This is a list of the 2004 Port of Seattle employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 563,347)(1,565 employees)

The Port of Seattle was established in 1911 when King County voters approved its formation to manage properties along the Seattle waterfront. In 1941, the Legislature broadened the authority of port districts to operate airports. Approximately one year later, local governments in King County selected the Port to operate Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. King County voters elect five Port Commissioners who serve four-year terms. Commissioners establish policy for the Port and appoint a Chief Executive Officer who oversees Port employees and programs. In 2005, the Port employed 1,572 employees. The Portís two major business activities are managing seaport terminals and airport facilities. The Port also manages an International Conference Center and a World Trade Center, which are located near the Portís administrative offices on the Seattle waterfront. Most of the Portís funding comes from bond proceeds, a local tax levy, passenger facility charges, grants, interest from investments, income from leases and revenues collected from customers and the public for parking and other services the Port provides. The Board of Commissioners approves an operating budget annually. Actual operating revenues totaled $417 million in 2005, which is a $40 million increase over the prior year. Operating expenses totaled $226 million, a 1 percent or $3 million increase over 2004. The Port uses revenue bonds and other sources to finance construction at the Airport. General obligation bonds, lease revenues and local property taxes help fund the seaport construction program. In 2005, the Port collected $62.4 million in property taxes. The capital budget for 2006 is $620 million and the capital improvement program for 2006-10 is $2.5 billion. Capital expenditures by division over the last three years were: Division 2005 2004 2003 Aviation $456.9 million $461.0 million $411.8 million Seaport $100.0 million $74.4 million $115.0 million Totals $556.9 million $535.4 million $526.8 million Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is in the midst of a multi-billion dollar capital improvement program that will continue into 2010. In 2005, the Airport opened a new central terminal facility, brought the Airport Baggage System on-line and continued construction on a third runway. Several construction projects are under way at Seaport Division facilities that are designed to attract trade, tourism, commercial fishing and recreational boaters to Seattleís waterfront.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2004 Port of Seattle List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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2004 Port of Seattle Employees List (1,565 employees)

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Name		         Job Title		       Annual Rt	 Full/Part-time	
Aaker,David		General Foreman		$79,082		F	
Abbe,Bev		         Firefighter A		$73,521		F	
Abbott,Denora		Bus Driver		$36,150		F	
Abernethy,Don		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Abernethy,John		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Acena-Neal,Shannon		Wireman		     $69,680		F	
Ackerman,Ken		Police Officer A		$62,339		F	
Adami,Nicole		HR Generalist		$51,147		F	
Adams,Jeffrey		Laborer Group 4		$52,915		F	
Adams,Paul		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Adams,Susan		Landside Supervisor		$61,631		F	
Adams,Wayne		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Addison,Pat		Police Sergeant		$71,344		F	
Adler,Thomas		Grnd Transportation Controller		$40,602		F	
Afoa,Mina		      Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Agid,Paul		      Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$91,078		F	
Aguilar,Renato		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Ahrens-Bakam,Lucinda		Staff Assistant 3		$30,839		F	
Akesson,Rick		Sr Design Engineer		$84,844		F	
Albee,Bob		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Albert,Kim		Mgr IT Business Management		$78,364		F	
Alexander,Jerry		Police Lieutenant		$91,603		F	
Allan,Curtis		Harbor Moorage Coord - FT		$42,810		F	
Allan,Philip		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Allbery,Theresa		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Allen,Brian		Sr Construction Inspector		$59,063		F	
Allen,Jimmie		AV Maint Contracts Admin Supvr		$64,174		F	
Almberg,Dana		Noise Remedy Admin Specialist		$32,935		F	
Almojuela,Denise		Engineering Design Specialist		$92,213		F	
Altman,Jay		Mgr AV Fleet Procurement		$66,754		F	
Alvarado,Giuseppe		Mgr Harbor Business & Ops -SBM		$65,108		F	
Alvarez,Cynthia		Diversity Consultant		$65,571		F	
Amburgey,Derick		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Ancheta,Manny		Sr Network Engineer		$70,000		F	
Anderson,Borgan		Mgr Aviation Finance & Budget		$97,912		F	
Anderson,Guy		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Anderson,Molly		Acct Representative Cargo Svcs		$71,218		F	
Anderson,Sean		Project Manager 2		$73,045		F	
Anderson,Tod		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Anderson,Tony		Police Lieutenant		$90,010		F	
Andrews,Ahmed		Project Technician AV/PMG		$40,139		F	
Angeles,Froylan		Police Officer C		$55,246		F	
Anglesino,Kenneth		Painter		$44,200		F	
Anitei,Cecilia		Engineering CAD Technician		$43,214		F	
Ankenbauer,Marty		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Antonio,Elvin		Design Engineer		$70,747		F	
Apolonio,Jay		Painter Apprentice		$28,621		F	
Armando,Jim		Firefighter A		$67,454		F	
Arms,Paul		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Armstrong,Steve		Procurement & Inventory Clerk		$33,136		F	
Arnold,Hugh		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Arnold,Vanetta		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Artura,Angela		ID Access Customer Service Rep		$42,869		F	
Asavareungchai,Sam		Engineering Design Coordinator		$91,824		F	
Atrops,George		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Audette,Al		Operating Maint Engineer Head		$66,102		F	
Ausey,Jerry		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Austin,Kendall		TJC-AOB Facility Manager		$87,599		F	
Autuchovich,Mick		Police Officer A		$64,669		F	
Axt,Don		Project Manager 2		$72,503		F	
Baca,Tony		Mgr Airport Building Dept		$94,940		F	
Baccetti,Christopher		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Bach,Teresa		Legal Assistant/Paralegal		$42,737		F	
Badstuebner,Alan		Database Administrator		$66,862		F	
Bagsby,Dorothy		Accounting Specialist - Leases		$44,692		F	
Bahnick,Kathy		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$78,329		F	
Bailey,Pamela		Staff Assistant 3		$32,585		F	
Baird,Bret		Mechanical Maint Engineer Lead		$59,862		F	
Bakam,Hilaire		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Baker,Jill		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr		$42,453		F	
Baldwin,Ron		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Balliet,Jennifer		Wireman Foreman		$76,648		F	
Baltadonis,Nicole		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Bangs,Luisa		Mgr AV Mnt Bud & Supp Systems		$87,073		F	
Banning,Dawn		Painter Crew Chief		$53,352		F	
Banomi,Cheryl		Admin Assistant		$52,432		F	
Banomi,Tom		Operating Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Barbera,Jerry		Asst Mgr AV Building Dept		$85,466		F	
Barclay,Laura		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr		$42,453		F	
Barden,Heather		Health & Safety Mgmt Spec 1		$55,796		F	
Barnes,Anthony		Airport Duty Manager		$67,757		F	
Barnett,Billy		Bus Driver		$17,285		P	
Barrett,Jude		Acquisitions Specialist		$49,589		F	
Barrett,Medilyn		Engineering CAD Technician		$47,230		F	
Baruso,Greg		Firefighter A		$68,709		F	
Basher,Barry		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Basi,Sarbjit		Bus Driver		$38,418		F	
Bates,Randall		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Batiste,John		Deputy Chief of Police		$115,360		F	
Bauer,Ryann		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$45,614		F	
Bean,Doug		Mgr AV Maintenance CIP Liaison		$86,000		F	
Beard,Gary		Auto Maintenance Mechanic		$60,382		F	
Beasley,Bob		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Beaton,Drake		Airport Concessions Rep		$65,000		F	
Beattie,Jim		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Beck Jr,Will		Painter Crew Chief		$47,320		F	
Beck,William		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Belford,Charles		Marina Operations Coord - BH		$53,236		F	
Bell,Izola		Staff Assistant 3		$35,883		F	
Bendfelt,Julia		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Bennett,Dwight		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Bennett,Rick		Firefighter A		$66,181		F	
Benofsky,Darin		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Benson,Bradley		Project Manager 2		$63,111		F	
Benson,Clifton		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Berg,Tom		Seaport Maint Resource Manager		$79,032		F	
Bergfalk,Jeralyn		Police Officer A		$58,261		F	
Bergrud,Juan		Sr Construction Inspector		$55,650		F	
Berka,Jim		Carpenter Crew Chief		$56,659		F	
Beshir,Kemaria		Design Engineer		$68,119		F	
Bestrop,Jim		Sheet Metal Worker		$67,288		F	
Bestwick,Carol		Contracts Administrator		$46,728		F	
Betancourt,Terri-Ann		Asst Director Public Affairs		$93,666		F	
Biggs,Patricia		AV PMG Cost Acctg Specialist		$40,320		F	
Bintinger,Paul		Sr Port Counsel		$97,194		F	
Birch,Kelly		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Birr,Dallas J		Sr Construction Inspector		$63,496		F	
Biteman,Barb		Document Control Specialist		$41,383		F	
Black,Courtney		Financial Analyst		$55,000		F	
Black,David		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Black,Samuel		Millwright		$61,152		F	
Blackwell,Ray		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Blair,Janice		Airport Customer Service Rep 2		$11,723		P	
Blake,Phil		Plumber		$63,378		F	
Blankers,Janice		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Blankers,Jason		Network Operations Technician		$38,696		F	
Blanton,Nancy		Mgr Corporate Communications		$89,579		F	
Bleotu,Tudor		Sr Construction Inspector		$55,650		F	
Blomberg,George		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$89,790		F	
Blood,Charles		Director Executive Outreach		$126,754		F	
Bloom,Myrna		Aviation Statistical Spec		$49,911		F	
Blowers,Franz		Landside Supervisor		$64,251		F	
Blubaugh,David		Painter		$44,200		F	
Blunt,Chris		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Bock,Teresa		Mgr PCS Contracts & Systems		$72,816		F	
Boerner,Jim		Crane Operator		$53,518		F	
Boese,Doug		Project Lead/IT		$82,338		F	
Bolton,Fred		Truck Driver		$102		P	
Bombyk,Mike		Database Administration Supv		$90,561		F	
Booker,Leroy		Utility Worker Electrical		$34,840		F	
Bornhorst,Heather		Airport Ops Development Mgr		$81,128		F	
Boxx,Dennis		Wireman Foreman		$76,648		F	
Boyd,Cindy		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Boyd,Jim		Survey Supervisor		$64,046		F	
Boyd,Lennis		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr		$42,453		F	
