This is a list of the 2003 Klickitat County PUD employees and their job title and salaries. (pop 19,161)(65 employees)

Public Utility District No. 1 of Klickitat County was established in 1938 and purchases, generates, transmits, distributes and sells electric energy. The District's service area is approximately 1,680 square miles in Klickitat County, on the central southern border of the state. It also serves small areas in Yakima, Skamania and Benton counties. In addition, the District owns and operates water and sewer systems for the communities of Wishram, Roosevelt, Klickitat, Glenwood, Lyle and for the rural subdivisions of Rimrock Water Association and Ponderosa Park Water. These systems are operated as separate systems from the electric utility system. The District employs approximately 70 people and serves approximately 11,100 customers. The District is administered by an elected, three-member Board of Commissioners. The District has revenues in excess of $28 million, mostly from operation of the electric system.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2003 Klickitat County PUD List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

Here's a link to the Klickitat County PUD webpage.

Sept. 23, 2003 note: I haven't received the Klickitat County PUD employees names. I sent an e-mail, (see below), to Jim Moss re-requesting the employees names, but I haven't received a reply. I will need to re-send another public disclosure letter to the Klickitat County PUD.

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Job Titles	       Pay Grade	      Salaries	 	
Staking Engineer	         3	       55,842 		
Landfill Gas Operator	3	       53,773 		
Engineering Assistant	4	       59,685 		
Purchasing Agent	         4	       67,003 		
GIS Specialist	         2	       32,640 		
Engineering Assistant	4	       71,051 		
Landfill Gas Engineer	5	       64,393 		
Grant Administrator	2	       49,031 		
Interim General Manager	7	            86,520 		
Energy Services Specialist	3	       39,416 		
Operations Manager	7	       83,760 		
Landfill Gas Operator	2	       44,613 		
Executive Secretary	2	       33,792 		
Chief Financial Officer	8	       81,540 		
Water/Wastewater Operations Supervisor	2	       51,156 		
Chief Accountant	      6	       75,672 		
Manager Energy Services	4	       61,458 		
Manager Water/Wastewater4	       61,269 		
Substation & Metering Engineer	5	       64,671 		
Engineering Manager	7	       83,760 		
Power Manager	      9	       98,756 		
Landfill Gas Operator	2	       45,844 		
Staking Engineer	      3	       47,823 		
Management Information Specialist	4	       64,759 		
Power Scheduler	      1	       32,896 		
Commissioner		             15,600 		
Commissioner		             12,000 		
Commissioner		             15,600 		
Journeyman Lineman			 28.85	
Mechanic			             25.97	
Operations Support Assistant		 15.61	
Customer Service Field Representative18.36	
Serviceman - White Salmon		 28.85	
Groundskeeper - parttime		 7.01	
Customer Service Representative	 15.61	
Journeyman Lineman			 28.85	
Journeyman Lineman			 28.85	
Customer Service Representative			13.38	
Foreman - Construction Crew			32.31	
Meterman/Substation Wireman			28.85	
Meter Reader - parttime			13.38	
Apprentice Lineman			23.08	
Journeyman Lineman			28.85	
Bookkeeper			18.96	
Foreman - White Salmon Crew			32.31	
Bookkeeper			18.96	
Billing Clerk/Customer Service Representative			18.96	
Apprentice Lineman			23.08	
Engineering Support Assistant			11.15	
Water/Wastewater Operator			18.62	
Equipment Operator			25.97	
Customer Service Representative			15.61	
Senior Meterman/Substation Wireman			31.74	
Journeyman Lineman			28.85	
Groundman			18.46	
Journeyman Lineman			28.85	
Storekeeper Materialsman			22.21	
Customer Service Field Representative			18.36	
Summer - Laborer			10.00	
Water/Wastewater Laborer			13.38	
Water/Wastewater Operator			15.72	
Water/Wastewater Operator			17.17	
Foreman - Goldendale Crew			32.31	
Serviceman - Goldendale			28.85	
Bookkeeper - parttime			13.38	
Meter Reader - parttime			13.38	


Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the Klickitat County PUD.

Here's the e-mail the Klickitat County PUD sent me on August 25, 2003

From: Jim Moss
Sent: Monday, August 25, 2003 11:08 AM
Subject: Payroll information request.xls
Attached is an Excel spreadsheet, with salary information that you requested.
Payroll information request.xls (13.3kb)

From: louis bloom
To: Jim Moss
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 2:52 PM
Subject: employees names?
I received the job titles and salaries of the Klickitat County PUD. Will you also be sending the names of the Klickitat County PUD employees?
thank you
Louis Bloom

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