This is a list of the 2004 Douglas County PUD employees and their job title and salaries. (pop 32,603)(156 employees)

Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County was established in 1936 and engages in: • Distribution of electricity to more than 17,000 customers in Douglas County through its Electric Distribution System. • Ownership and operation of the Wells Hydroelectric Project on the Columbia River. Thirty-eight percent of the electricity generated by the project is retained for sale through the distribution system to consumers in Douglas County, Okanogan Public Utility District and other electric utilities. • Distribution of water to some Douglas County residents. • Operation of a high-speed communication system. The system is used for utility purposes and by wholesale customers who sell retail services to Douglas County residents. A three-member Board of Commissioners is the policy-making body for the District. The Commission appoints a Manager who is responsible for the oversight and management of the District’s approximately 165 employees and $53 million annual operating budget.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2004 Douglas County PUD List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

Here's a link to the Douglas County PUD webpage.

Information about the Douglas County PUD can be found at the Washington State Auditors webpage about audit reports they've done on Washington State agencies.

April 6, 2004 note: I have replaced the first letter of the first name of each person, with a *.

To paste names, job titles and salaries in an excel spreadsheet, click on "view" and then "source", copy everything between (pre) and (/pre).

Douglas County PUD Employees				
As of 2/29/04				
Paid semi-monthly / Union positions are hourly / all others salaried	 

