ	20.40	
Juvenile Case Monitor	ETENE L TAIMALELAGI	21.42	
Juvenile Case Monitor	DAVID M. HAWKINS	20.40	
Juvenile Case Monitor	MICHELLE BAILEY WITKOSKI	18.50	
Juvenile Probation Assistant	AMY ELIZABETH BEAL	18.39	
Corporal	ROBERT E MILLARD	27.44	
Deputy Sheriff I	JEFFERY D MENGE	20.08	
Deputy Sheriff I	LEE C. WHEELER	20.08	
Deputy Sheriff II	KAREN D. DEMERICK	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	PETER R. BALL	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	JAMES CHARLES KENT	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	SCOTT ALLEN EBERHARD	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	KENNETH M SMITH	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	JAMES W. GASTINEAU	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	STEVEN J MARTIN	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	RONALD L. TROGDON	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	RAYMOND L STROBLE	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	ROGER EUGENE HOWERTON	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	DAVID W. ANDERSON	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	BRAD R WALTHALL	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	JONATHAN L JOHNSON	22.14	
Deputy Sheriff II	RICHARD D SMITH	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	THOMAS WALTER BURROWS	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	STEPHEN CARL ARGYLE	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	DARREN M. ANDERSSON	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	JAMES D. RYE	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	RICHARD V. STONER	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	PAMELA K. FLEMING	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	DOUGLAS C. DILLARD	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	LORI N. BLANKENSHIP	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	JON T. VAN GESEN	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	FELICITO ABILLE JR	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	PAUL R. TUFTS	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	GREG R. RICE	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	ANDREW A. AMAN	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	JACK WILLIAM CLAMPITT	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	RONALD SCOTT ZUDE	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	MARK D. MCVEY	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	CRAIG R. HANSON	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	SCOTT E. WILSON	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	RUSSELL J. CLITHERO	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	MARK R. RUFENER	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	CHAD ARTHUR MILLER	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	MICHAEL T. RODRIGUE	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	LEE B. WATSON	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	TIMOTHY E. YOUNG	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	MICHAEL JAMES MAYSON	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	NICOLE SUZETTE MENGE	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	VICTOR JOSEPH CLEERE	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	BENNY G. MYERS	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	PATRICK J. DAWSON	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	AARON J. BAKER	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	ERIC JANSON	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	KURTIS G. LONT	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	DAVID ELTON DIAL	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	ERIC LANCE ADAMS	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	TIMOTHY J. KEELER	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	GARY S. WESTERFIELD	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	CHRISTOPHER S. ANDREWS	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	JOHN C. LOFTUS	25.62	
