This is a list of the 2002 Port of Seattle employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 563,347)(1,844 employees)

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2002 Port of Seattle List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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2002 Port of Seattle Employees List (1,844 employees)

April 2, 2004 note: I have replaced the first letter of the first name of each person, with a *.

To paste names, job titles and salaries in an excel spreadsheet, click on "view" and then "source", copy everything between (pre) and (/pre).

Name		          Annual Rt		         Job Title	
Aaker, *avid W		$76,003.20 		Electronic System Gen Crew Chf	
Abbe, *everly A		$76,964.68 		Fire Lieutenant	
Abbott, *enora C		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
Abernethy, *on E		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Abernethy, *ohn R		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Abernethy, *ichael R		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Acena-Neal, *hannon A		$52,270.40 		Wireman Apprentice	
Achor, *ohn W		$84,602.54 		Supt Cargo Equipment Maint	
Ackerman, *enneth M		$60,524.52 		Police Officer A	
Adami, *icole M		$47,519.02 		Admin Supervisor	
Adams, *oward W		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Adams, *ames B		$66,747.20 		Auto Machinist Crew Chief	
Adams, *effrey W		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Adams, *erry W		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Adams, *usan H		$60,422.57 		Landside Supervisor	
Addison, *atrick		$69,264.00 		Police Sergeant	
Adler, *homas H		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Afoa, *ina H		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Agid, *aul W		$85,435.35 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Aguilar, *enato T		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Aguirre, *ose G		$60,736.00 		Batch Plant Operator	
Ahmed, *umin A		$14,800.50 		High School Intern	
Ahrens-Bakam, *ucinda J		$29,796.00 		Landside Assistant	
Aiguzhinov, *rtur		$14,137.50 		Graduate Intern	
Akesson, *ichard B		$79,204.22 		Sr Engineer	
Alari, *arlee H		$58,547.78 		Asst to CEO	
Alavi, *eorge K		$72,892.30 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Albee, *obert J		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Albert, *imberly R		$56,004.00 		Business Mgr e-Bus Development	
Alcyon, *eah		$68,827.49 		Health Safety Management Spec	
Alexander Jr, *erald		$88,926.45 		Police Lieutenant	
Alexander, *ichard L		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Ali, *undus A		$5,694.00 		High School Intern	
Allan, *urtis		$37,752.00 		Sr Harbor Specialist/FT	
Allen, *rian W		$55,137.11 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Allen, *immie D		$60,198.29 		AV Maint Contracts Admin Supvr	
Almberg, *ana A		$29,524.95 		Admin/Voice Communication Asst	
Almojuela, *enise A		$87,771.62 		Engineering Design Specialist	
Altman, *ohn R		$64,496.50 		Mgr AV Fleet Procurement	
Alvarado, *iuseppe		$58,608.57 		CWPP Business Manager	
Alvarez, *ynthia		$60,920.07 		Diversity Consultant	
Amburgey, *erick A		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Anderson, *nthony D		$87,379.76 		Police Lieutenant	
Anderson, *harles		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Anderson, *ichael A		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Anderson, * Borgan		$93,695.91 		Mgr Aviation Finance & Budget	
Anderson, *ean W		$70,575.27 		Project Manager 2	
Anderson, *od J		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Andrade, *osemary		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Andres, *liza		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Andrews, *hmed J		$36,236.07 		Eng Digital Imaging Data Admin	
Andrews, *ouglas B		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Angeles, *roylan O		$45,648.82 		Police Officer E	
Anglesino, *enneth A		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Ankenbauer, *illiam M		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Anschuetz, *illiam N		$88,779.17 		Asst Director Public Affairs	
Antonio, *lvin U		$65,728.83 		Design Engineer	
Arave, *arvin K		$64,958.40 		Sheet Metal Worker	
Arguello, *artin		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Armando, *ames E		$66,759.16 		Firefighter A	
Armstrong, *arah E		$86,814.89 		Tribal Liaison Officer	
Armstrong, *teve C		$32,015.49 		Procurement & Inventory Clerk	
Armstrong-Davis, *irgie M		$41,017.60 		ID Access Office Specialist	
Arnold, *ugh L		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Arnold, *anetta M		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Arntson, *aniel R		$34,944.00 		Customer Services Rep	
Artura, *ngela		$38,230.40 		ID Access Support Rep	
Asavakul, *eter N		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Asavareungchai, *am		$87,401.04 		Engineering Design Specialist	
Atrops, *eorge F		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Audette, *lbert T		$61,068.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Head	
Ausey, *erold J		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Austin, *lizabeth M		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Austin, *endall H		$85,047.26 		Mgr Aeronautical Operations	
Autuchovich, *ichael T		$62,787.12 		Police Officer A	
Axelson, *aul K		$39,446.64 		Harbor Specialist/Fishermens	
Axt, *onald F		$67,683.98 		Project Manager 1	
Baca, *ntonio R		$83,430.00 		Mgr Airport Building Dept	
Baccetti, *hristopher J		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Bach, *eresa		$39,324.03 		Legal Assistant	
Badstuebner, *lan E		$62,418.00 		Database Administrator	
Bagsby, *orothy M		$42,024.34 		Accounting Specialist - Leases	
Bagwell, *enneth		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Bahnick, *athy A		$72,772.34 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Baird, *ret A		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Bakam, *ilaire K		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Baker, *ill		$41,620.80 		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr	
Baker, *obert H		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Baldwin, *onald D		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Balla, *ohnny		$39,741.00 		Sr Customer Services Rep	
Balliet, *ennifer S		$76,648.00 		Wireman Foreman	
Ballinger, *elly C		$38,272.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Baltadonis, *icole C		$57,012.80 		Electronic Technician	
Bangs, *aria Luisa		$83,723.59 		Mgr AV Mnt Bud & Supp Systems	
Banomi, *heryl L		$50,659.35 		Admin Assistant	
Banomi, *homas J		$55,286.40 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Lead	
Barbera, *erremy J		$79,404.00 		Asst Mgr AV Building Dept	
Barclay, *aura C		$41,620.80 		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr	
Barker, *avid W		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Barnes, *nthony J		$65,125.73 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Barnett, *ames L		$50,287.13 		Training Specialist / Aero	
Barrett, *ude P		$45,604.91 		Acquisitions Specialist	
Barrett, *edilyn N		$44,304.00 		Engineering CAD Technician	
Barrie, *irginia		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Bartol, *regory C		$75,850.32 		Police Sergeant	
Baruso, *regory Allan		$77,766.00 		Fire Lieutenant	
Basher, *arry W		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Basi, *arbjit S		$34,756.80 		Bus Driver	
Bates, *andall S		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Beard, *ary P		$58,032.00 		Auto Maintenance Mechanic	
Beasley Jr, * Robert		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Beattie, *ames E		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Beck Jr, *illiam H		$47,361.60 		Painter Crew Chief	
Beck, *illiam		$36,920.00 		Bus Driver	
Beery, *helley		$61,742.01 		Mgr Fishermens Terminal Assets	
Belford, *harles M		$51,435.93 		CWF Property Ops Coordinator	
Bell, *zola Marie		$34,669.79 		Staff Assistant 3	
Bell, *enneth R		$57,243.30 		Warehouse Supervisor	
Beltran, *atherine R		$36,171.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Bendfelt, *ulia D		$56,177.40 		Police Officer B	
Bennett, *wight A		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Bennett, *ichard D		$64,946.96 		Firefighter A	
Bennett, *illiam G		$64,510.23 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Benofsky, *arin W		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Benson, *radley K		$58,916.00 		Project Manager 1	
Benson, *lifton G		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Benson, *ary		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Berg, *teven R		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Berg, *homas L		$69,139.20 		Seaport Maint Resource Manager	
Bergrud, *uan D		$53,768.00 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Berka, *ames E		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Beshir, *emeria M		$63,898.53 		Design Engineer	
Biggs, *awrence T		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Biggs, *atricia A		$38,768.87 		AV PMG Cost Acctg Specialist	
Bingham, *zra T		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Bingham, *oni M		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Bintinger, *aul M		$90,299.58 		Sr Port Counsel	
Birch, *elly S		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Birr, *allas J		$61,946.96 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Biteman, *arbara Jo		$39,780.00 		Document Control Specialist	
Black, *harles D		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Black, *oan S		$84,788.40 		Mgr Warehouse Facilities	
Blackwell, *aymond F		$53,914.80 		Police Officer B	
Blair, *anice L		$2,682.41 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Blake, *avid A		$65,811.20 		Chief Engineer	
Blake, *hil J		$62,566.40 		Plumber	
Blanco, *icasio		$36,192.00 		Laborer Group 3 Apprentice	
Blankers, *anice M		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Blanton, *ancy E		$83,624.48 		Mgr Corporate Communications	
Bledsoe Jr, *oger		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Bleotu, *udor		$53,768.00 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Blomberg, *eorge V		$84,226.61 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Blood, *harles A		$118,326.00 		Director Executive Outreach	
Bloom, *yrna T		$46,476.51 		Business Specialist Airfield	
Blowers, *ranz G		$62,991.22 		Landside Supervisor	
Blubaugh, *avid L		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Blunt, *hris M		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Bock, *eresa M		$68,304.05 		PCS Group Manager	
Bodenberger, *elli A		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Boerner, *ames C		$52,790.40 		Crane Operator	
Boese, *ouglas M		$78,792.58 		Project Lead/IT	
Bolton, *red E		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Bombyk, *ichael J		$84,541.93 		Database Administration Supv	
Booker, *eisha E		$27,366.43 		Admin/Voice Communication Asst	
Bornhorst, *eather A		$76,471.06 		Mgr Landside Facilities	
Borrayo, * J		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Boxx, *ennis H		$76,648.00 		Wireman Foreman	
Boyd, *eatrice L		$41,620.80 		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr	
Boyd, *indy L		$32,635.20 		Revenue Control Representative	
Boyd, *ames L		$61,287.86 		Survey Supervisor	
Boykin, *evin F		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Bozarth, *tephen T		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Bradley, * Monica		$41,242.90 		Admin Specialist/Seaport	
Brady, *ark A		$67,956.26 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Brandvold, *ark L		$68,141.84 		Firefighter A	
Bratz, *ruce D		$66,190.28 		Firefighter A	
Brebner, *obert		$49,046.40 		Warehouse Planner	
Breese, *arvin L		$13,321.11 		Passenger Service Rep	
Brennan, *imothy R		$43,855.50 		Engineering CAD Technician	
Bridges, *eather		$39,324.03 		Legal Assistant	
Briggs, *haron L		$73,133.05 		Mgr SBM Operations	
Bright, *arl E		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Brobyskov, *oy H		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Brondstetter, *oger E		$33,236.34 		Staff Assistant 3	
Broten, *eorge E		$62,566.40 		Plumber	
Brougham, *ark D		$76,648.00 		Wireman Foreman	
Brower, *arah A		$41,017.60 		Police Specialist	
Brown, *ames C		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Brown, *ames D		$38,586.52 		Staff Assistant 4	
Brown, *atonja		$39,194.69 		Admin Specialist/Seaport	
Brown, *ichard A		$77,086.23 		Project Manager 3	
Brown, *teven L		$41,620.80 		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr	
Brown, *uzanne G		$59,713.62 		Goods & Services Supervisor	
Brown, *imothy M		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Brown, *roy A		$75,652.27 		Planning Program Mgr - AV	
Browning, *eborah L		$94,230.92 		Asst Director Accounting	
Bruch, *atthew T		$57,308.70 		Police Officer B	
Brue, *hristopher S.		$50,000.00 		Disability Mgmnt Specialist	
Brunette, *ichael R		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Bubnich, *ario S		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Buchanan, *ary R		$84,637.60 		Mgr Aviation HR Services	
Buchholz, *aren A		$56,677.21 		Admin Supervisor/Seaport	
Buhl, *red M		$58,136.00 		Carpenter	
Bull, *amera L		$48,529.36 		Sr Telecom Svcs Coord	
Bumgarner, *helie D		$17,243.20 		Access Controller Lead	
Bundy, *ale		$46,113.60 		Laborer Group 4	
Burck, *illiam T		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Burgess, *ay		$71,916.00 		Project Manager 2	
Burgett, *ark L		$50,044.80 		Sign Painter Crew Chief	
Buringrud, *oni J		$74,000.00 		Asst Mgr Finance & Budget/SP	
Burke, *aniel K		$74,263.00 		Project Planner	
Burke, *ichael G		$106,214.59 		Mgr SP Proj Mgt & Fac Planning	
Burkhardt, *ames E		$64,708.29 		Police Officer A Corporal	
Burnett, *teven W		$61,655.82 		Police Officer A	
Burns, *nthony T		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Burns, *utie M		$33,319.71 		Staff Assistant 3	
Burr, *obert H		$34,756.80 		Bus Driver	
