This is a list of the 2002 Benton County PUD Public Utility District Employees List and their job title and salaries.(pop 142,457)(158 employees)

Public Utility District No. 1 of Benton County provides electrical services to approximately 44,600 customers. The District has the authority to purchase and sell electric energy, to construct and operate electric generating plants and transmission and distribution facilities, and to provide wholesale telecommunication services. The District also has the authority to issue revenue and general obligation bonds to finance its capital additions and operations. With 162 employees, the District generated $145 million in operating revenues for 2006. A three-member Board of Commissioners, elected to six-year terms, governs the District.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2002 Benton County PUD Public Utility District List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

Here's a link to the Benton County PUD Public Utility District webpage.

April 2, 2004 note: I have replaced the first letter of the first name of each person, with a *.

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Employee Name	Title	Salary	
ABRAMSON, *lan R.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
ADAIR, *eggy J.	CSR	$15.54/hr	
ADAMS, *lenn D.	Meterman	$27.42/hr	
ALBANO, *ancy A.	Junior Accountant	$3,274/mo	
ALEXANDER, *inda S.	Mgr of Contracts & Purchasing	$5,744/mo	
ALLEN, *athleen J.	Sr. Application Support Specialist	$4,536/mo	
AUBREY, *enita J.	CSR	$15.89/hr	
AZURE, *ickey L.	Senior Secretary	$3,403/mo	
BARBER, *evin V.	Sr. Programmer Analyst	$4,398/mo	
BARTRAM, *had B.	Director of Finance & Admin Services	$8,699/mo	
BATTERTON, *icki A.	Senior Service Clerk	$18.51/hr	
BAUR, *hyliss I.	Senior Secretary	$3,403/mo	
BENDER, *loria C.	Senior Secretary	$3,403/mo	
BENNETT, *illiam T.	Mechanic	$23.59/hr	
BERGUM, *ickie L.	CSR	$10.97/hr	
BICKFORD, *aniel G.	Mgr of Risk Management & Treasury	$7,514/mo	
BLEVINS, *ichael T.	Apprentice Lineman	$22.75/hr	
BONOTTO, *incent A.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
BORDEN, *arl M.	Line Foreman	$30.83/hr	
BRADSHAW, *ordon J.	Apprentice Meterman	$20.31/hr	
BROWN, *hane M.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
CANTLEY, *ason D.	Meter Reader	$18.96/hr	
CARGILL, *ill D.	Meter Reader	$15.81/hr	
CARLTON, *ichard D.	Line Foreman	$30.83/hr	
CHANDLER, *erry L.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
CHESLEY, *ames A.	Mechanic	$23.59/hr	
CLEMENT, *erry L.	Meter Reader	$18.96/hr	
COCHRANE, *atricia K.	Sr. Application Support Specialist	$4,863/mo	
COFFMAN, *arred R.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
COLBY, *avid A.	Meter Foreman	$30.83/hr	
COLBY, *wila E.	Business Analyst	$5,696/mo	
COMBS, *im D.	Contracts Coordinator	$29.33/hr	
COPPOCK, *lan R.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
COWAN, *alter J.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
COYNE, *ryan W.	Supervisor of Operations	$5,800/mo	
CRAMER, *rian M.	Utility Tree Coordinator	$3,862/mo	
CRUZEN, *helly K.	CIS Specialist	$3,027/mo	
DAMMARELL, *arol L.	Lead CSR	$16.93/hr	
DARLING, *nthony J.	Sr. PC Support Specialist	$3,573/mo	