Deputy Sheriff II	JENNIFER L. RICE	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	CHAD B. BIRKENFELD	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	C. DAVID GREEN	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	JOSHUA JEROME MILLER	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	MARC A. MALLOQUE	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	MICHAEL A. GRANT	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	FREDERICK N. BREED	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	STEVEN D. DUCKWORTH	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	BRIAN MCEVOY	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	AARON LEE LOGDAHL	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	MICHAEL SHANNON JR	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	MATTHEW R. HILL	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	HEATHER L. WRIGHT	24.41	
Deputy Sheriff II	BENJAMIN D. HERRIN	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	DONALD EUGENE MESERVE	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	KENNETH H. MAHLER	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	KRISTA R. MCDONALD	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	SCHON M. MONTAGUE	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	JUSTIN THOMAS CHILDS	22.14	
Deputy Sheriff II	TIFFANY A. BRATRUD	22.14	
Deputy Sheriff II	TIMOTHY JAMES GASTON	22.14	
Deputy Sheriff II	DUANE K DOBBINS JR	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	MARK F. GUNDRUM	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	ELIZABETH M. GUNDRUM	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	SCOTT P. DICKSON	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	ALAN V LANGGUTH II	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	JOHN R. STACY	22.14	
Deputy Sheriff II	PAUL S. WOODRUM	22.14	
Deputy Sheriff II	TROY A. GRAUNKE	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	STEVEN GLENN CLARKSON	22.14	
Deputy Sheriff II	SONYA KAY MATTHEWS	21.07	
Deputy Sheriff II	FRANK X. DAVALOS	22.14	
Deputy Sheriff II	JEFFERY T. SCHAEFER	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	RICKY J. COWELL	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	BERNARD PAUL BROWN	23.23	
Deputy Sheriff II	JOSEPH F. HEDSTROM	21.07	
Deputy Sheriff II	JOSEPH A. BROWN	21.07	
Sergeant	JAMES R WHITE	28.61	
Sergeant	MICHAEL K. MERRILL	29.34	
Sergeant	JAMES D. PORTER	27.92	
Sergeant	JOHN J. GESE	29.34	
Sergeant	JOHN W SPRAGUE	29.34	
Sergeant	ERIC B. BOCKELIE	29.34	
Sergeant	STEVEN W SIPPLE	29.34	
Sergeant	JON L. BROSSEL	27.92	
Sergeant	CLINTON J. BERGERON	27.92	
Sergeant	JAMES M. MCDONOUGH, JR	27.92	
Sergeant	LORI A. FELIX	27.92	
Sheriff Lieutenant	EARL W. SMITH	33.60	
Sheriff Lieutenant	NED B. NEWLIN II	33.60	
Sheriff Lieutenant	DAVID J. WHITE	33.60	
Sheriff Lieutenant	KATHERINE M. COLLINGS	33.60	
Sheriff Lieutenant	CAMERON LEE MANDEVILLE	33.60	
Corrections Lieutenant	ROXANE M PAYNE	32.00	
Corrections Officer	GREGORY J MURRAY	23.14	
Corrections Officer	KEITH A HALL	23.14	
Corrections Officer	GARY J. ESCHETE	23.14	
Corrections Officer	ROBERT L GALLOWAY SR	23.14	
Corrections Officer	JACK L. WILSON	23.14	
Corrections Officer	JOHN MARK PETERSEN	23.14	
Corrections Officer	DAVID J. EWERT	23.14	
Corrections Officer	LAURA HELEN GESE	23.14	
Corrections Officer	LEON C. DILLON	23.14	
Corrections Officer	KATHIE M. SHUMAKER	23.14	
Corrections Officer	KIM D NORTON	23.14	
Corrections Officer	FRANKLIN M HANEY	23.14	
Corrections Officer	WILLIAM C MAHN	17.27	
Corrections Officer	MAXINE LILA ABUNDIS	23.14	
Corrections Officer	DENNIS LEE HENNEMAN	23.14	
