This is a list of the 2002 City of Spokane employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 195,629)(3,369 employees)

The City of Spokane is the second largest city in the state with an estimated population of 197,400. The City incorporated in 1881 and adopted its first charter in 1910. In 2001, the City changed to a strong-mayor form of government. Voters elect a Mayor and a seven-member City Council. The City is the county seat of Spokane County. It also serves as a regional center for portions of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana. As a regional center, the City provides higher education and research opportunities, health-care facilities and support services for residents and businesses throughout the area. The local economy has traditionally relied upon natural resources such as forest products, agriculture and mining. The area has experienced growth in technology firms, manufacturing and service industries. Fairchild Air Force Base continues to contribute to the local economy. The City operates on an annual General Fund budget of approximately $120 million. Its 2,300 full- and part-time employees provide police, fire, inspection, street, library, parks and recreation, traffic engineering, water, sewer, solid waste and general administrative services.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2002 City of Spokane List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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SURNAME	       FIRST NAME	            POSITION	                  TOTAL PAY	
AAKRE             	SCOTT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,976.88	
ABLEMAN           	ARLAND      	INSPECTOR SUPERVISOR          	60,077.52	
ACOSTA            	CARRIE      	CLERK II                      	30,343.63	
ADAMS             	LARRY       	POLICE SERGEANT               	84,805.47	
ADAMS             	DAVID       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	62,196.13	
ADAMS             	WILLIAM     	EVENTS MANAGER                	53,182.40	
ADAMS             	GINGER      	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	4,132.00	
ADOLFAE           	MICHAEL     	DIRECTOR-COM & ECON DEV       	85,435.14	
AHMANN            	JANICE      	ACCTG/PERSONNEL ASST I        	33,567.65	
AHMANN            	STASIA      	PAGE I                        	930.72	
AHO               	MICHAEL     	RECREATION SUPERVISOR I       	44,948.80	
AHRENDT           	DARLENE     	CLERK III                     	33,027.02	
AIKEN             	JOHN        	PUB WKS LEAD INSPECTOR        	41,078.50	
AITKEN            	BRIAN       	POLICE OFFICER                	64,682.63	
ALBIETZ           	CAROL       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,126.00	
ALBIN             	RICKIE      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	62,901.67	
ALBIN             	RHONDA      	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK II      	36,450.82	
ALDERSON          	ROBERT      	WASTE AUDITOR                 	49,682.40	
ALDERSON          	DAVID       	UTILITIES COLLECTOR           	36,218.64	
ALDERSON          	ROBERT      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	20,563.48	
ALENT             	PALADIN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,048.40	
ALENT             	JOSHUA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,204.89	
ALFE              	SHANNON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,964.40	
ALLEN             	PAUL        	LABORER I                     	30,048.32	
ALLEN             	RAMA        	CLERK II                      	28,056.58	
ALLEN             	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,893.40	
ALLEN             	ROWLAND     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,406.63	
ALLEN             	STEPHANIE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	522.83	
ALLENTON          	ROBERT      	AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNICIAN        	40,385.74	
ALLISON           	DAVID       	W W TREAT PLANT MT MECH       	42,838.10	
ALLISON           	DAVID       	BRIDGE MAINTAINER I           	35,714.39	
ALTER             	SANDRA      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	27,515.27	
AMES              	PAMELA      	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	51,310.86	
AMES              	AARON       	POLICE OFFICER                	49,174.65	
ANDERSEN          	JODY        	ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY      	39,436.80	
ANDERSEN          	MIRANDA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,152.68	
ANDERSON          	MARTIN      	POLICE SERGEANT               	76,994.21	
ANDERSON          	GERALD      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	72,159.71	
ANDERSON          	HILDING     	DETECTIVE                     	68,357.67	
ANDERSON          	BARRY       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,505.19	
ANDERSON          	JON         	POLICE CORPORAL               	66,151.06	
ANDERSON          	SCOTT       	DETECTIVE                     	65,059.21	
ANDERSON          	VICKIE      	FIRE DISPATCHER               	52,751.92	
ANDERSON          	DWIGHT      	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	43,263.24	
ANDERSON          	RUSSELL     	ELECTRICIAN                   	41,236.42	
ANDERSON          	LAURA       	POLICE PLANNER                	40,989.60	
ANDERSON          	GLENN       	WATER HYDRO PLANT MECH        	40,398.26	
ANDERSON          	LAURENCE    	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	33,640.40	
ANDERSON          	BRIAN       	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	29,075.18	
ANDERSON          	JUSTIN      	LABORER I                     	26,935.64	
ANDERSON          	HAYLEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,221.88	
ANDERSON          	SHELLEY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,408.30	
ANDERSON          	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,642.00	
ANDERSON          	REBECKA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,813.05	
ANDERSON          	KAYLA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,730.25	
ANDERSON          	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,715.20	
ANDERTON          	BENJAMIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,445.00	
ANDERTON          	EVELYN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,210.25	
ANDREWS           	GARIN       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	65,522.70	
ANDREWS           	ARMAND      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,538.21	
ANDREWS           	LARRY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,594.00	
ANGEL             	SHERRI      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,030.26	
ANGUS             	CONRAD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,467.14	
ANTAK             	CHARLES     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,071.00	
ANTONELLI         	DAWN        	EVENTS SUPERVISOR II          	47,940.80	
ANTUSH            	MATTHEW     	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	50,487.04	
ANTUSH            	NICHOLAS    	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	50,265.28	
APPERSON          	CATHERINE   	CUSTOMER SERVICE REP.         	13,350.40	
APPLEGATE         	LEWIS       	ACCOUNTANT II                 	55,109.36	
AQUINO            	LOUIE       	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	40,452.69	
ARCHER            	DANIEL      	AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNICIAN        	37,672.89	
ARCHER            	TIMOTHY     	FIREFIGHTER                   	25,806.52	
ARCHIBALD         	JASON       	FIREFIGHTER                   	27,233.88	
ARGUINZONI        	ALVIN       	LABORER II                    	33,601.74	
ARKILLS           	JANET       	LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASST        	34,220.52	
ARLETH            	BRADLEY     	POLICE SERGEANT               	77,940.64	
ARNESEN           	SUSAN       	SRTC ACCOUNTANT               	46,550.40	
ARNESEN           	THOMAS      	SOUND TECHNICIAN              	46,484.30	
ARNOLD            	DALE        	DIRECTOR - AWWTP              	92,968.84	
ARNOLD            	THOMAS      	PRINCIPAL ENGINEER            	72,725.52	
ARNZEN            	ALAN        	POLICE SERGEANT               	75,078.46	
ARNZEN-JONES      	ADRIANNE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,874.13	
ARRANTS           	MEGAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,656.80	
ARREDONDO         	JOHN        	POLICE OFFICER                	71,095.02	
ARREDONDO         	STEPHEN     	POLICE OFFICER                	33,050.64	
ARVIN             	WILLIAM     	METER READER                  	34,830.60	
ASAN              	CHRIS       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	826.00	
ASH-GEISLER       	VIKI        	PROF LIBRARIAN III            	45,421.60	
ASHLEY            	ALYCIA      	GRAPHIC ARTS SPECIALIST       	27,270.60	
ASHLEY            	IAIN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	530.40	
ASHWOOD           	JOHN        	PARKING METER SPEC. II        	37,036.13	
ASPAAS            	PAUL        	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	59,257.83	
ASTLE             	LEONARD     	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	35,029.59	
ATIQI             	RAMASEAN    	CUSTODIAN I                   	18,884.90	
ATKINS            	RICHARD     	POLICE OFFICER                	59,682.41	
ATWOOD            	JEREMY      	FIRE DISPATCHER               	50,353.23	
AUGUST            	MARCUS      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,664.75	
AUNE              	SHERYL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,515.75	
AUNE              	HAROLD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,156.61	
AUSTIN            	BRENT       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	66,989.33	
AUSTIN            	SCOTT       	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	42,426.65	
AUSTIN            	SHARI       	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,798.08	
AUSTIN            	KASEY       	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
AWBERY            	DANIEL      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,895.42	
AYOTTE            	JESSE       	FIREFIGHTER                   	26,940.50	
AYRES             	BETHANY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,994.38	
BABB              	JUDY        	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,778.12	
BACHMEIER         	DEAN        	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	42,734.75	
BACHMEIER         	RACHEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,338.25	
BACON             	MICHAEL     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	75,135.95	
BACON             	DOUGLAS     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,831.66	
BACON             	KELVIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,237.22	
BADZIONG          	MARK        	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	26,114.22	
BAECHLER          	MICHAEL     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	64,082.40	
BAGBY             	YANCEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,148.70	
BAHR              	MICHAEL     	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	67,569.51	
BAILEY            	GEORGE      	RADIO OPERATOR II             	38,042.58	
BAILEY            	MARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,560.00	
BAKER             	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,918.00	
BAKKE             	JAMES       	INFORMATION ANALYST           	54,472.00	
BAKKEN            	CATHERINE   	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,651.20	
BAKKEN            	RONNIE      	WASTE WATER INSPECTOR         	39,724.42	
BALDWIN           	EUGENE      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	71,040.15	
BALDWIN           	JUANITA     	PAGE I                        	4,949.28	
BALLIEN           	RACHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,827.07	
BALLOU            	REBECCA     	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,729.85	
BANARGENT         	MICHELLE    	CLERK III                     	25,038.12	
BANKS             	MANDI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,801.63	
BANKSTON          	JOSHUA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,702.50	
BARKER            	COREY       	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,935.96	
BARKLEY           	STEPHANIE   	DETECTIVE                     	59,280.06	
BARLEY            	SEAN        	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	24,877.58	
BARNES            	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,277.54	
BARNES            	LAURA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,676.78	
BARNES            	MAVIS       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,582.80	
BARNES            	JAMIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	399.00	
BARNETT           	MARK        	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	43,744.82	
BARNETT-CANFIELD  	TERRANCE    	MEDIC                         	65,896.22	
BARR              	DOUGLAS     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	40,196.10	
BARRETT           	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,923.90	
BARRINGTON        	JEFFREY     	DETECTIVE                     	77,099.89	
BARRON            	RICHARD     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	56,865.35	
BARRY             	ALAN        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,455.60	
BARRY             	RANDY       	W W TREAT PLANT OP I          	37,235.66	
BARTLETT          	GLENN       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	60,790.49	
BARTO             	MARALEE     	CLERK I                       	26,329.20	
BARTOL            	MARY        	RECREATION SUPERVISOR I       	45,548.80	
BARTOO            	HARRY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	623.00	
BASINGER          	EDWARD      	PARKING METER FOREPERSON      	45,132.40	
BASKIN            	CATHERINE   	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	62,024.02	
BASSEN            	RONALD      	DEPUTY FIRE CHIEF             	101,825.00	
BASSETT           	PATRICIA    	LIBRARY PAGE II               	13,474.88	
BATES             	SUSAN       	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	32,266.95	
BATES             	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,559.04	
BATTY             	DAVID       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,274.63	
BAUMHOFER         	JOHN        	DIRECTOR - EMP & TRNG         	68,740.80	
BAUNSGARD         	BROOKE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,764.88	
BAXTER            	DEBOREE     	PAGE I                        	1,653.12	
BAYLEY            	MATTHEW     	COMPUTER NETWORK ANALYST      	51,830.42	
BAYNE             	SARAH       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,449.36	
BAYS              	ROGER       	DETECTIVE                     	69,715.90	
BEAL              	DOUGLAS     	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,978.40	
BEAL              	KIMBERLY    	ACCOUNTANT I                  	38,342.42	
BEAL              	STACY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,266.25	
BEARDSLEE         	DAVID       	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	36,427.24	
BEASLEY           	DIXIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	14,425.75	
BEATTIE           	MARK        	WATER HYDRO PLANT OPERATOR    	43,794.50	
BEAUMIER          	ROBERT      	ATTORNEY IV                   	68,740.80	
BECK              	LAWRENCE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,060.50	
BECKHAM           	GREGORY     	LABORER II                    	30,580.68	
BEDDOW            	WILMA       	CLERK III                     	32,598.08	
BEEGLE            	JEFFREY     	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,421.81	
BELCHER           	BRANDI      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	33,377.90	
BELL              	WILLIAM     	URBAN DESIGNER III            	60,280.16	
BELL              	RICHARD     	PARK EQUIP. SPECIALIST FPRSN  	42,248.85	
BELL              	GWENDOLYN   	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	34,064.41	
BELL              	FORREST     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	28,992.67	
BELL              	THOMAS      	LABORER I                     	26,843.20	
BELL              	PAUL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,908.00	
BELNAP            	LORI        	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	24,454.93	
BELT              	KARA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,863.00	
BELZAK            	STEVEN      	CERTIFIED PLAN EXAMINER       	58,794.00	
BENAVIDEZ         	GEORGE      	DETECTIVE                     	74,156.98	
BENDIXEN          	JASON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,483.88	
BENEDETTI         	CHRISTINE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,342.51	
BENEFIELD         	JEFFERY     	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,651.20	
BENHAM            	JOANNE      	DIRECTOR - YOUTH              	55,969.60	
BENHAM            	BRYCE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,557.45	
BENHAM            	MARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,780.00	
BENNETT           	TRACY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,280.19	
BENSON            	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,600.08	
BENTLEY           	ANTHONY     	LABORER II                    	34,316.06	
BENTON            	ROBERT      	LABORER II                    	33,395.30	
BERGIN            	PHILIP      	POLICE RECORDS SHIFT SUPVR.   	35,548.32	
BERGMANN          	ROGER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	971.04	
BERGSTEDT         	KYLE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	12,306.00	
BERGSTROM         	DENNIS      	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,580.80	
BERGSTROM         	JOHN        	ENGINEERING TECH III          	40,533.28	
BERINGER          	DENNIS      	REAL ESTATE MANAGER           	7,965.17	
BERNARD           	GREGORY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,750.00	
BERNARDS          	MARY        	LIBRARY PAGE II               	7,007.62	
BERRY             	DANNY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,668.25	
BERTELSON         	RALPH       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	73,229.13	
BESELER           	RUSSELL     	LABORER II                    	33,528.77	
BESSMER           	ANDREW      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,038.88	
BETTIS            	ERIN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,329.02	
BETTS             	HARLON      	LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASST        	33,877.46	
BETTS             	KIMBERLEE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,512.00	
BIALLAS           	MINDY       	PROBATION OFFICER I           	43,638.43	
BIAS              	JAMES       	LABORER II                    	33,225.04	
BIDDLE            	JOHN        	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,590.92	
BIEBER            	SCOTT       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	27,680.56	
BIECHLER          	JOHN        	LIBRARY CARETAKER II          	16,074.00	
BIEHL             	DAWN        	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	16,731.24	
BIERCE            	CHRISTOPHER 	LABORER I                     	11,013.35	
BIERIG            	BRIAN       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,720.17	
BIERMAN           	DARCI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,015.00	
BIGGAR            	KELLEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,118.94	
BILLINGTON        	KERRY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,765.35	
BINFORD           	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,883.03	
BINGHAM           	JUSTIN      	PROSECUTOR I                  	34,557.60	
BINKOSKI          	PAUL        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	68,125.58	
BINSFIELD         	TROY        	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	32,867.66	
BISCHOFF          	MICKEY      	WATER CONST INSPECTOR         	48,950.55	
BISCHOFF          	BETTY       	SECRETARY II                  	33,540.32	
BISENIUS          	DEBORAH     	CHEMIST                       	43,955.25	
BISHOP            	RODNEY      	BUILDING ENGINEER II          	41,931.03	
BISHOP            	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,578.38	
BISHOP            	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,080.00	
BISHOP            	STEPHANIE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	231.17	
BISSON            	SUSIE       	REPROGRAPHICS EQUIP. TECH.    	34,657.99	
BIVENS            	DENINE      	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	30,040.65	
BJORDAHL          	DARLENE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	84.00	
BLACK             	ANGELA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,729.57	
BLACKERBY         	ERIC        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,743.00	
BLANCHARD         	DAISY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,197.20	
BLANKENSHIP       	TINA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,219.25	
BLATT             	JOHN        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,484.21	
BLAZEK            	JOSEPH      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,482.50	
BLEDSOE           	JIM         	PROSECUTOR I                  	36,794.40	
BLEGEN            	BRADLEY     	DIRECTOR - WATER              	92,860.72	
BLESSING          	ERIN        	POLICE OFFICER                	64,763.54	
BLESSING          	BRIAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,100.25	
BLOCKER           	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,800.97	
BLOOM             	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	952.00	
BLYTHE            	JAMES       	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	8,238.40	
BOARDMAN          	THERESA     	DETECTIVE                     	76,407.70	
BOCK              	JARED       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,419.16	
BOCKSTRUCK        	JAMES       	LABORER II                    	23,815.68	
BOLAND            	ERIN        	PAGE I                        	1,679.16	
BOLDIZSAR         	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,340.00	
BOLDT             	KAROLINA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,589.56	
BOLING            	BRENT       	SUBSTITUTES                   	279.30	
BOND              	JAMES       	CRAFT SPECIALIST              	39,133.89	
BONDERMAN         	LORI        	DATA ENTRY TECH III           	32,902.01	
BONILLAS          	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,893.36	
BONNER            	PATRICIA    	PROF LIBRARIAN III            	55,969.60	
BOOEY             	CASEY       	AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNICIAN        	46,180.06	
BOONE             	WILLIAM     	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,485.02	
BOOTHBY           	KATIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,081.40	
BOOTHE            	ROBERT      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	66,562.53	
BOOTHYBY          	CARRIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,013.15	
BOQUIST           	TRIESHA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,359.40	
BORDERS           	CURTIS      	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	35,284.78	
BORG              	GREGORY     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,994.36	
BORG              	PETER       	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	24,529.79	
BORHAUER          	LARRY       	CERTIFIED COMB INSPECTOR      	51,570.82	
BORISYUK          	TATYANA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,926.39	
BOSSE             	HENRY       	LABORER II                    	34,881.60	
BOSSOM            	AMY         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	152.54	
BOTTER            	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,393.79	
BOUGHTER          	ERIN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,123.58	
BOURCY            	COLLEEN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,324.38	
BOURES            	JUANITA     	ATTORNEY ASSISTANT            	22,203.74	
BOURGEAU          	ARNOLD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,322.50	
BOVEY             	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	126.00	
BOWEN             	JAMES       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	58,590.14	
BOWER             	DENAE'      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,698.09	
BOWER             	BRADLEY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,908.45	
BOWERS            	DAVID       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	60,117.52	
BOWERS            	EDWARD      	ACCOUNTANT II                 	53,182.40	
BOWERS            	SHARON      	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,254.49	
BOWERSOX          	ROSS        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,351.60	
BOWIE             	MALCOLM     	SENIOR ENGINEER               	60,337.60	
BOWIE             	MICHELLE    	PAGE I                        	5,631.36	
BOWMAN            	LARRY       	DETECTIVE                     	78,746.28	
BOWN              	CHARLES     	DEPUTY POLICE CHIEF           	60,994.21	
BOXLEY            	JOHNNA      	DIRECTOR - ENT. FAC.          	66,672.00	
BOYCE             	MORGAN      	GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT    	48,144.89	
BOYCE             	JULIE       	ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY      	40,036.80	
BOYER             	TRICIA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,436.48	
BRADLEY           	BRIANA      	CLERK II                      	30,401.66	
BRAGDON           	ROGER       	CHIEF - POLICE                	111,012.00	
BRAKEL            	GARVIN      	DIRECTOR - MIS                	84,427.20	
BRAKEL            	CAROLYN     	SECRETARY II                  	32,827.02	
BRANDENBURG       	PATRICK     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,950.27	
BRANNAN           	JULIANN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,128.96	
BRAUN             	STEVEN      	POLICE CAPTAIN                	99,365.30	
BRAUN             	STEVEN      	POLICE OFFICER                	42,634.35	
BRAVIROFF         	JEFFREY     	FIREFIGHTER                   	32,618.46	
BRECEK            	AARON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,437.11	
BREDE             	JOYCE       	MAIL CENTER SPECIALIST        	35,790.59	
BREESE            	MARK        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	62,318.04	
BREITZKE          	MARY        	FIRE DISPATCHER               	50,062.19	
BREMER            	THEA        	BUYER I                       	37,377.62	
BRENDEN           	CRAIG       	DETECTIVE                     	66,430.92	
BRENDEN           	PAMELA      	CLERK III                     	33,578.53	
BRESSLER          	TAYLOR      	PARK & REC DIVISION MGR       	68,140.80	
BREWER            	LLOYD       	ENVIRON. PROGRAMS MANAGER     	59,275.18	
BRISON            	SERENA      	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	32,319.64	
BRISSON           	TINA        	ENGINEERING TECH II           	29,552.00	
BRITTON           	JOHN        	TRAFFIC ENGR. ASST.           	48,460.92	
BRIZIUS           	DAVID       	LABORER II                    	34,342.80	
BRIZIUS           	DORIS       	CLERK II                      	31,484.48	
BROATCH           	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,615.31	
BROCK             	DOUGLAS     	GARDENER II                   	34,777.97	
BRONOWSKI         	EDWARD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,011.04	
BROOKS            	GERALD      	MEDIC                         	66,718.05	
BROOKS            	KEVAN       	ACCOUNTANT I                  	43,046.40	
BROOKS            	GEORGE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	375.20	
BROWN             	RALPH       	FIRE BATTALION CHIEF          	114,422.38	
BROWN             	ELDON       	PRINCIPAL ENGINEER            	73,254.40	
BROWN             	KENNETH     	PRINCIPAL ENGINEER            	68,270.41	
BROWN             	LEON        	DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL-CERTIFIED 	67,263.06	
BROWN             	AMY         	ARENA MRKG MGR/ASST GEN MGR   	54,472.00	
BROWN             	TAMI-JO     	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	41,137.64	
BROWN             	WAYNE       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	37,875.61	
BROWN             	DANNY       	PARKING METER SPEC. II        	36,686.05	
BROWN             	PEDRO       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	36,400.60	
BROWN             	WILLIAM     	LABORER II                    	34,492.46	
BROWN             	SHEILA      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	33,592.17	
BROWN             	FREDERIC    	ASSOCIATE ENGINEER            	32,786.00	
BROWN             	LEE         	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	29,707.51	
BROWN             	ELLEN       	CLERK II                      	29,473.74	
BROWN             	CHARLES     	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	24,725.86	
BROWN             	LYNNE       	CLERK II                      	23,768.15	
BROWN             	BLAINE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,885.98	
BROWN             	MARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,733.43	
BROWN             	STEPHEN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,498.88	
BROWN             	DAWN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,864.66	
BROWN             	VIOLET      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,874.56	
BROWN             	JASON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,765.12	
BROWN             	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,680.00	
BROWN             	ABIGAIL     	PAGE I                        	729.12	
BROWN             	CARMELITA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	212.48	
BROWNING          	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	422.25	
BROWNLEE          	TODD        	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	66,989.72	
BRUCE             	TONYA       	FIRE DISPATCHER               	41,193.48	
BRUCE             	JEFFREY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,963.57	
BRUMBAUGH         	STEPHEN     	RADIO OPERATOR II             	39,158.51	
BRUNER            	JAMES       	FIREFIGHTER                   	53,012.56	
BRURUD            	BRUCE       	INSTRUMENT REPAIR TECH        	42,876.50	
BRUSSEAU          	GARY        	DESKTOP COMPUTER SPEC. II     	44,948.80	
BRYAN             	CLAUDIA     	CLERK III                     	32,902.10	
BRYANT            	LORI        	ACCOUNTANT I                  	39,796.81	
BRYANT            	ALEXANDRIA  	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,062.30	
BRYANT            	CRYSTAL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,257.64	
BRYANT            	ISAIAH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,852.38	
BUCKLES           	PEGGY       	CLERK III                     	33,322.57	
BUCKNER           	RONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,312.25	
BUCKNER           	RONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	429.75	
BUECHLER          	DAVID       	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,173.98	
BUERGEL           	APRIL       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	172.00	
BUHR              	LENA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,544.00	
BULKLEY           	CRAIG       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	62,742.72	
BULLPLUME         	DALE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,713.31	
BUMANN            	BARBARA     	LIBRARY ADMIN ASSISTANT       	44,384.02	
BUMGARNER         	KATHERINE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,167.27	
BUNCH             	COLLEEN     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	66,529.88	
BUNDY             	KEITH       	EQUIP.MAINT.FOREPERSON        	45,132.44	
BUNKER            	BRIAN       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	57,543.06	
BUNN              	DANNY       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	69,795.09	
BUNTAIN           	JOSHUA      	WEBMASTER                     	42,307.20	
BURBRIDGE         	MARK        	DETECTIVE                     	64,629.28	
BURCHELL          	ROGER       	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	51,369.78	
BURCHELL          	LAURIE      	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	28,343.08	
BURCHETT          	GREGORY     	LABORER II                    	31,982.19	
BURDGE            	DOUGLAS     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,297.43	
BURGER            	SUSAN       	RADIO OPERATOR II             	38,205.85	
BURGESS           	JAMES       	LABORER II                    	33,226.49	
BURGETT           	THERESA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,238.24	
BURKART           	SCOTT       	                              	405.51	
BURKE             	JUDITH      	LABORER II                    	36,836.04	
BURNHAM           	GERALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,564.75	
BURNS             	BARBARA     	ATTORNEY IV                   	68,740.80	
BURNS             	STEPHEN     	ENGINEERING TECH II           	34,501.52	
BURRILL           	KEVIN       	EQUIPMENT OPERATOR            	34,236.80	
BURRILL           	MAHLIELLA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,293.38	
BURRIS            	BRUCE       	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	45,003.84	
BUSBY             	MICHAEL     	POLICE RECORDS MANAGER        	58,344.03	