Burton, *avidmark A		$60,098.12 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Bush, *hristiner		$58,362.82 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Bush, *ina E		$53,313.62 		Asst Mgr Landside Opns Admin	
Bushley, * Stephen		$27,502.50 		Staff Assistant 2	
Butler, *ary O		$16,608.80 		Bus Driver	
Butler, *ichael P		$52,395.20 		Laborer Group 4 EH	
Button, *dward		$38,243.78 		Maintenance Security Spec/SBM	
Butuso, *oseph D		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Cabilas, *unstan B		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Cabilas, *rancis		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Cager, *roy S		$35,984.73 		Procurement & Inventory Clerk	
Cain II, *rederick		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Calhoun, *ichard C		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Calkins, *obert D		$74,533.70 		Media Officer	
Caluza, *udy H		$111,891.00 		Director Acctg & Procurement	
Calvo, *illiam K		$59,258.15 		Seaport Maint Store & Inv Supv	
Camacho, *oy P		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Camarao Jr, *lorentino R		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Camp, *rthur H		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Campagnaro, *ichael A		$78,738.37 		Mgr Seaport Industrial Prop	
Campbell Jr, *ames E		$104,261.54 		Asst Fire Chief	
Campbell, *uncan		$59,270.84 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Campbell, *ary L		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Campbell, *inda Jean		$39,216.36 		Staff Assistant 3	
Campbell, *atricia J		$52,031.60 		Business Analyst	
Campos, *anuel Z		$44,740.80 		Utility Worker Mechanical	
Canas, *omulo S		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Canion, *oseph M		$45,648.82 		Police Officer E	
Cann, *ark R		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Cannon-Webb, *udith L		$62,752.02 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Capasso, *ohn C		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Carbaugh, *regory R		$63,081.20 		Fire Alarm Inspector	
Carleton, *oren T		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Carlile, *andy W		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Carlson, *athleen N		$46,309.68 		Real Estate Development Spec	
Carlton, *ouglas S		$56,177.40 		Police Officer B	
Carnahan, *cott Ray		$62,448.88 		Firefighter A	
Carrillo, *ose L		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Carroll, *uli E		$38,004.86 		Accountant	
Carroll, *aleaka R		$41,017.60 		ID Access Customer Service Rep	
Carroll, *ichael C		$52,371.38 		Construction Access Supervisor	
Carscadden, *onald A		$66,759.16 		Firefighter A	
Cartwright, *icolette F		$103,206.81 		GM Cargo Piers/Indust Prop LOB	
Cartwright, *onald P		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
CasasBeaux, *esar A		$68,556.80 		Project Manager 3	
Casey, *evin J		$43,874.69 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Casey, *atrick D		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Cassaw, *imothy L		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Caswell-Isley, *ilyian		$71,759.91 		Mgr ID Access	
Causey III, *ohn S		$60,548.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Head	
Chabot, *aryl W		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Chabot, *ordon B		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Chacko, *eslie C		$22,880.00 		College Intern	
Chadwick, *eter D		$60,548.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Head	
Chally, *enneth R		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
Chamberlain, *akota L		$90,238.82 		Project Manager 5	
Chamberlin, *ary Ann		$48,068.79 		Noise Remedy Specialist	
Chan, *ak P		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Chang, *ranklin H S		$62,787.12 		Police Officer A	
Chapin, *amantha L		$33,740.60 		Noise Remedy Admin Specialist	
Chapin, *erence Joel		$55,806.40 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Lead	
Chappelle, *dward D		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Chappelle, *ita Mae		$23,545.08 		Building Department Clerk	
Chase, *obin E		$29,892.14 		Staff Assistant 2	
Chatburn, *raig M		$54,100.80 		Laborer Grp 3 Crew Chief EH	
Check, *ack I		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Chen, *ong		$63,000.00 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Cheng-LaBoyne, *tephenie C		$54,833.65 		Financial Analyst	
Cheung, *obin K		$79,500.00 		Intl Marketing Director	
Cheyne, *ichael J		$106,412.35 		Mgr Aviation Planning	
Chillers, *ndre Duvalle		$61,287.20 		Firefighter A	
Chin, *onald T F		$77,425.99 		Project Lead/IT	
Chin, *teven E		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Chinen, *andall Y		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Chinwannasobhon, *		$57,575.33 		Sr Financial Analyst	
Chou, *red		$81,370.00 		Project Manager 3	
Christian, *argarita		$38,334.40 		Utility Worker Crew Chief	
Christianson, *leet M		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Christianson, *ohn R		$105,212.66 		GM Aviation Maintenance	
Christofferson, *onald		$73,345.08 		Project Manager 3	
Christopher, *ent E		$86,970.48 		Marketing Mgr/Cargo Terminals	
Ciocan, *ecilia V		$41,353.46 		Engineering CAD Technician	
Civitelli, *ichael J		$89,171.04 		Mgr Landside Operations	
Clancy, *atrick J		$80,361.84 		Regulatory & Ops Coord / Aero	
Clark, *arice S		$63,610.56 		Firefighter A	
Claytor, *aCretiah A		$27,416.03 		Staff Assistant 2	
Cloutier, *erald J		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Clovis, *ody Hamako		$98,861.53 		Aviation CIP Program Leader	
Coalman, *achel C		$46,740.99 		Credit Specialist	
Coan, *ichard M		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Coates, *ark O		$91,724.66 		Mgr Aeronautical Operations	
Coaxum, *hilemon D		$69,451.20 		Sprinkler Fitter	
Cochran, *andolph L		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Cohen, *ichael H		$58,666.67 		Safety Mgr/Seaport Maintenance	
Coke, *ason R		$45,648.82 		Police Officer E	
Colby, *allace T		$43,326.40 		Warehouseman Foreman	
Cole Jr, *erry W		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Cole, *arbara J		$63,963.49 		Environmental Mgmt Spec 2	
Cole, *het L		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Cole, *ohn C		$56,721.08 		Firefighter B	
Cole, *inda Jo		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Cole, *atricia A		$43,349.00 		Admin Assistant	
Coleman, *uane R		$61,110.40 		Sprinkler Fitter	
Collins, *onald D		$16,608.80 		Bus Driver	
Collins, *usan P		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Colombo, *aren F		$63,377.60 		Carpenter Crew Chief	
Colpitts, *ecil V		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Comeau, *avid C		$45,219.20 		Laborer Group 3	
Conklin Jr, * Larry		$38,342.96 		Harbor Specialist/Fishermens	
Conley, *ebra A		$39,540.80 		Laborer Grp 1 Crew Chief EH	
Connelly, *ebecca A		$44,054.40 		Grnd Transport Controller Lead	
Conricode, *ames F		$57,794.33 		Financial Analyst	
Contreras, *loria T		$43,487.11 		Contract Compliance Specialist	
Conway, *mie G		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Conway, *esa D		$39,141.65 		AV PMG Cost Acctg Specialist	
Cook Jr, *avid C		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Cook, *heri L		$54,240.55 		PCS Asbestos Program Coordinat	
Cooper, *enee J		$32,744.09 		Staff Assistant 4	
Corbin, *argaret L		$83,144.55 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Cordick, *erry R		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Corn, *avid A		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Cornwell, *ames M		$51,240.24 		Noise Remedy Specialist	
Corpuz, *ichael A		$55,830.99 		Engineering CAD Specialist	
Correia, *anny C		$41,620.80 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Cortez, *lemente C		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Cote, *ave		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Cottom, *ryce E		$34,944.00 		Customer Services Rep	
Coulter, *hristopher J		$50,470.00 		Jr Design Engineer	
Courtney, *osalba V		$79,114.71 		Account Executive	
Courtney, *teven A		$53,914.80 		Police Officer B	
Courtright, *erry W		$59,321.69 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Coutu, *ohn R		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Couture, *onald A		$84,392.88 		Fire Captain	
Coward, *ary C		$56,192.30 		MIS Project Analyst/Accounting	
Cowdin, *aniel B		$67,530.25 		Airline Scheduling Coordinator	
Coy, *atrick H		$46,113.60 		Laborer Group 4	
Craig, *arol Anne		$59,740.00 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Craig, *onna M		$46,318.98 		Admin Assistant	
Cram, *alph W		$62,787.12 		Police Officer A	
Crawford, *evin K		$99,498.07 		Sr Mgr IT Infrastructure Sys	
Crippen, *ennifer L		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Crosby, *atrick D		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Crosby, *obert A		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Crown, *oseph L		$49,845.51 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Crudup, *ohn		$42,473.60 		Truck Driver PCS	
Cuevas, *uben G		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Culler, *olene		$66,549.70 		Aviation Art Program Manager	
Culley, *obert L		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Cummings, *inden C		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Cummins, *illiam A		$65,915.20 		Heavy Duty Mechanic Crew Chief	
Currie, *arolyn P		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Currier, *obert E		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Curtin, *ames T		$39,022.10 		Document Control Specialist	
Custard, *ames M		$66,684.45 		Mgr AV Maintenance &Operations	
Cutler, *ary A		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Dafoe, *hristine		$34,840.00 		Utility Worker Electrical	
Dahl, *oward C		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Dahley, *odney O		$66,331.20 		Chief Engineer	
Daignault, *obert C		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Dalton, *ames K		$78,000.00 		Mgr Air Terminal Business	
(name deleted)		$12,675.00 		College Intern	
Dao, *ang T		$44,967.00 		Lead Desktop Specialist	
Daranciang, *indo B		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Darch, *onnie G		$52,558.37 		Business Analyst	
Darley, *ynthia S		$39,799.89 		Project Costing Specialist	
Daulay, *orman S		$29,250.00 		Graduate Intern	
Davis, *ebra L		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Davis, *rank L		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Davis, *regory P		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Davis, *aryann		$32,011.20 		ID Access Support Rep	
Davis, *atsy J		$6,000.02 		Commissioner	
Davis, *oland E		$42,144.44 		Print Shop Lead	
Dawson, *ames M		$55,000.00 		Integration Engineer	
Day, *onstance A		$49,046.40 		Warehouse Planner	
Day, * P		$43,326.40 		Warehouseman Foreman	
Day, *ackie R		$32,335.24 		Corporate Receptionist	
Day, *allory L		$52,432.20 		Financial Analyst	
Day, *ichard J		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Dayment, *ric J		$77,013.16 		Product Manager Portnet	
De Groot, *homas J		$76,648.00 		Wireman Foreman	
Dean, *avid J		$95,509.45 		GM Economic Trade Development	
Dean, *ean R		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Deaver, *ate A		$25,350.00 		College Intern	
DeBrock, *ichael D		$57,853.92 		Landside Supervisor	
Deen, *ohn L		$43,000.00 		Contracts Administrator	
Deforest, *effery G		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Degowin, *arlene J		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
DeJohn, *harles W		$33,435.25 		Chainer	
DeKoster, *nn C		$53,367.63 		Legal Administrator	
del Fierro, *arah F		$67,452.49 		Account Executive	
Demarre, *effrey W		$89,818.37 		Mgr Aviation Maintenance	
Demetruk, *ikeal A		$68,302.20 		Police Officer A	
Demory, *arah J		$57,545.00 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Diemer, *artha S		$68,815.37 		Project Lead/IT	
Diez, *aul E		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Dillner, *aul C		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Dillon, *illiam O		$33,708.33 		Employee Expense Claims Spec	
Dilts, *ohnny R		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Dimico, *ugene P		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Dinsmore, *ickey R		$244,268.75 		Chief Executive Officer	
Dix, *lenn A		$42,791.04 		Foreign Trade Zone Supervisor	
Dix, *errence S		$86,426.88 		Mgr PCS Field Operations	
Dixon, *obin S		$52,998.40 		Millwright	
Dobson, *odiath Luann		$42,078.40 		Assigned Shipper	
Dodson, *artin F		$27,378.00 		Customer Service Spec-Landside	
Dodson, *abrina A		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Donaldson, *ichelle N		$52,117.41 		Auditor	
Donaldson-Stilnovich, *oann O		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Donlan, *ee A		$53,914.80 		Police Officer B	
Donnelly, *uongVy P		$41,240.78 		Benefits Specialist	
Doolittle, *enny M		$32,281.60 		Revenue Control Representative	
Dorsey, *yle B		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Dowd, *erry E		$69,844.35 		Resident Engineer	
Downey, *teve H		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Downing, *imothy W		$60,736.00 		Batch Plant Operator	
Doxsie, *arcia L		$5,797.81 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Dragnich, *elinda J		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Drake, *rian K		$61,655.82 		Police Officer A	
Drebert, *arlene Sue		$41,017.60 		Police Specialist	
Driver, *aren K		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Drollinger, *ichael T		$62,906.22 		Project Planner	
Drummond, *oy H		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Dubuque, * D		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Duckworth, *ersia M		$31,526.48 		Staff Assistant 3	
Duffner, *obert Michael		$80,000.00 		Water Resource Manager	
Duggan, *aniel J		$42,078.40 		Assigned Shipper	
Duggin, *uy T		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Dunmore, *tatial C		$47,756.80 		Maintenance Duty Officer	
Dunn Jr, *oy S		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Dunn, *orie R		$29,892.14 		Staff Assistant 3	