Corrections Officer	CHARLES E. TRIGGS	23.14	
Corrections Officer	CLINTON D PROFF	23.14	
Corrections Officer	DAVID J RASH	23.14	
Corrections Officer	DARRIN S FRANKE	23.14	
Corrections Officer	CHARLES E MCGEARY	23.14	
Corrections Officer	JAMES F. DANIELS	23.14	
Corrections Officer	NUI FAAMU TOGIA	23.14	
Corrections Officer	ERNEST L. WOHLEB	22.04	
Corrections Officer	ANDRA LYN SCHROPP	23.14	
Corrections Officer	STEVEN K. HUDGINS	22.04	
Corrections Officer	GREGORY STEVEN CHAVEZ	22.04	
Corrections Officer	ELVIA DECKER	22.04	
Corrections Officer	BRIAN S. YANKEY	22.04	
Corrections Officer	JODIE RENEE BROWN	20.99	
Corrections Officer	MICHAEL W. ANDERSON	20.99	
Corrections Officer	KENNETH RAY WATKINS	20.99	
Corrections Officer	JOHN LOGAN FIELD	20.99	
Corrections Officer	SHAWN P. BUZZELL	20.99	
Corrections Officer	MELANIE G PATE	19.99	
Corrections Officer	CRAIG M. KENNEDY	19.99	
Corrections Officer	MICHAEL J. SIMPSON	19.99	
Corrections Officer	ROBERT E. JOHNSON	19.99	
Corrections Officer	GENIE I ELTON	19.99	
Corrections Officer	CRAIG JASON DICK	19.99	
Corrections Officer	WILLIAM JERRY IZER	19.04	
Corrections Officer	MICHAEL A. MCCLUSKEY	19.04	
Corrections Officer	KEN BALLESTEROL NABOR	19.04	
Corrections Officer	JERRY E. RANDALL JR.	19.04	
Corrections Officer	SHAWN I. GRISWOLD	19.99	
Corrections Officer	JAMES D. GILL	19.99	
Corrections Officer	MICHAEL R. BEZOTTE	18.13	
Corrections Officer	MICHAEL A. HETZEL	19.04	
Corrections Officer	GLYNN SKJORDAL	17.27	
Corrections Officer	TROY VON RUPP	18.13	
Corrections Officer	ABEL ARIAS	18.13	
Corrections Officer	FRANK JAMES M. DAVENPORT	19.04	
Corrections Officer	TIFFANY A. GAY	19.04	
Corrections Officer	KEVIN B. TRUMP	19.04	
Corrections Officer	RAY G TUITASI	18.13	
Corrections Officer	BRETT E. HAMILTON	18.13	
Corrections Officer	GINA M. FOLGER	18.13	
Corrections Officer	PENNY D. HARRELL	18.13	
Corrections Officer	CHRISTOPHER L. BRAME	18.13	
Corrections Officer	JOHN PHILIP PRAY	18.13	
Corrections Officer	DAVID DWAIN FERGUSON	18.13	
Corrections Officer	WADE AARON SCHROATH	17.27	
Corrections Officer	CESAR ANTALAN SORIA	17.27	
Corrections Officer	RICHARD LAWRENCE LINN	17.27	
Corrections Officer	NIKKI LEE WICKHAM	17.27	
Corrections Officer	CHRISTOPHER ROBIN MONDRY	17.27	
Corrections Officer	DANIEL J. RIBBLE	17.27	
Corrections Officer	LORI LEE CAPURSO	18.13	
Corrections Officer	RICHARD A. FITZWATER JR	18.13	
Corrections Officer	DWIGHT D. CARLIN	18.13	
Corrections Officer	MARK TIEP TIPTON	18.13	
Corrections Officer	DERECK B. SMITH	17.27	
Corrections Officer	ANTHONY M. GLOVER	17.27	
Corrections Officer	MICHAEL J. MEZEN	17.27	
Corrections Officer	PAUL M. HANEY	17.27	
Corrections Officer	KENNETH T. KING	17.27	
Corrections Officer	TINA M. BAILEY	17.27	
Corrections Officer	KAECEE JACQUELINE COATES	17.27	
Corrections Officer	JOHN W. VALENTINE	17.27	
Corrections Sergeant	PETER I. MCLEAN	28.14	
Corrections Sergeant	PATRICIA J JOHNSON	28.14	
Corrections Sergeant	SAUNI GAILYN HOLT	25.52	
Corrections Sergeant	JEFFREY H. TAYLOR	25.52	
Corrections Sergeant	TERRY K. COUSINS	24.30	
Corrections Sergeant	STEVEN J. LAWSON	25.52	
Inmate Project Coord	EVAN ELLIOT GRIFFO	13.52	
Juvenile Detention Officer	JILL M. PAYSENO	21.07	
Juvenile Detention Officer	MICHELLE OLSEN	21.07	
Juvenile Detention Officer	PEPE PERLIA PEDESCLAUX	21.07	
Juvenile Detention Officer	NICHOLAS  B. JENSEN	15.71	
Juvenile Detention Officer	KATHLEEN MARIE SOLAS	21.07	
Juvenile Detention Officer	JIMMIE DALE BRYANT	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	CURTIS W. CALLIHAN	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	DARRON RICHARD MERRELL	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	DONALD C. LACROIX	17.33	
Juvenile Detention Officer	JOHN D. DAVIS	18.20	
