This is a list of the 2003 Pacific County employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 20,984) (179 employees)

Pacific County has approximately 21,000 residents. The County is governed by an elected, three-member Board of Commissioners and operates on a $24 million annual budget. Its 180 employees provide public safety (sheriff and judicial services), construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, sanitation facilities, health and social services, cultural and recreational facilities and activities, planning and zoning services, and general administration services. In addition, the County owns and operates an emergency communication system.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2003 Pacific County List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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ALLISON	CARL	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
ALLISON	DEBORAH	Chief Civil Deputy	 4,170.00 	
AMES	DWAYNE	Shop Supervisor	 3,893.00 	
ANDERSON	WARREN	Road Maintenance Tech II	     14.38 	
ARISS	JANETTE	Chief Deputy	 3,634.00 	
ASHLEY	LORI	Public Health Nurse	 3,389.40 	
BAKER	LAWRENCE	Corrections Officer	 3,057.00 	
BANNISH	KAREN	Office Manager	 3,289.00 	
BANNISH	DEBBIE	Accountant	 3,519.00 	
BECK	KEVIN	Director, Assistant	 4,834.00 	
BELISLE	JAMES	Road Maintenance Tech II	     16.97 	
BELL	EDWARD	Director/County Engineer	 6,243.00 	
BERGSTROM	JAMES	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
BETROZOFF	CHERYL	Accountant, Junior	 2,873.00 	
BIGGS	DARLENE	Civil Clerk	 2,937.00 	
BIGGS	KENDALL	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
BOLDEN	CHARLES	Road Maintenance Tech II	     18.26 	
BOND	MARSHA	Chief Deputy	 4,170.00 	
BROWN	KATHLEEN	Civil Clerk	 2,937.00 	
BUCHANAN	ELAINE	Clerk, Sr Deputy	 3,289.00 	
BUCHANAN	KELLI	Administrative Assistant	     14.89 	
BUCK	ALISABETH	Public Health Nurse	 2,480.00 	
BUCKMAN	WALTER	DP Analyst	 3,766.00 	
BURKE	DAVID	Pros Attorney	 5,546.13 	
BYRD	RICHARD	Sergeant	 4,279.00 	
CAMENZIND	JOSEPH	Assist Telecomm Engineer	 4,400.00 	
CAREY	SUSAN	Sign Tech II	     19.30 	
CHALKER	GREGORY	Sign Tech II	     19.35 	
CHARASKA	JULIANN	Probation Counselor	 3,766.00 	
CHESTNUT	VALERIE	Accountant	 3,519.00 	
CLARK	LAWRENCE	Deputy Sheriff	 2,998.00 	
CLARK	RONALD	Chief Criminal Deputy	 4,467.00 	
CLIFFORD	CONSTANCE	Public Health Nurse	     21.73 	
CLIFTON	CHARLA	Telecommunicator	 2,896.00 	
COATES	WILBUR	Telecomm Engineer	     20.53 	
COLLINS	MICHAEL	Chief Surveyor	 3,766.00 	
COREY	SCOTT	Road Maintenance Tech II	     19.18 	
CROSE	SHERYL	Program Tech	 2,873.00 	
CROSE	TIMOTHY	Env Health Specialist	 3,766.00 	
CROSS	JAMES	Corrections Officer	 3,057.00 	
CUFFEL	NORMAN	Co Commissioner	 3,642.38 	
DESIMONE JR	MICHAEL	Assistant Director	 4,995.00 	
DICKEY	BRIAN	Env Health Specialist	 3,192.00 	
DIDION	JOHN	Sheriff	 4,714.10 	
DRAKE	RICHARD	Sr Engineering Tech	 2,814.00 	
DRAKE	PENNY	Corrections Officer	 2,681.00 	
DUNSMOOR	JOHN	Telecomm Engineer	     35.20 	
EKMAN	RICHARD	Sergeant	 4,279.00 	
ENGEL	TAMMY	Permit Tech	     13.65 	
FAUVER (19.48)	JACK	Road Maintenance Tech II	     19.48 	