Boykin,Kevin		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Bozarth,Stephen		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Braaten,Chris		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Bradley,Monica		Admin Specialist/Seaport		$42,076		F	
Brady,Mark		Sr Systems Analyst		$70,335		F	
Brandewiede,Melanie O		Admin Supervisor / Exempt		$48,592		F	
Bratz,Bruce		Firefighter A		$67,448		F	
Breed,Matt		Sr Mgr IT Infrastructure Svcs		$105,000		F	
Breese,Marvin		Lead Airport Customer Svc Rep		$11,936		P	
Brende,Harold		Project Manager 2		$67,000		F	
Brennan,Tim		Engineering CAD Technician		$45,697		F	
Briggs,Sharon		Mgr Recreational Boating Svcs		$81,078		F	
Brisendine,Marshall		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Brobyskov,Roy		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Brondstetter,Roger		Staff Assistant 4		$35,088		F	
Brooks,Randy		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Broten,Ed		Plumber		$63,378		F	
Brougham,Mark		Wireman Foreman		$76,648		F	
Brower,Sarah		Police Specialist		$42,869		F	
Brown,Dick		Project Manager 3		$79,784		F	
Brown,LaTonja		Marketing Research Spec - SP		$44,727		F	
Brown,Steven		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr		$42,453		F	
Brown,Suzanne		Goods & Services Supervisor		$63,965		F	
Brown,Tim		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Brown,Troy		Planning Program Mgr - AV		$78,678		F	
Browning,Debbi		Asst Director Accounting		$101,425		F	
Bruch,Matthew		Police Officer A		$61,756		F	
Bruun,Brandon		Police Officer E		$47,029		F	
Bubnich,Mario		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Buchanan,Gary		Mgr Aviation HR Services		$90,228		F	
Buchholz,Karen		Admin Assistant		$58,519		F	
Buhl,Fred		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Bull,Tamera		Sr Telecom Svcs Coord		$58,789		F	
Bumgarner,Shelie		Access Controller Lead		$17,586		P	
Bundy,Dale		Laborer Group 4		$46,571		F	
Burck,Bill		Airfield Operations Specialist		$47,486		F	
Burgett,Mark		Sign Painter Crew Chief OEH		$61,027		F	
Buringrud,Boni		Asst Mgr Finance & Budget/SP		$77,064		F	
Burke,Dan		Regional Transprt Prog Planner		$76,862		F	
Burke,Michael		Director Cargo & Cruise Svcs		$109,932		F	
Burkybile,Alicia		Engineering CAD Technician		$45,760		F	
Burnett,Steven		Police Officer A		$64,669		F	
Burns,Cutie		Total Comp Specialist 1		$36,231		F	
Burns,Tony		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Burr,Robert		Bus Driver		$38,418		F	
Burrage,Jim		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Busch,Matthew		Wireman Apprentice		$59,238		F	
Bush,Chris		Airport Duty Manager		$66,648		F	
Bush,Tina		Asst Mgr Airport Landside Ops		$57,941		F	
Bushley,Steve		Staff Assistant 2		$28,603		F	
Bushong,Eric		Police Officer E		$47,029		F	
Butler,Mary		Bus Driver		$38,418		F	
Button,Edward		Harbor Facilities Spec - SBM		$40,770		F	
Butts,Eric		Sr Systems Analyst		$63,687		F	
Bynon,James		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Cager,Troy		Procurement & Inventory Clerk		$37,244		F	
Cain,Frederick		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Calhoun,Richard		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Caluza,Rudy		Director Acctg & Procurement		$120,434		F	
Calvo,Bill		Inventory & Fleet Mgr SP Maint		$39,864		P	
Camarao,Junior		Police Officer A		$58,261		F	
Cameron,Corinne		Access Controller Lead		$17,586		P	
Campagnaro,Mike		Mgr Seaport Industrial Prop		$82,282		F	
Campbell,Duncan		Airport Duty Manager		$63,491		F	
Campbell,Ed		Asst Fire Chief		$111,148		F	
Campos,Manuel		Utility Worker Mechanical		$48,485		F	
Cann,Mark		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Cannon-Webb,Judi		Sr Systems Analyst		$64,948		F	
Capasso,John		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Carbaugh,Greg		Fire Alarm Inspector		$68,336		F	
Carioto,Michelle		Admin Assistant		$39,182		F	
Carleton,Loren		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Carlton,Douglas		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Carnahan,Scott		Fire Lieutenant		$74,552		F	
Carrillo,Jose		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Carroll,Juli		Accountant		$51,133		F	
Carroll,Michael		Construction Access Supervisor		$54,204		F	
Cartwright,Ron		Wireman		$69,680		F	
CasasBeaux,Cesar		Project Manager 3		$70,956		F	
Casey,Kevin		Sr Construction Inspector		$46,773		F	
Casey,Patrick		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Cassaw,Timothy		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Caswell,Sharlamar		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Caswell-Isley,Lilyian		TJC-Mgr ID Access		$77,239		F	
Causey,John		Mechanical Maint Engineer Head		$65,582		F	
Chabot,Gordon		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Chadwick,Pete		Mechanical Maint Engineer Head		$65,582		F	
Chally,Kenneth		Bus Driver		$18,075		P	
Chamberlain,Dakota		Mgr Seaport Project Mgmt		$98,846		F	
Chamberlin,Mary Ann		Noise Remedy Specialist		$49,511		F	
Chan,Tak		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Chang,Frank		Police Officer A		$64,669		F	
Chapin,Terry		Operating Maint Engineer Lead		$60,403		F	
Chappelle,Ed		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Chase,Robin		Staff Assistant 2		$30,938		F	
Chen,Tong		Sr Systems Analyst		$65,835		F	
Chen-U,Jeanette		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$17,810		P	
Cheyne,Michael		Mgr Aviation Planning		$113,425		F	
Chillers,Andre		Firefighter A		$64,908		F	
Chin,Ron		Project Lead/IT		$81,742		F	
Chin,Steven		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Chin,Tonya		Sr Financial Analyst		$60,166		F	
Chinen,Randall		Police Officer A		$61,756		F	
Chou,Fred		Project Manager 3		$83,811		F	
Christian,Margarita		Utility Worker Foreman		$38,334		F	
Christianson,Cleet		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Christianson,John		GM Aviation Maintenance		$112,162		F	
Christofferson,Donald		Project Manager 3		$78,190		F	
Christopher,Kent		Mgr Cargo Services		$95,496		F	
Chu,Catherine Ying		Project Manager 3		$77,749		F	
Ciceron,Evaristo		Utility Worker Electrical		$34,840		F	
Civitelli,Michael		Mgr Airport Operations		$94,602		F	
Clancy,Patrick		Mgr Constr Planning & Coordin		$82,130		F	
Clark,Dar		Firefighter A		$67,928		F	
Claytor,LaCretiah		Staff Assistant 5		$32,448		F	
Clinton III,Isaac		Carpenter Apprentice		$56,118		F	
Coalman,Rachel		Credit Specialist		$50,069		F	
Coates,Mark		Mgr Airport Operations		$98,255		F	
Cochran,Randolph		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Coke,Jason		Police Officer C		$55,246		F	
Cole Jr,Jerry		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Cole,Barbara		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$71,601		F	
Cole,Chet		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Cole,John		Firefighter A		$66,116		F	
Cole,Linda		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Cole,Patricia		TJC-ID Access Supervisor		$46,659		F	
Coleman,Duane		Sprinkler Fitter		$63,586		F	
Collett,Jim		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Collins,Ronald		Bus Driver		$38,418		F	
Collins,Susan		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Colombo,Karen		Carpenter Crew Chief		$64,397		F	
Comeau,David		Laborer Group 3		$45,677		F	
Conklin,Larry		Harbor Facilities Spec - SBM		$40,068		F	
Conley,Debra		Laborer Grp 4 Crew Chief		$49,899		F	
Connolly,Adrienne		Labor Relations Manager		$78,000		F	
Connolly,Heather		Comm Dev Budget & Grant Spec		$40,592		F	
Conricode,Jim		Financial Analyst		$60,667		F	
Constantino,Sheila		Laborer Group 4 Crew Chief		$56,243		F	
Contreras,Gloria		Contract Compliance Specialist		$47,287		F	
Conway,Resa		AV PMG Cost Acctg Specialist		$40,512		F	
Cook Jr,David		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Cook,Sheri		PCS Asbestos Program Coordinat		$56,410		F	
Cooper,Renee		Staff Assistant 5		$36,660		F	
Corbin,Margaret		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$53,182		P	
Cordick,Jerry		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Corn,David		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Cornwell,Jim		Noise Remedy Specialist		$54,361		F	
Corpuz,Mike		Engineering CAD Specialist		$57,876		F	
Correia,Danny		Grnd Transportation Controller		$42,453		F	
Coulter,Christopher		Design Engineer		$57,583		F	
Courtney,Rosie		Account Executive		$66,494		P	
Courtney,Steven		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Courtright,Jerry		Airport Duty Manager		$63,570		F	
Coutu,Rich		Painter		$44,200		F	
Couture,Don		Fire Captain		$85,990		F	
Coward,Mary		MIS Project Analyst/Accounting		$58,721		F	
Cowdin,Daniel		Airline Scheduling Coordinator		$71,991		F	
Coy,Patrick		Laborer Group 4		$46,571		F	
Craig,Carol Anne		Sr Systems Analyst		$61,831		F	
Crippen,Jennifer		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Crnich,Karen		Document Control Specialist		$42,378		F	
Crosby,Rob		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Crown,Joseph		Sr Construction Inspector		$51,839		F	
Crudup,John		Truck Driver		$40,664		F	
Cuevas,Ruben		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Culler,Jolene		Art Program Manager AV		$70,945		F	
Cummings,Linden		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Cummins,Al		Heavy Duty Mech Crew Chief		$66,997		F	
Currier,Robert		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Curtin,James		Document Control Specialist		$41,600		F	
Custard,Jim		Mgr AV Maintenance &Operations		$71,089		F	
Cutler,Gary		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
DaFoe,Chris		Utility Worker Electrical		$34,840		F	
Dahl,Howard		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Dahley,Rod		Chief Engineer		$71,822		F	
D'Alessio,Teresa		Sr Systems Analyst		$63,687		F	
Dalton,James		Sr Business Develop Analyst/AV		$83,955		F	
Dao,Hang		Lead Desktop Specialist		$49,852		F	
Daranciang,Dindo		Police Officer A		$58,261		F	
Darch,Bonnie		Business Devel Analyst AV		$54,923		F	
Darley,Cynthia		Project Costing Specialist		$42,839		F	
Dash,Troy		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Davis,Daniel		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Davis,Debra		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Davis,Frank		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Davis,Gregory		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Davis,Maryann		ID Access Customer Service Rep		$42,869		F	
Davis,Pat		Commissioner		$6,000		P	
Davis,Roland		Print Shop Lead		$43,619		F	
Davis,Virgie		ID Access Office Specialist		$42,869		F	
Dawson,Jim		Sr Windows Server Engineer		$63,639		F	
Day,Mallory		Financial Analyst		$54,529		F	
Day,Richard		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
de Souza,Michael		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Deaver,Kate		Asst Project Manager		$43,405		F	
Deen,John		Contracts Admin / AV Maint		$45,395		F	
DeJohn,Chuck		Chainer		$34,605		F	
DeKoster,Ann		Legal Administrator		$57,442		F	
del Fierro,Sally		Account Executive		$72,602		F	
DeLosSantos,Roy		ID Access Customer Service Rep		$40,019		F	
DeMarre,Jeff		Mgr Aviation Maintenance		$93,901		F	
Demetruk,Mike		Police Officer A		$70,350		F	
Demory,Sarah		Airport Duty Manager		$62,241		F	
Diemer,Martha		Project Lead/IT		$73,361		F	