Juvenile Detention Officer	CELESTE A. BOONE	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	CONSTANCE  A. WALKER	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	ANGELA ELLEN CONNER	18.20	
Juvenile Detention Officer	MAMIE RENEE POOLE	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	JACK J. KISSLER	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	DANNY J. LARSON JR.	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	JAMILA L. LARSON	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	KEVIN B. COLLINS JR.	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	CYNTHIA MARIE BROWN	17.33	
Juvenile Detention Officer	SHANNON L. PORTER	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	LISA RENEE LEE	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	ANNIE S. LAVALSIT	19.11	
Juvenile Detention Officer	STEPHEN D. DENNISTON	18.20	
Juvenile Detention Officer	KACIA B. BERNIER	18.20	
Juvenile Detention Officer	REGINALD SHAWN HILL	17.33	
Juvenile Detention Officer	MICHAEL P. SMERER	16.50	
Juvenile Detention Officer	ROBERT E. FLOYD	15.71	
Juvenile Detention Officer	CHRISTOPHER ROSS ASHCRAFT	15.71	
Crisis Res Center Couns	BREANN L. FESSENDEN	16.50	
Crisis Res Center Couns	CHRISTINE RENEE INOUYE	17.33	
Crisis Res Center Couns	MICHELLE L. BURLISON	17.33	
Crisis Res Center Couns	JEFFREY L. KING	16.50	
Crisis Res Center Couns	SARAH E. BRACKEN	15.71	
Crisis Res Center Couns	JEREMY JOHN SCHINTZ	16.50	
Crisis Res Center Couns	DARIUS A. ALDRIDGE	16.50	
Crisis Res Center Couns P/T	KYLE C. BARBER	17.33	
Crisis Res Center Couns P/T	DAVID WAYNE BROWN	16.50	
Juvenile Detention Supervisor	MARK A MAHUGH	24.74	
Juvenile Detention Supervisor	DI'DIONNA MARIE ROZZANO	24.96	
Juvenile Detention Supervisor	JOHNNY R. MILES	23.56	
Juvenile Detention Supervisor	WILLIE JAMES MITCHELL	22.44	
Emergency Telecomm  Trainee	MEGAN E. SWEENEY	13.50	
Emergency Telecomm  Trainee	KRISTINE K. ROBB	12.26	
Emergency Telecomm  Trainee	BRANDY N. BLEDSOE	12.26	
Emergency Telecomm I	JULIE MARIE SHERIDAN	16.85	
Emergency Telecomm I	HARLEY W LEVASSEUR	16.85	
Emergency Telecomm I	ELMER POLANGCO SANTOS	16.85	
Emergency Telecomm I	MONNET C. ENGELKE	16.85	
Emergency Telecomm I	TONYA L. CHESSIE	16.85	
Emergency Telecomm I	SHANNON MARIE WOFFORD	16.85	
Emergency Telecomm I	JENNIFER LEIGH CORN	14.55	
Emergency Telecomm I	KATHERINE J. GALBRAITH	14.55	
Emergency Telecomm I	DONNA J. KELLY	14.55	
Emergency Telecomm I	JASON R. MEEDER	14.55	
Emergency Telecomm I	STEPHANIE DIANE TRUEBLOOD	16.05	
Emergency Telecomm I	CHRISTINE KLEINFELDER	16.05	
Emergency Telecomm I	NANCY RENE LEMAY	16.05	
Emergency Telecomm I	CRISTINA M. DEMELLO	16.05	
Emergency Telecomm I	SCOTT A. CALDWELL	16.05	
Emergency Telecomm I	AARON N. CROUCH	15.29	
Emergency Telecomm I	LAURA ELIZABETH MCGREEVY	15.29	
Emergency Telecomm I	MARY ELLEN AMORA VALERIO	15.29	
Emergency Telecomm I	STACI T. OAKES	14.55	
Emergency Telecomm I P/T	ALICE E MCDEVITT	16.85	
Emergency Telecomm I P/T	RACHEL ANN GEORGE	16.85	
Emergency Telecomm II	TAMI L WALTHALL	17.70	
Emergency Telecomm II	KATHLEEN G MOX	17.70	
Emergency Telecomm II	LOUISE ANN RUSSELL	17.70	
Emergency Telecomm II	CAROL L. LOYER	17.70	
Emergency Telecomm II	CARMEN DEE ALONZO	17.70	
Emergency Telecomm II	JANINE A. HACKETT	17.70	
Primary Call Receiver	SUSAN CATHERINE TURNER	14.18	
Primary Call Receiver	WILLIAM J. MAIN JR	13.50	
Primary Call Receiver	JILL MICHELLE CLAMPITT	13.50	
Primary Call Receiver	CHARLA MARIE MINCH	13.50	
Primary Call Receiver	JULIE ANN GARRET	12.85	
Primary Call Receiver	TAMARA ANN KIMBALL	11.67	
Primary Call Receiver	KAYE L. SLOMAN	11.67	
Shift Supervisor CENCOM	HAZEL R. BELLINGER	20.65	
Shift Supervisor CENCOM	LINDA S. FICARRA	20.65	
Shift Supervisor CENCOM	LISA MARIE THORSEN	20.65	
Shift Supervisor CENCOM	WALTER J STALLINGS	20.65	
Shift Supervisor CENCOM	AMANDA L WARRIOR	20.65	
Deputy Coroner	AARON R. DAVIS	22.67	