FLEMETIS	VICKI	Confidential Secretary	 3,893.00 	
FLEMETIS	SHELLY	Accountant	 3,519.00 	
FORD	ROBERT	Mechanic	     16.46 	
FOSSE	ELAINE	Paralegal I	 2,435.00 	
FRITTS	STEPHANIE	Director/Coordinator	 4,467.00 	
GARDNER	PATRICIA	Co Auditor	 3,884.32 	
GERMAIN	KIM	Telecommunicator	 2,710.00 	
GILBERT	ANGELA	Administrative Assistant	 2,507.00 	
GOELZ	MARY	Public Health Nurse	 3,012.80 	
GOELZ	DOUGLAS	Judge, SDC	 4,838.96 	
GOODIN	RENEE	Chief Duputy	 3,634.00 	
GOODIN	LESLIE	Office Manager	    400.00 	
GOODWIN	RICKY	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
GOULDEN	JERRI	Building Custodian	 2,449.00 	
GRADT	THOMAS	Road Maintenance Tech II	     19.48 	
GRAVES	DOTSI	Administrative Assistant	 2,190.00 	
GREEN	KELLY	cook	     10.70 	
GRUGINSKI	TIMOTHY	Extra Help	       8.00 	
HAMILTON	PATRICIA	Co Commissioner	 3,642.38 	
HAMILTON	SCOTT	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
HAMILTON	KIM	District Court Administrator	 3,074.00 	
HAMLIN	WENDY	Administrative Clerk	 1,856.80 	
HARRISON	BRYAN	Director	 6,347.00 	
HARVILL	HEIDI	Telecommunicator	 2,801.00 	
HASU	KATHLEEN	Executive Assistant	 4,170.00 	
HAWKINSON	CRAIG	Mechanic	     19.48 	
HAZEN	ROBERT	Building Inspector	 3,519.00 	
HEFFERNAN	EDWARD	Corrections Sergeant	 3,516.00 	
HEINICKE	EVONNE	Administrative Assistant	 2,873.00 	
HEINTZ	LEAH	Public Health Nurse	 3,012.80 	
HENINGTON	DALE	Leadperson	 3,893.00 	
HENNEMAN	LARRY	Telecommunicator	 2,994.00 	
HERMAN	WILLIAM	Engineer Tech III	 3,352.00 	
HESS	MICHAEL	Corrections Officer	 2,958.00 	
HILL	VYRLE	CAO	 6,458.00 	
HODEL	FRANK	Road Maintenance Tech II	     18.84 	
HOOPER	LONI	Appraiser, Chief	 4,029.00 	
HOPKINS	LINDA	Public Health Nurse	     18.96 	
HORNE	SHARON	Evidence Officer	 2,749.00 	
HUBER	STEVE	Supervisor, North Co	 4,170.00 	
HUBER	BRANDI	Legal Assistant	 2,507.00 	
HUFF	JAMES	Accountant, Chief	 4,785.00 	
HUGHES	KATHY	District Court Clerk	     14.46 	
HUMPHREYS	H RON	cook	     10.70 	
INDERMARK	JUDY	Telecommunicator	 2,994.00 	
JACOT	SCOTT	Probation Counselor	 3,192.00 	
JONES	JUDY	Administrative Assistant	 2,873.00 	
KAECH	EDWARD	Director, Assistant	 5,126.00 	
KAINO	JON	Co Commissioner	 3,642.38 	
KARNAS	TERRI	cook	 2,255.00 	
KELLY	DEBRA	Permit Tech	 2,581.00 	
KELM	MICHAEL	Road Maintenance Tech II	     18.55 	
KIDD	JOYCE	Administrative Assistant	     13.39 	
LANGBRAATEN	KATHLEEN	Administrative Assistant	 2,435.00 	
LANGENDORFER	ROBERT	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
LARSEN	DONALD 	Operations Manager	 4,864.00 	
Last Name	First Name		Salary	
LAVINDER	GARY	Road Maintenance Tech II	     18.26 	
LEACH	VIRGINIA	Co Clerk	 3,884.32 	
LEE	AMY	Administrative Assistant	 2,435.00 	
LEONARD	JOHN	JC Administrator	 4,785.00 	
LITTLE	DALE	Code Enforcement	     15.77 	
LONGWITH	MARK	Road Maintenance Tech II	     18.26 	
LORTON	DAWN	Administrative Assistant	 2,873.00 	
LUCAS	CHARLES	Road Maintenance Tech II	     16.97 	
LUND	DENISE	Clerk /Secretary	 2,572.00 	
LUNDY	LAURA	Appraiser	 2,873.00 	
LYNN	PATRICK	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
MACCORKLE	EDWARD	Road Maintenance Tech II	     16.97 	
MADEN	KIM	Fac Custodian	     10.82 	