Dunstone, *onna G		$61,655.82 		Police Officer A	
Dunton, *arilyn A		$2,577.02 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Dupuis, *eri L		$60,422.57 		Landside Supervisor	
Dyson, *inda H		$90,890.17 		Systems Manager	
Ebright Jr, *dwin A		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Eckard, *eresa Foster		$84,045.15 		Project Manager 4	
Edgeworth, *harles M		$54,457.11 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Edmondson, *udith A		$58,405.98 		Contract Compliance Manager	
Edwards, *onald M		$47,443.39 		Harbor Specialist/Fishermens	
Edwards, *obert		$6,000.02 		Commissioner	
Edwards, *imothy M		$38,285.95 		Offset Press Operator	
Efimoff, *ukeria		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Egan, *ames Edward		$73,310.12 		Airline Scheduling Coordinator	
Egan, *athryn Dee		$67,215.11 		Web Administrator	
Egbert, *ana J		$58,136.00 		Carpenter EH	
Egger, *icah		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Ehl, * Michael		$111,905.10 		GM Air Terminal LOB	
Eliadis, *ohn T		$88,926.45 		Police Lieutenant	
Elliott, *racy L		$40,493.25 		Budget Support Specialist	
Elsenhout, *eborah A		$41,823.68 		Construction Inspector	
Elwood, *inda E		$27,955.20 		Administrative Rep 2	
Emtman, *oseph T		$77,086.23 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Endicott, *atthew R		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Engbaum, *ark L		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
England, *eorge G		$95,360.88 		Aviation CIP Program Leader	
Englebrick, *tephen R		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Ensley, *arry R		$56,099.40 		Mapping Supervisor	
Epley, *olly M		$36,668.57 		Billing Specialist-Landside	
Epstein, *avid A		$78,407.95 		Health Safety Management Spec	
Erickson, *oy A		$75,600.64 		Seaport Maint Service Mgr	
Erwin, *homas R		$61,214.55 		PCS Construction Manager 2	
Evans, *hristopher D		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Evans, *erald L		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Evans, *eo F		$60,524.52 		Police Officer A	
Evans, *anae		$12,578.03 		Passenger Service Rep	
Evans, *tan B		$46,157.00 		Contract Compliance Specialist	
Evans-Race, *atherine A		$41,017.60 		Police Specialist	
Ewald, *nthony J		$55,046.10 		Police Officer B	
Ewell, *ammy		$31,594.62 		Accounts Payable Specialist	
Fargo, *rank P		$63,377.60 		Carpenter Crew Chief	
Farmer, *essica L		$41,382.28 		MM Mgmt System Specialist	
Farris, *iola J		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Faulkner, *ohn C		$80,416.68 		Business Dev Mgr/Airfield	
Feddersen, *an L		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Feetham, *aniel S		$6,760.00 		Graduate Intern	
Feldman, *ichael D		$126,878.65 		Director AV Fac & Environ Prog	
Fendt, *athleen G		$66,049.32 		CIP Environmental Coordinator	
Fenner, *iane K		$45,153.59 		Payroll Accountant	
Fideler, *ichele R		$53,918.68 		Asst Project Manager	
Findley, *velyn J		$70,101.21 		Asst Manager Chill Facility	
Finn, *erry J		$88,335.96 		Mgr State Govt Relations	
Finney, *uane L		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Finnick, *avid L		$57,429.33 		Network Engineer	
Finnie, *ene W		$49,297.89 		Lead Contract Compliance Spec	
Fiola, *erard J		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Fitch, *eff Ingram		$105,393.17 		Mgr AV Construction Impact Ctr	
Fitzgerald, *aniel J		$68,827.20 		Plumber Crew Chief	
Fitzgerald, *ulie R		$51,640.95 		MIS Project Analyst/Accounting	
Flaherty, *aymond C		$97,297.58 		Mgr Seaport Real Estate	
Flanders, *imberly J		$31,672.50 		Staff Assistant 3	
Flansburg, *oreen A		$53,914.80 		Police Officer B	
Fletcher, *atonia A		$31,083.00 		Billing Specialist-Landside	
Fletcher, *arcie Y		$49,961.60 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Fletcher, *obert L		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Fletcher, *onald D		$59,393.22 		Police Officer A	
Flick, *lana M		$37,616.50 		Admin Spec/Public Affairs	
Flick, *on A		$48,817.60 		Laborer Grp 3 Crew Chf	
Flood, *elida B		$27,080.41 		Passenger Service Rep	
Florence, *ordon		$66,331.20 		Chief Engineer	
Flores, *onsuelo S		$40,271.96 		Admin Spec/Public Affairs	
Flower, *indy A		$32,635.20 		Revenue Control Representative	
Flower, *tanley W		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Flowers, *ichard M		$46,113.60 		Laborer Group 4	
Flygare, *amala F		$33,595.23 		Chainer	
Flynn Jr, *aniel A		$69,914.21 		Police Sergeant	
Fong, *in B		$27,441.48 		Passenger Service Rep	
Foort, *anielle C		$30,391.92 		Staff Assistant 4	
Foort, *ichard B		$67,202.55 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Forame, *obert F		$51,311.55 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Forbes, *uylynn V		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Foster, *loria M		$50,224.10 		Buyer	
Fountain, *illiam E		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Foust, *hristopher D		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Foust, *ynthia Marie		$36,317.97 		Revenue Specialist	
Fowler, *arry S		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Fowler, *obert A		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Frank, *ndrew J		$58,401.00 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Freed, *illiam T		$61,655.82 		Police Officer A	
Frender, *obert S		$72,604.74 		Resident Engineer	
Fritts, *arvin J		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Frohwerk, *lison J		$10,237.50 		College Intern	
Fruetel, *urt P		$83,616.00 		Wireman General Foreman	
Fujino, *hari L		$50,160.05 		Admin Assistant	
Fukumoto, *ane KT		$48,096.47 		Internal Communications Spec	
Fuller, *ocelynn C		$29,437.03 		Staff Assistant 3	
Fultz, *ames I		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Gabuat Jr, *icardo L		$42,078.40 		Assigned Shipper	
Gage, *ill Dean		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Gage, *udith L		$32,785.76 		Passenger Service Educ Supvr	
Gaines, *ichelle D		$62,419.50 		Labor Relations Representative	
Galan, *arcos A		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Gallardo, *wendolyn D		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Gallego, *lma H		$40,246.48 		Assoc Buyer	
Gangnes, *effrey L		$69,326.92 		Firefighter A	
Garcia, *rmestar E		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Garcia, *rank M		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Garcia, *ichael Z		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Gardner, *aren L		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Garson, *achel P		$73,295.49 		Account Executive	
Gates-Christianson, *enny J		$30,182.35 		Staff Assistant 3	
Gaudette, *arry S		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
Gehring, *imberly A		$61,035.08 		Mgr IT Administration	
Geiger, *now		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Geiss, *evin P		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Geoffroy, *anet		$80,059.74 		Project Lead/IT	
Gerber, *arbara L		$41,564.95 		Staff Assistant 5	
Ghouse, *rif R		$86,977.32 		Mgr Airport Security & Traing	
Gibb, *uane A		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Gibler, *arrell D		$36,836.80 		Laborer Group 1	
Gideon, *atthew J		$37,980.80 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Gildemeister, *tephanie		$34,944.00 		Customer Services Rep	
Gillin, *eith A		$81,461.16 		Mgr Aport Architecture & Stds	
Gillott, *obert L		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Gilmore, *ohn D		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Gilmore, *obert		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Giometti, *aymond A		$57,888.46 		Warehouse Supervisor	
Giron, *ohn L		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Gist, *eorge W		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Glander, *irginia B		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Glavin, *avid M		$61,771.54 		PCS Construction Manager 2	
Glaze, *ikael P		$44,068.76 		Operations Specialist/SBM	
Glore, *lan D		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Go, *esus Y		$49,222.04 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Go, *shu		$155,094.50 		Director Asia	
Gober, *imothy J		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Goedde, *ynda		$63,697.92 		Firefighter A	
Goedken, *harles E		$29,348.80 		ID Access Support Rep	
Gohman, *ark S		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Golden, *mmanuel I		$33,102.84 		Bindery Operator	
Goldsmith, *nn Marie		$16,403.82 		Office/Maintenance Clerk	
Golomb, *ulie S		$21,450.00 		College Intern	
Gonzales, *arnie G		$49,750.62 		Sr Desktop Specialist	
Gonzalez Jr, *oe V		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Gonzalez, *andelario		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Goodgion, *ohn M		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Goodman, *atherine L		$50,570.58 		Supervisor Marina Operations	
Goodspeed, *usan M		$24,684.91 		Business Specialist Airfield	
Goodwin, *arol E		$38,646.88 		Project Costing Specialist	
Goodwin, *aymond		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Goodwin, *raci M		$104,446.06 		Sr Port Counsel	
Govern, *atrick J		$69,560.40 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Grace, *aul M		$87,730.50 		Mgr Aviation Maintenance	
Graff, *ani M		$51,383.51 		Police Officer C	
Granberg, *anice C		$90,162.54 		Systems Manager	
Grant, *l S		$24,960.00 		College Intern	
Grant, *lgin Demetrius		$60,777.60 		Carpenter General Crew Chief	
Gravel, *asey J		$58,136.00 		Carpenter	
Graves, *effry A		$51,248.52 		SBM Maintenance Coordinator	
Gray, *avid W		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Green, *ary D		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Green, *homas H		$52,540.91 		Financial Analyst	
Greenwood, *aul J		$53,393.60 		Painter Crew Chief EH	
Greer, *onald R		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver/Casual	
Greiner Jr, *illiam A		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Grenfell, *uy R		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Greninger, *illiam B		$36,681.85 		Facility Specialist	
Greymond, *lley S		$35,772.43 		Cash & Investments Specialist	
Griffin, *dam F		$53,322.36 		Firefighter C	
Griffin, *effrey S		$81,941.60 		Fire Captain	
Griffin, *ark C		$90,000.00 		Port-wide Real Estate Manager	
Grigg, *usan D		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Gritton, *my N		$47,324.65 		AV Fac & Infra Support Supvr	
Groenier, *ichard J		$50,939.89 		Sr Harbor Specialist/FT	
Grogan, *heryl E		$45,496.40 		Airport Security Specialist	
Grosvenor, *eri C		$60,209.59 		Financial Analyst	
Grotheer, *ayne E		$89,174.00 		Mgr Corp Environmental Prog	
Gruszka, *rances G		$64,181.62 		Desktop Support Supervisor	
Guernsey, *onald R		$46,425.60 		Auto Machinist Semi-Skilled	
Guice, *imothy A		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Guilfoile, *llen Kay		$41,017.60 		Police Specialist	
Guillermo, *ose F		$42,949.12 		Harbor Specialist/Fishermens	
Guillotte III, *olphus E		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Gump, *erald W		$21,637.04 		Office/Maintenance Clerk	
Gurule, *oel		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Gustafson, *obert R		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Guthrie, *arilyn K		$69,763.42 		Environmental Mgmt Spec 2	
Gutierrez, *aisyMay R		$26,110.50 		Staff Assistant 2	
Gutierrez, *eborah L		$30,628.77 		Staff Assistant 3	
Gutierrez, *eon M		$67,445.04 		Firefighter A	
Hacke, *odd R		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Hadzic, *din		$16,608.80 		Bus Driver	
Hafner, *ichaela R		$44,485.55 		PCS Administrator	
Hagedorn, *ngel V		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Hagedorn, *illiam		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Hagen, *aurice		$52,920.72 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Haggin, *yrone D		$60,524.52 		Police Officer A	
Hagos, *reweini T		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Halberg, *erome C		$39,457.60 		Truck Driver PCS	
Hale, *arry E		$56,534.40 		Cement Mason	
Hall, *oreen D		$42,044.88 		Telecommunications Svcs Coord	
Hall, *elton		$15,678.00 		Messenger W/D	
Hall, *une A		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Hall, *atthew W		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Hamel, *amara L		$46,994.92 		Contracts Administrator	
Hamilton, *arryl E		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Hammon, *argo A		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Hamre, *obert L		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Han, *eong S		$12,210.90 		Passenger Service Rep	
Hanavan, *anny F		$46,113.60 		Laborer Group 4	
Handburgh, *ina M		$49,004.78 		Asst to Deputy CEO	
Hanken, *erald G		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Hannus, *obert		$73,057.11 		Sr Market Analyst	
Hansen, *usan R		$68,470.21 		Account Executive	
Hanson, *ric Lee		$51,515.62 		Planner - Seaport	
Hanson, *arisa G		$27,903.03 		Staff Assistant 2	
Hanson, *oshiko		$42,721.66 		Seaport Services Administrator	
Harding, *lyssa W		$62,419.50 		System Administrator	
Hardy, *eborah A		$34,788.44 		Staff Assistant 4	
Harland, *endy R		$70,000.00 		Asst Mgr Airport Security	
Harmon, *yra Elaine		$90,472.72 		Police Lieutenant	
Harn, *arry Dean		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Harness II, *rthur L		$75,974.37 		Aeronautical Services Manager	
Harper, *illie R		$41,017.60 		ID Access Customer Service Rep	
Harrington, *layton F		$54,960.19 		Landside Supervisor	
Harris, *laude		$86,613.90 		Engineering Design Specialist	
Harris, *rederick A		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Harris, *ichelle R		$42,155.35 		Admin Assistant	
Harris, *obert W		$60,736.00 		Batch Plant Operator	
Harrison, *eborah Ann		$48,240.87 		Admin Assistant	
Hart-Kinney, *athleen M		$13,759.20 		Revenue Control Representative	
Hassell, *ohn R		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Hasson, *ndy L		$51,771.20 		Piledriver	
Hastings, *ugh H		$35,148.75 		Staff Assistant 5	
Hautamaki, *raig R		$110,219.22 		GM Container Terminals LOB	