Diez,Paul		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Dillon,Bill		Employee Expense Claims Spec		$35,588		F	
Dilts,Johnny		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Dinsmore,Mic		Chief Executive Officer		$262,919		F	
Dix,Terry		Mgr PCS Field Operations		$89,452		F	
Donlan,Lee		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Donnelly,Vy		Labor Relations Assistant		$47,053		F	
Doolittle,Penny		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Dowd,Jerry		Resident Engineer		$74,458		F	
Dowell,Kathy		Police Specialist		$36,379		F	
Downey,Steve		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Downing,Timothy		Batch Plant Operator		$61,630		F	
Doxsie,Darcia		Airport Customer Service Rep 2		$408		P	
Dragnich,Melinda		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Drake,Brian		Police Sergeant		$74,047		F	
Drebert,Sue		Police Specialist		$42,869		F	
Drollinger,Michael		Project Planner		$67,061		F	
Drummond,Joy		Grnd Transportation Controller		$40,602		F	
Dubuque,Ed		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Duckworth,Persia		Staff Assistant 3		$33,609		F	
Duffner,Robert		Water Resource Manager		$83,600		F	
Dunmore,Statial		Maintenance Services Coord		$47,757		F	
Dunn Jr,Roy		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Dunn,Lorie		Staff Assistant 3		$30,490		F	
Dunstone,Lonna		Police Officer A		$63,504		F	
Dunton,Marilyn		Airport Customer Service Rep 2		$8,407		P	
Dupuis,Teri		Landside Supervisor		$61,631		F	
Ebright Jr,Edwin		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Eckard,Teresa		Project Manager 4		$89,596		F	
Edgeworth,Charles		Sr Construction Inspector		$57,914		F	
Edwards,Donald		Harbor Facilities Spec - FT		$49,578		F	
Edwards,Jessica		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$38,272		F	
Edwards,Robert		Commissioner		$6,000		P	
Edwards,Timothy		Offset Press Operator		$40,815		F	
Efimoff,Lukeria		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Egan,James		Airline Scheduling Coordinator		$75,876		F	
Egan,Kathryn		Web Administrator		$70,270		F	
Egbert,Dana		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Egger,Micah		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Ehl,Michael		Director Airport Operations		$119,873		F	
Eichelberger,Marlene		Staff Assistant 5		$41,881		F	
Eliadis,John		Police Lieutenant		$91,603		F	
Elliott,Tracy		Budget Support Specialist		$42,315		F	
Ellis,Garth		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Ellis,GeorgeAnn		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Elsenhout,Deborah		Construction Inspector		$44,586		F	
Emtman,Trevor		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng		$79,784		F	
Engbaum,Mark		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
England,George		Aviation CIP Program Leader		$98,937		F	
Englebrick,Steve		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Englin,Greg		Business Development Rep		$84,648		F	
Ensley,Garry		Mapping Supervisor		$60,383		F	
Epley,Holly		Billing Specialist-Landside		$38,319		F	
Epstein,David		Health & Safety Mgmt Spec 2		$81,936		F	
Erickson,Joy		Seaport Maint Service Mgr		$81,373		F	
Erwin,Thom		PCS RMM Ops & Maint Constr Mgr		$63,051		F	
Evans,Christopher		Foreman		$72,488		F	
Evans,Leo		Police Officer A		$62,339		F	
Evans,Stan		Contract Compliance Specialist		$48,224		F	
Evans-Race,Katherine		Police Specialist		$42,869		F	
Ewald,Anthony		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Ewell,Tammy		Accounts Payable Specialist		$33,681		F	
Fargo,Frank		Carpenter General Crew Chief		$70,179		F	
Farmer,Jessica		Mgmt System Analyst - SP Maint		$45,839		F	
Farris,Viola		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Faulkner,John		Mgr AV Business Development		$90,884		F	
Feldman,Michael		Deputy Mng Dir AV Fac&Environ		$135,259		F	
Fendt,Kathy		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$70,412		F	
Fenner,Diane		Payroll Accountant		$48,601		F	
Ferrans,Keith		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Fideler,Michele		Project Manager 1		$60,068		F	
Findley,Evelyn		Dock Operations Coordinator		$67,451		F	
Finn,Terry		Mgr State Govt Relations		$93,261		F	
Finney,Duane		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Finnick,Dave		Network Engineer		$61,223		F	
Finnie,Rene		Small Business Dev/DBE Liaison		$54,607		F	
Fiola,Gerry		Police Sergeant		$70,650		F	
Fisken,Alec		Commissioner		$6,000		P	
Fitch,Jeff		TJC Dir Public Safety & Secrty		$113,440		F	
Fitzgerald,Dan		Plumber Crew Chief		$69,722		F	
Fitzgerald,Julie		MIS Project Analyst/Accounting		$56,199		F	
Flanders,Kim		Permit Technician		$33,928		F	
Flansburg,Doreen		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Fletcher,Cameron		Business Development Rep		$84,243		F	
Fletcher,Robert		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Fletcher,Ron		Police Sergeant		$72,717		F	
Fletcher,Tonia		Billing Specialist-Landside		$33,456		F	
Flick,Llana		Admin Spec/Public Affairs		$40,101		F	
Flick,Lon A		Laborer Grp 3 Crew Chf		$49,899		F	
Flood,Nelida		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$29,446		F	
Florence,Gordon		Chief Engineer		$71,822		F	
Flotlin,Doug		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$13,998		P	
Flower,Cindy		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Flower,Stan		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Flowers,Richard		Laborer Grp 4 Crew Chief		$49,899		F	
Flygare,Pamala		Chainer		$34,771		F	
Flynn Jr,Daniel		Police Sergeant		$74,047		F	
Fong,Lin		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$29,839		F	
Foort,Danielle		Staff Assistant 4		$32,712		F	
Foort,Dick		Airport Duty Manager		$70,603		F	
Forame,Robert		Mgr AV Maintenance &Operations		$64,700		F	
Forbes,Guy		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Forkner,Johanna		Mgr Airport Certification		$66,025		F	
Foster,Gloria		Buyer		$51,856		F	
Fountain,William E		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Foust,Cindy		Accounting Specialist - Leases		$41,040		F	
Fowler,Bob		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Fox,Stacy		Environmental Mgmt Spec 2		$62,000		F	
Francisco,Eileen Solis		TJC-Asst Director Aviation CIP		$85,199		F	
Frank,Andrew		Airport Duty Manager		$62,258		F	
Frender,Bob		Resident Engineer		$77,026		F	
Freutel,Trevor		Police Officer D		$50,440		F	
Fritts,Marvin		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Fruetel,Ross		Utility Worker Electricial		$34,840		F	
Fujino,Shari		Admin Assistant		$52,956		F	
Fukumoto,Dane		Internal Communications Spec		$53,322		F	
Fuller,Brian		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Fultz,James		Wireman Foreman		$76,648		F	
Gage,Judy		Airport Customer Svc Supv		$35,650		P	
Galan,Marcos		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Gallego,Alma		Assoc Buyer		$41,655		F	
Gangnes,Jeff		Firefighter A		$79,658		F	
Garcia,Armestar		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Gardner,Karen		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Gardner,Robin		Community Program Mgr-Noise		$47,892		F	
Garlock,Peter		Chief Information Officer		$133,000		F	
Garson,Rachel		Account Executive		$78,137		F	
Gates-Christianson,Penny		Staff Assistant 3		$32,020		F	
Gaudette,Larry		Bus Driver		$37,690		F	
Gehring,Kim		Supv IT Administration		$63,171		F	
Geiss,Kevin		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Geoffroy,Janet		Project Lead/IT		$81,661		F	
Gerber,Barbara		Staff Assistant 5		$43,020		F	
Ghouse,Arif		TJC - Mgr Airport Security		$93,618		F	
Gibb,Duane		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Gibeault,Frenchy		Millwright		$61,152		F	
Gillin,Keith		Mgr Aport Architecture & Stds		$86,422		F	
Gillott,Bob		Foreman		$72,488		F	
Giometti,Ray		Seaport Maint Service Mgr		$66,462		F	
Giron,John		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Glavin,James		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$10,499		P	
Glaze,Mikael		Harbor Moorage Coord - SBM		$46,299		F	
Glore,Alan		Truck Driver		$10		P	
Go,Oshu		Director Asia		$165,338		F	
Gober,Tim		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Goedde,Lynda		Firefighter A		$63,701		F	
Golden,Emmanuel		Bindery Operator		$35,289		F	
Goldsmith,Ann Marie		Office/Maintenance Clerk		$17,403		P	
Gonzales,Herbert		Police Officer E		$47,029		F	
Gonzales,Joe		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Gonzales,Marnie		Web Administrator		$55,156		F	
Gonzalez III,Carlos		Survey Instrument Technician		$39,525		F	
Goodin,Carrie		Operating Maint Engineer App		$39,915		F	
Goodman,Katherine		Harbor Operations Supv - SBM		$56,337		F	
Goodspeed,Susan		Airprt Cust Relations Advocate		$47,436		F	
Goodwin,Carol		Project Costing Specialist		$41,000		F	
Goodwin,Raymond		Truck Driver		$10		P	
Goodwin,Traci		Sr Port Counsel		$109,146		F	
Govern,Pat		Sr Systems Analyst		$73,438		F	
Grace,Paul		Mgr Aviation Maintenance		$92,621		F	
Granberg,Janice		Mgr Enterprise Application Svc		$98,987		F	
Grant,Al		CAD Operator - Seaport Maint		$39,073		F	
Grant,Elgin		Carpenter General Crew Chief		$61,755		F	
Graves,Jeffry A		Harbor Facilities Coord - SBM		$52,786		F	
Gray,David		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Green,Gary		Painter		$44,200		F	
Green,Tom		Sr Business Develop Analyst/AV		$59,999		F	
Greene,Mona		Accounts Receivable Supervisor		$60,755		F	
Greer,Ronald		Truck Driver		$10		P	
Greiner Jr,William		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Grenfell,Guy		Truck Driver		$40,664		F	
Greninger,Bill		Facility Specialist		$37,966		F	
Greymond,Alley		Cash & Investments Specialist		$38,135		F	
Griffin,Adam		Firefighter A		$65,412		F	
Griffin,Jeff		Fire Captain		$85,075		F	
Griffin,Mark		Port-wide Real Estate Manager		$96,871		F	
Grigg,Susan		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Gritton,Amy		AV Fac & Infra Support Supvr		$50,938		F	
Groenier,Rick		Harbor Customer Svc Spec - FT		$53,232		F	
Grogan,Cheryl		Airport Security Specialist		$48,033		F	
Grosvenor,Teri		Financial Analyst		$62,317		F	
Grotheer,Wayne		Dir Health Environ & Risk Svcs		$104,314		F	
Gruszka,Fran		Desktop Support Supervisor		$68,751		F	
Guice,Timothy		Grnd Transportation Controller		$42,453		F	
Guilfoile,Kay		Police Specialist		$42,869		F	
Guillermo,Jose		Harbor Facilities Spec - FT		$44,452		F	
Guillotte III,Dolphus		Truck Driver		$10		P	
Gumke,Ross		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Gump,Gerald		Office/Maintenance Clerk		$22,394		F	
Guthrie,Marilyn		Environmental Mgmt Spec 2		$72,031		F	
Gutierrez,Debbie		Airport Conference Ctr Coord		$33,326		F	
Gutierrez,Leon		Firefighter A		$68,726		F	
Hacke,Todd		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Hadzic,Edin		Bus Driver		$38,418		F	
Hafner,Michaela		PCS Field Ops Administrator		$46,737		F	
Hagedorn,Angel		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Hagedorn,William		Truck Driver		$40,664		F	
Hagen,Maurice		Sr Construction Inspector		$56,144		F	
Haggin,Tyrone		Police Officer A		$63,504		F	
Hagos,Freweini		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Halady,Theodore		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Hall,Doreen		Telecommunications Svcs Coord		$47,741		F	