BUSCH             	KEVIN       	POLICE OFFICER                	58,216.80	
BUSCH             	ALICE       	RECREATION SUPERVISOR I       	45,548.83	
BUSH              	KENNETH     	FIREFIGHTER                   	47,388.89	
BUSSE             	KELLY       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	65,662.97	
BUSSE             	LISA        	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	26,273.88	
BUSSIERE          	GARY        	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	43,169.11	
BUTLER            	SCOTT       	FIREFIGHTER                   	53,638.67	
BUTLER            	SAMUEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	391.50	
BUTTERS           	RUSSELL     	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,124.68	
BUTTOLPH          	TIMOTHY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,555.68	
BUTTOLPH          	TASHA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,344.70	
BUTTS             	ROY         	ENGINEERING TECH III          	40,622.40	
BUTZ              	CRAIG       	ASST RIVERFRONT PK MGR        	54,472.00	
BUTZ              	LORENE      	ACCOUNTANT I                  	38,871.20	
BYINGTON          	BARBARA     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	58,770.77	
BYRNES            	DAVID       	CLERK II                      	38,003.16	
BYRNES            	RICHARD     	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	36,495.71	
BYTNAR            	GARY        	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	31,735.12	
CABALLERO         	LORENZO     	REFUSE DIST SUPERVISOR        	50,644.80	
CADY              	MICHELE     	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	28,848.48	
CADY              	STACIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,097.96	
CAFARO            	CHRISTOPHER 	ENGINEERING TECH II           	30,238.38	
CAIN              	RICHARD     	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	45,017.56	
CAIN              	CONNIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	962.00	
CALAMIA           	DEAN        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	70,492.44	
CALHOUN           	CAROL       	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,902.11	
CALL              	BETSIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,169.97	
CALOHAN           	JULIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,796.75	
CAMPBELL          	LINDA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,615.00	
CAMPBELL          	SAMANTHA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,878.69	
CAMPBELL          	JEFFERY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,805.75	
CAMPEA            	BRANDON     	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	13,751.46	
CANIGLIA          	GERALD      	PROSECUTOR II                 	46,373.60	
CANNAN            	TIMOTHY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,866.50	
CANNON            	MICHAEL     	CHEMIST                       	47,340.80	
CANWELL           	JON         	ENGINEERING TECH IV           	43,842.83	
CAPIRAL           	PEDRO       	LABORER II                    	36,934.02	
CAPPELLANO        	JOHN        	FIREFIGHTER                   	65,567.45	
CARL              	JUDITH      	POLICE SERGEANT               	76,478.66	
CARLIER           	ARIANE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	332.50	
CARLSON           	RICHARD     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	70,732.77	
CARLSON           	DONALD      	SENIOR PLANNER                	62,498.94	
CARLSON           	DAVID       	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	51,385.26	
CARLSON           	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,008.63	
CARLSON-SMALL     	DEBORAH     	PAGE I                        	5,792.64	
CARLTON           	ROBERT      	W W TREAT PLANT OP I          	41,870.03	
CARLTON           	ROBERT      	WELDER                        	36,568.60	
CARMAN            	LORETTA     	SECRETARY II                  	33,027.02	
CARMAN            	JEREMY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,680.00	
CARMICHAEL        	MARK        	FIREFIGHTER                   	59,090.45	
CARPENTER         	PAUL        	POLICE OFFICER                	62,662.60	
CARPENTER         	RON         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,830.00	
CARPENTER         	STEPHANIE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,046.25	
CARPENTER         	DOUGLAS     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	34.94	
CARR              	MICHAEL     	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	68,632.32	
CARR              	DEAN        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	55,017.14	
CARRIER           	GARY        	LIBRARY CUSTODIAN I           	19,118.68	
CARR-MOSBRUCKER   	STACEY      	DETECTIVE                     	58,351.39	
CARROLL           	RICHARD     	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	60,452.31	
CARSON            	BRUCE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,572.00	
CARSON            	SHEILA      	CLERK II                      	9,092.16	
CARTWRIGHT        	SIDNEY      	CLERK IV                      	35,492.80	
CARUSO            	PATRICIA    	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,027.06	
CARUSO            	PETER       	PROJECTIONIST                 	1,923.67	
CARVER            	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,239.04	
CASCI             	IAN         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,299.91	
CASH              	MICHAEL     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	40,972.40	
CASHON            	COLLEEN     	PAGE I                        	6,464.92	
CASSELL           	BRADLEY     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	54,171.45	
CASTILLO          	CASS        	POLICE PROPERTY SPECIALIST    	39,148.09	
CASTOR            	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,060.00	
CATE              	BRIAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,941.48	
CATES             	EDDIE       	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	39,109.50	
CATES             	EVELYN      	CUSTODIAN I                   	21,641.33	
CATES             	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,446.08	
CATTADORIS        	DOMINIC     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,478.75	
CAVALAR           	STEVE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	490.00	
CAVANAUGH         	JOSEPH      	ENGINEERING TECH IV           	44,050.83	
CAVANAUGH         	MICHAEL     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,284.40	
CAVANAUGH         	LISA        	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	27,416.23	
CENICEROS         	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,662.51	
CENIS             	DANIEL      	ACCOUNTANT III                	33,798.52	
CESTNIK           	BRIAN       	POLICE OFFICER                	62,560.37	
CHAFFEY           	CHRISTINA   	MARKETING ASSISTANT           	32,549.60	
CHAFFINS          	JACKIE      	SECRETARY II                  	33,110.12	
CHAMPAGNE         	CHRISTIAN   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,625.50	
CHAMPINE          	LISA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	925.72	
CHANCE            	TOMMY       	RADIO OPERATOR I              	29,107.86	
CHANDLER          	KATHY       	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,932.81	
CHANDLER          	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,997.50	
CHANEY            	DALE        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	69,997.84	
CHANEY            	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,114.72	
CHAPMAN           	THOMAS      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	59,799.93	
CHAPMAN           	STEVEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	117.25	
CHARBONNEAU       	SUZETTE     	CLERK III                     	35,731.17	
CHARBONNEAU       	PAUL        	LABORER II                    	34,502.07	
CHARBONNEAU       	RICHARD     	LABORER II                    	23,756.11	
CHARBONNEAU       	GREGORY     	CUSTODIAN I                   	12,184.29	
CHARLES           	JAKE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,410.33	
CHARLES           	CLARE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,113.76	
CHARUAT           	ADRE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,988.00	
CHASE             	DANIEL      	SENIOR INSTRUMENT TECH        	43,667.77	
CHASE             	KYLE        	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
CHASE             	ELIZABETH   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,054.82	
CHAVEZ            	BRIAN       	FIREFIGHTER                   	54,988.11	
CHENEY            	PETER       	SAFETY COORDINATOR            	47,883.76	
CHENEY            	BERT        	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	44,255.31	
CHENEY            	ROY         	ASSISTANT GOLF COURSE SUPT    	41,604.28	
CHENEY            	ADAM        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,049.52	
CHIDSEY           	CARRIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,671.20	
CHILDEARS         	CHAD        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	63,581.99	
CHILDRESS         	MARCIA      	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	29,681.71	
CHILSON           	SALLY       	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	44,577.57	
CHISM             	TODD        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	64,731.63	
(name deleted)       	         POLICE RADIO DISP. I          	18,703.30	
CHRISTENSEN       	JAMES       	POLICE OFFICER                	40,978.28	
CHRISTENSEN       	GLEN        	METER READER                  	36,566.01	
CHRISTENSEN       	KRIS        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,080.00	
CHRISTIANSEN      	ELIZABETH   	RISK MANAGER                  	72,398.40	
CHRISTIANSEN      	THERESA     	CUSTODIAN II                  	31,855.03	
CHRISTIANSEN      	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,002.31	
CHUN              	CORY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,620.50	
CLAAR             	KIMBERLY    	CLERK III                     	32,093.33	
CLARK             	JEFFREY     	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	68,484.10	
CLARKE            	JOHN        	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	70,365.47	
CLARKE            	JACOB       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,003.80	
CLARKSON          	DANIEL      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	37,574.58	
CLAVEL            	RON         	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,608.74	
CLAYBROOKS        	CASSANDRA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	240.57	
CLAYVILLE         	NATHANIEL   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,597.50	
CLEMONS           	MAX         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,094.29	
CLEMONS           	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,268.07	
CLER              	EDWARD      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	63,853.42	
CLEVELAND         	MARK        	WATER HYDRO OPS FOREPERSON    	50,806.82	
CLIFTON           	ANNETTE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,609.76	
CLINE             	JAMES       	FIRE APPARATUS MECHANIC       	46,740.29	
CLINGER           	RONALD      	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	75,173.87	
CLINGER           	KARLA       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	66,859.85	
CLOTHER           	SCOTT       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,962.71	
CLOTHER           	LYNETTE     	LABORER II                    	33,477.43	
CLOUSE            	BRIAN       	WASTE WATER DIST. SUPERV      	48,220.01	
CLUTE             	DENNIS      	CERT.AUTO.BODY SPECIALIST     	40,721.22	
CLUTTER           	CLYDE       	ENGINEERING TECH II           	16,513.36	
CMOS              	MIKE        	W W TREAT PLANT MT MECH       	41,922.95	
COBB              	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,810.15	
COBB              	G KAY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,008.00	
COBLE             	DUANE       	CITY PLANNER III              	41,306.69	
COBLENTZ          	HALLEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,781.03	
CODD              	NICHOLAS    	STATIONARY ENGINEER           	44,845.56	
COE               	KEITH       	WATER HYDRO MAINT FOREPERSON  	51,567.94	
COE               	RICHARD     	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	32,755.32	
COE               	MELANIE     	CLERK III                     	31,386.08	
COFFEY            	MOLLIE      	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	30,417.60	
COFFMAN           	DONALD      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	62,852.73	
COLBURN           	JANICE      	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	60,858.84	
COLDIRON          	SCOTT       	FIREFIGHTER                   	25,778.59	
COLE              	DANIEL      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	66,469.60	
COLE              	LAWRENCE    	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	64,824.22	
COLE              	CHAD        	POLICE OFFICER                	12,556.48	
COLEMAN           	ROBERT      	FIREFIGHTER                   	63,885.91	
COLEMAN           	MYLISSA     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	63,005.92	
COLES             	TIMOTHY     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	44,205.28	
COLES             	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,051.76	
COLLINS           	JAMES       	DETECTIVE                     	70,046.85	
COLLINS           	ROBERT      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	59,762.24	
COLLINS           	JACKIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,702.00	
COLLITON          	JEFFRY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,548.00	
COMPAU            	NANCY       	LIBRARY MGMT & PROF ASSOCIATE 	43,784.00	
COMPTON           	DAVID       	CITY PLANNER I                	36,919.20	
CONDON            	BRIDGET     	PUBLIC DEFENDER I             	41,010.48	
CONLEY            	TIMOTHY     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	61,587.62	
CONLEY            	LaRAYNE     	ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY      	40,036.80	
CONLEY            	JASON       	PARK SECURITY OFFICER         	36,571.24	
CONLEY            	NATHAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,068.00	
CONLEY            	DERRICK     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,030.65	
CONNELLY          	MICHAEL     	CITY ATTORNEY                 	90,866.40	
CONNELLY          	MINDE       	DETECTIVE                     	65,450.22	
CONNELLY          	CAITLIN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,552.23	
CONNELLY          	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	804.82	
CONSTABLE         	JOEL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,748.56	
CONWAY            	COLIN       	POLICE OFFICER                	46,344.36	
COOK              	RICHARD     	COMPTROLLER                   	92,680.00	
COOK              	TERRY       	REAL ESTATE AGENT             	42,688.56	
COOK              	JOEL        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	37,050.45	
COOK              	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,618.40	
COOK              	NICKOLAS    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,610.28	
COOK              	STACY       	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	4,340.52	
COOK              	ZOE         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,062.50	
COOK              	NICHOLE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	309.75	
COOLEY            	JAMES       	CERTIFIED COMB INSPECTOR      	44,772.41	
COON              	STEVEN      	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	48,221.16	
COON              	LORENA      	POLICE PROPERTY SPECIALIST    	38,766.48	
COON              	SHERYL      	CLERK IV                      	35,334.63	
COOPER            	DUANE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,509.74	
CORBETT           	BRENDA      	COUNCIL SECRETARY II          	30,001.61	
CORDER            	GAIL        	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	33,988.54	
CORDIS            	TYLER       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	65,557.72	
CORKER            	ROBERT      	COUNCILMEMBER                 	18,000.00	
CORKISH           	MICHELE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,345.74	
CORNELIUS         	CRAIG       	FIRE BATTALION CHIEF          	80,558.06	
CORNELIUS         	KATRINIA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	442.28	
CORNWELL          	KRISTIN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	140.66	
CORRICK           	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,243.50	
COSTELLO          	SHAWN       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	25,089.07	
COSTER            	MICHAEL     	LABORATORY SUPERVISOR         	57,508.80	
COSTICH           	IVAN        	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	27,727.01	
COTTER            	JEFFREY     	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	38,684.57	
COTTON            	APRIL       	PAGE I                        	3,022.32	
COULTER           	JERRY       	LABORER II                    	34,775.72	
COWART            	MICHAEL     	LABORER II                    	33,583.00	
COWGER            	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,498.65	
COWLES            	MATTHEW     	POLICE OFFICER                	59,511.05	
COX               	RUSSELL     	POLICE SERGEANT               	86,601.31	
COX               	LISA        	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	27,504.84	
COX               	SHARON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,248.15	
COYLE             	NATHANIAL   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,301.60	
CRAFT             	ALLEN       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,768.69	
CRAGUN            	GRANT       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,636.57	
CRAIG             	THOMAS      	CERTIFIED PLAN EXAMINER       	59,624.01	
CRANDALL          	TODD        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	507.37	
CRANE             	CHRISTOPHER 	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	70,008.12	
CRAWFORD          	DESIREE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	201.60	
CRAWN             	DAWN        	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,734.41	
CREED             	SUSAN       	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,051.22	
CRESS             	KELLY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,375.07	
CREWS             	VICTOR      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,222.50	
CRIGGER           	SARAH       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK II      	34,591.20	
CRISPIN           	LINDA       	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	38,942.40	
CROCKETT          	GAYLE       	ATTORNEY ASSISTANT            	38,892.40	
CROCKETT          	DARIN       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	37,252.40	
CROFT             	SUSANNE     	CITY PLANNER II               	40,572.02	
CROMWELL          	NANETTE     	LIBRARY PAGE II               	26,658.65	
CROOK             	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,763.88	
CROOKS            	EZRA        	W W TREAT PLANT OP I          	29,945.90	
CROUL             	DONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,733.89	
CROWDER           	ADAM        	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	38,690.50	
CRUDUP            	JAMES       	LABORER II                    	34,244.86	
CRUMRINE          	MARSHA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,316.09	
CUBBAGE           	EMILY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	487.69	
CULLIGAN          	JEANNE      	CLERK II                      	30,634.19	
CULLUM            	STEVEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,942.56	
CULP              	BARBARA     	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	30,573.64	
CULVERSON         	CONNIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,175.20	
CUMMINGS          	KEITH       	POLICE SERGEANT               	73,781.11	
CUMPTON           	SARA        	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	29,999.31	
CUNNINGHAM        	LYNN        	LABORER II                    	34,741.18	
CURRY             	BURTON      	W W TREAT PLANT OP III        	46,961.89	
CURTIS            	MICHAEL     	METER READER                  	35,352.01	
CURTIS            	JASON       	POLICE OFFICER                	12,206.48	
CUSICK            	WALLACE     	POLICE SERGEANT               	84,095.37	
CUSICK            	MARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,036.00	
CUSSINS           	LUKE        	FIRE COMM CTR SHIFT SUP (L-II)	72,115.04	
CUTTER            	ALEX        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	50.00	
CZERNIK           	RICHARD     	CLERK I                       	20,643.20	
DAHL              	IAN         	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,554.45	
DAHL              	CANDACE     	ACCOUNTANT I                  	45,548.81	
DAILY             	EUGENE      	SR W W TRT PLANT MT MECH      	43,870.80	
DAILY             	JAN         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,577.13	
DALEY             	BRIAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,379.57	
DALRYMPLE         	DANA        	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	45,136.02	
DALZELL           	CECILIA     	SUBSTITUTES                   	142.72	
DAMRON            	RYAN        	PAGE I                        	5,685.12	
DANIELS           	DAN         	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	81,616.93	
DANIELS           	DANIEL      	DIRECTOR - RETIREMENT         	73,940.80	
DANIELS           	LINDA       	METER READER                  	36,220.41	
DANNEN            	WILLENA     	PROF LIBRARIAN II             	48,568.03	
DANZER            	TERRY       	CERTIFIED COMB INPSECTOR      	48,433.77	
DARILEK           	ROBERT      	STATIONARY ENGINEER SUPV      	54,472.00	
DASHIELL          	ROBBIE      	POLICE CORPORAL               	73,936.75	
DASHIELL          	WILLIAM     	IRRIGATION SPECIALIST         	20,267.26	
DAVENPORT         	ROSS        	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	41,725.97	
DAVEY             	JANET       	CLERK II                      	23,315.29	
DAVIES            	KARA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,109.66	
DAVIS             	STEVEN      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	67,910.60	
DAVIS             	KEITH       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	58,758.92	
DAVIS             	RICHARD     	PERMIT COORDINATOR            	48,366.85	
DAVIS             	CYNTHIA     	BUILDING ENGINEER II          	40,454.66	
DAVIS             	MARK        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,462.37	
DAVIS             	ROBERT      	FACILITIES MAINT WORKER       	32,228.29	
DAVIS             	EDWARD      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	30,742.40	
DAVIS             	REBECCA     	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	30,343.65	
DAVIS             	JASON       	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	29,803.60	
DAVIS             	DANIEL      	PUBLIC DEFENDER I             	29,520.52	
DAVIS             	MYRNA       	CLERK III                     	27,799.49	
DAVIS             	LEONARD     	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	23,526.34	
DAVIS             	RHODA       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	14,739.20	
DAVIS             	JEREMY      	CITY PLANNER I                	8,692.65	
DAVIS             	EILEEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,657.75	
DAVIS             	BYRON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,297.57	
DAVIS             	BREANNE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,679.20	
DAVIS             	JUDITH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,887.50	
DAVIS             	TERRANCE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,559.36	
DAWSON            	MICHAEL     	FIREFIGHTER                   	61,003.10	
DAWSON            	NANCY-JANE  	CLERK II                      	30,253.63	
DAWSON            	MERLE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,531.63	
DAWSON            	SHIRLEY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,334.27	
DAY               	BART        	LABORER II                    	36,458.24	
DAY               	JOHN        	REPROGRAPHICS EQUIP. TECH.    	34,254.03	
DAY               	KERRY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,471.66	
DAY               	WAYNE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,156.50	
DAYMAN            	TAMMY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	398.39	
DE FORD           	STEWART     	LABORER I                     	26,792.16	
DEATRICH          	KERRY       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	33,332.56	
DEATRICH          	LISA        	CLERK II                      	29,473.60	
DECHAND           	KATHLEEN    	CLERK II                      	27,261.57	
DECHAND           	BRENDA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	704.00	
DECHENNE          	TAMMIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,075.02	
DECKER            	SANDRA      	CLERK IV                      	35,866.50	
DEGAN             	THOMAS      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,310.00	
DEGENHARDT        	JOSHUA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	938.26	
DEHN              	BRUCE       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,519.62	
DEIBEL            	CHRISTINE   	SUPERVISORY ANALYST           	61,793.60	
DEIBEL            	RICHARD     	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	39,370.17	
DEILKE            	CHARLES     	WATER HYDRO PLANT OPERATOR    	34,879.68	
DEININGER         	PATRICIA    	CLERK III                     	32,902.03	
DELAY             	JOHN        	DIRECTOR - CHANNEL 5          	50,496.01	
DELONG            	BARRY       	FIELD ENGINEER                	55,668.00	
DELOZIER          	LENISE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,738.00	
DENISON           	DOUGLAS     	LABORER II                    	34,533.29	
DENTON            	JOSEPH      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	65,046.86	
DEPAOLO           	JAMES       	GIS PROGRAMMER                	44,619.34	
DEROETTH          	MARK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	59.81	
DERUWE            	JENNIFER    	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	51,462.31	
DESTITO           	JUDY        	CLERK III                     	32,240.01	
DEUBEL            	MARVIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	60.48	
DEVNICH           	RYAN        	CRIME ANALYST                 	20,116.40	
DEWEERD           	SCOTT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,052.51	
DEWEY             	BARBARA     	CLERK II                      	31,461.81	
DEWITT            	NATALIE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,365.82	
DIAL              	JACK        	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	44,977.54	
DIBARTOLO         	JONATHAN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,798.87	
DICKENS           	FRANK       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	76,157.87	
DICKINSON         	DON         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,753.72	
DIEHL             	FORREST     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	43,041.62	
DIEMERT           	DAVID       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	31,931.05	
DIETRICH          	GEORGE      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,940.73	
DILLMANN          	LISA        	TAXES & LICENSES SPECIALIST   	37,465.62	
DINNISON          	AARON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,942.14	
DIRKS             	LISA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,694.82	
DIXON             	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,198.50	
DIZOL             	YVONNE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,116.36	
DOBROW            	PATRICK     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	63,663.54	
DOBYNS            	JONATHAN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,244.00	
DOBYNS            	JESSICA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,904.00	
DODD              	COLLETTE    	CLERK-STENOGRAPHER II         	33,006.01	
DODSON            	DOUGLAS     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	56,418.44	
DOLAN             	PAMELA      	ACCOUNTANT III                	56,090.25	
DOLAN             	ELLEN       	DEPUTY CITY TREASURER         	53,360.84	
DOLLAR            	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,381.22	
DOMINGUEZ         	JAIME       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	402.53	
DONAHOE           	WILLIAM     	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	76,084.68	
DONAIS            	MARK        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,571.60	
DONOIAN           	ENOCK       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,640.27	
DONOVAN           	KRISTIN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,897.64	
DOPKINS           	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	44.80	
DORAN             	NANCY       	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	3,478.40	
DORNQUAST         	WILLARD     	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,144.65	
DOUD              	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,235.50	
DOUGLAS           	AARON       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	67,150.78	
DOUGLAS           	TRACI       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	64,950.62	
DOUGLAS           	DANN        	PUB WKS JOURNEY LEVEL INSP.   	34,622.95	
DOUGLAS           	DAUN        	CLERK II                      	28,728.45	
DOUGLAS           	LILLIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,802.48	
DOUTRE            	AVERY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,853.72	
DOUVILLE          	JACOB       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,988.00	
DOWERS            	RONALD      	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	38,704.40	
DOWERS            	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,259.61	
DOWNS             	WILLIAM     	LABORER II                    	33,651.60	
DOWTY             	LAURA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,000.00	
DRAGGOO           	GINA        	SECRETARY II                  	32,565.03	
DRAPER            	DEAN        	POLICE OFFICER                	39,710.84	
DRESHER           	KLAYTON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,415.59	
DROLLINGER        	WILLIAM     	POLICE SERGEANT               	77,297.55	
DROUIN            	GENEVA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,013.76	
DRYDEN            	JANET       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	31,297.40	
DUBBE             	DELLA       	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	19,074.62	
DUBOIS            	JOHN        	PROBATION OFFICER I           	44,835.40	
DUBOIS            	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,554.88	
DUCAR             	EDWARD      	FOOD/BEVERAGE SUPERVISOR      	42,660.80	
DUFFEY            	DANIEL      	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	37,398.84	
DUKE              	TAMARA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,280.78	
DUNCAN            	RONALD      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,401.05	
DUNCAN            	PATRICK     	LABORER II                    	32,812.20	
DUNCAN            	KARRIE      	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	31,387.64	
DUNCAN            	TAMRA       	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	30,655.67	
DUNIVANT          	TIM         	ACCOUNTANT I                  	9,727.20	
DUNLAP            	DAVID       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,732.08	
DUNLAP            	GERHARD     	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	51,901.36	
DUONG             	MIRA        	CLERK II                      	30,495.70	
DUPREE            	GLENN       	LABORER II                    	34,190.23	
DURHAM            	ROBERT      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,145.30	
DURLAND           	DENNIS      	W W TREAT PLANT MT MECH       	38,419.92	
DUVAL             	MIKE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,660.63	
DYER              	DERRICK     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,715.41	
DYKES             	RUBY        	CLERK III                     	33,214.11	
DYKES             	JAMES       	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	28,979.68	
DZWINEL           	COLLEEN     	SUBSTITUTES                   	4,601.06	
EADIE             	LEROY       	CITY PLANNER III              	53,635.20	
EARLE             	JAMES       	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	87,383.94	
EARLS             	DEAN        	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	40,240.39	
EASLEY            	JOYCE       	CLERK II                      	30,703.88	
EATON             	DANIEL      	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,360.33	
EATON             	JEREMY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,835.00	
EBER              	GERARD      	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	45,919.61	
EBEY              	KEMMER      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,389.34	
ECCLES            	DUANE       	LIBRARY CUSTODIAN I           	26,779.74	