Havercroft, *aurie J		$35,045.96 		Staff Assistant 3	
Hawley, *rederick		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Hayes, *linton F		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Hays, *oger W		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Hays, *oni H		$40,042.86 		Staff Assistant 4	
Heath, *illiam		$73,840.52 		Sr Property Manager	
Hebert Jr, *tanley R		$34,944.00 		Customer Services Rep	
Hebrank, *obert M		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Hedrick, *ruce J		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Hedzik, *aymond		$48,401.60 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Heider, *imberly A		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Heimbigner, *hristian D		$55,374.78 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Helland, *obert T		$73,307.10 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Henderson, *avid E		$78,288.62 		Total Compensation Manager	
Henderson, *onald A		$76,003.20 		Electronic System Gen Crew Chf	
Hendrickx, *effrey D		$63,697.92 		Firefighter A	
Hennemann, *riscilla L		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Henry, *ileen Lavonne		$54,520.09 		Contract Spec/Service Manager	
Hensley, *effrey Scott		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Herbert, *illiam P		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Herold, *ennis L		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Hess, *ason T		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Higby, *eggy		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Higgerson, *enate H		$64,772.71 		Concessions Mgr/Air Terminal	
Hilden, *odney V		$103,840.92 		GM Ground Access LOB	
Hill, * Scott		$54,631.20 		Financial Analyst	
Hill, *acqueline A		$71,892.91 		Police Sergeant	
Hillson, *arjorie S		$85,158.12 		Mgr Consulting Services	
Himes, *odney M		$56,430.40 		Piledriver Crew Chief	
Hipol, *enita E		$29,796.00 		Audit Specialist-Landside	
Ho, *oseph W		$21,533.02 		Office/Maintenance Clerk	
Hoaglan, *ersh T		$51,383.51 		Police Officer C	
Hobbs, *oel C		$68,903.87 		Asst Resident Engineer	
Hodges, *loane T		$31,200.00 		Staff Assistant 4	
Hodson, *erald S		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Hoffman, *aul		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Hofmann, *rian S		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Hogan, *ohn William		$79,107.60 		Construction Safety Manager	
Holaway Jr, *erry D		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Holbrook, *ouglas C		$100,627.74 		Business Manager/AV Facilities	
Holbrook, *ess S		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Holbrook, *arsha		$87,528.64 		Mgr Local Govt Relations	
Hollenbeck, *ulie A		$41,145.00 		Admin Assistant	
Hollingsworth, *eff J		$76,500.00 		Risk Manager	
Hollingsworth, *im		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Holman, *ohn H		$101,298.08 		Police Captain	
Holmes, *enneth E		$2,664.22 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Holmes, *iu N		$38,138.48 		Admin Specialist/Seaport	
Holmes, * Elaine		$41,641.83 		Admin Specialist	
Holt, *ilary A		$17,243.20 		Access Controller Lead	
Holtzclaw, *ichael A		$47,756.80 		Maintenance Duty Officer	
Homanics, *illiam C		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
Honeyman, *ouglas L		$83,313.35 		Mgr Air Terminal Facilities	
Hooper, *nitra R		$26,317.58 		Staff Assistant 2	
Hopson, *atrice		$69,063.11 		Mgr Warehouse Customer Accts	
Horan, *handra M		$42,344.00 		Benefits Specialist	
Hornbuckle, *on S		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Hornung, * Dale		$69,274.92 		Firefighter A	
Horstman, *dward W		$66,196.00 		Firefighter A	
Hostetler, *ayton S		$62,512.84 		Firefighter A	
Hotchkiss, *ouglas A		$87,305.30 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Hou, *ie Y		$62,420.00 		Database Administrator	
Houghton, *len P		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver/Casual	
Houston, *elvin C		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Howard, * Keith		$91,618.80 		Training Chief	
Howard, *aurie Blythe		$39,741.00 		Sr Customer Services Rep	
Howell Jr, *illiam H		$67,445.04 		Firefighter A	
Hubbard, *homas P		$74,346.91 		Surface Water Manager	
Huggins, *ames D		$58,032.00 		Auto Maintenance Mechanic	
Huggins, *ichael S		$67,747.34 		Asst Mgr Landside LOB Opns	
Huggins, *hannon L		$55,010.56 		Community Program Mgr-Noise	
Hughes, *harles E		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Hughes, *linton J		$45,866.34 		Operations Supervisor	
Hughes, *arley W		$70,479.95 		Sr Property Manager	
Hughey, *illiam D		$42,868.49 		Harbor Specialist/Fishermens	
Hull, *hyllis D		$64,376.00 		Communications Supervisor	
Humiston, *rian K		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Hummel, *arbara J		$47,571.79 		Admin Assistant	
Hunt, *rthur T		$52,109.13 		Survey Party Chief	
Hunter, *homas B		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Hurley, *ichael J		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Hursey, *anice L		$36,757.21 		Crane Maintenance Clerk	
Husted, *rville E		$30,472.00 		Chainer	
Huston, *eather M		$36,976.88 		Acquisitions Assistant	
Hutter, *nton J		$2,080.00 		Job Data Conversion	
Hutton, *verett T		$79,638.00 		IT Special Projects Manager	
Hutton-Jimenez, *anessa J		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Huynh, *nh D		$45,240.00 		Admin Assistant	
Hylton, *yril A		$47,756.80 		Maintenance Duty Officer	
Hytry, *an L		$64,651.85 		Mgr AV Maintenance &Operations	
Imamura, *odrigo P		$27,040.00 		College Intern	
Impett, *ary Clare		$70,040.44 		Public Affairs Officer	
Ingersoll, *arren E		$92,915.68 		Mgr SP Facility Planning Group	
Irish-Axt, *anene L		$60,881.22 		Project Manager 1	
Irlanda, *rank R		$45,510.40 		Sign Painter	
Irons, *onald D		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Irwin, *enneth J		$91,608.82 		Police Captain	
Isenmann, *ichael B		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Ishiwata, *azue		$80,107.77 		Market Development Manager	
Ismail, *hoeb H		$60,852.72 		Marketing Specialist Moorage	
Isobe, *atoko		$46,000.00 		Accountant	
Ivey, *teven N		$55,046.10 		Police Officer B	
Jackson Jr, *lbert O		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Jackson, *ay E		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Jackson, *oderick G		$78,628.21 		Project Manager 3	
Jacobsen, *orinne E		$17,243.20 		Access Controller Lead	
Jacobson, *ynae D		$68,765.42 		Mgr Noise Abatement	
Jacobus, *laudia E		$62,797.68 		Billing Supervisor	
Jacobus, *ean A		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Jaenicke, *avid T		$68,699.80 		Firefighter A	
Jahns, *ebra Jean		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Janders, *eiann R		$54,917.18 		Seaport Maintenance Shift Spvr	
Jaquez, *larence O		$73,209.66 		Network Security Engineer Supv	
Javier, *ose		$54,100.80 		Laborer Grp 3 Crew Chief EH	
Jayne, *imothy D		$77,931.21 		Mgr Procurement Services	
Jenkins, *avid S		$61,449.95 		Erosion Contrl/Storm Water Eng	
Jenkins, *effery E		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Jenkins, *enny O		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Jenkins, *racy G		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Jennings, *ames		$58,068.00 		Space Planning Mgr / Aero	
Jensen, *iane Corrinne		$87,306.55 		Mgr MIS Projects/Accounting	
Jensen, *obert A		$101,298.08 		Police Captain	
Jensen, *onald D		$77,971.00 		Data Svcs Mgr & Chief DB Arch	
Jenson, *radley D		$82,664.24 		Project Lead/IT	
Jessel, *ames F		$59,215.46 		PCS Construction Manager 2	
Jewett, *avid A		$63,610.56 		Firefighter A	
Jezek, *ary L		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Jimenez, *lement F		$61,655.82 		Police Officer A	
Jimenez, *oseleon G		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Johansen, *aron C		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Johansen, *ohn B		$66,190.28 		Firefighter A	
Johansen, *ohn E		$71,907.71 		Resident Engineer	
Johnson Jr, *ryan G		$39,917.90 		CWF Property Operations Spec	
Johnson, *ryan N		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Johnson, *hristopher D		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Johnson, *arron A		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Johnson, *ean S		$57,761.60 		Millwright Crew Chief	
Johnson, *lliott		$48,817.60 		Laborer Grp 3 Crew Chf	
Johnson, *loria		$62,991.21 		Landside Supervisor	
Johnson, *saac L		$29,348.80 		ID Access Support Rep	
Johnson, *acob C		$25,350.00 		College Intern	
Johnson, *ason W		$39,209.70 		Accounting Specialist - Leases	
Johnson, *eannette K		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Johnson, *erome L		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Johnson, *erry C		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Johnson, *onerik		$55,987.84 		Mgr Central Waterfront Ops	
Johnson, *imberley D		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Johnson, *imi K		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Johnson, *risti D		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Johnson, *arry L		$45,624.48 		Sr Network Operations Tech	
Johnson, *hillip		$42,078.40 		Assigned Shipper	
Johnson, *alarie A		$51,092.74 		Admin Supervisor	
Johnson, *inslow C		$14,800.50 		High School Intern	
Jolley, * C		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Jones, *atherine L		$31,959.25 		Staff Assistant 3	
Jones, *loria A		$54,894.54 		Supv Seaport Real Est Services	
Jones, *saiah J		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Jones, *orrainne E		$26,632.71 		Staff Assistant 2	
Jones, *ichael P		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Jones, *tephanie C		$85,619.42 		Mgr Seaport Strategic Planning	
Jones, *illiam R		$67,445.04 		Firefighter A	
Jones-Ray, *ichelle		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Jordan, *verett L		$41,620.80 		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr	
Jordan, *obert W		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Jowell, *erna A		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Juhnke, *ricia A		$70,220.85 		PCS Group Manager	
Jung, *aniel S		$31,200.00 		Graduate Intern	
Jussero, *onald D		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Kajita, *enneth S		$61,068.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Head	
Kalanick, *aren J		$40,913.08 		Noise Abatement Specialist	
Kalig, *heik Mustafa		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Kammeyer, *awrence D		$23,622.14 		Staff Assistant 1	
Kane, *oseph N		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Kashyap, *nil K		$36,212.80 		Bus Driver	
Kasnick, *atrick A		$103,576.46 		Chief of Police	
Kawinski, *ohn A		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
Kays, *endy L		$32,448.00 		Staff Assistant 5	
Kearns, *ohn P		$56,534.40 		Cement Mason	
Keller, *ames M		$55,286.40 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Lead	
Kelso, *uncan S		$78,341.84 		Development Project Manager	
Kempf, *arla G		$102,337.59 		GM Central Waterfront P/P LOB	
Kennedy, *onald L		$66,950.00 		Project Planner	
Kenney, *llen I		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Kenney, *onald L		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Kerr, *raig J		$84,162.00 		Treasury Manager	
Khilfeh, *aher S		$54,394.33 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Kidd, *ichard		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Kiehl, *dward E		$62,794.55 		Sr Programmer Analyst	
Kikillus, *obert H		$63,697.57 		Technical Devel Spec / Aero	
Killebrew, *lan S		$53,619.69 		Telecommunications Technician	
Kim, *ichael E		$79,642.84 		Police Sergeant	
Kimsey, *imothy M		$107,282.94 		Deputy Chief of Police	
Kinghorn, *elen B		$11,398.40 		Revenue Control Representative	
Kinlow, *eronica		$68,336.60 		Mgr Landside Business	
Kinsman, *ebbie A		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Kinsman, *irginia A		$70,889.62 		Asst Mgr AV Building Dept Admn	
Kirangi, *ominic J		$71,234.80 		Project Manager 3	
Kirangi, *oyce M		$76,500.00 		Internal Auditor	
Kirk, *irginia T		$88,014.06 		Police Administrative Manager	
Kirrage, *lorence N		$33,540.00 		Staff Assistant 3	
Kirschner, *achel L		$14,800.50 		High School Intern	
Kisbye, *onnie Ann		$50,252.80 		Police Administrative Supvr	
Kissinger, *erry M		$53,747.20 		Police Administrative Analyst	
Kitamura, *eresa A		$57,696.27 		Police Officer A	
Kiyohara, *oseph S		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Kleiber, *avid J		$72,058.45 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Kleiner, *ason J		$55,046.10 		Police Officer B	
Klineburger, *ianna R		$77,169.46 		Police Sergeant	
Knapp, *my M		$44,740.80 		Utility Worker Mechanical	
Knorr, *udith C		$34,798.40 		Police Specialist	
Knott, *athy J		$44,267.95 		Credit Specialist	
Knott, *obert E		$68,443.29 		Senior Database Administrator	
Knudsen, *ark D		$137,753.12 		Director Cargo Terminals Group	
Koester, *teven F		$47,480.98 		Asst Project Manager	
Kohler, *rnest F		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Kok, *hin W		$12,331.80 		Passenger Service Rep	
Kolwitz, *isa A		$53,809.08 		Firefighter C	
Koole, *illem I		$66,950.00 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Koransky, *teven B		$38,272.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Kordik, *obin V		$73,130.00 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Kotler, *ouis A		$34,112.45 		Financial Analyst	
Kourik Jr, *oward V		$93,000.00 		AV Tech Plan & Integration Mgr	
Kriston, *ichael A		$79,363.73 		Mgr Seaport Commercial Prop	
Kruckenberg, *ichard L		$88,701.60 		Training Chief	
Krug, *ichard H		$56,160.99 		Project Manager 1	
Krutenat, *oseph P		$70,385.93 		System Administrator	
Kuforiji, *ohn O		$70,255.94 		Sr Design Engineer	
Kuhlmann, *ichael M		$74,841.00 		Project Manager 3	
Kuiken, *amra A		$31,429.56 		Staff Assistant 3	
Kuncl, *heryl I		$64,958.40 		Sprinkler Fitter Crew Chief	
Kusakabe, *eiko		$46,610.39 		Admin Assistant Asia	
Kuster, *renda B		$52,981.35 		Project Manager 1	
Kwan, *erence G		$57,696.27 		Police Officer A	
