This is a list of the 2003 Klickitat County employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 19,161) (226 employees)

Klickitat County serves approximately 19,500 citizens in south central Washington. The County is administered by a three-member Board of Commissioners. The County operates on a $40 million annual budget. Its 300 employees provide an array of services including judicial and public safety, operation and maintenance of the county jail, building inspection, planning and zoning, property valuation, tax collection and distribution, vehicle licensing, road maintenance, employment and social services, and general administrative services.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2003 Klickitat County List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

Here's a link to the Klickitat County webpage.

April 2, 2004 note: I have replaced the first letter of the first name of each person, with a *.

To paste names, job titles and salaries in an excel spreadsheet, click on "view" and then "source", copy everything between (pre) and (/pre).

NAME		         Job Title		             Yearly Rate	
Adams, *onique		In-Home Services Supervisor		$33,633.60 	
Albin, *icky L		Chief Deputy Assessor		$32,822.40 	
Altman, *rian P		East District Court Judge		$70,681.12 	
Amidon, *inda Lois		Adm Assistant I		$28,454.40 	
Amidon, *ucas P		Litter Coordinator		$26,436.80 	
Amundson Jr, *ravis	Computer Systems Tech II		$36,233.60 		
Amundson, *onna 		Adm Assistant III		$31,907.20 	
Anderson, *onnie J		Communications Officer		$29,057.60 	
Anderson, *rik T		Road Sargeant		$41,113.28 	
Anderson, *rvin W		Storeskeeper		$33,225.92 	
Anderson, *eith 		Juvenile Court Commissioner		$51,958.40 	
Anderson, *ori L		Mapping Tech		$30,596.80 	
Anderson, *hawn N		Chief Dep Pros Attorney		$53,248.00 	
Atkins, *erri		Chief Deputy Auditor		$38,084.80 	
Barker, *arry Dale		Chief Probation Officer		$46,696.00 	
Barrett, *ail Diane	Communications Officer		$30,137.12 		
Barrett, *erra Lee		Case Manager		$27,206.40 	
Barry, *evin 		Public Health Director		$65,187.20 	
Bean, *erald E		Maintenance Tech		$33,225.92 	
Bean, *ictoria A		Adm Assistant I		$23,358.40 	
Beierle, *amela 		Adm Assistant III		$26,657.28 	
Bellamy Jr, *on W		Sr Engineering Tech		$35,925.76 	
Bellamy, *ichael A		Computer Systems Tech I		$29,619.20 	
Benshoof, *hirley		Corrections Officer		$32,986.72 	
Berry, *ennifer L		Chief Civil Deputy		$31,220.80 	
Berry, *enneth R		Corrections Officer		$32,387.68 	
Better, * Daniel		Maintenance Tech		$32,680.96 	
Bevans, *athy L		Jail Superintendant		$36,233.60 	
Biber, *obert		Communications Officer		$30,137.12 	
Birney, *yan M		Computer Systems Tech II		$34,486.40 	
Birney, *irginia		Adm Assistant I		$28,891.20 	
Boardman, *. Jean		Adm Assistant I		$25,147.20 	
Bostick, *enneth W		Building Inspector II		$32,780.80 	
Bouse, *lea L		Lead Case Manager		$28,563.60 	
Bradley, *onnie		Adm Assistant I		$28,641.60 	
Bradley, *aura 		Adm Assistant I		$24,544.00 	
Bridgefarmer, *homas	Maintenance Tech		$33,225.92 		
Bryan, *iane 		Public Health Nurse		$38,084.80 	
Bryan, *aul C		Engineering Tech		$32,115.20 	
Burton, *ana		Treasurer		$46,400.00 	
Byers, *ichael E		Master Mechanic		$36,845.12 	
Campbell, *enea J		Court Adm/Commissioner		$40,996.80 	
Chamberlain, *haron 	Adm Assistant I		$28,641.60 		
Chapman, *obert		Foreman		$35,201.92 	
Chapple, *hirley A		E-911 Coordinator		$31,220.80 	