ECHEGOYEN         	TERRAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,909.33	
ECKERSLEY         	BRIAN       	POLICE OFFICER                	42,036.34	
EDENS             	PAUL        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	65,064.05	
EDGERTON          	GREG        	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	41,756.13	
EDWARDS           	ALAN        	POLICE OFFICER                	67,652.88	
EDWARDS           	DOUGLAS     	LABORER II                    	33,299.33	
EDWARDS           	PEGGY       	CLERK II                      	30,551.69	
EDWARDS           	JON         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,357.50	
EDWARDS           	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,168.52	
EDWARDS           	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,585.95	
EGGEN             	ADRIAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,004.00	
EGGER             	SCOTT       	SENIOR ENGINEER               	60,337.60	
EGGER             	KEVIN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	222.00	
EGGERS            	JAMES       	DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL           	57,746.58	
EICKMEYER         	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,495.50	
EIFFERT           	RUSSELL     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,727.85	
EIRLS             	JASON       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	28,851.91	
EIRLS             	DONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,136.80	
EKKERT            	FEDOR       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,452.12	
EL-AARAG          	MAMDOUH     	ASSOCIATE ENGINEER            	13,326.00	
ELLIOTT           	CHARLES     	IRRIGATION SPECIALIST         	34,560.07	
ELLIS             	MARK        	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	64,808.17	
ELLIS             	ROBERT      	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,974.62	
ELLIS             	NASHIRA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,065.01	
ELLISON           	WILLIAM     	LABORER II                    	37,752.13	
ELMER             	KATIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	108.00	
ELTZ              	GEORGE      	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	31,889.07	
ELVIDGE           	CHANNING    	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,627.21	
EMERY             	WILLIAM     	PARKING METER SPEC. I         	33,671.60	
ENEMARK           	KATRINA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	224.75	
ENGDAHL           	THERESA     	                              	175.57	
ENGELAND          	CYLAS       	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	38,728.80	
ENGER             	WILLIAM     	CERT.HVY.EQUIP.MECHANIC       	42,639.54	
ENGLIN            	JANET       	CLERK III                     	32,902.04	
ENQUIST           	JOHN        	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	40,941.30	
ENQUIST           	JOHN        	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	37,073.17	
ERHART            	FRANK       	POLICE OFFICER                	9,978.75	
ERICKSON          	RONALD      	POLICE SERGEANT               	81,820.58	
ERICKSON          	LARRY       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	61,857.65	
ERICKSON          	JAMES       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	60,949.39	
ERICKSON          	SHARON      	CLERK II                      	31,169.27	
ERICKSON          	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,081.25	
ERICKSON          	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,042.64	
ERICKSON          	MONICA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,926.20	
ERIKSEN           	DEVIN       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	62,081.78	
ERRET             	RANDALL     	LABORER II                    	35,600.07	
ERVIN             	DANIEL      	DETECTIVE                     	68,975.26	
ERVIN             	RICHARD     	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	46,174.90	
ESPERAS           	KENNETH     	PARKING METER SPEC. I         	33,756.24	
ESPERAS           	DARLENE     	CUSTODIAN II                  	32,139.88	
ESTES             	BENJAMIN    	DETECTIVE                     	77,555.57	
ESTES             	JEFFREY     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	57,832.61	
ESTOCK            	BENJAMIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,801.50	
ESTRADA           	SANDRA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,167.28	
ETIER             	ANTOINETTE  	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	27,476.80	
ETTER             	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,128.00	
EUBANK            	BRIDGET     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,915.22	
EUGSTER           	STEPHEN     	COUNCILMEMBER                 	18,000.00	
EVANS             	LARRY       	POLICE SERGEANT               	80,931.41	
EVANS             	DAN         	W W TREAT PLANT MT MECH       	42,730.84	
EVANS             	DARIN       	INSTRUMENT REPAIR TECH        	41,945.46	
EVANS             	JAMES       	GARDENER I                    	35,697.10	
EVANS             	LORETTA     	CLERK III                     	32,902.08	
EVELAND           	MARCUS      	LABOR FOREPERSON              	36,851.29	
EVERS             	BENJAMIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	297.00	
EVERTS            	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,453.40	
EYMONT            	PATRICK     	CRAFT SPECIALIST              	45,807.91	
EYMONT            	JUDY        	CUSTODIAN II                  	29,349.33	
FADDIS            	JAMES       	POLICE SERGEANT               	76,480.87	
FAGGIANO          	SALVATORE   	ATTORNEY IV                   	60,337.60	
FAIRCHILD         	BENJAMIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	362.50	
FALKNER           	THOMAS      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,034.75	
FALWEY            	LARRY       	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	35,021.23	
FARLEY            	TAMMY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	395.80	
FARMER            	CRYSTAL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,011.45	
FARSTAD           	CECILIA     	CLERK II                      	26,738.04	
FASSETTA          	DUSCA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	148.00	
FATTU             	DALE        	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	32,705.39	
FAULKNER          	BRIAN       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,653.02	
FAUSTI            	JOSEPH      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	57,143.59	
FAUVER            	CYNTHIA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,649.20	
FAY               	TANYA       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	10,627.82	
FEDERSPIEL        	GLEN        	ENGINEERING TECH III          	39,092.56	
FENTON            	JAMES       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	38,919.55	
FERGUSON          	MARK        	POLICE OFFICER                	52,692.99	
FERGUSON          	CECIL       	LABORER II                    	34,591.47	
FERGUSON          	JACK        	POLICE OFFICER                	8,083.68	
FERNS             	RICKY       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,143.33	
FERRELL           	LINDA       	CLERK-STENOGRAPHER II         	32,878.04	
FERRIS            	ABRAHAM     	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	38,876.11	
FERTAKIS          	JOEL        	POLICE SERGEANT               	71,727.69	
FETCHO            	MICHAEL     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	62,319.40	
FIELDER           	JOEL        	ASSISTANT CHIEF-FIRE          	85,929.61	
FIGGINS           	MARI ANNE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	757.63	
FINAN             	IAN         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,176.63	
FINNIGAN          	NORVAL      	PROJECT EMPLOYEE              	34,342.40	
FIRKINS           	MELODI      	CLERK II                      	30,191.70	
FISCH             	DEBORAH     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	60,165.45	
FISCH             	PETER       	ENGINEERING TECH III          	40,977.30	
FISCHER           	CLAYTON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,651.00	
FISHER            	KEITH       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	35,526.51	
FISHER            	THERESA     	CLERK II                      	29,785.75	
FISHER            	DEVIN       	POLICE OFFICER                	16,733.58	
FISK              	DONNA       	CLERK-STENOGRAPHER II         	33,318.06	
FITTERER          	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,159.75	
FITZGERALD        	MARGARET    	CLERK II                      	29,473.64	
FITZGERALD        	ORIN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,256.00	
FITZGERALD        	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,152.69	
FLAGET            	DUANE       	FIREFIGHTER                   	56,835.55	
FLANAGAN          	KAREN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	682.50	
FLATT             	WILLIAM     	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	39,440.80	
FLATT             	KELSEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,154.31	
FLEENOR           	MARILYN     	ACCTG/PERSONNEL ASST II       	36,042.84	
FLEENOR           	MICHAEL     	SUBSTITUTES                   	1,964.90	
FLETCHER          	CHARLES     	WATER SERVICE INSPECTOR       	38,854.44	
FLETCHER          	TERRY       	W W TREAT PLANT OP I          	38,382.99	
FLETCHER          	ORMAN       	LABORER II                    	35,744.76	
FLETCHER          	GARY        	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	34,323.89	
FLETCHER          	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,399.94	
FLETCHER          	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	455.00	
FLINT             	ROGER       	DIRECTOR-PUB.WKS. & UTILITIES 	99,999.24	
FLORES            	JACK        	LABORER II                    	33,493.70	
FLOTT             	JAMES       	HORTICULTURE SUPERVISOR       	53,872.00	
FLOWERS           	CHIHYE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,450.10	
FLYNN             	PATRICIA    	POLICE RECORDS SHIFT SUPVR.   	2,442.73	
FOGAL             	RICHARD     	WASTE WATER INSPECTOR         	39,932.42	
FOLSOM            	ADRIAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	52.56	
FONTANA           	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,976.00	
FORBES            	WILLIAM     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,199.28	
FORBES            	MICHAEL     	FIREFIGHTER                   	47,748.26	
FORSYTH           	ROBERT      	INFORMATION ANALYST           	54,472.02	
FORWARD           	TERRAE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,834.12	
FOSTER            	TIMOTHY     	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	77,678.38	
FOSTER            	DONALD      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	59,300.34	
FOSTER            	EDWARD      	FIREFIGHTER                   	56,153.00	
FOSTER            	CHAD        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,472.00	
FOSTER            	MISTY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,611.75	
FOWLER            	DEAN        	SENIOR ENGINEER               	39,534.80	
FOX               	MONICA      	HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER       	60,337.60	
FOX               	JULIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,794.50	
FOX               	SHANNON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,372.80	
FRANCHINO         	LOUIS       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	56,113.22	
FRANETICH         	RAYMOND     	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,575.26	
FRANKLIN          	REX         	TELECOMM.SERVICE TECHNICIAN   	15,260.80	
FRANKOVIC         	SHARI       	SUBSTITUTES                   	553.04	
FRANKS            	STEPHEN     	CITY PLANNER III              	56,561.60	
FRASER            	DARCI       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,213.53	
FRATER            	THEODORE    	FIREFIGHTER                   	41,697.08	
FREDERICK         	JAMES       	FIREFIGHTER                   	25,935.82	
FREDRICKSON       	DENNIS      	PROF LIBRARIAN III            	55,969.60	
FREEMAN           	JANE        	CLERK II                      	31,525.81	
FREEMAN-WAMSLEY   	BRIDGET     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,441.43	
FREESE            	JANICE      	ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY      	40,701.80	
FREIN             	RICHARD     	BUILDING ENGINEER II          	42,501.29	
FREITAG           	DAVID       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	60,375.06	
FRENCH            	CRAIG       	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,076.40	
FRENCH            	PATRICIA    	POLICE STENOGRAPHER           	33,802.28	
FRENCH            	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	994.36	
FREY              	ANTHONY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	32,480.00	
FRICKS            	MARGARET    	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	30,362.74	
FRIEND            	MELISSA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	90.00	
FRIESEN           	KAROLINA    	CUSTODIAL FOREPERSON          	38,921.40	
FRITZ             	MIKE        	GOLF COURSE GROUNDSKEEPER     	32,583.38	
FRITZ             	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,037.50	
FROST             	BRIAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,932.73	
FRUIT             	JOHN        	PUB WKS LEAD INSPECTOR        	41,382.18	
FRYE              	GERALD      	POLICE SERGEANT               	82,956.14	
FRYE              	MANDI       	CLERK I                       	21,096.82	
FULLER            	TERESA      	POLICE OFFICER                	59,842.89	
FULLERTON         	NICOLE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,959.01	
FULLMER           	JAMES       	LABORER II                    	37,278.54	
FUNDINE           	LINDSEY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	436.82	
FURGASON          	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,234.13	
FURGASON          	STEVEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,019.00	
FURGASON          	NICHOLAS    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,247.75	
FURMAN            	GLENN       	STATIONARY ENGINEER           	46,780.04	
FURMAN            	JACSON      	LABORER I                     	11,196.76	
GABER             	MICHAELYN   	CLERK-STENOGRAPHER II         	32,842.01	
GADDESS           	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,147.00	
GADDY             	MARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,154.67	
GAFFNEY           	THERESE     	CLERK II                      	28,302.30	
GAGNE             	WILLIAM     	CLAIMS SPECIALIST             	31,642.41	
GAHRINGER         	CHRISTINA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	837.38	
GAINES            	RAYMOND     	LABORER II                    	33,572.46	
GALBRAITH         	MARK        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,657.50	
GALBREATH         	DAVID       	LABORER II                    	30,115.00	
GALINDO           	LISA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	207.64	
GALLAGHER         	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	713.50	
GALLION           	NEIL        	DETECTIVE                     	61,454.75	
GAMON             	PATRICIA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	126.00	
GANCE             	KATHY       	CLERK II                      	32,106.84	
GARCES HEIER      	BARBARA     	CLERK II                      	23,566.04	
GARDNER           	JESSICA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,184.28	
GARLICK           	ZACKARY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	403.20	
GARWOOD           	BRITTANY    	ACCOUNTANT II                 	45,154.40	
GASAWAY           	CHRISTINE   	CLERK II                      	23,387.21	
GASPER            	ERIK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,740.01	
GASPERINO         	RICHARD     	FIREFIGHTER                   	58,868.38	
GATELY            	JOHN        	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	77,445.59	
GATES             	BROCK       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,998.54	
GATTUNG           	RANDA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	606.96	
GAUNT             	BARBARA     	CUSTODIAN II                  	2,238.55	
GAUSTAD           	RONNIE      	EQUIP.MAINT.FOREPERSON        	45,323.41	
GAVIN             	MICHAEL     	W W TREAT PLANT OP SUPV       	57,508.80	
GAYLORD           	DELLA       	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	39,136.40	
GAYLORD           	FRANK       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK II      	32,351.60	
GAZAWAY           	TINA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,453.81	
GEBHARDT          	DAVID       	BUILDING ENGINEER III         	51,981.74	
GEER              	BARBARA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	509.25	
GEIGER            	RODNEY      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	37,644.78	
GEILE             	SARAH       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,522.08	
GENNETT           	RAYLENE     	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,878.60	
GENOWAY           	WILLIAM     	ACCOUNTANT II                 	57,250.36	
GEORGE            	AUBREY      	LIBRARY DIRECTOR              	41,947.49	
GEURTS            	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,533.50	
GHERARD           	EMILY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	822.50	
GIAMPIETRI        	MICHAEL     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	70,501.49	
GIAMPIETRI        	VICTOR      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,500.00	
GIANNETTO         	ANTHONY     	POLICE SERGEANT               	76,048.17	
GIANOTTI          	JEANINE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,274.76	
GIBBONS           	MICHAEL     	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	37,585.60	
GIBSON            	JAMES       	PROJECT EMPLOYEE              	49,831.60	
GIBSON            	MATT        	MARKETING ASSISTANT           	33,166.40	
GIBSON            	JULIE       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	17,369.13	
GIEBEL            	RITA        	LIBRARY MGMT & PROF ASSOCIATE 	44,384.02	
GIES              	EVELYN      	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,162.75	
GIESE             	DONALD      	DETECTIVE                     	73,071.10	
GIFFIN            	WILLIAM     	FIELD ENGINEER                	55,367.76	
GILBERT           	JOHN        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	68,605.77	
GILBRECH-MCGOWN   	DONNA       	CLERK II                      	30,863.65	
GILGER            	BEVERLY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	987.00	
GILLEN            	SARA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	12,642.14	
GILLISPIE         	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,053.58	
GILMORE           	CHESTER     	DETECTIVE                     	76,617.39	
GILMORE           	JAMES       	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	41,157.80	
GLASSER           	RODNEY      	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,622.22	
GLASSER           	LU          	UTILITIES COLLECTOR           	36,646.04	
GLASSER           	ROBERT      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	35,505.52	
GLENN             	JULIE       	ENGINEERING TECH III          	40,813.92	
GLENN             	GEOFFREY    	HAZARDOUS WASTE TECH. I       	35,869.03	
GLENN             	CHRISTOPHER 	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	35,825.88	
GLORE             	KRISTINE    	SUPERVISORY ANALYST           	61,793.60	
GLORE             	KIMBERLY    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,890.00	
GODDARD           	ALAN        	LIBRARY PAGE II               	26,589.50	
GODFREY           	KIM         	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	28,636.34	
GOE               	TERESA      	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK II      	32,808.85	
GOLDBACH          	MICHAEL     	BUYER I                       	35,059.21	
GOLDEN            	ANGELA      	ACCOUNTANT II                 	49,420.84	
GOLDMAN           	AARON       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	63,137.81	
GOLDMAN           	JODY        	CLERK II                      	30,211.83	
GOLLADAY          	SEAN        	FIREFIGHTER                   	46,315.98	
GOMEZ             	JOHN        	ASSOCIATE ENGINEER            	49,523.68	
GONZALEZ          	WILLIAM     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	66,548.26	
GOODMAN           	JOHN        	FIREFIGHTER                   	46,134.60	
GOODMAN           	KIM         	CLERK II                      	30,551.63	
GOODWIN           	DEBRA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,005.00	
GORDON            	DEANN       	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	63,214.85	
GORMAN            	PAUL        	POLICE OFFICER                	12,558.86	
GORTLER           	PAUL        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,696.06	
GOSS              	JANET       	PAGE I                        	147.84	
GRAHAM            	KENNETH     	LIBRARY PAGE II               	14,006.95	
GRAHAM            	LINDA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,077.40	
GRAHAM            	RICHARD     	CUSTODIAN I                   	2,481.57	
GRANT             	GORDON      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	61,880.41	
GRANTHAM          	KATIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,557.26	
GRATTON           	JESSE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,256.33	
GRAUNITZ          	JESSE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,496.22	
GRAVELLE          	THOMAS      	POLICE OFFICER                	12,293.07	
GRAVES            	TODD        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	73,846.73	
GRAVES            	JEFFREY     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	64,457.28	
GRAY              	PATRICK     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,216.00	
GREDVIG           	MIKKEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,376.00	
GREEN             	N           	FIRE BATTALION CHIEF          	94,139.81	
GREEN             	ROBERT      	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	80,117.79	
GREEN             	DANIEL      	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	50,083.84	
GREEN             	KENT        	TRAFFIC SIGN-MARKER SUPV      	49,836.80	
GREEN             	MARTIN      	EQUIPMENT OPERATOR            	33,486.89	
GREEN             	SARA        	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	30,721.62	
GREEN             	CANDICE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,583.16	
GREENAMYER        	JACK        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,210.24	
GREENE            	ROBERTA     	COUNCILMEMBER                 	18,000.00	
GREENFIELD        	JEREMY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,800.50	
GREENWOOD         	COLLETTE    	DIRECTOR-MGMT & BUDGET        	74,860.00	
GREENWOOD         	JOHN        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	11,267.45	
GREENWOOD         	CHARLES     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	182.00	
GREGG             	DAVID       	STOREKEEPER                   	35,502.00	
GREGG             	GENNIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,187.81	
GRENON            	DAVID       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	60,217.59	
GRENON            	BRYAN       	POLICE OFFICER                	43,916.22	
GREWE             	JOEL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,984.42	
GRIFFIN           	JOHN        	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	62,956.09	
GRIFFIN           	ANTHONY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,310.40	
GRIFFITH          	JOHN        	FIREFIGHTER                   	40,910.89	
GRIFFITHS         	MARK        	POLICE SERGEANT               	86,305.13	
GRIMES            	JENNIFER    	INFORMATION ANALYST           	54,472.00	
GRIMES            	JOHN        	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,032.38	
GRIZZLE           	JANET       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	28,489.37	
GROE              	TIMOTHY     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	58,089.09	
GROOM             	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,299.46	
GROOMS            	GALEN       	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
GROSE             	DARLA       	PROSECUTOR II                 	47,881.60	
GROTH             	CALVIN      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	60,001.90	
GRUBB             	KEVIN       	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	33,142.80	
GRUENIG           	SHAYNE      	FIREFIGHTER                   	25,881.62	
GRUMBLY           	MARK        	DETECTIVE                     	32,062.33	
GUEHRN            	CANDICE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,688.27	
GUFFEY            	MYRON       	FACILITIES MAINT WORKER       	37,452.57	
GULLETT           	CINDY       	SECRETARY II                  	31,928.06	
GUMAER            	CHRISTINE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	871.90	
GUMKE             	MEGAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,396.51	
GURSKE            	SHAWN       	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	39,341.46	
GUSTIN            	NICHOLAS    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	272.00	
GUTHMUELLER       	JOSHUA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,325.50	
GUTIERREZ         	CHARLES     	SENIOR BUYER                  	50,436.80	
GUTIERREZ         	AMBER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,174.88	
GUTTERUD          	GORDON      	ACCOUNTANT III                	61,793.60	
GUYETTE           	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	793.00	
GUYOR             	JAMES       	EXAM & CLASS ANALYST III      	60,337.60	
GUYOR             	KIM         	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,744.29	
HABERBUSH         	PAUL        	GARDENER I                    	33,407.62	
HAFF              	GREGORY     	FIREFIGHTER                   	54,452.79	
HAGEN             	ROBERT      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	39,107.56	
HAGEN             	KATHLEEN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	530.88	
HAGER             	JEFFREY     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	73,639.63	
HAGER             	WILLIAM     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	62,799.09	
HAGLE             	ROY         	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	60,197.88	
HAGNEY            	ALANA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,203.51	
HAIGHT            	SUSAN       	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,902.07	
HAINES            	CHRISTINE   	TRAFFIC ENG SPEC I            	43,542.96	
HAIRSTON          	SAMUEL      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	60,404.00	
HALE              	ROBERT      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	39,691.65	
HALL              	DOUGLAS     	LABORER II                    	34,094.42	
HALL              	PATRICIA    	CLERK II                      	30,585.12	
HALL              	KATHLEEN    	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	16,258.61	
HALL              	BRETT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,647.00	
HALL              	CARLY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,952.00	
HALLAM            	ASHLEY      	SENIOR INSTRUMENT TECH        	45,333.76	
HALLIDAY          	LYLE        	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	38,077.22	
HALLOCK           	BRADFORD    	POLICE CORPORAL               	71,023.11	
HALLORAN          	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,386.00	
HALSEY            	JOHN        	CERTIFIED COMB INSPECTOR      	48,513.20	
HAM               	TYLER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,752.70	
HAMILTON          	JESSE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,077.47	
HAMM              	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,758.50	
HAMMER            	CHRIS       	LABORER II                    	34,233.52	
HAMMOND           	ELIZABETH   	EVENTS SUPERVISOR II          	46,324.81	
HAMOND            	BRIAN       	DETECTIVE                     	59,445.77	
HAMP              	JAMIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,013.37	
HANEY             	ROGER       	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	41,212.41	
HANNA             	ROBERT      	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	89,156.43	
HANSEN            	RICHARD     	DEPUTY FIRE CHIEF             	98,705.43	
HANSEN            	STEVEN      	SENIOR ENGINEER               	58,711.20	
HANSEN            	RICHARD     	COMPUTER NETWORK ANALYST      	51,230.40	
HANSEN            	WILLIAM     	AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC           	38,144.76	
HANSEN            	DANNY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,970.00	
HANSFORD          	LINDA       	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,501.20	
HANSHAW           	DAVID       	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	39,309.28	
HANSHAW           	MALIA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	162.00	
HANSON            	RITCHIE     	FIREFIGHTER                   	54,550.68	
HANSON            	ALICE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,694.25	
HARBIN            	CHARLES     	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,225.17	
HARBISON          	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,757.52	
HARBISON          	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,061.45	
HARDAN            	CELESTE     	CLERK II                      	28,375.23	
HARDEN            	HARVEY      	CHIEF EXAMINER                	76,665.63	
HARDEN            	HARLAN      	DETECTIVE                     	76,415.90	
HARDIE            	SUSAN       	OUTREACH COORDINATOR          	32,532.80	
HARDING           	RAYMOND     	POLICE CORPORAL               	70,306.25	
HARDING           	LAURENCE    	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	31,547.59	
HARDING           	RACHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	232.51	
HARDY             	WILFORD     	CHEMIST                       	40,142.40	
HARE              	EDWARD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,587.44	
HARE              	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,069.91	
HARGIE            	KRISTINA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,940.29	
HARKNESS          	PATRICIA    	CLERK II                      	25,847.01	
HARPER            	STEVEN      	FIREFIGHTER                   	54,590.07	
HARRIS            	GARY        	WAREHOUSE/YARD FOREPERSON     	20,964.26	
HARRIS            	KRISTINA    	PAGE I                        	1,179.36	
HARRISON          	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,092.38	
HARSHMAN          	GREGORY     	POLICE SERGEANT               	76,890.83	
HART              	SHERRYL     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	70,439.87	
HART              	LARRY       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,537.87	
HART              	GILBERT     	FIELD ENGINEER                	55,668.03	
HART              	DIANA       	ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT      	47,940.80	
HART              	PATRICIA    	ACCOUNTANT I                  	45,548.82	
HARTMAN           	JASON       	POLICE SERGEANT               	78,934.66	
HARTMAN           	L           	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,651.20	
HARTMAN           	MICHAEL     	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,143.60	
HARTMAN           	DAVID       	CUSTODIAN II                  	31,071.61	
HARTMAN           	GABRIELLE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,936.73	
HARTSE            	MERRI       	MANAGING PROF. LIB. II        	50,280.05	
HARVEY            	JEFFERY     	DETECTIVE                     	79,713.53	
HARVEY            	RICHARD     	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	36,414.12	
HARVEY            	DONNA       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	31,796.70	
HARVEY            	STEVEN      	LIBRARY PRINTER               	14,246.40	
HARVEY            	RICHARD     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,306.01	
HASTEY            	AARON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,570.03	
HASTINGS          	CAROLYN     	PARKING METER SPEC. I         	33,307.91	
HATCH             	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	17,875.00	
HATCHER           	GITA        	HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST    	57,344.00	
HATCHER           	BRETT       	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,653.78	
HATHAWAY          	RANDALL     	WATER CONST INSP SUPR         	53,603.69	
HATTENBURG        	LINDA       	CLERK III                     	33,602.47	
HAUENSTEIN        	TANYA       	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	65,730.31	
HAUGEN            	CRAIG       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	56,451.50	
HAUGHTON          	KEVIN       	FIREFIGHTER                   	39,618.77	
HAUGRUD           	KAREN       	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	11,274.88	
HAUTALA           	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,023.27	
HAVENS            	BRIAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,041.27	
HAVNER            	JEREMY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,192.40	
