This is a list of the 2002 Port of Olympia employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 42,514)(40 employees)

The Port of Olympia was created in 1922 by a vote of the citizens of Thurston County. The Port operates four primary industries: a marine terminal, an airport, a marina and Boatworks, and property leasing and rental. It owns and operates waterfront facilities on approximately 200 acres of southern Puget Sound. Waterfront services include deep water shipping terminals, a 23-acre cargo yard, 25 acres that are available for commercial development, public access areas and a full-service recreational marina for 738 boats. The Boatworks contains a 200 foot concrete work dock with utilities for in-water boat repairs and maintenance and a separate dock for haul-outs. The Port also operates the Olympia Airport, a 600-acre, fully instrumented general aviation facility. Adjoining the airport is the 800-acre New Market Industrial Park. In 1981, the Port formed the Port of Olympia Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to assist in facilitating local economic development. The EDC is a component unit of the Port and its financial activities are blended in the Portís financial statements A three-member Board of Commissioners, elected by the public, governs the Port. The appointed Executive Director and seven departmental and business directors are responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of the Port activities. In 2006, the Port employed a staff of approximately 53 and operated on a general budget of approximately $10 million.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2002 Port of Olympia List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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April 2, 2004 note: I have replaced the first letter of the first name of each person, with a *.

To paste names, job titles and salaries in an excel spreadsheet, click on "view" and then "source", copy everything between (pre) and (/pre).

Port of Olympia			July-02	
Employees:	Title:	                  Department	         Rate of Pay:	
Bache, *on	Cascade Pole Site Manager	Engineering & Planning	62,151.75	
Bond, *orretta	Administrative Assistant	Engineering & Planning	35,259.35	
Buck, *usan	Accounting Manager	         Finance / Accounting	57,050.24	
Cahill, *an	Accounting Cust Ser Rep.	Finance / Accounting	34,768.76	
Casebier, *eau	Marine Services Worker	Swantown Boatworks	25,875.00	
Crawford, *ike	Maintenance Foreman	Marine Terminal Maintenance	64,018.08	
Egge, *ric	Engineering & Tech. Services Coordinator	Engineering & Planning	55,377.68	
Flores, *rank	Maintenance Technician	Swantown Marina	25,875.00	
Foglia, *ennie	Front Desk Coordinator	Executive	29,704.50	
Fontenot, *ndrea	Director of Engineering & Planning	Engineering & Planning	65,209.42	
Fritz, *nna	Information Services Manager	Finance	40,468.50	
Grant, *atti	Communication Manager	Marketing	45,060.80	
Handy, *ick	Executive Director	Executive	96,280.00	
Holden, *endy	Deputy Director	Marine Terminal Operations	80,750.70	
Hudson, *od	Facilities Project Manager	Engineering & Planning	63,912.29	
Jones, *ancy	Marine Services Coordinator	Swantown Boatworks	24,000.00	
Kawada, *im	Terminal Services Coordinator	Marine Terminal Operations	41,400.00	
Kennedy, *eber	Property Development Manager	Property Development	76,228.79	
Lael, *im	         Airport Operations Supervisor	Olympia Regional Airport	48,541.50	
Marshall, *ruce	Swantown Manager / Harbor Master	Swantown Marina / Boatworks	63,031.50	
Mattox, *larita	Lease Administrator	Property Development	41,400.00	
Mattson, *ick	Maintenance Equipment / Utility Mechanic	Marine Terminal Operations	55,666.08	
Maynard, *heryl	Marina Supervisor	Swantown Marina	45,256.41	
Mickelson, *aul	Construction Supervisor	Engineering & Planning	48,030.00	
Miller, *arry	Maintenance Technician II	Swantown Marina	36,970.20	
Musser, *aniel	Maintenance Equipment / Utility Mechanic	Marine Terminal Operations	44,537.04	
Olson, *eresa	Program Assistant	Operations / Marketing	39,208.91	
Qvigstad, *ari	Director of Marketing & Trade Development	Marketing & Trade Development	69,888.38	
Roufs, *d	         Airport Maintenance Supervisor	Olympia Regional Airport	45,361.98	
Sandau, *oug	Airport Manager	Olympia Regional Airport	64,037.52	
Scott, *ary	Airport Maintenance Technician	Olympia Regional Airport	31,000.00	
Sevier, *eri	Administrative Manager	Executive	52,929.90	
Silva, *ony	Marine Services Manager	Swantown Boatworks	45,229.50	
Stxxey, *oxxie	Accounting Customer Service Rep.	Finance / Accounting	35,972.46	
Stark, *arola	Marketing Assistant	Marketing	34,577.28	
Vassar, *ennis	Airport Maintenance Technician	Olympia Regional Airport	38,941.88	
Wallace, *aul	Swantown District Facilities Maint. Supervisor	Swantown Marina	45,396.14	
Watson, *orie	Administrative Assistant	Olympia Regional Airport	33,637.50	
Wolfe, *ohn	Marine Terminal General Manager	Marine Terminal Operations	76,590.00	
Note:  George Fox - Director of Finance & Administration is on a contract,
and not on the Port of Olympia payroll.

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the Port of Olympia.

Here's the response e-mail I got from the Port of Olympia
Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 3:31 PM
Subject: records request
Mr. Bloom,
Mr. Fox, our Director of Finance has forwarded your request to me in regard to your salaries request. It shouldn't be any problem to get that information to you via-email before the 20th of the month at the very latest.
Thanks ~
xxnnie xxaley
God Bless America!

Here's the 2nd response e-mail I got from the Port of Olympia along with the list of employees.
Cc: ;
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2002 10:28 AM
Subject: Salary Request
Mr. Bloom,
Attached is a copy of the data for your salary information request dated June 24, 2002. If I could be of any further assistance, please let me know.
Port of Olympia.xls
Thanks ~
Connxx Stalxx
God Bless America!

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