Deputy Coroner	CAROL MARIE CAIN	21.59	
Deputy Coroner	TAMARA KAYE LAWSON	19.58	
Deputy Coroner	ALLEN G. GERDES	18.65	
Deputy Coroner Senior	LOUISE ELIZABETH HALL	24.74	
Process Server	MICHAEL H THOMPSON	18.26	
Process Server	KRISTINE A. WILSON	18.26	
Courthouse Sec Officer	MELVIN C. DEVEN	13.52	
Courthouse Sec Officer	JOHN S MCREE	13.52	
Courthouse Sec Officer	DON ALAN HANLEY	13.52	
Courthouse Sec Officer	BRUCE ALBERT CARVER JR	11.69	
Courthouse Sec Officer P/T	DAVID L. FIJOLEK	12.88	
Courthouse Sec Officer P/T	KENNETH EUGENE ROBERTS	11.69	
Operations & Training Spvr	RICHARD A. KIRTON	28.64	
Program Coordinator	SHARON K. AKER	23.79	
Program Coordinator	LAURA JEAN JULL	23.79	
Senior Program Manager	STEPHEN PAUL FRAZIER	38.42	
Senior Program Manager	GRETCHEN LYNN OLSEN	36.59	
Senior Program Manager	RICHARD E. GAGNON	38.42	
Senior Program Manager	DAVID N SMITH	38.42	
Senior Program Manager	ADEMOLA ABASS ARIWOOLA	38.42	
Senior Program Manager	DAVID A. TUCKER	38.42	
Assist Dir Public Works	DAVID E. DICKSON	40.34	
Assist Dir Public Works	JONATHON L. BRAND	40.34	
Assist Dir DCD-Dev Permits	CYNTHIA L. BAKER	42.36	
Chief Criminal Deputy Sheriff	GARY L. SIMPSON	42.36	
Chief Deputy Assessor	MICHAEL W. EASTMAN	38.42	
Chief Deputy Auditor	WINNIE FLORES LOGAN	34.85	
Chief Deputy Clerk	ALISON H. SONNTAG	38.42	
Chief Deputy Treasurer	MELINDA D VON ARB	38.42	
Superintendent of Corrections	LARRY E. BERTHOLF	42.36	
Admin Svcs Mgr-Auditor	ANNA G. WILDERBUER	28.67	
Fire Marshal	DERRICK CRAWLEY	31.61	
Human Services Manager I	ANDERS L. EDGERTON	33.19	
Human Services Manager I	LISA CONSTANCE ROMWALL	33.19	
Human Services Manager II	GAIL S HIESTAND	34.82	
Info Technology Mgr	MORRIE BLACK-EAGLE	36.58	
Inspector (Sheriff)	MICHAEL L. DAVIS	42.36	
Manager Equipment Svcs Div	MARK E. STANISICH	31.61	
Manager Personnel Division	PENNY S STARKEY	36.59	
Manager Prosecutors Admin Svcs	CAROL I. MAVES	38.42	
Juvenile Court Svcs Mgr	PATRICIA ANN BRONSON	33.16	
Juvenile Detention Mgr	WILLIAM G. TRUEMPER JR.	36.59	
Planner IV	ERIC B. BAKER	30.10	
Planner IV	LAURA L. DITMER	30.10	
Planner IV	JAMES P. BOLGER	30.10	
Manager Emergency Management	PHYLLIS A MANN	33.19	
Chief Building Official	MARK HARRY GRIMM	33.19	
Chief Building Official	MICHAEL J. BARTH	30.10	
Elections Manager	DOLORES M. GILMORE	32.84	
Block Grant Program Mgr	RONALD M. ADAMS	31.61	
Collections Supervisor	ROBERT EUGENE SOUTHWICK	27.30	
Ops & Maint Superintendent	BEVERLY A. REEVES	30.08	
Maint Supervisor	RONALD G MOORE	30.10	
Operations Supervisor	RALPH J. DE CLEMENTS	31.61	
Project Manager	KAREN L. ROSS	38.42	
Right Of Way Supervisor	JAMES E. RODA	31.61	
Road Superintendent	BOB L. SMITH	34.82	
Road Supervisor	DONALD C SCHULTZ	30.10	
Road Supervisor	PAUL L. WOODS	30.10	
Road Supervisor	ROBERT J. WILSON	30.10	
Traffic Control Supervisor	JOHN E. KASTER	28.64	
Fair & Events Coordinator	FRANK KEVIN ABBOTT	27.28	
Fair & Events Coordinator	LAURAN D. ERICKSON	27.28	
Crisis Res Center Coord	VICTORIA LEE BINGHAM	25.98	
Juvenile Admin Svcs Mgr	NANCY J. WILSON	31.61	
Dept Capital Projects Mgr	DENNIS A. OOST	27.30	
Assessor	JAMES ALAN AVERY	43.98	
Auditor	KAREN H. FLYNN	43.98	
Clerk	DAVID W. PETERSON	43.98	
Commissioner District 1 & 2	CHRISTENE  G. ENDRESEN	44.08	
Commissioner District 1 & 2	JANICE ELAINE ANGEL	44.08	
Commissioner District 3	PATRICIA ANN LENT	41.95	
Judge District Court	W DANIEL PHILLIPS	55.83	
Judge District Court	JAMES M RIEHL	55.83	
Judge District Court	MARILYN G. PAJA	55.83	
Judge Superior Court	LEONARD W. COSTELLO	29.32	
Judge Superior Court	KARLYNN M. HABERLY	29.32	
Judge Superior Court	JAY BRYAN ROOF	29.32	
Judge Superior Court	LEILA MILLS	29.32	
Judge Superior Court	TERRY K. MC CLUSKEY	29.32	
Judge Superior Court	ANNA MARIE LAURIE	29.32	
Judge Superior Court	R W HARTMAN	29.32	
Prosecutor	RUSSELL D. HAUGE	58.64	