HAWKINS           	MARK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,548.44	
HAWKINS           	ANNA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	677.89	
HAWKS             	ELLIS       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	64,823.00	
HAWLEY            	STACY       	CLERK III                     	32,270.00	
HAWORTH           	DAVID       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	66,687.40	
HAYES             	MELVIN      	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	76,705.61	
HAYES             	STANLEY     	SR. TRANSPORTATION PLANNER    	50,750.40	
HAYNES            	STEVEN      	CITY PLANNER II               	51,230.42	
HAYNES            	MICHAEL     	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	35,193.78	
HAYNES            	GARY        	GOLF COURSE GROUNDSKEEPER     	32,145.61	
HAYNES            	TAMI        	CLERK I                       	20,775.06	
HAYNES            	BRYAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,732.38	
HAYNES            	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,784.00	
HAYNES            	PATRICK     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	984.06	
HAYS              	SUSAN       	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	34,357.62	
HAYS              	WENDY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,578.00	
HEADLEY           	TERRY       	W W TREAT PLANT OP III        	44,035.53	
HEADLEY           	CHARLES     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	348.09	
HEATH             	ALFRED      	LABORER II                    	35,283.31	
HEATH             	STEPHEN     	LIBRARY CUSTODIAN I           	5,779.55	
HEATH             	JASON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	257.25	
HEGEWALD          	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,216.07	
HEIMBIGNER        	LISA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,434.22	
HEIN              	DENNIS      	DIRECTOR-SOL.WST.MGMT.        	93,378.40	
HEINEMANN         	JOEL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,089.51	
HEINEN            	NORMAN      	FIREFIGHTER                   	58,327.17	
HEIZER            	DAVID       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	63,419.88	
HEKMATPANAH       	KEVIN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,660.00	
HELD              	DIANE       	CLERK II                      	30,358.23	
HELLIJAS          	JACINDA     	DESKTOP COMPUTER SPEC. I      	21,939.50	
HELVEY            	SUSAN       	TELECOMM.SERVICE TECHNICIAN   	22,878.03	
HENDON            	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	79.10	
HENDREN           	THOMAS      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	63,888.11	
HENDRICK          	KARISSE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,712.80	
HENDRICKSON       	LOIS        	PROBATION OFFICER I           	44,520.48	
HENDRIX           	LINDA       	FIRE DISPATCHER               	47,129.03	
HENDRON           	LARS        	SENIOR ENGINEER               	60,037.60	
HENNEMAN          	WENDY       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,040.59	
HENRY             	JOHN        	CITY PLANNER II               	51,830.40	
HENRY             	LEONA       	CLERK II                      	31,092.73	
HENRY             	JUSTIN      	PAGE I                        	6,129.31	
HENSLEY           	JERRY       	POLICE SERGEANT               	75,483.61	
HENSON            	KURT        	POLICE OFFICER                	40,986.43	
HENSON            	CHAD        	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
HENZEN            	BEVERLY     	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,926.06	
HERBERS           	DANIEL      	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	36,156.58	
HERN              	VICKI       	POLICE COMMUNICATIONS SUPVR   	65,728.26	
HERNANDEZ         	RUBEN       	LABORER II                    	36,907.78	
HERNANDEZ         	VICTOR      	FIREFIGHTER                   	14,923.36	
HERNANDEZ         	ELIAS       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,160.70	
HERRERA           	RICKY       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	62,829.98	
HERRLINGER        	THOMAS      	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	17,654.89	
HERRO             	KEVIN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,956.88	
HESS              	ANDREW      	PUBLIC DEFENDER I             	40,034.86	
HESSE             	GREGORY     	FIRE MARSHAL                  	77,753.68	
HEUETT            	KYLE        	POLICE OFFICER                	33,898.62	
HEWITT            	MAX         	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	61,192.68	
HEYN              	MELANIE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	728.00	
HIBBS             	HALLIE      	PROF LIBRARIAN II             	48,568.01	
HICKMAN           	MAY         	PAGE I                        	6,192.62	
HIGGINS           	THOMAS      	PARKS FAC. & GROUNDS FRPRSN   	44,908.69	
HIGGINS           	ROBERT      	COUNCIL PRESIDENT             	40,001.28	
HILFIKER          	SHAWN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,571.50	
HILL              	MARVIN      	DETECTIVE                     	68,453.96	
HILL              	CHRIS       	LABORER II                    	34,637.87	
HILL              	BARBARA     	CLERK II                      	30,535.66	
HILL              	JESSICA     	ASSISTANT PLANNER-SRTC        	27,639.05	
HILL              	JEREMY      	POLICE OFFICER                	12,206.48	
HILLIARD          	SILAS       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,156.11	
HILZENDEGER       	BETTY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,496.50	
HIMELSPACH        	SCOTT       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	71,808.86	
HIRSCH            	JOHN        	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,350.57	
HISE              	WENDY       	PROJECT EMPLOYEE              	11,668.25	
HITCHCOCK         	LAURA       	DIRECTOR - PURCHASING         	66,436.80	
HITT              	KITTY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,399.26	
HITT              	KISMET      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,625.40	
HITT              	KENNIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,908.08	
HITT              	KENYON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,633.63	
HOAGLAND          	JAMES       	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	90,808.16	
HOCHSTEDLER       	DAVID       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,397.21	
HOCKING           	GARY        	LABORER II                    	35,234.49	
HODGE             	INEZ        	STATISTICIAN                  	39,329.40	
HODGES            	DALE        	WASTE WATER INSPECTOR         	39,855.28	
HOFFMAN           	JACK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,763.50	
HOFLAND           	STEPHANIE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	737.70	
HOGBERG           	JOHN        	PUB WKS JOURNEY LEVEL INSP.   	34,247.55	
HOKENSON          	DONALD      	HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC      	38,361.33	
HOLDER            	JAY         	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	64,891.57	
HOLLENBECK        	KIP         	DETECTIVE                     	82,898.83	
HOLLOWAY          	TERRY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,995.00	
HOLM              	KEVIN       	PARTS TECHNICIAN              	35,674.48	
HOLMAN            	JANET       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	26,061.97	
HOLMES            	GARY        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	63,708.89	
HOLMES            	RODNEY      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,842.80	
HOLMES            	KAREN       	RECREATION SUPERVISOR II      	56,502.32	
HOLMES            	JANICE      	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	50,832.88	
HOLMES            	PHYLLIS     	COUNCILMEMBER                 	18,000.00	
HOLSCHEN          	RICHARD     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,618.99	
HOLT              	DONALD      	LABORER II                    	33,238.25	
HOLY              	JEFFREY     	DETECTIVE                     	69,163.98	
HONAKER           	KRISTOPHER  	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	70,616.91	
HONEGGER          	MARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,430.00	
HOOKER            	DANNY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,615.00	
HOOPER            	DONALD      	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,313.63	
HOOTS             	SIDNEY      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,742.26	
HOOVER            	ANDREA      	FIREFIGHTER                   	58,830.90	
HOOVER            	KRISTINA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	89.37	
HOPKINS           	DALE        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,277.65	
HOPKINS           	LEON        	LABORER II                    	34,946.00	
HOREY             	RICHARD     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,875.88	
HORNBUCKLE        	MORNING     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	328.50	
HORNSTEIN         	ABBY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,631.00	
HORSEY            	HAROLD      	RECREATION SUPERVISOR II      	48,556.72	
HOTRUM            	HARLOW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	206.50	
HOUGHTEN          	MYAH        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	16,417.91	
HOUSE             	LAWRENCE    	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	58,762.56	
HOUSE             	AMANDA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,729.13	
HOUSER            	NANCY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,593.20	
HOWARD            	MARK        	POLICE OFFICER                	59,198.51	
HOWARD            	PAUL        	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	31,931.10	
HOWE              	DUSTIN      	POLICE OFFICER                	34,120.00	
HOWE              	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	277.50	
HOWELL            	NEORLA      	ACCOUNTANT II                 	50,265.63	
HOWELL            	FREDERICK   	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,276.68	
HOWERTON          	RON         	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	39,149.03	
HOWIE             	PERILEE     	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	27,198.04	
HRYCENKO          	RONALD      	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	38,675.97	
HUBBARD           	DENNIS      	BUILDING ENGINEER II          	45,373.96	
HUDDLE            	KEVIN       	POLICE CORPORAL               	77,985.69	
HUET              	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	245.00	
HUFF              	BILL        	LANDFILL/TRANSFER STA FRPRSN  	41,991.55	
HUFF              	STEPHANIE   	CLERK II                      	30,595.53	
HUFFMAN           	JERRY       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,501.67	
HUFFMAN           	VIRGINIA    	METER READER                  	35,422.00	
HUFFMAN           	SARAH       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,037.94	
HUGHES            	BURR        	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	61,241.95	
HUGHES            	RICHARD     	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	43,652.35	
HUGHES            	JUSTIN      	FIREFIGHTER                   	26,940.50	
HUGHES            	ROY         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,841.00	
HUGO              	CHRISTOPHER 	SENIOR PLANNER                	18,303.18	
HUMMER            	LUCAS       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,172.59	
HUMPHREY          	ANCIL       	EQUIPMENT OPERATOR            	36,638.63	
HUMPHREY          	CONNIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,748.48	
HUMPHRIES         	EDWARD      	PARTS TECHNICIAN              	33,782.00	
HUMPHRIES         	JAMES       	LABORER I                     	12,992.30	
HUNT              	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,728.95	
HURT              	JASON       	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	29,022.09	
HUTCHINSON        	KAYLA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,933.95	
HUTCHINSON        	JUDITH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	360.00	
HYDORN            	KIMBERLEE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,511.42	
IAULUALO          	SHARON      	PAGE I                        	852.76	
ICARD             	JAMIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,716.50	
IMUS              	ROXANNE     	ATTORNEY ASSISTANT            	36,458.80	
INDIVERI          	STEVEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,161.26	
INGLE             	DAVID       	POLICE ADMIN. BUREAU MANAGER  	71,901.44	
INGRAM            	JANET       	CLERK III                     	32,838.06	
INKPEN            	GEOFFREY    	LABORER II                    	31,813.19	
INMAN             	MICHAEL     	FIRE BATTALION CHIEF          	81,084.85	
INMAN             	TERRY       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	70,117.16	
INMAN             	SCOTT       	LABORER I                     	12,723.95	
INWARDS           	ROBERT      	W W TREAT PLANT OP III        	44,124.21	
IVES              	WILLIAM     	LABORER I                     	23,445.48	
IVES              	JAE         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,678.34	
JACKMAN           	WILLIAM     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,848.77	
JACKOWICH         	DONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,238.50	
JACKSON           	DIANE       	DIRECTOR-COMM.CENTERS         	55,369.60	
JACKSON           	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,184.62	
JACKSON-AVERY     	ANN         	GARDENER II                   	35,798.18	
JACOBS            	RANDY       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	38,670.17	
JACOBS            	NANCY       	LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASST        	32,905.60	
JACOBS            	BARBARA     	RECREATION SPECIALIST         	4,752.00	
JACOBSEN          	JERRY       	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,869.18	
JACOBSON          	LANCE       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,314.46	
JAEGER            	CYNTHIA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	28,777.50	
JAGIM             	VICTOR      	LABORER I                     	20,478.93	
JAKUBCZAK         	GENE        	ASST.DIR.-FLEET SERV.         	70,667.76	
JAMES             	TOMMY       	FIREFIGHTER                   	58,058.92	
JAMES             	MICHAEL     	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	45,376.58	
JAMES             	MICHAEL     	CERT.HVY.EQUIP.MECHANIC       	44,247.72	
JAMISON           	ROBERT      	LABORER II                    	33,095.68	
JANISH            	ELOISE      	INFORMATION ANALYST           	53,872.00	
JANTZ             	DWAYNE      	PUB WKS LEAD INSPECTOR        	46,153.00	
JARMAN            	HOLLY       	POLICE RADIO DISP. II         	30,741.12	
JARMAN            	KAWIKA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,746.53	
JARVIS            	BARBARA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,716.50	
JENKIN            	RICKY       	FIREFIGHTER DISPATCHER (L-I)  	20,945.48	
JENKINS           	BARBARA     	FIRE DISPATCHER               	54,796.46	
JENNESS           	KENNETH     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	21,012.24	
JENSEN            	TERRI       	POLICE RADIO DISP. II         	31,562.70	
JENSEN            	JAKE        	POLICE OFFICER                	17,280.39	
JENSON            	LAUREN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,821.57	
JESSEE            	GARRETT     	LABORER II                    	35,463.37	
JIMENEZ           	VANESSA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,172.80	
JOBE              	MICHAEL     	ELECTROMECHANICAL TECH        	42,790.62	
JOHNDROW          	KEVIN       	CUSTODIAN I                   	23,690.22	
JOHNSON           	SCOTT       	POLICE CAPTAIN                	99,771.45	
JOHNSON           	TY          	POLICE CORPORAL               	69,362.05	
JOHNSON           	WAYNE       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	63,805.18	
JOHNSON           	TAMIE       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	62,261.37	
JOHNSON           	ERIC        	GIS SUPERVISOR - SRTC         	53,497.60	
JOHNSON           	SANDRA      	ACCOUNTANT II                 	53,182.40	
JOHNSON           	BEVERLY     	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	50,054.38	
JOHNSON           	RICHARD     	PUB WKS LEAD INSPECTOR        	41,599.12	
JOHNSON           	DALE        	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	40,822.13	
JOHNSON           	WAYNE       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,773.01	
JOHNSON           	JOHN        	LABORER II                    	34,087.14	
JOHNSON           	JAMES       	CUSTODIAN I                   	29,950.75	
JOHNSON           	DONALD      	WATER SERVICE INSPECTOR       	26,092.32	
JOHNSON           	SARAH       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	11,943.26	
JOHNSON           	LELAND      	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	6,603.44	
JOHNSON           	MICHAEL     	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
JOHNSON           	DORMA JEAN  	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,127.58	
JOHNSON           	MARK        	PAGE I                        	4,354.56	
JOHNSON           	GEOFFREY    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,331.00	
JOHNSON           	JAMES       	ENGINEERING TECH III          	4,092.48	
JOHNSON           	SARAH       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,462.47	
JOHNSON           	ERIN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,623.50	
JOHNSON           	SUSAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,137.50	
JOHNSON           	JARED       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	622.06	
JOHNSON           	KYLE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	588.00	
JOHNSON           	TOM         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	470.00	
JOHNSTON          	JAMES       	FIREFIGHTER                   	59,061.53	
JOHNSTON          	JACK        	STATIONARY ENGINEER           	47,060.18	
JOHNSTON          	DAN         	CRAFT SPECIALIST              	39,262.43	
JOIREMAN          	JAMES       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	17,590.09	
JOLLEY            	CRYSTAL     	POLICE CORPORAL               	63,091.12	
JONAS             	GARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,639.13	
JONES             	CLIVE       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	68,442.92	
JONES             	LISA        	DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL-CERTIFIED 	63,628.69	
JONES             	STEVEN      	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,184.61	
JONES             	DENNIS      	FIREFIGHTER                   	54,083.41	
JONES             	TERRI       	CLERK II                      	16,865.35	
JONES             	BERDER      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,929.47	
JONES             	LINDA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,065.70	
JONES             	JOHN        	PARKING METER SPEC. I         	5,840.04	
JONES             	BERTONI     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,481.14	
JONES             	BROCK       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,901.51	
JONES             	SARAH       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,360.91	
JONES             	RONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,921.76	
JONES             	LAUREL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,276.75	
JONES             	STEVEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,174.95	
JONES             	KATHERYN    	SUBSTITUTES                   	588.72	
JONES             	OLIVER      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	477.46	
JONES-WHITAKER    	TAMERA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,792.00	
JORDAN            	KEARNEY     	PAGE I                        	255.36	
JOSLYN            	LEE         	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	34,577.90	
JUDD              	TERRY       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	41,983.72	
JUDD              	MICHAEL     	WELDER                        	40,398.04	
JUDD              	STANLEY     	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	35,423.49	
JULIAN            	CHERYL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,944.10	
KAATZ             	ROBERT      	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	29,950.10	
KABANUK           	DEAN        	FIELD ENGINEER                	51,961.55	
KABANUK           	LOWELL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,656.00	
KAESEMEYER        	GARY        	WASTE WATER SUPERVISOR        	57,508.80	
KAFENTZIS         	KATHRYN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,678.26	
KAISAKI           	CAROL       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,088.46	
KAISER            	RANDALL     	AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC           	36,674.33	
KAKUDA            	BLAINE      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	62,690.89	
KAMINSKI          	JOHN        	CERT.HVY.EQUIP.MECHANIC       	38,827.79	
KANGAS            	SANDY       	SPECIAL ASSESSMENT CLERK      	44,120.14	
KANNBERG          	ERIC        	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	69,402.26	
KANOOTH           	LAIREN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,096.00	
KAUER             	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	948.50	
KAUFFMAN          	CHARLES     	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,219.60	
KAUFMAN           	CHARLES     	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	43,245.26	
KAUFMANN          	GARY        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	72,785.39	
KAVANAGH          	JEAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,851.82	
KEANE             	LORRAINE    	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	33,972.38	
KEANE             	JOSEPH      	IRRIGATION SPECIALIST         	32,460.06	
KEELING           	ROBERT      	LABORER II                    	24,182.71	
KEENE             	JACOB       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,624.02	
KEGLEY            	DANIEL      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	47,617.84	
KEILWITZ          	NAOMI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,123.75	
KEISON            	DANIEL      	LABORER II                    	33,729.60	
KELLEHER          	MELINDA     	CLERK I                       	3,136.00	
KELLER            	JERALD      	DETECTIVE                     	76,078.48	
KELLER            	KEVIN       	POLICE OFFICER                	52,100.94	
KELLEY            	DOUGLAS     	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,077.52	
KELLEY            	PATRICK     	WATER HYDRO PLANT MECH        	40,291.28	
KELLING           	KENNETH     	CUSTODIAN I                   	25,602.39	
KELLS             	PATRICIA    	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,520.61	
KELLY             	MARVIN      	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	77,168.94	
KELLY             	DAN         	FIREFIGHTER DISPATCHER (L-II) 	52,917.81	
KEMPNER           	ERIC        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,837.92	
KENDALL           	SHAWN       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	68,242.99	
KENDALL           	CURTIS      	DETECTIVE                     	67,153.90	
KENDALL           	RON         	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	39,116.80	
KENDALL           	DONNA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	624.00	
KENNEDY           	DAVID       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	61,014.82	
KENNEDY           	STEPHANIE   	POLICE OFFICER                	53,801.57	
KENNEDY           	ELIZABETH   	CLERK III-EXEMPT              	26,641.60	
KENNEY            	JOHN        	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	45,108.18	
KENNEY            	MAUREEN     	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	38,714.75	
KENNEY            	PATRICK     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,135.08	
KENSOK            	CONNIE      	CLERK III                     	32,902.04	
KENT              	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,734.66	
KENT              	ADRIAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	858.81	
KEPNER            	SHANA       	POLICE PROPERTY SPECIALIST    	29,705.14	
KERBS             	TRACY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,420.25	
KERCHER           	KATHRYN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,122.51	
KERL              	HOLLY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	126.00	
KERR              	RONALD      	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	42,248.56	
KERSEY            	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,156.86	
KESSLER           	TOMMIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,949.34	
KESTELL           	THOMAS      	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	44,188.80	
KESTELL           	JAMES       	LABORER II                    	34,329.80	
KESTERSON         	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,720.08	
KESTERSON         	JEFFREY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,640.70	
KHOIEE            	AMIN        	PAGE I                        	268.80	
KIBBEY            	GLENN       	EXAM & CLASS ANALYST III      	48,720.80	
KIBBEY            	LINDA       	CLERK II                      	30,621.08	
KIEFER            	ALAN        	MOBILE LIB TECH ASST I        	33,625.60	
KIENHOLZ          	SCOTT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	453.14	
KILLIN            	JUDITH      	MOBILE LIB TECH ASST II       	36,042.80	
KILMER            	LAUREN      	PAGE I                        	1,921.92	
KIM               	UNCHA       	INFORMATION ANALYST           	54,472.00	
KIMBERLY          	KIRK        	DETECTIVE                     	66,115.03	
KIMOTO            	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,506.57	
KING              	KEVIN       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	65,589.20	
KING              	JOHN        	W W TREAT PLANT MT SUPV       	57,230.40	
KING              	WAYNE       	PUBLIC DEFENDER I             	48,847.04	
KING              	JOAQUIN     	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	38,728.28	
KINGEN            	THOMAS      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	900.00	
KINYON            	GREGORY     	CLERK III                     	28,663.61	
KIRBY             	RALPH       	PARTS TECHNICIAN              	35,730.80	
KIRKENDALL        	SALLIE      	CLERK II                      	26,236.01	
KIRPES            	PAMELA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,475.40	
KIRSCH            	KENNETH     	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	82,079.24	
KISH              	BRANDON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,704.87	
KISLITSKAYA       	SVETLANA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,871.44	
KISSINGER         	MARIE       	PAGE I                        	6,340.53	
KISTLER           	SIDNEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,113.00	
KITT-CHAPMAN      	KAREN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,147.20	
KJOS              	NEIL        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	58,996.80	
KLEIN             	KENNETH     	LABORER II                    	35,914.97	
KLEIN             	DARREL      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	28,221.33	
KLEIN             	JAN         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	423.00	
KLIEWER           	KEVIN       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	59,055.89	
KLINE             	SCOTT       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,413.28	
KLOPSCH           	JENNA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	164.80	
KLOSTER           	DIANA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	415.98	
KLUG              	ROBERT      	SENIOR TRAFFIC ENGINEER       	51,024.00	
KNAACK            	JUDITH      	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	30,626.56	
KNESS             	RICHARD     	MEDICAL SERVICES OFFICER      	89,473.80	
KNIGHT            	MICHAEL     	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	38,551.60	
KNIGHT            	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,565.98	
KNIGHTEN          	JOHN        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	60,446.54	
KNOX              	KATHERINE   	PUBLIC DEFENDER               	72,654.40	
KNOX              	EUGENE      	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	39,116.01	
KNUTSON           	KENNETH     	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,277.53	
KNUTSON           	TROY        	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	11,617.11	
KOCH              	JAMES       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	76,100.81	
KOCH              	MONTE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,847.50	
KOCHHEISER        	W           	CERTIFIED COMB INSPECTOR      	49,880.60	
KOERNER           	STORMI      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	59,428.04	
KOONTZ            	DONNA       	FIRE DISPATCHER               	40,279.24	
KOONTZ            	JOSEPH      	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	34,309.60	
KOPP              	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,690.59	
KOPPLIN           	LONETTE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,677.52	
KORELL            	CLAUDIA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,104.00	
KOUTECKY          	SHANNON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,840.00	
KOVAC             	DAVID       	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,879.74	
KOWITZ            	JON         	CERT.EQUIP.MAINT.FOREPERSON   	46,669.81	
KOWITZ            	J           	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	26,880.64	
KOWITZ            	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	965.25	
KRALL             	MELISSA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,262.01	
KRAMER            	CLYDE       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,351.60	
KRAMER            	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,863.25	
KRASIN            	BENJAMIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,088.01	
KREITZ            	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,280.24	
KREITZ            	CHARLES     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,795.55	
KRETZ             	JUSTIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,641.93	
KRIDLER           	RICHARD     	PARKING METER SPEC. I         	32,697.60	
KRIEGER           	ANGELINA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,106.14	
KROHN             	MARIE       	CLERK II                      	25,428.55	
KROHN             	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,976.00	
KROTOVA           	LIOUDMILA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	12,595.50	
KROUSE            	DANIEL      	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,112.80	
KRUEGER           	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	380.00	
KRUGER            	NORMAN      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	28,459.99	
KRUGER            	ANA         	LIBRARY CUSTODIAN I           	25,461.04	
KRUPKE            	STEPHANIE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	96.80	
KRUSE             	KAYLA       	GIS ANALYST - SRTC            	37,075.68	
KRUSE             	ABBY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,402.05	
KUENNEN           	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,611.00	
KUENNEN           	LINDSAY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	490.40	
KUGLER            	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,026.38	
KUJAWA            	NATHAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,441.63	
KUNTZ             	GARY        	CRIME ANALYST                 	38,444.13	
KUNZ              	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,816.00	
KURLE             	KATHLEEN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,348.25	
KURTZ             	MARISA      	POLICE COMMUNICATIONS SUPVR   	61,945.22	
KUTCHMAN          	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,050.51	
KWEI              	KEELAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,452.80	
KYTLE             	BRENDA      	PAGE I                        	20.16	
LACEY             	MEGAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,337.96	
LACROIX           	CHRISTOPHER 	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	41,903.50	
LADD              	ROBERT      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,705.66	
LAFONTISE         	KIMBERLY    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,852.43	
LAMANNA           	ANTHONY     	POLICE OFFICER                	55,371.44	
LAMB              	FRANCINE    	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	46,683.94	
LAMBERT           	FERNANDO    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,617.00	
LAMPHIER          	CARL        	LABORER I                     	27,047.51	
LANDER            	WILLIAM     	REPROGRAPHICS EQUIP. TECH.    	33,696.03	
LANG              	JESSIE      	RECYCLING COORDINATOR         	48,805.48	
LANGFORD          	KEVIN       	DETECTIVE                     	63,896.46	
LANGFORD          	BEVERLY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,249.63	
LANGSTON          	NICOLAS     	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,572.99	