DAVIS, *obert J.	Sr. Meter Reader	$18.96/hr	
DOBIN, *ohn A.	Engineering Tech	$20.23/hr	
DOWNEY, *on D.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
DOYEA, *amela M.	Meter Reader	$18.96/hr	
EBY, *atheryn A.	Clerk 5, Accounting	$16.93/hr	
ECKMAN, *usan K.	Clerk 3, Engineering	$15.08/hr	
ENGLERT, *ennifer M.	Clerk 5, Engineering	$16.50/hr	
ENLOE, *usan K.	Clerk 3, Energy Services	$15.08/hr	
ESPERICUETA, *lex	Meter Reader	$18.96/hr	
FEARING, *ara L.	Warehouse Foreman	$24.56/hr	
FEE, *haron A.	CSR	$15.54/hr	
FISCHER, *evin L.	Key Accounts Representative	$4,432/mo	
FITZPATRICK, *ichael J.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
FOLTA, *hristopher J.	Field Engineer	$25.44/hr	
GALE, *ally E.	Senior Secretary	$3,048/mo	
GEORGE, *ody A.	Clerk 4, Finance	$15.89/hr	
GLINES, *lifford A.	Engineering Tech	$21.28/hr	
GLINES, *atricia L.	Warehouseman	$20.93/hr	
GOTTSCHALK, *ohn C.	Senior Engineer	$6,284/mo	
GRAHAM, *lbert A.	Mechanic	$23.59/hr	
GREGG, *andal E.	Director of Power Management	$8,508/mo	
HAWKEY, *atricia L.	Senior Accountant	$4,052/mo	
HAWKEY, *andy E.	Station Electrician Foreman	$30.83/hr	
HENRY, *harles T.	Meterman	$27.42/hr	
HENRY, *ary J.	Clerk 4, Billing	$15.89/hr	
HERNANDEZ, *licia	CSR	$15.54/hr	
HETTERSCHEIDT, *ordon C.	Line Foreman	$30.83/hr	
HOFFMAN, *abbette M.	CSR	$15.54/hr	
HOLESWORTH, *ammy R.	CSR	$16.04/hr	
HOLLENBECK, *evin A.	Meterman	$27.42/hr	
HOUGH, *oree A	CSR	$15.54/hr	
HUMPHREYS, *effrey C.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
HUNTER, *obert E.	Meterman	$27.42/hr	
HUNTER, *tephen B.	Director of Engineering	$7,749/mo	
INMAN, *obert J.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
ISAKSON, *ean R.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
JACOBS, *erald	Station Electrician   	$27.42/hr	
JOHNS, *icole M.	Marketing Specialist	$2,988/mo	
JOHNSON, *hristopher N.	Products & Services Manager	$6,213/mo	
JONES, *indy L.	Clerk 3, Energy Services	$15.08/hr	
JUDY, *ay B.	Meter Reader	$18.96/hr	
KILGORE, *ichael D.	Sr. PC Support Specialist	$4,213/mo	
KNIGHT, *ayle R.	Meter Reader	$17.39/hr	
KUTROWSKI, *ohn G.	Station Electrician	$27.42/hr	
LANGDELL, *radley J.	Engineering Specialist	$6,018/mo	
LANTRY, *homas G.	Engineering Tech	$21.28/hr	
LONG, *ary G.	Director of Operations	$9,484/mo	
LUND, *rlan O	General Counsel	$9,278/mo	
LYLE, *erri A.	Administrative Assistant	$4,432/mo	
MANTLE, *teve R.	Line Foreman	$30.83/hr	
MANUS, *dward L.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
MARLOWE, *hristopher L.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
McALOON, *hristie D.	Manager of Key Accounts	$4,295/mo	
McCOLLUM, *ary R.	Mgr of Development & Special Projects	$6,300/mo	
MENDOZA, *ene A.	Engineering Tech	$20.84/hr	
MEREDITH, *usan K.	Billing Supervisor	$4,052/mo	
MEYER, *onathan L.	Accountant	$3,452/mo	
MILLER, *aren M.	Manager of Communications	$6,148/mo	
MILLS, *andy J.	IS Supervisor	$6,012/mo	
MONSON, *dward L.	Energy Advisor	$4,229/mo	
MORTENSON, *ichelle S.	CSR	$15.08/hr	
MUDD, *onald J.	Meterman	$27.42/hr	
NESWICK, *evin L.	Meter Reader	$18.96/hr	
NEWELL, *aula A.	Clerk 4, Key Accounts	$15.89/hr	
NOYCE, *ichelle L.	CSR	$15.08/hr	