Chase, *anny T		Communications Officer		$29,777.28 	
Cheli Jr, *onald J		Corrections Officer		$26,083.20 	
Childs, *ohn 		Field Appraiser		$32,676.80 	
Chipman, *len 		Chief Financial Officer		$54,579.20 	
Church, *ohn 		Environmental Health Specialist		$36,275.20 	
Clark, *ary L		Adm Assistant II		$30,784.00 	
Collins, *orothy W		Public Health Nurse		$21,752.64 	
Collins, *rank 		Maintenance Tech		$30,555.20 	
Combs, *erald L		Maintenance Tech		$33,225.92 	
Cooper, *ynn		Adm Assistant III		$31,116.80 	
Counts, *rystal 		Juvenile Probation Officer		$32,468.80 	
Crow, *teven B		Probation Counselor Asst		$31,886.40 	
Cuff, *racy Lee		Case Manager		$30,368.00 	
Curry, *elia 		Van Driver		$25,376.00 	
David, *lsie		Adm Assistant I		$19,947.20 	
Davis, *ohn A		Van Driver		$26,644.80 	
Desmarais, *ohn 		Engineering Tech		$32,115.20 	
Doss, *tacey 		Health Educator		$35,339.20 	
Dressel, *illiam J		Juvenile Probation Officer II		$42,619.20 	
Dreyer, *urtis C		Planning Director		$60,528.00 	
Dukes, *imberly 		Corrections Officer		$31,907.20 	
Dunn, *aul J		Adm Assistant I		$23,358.40 	
Eglin, *oyce Irene		Transportation Coordinator		$23,358.40 	
Endicott, *elsey 		Adm Assistant I		$23,358.40 	
Eubanks, *obin		Adm Assistant I		$23,358.40 	
Fakesch, *eter		Foreman		$36,300.16 	
Field, *hristy		Prevention Specialist		$32,822.40 	
Fitzjarrald, *ance		Deputy Pros Attorney I		$39,561.60 	
Fleury, *irginia 		Code Compliance Officer I		$35,193.60 	
Forbes, *ill		Maintenance Tech		$32,410.56 	
Frampton, *rian 		Associate Planner		$34,486.40 	
Frey, *oan		County Commissioner		$36,771.88 	
Gadway, *harles		Senior Services Director		$53,248.00 	
Gall, *harles 		Road Supervisor		$43,742.40 	
Gallagher, *iana		Adm Assistant II		$30,784.00 	
Garland, *eter D		Road Deputy		$38,477.92 	
Garrison, *ulie K		Project Manager		$41,579.20 	
George, *isa Lynn		Communications Officer		$29,538.08 	
Gilliland, *onnie		Fairgrounds Attendant		$26,644.80 	
Gleason, *imberly 		GIS Operator		$37,107.20 	
Goff Sr, *oy D		Maintenance Tech		$33,225.92 	
Goodnight, *arry C.		Maintenance Tech		$30,555.20 	
Gourley, *awrence 		Adm Assistant I		$25,792.00 	
Gourley, *onica 		Adm Assistant I		$26,436.80 	
Gray, *rin 		Adm Assistant I		$22,796.80 	
Greene, *ric 		Finance Manager		$41,579.20 	
Greenlee, *eorge C		Maintenance Tech		$32,680.96 	
Grigsby, *armen A		Corrections Officer		$32,387.68 	
Grimes, *ke J		Asst Engineering Tech		$27,456.00 	
Grimes, *ames		Building Compliance Director		$50,689.60 	
Grundei, *eith E		Project Manager		$47,028.80 	
Gunnyon, *ddie L		Corrections Officer		$26,083.20 	
Hagen, *teven 		Corrections Officer		$32,387.68 	
Harbison, *onibeth		Adm Assistant II		$25,896.00 	
Hawes, *ess		Senior Accountant		$33,633.60 	
Hawke, *mber C		Juvenile Probation Officer II		$34,486.40 	
Hedges, *jorn G		Asst County Engineer		$54,995.20 	
Held, *icholas A		Adm Assistant I		$22,796.80 	
Herrington, *annette		Associate Planner		$37,128.00 	
Hicks, *ydia M		Adm Assistant III		$27,518.40 	
Hilkey, *avid 		Mechanic		$33,221.76 	
Hill, *enny Lynn		Adm Assistant I		$23,940.80 	
Holtmann, *arry R		Maintenance Tech		$32,032.00 	
Hopkinson, *imothy 		Solid Waste Director		$48,235.20 	
Housden, *iana Lee		Auditor		$46,400.00 	
Hudson, *arty J		Weed Coordinator		$38,084.80 	
Hughes, *oyAnna 		Adm Assistant III		$31,907.20 	
Hunziker, *elissa A		Adm Assistant I		$28,454.40 	