LAPPANO           	JOHN        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	62,855.77	
LARGENT           	BETTE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,505.00	
LARGENT           	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,051.72	
LARGENT           	LUISSA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	386.40	
LARSEN            	DALE        	MARKETING & GROUP COORDINATOR 	43,784.04	
LARSEN            	MELANIE     	ASSISTANT GOLF COURSE SUPT    	40,920.52	
LARSON            	ERIC        	ACCOUNTANT III                	61,793.60	
LARSON            	DENNIS      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	35,139.75	
LARSON            	DOROTHY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,440.02	
LARSON            	JEFFREY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,402.82	
LARSON            	BRANDON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,049.50	
LARSON            	TRACY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,896.01	
LASALLE           	MISTY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	244.80	
LASSWELL          	PHILIP      	POLICE CORPORAL               	64,504.94	
LAUGHTER          	MARILYN     	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	28,364.78	
LAUGHTLAND        	JAMES       	PRINCIPAL ENGINEER            	71,815.92	
LAVELLE           	MICHAEL     	AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNICIAN        	39,190.19	
LAVELLE           	PAMELA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,619.78	
LAWRENCE          	VICTORIA    	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	30,557.04	
LAWRENCE          	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	111.00	
LAWSON            	SCOTT       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	34,953.57	
LAWSON            	MARGARET    	CLERK II                      	30,401.71	
LAWSON            	LEANNE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,481.75	
LAYMAN            	MEGAN       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	52,865.44	
LAYMAN            	RONALD      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	9,572.70	
LAYTON            	ROBERT      	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	23,646.43	
LE BRET           	LYNNE       	PAGE I                        	5,288.64	
LE FABER          	VICTOR      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,522.32	
LE GRAND          	ERICA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,143.82	
LEA               	LESTER      	LABORER II                    	29,365.39	
LEACH             	JARON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,534.78	
LEACH             	SHAW        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,953.94	
LEATHERS          	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,365.87	
LEAVENWORTH       	DAVID       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	81,309.63	
LEBSOCK           	GREGORY     	DETECTIVE                     	70,923.26	
LEDER             	LADONNA     	LIBRARY ASSOCIATE             	39,182.65	
LEE               	THOMAS      	POLICE CORPORAL               	60,673.90	
LEE               	RANDY       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	31,278.41	
LEE               	ERIC        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,043.75	
LEEPER            	WILLIAM     	FIREFIGHTER                   	64,385.84	
LEESTMA           	HARLEY      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	63,374.69	
LEHINGER          	DEBRA       	CLERK III                     	32,798.01	
LEHN              	MARTHA      	LABORER II                    	34,674.81	
LEHRHAUPT         	LIESEL      	ATTORNEY II                   	43,207.22	
LEHRMAN           	CASEY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,517.08	
LEIB              	STEPHANIE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,282.44	
LEITHEISER        	ANDREW      	EVENTS SUPERVISOR II          	47,340.80	
LEKER             	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,149.20	
LELBACH           	JUSTIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,080.58	
LEMIEUX           	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,115.25	
LEMLEY            	ELLEN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,262.00	
LEMUS             	VINCENT     	HUMAN RIGHTS SPECIALIST       	41,995.77	
LENGYEL           	J           	DIRECTOR - EMP & TRNG         	76,065.60	
LENHARD           	DWANE       	ACCOUNTANT II                 	53,182.39	
LENOCKER          	THOMAS      	HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC      	41,907.16	
LEONARD           	THOMAS      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,477.75	
LEONARD           	TOMMY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,092.25	
LEONETTI          	ANGELINA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,136.10	
LEONETTI          	KRISTEN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,930.17	
LEONETTI          	LINDSAY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,642.06	
LEONHARDT         	RICHARD     	ASSISTANT FIRE MARSHAL        	69,669.79	
LEPPELL           	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	549.60	
LESESNE           	MICHELE     	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	37,207.28	
LESLEY            	JASON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	117.56	
LESLIE            	DEREK       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,088.38	
LESOFSKI          	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,890.50	
LESSER            	RANDY       	DETECTIVE                     	80,602.26	
LESSER            	DANIEL      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	67,262.80	
LESSIG            	TERRY       	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	39,946.07	
LESTER            	CHARLES     	FIREFIGHTER                   	54,389.96	
LEWIS             	CHRISTOPHER 	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	62,464.31	
LEWIS             	JOHN        	IRRIGATION SPECIALIST         	36,195.38	
LEWIS             	DENISE      	CLERK II                      	30,451.06	
LEWIS             	KATHRYN     	CLERK II                      	29,681.66	
LEWIS             	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	770.00	
LIBBY             	ROGER       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,994.92	
LIBBY             	DANIEL      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	41,999.38	
LIBBY             	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,303.48	
LIEDKIE           	I.          	CLERK II                      	30,760.16	
LIGHT             	VALERIE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,184.00	
LIGHTFOOT         	STEVEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,273.50	
LIKES             	TIMOTHY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,434.00	
LILLY             	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,058.19	
LINCOLN           	ROBERT      	POLICE PLAN & INFO SERV SUPV  	56,752.96	
LINDHOLM          	JEFFREY     	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	41,275.72	
LINDSEY           	SHERRY      	TAXES & LICENSES SPECIALIST   	37,465.60	
LINDSEY           	JULIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	15,368.50	
LINDSEY           	JILL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	829.50	
LISTER            	BENJAMIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,961.93	
LITSEY            	RODNEY      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	59,046.59	
LOBB              	DANIEL      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	69,383.54	
LOCHRIDGE         	HARRY       	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	28,413.08	
LOCKREM           	BRUCE       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	75,062.39	
LOCKWOOD          	ANNE        	SECRETARY II                  	31,872.00	
LOFTS             	CHERYL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	108.75	
LOGAN             	MARY        	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	51,476.16	
LOGAN             	WILLIAM     	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
LOK               	LAURA       	CLERK II                      	30,343.67	
LOKKEN            	OLE         	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,366.32	
LOMBARD           	STEVE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,492.51	
LONG              	CHRISTOPHER 	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,607.64	
LONG              	RONALD      	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	42,232.73	
LONG              	RONALD      	BRIDGE MAINTAINER II          	37,526.82	
LONG              	CHRISTINE   	LABORER II                    	34,166.77	
LONG              	JUDY        	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	27,225.24	
LONG              	MARTHA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	18,167.50	
LONG              	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,700.88	
LONGSHORE         	LYNETTE     	POLICE OFFICER                	56,597.23	
LOOK              	MICHAEL     	LABORER II                    	35,146.93	
LOPP              	DIANE       	ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY      	40,036.80	
LOSH              	RICHARD     	DETECTIVE                     	74,994.34	
LOSH              	WILLIAM     	PUB WKS JOURNEY LEVEL INSP.   	40,125.57	
LOUCKS            	DAWN        	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	32,943.02	
LOUIS             	DARLENE     	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	31,710.44	
LOUNDER           	DEBRA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,709.50	
LOVE              	STEVEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,007.75	
LOVELESS          	ROBERT      	ASPHALT RAKER                 	36,378.02	
LOVELL            	NITA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,078.25	
LOWDON            	MICHAEL     	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,156.00	
LOZIER            	CURTIS      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	36,870.38	
LUBY              	BRIDGET     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	58,358.42	
LUCAS             	RICKIE      	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	39,441.40	
LUCAS             	LAURI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	15,644.00	
LUCKEY            	LAURA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	367.50	
LUMLEY            	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	139.13	
LUND              	MALFRED     	LABORER II                    	35,135.57	
LUND              	MARCIA      	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	14,477.40	
LUNDBERG          	ELLIE       	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	28,176.26	
LUNDGREN          	JAMES       	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	85,988.66	
LUNDGREN          	JUSTIN      	POLICE OFFICER                	64,901.18	
LUNDGREN          	NICHOLAS    	POLICE OFFICER                	37,929.71	
LUTJE             	STAN        	LABORER II                    	33,932.56	
LUTZKE            	AMY         	CLERK I                       	7,840.00	
LYLE              	LARRY       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	66,444.39	
LYLE              	JONATHAN    	ACCOUNTANT II                 	53,182.40	
LYNCH             	JOHN        	CITY ADMINISTRATOR            	83,222.40	
LYNCH             	CAROL       	CLERK-STENOGRAPHER II         	32,902.09	
LYNCH             	DEAN        	COUNCILMEMBER                 	15,000.00	
LYONS             	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,024.79	
LYSON             	MICKEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,785.63	
MAAS              	ELIZABETH   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,115.63	
MAC KERROW        	NANCY       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	31,352.05	
MACINNIS          	JAMES       	SENIOR ENGINEER               	52,371.20	
MACKEY            	JOSEPH      	POLICE OFFICER                	10,862.19	
MACKIN            	RAYMOND     	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	50,732.79	
MACKIN            	TIFFANY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,897.27	
MADSEN            	TIMOTHY     	DETECTIVE                     	69,395.34	
MADSEN            	MICHELE     	POLICE OFFICER                	54,263.73	
MADSEN            	PATRICIA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,095.03	
MADUNICH          	ANTHONY     	PARKS FAC & GROUNDS SUPV      	58,309.60	
MAGGART           	PATRICK     	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	69,040.54	
MAGIN             	JEFF        	WELDER                        	41,479.29	
MAHL              	CAROLINE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,419.54	
MAHLMAN           	KENDALL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,625.75	
MAHN              	SUSAN       	ASST CLERK OF COURT           	51,830.49	
MAIN              	HERSCHEL    	LIBRARY CARETAKER II          	32,059.02	
MAIN              	COLLIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,338.88	
MAKELA            	THOMAS      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,304.16	
MALACHOWSKI       	GARY        	LABORER II                    	30,284.32	
MALAKOWSKY        	TREVOR      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,427.00	
MALINAK           	SHERRI      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	60,964.91	
MALMOE            	MARK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,960.00	
MALMOE            	STEPHANIE   	PAGE I                        	1,532.16	
MALONEY           	KEVIN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,262.03	
MALSTROM          	LISA        	ASSOCIATE ENGINEER            	53,182.40	
MANCKE            	BENJAMIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	329.96	
MANCUSO           	LAURA       	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	16,911.78	
MANDERSCHEID      	DONALD      	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	40,290.85	
MANDYKE           	DAVID       	ASST.DIR.-PUB WKS & UTILITIES 	77,628.20	
MANDYKE           	LINDA       	RECREATION SUPERVISOR I       	45,548.83	
MANGANO           	GAIL        	ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY      	43,562.69	
MANN              	SUSAN       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	67,638.74	
MANN              	ROD         	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	36,972.23	
MANUM             	RICKEY      	ASSISTANT FIRE MARSHAL        	76,087.89	
MARCHANT          	FRED        	ASSISTANT GOLF COURSE SUPT    	39,526.94	
MARKARIAN         	PETE        	EQUIP.MAINT.FOREPERSON        	45,189.79	
MARR              	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	225.79	
MARSH             	LAWRENCE    	PARK EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST     	29,259.29	
MARSHALL          	WILLIAM     	DETECTIVE                     	61,191.33	
MARSHALL          	META        	CLERK II                      	27,106.01	
MARSHALL          	KAREN       	CLERK II                      	26,259.73	
MARTELLE          	LAVONNE     	ACCOUNTANT I                  	40,598.42	
MARTENSEN         	ELLEN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,146.64	
MARTIN            	JEFFRY      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,793.13	
MARTIN            	GREGORY     	TRAFFIC ENG SPEC I            	42,972.82	
MARTIN            	GREGORY     	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,355.74	
MARTIN            	DANIEL      	SIGN PAINTER                  	37,934.40	
MARTIN            	GLENN       	CUSTODIAN I                   	20,105.90	
MARTINEZ          	SCOTT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,670.50	
MARTINI           	AUDRA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,964.00	
MASHTARE          	JAYSON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	204.00	
MASIELLO          	S.          	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,310.90	
MASON             	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,162.50	
MATHER            	DEBRA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,773.07	
MATHEWS           	ROBERT      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	32,695.66	
MATHEWS           	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,953.75	
MATHIASON         	MATTHEW     	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	1,111.68	
MAUGET            	RICHARD     	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,351.60	
MAUK              	LEE         	CLERK II                      	29,599.90	
MAURER            	DALE        	CERT.AUTO.BODY SPECIALIST     	40,345.27	
MAURO             	CHARLES     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,975.26	
MAXWELL           	RAYMOND     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	69,330.92	
MCADAMS           	PATRICIA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	868.80	
MCAFEE            	SCOTT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,284.21	
MCBRIDE           	HAROLD      	BAT CHIEF TRNG OFF - PAY      	91,559.81	
MCBRIDE           	DONNA       	PROBATION OFFICER I           	44,835.40	
MCBRIDE           	HELEN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,358.00	
MCCABE            	DAVID       	POLICE SERGEANT               	82,008.12	
MCCANN            	SCOTT       	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,681.21	
MCCARREY          	SHELLEY     	DATA ENTRY TECH III           	32,798.14	
MCCARTHY          	SANDRA      	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,904.14	
MCCARTHY          	QUINN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,987.75	
MCCHESNEY         	LESLIE      	CLERK I                       	25,886.22	
MCCLATCHEY        	GREGG       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	56,523.87	
MCCLURE           	JAMES       	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	40,052.13	
MCCOLLOUGH        	JEFFREY     	POLICE OFFICER                	47,610.97	
MCCOLLUM          	KEVIN       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	82,449.51	
MCCOLLUM          	ROBERT      	SUBSTITUTES                   	9,999.32	
MCCOMBS           	TANYA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,054.01	
MCCONKEY          	DENNIS      	CERTIFIED INSPECTOR           	29,703.70	
MCCONNELL         	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,165.73	
MCCORD            	RICK        	PARKING METER SPEC. II        	34,740.75	
MCCORD            	KAREN       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	30,737.55	
MCCORGARY         	JAMES       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	60,478.57	
MCCORGARY         	KATHLEEN    	ACCTG/PERSONNEL ASST I        	33,671.63	
MCCORGARY         	JAIME       	PAGE I                        	3,418.11	
MCCOWAN           	LANDON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	637.00	
MCCOY             	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,668.00	
MCCULLUM          	THEODORE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,592.27	
MCCUNE            	LAURIE      	CLERK IV                      	33,548.43	
MCDANOLD          	AARON       	LABORER I                     	19,737.72	
MCDEID            	LOREN       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,316.12	
MCDERMOTT         	RICHARD     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,709.90	
MCDONALD          	JUNE        	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	28,223.66	
MCDONALD          	GEORGE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	14,503.75	
MCDOWELL          	CHRISTINA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,465.89	
MCELVANEY         	ANDREW      	BRIDGE MAINTAINER I           	36,407.80	
MCGARRIGLE        	MARCIA      	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	29,744.43	
MCGILL            	LESLIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	403.00	
MCGLATHERY        	HAROLD      	PARK & REC DIVISION MGR       	71,309.52	
MCGOLDRICK        	SUZANNE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,113.00	
MCGOLDRICK        	DEBBIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	766.00	
MCGOVERN          	DAVID       	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	87,506.25	
MCGOWN            	BERT        	ELECTRICIAN                   	41,470.29	
MCGRAIL           	ERIN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	676.38	
MCGREGOR          	JOHN        	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	60,611.07	
MCGUIRE           	GREGORY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,437.92	
MCHENRY           	SHAUN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	705.07	
MCHUGILL          	STEVEN      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	58,574.18	
MCINELLY          	ZACHARY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,296.25	
MCINTOSH          	SETH        	LABORER II                    	34,924.71	
MCINTYRE          	SANDRA      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	63,350.26	
MCINTYRE          	MARY        	ACCOUNTANT I                  	35,007.03	
MCKAY             	MARIAH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,300.32	
MCKEE             	STEVEN      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	59,415.37	
MCKEE             	SAMMY       	ENGINEERING TECH III          	20,480.22	
MCKELVEY          	MARIETTA    	CLERK I                       	26,043.11	
MCKENNA           	ANGELLA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,935.16	
MCKINNON          	EDWINA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	235.00	
MCKNELLY          	STEVE       	W W TREAT PLANT OP I          	37,094.80	
MCLEAN            	HARRY       	SENIOR ENGINEER               	60,337.60	
MCLEOD            	ANDREW      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	74,322.13	
MCMASTER          	ERIC        	FIREFIGHTER (AFTER 1/1/95)    	771.33	
MCMEEKAN          	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,907.42	
MCMULLEN          	STEVEN      	FIREFIGHTER                   	62,752.62	
MCMULLEN          	THOMAS      	FIREFIGHTER                   	58,197.83	
MCMURTERY         	JEFFREY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,458.63	
MCNAB             	MICHAEL     	POLICE OFFICER                	12,558.86	
MCNALL            	VINCENT     	LABORER II                    	33,428.37	
MCNAMEE           	JAMES       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,857.84	
MCNAMEE           	RONALD      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,510.59	
MCNAMEE           	EMMETT      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,299.95	
MCNEILLY          	KARLA       	CHIEF PROBATION OFFICER       	63,950.40	
MCNUTT            	LAWRENCE    	LABORER II                    	35,908.16	
MCRAE             	ABIGAIL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	819.00	
MEDINA            	JOAN        	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	31,175.60	
MEHRING           	JAY         	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	63,047.10	
MEIDL             	CRAIG       	POLICE SERGEANT               	66,043.46	
MEIDL             	TRACIE      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	60,301.13	
MEIER             	JUSTIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,630.76	
MEISSNER          	SUSAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,685.00	
MELCHER           	GILLIAN     	LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASST        	32,816.62	
MELCHER           	TOMMI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	216.00	
MELLICK           	HOLLI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,295.25	
MELTING-TALLOW    	BILL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,971.47	
MELVILLE          	MARC        	PARKING METER SPEC. I         	25,847.04	
MENZEL            	REBECCA     	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	13,010.27	
MENZEL            	ELISSA      	PAGE I                        	3,111.36	
MERCER            	JOHN        	DIRECTOR-PLANNING SERV        	76,284.00	
MERCER            	ALYCE       	CLERK III                     	30,251.25	
MERCZ             	ART         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,542.48	
MEREDITH          	RONALD      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	28,753.91	
MEREDITH          	KYLA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	790.76	
MERKEL            	GAYLE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	198.00	
MERRIAM           	ERIC        	ENGINEERING TECH III          	40,869.98	
MERRICK           	FRANK       	W W TREAT PLANT OP III        	45,749.21	
MERRICK           	DOLORES     	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,365.97	
MERTENS           	JEROME      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	97,822.86	
MERTENS           	ANJAELA     	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	9,724.51	
MERTZ             	EDWARD      	UTILITIES COLLECTOR           	35,776.03	
METLOW            	TAMMY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,069.70	
METZ              	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,518.20	
MEULER            	LOUIS       	CITY PLANNER II               	48,264.80	
MEWHINNEY         	LIBBY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,143.77	
MEYEN             	IVAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	729.78	
MEYER             	RICHARD     	POLICE OFFICER                	59,807.33	
MEYER             	JENNIFER    	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	42,910.41	
MEYER             	ANTHONY     	POLICE OFFICER                	42,641.35	
MEYER             	CRYSTAL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,299.07	
MEYERS            	E           	WW INSTRUMENTATION & DATA SUPV	57,683.80	
MICHAEL           	DALE        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,411.92	
MICHAELS          	LARRY       	W W TREAT PLANT OP III        	46,425.83	
MICHAELSEN        	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,873.50	
MICKSCHL          	ALEX        	FIREFIGHTER                   	40,963.14	
MIDDAUGH          	DOROTHY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,808.00	
MIDDLETON         	KYLE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,182.50	
MIELKE            	ROBERT      	GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT    	48,605.13	
MIGGINS           	HENRY       	CITY ADMINISTRATOR            	25,526.91	
MIKELSON          	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	34.00	
MIKKELSON         	JAYNE       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	31,129.60	
MILES             	GLENN       	TRANSPORTATION MGR-REG P      	82,126.00	
MILL              	LINDA       	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	30,627.60	
MILLARD           	WILLIAM     	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,102.79	
MILLER            	JOHN        	DETECTIVE                     	77,800.35	
MILLER            	GEORGE      	WATER SYSTEM ENGINEER         	73,331.09	
MILLER            	KENNETH     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,937.70	
MILLER            	ROY         	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,452.25	
MILLER            	JOHN        	SENIOR ENGINEER               	60,337.60	
MILLER            	MICHAEL     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,534.14	
MILLER            	KATHERINE   	ASSOCIATE ENGINEER            	49,061.45	
MILLER            	GARY        	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	36,182.26	
MILLER            	LUCIENNE    	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	34,574.24	
MILLER            	GLENN       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	20,526.71	
MILLER            	MITCH       	ENGINEERING TECH I            	13,602.41	
MILLER            	KATHLEEN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,257.25	
MILLER            	EDWARD      	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
MILLER            	HARLEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,024.68	
MILLER            	CRAIG       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,715.00	
MILSOM            	ALAN        	LANDFILL/TRANSFER STA FRPRSN  	46,846.13	
MINARIK           	GLADYS      	CLERK II                      	30,655.64	
MINCKS            	LAURA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	932.75	
MINIER            	TERRY       	CRAFT SPECIALIST              	40,212.72	
MINIER            	ERIKA       	BUILDING ENGINEER I           	38,311.68	
MINNIHAN          	PATRICIA    	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	30,375.67	
MINTON            	RAYMOND     	CERT.HVY.EQUIP.MECHANIC       	43,088.96	
MISTEREK          	KAREN       	GARDENER I                    	19,966.92	
MITCHELL          	MAY         	CLERK II                      	29,760.06	
MITCHELL          	CAROL       	PAGE I                        	6,592.32	
MIYAMOTO          	BRIAN       	EXAM & CLASS ANALYST I        	42,687.08	
MOAT              	KAROLYN     	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,902.14	
MOBERLY           	GILL        	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	80,052.60	
MOBLEY            	KAREN       	DIRECTOR - ARTS               	57,254.24	
MOE               	JAMES       	BRIDGE INSPECTOR              	42,178.50	
MOLINA            	CARMEN      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	28,984.61	
MOLINE            	BRUCE       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	75,385.17	
MOLITOR           	CHAD        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,750.46	
MONAGHAN          	TARA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,888.51	
MONETTE           	DONALD      	SENIOR ENGINEER               	5,579.99	
MONROE            	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,530.00	
MONTAGUE          	JAMES       	LABORER II                    	36,392.01	
MONTAGUE          	DAISY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,297.49	
MONTERESSI        	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,348.50	
MOON              	BRADLEY     	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	55,553.84	
MOORE             	MICHAEL     	FIRE COMM CTR SHIFT SUP (L-II)	68,850.01	
MOORE             	CHRISTINE   	STAFF ASSISTANT               	40,092.81	
MOORE             	RONALD      	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	29,112.45	
MOORE             	KATHI       	CLERK II                      	23,858.90	
MOORE             	GARY        	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	17,585.73	
MOORE             	LAURA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,640.78	
MOORE             	COURTNEY    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,864.00	
MOORE             	LORI        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,537.34	
MOORE             	MESHA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,587.21	
MOORE             	KATHERINE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,834.27	
MOORE             	MATHEW      	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	1,067.37	
MOORE             	KELLY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	965.26	
MOORE             	BETH        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	712.50	
MOORE             	LINDA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	388.57	
MORA              	SANDRA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,638.61	
MORALES           	GARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,011.86	
MORAN             	RICKY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,192.71	
MORASCH           	JEREMY      	FIREFIGHTER                   	46,419.80	
MOREFIELD         	MICHELLE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	570.00	
MORGAN            	TIMOTHY     	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	40,673.81	
MORGAN            	ROBERT      	ASSISTANT GOLF COURSE SUPT    	40,194.48	
MORGAN            	LARS        	LABORER II                    	35,288.79	
MORIN             	DOMINIC     	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	17,472.38	
MORIN             	RUBY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,261.75	
MORITZ            	JEFFREY     	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	60,388.91	
MORRIS            	BILLY       	CUSTODIAN I                   	29,094.48	
MORRIS            	LIENA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,997.08	
MORSE             	SHANNON     	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,080.84	
MORSE             	NATHANIEL   	STATIONARY ENGINEER           	43,361.01	
MORSE             	CAITLIN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,604.05	
MORTON            	JUDITH      	ACCTG/PERSONNEL ASST II       	36,250.84	
MOSEBACH          	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	971.51	
MOSES             	TIMOTHY     	POLICE OFFICER                	57,112.17	
MOSHER            	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,177.17	
MOSHER            	KARL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,239.25	
MOSMAN            	ROBERT      	POLICE OFFICER                	54,772.12	
MOSS              	JUDY        	ACCOUNTANT I                  	45,548.80	
MOSS              	CRAIG       	LABORER II                    	32,925.81	
MOSS              	GARY        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	17,732.56	
MOTT              	WILLIAM     	CERTIFIED PLAN EXAMINER       	58,944.00	
MOUA              	MENG        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,886.95	