Hall,June		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Hall,Matt		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Hamel,Tamara		Sr Contracts Administrator		$51,072		F	
Hamilton,Darryl		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Hammon,Margo		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Hampton,Lynnel		Staff Assistant 2		$26,325		F	
Hanavan,David		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Handburgh,Tina		Small Business Analyst		$50,965		F	
Hanken,Jerry		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Hannaford,David		Carpenter Crew Chief		$64,397		F	
Hansen Smith,Sue		Mgr Airport Customer Svc		$72,993		F	
Hanson,Eric		Sr Planner - Seaport		$59,559		F	
Hanson,Toshiko		Admin Specialist/Seaport		$45,543		F	
Harburg,John		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Hardiman,Katie		Admin Assistant		$40,750		F	
Harding,Alyssa W		System Administrator		$67,185		F	
Hardy,Deborah		Admin Assistant		$40,109		F	
Harland,Wendy		Mgr Airport Operations		$77,598		F	
Harness II,Arthur		Airport Services Manager		$80,992		F	
Harper,Billie		ID Access Customer Service Rep		$42,869		F	
Harris,Brian		Design Engineer		$58,000		F	
Harris,Claude		Engineering Design Specialist		$92,781		F	
Harris,Frederick		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Harrison,Deborah		Admin Assistant		$51,427		F	
Harrison,Trisha		Staff Assistant 3		$32,214		F	
Hart,Debra		Document Control Specialist		$37,183		F	
Hart-Kinney,Kathleen		Revenue Control Representative		$17,108		P	
Hasson,Andy		Piledriver		$52,354		F	
Hastings,Hugh		Staff Assistant 5		$37,570		F	
Hay,Kimberly		Staff Assistant 4		$34,359		F	
Hayden,Ernie		Mgr Enterprise Info Security		$95,000		F	
Hayes,Clinton		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Hays,Soni		Staff Assistant 5		$43,100		F	
Heath,Bill		Sr Property Manager		$77,957		F	
Hebrank,Mike		Police Officer A		$58,261		F	
Hedzik,Raymond		Sr Construction Inspector		$50,338		F	
Heider,Kimberly		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Heimbigner,Christian		Sr Construction Inspector		$59,460		F	
Helland,Bob		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng		$76,606		F	
Helsen,Carlee		Asst to CEO		$61,182		F	
Henderson,David		Total Compensation Manager		$89,322		F	
Henderson,Ron		General Foreman		$79,082		F	
Hendrickx,Jeff		Firefighter A		$66,720		F	
Hennemann,Priscilla		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Hernandez,Marcela		Asst to the Port Commission		$44,308		F	
Herold,Dennis		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Higby,Peggy		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Hilden,Rod		Seaport Security Ops Mgr		$97,208		F	
Hill,Scott		Financial Analyst		$56,816		F	
Hillson,Marjorie		Mgr Consulting Services		$93,506		F	
Himes,Garrett		Utility Worker Electricial		$34,840		F	
Himes,Skip		Carpenter Crew Chf Ovr EH		$64,397		F	
Hipol,Nenita		Staff Assistant 4		$31,260		F	
Ho,Joseph		Office/Maintenance Clerk		$8,872		P	
Hoaglan,Hersh		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Hobbs,Joel		Resident Engineer		$76,343		F	
Hocking,Bradley		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Hodges,Sloane		Staff Assistant 4		$33,256		F	
Hodson,Jerald		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Hoel,Ty		Sr Construction Inspector		$53,768		F	
Hogan,John		Construction Safety Manager		$82,667		F	
Holaway Jr,Jerry		Painter		$44,200		F	
Holbrook,Douglas		Mgr SeaTac Utilities		$106,238		F	
Holbrook,Marsha		Mgr Local Govt Relations		$92,408		F	
Hollenbeck,Julie		Admin Assistant		$43,757		F	
Hollingsworth,Jeff		Risk Manager		$81,553		F	
Hollis,Theresa		Sr Financial Analyst		$67,704		F	
Holmes,Elaine		Admin Specialist		$44,285		F	
Holmes,Kenneth		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$1,355		P	
Holmes,Kiu		Admin Specialist/Seaport		$41,050		F	
Holt,Hilary		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Holtzclaw,Mike JB		Utility Worker Electrical		$34,840		F	
Homanics,William		Bus Driver		$18,075		P	
Honeyman,Douglas		Airport Ops Development Mgr		$86,307		F	
Hooper,Anitra		Staff Assistant 2		$26,844		F	
Hornbuckle,Jon		Police Sergeant		$70,650		F	
Hornung,Dale		Firefighter A		$70,905		F	
Horstman,Ed		Firefighter A		$67,454		F	
Hostetler,Dayton		Firefighter A		$66,797		F	
Hotchkiss,Douglas		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$92,173		F	
Hou,Jie		Database Administrator		$66,543		F	
Houghton,Glen		Truck Driver		$102		P	
Howard,Keith		Fire Lieutenant		$85,246		F	
Howell,Bill		Firefighter A		$68,726		F	
Hoyne,Leandra		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$50,003		F	
Hoyos,Cindy		Police Officer E		$47,029		F	
Hubbard,Tom		Mgr AV Maintenance &Operations		$79,258		F	
Huggins,Michael		Asst Mgr Airport Landside Ops		$70,796		F	
Huggins,Shannon		Community Program Mgr-Noise		$56,936		F	
Hughes,Bill		Sr Property Manager		$72,594		F	
Hughes,Charles		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Hughes,Clint		Operations Supv-Airpt Security		$49,874		F	
Hughey,William		Harbor Facilities Spec - FT		$44,369		F	
Hull,Phyllis		Communications Supervisor		$65,666		F	
Humiston,Brian		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Hummel,Barbara		Admin Specialist		$49,979		F	
Hunt,Arthur		Survey Party Chief		$56,088		F	
Hurley,Mike		Auto Machinist Crew Chief		$69,430		F	
Hutton-Jimenez,Vanessa		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Huynh,Anh		Admin Assistant		$48,228		F	
Hytry,Dan		Mgr AV Maintenance &Operations		$68,922		F	
Impett,Clare		Public Affairs Officer		$74,522		F	
Ingersoll,Warren		Mgr SP Facility Planning Group		$96,168		F	
Irish-Axt,Janene		Project Manager 1		$63,012		F	
Irons,David		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Irwin,Ken		Police Captain		$94,360		F	
Isenmann,Michael		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Ishiwata,Kazue		Market Development Manager		$84,986		F	
Isobe,Satoko		Accountant		$48,070		F	
Ivey,Steven		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Jackson,Al		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Jackson,Day		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Jackson,James		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Jackson,Rod		Project Manager 3		$81,380		F	
Jacob,Christopher		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Jacobson,Chris		Harbor Facilities Spec - FT		$36,130		F	
Jacobus,Claudia		Billing Supervisor		$67,592		F	
Jacobus,Dean		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Jaenicke,David		Firefighter A		$71,923		F	
Jahns,Debi		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Janders,Leiann		Seaport Maintenance Shift Spvr		$57,388		F	
Jaquez,Clarence		AV Infrastructure Svcs Supv		$78,799		F	
Javier,Jose		Laborer Grp 4 Crew Chf OvrEH		$56,243		F	
Jayne,Tim		Mgr Procurement Services		$81,438		F	
Jenkins,David		Erosion Contrl/Storm Water Eng		$63,908		F	
Jenkins,Jeffery		Airfield Operations Specialist		$47,486		F	
Jenkins,Lenny		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Jenkins,Tracy		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Jennings,James		Facility Planning Mgr		$63,212		F	
Jensen,Diane		Mgr MIS Projects/Accounting		$91,235		F	
Jensen,Robert		Police Captain		$104,340		F	
Jensen,Ron		Mgr Enterprise Database Svcs		$83,121		F	
Jenson,Brad		Security Systems Supv - AV IT		$88,976		F	
Jessel,Jim		PCS Lead Construction Mgr		$64,234		F	
Jewell,Kristy		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Jewett,David		Firefighter A		$67,928		F	
Jimenez,Clement		Police Officer A		$64,669		F	
Jimenez,Joseleon		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Johansen,Aaron		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Johansen,John		Firefighter A		$67,448		F	
Johansen,John		Resident Engineer		$76,657		F	
Johnson,Bryan		Marina Operations Spec - BH		$42,554		F	
Johnson,Chris		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Johnson,Darcy		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Johnson,Darron		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Johnson,Dean		Millwright		$53,810		F	
Johnson,Isaac		ID Access Support Rep		$39,957		F	
Johnson,J		Grnd Transport Controller Lead		$44,928		F	
Johnson,Jason		Aviation Properties Supervisor		$44,770		F	
Johnson,Jerome		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Johnson,Kimberley		Senior Access Controller		$18,762		P	
Johnson,Valarie		Executive Assistant / ADO		$53,392		F	
Jonassen,Tracy		Operating Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Jones,Billy		Firefighter A		$83,814		F	
Jones,Gloria		Supv Seaport Property Mgmt		$58,520		F	
Jones,Jerred		Police Officer D		$50,440		F	
Jones,Lorrainne		Staff Assistant 2		$27,831		F	
Jones,Maleaka R		ID Access Customer Service Rep		$42,869		F	
Jones,Michael		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Jones,Stephanie		Mgr Seaport Strategic Planning		$88,616		F	
Jones-Ray,Michelle		Grnd Transportation Controller		$42,453		F	
Jordan,Everett		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr		$42,453		F	
Jordan,Robert		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Jowell,Verna		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Juhnke,Tricia		Mgr PCS Construction Services		$78,605		F	
Jussero,Don		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Kajita,Kenneth		Operating Maint Engineer Head		$66,102		F	
Kalanick,Karen		Noise Abatement Specialist		$42,550		F	
Kammeyer,Lawrence		Staff Assistant 1		$25,182		F	
Kashyap,Anil		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Kawinski,John		Bus Driver		$18,075		P	
Keller,James		Mechanical Maint Engineer Lead		$59,862		F	
Kelly,Michael		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Kennedy,Ron		Project Planner		$74,586		F	
Kenney,Allen		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Kerr,Craig		Treasury Manager		$90,154		F	
Khandekar,Yamini		Project Lead/IT		$60,755		F	
Khilfeh,Saher		Sr Construction Inspector		$58,267		F	
Kiehl,Ed		Sr Programmer Analyst		$64,992		F	
Kikillus,Robert		Airport Ops Development Mgr		$68,233		F	
Kilburn,Jane		Director Public Affairs		$130,000		F	
Killebrew,Alan		Telecommunications Engineer		$62,126		F	
Kim,Mike		Police Sergeant		$82,029		F	
Kimsey,Tim		Chief of Police		$121,551		F	
King,Tony		Claims Specialist		$42,179		F	
Kinghorn,Helen		Revenue Control Representative		$16,796		P	
Kinlow,Vicky		Sr Finance & Budget Analyst AV		$72,498		F	
Kirangi,Dominic		Project Manager 3		$73,728		F	
Kirangi,Joyce		Audit Manager		$82,341		F	
Kirby,Randy		Painter		$50,232		F	
Kirk,Virginia		Police Administrative Manager		$94,281		F	
Kirrage,Florence		Staff Assistant 4		$37,186		F	
Kisbye,Bonnie		Police Administrative Supvr		$51,251		F	
Kissinger,Kerry		Police Administrative Analyst		$54,829		F	
Kitamura,Teresa		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Kiyohara,Joseph		Police Officer A		$58,261		F	
Kjosness,Mark		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Kleiber,Dave		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$77,560		F	
Kleiner,Jason		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Kludsikofsky,Kian		Document Control Specialist		$36,454		F	
Knapp,Amy		Utility Worker Mechanical		$48,485		F	
Knorr,Judy		Police Specialist		$42,869		F	
Knott,Kathy		Credit Specialist		$47,192		F	
