This is a list of the 2002 City of Wenatchee employees and their job title and salaries.(pop 27,856)(189 employees)

The City of Wenatchee serves more than 28,000 citizens in Chelan County. It is administered by a mayor-council form of government. The City has seven elected Council Members and an independently elected Mayor. The City operates on a $39.5 million annual budget. Its 185 employees provide an array of services including water, sewer, police, fire, parks and recreation, planning and economic development. The City also operates a cemetery.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2002 City of Wenatchee List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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Here's the list of City of Wenatchee Employees.

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Here's the list of City of Wenatchee Employees. Monthly Last Name First Name Department Position Wage Adcock Terry Police Officer 4224.32 Avey Marcia Police Parking Control Officer 2536.29 Babst Gary Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief 5975.89 Bailey James Fire & Rescue Firefighter 3329.10 Baker Dave Fire & Rescue Captain 4308.31 Barnes Mitchell Fire & Rescue Captain 4437.56 Bass Dan Fire & Rescue Firefighter 3916.84 Bassett Kris Museum Projects Coordinator 3855.73 Bates Candy Police Dispatcher 3140.84 Behler Mark Museum Curator 3976.73 Bitterman Don Fleets Mechanic 3462.28 Boles Greg Police Captain 5975.89 Brett Brian Fire & Rescue Firefighter 3916.84 Brim Lorinda Parks Utility Worker 3032.49 Brinkman Richard Administration Administrative Services Director 5369.18 Britt Ken Police Sergeant 4853.52 Broaddus Brent WasteWater Operator 3509.55 Brown Jim Police Dispatch & Records Supervisor 4643.59 Brownlee Bob Fire & Rescue Firefighter 3916.84 Brumback Jim WasteWater Operator 3544.65 Bryan Marty Police Sergeant 4823.52 Buchanan Rick Fire & Rescue Firefighter 4014.76 Bumgarner Marion Engineering Office Engineer 4379.06 Butler Cyndy Community Development Senior Planner 4805.61 Calhoun Mark Finance Director 6853.26 Calhoun Robert WasteWater Maintenance 3780.81 Chapman Randy Police Officer 4224.32 Clardy Alisa Streets/Fleets ER/R Assistant 1487.78 Clark Doug Fire & Rescue Firefighter 4113.11 Cockrum Mike Water Resources Regional Water Operator 3614.84 Collette Shellie Police Dispatcher 3110.05 Corulli Kathy Police Dispatcher 2659.98 Covey Marilyn Police Dispatcher 3140.84 Curry Dan Water Resources Co-PW Director/Water Resources Mgr. 6719.50 Day Mike Fire & Rescue Firefighter 3133.90 Dresker Kevin Police Corporal 4496.08 Drolet Kirk Police Officer 4063.00 Dugger Jack Water Resources WWTP/Reg Wtr. Operator 3614.84 Duke Shawndra Police Officer 4103.33 Dunbar Doris Police Records 3006.05 England Terri Police Admin. Asst. to Police Chief 3565.52 Erickson Dave Water Resources Utility Worker 3481.96 Erwert Tina Police Records 2947.68 Evitt Steve Police Officer 3660.00 Faulkner Gary Engineering Associate Engineer 4295.59 Files Don Water Resources Water Distribution Supervisor 4643.59 Fisch Debbie Finance Accounting Technician 3316.42 Fleming Dean Streets Utility Worker 3413.68 Garcia Axel Parks Utility Worker 3184.12 Garcia Yolanda Fire & Rescue Secretary 2808.31 Gaskell Tyke Fire & Rescue Captain 4308.31 Geiger Gary Police Officer 4063.00 Goodman Teresa Finance Utility Billing Specialist 2975.55 Greer Andy Streets Utility Worker 2948.87 Grinde Craig Fire & Rescue Firefighter 3916.84 Grupp Criselia Finance Accounting Technician 3316.42 Hammond Evelyn Parks Utility Worker 3410.19 Hampton Jim Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief 4841.88 Hardie Tom WasteWater Supervisor 4643.59 Hinkley Kirk Fire & Rescue Engineer 4113.11 Hirzel Carolyn Engineering Capital Projects/Administrative Assistant 3234.03 Holder Jan Parks & Recreation Secretary 2780.78 Hosfeld Bruce Fire & Rescue Engineer 4113.11 Huffer Mike Police Corporal 4807.14 Hughes Mike Fire & Rescue Captain 4416.02 Hughes Paul Police Officer 4183.99 Huson Mark Police Officer 4103.33 Jeffris Jeff Police Officer 4224.32 Johanson Bob Sreets/Fleets/Facilities/Parks Co-PW Director/Street/Fleets/Facilities & Parks Mgr. 6719.50 Johnson Larry Streets Utility Worker 3481.96 Jones Doug Police Officer 4143.66 Jones Jackie Police Dispatcher 3079.25 Jones Ruta Water Resources Administrative Assistant 3793.10 Kavanaugh John Fire & Rescue Captain 4416.02 Kellogg Keith Police Officer 4249.58 Kelly Heather Police Officer 3106.00 Kendall Richard Engineering Engineer Technician 3787.36 Kissel Justin Police Officer 3660.00 Kruse John Police Sergeant 4760.76 Laugen Linda Police Dispatcher 3171.63 Lewis Tom Cemetery Groundskeeper 3410.19 Lieberg Scott Information Services Manager 5472.79 Lindemann Kelly Fire & Rescue Engineer 4113.11 Lopez Romero Facilities Facility Maintenance Tech 3544.65 Lown Nick WasteWater Operator 3614.84 Lykken Tim Police Officer 4063.00 Lyons Richard Pool & Ice Rink Facility Supervisor 4379.06 Magnotti Mike Police Sergeant 4807.14 Manke Ken Police Sergeant 5028.22 Marks Ron Parks Trustie Coordinator 3410.19 Martin Tracy Police Officer 4291.65 Matney John Police Officer 4143.66 McBride Rick Fire & Rescue Engineer 4113.11 McCallister Evan Fire & Rescue Engineer 4113.11 McCormick Steve Police Corporal 4496.08 McDaniel Brian Water Resources Utility Worker 3413.68 McDaniel Deanne Finance Staff Accountant 4379.06 McGahuey Don Engineering Co-PW Director/City Engineer 6719.50 McKellar Juanita Police Dispatcher 3171.63 Mead Stacey Police Records 2947.68 Merz Mike Streets Utility Worker 3516.09 Michael Julie Water Resources Water Service Specialist 1680.88 Miller Brian Police Officer 3106.00 Miller Renea Police Dispatcher 3110.05 Miner Guy Police Officer 4103.33 Mitchell Terry Streets Utility Worker 3481.96 Morrell Caryl Recreation Supervisor 4643.59 Moser Peter WasteWater Operator 3183.27 Mott Doug Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief 4818.37 Murray Richard Police Captain 5975.89 Nelson Ron Engineering Electronic Tech Supervisor 4643.59 Nichols Dave Community Development Combination Inspector 3993.79 Noble Dave Fire & Rescue Engineer 4113.11 O'Connell Jay Fleets Mechanic 3671.74 O'Keefe Terry Water Resources Utility Worker 3413.68 Owens Troy Streets Utility Worker 3096.31 Patrick Dan Streets Utility Worker 3413.68 Patterson Tammy Police Records 3006.05 Paul Chris Fire & Rescue Engineer 4113.11 Perez Maria Finance Utility Billing Specialist 2672.19 Picard Jon Fire & Rescue Captain 4308.31 Pickering Earl Parks Supervisor 4379.06 Pipkin Dale WasteWater Utility Worker/Collections 3413.68 Pippin Pat Police Dispatcher 3110.05 Pottorff Becky Finance Accounting Technician 3283.91 Price Mike Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief 4818.37 Pullen Kent Community Development Code Compliance Inspector 3779.45 Pulver Jeff Cemetery Groundskeeper 3477.06 Ramirez