MOUA              	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,460.39	
MOXLEY            	ROBERTA     	CLERK IV                      	33,525.47	
MOYLE             	KENNETH     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,694.13	
MULLENNIX         	SCOTT       	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	81,557.90	
MULLER            	DONALD      	LABORER II                    	34,133.67	
MUMMEY            	LAWRENCE    	TRAINING CAPTAIN              	67,444.76	
MURDOCH           	WILLIAM     	W W TREAT PLANT OP III        	44,648.61	
MURPHY            	DAVID       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	62,029.71	
MURPHY            	TERRANCE    	WASTE WATER INSPECTOR         	39,123.79	
MURPHY            	ROLLIN      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,915.36	
MURPHY            	VIRGINIA    	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,351.09	
MURPHY            	EILEEN      	STOREKEEPER                   	35,992.04	
MURPHY            	DANIELLE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,456.33	
MURRAY            	ANITA       	ENGINEERING TECH IV           	44,050.84	
MURRAY            	JAMES       	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	43,903.40	
MUZATKO           	JAMES       	POLICE CORPORAL               	75,666.11	
MYERS             	WILLIAM     	GIS PROGRAMMER                	45,744.00	
MYERS             	ROBERT      	FIREFIGHTER                   	17,464.46	
MYERS             	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	122.06	
MYHRE             	MARGARET    	SUBSTITUTES                   	6,747.98	
MYHRE             	MARC        	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	2,001.17	
NACCARATO         	LARRY       	CERTIFIED COMB INSPECTOR      	50,031.60	
NACCARINI         	MICHAEL     	GIS PROGRAMMER                	47,484.80	
NACHTSHEIM        	LANI        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,689.38	
NACKE             	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	255.50	
NAGASHIMA         	CORRIGAN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,964.91	
NAKAGAWARA        	DAVID       	CITY BUILDING OFFICIAL        	75,207.12	
NANDAGOPAL        	MALLUR      	SENIOR ENGINEER               	60,337.60	
NAVE-HERNAN       	MEGAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,596.58	
NAY               	JAMES       	LABORER I                     	14,984.78	
NAYES             	PAUL        	W W TREAT PLANT OP I          	38,840.97	
NEAL              	SHARELL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	888.86	
NEAR              	CHRIS       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,751.00	
NEES              	SUSAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	152.00	
NEIHART           	CHARLES     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	66,652.28	
NEIL              	LARRY       	DIRECTOR - STREETS            	82,115.21	
NELSON            	DONALD      	GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT    	47,817.26	
NELSON            	BERTRAM     	WAREHOUSE/YARD FOREPERSON     	40,864.96	
NELSON            	JOHN        	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	38,427.06	
NELSON            	LAWRENCE    	BRIDGE MAINTAINER I           	37,645.08	
NELSON            	BRENDA      	LABORER II                    	36,211.17	
NELSON            	EVE         	TRANSPORT.AIR QUALITY PLANNER 	27,839.50	
NELSON            	RANDALL     	PARK CARETAKER                	25,100.31	
NELSON            	DOUGLAS     	CUSTODIAN I                   	19,400.90	
NELSON            	MIKE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,952.92	
NELSON            	CARLA       	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	4,605.09	
NELSON            	DONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,681.00	
NEMEC             	SEAN        	POLICE SERGEANT               	79,583.00	
NEMITZ            	RACHELLE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,982.50	
NESBITT           	DONALD      	SENIOR REAL ESTATE AGENT      	49,337.36	
NESBITT           	WILLIAM     	REFUSE COLLECTOR IIIA         	38,639.66	
NESBITT           	VALERIE     	CLERK II                      	25,147.63	
NETT              	THOMAS      	REFUSE DIST SUPERVISOR        	49,043.22	
NETT              	JOHN        	CERT. AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC     	42,141.90	
NEUDORFER         	ROXANNE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,597.50	
NEUSSE            	BRYCESON    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,011.89	
NEVINS            	DANIEL      	WATER HYDRO PLANT MECH        	40,233.21	
NEWBURY           	TARA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,388.00	
NEWCOMB           	JAMIE       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,713.78	
NEWKIRK           	BRENDA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	263.25	
NGUYEN            	NGOC        	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	39,118.94	
NGUYEN            	OANH        	DATA ENTRY TECH III           	12,431.56	
NGUYEN            	TUONG       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,062.00	
NICHOLS           	ARTHUR      	FIRE FAC. & LOGISTICS OFFICER 	81,731.05	
NICHOLS           	ROB         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,407.65	
NICHOLS           	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,986.63	
NICHOLS           	SHELBY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,781.01	
NICHOLSON         	VICTOR      	WELDER                        	41,074.93	
NICKERSON         	JOHN        	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	37,947.11	
NICKERSON         	SEAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,294.00	
NICKLAS           	JOHN        	CERTIFIED INSPECTOR           	45,387.75	
NICKS             	JAMES       	ASSISTANT CHIEF-POLICE        	97,940.40	
NICODEMUS         	RONALD      	CREDIT SUPERVISOR             	48,568.01	
NICOLDS           	CAROLYN     	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	29,999.17	
NIDO              	NICOLE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,679.03	
NIELSEN           	KAREN       	LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASST        	33,007.61	
NIEMEIER          	SCOTT       	RECREATION SUPERVISOR I       	45,756.80	
NIEMEYER          	JOANN       	PAGE I                        	5,406.24	
NIEMI             	CAITLYN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,146.23	
NILSON            	LINDA       	CLERK III                     	31,939.78	
NIST              	JENNIFER    	POLICE RECORDS SHIFT SUPVR.   	35,868.11	
NOBLE             	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,327.50	
NORD              	MARK        	GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT    	48,633.81	
NORD              	RANDY       	GOLF COURSE GROUNDSKEEPER     	31,362.66	
NORDLING          	ALLAN       	STAGE & TECHNICAL MANAGER     	74,560.36	
NORDSTROM         	LEE         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	240.00	
NORMAN            	ROBIN       	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	37,130.57	
NORMANDEAU        	CAROL       	AUDITOR - INTERNAL/TAX        	49,403.21	
NOTTLE            	MARK        	RECREATION SPECIALIST         	21,999.17	
NUNN              	TYSON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,734.48	
NYBERG            	SCOTT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,066.25	
OAKSHOTT          	PATRICIA    	LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASST        	16,460.78	
OATES             	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,524.00	
OBENLAND          	STEVEN      	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	41,233.48	
OBERST            	FRANK       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,325.50	
O'BRIEN           	JOHN        	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	60,572.98	
O'BRIEN           	JEFFREY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,842.00	
O'BYRNE           	STEPHANIE   	GARDENER I                    	34,236.83	
O'CONNELL         	DON         	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	58,495.53	
OCONNOR           	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,135.31	
ODELL             	DINA        	POLICE RADIO DISP. I          	28,896.99	
ODENTHAL          	ALLAN       	DEPUTY POLICE CHIEF           	101,298.80	
ODONNELL          	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,529.46	
ODONNELL          	MARK        	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	2,120.72	
OEDING            	CARRIE      	PAGE I                        	3,998.40	
OESTREICHER       	DAVID       	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	35,585.11	
OGOHARA           	CASSANDRA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,121.56	
OHARA             	ELLEN       	ATTORNEY IV                   	20,796.48	
OIEN              	SHANE       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	63,538.35	
OIEN              	RANDI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,510.26	
OKERT             	DON         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,712.68	
O'LEARY           	DAN         	ASPHALT RAKER                 	38,378.72	
OLESEN            	JEFFREY     	LIBRARY CUSTODIAN I           	26,074.89	
OLIPHANT          	AMBER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,555.14	
OLIVAS            	DONNA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	105.00	
OLIVER            	THOMAS      	DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL           	58,658.86	
OLIVER            	JANICE      	POLICE OFFICER                	58,146.08	
OLIVER            	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,633.90	
OLIVER            	BRITTNEY    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,449.09	
OLIVER            	JESSICA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,374.92	
OLNEY             	TIMOTHY     	METER READER                  	34,848.01	
OLSEN             	ERIC        	POLICE SERGEANT               	82,927.11	
OLSEN             	JAMES       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	63,061.69	
OLSEN             	RICHARD     	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,873.90	
OLSEN             	ROBERT      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,314.53	
OLSON             	REX         	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	92,979.10	
OLSON             	BENJAMIN    	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	64,957.62	
OLSON             	TYLER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,247.38	
OLSON             	ERIC        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,481.50	
OMELVENY          	BRENDAN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,227.88	
ORELLANA          	OSMAN       	LABORER II                    	35,278.13	
ORMESHER          	GORDON      	FIREFIGHTER                   	56,645.10	
OROZCO            	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,288.00	
ORR               	DOUGLAS     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	61,134.61	
OSBORN            	SARAH       	PAGE I                        	5,839.12	
OSMAN             	ERMA        	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	18,312.72	
OTTERSTROM        	KARL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,190.88	
OVERHAUSER        	KRISTOPHER  	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,351.76	
OVERHAUSER        	KATHARINE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,680.50	
OVERHOFF          	DAVID       	POLICE CORPORAL               	58,829.51	
OWEN              	JOHN        	ACCOUNTANT I                  	45,398.83	
OWENS             	MARTIN      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	36,936.87	
PAGE              	CARISSA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,288.69	
PAIKULI           	JOHN        	LABORER II                    	33,970.52	
PAIKULI           	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	812.00	
PAJIMOLA          	ORLIA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,684.27	
PALMER            	BRUCE       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	67,303.46	
PANAS             	KATHLEEN    	CLERK IV                      	35,127.80	
PAPENLEUR         	JOSEPH      	SR W W TRT PLANT MT MECH      	44,519.22	
PAPINI            	ADAM        	PROSECUTOR II                 	40,983.20	
PARKER            	JIMMY       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,484.22	
PARKER            	STEPHEN     	DEPUTY SEALER WTS-MEAS        	37,651.20	
PARKISON          	GARY        	LABORER II                    	34,569.90	
PARKS             	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,244.15	
PARSONS           	KATHY       	PARKS FAC. & GROUNDS FRPRSN   	42,610.88	
PARTOVI           	PATRICIA    	PROF LIBRARIAN IV             	63,998.40	
PARTOVI           	DAVID       	PROSECUTOR I                  	36,528.82	
PARVEY            	DEBORAH     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	499.97	
PASHER            	OLGA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,733.11	
PATRICK           	LORI        	CLERK III                     	25,526.63	
PATRICK           	MARIO       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,890.14	
PATRICK           	DUSTIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,476.00	
PATTERSON         	SUSAN       	DESKTOP COMPUTER SPEC. II     	39,745.78	
PATTERSON         	DALE        	LABORER II                    	22,859.31	
PATTERSON         	ELIZABETH   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,211.61	
PATTERSON         	ROMAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,209.64	
PATTERSON         	JUDY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	930.00	
PATTON            	MICHAEL     	LABORER II                    	34,645.89	
PAULING           	NED         	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,849.16	
PAVLISCHAK        	CHARLES     	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	63,915.94	
PAYNE             	SHARON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	574.00	
PEACOCK           	WILLIAM     	PRINCIPAL ENGINEER            	71,104.00	
PEAK              	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	208.32	
PEARCE            	CELINA      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	37,935.81	
PEARSON           	JACK        	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	42,842.06	
PECE              	ELIZABETH   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	719.55	
PEDEN             	KEVIN       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	64,109.62	
PEDERSON          	MELISSA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,071.63	
PEER              	JEFF        	CERT. AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC     	42,190.68	
PEERY             	ROBERTA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,247.01	
PEERY             	PATRICIA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,885.00	
PEIRONE           	SUSAN       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	14,478.08	
PELTON            	TIMOTHY     	W W TREAT PLANT SUPT          	71,372.80	
PELTON            	KENNETH     	CITY PLANNER III              	55,575.36	
PEN               	DUANE       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	38,623.68	
PENALUNA          	RICKEY      	SIGNAL MT TECH I/ELEC TECH I  	24,197.61	
PENCE             	JOSEPH      	POLICE OFFICER                	62,979.00	
PENKUNIS          	MICHAEL     	CERTIFIED INSPECTOR           	46,995.52	
PENNINGTON        	RICKY       	FIREFIGHTER                   	41,398.96	
PEREZ             	CHRISTINA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,472.56	
PERRY             	DAVID       	SENIOR REAL ESTATE AGENT      	54,274.40	
PERRY             	JUSTIN      	LABORER II                    	34,614.76	
PERRY             	JEFFREY     	TREE TRIMMER                  	29,621.01	
PETERS            	GENE        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	70,814.83	
PETERS            	BETTY       	CLERK III                     	34,306.17	
PETERSEN          	DONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,587.40	
PETERSON          	JOSEPH      	POLICE SERGEANT               	73,779.27	
PETERSON          	REX         	FIREFIGHTER                   	59,364.62	
PETERSON          	GALEN       	FIREFIGHTER                   	58,811.55	
PETERSON          	WILLIAM     	FIREFIGHTER                   	54,948.42	
PETERSON          	PAUL        	FIREFIGHTER                   	48,405.50	
PETERSON          	RANDAL      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	35,947.01	
PETERSON          	RICHARD     	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	33,647.55	
PETERSON          	AUSTIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,280.25	
PETERSON          	DEBORAH     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,489.36	
PETERSON          	DEREK       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	671.20	
PETERSON          	JODY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	245.00	
PETRUZZELLO       	BRIAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	27.90	
PETTIS            	BENNY       	ELECTRONIC COMM SYSTEMS TECH  	44,287.45	
PETTIT            	KRISTY      	INFORMATION ANALYST           	57,103.32	
PFENNIG           	CLINTON     	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	12,629.84	
PFISTER           	TERRI       	CITY CLERK                    	54,856.83	
PHARE             	EDWARD      	LABORER II                    	34,677.97	
PHARE             	CORELLA     	CLERK II                      	23,313.49	
PHEBUS            	BRETT       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	58,379.38	
PHILLIPS          	CHRISTOPHER 	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	63,782.37	
PHILLIPS          	VICTOR      	STOREKEEPER                   	35,938.82	
PHILLIPS          	MARGARET    	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,088.05	
PHILLIPS          	CHRISTOPHER 	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	24,689.60	
PHILLIPS          	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,535.13	
PICCOLO           	MICHAEL     	SENIOR ATTORNEY               	70,065.60	
PIERCE            	GARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	18,076.00	
PIERCE            	COLEEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,174.69	
PIERPONT          	KEN         	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	37,734.85	
PIPER             	ALICIA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,197.45	
PIPPENGER         	SHIRLEY     	CLERK III                     	33,356.28	
PLATZ             	GAYLE       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	24,864.42	
PLOTZKI           	PATRICIA    	CLERK III                     	33,400.55	
POFFENROTH        	WILLIAM     	BUILDING ENGINEER I           	34,816.34	
POGACHAR          	JANELL      	DETECTIVE                     	65,607.08	
POGACHAR          	JESSICA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,104.00	
POGUE             	MICHAEL     	CERT.HVY.EQUIP.MECHANIC       	43,522.78	
POHLE             	DENNIS      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	60,544.84	
POINDEXTER        	PAMELA      	PROJECT EMPLOYEE              	4,720.05	
POINDEXTER        	GERALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,001.50	
POINTER           	GERALD      	FIRE BATTALION CHIEF          	96,617.47	
POINTER           	DAVID       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,432.65	
POMADA            	MARIE       	POLICE RADIO DISP. I          	37,016.10	
POOLE             	SHAWN       	FIREFIGHTER                   	56,131.24	
POPE              	ALLEN       	PARK CARETAKER                	31,358.13	
POPOV             	ROMAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,589.15	
POPPEN            	LAURIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,976.65	
PORTER            	MARK        	DETECTIVE                     	67,450.88	
PORTER            	LISA        	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	29,473.66	
PORTER            	MARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,249.20	
PORTER            	ANDREA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,149.64	
POTTER            	ROBERT      	DESKTOP COMPUTER SPEC. I      	29,941.97	
POTTER            	ISAIAH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,488.90	
POTTER            	JONATHAN    	SUBSTITUTES                   	160.56	
POWELL            	LEWIS       	FIRE BATTALION CHIEF          	100,405.20	
POWELL            	TODD        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	58,293.24	
POWELL            	DENNIS      	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	54,584.55	
POWELL            	ALBERT      	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	39,823.56	
POWERS            	JOHN        	MAYOR                         	110,427.60	
PRATER            	KARY        	CLERK II                      	30,215.92	
PRAY              	SHAWN       	FIRE APPARATUS MECHANIC       	45,125.35	
PREEDY            	CLOYCE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	940.80	
PRENGER           	SALLYE      	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	38,731.20	
PRESTA            	DEVIN       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	58,983.40	
PRESTON           	BING        	MEDIC                         	62,782.84	
PRESTON           	DONALD      	PARKING METER SPEC. I         	32,505.60	
PRESTON           	KAY         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,439.50	
PREUNINGER        	TERRY       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	63,947.55	
PREVOST           	THOMAS      	WATER HYDRO PLANT MECH        	39,455.20	
PRICE             	LARRY       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,497.76	
PRICE             	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,905.59	
PRICHARD          	LYDIA       	POLICE OFFICER                	12,206.48	
PRIJATEL          	GINNY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	108.50	
PRIM              	MICHAEL     	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	83,597.00	
PROCTOR           	CHANTEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,858.00	
PROVINSAL         	RONALD      	ENGINEERING TECH IV           	46,947.41	
PUTMAN            	PAUL        	CERT.HVY.EQUIP.MECHANIC       	42,532.43	
PUTMAN            	MARIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,412.50	
QUINLIVAN         	JUDITH      	PARK & REC DIVISION MGR       	71,309.52	
QUINNAN           	WENDY       	CLERK II                      	26,938.69	
QUIST             	ALAN        	DETECTIVE                     	77,224.53	
RAAUM             	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,706.20	
RABAGLIA          	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	275.13	
RABEL             	MICHAEL     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	64,769.54	
RADTKE            	SCOTT       	LABORER II                    	34,953.38	
RAGSDALE          	SONIA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,693.18	
RAIL              	TED         	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	76,563.27	
RAINS             	DAVID       	IRRIGATION SPECIALIST         	35,525.95	
RAINS             	JASON       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	34,859.07	
RALEIGH           	ERIN        	POLICE OFFICER                	55,579.40	
RAMIREZ           	PENNY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	248.50	
RAMM              	WADE        	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	30,612.30	
RAMOS             	MICHAEL     	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,326.30	
RAMSAY            	CARLA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,875.00	
RAMSEY            	DONALD      	CITY TRAFFIC ENGINEER         	75,974.33	
RANDOLPH          	DAVID       	LABOR FOREPERSON              	39,667.41	
RANDOLPH          	THOMAS      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	12,584.25	
RANDOLPH          	NICHOLE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	12,073.13	
RANDOLPH          	LON         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,644.38	
RANEY             	SHAWNA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	569.85	
RANSFORD          	NATHAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	607.47	
RASMUSSEN         	MATHEW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,669.00	
RASMUSSEN         	PATRICIA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,099.13	
RASMUSSEN         	RICHARD     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,695.00	
RAUSCH            	HOWARD      	FIREFIGHTER                   	38,545.14	
RAWLEY            	DEBORAH     	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	16,454.03	
RAWLEY            	JOSEPH      	PAGE I                        	4,423.10	
RAY               	CHAD        	FIREFIGHTER                   	54,798.81	
RAY               	JAMES       	LABORER II                    	34,783.39	
RAY               	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,378.25	
RAYFUSE           	LARRY       	LABORER II                    	31,068.00	
RAYMON            	BRIAN       	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	52,008.29	
RAYMON            	SUE         	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	31,674.86	
RAYMOND           	RICHARD     	PRINCIPAL ENGINEER            	67,164.81	
RAYMOND           	CARL        	FIREFIGHTER                   	47,999.03	
READ              	ANDREA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,658.00	
REALING           	STEVEN      	LEAD COMPUTER OPERATOR        	40,744.00	
REALING           	BRIAN       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	24,580.36	
REDING            	RYAN        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	72,704.76	
REDINGTON         	PETER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,068.51	
REDMON            	SHERILYN    	POLICE OFFICER                	67,624.70	
REED              	TERRY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	101,960.00	
REED              	BRENDA      	FIREFIGHTER                   	65,622.03	
REED              	MICHELE     	CLERK II                      	25,737.92	
REED              	DEBORAH     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	835.97	
REED              	SHAYLON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	221.13	
REESE             	THOMAS      	URBAN DESIGNER II             	51,830.40	
REGAN             	ELIZABETH   	LIBRARY MANAGER               	45,548.85	
REGIS             	JEFFREY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,836.80	
REID              	RANDALL     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,444.62	
REID              	JENNIFER    	PAGE I                        	3,178.56	
REID              	CLARYN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	896.00	
REID              	SARA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	85.75	
REILLY            	AARON       	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,397.93	
REILLY            	MARK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,344.25	
REIMANN           	BARBARA     	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,902.03	
REINHART          	BRIAN       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	38,952.02	
REINKEN           	WILLIAM     	PROSECUTOR II                 	41,197.40	
REIS              	JACKIE      	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	16,180.45	
REISENAUER        	CHARLES     	POLICE SERGEANT               	74,912.97	
REISENAUER        	JULIE       	DETECTIVE                     	61,454.82	
REISS             	ROBERT      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,299.43	
REISS             	TONYA       	LABORER II                    	34,173.24	
REMMERS           	ROBERT      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	38,657.76	
RENDON            	AVERY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,192.89	
RENNER            	DANIEL      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	55,966.61	
RENNICH           	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,553.75	
RESER             	JASON       	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
REYNEN            	JOHN        	LEAD BRIDGE & PAVMNT INSPECTOR	46,212.43	
REYNOLDS          	MICHAEL     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	66,912.38	
REYNOLDS          	CHARLES     	POLICE OFFICER                	64,145.80	
REYNOLDS          	MICHAEL     	FIREFIGHTER                   	37,874.48	
REYNOLDS          	FRANCIS     	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	35,518.05	
REYNOLDS          	DIANE       	CLERK II                      	30,657.76	
RHOADS            	JASON       	LIBRARY COMPUTER OPERATOR     	10,967.90	
RHODES            	STEVEN      	CERTIFIED COMB INSPECTOR      	44,566.40	
RICHARDS          	DAVID       	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	81,132.10	
RICHARDS          	SANDRA      	CRIME PREVENT. PRACT.         	41,112.07	
RICHARDSON        	EZEKIEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,211.30	
RICHARDSON        	LYNNETTE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	168.00	
RICHMAN           	JAMES       	ATTORNEY III                  	50,993.64	
RICHMOND          	JUSTIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,821.13	
RICKARD           	RONALD      	ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYST         	53,757.37	
RIGSBY            	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,945.00	
RILEY             	KRISTEN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,786.46	
RILEY             	LUTHER      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,262.50	
RIORDAN           	DANIEL      	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	71,153.45	
RIPLEY            	KAREN       	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	28,968.04	
RISTAU            	KENNETH     	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	49,930.56	
RISTAU            	RONALD      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,348.15	
ROACH             	BONITA      	LIBRARY PRINTER               	12,969.98	
ROACH             	SEAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,828.00	
ROBB              	GEORGE      	CUSTODIAN I                   	24,982.84	
ROBBINS           	KAY         	PROSECUTOR II                 	41,679.20	
ROBBINS           	PATRICIA    	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,130.31	
ROBBINS           	VALERIE     	CLERK III                     	33,033.81	
ROBBINS           	GLORIA      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	32,605.13	
ROBBINS           	BRYAN       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	10,347.76	
ROBERGE           	MICHAEL     	POLICE OFFICER                	62,206.76	
ROBERSON          	DONALD      	DIRECTOR - FLEET SERV.        	78,592.60	
ROBERSON          	LAURA       	ACCOUNTANT I                  	34,989.44	
ROBERTS           	BRUCE       	POLICE CAPTAIN                	90,618.53	
ROBERTS           	DOUGLAS     	LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASST        	33,225.60	
ROBERTS           	CHRISTOBLE  	LIBRARY PAGE II               	8,746.16	
ROBERTS           	KATHLEEN    	PAGE I                        	4,932.48	
ROBERTS           	IAN         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	747.93	
ROBERTS           	JUDITH      	SUBSTITUTES                   	347.88	
ROBERTS           	MICHELLE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	328.07	
ROBERTSON         	ELISE       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	62,041.53	
ROBERTSON         	JAMES       	HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC      	41,751.46	
ROBERTSON         	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	213.50	
ROBESON           	DONALD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,070.25	
ROBIDOUX          	BRENDA      	ENGINEERING TECH IV           	43,946.81	
ROBINETTE         	MIRANDA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,531.82	
ROBINSON          	RICHARD     	POLICE CORPORAL               	66,902.09	
ROBINSON          	CHERYL      	CLERK III                     	32,902.07	
ROBINSON          	STACEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,819.25	
ROBINSON          	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,132.00	
ROBINSON          	LINDA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	791.00	
ROBINSON          	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	628.00	
ROBSON            	LURA        	CLERK II                      	27,244.04	
RODERICK          	SAM         	CITY PLANNING SPEC II         	44,050.80	
RODGERS           	CHERYL      	COUNCILMEMBER                 	18,000.00	
RODGERS           	ROXANNE     	CLERK II                      	12,579.07	
ROGAN             	MARK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,109.95	
ROGERS            	DAVID       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,495.50	
ROGERS            	DONALD      	LABORER II                    	35,171.61	
ROGERS            	CAROL       	CLERK II                      	30,551.66	
ROGERS            	ISAAC       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,513.75	
ROHRBACK          	SUSAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,305.00	
ROISE             	JOSEPH      	LIBRARY CARETAKER II          	32,887.11	
ROLLAND           	DIANE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,327.06	
ROLLAND           	MARCIA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7.39	
ROLLINS           	ANDREA      	INFORMATION ANALYST           	56,192.74	