Treasurer	BARBARA A. STEPHENSON	43.98	
Planner III	JEFF N SMITH	28.64	
Planner III	RENEE JO BEAM	28.64	
Planner III	DAVID K. GREETHAM	28.64	
Planner III	JASON M. RICE	25.98	
Transportation Planner II	WILLIAM M. ZUPANCIC, JR.	30.10	
Transportation Planner II	TRAVIS D BLACK	30.10	
Transportation Planner III	CHARLES GREGORY CIOC	33.19	
Permit Technician I	PEGGY A. BAKALARSKI	15.20	
Permit Technician I	NICOLE D. ELLIS	16.76	
Permit Technician I	PATRICIA A. GAULIEN	16.76	
Permit Technician I	KIM DUNN	15.20	
Permit Technician II	LINDA J. JONES	15.97	
Permit Technician II	KATHERINE ADAIR WEBB	15.97	
Permit Coordinator	JAN GROSSO COLLINS	24.74	
Planner I	KIM R. SHADBOLT	23.96	
Planner II	MEG SANDS	26.46	
Block Grant Planner I	SALLY M. O'CALLAGHAN	22.45	
Block Grant Planner II	BONNIE CHRISTINE TUFTS	25.99	
Applications Services Manager	CAROL BERTAPELLE	33.19	
Operations Support Technician	J. PHILIP SERATT	16.85	
Programmer Analyst	PACITA B PAYNE	31.14	
Programmer Analyst	LYNN MICHELLE BEATY	31.14	
Programmer Analyst	CHAD ROBERT DEAN	29.66	
Programmer Analyst	CRAIG R. ADAMS	31.14	
Programmer Analyst	ARTHUR H. JACOBS	31.14	
Programmer Analyst	BARBARA A. STAPP	29.66	
Programmer Analyst	JAMES D MASSEE	28.25	
Systems Engineer	TERECE BRYAN	32.85	
Systems Engineer	EDWIN A SIMONS JR.	32.85	
Systems Engineer	JOHN W MILLER	31.29	
Systems Analyst	DEBRA LOUIS WINDUST	32.85	
Systems Analyst	FLOYD DALE BRIGHT	28.74	
Telecomm System Manager	GEORGE F. GEYER	31.14	
Data Systems Engineer	MARK LINNELL WILLIAMS	23.19	
Info Technology Spec Lead	GLEN EARL WALKER	21.59	
Data Base Administrator	JENQ-DIH CHYAN	31.58	
Network Administrator	JAMES LEROY SHIERK JR.	26.66	
GIS Manager	KEVIN W. MAXFIELD	36.59	
Dept Computer System Spvr	LISA D MOSES	23.57	
Applications Specialist	LOREN D. CHILSON	21.38	
Info Technology Spec	WAVA J. WRIGHT	22.55	
Info Technology Spec	JOSHUA PAUL WOODS	19.49	
Info Technology Spec	FRANCISCO MEDINA, JR.	20.46	
Info Technology Spec	ALAN JAMES RUDMAN	20.46	
Info Technology Spec	KENNETH L SOLLIE	20.46	
Dept Computer System Tech	MONA-LISA RYAN	18.39	
Dept Computer System Tech	CHARLES A. DEWEES	17.51	
Dept Computer System Tech	CHARLOTTE MARIE SECHREST JENSE	20.28	
Dept Computer System Tech	PAUL D. LARSON	17.51	
Dept Computer System Coord	MICHELE MARIE WILLOUGHBY	22.55	
GIS Analyst II	(name deleted)	23.03	
GIS Analyst II	MARY J. MEKKERS	20.89	
GIS Analyst II	LORI J. JOHNSON	27.30	
GIS Analyst II	DOUGLAS W. ADAMS	23.58	
GIS Analyst III	PAUL D. ANDREWS	30.86	
GIS Analyst III	(name deleted)	26.66	
Housekeeper	RAUL E. MEJIA	14.68	
Building Maintenance Spvr	PAUL DOUGLAS MCCOY	23.80	
Maint Technician	DAVID LEE THOMPSON	21.40	
Maint Technician	EDWARD R. COLLINS, JR	19.41	
Maint Technician	MICHAEL JOHN HEFFNER	16.77	
Maint Mechanic I	MARC W. MORROW	16.68	
Maint Mechanic II	BRUCE R. ANTHONY	22.55	
Maint Mechanic II	DAVID MARK GILMORE	21.48	
Maint Mechanic II	CHAD PETERSON	22.55	
Maint Mechanic II	NORMAN L. NIELSEN	20.46	
Maint Mechanic II	LEONARD R. STONE	21.48	
Maint Mechanic II	JEFF E. AUSTIN	19.49	
Maint Mechanic II	ROBIN W. KRUETZFELDT	16.84	
Mechanical Maint Spvr	JAMES L. STOLL	21.79	
Custodian	BRIAN E WARD	15.52	
Custodian	LINDA L. LUCAS	12.77	
Custodian	TODD EASTON	14.78	
Custodian	CHRIS ALAN BAKER	14.08	
Custodian	SHEILAH M. REEDER	13.41	
Custodian	MATTHEW J. CHAPMAN	14.78	
Custodian  P/T	PATRICIA  ELLEN HAYES	12.16	
Collections Systems Spec	GEORGE A. THOMPSON	17.76	
Collections Systems Spec	JAY ALAN SCHMID	16.91	
Collections Systems Spec	SETH PARRISH WOODSON	16.91	
Collections Systems Spec	LONNIE H. HUBBARD	16.91	
Collections Systems Spec	DAVID L. LIND	15.33	
Collections Systems Spec	JESSE JR C. TEDPAHAGO	15.33	
Collections Systems Spec I	ERIC S. WORDEN	19.83	
Collections Systems Spec I	RICHARD S. GAUTHIER	21.86	
Collections Systems Spec I	RICHARD S. UHINCK	21.86	