Kyles, *cott D		$52,913.98 		Project Manager 1	
La Salle, * D		$46,113.60 		Laborer Group 4	
LaCombe, *inda J		$77,424.84 		Mgr Commercial Development	
Lacy Sr, *odger E		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Lally, *ohanna C		$57,545.00 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Lambert, *revin G		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Lamonte, *ony O		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Lampard, *andy R		$36,552.42 		Noise Remedy Admin Specialist	
Lampe, *ynn L		$113,374.34 		Director Public Affairs	
Landers, *oshua S		$53,646.10 		Police Officer C	
Langdon, *ichael E		$52,161.09 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Lange, *orothy E		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Langlow, *ugh Ward		$40,479.73 		Maintenance Security Spec/SBM	
Lanier, *arry F		$93,228.15 		Aviation CIP Program Leader	
LaPierre, *ing Q		$70,205.35 		Project Manager 3	
Laris, *ichard C		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Lark, *averna G		$34,712.69 		Accounts Payable Specialist	
Larsen, *lbert L		$64,292.60 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Larson, *ouglas Dee		$80,876.64 		Fire Lieutenant	
Larson, *teven B		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Lau, *rland J B		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Launiuvao, *eupepe		$32,281.60 		Revenue Control Representative	
Law, *im K		$47,207.78 		Construction Coordinator	
Lawson, *ee Ann		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Lawson, *enneth W		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Lawson, *earl M		$34,944.00 		Document Coordinator -Landside	
Lawson, *aquel F		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Lawver, *effery J		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Layer, *arbara G		$35,938.24 		Staff Assistant 5	
Lazo, *lbert S		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Le, *ynn K		$32,864.83 		Accounts Payable Specialist	
Le, *uoi T		$51,720.76 		Accountant	
Leach, *andi L		$40,538.93 		Business Specialist Airfield	
Leavitt, *lizabeth M		$98,870.51 		Mgr AV Environmental Programs	
Lee, *nthony S		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Lee, *hristine H		$42,543.28 		Admin Assistant	
Lee, *ary		$68,214.14 		Mar Maint Fin Resources Mgr	
Lee, *oanne K		$69,402.20 		Mgr Community Outreach	
Lee, *ong H		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Lee, *oseph		$68,407.72 		Asst Mgr Aero Training	
Lee, *oshua C		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Lee, *ebecca J		$47,934.18 		Senior Benefits Specialist	
Lee, *tephanie K		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Lee, *illiam L		$39,741.00 		Sr Customer Services Rep	
Legaspi, *uvenal A		$56,175.15 		AV Mktg Carrier Promotions Mgr	
Lemke, *cott H		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Lemon, *velyn		$97,600.94 		Sr Mgr IT Business Solutions	
Lenz, *obert E		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Leon, *uzanne M		$2,926.85 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Leonard, *everly R		$48,971.08 		Police Officer D	
Leonardelli, *vangelina		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Leonardelli, *onald		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Leppell, *amona M		$37,980.80 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Leung, *ai Sha Lisa		$58,074.65 		Cash & Investments Supervisor	
Lew, *imberley M		$76,312.00 		Labor Relations Manager	
Lew-Eng, *ary		$32,000.00 		Procurement & Inventory Clerk	
Lewis, *hristopher S		$56,177.40 		Police Officer B	
Lewis, *elicia V		$32,927.27 		Timekeeping Spec-Landside	
Lewis, *anice K		$45,245.99 		Staff Assistant 5	
Lewis, *erome		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Lewis, *ark E		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Lewis, *obert D		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Limric Jr, *ames M		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Lincoln, *laine B		$63,860.00 		Concessions Mgr/Air Terminal	
Lindsay, *eter D		$42,178.50 		Planner - Aviation	
Lindsey, *ina Marie		$185,422.21 		Managing Director Aviation	
Lindstrom, *ary L		$66,331.20 		Chief Engineer	
Liner, *ichael T		$76,776.30 		Project Lead/IT	
Little, *ourtney J		$48,817.60 		Laborer Group 1 Crew Chief	
Livingston, *alte L		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Lobdell, *ary A		$59,003.16 		Warehouse Planning Supervisor	
Locke-Carns, *ancy A		$62,046.55 		Capital Services Supervisor	
Lohmeier, *hillip J		$63,687.00 		Windows Server Engineer	
Lombardy, *rian V		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Lorella, *icki L		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Lorentz, *onald P		$114,999.57 		Director Economic  & Trade Dev	
Lorkowski, *hristopher R		$47,174.40 		Construction Inspector	
Lottsfeldt, *rik I		$59,213.70 		Environmental Mgmt Spec 2	
Lough, *ennis C		$42,078.40 		Assigned Shipper	
Loux III, *ohn H		$91,611.00 		Sr OD Consultant	
Lowery, *olanda D		$63,377.60 		Carpenter Crew Chief	
Lowry, *ichelle		$34,944.00 		Customer Services Rep	
Lowry, *edge B		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Lowry, *alt J		$50,953.50 		Windows Server Engineer	
Lubrin, *aryzaldy D		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Lubrin, *eonard D		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Luhman, *nnalee D		$90,772.62 		Learning Program Manager	
Lundberg, *aniel C		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Lundberg, *wen E		$64,703.63 		AV Maint Safety Program Mgr	
Lundstrom, *onald J		$50,273.60 		Painter	
Luo, *ai		$27,300.00 		Graduate Intern	
Lyles, *enneth R		$90,086.70 		GM Fishermens Term P/P LOB	
Lynd, *erry J		$42,078.40 		Warehouse B Assigned Shipper	
Lyons, *arrie Lee		$35,856.79 		Staff Assistant 3	
Lyons, *ohn P		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Mach, *icson		$74,128.92 		Sr Design Engineer	
MacIsaac, *obert C		$81,572.75 		Construction Manager	
Madden, *teven M		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver/Casual	
Maeda, *ynthia H		$42,178.50 		Noise Remedy Specialist	
Mahoney, *andra M		$39,778.13 		Lead Procurement/Inventory Clk	
Mahy, *eidi A		$27,300.00 		Graduate Intern	
Maines, *leone S		$42,823.15 		SBM Maintenance Coordinator	
Mak, *dward L		$45,729.60 		Survey Instrument Technician	
Makings, *athie A		$34,756.80 		Bus Driver	
Mallow, *oe A		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Mandella, *ichael P		$113,249.14 		Fire Chief	
Mann, *anny R		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Manney, *ristel M		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Mano, *ames M		$90,830.51 		Chief Architect / IT	
Manseau, *anda L		$41,130.81 		Contract Document Specialist	
Mark, *iane L		$49,328.76 		Administrator MRD System	
Marklein, *ary Ann		$65,733.14 		Mgr Customer/Desktop Services	
Marquez, *loria D		$44,054.40 		Grnd Transport Controller Lead	
Marshall, *renda S		$42,772.95 		Admin Supervisor	
Marsters, *anice L		$101,163.87 		Asst Director Controls & Admin	
Marston, *lifford R		$48,901.02 		Contracts Administrator	
Martin, *oyce I		$49,077.16 		Sr Network Operations Tech	
Martin, *aren I		$34,944.00 		Customer Services Rep	
Martinez, *llen G		$64,946.96 		Firefighter A	
Martinez, *rturo P		$52,998.40 		Millwright	
Martinez, *ritney G		$49,985.30 		Disability Mgmnt Specialist	
Martinez, *ittorio		$31,083.00 		Bindery Operator	
Maruska, *obert T		$89,174.00 		Mgr Design Services	
Mast, *anet E		$51,277.10 		Total Compensation Analyst	
Mathes, *atricia K		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Mathes, *allace		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Matheson, *dwin M		$61,897.64 		Claims Manager	
Mathews, *tuart P		$76,343.00 		Project Manager 3	
Matthews, *van H		$45,825.00 		Grant & Trade Policy Analyst	
Mauter, *avid W		$64,126.40 		Piledriver Crew Chief	
Maxwell, *harles F		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Maxwell, *avid M		$61,074.00 		Mgr Contract Admin Group	
Maxwell, *ouglas		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
May, *arrin J		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Mayer, *dward J		$44,187.33 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Maytum, *alvin E		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Mazzuca, *manda L		$50,953.50 		Project Manager 1	
McAlarney, *ary S		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
McAllister, *ancy R		$63,918.42 		Police Officer A	
McArthur, *onnie R		$46,525.50 		Accountant	
McAteer, *illiam R		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
McCann, *ichael L		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
McCarroll, *aul S		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
McCartney, *iane S		$39,370.50 		Document Control Specialist	
McCaslin, *harles D		$80,380.56 		Fire Lieutenant	
McCauley, *ichard R		$66,517.37 		Sr Windows Server Engineer	
McClellan, *nn K		$53,225.25 		Total Compensation Analyst	
McClurken, *cott M		$64,964.12 		Firefighter A	
McCombs, *ebra Jean		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
McCraney, *avid L		$74,070.27 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
McCraney, *udy		$56,088.65 		Sr Programmer Analyst	
McCulloch, *ohn C		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
McCurdy, *tacy D		$57,696.27 		Police Officer A	
McDaniel, *enjamin F		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
McDaniel, *lorence B		$34,944.00 		Administrative Rep 2	
McDermott, *amona L		$56,445.22 		Accounts Receivable Supervisor	
McDonald-Thomas, *oberta M		$40,554.63 		Executive Assistant	
McDowell Jr, *ames		$74,484.28 		Fire Lieutenant	
McDowell, *anice D		$63,687.00 		System Administrator	
McElroy, *reg C		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
McFadden, *awrence L		$102,620.88 		GM Port Construction Services	
McGaffey, *an Y		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
McGee, *ebra S		$67,202.55 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
McGhee, *atrick B		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
McGinnis, *tephanie M		$58,304.48 		Firefighter B	
McGuire, *atrick		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
McGuire, *hannon		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
McIntyre, *illiam C		$78,370.24 		Fire Lieutenant	
McKay, *oseph P		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
McKay, *riscilla J		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
McKenzie, *enneth J		$66,747.20 		Auto Machinist Crew Chief	
McKillip, *uzanne D		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
McLaughlin, *ichael G		$93,199.29 		Project Manager 5	
McLaughlin, *illiam P		$63,738.48 		Firefighter A	
McMahon, *eanna M		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
McMahon, *ohn E		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
McManus, *harles M		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver/Casual	
McPartland, *eggy A		$63,954.61 		Claims Manager	
Meagher, *ames R		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Meagher, *eonard R		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Mears, *obby N		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Mears, *hantelle Y		$52,650.00 		Relocation Specialist/Airfield	
Medley, *rnest C		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Meister, *iana F		$43,997.83 		Admin Specialist	
Mequet, *ichael G		$96,597.19 		Mgr Construction Services	
Merritt, *eorge M		$87,826.95 		Director Commission Services	
Metzendorf, *my J		$42,875.77 		Asst to the Commission	
Meyersahm, *ohn Carl		$61,923.43 		Mgr FT Business Operations	
Midkiff, *ruce R		$59,958.87 		Police Officer A	
Midkiff, *immie L		$47,361.60 		Painter Crew Chief	
Miles, *ric S		$55,046.10 		Police Officer B	
Miller, *regory		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Miller, *ames O		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Miller, *ark W		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Miller, *elinda L		$90,661.43 		Mgr Seaport Commer Develop	
Miller, *ichael John		$43,326.40 		Warehouseman Foreman	
Miller, *aige R		$6,000.02 		Commissioner	
Miller, *ichard N		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Miller, *eth J		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Miller, *erence E		$58,136.00 		Carpenter	
Miller, *ayne M		$36,920.00 		Bus Driver	
Millich, *ark E		$3,376.00 		Staff Assistant 2	
Mills, *oy		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Milos, *icholas J		$70,262.79 		Mgr Pier 69 Facilities	
Milosavljevic, *adomir D		$60,917.46 		Asst Resident Engineer	
Mims, *udrey		$51,358.02 		Sr Contracts Administrator	
Mims, *ennifer L		$90,000.00 		Project Mgr Seattle Portnet	
Minnehan, *annah L		$56,177.40 		Police Officer B	
Minnie, *ara		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Mohamed, *bdirahman H		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Mohon, *erri-Ann		$87,862.50 		Asst Director Public Affairs	
Moikobu, *mayio M		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Moll, *icki S		$41,375.10 		Labor Relations Assistant	
Molloy, *awrence T		$6,000.02 		Commissioner	
Monahan, *homas J		$75,850.32 		Police Sergeant	
Monks, *nne M		$70,859.88 		Resident Engineer	
Monsivais, *ylene K		$26,929.50 		Graduate Intern	
Monson, *raden C		$49,853.65 		Sr Survey Technician	
Moody, *arren K		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Moore-Jones, *andra L		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Moran, *ichael T		$80,002.93 		Asst Mgr Aero Construction	
Morehead, *aurie K		$48,132.67 		Sr Network Operations Tech	
Moreno, *ouis A		$74,841.00 		Project Manager 3	
Moreno, *obert O		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Morgan, *eather Yolande		$48,489.57 		Lead Desktop Specialist	
Morris, *artrella R		$12,675.00 		College Intern	
Morrison, *lizabeth A		$75,306.15 		Finance Manager	
Morton, *homas E		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Moser, *im		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Moses, *anette		$81,786.12 		Mgr Emp Loss Prevention Prog	