Knott,Rob		IT Applications Supv		$75,879		F	
Knowles,Devron		Sr Network Engineer		$67,000		F	
Knudsen,Mark		Deputy Managing Dir Seaport		$137,832		F	
Kok,Chin		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$2,682		P	
Kolwitz,Lisa		Firefighter A		$63,636		F	
Koole,Bill		Project Lead/IT		$72,065		F	
Kordik,Robin		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$77,960		F	
Korus,Chris		Police Officer E		$47,029		F	
Kotler,Lou		Financial Analyst		$35,136		P	
Kriston,Michael		Mgr Seaport Properties		$92,290		F	
Kruckenberg,Rick		Training Chief		$95,358		F	
Krueger,Brian		Network Engineer		$62,000		F	
Krug,Richard		Harbor Operations Supv - FT		$59,581		F	
Krutenat,Joe		Sr System Administrator		$73,578		F	
Kuforiji,John		Sr Design Engineer		$74,896		F	
Kuhlmann,Mike		Project Manager 3		$79,784		F	
Kuiken,Tami		Staff Assistant 5		$34,255		F	
Kuncl,Cheryl		Sprinkler Fitter Crew Chief		$68,474		F	
Kuykendall,Don		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Kwan,Seymour		Police Officer A		$61,174		F	
Kyles,Scott		Project Manager 2		$60,134		F	
La Salle,J		Laborer Group 4		$46,571		F	
Lambert,Trevin		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Lampard,Sandy		Noise Remedy Admin Specialist		$37,649		F	
Lampe,Lynn		TJC-Economic Dev Program Mgr		$121,739		F	
Landers,Joshua S		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Lane,Debby		Document Control Specialist		$40,993		F	
Langdon,Michael		Sr Construction Inspector		$53,987		F	
Langlow,Hugh		Harbor Facilities Spec - FT		$36,130		F	
Lanier,Larry		Aviation CIP Program Leader		$97,423		F	
Laris,Richard		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Lark,Laverna		Accounts Payable Lead		$39,419		F	
Larsen,Al		Sr Systems Analyst		$66,543		F	
Larson,Doug		Fire Lieutenant		$77,145		F	
Larson,Steve		Airfield Operations Specialist		$47,486		F	
Lau,Erland		Wireman General Foreman		$83,616		F	
Launiuvao,Seupepe		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Law,Kim		Construction Coordinator		$48,860		F	
Lawson,Pearl		Staff Assistant 5		$37,612		F	
Layer,Barbara		Staff Assistant 5		$37,196		F	
Lazo,Al		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Le,Lynn		Accounts Payable Specialist		$35,374		F	
Le,Tuoi		Accountant		$55,670		F	
Leach,Randi		Staff Assistant 5		$43,217		F	
Leavitt,Elizabeth		Mgr AV Environmental Programs		$103,320		F	
Lee,Anthony		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Lee,Becky		Benefits Administrator		$51,639		F	
Lee,Christine		Admin Assistant		$45,134		F	
Lee,Gary		Finance Svc Mgr /Seaport Maint		$73,422		F	
Lee,JoAnne		Mgr Community Outreach		$73,986		F	
Lee,Jong		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Lee,Joseph		Mgr Airport Operation Training		$72,574		F	
Lee,Joshua		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Leon,Suzanne		Airport Customer Service Rep 2		$15,449		P	
Leonard,Beverly		Police Officer B		$55,536		F	
Leonard,Tim		Project Manager 3		$79,397		F	
Leonardelli,Skip		Truck Driver		$40,664		F	
Leppell,Ramona		Grnd Transportation Controller		$40,602		F	
Leung,Lisa		Cash & Investments Supervisor		$61,910		F	
Lew,Kim		Labor Relations Manager		$79,746		F	
Lew-Eng,Gary		Procurement & Inventory Clerk		$34,114		F	
Lewis,Christopher		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Lewis,Janice		Staff Assistant 5		$46,377		F	
Lewis,Jennifer		Health & Safety Tech Analyst		$36,985		F	
Lewis,Jerome		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Lewis,Mark		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Lewis,Robert		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Lewis,Stephen		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Limric Jr,James		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Lincoln,Elaine		Airport Concessions Rep		$65,935		F	
Lindblom,Hugo		Sr Construction Inspector		$55,650		F	
Lindsay,Peter		Sr Planner - Aviation		$54,171		F	
Lindstrom,Gary		Chief Engineer		$71,822		F	
Liner,Mike		Project Lead/IT		$80,231		F	
Little,Courtney		Laborer Grp 3 Crew Chief OvrEH		$55,245		F	
Livingston,Malte		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Lobdell,Mary Ann		Inventory & Fleet Mgr SP Maint		$57,782		F	
Locke-Carns,Nancy		Capital Services Supervisor		$66,784		F	
Lohrer,Laurie		Marketing Rep-Harbor Services		$70,412		F	
Longridge,Mark		PCS Lead Construction Mgr		$68,621		F	
Lopez,Efrain		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Lottsfeldt,Erik		Environmental Mgmt Spec 2		$63,125		F	
Loux,J		Sr OD Consultant		$91,611		F	
Lowry,Walt		Windows Server Engineer		$52,992		F	
Luhman,Annalee		Learning and Leadership Mgr		$91,611		F	
Lundberg,Daniel		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Lundberg,Gwen		AV Maint Safety Program Mgr		$66,968		F	
Lyles,Kenneth		Mgr Fishing Vessel Services		$96,037		F	
Lyons,Carrie		Staff Assistant 3		$36,932		F	
Lyons,John		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Lyons,Joseph		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Mach,Ticson		Project Manager 3		$75,982		F	
MacIsaac,Bob		Construction Manager		$87,801		F	
MacQuarrie,John		Police Officer A		$58,261		F	
Madden,Steven		Truck Driver		$102		P	
Maden,Debra		Admin Specialist		$45,774		F	
Maeda,Cynthia		Noise Remedy Specialist		$43,444		F	
Mahoney,Sandra		Lead Procurement/Inventory Clk		$42,405		F	
Maines,Cleone		Harbor Facilities Coord - SBM		$45,427		F	
Mak,Edward		Survey Instrument Technician		$48,515		F	
Makings,Kathie		Bus Driver		$38,418		F	
Mandella,Mike		Fire Chief		$117,213		F	
Mann,Danny		Truck Driver		$40,664		F	
Manney,Kristel		Wireman Foreman		$76,648		F	
Mano,Jim		Chief IT Architect		$96,816		F	
Manseau,Wanda		Contract Document Specialist		$42,365		F	
Mark,Diane		Administrator MRD System		$52,460		F	
Marquez,Gloria		Grnd Transport Controller Lead		$44,928		F	
Marshall,Brenda		Asst to Managing Director		$46,039		F	
Marsters,Janice		Asst Director Controls & Admin		$104,502		F	
Marston,Cliff		PCS Project Controls Mgr		$55,135		F	
Martin,Joyce		Sr Network Operations Tech		$52,319		F	
Martinez,Allen		Firefighter A		$69,336		F	
Martinez,Bing		Bindery Operator		$33,136		F	
Martinez,Britney		Disability Mgmnt Specialist		$55,954		F	
Maruska,Bob		Mgr Design Services		$95,982		F	
Mast,Jan		Total Compensation Analyst		$55,192		F	
Mathes,Wallace		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Mathews,Stuart		Project Manager 3		$79,778		F	
Mattson,Bart		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Maxwell,Ian		Police Officer D		$50,440		F	
May,Darrin		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Mayer,Ed		Sr Systems Analyst		$45,955		P	
Maytum,Kelly		Truck Driver		$40,664		F	
McAlarney,Gary		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
McAllister,Nancy		Police Officer A		$67,000		F	
McArthur,Bonnie		Accountant		$48,270		F	
McAteer,Bill		Police Sergeant		$67,933		F	
McCall,Tim		AV Maintenance Timekeeper		$31,200		F	
McCarroll,Paul		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
McCartney,Diane		Document Control Specialist		$41,971		F	
McCaslin,Chuck		Fire Lieutenant		$82,514		F	
McCauley,Rich		Sr Windows Server Engineer		$70,911		F	
McClellan,Ann		Total Compensation Analyst		$55,487		F	
McClurken,Scott M		Firefighter A		$68,082		F	
McCombs,Debbie		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
McCraney,David		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$79,726		F	
McCraney,Judy		Sr Programmer Analyst		$59,793		F	
McDaniel,Benjamin		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
McDonald-Thomas,Roberta		Executive Assistant		$43,864		F	
McDowell,James		Fire Lieutenant		$75,914		F	
McDowell,Janice		System Administrator		$65,916		F	
McFadden,Larry		GM Port Construction Services		$107,239		F	
McGaffey,Jan		Bus Driver		$18,075		P	
McGee,Debra		Airport Duty Manager		$71,641		F	
McGhee,Patrick		Airfield Operations Specialist		$47,486		F	
McGinnis,Stephanie		Firefighter A		$66,116		F	
McIlwain,Michael		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
McIntyre,Bill		Fire Lieutenant		$79,874		F	
McIntyre,Perry		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
McKay,Joseph		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
McKay,Lori-Ann		Staff Assistant 3		$34,223		F	
McKay,Priscilla		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
McKenzie,Ken		Auto Machinist Crew Chief		$69,430		F	
McKillip,Sue		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
McLaughlin,Bill		Firefighter A		$66,199		F	
McLaughlin,Michael		Project Manager 5		$97,393		F	
McMahon,Ed		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
McMahon,Jeanna		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
McManus,Charles		Truck Driver		$102		P	
McPartland,Peggy		Claims Manager		$68,838		F	
McPoland,Colleen D		Aviation Cap Imp Prog Asst		$37,923		F	
Meagher,Jim		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Mears,Bobby		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Mears,Shantelle		Relocation Specialist		$56,399		F	
Medaris,Joshua		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Medley,Ernest		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Mequet,Michael		Mgr Construction Services		$103,972		F	
Merritt,Mike		Director Commission Services		$94,533		F	
Midkiff,Bruce		Police Officer A		$63,504		F	
Miles,Eric		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Miller,Gregory		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Miller,Mark		Foreman		$72,488		F	
Miller,Melinda		Mgr Seaport Commer Develop		$93,835		F	
Miller,Mike A		Utilities Administrator		$46,000		F	
Miller,Paige		Commissioner		$6,000		P	
Miller,Richard		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Miller,Seth		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Miller,Terence		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Miller,Wayne		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Millich,Mark		Staff Assistant 2		$3,599		P	
Mills,Roy		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Milne,Stacy		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$38,272		F	
Milos,Nick		Mgr Corporate Facilities		$77,140		F	
Milosavljevic,Rad		Resident Engineer		$67,539		F	
Mims,Audrey		Sr Contracts Administrator		$54,750		F	
Mims,Jennifer		Program Manager IT		$93,150		F	
Minnehan,Hannah		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Minnie,Kara		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Mitchell,Kurt		Receiving Dock Coordinator AV		$32,171		F	
Moikobu,Omayio		Operating Maint Engineer Head		$66,102		F	
Molloy,Lawrence		Commissioner		$6,000		P	
Moltane,Doug		Laborer Group 4		$52,915		F	
Monaghan,Sheila		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$43,846		F	
Monahan,Tom		Police Sergeant		$79,481		F	
Monks,Anne		Resident Engineer		$75,905		F	
Monson,Braden		Sr Survey Technician		$51,599		F	
Montoya,Lori		Project Lead/IT		$67,312		F	
Moore-Jones,Sandra		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Morales,Dena		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$42,640		F	
Morehead,Laurie		Sr Network Operations Tech		$51,808		F	
Moreno,Alfred		Project Manager 3		$83,617		F	
Morgan,Heather		Lead Desktop Specialist		$57,048		F	
Morgan,JP		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Moriarty,Kathleen		Carpenter Apprentice		$47,258		F	