Collections Systems Spec I	GENE A. CANFIELD	21.86	
Collections Systems Spec I	RONALD WADE BARNETT	17.99	
Collections Systems Spec II	DENNIS G. GRAHAM	23.31	
Maint Worker	RONALD JOE SCOTT	14.45	
Maint Worker	LISA A. MONROE	15.17	
Maint Worker	TERRY WAYNE BOTTS	12.48	
Maint Worker  P/T	BARBARA A. BRICKER	13.10	
Maint Worker Elect I	CLIFFORD M SMITH	21.86	
Maint Worker Elect I	JOHN R SIEGRIST JR.	21.86	
Maint Worker Elect I	JOHN ALLEN PATTERSON	21.86	
Electrician/Instrument Tech II	GEORGE L RADEBAUGH	25.70	
Instrument Technician I	LUIS LAGUISMA BACURIN	21.86	
Solid Waste Facility Spvr	KEVIN D. BEVELHIMER	16.48	
WW Treatment Plant Operator	MARTIN DALE DIKE	18.65	
WW Treatment Plant Operator	MICHAEL KIRBY RYDER	18.65	
WW Treatment Plant Operator	MARVIN H. ROMBERG	17.76	
WW Treatment Plant Operator I	DONALD R. SCHAFFER	21.86	
WW Treatment Plant Operator I	ROBERT O J SIMPSON	20.83	
WW Treatment Plant Operator I	ROBERT A. IRISH	21.86	
WW Treatment Plant Operator I	MICKEY DEAN DURHAM	21.86	
WW Treatment Plant Operator I	RICHARD W. NEAL	21.86	
WW Treatment Plant Operator I	BRIAN M. FLETCHER	20.83	
WW Treatment Plant Operator I	KENNETH LEE YOUNG	18.89	
WW Treatment Plant Operator II	JOHN L GARDNER	25.70	
WW Treatment Plant Operator II	DONALD D. JOHNSON	25.70	
Groundskeeper/Maint Assistant	GORDON B MATHESON	18.09	
Groundskeeper/Maint Assistant	EARL BREWSTER JR.	17.24	
Maint Worker	LAWRENCE PETERSEN	18.00	
Maint Worker	ROBERT L. SCHLOTE	17.09	
Maint Worker	JASON F. BODDY	16.28	
Maint Worker	BILL L MONTGOMERY	17.09	
Maint Worker	DAN R. COLE	18.00	
Maint Worker	RICHARD L NELSON	18.00	
Maint Worker	LARRY R. SNELSON	17.09	
Maint Worker	KENNY DEE GARRISON	21.99	
Maint Worker	BRIAN A MONROE	18.00	
Maint Worker	JOHN L. LESTER JR.	15.50	
Maint Worker	RICHARD M. MANCINI	15.50	
Sign Shop Attendant	BARBARA F. WARD	19.88	
Traffic Technician III	RONALD F. PIERCE	21.34	
Traffic Technician III	BOBBIE E. HULSEY	21.34	
Traffic Technician IV	BILL RAY STONER	22.11	
Traffic Technician IV	VERNON LEE LAVIGNE	22.11	
Laborer  Probationary	SCOTT N. RAEZER	11.23	
Laborer  Probationary	STEVEN L. MCGARR	11.23	
Laborer I	MIKE T. VOLLICK	17.72	
Laborer I	JOSEPH M. PATTI	17.72	
Laborer I	SCOTT L. RAUCH	17.72	
Laborer II	JAMES R. FOLEY	19.70	
Laborer II	THOMAS A. PISZ	19.70	
Laborer II	SHANE E. HART	19.70	
Truck Driver (Single Axle)	KENT GRUNENFELDER	20.89	
Truck Driver (Single Axle)	PAIGE L. ANDERSON	20.89	
Truck Driver (Single Axle)	CHARLES S. BRAININ	20.89	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	JAMES GARY BAKER	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	ROBERT P. MCCORMICK	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	ERIC MATHES	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	BILL D. ACKLEY	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	WILLIAM A. DAVISON	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	TIMOTHY D. BAKER	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	BENTON L SKINNER	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	TYLER L RANDALL	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	LLOYD W. HARTZ	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	DOUGLAS J. FROOD	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	PATRICK ATACK	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	BRIAN A. THORSON	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	RONALD C MOORE	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	CRAIG E MANN	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	EDGAR L. KENNEDY	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	SCOTT E. QUY	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	STEVE R. DOWNING	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	NGAHINA RICHARD ELKINGTON	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	GREGORY MICHAEL DIXON	21.34	