ROMANOS           	FRANK       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	182.78	
RONNING           	JUSTIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,264.25	
ROOSE             	ROBERT      	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	43,268.81	
ROSADO            	JOSE        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	37,613.24	
ROSARIO           	EDWIN       	PROJECTIONIST                 	38,578.65	
ROSE              	MICHAEL     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	70,673.10	
ROSEMAN           	MAYA        	PAGE I                        	5,612.21	
ROSEMAN           	LARRY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	900.82	
ROSEN             	HOLLY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,315.37	
ROSENTHAL         	MARIE-CHRIS 	POLICE OFFICER                	12,558.86	
ROSIER            	LISA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,492.50	
ROSMAN            	CATHERINE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,524.99	
ROSS              	DANIEL      	FIREFIGHTER                   	53,659.99	
ROSS              	DOUGLAS     	FIREFIGHTER                   	43,014.71	
ROSS              	AMY         	POLICE OFFICER                	41,909.98	
ROSS              	ERIC        	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
ROSS              	CARRIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,278.00	
ROSSI             	MICHAEL     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	60,709.58	
ROSTBERG          	JAMES       	EQUIPMENT OPERATOR            	35,070.48	
ROWE              	JAMES       	W W TREAT PLANT OP III        	44,206.77	
ROWICKI           	AMANDA      	REPROGRAPHICS ASSISTANT       	19,216.86	
ROWLAND           	MILTON      	SENIOR ATTORNEY               	75,048.00	
ROWSE             	AMANDA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,657.01	
ROYS              	JOHN        	POLICE SERGEANT               	74,565.60	
ROYS              	JANET       	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	31,742.12	
ROYS              	JOSHUA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,720.50	
ROYSE             	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,277.49	
RUBIN             	MIKE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,151.88	
RUBRIGHT          	KIMBERLY    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,261.20	
RUDDELL           	ROY         	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	73,740.96	
RUDDER            	SUSAN       	LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASST        	33,625.20	
RUGG              	COLLEEN     	CLERK III                     	28,821.00	
RUMSEY            	JERRY       	FIREFIGHTER                   	58,787.18	
RUPP              	TODD        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	12,782.25	
RUSHING           	SARA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,263.31	
RUSSELL           	MOLLY       	DIRECTOR - ACCOUNTING         	73,740.00	
RUSSELL           	LYNN        	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	48,190.10	
RUSSELL           	DARRELL     	WELDER FOREPERSON             	48,086.03	
RUSSELL           	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,337.00	
RUSSELL           	BEVERLY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	336.00	
RUTHERFORD        	MARY        	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	27,257.44	
RYAN              	TIMOTHY     	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,523.01	
RYAN              	PATIENCE    	PAGE I                        	5,658.24	
RYAN              	DAVID       	PAGE I                        	1,975.68	
SABO              	STEVEN      	FIRE BATTALION CHIEF          	127,234.97	
SACCO             	RONALD      	WASTE WATER INSPECTOR         	39,995.40	
SACCO             	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,029.50	
SACKMAN           	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	40,886.22	
SADOWSKI          	LAURA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,372.76	
SAFFLE            	NIKOLE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,030.70	
SAGER             	SHAUN       	LIBRARY CARETAKER I           	30,269.95	
SAHLBERG          	THOMAS      	POLICE CORPORAL               	74,114.75	
SAIZ              	DWAIN       	FACILITIES MAINT WORKER       	35,145.43	
SAKAMOTO          	JAMES       	ASSOCIATE ENGINEER            	47,694.40	
SALING            	MOLLY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	494.82	
SANCHEZ           	NINA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,043.60	
SANDERS           	JANICE      	LIBRARY DIRECTOR              	36,166.00	
SANDERS           	HAZEL       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,140.40	
SANDERS           	PATRICK     	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
SANDERSON         	BRYAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	203.50	
SANDS             	KARYL       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	647.32	
SANDVOSS          	LAURIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,624.00	
SANTORSOLA        	DAVID       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,203.76	
SARGENT           	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,702.38	
SARI              	ANDREA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,843.32	
SASSER            	CARA        	CLERK III                     	32,859.14	
SATHER            	STEVEN      	ENGINEERING TECH IV           	43,842.93	
SATTIN            	BARRY       	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	38,788.40	
SAUCEDO           	NICHOLAS    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,170.37	
SAUNDERS          	LARRY       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	63,302.23	
SAUNDERS          	HUGH        	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	41,330.42	
SAVAGE            	PATRICK     	FIREFIGHTER                   	60,311.64	
SAVAGE            	TERRY       	ENGINEERING TECH II           	32,670.35	
SAVILLE           	ELEANOR     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	250.00	
SCACCO            	KATHREEN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,277.50	
SCALISE           	FRANK       	DETECTIVE                     	64,735.91	
SCANLAN           	RICHARD     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,474.90	
SCARINGELLA       	MICHAEL     	EVENTS SUPERVISOR II          	47,340.80	
SCHAAL            	JEFFREY     	POLICE CORPORAL               	62,984.33	
SCHABER           	ALBERT      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	65,270.32	
SCHAFFER          	JAMES       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	80,800.56	
SCHAFFER          	ERIC        	WATER HYDRO PLANT OPERATOR    	42,768.41	
SCHAICH           	WILLIAM     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	69,873.89	
SCHATZ            	JARED       	ACCOUNTANT II                 	53,182.40	
SCHAUDIES         	SASCHA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	314.00	
SCHENK            	LORI        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,770.25	
SCHERER           	LINDA       	ACCOUNTANT II                 	53,182.40	
SCHERMERHORN      	RONALD      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,335.10	
SCHIFFNER         	EDWARD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	333.52	
SCHILLING         	PAMELA      	CLERK III                     	33,871.85	
SCHIMPF           	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,132.48	
SCHLAPFER         	KENDRA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,021.51	
SCHMALL           	ALEXANDER   	DEPUTY SEALER WTS-MEAS        	39,644.80	
SCHMEHL           	GAIL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,694.00	
SCHMELZER         	ALLEN       	CITY PLANNER III              	60,337.60	
SCHMIDT           	ARIANE      	GIS PROGRAMMER                	45,420.28	
SCHMIDT           	DEANNA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,993.25	
SCHMIDT           	GINA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,798.02	
SCHMIDT           	ZANON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	403.75	
SCHMIDT           	THOMAS      	                              	255.42	
SCHNEIDER         	BRENT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,640.63	
SCHOENFELD        	FRED        	FIREFIGHTER                   	41,184.98	
SCHOENLEBER       	ROCHELLE    	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,513.17	
SCHUBACH          	JOYCE       	BENEFITS SPECIALIST           	43,260.80	
SCHUG             	RAYMOND     	GIS ANALYST                   	55,969.60	
SCHUG             	MICHAEL     	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	36,256.01	
SCHULTE           	JOHN        	WATER HYDRO PLANT MECH        	40,618.01	
SCHULTE           	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	12,104.00	
SCHULTER          	MICHELE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,055.55	
SCHULTZ           	TYESON      	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	29,996.09	
SCHUMACHER        	CANDACE     	CLERK II                      	12,174.41	
SCHUSSLER         	MARGARET    	GARDENER I                    	32,909.82	
SCHUTZ            	NANCY       	CLERK II                      	30,415.64	
SCHWAB            	DOUGLAS     	PARKS FAC. & GROUNDS FRPRSN   	46,098.98	
SCIUCHETTI        	DALE        	CITY TREASURER                	76,665.61	
SCIUCHETTI        	CAROL       	CLERK III                     	32,014.61	
SCIUCHETTI        	GARY        	ENGINEERING TECH I            	26,683.61	
SCOTT             	DOUGLAS     	DETECTIVE                     	65,662.43	
SCOTT             	KELLY       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,362.45	
SCOTT             	TAMMORA     	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	58,466.89	
SCOTT             	BRADLEY     	REFUSE COLLECTOR IIIA         	37,172.43	
SCOTT             	SANDRA      	CLERK II                      	30,193.61	
SCOTT             	JESSIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,262.62	
SCOTT             	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,840.51	
SCOTT             	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,174.65	
SCRIPTURE         	DONNA       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	28,453.63	
SCRIVEN           	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	30.00	
SEARL             	LOREN       	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,107.29	
SEED              	BRAD        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	15,469.50	
SEEFELDT          	TIFFANY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,045.82	
SEIGLER           	NICOLE      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	50,612.84	
SEIPP             	DENNIS      	METER READER                  	36,096.27	
SEKI              	YOICHI      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	35,174.08	
SEMB              	DUSTIN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,102.50	
SERBOUSEK         	MARK        	PRINCIPAL ENGINEER            	70,036.38	
SERPA             	ALICIA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,409.13	
SERQUINA          	ANTHONY     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	58,544.12	
SETLIFF           	KAREN       	CLERK I                       	20,475.51	
SEURER            	ROGER       	STATIONARY ENGINEER           	46,838.10	
SHADDUCK          	SUMITTRA    	PAGE I                        	1,051.68	
SHAGINA           	STEVE       	BUSINESS & FINANCE MANAGER    	60,337.60	
SHAH              	NISSAR      	ASSOCIATE ENGINEER            	56,502.32	
SHAMP             	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,649.00	
SHAMP             	JULIAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,187.75	
SHANK             	CALVIN      	PARAMEDIC LT                  	73,169.96	
SHAPIRO           	JUNE        	DIRECTOR-HUMAN SERVICE        	55,969.60	
SHAPIRO           	MARSHALL    	LIBRARY ASSOCIATE             	38,948.04	
SHARPS            	ANDREA      	PROF LIBRARIAN III            	55,969.60	
SHAW              	GERALD      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	60,746.64	
SHAW              	DAVID       	SIGNALS & LIGHTING SUPERVISOR 	57,383.80	
SHAW              	JANET       	ACCOUNTANT I                  	36,895.60	
SHAW              	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	16,164.32	
SHAW              	NICOLE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,267.60	
SHEA              	MARILYN     	INFORMATION ANALYST           	54,472.00	
SHEARER           	KEVIN       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	63,353.69	
SHECKELLS         	SUSAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,899.20	
SHEEKS            	PATRICK     	LABORER II                    	34,234.89	
SHELDEN           	LUCINDA     	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,651.20	
SHELTON           	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,686.06	
SHEPHERD          	AARON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,094.40	
SHEPHERD          	ANDREA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	90.00	
SHERAR            	BONNIE      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	64,265.40	
SHERMAN           	KURTIS      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,101.50	
SHIELDS           	MICHAEL     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	62,048.64	
SHIELDS           	LOIS        	SCALE OPERATIONS FOREPERSON   	47,505.43	
SHIELDS           	SEAN        	CLERK III                     	21,885.31	
SHIELDS           	NATHANIEL   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,569.20	
SHIELDS           	CHAD        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,915.82	
SHIER             	JUDITH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,043.50	
SHINE             	RICHARD     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,241.90	
SHODDY            	ANN         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	936.00	
SHOEMAKER         	JODY        	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
SHOEMAKER         	LISA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,627.65	
SHOGAN            	JESSICA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,577.76	
SHOGAN            	STEPHEN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,403.30	
SHORES            	HELEN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,324.47	
SHRUM             	JAN         	BUILDING MAINT FOREPERSON     	53,179.03	
SHRUM             	BRADLEY     	HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC      	40,541.26	
SHUPE             	ELLIS       	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	49,603.88	
SIBLEY            	MARK        	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	32,478.24	
SICILIA           	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,470.00	
SIDE              	RONALD      	WATER HYDRO PLANT OPERATOR    	43,629.36	
SIECK             	KAY         	POLICE RADIO DISP. I          	4,596.00	
SIEGEL            	RICHARD     	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	39,003.62	
SIERRA            	MICHAEL     	PROF LIBRARIAN III            	55,369.60	
SIKES             	JACK        	TRAFFIC SYSTEMS ASSISTANT     	53,182.40	
SILCOCK           	DAVID       	DESKTOP COMPUTER SPEC. I      	34,089.45	
SIMCHUK           	NICHOLAS    	GARDENER II                   	35,380.80	
SIMMONS           	GORDON      	DETECTIVE                     	66,923.83	
SIMMONS           	MICHAEL     	WASTE WATER INSPECTOR         	38,854.41	
SIMMONS           	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	22,060.00	
SIMMONS           	JERI        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	15,412.50	
SIMMS             	MARTINA     	CONF. SECRETARY TO THE MAYOR  	49,082.00	
SIMON             	LAWRENCE    	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	48,190.05	
SIMON             	MARILYN     	ACCOUNTANT II                 	47,779.20	
SIMON             	ALLEN       	RECREATION LEADER             	28,833.41	
SIMON             	AMERICA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,148.56	
SIMONTON          	BEVERLY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,785.61	
SIMPSON           	WILFRED     	WATER SERVICE INSPECTOR       	40,468.05	
SIMPSON           	IRENE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,706.49	
SIMS              	RICHARD     	LABORER II                    	37,176.65	
SINCLAIR          	JERRY       	SENIOR ENGINEER               	60,337.60	
SINGLETON         	EUGENE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,743.85	
SINGLEY           	DAVID       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	59,490.24	
SINGLEY           	REBECCA     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	53,484.67	
SIRIANNI          	WARREN      	LABORER I                     	14,381.25	
SISLER            	KYLE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,533.96	
SKAARVOLD         	LON         	WASTE WATER DIST. SUPERV      	49,412.64	
SKAARVOLD         	JASON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	217.00	
SKEEN             	LEVI        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,018.00	
SKIPWORTH         	SHANE       	FIREFIGHTER                   	33,894.52	
SKOG              	JOHN        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,502.20	
SKOW              	DONALD      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	32,937.50	
SLATER            	CARL        	LABORER II                    	39,638.35	
SLATER            	TERESA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,421.00	
SLOANE            	JAMES       	CITY ATTORNEY                 	57,277.79	
SLOCUM            	RITA        	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	28,374.88	
SMATHERS          	KEVIN       	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	74,731.17	
SMAWLEY           	RICHARD     	LABORER II                    	26,464.90	
SMEAD             	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,123.58	
SMEE              	JOYCE       	ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY      	40,036.80	
SMEE              	ROBERT      	EVENTS SUPERVISOR I           	6,112.00	
SMELCER           	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,244.90	
SMICK             	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,241.00	
SMICK             	CHRISTIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,123.38	
SMITH             	GREGORY     	HEARING EXAMINER              	76,665.60	
SMITH             	RODGER      	FIRE COMM CTR SHIFT SUP (L-I) 	73,145.78	
SMITH             	ROBERT      	MEDIC                         	63,428.87	
SMITH             	TERRY       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,022.59	
SMITH             	BURTON      	GIS ANALYST                   	51,208.03	
SMITH             	KEVIN       	FIREFIGHTER                   	46,973.97	
SMITH             	STEVE       	GARDENER II                   	35,760.49	
SMITH             	MICHAEL     	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	35,333.29	
SMITH             	MICHAEL     	LABORER II                    	34,918.93	
SMITH             	MARK        	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	34,427.96	
SMITH             	NANCY       	CLERK III                     	33,273.26	
SMITH             	STEPHEN     	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	31,840.99	
SMITH             	DANIEL      	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	25,760.25	
SMITH             	MARCEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,859.92	
SMITH             	RANDI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,844.98	
SMITH             	GERALDINE   	PAGE I                        	5,631.36	
SMITH             	ALICIA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,415.51	
SMITH             	BRIAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,218.51	
SMITH             	AMANDA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,295.20	
SMITH             	ALLISON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,027.69	
SMITH             	SANDRA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	843.50	
SMITH             	AISLINN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	609.19	
SMITH             	GREGERY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	80.00	
SMITH-ANDERSON    	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,996.00	
SNIDER            	DENNIS      	DETECTIVE                     	76,639.09	
SNIDER            	KENNETH     	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	74,553.44	
SNIDER            	RYAN        	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	69,172.00	
SNIPES            	BRIAN       	WATER SERVICE FOREPERSON      	57,181.08	
SNOW              	DEBORAH     	BENEFITS SPECIALIST           	43,260.80	
SNYDER            	RICHARD     	FIRE BATTALION CHIEF          	99,353.98	
SNYDER            	KRISTEN     	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,651.20	
SNYDER            	DENNIS      	W W TREAT PLANT MT MECH       	40,693.26	
SODEN             	MARTA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,892.82	
SOMERS            	TERRY       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	34,812.57	
SOMMERFELD        	LORRAN      	LABORER II                    	37,353.57	
SORAN             	PHILIP      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	46,470.20	
SOTHEN            	ROGER       	INFORMATION ANALYST           	57,103.32	
SOUTH             	ANDREW      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,296.00	
SPADIE            	RODNEY      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,591.99	
SPAETH            	LARRY       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	33,306.62	
SPANE             	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,356.75	
SPARKES           	MICHAEL     	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,687.48	
SPELLECY          	DEBORAH     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	650.00	
SPENCE            	TYLER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,659.50	
SPENCER           	WENDY       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	16,527.45	
SPIERING          	JEANIE      	ATTORNEY IV                   	67,819.20	
SPIERING          	NATHAN      	POLICE OFFICER                	64,249.52	
SPIES             	JOEL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,432.08	
SPILKER           	CASSANDRA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,932.13	
SPILKER           	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,773.13	
SPILLER           	ERIN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,022.00	
SPRAGUE           	DEAN        	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	83,373.92	
SPRINGER          	JOY         	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,960.10	
SPRINGER          	EDWARD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,796.00	
SPROTT            	SHARON      	POLICE PLANNER                	41,915.20	
SPROUL            	BOB         	LABOR FOREPERSON              	39,130.50	
SPROUL            	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,078.97	
SPROULE           	LEON        	WATER HYDRO PLANT SUPT        	41,795.34	
SRAMEK            	EDITH       	ACCOUNTANT I                  	44,948.82	
ST GEORGE         	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,645.76	
ST MARIE          	JULIAN      	PROSECUTOR I                  	36,927.20	
STABEN            	DAVID       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	60,039.83	
STAEHELI          	PAUL        	REFUSE DIST SUPERVISOR        	46,118.59	
STAEHELI          	THERESA     	RECORDS OFFICER               	34,286.70	
STAGGS            	ERIC        	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
STAMATOPLOS       	CARLA       	CLERK III                     	33,027.06	
STANLEY           	JOHN        	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	66,267.73	
STANLEY           	PAMELA      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	36,320.78	
STANLEY           	KALAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,508.50	
STANLEY           	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,021.00	
STANTON           	JOHN        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	72,391.60	
STANTON           	THOMAS      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	70,636.90	
STANTON           	MICHELLE    	CLERK II                      	30,655.71	
STAPLETON         	RICHARD     	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	34,457.39	
STAPLETON         	RONDA       	LABORER II                    	34,271.44	
STAPLETON         	TERESA      	LABORER II                    	34,247.55	
STARKS            	THOMAS      	WELDER                        	42,730.22	
STARKS            	ELIZABETH   	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,767.41	
STARR             	RICHARD     	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	46,762.57	
STARR             	DONNA       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	32,468.44	
STARR             	RODERICK    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,038.74	
STEDMAN           	JOHN        	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	77,912.63	
STEELE            	DAVID       	URBAN DESIGNER I              	40,081.60	
STEHR             	MARLENE     	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	14,213.96	
STEIGLEDER        	CLAIRE      	MANAGING PROF. LIB. II        	53,182.40	
STEINER           	JAMES       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,470.04	
STEINHEISER       	FRANK       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,270.50	
STEPHENS          	SCOTT       	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	82,183.15	
STEPHENSON        	WILLIAM     	CLERK II                      	30,464.66	
STERN             	ARTHUR      	FIREFIGHTER                   	56,035.92	
STERN             	THOMAS      	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,493.11	
STEVENS           	BARTON      	POLICE OFFICER                	57,954.24	
STEVENS           	MARTHA      	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	45,548.84	
STEVENS           	GERALD      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,588.91	
STEVENS           	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,453.88	
STEVENS           	LARRY       	CRIME ANALYST                 	2,433.80	
STEWART           	RUSTIE      	FIREFIGHTER                   	68,707.56	
STEWART           	REBECCA     	ATTORNEY I                    	41,005.60	
STEWART           	SCOTT       	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,213.52	
STEWART           	JAMES       	POLICE OFFICER                	12,508.52	
STEWART           	JAMES       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,686.50	
STEWART           	SARA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,758.13	
STEWART           	ASHLEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,710.00	
STICKELS          	RICHARD     	LABORER II                    	36,028.13	
STIFTER           	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	868.00	
STILL             	KELVIS      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,565.73	
STILLMAN          	DAVID       	HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC      	40,562.94	
STOCKDILL         	DAVID       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	13,470.38	
STOCKER           	SALLY ANN   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,497.89	
STOCUM            	BRUCE       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,465.00	
STOKES            	JUNIPER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	626.00	
STOLTZ            	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,022.00	
STOLTZ            	KAREN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,463.00	
STONE             	MICHAEL     	DIRECTOR - PARKS & REC        	90,187.60	
STONE             	DIANE       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	16,575.98	
STONE             	JASON       	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	13,637.68	
STONE             	LATOYA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,509.75	
STONE             	LANA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	699.62	
STORM             	ROBERT      	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	37,031.84	
STORMENT          	ZACHARY     	POLICE OFFICER                	43,861.02	
STOSE             	ROBERT      	FIRE DISPATCHER               	49,237.20	
STRADLEY          	LONNIE      	REFUSE COLLECTOR IIIA         	38,110.98	
STRAGIER          	DORIS       	ATTORNEY ASSISTANT            	38,996.40	
STRAIT            	KIMBERLY    	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST II      	31,279.62	
STRAKA            	LESLIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,408.31	
STRAND            	DOUGLAS     	CHIEF ASST. CITY PROSECUTOR   	50,585.60	
STRASSENBERG      	DANIEL      	POLICE OFFICER                	41,189.04	
STRASSER          	JOEL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,511.32	
STRATTE           	ROLF        	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	39,102.56	
STRATTON          	VIRGIL      	STREET MAINT OPERATOR I       	36,344.58	
STRATTON          	MARIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,358.22	
STRAUB            	JAMIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,508.79	
STRAUB            	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	217.00	
STRAUCH           	CARRIE      	PAGE I                        	732.48	
STRAYER           	ARLENE      	INFORMATION ANALYST           	37,134.11	
STREET            	REBECCA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	814.80	
STRICKLAND        	JON         	POLICE CORPORAL               	77,107.40	
STRICKLAND        	BRETT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,716.00	
STROBECK          	DANIEL      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	58,539.87	
STROBRIDGE        	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,887.33	
STROM             	DALE        	CITY PLANNER III              	59,737.60	
STRONG            	DOROTHY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,676.32	
STROSAHL          	DOUGLAS     	POLICE OFFICER                	59,084.03	
STROUD            	PETER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	477.12	
STRUCK            	LYNETTE     	CLERK II                      	31,365.80	
STUMPH            	AMBER       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,198.77	
STUSSI            	DEBORAH     	FIRE DISPATCHER               	38,158.78	
SULLENS           	RENE'       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,620.75	
SULLIVAN          	CRAIG       	DEPUTY FIRE MARSHAL           	57,881.98	
SULLIVAN          	LOUISE      	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,651.21	
SULLIVAN          	SALLY       	GARDENER I                    	33,567.95	
SULLIVAN          	DIANNA      	CLERK II                      	30,476.67	
SULLIVAN          	GREGORY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,305.00	
SUMNER            	WADE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	836.00	
SUTTON            	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,914.00	
SWAIN             	JAMES       	PARTS MANAGER                 	40,972.01	
SWAIN             	LUKE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,873.20	
SWAIN             	LINA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	961.30	
SWANSON           	KAREN       	CLERK II                      	26,922.02	
SWANSON           	LETA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	380.36	
SWEAT             	CHERYL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,347.46	
SWEENEY           	GREGORY     	DIRECTOR - COMMUNICATIONS     	61,629.12	
SWEENEY           	CANUTE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	981.12	
SWEET             	DAVID       	FIREFIGHTER                   	56,090.64	
SWIM              	ZACKERY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,019.40	
SZAMBELAN         	TIMOTHY     	ATTORNEY III                  	56,336.00	
SZAMBELAN         	MICHELLE    	PROSECUTOR II                 	35,744.40	
TAAM              	DAMON       	RSWS CONTRACT MANAGER         	78,206.41	
TAAM              	JASON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,354.25	
TAFF              	KAREN       	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	41,616.00	
TAFOYA            	BRYAN       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	71,336.51	
TAGARIELLO        	MICHAEL     	LABORER I                     	32,842.33	
TALLEY            	ASHLEY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,543.50	
TAMAYO            	EDGAR       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,249.45	
TANG              	LILLIAN     	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	50,946.38	
TANSY             	RAYMOND     	ADMIN.ASST.-EMS               	43,662.40	
TARVIN            	BRENDA      	DATA ENTRY TECH II            	26,404.05	
TATE              	THOMAS      	ASST.DIR.-MIS                 	68,740.80	
TATHAM            	RALPH       	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	38,590.93	
TATRO             	DAVID       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	34,048.86	
TAUSCHER          	TIA         	SECRETARY II                  	32,752.17	
TAUTZ             	LIANA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,778.62	
TAYLOR            	TRAMELL     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	66,129.34	
TAYLOR            	PAUL        	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	64,348.68	