Morris,Viesta		Asst to Managing Director		$44,924		F	
Morrison,Elizabeth		Finance Manager		$81,056		F	
Morse,Kevin		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Moses,Manette		Mgr Emp Loss Prevention Prog		$85,859		F	
Moshner,Michelle		Airfield Operations Specialist		$47,486		F	
Mosman,Parker		Sr Construction Inspector		$43,014		F	
Moten,Levi		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Muhlbeier,Robert		Laborer Group 4		$46,571		F	
Mullin,Gary		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng		$70,000		F	
Mullins,Debie		Laborer Group 3 Crew Chief		$55,245		F	
Mulugeta,Michael		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Munro,Tomm		Staff Assistant 5		$40,541		F	
Murphy,Dennis		Chainer		$36,140		F	
Murray,Carliss		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Murray,Kathy		Sr Systems Analyst		$65,343		F	
Murry,Jake		Firefighter C		$53,838		F	
Myer,Barney		Project Planner		$87,584		F	
Myers,Jack		Police Sergeant		$72,717		F	
Myers,Ron		PCS RMM Ops & Maint Constr Mgr		$61,882		F	
Naidu,Rita		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Nardine,Christopher		Audio Visual Services Manager		$75,864		F	
Nash,Chris		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Nash,Stephen		Landside Supervisor		$64,251		F	
Natarajan,Nata		Dir Business Devel & Mgmt  AV		$112,396		F	
Navarro,Luis		Mgr Aviation Properties		$92,635		F	
Neblett,Sam		Utility Worker Electrical		$34,840		F	
Neff,Norma		Bus Driver		$36,150		F	
Neigel-Britt,Brenda		Police Specialist		$42,869		F	
Nelson,Anne		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$49,962		F	
Nelson,Calvin		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Nelson,Greg		Firefighter A		$66,181		F	
Nesiba,Carol		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Nesic,Martha		Admin Specialist/Seaport		$43,555		F	
Neumann,Marek		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Neunherz,Rick		Sr Windows Server Engineer		$68,674		F	
Nevaril,Roi		Project Manager 3		$72,343		F	
Newenhof,Nancy		Maintenance Dispatch Clerk		$43,178		F	
Neymeyer,Lisa		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Nguyen,Alex		Windows Server Engineer		$52,483		F	
Nguyen,An		Laborer Group 1		$32,864		F	
Nguyen,Hanh		General Ledger Supervisor		$64,221		F	
Nguyen,Hoa		IT Service Desk Specialist		$45,905		F	
Niccoli,Sergio		Sign Painter		$55,474		F	
Nickerson,Kris		Desktop Service Coordinator		$45,529		F	
Nilsen,Daniel		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Nix,Linda		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Nolan,Roy		Chainer		$31,200		F	
Norton,Michael		Sr Network Operations Tech		$50,526		F	
Nowlin,Katie		Communications Proj Mgr PA		$66,653		F	
Nugent,Ken		Survey Instrument Technician		$43,063		F	
Nygard,Kenneth		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Nygard,Kory		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Nyland,Don		Truck Driver		$102		P	
Obermeit,Brian		Wireman		$69,680		F	
O'Briant,Patrick		Sr Mgr IT Systems Delivery		$115,000		F	
O'Brien,Mikel		Labor Relations Manager		$82,841		F	
O'Brien,Patrick		TJC-Mgr Arprt PhysicalSecurity		$54,171		F	
O'Connell,Thomas		Resident Engineer		$61,074		F	
Odagiri,Tomoko		Customer Service Spec-Landside		$28,473		F	
O'Day,Thomas		Mgr AV Maintenance &Operations		$71,089		F	
Oden,John		Airfield Operations Specialist		$47,486		F	
Odom,De Ann		HRMS Employment Specialist		$48,108		F	
Oehling,Jeremy L		Police Officer E		$47,029		F	
Ogden,Rob		Payroll Specialist		$39,348		F	
Ohta,Jonathan		Resident Engineer		$64,160		F	
Okamoto,John		Chief Administrative Officer		$151,432		F	
Okamura,Steve		Project Manager 2		$75,674		F	
Oldright,Kenneth		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Ollivier,Robert		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Olmstead,Mark		Firefighter A		$74,800		F	
Olson,David		Laborer Group 4		$52,915		F	
Olson,Jason		Staff Assistant 4		$35,261		F	
Olson,Sarah		Surface Water Manager		$58,434		P	
Olson,Tiffany		Staff Assistant 4		$37,604		F	
Olzendam,Rod		Contracts Administrator		$47,694		F	
O'Neil,Jennifer		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$50,003		F	
Osmek,Steve		Wildlife Biologist		$63,682		F	
Ottele,Richard		GM AV Facilities & Infrastruct		$126,675		F	
Outram,Karin		Sr  Accountant		$64,214		F	
Paasch,Douglas		Project Manager 3		$90,561		F	
Paddock,Michael		Sr Network Operations Tech		$58,618		F	
Padilla,Nick		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Padilla,Victor		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Padua,Ernie		Sr Construction Inspector		$54,498		F	
Pagan,Kathie		Acquisitions Assistant		$35,100		F	
Paice,Carla		Contracts Administrator		$52,967		F	
Palanca,Victor		AV Maint Procurem Invent Supv		$49,481		F	
Paligutan,Efrain		Harbor Facilities Spec - SBM		$38,449		F	
Palmer,Carolyn		Network Services Administrator		$61,251		F	
Palmer,Kimeeta		Lead Voice Comm Operator		$36,852		F	
Panger,Trevor		Staff Assistant 4		$26,520		P	
Papegaay,Jack		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$15,398		P	
Paradee,Jeff		Mgr Aviation Maintenance		$84,222		F	
Paraiso,Juan		Sr Design Engineer		$85,634		F	
Parayil,Babu		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng		$76,756		F	
Parhomski,John		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$13,998		P	
Parker Jr,Donald		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Parker,Bob		Media Officer		$79,457		F	
Parker,Diana		Community Project Manager		$68,439		F	
Parker,Riley		Mgr Aviation Maintenance		$89,439		F	
Parks,Dale		Operating Maint Engineer Lead		$60,403		F	
Parraz,John		Project Manager 2		$68,539		F	
Patten,Renu		Admin Specialist/Seaport		$40,184		F	
Patterson,Jerry		Construction Inspector		$49,914		F	
Pattison,Scott		Sr Business Development Rep		$100,764		F	
Paul,Timothy		Harbor Facilities Coord - FT		$47,651		F	
Payne,Stacy		Admin Supervisor / Exempt		$43,834		F	
Pearson,Michael		Access Controller Lead		$17,586		P	
Peltekian,Steve		Police Officer A		$62,339		F	
Peltier,John		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Pelton,Hannah		Staff Assistant 2		$25,350		F	
Pelton,Paul		Airport Duty Manager		$61,372		F	
Pelton,Penne		Admin Spec/Public Affairs		$35,629		F	
Pender,Phebe		Revenue Control Representative		$16,796		P	
Pennington,Jack		Police Officer A		$58,261		F	
Perez,Louie		Police Officer D		$50,440		F	
Perry,Ross		Harbor Moorage Coord - FT		$53,923		F	
Personius,David		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Peters,Dale		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Peters,Ray		Telecommunications Engineer		$71,194		F	
Petty,Russ		Staff Assistant 3		$31,493		F	
Peycke,Daniel		Piledriver		$59,488		F	
Philes,Jane		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Philio,Donald		Truck Driver		$40,664		F	
Pierce,Daniel		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Pierson,Scott		Police Officer A		$67,000		F	
Piette,Jeffrey		Project Manager 3		$75,856		F	
Pillay,Raveena		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Pittman,Sherry		Mgr Revenue Svcs & Payroll		$87,372		F	
Pomeroy,Layne		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Pooler,Nancy		Payroll Analyst		$42,405		F	
Poor,Geri		Mgr Regional Transportation		$88,910		F	
Poquiz,Tony		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Porter,Anne		Project Manager 4		$86,931		F	
Porterfield,Chad		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Powell Jr,Paul		Mgr Contract Services		$79,464		F	
Powell,Ross		Bus Driver		$18,075		P	
Prakash,Surya		Lead Airport Customer Svc Rep		$8,897		P	
Prasad,Nitya		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Prasad,Rajeshwar		Lead Airport Customer Svc Rep		$28,568		F	
Prewitt,Desiree		Commission Office Assistant		$36,933		F	
Price,Jerry		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Price,Jim		Police Officer A		$67,000		F	
Price,Paul		Operating Maint Engineer Head		$66,102		F	
Price,Rob		Mgr PCS Operations		$86,799		F	
Proulx,Janet		Project Manager 4		$67,719		P	
Puckett,Jeffrey		Foreman		$72,488		F	
Pulsifer,Lindsay		GM Seaport Maintenance		$104,270		F	
Purcell,Anne		Port Counsel		$65,109		F	
Pyfer,Margaret		Acct Representative Cargo Svcs		$82,058		F	
Queen,Steve		Budget Manager		$79,230		F	
Quesada,Darren		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Quijano,Christina		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$29,780		F	
Rabbo,Hala		Airport Customer Service Rep 1		$20,403		P	
Rabe,James		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Ramsay,Andy		Project Construction Coordin		$48,759		F	
Rankin,Carolyn		Project Manager 1		$61,874		F	
Rao,Sreen		Resident Engineer		$75,180		F	
Raske,Dennis		Bus Driver		$37,690		F	
Rawe,Ray		Chief Engineer		$120,304		F	
Ray,Helen		Firefighter A		$67,454		F	
Raykowski,Joe		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Raynes,Charles		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Read,Russ		Seaport Security Systems Coord		$68,495		F	
Reed,Scott		Landside Supervisor		$61,631		F	
Reed,Thomas		Survey Party Chief		$56,490		F	
Reeves,Daryle		Laborer Group 1		$32,864		F	
Reeves-Orth,Debbie		Project Construction Coordin		$48,052		F	
Rehm,Todd		Contracts Administrator		$49,302		F	
Reis,Mark		Managing Director Aviation		$167,388		F	
Reiswig,Richard		Asset Management Specialist		$39,892		F	
Remski,Sharon		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Renquist,Justin		Windows Server Engineer Supv		$81,003		F	
Ressler,Peter		Environmental Program Supv		$90,111		F	
Ressler,Vanessa		Public Records Specialist		$50,408		F	
Reynolds,Joseph		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Reynolds,Silver		Facility Ops Coordinator		$54,141		F	
Rhodes,Jerome		Laborer Group 1		$32,864		F	
Rice,Ron		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng		$74,624		F	
Rich,John		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Richards,Robyn		Marketing Assistant HSG		$39,000		F	
Richardson,Dave		Airport Duty Manager		$67,046		F	
Richardson,David		Asst Mgr Airport Commun Ctr		$72,981		F	
Richardson,Jazzi		Mgr Noise Remedy		$81,438		F	
Richardson,Sheree		Accounts Payable Specialist		$35,690		F	
Ridge,Castina		Staff Assistant 3		$27,378		F	
Ridge,Sharon		Employee Specialist/Seaport MT		$49,950		F	
Ridgley,Susan		Sr Port Counsel		$83,797		F	
Riley,Bob		Director Aviation CIP		$105,289		F	
Ritenburg,Kata		Environmentl Data Program Supv		$75,377		F	
Ritter,Claudette		Audit Specialist-Landside		$27,378		F	
Rivera,Rafael		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Rives,Dwight		Mgr PCS Project Development		$73,798		F	
Roberts,Joyce		Procurement & Inventory Clerk		$40,950		F	
Roberts,Kristal		Sr OD Consultant		$59,421		P	
Roberts,Warren		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Robertson,Darlene		Director Harbor Services		$104,961		F	
Robinson,Rees		Sr Design Engineer		$63,500		F	
Robinson,Shannon		Sr Systems Analyst		$63,687		F	
Rock,David		Truck Driver		$102		P	
Rodriguez,Angel		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Rogers,Charlene		Asst Facility Ops Coordinator		$37,618		F	
Rogers,Ruth		ID Access Customer Service Rep		$42,869		F	
Rogers,Tracy		Staff Assistant 3		$34,907		F	