Truck Driver (Tandem)	SCOTT WAYNE ZINTER	21.34	
Apprentice Operator	MICHAEL L. PATTERSON	21.50	
Apprentice Operator	RODNEY L. CHIPPS	21.50	
Equipment Operator	ROBERT S. ALIRE	22.02	
Equipment Operator	STEVEN P. MOORE	22.02	
Equipment Operator	KELLY E SCOGGINS	22.02	
Equipment Operator	STEVEN E. CATES	22.02	
Equipment Operator	STEVEN R. MARGGRAF	22.02	
Equipment Operator	DENNIS ALAN THORNE	22.02	
Equipment Operator	RONALD E. COLLINS	22.02	
Equipment Operator	MARTY D MORFORD	22.02	
Equipment Operator	DOUGLAS BOYD HURD	22.02	
Equipment Operator	WALLACE RAPP	22.02	
Equipment Operator	SOTERO E. DULAY	22.02	
Equipment Operator	KIM A. KIRN	22.02	
Equipment Operator	RONALD WILLIAM COPPINGER	22.02	
Equipment Operator	DAVID ROBERT MARQUIS	22.02	
Equipment Operator	VAUGHAN HOWARD AMENDE	22.02	
Equipment Operator	ANTHONY S. CARROLL	22.02	
Equipment Operator	HOWARD JOHN KAUFFMAN	22.02	
Assist Supervisor	LEROY WALTER VOIGHT	23.71	
Assist Supervisor	ROBERT F. HAMBLY	23.71	
Assist Supervisor	JAMES N MCCREADY	23.71	
Mechanic I/Equipment Operator	MICHAEL JAY BROOKS	21.86	
Mechanic I/Equipment Operator	MARC LANE PLUCINSKI	20.83	
Mechanic II/Equipment Operator	THOMAS DEAN BICKLE	25.70	
Maint Worker Mechanic	RON LANE HEENEY	16.91	
Maint Worker Mechanic	RICHARD JOSEPH STUART	17.76	
Maint Worker Mechanic	DALE J. HOVERMALE	15.33	
Maint Worker Mechanic I	LARRY W. HOOVER	21.86	
Maint Worker Mechanic I	DAVID R. BURNS	21.86	
Maint Worker Mechanic I	CHARLES NEIL ARONHALT	20.83	
Maint Worker Mechanic I	THOMAS BERNARD REYNOLDS	21.86	
Maint Worker Mechanic II	MARVIN L STOHS	25.70	
Mechanic	FRANK J. HILLER	23.02	
Mechanic	LAWRENCE K. COX	23.02	
Mechanic	TREVOR J. HULLEY	23.02	
Mechanic	CLINTON D. CARTER	23.02	
Mechanic	PATRICK W. HOCK	23.02	
Mechanic	WILLIAM M. STRANGE	23.02	
Lead Mechanic	ROBERT G STANARD	24.71	
Lead Mechanic	LAWRENCE RAY HIGLEY	24.71	
Storekeeper	ROBERT L. KENNEDY	23.02	
Communications Center Tech	MARVIN DEAN HEISTAND	22.96	
Communications Center Tech	THERESA A. SCOTT	20.83	
Storm Water Maint Spec	LAURA L. KNIGHT	18.65	
Storm Water Maint Spec	JEFF L. RIMACK	17.76	
Storm Water Maint Spec	RANDALL A. LEFOR	17.76	
Storm Water Maint Spec	NICHOLAS OWEN LEE	15.33	
Storm Water Maint Spec I	JACOB ROGER AVENSON	21.86	
Storm Water Maint Spec I	JOSEPH W. BOWLING	20.83	
Storm Water Maint Spec I	RICHARD R. LOMBARD	20.83	
Storm Water Maint Spec I	JAMES H. DILLON	21.86	
Storm Water Maint Spec I	BRET A. BLACKFORD	20.83	
Storm Water Maint Spec II	DOUGLAS M. BENOIT	25.70	
Storm Water Maint Spec II	CHARLES WILLIAM MUNOZ, SR.	25.70	
Storm Water Maint/Train Spec	RICHARD H. NOLAN JR	20.03	
Communications Technician	BRIAN J. FELIX	23.02	
Maintenance Spvr	HAYWARD DANLEE DUNN	19.41	
Maintenance Spvr	FLOYD USSIN JR.	19.41	
Maintenance Spvr	BRIAN C. HAUSCHEL	19.41	
Traffic Signal Tech  Probation	RALPH D. GANN III	22.64	
Traffic Signal Tech II	LARRY B. HUGEL	24.96	

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to Kitsap County.

Here's the first e-mail Kitsap County sent me.

From: Sue Wohleb
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 3:18 PM
Subject: Public Disclosure Request 0204.xls (122KB)
In response to your public disclosure request of 2/12/04, I am attaching an Excel spreadsheet containing a list of Kitsap County employee names, titles, and salaries.
Sue Wohleb
Personnel Analyst
Kitsap County Personnel
360-337-7185 ext. 3516

Clicking on the above picture will take you to a page about the webmaster.
A freedom of information letter template is at
Washington State newspapers have detailed information about access to public records at
Here's information on Washington State websites about counties, ports, school districts, cities, ect...
In Nov 2002, the Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
e-mail--- welcome