TAYLOR            	ROBERT      	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	40,171.43	
TAYLOR            	THOMAS      	LABORER II                    	33,999.61	
TAYLOR            	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	12,163.48	
TAYLOR            	LINDA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,251.88	
TAYLOR            	IAN         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,383.38	
TEAFORD           	TAMI        	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	32,607.92	
TEAGUE            	JAMES       	FIREFIGHTER                   	59,658.29	
TEIGEN            	TROY        	POLICE SERGEANT               	78,810.16	
TELLEZ            	MARK        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	65,444.50	
TELLEZ            	KELLY       	FIREFIGHTER                   	60,662.38	
TENNER            	TAMARA      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	27,843.39	
TENNER            	WANDA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,044.50	
TENNISON          	RANDEE      	ATTORNEY ASSISTANT            	38,684.40	
TENNISON          	LAWRENCE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	11,344.25	
TENOLD            	MATTHEW     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,290.25	
TERAO             	MICHIO      	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,492.13	
TERHAAR           	EDWARD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	845.88	
TERRY             	JAMES       	FACILITIES MAINT WORKER       	37,985.91	
TERRY             	KEITH       	ENGINEERING TECH II           	34,230.13	
TERRY             	PATRICK     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,806.13	
THACKER           	ERIN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,299.60	
THAIN             	RICHARD     	W W TREAT PLANT OP II         	33,117.27	
THAYER            	MARK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	399.00	
THEODORSON        	JAMES       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,245.66	
THEODORSON        	STEVEN      	CUSTODIAN I                   	27,824.57	
THEW              	EDWARD      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	65,349.21	
THIEL             	MARTIN      	LABORER II                    	35,560.56	
THOMA             	BRADLEY     	POLICE SERGEANT               	76,371.00	
THOMAS            	KIM         	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	78,967.46	
THOMAS            	JAMES       	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,853.96	
THOMAS            	WILLIAM     	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	38,620.10	
THOMAS            	JESS        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,120.15	
THOMAS            	AMY         	PAGE I                        	3,921.12	
THOMPSON          	MICHAEL     	FIRE CAPTAIN                  	76,135.33	
THOMPSON          	KARL        	POLICE OFFICER                	70,751.53	
THOMPSON          	JOHN        	FIELD ENGINEER                	51,830.45	
THOMPSON          	RONALD      	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	38,595.31	
THOMPSON          	JANET       	RADIO OPERATOR II             	38,171.00	
THOMPSON          	DENNIS      	ASPHALT RAKER                 	36,343.55	
THOMPSON          	JULIE       	CLERK II                      	29,416.85	
THOMPSON          	LORAN       	LABORER II                    	28,487.79	
THOMPSON          	MARSHALL    	GIS PROGRAMMER                	13,507.20	
THOMPSON          	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,558.15	
THOMPSON          	TRINITY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,126.76	
THOMPSON          	RENAE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,213.33	
THOMPSON          	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,028.00	
THOMPSON          	JASON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,756.97	
THOMPSON          	CRAIG       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	751.50	
THOMPSON          	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10.50	
THORNTON          	RICHARD     	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,295.86	
THORNTON          	BILLY       	ASST STREET MAINT SUPVR       	54,506.23	
THRELFALL         	WILLIAM     	SAFETY COORDINATOR            	54,253.36	
THURMAN           	STEVEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	176.74	
THURSTON          	LAURA       	CLERK III                     	31,674.87	
TIBBLES           	TAMARA      	FIREFIGHTER                   	59,783.07	
TIEKEN            	LAWRENCE    	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	45,179.81	
TIEKEN            	JAMES       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	37,305.65	
TIETGE            	STEFANIE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,394.38	
TILLEY            	RONALD      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	52,482.52	
TINKHAM           	DARLENE     	FF/POLICE PENSION ADMIN.      	41,328.40	
TIPKE             	TROY        	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	59,411.04	
TITCHENAL         	ANTHONY     	CUSTODIAN I                   	27,162.64	
TODD              	WILLIAM     	FIELD ENGINEER                	45,668.46	
TODD              	THEODORE    	PUB WKS LEAD INSPECTOR        	44,570.07	
TOFSRUD           	LONNIE      	DETECTIVE                     	65,671.99	
TOLE              	MILTON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	174.00	
TOLLIVER          	MELODY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,186.58	
TOMPKINS          	JAMES       	PUBLIC DEFENDER II            	48,044.40	
TOOMBS            	DARRELL     	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	81,309.87	
TOOMBS            	BENJAMIN    	LABORER I                     	24,105.35	
TOPTINE           	GLENDA      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	31,425.34	
TOROK             	DANIEL      	POLICE SERGEANT               	75,744.30	
TORRES            	ELIA        	CLERK I                       	3,756.40	
TOWNE             	JEFFREY     	LABORER II                    	33,313.00	
TOWNER            	GARY        	BUILDING MAINT FOREPERSON     	44,743.16	
TOWNSEND          	ERIC        	LEAD COMPUTER OPERATOR        	39,625.20	
TRAN              	TAN         	LABORER II                    	33,836.00	
TRANSUE           	KOLENE      	POLICE RADIO DISP. I          	10,789.48	
TRAUTMAN          	JOHN        	FIREFIGHTER                   	57,491.28	
TRAUTMAN          	HEATHER     	CITY PLANNER II               	48,264.80	
TRAUTMANN         	ROBERT      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,794.46	
TRAVIS            	HOPE        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	596.20	
TRAYNOR           	PAUL        	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,192.61	
TREASE            	KENNETH     	FIREFIGHTER                   	34,533.44	
TREFFRY           	LARRY       	UTILITIES COLLECTOR           	37,062.00	
TREICHEL          	DALE        	PARAMEDIC LT                  	72,865.37	
TREMAINE          	EMILY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,184.48	
TRIESCH           	HEIDI       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,112.50	
TRIPLETT          	ROY         	WATER DISTRIBUTION SUPT.      	64,676.00	
TRIPLETT          	JUDY        	REPROGRAPHICS SUPERVISOR      	40,265.22	
TRIPLETT          	RONALD      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	39,076.91	
TRITT             	JOHN        	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,918.24	
TROTTMAN          	KAREN       	CLERK III                     	33,562.26	
TROYER            	RUSSELL     	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	43,565.90	
TRUDE             	DANIEL      	LABORER II                    	29,619.20	
TRUDEAU           	DENNIS      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,353.13	
TRUDEAU           	MELINDA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,207.65	
TRUEMAN           	JESSE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,212.90	
TRUONG            	DI          	PROGRAMMER ANALYST            	13,896.00	
TRUSTY            	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,027.50	
TUCKER            	MARVIN      	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	61,796.19	
TUCKER            	MIKE        	SOUND TECHNICIAN              	42,866.62	
TUCKER            	CLINTON     	WATER HYDRO PLANT OPERATOR    	38,650.09	
TUCKER            	GAYLE       	SECRETARY II                  	33,457.06	
TUCKER            	JEFFERIE    	IRRIGATION SPECIALIST         	18,374.90	
TUCKER            	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,437.75	
TUCKER            	JODIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,720.25	
TUNNELL           	BRADLEY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	180.63	
TURCOTTE          	PAUL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,366.24	
TURLIK            	GORDON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,837.00	
TURMAN            	COREY       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	61,504.61	
TURNER            	ROBERT      	SENIOR TRAFFIC ENGINEER       	61,793.60	
TURNER            	TIMOTHY     	LABOR FOREPERSON              	36,287.17	
TURNER            	MICHAEL     	GARDENER II                   	35,380.80	
TURNER            	LEAH        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,170.50	
TURPEN            	BRIAN       	FIREFIGHTER                   	5,208.96	
TWIGGS            	STEPHEN     	EXAM & CLASS ANALYST III      	60,337.60	
TYREE             	RICHARD     	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	36,121.86	
UBERUAGA          	JASON       	POLICE OFFICER                	61,475.96	
UHLENKOTT         	DOUGLAS     	LABORER II                    	28,711.65	
UHLENKOTT         	BRIAN       	SIGNAL MT TECH I/ELEC TECH I  	1,094.40	
UNBEWUST          	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,391.20	
UNRUH             	JERRY       	RECREATION SUPERVISOR I       	42,240.00	
URBAT             	NORBERT     	CRAFT SPECIALIST              	39,346.67	
URNESS            	JOSEPH      	EQUIPMENT SERVICER            	8,858.24	
UYEHARA           	EVE         	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	34,464.76	
VAGENAS           	THEODORE    	W W TREAT PLANT MT MECH       	43,328.45	
VAILS             	BRUCE       	PARK CARETAKER                	31,158.40	
VALENCIA          	JONATHAN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,303.50	
VALENCIA          	MARY        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	547.52	
VALLANDRY         	ALEX        	CUSTODIAN I                   	22,695.46	
VAN CURLER        	RONALD      	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	31,121.00	
VAN HALDER        	SARAH       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,550.50	
VAN LEUVEN        	CAROLYN     	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	7,709.56	
VANCURLER-WAGNER  	CHARMAINE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,967.75	
VANDENBERG        	GREGORY     	DETECTIVE                     	72,763.74	
VANDERVERT        	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	15,977.50	
VANG              	CASAB       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,744.34	
VANGELDER         	DAVID       	HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR      	41,049.57	
VANWERT           	BRADLEY     	SR W W TRT PLANT MT MECH      	44,945.52	
VANWERT           	BARRY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	456.76	
VARNER            	HOWARD      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	67,029.29	
VASECKA           	BYRON       	SIGNAL MT TECH II/ELEC TECH II	22,577.23	
VAUGHN            	KEVIN       	POLICE OFFICER                	63,954.78	
VAUGHN            	CAROL       	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	32,960.11	
VAUGHN            	AMY         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,605.88	
VENNE             	ELEANOR     	PAGE I                        	3,094.56	
VENSEL            	WILLIAM     	REFUSE DIST SUPERVISOR        	50,644.80	
VENTRESS          	TIMOTHY     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	67,127.63	
VERRETTE          	SHARON      	CLERK II                      	15,820.63	
VESS              	CLAUDIA     	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	34,164.46	
VICTOR            	DESIRAE     	CLERK II                      	27,932.09	
VICTOR            	JOSHUA      	FIREFIGHTER                   	6,184.74	
VIETZKE           	MARK        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,659.13	
VIGESAA           	KURT        	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	68,315.29	
VLASTELIC         	RICO        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,325.80	
VODRUP            	MARK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,404.70	
VOELLER           	RONALD      	POLICE OFFICER                	40,721.54	
VOGEL             	DONALD      	ELECTRONIC COMM SYSTEMS TECH  	43,950.55	
VOLESKY           	BRIAN       	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	40,416.00	
VOLESKY           	MARIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,180.86	
VOLLAND           	KAREN       	ACCOUNTANT II                 	53,182.40	
VOLLMER           	GERARD      	GOLF COURSE GROUNDSKEEPER     	32,062.91	
VOLTZ             	DEBORAH     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,710.73	
VUDTILYANON       	JACK        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,004.32	
WACHHOLZ          	D           	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,739.99	
WADE              	CHRISTINA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,111.49	
WAGNER            	DEBBIE      	POLICE RADIO DISP. III        	63,786.29	
WAGNER            	WALTER      	WASTE WATER INSPECTOR         	40,037.44	
WAGNER            	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,266.10	
WAGNER            	CONNIE      	SUBSTITUTES                   	2,488.68	
WAGNER            	JOSEPH      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	107.52	
WAHL              	CONNIE      	BUYER I                       	37,977.61	
WAHL              	DOREEN      	CLERK III                     	32,448.03	
WAITE             	ROBERT      	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,284.42	
WAKELEY           	DANIEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,322.00	
WALDO             	BRYAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,971.00	
WALKER            	JOSEPH      	POLICE SERGEANT               	86,868.41	
WALKER            	PATRICIA    	ATTORNEY IV                   	21,364.40	
WALKER            	MAJOR       	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	18,092.14	
WALKER            	AMY         	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,212.00	
WALKER            	ANGELICA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,746.94	
WALL              	ROBERT      	LABORATORY TECHNICIAN         	22,415.11	
WALLEN            	JOSHUA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,003.50	
WALLER            	DONALD      	FIREFIGHTER                   	47,146.27	
WALLS             	TIMOTHY     	SUBSTITUTES                   	1,528.80	
WALT              	CHARLENE    	ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY      	40,036.80	
WALTER            	DENNIS      	POLICE SERGEANT               	90,252.23	
WALTER            	CLIFFORD    	POLICE CORPORAL               	68,391.28	
WALTER            	HAROLD      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13,122.38	
WALTER            	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,148.92	
WALTERS           	JOHN        	TELECOMMUNICATIONS SUPVR      	53,182.40	
WALTERS           	KEVEN       	STREET MAINT OPERATOR II      	38,223.86	
WAMSLEY           	ANDRE       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	3,428.69	
WANG              	YAN         	ACCOUNTANT I                  	44,231.68	
WARD              	HARRY       	WATER SERVICE INSPECTOR       	39,052.41	
WARD              	LEONARD     	POLICE RECORDS SHIFT SUPVR.   	34,525.32	
WARD              	SHARON      	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	20,848.68	
WARD              	CHERYL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	316.75	
WAREHAM           	SHAUN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,334.87	
WARMAN            	ALBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,000.13	
WARNER            	STEPHEN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	60.00	
WARREN            	GARY        	POLICE SERGEANT               	82,737.68	
WARREN            	KRISTOPHER  	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	518.00	
WASLEY            	NANCY       	MAIL CENTER SPECIALIST        	35,253.00	
WATER             	LAUREL      	PAGE I                        	3,941.28	
WATERHOUSE        	NICOLE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	38.97	
WATERS            	DANIEL      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	65,499.86	
WATKINS           	STEPHEN     	ENGINEERING TECH III          	41,209.40	
WATKINS           	DEBORAH     	CLERK II                      	31,844.66	
WATKINS           	JEREMIAH    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,568.55	
WATSON            	JUNE        	FIRE COMM CTR SHIFT SUPV - CIV	68,549.95	
WATSON            	ROBERT      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,318.48	
WATSON            	PAUL        	POLICE OFFICER                	56,473.92	
WATSON            	RACHELLE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,316.37	
WATSON            	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,805.51	
WATSON            	AMMIE       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,233.13	
WATSON            	TERESA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,016.00	
WATSON            	CHRISTOPHER 	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	680.00	
WAY               	LUCILLE     	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	36,709.42	
WEATHERMON        	STEPHEN     	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	32,041.25	
WEAVER            	RICK        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	67,040.68	
WEAVER            	WILLIAM     	PARKING METER SPEC. II        	23,607.19	
WEAVER            	RONALD      	LABORER II                    	11,231.27	
WEBB              	JEFFREY     	FIREFIGHTER                   	41,351.08	
WEBB              	PHILLIP     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,177.50	
WEBER             	RACHEL      	CLERK I                       	24,676.19	
WEBER             	JOSHUA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,108.61	
WEBER             	MYRIA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,520.00	
WEBSTER           	DOROTHY     	DIRECTOR - ADMIN. SERVICES    	91,902.80	
WEBSTER           	GEORGE      	CERTIFIED PLAN EXAMINER       	58,944.00	
WEED              	STEVEN      	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,853.18	
WEED              	JANET       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,146.91	
WEIDEMANN         	RICHARD     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,707.60	
WEIR              	RALPH       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	64,946.79	
WELBORN           	RAMON       	ENGINEERING TECH III          	44,235.44	
WELCH             	JOHN        	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	34,608.50	
WELLER            	JOAN        	LIBRARY PAGE II               	10,684.95	
WELLER            	BRADLEY     	PAGE I                        	4,458.72	
WELLS-DUTTON      	JARED       	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	12,493.44	
WELSFORD          	WILLIAM     	ASPHALT RAKER                 	37,212.17	
WELSH             	JENNIFER    	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	13,568.80	
WENDT             	CRAIG       	DETECTIVE                     	63,823.44	
WENTWORTH         	ROBERT      	COMM MAINT FOREPERSON         	46,564.83	
WENTWORTH         	JOETTE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	19,092.00	
WERNER            	ROBERT      	BRIDGE MAINTAINER II          	40,682.36	
WERNER            	JENNIFER    	ACCOUNTING CLERK              	33,215.21	
WEST              	ROBERT      	POLICE RECORDS SPECIALIST     	28,609.72	
WEST              	TROY        	PAGE I                        	1,713.60	
WESTFALL          	ROBERT      	INSTRUMENT REPAIR TECH        	41,414.01	
WESTON            	RONNY       	FIREFIGHTER                   	49,326.88	
WHALEY            	BRANT       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	718.69	
WHEAT             	JUDY        	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	28,166.81	
WHEATON           	ERIKA       	MAIL CENTER SPECIALIST        	36,911.75	
WHEELER           	DARLENE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,931.28	
WHEELER           	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,265.10	
WHEELWRIGHT       	MARCUS      	POLICE SERGEANT               	80,043.09	
WHITE             	LARRY       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	62,328.29	
WHITE             	WILLIAM     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,471.05	
WHITE             	LARRY       	LABORER II                    	34,451.38	
WHITE             	LLOYD       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	19,019.00	
WHITE             	THOMAS      	LABORER II                    	7,781.76	
WHITE             	DAMIEN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,804.00	
WHITE             	MELISA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,649.15	
WHITE             	STEPHEN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,875.94	
WHITEAKER         	KATHRYN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	656.63	
WHITEHOUSE        	C           	CLERK II                      	30,551.62	
WHITEHOUSE        	ALISON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,935.01	
WHITMORE          	RUSSELL     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	61,339.85	
WHITNEY           	JENILEE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	626.50	
WICKERT           	ERNEST      	ELECTRICIAN                   	41,945.43	
WICKLUND          	JORDAN      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	475.50	
WIDEMAN           	GERALD      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	49,503.66	
WIDEMAN           	NICOLE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,701.63	
WIDENER           	DALE        	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	65,844.22	
WIENS             	DAVID       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,618.83	
WIESS             	TIMOTHY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,906.25	
WIEST             	MAYA        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,572.56	
WIGGINS           	DENISE      	CLERK II                      	24,105.95	
WILBANKS          	JERILYN     	CLERK II                      	30,655.67	
WILBOURN          	TRAVIS      	WASTE WATER SPECIALIST        	39,724.96	
WILBUR            	TRAVIS      	SUBSTITUTES                   	6,311.20	
WILCOX            	DUANE       	FIREFIGHTER                   	25,806.52	
WILDE             	MIRIAM      	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	46,051.20	
WILEY             	DENISE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,752.25	
WILHELM           	MICHAEL     	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	38,873.85	
WILHELM           	IVA         	LABORER II                    	34,051.00	
WILKEN            	TIMOTHY     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,645.05	
WILLARD           	JOHN        	DETECTIVE                     	74,749.84	
WILLIAMS          	ROBERT      	CHIEF - FIRE                  	111,070.40	
WILLIAMS          	ERVIN       	FIRE COMM. CENTER MANAGER     	87,748.20	
WILLIAMS          	DENNIS      	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	66,407.00	
WILLIAMS          	RICHARD     	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	64,391.61	
WILLIAMS          	DARYL       	FIREFIGHTER                   	64,105.19	
WILLIAMS          	KRISTINE    	CITY PLANNER II               	50,280.00	
WILLIAMS          	GEORGE      	STATIONARY ENGINEER           	47,673.48	
WILLIAMS          	DENNIS      	REFUSE COLLECTOR I            	33,114.87	
WILLIAMS          	LESLEY      	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	29,604.16	
WILLIAMS          	LAURA       	CASH ACCOUNTING CLERK I       	28,839.71	
WILLIAMS          	ROSALIND    	CLERK II                      	22,868.84	
WILLIAMS          	JASON       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,880.63	
WILLIAMS-MASIBO   	KRISTINA    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	910.79	
WILLMSCHEN        	DUANE       	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	51,189.49	
WILLS             	JENNIFER    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	186.00	
WILSON            	ALBERT      	POLICE SERGEANT               	72,007.33	
WILSON            	SHERI       	DETECTIVE                     	62,633.81	
WILSON            	DARREL      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	45,683.87	
WILSON            	DANIEL      	FIREFIGHTER                   	25,844.94	
WILSON            	KIMBERLY    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,611.86	
WILSON            	RYAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,534.00	
WILSON            	KRISTINA    	PAGE I                        	329.28	
WILTZIUS          	DAWN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,142.90	
WINDHORST         	JOEL        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	179.42	
WINDSOR           	SCOTT       	HAZ/INFECT WSTE COORD         	45,170.60	
WING              	DARYL       	FIRE APPARATUS MECHANIC       	45,202.81	
WINKEY            	GLENN       	POLICE CAPTAIN                	92,627.40	
WINKLER           	SUZANNE     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	499.50	
WINNER            	LARRY       	SENIOR ATTORNEY               	76,065.61	
WINNER            	KATHERINE   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,515.50	
WINTERROTH        	DANNY       	REFUSE COLLECTOR III          	39,861.83	
WIRTZ             	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,829.25	
WISE              	ERIC        	PAGE I                        	732.48	
WISNIEWSKI        	DARRYL      	FIREFIGHTER                   	56,074.49	
WISSINK           	THEODORE    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	13.44	
WITHROW           	RANDALL     	CHIEF OF STAFF                	73,529.12	
WITKOWSKI         	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	365.78	
WITTSRUCK         	MELISSA     	CITY PLANNER I                	11,300.04	
WIYKOVICS         	MELISSA     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,965.26	
WOHL              	STEVEN      	POLICE OFFICER                	66,074.80	
WOHLFEIL          	BENJAMIN    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	6,637.51	
WOLF              	ANDREW      	WATER SERVICE SPECIALIST      	10,621.45	
WOLFE             	DANIEL      	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	59,310.12	
WOMOCHIL          	ROBERT      	PARK CARETAKER                	30,395.67	
WONG              	DANIEL      	GIS ANALYST                   	58,163.09	
WOO               	TROY        	ACCOUNTANT II                 	51,812.81	
WOOD              	WILLIAM     	DETECTIVE                     	72,399.59	
WOOD              	FRANK       	FIRE EQUIPMENT OPERATOR       	67,903.93	
WOOD              	KRISTIN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	873.25	
WOODDELL          	MICHAEL     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,310.97	
WOODS             	GREGORY     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	63,038.19	
WOODS             	BRANDY      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,644.26	
WORKMAN           	WILLIAM     	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	69,647.41	
WORLEY            	PAUL        	LABOR FOREPERSON              	38,892.40	
WORLEY            	JANET       	CLERK IV                      	35,396.64	
WORMWOOD          	CYNDIE      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,278.00	
WRIGHT            	EMMA        	COMPUTER SYS. ADMINISTRATOR   	47,940.80	
WRIGHT            	JOANNE      	CITY PLANNER II               	44,548.00	
WRIGHT            	WILLIAM     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,733.44	
WRIGHT            	ROBERT      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	9,308.00	
WRIGHT            	MEGAN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,295.64	
WRIGHT            	TANESHA     	PAGE I                        	1,017.41	
WRIGHT            	KATHY       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	820.75	
WUNDERLICH        	RON         	LABORER II                    	29,025.53	
WUTHRICH          	ERNEST      	POLICE CORPORAL               	67,732.47	
WYATT             	MARIE       	PAGE I                        	1,599.36	
WYLDE             	KAREN       	SUBSTITUTES                   	1,025.80	
WYNN              	TAMI        	PROBATION OFFICER I           	44,508.40	
XIONG             	FONG        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,495.80	
XIONG             	GAO         	LIBRARY CLERICAL ASST I       	1,303.07	
YAKE              	MICHELE     	SENIOR ENGINEER               	58,777.52	
YAKE              	ALISON      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	4,048.89	
YAKE              	CAROLYN     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,089.07	
YAKUBEK           	FRANK       	FIREFIGHTER                   	55,990.92	
YAMADA            	ISAMU       	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	67,224.16	
YAMADA            	LEIGH       	CLERK II                      	21,913.51	
YAMAMOTO          	SHEILA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	534.71	
YANG              	MAI KA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,100.40	
YARD              	CAROL       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	271.88	
YATES             	MICHAEL     	POLICE SERGEANT               	74,297.67	
YATES             	BRENDA      	POLICE OFFICER 1ST CLASS      	60,118.13	
YATES             	RANDOLPH    	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	36,871.83	
YATES             	DEVIN       	POLICE OFFICER                	12,206.48	
YEAMAN            	RACHEL      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,976.10	
YERGEN            	THOMAS      	FIREFIGHTER                   	59,239.20	
YINGER            	BENJAMIN    	POLICE OFFICER                	12,379.67	
YORK              	CHRISTINA   	PAGE I                        	4,505.76	
YOUNG             	JILL        	PROF LIBRARIAN I              	45,454.40	
YOUNG             	PHILLIP     	PUB WKS JOURNEY LEVEL INSP.   	34,727.85	
YOUNG             	KATHERINE   	SECRETARY II                  	32,931.79	
YOUNG             	RICHARD     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	2,401.70	
YOUNG             	SHANNON     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,511.12	
YOUNG             	KASSANDRA   	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,092.82	
YOUNKER           	ARLEN       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	10,998.25	
YOVETICH          	MONTE       	REFUSE COLLECTOR II           	21,564.56	
YUEN              	ANTHONY     	FIREFIGHTER                   	56,409.37	
ZACH              	ALYSSA      	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,504.00	
ZAFRIR            	LIMOR       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,655.20	
ZAHAROPOULOS      	LISA        	CLERK III                     	37,991.60	
ZAHNER            	DIAN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	168.00	
ZALEWSKI          	ROBERT      	METER READER FOREPERSON       	47,164.27	
ZAMBRYSKI         	MICHAEL     	FIRE LIEUTENANT               	82,574.26	
ZAVALA            	MARIA       	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	8,366.40	
ZICKLER           	GARY        	WATER HYDRO PLANT OPERATOR    	43,116.16	
ZIDRASHKO         	NATALYA     	PAGE I                        	5,832.96	
ZIDRASHKO         	LILYA       	PAGE I                        	4,391.52	
ZIEGLER           	EUGENE      	POLICE LIEUTENANT             	38,917.31	
ZIMMERMAN         	HEATHER     	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	1,000.88	
ZINKGRAF          	DAVIDA      	SENIOR POLICE OFFICER         	56,047.87	
ZMARLAK           	MATT        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	3,366.00	
ZUBAUGH           	LESA        	ATTORNEY ASSISTANT            	29,283.00	
ZUBAUGH           	BRIAN       	LABORER I                     	11,058.92	
ZVER              	NICHOLAS    	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	7,469.22	
ZVER              	JOHN        	TEMP/SEASONAL                 	5,147.94	

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the City of Spokane.

Here's the response letter I got from the City of Spokane

Here's the e-mail I got with the City of Spokane employees list.
From: Cook, Dick
To: 'Louis Bloom'
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 4:36 PM
Subject: Public Records Request
Mr. Bloom:
Attached is a file with reference to your Public Records Request dated September 12, 2002. The information is for the year ended December 31, 2001.
2001 Salary Info.xls (811 KB)
Richard Cook
Finance Director
City of Spokane
Finance Department
808 W Spokane Falls Blvd
Spokane, WA 99201
phone: (509) 625-6586
fax: (509) 625-6939

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In Nov 2002, the Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
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