Roling,David		Police Officer A		$64,669		F	
Romanenghi,Susan		Staff Assistant 4		$29,795		P	
Romero,Bob		Design Engineer		$65,410		F	
Rosa Jr,Hiram		Police Officer A		$58,261		F	
Roschewski,Charisse		Airfield Operations Specialist		$47,486		F	
Rose,Marty		Capital Purchases Supervisor		$61,520		F	
Rose,Toni		Admin Supervisor		$49,696		F	
Rosete,Jason		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Ross,Stuart		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Roten,Don		Airport Duty Manager		$63,186		F	
Roth,Doug		Database Administrator		$65,000		F	
Rothnie,John		Aviation CIP Program Leader		$104,625		F	
Rotness,Duane		Laborer Group 1		$37,357		F	
Rouzan,Ronald		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Rowlan,Tammy		Document Control Specialist		$39,912		F	
Royal,Allan		Mgr AV Property Acquisition		$70,513		F	
Rudge,Barbara		Sr Planner - Aviation		$34,817		P	
Ruffner,Dana L		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Russell,Brian		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Russell,Ronald		Truck Driver		$102		P	
Russo,Jacqueline		Police Sergeant		$75,405		F	
Russo,Joey		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Ryan,Tom		Firefighter Mechanic		$85,826		F	
Ryan,Vince		Sr Contracts Administrator		$55,003		F	
Ryland,John		Project Manager 3		$78,335		F	
Sacha,Leslie		Sr Environmental Program Mgr		$81,786		F	
Sadler,Krista		TJC Mgr Enterprise Application		$95,000		F	
Safora,Isabel		Sr Port Counsel		$119,062		F	
Sager,Barbara		Airport Customer Service Rep 2		$11,588		P	
Said,Mohammed		ID Access Support Rep		$33,488		F	
Saidy,Sarah		Network Operations Technician		$38,696		F	
Salmeron,Oscar		Sr Desktop Specialist		$44,167		F	
Salois,Jerry		Police Officer A		$61,174		F	
Salud,Tino D		Mgr Cruise Services		$85,143		F	
Sammy-Sacquitne,Riann		Grant & Trade Policy Analyst		$52,709		F	
Sanchez,John		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Sanchez,Thomas		Firefighter A		$68,726		F	
Sanders,Pat		Payroll Specialist		$42,458		F	
Sanneh,Abba		Sr Network Operations Tech		$43,014		F	
Santiago,Diane		Asst Mgr Airport Landside Ops		$74,869		F	
Santiago,Jose		Police Officer A		$65,835		F	
Sasala,Jan		HRMS Consultant		$68,632		F	
Sasala,Steve		Acct Representative Cargo Svcs		$79,568		F	
Savage,Stephen		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Savea,Reid		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Scandiffio,Nicki		Police Specialist		$42,869		F	
Schab,Margaret		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Schaefer,David		Asst Director Public Affairs		$88,541		F	
Schaefer,Eric		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Schaeffer,Carl		Seapt Maint Svc Mgr Containers		$92,782		F	
Schimpf,Matt		Firefighter A		$63,701		F	
Schmidt,Erik		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Schmitz,Nick		Resident Engineer		$80,170		F	
Schnase,Jason		Firefighter C		$52,349		F	
Schneider Jr,John		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Schnellbacher,William		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Schneuer,Gregg		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Schone,Jim		Dir SP Portfo Mgmt&Capital Dev		$121,016		F	
Schorsch,Jon		Police Sergeant		$74,047		F	
Schroeder,Mary		Mgr Seaport Finance & Budget		$85,389		F	
Schuler,Sherry		Mgr Signing Graphics		$56,845		F	
Schultz,Lyle		Utility Worker Mechanical		$48,485		F	
Schuman,Mike		Telecommunications Designer-AV		$47,000		F	
Schwan,Rebecca		Sr Property Manager		$70,751		F	
Scoccolo,Tony		Firefighter C		$54,830		F	
Scott,Bonnie		Engineering Services Supvr		$60,803		F	
Scott,Dennis		Seaport Maint Service Mgr		$80,241		F	
Scott,Dottie		Airport Customer Service Rep 2		$1,432		P	
Scott,Ruby		Property Mgmt Specialist / SP		$41,434		F	
Seabrook,Bill		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Sears,Rick		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Seigel,Darryl		Painter		$44,200		F	
Seigler,Chris		Police Officer C		$54,080		F	
Selleg,Jeffrey		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Serrick,Bruce		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Serrill,Jim		Mgr Seaport Security		$117,405		F	
Severin,Marsha		Property Mgmt Specialist / SP		$40,796		F	
Sewell III,Samuel		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Sewell,Samuel		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Sharp,Leslie		Bus Driver		$18,075		P	
Shauf,Harold		Heavy Duty Mech		$57,970		F	
Shaw,Amy		Mgr AV Commercial Business		$90,968		F	
Shaykho,Suhaib		Engineering CAD Technician		$48,656		F	
Sheerer,Janet		Project Manager 2		$58,136		F	
Sheldon,Charlie		Managing Director Seaport		$150,800		F	
Shelton,Edwin		Sr Network Operations Tech		$47,660		F	
Shepherd,Stan		Mgr Noise Planning & Funding		$71,446		F	
Sherbina,Susan		Purchasing Spec/Seaport MT		$40,044		F	
Sherwood,Chris		Construction Coordinator		$51,988		F	
Sherwood,Daniel		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Sheykho,Saf		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Shim,Anita		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Shimomura,Regina		Accountant		$49,000		F	
Shortt,Gary		Sr Systems Analyst		$66,437		F	
Shultz,Mick		Media Officer		$71,015		F	
Shultz,Robert		Procurement & Inventory Clerk		$41,151		F	
Shumeye,Ruth		Airport Duty Manager		$65,261		F	
Sidorko,Vladimir		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Simmons,Becky		Admin Specialist		$41,753		F	
Simmons,Kelly		Sprinkler Fitter		$63,586		F	
Simon,Tony		Financial Analyst		$66,864		F	
Sims,Winston		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Sinclair,Douglas		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Singh,Gore		Sr Design Engineer		$79,294		F	
Singh,Kanwaljeet		Bus Driver		$38,418		F	
Singh,Sharanjit		Bus Driver		$17,285		P	
Skok,Brian		Firefighter A		$70,645		F	
Sledge,Chris		Harbor Facilities Spec - FT		$43,375		F	
Smith,Barry		Laborer Group 3		$45,677		F	
Smith,Craig		Sr Planner - Aviation		$76,082		F	
Smith,Dave		Plng Research &Data Analyst AV		$61,049		F	
Smith,Geoffrey		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Smith,Gilbert		Firefighter A		$68,726		F	
Smith,John		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Smith,Johnnie		Proc&Inventory Clk/Forklift Tr		$44,271		F	
Smith,Karlina		Revenue Specialist		$35,728		F	
Smith,Laura		Firefighter A		$68,709		F	
Smith,Lauren		Sr OD Consultant		$85,568		F	
Smith,Michael		ID Access Customer Service Rep		$40,019		F	
Smith,Michael		Infrastructure Systems Mgr/AV		$90,761		F	
Smith,Peter		Accounts Payable Supervisor		$50,047		F	
Smith,Ronna		Revenue Control Representative		$17,108		P	
Smith,Roy		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Smith,Scott		Foreman		$72,488		F	
Smith,Vera		Aviation Cap Imp Prog Asst		$33,911		F	
Smith,Vernon		Painter		$50,232		F	
Smith,William		Mechanical Maint Engineer 2		$57,554		F	
Smith-Huda,Laura		Real Estate Devel Project Asst		$44,977		F	
Smullin,Dennis		Chief Engineer		$71,282		F	
Snekvik,Dean		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Snyder,Daniel		Laborer Group 3		$51,917		F	
Sobek,Craig		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Soike,David K		Deputy Mng Dir AV Devel & Fin		$123,047		F	
Soike,Tina		Mgr Ops Program Development AV		$103,458		F	
Sollars,Linda		Sr Systems Analyst		$74,238		F	
Solo,Laeva		Truck Driver		$102		P	
Soltani,Reza		Engineering Design Coordinator		$92,604		F	
Son,Sokha		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Sorensen,Deb		Financial Analyst		$64,114		F	
Spaeth,Harley		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Spells,Cherie		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Spicknall,Jennifer		Staff Assistant 5		$34,424		F	
Spisak,Chris		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Spisak,Karen		Lead Airport Customer Svc Rep		$30,360		F	
Spriggs,Walker		Wireman		$69,680		F	
St Clair,Larry		Mgr Seaport Business Developmt		$107,145		F	
St George,Louis		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
St Laurent,Marlys		Public Affairs Officer		$68,954		F	
Stahl,Dana		Health & Safety Mgmt Spec 2		$60,000		P	
Stahlecker,Curt		Project Scheduler Aviation PMG		$74,433		F	
Stairs,Cory		Police Officer B		$59,032		F	
Stalter,Steven		Harbor Facilities Spec - SBM		$39,115		F	
Stambaugh,Buzz		Mgr AV Fleet Maintenance		$66,127		F	
Stangeland,Arne		Contract Document Specialist		$34,692		F	
Starks,Charles		Asst Fire Chief		$108,819		F	
Starup,Doug		On Site Property Coordinator		$28,926		P	
Stearns,Edwin		Bus Driver		$38,418		F	
Steinbach,Walter		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Stevens,Robin		Accounting Specialist-Grants		$38,713		F	
Stewart,Burr		Strategic Planning Manager		$113,070		F	
Stewart,Carole		IT Applications Supv		$86,410		F	
Stewart,Tod		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Stilnovich,John		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Stirrat-Dilley,Rita		Staff Assistant 3		$35,755		F	
Stitt,Carrie		Document Control Specialist		$42,838		F	
Stokey,BJ		Intl Tourism Development Mgr		$82,812		F	
Stoltenberg,Terry		Firefighter A		$68,726		F	
Stone,Reginald		Bus Driver		$37,690		F	
Stover Jr,Orden		Sheet Metal Wrkr CC Ovr EH		$74,048		F	
Stradley,Tommy		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Strawser,Ruth		Commission/Public Records Supv		$59,784		F	
Strizic,Wade		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Strong,Marites		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Strout,Linda		Deputy CEO & General Counsel		$180,000		F	
Sturzen,Roger		Police Sergeant		$74,047		F	
Suda,Kathryn		Painter		$50,232		F	
Sullivan,Brenda		Staff Assistant 4		$38,925		F	
Sullivan,Sean		Sr Property Manager		$70,751		F	
Sullivan,Todd		Truck Driver		$40,664		F	
Sulman,Kym		Admin Supv/Planning & Comm Dev		$52,759		F	
Summerhays,Diane		Mgr Community Develop Prog /AV		$105,674		F	
Sundqvist,Eleanor		Project Lead/IT		$75,956		F	
Sutton,Detra		Procurement & Inventory Clerk		$34,836		F	
Sutton-Perry,Jo		Harbor Customer Svc Spec - SBM		$52,788		F	
Swanberg,Penny		Airport Customer Service Rep 2		$8,691		P	
Swanson,Frank		Resident Engineer		$80,555		F	
Swartosky,Mike		Firefighter A		$67,454		F	
Sweet,Brian		Construction Manager		$89,590		F	
Sweet,Randall		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng		$78,860		F	
Swensen,Dave		Sign Painter		$48,818		F	
Swinney,Debra		Procurement & Inventory Clerk		$43,027		F	
Symbol,Tyler		Construction Coordinator		$50,336		F	
Tackett,Terry		Bldg Inspector/Plan Examiner 1		$55,620		F	
Tanaka,Tom		Sr Port Counsel		$116,198		F	
Tanga,Mark		Police Sergeant		$69,285		F	
Tasche,Larry		Mechanical Maint Engineer Head		$65,582		F	
Tate,Priscila		Staff Assistant 2		$28,878		F	
Tatsuda,John		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Taulelei,Brendalynn		AV Maint CMMS Supervisor		$44,967		F	
Tay,Edward		Staff Assistant 3		$29,930		F	
Taylor,Dan		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Taylor,Keith		Fire Lieutenant		$75,848		F	
Taylor,Michelle		Staff Assistant 4		$37,716		F	
Taylor,Mickel		Survey Party Chief		$51,004		F	
Taylor,Rick		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Teigen,Patsy		Revenue Control Representative		$16,796		P	
Terrana,Nick		Project Construction Coordin		$58,893		F	