Hurst, *arry Lynn		Maintenance Tech		$32,032.00 	
Husbands, *ale 		Senior Accountant		$34,528.00 	
Huva, *en R		Grounds Attendant		$26,000.00 	
Ihrig, *ohn F		Bldg/Grounds Director		$47,028.80 	
Jaekel, *hristine A		Court Administrator Superior		$40,268.80 	
Jagelski, *aniel		Sr Engineering Tech		$37,760.32 	
Jaggers, *ick W		Maintenance Tech		$32,032.00 	
James, *hirley J		Adm Assistant I		$24,544.00 	
Jensen, *andra M		Public Health Nurse		$22,289.28 	
Johnson, *onnie 		Foreman		$36,845.12 	
Jones Sr, *teven 		Maintenance Tech		$32,410.56 	
Jones, *erry Lynn		Field Appraiser		$31,096.00 	
Juris, *raig D		Deputy Pros Attorney II		$43,347.20 	
Justman, *en		Corrections Officer		$32,986.72 	
Kaley, *ngela E		Adm Assistant I		$24,544.00 	
Kaley, *atrick E		Road Deputy		$36,836.80 	
Kallio, *olene		Undersheriff		$41,246.40 	
Kallio, *ichael		Road Deputy		$36,836.80 	
Keffeler, *andi L		Adm Assistant I		$22,796.80 	
Keffeler, *ixie		Corrections Officer		$32,986.72 	
Kegley, *itch 		Road Deputy		$37,878.88 	
Kilian, *red		Road Sargeant		$41,473.12 	
Kindler, *ictoria R		Court Administrator District		$37,107.20 	
Koch, *ori A		Administrative Supervisor		$31,096.00 	
Koffler, *risti Lee		Adm Assistant I		$23,358.40 	
Kuhnhausen, *arl W		Maintenance Tech		$32,680.96 	
Lafollette, *ohn		Chief Appraiser		$40,830.40 	
Landdeck, *aniel		Transportation Manager		$36,233.60 	
Lane, *iriam T		Adm Assistant III		$31,116.80 	
Leach, *ike		Survey Chief		$43,742.40 	
Leininger, *ames 		Road Deputy		$36,836.80 	
Leininger, *erri 		Control Board Operator		$25,916.80 	
Lewis, *o Ann		Corrections Officer		$32,626.88 	
Liening, *avid D		Road Deputy		$38,477.92 	
Longfellow, *ohn		Recycling Coordinator		$32,988.80 	
MacDonald, *en		Road Deputy		$38,118.08 	
Mace, *hris 		Sheriff		$53,784.00 	
Mace, *ulie A		Adm Assistant I		$23,940.80 	
Maurer, *amela Jo		Communications Officer		$30,137.12 	
McBride, *inda R		Adm Assistant I		$14,320.80 	
McBride, *ichael G		Field Appraiser		$36,067.20 	
McCabe, *aniel R		Custodian		$27,768.00 	
McEwen, *rystal D		Executive Secretary		$35,380.80 	
McKune, *ichael 		Budget/Tech Services Mgr		$44,116.80 	
McLane, *rian P		Corrections Officer		$32,387.68 	
Mesecher, *usie 		Records Clerk		$24,689.60 	
Middleton, *hannon		Maintenance Tech		$32,410.56 	
Miller, *ebra		Adm Assistant I		$28,454.40 	
Morrison, *racey J		Transportation Coordinator		$23,358.40 	
Nelson, *harlotte M		Adm Assistant I		$23,358.40 	
Nicholas, *arry F		Public Works Director		$77,001.60 	
Norton, *athleen M		Adm Assistant II		$25,896.00 	
Nygaard, *lifford C		Maintenance Tech		$33,225.92 	
Nygaard, *teven		Road Supervisor		$43,742.40 	
O'Donoghue, *aniel 		Environmental Health Specialist		$36,275.20 	
Oldfield, *evin J		Maintenance Tech		$32,032.00 	
Olsen, *ric J		Adm Assistant III		$26,832.00 	
Olson, *aundra		Clerk		$46,400.00 	
O'Neill, *imothy S		Prosecuting Attorney		$79,964.64 	
Parli, *aquelle 		Adm Assistant II		$26,540.80 	
Patterson, *atrick		Plans Examiner I		$36,067.20 	
Peck, *ana R		Economic Dev Director		$48,235.20 	
Pfister, *avid H		Maintenance Tech		$32,032.00 	
Pimley, *amela M		In-Home Services Supervisor		$32,822.40 	
Porter, *ileen M		Civil Clerk		$28,639.52 	
Pranger, *rian K		Landfill Compliance Officer		$29,598.40 	
Raczykowski, *red		Master Mechanic		$36,845.12 	
Ramsay, *icky		Communications Officer		$23,920.00 	
Randall, *rank R		Road Deputy		$38,118.08 	
Randall, *uan A		Sr Traffic Eng Tech		$36,736.96 	