NAME	                  POSITION	              Salary Hourly or Monthly 
*eonard C. Anderson	Distrib Sys Engineer		5,210.00 	
*mber Arnold		Clerk		        10.75 		
*teve M. Babcock		Journeyman Electrician		     28.24 		
*rville H. Barlow Jr.	Journeyman Mechanic		     28.24 		
*ruce W. Basler		Chief Operator		        33.17 		
*evin M. Beck		Programmer Analyst			  4,250.00 	
*imothy B. Beck		Line Foreman		        31.75 		
*effrey J. Bellinger	Power Dispatcher		        36.30 		
*effery D. Berdan		Utilityman I		        19.02 		
*arol R. Berg		Resource Planner			        5,140.00 	
*ohn L. Bergstrom		Deputy Auditor			        5,902.00 	
*hane A. Bickford		Fishery Biologist			        6,566.00 	
*hristine G. Biggar	Infor Systems Support Specialist	3,600.00 	
*nthony M. Bird		Journeyman Lineman		     28.24 		
*ordon K. Brett		Property Supervisor			  6,760.00 	
*rian L. Brons		Journeyman Lineman		     28.24 		
*ohn M. Brown		Land Use Representative			  5,457.00 	
*ichael  R. Bruno		Wells Project Superintendent		7,850.00 	
*effrey H. Buntzler	Technician II		        32.48 		
*helby F Burchett		Assistant Power Dispatcher	31.75 		
*effrey R. Carrow		Lineman Foreman		        31.75 		
*enjamin J. Carter		Network Analyst			  6,438.00 	
*obert W. Clubb		Chief Environmental & Regulatory Service  8,800.00 	
*erry R. Cook		CAD Engineer			        3,700.00 	
*enevieve M. Cox		Senior Bookkeeper		        22.48 		
*erbert H. Curtis		Operations Engineer			  9,373.00 	
*hristopher Curtis, Sr.    Office Engineer			  5,613.00 	
*andy R. Dahl		Journeyman Operator		     28.24 		
*osaline Dahlin		Customer Accounting Supervisor	5,902.00 	
*amin  D. Daling		Technician l		        31.08 		
*rent A. Darnell		Apprentice Meterman		     24.17 		
*aniel G. Day		Customer Engineer			        5,413.00 	
*usan M. Deich		Programmer Analyst			  5,667.00 	
*ana Detjen		Electrical Distribution Engineer		5,939.00 	
*onn M. DeWitt		Chief Dispatcher			           7,413.00 	
*illiam C. Dobbins		Manager/CEO			         12,178.00 	
*onald B. Duncan Jr.	Distribution Superintendent			 6,904.00 	
*evan W.  Dyal		Warehouseman		        21.23 		
*tephen D. Early		Chief Operator		        33.17 		
*avid G. Ehlenbach		Senior Operator		        30.37 		
*cott F. Ellis		Service Lineman		        28.24 		
*ichael E. Erb		Lineman 		        28.24 		
*oseph M. First		Electrical Engineer - Wells			 5,750.00 	
*ristine D. Fleming	Senior Engineering Assistant	26.29 		
*hristopher J. Gavin	Apprentice Lineman		     24.17 		
*annie R. Gerber		Technician lI		        32.48 		
*imberly A. Girdler	Purchasing Clerk		        22.48 		
*om C. Goodwin		Apprentice Lineman		     24.17 		
*oren J. Grode		General Foreman			        6,400.00 	
*ohn E. Grundstrom		Assistant Treasurer	7,245.00 	
*effery  D. Hammond	Warehouseman		        23.73 		
*aymond H. Harter   	Journeyman Mechanic		     28.24 		
*lan T. Harvey		Journeyman Mechanic		     28.24 		
*radley M. Hawkins		Special Projects Coordinator	4,220.00 	
*rian F. Hicks		Senior Operator		        30.37 		
*obert D. Higgins		Purchasing Agent			        7,262.00 	
*ichard A. Hiltz		Senior Operator		        30.37 		
*iland A. Hoiland		Meterman Foreman		        31.75 		
*homas E. Hook		Operations Supervisor - Wells		7,830.00 	
*olleen L. Huber		Chief Administrative Secretary	5,107.00 	
*ohn R. Hughes		Distribution Communication Engineer	  5,017.00 	
*ary  R. Ivory		Auditor/Distribution System Chief Accountant 7,880.00 	
*cott K. Jonas		System Protection Engineer		5,017.00 	
*arliss A. Jones		Assistant Purchasing Agent		5,450.00 	
*isa K. Keane		Clerk		        14.55 		
*ames L.  Keating		Network Analyst			        5,950.00 	
*ebbie C. Kenny		Senior Resource Planner			  5,916.00 	
*ick W. Kenny		Wireman II Foreman		     33.71 		
*ichard R. Klein		Programmer Analyst			  5,000.00 	
*ichard W. Klinge		Fishery Biologist			        5,923.00 	
*elly R. Kniffen		Clerk		        14.55 		
*erald M. Kyle		Wells Systems Engineer			  8,230.00 	
*rnest D. Langhurst	Technician II		        32.48 		
*im M. LaVallie		Distribution Work Order Clerk	     22.48 		
*ernon L. Lester		Journeyman Electrician		     28.24 		
*haron S. Liebert		Power Resource Coordinator		6,819.00 	
*alph H. Lieser, Jr.	Project Electrical Foreman	32.48 		
*arry L. Loddewig		Senior Operator		        30.37 		
*ohn H. Logan		Power Dispatcher		        36.30 		
*elia L. Lopez		Special Billing Clerk		   21.49 		
*amuel Lopez, Jr.		Journeyman Electrician		     28.24 		
*ichard L. Lowther		Technician II		     32.48 		
*enry E. LuBean		Superintendent of Power Operations	8,631.00 	
*ulene M. Lucas		Network Administrator			  4,850.00 	
*aniel C. Magee		Chief Operator		        33.17 		
*ance A. Manning		Apprentice Lineman		     20.92 		
*ayne A. Marsh		Land Management Technician		3,768.00 	
*ichard E. Martin		Information Systems Supervisor    7,600.00 	