Homer Police Officer 4103.33 Reichert Adam WasteWater Operator 3544.65 Reinfeld Edgar Water Resources Water Service Specialist 3096.31 Reister Bud Water Resources Utility Worker 3516.09 Reister Vicki Administration Executive Secretary/City Clerk 3080.03 Reyes Maria Community Development Dept. Asst/Community Planning 2805.81 Reynolds Kelly Recreation Recreation Specialist 1280.98 Richards Robert Parks Utility Worker 3443.62 Ritter Robert WasteWater Utility Worker/Collections 3447.82 Robbins Tom Police Chief 7024.00 Sandland Kevin Water Resources Utility Worker 3413.68 Scherting Tony Water Resources Utility Worker 3481.96 Schneider Bill Fleets Mechanic 3635.39 Schrick Terri Police Records 3006.05 Shaw Jessica Water Resources Environmental Coordinator 3409.47 Shaw Jill Police Officer 4103.33 Sherwood Jerry Fire & Rescue Captain 4437.56 Sherwood Kim Police Officer 4103.33 Shiflett Darwin Streets Supervisor 3973.46 Silvestre Stephyne Police Officer 4249.58 Sines Mike Community Development Combination Inspector 3993.79 Smeller Sandra Human Resources Director 5975.89 Smet Robert Police Officer 4224.32 Smith Cherie Police Sergeant 4807.14 Smith Glenn Fire & Rescue Firefighter 3916.84 Smith Judy Human Resources Human Resource Specialist 3848.13 Smith Michael Police Dispatcher 2659.98 Smith Richard Fire & Rescue Firefigher 3329.10 Smoke Stan Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief 5975.89 Spies Vicki Finance Utility Billing Specialist 3034.47 Stalheim David Community Development Director 6219.70 Strutzel Paula Community Development Permit Specialist 3354.48 Sweeney Pauline Museum Secretary 2975.55 Taylor William Police Corporal 4496.08 Thompson Phillip Police Officer 4153.99 Thomsen Mary Museum P.R. Coordinator 3410.19 Tibbs Glen Fire & Rescue Chief 6719.50 Torres Albert Information Services Information Systems Assistant 3565.52 Ulrich Cindy Finance Assistant Director 5263.55 VanBuskirk Renee Police Dispatcher 2932.62 VanderVeer Brad WasteWater Lab Technician 3509.55 VanLith Fred Fire & Rescue Engineer 4113.11 Viebrock Misty Police Dispatcher 3079.25 Walsh Jeff Facilities Facility Maint. Technician 3342.43 Ward Jeff Police Officer 4063.00 Watson Monica Finance Utility Billing Specialist 2672.19 Webb Bernie Streets Utility Worker 3516.09 Weitzel Mike Community Development Electrical Inspector 3993.79 West Jim Police Officer 4510.50 West Ken Police Officer 4366.00 Whallon Brandon Community Development Associate Planner 3565.52 White Kathi Fire & Rescue Administrative Assistant 3809.67 White Terri Museum Gallery Coordinator 3520.80 Whitely Greg Engineering Traffic Light Technician 3900.98 Widener Glen Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief 4818.37 Wilkinson Scott Parks Utility Worker 3410.19 Williams Allison Community Development Community Planner 4183.70 Williams Keith Museum Director 6097.47 Wilson Margie Engineering Associate Engineer 4253.06 Wright Keith Facilities Facility Maintenance Technician 3685.03 Yaple Mark Fire & Rescue Captain 4308.31

Here's the freedom of information request letter I sent to the City of Wenatchee.

Here's the response e-mail letter I got from City of Wenatchee
From: Deanne McDaniel
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 10:28 AM
Subject: List of employees
As per your request, attached is a list of the City of Wenatchee's full time employees.
Employee data .xls 37.4 kb

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