This is a list of the 2003 Stevens County Counseling Services employees and their job title and salaries. (68 employees)

7/27/03 note: I requested from the Stevens County auditor Tim Gray, an employees, job titles, and salaries list for Stevens County. Tim Gray apparently fowarded this request to the Stevens County Counseling Services, maybe thinking I needed psychiatric services. The SCCS sent me a copy of their 68 employee names, job titles, and salaries list. I uploaded the list, but I still want to get a copy of the Stevens County employees.

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2003 Stevens County Counseling Services List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

Here's a link to the Stevens County Counseling Services webpage.

Last Name	First, MI Name		Position		Salary per Mo	Hourly Rate	
Abalos	Matt Y.		Vehicle Maint Trainee		Hrly part-time	7.01 	
Albert	Denise		facilitator Peer to Peer		Hrly part-time	8.00 	
Allen	James L.		MH Specialist MA		3,277.00 		
Aubert	Linda C.		Adult Residential Aide		1,789.69 		
Barnhill	Jerry D.		Facility Technician		2,702.61 		
Bauer	Corey M.		MH Therapist MA		2,712.07 		
Beard	Bernice E.	Accounting Clerk II		2,271.03 		
Brooks	Carol B.		Office Manager - Chewelah		2,393.34 		
Brozik	Roberta J.	Financial Advisor		2,202.68 		
Carr	Kevin		Janitorial Trainee		Hrly part-time	7.01 	
Clingaman	Janet A.		Psychiatric Nurse Pract		5,914.24 		
Crawford	Angela J.		Program Aide (AA)		2,240.19 		
Culler	Paula M.		MH Specialist MA		3,412.69 		
Day	Tammie L.		Medical Records Technician		2,266.23 		
Dobbs	Rebecca D.	Residential Program Coord		3,229.10 		
Dougherty	Ruth E.	          Community Partner		Hrly part-time	9.98 	
Edwards	Suzanne L.	Data Entry Clerk		1,117.84 		
Eller	Mary K.		Adult Residential Aide		1,789.69 		
Ellis	Autumn M.		CD II/III (BA)		2,847.47 		
Fredrickson Jean M.	Geriatric MH Therapist		3,050.85 		
Garza	Juliana A.	MH Case Manager MA		3,593.62 		
Goforth	William C.	Vending Machine Trainee		Hrly part-time	7.01 	
Goggin	Kathy M.		Program Secretary		2,202.68 		
Gormon	Paula		CD Counselor Trainee		2,152.28 		
Hagstrom	Mary L.		CD II/III (BA)		3,118.85 		
Hall	Holly M.		Administrative Team Leade		2,593.61 		
Hankins	Georgia R.	Executive Secretary		2,554.16 		
Harris	Eileen M.		Chief Financial Officer		4,129.60 		
Hawkins	Carrie L.		Accounting Clerk I		2,139.12 		
Hawkins	Dennis L.		CD II/III (BA)		3,429.50 		
Irwin	Kathryn E.	Adult Residential Aide		Hrly part-time	10.62 	
Jones	William E.	Clinical Services Manager		4,253.49 		
Kingsbury	Kathleen A.	Program Aide (AA)		2,086.48 		
Kraft	Donna L.		MH Specialist MA		3,684.07 		
Lange	Joy E.		Community Partner		Hrly part-time	10.26 	
Langford	Lora L.		MIS Analyst (BA)		2,745.77 		
Lent	Loween J.		Admin Supv/Contracts Mgr		2,912.47 		
Lindberg	Philip R.		MIS Analyst (MA)		3,268.94 		
Mahurin	Janice E.		Crisis Services Team Lead		3,553.36 		
Mann	Lesley L.		Children's Services Supv		4,095.04 		
McCormick	Nancy M.		Community Partner		Hrly part-time	9.70 	
McDaniel	Karen L.		Adult Residential Aide		Hrly part-time	10.62 	
Michaelsen Bridgette K.	Receptionist		1,927.44 		
Miller	Leroy O.		Crisis Response Spec		3,005.62 		
Minter	Wayne S.		Res Services Supervisor		3,394.52 		
Napier	Theresa M.	Clerical Support Trainee		Hrly part-time	7.01 	
Nielsen	David M.		S-T Clinical Svc Prog Mgr		5,061.72 		
Noble	Roberta F.	DD Program Aide		1,344.12 		
Pack	Steven L.		Community Partner		Hrly part-time	9.70 	
Packer	Christy L.	MH Case Manager BA		2,701.61 		
Packer	Jeffrey W.	MH Case Manager BA		2,569.73 		
Pazereckas Linda Myriah	MH Specialist MA		3,277.00 		
Reese	Audrey M.		Adult Residential Aide		1,726.13 		
Richard	Marcia		CD/Co-Occuring Prg Mgr		4,009.32 		
Richardson Mary J.	         Parent to Parent		Hrly part-time	12.25 	
Sandlin	Victoria A.	Records Tech/Receptionist		1,800.32 		
Sheeks	Beverly J.	Intake Specialist		3,322.24 		
Shovell	Mary M.		Program Aide (AA)		2,503.94 		
Sitek	Jeffrey J.	MH Case Manager MA		3,035.85 		
Smith	Colleen K.	Program Aide w/o Degree		1,863.89 		
Steele	KayDee B.		Executive Director		5,236.00 		
Thivierge	Nicole M.		Adult Residential Aide		Hrly part-time	10.23 	
Thorpe	Molly A.		MH Case Manager MA		2,858.01 		
Tobin	Kathleen A.	MH Specialist MA		2,129.04 		
Tupek	David W.		Program Aide (AA)		2,416.02 		
Walter	Ralph L.		Qlty Improvement Prog Mgr		4,129.60 		
Wanzenried Patricia A.	L-T Clinical Svc Prog Mgr		4,129.60 		
Wenrich	Randall S.	Child/Family MH Therapist		2,915.17 		

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to Stevens County.

Here's an e-mail Stevens County Counseling Services sent me on 7/25/2003
From: Eileen Harris
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 3:32 PM
Subject: Stevens County Counseling Services
Mr. Bloom:
Per your written request to County Auditor, Tim Gray -- Attached is a spreadsheet listing the names, position titles, and salaries of staff at Stevens County Counseling Services.
Eileen Harris
Chief Financial Officer
Stevens County Counseling Services
165 E. Hawthorne Avenue
Colville, WA 99114
Ph 509.685.0613
Fx 509.684.4597
SCCS Emp List 062003.xls (23.6kb)
This message is intended for the sole use of the individual and entity to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended addressee nor authorized to receive for the intended addressee, you are hereby notified that you may not use, copy, disclose or distribute to anyone the message or any information contained in the message. If you have received this message in error, please immediately advise the sender by reply email and delete the message. Thank you

From: louis bloom
To: Eileen Harris
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 5:14 PM
Subject: public employees?
Eileen Harris:
Thank you for your e-mail and salaries list. I was trying to get a list of the names, job titles and salaries of Stevens county employees. As an oddball hobby, I'm compiling lists of Washington State government employees and uploading that information to the internet at
Do some of the Stevens County Counseling Services records fall under the state open records law, because you get taxpayer money or are you considered to be a government agency?
Thank you,
Louis Bloom

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