Terrio,Kristie		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Terry,Jason		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Tesfu,Mesfin		Revenue Control Representative		$34,216		F	
Tetlow,Gregory		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Theriault,Joe		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Thomas Jr,Abner		Operations Controller Sr		$47,486		F	
Thomas,A G		Project Manager 5		$96,851		F	
Thomas,Brenda		Staff Assistant 5		$46,544		F	
Thomas,Dan		Chief Financial Officer		$153,534		F	
Thomas,Darrell		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Thomas,Julie		Admin Supervisor/Accounting		$55,496		F	
Thomas,Keith		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Thomas,Maureen		Project Lead/IT		$70,000		F	
Thomas,Ron		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Thomas,Scott		Resident Engineer		$73,155		F	
Thome,Jack		Truck Driver		$8,133		P	
Thompson,Bonnie		Admin Assistant		$46,057		F	
Thompson,David		Harbor Moorage Coord - SBM		$43,938		F	
Thompson,Dennis		Firefighter A		$69,999		F	
Thompson,John		Police Officer A		$67,903		F	
Thompson,Kathi		Administrative Supv /Fire Dept		$60,489		F	
Thompson,William		Bus Driver		$17,285		P	
Thurrott,Rick		Millwright Crew Chief		$66,664		F	
Thwaites,Sharon		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$48,984		F	
Tinsley,Britt		Accounts Receivable Specialist		$36,314		F	
Tobiason,Scott		Surface Water Manager		$70,907		F	
Todd,Earl		Auto Machinist Crew Chief		$69,430		F	
Todd,Mary		Infrastructure System Engineer		$64,000		F	
Toigo,Bob		Mechanical Maint Engineer 2		$57,554		F	
Toigo,Dan		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Toigo,Vicki		Admin Specialist/Seaport		$45,814		F	
Tolbert,Robin		Harbor Customer Svc Spec - SBM		$45,829		F	
Tomber,Dave		Planning Program Mgr - AV		$84,079		F	
Tong,Michael		Asst Mgr AV Finance Budget		$70,641		F	
Tooke,Connie		Public Safety Comm Specialist		$50,939		F	
Tooker,Jeffrey		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Toro,John		Grnd Transportation Controller		$42,453		F	
Toro,Samson		Grnd Transportation Controller		$40,602		F	
Torre,Brian		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Torseth,David		Engineering Quality Manager		$104,219		F	
Trent,Gene		TJC-Service Mgr		$100,000		F	
Truitt,James		Foreman		$72,488		F	
Truong,Thu		Laborer Group 1		$37,357		F	
Tucker,Terry		Laborer Grp 3 Crew Chf		$49,899		F	
Tulloss,Melda		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Tupper,Pamela		Contractor Data Systems Admin		$49,943		F	
Turner,James		Firefighter A		$67,454		F	
Turner,Jessica		ID Access Support Rep		$30,680		F	
Tuttle,Colleen		Tenant Project Coordinator-AV		$49,542		F	
Tuttle,Jim		Police Sergeant		$67,933		F	
Tveit,Thor		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Tverberg,Maureen		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Tyburc,Daniel		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Tyson,Todd		On Site Property Coordinator		$57,491		F	
Tyszko,Thomas		Mgr Dock Operations		$83,233		F	
Uglum,Scott		Mechanical Maint Engineer Head		$66,102		F	
Ullrich,Ron		Firefighter A		$74,883		F	
Umetsu,Wendell		Infrastructure Systems Mgr/AV		$93,177		F	
Urbauer,Bram		Police Officer D		$50,440		F	
Uy,Eddie		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Valencia,Marisa		Staff Assistant 3		$31,405		F	
Van Aken,Suzette		Commission Records Specialist		$42,491		F	
Van Steenburgh,Russell		Sr Construction Inspector		$55,650		F	
Van Velsir,Gregory		Mgr IT Project Office		$101,670		F	
Van Vleet,Tara		Mgr Community & Business Dev		$85,859		F	
VanGerpen,Todd		Mgr Airport Communication Cntr		$77,816		F	
Vann,Michael		Utility Worker Mechanical		$48,485		F	
Varkey,Abe		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Varrelli,Theresa		Staff Assistant 3		$39,788		F	
Vasquez,Tony		Carpenter		$47,258		F	
Vassallo,Al		Carpenter General Crew Chief		$61,755		F	
Vassallo,Jed		Utility Worker Foreman		$38,334		F	
Vaughn,Alvin		Firefighter A		$65,512		F	
Venson,Tina		Contract Specialist		$39,073		F	
Vick Jr,Monte		Police Officer A		$64,669		F	
Vincent,Terri		Staff Assistant 5		$46,724		F	
Voight,Ron		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Vollmer,Karla		ID Access Support Rep		$37,107		F	
Vollmer,Michael		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Vouros,Greg		Project Manager 4		$71,772		P	
Wacker,Herman		Director Labor Relations		$125,000		F	
Wagner,Carol		Landside Supervisor		$64,251		F	
Wake,Mark		Sr Desktop Specialist		$50,814		F	
Waldron,Brian		Firefighter A		$69,366		F	
Walgren,Robert		Communications Specialist / PA		$42,179		F	
Wall,Kevin		Carpenter		$59,072		F	
Wallinder,Gary		Project Manager 4		$85,262		F	
Walz,Rosalee		Director Human Resources & Dev		$118,264		F	
Wangsten,Eric		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng		$72,904		F	
Warf,Dave		Firefighter A		$63,701		F	
Warren,Art		Resident Engineer		$80,170		F	
Warren,Ken		Sr Infrastructure Systems Eng		$76,343		F	
Warren,Wyndee		Painter		$44,200		F	
Warsame,Abshir		Grnd Transportation Controller		$40,602		F	
Washington,Aaron		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Washington,David		Firefighter A		$64,908		F	
Washington,George		Sprinkler Fitter		$72,259		F	
Washington,Trinia		Senior HR Consultant		$65,360		F	
Watson,Bob		Crew Chief Elec Tech		$78,936		F	
Watson,Chris		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Watson,Craig		Sr Port Counsel/Mgr Atty Svcs		$122,303		F	
Watson,Doug		Airfield Operations Specialist		$47,486		F	
Watson,Tom		Mgr Aviation Maintenance		$82,927		F	
Weable,William		Aviation Field Technician		$46,571		F	
Weatherly,Timothy		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Webb,Jeremy		Environmental Data Specialist		$59,565		F	
Webb,William		Police Officer A		$63,504		F	
Webber,Joel		Survey Party Chief		$55,828		F	
Weeks,Reuben		PCS Safety Technician		$74,629		F	
Weir,Jeff		Bldg Inspector/Plan Examiner 1		$55,614		F	
Weiss,Sherry		Buyer		$51,885		F	
Weitz,Ed		PCS Lead Construction Mgr		$66,257		F	
Wells,David		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Wendland,Dean		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
Wentz,Mark		Cement Mason		$60,611		F	
Wesley,Anthony		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Wessel,Scott		Engineering CAD Technician		$45,259		F	
Wessels,Ralph		Project Manager 5		$94,554		F	
Wesson,Wally		Police Officer A		$63,504		F	
Wesson-Perkins,Helayne		Document Control Specialist		$39,975		F	
West,James		Fire Lieutenant		$93,497		F	
West,Randy		Firefighter A		$68,726		F	
Westman,Marilyn		Sr Contracts Administrator		$49,131		F	
Wheeler,Harry		Mechanical Maint Engineer		$57,034		F	
White Turtle,Melvin		Laborer Group 2		$42,182		F	
White,Alyce		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
White,Bill		Mgr Survey Services		$87,564		F	
White,Gary		Fire Captain		$88,893		F	
White,Susie		Customer Service Spec-Landside		$27,378		F	
White,Thomas		Firefighter A		$64,908		F	
Whitney,Victor		Carpenter		$51,979		F	
Wichman,Ronalie		Property Mgmt Specialist / SP		$48,266		F	
Wickliff,Carolyn		Tourism Management Specialist		$59,789		F	
Wickliff-Small,Melanie		Assoc Buyer		$41,307		F	
Wiebe,Al		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Wilkerson,Gary		Bldg Inspector/Plan Examiner 1		$55,620		F	
Williams,Ade		Sr Contracts Administrator		$58,528		F	
Williams,Carlton		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr		$42,453		F	
Williams,Chris		Accounts Payable Specialist		$38,501		F	
Williams,Jay		Firefighter A		$66,595		F	
Williams,LaFay		Staff Assistant 5		$34,772		F	
Williams,Mark		Office/Maintenance Clerk		$21,647		F	
Williamson,Rick		Desktop Support Supervisor		$63,223		F	
Wills,David		Sr Construction Inspector		$55,650		F	
Wilson,April L		Access Controller Lead		$17,586		P	
Wilson,Asher		Tax Accountant		$62,783		F	
Wilson,Bill		Foreman		$72,488		F	
Wilson,Brent		Police Officer A		$60,591		F	
Wilson,Dave		Chief Technology Officer		$112,790		F	
Wilson,Wayne		Wireman		$69,680		F	
Winslow-Fuentez,Ramel		Marina Operations Spec - BH		$37,635		F	
Winston,Chandra		Total Comp Specialist 2		$45,577		F	
Winston,Lawrence		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Woerne,Lynnette		IT Applications Supv		$84,808		F	
Wofford,Ray		Bindery Operator		$35,846		F	
Wolf,Christine I		Regional Transprt Prog Planner		$68,000		F	
Wolf,Jeffrey		Financial Analyst		$58,000		F	
Wolf,Jim		Police Officer A		$59,426		F	
Wong,Randy		Firefighter A		$69,366		F	
Woo,Roy		Police Officer A		$64,669		F	
Wood,Martha		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Woodard,Tammy		Compensation Manager		$73,952		F	
Woods,Franklin		Sr Human Resources Rep		$65,420		F	
Woods,Jeffrey		Senior Access Controller		$37,523		F	
Woods,Jo		Landside Supervisor		$59,011		F	
Woolfolk,Joe		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Woon,Alisa		MIS Project Consultant/Acctg		$82,591		F	
Wooten,Cody		Marina Operations Spec - BH		$37,612		F	
Wooten,Keisha		Admin/Voice Communication Asst		$29,174		F	
Wooten,Michael		Laborer Parking		$37,669		F	
Wortman,Edward		Police Lieutenant		$91,603		F	
Wray,Tim		Foreman		$72,488		F	
Wright,Linda		Landside Supervisor		$61,631		F	
Wuollet,Kristina		Staff Assistant 5		$33,882		F	
Wynn,Donna		Admin Specialist		$40,192		F	
Xaver,Lauren		Grnd Transport Contoller Sr		$42,453		F	
Yamanaka,Jody		Aviation CIP Program Leader		$103,151		F	
Yap,Rafael		Operating Maint Engineer Gr 2		$57,554		F	
Yarlott,Sally		Bus Driver		$39,229		F	
Yates,Henry		Fed Government Relations Mgr		$92,681		F	
Yee,Larry		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Yee,Matthew		Office/Maintenance Clerk		$12,611		P	
Yeung,Kevin		Firefighter C		$54,830		F	
York,Bob		Project Manager 4		$82,800		F	
Young,Anthony		Police Officer A		$62,339		F	
Young,Delores		Staff Assistant 3		$39,495		F	
Zachrisson,Deanna		Public Affairs Officer		$75,374		F	
Zahn,Janice		Construction Manager		$81,003		F	
Zebian,Jamal		Access Controller		$17,066		P	
Zeller,Bryan		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Zhang,Haiyan		Sr Systems Analyst		$74,115		F	
Zhang,Jiping		Sr Systems Analyst		$55,000		F	
Ziegler,Patrick		Automated Control Specialist		$65,894		F	
Zins,Douglas		Auto Machinist		$60,382		F	
Zirkle,Tom		Survey Instrument Technician		$47,120		F	


Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the Port of Seattle.

Here's the response letter I got from the Port of Seattle

Here's the affidavit request I got from the Port of Seattle.

Here's the response e-mail I got from the Port of Seattle
From: Ressler, Vanessa
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 10:04 AM
Subject: FW: Bloom Public Disclosure Request
Mr. Bloom;
Attached is an Excel spread sheet providing the information you requested. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at (206) 728-3094.
Vanessa Ressler
Public Records Specialist
Port of Seattle
From: Mast, Jan
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2004 4:12 PM
To: Ressler, Vanessa
Cc: Henderson, David; Woodard, Tammy
Subject: Bloom Public Disclosure Request
Bloom Request-Port Salaries 11.04.04.xls (479kb)

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