MATLOCK	PATRICK	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
MCKEOWN	CORY	Public Health Nurse	 2,480.00 	
MERO	MELAINE	Corrections Officer	 2,681.00 	
MILLER	KENNETH	Telecommunicator	 2,801.00 	
MILLER	LORI	Chief Deputy	 4,953.00 	
MILLER	PAMELA	Corrections Officer	 3,057.00 	
MITTGE	SHELLEY	Planning Tech I	     17.73 	
MOULDS	ROBIN	cook	     12.19 	
MURRAY	JANET	Clerk /Secretary	 2,572.00 	
NAGASAWA	CONSTANCE	Telecommunicator	 3,442.00 	
NEEDHAM	NATHANIEL	Deputy Prosecutor	 3,893.00 	
NISSELL	BECKY	Administrative Assistant	 2,873.00 	
NOREN	KATHRYN	Clerk Of The Board	 4,170.00 	
NOREN	JAMES	Probation Counselor	 3,766.00 	
NORMANDIN	LINDA	Deputy Court Clerk	 2,507.00 	
OLSEN	LISA	Appraiser, Senior	 3,519.00 	
PARKER	ROBIN	Permit Tech	     13.65 	
PENOYAR	ELIZABETH	Judge, NDC	 2,903.38 	
PENOYAR	JOEL	Judge, SC	 4,391.50 	
PETTIT	SHANNON	Paralegal II/Off Supv	 3,289.00 	
PINE	GLENDA	Road Maintenance Tech II	     18.26 	
PORTER	PHEBE	Accountant	 3,519.00 	
RAY	MICHAEL	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
REINEN	DENNY	Corrections Officer	 3,057.00 	
ROBINS	MICHAEL	Deputy Sheriff	 3,770.00 	
ROGERS	MARY LOU	Accountant, Junior	     16.57 	
RUDDELL	CONNIE	Accountant, Junior	 2,873.00 	
RUDER	RALPH	Deputy Sheriff	 3,234.00 	
RUTHERFORD	RUTH	Telecommunicator	 2,994.00 	
RUTHERFORD	TOM	Corrections Officer	 3,057.00 	
SALME	LAURA	Public Health Nurse	 3,012.80 	
SAMPLE	DANIEL	Mechanic	 3,893.00 	
SCHEFSTROM	MARCI	Public Health Nurse	     19.52 	
SCHWIESOW	GARY	Fair Manager	 1,000.00 	
SCOTT	MARK	GIS Tech III	 3,519.00 	
SEAMAN	ANDREW	Computer Svcs Supervisor	 3,766.00 	
SELLS	MARY	Administrative Assistant	 2,873.00 	
SHAWA	TRACY	County Treasurer	 3,884.32 	
SHERYL	CHARLES	Computer Support Specialist	 2,458.00 	
SIMPSON	JAMES	Road Maintenance Tech II	     16.97 	
SOUTHWICK	CATHERINE	Mgt Analyst	 3,634.00 	
SPOOR	KATHY	Director	 5,440.00 	
STARICKA	MARILYN	Court Reporter	 4,170.00 	
STEVENS	ELIZABETH	Appraiser	 2,898.00 	
STEVENS	MICHAEL	Planner, Associate	 3,286.00 	
STRATTON	SHELLEY		     13.00 	
SULTEMEIER	STEPHEN	Inspector	 4,467.00 	
SWEEN	LILA	Examiner	    550.00 	
TAYLOR	FAITH	Env Health Specialist	 2,925.00 	
VanBronckhorst	ERIN	Administrative Clerk	 1,652.80 	
WALKER	BRUCE	Co Assessor	 3,884.32 	
WALKER	BONNIE	Sr Legal Assiatant	 3,210.00 	
WARD	KEVIN	Road Maintenance Tech II	     16.97 	
WARREN	CASSANDRA	Telecommunicator	 2,994.00 	
WILLIAMS	CONNIE	Appraiser	 3,256.00 	
WILLIAMS	DANA	Telecommunicator	 2,801.00 	
WILSON	RANDELL	Bldg/Maint Administrator	 2,873.00 	
WILSON	JANICE	District Court Administrator	 3,074.00 	
WILSON	TIMOTHY	Director	 3,893.00 	

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to Pacific County.

Here's an e-mail Pacific county sent me on 7/22/2003

From: Jim Huff
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 11:26 AM
Subject: County Employee List (Bloom03.XLS 86.2kb)
Attached is the information you requested in your July 19, 2003 letter to Pat Gardner, County Auditor. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.
James O. Huff, CPA
Chief Accountant
Pacific County, WA

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