*onnie L. Mathews 		Accounting Assistant		1,972.00 	
*aul J. Mayer		Technician II		        32.48 		
*ary E. Mayo		Special Billing Clerk		     21.49 		
*artin D. McCrary		Service Lineman		        28.24 		
*ia M. McEuin		Fish Counter		        15.49 		
*ames A. McGee		Wildlife Biologist			  4,899.00 	
*ay R. McGregor		Distribution Operations Supervisor	7,600.00 	
*ichard E. Miller		Journeyman Mechanic		     28.24 		
*oy G. Miller		Distribution Engineering  Supervisor   8,230.00 	
*anny A. Monson		Journeyman Lineman		     28.24 		
*ltamae  Moore		Clerk 		        16.78 		
*ark W. Morrison		Journeyman Wireman		     28.24 		
*andy A. Mundt		Distribution Engineer			  5,017.00 	
*esa K. Neumann		Fish Counter		        15.49 		
*teve G. Nieuwenhuis	Journeyman Mechanic		     28.24 		
*erald A. Nolin		Utilityman  II		        20.92 		
*ugene B. Ockinga		AM/FM Engineer			        4,776.00 	
*ynn S. O'Keefe		Meter Reader		        19.28 		
*yle R. Ostheller		Line Foreman		        31.75 		
*ristine M. Oules		Office Engineer -  Wells Project	4,600.00 	
*eith N. Paxton		Meter Reader		        19.28 		
*andra R. Petersen		Clerk		        18.15 		
*enneth A. Pflueger	Assistant Manager/Wells Project Chief Engineer 10,246.00 	
*aymond C. Phelps		Journeyman Wireman		     28.24 		
*ichael S. Prey		Journeyman Operator		     28.24 		
*arbara E. Rains		Storekeeper		        24.17 		
*ulie A. Randall		Utilityman l		        19.02 		
*andy E. Riggs		Journeyman Lineman		     28.24 		
*arren P. Robertson	Journeyman Meterman		     28.24 		
*ylvia  A.  Robertson	Fish Counter		        15.49 		
*anet S. Romey		Clerk		        18.15 		
*ene' M. Rowton		Clerk		        18.15 		
*esus  Alberto Salinas	Electrical Engineer			 4,515.00 	
*yatt W. Scheibner		Treasurer/Wells Project Chief Accountant 7,880.00 	
*ohn A. Scheller		Journeyman Mechanic		     28.24 		
*ayDee P. Schriver		Power Dispatcher		     36.30 		
*ennifer L. Scott		Assistant Administrative Secretary	4,738.00 	
*aul J. Scott		Power Dispatcher		        36.30 		
*ruce D. Sexton		Land Use Specialist			  4,418.00 	
*ick M. Shaw		Journeyman Electrician		     28.24 		
*arrell G. Shinn		Journeyman Electrician		     28.24 		
*alter M. Simmons		Chief Operator		        33.17 		
*rlen D. Simon		Power Dispatcher		        36.30 		
*ohn L. Simpson		Journeyman Mechanic		     28.24 		
*ristian E. Sims		Journeyman Lineman		     28.24 		
*erald E. Smith		Technician II		        32.48 		
*ike W. Snyder		Staking Engineer			        4,616.00 	
*rina A. Sorrell		Clerk		        17.44 		
*racy L. Squires		Clerk		        16.02 		
*aniel A. Stolp		Electrical Engineer (Wells)		5,800.00 	
*rank M. Taylor		Project Mechanical Foreman	32.48 		
*evin D. Towne		Line Foreman		        31.75 		
*illiam A. Tuinstra	Senior Operator		        30.37 		
*ancy  J. Van Hoven	Confidential Secretary - (Chief Engineer)	4,081.00 	
*ebra Varrelman		Parts and Materials Coordinator	2,883.00 	
*eaghan E. Vibbert		Public Information Officer	4,070.00 	
*on O. Vognild		Human Resource Administrator		6,135.00 	
*harles E. Wagers		Power Planning & Contracts Administrator	8,739.00 	
*ichael R. Watkins		Journeyman Lineman	28.54 		
*ason A. Watson		Technician I		        31.08 		
*ichael C. Webb		Journeyman Lineman		     28.54 		
*onna L. Webster		Utilityman II		        20.92 		
*ichard R. Weinstein	Right-of-Way Representative		5,150.00 	
*ric M. Wentworth		Apprentice Lineman 		     21.75 		
*yle J. Wilfong		Journeyman Electrician		     28.24 		
*inda L. Williams		Confidential Secretary - (Treasurer)  4,101.00 	
*nita M. Wright		Insurance/Budget Specialist 		6,882.00 	
*arren J. Wurl		Distribution Communication Engineer		4,842.00

Here's my request letter to the Douglas County PUD.

Here's the response e-mail from the Douglas County PUD.

From: Bill Dobbins
Cc: ; Davis, Jim ; Doneen, Mike
Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 2:52 PM
Subject: LouisBloomNameTitleComp022904.xls (31.8KB)
Dear Mr. Bloom,
Per your request to Commissioner Lynn Heminger I am providing the requested information. I will also send a hard copy and a letter to better document our provision of the requested information. Our understanding is that you will use this information to post to your website at Please refer any information requests you might receive about Douglas PUD to my attention.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Bill Dobbins
Douglas County PUD

Clicking on the above picture will take you to a page about the webmaster.
A freedom of information letter template is at
Washington State newspapers have detailed information about access to public records at
Here's information on Washington State websites about counties, ports, school districts, cities, ect...
In Nov 2002, the Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
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