Moshier Jr, *rthur H		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Moshner, *ichelle L		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Mosman, *arker D		$37,752.00 		Construction Inspector	
Moten, *evi		$76,648.00 		Wireman Foreman	
Muhlbeier, *obert A		$46,113.60 		Laborer Group 4	
Mullins, *eborah G		$54,100.80 		Laborer Group 3 Crew Chief	
Mulugeta, *ichael J		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Murphy, *athleen N		$34,688.16 		Staff Assistant 5	
Murphy, *ennis J		$34,917.95 		Chainer	
Murray, *arliss J		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Murray, *atherine A		$62,830.00 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Murray, *haron J		$38,230.40 		ID Access Support Rep	
Myer, *arold L		$84,621.88 		Planning Program Mgr - AV	
Myers, *ack W		$69,264.00 		Police Sergeant	
Myers, *ohn L		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Myers, *arl D		$88,427.52 		Mgr Commercial Development	
Myers, *arlando		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Myers, *oger H		$63,377.60 		Carpenter Crew Chief	
Myers, *onald A		$58,329.32 		PCS Construction Manager 1	
Nadew, *frata		$34,485.95 		PCS Contract Specialist	
Nahaku, *amien K		$43,326.40 		Warehouseman Foreman	
Naidu, *ita R		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Nardine, *hristopher J		$70,482.90 		Audio Visual Services Manager	
Nash, *hristine L		$41,017.60 		ID Access Customer Service Rep	
Nash, *tephen		$62,991.22 		Landside Supervisor	
Natarajan Jr, *ottayam		$108,072.83 		Director e-Business Program	
Navarro, *uis G		$86,895.74 		Mgr Aviation Properties	
Navlet, *ack		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Nayyar, *aurav		$63,860.00 		Sr Integration Engineer	
Neblett Jr, *amual R		$34,840.00 		Utility Worker Electrical	
Neff, *orma J		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
Neigel-Britt, *renda D		$41,017.60 		Police Specialist	
Neilson Sr, *hilip S		$62,787.12 		Police Officer A	
Nelson, *nne		$49,961.60 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Nelson, *alvin Gordon		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Nelson, *regory D		$66,759.16 		Firefighter A	
Nelson, *heridan R		$41,017.60 		ID Access Customer Service Rep	
Nelson, *illiam M		$68,698.50 		Mgr Network Services	
Nesiba, *arol A		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Nesic, *artha E		$40,856.66 		Admin Specialist/Seaport	
Nesterenko, *ida		$66,971.70 		Sr Planner - Aviation	
Neunherz, *ichard K		$58,000.00 		Integration Engineer	
Nevaril, *oi C		$69,896.17 		Project Manager 3	
Neve, *rthur W		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Newenhof, *ancy		$40,699.58 		Maintenance Dispatch Clerk	
Newenhof, *onald		$43,326.40 		Warehouseman Foreman	
Newlon, *homas A		$117,532.59 		Sr Port Counsel	
Neymeyer, *isa M		$52,514.80 		Police Officer C	
Nguyen, *lex T		$44,496.31 		Sr Desktop Specialist	
Nguyen, *n L		$32,406.40 		Laborer Group 1	
Nguyen, *anh T		$61,455.91 		General Ledger Supervisor	
Nguyen, *oa Hong Thi		$44,139.85 		IT Service Desk Specialist	
Niccoli, *lexander S		$34,840.00 		Utility Worker Electrical	
Nickerson, *ristine M		$43,568.67 		Desktop Service Coordinator	
Nix, *inda A		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Nordquist, *lare E		$6,000.02 		Commissioner	
Norton, *ichael J		$48,816.94 		Sr Network Operations Tech	
Novack, *ebecca A		$20,475.00 		College Intern	
Nowlin, *atherine M		$60,415.68 		Communications Project Manager	
Nugent, *en D		$41,606.64 		Survey Instrument Technician	
Nunes, *anuel L		$34,840.00 		Utility Worker Electrical	
Nygard, *enneth E		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Nygard, *ory E		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Nyland, *hristine L		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Nyland, *on L		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Oas, * Michael		$34,711.84 		Staff Assistant 2	
Obando, *odrick		$27,040.00 		College Intern	
O'Brien, *ikel M		$76,964.89 		Labor Relations Manager	
O'Brien, *atrick M		$45,864.00 		Operations Supervisor	
O'Brien, *imothy J		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
O'Cain, *elanie A		$46,072.79 		Admin Supervisor	
Ochiltree, *ary Mayo		$66,954.00 		Communications Project Manager	
O'Connell, *homas F		$52,707.20 		Sr Construction Inspector	
O'Day, *homas M		$66,684.45 		Mgr AV Maintenance &Operations	
Oden, *ohn P		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Odom, *e Ann M		$45,018.42 		Staff Assistant 5	
O'Donnell, *harles J		$95,769.58 		GM Warehouse Distribution LOB	
O'Dowd, *arilyn A		$46,426.89 		CPIP Operations Supervisor	
Oehring, *velyn H		$41,121.60 		Laborer Group 3 Apprentice	
Oftedahl, *teven L		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Ogden, *obert E		$36,909.79 		Payroll Specialist	
Ohta, *onathan Y		$61,074.00 		Resident Engineer	
Okamura, *teven M		$73,469.89 		Project Manager 2	
Oldright, *enneth W		$55,046.10 		Police Officer B	
Olling, *teven D		$81,000.00 		Program Controls Manager	
Ollivier, *obert D		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Olmstead, *ark L		$67,445.04 		Firefighter A	
Olson, *rett M		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Olson, *avid A		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Olson, *ason L		$33,742.80 		Staff Assistant 4	
Olson, *arah P		$47,416.67 		Environmental Mgmt Spec 2	
Olson, *iffany S		$35,984.73 		Staff Assistant 4	
Olzendam, *oderic M		$47,693.71 		Contracts Administrator	
O'Neil, *ennifer M		$43,846.40 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Osmek, *teven D		$59,164.90 		Wildlife Biologist	
Ottele, *ichard A		$119,986.14 		GM AV Facilities & Infrastruct	
Outram, *arin S		$59,658.60 		Payroll Supervisor	
Owens, *anique M		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Owens, *arren G		$45,648.82 		Police Officer E	
Paasch, *ouglas R		$51,996.75 		Sr Network Coordinator Airport	
Paddock, *ichael W		$56,093.54 		Sr Network Operations Tech	
Paddock, *tan		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Padilla, *ictor		$58,136.00 		Carpenter	
Padua, *rnie O		$51,121.35 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Paice, *arla M		$58,263.85 		Contracts Administrator	
Palaita, *uutele		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Palanca, *ictor F		$45,505.60 		AV Maint Procurem Invent Supv	
Paligutan, *frain M		$37,329.32 		Maintenance Security Spec/SBM	
Palisoc, *irginia A		$50,877.97 		Noise Remedy Real Estate Spec	
Palmer, *arolyn B		$60,346.07 		Network Services Administrator	
Palmer, *imeeta M		$34,568.56 		Lead Voice Comm Operator	
Paradee, *effrey D		$79,003.96 		Mgr Aviation Maintenance	
Paradee, *tephanie Shadle		$34,110.11 		Community Program Mgr-Noise	
Paraiso, *uan D		$79,942.50 		Sr Design Engineer	
Parayil, *abu K		$72,000.00 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Parker Jr, *onald F		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Parker, *iana		$63,584.56 		Community Project Manager	
Parker, *iley M		$86,414.24 		Mgr Aviation Maintenance	
Parks, *ecil D		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Parraz, *ohn C		$64,292.60 		Project Manager 1	
Parvey, *ichard W		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Patten, *enu		$38,824.93 		Admin Specialist/Seaport	
Patterson, *erald E		$47,048.92 		Construction Inspector	
Pattison, *cott H		$96,425.12 		Project Manager 5	
Paul, *imothy A		$44,704.58 		Sr Harbor Specialist/FT	
Payne, *tacy L		$39,141.65 		Admin Assistant	
Pearson, *ichael D		$17,243.20 		Access Controller Lead	
Peete Jr, *arlton J		$80,734.65 		Seaport Maint Service Mgr	
Peltekian, *teve P		$59,393.22 		Police Officer A	
Peltier, *ohn M		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Pelton, *aul G		$57,853.92 		Landside Supervisor	
Pelton, *enne S		$34,424.08 		Admin Spec/Public Affairs	
Pender, *hebe A		$22,796.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Pendley Latimer, *oberta		$47,541.20 		Admin Assistant	
Perry, *oss E		$52,607.40 		Sr Harbor Specialist/FT	
Pete, *hirley Ann		$43,348.50 		Dispatcher	
Peters, *ale A		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Peters, *aymond G		$68,455.86 		Telecommunications Engineer	
Petty, *rustus A		$29,250.00 		AV Maintenance Timekeeper	
Peycke, *aniel J		$64,126.40 		Piledriver Crew Chief	
Philes, *ane E		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Philio, *onald F		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Phillips, *ermont J H		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Pickle, *erry Lee		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Pierce, *aniel R		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Pierson, *cott J		$65,049.71 		Police Officer A	
Piette, *effrey H		$72,589.80 		Project Manager 3	
Piper, *ichelle L		$27,378.00 		Customer Service Spec-Landside	
Pisano, *ouis		$120,721.48 		Director Labor Relations	
Pitcher Jr, *ugene S		$53,671.03 		Maintenance Service Supervisor	
Pittman, *inda J		$53,203.33 		Utilities Administrator	
Pittman, *herry L		$83,609.47 		Mgr Revenue Svcs & Payroll	
Poirier, *ichelle M		$36,933.00 		Admin Assistant	
Pomeroy, *ugene E		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Pomeroy, *ayne A		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Pooler, *ancy S		$39,586.72 		Payroll Analyst	
Poor, *eraldine H		$67,702.03 		Regional Transprt Prog Planner	
Poquiz, *ntonio F		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Porter, *nne L		$81,545.04 		Project Manager 4	
Porter, *aren K		$29,348.80 		ID Access Support Rep	
Porterfield, *had W		$46,259.20 		Laborer Group 3 Apprentice	
Potebnya, *ick Y		$62,816.00 		Operating Engineer Crew Chief	
Pouley, *eanne O		$48,457.02 		Aviation Services Supervisor	
Powell Jr, *aul L		$73,827.00 		Mgr Contract Services	
Powell, *oss H		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
Prakash, *urya		$13,540.20 		Passenger Service Rep	
Prasad, *itya		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Prasad, *ajeshwar		$25,644.53 		Passenger Service Rep	
Prewitt, *esiree A		$35,490.00 		Staff Assistant 5	
Price, *ames L		$65,049.71 		Police Officer A	
Price, *aul R		$61,068.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Head	
Price, *obert L		$79,060.80 		Mgr PCS Project Operations	
Proulx, *anet J		$79,404.00 		Project Manager 4	
Proulx, *atricia E		$79,404.00 		Mgr Acquisitions	
Puckett, *effrey E		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Pulsifer, *indsay D		$99,779.72 		GM Seaport Maintenance	
Purcell, *nne L		$46,424.61 		Paralegal	
Purdie, *ennifer J		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Putsch, *ohn S		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Pyfer, *argaret A		$76,603.55 		Seaport Marketing Rep	
Pynn, *ouglas G		$55,764.80 		Carpenter Crew Chief	
Queen, *tephen H		$76,550.77 		Budget Manager	
Quesada, *arren J		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Quijano, *hristina M		$27,387.14 		Passenger Service Rep	
Quimson, *iguel R		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Rabbo, *ala F		$2,898.91 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Radcliff, *avid M		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Raile, *aniel E		$72,253.32 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Ramsay, *ndrew		$46,659.52 		Aero Construction Liaison	
Rankin, *arolyn A		$58,322.28 		Asst Project Manager	
Rao, *reenivasa CR		$72,638.13 		Resident Engineer	
Raske, *ennis H		$16,608.80 		Bus Driver	
Rawe, *aymond P		$115,123.51 		Chief Engineer	
Rawn, *atrick T		$23,400.00 		College Intern	
Ray, *elen C		$66,196.00 		Firefighter A	
Raykowski, *oe S		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Reed, *cott A		$57,853.92 		Landside Supervisor	
Reed, *homas L		$54,579.75 		Survey Party Chief	
Reeves, *aryle R		$32,406.40 		Laborer Group 1	
Reeves-Orth, *ebra E		$45,982.78 		Aero Construction Liaison	
Rehm, *onald L		$51,470.97 		Sr Network Operations Tech	
Rehm, *odd F		$47,726.91 		Contracts Administrator	
Reis, *ark M		$140,530.35 		Deputy Managing Director/AV	
Reiswig, *ichard S		$37,420.50 		Asset Management Specialist	
Remski, *haron A		$53,914.80 		Police Officer B	
Replinger, *huck F		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Ressler, *eter K		$84,527.75 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Ressler, *anessa M		$45,422.87 		Public Records Specialist	
Reynolds, *oseph L		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Reynolds, *ilver S		$59,081.25 		Facility Supervisor	
Rhodes, *erome		$32,406.40 		Laborer Group 1	
Ribback, *dgar G		$54,760.05 		AV Maint Payroll Wrk Ord Supv	
Rice, *ames G		$83,729.15 		Mgr Marine Lease Admin	
Rice, *onald D		$72,100.00 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Rich, *ohn R		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Richardson, *avid Alan		$67,804.43 		Asst Mgr Airport Commun Ctr	
Richardson, *avid Allen		$60,766.49 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Richardson, *eslie		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Richardson, *ichael E		$53,914.80 		Police Officer B	
Richardson, *hannon M		$33,091.50 		Administrative Rep 2	
Richardson, *heree S		$34,483.44 		Accounts Payable Specialist	
Richardson, * Jazzi		$76,392.59 		Mgr Noise Remedy	
Riche, *lizebeth M		$53,241.06 		PCS Construction Manager 1	
Ridge, *obert C		$37,588.17 		Materials Inventory Specialist	
Ridge, *haron I		$52,578.89 		Employee Specialist/Seaport MT	
Ridgley, *usan M		$76,380.63 		Port Counsel	
Riley, *hristina L		$42,900.00 		Engineering CAD Technician	
Riley, *obert F		$96,592.20 		Asst Director Aviation CIP	
Ritenburg, *atherine M		$70,030.08 		Environmental Mgmt Spec 2	
Rivera, *afael P		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Rives, *wight L		$71,302.31 		PCS Group Manager	
Roberson, *onald H		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Roberts, *oyce E		$47,756.80 		Maintenance Duty Officer	
Roberts, *ristal L		$58,111.89 		Organizational Dev Consultant	
Roberts, *arren J		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Robertson, *arlene A		$104,960.84 		GM Shilshole Bay Marina LOB	