OESTREICH, *urt D.	Network Support Specialist	$4,590/mo	
OLSEN, *ndrew D.	Manager of Broadband Communications	$6,695/mo	
PAETEL, *anet S.	Manager of Accounting	$7.002/mo	
PEASE, *yle E.	Lead Serviceman	$29.33/hr	
PEDERSON, *. Ellen	Senior CSR	$15.89/hr	
PERRY, *illiam H.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
PERSONS, *ennifer A.	Mail Clerk	$12.43/hr	
PHILIPP, *ancy J.	Energy Engineer	$4,953/mo	
PRYOR, *effery D.	Senior Accountant	$5,042/mo	
PURDOM, *risti L.	Clerk 4, Operations	$15.31/hr	
PUTMAN, *ames D.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
QUAY, *arolyn A.	Human Resources Coordinator	$4,140/mo	
REMER, *ichard J.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
RENNER, *ames W.	Lead Serviceman	$29.35/hr	
REVELL, *harles E.	Director of Retail Services	$8,680/mo	
ROBINSON, *aureen J.	Manager of Customer Service	$5,700/mo	
ROE, *obert P.	Field Engineer	$25.44/hr	
ROSE, *erald D.	Station Electrician	$27.42/hr	
SAMS, *uane J.	Senior Engineer	$7,013/mo	
SANDERS, *ames W.	General Manager	$11,224/mo	
SANTILLIE, *odi M.	Clerk 4, Warehouse	$15.89/hr	
SCHAFER, *ohn P.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
SCHERER, *lake J.	Electrical Engineer	$3,680/mo	
SCHERER, *arlan J.	General Foreman	$7,013/mo	
SCHLEKEWEY, *iane A.	Executive Secretary	$3,539/mo	
SCHULTZ, *evin A.	Transformer Repairman	$25.02/hr	
SCHUMACHER, *homas R.	Lead Energy Analyst	$5,744/mo	
SCRIMSHER, *onnice G.	Senior Secretary	$3,121/mo	
SEGER, *radley J.	Warehouseman	$20.93/hr	
SEGER, *harles O.	Warehouseman	$20.93/hr	
SHEERAN, *artin J.	Energy Advisor	$4,427/mo	
SITTON, *oy L.	Maintenance Man	$23.33/hr	
SMITH, *ictor P.	Foreman Mechanic	$26.36/hr	
SPLATTSTOESSER, *ary D.	Supervisor of Support Services	$6,093/mo	
STANLEY, *ames D.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
STETZEL, *arlyn J.	Equipment Operator	$23.72/hr	
STEVENS, *obert B.	Human Resources Manager	$7,535/mo	
STONE, *amara J.	Senior CSR	$16.04/hr	
STRIFERT, *lizabeth	CSR	$15.53/hr	
STUMPH, *ary G.	Senior Meter Reader	$19.92/hr	
SULLIVAN, *atrick L.	Station Electrician	$27.42/hr	
SULLIVANT, *ichael S.	Database Administrator	$5,744/mo	
SUMNER, *olanda Y.	CSR	$15.54/hr	
SUNFORD, *ick L.	Field Engineer	$25.44/hr	
SWANSON, *ohn S.	Manager of Information Systems	$7,002/mo	
TAYLOR, *avid G.	Lead System Dispatcher	$30.83/hr	
THOMS, *obert M.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
THORNE, *teven W.	Sr. Engineering Tech	$23.90/hr	
TIER, *onya H.	Clerk 3, Retail Services	$15.08/hr	
TUCKSEN, *oretta E.	Clerk 4, Purchasing	$15.89/hr	
VOSAHLO, *effery W.	Engineering Tech	$21.28/hr	
WILLIAMS, *ohn V.	Lineman	$27.42/hr	
WOOD, *ichard W.	Line Foreman	$30.83/hr	
YULY, *avis E.	Clerk 5, Accounting	$16.93/hr	
ZUNKER, *awrence S.	Line Foreman	$30.83/hr	

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to Benton County PUD.

Here's the response e-mail I got from Benton County PUD.
From: Carolyn Quay
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 2:48 PM
Subject: Requested information
Attached in Exel format you will find the information you requested. (30.7kb)
Carolyn Quay
HR Coordinator
Benton PUD

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