Randall, *inda 		Adm Assistant II		$30,784.00 	
Randolph, *mily M		Communications Officer		$30,137.12 	
Rennie, *arol 		Nutrition Coordinator		$30,030.00 	
Riggers, *oseph A		Road Sargeant		$41,473.12 	
Ripplinger, *obert J		Maintenance Tech		$32,410.56 	
Ritoch, *ason G		Road Deputy		$34,070.40 	
Roe, *andy 		Bldg & Grounds Tech		$31,116.80 	
Rolfe, *ohn J		Service Mechanic		$31,324.80 	
Roth, *aniel 		Corrections Officer		$32,626.88 	
Rundell, *heresa 		Clinical Div Manager		$53,248.00 	
Scheradella, *yrtle 		Adm Assistant I		$23,358.40 	
Schneider, *im R		Road Deputy		$38,118.08 	
Schroder, *rista		Adm Assistant I		$23,940.80 	
Schultz, *oyce		Adm Assistant I		$15,475.20 	
Seifert, *homas A		Business Expansion Specialist		$38,854.40 	
Shields, *teven R		Road Deputy		$38,477.92 	
Simmons, *inda		Adm Assistant I		$27,081.60 	
Smith Jr, *arvey 		Asst Engineering Tech		$25,230.40 	
Smith Jr, *oe E		Foreman		$36,845.12 	
Smith, *ale L		Maintenance Tech		$32,032.00 	
Smith, *isa		Criminal Records Tech		$22,380.80 	
Stone, *reg 		Communications Officer		$23,920.00 	
Stonewall, *ebecca 		Computer Systems Helpdesk		$23,566.40 	
Struck, *onald G		County Commissioner		$36,771.88 	
Tallman, *ally 		Adm Assistant I		$25,147.20 	
Thayer, *ay L		County Commissioner		$36,771.88 	
Trosper, *ayne		Road Supervisor		$43,742.40 	
Vandenberg, *arold J		Assessor		$45,900.00 	
Vaughan, *arae D		Parks Attendant		$19,500.00 	
Ward, *ynn		Adm Assistant I		$23,358.40 	
Wardell, *ennifer		Assessment Coordinator		$33,633.60 	
Watson, *ora E		Adm Assistant I		$24,544.00 	
Weaver, *awn M		Elections Administrator		$29,848.00 	
Weisfield, *obert 		West District Court Judge		$54,099.36 	
Whitmore, *ave		Maintenance Tech		$33,225.92 	
Williams, *onstance 		Adm Assistant I		$28,641.60 	
Williams, *inda J		Adm Assistant II		$27,892.80 	
Wing, *andace K		Juvenile Diversion Officer		$29,619.20 	
Wolford, *ori D		Personnel Director		$50,689.60 	
Woodin, *atherine A		Adm Assistant III		$29,619.20 	
Wooldridge, *ane L		Asst District Court Clerk		$12,355.20 	
Wykes, *elissa M		Road Deputy		$30,118.40 	
Zolp, *oan Marie		Adm Assistant II		$14,788.80 	

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to Klickitat County.

Here's an e-mail Klickitat county sent me on 7/23/2003
From: Nikki Amundson
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 2:52 PM
Subject: public document request
Good Afternoon,
The Klickitat County Auditor's office received your request for employee names, job titles, and salaries. We will be processing your request as time allows and will email an Excel report. I am hoping to have the report for you next week.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Nikki Amundson, Deputy Auditor
Klickitat County Auditor's Office
205 S Columbus, MS-CH 2
Goldendale, WA 98620
(509) 773-2318
(509) 773-4244 Fax

Here's an e-mail Klickitat county sent me on 7/28/2003
From: Nikki Amundson
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 11:03 AM
Subject: Klickitat County Employees
Good Morning,
Here is the list of Names, Job Titles, and Salaries of Klickitat County full and part time employees.
Wage~Info030728.xls (35.9kb)
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Nikki Amundson
Klickitat County Auditor's Office
205 S Columbus, MS-CH 2
Goldendale, WA 98620
(509) 773-2318
(509) 773-4244 Fax

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