Robertson, *reddie E		$60,736.00 		Batch Plant Operator	
Rock, *avid A		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Rodriguez, *ngel L		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Rogers, *everly		$51,396.80 		Laborer Group 3	
Rogers, *harlene R		$34,947.74 		Conference Service Coordinator	
Rogers, *uth M		$41,017.60 		ID Access Customer Service Rep	
Rogers, *racy L		$34,222.50 		Staff Assistant 3	
Roling, *avid P		$61,655.82 		Police Officer A	
Rolland, *arcus		$23,400.00 		College Intern	
Romanenghi, *usan M		$28,857.24 		Staff Assistant 4	
Romano, *ana M		$53,914.80 		Police Officer B	
Romero, *ngel R		$62,593.10 		Design Engineer	
Roschewski, *harisse M		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Rose, *arty Richard		$57,431.22 		Capital Purchases Supervisor	
Rose-Kelley, *ntoinette		$46,616.55 		Admin Supervisor	
Rosete, *ason A		$49,337.60 		Auto Machinist Apprentice	
Ross, *tuart W		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Roten, *onald H		$57,544.50 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Rothnie, *ohn R		$99,100.23 		Aviation CIP Program Leader	
Rotness, *uane N		$36,836.80 		Laborer Group 1	
Rouzan, *onald W		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Rowlan, *ammy M		$36,629.80 		Staff Assistant 5	
Rowlette, *arlene		$40,060.12 		Staff Assistant 4	
Roy, *ay J		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Royal, *illiam A		$62,400.00 		Sr Property Manager	
Rudge, *arbara C		$55,796.13 		Sr Planner - Aviation	
Russell, *effrey G		$74,064.95 		Resident Engineer	
Russell, *onald J		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver/Casual	
Russo, *oey M		$52,514.80 		Police Officer C	
Ryan, *itti		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Ryan, *homas R		$84,212.96 		Firefighter Mechanic	
Ryan, *incent J		$49,138.41 		Contracts Administrator	
Ryland, *ohn R		$75,686.26 		Project Manager 3	
Sacha, *eslie A		$79,404.00 		Sr Environmental Program Mgr	
Safora, *sabel R		$112,774.38 		Sr Port Counsel	
Sager, *arbara A		$2,664.22 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Said, *ohammed		$36,171.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Saidy, *arah J		$30,472.00 		Junior Network Operations Tech	
Salazar, *ess S		$50,030.64 		Training Specialist / Aero	
Salmeron, *scar A		$39,456.16 		Desktop Specialist	
Salois, *erry D		$59,393.22 		Police Officer A	
Salud, *ino D		$73,852.58 		Marketing Manager/Moorage	
Sanchez, *ohn L		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Sanchez, *homas E		$69,326.92 		Firefighter A	
Sanders, *atricia D		$39,446.07 		Payroll Specialist	
Sanneh, *bba A		$43,014.40 		Assoc Network Engineer	
Santiago, *iane I		$70,230.55 		Asst Mgr Landside LOB Opns	
Santiago, *ose Luis		$63,918.42 		Police Officer A	
Sasala, *anet L		$65,648.25 		HRMS Consultant	
Sasala, *tephen G		$79,567.83 		Seaport Marketing Rep	
Savage, *tephen H		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Savea, *eid		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Sawyer, *homas P		$55,286.40 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Lead	
Scandiffio, *iccole M		$41,017.60 		Police Specialist	
Scarpellini, *tephen L		$50,273.60 		Painter	
Schaefer, *ric M		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Schaefer, *effery T		$57,696.27 		Police Officer A	
Schaeffer, *arl		$87,033.48 		Seaport Maint CLOB Service Mgr	
Schimpf, *atthew H		$68,141.84 		Firefighter A	
Schlegel, *rin L		$54,777.40 		Police Officer C	
Schmidt, *rik S		$53,914.80 		Police Officer B	
Schmitz, *icholas J		$74,841.00 		Resident Engineer	
Schneider Jr, *ohn		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Schneidler, *avid G		$77,011.38 		Sr Planner - Seaport	
Schnellbacher, *m H		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Schneuer, *regg A		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Schomin, *ene D		$69,872.99 		Police Sergeant	
Schone, *ames R		$119,262.38 		Director SP Prof & Tech Svcs	
Schorsch, *on E		$59,958.87 		Police Officer A	
Schroeder, *ary T		$80,301.65 		Mgr  Marine Finance & Budget	
Schuler, *herry Lynn		$54,922.91 		Mgr Signing Graphics	
Schultz, *yle		$44,740.80 		Utility Worker Mechanical	
Schumacher, *ohn		$43,326.40 		Warehouseman Foreman	
Schumacher, *ary E		$34,944.00 		Administrative Rep 2	
Schwan, *ebecca A		$67,704.00 		Sr Property Manager	
Schwartz, * J		$43,326.40 		Warehouseman Foreman	
Schwilke, *licia I		$51,492.58 		AV Maint CMMS Supervisor	
Scott, *onnie L		$57,592.60 		Engineering Services Supvr	
Scott, *ennis		$74,549.11 		Seaport Maint Service Mgr	
Scott, *orothy L		$2,814.47 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Scott, *uby L		$37,739.78 		Admin Spec Seaport Real Estate	
Seabrook Jr, *illiam W		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Seigel, *arryl H		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Seigler, *hristopher G		$45,648.82 		Police Officer E	
Sell, *ndrew D		$51,476.96 		Windows Server Engineer	
Selleg, *effrey S		$58,827.57 		Police Officer A	
Serapio, *ary Eileen		$72,910.50 		Program Controls Manager	
Serrick, *ruce A		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Serrill, *ames D		$109,077.00 		Temp Job Code	
Severin, *arsha A		$38,273.64 		Admin Specialist/Seaport	
Severson, *rigit L		$56,177.40 		Police Officer B	
Sewell III, *amuel S		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Sewell, *amuel E		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Seymour, *onald E		$61,376.97 		Sr Planner - Aviation	
Shantaram, *amini		$57,544.50 		E-Bus Project Specialist	
Shao, *herry X		$62,665.24 		Design Engineer	
Sharp, *eslie D		$15,891.20 		Bus Driver	
Shauf, *arold L		$56,992.00 		Heavy Duty Mechanic	
Shaykho, *uhaib W		$45,641.25 		Engineering CAD Technician	
Sheerer, *anet F		$54,010.11 		Project Manager 1	
Sheldon, *harles		$113,294.46 		Director Aviation CIP	
Shelton, *dwin J		$43,026.10 		Network Operations Technician	
Shepherd, *tanley		$56,308.24 		Community Program Mgr-Noise	
Sherbina, *usan M		$37,382.65 		Purchasing Spec/Seaport MT	
Sheridan, *ndrew J		$47,756.80 		Maintenance Duty Officer	
Sherwood, *hristopher E		$48,300.00 		Construction Coordinator	
Sheykho, *afwan M		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Shim, *nita S		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Shimomura, *egina C		$37,511.79 		Accountant	
Shortt, *ary W		$61,724.26 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Showers, *regory D		$32,635.20 		Sprinkler Fitter Apprentice	
Shultz, *ichael E		$66,615.00 		Media Officer	
Shultz, *obert D		$39,952.79 		Procurement & Inventory Clerk	
Shumeye, *mebet		$58,185.03 		Aeronautical Duty Manager	
Siems, *harles A L		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Simmons Jr, *oy E		$46,508.80 		Carpenter Apprentice	
Simmons, *elly A		$61,110.40 		Sprinkler Fitter	
Simmons, *ebecca Anne		$38,977.38 		Admin Specialist	
Simon, *ntonio R		$65,875.67 		Financial Analyst	
Sims, *inston T		$56,804.80 		Laborer Grp 3 Gen Crew Chf EH	
Singh, *urdip		$79,293.54 		Sr Design Engineer	
Singh, *anwaljeet		$34,756.80 		Bus Driver	
Singh, *aveena L		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Skok, *rian C		$76,964.68 		Fire Lieutenant	
Sledge, *hris		$41,908.06 		Harbor Specialist/Fishermens	
Smith, *arry E		$45,219.20 		Laborer Group 3	
Smith, *olleen D		$35,745.63 		Aviation Cap Imp Prog Asst	
Smith, *raig J		$72,773.96 		Sr Planner - Aviation	
Smith, *avid C		$59,270.84 		Sr Planner - Aviation	
Smith, *eoffrey B		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Smith, *ilbert H		$69,326.92 		Firefighter A	
Smith, *ohn E		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Smith, *ohnnie L		$41,528.17 		Proc&Inventory Clk/Forklift Tr	
Smith, *arlina M		$34,006.87 		Revenue Specialist	
Smith, *aura Ann		$69,274.92 		Firefighter A	
Smith, *auren R		$76,075.30 		Organizational Dev Consultant	
Smith, *ica C		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Smith, *ichael C		$85,137.79 		Infrastructure Systems Mgr/AV	
Smith, *ichael S		$33,871.50 		Airport Security Specialist	
Smith, *eter V		$41,752.57 		Accounts Payable Lead	
Smith, *onna Q		$27,518.40 		Revenue Control Representative	
Smith, *oy L		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Smith, *cott M		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Smith, *heila Dianne		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Smith, *era		$26,325.00 		Staff Assistant 2	
Smith, *illiam M		$53,164.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer 2	
Smith-Huda, *aura A		$37,699.31 		Admin Specialist/Seaport	
Smullin, *ennis D		$60,548.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Head	
Snell, *illiam R		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Snyder, *amela J		$31,181.96 		Staff Assistant 3	
Sobek, *raig A		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Sodimu, *Jr, *ohn A		$27,040.00 		College Intern	
Sofie, *ohn Douglas		$55,806.40 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Lead	
Soike, *avid K		$103,704.29 		Mgr Aeronautical Facilities	
Soike, *atividad A		$77,638.26 		Asst Director Aviation CIP	
Sollars, *inda E		$70,317.90 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Solo Jr, *aeva		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Solo, *olo L		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Soltani, *eza		$86,035.02 		Engineering Design Coordinator	
Sommers, *alter C		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Son, *okha		$49,337.60 		Auto Machinist Apprentice	
Sorensen, *ebra A		$61,779.06 		Financial Analyst	
Spaeth, *arl D		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Spells, *herie L		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Spencer, *ustin R		$39,000.00 		Heavy Duty Mech Apprentice	
Spicknall, *ennifer L		$29,754.41 		Staff Assistant 3	
Spisak, *hristopher M		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Spisak, *aren L		$27,107.49 		Passenger Service Rep	
Spriggs, *alker		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
St Clair, *arry A		$105,171.41 		Intermodal Services Manager	
St George, *ouis J		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
St Laurent, *arlys		$66,622.00 		Public Affairs Officer	
Stahl, *ana L		$65,882.39 		Health Safety Management Spec	
Stahlecker, *urtis D		$71,916.00 		Project Scheduler Aviation PMG	
Stairs, *ory W		$52,364.97 		Police Officer D	
Stalter, *teven A		$37,975.56 		Maintenance Security Spec/SBM	
Stambaugh, *illiam R		$63,890.90 		Mgr AV Fleet Maintenance	
Stangeland, * Arne		$33,518.73 		Contract Document Specialist	
Stark, *ichard G		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Starks, *harles R		$102,076.57 		Asst Fire Chief	
Starup, *oug		$27,003.60 		On Site Property Coordinator	
Stearns, *dwin B		$34,756.80 		Bus Driver	
Steckline, *ames J		$60,736.00 		Heavy Duty Mechanic 2	
Steele, *aleb F		$27,040.00 		College Intern	
Stehlik, *ori A		$55,500.00 		Seaport Maint Project Manager	
Stein, *ary L		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Stein, *icky Sue		$62,090.93 		Financial Analyst	
Steinbach Jr, *alter P		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Stevens, *orman Jay		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Stevens, *obin V		$36,402.60 		Accounting Specialist-Grants	
Stewart, *arole C		$81,846.95 		Project Lead/IT	
Stewart, * Burr		$108,154.29 		Strategic Planning Manager	
Stewart, *od		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Stilnovich, *ohn M		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Stirrat-Dilley, *ita J		$34,546.20 		Staff Assistant 3	
Stitt, *arrie J		$61,218.73 		Warehouse Supervisor	
Stokey, *ettyjean		$79,627.19 		Intl Tourism Development Mgr	
Stoltenberg, *erry M		$73,405.28 		Firefighter A	
Stone, *eginald H		$16,608.80 		Bus Driver	
Storey, *ohn Carl		$73,195.20 		Police Sergeant	
Stover Jr, *rden L		$71,198.40 		Sheet Metal Worker Crew Chf EH	
Stradley, *ommy E		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Strawser, *uth L		$58,611.55 		Commission Records Supervisor	
Strong, *arites T		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Strout, *inda J		$163,029.58 		General Counsel	
Sturzen, *oger A		$71,892.91 		Police Sergeant	
Sullivan, *renda L		$36,690.59 		Staff Assistant 4	
Sullivan, *cott A		$37,377.60 		Truck Driver	
Sullivan, *odd		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Sulman, *ymberly J		$49,490.41 		Admin Supv/Planning & Comm Dev	
Summerhays, *iane V		$102,100.30 		Mgr Community Development Prog	
Sundqvist, *leanor R		$73,034.14 		Project Lead/IT	
Sutton, *etra D		$33,657.60 		Procurement & Inventory Clerk	
Sutton-Perry, *o Ann		$51,003.30 		Events Activities Coordinator	
Swan, *icholas		$14,800.50 		High School Intern	
Swanberg, *inda P		$2,664.22 		Passenger Service Educ Rep	
Swanson, *rank W		$74,841.00 		Resident Engineer	
Swartosky, *ichael J		$66,759.16 		Firefighter A	
Swedish, *illiam J		$117,599.35 		Chief Technology Officer	
Sweet, *rian R		$84,039.08 		Construction Manager	
Sweet, *andall N		$76,193.08 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Swensen, *avid J		$45,510.40 		Sign Painter	
Swinney, *ebra		$41,572.36 		Procurement & Inventory Clerk	
Swinney, *ary A		$43,022.58 		Contractor Data Systems Admin	
Symonds, *elle Sue		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Tackett, *erry L		$51,675.00 		Bldg Inspector/Plan Examiner 1	
Tanaka, *homas H		$111,146.02 		Sr Port Counsel	
Tanga, *ark E		$56,564.97 		Police Officer A	
Tarter, *lifford B		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Tasche, *arry G		$60,548.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer Head	
Tate, *riscila T		$27,634.73 		Staff Assistant 2	
Tatsuda, *ohn K		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Taulelei, *rendalynn T		$39,900.86 		CMMS Support Specialist	
Tay, *hun Y		$28,640.84 		Staff Assistant 3	
Taylor, *aniel R		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Taylor, *eith D		$70,686.20 		Firefighter A	
Taylor, *ichelle E		$34,183.78 		Staff Assistant 3	
Taylor, *ickel J		$47,844.33 		Survey Party Chief	
Taylor, *ichard A		$25,209.60 		Access Controller Lead	
Teigen, *atsy A		$11,398.40 		Revenue Control Representative	
Terrana, *ick C		$54,715.11 		Project Specialist Landside	
Terrio, *ristie L		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Terry, *ason D		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Tesfu, *esfin N		$32,884.80 		Revenue Control Representative	
Tetlow, *regory P		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Thaut, *aryl R		$47,756.80 		Maintenance Duty Officer	
Theriault Jr, *oseph R		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Thiam, *umar		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Thomas Jr, *bner L		$46,508.80 		Operations Controller Sr	
Thomas, *shley G		$92,636.29 		Project Manager 4	
Thomas, *renda D		$45,856.37 		Admin Assistant	
Thomas, *aniel R		$143,328.92 		Chief Financial Officer	
Thomas, *arrell H		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Thomas, *ulie K		$51,559.24 		Admin Supervisor/Accounting	
Thomas, *eith A		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Thomas, *onald G		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Thomas, *cott J		$70,004.48 		Resident Engineer	
Thome, *ack E		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Thompson, *onnie E		$42,789.84 		Admin Assistant	
Thompson, *ennis J		$68,693.56 		Firefighter A	
Thompson, *ohn F		$65,926.47 		Police Officer A	
Thompson, *athryn J		$58,994.18 		Admin Supervisor	
Thompson, *tanley David		$40,407.49 		Moorage Assignment Coord/SBM	
Thompson, *ommy		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Thurman, *erna L		$36,286.97 		Aviation Cap Imp Prog Asst	
Thurrott, *ichard V		$52,998.40 		Millwright	
Thwaites, *wendolyn S		$48,984.00 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Tierney Jr, *homas M		$182,519.70 		Deputy Chief Executive Officer	
Tinsley, *ritt M		$34,750.08 		Accounts Receivable Specialist	
Tobiason, *cott A		$65,877.39 		Surface Water Manager	
Todd, * Earl		$66,747.20 		Auto Machinist Crew Chief	
Toigo, *aniel R		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Toigo, *obert A		$53,164.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer 2	
Toigo, *icki L		$42,563.99 		Admin Specialist/Seaport	
Tolbert, *obin A		$42,146.33 		Operations Specialist/SBM	
Tomber, *avid D		$81,236.18 		Planning Program Mgr - AV	
Tong, *ichael CM		$67,599.32 		Asst Mgr AV Finance Budget	
Tooke, *onnie J		$50,939.20 		Public Safety Comm Specialist	
Tooker, *effrey R		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Toro, *ohn J		$41,620.80 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Toro, *amson J		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Torre, *rian J		$56,177.40 		Police Officer B	
Torres-Amigo, *lvaro		$71,064.07 		Mgr Airfield Fin & Bus Analys	
Torseth, *avid O		$101,677.06 		Engineering Quality Manager	
Totev, *etelin		$59,238.40 		Wireman Apprentice	
Trevino, *rnest		$45,240.00 		Contract Compliance Specialist	
Triplett, *hun Ying		$37,918.40 		Warehouseman B	
Triplett, *evin E		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Truitt, *ames F		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Tucker, *erry		$48,817.60 		Laborer Grp 3 Crew Chf	
Tulloss, *elda K		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Tupper, *amela M		$47,422.41 		Admin Assistant	
Tuputala, *ofagaimanu		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Turk, *harles H		$50,273.60 		Painter	
Turner, *ames R		$64,946.96 		Firefighter A	
Turner, *ern P		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Tuttle, *olleen Y		$47,636.50 		Tenant Project Coordinator-AV	
Tveit, *hor M		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Tverberg, *aureen A		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Tyburc, *aniel J		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Tynes, *ichard E		$58,136.00 		Carpenter	
Tyson, *odd B		$55,279.66 		CWF Marine Ops Coordinator	
Tyszko, *homas N		$77,514.84 		Mgr CPIP Operations	
Uecker, *ustin R		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman B	
Uecker, *andy		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Uglum, *cott A		$53,164.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer 2	
Ullrich, *onald		$67,415.92 		Firefighter A	
Umetsu, *endell M		$87,403.80 		Infrastructure Systems Mgr/AV	
Vacca, *atrick A		$19,110.00 		College Intern	
Valdez, *ay A		$53,164.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer 2	
Van Aken, *lice Suzette		$40,856.43 		Commission Records Specialist	
Van Allen, *arry L		$66,747.20 		Auto Machinist Crew Chief	
Van Steenburgh Jr, *ussell E		$53,768.00 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Van Velsir, *regory J		$97,291.74 		Enterprise Program Manager	
Van Vleet, *avid A		$72,945.71 		Sr Technical Specialist-Civil	
Van Vleet, *ara M		$80,726.68 		Mgr Business Development	
Vanderpas, *illiam J		$78,018.72 		Fire Lieutenant	
VanGerpen, *odd D		$74,465.36 		Mgr Airport Communication Cntr	
Vann, *ichael E		$44,740.80 		Utility Worker Mechanical	
Vannice, *ric R		$83,359.03 		Project Manager 3	
Varkey, *braham		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Varrelli, *heresa D		$38,817.79 		Staff Assistant 3	
Vasen, *eda D		$42,751.19 		Signage Graphics Technician	
Vassallo, *l		$60,777.60 		Carpenter General Crew Chief	
Vassallo, *ed M		$38,334.40 		Utility Worker Crew Chief	
Vaughn, *lvin D		$61,287.20 		Firefighter A	
Venson, *ina L		$34,878.84 		Maintenance Clerk/Seaport	
Vick Jr, *alemont W		$62,787.12 		Police Officer A	
Vincent, *erri		$44,256.72 		Staff Assistant 5	
Voight, *onald A		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Vollan, *ark T		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Vollmer, *arla M		$34,944.00 		Customer Services Rep	
Vollmer, *ichael E		$36,920.00 		Bus Driver	
Vouros, *regory		$69,011.15 		Project Manager 4	
Wagner, *arol		$62,991.22 		Landside Supervisor	
Wake, *ark C		$49,096.10 		Sr Desktop Specialist	
Waldron, *rian T		$67,445.04 		Firefighter A	
Walgren, *obert G		$20,291.70 		Seaport Tour Guide (On Call)	
Wall, *evin L		$58,136.00 		Carpenter	
Wallinder, *ary P		$81,786.12 		Project Manager 4	
Walz, *osalee C		$109,875.01 		Director People Programs	
Wanamaker, *oretta		$34,402.79 		Staff Assistant 3	
Wangsten, *ric S		$68,387.27 		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng	
Warf, *avid A		$62,512.84 		Firefighter A	
Warner, *awrence L		$52,998.40 		Millwright	
Warren, *rthur F		$74,841.00 		Resident Engineer	
Warren, *yndee L		$44,241.60 		Painter	
Warsame, *bshir M		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Washington Jr, *lijah		$60,442.11 		Mgr Fishermens Terminal Ops	
Washington, *obby R		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Washington, *avid G		$63,697.92 		Firefighter A	
Washington, *rinia N		$67,013.06 		Human Resources Consultant	
Waters, *enee M		$35,405.00 		Staff Assistant 4	
Waterton, *licia M		$23,999.71 		Document Control Specialist	
Watson III, *homas		$80,122.77 		Mgr Aviation Maintenance	
Watson, *ngela I		$14,800.50 		High School Intern	
Watson, *hristopher M		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Watson, *raig R		$113,573.59 		Sr Port Counsel	
Watson, *ouglas G		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Watson, *obert A		$78,936.00 		Crew Chief Elec Tech	
Watterson, *onald G		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Watts, *regory M		$65,049.71 		Police Officer A	
Weable, *illiam R		$46,113.60 		Aviation Field Technician	
Weatherly, *imothy Maurice		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Webb, *illiam L		$61,655.82 		Police Officer A	
Webber, *oel		$54,201.53 		Survey Party Chief	
Wedam, *saac D		$27,040.00 		College Intern	
Weeks, *euben L		$70,345.09 		Construction Superintendent	
Weinreich, *ugh		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Weiss, *herry Ellen		$50,251.72 		Buyer	
Wells Jr, *avid C		$53,164.80 		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2	
Wells, *obert A		$72,053.68 		Sr Planner - Aviation	
Wells, *hawn C		$60,736.00 		Batch Plant Operator	
Wendland, *ean N		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Werner, *ichael D		$37,377.60 		Truck Driver	
Wessel, *cott A		$43,855.50 		Engineering CAD Technician	
Wessels, *alph L		$89,125.83 		Project Manager 5	
Wesson, *alter M		$60,524.52 		Police Officer A	
Wesson-Perkins, *elayn		$72,132.71 		Warehouse Finance Admn Spvr	
West, *ames Robert		$82,236.44 		Fire Lieutenant	
West, *andy L		$69,326.92 		Firefighter A	
Westman, *arilyn J		$46,350.00 		Contracts Administrator	
Wheeler, *arry L		$52,644.80 		Mechanical Maint Engineer	
Wheeler, *imothy W		$67,612.34 		Mgr SBM Facilities	
White, *lyce M		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
White, *rian G		$63,377.60 		Carpenter Crew Chief	
White, *ary L		$85,992.92 		Fire Captain	
White, *usie J		$39,741.00 		Sr Customer Services Rep	
White, *homas Ford		$63,029.72 		Firefighter A	
White, *illiam T		$81,352.57 		Mgr Survey Services	
Whitney, *ictor E		$51,168.00 		Carpenter	
Wichman, *onalie R		$46,396.67 		Admin Spec Seaport Real Estate	
Wickliff, *arolyn E		$55,548.31 		Tourism Management Specialist	
Wickliff-Small, *elanie R		$38,747.81 		Assoc Buyer	
Wiebe, *lden H		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Wilk, *ark A		$50,953.50 		Windows Server Engineer	
Wilkerson, *ary R		$51,675.00 		Bldg Inspector/Plan Examiner 1	
Wilkinson, *illiam L		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Wilkinson, *illiam P		$76,000.66 		Asst Mgr Aero Emergency Plng	
Williams, *bc LaFay		$34,089.87 		Staff Assistant 5	
Williams, *arlton		$39,811.20 		Grnd Transportation Controller	
Williams, *hristine M		$37,198.90 		Accounts Payable Specialist	
Williams, *ay W		$54,052.44 		Firefighter C	
Williams, *ark Edward		$20,604.31 		Office/Maintenance Clerk	
Williams, *eter G		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Williams, *teven		$36,836.80 		Laborer Group 1	
Williams, *ulsworth A		$56,548.65 		Sr Contracts Administrator	
Williamson, *ichard W		$59,305.94 		Desktop Support Supervisor	
Williford, *avid P		$42,078.40 		Assigned Shipper	
Wills, *avid H		$53,768.00 		Sr Construction Inspector	
Wilson, *pril L		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Wilson, *sher B		$58,609.75 		Tax Accountant	
Wilson, *rent D		$53,646.10 		Police Officer C	
Wilson, *ayne P		$69,680.00 		Wireman	
Wilson, *illiam		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Winslow-Fuentez, *amel		$35,303.42 		CWF Property Operations Spec	
Winston, *awrence O		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Wise, *aniel J		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Witt, *avid H		$101,426.27 		Manager Aviation Marketing	
Woerne, *ynnette L		$76,497.65 		Project Lead/IT	
Wofford, *aymond D		$35,143.43 		Bindery Operator	
Womack, *dwin L		$39,873.60 		Truck Driver	
Wong, *ike D		$67,700.00 		Sr Planner - Seaport	
Wong, *andy J		$68,072.16 		Firefighter A	
Woo, *oy H		$61,655.82 		Police Officer A	
Wood, *artha L		$36,753.60 		Senior Access Controller	
Woodard, *amela A		$67,398.03 		Compensation Manager	
Woods, *ranklin R		$61,965.60 		Sr Human Resources Rep	
Woods, *effrey W		$46,508.80 		Ramp Controller Senior	
Woods, *o A		$54,960.19 		Landside Supervisor	
Woolfolk, *oe L		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Woon, *lisa M		$80,576.60 		MIS Project Consultant/Acctg	
Wooten, *odiem R		$36,340.25 		CWF Property Operations Spec	
Wooten, *ichael V		$37,211.20 		Laborer Parking	
Wortman, *dward Lee		$88,926.45 		Police Lieutenant	
Wray, *imothy P		$69,680.00 		Chief Technician	
Wright, *inda M		$60,422.57 		Landside Supervisor	
Wuollet, *ristina L		$29,410.87 		Staff Assistant 2	
Wynn, *ruce S		$57,877.21 		Educational Outreach Manager	
Wynn, *onna		$37,701.64 		Admin Specialist	
Wynn, *honda M		$34,944.00 		Customer Services Rep	
Xaver, *auren H		$41,620.80 		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr	
Yarlott, *ally M		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Yates, *avid B		$40,081.60 		Warehouseman A	
Yates, *enry A		$86,313.56 		Fed Government Relations Mgr	
Yee, *arry C		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Yee, *atthew R		$11,887.20 		Office/Maintenance Clerk	
York, *obert J		$80,000.00 		Project Manager 4	
Young, *nthony K		$59,393.22 		Police Officer A	
Young, *elores D		$37,424.99 		Staff Assistant 3	
Yu, *nthony Tak Hoi		$39,741.00 		Sr Customer Services Rep	
Yuskoff, *dward F		$66,970.88 		Police Officer A Corporal	
Zacher, *imothy G		$14,846.00 		Tour Group Coordinator	
Zachrisson, *eanna R		$72,825.46 		Public Affairs Officer	
Zackery, *harlotte		$71,976.29 		Mgr Warehouse Customer Accts	
Zebian, *amal H		$16,712.80 		Access Controller	
Zeller, *ryan D		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Zhang, *aiyan		$70,201.22 		Sr Systems Analyst	
Ziegler, *atrick J		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Zieman, *lake A		$63,336.00 		Automated Control Specialist	
Zins, *ouglas J		$58,032.00 		Auto Machinist	
Zirkle, *homas C		$45,526.70 		Survey Instrument Technician	
Zolezzi, *onald J		$37,710.40 		Bus Driver	
Zulaski, *athleen M		$35,072.67 		Maintenance Clerk/Seaport	


Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the Port of Seattle.

Here's the response e-mail I got from the Port of Seattle
From: Henderson, David
To: ''
Cc: Walz, Rosalee; Watson, Craig; Ressler, Peter
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 10:38 AM
Subject: Request for Public Records
Dear Mr. Bloom:
Per your request of Rosalee Walz and Vanessa Ressler, I am attaching a document that lists Port of Seattle employees' names, job titles and salaries.
Also attached is an affidavit for you to complete and return. You may fax it to me at the fax number listed below.
David Henderson
Total Compensation Manager
Port of Seattle
PO Box 1209
Seattle, WA 98111
Ph: (206) 728-3299
Fax: (206) 728-3004

Here's the affidavit request I got from the Port of Seattle.

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